Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James
in the year 2019

Burgenland-Austria. January 25-27 2019
The first charismatic retreat of this year by Fr. James and team was preached from 25th to 27th January 2019 in Weingut Stefanhof at Burgenland, Austria. The theme of the retreat was "Sanctify yourselves today, tomorrow you will see the wonders of the Lord" (Joshua 3:5). Fr. James and Dr. Richie gave  powerful talks on the need of holiness for the church and the people of God that led every participant  to very good conversions of hearts, confessions, inner healing and new life. The atmosphere and the events were very grace- filled according to all who participated. It was organised by deacon Erwin and his Wife Ottilie, & Johanna Klein with their prayer group. Mr. Joseph and Irmgard Gross gave their mighty support for conducting the retreat. Fr. Florian, Deacons Kurt, Christian,(with there wives Silvie & Gabi)  Deacon Werner and other priests and deacons  were a great help for the preaching team, organisers and the participants. Gaby Landauro was there with her sisterly or maternal love & smile for all. The music was by Miss Beata of Graz and team.
Although it was snowing and very cold out side, the hearts all  were set on fire within by the infilling of the Holy Spirit! Her are some photos and videos:-

Photos and Panoramics



Rev. Dr. Abraham Vettuvelil MSFS is elected Superior General

 On Feb 2nd 2019,  in the general chapter of the MSFS held at Msfs Provincial house, Guwahati, Assam, India, Rev. Dr. Abraham Vettuvelil is elected Superior General for a second term of 6 years. Fr. Yves Carron, the present provincial of Franco- swiss province is elected as assistant to Fr. Abraham. It is a great acknowledgement and appreciation of the members of the congregation for the yeoman and magnanimous services Fr. Abraham rendered  the last six years for the congregation of the missionaries of St. Francis de Sales(MSFS) and the global church. He is not only has the charism of leadership& service, but he is a well- known preacher of the Gospel & a great animator of souls. It is a time heaven rejoice over the missionary works of the MSFS. May Jesus be praised- Jesus is alive! Hearty congratulations and prayerful wishes to Fr. Abraham MSFS.

Below, some photos and videos with Fr. James Manjackal and Rev Dr. Abraham Vettuvelil:

Click on the photos for an enlarged view

April 2016. Celbrating the 70th Fr. James Manjackal birthday and 43 years of priesthood

 Retreat in Obory (Oborach) - Poland. 
July 28th 2018. 


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