My name is Danuta, I`m 26, I come from Poland. I was present at the retreat with Father Manjackal in Chojnice that started on 11th March 2010. During that time apart from feeling extreme happiness and God`s love through words and person of Father James, I realise who is my Lord of life and that all wealth I could get in my life and all the material goods, trips, nights at expensive hotels is nothing in comparison with joy that feels a "daily" Christian. I had some problems with my ovaries for a year.Namely I got a cyst.I was taking homeopathic medicines which I wasn`t fully conscious are opossed to my Catholic religion. During the healing prayer of Father James, after he touched my head and went back to take my seat I felt that all the pain connected with that ilness was gone. The same applies to some other pains that appeared sometimes and that happened to be present at the beginning of the retreat and that vanished thanks to God through Father James. THANK YOU JESUS!
Father James, God bless You!

Aurora de Jesus Rebelo Benigno  - Mêda  (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

At the Lamego retreat I suffered of arthritis on my knee and I couldn’t sleep with many pains. During the healing prayer I got cured.
Since then I’ve never felt pain in my knee again. From this retreat on I’m going to all the retreats of Father James and my life has been changed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Natércia  (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

I had surgery on my gallbladder on the 2nd of September 2006. When I woke up, the doctor was next to me and told me: -“We couldn’t extract your gallbladder because you have a big infection.” – They put me drains and latter on the doctor told me that the surgery was to risky, they even saw a tumor but they couldn’t take it out. I started to get afraid of eating because everything made me feel sick.
I went to a retreat of Father James and I heard him saying: - “Natércia you are get healed!” -  Since I’ve never asked God anything for me, because I’ve always attended the retreats to help others, at that moment I thought it was another person. 15 days latter, I thought seriously, maybe “that” Natércia could be me. Then I tried to eat everything. Oh! Marvelous God, I was cured!
I praised the Lord, and I could not be quiet about these good news. I want to bring more and more people to the retreats. Thank you my Lord, You are a Marvelous God, praise the Lord!

Helena Olívia B. Dragão Santos   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)
I come here to testify blessings, grace and healing that our Lord Jesus has bestowed upon my life, and my husband’s.
I and my husband were drug addicts. I was taking drugs, living on the street, in prostitution, begging and sleeping on the sidewalk. I would cover myself with cardboard boxes and my pillow was a plastic bag full of garbage that I would pick up in the trash can. I was eating leftovers from the garbage and from what people would give me. My life was like this until I joined a rehabilitation program. I went from rehabilitation center to a rehabilitation center and never solved my drug addiction. I got HIV, Hepatitis C. Then I went to the rehabilitation center “Reencontro” in Campo Maior”, where I met my husband. He also had HIV and Hepatitis C. There we fell in loved and decided to leave.
He took me to his parent’s house. He is their only child. My in-laws are Catholics and it was difficult for them to accept me but they took us in. My mother in law goes to church and prays the rosary every day. Me and my husband we also pray the rosary and go to Holy Mass. The Lord healed us from our drug addiction, smoking and from depression, through prayer.
I was born in Angola, an orphan, and had no documents. The Lord through my in-laws gave me the grace of having my papers in order, getting married in the church and be baptized. He also bestowed upon us the grace of having HIV negative.
Thanks to the Lord and our Holy Mother I’m healed and resurrected!! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

Leonilda Giestas – Lisbon   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

It was only after Father James retreat, that I could make a life confession and truly forgive. Since then I received healing and many blessings.
 Praise the Lord!

Marcial dos Santos Sequeira    (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

I was bleeding from my anus. I attended a retreat held by Father James and I got a healing. I never bled again from my anus. Also I didn’t went to confession for a long time,  but during the retreat in Anadia Jesus call me, I went to confession and I was converted, and I true believed in Jesus Christ!

Natália Marques de Sousa – Viseu, Silgueiros   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

My spine and legs were healed by the grace of Jesus and Father James. Because I feel great I want to give my testimony.

Luzia das Dores Fernandes Araújo Nogueira – Vila Real   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

Thank you Father James and divine Holy Spirit! I’ve been suffering from Lupus Sistémicos for the past 17 years. Thanks to you, since I went to Lamego retreat until today I’m better.
Thank you! I wish that many blessings came upon you!
Natália Marques de Sousa – Viseu, Silgueiros

Maria Delfina Pereira Gonçálves Nogueira – Vila Real    (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

The last 14 years I’ve been suffering from severe headaches and depression. In to 2007 I went  to a retreat of Father James in Lamego, and I got healing on that wonderful and holy retreat.
The year after in December I went to another retreat held by Father James, I asked healing for by breast cancer and during the retreat the Holy Spirit cured me!
This is my testimony. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!

Isilda Rosado – Peniche    (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

I was suffering from an allergy which made me look like an animal, totally deformed. My body was swollen and my feet wouldn’t fit in my shoes. I attended one of Father James’s retreats and by the grace of the Lord from that day until now by body never got swollen again!
I can send, by the internet, some photos if you need proof.

Dear Father James.

I want to thank You for the prayer and also bear witness to my healing, which the Lord give me through You. I was sick for clinical depression, I took a lot of different psychotropic drugs, which did not help me to treat, and sometimes even worse  I felt after they. I drank too much alcohol, without which I could hardly be imagined live. During the retreat in September 2008. in Toru? (Poland) through Your prayers the Lord came to me in the power of His Spirit, the Lord came and healed me! He took my depression, and took all of my injury, leaned over me and heard me. He gave me a new life pouring in there His incomprehensible love, give me the joy of being His child. After the retreat I weaned share of the drug and  after consultation with my psychiatrist to take them completely stopped. Disappeared or compulsion to drink alcohol, on which I can now control. At the end of the retreat, I was invited to a meeting of community renewal in the Holy Spirit, where I can grow in faith and serve their help. Once again thank You and Praise the Lord!!!

Jaroslaw Kolowrocki, Poland

Dear Rev. Father,

Greetings from Fr.Anthony D’souza. You may remember on 11th of January 2010, I request you to pray for one of our student called Pradeep whose right kidney was about to be removed through operation because of the sever damage. Now he is healed without operation.
On 3rd of January 2010 we had gone to one of Jesuits mission. In that mission Jesuits are working since many years like Hindu sages.  They wear the dress like Hindu sages; eat like them only a vegetarian food and adopted whole life style of Hindu sages. They built a church exactly like a Hindu temple. The tabernacle looks like Shivalinga. As I was talking with the priest some of the students without my knowledge claimed a hill just behind the church (like any youths do). As they were coming down the hill one student called Pradeep who is doing first year PUC and only 16 years of age, slipped and fell on a stone.
Because of the fall his right kidney was severely damaged, there was internal bleeding and his pelvic bone has fracture.  The first CT Scan (3/01/10) and in the second CT Scan (8/01/10) has shown 3rd degree damage to the kidney and lots of blood clot, which means it was a very sever damage. On the basis of this Doctors decided to operate him and remove one kidney.  11th of January was the date fixed for operation. On that day morning he was taken to operation theatre and all the procedures were followed for the operation. We were waiting outside the operation theatre to get the news of the operation. After one hour doctors called me and told me that they want to postpone the operation because he is showing lot of positive signs and improvement.
In the operation theatre at the last moment God inspired the doctors not to operate. He was brought back to the ward and again on 13th of January another CT Scan was done. In that it is found that the damaged kidney is more or less healed and no blood clot is seen. It is indeed a miracle. This miracle happened only because of your prayer and the prayers of the hundreds of people. Yesterday (16/01/10) he was discharged and now he is taking rest in our seminary, Belgaum . I take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for having prayed for Pradeep, please continue to pray for him and for us all. May God Bless you.

With love,

Fr.Anthony D’souza cmf.
Belgaum - 590 014

Landauro Family and Fr. James
This is a Photo of the Landauro family in Germany, comprising Gaby Landauro (the Mother), Richi & Janine with their four children, Anna (4&half), James (3&half),  Maria (2) and  Immanuel (9 months). Dr. Richi, while studying for medicine, was deeply touched by the wonderful & miraculous physical healing of Gaby, his mother, from Multiple Sclerosis – in a retreat preached by Fr. James at Augsburg. Because of this, after having been away from God for many years and having been deeply involved with new age, esoteric and bad immoral behaviours, Richi got converted in an another retreat  with Fr. James in the same place in the year 2000. By the end of 2003 Richie met Janine who was a protestant believer before, but became catholic along with her family after attending a retreat with Fr. James. She was very much touched by the talk of Fr.James on the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. They were happily married on 15th August 2004 - Assumption day. God blessed them with two boys and two girls. The whole family goes daily to the Holy Mass, without fail, and  every week they go at least once together to church for making adoration. Richie and Jenine often say "our children are healthy and well behaved because the priest lays his holy hand and prays for our children daily during the Holy Communion". Anna and Maria have already started asking for their first communion. During the Mass and intercessory prayers Anna never fails to make a prayer for her brother, "Lord, make my brother, James, a holy priest, a preacher and a healer". If any one asks little James what he wants to become in future, his ready answer is, "A priest, a healer and a preacher“!! Daily the parents pray the Prayer of the Church, they pray the Rosary and other prayers together with the Children. In the evenings the parents take the four children for their separate prayers, either of the parents read a Part of the Bible loud while the Children listen, and each of them kiss the Bible and kiss the parents and go to bed. Before going to bed, the parents lay their hands on the children and pray for God's blessings and the children on their turn, laying their little holy hands they pray for their parents! If the children make any mistake, both the parents will punish and admonish them, making them realise their mistakes and asking them to ask forgiveness from God and the parents. Also they instruct them to forgive each other immediately after one offends the other. Both Richi and Janine are involved in the evangelisation ministry of Fr.James all over Europe – besides their work as a doctor and as a housewife. They go with Fr. James to make worship in retreats and to translate his talks into the local language. They also work together with Gaby, their mother who is a full time missionary with Fr. James. She travels along with him all over the world, drives him wherever he would want to go, translates all his talks and books in to Spanish and takes care of him and his Ministry to the Lord. Along with Richi and Janine, she makes DVDs and CDs of all his talks in various retreats in different languages, and publishes all his books in several languages, and with the little income she makes out of it she helps the Mission of Fr. James. Already they educated two seminarists to be priests and they are now helping two others in India.They send their tithing for the poor people in India. They are always looking forward for ways and means to evangelise the world. The LANDAURO FAMILY IS AN EVANGELISING FAMILY!

Carlos García
I took part in the spiritual retreat of Father James Manjackal from the 12th to the 14 of June in Fatima. I had a disc herniation in L5-S1. When, after Friday’s Mass, during the Healing Prayer, Father James said “Carlos, you are healed”, I didn’t believe it was me. In the middle of 750 people it could be any other Carlos. The truth is that I left Fatima with no pains and no difficulty in walking and I’m still feeling well until this day.
I must say I was not a practicing Catholic and I only went to Fatima out of curiosity. To all those who do not believe in the physical healing, you may believe it for it is true, for Jesus is Alive.
Thank you, Jesus. Honour, Praise and Glory to you, Lord.
Senhora da Hora – Matosinhos (Portugal), 3rd of July of 2009

Manuel Pinto

My name is Manuel Pinto and I am an emigrant in France. In 2003 I was operated for five times due to a cancer in the rectum. In 2007 the doctors diagnosed a recurrence in the liver and wanted me to be operated. It was then that a friend of mine lent me a book of Father James.
I went to a first retreat of Fr. James in the 8th and 9th of December of 2007, in the auditorium Paulo VI in Fatima. Until this day, I’ve went to five retreats in Portugal and to one here in France (Lyon). After I met Fr. James my life changed completely in every way.
In 2008, January I completely stopped the chemotherapy treatment and began to pray every day, to sing the songs sang in the retreat, to go to the daily Mass (and twice a day). In the retreat of 20 to 24 of February of 2009, in Fatima, I received an inner healing and from then onwards I stopped thinking about the disease and started thinking more and more about God.
Here, in France, we created a Group of Adoration and Praise to Jesus. WE gather every Saturday and it’s already been much fruitful. In this prayer group, there was a vision of my liver with the injury but someone told me I was going to be healed. When Fr. James laid His hands on me I felt electricity running through my entire body. As I said before I don’t think in the operation nor do I Fear the Disease. All I have is a great faith because Jesus Healed my Body and Soul. I’m now looking forward for the next retreat to Worship and Praise Jesus. Aren’t these the Gifts of the Holy Spirit!
A big friendly and recognition hug to Fr. James and to Mr. João Dias. Without their work I wouldn’t have found the path which led me to Jesus.
Thank you! May God give as much blessings as I’ve received.
8th of July of 2009

Maria das Neves da Guia Torres Silva -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

Ten years ago, I was subject to a surgery on my ear canal due to an acoustic neurinoma (I had a ball of pus on my left ear, just next to my brain). The surgery was very strict and it was necessary for me to stay in the Intensive Care Unit; I knew I was going to lose hearing of the left ear.
I lost 100% of my hearing of the left ear, as expected. I asked the neurosurgeon if I could use a hearing device, but he said: "No, no way, it would be helpless". This surgery was done 10 years ago and there was no chance I would ever get my hearing back. In September of 2008, I attended Fr. James’ retreat in Sameiro. I stopped my right ear and began do hear with the left one whenever someone spoke on the microphone and during the singing. Later on, I went to the same otolaryngologist who had treated me and he confirmed that I had a partial healing of 15 decibels and advised me to put on a hearing device. In the end of November of 2008, I consulted my neurosurgeon and he confirmed that I could now use the hearing device and even stated I’ve received a “little miracle”. I believe that in this retreat the Lord will heal me 100 %. Praise the Lord!

Maria Alice Oliveira Agostinho -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was healed from an unknown disease which had no healing treatment. Two years ago, my tongue began to have many cuts which began to increase. I was initially diagnosed with aphthas. At some point, due to a high fever caused by the “aphthas”, I had to give entry in the Hospital de Abrantes for I couldn’t even eat. There, I did a biopsy which accused cancer. I was then sent to Hospital de Palhadó of Lisbon, where I spent one month doing exams. Later on, the doctors stated I suffered from an unknown disease. I was then sent to the Hospital de Almada, where I remained for another month. I left this hospital medicated on cortisone and felt better, but I was not healed. I and my husband have always been believers, since we were little, and we had much faith. I was always accompanied by a prayer chain. Having been ill for two years, a friend of mine showed me a paper she found on the floor: the disclosure sheet of Fr. James’ retreat, in March of 2008, in Consolata (Fatima). I decided to go to the retreat and I kneeled down before Fr. James for the laying of his hands on me. With much faith, I got healed. Since then I do not take any more medication! I am now giving my testimony to thank the Lord!

José Porfirio -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I had eczema on my right leg and sometimes I had such huge itching crisis that my leg became wounded. I went to several doctors who never managed to prescribe the right medication for my problem and this situation already lasted for 2/3 years. In Fr. James’ retreat in Consolata (in March of 2008), in the end of the Inner Healing prayer, I felt I was healed. Since then, and until now, never again did I have problems on my leg! Praise the Lord!

Maria Zélia Brito  - Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was healed of respiratory distresses. I had two broncho-pneumonia; one 20 years ago and the other, 7 years ago. The first one was not completely healed thus I had respiratory distresses. I couldn't get any draughts, otherwise my breathing canal would immediately get congested and I could barely speak. I couldn’t even go to the balcony at night or in foggy days. Last night during Adoration, Fr. James claimed that several persons with respiratory problems were being healed. I believed that one of those persons was me. I believed and today I have no problems in breathing, although yesterday I left the retreat hall at night and under rain! Praise the Lord and may He continue blessing Fr. James!

Maria da Conceição Barbosa de Sá Roso - Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I had big bleedings. In the day I went to the retreat in Estoril, in Pentecost of 2008, I was suffering from a huge bleeding. During that day I continued bleeding, although, very little. From then onwards, my bleeding decreased gradually until I was completely freed of it. I believe that God healed me through Father James. Praise the Lord!

Josefa Maria Vinha Heliodoro Santos  - Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was healed spiritually and physically. I was blessed with the grace of healing of a depression and of an uterus myoma. I have always lived in the city and when I moved to the country because of my husband, I began to feel very sad and depressed. My clinical state required medical treatment for one and a half year, until I went to a retreat of Fr. James for the first time. On the 3rd of September of 2006, I went to Fr. James’ first retreat in Fatima, being invited by the religious sisters of Oleiros. On the first day, on Sunday, the transformation that occurred in me was so great, that I never felt anything alike before: profound peace and joy! I felt the Holy Spirit came down on me and put off the “old man” and I felt that the 2new man” was born. On that same day I asked the religious sisters for us to gather in Oleiros, for I did not want to lose my union with the Lord. After a few weeks, the Catholic Charismatic Movement began in Oleiros, and it still remains strong today. My life changed completely. Later on, my neurologist certified that I was healed and I stopped taking medication. I was a new creature, a new person. My parish priest invited me to be an Extraordinary Minister of Communion. I am a catechist for children for two years now. I’m guide for two groups of faith guidance. I thank God because my life changed completely and I feel very happy.
Last year, in Setúbal, I was blessed by the Lord again: I had a uterus myoma and it was not necessary to be subject to a surgery. During Adoration, Fr. James said: “Josefa, you are healed!” Since there was another Josefa in the hall, I thanked God for the other Josefa’s healing! After some time, I went to the doctor for a gynecological observation and he said that I no longer needed a surgery for everything was fine. Only later I remebered that the healed Josefa was me, although I did not ask for anything. I thank God for loving me. May Fr. James keep on being led by the Holy Spirit for many years, so that people can live happily.

Amélia da Silva Age: 62 years old -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I suffered a lot from bone problems and it was very hard for me to walk; to walk for a long time was very wearying. In the retreat in Sameiro (Braga, September of 2008), I was deeply touched by the priest’s preaching. On the following week after this priest’s retreat, I was in bed and I woke up feeling a great heat on my legs and I rubbed them with holy water. I didn’t realize that it was the Lord who was healing me. Only in the morning did the Lord and father James came to my mind and I knew the Lord was healing me. I praised the Lord and did my prayers. I also prayed for a daughter of mine who was married for 13 years and couldn’t have children. In November I came to know that she was pregnant! Praise the Lord!

Gracinda Carmo Ferreira -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was very sick for some time and I felt my tongue very hot and that made me feel so uncomfortable that I couldn't even eat unless it was mashed food. In order to alleviate the tongue I had to “make suckings”. I went to the doctor many times and the medication he prescribed me alliviated a little, but never healed. I am Charismatic and I had already come to two Assemblies of the Charismatic Movement and I didn’t receive any healing. After the second Assembly I went to the doctor, who didn’t know what to do when realizing that no medication had any effect on me. He said that it was necessary to do a biopsy to know more about the problem I had. I was (and am) with financial problems and I came to know that the exam was very expensive. I had already hanged on tight to God and I told the doctor to prescribe me the exam, but I might get healing in the meanwhile. In that month, I had in mind to go to João Paulo VI, for Fr. James' retreat On Sunday, the 9th of December of 2008, during the healing prayer, I incessantly asked for God’s mercy and after the laying of the hands I was completely healed. Since the, I stopped feeling those “pricks” and heat on the tongue. The uncomfortable feeling, the speaking difficulty was gone; the Healing came!

Adália Maria dos Santos Saborano -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

In the retreat in Fatima, in December of 2007, I received an inner healing. I couldn’t do anything else but to cry. I changed my life and my way of being. Never again could I stop speaking about Jesus to others.
Now, in this retreat, during Adoration (having done a good confession), the priest called for many names and I thought it wasn’t my turn yet, for I didn’t feel worthy of receiving blessings, but I thanked for the healings of the other persons. Afterwards, he called for my name and I knew it was me he was talking about and the persons who were nearby also knew that. I was healed of my fear of heights. I suffer from many things, among them, of calcifications on the right breast and I have a cyst on my left breast, which remained after I had it removed due to breast cancer. I believe I was healed in this retreat!

Maria do Rosário Galhano Ferreira -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

After having lain in bed for about 15 days I was finally diagnosed with renal colic (urine in the blood) and finally medicated. Notwithstanding, I had a kidney stone which was lodged in a very difficult spot; thus it was difficult to detect it. I felt huge pains which made my movements hard. After this time, I came to this retreat of Fr. James in Paulo VI, in Fatima, and, although I didn’t ask anything for me (who even considered myself to me a sinner and unworthy of receiving miracles), the Lord called me by my name through Fr. James’ mouth and repeated it. Thus, I was sure about the healing. The mere fact that I had the strength enough to come here was a miracle!

Cecília Santos -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

One and a half year ago I had a permanent pain on my back whenever I was in bed, but it was not too disturbing. In the retreat in Consolata (Fatima) this year, although it was very difficult for me to get the badge, I managed to get it. In this same retreat, during Adoration, I felt a great heat on my back and Fr. James even proclaimed my name and I knew the Grace was being given to me. I gave and give thanks to the Lord for this blessing; I’m healed!

Joana Maria Sousa Dias -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I have always been a very shy person and at the same time very explosive; having no patience to talk to other nor to understand them. After coming to Fr. James’ retreats for two years, little by little, I have changed. Today I’m a much calmer person, more self-confident and I’m patient when I talk to others. Moreover, me and my family have been much blessed in which regards health. I praise and thank the Lord for the wonders He has been doing in me!

Hi! My name is Tomek (Thomas), I'm 20 and I live in Poznan, Poland.
In year 2000 it was claimed that I have allergy and asthma. I had allergy to many things, but mostly I was allergic to egg white, wheat and cow milk. Therefore I ought not to eat most of available food products. The symptom of this allergy was mainly the cattarh, I have almost never had permeable nose. Later I started to breath with my mouth, and since about one year I had so big plug, that I have lost my sense of smell and my taste was weak. I have been noticing asthma while sprinting for about 50 meters – then I was out of breath for 5-10 minutes. About two years ago I have asked my doctor for possible cure from this asthma and allergy. He said that it will remain so, and I should just take symptomatic medicine.
 On 17th of September 2009 retreat with father James Manjackal in Somianka near Warsaw have started. I felt there, that I want to ask father James for individual prayer, although I was sceptical about physical healings. On Saturday I went to a life confession and after that to father James to ask for prayer. We started to pray, he put his hands on my head and prayed in tongues. I took it wrong, because I didn't focus on praying, I was waiting when I will begin to feel warmth or something special. I heard, that people while being healed feel warmth in sick places of their bodies. After the prayer father said: „you are healed”. I went away doubtful. I was afraid that God didn't heal me because of my attitude to the prayer. In the evening during general healing prayers father James mentioned people that are being healed from asthma and some allergy sufferers. I tried to believe that it is also about me but doubts didn't stop. I felt big sadness; I believed in the Almighty God, and I couldn't believe in my healing, just because I didn't feel anything! In my worries my friend helped me. She reminded how father James told his testimony, that once while he was being healed, he didn't feel any warmth. Later I asserted that father James has bigger faith than I do, and that the Holy Spirit pervades him and works through him, so when he says „you are healed”, there is no need or reason to worry. I believed then, and Baptism with the Holy Spirit made me fully believe and filled me with great joy, peace and remarkable feeling of God's presence and closeness.
 The symptoms didn't go away fully but I believe, that God healed me. I can gradually breath with my nose. Once when I was going by tram I saw my friend and I felt willingness to meet her. I got off the tram and started to run after her. I noticed, that it can be a hard moment. I prayed: „God, I apologize. I don't want to test you, please don't be angry at me. I just want to catch her and have a chat”. So I run, and when I saw oncoming tram I thought, that she will enter it, so I started to sprint through about 30 metres. I had a breathlessness, although it seemed to be bearable, and after about 4 minutes it stopped! However, I felt strong pain in my calfs, because I didn't sprint or run for such distances since few months. As I have checked on the map – I have run through almost 800 metres! Praise the Lord for all his works and for father James' service!

Tomasz Sroczynski
Poznan, Poland


ALELUJA! THANK´S JESUS  I AM HEALED! -Don´t be faithless any longer! Believe!

Hi everyone, my name is Silvie and I come from the Czech republic. I am 19 years old and since I was about 13 I had problems with breathing.  There was no doctor, who could help me or even diagnoze my disease. I had expectoration in my throat especially after physical activity or eating.. It was very unpleasant, because I had phlegm in my neck and mouth very often. My condition was getting worse, so I visited the doctors again and they told me, that I have asthma and allergy..unfortunately they had medicine only to limit the problems, not to heal me completely. That´s why I stopped doing the athletics..I also couldn´t breathe very good during jogging, riding a bike, going..

Since I was a child, I tried different ways how to be healed. I am sorry to admit, that me, as a catholic, tried many alternative treatments! PLEASE, never trust any of this ways. Although it is called Christian yoga, special yoga breathing or 5 Tibetans.. chinese and generally the east philosphy, exercise, energies..and homeopathy as well. Actually, sometimes it seems to be good for You. However,.. it isn´t!
The problem was, that I trusted everyone and everything else, but not to Jesus!

In September 2009 I took part in the SPIRITUAL EXERCISE in Kocli?ov. In fact, I had no idea what is it going to be like. I was suprised, that during the first evening we were told, that  we might be healed. Father James began to pray and said: “ Everyone, who believes, can be healed! Touch with your hand the place, where you want to be healed!” In that moment I touched my neck and I thought: “ Whom else should I believe, Jesus, when not You?”

Immediately I felt very much warm in my hands and heat going into my body. I was a little bit shaking, I wasn´t breathing very good, I was gasping and tears were rolling on my face.  Father James was praying. He asked the Lord to heal people with cancer, with sclerosis multiplex..later on he mentioned also alergy and asthma.

At that point I drew a deep and clear breath! I cried, I still felt the heat in my body, it was even like “elecricity” from my hands.. Eventhough it is difficult to put everything into words.. Today I understand..it must have been GRACE FROM OUR LORD! I was healed!

At the end of the praying father James told some names of people who were healed. Suddenly he said: “Silvie is healed!” and he added the verse from the Bible..John 20, 27: “DON´T BE FAITHLESS ANY LONGER. BELIEVE!”

I felt so so happy! When I got out of the church, I opened the Bible and guess what was there..Jan 20,27.. “DON´T BE FAITHLESS ANY LONGER. BELIEVE!” Since then I never doubt! I believe, that Jesus healed me, that Jesus is ALIVE!

I am really gratefull. Praise the Lord and the Holy Mary!                                     Silvie C
PS: I would like to recommend You 2things for Your “relationship” with Jesus
  1) Be sincere, be frank!
  2)Give credence to Him,don´t doubt,don´t be faithless any longer and believe!He loves You!

My name is Tania. I am 25 years old.  I am from Belarus. I attended the retreats with Fr. James in  Varsav and  in Somianka in Polen. I thank God for all the presents He gave me during those retreats. I was very wounded in my childhood, in the school and during the studies. My father is drinking an alkohol. He hit me, my mother and sister. I  could not forget. So I was nervous, depressiv and sad. There were unforgiveness, feelings of rejections, unlove,fear and disappointment in my heart. During the retreats I've been meeting with the LIVING JESUS!!! He helped me  to forgiven all people. I knew Jesus love. A lot of people cursed me and after the prayer of Father James I felt light in my body, freedom, love and peace in my heart. I felt I am clear as baby!!! I am the |NEW" Tania who is filling with the Holy Spirits power and grace! I am so happy! During the retreats I have decided to follow Jesus and no turning back! Thank you Lord! Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you Father James!!!! Alleluja!

P.s I am sorry for my grammatical mistakes
Tania from Belarus

My name is Swieta. I am 22 years old. I am from Belarus. I attended the retreats with Fr.James for the first time in Somianka in Polen. These retreats are unforgettable for me. These retreats changed my life!!! Jesus did me a new person. During the Adoration I have received a gift of forgiveness and after them I was ready to fill with the Holy Spirit, with His gifts and power. I felt the Gods presence in my heart, His incredible love to me. During the conference of Fr. James Jesus showed me my sins which I am never confessed! After the conference I have confessed all my sins and I was so free and happy!!!! I had problems with the stomach and Jesus healed me!!!I have received one more wonderful gift- Prayer by heart. For  the first time I felt joy from my prayer. I felt the activity of Holy Spirit and the wonderful love of God in my heart. God comes to us with the great LOVE to deliverence and heal us! But we must allow Him  to do miracles in our life!!!!!! Alleluja! Thank you Lord! Thank you Father James!

P.S.  I am sorry for grammatical mistakes!
With love Swieta aus Belarus
Thank you  Father James

My name is Doris Moser. I went to the retreats with Fr. James in Graz and i thank God for all the graces He gave me during those 4 days. The greatest gift is that Jesus finally liberated me from the clutches of Esoteric. Thank you Jesus!
The second great gift is that since the retreats i've been feeling a wonderful warmth in my kidneys and Fr. James said that my kidneys are healed. I am more than happy and i'm looking forward to writing a comprehensive testimony after the healing has taken place. Thank you Jesus for Fr. James and all the graces that YOU give us in Your unending love! Halleluja!!

I had a eating disorder for 15 years. Always, when I was sad, I ate too much and spit. And I was often sad because of many things, which happened in my life and I could not forget. So I had often no nervs and no strength for my husband and my children. I tried to overwelm this for a long time, but even a therapy did not help.
And now I am healthy!!!
I wanted to thank you very much for your prayer. I am convinced that your prayer and the healing love of jesus helped me. I often felt a warming love... Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Pater James!

Family Bišcak

We would like to thank God for all the mercy and blessings He is showing to our family.

All began with heavy injury of our dear father. On friday 1st of May 2009 he felt during climbing from the top of the crag (15m) directly on the rocky ground. He had 16 broken ribs, heavy crushed pelvis and facial bones. He also had broken skull. He lost huge amount of blood too. All together he lost 15 liters of blood - the amount of three grown up people (the blood was literarly licking out of him). Doctors succeeded to stop the bleeding, but fight for his life lasted for more than a week.  For three weeks he was in artificial coma.
Thanks to God brains and spain were not harmed. Concernig on a enormity of a fall, this was miraculously.
When we were most desperate, we reminded on Father James Manjackal. We remember him from the seminary at Kureš?ek (Slovenija) in 2007.  So we decided to write him (to his e-mail adress) a request for his mighty prayers to our dear Lord for father`s healing. He answered us next day. His answer was:"I shall pray for speedy recovery of your father. My love and blessings to him."
And this is exactly what happened. Concernig on a intricacy of injuries, improvent of our father is exeptional. And his physical state is still rapidly improving. Doctors are very surprised. According to all regulations, he should be dead.

Another event, connected with father`s accident also happened. This was a seminar of Father James in church of St. Marko in Koper (also Slovenija). This church is the nearest church from the hospital, where our father was treated.  We were very happy and honoured that we participated in this seminar and also spoke to Father James and express our thankfulness.
Priest (Ciril Bajt) who gave unction to our father arrives also from that church. He arrived immediately to hospital after the phone call. We would also like to say thanks  to him.
Fulfilled prayers of Father James, a priest who gave unction to our father from a church of St. Marko and than a seminar of Father James Manjackal at the same church (from 19th to 21th of June 2009). We are sure that this was not a coincidence.
God was and  is still very merciful with our father and with whole our family. A lot of good conclusions and lifetime decisions were made. One of those is (from the youngest son Luka), that he will become a priest. This accident gave him enough strenght to decide. He couldn`t make this decision more than 10 years. This accident was truly God`s blessing.
Dear Fr. James Manjackal, we all are very thankful for Your powerful prayers and blessings. We belive and we also confess that this was a miracle.

Family Bišcak:
Father Branko, mother Majda and sons Tomaž and Luka.
Postojna, Slovenija

Praise the LORD!

Father, my mother Amalie is very happy and wants to thank JESUS and You with a testimony!
About 5 years ago i started to have problems in lifting up my arms. During the last two years it became bad to worse and finally i could not lift up my arms any higher than my shoulders. I hardly could do my hair by myself nor could i  tie the apron any more. Often i had much pain. The doctor said, that it is an erosion (from carriing and working hard and much) and that there can not be done much.
In the retreat of Father James Manjackal in Wigratzbad during the healingprayer when people were praying for each other he called out my name: Amalie is healed on the shoulder and heart. I immediatly clamed healing and some minutes later, when we all praised the LORD together i could lift up my arms like a young girl! All the way up! I praised my GOD with all my heart and thanked HIM! Also i had a flue bevore coming  tot he retreat and because of weakness i was sweating much during the day and during the nigth! Allready during the first night i did not swead any more and since than no more. As soon as I came home I also realised that all my heartpains, which I had before,  totally dissapeared and  I believe that he also has healed me in my heart!
I CAN NOT THANK THE LORD ENOUGH FOR HEALING ME ! I also want to thank You, Father James from the bottom of my heart for all his prayers and intercession and for all his love for me and my family! Thank you for everything, Father James, we love you and pray for you!!!

My name is Lila M. R. G. de Sousa, and I was born in Goa (India) in a Catholic family, 61 years ago. I’ve been living in Lisbon for 34 years. I was a practicing Catholic up until I was 26, more or less. Despite the distance from Church, I maintained my faith in Jesus, in God.
In 1986, I was seriously ill, in a coma, with Systemic lupus erythematosus, diagnosed a few months before. My only concern was my 5-year old daughter. I recovered and God gave me the blessing to raise her. In August 2006 I had a relapse and was seriously ill once again. Nine months passed before I was able to go back to work.
In March 2007, I remember my cousin Telma dropping in, she told me: “there is an Indian priest, who does miracles; he is conducting a retreat in Estoril, don’t you want to go see him?” I answered that, at that moment, I wasn’t well enough to attend a retreat, but I would go the next time. I was not sure what a retreat was; but I was curious, especially as a doctor, because our role in this world is to heal people. I knew that Jesus had made miracles in His time, but I was unaware that someone, even a Priest was doing the same in these days.
My cousin took me to Father James Manjackal’s 2007 retreat in Setúbal (June 29th to July 1st). I wasn’t sure how to present myself at this retreat. So I opened my heart and let the words of Jesus flow, through the voice of Father James Manjackal. It felt like Father James shook me and said: “Wake up, Jesus is waiting for you”. In fact, I remember to think these last few years that nothing could satisfy me, as my daughter was already raised. I was waiting, just didn’t know for whom or what. Now I know I was waiting for Jesus.
I followed all the recommendations Father James made at the retreat. He told us to confess, but I chose not to, as there was a long queue. I would do it in Lisbon. At that 1st retreat I knew that the most important moment for me was the effusion of the Holy Spirit. Until that moment, I only knew the Holy Spirit through the Conception of Virgin Mary.
I bought all of the books on sale; the week after, I prepared myself for confession reading his books. I became aware of my sins in this world and made the confession of my life the next Saturday before the Mass. Immediately at the beginning of the Mass, I felt the love and care of Jesus. When the priest raised the Holy Cup, I saw the joy in Heaven. I was the lost sheep. My conversion happened in July 7th 2007, when God gave me His grace.
The true meaning of Jesus dying for all of us in the Cross became present and intense in my heart. I wanted to compensate Him for all He had suffered for me, my daily pains and suffering. That’s why I wasn’t worried (and am not worried) to be healed. Everyone tells me that I look well. I didn’t ask for anything, Jesus gave me the blessing to keep on working. Above all He gave me what I was most in need for, “my conversion”. My self-transformation in a new being takes place every day, with peace and inner joy.
Many questions formed in my head, so I began reading the Bible. The more I read, the more I craved for God’s words. Through the Bible, I kept feeling all of Jesus’ strength and love for me. I met the Holy Eucharist wonderful power of healing when I realised that my pain disappeared when I received the Holy Communion at Mass.
Sometimes I make a contribution to Father James’ mission. It’s a priority for me to help him in his task to convert those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet Jesus.
Father James Manjackal, I hope you keep on going with all the strength, all the power and all the love of Jesus, so that you can carry out your ministry of Evangelisation.
God bless you.

Jesus be praised.

João Pedro - Portugal
Hello everyone! My name is João Pedro and I want to share with you my testimony and personal experience lived in Father James’ Retreat in February 2009, in Fatima.
The tears began to fall and to slide softly through my face. I am amazed with the blessings of God our Saviour, I’m very thankful for finally, after 20 years, having come back to the Lord’s house. I was never angry at Jesus neither have I lost the habit of praying; I knew He existed in my heart. But now and after Father James’ Retreat, my soul was filled with light. God is very close to us, He gives light to our souls and blesses all our requests, making us feel renewed.
I was born again on that day, on the 22nd of February 2009. I hadn’t confessed for 20 years. I was so happy and looking forward to receiving Jesus Christ that I looked like the same boy of the 1st Communion, when I was seven years old. My mother who accompanied me in this retreat was very emotional and happy with the coming back of her son. The teachings of Father James, the joy of the charismatic songs lead to the dimension of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Our Lady takes us by our hands and all fears disappear, we feel strengthened with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us. The spiritual healing is the first to be revealed … our eyes shine… the tears of emotion, joy and repentance are genuine and spontaneous… we are more concentrate… we want to hear and to absorb each word of Father James. We feel so well in the presence of his Being, so happy with his contagious enthusiasm, so sensitive to the words claimed by our dear friend, always inspired by the Holy Spirit, Who has outpoured on him the Gift of knowledge and word. All collaborators, musicians, singers, along with all of us, enthusiastic participants full of praises to the Lord helped to make that Retreat in Fatima the most spectacular living experience that I’ve ever participated in my life. The charismatic movement is the joy of the Lord. Being Charismatic, as Fr James says, “Is to be lead by the power of the Holy Spirit, the greatest gift God has given us”.
At this moment I am sure I was born again, I was reborn and was walking in the light of the Lord. I give all my life to Him and may His will be done. God gives me all I am asking for but only if it is good for my holiness. Thank you Lord.
Everyone, with no exception, has the opportunity of receiving the Spiritual Healing. In my case, I am giving the first steps for my physical healing. As Fr. James says: “We need to have inner healing in order to have physical healing”.
When Father James said that there were 3 “Joãos” getting healed in the stomach… I believed; I knew I was one of them. I felt a cold chill in my abdomen and later I understood that the block I had in the abdominal area had disappeared. The tears didn’t stop, the joy was great! Thank you Lord! I praise you Lord!
I also know that God was healing me reducing my legs shivering. When I received the healing I remember saying “We will heal… We will heal… Heal them all, Lord! Heal all these people that are praising and thanking You, Lord! Thank you Lord, you are our Saviour!”
My physical problem is neurological (in the central nervous system) and shows symptoms of a progressive spastic paraparesis. More exactly my symptoms are: Muscular tension in the legs with some loss of control of the movements of the 2 inferior members, less mobility and motor sensibility in the left foot, difficulty to walk and, consequently, lack of balance.
This physical problem might have been caused when I was still a baby, probably due to one of my falls when I still crawled. The doctors haven’t confirmed and the tests are not conclusive, neither do they identify any known neurological disease. Thus, I think it might have been caused by an accidental fall when I was small in which I’ve lost conscience for some moments. Only since I was thirteen years old did I notice I began having less mobility and, as time went by, I began to have more difficulty in walking. When I was eighteen years old I stopped running and at the age of thirty six I put aside all complexes and started walking with a stick in order to be more comfortable and balanced in my walking. I never gave up searching help for my problem. Today I know the Holy Spirit came to me and I am very happy for the divine opportunity God have given me in this Retreat in Fatima.
Today my back posture is more straight and correct. I don’t make any effort in being seated straight on a chair, which didn’t happen before. My tendency was to be bent with an inelegant posture. A good example of this is the fact that when I’m seated on a chair, working, I no longer have the tendency to slip from the chair. I keep a firm posture without any effort and I know God has healed my abdominal area. When I’m standing I also feel more stability. I’m better now and I believe I will improve even more. Now everything is new to me and I’m exploring my new capacities and I believe in the progression of my healing.
Whoever believes in God knows He exists, but it is even better when we feel He is so close to us and touches us with his Love. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”, a word from the Bible strengthened by my girlfriend who I love very much (see her testimony on Guestbook, entry nr. 1572).
I thank my mother for the support she gave me and the good company during all the Retreat. I am very happy for having shared with her this experience so enriching and beautiful. The love of a Mother towards her son stands for the love of Mary for Jesus and having the retreat taken place in Fatima made me feel even more grateful.
Thank you mother, your son loves you very much …
To conclude the same way I did in my personal testimony, in front of a great crowd in Consolata, next to Pax Hotel, in Fatima: It is God who heals spiritually and physically through Father James. Believe! God really touches and heals us.
Thank you Lord!
I praise you Lord!
Blessed be all those who believe in God our Lord, our Faith moves mountains, our Faith and the Love of Christ Our Lord make wonders!!!
I continue praying for all of you and for Fr. James. All together let us continue praying for him and with him so that more people get converted and also feel the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into the spiritual and physical healing.
Thank you,

João Pedro Carvalho Serra.
Cascais, 1st March 2009

Sónia Gaspar - Portugal

It’s been 2 years since I went to Father James’ retreat in Paulo VI Auditorium, in Fatima. I was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the throat which, according to the doctors, was completely helpless for it was going to reach my vocal cords. I was healed on that retreat. Thank God I’m well until this day I am well. Praise the Lord! Alleluia.
Fatima, 24th February 2009

Name: Vítor Fonseca de Sousa
Age: 31 years old

It was with some curiosity that I attended to Fr. James’ first retreat in Covilhã (Portugal). I attended this retreat hoping to be healed from chest pains which lasted for thirteen years and for which Medicine could not find any causes; the exams didn’t accuse any abnormality. In the Adoration and Healing Prayer on Saturday, I felt the Spirit touched me like a cold and soft breeze. What I also felt was that I didn't deserve to be healed for I considered to have little faith and I didn’t think I was worthy of such wonder.
I ended up receiving something much better, INNER HEALING and a new spiritual awakening. Now, more than faith, I have confidence in God, I live the Eucharistic, I pray with my heart, I know that I’m different, I’m more joyful, more optimistic, more pacific. From “sleepy" I began to be awake, "vigilant". I really have a new life, with more Light, Peace, Love, Joy that comes from God; I’m born again to grow in sanctity. I was healed from my chest pains (which previously made me collapse in bed and have motivation for nothing). I’m better from day to day; it’s a progressive healing connected to faith and trust in God. Although I still have some pains which remind me of my limitations and frailty, the main thing is to look for the divine grace, know how to forgive like Jesus, to have a confident faith and not to doubt of the Power and Love of God.
I’m a priest, hospital chaplain, I’m 31 years old.  Thank you, Jesus!
Covilhã, 17/05/2009

Name: Maria Manuela Antunes Vieira Matos
Age: 65 years old
I was subject to a heart surgery 18 years ago. In November of 2008 I went to a routine appointment and the doctor said that I needed to me subject to a new surgery (I needed to be operated to the three valves)! In December of the same year, I came to Fr. James’ retreat (Fatima). During the healing prayer, I felt a heat like fire in my heart and I heard Fr. James saying: “Maria Manuela, whose heart was operated, you are healed!!!" Thank you, Lord! Praise the Lord!!!
After 15 days, more or less, I had my heart examined and the technician told me: “I don’t think that your will get to be operated”. I was happy and although I'm not completely healed, with my continuous prayer and faith in God, I think the Lord, who is Father, will continue my healing!
In this retreat I feel my heart so light that I think the Lord shall not abandon me!
Thank you, Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank you, Fr. James.
Consolata, Fatima, 23/02/2009

Francisco Manuel
Dear Father James.

My wife participated in your last retreat in Valladolid.
Let me express my most deepest thankfulness for all what you have done for her and our family.
We are family with a regular religious education with many good intentions, but with many limitations and poor in pray. We've grown up in catholic movements when we were living in Argentina and since 2002 in Spain. We have been in different retreats with very prepared and caring priests, but let me tell you that the spiritual experience and conversion that my wife got in your retreat, was something absolutely unexpected with a major impact in our lives.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t there because I was taking care of my two lovely daughters (Maria Sol and Maria Lucia), but as a result of what I saw in my wife when she was back at home I can tell you that she is a living temple of Jesus. She was not a bad wife at all before the retreat, she had all our regular sins, the same what I have indeed, I'm talking about mistakes and sometimes lack of tolerance, lack of perseverance, a very nervous woman, very easily irritated by our kid`s daily behavior.
She returned at home with a fabulous treasure inside. She has God living in her mind and heart. She is willing to go to Mass every day, she prefer not to watch TV and dedicate that time to pray, she is giving love all around her and, of course we are the first beneficiaries, her family.
Our older daughter (6 years, Maria Sol) was sad lately, sometimes fighting with her younger sister, and we realize that she had a low concentration at class. As soon as my wife Belen returned and had the chance to talk with her and tell her how much she loved her, it was so special that Maria Sol is a whole new person. She is happy again, smiling again, and sharing more with her sister and writing short letters of gratitude and love to Belen. It is hard to believe! but this happened in less than 2 days!
I cannot find the right words to express all my gratitude what I feel for you, your collaborators and your superiors, they are so generous to share their time and work for our salvation!!
I am so impressed, so happy, because in 4 days you made something that changed in my family what I did never expect to accomplish. Moreover, I feel now that THANKS to your retreat, we may be able to get to Heaven and I am sure that this is only the beginning, now that Christ has made a way into our home, we will work hard to keep him inside, praying as you taught to Belen, reading good books, giving love of the way that you do.
Today I read that Barcelona and Guadarrama retreats have being canceled. What a pity, what a sad feeling, not only for myself, that will not get the chance to live the retreat and meet you, but for all Spanish families that will lose the opportunity to receive the blessings that God send us through your person.  Maybe I will be able to go to Portugal. Believe me, that Spain, really needs you now.
Sorry for this long mail and my poor English, but I had to express loud and clear how grateful I feel now.
With my deepest appreciation.

Francisco Manuel Fernandez Olalla

  Pilar Maçarico - Age 76 - Lisboa

I had several hernias in the lumbar and cervical spine, which jammed my leg movement, especially of my right leg, up to the hips. It was very difficult for me to walk and I had to climb the stairs one step at a time. Every time I had to go out I need to go by car, even if I only needed to go somewhere very close to my house. To roll over in bed used to cause me much pain. I already had taken several injections and pills, but nothing ever improved my clinical state; I needed to submit myself to a back surgery.
I was in the retreat of Estoril, in May of 2008. I lived that retreat with much FAITH and made a confession. After that retreat, little by little, my pains started to leave me until this day; my life is has become easier. I now that the hernias remain, but due to the Lord’s grace, I’m freed of the pains they caused me.
Glory to the Lord! Blessed be God! Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Blessed be the Most Holy Trinity! Abba, I love You!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Maria Filomena M. S. C Dias - Age 55  - Porão

I was healed of a cancer of the pancreas (with a 7 cm big malignant tumour, already inserted in the duodenum).
The spiritual and physical healing was received since I participated in Fr. James’ retreat in Sameiro, Braga. There, I felt god had healed me. I took medical exams after the retreat through a PET/CT (nuclear TAC). The result given by the doctor was that everything was clean: “you are healed, Filomena. Congratulations!”. Thank you, Lord! All Glory to you. Praise the Lord!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Maria Bernardete Galego - Age 55 - Miranda do Douro

I had polycystic kidneys and I got healed in the married couples’ retreat in Fátima, in February of 2008. During Adoration, Father James said that 7 persons were being healed from their kidneys and afterwards he said: “Bernardete, your kidneys are being healed”. Thank God!”. While I was praying for healing with my husband I saw the image of Christ in front of me. In the end of the Adoration, when I was going to my room, I felt a big squeeze on my kidneys and I knew I was healed.
In this retreat (Fátima, December of 2008) I am receiving new blessings. I was suffering from a strong headache and for more than 15 days I felt a strong pain on my arm and during the Adoration, Father James said: ”Bernardete, why you doubt? Many blessing are being showered over you!” I was completely healed! Praise the Lord! Alleluia!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Manuel Ferreira da Horta -  Age 68  - Marinheiros

I was blessed with five healings of the holy Spirit. On the 3rd of September of 2008 I was healed from problems from which I suffered for two years: arthrosis of the knee (I have the doctor’s certificate which confirms the healing), of stomach and liver problems.
In another retreat of Fr. James in 2007, I was also healed in my prostate. I used to have the need of going often to the loo and I also needed to take pills. In 2008 I had my prostate examined; everything was normal and I no longer needed to get up in the middle of the night to go to the loo and I stopped taking the pills without having been subject to any kind of surgical intervention!
I would also like to testify another healing of the holy Spirit here. In the Summer of 2008, I fractured my shoulder. I didn’t want to go anywhere to treat it, I trusted in the retreat I was about to go to, preached by another priest, in Paulo VI (Fatima). The priest who was presiding said: “Raise your shoulder!”, and I trusted in this word. I wanted to get my faith tested. I came because I knew I would be healed.
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Júlia Franco - Age 64 - Cascais
After having gone to the retreats of Fr. James, in the year of 2008, in Estoril (May) and in Lamego (June), I was healed from inconclusive eosinophilic vasculitis (vascular –circulatory - disease). I had already been interned in the hospital in 2004 due to my problem. However, no doctor could ever determine with accuracy what was my disease nor how to treat it. My physical healing was progressive, having begun when Fr. James laid his hands over my head, praying for my healing, in Estoril. After the Retreat in Lamego, I can firmly claim my healing; all my problems concerning this disease disappeared!
I was also blessed spiritually. I was freed from fears and guilty feelings and I began to feel better accepted by others. The complicated relationship with my son became almost normal.
I give thanks to the Lord, because I feel that He is with me in the smallest details. He Healed me and Freed me!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Helena Ezequiel de Carvalho Amaral Pereira - Age 57 - Sassoeiros

I broke a leg in March of 2008, a few days before Fr. James’ retreat in Estoril. I went to the hospital, for I felt many pains and I needed to get the prescription of something that would release me from the pains. At the hospital I was taken an x-ray and the doctors verified that my leg was broken (in the peroneal head and I also had a fissure in the knee); my leg was plastered and I should only remove the plaster after two or three months). After a dew days I went to the retreat of Fr. James with some friends. Two days after the retreat, I went to the hospital again. They took another x-ray there and said that I could take out the plaster after two days only! Praise the Lord!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Suzana Furtado - Age 37 - Águeda

I suffered from stomach problems (esophagitis) which caused me digestive difficulties. The digestion process of my organism was painful (I lived episodes of acute suffering), because I there was bile in my stomach.
You merciful and kind God had compassion over me, You were understanding and tender and healed me through the merits of the life (certainly) of Your (new millennium) apostle, Fr. James. I was healed on the first wonderful day of the retreat, in December of 2008, in Fatima and with the protection of our beloved Most Holy Mother Mary. The most meaningful and wonderful thing for me was that God called by my name, just like He calls all of us in all our problems and in all our hopes. Three months have now gone by, since this retreat took place and my welfare and the relief of my symptoms have consolidated. Lord, Thou art the God of all light, the light of all splendour, the splendour of all glory!
Fatima, 13/12/2008
Diana & Günther
I would like to thank God for the wonderful way that he has repeatedly intervened in my life and the life of my family! After making a general confession I was able to forgive my father after 38 years. I received inner healing and realized how much God loves me. My depression disappeared. Because I was freed from the clutches of esoteric I also experienced physical healing. I was healed from a chronic disease that I had had for years and I am no longer hard of hearing. A time of trial and suffering (death of my mother-in-law, death of my unborn child, my husband’s “burn out”) strengthened our faith. We could really feel the prayers of many friends. After the retreat for married couples with Fr. James Manjackal in Vienna, we dared to depend on God’s providence. My husband recovered and found a better job. I became pregnant again and was able to deliver our third healthy child at the age of 44 years.

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Mother Mary, Thank you Fr. James for your prayers!

Somewhere in late spring 2008 I began to feel pane in the middle finger of my left hand. Day after day the pain was stronger. I tried to get help from doctor (surgeon), but he was not sure about what is the cause of the pain, so he did not know where to perform an operation. After few visites the situation did not change. In October 2008 I sent an email to Father James asking him to pary for healing of my finger. After some time i could realise that the pain is reliving. Somewhere at the end of 2008 I could say that the pain is off. Today, some 2 month after the situation did not change: I have no more pain in my finger!
Now I can only say: thanks be dear God for healing, and many thanks to You dear Father James for your prayer!
I continue praying Prayer Warrior every day asking dear God to keep you healthy for long time.
It is wonerfull that dear God choose you to help us. Let dear God bless you!
Appreciative Elvira

Dear Fr. James,
 I was suffering from Depression and Fibromyalgia for 16 years - I was 24h per day always feeling very  tired, even if I slept well (that for the last 11 years was very rare ) I awake feeling the same tiredness  and don`t  have any strength on my arms and hands.  In December I went to your retreat in Fátima and during the healing mass Jesus told you to call my name - I felt cured,  all my pains disappeared and I start sleeping much better and awaked well - not tired.     I went to your retreat in Fátima from 20 - 24.02.09 and during the healing mass you said that Jesus has cured 4 people with depression and you called again my name, I felt cured straight away - all my sadness went away - my depression gone... I felt so happy in my heart, like I have not felt for so many years!  My family is so happy because they have noticed that I am different, happier and suffer from no more pain on my body.
I praise God - Abba, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!  I thank you, Fr. James for letting God  use you to come to me and to so many people that are in need to be cured  physically and spiritually.
I want to thank you also for your retreats with so many wonderful  teachings.   May God Bless and protect you always and everywhere!

Dear Father James,

My name is Anna. I live in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in Poland. On last Sunday I gave my testimony in Warsaw (internal Healing).
I had allergy and initial stage of asthma. On Monday I felt I've got a new lungs of increased volume. I've also got  a resonant melodious voice good for singing (I spoked in a soft voice  before). My doctor told me to continue taking the medicines. When I prayed on Monday I felt tender touch on my hands. I have heart palpitations and I've got some other sings I trust The Holy  Spirit will tell You...

Praise be to God! Thanks to God!

Father James,
By writing this letter to you, I offer to your prayers my brother Olivier who suffers since 1999 of recurring epilepsy crisis because of a congenital malformation, and also Colette, who suffers from a serious neurological disease and whose condition is critical.
Here is the testimony on the great cure received from the Lord during the retreat you preached in Lourdes (France) in October 2005:
My name is Odile Lorec. I am 45 years old. I have had suicidal tendencies since I was born and have on several occasions almost committed the act, either consciously or unconsciously.
My mother had a first child, called Hervé, and fell pregnant with me very soon afterwards. Her second pregnancy was not desired (she always told me that she would rather have waited to have a second child. “Too bad, I keep it”, she decided nevertheless.) In the meantime, Hervé fell gravely ill, of a sort of leukemia, and died one month after I was conceived.My mother almost died at the time, and I was born prematurely at 7 1/2 months, placed in an incubator, baptized a few hours after my birth and sent to hospital after catching a staphylocoque. I refused to take any food. I was given back to my mother three months later..
My mother loved me but I always bore in me the wound of feeling abandoned: a visceral feeling of not been expected or awaited by anyone, of nowhere being my place. I felt my mother, whom I loved deeply, as being “far” from me: as he I ware kept on behind by this little dead brother...and, until I reached 25, I was convinced that I had stolen the life of this child, that he had had to die to make my living possible…
I fell into a depression several times, the first time when I was 13. I put myself unconsciously into a situation of bodily danger and injured myself on several occasions.
In 1994, I followed  some psycho-spiritual help : I felt unwound only in front of the Holy Presence !... I started to have crisis of anguish and my suicidal tendencies were still there, more or less controllable (I knew how to judge from what point I was threatened by taking action against me). From that year on, I was prescribed tranquilizers and sleeping drugs.
The psycho-spiritual aid I was given in the hands of Jesus Christ revealed to me the cause of my insatisfaction and of my desire to die: the fact not to have been desired. But it was humanely incurable, as my past was closed up and sealed.
Starting in 2004 (after a difficult moment), I started to be frightened, as my suicidal pulses started to come on me brutally, without premonitory symptoms, at any time of the day or night. Everything was coming out of control: I could have committed suicide in just a few minutes… But my situation was insoluble.
Only the Lord could achieve the impossible (for me). I launched towards Him a sort of desperate “ultimatum”: only He could save my life.
I enrolled –it was my last chance- for your retreat in Lourdes in october 2005 : The Lord had to act, if He wanted to, « with powerful hand and extended arm » because, at the rate things were going, I knew I would not reach the end of 2005 alive.
I have received the Spirit in 1987. By participating in this retreat, I was not expecting such an abundance of graces, of blessings and of healing from the Lord. Some healing, yes, but not such powerful shining manifestations of His Power and Love !!
On the first evening of the retreat, I stopped all medications, and I slept right through without any awakening or anguish (and I have not taken any medication since).
On October 15th, there was that long prayer in front of Jesus Exposed… For the first time I could forgive Hervé, my little brother, for having died, and could also forgive my deceased parents for their alcoholism.
I knew on that evening that the Lord had touched what had been beyond repair inside me: my being conceived without being desired, and that He had cured me of suicide. At a later stage He had this word: “Odile, you have received a great healing”.
 Yes, I was reborn again on October 15th 2005.
I know now that God has created me, wanted me (Jer. 1 (4)). He lifted the veil of death and sadness that covered my life. My life is to Him, for Him.
Glory and praise be given to the Father, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever.
May the Lord bless you, Father James, may He fulfill and bless your ministry. Thank you to you for being such an instrument between His hands.
Odile  (odile.renee@orange.fr)

In Dietikon, Zürich, healing of digestion problem, which had been for generations in the family. Now she needs no more medicine or special nourishment, she can even fast.
Praise the Lord! Thank you Fr. James!
Agnes Wyden

Bernardette Delmon
When I left home to attend your retreat, I was in great pain in my back, neck and stomach; hence, I was taking many different pills (pain killers, and others).
A car accident in 1998 was the cause of all my health troubles, generating symptoms of a genetic illness called scoliosis camptocormisan: I would bend suddendly and be throwned forward. 3 years ago, I had to wear a corset day and night to hold my back. Very frequently, at 2 or 3 am, I was awaken by acute muscular pains which paralysed me; my husband had to massage my legs until the cramps ceased.

During the retreat, on Friday August 1st, as the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, you said”Marie-Bernadette, you have no more pains”. I realized that you had pronounced my real name; then, when you elevated the Blessed Sacrament, I saw Jesus’s Face with his crown of thorns, in the host. That night, as I went to bed, I had no pain and I could sleep comfortably.

On Saturday, before mass, I gave my testimony about the relief I experienced.
Right afterwards, a lady showed me her badge: she had the same name as mine; she said that the healing was addressed only to her.  I started then to doubt and became greatly confused.  However, I resumed my prayers.

When you elevated the Blessed Sacrament, I started to feel intense pain in my stomach, my neck and in my head.  After mass, during Adoration, you said twice:”Bernadette is healed in her spine, neck and stomach”.
Later, when you placed your hands on my head, I sayed on the floor for a long time.

Today, I have no pain, I can bend forward, I can do my house chores easily and I can even lift my grandchildren!

On Tuesday september 2nd, my doctor, Mme Perez, a specialist from Bordeaux, declared that I was healed and asked me to give you this testimony.

I thank the Lord for all the blessings and the healing of my body.


 First, I must confess that I never was attracted to charismatic movement, being suspicious at any religious novelty and fearing to meet dogmatic freaks or “out of range” spectacular or incongruous behaviors.

However, I did not completely discarded this form of prayer, as my life experience proved that God has a way of touching people which varies which each individual.  Also, I had many disillusions during my apostolate and had to accept the unacceptable!

 2 years ago, I saw and listened to a DVD from Father Marie-Michel, founder of the “Workshops of the Carmelites with Mary the Missionary Virgen”.  I was won over to his books and teachings.

Early September 2007, an acute sciatica started, adding to my already poor health; an operation was declared impossible due to my age (85), 3 weeks in a hospital, treatments...
11 months later, I was still not cured and new symptoms manifested, less painful however than those from early May.  I was in pain every time I got up my bed or my armchair and had to struggle terribly to climb the 18 steps leading to my bedroom. I wore a special girdle and walked with a cane.

 Well-informed about retreats, pilgrimages and others through Marian magazines, I first went to Lourdes to carry out my jubilee.  One month later, I attended a charismatic meeting near Bordeaux with my daughter Hélène; I came out marveled as Hélène’s knee was healed.

During that meeting, I was told:” What you do for the elderly is the gtace that the Lord gives you at this moment”.  As I was feeling useless, that sentence filled me with inner joy and then, I thought that perhaps, later, more blessings could come for my poor spine...

 As I could not go to Italy to meet Father Michele Bianco, I jumped at the opportunity to go to Rocamadour  and meet Father Manjackal.  So, I took a train on Friday August 1st, arrived at noon, rested and came to the retreat at 3:30 pm.
During mass at 5 pm, the only person I knew there was healed!  And the following day, on Saturday August 2nd, I heard my name in a long list of healed people, announced by Father Manjackal.

 “Aline, you are healed, Linette, you are healed”; this diminutive/shortname was given to me by my mother at by birth.  For me, this detail has a very special intimate meaning.  I had no doubt and I burst into tears.  At that moment, I did not feel anything particular in my body, spirit or soul.  On the next day, I could get up without pain and climb upstairs.  I do not need a girdle or a cane any longer.

 In spite of my Gregorian background, I did not find anything to criticize in the charismatic liturgy and I let myself immerse in the enthusiasm, the joy one could see on everybody’s face, in the prayful, fervent atmosphere and so “adoring” before the Blessed Sacrament, in the veneration without ostentation; everyone’s attitude was heartfelt, coming from the depth of their soul.

 As for the wonderful priests, they showed and transpired piety, reverence, deep faith: I could feel it by just looking at them. And then, I met with one of them for confession and I realized immediately that, through him, I had an exceptional connection with God.

 All teachings were in accordance with the Church Doctrine and emanated a clear loyalty to John-Paul II and to Benedictus XVI.  Moreover, the spoken words along with the voice were so powerful and convincing that the assembly was carried along.  This is what real, authentic preaching is!

 Yes, I left the retreat with a sheer inner joy, thinking that God visit his people during such a retreat and that’s where the future of the Church and of the world is.

      Aline Ehanno-Chatelier, 86 yrs old
      13 Brussac  -  33420 Lugaignac

I’ve been dancing since I was 6; dancing is my passion since I was a little girl, I was only living for dance. When I was 12, after a sprain on my left ankle that was not well healed, I had a severe scoliosis, my back had the shape of an “S”; the whole left side of my back (heap and ribs) was touched.
Doctors and physiotherapists forbade me to dance but I kept on dancing moderately.
I had to have an important spine operation, followed by several month of reeducation; the doctors had fixed a date, everything was planned. But 3 days before the operation I met a physiotherapist who treated me every month during a year. The operation was cancelled and my spine went back to its normal shape.
I was surprised to hear this physiotherapist encouraging me to dance since it was good for my body. I was pleased to hear such encouraging and comforting words that allowed me to practice my passion.
I thank the Lord for this person who was a faithful catholic. I had met so many doctors who had forbidden me to dance.
AMEN, JESUS, The Lord is with us at every moment of our life, He knows what we need. Glory to you Lord for the wonders you do for your children that you love so much.
Then, my mother died, she was from a very pious and faithful family. Mum was a wonderful artist. I thank the Lord for having received the gift of faith through my family. When my mother died on the 15th of April 1988, I was 20 and I stopped going to Holy Mass. I then moved to Paris until 2003 to perfect my dancing. I was the beginning of a great adventure for me and I had the grace and the opportunity to work with famous and great dancers.
It all started in August 2003 when I went for the first time to Lourdes to rest after these 15 years of learning dance and training in Paris. I stayed in Ste Therese house in the Emmanuel community. I was exhausted morally, physically and psychologically. A sister from the community came to know that I was a dancer so she proposed that I dance in the community chapel. I was very surprised by her proposal because I had left, the Holy Mass, the sacraments and confession for a long time. But I was still wearing the Cross of Our Lord Jesus on me.
I accepted and I improvised a choreography on a CD “Il est vivant”. It was a great and beautiful moment to dance in front of the images of Ste Bernadette and Ste Therese of the Child Jesus while I was thinking of stopping dancing!
I can say now, that the Lord’s plans are not our plans. Thank you Jesus for your kindness and your patience for your children.
The path is hard, we don’t know where we are going. Then there are doubts, spiritual fights, lack of faith and confidence, fears, anguish and insecurity. The Lord is like a doctor who heals us, cleanses us, purifies us and touches us in our deepest wounds. It is painful but we have to accept it because then we become an entirely transformed new being. Thank you Jesus for these moments in the desert because every struggle leads us on a way of peace, joy and love for others. I have no words except for praising you, I want to bless you, adore you and love you more and more. Thank you Lord.
Back from Lourdes I went to the church of the Trinity in Paris to have information on the Emmanuel community’s prayer group dedicated to the artists. I knew nothing about the charismatic renewal and praying in tongues. It was not easy for me to be dropped there, praying since I knew nothing except dancing.
I felt compelled to meet the parish priest of the St-Sulpice church in Paris. I told him what had happened in Lourdes. I had in my heart, for quite a long time, the desire to create a choreography; something pure and beautiful, different from all what I have been doing until that moment. The parish priest listened to me and he showed me the crypt of the Rosary. I had the permission to go  there as I wanted. Thank you Lord for such a grace! In a month and a half I created a choreography based on the poems of Ste Therese of the Child Jesus sang by Sylvie Buisset. I suffered a lot in my body, but the Lord, Mary, Joseph and the heavenly court helped me during this time. A new way was opened for me and my life changed.
In 2003 I moved from Paris, back to the area where I was born, in Pornichet. I received the grace to dance the choreography I created in churches, even though I had lots of health problems. Thank you Lord! In June 2005, after having given dance classes and the end of the year spectacle, I decided to stop dancing. It was no longer possible for me to dance since I had back problems, I was stressed and losing weight. I was at that precise moment that, over a period of 3 years, I lived a radical transformation in my prayer life.
I went to Medjugorje in November 2005 for a inner healing retreat. I was going with a great joy and lots of sufferings, without knowing why my body was so painfully reacting.
When I came back, I went for confession which I didn’t do for more than 15 years. After my confession I felt like a little girl, jumping; it was a real happiness. Since that day I go to confession every month, I go to the Holy Mass every day and I adore Jesus in the Holy Eucharist in a chapel .
I consecrated myself to Jesus through the hands of Mary. Then I went for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I then attended charismatic retreats and prayer groups. The Lord helped me through holy priests, sisters and lay persons so I stay on the good path. Brothers and sisters, never stay alone!
Though I was suffering physically and spiritually, I received many graces. Thank you Jesus.
In the beginning of 2008, I was suffering a lot in my body, in my back, my ribs, my heap and my heart and I was lacking of appetite. I want to see doctors. All of them said “You are tired and stressed”, for them everything was normal.
It is then I heard about Father James Manjackal, about his healing charism and the retreat he would preached in “La Roche sur Yon” (February/March). But I was reluctant to go, I had to fight spiritually. But during a time of adoration, I met a person who was healed during a retreat preached by Father James in Lourdes. She convinced me to go and I trusted her. The Lord does everything for the best…  AMEN.
So I went for the retreat and I surrendered myself completely in the arms of the Lord; He only knows me.
When I saw Father James, I was filled with peace and joy. At that moment I was thanking Jesus for inviting me to the retreat. The teaching of Father James were wonderful. The songs, the praise, the Holy Mass were beautiful moments. During the Holy Mass, I had the grace to receive the Holy Eucharist from Father James’ hand, I received the body and blood of Christ on my tongue for the first time (before I could only receive the body of Christ in my hand). This was a moment of pure joy: Blessed are you Lord Jesus.
During the healing prayer I was praying intensely for a deep complete healing, and the Lord did it. Father James told loudly “Stephanie you are healed, you will sing and dance for God”. I cried out of emotion, joy and love. I was thanking, blessing, praising God from all my heart after all these years, crying, imploring God to be able to dance again.
Thank you Father James, Thank God for giving him this healing charism.
Thank you father James for preaching the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
May God keep you in His heart, protect you and bless you.
Glory to God! Le Lord is really alive, ALLELUIA!
Stephanie, April 2008.

Magdalena and Pawel
Our names are Magdalena and Pawel and we are from Poland. We have been married for six years now and we did not have children for 5 years. Only God knows how much we suffered with the vision of not having children especially after I had miscarried last year. We had also had many health problems which influenced our life in a very negative way. But one day our life started to be changed after we had attended the inner healing retreat in Gdansk in August last year. We experienced the touch of Jesus and we believed we were healed. Jesus continued the healing till February when we went to Glogow. After the mass we left the church and we believed God gave us a child. We came back home and after three weeks we discovered I was pregnant. God gave us a healthy beautiful daughter Maria Dominika on 12 November this year. God made great things in our life and we believe that he continually heals all aspects of our life.

Thank you Jesus.
Praise the Lord.
(This is the photo from our daughter’s BAPTISM)

Thank you father James for bringing people to Jesus

Brigitte Kaar
In summer 2006 I was suffering under great pain in my hip and in my right leg. On the basis of a computer tomography the doctors diagnosed that a sizable herniated disk was the cause of my pain. I had a lot of treatment but there was hardly any sign of recovery!

In April 2007 Fr. James gave a retreat in Linz. During the healing prayer Fr. James called out, “Brigitte is healed from her pain in the back and in the hip” and in faith, I immediately claimed this healing. It was not an immediate and spontaneous recovery but I always believed that Jesus had healed me from my herniated disk! After some time it even became worse and Fr. James recommended me to offer my pains to Jesus – I did so with faith. I never had any doubt about my healing, whether I would experience my healing sooner or later!

Months passed by and I got better and better and at last my pains disappeared completely. This year I had to go to a computer tomography because of a different matter. When I got the medical finding I read the following note: ‘the sizable herniated disk diagnosed 2006 does not exist any more.’ This was the proof of what I have known and experienced for several months! Praise the Lord!

Brigitte Kaar, Linz, Austria

October 2007 was the second year that I attended Father James’ retreats in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  You can read my testimony on Father James’ website that I wrote in March 2007.
I attended, not to ask for healing, but rather to thank God for my previous healing.  This time I noticed that instead of Father James telling some people specific healings I heard him inform some that they were receiving Grace.  I thought to myself – how wonderful it would be to be filled with Grace.
In addition, while I was at the retreat I was sitting in the last pew – so that my children would not disturb others.  I had always been blessed with perfect vision until the past few years where night vision and distance were getting a little worse.  Although I was able to see Father James, I could not make out the features on his face.  I was kneeling; I had my head bowed and my hands on my chest.  Father James was saying that people were getting healing of the eyes.  At that point I said in my heart – “it would be nice if I could see well again.”
Father James had already called out numerous names and specific healings.  Then I started seeing purple in front of my closed eyes.  Then Father James called out “Nancy Grace is flowing to you, you are being healed.”  On that, my eyes started to twitch like I’ve never experienced before.  When I opened my eyes I was able to see Father James’ facial features clearly.
As Luke 11:9-10 reminds us:  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened.”
Praise-you Jesus.
Nancy C. Diklic
Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Gertraude Kriegsauer
Since a skiing accident in January 2006 I've had a block on the spine on the neck. This was causing severe headache and permanent pain on the neck. In spite of gymnastics and a therapy there was only little improvement. In August 2007 I took part in the Fest für Jesus in Vienna. Right on the first day when Fr. James started with the healing prayer I had strong headache. And suddenly I felt that my block was removed and since then I have had no more pain in the area of shoulder and neck and    I was liberated of headache as well.
I am so thankful for this miracle. Jesus, You are our healer. Thank You, Jesus – I praise You, Jesus!

My name is Urszula Wluka (“Wluka” – if your computer has Polish fonts). I am 55 years old and I live in Lodz, Poland. I would like to testify that Jesus is alive and that He heals people, also in Poland .
19.5 years ago I started to have Parkinson’s disease. Later on I also got ulcers and reflux in the duodenum. My intestines did not function properly, either.
I had to very carefully control what I was eating and how much I ate – this was because the medicines for the Parkinson’s disease did not take effect.
In September this year I participated in the retreat conducted by Fr. James Manjackal in Toru? . This was a holy retreat time and the time of my healing. Jesus kept healing me all the time. He did so through the ministry of Fr. James Manjackal and through his hands (Fr. James laid his hand on me and prayed for my healing).
In effect, Jesus healed me from my Parkinson’s disease and also healed my intestines. HALLELUJAH JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE YOU JESUS, MY LOVE!
Thank you Jesus for Fr. J. Manjackal, for all his effort of serving Your people and for preaching of  the Holy Gospel to them. Hallelujah!

Urszula Wluka – Poland .
Dear Brothers and Sisters

I would like to give my testimony.  I am a convert to islam, was born catholic.  I was having trouble conceiving and had tried fertility tablets and special prayers.  I had being pregnant before but had a miscarriage.  My parents in South Africa, told me about Fr James Manjackal who was visiting churches around South Africa and his ability to bring about healing with people with all sorts of problems.  They gave me his email and said I should contact him with my problem.  I did just that and within a few months I fell pregnant.  I gave birth last year to a healthy and beautiful little boy, Zinedeen.  I am so happy with my precious angel and I thank Fr Manjackal for his prayers and non prejudiced and prompt response to my call for help.  He is a lighthouse and beacon of hope for all of mankind. I also thank my parents for guiding me to him.  May God bless us all!
Anna from Poland
In September 2008 I took part in the retreats of father James Manjackal, in Gorzow Wlkp, Poland.
I was born as the youngest of three children. At a very young age my mother gave birth to a child every year. Having me was not easy: my Mum had got a surgery (caesarean section) and almost died. As a third daughter in such a short time I wasn’t awaited and not very much wanted. But I always thought that I understood it and that I didn’t blame my parents for not wanting me.
When I was a little child my father didn’t show me much affection. He never used to hug me or let me climb his knees. I have a feeling that he didn’t care about me or maybe even rejected me a bit. For sure he didn’t show any interest in me.
However, later, when my Mum left our family, he appeared to be a very responsible father. He was carrying and loving, and helped me a lot through many difficult moments in my life. That’s why I was sure that in my heart I didn’t have any wounds, caused by my Dad.
When Father James began his prayers to heals our wounds, unexpectedly I felt very emotional. Father James spoke about the father and I had a feeling that someone very close to me was next to me. Father James told us he was praying for our dearest who were no longer alive and that they were among us. Suddenly I cried – I had a feeling that my Daddy was next to me, crying. So that was the wound, that I was unaware of: the wound caused in my childhood by my Dad. Father James told us that at that very moment Jesus was giving us a new heart. And I could certainly feel it. Until then me praying “Our Father” was kind of meaningless, and I didn’t know why.
I got a brand new heart, Father God is now my loving Daddy.
Thank you, God.

Elzbieta, Poland
My name is Elzbieta. I wish to give my testimony and share what God prepared for me during Fr.James Manjackal's retreat in Gorzów Wlkp., Poland. I got to know about the retreat from Radio Rewelacja and from Monika. I had a great desire to take part in the retreat, so I prayed about finding companions who would go with me for the retreat. God saw my desire as He answered my prayer by giving me three companions: Basia, Helenka and Celinka. I was very happy about that and I looked forward to our going together to the retreat in Gorzów. I made a general confession with a wonderful priest during which some tears were shed, too. I experienced the amazing love of God, His total understanding and acceptance. When Fr.James laid hands on me, the Holy Spirit showed me His love, too. During the prayer for healing Fr.James had the word of knowledge that 2 people by the name of Elzbieta were healed; one from a kidney condition and another one from spine and stomack pains. I knew instantly that the second one was me, as I had been praying to God for the grace of healing from spine and stomack pains. I thank the Lord for His love for me, for all He has given me, for the holy priest, Fr. James
Manjackal, and for the blessed time of grace which He prepared for me at the retreat.

Elzbieta from Jelenia Góra, Poland.
Marta from Poland
My name is Marta and I’m 22. I wanna give You my testimony. As I remember I’ ve always been nervous and wanted to fight with it every way I found. After many unsuccessful tries I went to bioenergotherapist. I didn’t know that it is against my religion, particularly she (bioenergotherapist) was talking about God during meditations and looked like religious person. I began to practic meditations and yoga on my own. That helped at first. I was more relaxed and saw life in another colours. But later it wasn’t as fun as in the beginning. God wasn’t as important as He was before. I stopped to go to church and pray. I let things slide. I believed in God and energy contemporary. I made many other occult practics, which layed me up. I don’t know how to explain what was going on with me. I know that if someone would talk it to me before my history, I probably wouldn’t beliefe. I felt something slowly filled my body beginning from my head, ears, eyes and mouth. I couldn’t say and understand anything spoken by another people. I had another problems with perception. I wasn’t myself. I stopped all my relationships. Spent 3 months at home scared for everything and everyone. I couldn’t find place for myself. Couldn’t do anything- just crying and waiting for better day. I was sure that I had confinement and started to look for my symptomes in the internet. I’ ve found them in many sicknesses, so I went to many doctors in different specializations, but all of them said me to go to psychiatrist. So I went. Medicaments helped me not before I started to pray after 1,5 month of my medication. Then I slowly began to feel better, but it still wasn’t me. When I saw an announcement at our church’s door, I decided to take part in Father’s James retreat. I don’t regret. His prayer gave me a spiritual freedom. Fiend left my body and Jezus settled down here for forever. I feel as an another better person strengthened in my trust. Thank You Father James. I’ll pray for You and Your mission.

PS. Sorry for misteakes ;-)

Marta from Poland

Dear Father James,
luckily I had the oportunity to attend your seminar at Kurescek, Slovenia on 21.06.2008 together with my wife.
For some month I had problems with my left eye: with it I could not see sharp, so my vision was blurried. At the beginning, before one year, it lasted only a portion of the day, but for some month it lasted the whole day. I was wery depressed and frightened.
On the 21.06. you preyed for healings at the end of the day . At a moment you metioned "Now a men's left eye is healing!". I said "I thank you Lord! Praise to Lord!"
Next day I could not see any change in my vision. Some days after the same! But, after 10 days the enormous change: I see normal, my vision is sharp, as I had newer a problem. And it lasts up to today!
So I can only say: God is great! Thanks to God! Praise to God!
And thank you Father James for your prayer!
Me and my wife pray for you ewery day the preyer we found on your (croatian) site!
Franjo Kralik

Blaž Komac
I would like to thank to F. James for praying for us. For example, my dentist went to pension and for quite some I had not yet reached a new one. One has to wait for two years to get on the list of the public service and it is rather expensive to use a private service here. So I had toothache and asked Father James to pray for me. I was able to reach a dentist soon after that! And it was Good Friday on my first visit there, and it was 3 pm when I opened my mouth, and the dentist's surname was »Cross«. I see it as a sign of God, putting things in place at just the right time. Alleluia!

But this is ‘nothing’ comparing to the second issue. My mother was in hospital for a serious kidney problem. The doctors already put an inscription 'dying' on her card index. So we asked Father James to pray for her. But he would not respond to my email. We continued to pray and I ‘sent’ the request once again ‘via’ Holy Spirit. After 1 hour Father James responded via email, I think he was in Brasil at that time, and he promised to pray. My mother soon recovered as the doctors were only observing her and she is well now.

“O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.” (Ps 95)

Thank you, may God bless all who read this,

Blaž, Slovenia, 29. 8. 2008

Zaar Ingeborg
Healing retreat from May 2nd to 4th 2008  at Am Spiegeln, Vienna.
On Thursday, May 1, I kneeled in front of the altar after the evening Mass and prayed to JESUS: please help me, I am really in bad shape.
As I was about to leave the church, Sr. Julitta, a Sister of Mercy said to me, “Ingeborg, I have news for you: Father James is conducting a healing retreat in Vienna starting tomorrow.” I know that God often answers very quickly, so the next day I drove to Vienna.
On Saturday, May 3, 2008 during the healing prayer, I suddenly felt a very strong beam of warmth about the size of a palm near my heart. Instinctively I put both hands on that spot and looked at the spot. At the same time I was absolutely sure: it was the LORD who had touched me. The moment I wanted to look towards Fr. James, I heard his voice, “Ingeborg, you are healed”.
I know he said more, but I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t grasp any more. I was also the first one to give testimony, still strongly moved by the experience.
I had been suffering from plasma cell myeloma (bone marrow cancer) for 17 years and had had a bone marrow transplantation. On June 2, 2008 a test on my bone marrow showed no evidence of cancer cells. (see attached report). But according to the doctors, a complete healing is not possible.
But our God can do everything – HE hears when we call HIM and he helps us when we need it most. What I experienced is grace. I was touched by my GOD. This knowledge is too wonderful for me, I cannot grasp it, it’s too high. JESUS, I praise you, JESUS, I thank you; JESUS, I adore you!
Thank you Fr. James.
ZAAR Ingeborg Erz-Herzogs-Johann Straße 5 A-8130 Frohnleiten, STYRIA. Austria
Marie Louise Piccoz - Belgium
After meeting Fr.James in the retreat, I returned home with much faith. I had been to brother Elias who too prays for the sick people.Whenever  he prayed, he confirmed the healing which I recieved. Along with the family I continued praying in faith. At last now the doctor has confirmed that I am fully healed and that I have no cancer. Daily in our family we pray for Fr.James Manjckal and Brother Elias through whom Jesus does signs and wonders.Praise the Lord!

I attended Father James's retreat at Lourdes in 2004 and I complied with his teachings. As I went to confession, with sincere repentance, I felt the Holy Spirit invading me.  I felt purified, free and liberated and my physical problems were healed.  Heaven was at sight, filling my heart to an overflow of light, peace joy and an incredible tenderness.  I felt cradled by waves of praises.  I was taken away in His infinite ocean of mercy.  I FORGAVE,  HE FORGAVE ME
Then, I clearly saw whom I had hurt and had to ask forgiveness.   Later on, blessing poured on me...
I have since understood that each person is sacred, that I must not condemn but meet them as they are, in their sorrowful heart and also the God only desire for us is to remove us from our sins to lead us to grace.
The Holy Mass has now become more alive, each word expressed by the priest becomes like a light bulb, sending infinite beams of light.  I clearly perceive the Eycharistic Mystery: God'shand offered to sinners, to each one of us, everyday,  we are called to become the One we receive.
One of the best psychologies, the most wonderful healing offered to everyone is a sincere confession followed often by the healing of the body and..it is..FREE !
The fruit of my sesond retreat at Lourdes in 2005 were for our daughter Valentina who, at the time, was going through a stormy period of adolescence.  She is now walking on the path of light which seemed to virtually impossible.   NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD !
Dear Father, thank you for channelin for us all those blessings.
Thank you Holy Spirit for the marvelous works you are doing through your servant Fr. James Manjackal. Thank you Fr. James for your prayers and healing masses.  My name is Alberta from Togo in Africa, on a visit to America. In Feb. 2008 I've been diagnosed with breast cancer and thru a friend I went to your website asking you to pray for me for a successful surgery and healing. The surgery was successful and i am convalescing well. After a few visits to the doctor for check ups and tests I'm now declared a cancer free patient. Fr. James I wish I could meet you one day in your retreats and prayer meetings,but I believe we are meeting in spirit. I am praying for you and I pray  that the Holy Spirit fortify you more and moreand protect you  to do greater things for the salvation of the whole world. I pray the Bl. Virgin Mary to intercede for me with Her Son that I meet you one day. God be with you, Fr James.

João Silva Dias
My name is João Silva Dias and I am 49 years old. I have suffered from chronic insomnia since I was 18 years old. Since then, I started going to the best Portuguese sleep doctor specialists, but all kind of medication prescribed to me (anti-depressant, anxiolytic and even hypnotic medication) did not have any effect on me. More precisely, some would work for 1 to 2 days, but quickly my body revealed an habituation effect which left the doctors astonished. Thus, even under medication, I used to spend several nights in a vigil state without sleeping a wink, or sometimes I slept 2 to 3 hours.
Moreover, some doctors in their clinics have also prescribed me relaxing sleep inductor massage sessions (a kind of shiatsu; also a Japanese technique in its origin) but they also did not get the expected results. It was also suggested to me to practice demanding sports, such as paddle or rugby, but that also did not work with me. I also avoided to work on the computer after dinner, because I knew that this, along with other practices (like watching television) would disturb my sleep.
Besides conventional medicine and physical exercise, later on, I also tried alternative medicine like acupuncture, yoga, shiatsu, tai-chi, Bach Flowers and similar things. Moreover, I have also tried homeopathy but none of this worked for me. Now I know that we should not look for this New Age alternatives, for their are evil things.
At that time, I had to wear ear plugs and if I took the medication and did not begin to sleep 20-25 minutes after having gone to bed, I already knew that I would have some insomnia that night, i.e., I would not sleep a wink and would stay in a strong vigil state, detecting and hearing everything going on around me, although I would spend the night with my eyes shut. When the insomnia phase began, it could last for several days.
Obviously, after spending several days without sleeping, I felt depressed and began to feel deeply anguished due to the lack of sleep. But when this cycle of insomnia began, I would do self-medication, making a cocktail of anxiolytic and hypnotic medication,  and thus I would be able to sleep 3-4 hours straight, and then I would began my sleepness night cycle would begin again. When I began to feel very anguished, obviously, who 'payed the piper' were those around me at home and at work. Moreover, many people, before talking to me in the morning, watched me first in order to see if I was good or bad humoured, to make sure they could speak to me. I recognise that there were days I was nervous and intractable due to bad answers.
I did not enjoy like staying in bed, but I had to rest, for if I did not rest I would not be able to bear my daily life. But if I slept those few hours, resting in bed for about 8 hours, I could face my work day. It was in these circumstances that I did my PhD and later the Tenure and I became an Aggregate Professor of the University, being supported by the Grace of God (although I was not aware of it).
In the Summer of 2002, after my conversion in Medjugorje in the previous year, I decided to put an end to my medication (I had already tried to do medication weaning in previous years), because even taking it, I would sleep, in average, two and a half hours per night; in average, there were 8 to 10 days per month in which I did not sleep for even a minute. For many times, I slept 2-3 hours and when I wake up, I had such sleeplessness, that I could no longer fall asleep again and I would spend the whole night rolling over in bed with such deep anguish that disturbed my wife greatly. My biggest problem was to stop sleeping for one day, for it was harder then to get back to the sleep cycle. But I came to the conclusion that it was not the medication that made me sleep. As I was taking an increasing amount of anti-depressant, anxyolitic and hypnotic medication (as well as stimulants in order to survive during day time!), increasing the medication doses every year, I decided to stop all the medication at once.
As you may imagine, by radically suspending all medication, I spent a week without sleeping and during 15-20 days, I felt very bad; at high Summer, I shivered with cold and had to dress as if it were winter, wearing several sweaters. I did not know what would be the consequences of my action, but the decision was made and I did not want to go back. I also trusted in the Grace of God.
Little by little, my organism started to rebalance and, progressively, not only did I began to sleep two to two and a half hours every day, as I began to sleep much more peacefully and stopped rolling over in bed at night. I also stopped wearing ear plugs, although it was very difficult in the beginning. However, my sleep periods remained short.
And then, between the 25th and 27th of March of 2007, a retreat preached by Father James Manjackal took place in Escola Salesiana do Estoril (“Salesian School of Estoril” – Estoril, Portugal).  During the healing prayer, with the Most Holy Sacrament exposed, Father James claimed that several persons who suffered from insomnia were being healed. I claimed my healing and I Thanked God and, among other things, I said; “Thank you Lord for the healing of my insomnia”. In that same night, I slept about 5-6 hours straight and afterwards I remained in a deep state of drowsiness and slept a little more; for the first time after many years, I felt joy in being in bed. From this time on - and it is a year today that thus happened - I still remain having a 4-5 hour period of deep sleep per night and, after waking-up, I do not remain in a vigil state like in the past; I remain in a state of drowsiness, usually, sleeping a little more until morning.
Moreover, last year, if there were any changes in my bedtime schedule, if I changed bed or pillow (I always carried my pillow with me, wherever I went), this would also lead to a night of insomnia; this stopped happening.
Do you know any Doctor better than Jesus? And who does such great wonders like the Holy Spirit? I don't!
Blessed and Praised may be the Holy Trinity! All Honour and Glory to You, Lord. Alleluia!
Thanks God for sending us Father James to Portugal.
João Silva Dias
Carcavelos (Portugal), 26th of March of 2008

Hello, father James!

In the past it was like that I went to fortune-tellers a lot, a woman who praticise bioenergy,  I read also horoscopes. I met a middle- age woman who practised witchcraft. Not aware I persuaded my friend and my sister to come to visit her as she is a good fortune-teller. Only a friend came, my older sister cancelled.
I lend a large amount of money to that woman, which I earned. I even pawned my car that she could get the money she needed.
I waited entire days and nights and I spent a night at her place hoping she would return the money as she promised me she is going to give me a full-time job and give me back my money with interest.
As I didn’t know that all those things were run by the satan himself, I was misled and I let her practice sorcery, she told me fortune from the cards, she gave me an amulet, I gave the amulet back later, I was bewitched by her.
She lit some kind of candles and I had to cooperate, too. These spells had very negative effects on me, I was scared a lot at that time, I couldn’t sleep well at night in a fear she could kill me, also her dog was the entire night on the lookout, the dog was feared,too, and it came to sleep beside me.
She told me all the beautiful things about my ex-boyfriend, my job, my money, everything turned the opposite.
Fears and obsession were coming from all directions. In this period of time I had an immense crises-I ended the relationship with my boyfriend, I lost my job, I had a car accident, I failed to graduate, I lost all my money I lended.
I seriously thought about murder (the satan seduced me so far). I don’t know how God prevented this, thank God I’m alive. The cosequence of my sins were terrible headaches, depression  and obsession, also pains increased all over my body.
In the same year my sister addressed me to go to Medjugorje on the anniversary of St. Marry’s presentations, where St. Marry cured me. But deep in soul I haven’t been free yet.
I transmited and not aware all the evil and the curse on me, beside that I was cursed from my father. He also transmited the evil thoughts and words on my mother. And how come that I went to the prayer’s group Emanuel and to the witch at the same time is the fact that there was never a talk about the evil spirit, because they all fear to preach about that, I was misled.
The heart and the main point of  the curse and break-down was last year on Kurescek ( I WENT TO CONFESSION AT THAT OCCASION), where there was a sudden change, when on you seminar and during the mass the Christ freed me from the evil in my soul and I was really free.
You said at that moment during the holy mass that you see how the power of Jesus is coming on some of us and how Jesus is breaking down the curse on some of us. The rain came on on us at that moment and I wondered: God, I’m also cursed. You looked in the diagonal from me, I cried at that moment and the rain was there, I felt  how the power of God is really coming on me. All over my body I started shivering, a few minutes, after the shiver I started to feel deep in my soul really free.
Hallelujah to Jesus, to his glory and his honour, amen.

I would like to give my testimony of the physical healing. My name is Helena Grigova and I am aged 30 years old. I live in Ireland. I was suffering from bulimia for long eight years. In this situation, I requested the prayers of Fr. James Manjackal and others. Father James promised me to pray for all the intentions mentioned in my email and he wrote me that I will see the miracles of the Lord one after the other. Now I am health. The Lord heard my prayers and healed me without any medication and therapy. I strongly believe that this healing happened through the prayers of Fr. James Manjackal and I glorify the Lord. Many thanks to you father James for your prayers and sacrifices. May God bless you and Mother Mary always protect you!

With love and prayers

In November of 2006 I attended a seminar held by Father James. During the seminar while praying in preparation for reconcilliation I received an awakening, I saw myself honestlly for the first time. The following day after Father James led us through our lives, from the moment of conception to the present time I remained in the  church before the Tabernacle and as I prayed I experienced God in an amazing way, an interior feeling that no words can describe. I am very grateful to Father James for his dedication to our Lord and for all the good his ministry has brought into my life. In the past I had always believed in God but during the seminar I realised that I had never said yes to Him, I now say yes to Jesus, may His will be done. Each day brings new blessings and the journey since November of 2006 has been very special; I give thanks and praise to God for his constant love. May the good Lord bless you all, yours in Christ, Maria Zuza

I want to testify the following: I could not believe in that P James is a "good" Prophet, so I asked God to heal me from an old desease, the Hepa C if Fr. James was a prohet. I do not know whether I had been healed before because I have prayed in this intention several times Before, but I  know, that there was no way to find any VIRUS after the Healing Mass with Fr . James, thank you LORD JESUS, THANK YOU MOTHER MARY and THANK YOU FR JAMES AS well for your fighting for the GOOD.  this incidence(?) was actually in the year of 2006 in Linz (PFR Hl GEIST) where I did only stay for one Healing mass. GOD BLESS YOU+++

Sig. Nosovsky
rudigierstraße 9
4020 linz

I am Nives Granic from Slovenia and I am 27 years old. I began to smoke at the age of 12 with my friends. Although I started doing it as a joke I turned myself to be habitual smoker. I attended the seminar of Fr. James at kurescek in the year 2004. After hearing his talk I trew away the packets of cigarrettes and my lighters and knelt before him for a prayer. I felt a liberation and healing. From that moment I did not smoke again. In the past several times I tried to stop but I did not succeed but when the Holy Spirit came upon me with power I was able to stop. I praise and thank the Lord. Now I sing for the Lord in prayer groups.

I am Vera Drobnic. I was suffering from osteoporosis for long twelve years. I could not bend or kneel. Ihad constant headache too. In the year 2003 when Fr. James Manjackal conducted seminar at St. Joseph, Lubljana I was totally healed. During the healing prayer the Lord called out my name, "Vera you are healed". Al though I believed and claimed the healing, the real healing happened when I was returning home. After a good sleep when I got up I had no pain or weakness. When I went to the doctor as usual he was surprised to see me completely healed, he made again the tests and all of them were ok.

I am Mirko Pristov. I was with schizofrenia and depression from the year 1981. I was taking a lot of medicines for my cure . I attended the seminar of Fr. james at Sveta Gora in Slovenia in 2005 and during the healing prayer after the Mass, Jesus called out my name through him "Mirko you are healed from depression". I felt great joy there and then because my God has my name in his hand. From that time onwards I have no medicine and I am leading a normal life. Now I attended all the seminars of Fr. james in the country. In every retreat I get more power and grace to live a good Catholic life.

Dear Father James

With this letter I like to confirm to you and all who read this, that through your blessings I got healed from a very bad ski accident.It happened January 6,2007 where I broke the sinew in my right knee and injured the patella. The surgeon recomended first a physiotherapie and afterwards maybe an operation. After three months of physiotherapie i still felt lots of pain in my knee and I could not stand up for severals hours. In the months of april 2007, I went to a retreat to Einsiedeln Switzerland with Father James Manjackal. In the middle of the holy mass I felt totally in peace and later I realized that I was healed. Halleluya! Some days later I went back to the physiotherapist. She was totally amazed and sent me home.Halleluya. Today I can do everything as before the accident. Thanks to God.
Thanks to Father James . Halleluya.

Claire Hoenig - Felder  Switzerland

Dr. Uta
In June 2000 I was healed from “knots” in my breast and from eczema on the skin when I came to a retreat and went to confession with Fr. James Manjackal. I was still a Protestant then, so Fr. James could not give the Lord’s absolution but he prayed for me for the forgiveness of sins and miraculously I was healed. The blatches on my skin became less visible right away and the knots in my breast disappeared after a little while. I was very happy and built more and more faith in the Lord and I was fully healed. The Lord gave our family two more children! We had already a daughter and a son but after the retreat the Lord gave us two more sons Timothy and David. On the day Timothy was baptized I got converted to the Catholic Church in obedience to the Lord Jesus and with a deep conviction given in my heart by Fr. James that the only church is Catholic Church. Many thanks to our Lord and to Fr. James Manjackal. Timothy’s birth had been difficult, it was a caesarean and I had a lost of much blood so I needed blood transfusion. During this time the Lord spoke to me and said that I will be having my fourth child David, I believe that it was angels voice. I got my fourth child David as it was told. I thank and praise the Lord for my wonderful experience by attending the retreats of Fr. James where I heard God’s own words. I praise God that I am a Catholic now and I praise God for the greatness of the Catholic Church and the wonders and signs God does in the Catholic Church through His anointed priests. I have no words to express my joy in becoming a Catholic. I wish that the whole world be Catholic.

Dr. Uta
Hesford - Germany

Johann Sack
Reverend Father James!

I want to forward some words of thanks to you, referend Father James, but because travelling to vienna is too straining for me i  want to do it through my son-in-law Günther Kriegsauer.
In the year 2002 i had prostrate cancer and i was operated two times and 35 times i had to be taken from Hartberg to Graz for irradiation. Also i had a bad toothace, probably also an effect of cancer.
Twice a doctor had to pull out some teeth but even than there was no release of pain. It was than, in the chruch „Maria – Hilf“ , that you were preaching, conducting praise and prayers of intercession and  you were blessing the sick.
My son-in-law Mag. Günther Kriegsauer took me to these talks, prayers of thanksgiving and pettitions and praises conducted for the sick.
During the Eucharistic celebration in the church „Mariahilf“ and the imposition of your hands for the sick and through your intercession directed to Jesus and Mary the mother of God, i had been liberated from my sufferings through the grace of God!
For that i want to thank you , Father James, but also i want to give thanks to Jesus and Mary through my prayers and penence.

With the grace of God
United in everlasting love

Hans Sack

At the invitation of my mother, I started to learn music at 6 or 7 years old, then the guitar during high school, for catholic youth meetings. Several years later, the Lord started to convert my heart and I began a new life since a marian pilgrimage for the Assumption 1998 in Medjugorje.
I started to play music for evangelization, but after a few years, I started to feel much pain in my left hand, while holding the strings of my guitar. I was no more able to play more than about 30 minutes. During a charismatic and oecumenical meeting ("Embrase nos coeurs, near Paris 2004"), I was inspired to follow two friends met there. The young lady prayed for me, holding my left hand.
I felt quickly my fingers prickling and as if a ring started to be broken if each finger. She explained me that this bounds occured to me because of some fears (to testify for Jesus). I felt better.
During my first retreats with father James in Pontmain and Lourdes, 2004, I did not feel anything about this problem, but I noticed not so much pain afterwards. The following year, 2005, I return to "Embrase nos coeurs" and leaded one intercession prayer night for France during hours, and this year I was able to worship and lead praise with other musicians during a retreat with father James, in La Roche Sur Yon, France, near my parents parish. Three years ago, I decided to keep my celibacy for the Kingdom of God and I already studied two years at the seminary for priesthood.

Praised be our risen Lord, Jesus-Christ !

Dear internet readers. With you, I would like to thank the Lord, who, through the powerful intercession of Mary, his holy mother, and the prayer of the Fr. James Manjackal, healed me of many warts on my hands, following a retreat in Lourdes, during september 2003. I came there with my husband and two ladies, friends of ours and we all lived very strong moments of prayer, teaching and inner healing.
Since quite 8 years, this dozen of warts really bothered me, and I felt pain sometimes.To take care of my grand-daughters, I hid them with some bandages. I made them burn 7 ou 8 times with nitrogenize (azote) liquid, but each time, they came back stronger. The last time, the doctor suggested me to stop (the nitrogenize liquid treatment, too aggressive) ... So I tried homeopathy during 2 or 3 months. In september 2003, I was remaining without treatment for 3 months. [She refused to meet some healers - note of the translater].
During a healing prayer, Fr. james annonced that many people were healed from skin diseases. I tried within me to strengthen my faith and belive I was among them. Some first names were also called. Twice I heard : "Eliane, you are Healed". My name is Éliane and I thought I was among these 2 people. [The pronunciation for E in english sounds like the lettre "i" in french. -note of translation]
Coming back home, a few days later, I realized that my pains (because of these warts) were decreasing. The warts seemed to decrease. They gradually disappeared. Only remains a tiny scar on my right auricular [as a testimony of my healing - note of translation].
Thank you Lord, thank you Mary, thank you Fr. James.
[Comment : In the family, sometimes we used to take homeopathic medicines. Thus I told her about the 2 stories : The pharmacy blessing and the pomade on your leg, and I advised her to stop any homeopathic therapies. So we both decided to stop any homeapathic treatment.]
God bless you. Love in Jesus and Mary,

My name is Helena Santos and I’m married for 7 years, since December 1999. Since 2001, we thought of doing all possible medical exams to have children. Everything was ok but, in 2002, I still couldn’t get pregnant. So again we went through more exams and there were no reasons for not getting pregnant. My doctor suggested me a treatment to stimulate my hormones, but it was so stressing to check every time if I was doing my ovulation that in 2004 I gave up. In 2005, I had to do a surgery to an arm, so in that year I took precautions not to get pregnant, but in the year 2006, I continued not getting pregnant. In that year, a doctor suggested me another treatment with injections but I have horror to needles and I already knew the stress I went through in the past. I didn’t want to have a child that way; I wanted it to be the fruit of the love between me and my husband.
In March 2007, my mother registered me in the retreat of Father James. I went on a Saturday, and before the celebration of the Mass, I made a Confession, and so I received Jesus. During the healing prayer, I asked, if it was according to the will of God, that my desire of being a mother could happen. On that moment, I felt like a fire that came through me, that I was going to become a mother! And, in the same second, Father James, announced my name. As I went back home, I told everything to my husband who told me not to say anything to anyone. I bought the book “Behold, I knock” and I read it several times.
In the 12th May, I went to Fatima, to assist the celebrations, and I made a wonderful Confession. I told the priest what happened and he told me to announce the miracle only when I got pregnant. Until that moment, I shouldn’t reveal anything. I was sure about that God’s miracle.
In June, I went again to Father James retreat in Setubal and, during the healing prayer, Father said I was already healed. I didn’t doubt, as I was sure about it!
On the following Monday, I wrote an email to Father James, saying:
“ Good Afternoon, Father James!
I went to Estoril, I received a physical healing, and that was confirmed through the Holy Spirit in Setubal. I believe I’ll become a pregnant woman, I don’t know when this is going to happen, but I’m sure it will happen in my life. I’m going to give my testimony next time you come back here.
Father, please pray so my family can increase fast. Thank you for coming to our country. Portugal loves you. I love you very much. I pray for you and your mission.“
Father replied me, saying:
“Dear Helena,
Thank you for your letter. I promise to pray for you and your intentions. God bless your richly. Father James”
In the same week, on Friday, the 6th July 2007, I went to make a pregnancy test and the result was positive!
I went to the doctor on that same day, and he asked me to make several exams. I did all of them and the conclusion was that I was with 10 weeks of pregnancy. According to this time, the baby was conceived between the 15-17th May, just after that wonderful Confession!
God is wonderful. He had always made many miracles in my life but I couldn’t feel Him. That I owe to Father James, who taught me to listen to Him. For that I also love you, Father James, Alleluia!
After this, I went to the doctor again who told me to repeat some exams very urgently, as I was with a virus, Toxicoplasmosis. And if it was confirmed that I got the virus after the pregnancy, I would have to make an abortion, as the baby could be born with many disabilities. So, I went to do the exams and had to wait for three days to know the results. While waiting, I went to the feet of Jesus and asked Him to protect my baby and that me also was going to protect him with my life. Me and my husband were expecting for a child with much desire but we had always agreed with abortion in cases of sexual abuse or a disability. But I couldn’t conceive the idea of aborting a baby that was given to me by God, even if he had any disability.
Finally, I went to the doctor with the medical results that showed I had the virus before the pregnancy without consequences for the baby. On that day, when I arrived at the office I read my emails and I had one from Father James, that said for me to stay calm and that the child I was waiting for would be strong and healthy.
Praise God. He does miracles!

My address: R. Principal, nº 29, CI Misericórdia, 2530-454 Moita dos Ferreiros

I am Sr. Vida D'Souza, Indian on a mission in Belgium, for the past fifteen years. I wish to share my experience with the Lord.

In December 2004, I had gone to Germany.  On our return, the weather being very foggy, our car collided with a tourist bus and was totally smashed.  I was very badly injured......  terrible pain in my hand, neck, legs.  My right shoulder, backbone ribs were broken.  I suffered from severe joint pains, which lead to  rheumatism and arthritis.  I regularly underwent medical treatment and physiotherapy in the hospital, but I did not get much relief.

During this period I trusted in the Lord, prayed for courage and healing , and the grace to bear this suffering.  I was not able to do my apostolate... that is visiting the sick, old, and house bound and I taking Holy Communion  for those who asked.

From August 10th  to August 12th 2007, I attended a Charismatic Healing Retreat at Liège, Belgium, given by Fr. James Manjackal ( msfs ).  I prayed to the Merciful Heart of Jesus, to touch me and heal me if it is His will.  Fr. James prayed over the congregation and called out names of persons who were healed.  One of them was Vida , which I immediately claimed with love, praise and thanksgiving.  The next day, we had the infilling of the Holy Spirit , when Fr. James laid his hands over me, he called my name.  I praised and thanked God. In three days my pains disappeared and I was able to go on my apostolate.

Thank you , praise you ,Lord Jesus.

I was very tired because of a bad health. A year ago, I was at Notre Dame du Laus for a retreat with father James. During the prayers, Father James says " Odile, you are healed". I think it was true but I'm not sure because I felt nothing at this moment. At the end of this retreat, I felt with a strong faith and happy. So happy that I can't stop to speak of JESUS's love and of Holy Spirit's power. I was sure that by His death on the cross, JESUS saved me and healed me. Today, I feel me better : I can work easier because I'm not tired.
Thank you Lord JESUS
Tank you Father James

Odile  - France

Testimony by Jintamma.

Thank you Jesus for healing me, praise the Lord. I attended the bible convention in October 2007 in Toronto Canada. The experience I had during that time is indescribable, when Father James was praying over me I felt a bright light passing through me. After that, I fainted for few seconds and when I woke up I felt peaceful, clean, and clear inside, crying tears of joy.

I also attended the three day retreat in Orillia Canada, and during praise and worship Father James said Grace is flowing through Jinamma's heart. Thank you Jesus. I had some special medical tests done in November 2007 and it showed 50-60% improvement. Thank you Jesus and please continue to heal me Lord. Praise you Lord.

Greetings in the Lord Jesus! I attended your retreat held at St Maximilian Kirche from 1-4 oct. 2007.I am gratefull to God for having healed me of my Hepatitis.Many thanks to you father James for your prayers and sacrifices.Please pray God to endow me with his divine wisdom that I may know and do his will at all times and love him above all things.I am praying for you also. Wishing you God´s accompanied graces and blessings now and always.

Sr Mary Clavia.

Testimonies of the retreat in Ciney Belgium. Nov 22 -25. 2007

I am Josephine living in Germany, I became a Catholic by my baptism in the year 2003. For the last three years I was physically sick as my body became weak. I could not even hold a glass of water in my hand. I was allegic to wheat, so I could not eat bread or anything made out of bread. I was very much tensed, I was treated for reumathism, I had pain all over the body. In this retreat I claimed healing during the healing prayer before the Eucharist at Ciney, Belgium. The last two days I was able to eat bread, all my pains disappeared, now I can do anything with my hands. Praise the Lord.

I am Annie from Belgien. I attended a retreat of Fr. James a year ago in Ciney. I was suffering from accute back pain (spondilosis). I was treated with accupunture for a long time but I was not healed. In the retreat by the talks of Fr. James I left all treatments of accupunture and prayed to Jesus for my healing. I was complete healed and I am healthy now. I praise and thank the Lord

I am Jackie from Congo but living in Belgium. In Agost 2006 when I attended the retreat of Fr. james at Ciney I was very very sick with aids and hepatitis C. In the the retreat I claimed healing and gave my testimony. After eight months when I went to the doctor he certified that I am fully healed from aids and hepatitis. I am totally healthy and I can  work.
The Holy Spirit filled me with joy and peace, now I am living a new life.

I am Marie therese from Luxemburg. Three years before when I attended the retreat of Fr. James with my husband at Alsace, France, we had no children. We had a counselling with fr. James and mader confesion with him. In the confesion whenhe prayed over me I saw a child and I believed that God gave us a child.
During the prayer in my womb I felt a bondage being broken and it was confirmed because he said: a couple is receiving a child in married life. Now we have Samuel who is one and ahalf years old. I thank and praise the Lord who is the giver of life.

I am Cecile living in Belgien. I attended the retreat of Fr. James in November 2007. When I came my whole left side was weak, I could not walk properly or lift my hands. I though I was going to be paralyzed.  On the second day of the retreat Jesus called out my name and I was totally healed. Now I can walk without pain or weakness and I can lift my hands and work with my hands. Praise the Lord

Mary Ivonne from Liege. In Agost 2006 when I attended the retreat at Ciney I had several diseases, I had goiter problem because of which I could not breath properly, so I did not have proper sleep at night. I used to sit upon my bed and caugh. I also had problems in my liver and I used to vomit. I could not eat any fruits ot anything acid. In the retreat my Jesus healed me from all these sicknesses. Without operation my goiter is healed, I can eat fruits or anything, no throwing up. I praise the living Lord

I am Claudine from Belgium.- When I attended the retreat at Ciney in Belgium last year I was very much depressed and I was taking medicines for pshychiatric treatment. My right foot paralyzed and I could not walk without clautches, I used to smoke packets of cigarrettes. During the retreat I made a very good confesion, I stopped smoking, I went to my father and I asked him forgiveness and got reconciled, and then I was fully healed from my depression, during the adoration when my name was called out I was physically totally healed. I threw away my clutches, I made a pilgrimage of 100 km. walking as a thnksgiving to God. Later when I forgave my sisters, my eczema on the hand also was healed. I am short of words to express gratitude to the liing God who chaged my life. The Holy Spirit filled me with grace and power, now I am a strong Christian.

I am Edward from Liege. I attended the retreat at Liege last september. I used to get nausea and throw up while travelling in the car. During the retreat I prayed to jesus for a healing, now I have no
more car sickness. Praise the Lord

I am Andree from Ciney Belgium. Last Agost when Fr. James conducted a retreat here I was suffering of accute back pain and pains on my joins. After a very good confesion, during the healing prayer my name was called out and I was completely healed. Now is more than a year, I have no pain and I can do my works. Above this I received the power of the Holy Spirit and I am filled I am a born again Catholic. I praise the Lord

During last winter, While getting out of  my car  in  the parking lot at my work,  I slipped  and fell down badly on the ice hitting my back and hands.
I was taken to emergency ward and had X-Ray; there was no broken bones, but only bruises and was discharged home. I returned to work in 2 days. Two months passed, I began to feel the pain on my back and started physio and massage therapy, as recommended by the doctor.  Meanwhile my mom was sick and went to India. I had lots pain sitting down very long in the airplane. My mother passed away and stayed in India of 2 weeks. I decided to have herbal massage, hoping that would help me with my return trip.  After several months of physiotherapy and massage, my pain got worse and I could hardly walk.
Family doctor ordered the CT scan, and the result indicated that I have a prolapsed disc. By that time, I could hardly sit, stand or lie down. I was referred to the best orthopedic surgeon in the city by one of the doctors I work with, and I was told there isn’t any treatment for this except doing regular exercise and being very cautious.
I knew only God can touch and heal me if I surrender everything unto him.
I heard Fr. James Manjackal coming for the convention and in full faith I attended both Saturday and Sunday service.   Even though I had such a severe back pain, I sat on the chair for two full days without any medications or any pain. Praise the Lord! Since then, I haven’t taken any pain medications, and I am functioning normal other than being careful with weights or lifting.
I truly believe it was the Almighty that touched me and claim that I received complete healing by the Grace of God; today I am able to function without any pain
Sushamma Joseph

“In the year 2006 I had the luck to visit the website of Father James Manjackal. The informations and prayers were an important impulse for me to come back to the Katholic Church after 30 years.
For over 30 years I was involved in Esoterik, Yoga, Zen, Vastu etc., had contact to Gurus, Pseudoavatars and mediums etc. etc. On the second of october 2007 I could drop the Astrology, which was for over 20 years my second job. Also I received on the fourth of october 2007 your prayer in St. Maximilian church in Munich. I rested in the spirit. My headache and stomach-ache reduced about 50 percent.
Many thanks and I beg for Your prayers forward.”

Uwe Matthias Kraus, Bayern
Author and Journalist

My name is Cecil Fernandes and I am 56 years old and would like to give my testimony.  I had a Heart Attack on January 26, 2004 in Toronto and after a few months when I was attending the prayer meeting at GETHSEMANE MINISTERIES Br. Suresh announced that someone present here at the meeting and who recently had a Heart Attack the Lord is Healing him.  I claimed the healing for myself and continued on with my life going to work and attending the prayer meeting at Gethsemane every Friday without missing a single Friday come snow or storm rain or sunshine.

Recently in September 2007 I went for my annual physical check up to my family doctor and I was told by my doctor that my sugar level was very high and that this time if I had an attack I would not live.  Listening to my doctors words made me very uncomfortable, scared and worried.  I was all the time thinking in my mind what if I get another attack what is going to happen and this worry was eating me up until one Friday in the first week of October 2007 while attending the Gethsemane prayer meeting Br. Suresh announced that there is someone here present who had an Heart Attack before and is worried about his condition and is frightened the Lord is touching him.  I claimed the healing and many friends from the ministry also claimed the healing for me.  I have faith in the Lord and after I claimed the healing the fright just disappeared from me and I became cheerful and happy once again and did not think of the past any more.

Then I attended Fr. James Manjackal’s convention in Mississauga, Toronto on October 19, 20 and 21, 2007 and at the convention Fr. James Manjackal  announced my name (Cecil) the Lord is touching me and also announced that there is someone who had a heart attack and is now worried and frightened and the Lord is touching that person.  I claimed the healing and it was like a confirmation for me not to be afraid but have faith and trust in the Lord and everything will go well in my life.

Then I attended Fr. James Manjackal’s Retreat at the YMCA in Orillia, Ontario Canada on October 26,27,28. I was not going to attend this retreat because I had an appointment on the 26th. with the eye surgeon and this appointment was difficult to get but on the last day of the convention I told my wife that we have to go for the retreat and I will cancel the appointment for THE LORD IS THE GREATEST SURGEON OF ALL MANKIND and before the end of the day we mentioned to Br. Suresh that we would like to attend the retreat.

 During this retreat again Fr. James announced that there is someone here who had a heart attack and was frightened of getting another attack the Lord is healing him.  Fr. James also took my name (Cecil) and said that the Lord is touching me in many ways.Fr. James also mentioned that there are some who are diabetic and the Lord is healing them.  I claimed the healing for myself and again it was another confirmation by Fr. James that I should trust in the Lord and have faith and should not get worried.  I proclaimed all the healings and gave my testimony on Sunday October 28, 2007 before all those who were present at the retreat. I told each one that they should have faith and believe that the LORD IS THE HEALER and have faith in HIM.  After the retreat I have not checked my sugar to see how high or low it is for I know that if I trust MY LORD and have faith in HIM everything will be ok and that HE will protect me at all times.

Cecil Fernandes
Scarborough – Toronto

Dear Father Manjackal,

I am Carène Sanhoboa and am aged 28 years old. I live Mauritius Island .

I used to suffer from headaches everyday or thrice a week since I was very young.  After I went to pray with you, Father Manjackal in November 2006 at Rose Hill Stadium in Mauritius, I was completely cured from my headaches.
I wish to thank you, Father for the gift that you have and offer to others.  And Praise the Lord to have sent in Mauritius !
Carène Sanhoboa
Avenue St Paul

Praise The Lord
I am Sushama Michael from Heidelberg, Germany. I had a small cyst in my mouth in the month of March. The doctor advised me to take the medicine for one week and then operate it if it is not reducing. There was no change in the cyst . Meanwhile I called  Father James over the telephone and told my situation. He prayed for me and within one week the cyst had gone completely. I met the doctor again, he told if it come back again  you should take the medicine. But it never came back. I strongly believe its my Jesus healed me through Fr. James. Thanks a lot Jamesacha.
With lots of love and Prayers,

My Dear Jamesachan,

I would like to give my testimony of the physical healings I have had in my life. I attended Fr. James Manjackal’s convention and retreat in Toronto in October 2007. I was suffering from migraine headache
for many years.  After attending Fr. James Manjackal’s retreat, my migraine stopped completely and I was cured and I did not have a migraine headache since then. "God has healed me from the migraine headache and has baptized me with the Holy Spirit". For this and much more I thank our God. I want to thank Jesus for his Love and Mercy for me. I give my testimony for the Glory and Praise of the Lord. And I want to thank Fr. James for coming to Canada.


Varghese and Dolly
Praise the Lord.

Our dearest Father James Manjackal, Thank you,Thank you very much How are you? We hope you are keeping well.We are praying for you every day.Father, my wife Dolly she is alright now.Without any medicine those swelling are gone. We believe it as a miracle only. With your prayers and blessings my wife she is getting well and we are all very very happy now.Almost one month we suffered a lot.Two doctors suspected something and suggested for X-rays,ct scan,medication and even surgery. By the grace of God she got all healings .
With love and prayers

Marjan Slatinek
Hi, fr. James.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor. Among many things I also asked you to pray for my healing. I also visited you at Kurescek in Slovenia in july 2006. Now I know that the prayers and your words helped me to accept the fact that if you ask Jesus to heal you he will eventually heal you if you truly believe in it. After two years the tumor is not growing any more and I'm slowly getting better. I know and praise Lord for that.
A month ago I heard a sad news that one of our parish altar boys, Andrej, only 15 years old, has got a dangerous bone cancer. He's very sick and is just starting treatment in Germany. I know that praying for him getting better will help and I ask you, if possible, share a prayer with us for Andrej to get better soon. I'll also let Andrej know we'll be praying for him.

Praise the Lord,
Marjan Slatinek, Slovenia
My name is Violetta, I’m 26 years old. In September 2000 I had a bad cold with very much pain in my throat. Actually nothing unusual, but after the cold was over the pain in my throat remained. I visited different doctors, but weeks, months and even years passed by, but it didn’t get better. The pain was so bad that I barely could speak, a normal conversation was a torture for me. In the morning I got up with pain and in the evening I went to sleep with pain and tears. The doctors couldn’t make a diagnosis, my sickness was a puzzle for them.
Before that happened I wanted to become a singer. I took singing lessons and after finishing my high school diploma, it was my plan to concretely step into this business. Only when I was singing, I felt that I’m alive. The pain in my throat was an absolute shock for me. I thought, why Lord, why my throat?!
In March 2003 I attended the retreat with Fr. James in Pfatter for the first time. It was hard for me to see the joy and the singing of the other participants, because I was not able to sing and I was so sad about that. On the second day when the people started to praise God with the songs, I asked myself, what am I doing here. The whole time I looked at the floor. I didn’t want that anyone sees my sad face and my tears. Nevertheless I asked the Lord to help me and gave him all my weakness, unbelief and the pain in my heart. Suddenly I saw my heart broken into peaces. I realized that I lost everything, except Jesus. I recognized that nothing is important even not my singing career. That was my inner healing. After that I was free of all bad thoughts. I came to this retreat in order to get a healing, but suddenly I found Jesus.
One year later Fr. James was in Pfatter again. This time I didn’t attend the program for a healing (even though I still had bad pain) but in order to get to know Jesus more. While the retreat the Lord gave me so much strength, that I could say: ‘Lord your will shall be done, just give me the strength to bear the pain, as long as you want.’
After this retreat I noticed that the pain in the throat got less and it was going better. I had that feeling that I was healed, but then again I often had bad relapses. It was also hard for me to accept the healing. It was a time, when belief and doubts took turns.
In April 2005 I attended the retreat in Berching. At the last day there was the possibility to come to the stage and share a testimony. Suddenly I felt, that I should do that. I was not sure, because still I had some throat pain from time to time. Despite my doubts I testified, that I’m healed. This testimony brought so much blessings in my life and bit by bit I could accept the healing. I always thought, that the Lord will heal me in one moment, but He wanted to test my patience and my belief.
For almost two years I’m not having any pain in my throat. I thank Jesus, that He healed me, but even more I thank Him, that I found Him!
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!
Thank you, Fr. James for everything!

Franziskus v.Ritter-Groenesteyn,
While I was writing an article about the Munich retreat with Father James, on day two -when he was preaching about sin - a butterfly circled through the church. I thought to myself if it would sit down on my lap, I would go for confession too. Instead the source of  a great sin appeared to my mind. I realized that I first had to destroy this source, only then I would be ready to go for confession.
During confession I asked for a new heart. The priest, an old man, who spend most of his time assisting on retreats like these, prayed in tongues over me. In the afternoon Father James confirmed the receipt of a new heart to several people present.
Although I would have liked to be one of them, I wasn't quite sure, if I was meant too. The very next day after the retreat has ended, I went for Holy Mass. In this Holy Mass the intercession prayer was all about receiving a new heart! So now I was sure,that this was meant for me! The Lord is great!
Franziskus v.Ritter-Groenesteyn,
Munich, Germany

Zeljka Podstreleny-Govaert
Dear fr. James,
Last year when I heard that you will be coming to Ontario, Canada, I was thrilled. I heard about gifts and Lord's mercy which He is pouring out on us through you and I even saw some tapes.

At that time, I had a terrible condition in my throat and was in constant pain, but doctors couldn't find anything. Turtle-neck or scarf, were every-day  dress code, even at night, regardless of the season. In fact, several times a day and during the night, I had to gargle with Listerine to ease the pain.  I could only drink  hot or warm drinks even in the summer. I stopped singing in the choir and to the joy of my children couldn't raise my voice at all. I also had a bad pain in my right shoulder and a very bad habit of biting my nails and skin around it.

Before the retreat  started, I went to the chapel and spoke to Jesus openly with my heart. I didn't ask for healing, but I promised if He does heal me, I will give Him glory by testifying about it.

Father, you didn't call my name, but you didn't have to. I felt the Holy Spirit pass through me. I received inner healing and gained inner peace. As a result, couple of months later, I noticed how my nails are long and I am not biting the skin around it. Not too long after the retreat, I felt very hot around my neck area, so I had to take off my scarf, even change into a regular t-shirt. The pain in my throat was completely gone. It has been almost a year that I haven't used anything to gargle. I can sing again! My right shoulder has improved so much, that I started doing some exercises and presently, I have no pain. Truly, there is no end to what the Lord will do for those who love Him!

Thanks be to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!
Thank you fr. James for saying your "yes" to the Word of God! I can't even imagine things that are NOT happening in our lives because of your fiat!

Praise the Lord! Come Holy Spirit!
Love and light in Jesus and Mary,

Zeljka Podstreleny-Govaert

Markus and Elisabeth
With great joy we give you the message of the birth of Joseph Maria Benedict on Sept. 10th. During pregnancy I often prayed the "prayer of a pregnant woman" out of your small book within charismatic prayers. There I prayed for a "strong and beautiful baby" and the Lord has given it! I never had a baby with more than 4 kg before!

We praise the Lord every day for all these graces and also for his servant, Father James! Our hearts are full of thankgiving.
your Markus and Elisabeth
with Leonore, Jonathan, Johanna and little Josef

Encarnita - Palencia. Spain
My dear brothers and sisters, I would like to share with you this great experience of conversion and fullness in the Lord. To perceive that only God is capable of being the Author of such a great and unbelievable history as is the history between the Triune Creator God with his creature, mankind.

I do not know where to begin, nor do I want to be too lengthy. I will say to  begin with that I could not stand the Church, nor priests, nor anything connected with them.

All this took place in the Basque Region 28 years back. I went to Church as was normal. I received that teaching from my parents and in turn transmitted it to my children when they were small. But little by little I began to hear the voice of Jesus less and less, above all in the Church. His gospel and Word were being substituted by social problems, the political situation, labour problems between workers and bosses, those of Madrid, families in confrontation, people from the church getting involved in terrorism (in my own family), bishops taking positions contrary to the law of Christ….until one day I told myself, “I will never enter this place again, never again. They have cooked their goose, let them eat it.”

I then came across a group practising yoga and then enrolled under an eastern guru who taught me meditation techniques and I threw myself into them for hours seeking my inner self. I was fine. No one (the evil one) disturbed me and I travelled extensively to attend “events” and be able to listen to that Master.  I filled myself from books of the New, and Final Age and never, never would my dormant conscience lift a finger to seek anything else for my spirit. The death of the sould is so imperceptible!

 In the meantime my family would fast and pray for me, and while we spoke and had discussions, I never gave them an opening for anything else. My parents died, my children married, while I continued in that nebulous pleasant state. I never prayed with my children (something I greatly regret) but I am now convinced that the Lord took the reins of their lives, because they turned out well.

I met Fr. james Manjakal three years ago in Santander. Born in  India, in Kerala, he is a missionary priest of the Order of St. Francis de Sales. I now live in a city in the interior of Spain and my sister invited me to go with her to the coast, to Santander, to pass a few days by the sea. What a marvelous plan! She was going for a retreat with a special group of friends,  and while she was at her prayers I was thinking of taking myself to the beach without wasting a minute. And so I packed by beach wear and told her, “Look out for a good hotel and we will have a wonderful time, you praying and me sunbathing and resting, then later we can get together to eat.” “Don’t worry”, she said, “I will look for a five-star hotel”, and I left everything in her hands.
We arrived at Santander and lodged in a place run by nuns. “It’s just that there is no other place at this season” my sister explained. Fine. The place was good and we had to share the room with another person. Fine. The following day I was still thinking of my plans, but it was cloudy and my sister asked me to attend the opening session after breakfast – it will only take a short time, she said. Fine. We arrived at the venue ( a different place) and there I see an Indian priest. I was stunned by the coincidence that he was also Indian, like my “Master” This one was taller, with a venerable silvery beard and a long white habit reaching his feet. I had never heard of him and had no interest in  knowing him either.
We entered a big hall and  I sat by the door to make a quick get-away. People began to sing, clap hands, pray and praise the Lord in what I thought was a shouting tone, since I was used to silent meditation for at least an hour each day, and in all our gatherings world-wide you could not hear even a fly.This was all very strange to me.

I met Fr. James through the mercy of my Creator and Lord, and by means of this holy missionary I received a shock that even today makes me tremble when I recall it.  A little after beginning to speak, he addressed himself to God and said, “Forgive us priests, Lord, for closing the door of your Church and your grace to so many of your faithful, for perhaps their hands are also unworthy as mine were and I touched your Body every day.” Here he made a personal confession I found tremendous, and then he threw himself protrate on the floor in his while habit and remained there 5? 10? 15? minutes. To me it seemed an eternity. Something moved within me then with violence and force. A torrent of ideas within me. I did not want to speak to anyone. I turned to my Father and God and told him, “My God, I will never judge anyone again and if you are capaable of forgiving them and changing them like this, I can say no more.” On the way out of the hall there was a saintly priest and I said to him “Can you hear my confession tomorrow, since I have not confessed in 28 years.”  When I see a priest on the street, with tears in my eyes, I ask forgiveness of the Lord and I bless and praise him for the gifts of such persons.

It is now three years, as I attempt to submerge myself in the True Knowledge, in the true History of Love and Redemption of our God and Creator, the only Master, the only Gate. Those who jump over the wall of his sheepfold, take hold of its doctrine, choose what pleases them, deceiving with the Truth. They are thiefs, robbers, wolves in sheep’s clothing (Jn 10& 11)

The experience of this second meeting with Fr. Manjackal in Palencia, has been a gift of the Lord to me. We have received many graces in this Conversion and Healing Retreat. What a warm and exalted greeting of the Bishop of Palencia, Msgr. Munilla, who took the time, in the early hours of the morning, to pray with us and then celebrate the Eucharist with Fr. Manjackal and all those precious priest. Unforgettable! Praise the Lord!

We hope that next year, God willing and with the help of the Blessed Virgin, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Michael, who has helped me so much in this process of conversion, that Fr. James may agree to return and speak to us of the Lord and impart his grace, of which we are so much in need. For only the mercy of God can save us, as we plead with strong prayer on behalf of our brethren, as He has rescued me.

Do not sleep! Be awake! Be attentive to the invitation of the Lord when he passes by our lives by means of souls such as the very charismatic Fr. Manjackal. At the last Eucharist he celebrated at this meeting in Palencia, he gave us the blessing of the Lord at the end of the Mass with open and extended hands. Should I live a million yearsI will never forget the luminous, precious hands with the Gift the Lord has given him, shining, shining in them for all of us. With much love and gratitude to Fr. James and Gaby (who translated simultaneously at the retreat) for their dedication, patience and gentleness.

Encarnita Salvador                                                                       Palencia 26 de Mayo de 2007

Testimony of Walter Morawetz

Dear Father James,
My name is Walter Morawetz and I’m from Austria. In 2005 I attended Father James’ retreat in Vienna.
Some time before that, I often felt a great tiredness in my feet, it felt as if my feet had leaden weights on them and I often felt fatigued.
Some days after the retreat, I noticed that I was healed. My feet felt wonderfully light and it was a joy to walk. Alleluja – Praise the Lord!
In thanksgiving, in September 2006, I walked 900 km on the Spanish Camino de Santiago, from the French Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean, to praise and honour the Lord with my feet for his goodness and love.
Praise the Lord!

God bless you, Father James
Matej - Slovenia
Dear father James,

Let me say first that I hope that your health serves you well and that you have fully recovered from recent surgery.

I am so glad that you are coming back in Slovenia these days. I am certain that wherever you go on your pilgrimage it is a blessing for each country that you visit. This is true for Slovenia too. One of the signs that confirm this is that more and more people come to your speeches and also the number of testimonies from people is growing.

My wife and I also have our testimony to share with you. For a few years now we are coming to your speeches at Kurescek. We got married two years ago and we had a wish deep in our hearts to become parents. For some time we were quite frustrated because my wife could not become pregnant. Last year in July we came to your speech at Bled. There you have said many prayers and among others you also said a prayer for all the couples that were trying to have a baby without success. You also said that three couples that have this problem were then healed. My wife and I knew at that moment that we were one of these couples. A few days after that my wife made a pregnancy test and it was positive!

We would like to express our gratitude to you. Your prayer was truly a blessing for us. On April 13 th our son Matej was born and we believe that it was your prayer that helped us become a family. I have also enclosed a picture of our son Matej so that you will see the result of your prayer.

We also have a wish. There are many people across the world who are single and have been single for quite a long time. They would like to find a real soul mate, an appropriate person to spend a life together. Therefore we would like to ask you to say a prayer for all those people and ask our Lord in heaven to have mercy on them.

My wife and I are certain that our beloved God would like you to continue your journey of evangelisation across the world and that He will give you health, will and strength to do so.

We are looking forward to seeing you in two weeks at Kurescek. May your life be blessed with a thousand blessings.

Yours sincerely,

Rok Osojnik

María Jesús. Palencia - Spain.
For all those people who will read this in the future just by chance, for mere interest or for those who already know Father James...

My testimony? It’s a short story, nothing atypical from what you’ve read or you’re going to read through the webpage. All the same it’s got a main character: Jesus our Lord, our father, our friend, our love...
About 10 days ago I went to a Father James’s retreat for the first time. The previous days I’d heard great things about this preacher among which it was said people got healed during his retreats. It’s not that I didn’t believe it, but it’s usual for me to keep my distance with Saint things that exceed my mind... Anyway, I had those strong throbs sometimes, which I’d had during all my life, and that whenever I got nervous or something startled me my heart would start beating as if it would want to go out of my chest. I’d also had a pain in my shoulder for 5 or 6 weeks then. I’d finished the cream the doctor had prescribed me and as he said, if the pain didn’t disappear with it, I should go to the physiotherapist’s. Right before the retreat I said to Jesus “Jo, Jesus, heal me from these throbs in the retreat... please... and if you want to heal my shoulder, that’s secondary, but you can heal it too if you want”. Then, I went to the retreat. On Friday father James said something about heart throbs in her prayers and that some people would get healed from them. On Saturday morning when I woke up there were no throbs in me even though my mother had opened suddenly the door to wake me up...
That same day father James shouted “Jesús... María... María Jesús, you’re healed!” There are few people in Spain with my name! And on Sunday I was thankful because, although my shoulder hurt more than ever, I was sure I’d been healed from my heart throbs.
Then, on Monday night I was praying before an image of Jesus when suddenly I felt that my shoulder didn’t ache. I lifted it up and down, and... it was a miracle! It didn’t ache anymore! So, Jesus is a wonder. When there hadn’t been a healing prayer yet, He had already healed my throbs and when the retreat was already past He had healed my shoulder without my notice. He loves us so much that even the tiniest or the “secondary” things, He always takes them into account!! Thank you Jesus for beeing how you are, for being the greatest ever and for sending messengers as Father James througout the World. Amen!!!!!

May 22,07.
Hi my name is Maria.
I went to Fr. James retreat here in Toronto in October 2006. And I had a very high flux, and I was tacking medicine to stop it but it was only slowing it down. And I was already anemic from it.
After attending Fr. James retreat my flux stopped completely and I was  CUERED and I did not have a flux since then. I want to thank Jesus for his Love and Mercy for man kind. I give my testimony for the Glory and Praise of the Lord. And I want to thank Fr. James for coming to Canada.
Maria. maria-canada@hotmail.com

I am Stefica happily married to Viekolav Bedic for the last 49 years.When I married him he was a good catholic with all catholic practices.Suddently he stoped going to Church,started criticising priests and the church and began  drinking alchahol.In 1969 we left our home country Croatia and came here to Canada.My husband remained same,he had no interest about Jesus or Church,and I had to suffer much from my alchaholic husband.With this unhappy situation my only son left faith and became a Budhist.It was  a big shock for me.Many of my friends advised me to divorce my husband and live with some one else who can give love.But I wanted always to remain faithful to the promise I made in the sacrament of Matrimony.With much prayer I put up with my husband.Prayers and Holy Masses were giving me enough courage to carry the cross and follow Jesus.Then my husband fell ill with  high blood pressure,diabetics along with Stomach,liver and kidney deseases.Still he continued smoking and drinking.
Two years before there was an announcement that Fr.James manjackal was coming to preach in our Croatian Chuch at Johns Park and began to pray that my husband would attend it.But the retreat was cancelled as he and his team could not get visas.I bought a book of Fr.James and taking the address from the book,wrote a letter to him and he replied it with much love. Then I called him on the phone and he prayed with me and promised to pray for my husband,.I was able to tell all my problems to Fr.James and he heard everything with much patience and consoled me. Al last Fr.James came to our church in November 2006.The doctors told that my husband would die within 3 months.All I wanted was that he attend the retreat of Fr.James and make a good confession and meet Jesus.On the First day of the retreat I took my husband to him and he prayed over him.He made a very good confession after 49 years and came back to Jesus and the Church.Praise the Lord.He stopped smoking and alchahol.He looks very healthy now.The level of Sugar and the pressure is under control,the doctors say he is improving his health.I thank and praise God for bringing Fr.James here and saving me and my husband,and I pray that he may again come to Australia to preach the powerful Words of Jesus to bring many people back to Jesus.My husband and I pray daily for him and  support his works.I am sure that if my son attends his retreat he will be converted.
Stefica Bedic
7 coola st,
Condell park-2200

   Sara and Michelle
Dear Fr James

 I  thank and praise our most loving and merciful God for the many blessings and healings received through your preaching and laying of hands.

My name is Sarah v.d. Ventel and my daughter’s name is Michelle.  We are from Cape Town, South Africa.  We attended your retreat in February last year in Athlone. You called her name and said that she will be healed from her severe migraine headaches.  I did not hear that. One of my friend’s did.  She only told me recently when we were discussing attending your retreat again this year.  It then occurred to me and Michelle that she did not have a severe migraine headache for a whole year.
This year we again attended your retreat in Parow in February.    We both received inner healings.
I was suffering from depression, had a lot of anger and unforgiveness in my heart towards those who wronged me.  I was also very judgmental, self-righteous, and opinionated and quick to criticize.   During the healing prayer, you asked us to forgive others.  I did this and experienced a great peace in my heart.
Also when you laid your hands on us and prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, we were both filled with great joy, peace and love in our hearts.  Michelle expressed a desire to attend Holy Mass and go to the chapel every day.    This made me very happy.  We get up early now to go to 6am Mass during lent (Mon-Fri).  We also try to go as often as possible to the chapel in the evenings for adoration.  You have inspired us to more prayerful and pray from the heart.  Also to begin and end the day in prayer.
I also received physical healing of my knee and have no more back pain.  Michelle’s back pain lessened.  The problem she had recently experienced with her eyes (swelling up) disappeared.
Father James, thank you for bringing us closer to our Lord and to experience the power of the Holy Spirit.  May our Almighty and Merciful God richly bless you, strengthen you and be with you always.
We pray that you will come back to South Africa so that more people can hear your powerful preaching and be converted and experience a new life.

Sara and Michelle
Diklic family
March 23, 2007

My name is Nancy and I live in Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada.  In March 2004 I was in a car accident while I was eight months pregnant with my daughter.  I sustained whiplash to my back and neck.  I never rehabilitated my injuries due to the fact that the baby was born a month later and it was difficult to focus on myself when I had a newborn and a two and a half year old son to attend to.
Just over a year later (June 2005) my son and I were bit by a biting insect and we both acquired Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi - Bb).  I needed to demand treatment since the doctor felt that I was not a likely candidate despite the clinical diagnosis she made based on the hallmark rash and other symptoms I had.  My initial test results were negative since they were performed too early in my illness.  My son was denied treatment since he did not present with the rash.
Upon treatment of one month on antibiotics I was told I was "cured" despite the fact that I still had many symptoms.  I sought an infectious disease specialist who still insisted that I was "cured".  She further denied my son treatment.  Every four weeks I was cycling through my symptoms which were worsening every month.  I even had a rash re-occur on the original site every cycle.  I pursued my research on my illness and realized that treatment failure is common.  I found a lyme literate medical doctor (one of two well known ones we have in Canada).
In March 2006 my test results confirmed that I was still actively fighting this bacterial infection.   At this time my illness was extremely debilitating.  I had to use every ounce of energy in me to walk up a flight of stairs.  I was suffering cognitive problems, muscular pain and weakness, the fatigue was extreme, I had pain in my joints, I had lost weight, some of my hair, my patience...the list went on.
It was just before Easter that year and I had just begun my treatment of long term antibiotics.  I went to confession.  I typically had "short and sweet" confessions.  This one was different.  I started speaking about myself and how I was afraid since there are many unknowns with this illness.  At that time the priest recommended that I make the "Divine Mercy" my prayer.  He told me to repeat "Jesus I trust in you" often throughout my day.  He further instructed me to trust in the doctor and in the medication.  Just as Sirach 38 states.  Slowly but surely my symptoms improved.
 It was the fall of 2006.  I received an e-mail as well as a flyer with the brochure of Father James' retreat here in Hamilton, Ontario.  On the brochure was the Divine Mercy.  I knew that this was calling me to attend.  I had never heard of Father James nor been to healing masses with the exception of one a few weeks earlier.  It was four evening retreats.  I assumed that you could attend any one.  I was then told that I should attend all four.
 On the first evening I attended with my in-laws and my two children (four and two years old at the time).  We were sitting close to the back of the church so that the children would not disrupt others.  As Father James was asking us to examine our hearts, asking for forgiveness, going through our sins, my heart was beating hard.  I opened my heart and was asking the Holy Spirit to come in.  I had my head down and I felt as if it was being pulled up by a string.  My eyes were closed but I sensed an intense light before me.
Then Father James began calling out names.  Out of the twenty or thirty names he called one sounded like "Ancy - you are healed of your illness."  Since we were sitting at the back of the Church and the children were restless at this point I was uncertain if he had called out "Nancy".  My mother-in-law turned to me and asked if he had just called me.  I told her that I thought so but I was not sure.  My heart was beating but not the normal beat, my legs were shaking.  I tried to stop them with my hands but they just continued until the end of the retreat.
The next day I took the children to receive a blessing from Father James.  We waited a few hours and he stopped one person before he reached us.  I really wanted to have my son Lucas blessed since he too had lyme disease.  That evening during the retreat I said to God - "Please call me again if You meant me".  I was like the blind man in Mark 8:22-25.  Jesus needed to place his hands on him twice to be healed even though he performed other miracles without even touching others and only he only did it once.  Although I had faith, my faith was not as strong as it could have been.  That evening Father James called out "Nancy you are healed of your muscle pain."  I knew that this was the injuries I had sustained in the car accident.  Then Father James called "Luka for your illness" and he also called my daughter's name Cecilia and my husband's name John.  I was praying for Cecilia since her eczema was really bad.  I was certain he was calling us since Cecilia is not a common name here and since I call Lucas - Luka, often.
The third day I took my children to get their blessings.  When we got in to see Father James he proceeded to pray over Cecilia first.  Her prayer was a short little blessing.  When he started praying over Lucas his prayer was longer and more detailed.  Then Father James prayed for his knowledge.  Immediately I had tears in my eyes since Lucas' illness had affected his cognition and that was what I was most concerned about.  That evening during the retreat I again said to God "Tonight do not call me but call the children".  Now I wish that I did not make such request but at the time my faith was not very strong.  That evening Father James called out "Cecilia and Luke".
The fourth evening we had the opportunity to have Father James pray over us.  He prayed over Cecilia first, then Lucas, then me.  As he was praying in tongues I felt the Holy Spirit enter me.  It was as if a bolt of energy went through me.  I fell backwards.  When I opened my eyes I looked up to see the beautiful ceiling of St. Patrick's church and my two little children were like angels looking down at me.  They proceeded to help me up.  I was later told that the children did not have any fear as I fell.  The just watched and waited until I opened my eyes.
Although my healing was not immediate, I still needed to continue with four months of antibiotics until the doctor said that my treatment was completed.  Treating chronic lyme disease is difficult since there are no tests which indicate that the infection gone.  I have now been off all medications for one month.  Lucas' treatment was completed shortly after the retreat since he no longer had any symptoms.  I know that my trust in God, trust in the doctor and the medication healed me of my debilitating illness.  I am pain free.  The  osteopath which I had been seeing informed me that my body is healing beyond what the textbook says it should do.  I thank God for sending Father James to Canada - to my home town.  It was his first retreat in Canada.  I am looking forward to him coming again this year.  I thank God for my healing and for strengthening my faith!  I thank the Holy Spirit for filling me!  "Jesus I trust in you"!

God Bless you all!
Nancy C. Diklic

Clara D’Souza
Dear Father James,
I took part in your retreat at Hamilton.  You asked me to send you a testimony via e-mail. Many thanks for the Hamilton retreat, where I had experienced a physical healing. I have been healed from my headache, which I was suffering for a long time. Though I did not meet you personally (I had an opportunity to do so, which I regret now), I am hoping to meet with you in your next trip to Toronto.
God bless you Father James!
Clara D’Souza, Mississauga, Ontario

My account of my experiences in Lourdes in 2004
 Because I was angry, in October 2004, I suddenly decided to go to Lourdes and attend Father James’ retreat as I needed to rest and relax, not having taken any holyday for two years.
 I had been strongly crossed, unable to go on a trip to Poland where I had been expected for a long time. So, off I went, filled with bitterness, hard fillings and gossip. I could feel aches and pains everywhere and, above all I had been putting on weight.
During this retreat I saw lots of people taking notes about what we were taught. As for myself I couldn’t listen or write and anyway, I was on holiday !
Some time later, we were asked if we didn’t mind to write our expectations on a paper that we left at the foot of the altar so that it could be blessed during mass. Normally, I can write pages and pages but I had neither paper nor pen and anyway , I was on holiday. So, I borrowed some paper and pen and simply wrote : “Jesus, wash me, cleanse my soul  and do with me whatever you like”. That was all, but I was sincere.
Then, a confession was proposed to us. I chose Don Antoine Galland. The date was Friday October 15th and the time about 3 p.m. I will always remember that day. From then on, my life would be quite different. I decided to put in practice what I had learnt and understood during the retreat, not to ignore my sins any more. So, I confessed with real repentance and a strong will to Forgive those who had harmed me. When I come back home, I decided, I will renew my resolutions at the foot of the Cross, my heart filled with humility, honesty and sincerity. Looking at the priest and the Blessed Sacrament (just in front of me) I thought I am struck with beams of divine mercy, I must hold back my tears, I don’t know where they come from. In my confession, I still feel my sin of pride. I still think all good things that happen to me are in part because of me. No, everything comes from Him, I just remain humble and feel his presence. I am too selfish and even if I share with the people around me, I never really deprive myself, I always take from my surplus.
I end my confession with my sin of adultery (my husband having divorced from his first wife, we haven’t been able to marry in Church so, I may not receive communion. The priest suggests to ask for this first marriage to be acknowledged as void but my husband doesn’t want to do anything about it. But according to the priest I should take that first step. It should succeed because of my husband’s past and the fact that he has no children.
Then he suggests I go, drink and wash at the fountain as it was the motto on our badge. As I stand up I have the impression to shed my old clothes and I don’t understand why I can’t  stop crying (fortunately it begins to rain so it is not noticeable). I will always remember this moment. The sluices of Heaven open for me, flooding my Heart which is too small for this divine love. I bathe in radiant light. A torrent of peace streams from me, overflowing with joy. I am immersed in an inexpressible softness. I am rocked by waves of praise, carried away by the infinite tenderness of God, buried in an ocean of glory. I had just received the grace of forgiveness. I have forgiven, he has forgiven me. I was washed, cured, free and liberated, as light as a butterfly. A new world was opening in front of me. I entered the antechamber of Heaven where, I think, a degree of knowledge was given to me. Forgive? Forgive and give again. All my pains had disappeared and my extra-weight had melted away. Where ? I don’t know.
I bathe in the river of love, delight of Eternity and I can picture an image which is given to me as a token of alliance and permanent mark to be always able to sail, my eyes fixed on this beacon of light which is also a compass of Love. I send you this image too.
We have no real word on earth to translate the Heavenly. Back home I must do what I have promised in confession. I find my husband and for the first time in our lives we’ll be able to forgive each other. Tears and praises come together. For this very special moment, I ask him to undertake the steps to have his former wedding acknowledged as void. He accepts, I consider it is a miracle –and these formalities are going well now-  I suggest him to follow me to Medjugorge for I go there every year to fetch “our two daughters”, Marina and Valentina who are Croats, who have been staying with us up to now and have been able to go to the local French schools. He accepts again and I consider it as another miracle. Two moths after the midnight mass, we are both in Medjugorge ! It is the first time he attends a pilgrimage. Then we join “our daughters” in their family.
I have forgiven and he has forgiven me. A rain of praises falls on me. I am overjoyed beyond all my hopes.
I telephone to the person responsible for the journey to Poland. I want to be forgiven for the hatred I had for him. Above all I want to thank him as he did not yield about the dates of the journey to Poland. In fact the Holy Virgen wanted me in Lourdes. My Cross had become a source of joy thanks to him. That Polish journey, being only touristy was not written on the pages of the book of my life.
 Many sins come to the surface of my knowledge. I can see clearly now whom I armed and whom I must ask to be forgiven.
I can see the eyes of God in other people and understand that every person is registered in God’s hands.
I attend mass. Each word pronounced by the priest is like a flashing bulb forming endless lines of light. I am now an actress and no more an onlooker. The mystery of crucifixion becomes obvious. I can understand clearly that he comes everyday to free us and that each Eucharist can help the sinner to become Him that we receive.
When going to Lourdes, I took in my heart a person who can’t see with her eyes of flesh and when praying for her my eyes of the soul got cured. Divine merciful love is eternal in the purity of Eternity.
One of the best cures, offered to everybody is sincere confession. It cures the soul and the body and it is free.
Father James, I send you as many thanks as there are stars in the sky.
Be divinely blessed for ever and ever.

       Marie Rose from BIO ( FRANCE)

Saramma Thomas
My name is Saramma Thomas.  I am 84 years old.  I live in Hamilton city in Canada.  I had pain and developed cramps on my left leg for a long time.  It was very difficult for me to walk.  My left leg was getting thinner compared to my right leg.
My doctors performed arterial angiogram.  They found two blocks in the artery to the left leg.  Doctors advised bypass surgery to correct this problem.  They said it would be a difficult surgery because of my age, previous bypass surgery of the heart, and being diabetic.
In this situation, I requested the prayers of Rev. Fr. James Manjackal and others.  Father sent the message:” And with all his abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs.”       ( Philippians 4:19 )  I believed in this Word of God and prayed.
Then, one day, my 9 year old grandson had an appointment with a doctor and his parents went with him to a hospital.  Then I was alone at home.  I felt a severe pain on my left leg.  I did not know what to do.  Then, I thought and prayed that my pain was nothing compared to the agony of our Lord Jesus when he was crucified by piercing nails on His leg.  Then I felt the agony of Jesus when nails pierced His leg.  Then I slept in that severe pain.  After a while, I woke up.  I felt ice cold on my left leg.  From that moment on I never felt pain or cramps on my left leg until now.
Now I can walk free.  After that Christ experience, my both legs became identical in size.  Praise the Lord!  I strongly believe that this healing happened through the prayers of Fr. James Manjackal and I glorify the Lord.  I do not need bypass surgery on my leg anymore.  Thank you Jesus.  Praise you Jesus.  Halleluiah.

Christiane Caboche
I was informed on the parish of Riviere Noire that Father James Manjackal was preaching a retreat in Port Louis during the month of November 2006 on the 8th, 9th and the 10th. I have always asked Jesus to allow me to take part in an assembly where every body is united and guided to pray Jesus, to glorify God and ask personal requests. During the retreat I got more because I was introduced by father James to the Holy Spirit and all His gifts, to his Love and Kindness and by then I became familiar to the Saint Trinity.
I remember going there by telling Jesus ' here I am and You give me what You want '.
I was a smoker, I was dependent of cigarettes, I needed cigarettes to calm me down, to relax and socially when going out I loved to smoke. When I  was in  places where I could not smoke I was thinking all the time about this cigarette that I will have soon or later. During the retreat father James told us to ask for personal blessings, healings and he mentionned  stopping smoking and I thought that could be for me and I prayed for this request very deeply and very hard. I had other intentions and demands of course but stopping smoking was a plus. During the time father James was praying for us and where he was telling our names loud he mentioned Christiane my name that I was receiving many blessings. I was so filled of the holy spririt at this very moment I  remember coming back home that first night  it was  late  I had so much to share with my husband I did not have the time for a cigarette , the second day during the retreat I was such in a mood of prayers that I did not want to smoke and at home that night I said to myself I do not need to smoke and the third day and the third night it was the same, I could manage without smoking. For me it was immediate,  each time I was thinking about a cigarette  I had a sort of excitement difficult to explain that comes all over me and a thought of if I smoke i will  spoil  this special  gift given to me by Jesus and this treasure that I am sharing with Him,  and it makes me so special. and it went like this for weeks when Jesus was showing me how to cope without cigarettes and this was not hard at all and to day there are 3 months that I have not smoked. The thought of cigarettes does not come into my mind at all, the hours of the days just pass by and the desire of smoking never reaches me. When somebody smokes next to me it is like i do not see the cigarette that he or she is holding. What I have is very special I have been healed by Jesus.

Teresa e Carlos.
Dear Father James,

My name is Teresa, I´m 32 and I’m from Portugal and me and my husband we went to your retreat in Estoril and Fátima last Septembre and we loved it! There are so many things that I wanted to tell you about the feelings that we have, but there are no words to express exactly what the Holy Spirit does in our lives day after day, but we can tell you the visible effects.
These year, in January, I was pregnant but I lost my child at 9 weeks of pregnancy, the heart stopped, we don´t know why. After that I was operated in March (because the child died but my body didn´t expulsed the body) and the doctors told us to wait some months before getting pregnant again. I Prayed to Our Lady to give us a child on the 13 May but after I told to myself: “why the 13 May, every day is good, maybe God was sad about my prayer”. But in your retreat you told us a story about a couple that prayed to have a child on the Pentecostes Day and their prayer was heared. So I was sure that God speaks to me and I pray to get pregnant and also that God gaves us childs who becames priests and religious. On the last day of the retreat, Sunday, my husband, that didn´t know what I asked God, told me: “I think “we” are pregnant, something told me that”. And after 20 days I was sure, I´m pregnant! And the doctors says that the child will be born in middle May! Thank you Jesus!
Also my husband stopped smoking on the second day of the retreat, he felts so bad when you told that some persons came to see you to being healed and they have cigarrets on their pockets, how can we ask Jesus to healing us if we don´t do our part? You know, he has hard problems with the eyes, and he felt bad because he was asking Jesus to heal his eyes and he was killing himself with the cigarrets. So he stopped. Thank you Jesus!
Also on Saturday on the healing prayer you said that someones who suffers from headaches for a longtime was healed and I knew it was me, because since I was a child I had terrible headaches and since that Saturday I don´t have it. Thank you Jesus!
And there are other things, for instance on the Sunday, in Fátima, I was to the confession, because I felt that I should do a general confession and when I came back to the retreat you said something that I was sure it was to me, you told that God wants our sanctity and for instance when we have doubts about our profession or vocation we must ask ourselves what is better for our sanctity and we should not ask a priest or anyone because only the person knows what is better for her sanctity. Before I had doubts about my profession and I went to see many priests asking them, but now I ´m sure about my choice because my choice is better for my sanctity. Thank you Jesus!
Also on the last Mass, on Monday, something strange, and for the first time, happened to me when you gave me the Holy Communion, because normally it vanishs in our mouth, but I felt the Host growing up on my mouth and I didn´t know what to do, so I swallowed. The taste was different too. I think in that all the time. Thank you Jesus!

Dear father James we hope you came back to Portugal, we love you and we pray for you.
Thank you Jesus for giving us father James.

Teresa e Carlos.

Dear All,

I am Karenne Nadia Ravina from Mauritius. I attended the sessions of Father James. During the sessions I had  visions, was healed from the stomach and more. I received lots of blessings. I have
taken much time before writing my testimony but I feel that I can not wait anymore and what a better day than Christmas to tell the world that Jesus is alive and doing miracles in our lives.
Before the sessions I used to check horscopes for all important decisions in y life but now I put all my life and faith in Jesus. I can assure you that it is a new life and I am sure and I know that I will get more
blessings and miracles in my life.
To all those who will read that message I wish to say: 'Have faith in Jesus and our mother Mary even when you are at the worst  time in your life'

Thank you Jesus,Praise you Jesus ,Alleluia
God bless you Father James

Testimony from Liane Ruch,  September 26, 2006.

Dear Fr. James,

My name is Liane, I am 49 years old and I have been attending your retreats for some years now. Each time I have been granted grace and gifts at the programs and I have grown more and more in the faith. More than two years ago I claimed healing for my heart. For several years I suffered form severe disturbances of heart rhythm and very fast heartbeat. Very often I had to have emergency care and the medicine did not help as was expected.
Although I was convinced of my healing, I still suffered the same symptoms as before. Besides, my general constitution was getting increasingly worse. My healing was not spontaneous, but demanded trust, faith and patience on my part.
The attacks and heart rhythm disturbances decreased and this year in August, they could find nothing wrong with my heart anymore. The doctor told me: “You have the heart of a young person!” At the same time they found out, that all the symptoms I had at this time were caused by another disease.
For this disease: “hypoparathyreoidism” I also claimed healing at the retreat at Basel this year, after having heard my name being called out.
The day after the healing prayer I was once more gifted with the words, “Liane, you are receiving healing once more, believe!!” God has showered me with his love and his blessings! I was so thankful, I cried!
This retreat was very intensive and meaningful for me. I felt the Holy Spirit like never before. I was standing in line for prayer for the infilling with the Holy Spirit and my legs, arms and head began to vibrate and shake, even before you touched me. I received many blessings!
But at the same time, the greatest and most beautiful gift was the conversion of my son.
He had accompanied me to Basel, to talk to you about his problems. On the second day of the retreat he stayed at home. Towards evening, before Holy Mass I received his message on the cell phone, that he had not been able to concentrate all day long and then in the evening he had felt the urge to go to Holy Mass.
Since then he not only goes to church on the weekends, but also weekdays. He prays his personal prayer and we have many good conversations about the faith!
Its as if I had received a new son. He is a completely new person!

Praise the Lord for all eternity!!

Maybe this testimony can help people who come to your retreats with great hope and then can’t believe they received any blessings or that they were healed. One may be able to realize some things much later. It is my experience that God wants my patience, love and complete surrender. He has blessed me so richly and still he keeps giving me new tasks. So tomorrow I am going to have an operation on my eye! I put everything in his merciful hands and I know, that he is always holding my hand.

Father James, I thank you for your never-tiring work in the Vineyard of the Lord and I thank you for continually praying for us.

God bless you.


Dear father James,

My name is Sanja and I live in Slovenija. I have been to you seminar last year on Kurescak and this year in Turnisce and Kurescak. Thank you father James for all Your effort and hard work, for all your prayers and for passing Your knowledge and experience to all of us who are hungry for God. Thank You for coming to Slovenija and for Your books, they hold a lot of grace and wisdom.

During Your healing prayer I have been healed of sun allergy and my bad habit- masturbation - is gone. I did not know that masturbation is sin until you told us Your story. Thank You for Your prayers and thank God for hearing them. I also came to You in Turnisce for personal advice and prayer.
During your healing prayer in Church I’ve heard You said:" Sanja, you are healed. Jesus´s grace is flowing through you." I was so touched and honored and happy, I cried like a child. Thank You Lord, thank You father James. Aleluja! When I returned to work I went to visit a priest who had broken his arm in a very bad way and had difficult operation ( I’ve worked in a hospital as a employment administrator ) and was still in hospital. And something happened. We started to talk about Your seminar and he was sad that he couldn´t go in Celje on Your seminar. Then he closed his eyes and I felt that something is happening, something very beautiful, graceful. He started to talk about his wounds of a hart, his sad moments, his fears..... and he started to cry. I just listened to him very peacefully and started to sing Come Holly Spirit in my mind and I felt Holly Spirit flowing to him and he cried more and more. It was so beautiful, that words can not express it. When it stopped, we just shook our hands and I went to my office. And then I heard Your words in my head - Jezus´s love is flowing through You. I just felt like sharing this experience with you, because it is connected to You and to Your seminar and to Your prayers. Thank You, father James for everything and God bless You and Your work. I love You, father James and I ‘m praying for You and Your seminars.

Love, Sanja

Dear Father James

My Name is Daniel Ruch, I visited your exercises in Basel. It visited your ecercises twice. I just wanna tell you that I am very happy. I was healed from my bloodpressure sickness - I do not any longer have to take my medicines. My pressure is constant now, but it still depends on my inner peace. I got aware of the fact that sickness often comes out of a wounded soul. Although I does not beg for healing, I'm very happy to received it, physical and spiritual. I felt a growth of happyness, peace and strenght in my heart, and I am so glad to feel the work of the holy spirit. But what's much more important for me is the fact that I gain back my joy and the will to visit church. Now I am going as often as possible to the mass, on sundays and the rest of the week and I go with joy! And it is quite another feeling about the eucharist... it fills me with joy and inner peace, receive the body of jesus in the communion. Also I confessed my sins and will confess them in the future. Formerly I neither go to sunday mass nor to the confession. Unless I believed, but not with all of m heart. Now I do it with joy in my heart! And that's my greatest gift, besides the physical healing. So my happyness is undiscribeable in this point. Always I go to the mass, I sacrifice it for me, my family and my friends, and that all those who go inner healing, are able to preserve it in the struggle of daily life

Your child Daniel

Dear Father James,

On your seminar which was from 3-5 March this year in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstadt in Germany for Croatian people Jesus healed me. On the first day Jesus healed me from not being able to be without coffee. In the morning of the second day of your seminar I noticed that I was free of having to drink coffee. On the second day of this seminar we praised Jesus while you hold Jesus in your hands in the monstrance. We were kneeling and at this moment I fall back and a someone wanted to help me because she thought that I feel sick. I showed that I’m o.k. and that I need that she leaves me in peace. I prayed to Jesus that he helps me to lay down because in this situation I was not able to be in peace. Immediately a man laid me down on the ground. At this moment you preached (Jesus through you) that we should not be angry. At this moment I remembered that I was often angry, sometimes without a real reason about my professors, my family, and my previous boyfriend. I felt that I need for this absolution and got it on the next day. Since than I felt not angry except when I had a reason and than I remembered that I should forgive and so I do it or try it every time. On the same day of this seminar you prayed to Jesus that He heals us and than you said the names of the persons which were healed. You said "Elizabeta you are healed". In the beginning I was not sure if there is another Elizabeta because I felt nothing. Than I thought even if there is another Elizabeta that Jesus loves us both and will heal us both. I was happy but I wanted to wait to see what was healed and wanted to wait for the results of the doctor because my thyroid was ill and worked not enough. So every day I had to take medicine. I thought that Jesus wants that I take the medicine until I get the results. Once I asked him if he healed my leg or my thyroid. Then I heard an inner voice "wait for the results" and that meant that it was the thyroid because only the results of the blood can show if the thyroid is ill or well. After a month I had to go to the doctor to get the results of my blood to see if my thyroid works good. The next morning I had to call to hear the results. And the results were absolutely good! My thyroid had been ill since April 2004 and get worse before your seminar so that the doctor said that I have to take more of the medicine and now my thyroid is healed! Halleluja! Thank You Jesus! Thank you Father for praying! After the first result the doctor said that I have not to take the medicine and to wait three months to see if the thyroid is really well. So I did. Before we had the second results I said that I'm sure that the results are good because a catholic priest prayed for me. And the second results were absolutely good. Another doctor said to me that the thyroid can’t get well if it doesn't works anymore well. So I think this was the reason why my doctor was a little bit shocked while looking at the results. Halleluja! Jesus is wonderful! Father James, thank You for praying!


The purpose of this testimony is to show how God is doing His mighty works today. We would like to talk about a wonderful gift we received from the Lord Jesus Christ. He hears our prayers, fulfills them and sanctifies our lives.

After we were married for two years (in 1999) God gave us a child. Unfortunately, during the pregnancy they (doctors) told us that the child was going to have health problems. So, this first pregnancy lasted only seven months when suddenly our child died. From that time on we couldn’t have more children. We went through all possible medical tests. The results were always the same: unexplained infertility. There was a decision offered to us: an artificial insemination. We didn’t decide for that option instead, we started deepening our faith and seeking God’s help.

God led us through various tests, because He wanted to make some changes in our lives. He wanted us to change – to convert -, because He wanted children, we would have, to be born in a spiritually healthy environment.

It was July 2004 we first attended the seminar of Fr. James in Kurescek. This was a new and unique experience for both of us, for it was really the first time we were exposed to such a teaching and prayers. So, it was in those times that we read several articles and books about such seminars and inner healing. Among books, we then read, was also Fr. James’s book New heaven and New Earth. The spiritual life in our family gradually started changing. We started praying together a lot, reading the Bible and attending masses more often …

So, on the last day of the seminar in Kurescek, after the laying of the hands and resting in the Spirit, there was a prayer for inner healing. We both experienced healing of the body and inner healing, too. During the inner healing prayer Fr. James said that there were five couples who were getting the healing of their fertility organs. Soon after that word Fr. James also said, that three couples would get a child. We were absolutely positive that we were going to be among them. We had no doubt.

So, in September 2004 my wife became pregnant and in spring 2005 our beautiful child, Anastazija Marija, was born.

We are thankful to you, dear Lord Jesus! You never disappoint anyone.

Milena, Tadej and Anastazija Marija Košuta
Brestovica pri Komnu 55/A
6223 Komen

Dear father James!
My name is Monika, I am 22 years old. I was on your seminar in Turnisce, Slovenia on July 9, 2006. I had a skin disease (a kind of eczema) for about 4 or 5 years, and it appeared about twice every year on my arms. In the seminar I was filled with the Holy Spirit and healed from that disease. I was also a heavy smoker, I smoked for 7 years, but after that day Jesus gave the strength to quit smoking. I am thankful to Jesus that he healed me. I am praying and praising the Lord for that every day. ALELUJA!

Praise our Lord for the blessings He is giving us!

Monika Zanjkovic

Dear father James,
I will send you my testimony of my healing and experience on your exercitien in Wigratzbad.  I got healing from my swellings on my hands, and from a rash on my leg. I praise God

God bless you dear father James. We pray every day for you and your mission.
In love your Anton

Crista : I came to the retreat at Feitritz last year to hear the Word of God and to pray for my nice who was very sick. I used to get cists and tunor in the stomach often and I had several operations in the past. This time too the doctors found the cists and had fixed the operation hence I did not ask for healing. During the retreat I heard my name called out through the mouth of Fr. James but I did not think it was me. When I went the doctors to fix the date of the operation, I was schocked to know that the cist has disappeared and later on when I went gain to the doctor for the cists in the breast, they have disappeared as well. I am fully healthy. I am totally healed of that tendency of having cists and tumor. I praise the Living Lord who heals the soul and body.

My name is Ancy and my husband is Roy. We are Indians living in Wien. After having our first child we were waiting 6 years to have the second child but it did not come. In the year 2003 we met Fr. James Manjackal in the retreat at Ternitz and we asked him to pray for the gift of the second child. After his prayer he said, In two years you will be getting the second child. We really believed him and it happened exactly after two years that God blessed us with the second child on the 16th of October 2005. He is clled Albi. We praise and thak the Lord for this wonderful gift and we pray for Fr. James who does wonderful things for the people through his prayers. We as a family pray together and go to Church often to attend the Holy Mass, we follow Jesus
Roy and Ancy

I am María, I had a cancer in my stomach which was a rare kind. The doctors said that in the world only 16 people had this disease and all died except me because I came to the seminar of Fr. James in Kurascek where he called out my name and Jesus healed me. Now I am perfectly healthy and I praise the living God who gave me complete health. I have decided to follow Jesus. Praise the Lord

I am Angelika. I was suffering from cancer in the lungs. The doctors said that it will spread to my other organs. I thought I would die with cancer. It is then I heard about the seminar of Fr. James at Sveta Gora. I attended it and I heard my name called out that I was healed. First I was reluctant to believe, I was like St. Thomas. When I went to the doctor he found no cancer in my lungs. I praise the living Lord who healed me from cancer and gave me good health.

 I am Branca. I was suffering from depression for the last thirty years. I was taking many tablets for my healing. All with alcohol i was able to sleep. Last year I came to Kurescek and the Holy Spirit came upon me and healed me from all my depressions and sadness. Now I dont need any tablets, I dont need alcohol to sleep. I pray everyday and I rejoice in the Lord who loves me and who walks with me. I thank the Lord for sending Fr. James to our country.

 Toncka. Twenty years before I was a cancer patient but the Lord healed me through medicines. For the last ten years I was suffering from angina pectoris. last year when I heard about the seminar of Fr. James at Kurescek, I came to pray for a girl with problems in the eyes. But during the prayer I heard my namne called out that I was healed. First I could not believe. On the following day I found that I could walk and climb the stairs without any problem. Still I could not believe that I was healed in my heart. later the dr. told to stop my medicines as I was perfectly healthy. I praise the living Lord who gave me perfect health.

Martha: I was a chain smoker for the last 33 years. Several people told me to stop smoking because smoking would bring cancer and other sicknesses, but I could not stop. I thought I would never stop smoking. Last year at Kurescek Fr. James made a special prayer for the smoker in the open air in the sun. I saw him praying with fasting. I was very much edified at his love for the people, not eating or drinking anything but sitting on the scorching sun on a chair and praying for the people while others all were eating and drinking. I threw away my packets of cigarrettes and the lighter and I implored God's mercy and I knelt before Fr. James for his prayer. I was totally liberated from the habit of smoking. In the same evening, my friends gave me a cigarrette and I was rempted to smoke but when I put it into the mouth I felt an avcersion to it. Now it is one year I am living without cigarrette. Praise the Lord who liberated me from my bondages.

 Marisa: twenty years back I had an accident in the car and my back bone was broken. The drs. told that my vertebra could not be healed. When I came to the seminar of Fr. James last year I did not believe that Jesus would heal me because all the drs. said that it was impossible to heal my back. But during the healing prayer through the mouth of Fr. James. Jesus said, "marisa you are healed on your back". I felt a power passing through my back but I could not believe that I was totally healed. I went home with great joy and I felt no pain. I waited for few days to see the pain coming back. Now it is one year and I am totally healed. I can walk or run about without clutches or support. Praise the Lord

I am Carmen with my child Petra. Petra had cerebral paralysis and consecuently epilepsy. All the drs. said that it was impossible for her to recover. Four years Back I attended the retreat of Fr. James with my child for the first time at St. Joseph in Lubljana. In this retreat I found my life in Jesus and I believed that jesus would heal my child one day. I attended all the programs of Fr. James at Kurescek. last year during the seminar, Fr. James said, "Jesus is healing and blessing a carmen with a child" This one year my child has no epilepsy, she satrted speaking. That which is impossible with the drs. is made possible with God. In this seminar, my child was so happy to see Fr. James and his secretary Gaby. Whenever she saw Gaby or Fr. James she was shouting and singing with great joy. She started walking. Praise the Lord

Alexandra: When I came last year to the seminar at Kurescek I had no faith in God but I prayed for the healing from cancer of my step father. During the prayer I heard his name called out by Fr. James and I believed he was healed. By going home I found my step father filled with joy and peace and later the doctors certified that he was healed from caner. This incident led me to believe in Jesus and to change my life. Now I go daily to Holy Mass and regularly I make confesion. Praise the Lord

 Silva: I came to the seminar of Fr. James last year with clutches because my left hip was broken. No doctors could found remedy. I did not come to the seminar for healing. I heard that Fr. James speaks from the Gospel and his words are powerful. I came only to listen to his words. But during the healing prayer I felt a power going through my whole body and I threw away my clutches. Now it is one year, I can walk around. I praise God

Joze: SInce I was 15 Years old I had a strong headache. Docotors said I had migraine. I visited a lot of doctors, took tablets and even I had acupunture. I visitd different bio energetics but the headache stayed. I suffered of it for the last 40 years and on weekends I had strong attacks of pain. In the year 2005 I was present on the seminar of Fr. James at Kurescek. I believed when he called out my name but still I had my doubt wheather the pain will return. I was cured since then. It is one year and I have no headache. I sleep well. I am very happy. Praise the Lord

Maria Lehner – Austria

Dear Father James,
I would like to give my testimony.
On May 21, 2005 I attended the retreat at SCHLIERBACH. And I received a healing there. I had metastases in my lung. I would have had to have an operation or inhale chemotherapy for five hours every day. Father James laid his hand on me and prayed for healing. In the evening during the Holy Mass, Fr. James said, Maria, you are healed. Two months ago I had a physical examination. I received the good news that the blood test was good. May God reward you a thousand times for this great gift. Thank you for praying for us, Father James.

Maria Lehner
A-4841 Ungenach

My husband (Carlyle) and son (Fabian) were both unemployed for almost 10 months.  I was praying faithfully to our Lord Jesus Christ who decides the best for each one of HIS children according to HIS will and time.
My husband and son had attended several interviews but were all futile.  I was talking to a friend of mine who happened to mention your name to me. I did not know how to contact you, but managed to log on to the internet and retrieve information.  I was really inspired on going through your web pages, and then decided to send in a prayer request on for my husband and son.  This was in mid- November 2005.  In the first week of December, both my husband and son received very good offers from good companies and blessed with good jobs.  I praise and thank our Lord Jesus, for all the blessings he has been bestowing on my family at all times. PRAISE THE LORD!

I am attaching photos of self, my husband and son.
Thank you and God bless you
Yours in Christ Jesus,
Mrs. Carmel Roberts

Dear Father James

My Name is Mary Fielies, I attended your retreat at Holy Trinity Parish in South Africa, before the retreat I suffered from bad stomach ailments with severe cramps and also suffered  with arthritis for many  years, since the physical healing service I had no pains in the stomach and my arthritis pains has eased up quite a bit, some days I still have a little arthritis but not as severe as before, I have been healed by my God my Saviour.
Thank you once again for coming to South Africa to bring us  God’s  word and healing powers and to teach us about the Holy Spirit , what an awesome feeling it was to feel the holy spirit move among us.
I will pray that you return to South Africa so that others may experience God’s love and Grace, I will keep praying for you and your ministry.

God’s richest blessing to  you and your team.

Dear Father James!

I want to thank you very much for your wonderful retreats. Your words came straight into my heart. I thank you for the confession, for the talk, for your prayers and for the Holy Mass.

You have brought close to me the two most precious gifts in my life:
1. Since your retreats in Innsbruck last year I have been able to meet Jesus in the Holy Eucharist in a new and very close way. I had no problems to believe that Jesus is present in the Eucharist before but when you were celebrating a Holy Mass I started to realize and experience that Jesus really is being here, that He is coming to my heart and I can meet the living Jesus.
2. Since last year I gained a new attitude towards the confession. For many years it had been something very unpleasant and so I had avoided it with many excuses. At your retreats I started to love the confession because I realized what wonderful and beneficial sacrament it is. It cannot be compared with a general celebration of repentance in a big group in church because we have to express what is disturbing our concience. In the confession when the priest says "ALL your sins are forgiven", there is so much inner healing and peace that is coming to our soul. I appreciate it so much that we Catholics have the possibility to repent and start a new life with God´s grace and in the Holy Spirit.

I had studied Theology, Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogics for six years and I think I was a searching young woman. I thank God for these studies and all the good knowledge I could gain but of course it all remained in my head. Within only a few days of your retreats I could come closer to Jesus than ever before. You have brought Jesus into my HEART and inflamed so much love for Jesus. Now I can talk to Jesus and meet him in a new and special way in my prayers as well as in the Holy Mass. No one can take away this precious gift out of my heart any more. So I am "rich" forever, no matter what is happening, and I don´t have to have any fears because I can completely trust in Him.

I thank the Lord and praise Him!

Waltraud Juranek

I am from South Africa and attended you retreat this weekend at Elsies River Parish, my father had passed on in September last year, I was so sad that it caused me terrible insomnia, for 5 months I was unable to sleep, I blamed myself for his death because I had dreamed 4 weeks before that he had passed away and so I thought that I had willed his death, I took two sleeping tablets every night before bed but still I could sleep, I would lie awake for hours and would pray that God give me rest and I thought God didn't hear or listen to my cries, on Friday night after the first day of retreat , I went home and slept for the first time  in 5 months without tablets  and I woke up at 6.30 to get ready for my second day of retreat, Thank You God for healing me and thank You Father James for being Gods instrument thru which he works

 I have a second testimony: On Saturday you told us to go home and prepare for Sunday's inner healing, I prayed and prepared and forgave my father  for all he has done to me and I asked him forgiveness too, on Sunday morning at 6.30 am I had a dream about my dad, he was standing at my bedroom door smiling at me and as he was about to walk away, I called out to him and ran towards him,  kissed him on his lips and hugged him,  I woke up with such joy in my heart , so when we did the inner healing on Sunday, I knew that all was forgiven between my father and I, I have peace now.

Thank you once again, so the next time you come back to Cape Town God would've already blessed me with my soul mate and then I will have another testimony for you

God bless you and all the work you do, thank you for coming to South Africa

With love and grace
Portia Fielies

My name is Karmen,I'm from Ljubljana ,Slovenija.
When you were in Slovenia on July 2005 on Kurescek, my 7-years old son came to you & said to you that he'll be a priest. When he was 2 years old he said this every time, but once he done like priest in church and priest said to him that must went out and priest was angry to him...after that time he never again said that he'll be a priest, but police man. So, on  Kurescek he all times said:"I must something said to James!!" Than he went to you,  after than all my children went to You & you blessed them...Barbara was kissed You..all of them become happy. I went to Kurescek becouse my children - they have a big problems, becouse we didn't have a home 10 years & moved a lot of times(11x),but this year on East we got a home.Last time on Kurescek (-maybe on 2003?) you prayed for family who don't have home & God give us home without a money. Now, we have a house and garden! About this I must to  tell you a lot...This year Jesus gave us inner healing, to me & my children Sara-8 years, Pavel - 7 ,Barbara -6,Miriam -3,Doroteja - 2 years old &  my husband Aleks. This year on 7.10. we'll celebrate 10 years of our  marriage.
My children like you and pray for you and they like Jesus now. They are  a new children now. Jesus heals all thinks in our live: our soul, our body,  also our financal- money problems and also Jesus gives a house. Jesus knews what we need, but although is our need a home - house, where we can live. I always believe that Jezus give us a house although we never have enough money for it. In Slovenian are a house and flots a very expensive, cost a lot of a money..., but we never have a lot of money.Jesus changes our life for ever. We have all what we need. Do you remember - you said that family must pray together? We against pray together every evenings. My daughter Sara was very angry to me, becouse we move from land to city, she didn't like me anymore, it was very hard to both...But she had a birthday on day when You come, she asked to me if I take her to Kurescek. She likes You, becouse she heard that your schoolfriends didn't like you, she listened all your tapes...so, we went to Kurescek and it was very nice for all.Before some days I & Sara was talking about all our problems with The holy Spirit's help. After this we love each others against.It's all OK.She trusts me against, she become good girl, Pavel prays a lot -you said them this & reads prayerbook all days.Sing aleluja to God!!! Praise the Lord!!
Please James, remember us on this Friday -7.october 2005, we have 10 years of our marriage, with love, the Hegler family: Aleksander,Karmen & Sara,Pavel, Barbara, Miriam, Doroteja.


My name is Helga Weidner, I live in Augsburg in Germany.
Seven years ago I came down with a very rare cancer. After the first operation  in 1999  I should have had a secondone in 2001,  but the doctors were very worried about me and my life.
While I was  fasting  for  40 days I had a dream of GOD. In my dream I heard his voice:"Don´t have fear, trust me, I will make you healthy!" I believed and I decided to have no operation, but it was not easy. Soon I have got the book "Eureka" of Pater James and I came to know about the works of the Holy Spirit and a little time later I could go to Father James for his retreat In the Holy Mass he called my name and said about me": Helga is healed! A wonderful confirmation, which I have needed urgently, for my future ,too. I have accepted my healing with my whole heart. So I am healed: Thank you JESUS and thank you Father James.
Two years later, when I was with Pater James again,  and heard that Homeopathy is not good for a Christian.. I  was taking homoeopathical medicaments. I wanted to be obedient to the church and I separated with homoeopathy. In this way I was liberated from and protected from many things and so I am convinced of my perfect healing of my body, my soul and my mind!I trust in JESUS and I´m very grateful.
My sons Bernhard (12) and Christian (6) and I want to live our life with JESUS, with HIS LOVE, in HIS LOVE and we are hoping, HIS LOVE in us can grow more and more!We all love Fr.James as a father and pray for him. Our life is wonderful to live with GOD! Thank you FATHER without end!

Helga Weidner
An der Dolle 28
86199 Augsburg

My name is Veronika, I am from Slovenia.
I smoked 15 years. After the seminar on the Kurenscek in Slovenia, I don't smoke anymore. For me, is a miracle. Thank you Jesus and thank you Mr. James, thank you very much

Praise  Jesus and Mary!

Dear father James,

My name is Mario Lovrinèevic and I live in Osijek. Upon your visit in Viskovo, when you have said that one woman from Osijek, has wrote to you and said that there is a pagan temple in our town, and that your heart is in pain because of that, for young people from our nation are bowing to Satan (Krishna),  you have given me an urge to testify. I was a sinfull man, I did not go to Church, I smoked marijuana every day, for a long time, I was a child of rock'n'roll, I read books of Sai Baba, Castaneda, studying Aborigins, Yoga. I ended up in their temple, reading all their books, practising mantra, became vegetarian, and ending up in a psyhyatrical hospital on Easter 1999. I have changed three hospitals, I have spent 40 days  indoor in one of the biggest psyhiatrical hospitals in Croatia – Popovaèa. (many people I encountered over there, had a lot of connections in their lives with paganism, and/or Yoga, meditation, Reiki, astrology, bioenergy…) After I left the hospital, I was consuming 20 tablets per day, in a deep depression, at the bottom of life, thinking mostly about suicide.

After you had a seminar in Koprivnica, my uncle has brought me one of your books, and gave it to me for reading. This book has opened a path, for me to go for all or nothing. So after visiting various hodjas, bioenergetics and others, through whom I have tried to save myself, I have told myself that I will live as a child of God or be cursed. And if God invites me to become his child, he will surely spare me and return me to his light. Then I have thrown away hodjas curse from my neck, for which I previously believed that if I do so I would end up in a hospital again.
I started to pray a rosary of God's mercy (and I still pray it today, and I will pray it all my life), and after a while, a wonderful thing happened to me. Not only that I did not end up in a hospital, but after ten days I managed to find strenght to stop smoking cigarettes.
Dear father James, through you, other priests, catolic church, prayers of my close ones, God has changed my life. Since three years I stopped taking any tablets, I have a good job, I got married, God blessed my whole family…

Thanks, glory, honour, love, blessings, life and soul to our dear saviour Jesus Christ and his wonderful mother Queen Mary, the only ones , who can give man a real peace!

When I have heard that you are coming to Rijeka, I said that I must go. We went with the minibus, 15 people from Osijek.

As the days on a seminar went by, I continued with my prayers:

I prayed to Jesus Christ, to give us a child, my wife Ana and me. It will be his child,I said Jesus, please give us a child, you have spoken to us through the mouth of a priest at our wedding, and you said that you want us to have a lot of children. We have been married for three months and nothing happened yet. Please give Ana to bare a child in nine months.
I prayed to Jesus Christ, to liberate me of drinking cofee, because it bothered me, creating a feeling of nervousness in my stomach. Also I wanted to offer it as a penance for all the sinfull things I have done in my life. But I could not do it alone, I was so addicted to drinking cofee, that it was harder to stop, even more than the cigarettes. I have wrote, Jesus, thank you for releasing me of drinking cofee today.

Dear father James – Ana is pregnant for 9 weeks, and from that day on, I have not had a single cup of cofee. Also, Jesus has liberated me from consequences of mantra. And when you prayed for the liberation from the ocult, Jesus broke even the last bondage of Satan on me to which I had given myself in my sinful youth.

Glory to Jesus and Mary!

To the seminar along with us came Drago Vagro¹, whom I knew only vaguely, but your seminar has made us close. Here is his testimony:

"I am 53 ears old. I live and work in Osijek. During August I have been at urologist at a supersonic vibrations haelth check, becuase my problems with prostate My prostate was enlarged. The urologist said that in this fase, even worse can be expected and he mentioned a prostate gland surgery to be probable in the future. The prescribed drugs did not help. I have heard that father James Manjackal is coming to Vi¹kovo near to Rijeka on a charismatic seminar.
The way I understood this event: The living Lord is passing through, I must go there and touch him.
It happened that my understanding was true. On the second day, after I have received my holy Communion, I have prayed to Lord with all my soul and whole heart…
Then, I felt, very clearly, a force that was going down across my stomach, across the ill part of the body. Two months after that, I have visited the urologist again and made a tests (transrectal ultra sonography – TRUS) and after that he said: You will be surprised when I tell you about the condition of your prostate. No operation is necessary, the prostate is not only good, it is excellent, the size is as it should be. Be happy!
Thanks to Lord Jesus Christ and his holy mother Mary for releasing me of evil, and given me good health and great joy.
I will maintain to visit the charismatic seminars of father James, because I know that whenever I come with the strong faith, my travels will pay off.

Drago Vagro – Osijek

Dear father James,

Drago has testified about his recovery on a charismatic seminar in Velika Gorica on the 04.12.2005 and his testimony will probably be printed in the next issue of charismatic magazine «Rhema» which  is published every two months in Zagreb.
We meet each other  every day on a Holy Mass and often talk about you. We send you our photograph, as well as our testimony in croatian language.
We are now in your chain of prayers and we fight with prayers for your mission and your apostolate.
We can hardly wait for you to come to Croatia again, and we hope we will not have to wait for long!
God bless you and thank you.! Praise Jesus!

Mario Lovrinèevic and Drago Vagro

Dear Father James,
I'd like to give testimony of my healing at your retreat in Basel 2004.
Before the retreat I had suffered from bronchitis and regular headaches. Through your prayer and through the power of our gracious Lord Jesus Christ I was healed. I did not realize this at that time, but after a few weeks I noticed that the headaches had stopped completely.
The bronchitis was still there but I did not cough anymore. What a relief! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

May God bless you and Mother Mary always protect you!
Achim Füssenich, Freiburg(Germany)

P. Raymond Marie

For five years I have been suffering from a facial nueralgia. At first I thought that it came from a tooth, hence I removed the tooth but the ache came back. It ached on the right side of my face up to the top of the head always. I could not put my head under a shower or wash my cheek or touch the sensitive zone. I went back to see the dentist who reluctantly estracted one more tooth. During the pilgrimage to Medjugorje, the pilgrims did not know how to relieve my pain. Again another tooth was removed but my pain continued. This pain was leaving me tired and sad. I thought that like St. Teresa of Lisieux or Martha Robin I had to offer my sufferings to Jesus on the Cross. Again a fourth tooth was taking out. Than a friend of mine gave the address of a surgeon who would try to anaesthetize a nerve. I had an appointment with him for the 2nd. of September 2005.
Than another friend of mine invited me to attend a retreat of Fr. James Manjackal at Trois Epis from 25th to 28th of August together with my brother Fr. Pierre. On Thursday evening Fr. James prayed for the healing of many persons. On Friday I was very busy with many confesions and in the evening during the healing prayer Fr. James started announcing the names of healings of persons suffeing from cancers, artrithis, lung problems, back aches, nose bleedings, etc. As I felt very tired I thought of going to bed and then suddenly I heard my name pronounced by Fr. James in good French "Raymond"! I joined the 600 people gathered and praised God. Going back to my room my brother came to ask "what happened to you, your name was called out" Suddenly I noticed that I had no more pain. My nezralgia was completely healed. I touched my head, my cheek, I felt no pain. My brother Pierre gave me a little slap on my cheek and I felt no pain. The whole night I slep comfortably and in the morning I stood under the shower with head erect with no pain at all. Aleluya Jesus healed me !
When I came from the retreat I called the hospital to cancel the operation on my nerve. I explained to the secretary of the surgeon of all that had happened in the retreat. My brother too was healed from his terrible back pain. he takes no more pain killers for his backache. Both of us go around and tell everybody to go to Jesus for healing because he is alive and He heals!

Fr. Raymond Jaccard
20 Rue Megevand
F - 25000 Besancon

Dear Father James:

We would like to give you testimony in order to praise and thank Jesus for the miracles that He is doing in our family.
In February 2005, we attended your  reatreat in Dubendorf, Switzerland where you were praying over us for the blessing of our marriage and gift of a child. We truly believed and claimed the child.
It became true, in the same month God bless us  with a child.
Also, Tina had a couple of problems during her pregnancy: oligohydramnious, low- lying placenta and possible Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). We truly believed and prayed Jesus to heal these medical symptoms. We also asked you, Father James to pray and offer Masses for these intentions and on the following doctors’visit  everything was well.
On Novembre 2nd, 2005 Sofia Maria was born, healthy and strong child.
We praise and thank Jesus for the wonderful gift of child. We pray together everyday and we go for the Holy Mass regularly. We pray Father  for you and  we support your Mission.

Yours in Christ
Pablo, Tina and Sofia Maria Pellizzoni

I was with father James in Schio/ Italy, where our blessed mother Queen of Love is worshiped. There father James blessed us in the mass. I felt how a beam of light went very very slowly and noticeable from my forehead through my entire brain.
At the spiritual exercises in Vienna I felt at the healing prayer that I received a very soft healing in the stomach. Every time I thank for the healing all symptoms disappear and my head becomes clear like in times of my childhood and my stomach gets really fine. This is an incentive always to be thankful.


Manuela and Sandra Hammer

Dear Father James,

My name is Manuela und I wish to give testimony. My daughter Sandra and I have a rare skin disease. I have little skin tumours which are visible and my daughter’s are invisible, unfortunately. One year ago we attended a healing Mass at Maria Lanzendorf. When we saw Father James, we felt warmth in our hearts. We received promise of healing, and we received it. About 3 months ago I was told that my daughter’s tumors had decreased in size, although that is impossible according to the doctors. Praise the Lord.

Manuela and Sandra Hammer

Augustin Rüttimann
My full name is Augustin and I am from Arlesheim near Basel (Switzerland).

About a year ago I had acute leukaemia. Shortly after finding out about the disease, there was a retreat with Father James at St. Anton parish in Basel, which I attended (June 10th to 13th 2004). At that time, Father James called my name during the healing prayer (“Augustin you are healed”). I claimed this healing with a testimony and I thanked Jesus for it.

Now, after one year (May 2005) I came to a retreat with Father James at St. Anton parish in Basel again, to thank my dear Jesus, because I feel so good, although the blood count is not good and I am not healed yet.
But I am able to sleep well, I have no pain and a good appetite. The doctors are very surprised at my condition. Besides, I want to thank Jesus, that I am still alive, because that is a miracle!
During this retreat, Father James called my name again during the healing prayer: “Augustin is getting a great healing!” I thank Jesus deeply for that and I claim this healing.
PRAISE THE LORD!!! Alleluja!!

Augustin Rüttimann

Hollenweg 24
CH-4144 Arlesheim
Email: rüttimann.a@tiscalinet.ch

Dominique Gaquere
Dear father James
6th of June 2005

I want to thanks the Lord much all I can for his healing and I want also to thank you. It was at the end of September in 2003. I want to thank you father James because you said you would pray for me.
Before the retreat in end of September 2003 with you father James, I had received a word from the Lord from a group of prayer where I live. They were praying for me for this disease of tumour in the right testicle. I had one tumour in the right testicle and I have been in fear all during this period. With this prayer group the word I had from the Lord is "the Lord is my praise", or exactly it was " is heal me and I will be healed, save me and I will saved, because you are my praise "  Jer 17 v 14. During the end of the retreat with you at night I heard my name several times” Dominique you are healed” but I did not know if it was me or not because, it was not said the disease... so I had your gsm number on a table and I let you a message, explaining to you, what I lived about it, I wanted to know if it was me or someone else who was healed. Then I called you back the tomorrow morning, and I started to explain to you this and you told me "go to hospital, I will pray for you".
The Lord in doctor's hands cured me and took off this tumour and they said that it was a tumour but nowhere else was infected with trace of cancer. The tumour was took off and no more trace of disease was found, neither months later.
I had a check control now there are a few days ago and the doctor answered to me that all is ok. I praise the Lord deep in my heart and want to thank you for having been here and to told me that you would pray for me. It gave me a lot of courage

Thanks to our Father in Heaven, the Lord and the Holy Spirit.
Thanks again to you father James.

Praise the Lord !!! I will pray for you for the strong and sweet hope you give.
Dominique Gaquere from north of France

Christina Strohmer
Dear Priest James!
At first I want to thank you for speaking with me in the sakristy of the Marianneum ( in Vienna)on 16.thor 17.th of September 2004 during the retreat ;and also a big thanks to Mrs. Gabi,your secretary, who helped in traslation.I was suffering from a tumor in my uterus.You promised to pray for me.
In the next evening after the holy mass during the "Healing Prayer before the Holy Eucharist you told : Christina you are healed in your uterus.
I  claimed this healing with faith and gave thanks to God. I already had a hospitalisation. After the retreat  on the following Wednesday   the doctor  made an ultrasonic testing and she told me: "You need not go into the hospital and that I am healed".

Alleluia! I praise, glorify and thank GOD!!! I say a hearty thanks to you father for your prayers! Now it is one year I am fully healthy.I decide to help your mission with my prayers and money. May the good Lord bless your preaching Mission all over the world.

Christina Strohmer

Brunhilde Turner
In the charismtic retreat preached by Fr. James at Feistriz an der Drau from 27 to 30th of July 2005, I met Jesus through a real conversion of heart. I was always hard in my heart. But the Word of God spoken during the retreat touched my heart day by day. I had lot of unforgiveness towards many people including my husband and children. On the second day of the retreat in tears I asked pardon to my husband and made a very good confession. Also I decided to ask pardon to my children because I did not bring them up in Christian faith. I gave a bad image of my husband to my children and I know that it was wrong. The Holy Spirit gave a complete life change. I even forgave the one who caused my car accident. Peace and joy came to my heart. I am fully healed of the headache of which I was suffering for long. When Jesus came to my heart through the Holy Spirit I became a new being and I am healed both in soul and body. When Fr. James prayed over for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, I fell down on the floor and when I got up I felt myself like a small girl with joy, peace. I praise the Living Lord. I wish that all in my country get a chance to have this experience of conversion and new life.

Brunhilde Turner
9500 Villach
Uferweg 30

Edward Rathkolb
I heard much about Fr. James and his works of evangelization in Austria since a very long time because he was preaching many retreats in Graz, my home town. I had attended one day program with him and I was longing to have a retreat with him, but something was blocking to go for it. At last I came to this retreat in Feistriz an der Drau on the 27th of July 2005. In this retreat the Holy Spirit showed me the "old dead man" I was carrying within myself. It was full of sins and dead works. For a very long time I had not made a good confession. In this retreat I was able to repent of all my sins and make a confession with Fr. James himself. On the second day evening during the Mass I experienced the Living Jesus in my heart, at that night I asked myself why my knee is not healed of its pains. The following day during the inner healing prayer, the Lord called out my name through the mouth of Fr. James. On the following day morning when I rose up from my bed I had still the pain but I acepted it with joy and praised God for I know God has His ways and plans. In this retreat God changed my life. I decided to live for Jesus and follow Him. Praise you Jesus, thank you Jesus.

Edward Rathkolb
Zeppelinstr. 32
8055 Graz

My name is Elena, I am 25 years old, married, I live in Linz (Austria) and was born in Croatia. In June I attended the retreat at Thaya (A) with my two sisters.
One week before the retreat I found out that I have two stomach ulcers, so I went in spite of increasingly severe pain and depression.
On the first day I was only quiet and pensive, until Father James told us to surrender our pains and problems to Jesus. Suddenly I felt so relieved and satisfied, then I realized everything has it’s purpose.
The three days were so wonderful, I was able to eat a lot and the pain was gone.
But something was still bothering me. Father James had prayed for everything, but not for that which I had been waiting for. But on the last day when he prayed for us, he said: I pray for families without children, that they may be blessed with children. Then I knew that my prayers were answered!
At the end, Father James asked us to give testimony. Immediately I got up, full of joy, and proudly I gave my testimony.

I glorify and praise you Jesus … Halleluja..

Gisela Serrano
Münster, July 9, 2005.

Quiet and apparently indifferent, I sat in the first row. The reasons for that were not lack of interest, but rather first of all, severe pain in the hip (total endoprothesis) and also in the knee (total endoprothesis), all on the left side, and stiff joints.
2) I was raised to be disciplined and not to show any feelings or “weakness”.
3)I am a convert, the Lutheran church does not have this kind of “services”.
4)I converted with Jesuits and later I was in  contact with Opus Dei (conservative strict congregation)

I received a healing: my left knee which was operated 2x, has become more agile and almost pain-free.
I am immensely grateful to the Lord for this improvement. There are still other sufferings which I can offer up. Praise to Jesus Christ.

Gisela Serrano

I am Diana, 12 years old, from the age of 5 I was using glasses, I had very much pain in my eyes. Last year I heard that many people were healed in the seminar of Fr. James at Kurascek. Then one of my friends gave me his book in Croatian "Prayer does wonders". When I heard about the seminar this year in July, I began to pray to the Lord for a miraculous healing by the prayer of Fr. James. Two weeks before while I was praying, I received a healing for my eyes. I threw away my glasses, now I can see everything clear. I praise Jesus who healed me directly. Now I know that Jesus is with me always and caring me.

Diana - Slovenia

I am Nicolina and I am nine years old. After last year's seminar in Kurascek I got the book "27 charismatic prayers" of Fr. James. Once when I was praying, I felt something like darkness falling from my eyes and suddenly I saw Virgin Mary standing in front of me and telling me to make personal prayer daily. Now I wake up exactly at 5:30 everyday and make my personal prayer. I find great power in the personal prayer. After the personal prayer during the day I feel grace in all what I do. I thank and praise the Living Lord who taught me to pray.

Nicolina - Slovenia
Throat cancer healed
 I am Monica and I am happy to read the wonderful healing I received from the Lord in charismatic seminar of Fr. James here at Kurascek. I was suffering from throat cancer for 3 years. Although I was taking medicines I was unable to speak or to sing. The dr. suggested chemotherapy and operation. I was afraid of operation. Then I heard about the charismatic seminar of Fr. James where many people received healings from Jesus. During the prayer I felt something like fire touching my throat, I believed and claimed healing. My drs. were surprised to see that i was fully healed. I praise my living Lord! I decided to live a holy life according to God's will, now I pray daily and go the holy Mass. I have no words to express my joy that I am a new being by the Holy Spirit. Daily I pray for Fr. James and his mission

Monica (Slovenia)

Gertrud Thiessen

I was a social drinker. At first I only drank one beer in pleasant company, afterwards the second, and then I drank one after another till late at night, till I was completely drunk. The next day I felt awful, I had to sleep a lot and I couldn’t work. After resting all day long, I felt good the next day, I was in a good mood and in the evening I wanted to experience something. And so it started all over again. This was repeated every second or third day. I really would have liked to stop drinking, but I wasn’t able to do so.

In March I attended a retreat with Father James in Menden. There I went to confession, the first time in almost 40 years. There I was freed from alcohol. Since then I have not touched alcohol anymore. That was 2,5 years ago now. I don’t find hard to do without it at all, not even when everyone around me is drinking. I feel wonderful. I thank and praise the Lord. Halleluja!!!

Gertrud Thiessen

Healing in dream

In a time of severe kidney problems (pains and nausea, also at night) – I had a dream in which I saw Father James blessing many people. I also received his blessing which was so strong that I woke up. From that time on I was freed from all pains and I felt a great joy lasting for a long time. The same happened in a time of a spiritual distress. After a blessing of Father James in dream all darkness had vanished.

We (my husband and I) met Father James for the first time in in Schwäbisch Gmünd, where we attemded a retreat with fasting and silence. All we experienced in these days has far exceeded our imaginations. During the prayer of the stations of cross on Good Friday (which took more than 4 hours) we became witness not only of various healings (one of our friends was also healed from great pains) but we all were filled with indescribable joy and strength. We experienced very deeply God’s love through Father James – as we never did before in our life. In all following retreats we went home as new persons and received help in different concerns. In a retreat in Olten in September 2001 I was freed of a longtime back pain (scoliosis) – praise and thank to the Lord!

Our daughter Lucia met Father James in Medjugorje after having refused a long time to meet this priest. There she attended a Holy Mass in which a young girl was freed of her bondage as a Satanist. After that our daughter went to several retreats with F. ames, in 2003 she was in Haßfurth and some time later she met her future husband who is coming from Haßfurth!

During the healing prayer Father James also receives messages for the participants of the seminar. One year ago I heard the word “be my witness”. Since that time we are often contacted by people who need information of seminars with Father James. Here we can testify the healings and conversions we have seen. Through manufacturing bible bags with the word of God we try to collect some money for a seminarist in India. In a charismatic prayer group which was founded after a retreat in Basel last year the intentions of Father James in his worldwide mission are always included.

Thanks and praise to the Lord ! Halleluja !

Rita Mühlecker

Dear Father James,

For a long time I hesitated to write my testimony. But your words, dear Father James, and also the gospel of yesterday’s Holy Mass touched me deeply and I saw clearly that I could no longer delay the matter:

My name is Margit, I am 50 years old and married to Joseph. We have a 25 year old son and live in Kapfenberg.
Six years ago I had cancer. I had a sarcoma on my right thigh. The muscle cords affected by this tumor were removed. I didn’t go for the radiation treatment the doctors advised after the operation and therefore the doctors’ prognoses were not very good, because this tumor was of a type that reoccur. At the time my family and I lived without faith and without knowing God.

When I look back today, I am eternally thankful for that time, for it was necessary to bring me back to the way of repentance, to leave my “old” life behind, and begin a new life with GOD. At that time I realized that a life without God is nothing. In his great mercy, the LORD touched me and gave me the gift of faith and healed me. Therefore I was able to convert to the catholic faith in 2001 (before that I was Lutheran).

Through the retreat with Father James in Kapfenberg, I learned how the Holy Spirit works in me. He took away my fear of people, so that  I was able to testify to my faith freely and openly – and that was not easy for me at first. My husband was also touched, so that now he is on the same path of faith with me. But I also received physical healing at that time: not only did the cancer not reoccur in the last six years; I was also healed from the very painful after effects of having the muscles removed. Often after  such operations bursas filled with fluid develop, and in my case this occurred in my right groin. It caused quite severe pain, especially when sitting for longer periods of time. I had that for one year and the doctors said it should be punctured to remove the fluid. During the healing prayer I felt the healing power of God come upon me and I was freed from this pain. At first I couldn’t believe it, but 2 weeks later, when I went to the hospital for my yearly check-up, they told me, this bursitis (the medical term) was completely gone. In the meantime a year has gone by and I am still free of pain and healthy! PRAISE THE LORD! THANKS BE TO YOU, LORD!

Dear Father James, I thank you for everything I experienced through you, for your love and patience with which you bring the Word of GOD  to us and shake us up again and again, and make living witnesses to the faith out of us.

May the LORD bless and protect you! Alleluia!

Yours truly,
Margit Fritz

Schweighardtweg 12
A-8605 Kapfenberg

Sigfried and Elfriede
 Dear Fr. James

I am very happy to give this testimony in orfder that people may praise Jesus for the wonders He is doing in your retreats. Both of us made charismatic retreats with you and renewed our Christian life and got married. In a one day program at Graz, while I was praying for a gift of a child, you called out and said in your healing prayer, "God is blessing Sigfried with a child". I believe and claimed a child and it happened soon, after three months my wife got pregnant and on January 28th. 2005 our child Benedict was born. We pray together everyday and we go for the Holy Mass regularly. I praise God for our happy family life. Daily I pray for you and for your mission.

Sigfried and Elfriede

8431 Weinburg 120
Testimony of Waltraud and her son Simon
In February 2005 I went to the retreats of Father James in Innsbruck for the first time. I went there in order to pray for healing of our 5-year-old son Simon, who has got the Syndrome of Down. Father James put his hands on him and prayed for him - as well as for our other two sons and for my husband and me.
Within a few weeks Simon started to make remarkable progress in his development of speech as well as in his mentally and motorial development. Also his therapists, his kindergarten teachers as well as his doctors were astonished about his extraordinary push in development. Now Simon is able to talk much better, he is able to express himself in whole sentences, he has got a good vocabulary and he is able to speak clearly. Again and again he astonishes us because of his mentally alertness.

Last week we had to go to an examination of his eyes because he didn´t see well on his right eye. He had to wear a plaster on his left eye for six hours a day in order to make his right eye stronger. Moreover at the last check of his eye half a year ago the doctor had told us that in June 2005 Simon will get glasses because of his defective vision. Since the retreats in February Simon has strictly refused to wear his plaster and so we were afraid that his eye got even worse. But then we really could experience a miracle: Simon´s visual acuity has doubled and there is no more weakness of vision left!  Praise the Lord!

Simon is a very special child with a strong believe in God, his heart is so open for God. He loves to pray and sing spiritual songs and many times a day he suddenly starts praying "thank you, Jesus". Sometimes in the morning we can hear him singing "Halleluja" in his room. Sometimes he gets the cross out of his room and contemplates it together with a of a book about Jesus. That Jesus had to to suffer and die at the cross engages his attention but then he emphasizes that Jesus is alive again.

The retreats of Father James left its mark on the whole family. For several years I had a troubled sleep, which took away my energy for the day. I could receive healing and now I am able to sleep well every night! At the same time I began to wake up early in the morning and so I started to do my personal prayer, which has become very important to me. It has become a personal need, it braces my relationship to Jesus, it gives a lot of power to me and fills my heart with joy.
Moreover I could find a charismatic prayer-group. We can make wonderful experiences when we pray together and each time we meet we can grow. We can experience the love and grace of Jesus and feel that the Holy Spirit fills us. I have a joy in my heart that I never felt before.

Also our marriage and family have changed: the love between my husband and me got deeper and our family got strenghtened. Our family prayer has become more important, our faith has become deeper and our relationship to Jesus is more alive and determines our daily life.

The words and prayers of Father James gave us a new nearness to God, we can feel that He is accompanying us.  But the most important thing was the confession: It opened our heart for Jesus Christ and His grace. I think the confession is the "key" to God`s grace and the Holy Spirit.
We also renewed our promise of marriage and we gave our life to Jesus. Now we feel calm and without fear and we can accept what comes up to us because we trust in God and in His plan that is full of love.

We are convinced that our Simon is a present of God: He loves us and He wants to bring the whole family closer to Him.
We thank God for all His love and grace and for all His spiritual and material blessings! Praise the Lord!

Praise Him, praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the noontime, praise Him when the sun goes down!

Dear Fr. James,

I am the mother of Bianca in the photo above, last year in May in your retreat at Basel, Switzerland, I came with my two children, Bianca and Tobias, and ask you to pray for many things. My daughter Bianca was suffering from epilepsy and she was taking medicine for three years. During the healing prayer, you said 'a little girl by name Bianca is completely healed on her head'. On driving home, my daughter told me "Fr. James called my name mama, I feel better". It was true. While going to the doctor, EEG showed no more epilepsy in Bianca and the doctor asked to stop the medicine. Ever since Bianca has no peileptic attacks. I thank and praise the Lord. Please continue to pray for our family. My children like your CD "Singt God ein neues Lied" and they listen to it often. They encourage other children also to listen these songs in the Cd.

Chaletweg 1
4146 Hochwald

Dear father James ,

I am very happy to became post from you .Many thanks, also thanks for your prayers.
You want a testimony of my healing of megrin:
I'm Ursula Gebauer,60 years old, married, 4children, 4grandschilds. I had been suffering of terrible headaches(=megrim)about 40years,at the end rather regularly once every 10-14 days. During the curing prayer Father James called my name: "Ursula will be cured of megrim "
I didn't believe that I was meant. At the presence of 150 -200 persons in Basel 2004 it could be possible that there was another person called Ursula suffering by megrim, besides I didn't pray for healing this evening. The next day Father James called again my name among all the others (even if he didn't meet me before)."Ursula will be cured of megrim, why are you doubting? Now I felt that he meant me and I was astonished. During this event I couldn't give testimony.
At home, in the following week, I suffered by a terrible megrim, after that attack these terrible headaches came very rarely even in spite of burden and stress . 11 months have been passed and the headaches are very seldom.
Another experience: During 3' 2005 one morning I suffered by terrible headaches. But my husband and I intended to pray before the tabernacle on that day. I really dragged myself to this place .We didn't spend 2 minutes before the tabernacle in the church when the pain left and didn't come back. For me this experience was a real operation .---Jesus, the Saviour wants that I come to him and give him this time. But of a matter of fact The Saviour gives me a present.
May HE strengthen my belief I want to thank for his healing and if I'm suffering by pains occasionally I will bear the pains for him . Praise to the Lord !!!

My name is Alphy, from Houston Texas. After completing my graduate studies, I was searching for a job. I was not able to get any job, while many of my friends were getting placed.

I was praying continously to the Lord, and going to church almost everyday. One day while I was searching the net, I came across Father James website. I remember Father James, very well because the very first retreat I attended in my life was conducted by Father James. This was in Bahrain when I was a teenager.

So I decided to write to Father James to pray for me that I will get a good job soon. I wrote the email to Father James on Wednesday, April 20th. I did not expect Father James to reply, but he did so immediately. He promised his prayers for me to get a job soon and told me that the prayer group is also praying for me.

And praise the Lord, on Friday, April 22nd I got a call from my company that a client had finalized on me for a job in Philadelphia. The job was what I wished for and the pay was double what I expected as my starting pay.

Praise you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!

I wrote back to Father James, thanking him for his prayers. He informed me that in the prayergroup a lady had a vision of me getting a job and specifically mentioned that it is in Philadelphia. It was absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much Father James Manjackal and the prayer group. I will continue to pray for you and your mission.

Praise the Lord !!

Robin Mathew


“They brought to Him all the sick, those who were afflicted with various diseases and pains, demoniacs, epileptics and paralytics, and He cured them”. (Mt.4:24). Thanks to God.

I am Robin Mathew, aged 17, studying in Collage – XI, from Mumbai, was suffering from ear-discharge for more than a year. I got admitted for Malaria disease in August 2003, and again I was admitted in Hospital for Typhoid in January 2004 when I was in the Xth Standard. Since then I was continuously suffering of cold and cough while facing the usual problem of ear-discharge. Due to above reasons my parents had taken me to many Private and Government Hospitals. However, after medical investigations all the Doctors had then told me to undergo for an immediate operation. Accordingly we had finally decided to get admitted for the operation with an ENT Specialist in a reputed Hospital in Mumbai.

In the meantime, our uncle, Mr. T.K. Chacko told us to come and attend the Charismatic Convention being held at Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai from 11th to 14th November 2004, conducted by Rev. Fr. JAMES MANJACKAL, MSFS, and there after decide of operation, as nothing is impossible for our lord Jesus Christ…and hence, with faith we should attend the Charismatic Convention with my parents.

Accordingly, I could attend the Retreat led by Rev. Fr. James Manjackal, alongwith my parents. Thousands of people of different caste and languages were attending the Convention and also a lot of sick people…praying for a touch of healing by our Lord Jesus.

During the time of prayer service being done by Rev. Fr. James Manjackal, hundreds of various sick peoples were on queue for his prayers and I was also standing among them. When my turn has come up, Fr. James Manjackal prayed over me for a while holding my head…for a touch of healing by our Lord Jesus …and then Fr. James Manjackal told me, after prayer, that “No need of going for your operation, Jesus has healed you.” Praise the Lord. After this prayer service…I have not faced any problem of ear-discharge or any frequent sickness so far…and I strongly feel, and am convinced, that our Lord Jesus has touched me, healed me, and for which I am ever grateful to our loving Lord Jesus…while giving this testimony to the world.

Thank you Abha Father…Thank you Jesus…Thank you Holy Spirit…Thank you Mother Mary…Halleluia….Halleluia….Halleluia….Halleluia….Halleluia……Halleluia..Haleluia..

With love & prayers in Christ,

Bldg 203/Flat 2470, Sector-VI, C.G.S. Quarters
Antop Hill, Mumbai-400037, INDIA. Tel. (022) 24084163.

Patricia Dudoux
In August 2003 I attended a retreat by Father James Manjackal in Alsace, France with two other friends from the same rosary prayer group.
I was very excited about the retreat as I’ve heard about the many blessings and healings experienced by several people who had attended. In my walk with Jesus, I have experienced His healing touch in 1980’s. Jesus had healed me of a chronic cough which I had suffered for eighteen months. So with much faith in my heart, I prayed very earnestly for Jesus to heal me again. I prayed for inner healing.
On the first evening of the retreat which was held in church, the healing session began after the praise and worship session. I was praying for my friend who suffers from ear and stomach problems. We were instructed to place our hand on the person sitting next to us, and to pray for that person. To my surprise and joy, I heard my name being called out. “Patricia, Jesus is now healing your heart”. Never did I imagine my name would be called out as I had asked for a spiritual healing. At that moment, I felt my heart dilating, As my eyes were closed, I could see my heart expanding very gently like on a screen. . “How great Thou Art, my Lord and Saviour!”. I had told Jesus that if He wanted me to love my enemies like He did. He would have to heal my heart. “Praise you Jesus for Your goodness and mercy to me! This healing has increased m faith, that You are truly a loving God an d that You love me”.
On the last day of the retreat during praise and worship, I experienced a prompting. At first I was not aware of the prompting as I was happily singing and praising the Lord. It come a second time, and suddenly I realized it was a prompting from the Holy Spirit. The prompting was “Look at your right elbow”, I pushed up my sleeves, and what I saw on the inner side of my right elbow, a tendonitis which I’ve had for some months. Had completely disappeared. Before the retreat, I had toyed with the idea of asking the Lord to heal me of it as it had been causing me much pain. I decided against it as I thought I should not bother the good Lord for such trivial aches and pains, that I should suffer this for my own sanctification. This healing has taught me that nothing is too trivial for our Heavenly Father who is infinitely good and who loves us very much. He wants us to ask Him for healings and blessings with the heart of a child.
In October 2004, I attended another retreat with Fr. James in Lourdes. During the retreat I experienced many graces and blessings, one of which is fasting. I had lost this habit for several years now, and was grateful for the grace to practice it during the retreat. On the last night of the retreat, my name was called out “Patricia, the Lord is healing your whole body” The announcement filled with me with joy, but at the same time left me quite perplexed. I had prayed for inner healing again as I had no major illnesses. “My whole body”, I thought ! “But I’m not that sick”. I knew that announcement was for me although there could be another Patricias present. That evening as I was lying in bed thinking it over and feeling quite puzzled but happy, it suddenly dawned on me that I was breathing normally and not gasping for air as I usually do. During the retreat, Father James ha announced a few times that Jesus was healing many people of respiratory problems. It didn’t occur to me then that I was one of them. “Thank you Jesus once again for your love and mercy to me. I praise and bless you Lord. Alleluia!”
María Vallejo-Nágera
My name is Maria Vallejo-Nágera, I am 40 years of age, I was born in Spain and I am an authoress of novels. This testimony of healing is real, happened to me and I give my word of its genuineness.
I developed some cysts in my vocal cords when I was 20 years old. These cysts were produced by a malfunction of the vocal cords. At that age I liked to go out at night, to pubs and parties, and of course, that increased to a high degree the size of those cysts.
My family brought me to a very good specialist who confirmed me that I had 2 options: 1)I had to keep silent for a month; 2) I had to be operated.
I decided for the 1st option and that was hard. (I had to keep a little black board with me all the time in order to communicate with people).
After that long trial, I went back to the doctor who confirmed that I was cured, but he advised me that if I did not learn how to talk with a special training of breathing, the cysts will come back. Only one month later, the cysts were back. This time I was young, angry and tired and I did not want to kept silent any more. 20 years have passed by since then and my voice has been broken, shaken and rotten all that time. 3 years ago a friend took me to a retreat led by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. My voice those days was in a very bad shape and my doctor has told me that the cysts have grown a lot and that I had to be operated as soon as possible.
In one of the healing masses, I felt a strange sensation inside my throat. It was like a tickling. I remember being very much concentrated into prayer and I remember feeling very strongly the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist.
Next day, when I returned to the doctor to find a date for the operation, his astonishment was enormous when he found that the cysts have gone. I smiled and said nothing. Only I knew that I had been cured. The doctor, full of bewilderment, told me that I was cured, but I had to go to classes to learn how to speak or the cysts would come back.
I started to attend these type of classes, but after some months, due to a total lack of time, I left them. The cysts came back some months later. And this time they came with rage.
I got many infections in the throat that year, I was always hoarse. This was very disruptive in my life: if I had to give a lecture in the Univesity about my novels, I had no voice, if I had to attend a TV programme, I had no voice; if I had to present a new book , I had no voice. Nobody knew when or where my voice was going to desert me.
Antibiotics where a normal medicine in my night table, and I become irritated and desperate.
I remember one specifically bad week when I was really feeling sick. Precisely in those days, a friend proposed me to go to Father James Manjakal retreat in Santander, (north of Spain).
I went and liked immediately his preaching.
After a couple of days and deep into the retreat, father James invited us to receive his blessings for healing.
I went to him and explained what the problem was. He accepted to pray over my neck, putting both his hands on my throat. Then he prayed in tongues and I prayed interiorly asking God to cure me once and for all.
After some minutes, father James told me that he was seeing a light coming into my throat. The soft light of the Holy Spirit covering everything inside my throat, nostrils, tongue, larynx… I was not feeling anything at all. Actually, (and please forgive me Father), I thought that everything was an invention of father James.
After a while, father James Manjakal said these words: “Maria, the Lord has healed you. Go in peace.” And I went back to my pew.
I was very confused. In one hand I desperately wanted to believe in father James words. In the other, I was not feeling any relief. On the contrary: the pain was bad and the voice gone.
Next day I returned home bewildered. The pain was excruciating and I could not make a single noise.
I called my doctor in panic and he told me off for not having visited before. I had last seen him some months before and 3 big cysts were really growing there. This information was filmed into his computer, crystal clear. I never showed up for a last visit before the operation, (he proposed an operation to get rid of them once and for all, but I was scared).
Reluctantly he pushed me through a very tight morning, (he had many patients to see that day). “I told you, Maria, that I had to operate you, but you never called me back. I knew the cysts were going to grow. Now you are in terrible pain. Come immediately.”
When I reached his office I was in tears. I was afraid to be operated; I was desperate with the problem that has been haunting me for 20 years, I was disappointed with father James. Was he a charlatan after all?
The doctor put inside my throat and through my nose a minimal camera. This is a very specific machine that is very unpleasant, (it provokes nausea and vomiting), but is very good to see what is going on down there.
After some terrible minutes of exploration, the face of the doctor was full of bewilderment.
There, inside my throat, the cysts were gone. Dissapeared.
Astonished, the doctor said that he could not understand how the cysts had gone.
The camera showed in the screen of his computer 2 vocal cords clean and perfect.
“What is going on here?”, he said…
He sent me home and told me: “Maria, I do not understand. The pain has been caused by some irritation, but is very strange… The cysts are gone. How come? Go home and find a good teacher of fonetics or I tell you: they will come back.”
I arrived home in tears and went straight to mass, to thank the Lord for his lesson. He has cured me, father James was no charlatan, and I had a timid Faith. The Lord, by the pain, had obliged me to see a doctor. (Father James has insisted in the retreat that we should always do so, because their hands as doctors, had also being blessed by the Lord). Only in that way I could be sure that He has cured me. Now the result of Father James prayer was into a computer, again, crystal clear.
Up to now, I am still cured. Only the Lord heals. Only He know what we need.

Eliama Jose

Thanks a lot for your prayers I believe that we will definetely see miracles happening soon.My mothers name is Eliama Jose.She was suffering from diabetes and she had constant pain in the nerves of her left leg .She was about to visit the doctor for her checkup but she said she would attend the convention at Chembur conducted by Fr. James and then visit the doctor. On the secomd day of the convention you called out her name and she was cured of the pain in her leg and the heaviness in her chest.Then next week when she had her blood sugar test it came normal and then we visited the doctor,he too was amazed at my mom's report.She had no diabetes at all.Praise the Lord.



Praise the Lord . When attended the charismatic retreat with Fr. James at Chembur on 12th of November 2004, I was surrounded with many problems at home, in the office and with my friends. Although I started praying to God in the nearby Church, I could not find any solution to my problems. In the talks of Fr. James I came to realize that I had to make a good confesion and be reconciled with God to have solution to all my problems, for there were long six years since I made a good confesion. On that day I made a good confesion and to this very day I continue the habit of making confesion and I see the Lord solving all my problems. I had severe back pain till the retreat and it was difficult for me to sleep on my back and to get up early in the morning. I thank the Lord for the miraculous healing of my back pain.

Praise the Lord in the highest

Thressian Joseph

I am Mrs Thressian Joseph, attended your retreat in November 2004 in Chembur in the Municipal ground (Mumbai ). I had been a diabetic patient for the last 12 years and now I am
totaly cured from diabetics, after the retreat I confirmed my healing with my doctor and from the lab report the result is totally healed from diabetic. Thank you Lord

My address and tel no 0091-22-25103647
1/4 vijay nagar sicicety vidya vihar west
Mumbai - 86


Healing testimony from Marie-Bernadette Métifeu
7 rue Jean Codeau N°33
16800 Soyaux

Healing : 25 July 2002 St James feast day

I used to smoke 2 packets of cigarettes a day. It was like a drug.
I used to pray the way of the cross, and at the 10th point ‘ Jesus has to remove his clothes’ I used to tell Jesus to take off everything that was preventing me from going to him except from my cigarettes. And since one year I understood I had to stop smoking, but I couldn’t; I had no will.
In Pontmain, the Virgin gave a message; it seemed that things would go quickly: ‘But pray my dear children, God will answer your prayer in a few time. My son is touched by your prayer’. I came to the retreat to listen to Father James and also to be healed; I knew the Lord would heal me, I didn’t know what would the healing be, but I didn’t go for the cigarette!! I went to confession 24th July, the priest told me to stop smoking just after my confession; it was a hard job for me! I tried all day long, a very long day ! I asked the souls of the purgatory to pray for my cigarette addiction, and I told them I would offer masses with the money saved. I asked the Virgin to be so quick as in her message.
On the beginning of the retreat, I used to go out many times in order to smoke.
25th July, St James feast day, Father Manjackal feast day, feast day also of my brother death and of my grand-father death. On that very evening, Father James announced healings from tobacco and cigarettes. I got the healing; I didn’t need anylonger to go out and hide for smoking till the end of the retreat. I don’t smoke anylonger.

The Lord heals today also; what is impossible to human beeings is possible to God.
Thanks for all the graces received.

Praise the Lord!

Dear Father James, here is my testimony:
October 12, 2004


Croatia, Pula, August 2002

I was sick for three years. I had a tumor in my breast and after the breast surgery in 1999 I had a metabolic disorder. Depressions, fear, nightmares, low resistance to sickness and exhaustion were my constant companions at that time. A few months after the operation, I had another tumor, which the doctors said should not be operated. I had had severe pain. After October 2000, I could neither walk nor do anything on my own. I had to give up my job. I went to many doctors, was in many hospitals, clinics and tried many therapies. Nothing helped me. I looked for help for two years. What was even sadder, was that I had lost my faith at that time. I was unable to pray and I was far away from myself, from God, from prayer and the Church. I had no connection to my former faith. All there was, was emptiness, darkness and great restlessness. My soul cried and was thirsting, I cried….

In the summer of 2002, my sister sent me an article from a croation newspaper, containing the testimony of a woman who had been to your seminar. It also said in the paper, that your next seminar was to be in Pula in August. I felt I just had to go there. The next day, my brother and my mother drove me to Croatia. I didn’t know anything about you or your seminars. When we arrived, all I could say was – Thank you, my God for bringing me here. Now I can die, if that is your will. I was so happy and grateful to be there and to experience all these things. It was the most beautiful experience of my whole life. I felt as if I was living at the time of Jesus. God’s words flowed into my heart, stayed there and healed me.

During your sermon, I asked Jesus if He still loves me and I received the answer through your words: “My daughter, I love you, I have written your name in the palm of my hands”. I was filled with great happiness and peace came back to me. Jesus had forgiven all my sins, and above that, He let me know that He loves me. The Holy Spirit opened my heart and helped me to understand that I am nothing without God, and that everything I was and had in the past, was God’s grace. The Holy Spirit helped me to know human helplessness and the almighty power of God. I understood, that God had always showed me the way, when things were difficult, but that I had not recognized it. He heard my cries, but I didn’t hear His answers. I knew and I know that Jesus and this seminar saved my life. Yes, Jesus is my Savior. Thank You, my wounded Jesus. I praise You.

After coming back to Germany, I had a dream. I dreamed about you. Dear Father James, you were holding the robe of Jesus in your arms and I was holding on to it very tightly. Underneath me was a dark crevice in the rock, and I knew that I wouldn’t fall down as long as I hang on to Jesus. Even today, I have that feeling. Yes, as long as I cling to Jesus, nothing will happen to me, I will not fall or go under.

That feeling helped me to go on living. Jesus wiped away all my tears. He took away my fear. I received the great grace to pray again. Thank you, Jesus.


Germany, Menden, March-April 2004

When I walked into the church, I told Jesus, “Here I am, my Lord, only You and I. Make me completely new. I know you can make all things new. See, you make all things new”.

The dear God gave me the chance to talk to Father James and he prayed for me. When you started to pray for me and put your hands on me, you asked me if I smoke. Yes, I did smoke, even though I was so sick, I couldn’t stop smoking. I had tried to quit several times, but I did not succeed. I plagued myself because of that, and I thought, how can I pray for health, if I don’t stop smoking. You said, I should throw away the cigarettes, otherwise God’s grace would not reach me, if I kept on smoking. You also said I should go to confession and forgive everyone. When I decided to stop smoking, I felt that I was not alone with my decision. I felt that your prayer would help me and that Jesus would come to my help. I felt great warmth and I felt as if a “mountain” was being taken away from me. What a wonderful feeling! Heavenly feeling! Yes, I felt and knew that Jesus was healing me.

I felt Him take away all my problems and sicknesses. I did what you told me and threw away the cigarettes, I went to confession and with the grace of God, I forgave everyone.

Late in the evening, during the healing prayer, I felt warmth again. And I felt and knew that I was healed. A short time later, you said, “Ivka, you are healed!”. I thank You, my Lord, my Savior. The next day, Jesus called my name again and said, “Ivka, you are healed!”. My Lord gave me so much grace. I am completely healthy, thanks to His grace – I don’t take any more medicine, I don’t smoke anymore, and the mammography ( x-ray of the breast) showed that everything is good. Jesus gave me this new life. A life in light, peace and joy. Our God is an allmighty God. His works are great and wonderful.

Jesus, You King of Love, I praise You and thank You. Jesus, thank you for giving me the chance to get to know Father James. Dear Father James, I thank you for praying for me. May God bless and protect you.

Testimony from Prayer warrior

I had low resistance to disease. For three years I had a severe case of flu every month and I always had a cold. The flu usually lasted about three weeks, during which I had to stay in bed. I couldn’t do anything, because of the severe pain. I was so weak. Even though I did much to fight it, I didn’t get better. Since February 2004 I am member of Prayerwarriors. Since that time I have not had flu or cold anymore. I thank You my Jesus and I praise You.

My mother’s blood was very bad. Since she started with Prayerwarriors prayer, her blood is good.

“Now to him who is able to accomplish far more than all we ask or imagine, by the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3: 20-21).

Thank you Father James, for praying for us.

United in prayer.

Yours truly,

Ivka Puskaric

Barbara Heinsch
In May, my eye doctor diagnosed a kind of spot in the macula of my left eye. This spot meant losing eyesight in that area, and I was supposed to take vitamins, which, at best, were to stop, or to slow down the process, for there was no other treatment possible. After that I went to an optician, who confirmed the diagnosis and besides did another test on me using a new apparatus. Indeed, there was a 50% loss of eyesight at the affected spot. She told me the same thing my eyedoctor had said: it cannot be healed. Naturally I was concerned and obediently took the vitamins, although I was somewhat doubtful of their effectiveness.

In June, at the seminar with Father James in Barreda (Cantabria, Spain), on the day of the healing prayer, I prayed for the healing of said spot. For a long time, my name was not said, and I thought to myself, “Even if Fr. James doesn’t say my name, the Lord will not pass me by. He knows what he is doing, He will remember me”. So I didn’t let negative thoughts take hold of me. Finally, I heard Fr. James say, “Barbara, you are healed. The light of the Lord is above you.” I didn’t feel anything at that moment, nor later on. I just accepted it in faith. I stopped taking the vitamins, with which I was already fed up. Some weeks later the optician repeated the test with me, but the machine didn’t show any signs of the spot. She was very surprised and said, “Everything is perfect, but I will repeat the whole procedure, because I know what it looked like before.” The second test produced the same result: everything is allright. Praise the Lord!
Milagros García
I took part in the retreat led by Father James Manjackal for the renewal of the faith. My prayer group Sinai from Sestao (northern Spain) accompanied me.

For years I have been spiritually guided by the leaders of the group. With their help I have gone through a process of inner healing, in which the Lord healed more and more of the wounds of my soul (and is still doing so). That is why Fr. James’ talks were familiar to me, because he followed the same steps. During these days the Lord prepared me step by step, till the moment of confession, reconciliation and healing came.
In those moments I saw my whole life as in a film being reeled out in front of me. It became clear to me how often I had been mistaken. My God! He gave me the grace of repentance when I saw my sins very clearly. On Saturday, during the prayer for infilling of the Holy Spirit, it was like a new pentecost when Fr. James called out during the healing prayer that, in the Name of Jesus, “the lame should walk, the blind see and the deaf hear”. At that moment my ears were opened ( I lost 40% of my hearing ability), as if the best sculptor carefully, little by little, was working on my ear with a hammer and chisel as if it were a figure. I was very grateful to the Lord for this gift and although physical hearing is very important, I want to do my best to hear him with my heart.
May the Lord increase my faith, my hope and the love in my life. He shall the most important to me.
It was important that my husband came along. He was deeply touched when Father James laid his hands on him. I know that the Lord touched him at that moment and that we shall see the fruits thereof.
Thanks to Father James for being a faithful servant of the Lord and to all the people who made this retreat possible. May God bless you.

From: Brauckmann Monika brauckmann@vw.mpi-muelheim.mpg.de
Re: My testimony
Date: Wed. Aug. 18, 2004.

Dear Fr. James,
Gladly I fulfill your wish for my testimony and a photo of myself. Please pardon me but I am only able to write my testimony in German.

My name is Monika. I am 45 years old. I received healing at the retreat at Muenster, preached by Fr. James Manjackal in August 2004. I was freed from depressions, various fears, sadness and suicidal thoughts. I am very happy. I gave my life to Jesus. He shall guide my life.
There are 2 points I would like to emphasize:
1. Confession: how important it is. In confession I was able to forgive 3 persons who influenced my life in the past. It was not easy. I learned how important it is to forgive. It is good always to forgive people so that evil does not take hold of you. Forgiveness is a prerequisite for healing. How can God forgive my sins, if I don’t forgive the sins and weaknesses of my neighbours. I know it’s not easy, but every day you try again and much, yes everything, is possible with the grace of Jesus. I believe that. Thank you, Jesus, Praise you, Jesus, I love you, Jesus.

2. The danger of Esotericism: From childhood I was a very reserved, inhibited, apprehensive person with many inferiority complexes, etc. Because of this condition I started having problems with my job 20 years ago. These were followed by several physical illnesses, one of which was an inflammation of the intestines. My life was very much restricted. After being urged by a former school colleague for some time, I finally went to see a non-medical practitioner. Through her, I got involved with esoterik things. It started with a Bach flower therapy, the Bachflowers were determined with the use of a pendulum. This was followed by: acupuncture, reading esoteric books (5 Tiber, Chakras, etc.), classical homeopathy, Schüsslers salts, psychic healer, and so on….! After starting with the Bach flower remedies, I started to have suicidal thoughts, on top of that, there were more fears, sadness, attacks from the devil, etc. About 10 years ago a religious person saw the devil’s head on my face. I was finished, mentally broken. The fears got worse, I never went to bed without a cross and a rosary. It was terrible. At that time, I didn’t know that contact with esoteric things automatically involves an invisible surrender to the devil. He took possession of my soul. The devil put suicidal thoughts into my mind and vandalism into my heart. I was supposed to jump off bridges, throw myself in front of the train, jump off a balcony, etc. He took away my joy in living. I developed sexual problems. He tried to pull me away from Jesus, e.g.: stop praying, no interest in reading the Bible, etc. I said all these things in the confession and the priest prayed over me for deliverance. I cried a lot during the confession and afterwards. My bonds have been loosed and I have been set free. I am very thankful. I thank Jesus for having set me free. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus, I love you Jesus.

Dieter Hug
In April 2003 Dieter Hug had a HEART ATTACK. In the hospital he had another heart attack so he had to have a 4-hour operation on his heart. After the operation Dieter was in serious condition; he developed fiever, had violent shivers and was in a serious crises.
His wife Ursula asked me to pray for Dieter. I prayed in our praise group (we combine our prayers with those of Fr. James) for Dieter’s recovery.

The very same day Dieter was suddenly healed of the symptoms of his heart disease. The doctors and nurses were surprised to see that he was free of pain and able to get up. He recovered completely and is well to this day. PRAISE THE LORD!

Offenburg, August 2004.

p.p. Marianna Koger


“christine” a.christine@aon.at
St. Gertraud Parish rectory
June 25, 2004.

Dear Fr. James,

Here is my photo and my personal testimony.
For years I suffered from pain of the vertebra of my neck combined with terrible headaches.
I was hardly able to move my head. The pain robbed me of my sleep. Pills and infusions only brought relief for a short time -- until the day you came to the rectory to see Dechant Aichholzer, who is my employer.
When you noticed that I was in pain you laid your hands on me for prayer at the rectory. When I was finished with my work I went to the church and there you laid your hands on me once again and prayed over me. Dear Father James, I thank God every day for sending you to us.Since then I haven’t had any pain, nor have I taken any more pills!!!
I thank Jesus Christ and you also Father James, for this wonderful healing.
I pray for you everyday that our Redeemer may always protect you. Alleluia, alleluia.
Wishing you God’ blessings and all the best,



July 2 2003

Testimony of Nelda Schöfer
Mitterlingweg 10
8055 Graz

Thirteen years ago I had throat cancer. Immediately I offered it to Jesus in thanksgiving, because I knew that He maks all things turn out for the good for those who love Him. Jesus healed me. But only after Fr. Manjackal called my name at the retreat for couples and said that I was healed, did I receive the courage and the strength to give testimony of the healing. At this retreat Jesus also freed me from a sin that I had not recognised as a sin before. Fr. James Manjackal also prayed for our daughter for healing of a serious illness of the foot. She is healed. Praise you and thank you Jesus, our Saviour and Healer.

Nalda Schäfer


From: “Manuel Macic” manuel_macic@hotmail.com

Date: August 14, 2004.


I would like to give testimony about a blessing I am sure I received through the intercession of Fr. James. After finishing school in June 2003, I naturally started to look for a job. But I was always turned down. I was rarely given a chance. When I got a chance to work on trial for a day it was always because of me or the employer. Something always went wrong. I was slipping ever deeper into the rut of unemployment. I let Fr. James know about my problem. One day I went for a walk with my father. We passed a paper shop. He thought I should go in and ask for a job. Then it all happened so fast. First I filled out the application form, then I had an interview with the manager in charge, a trial work day, then a talk with the regional manager and I started working there. Since then everything looks better in my life. I also have the energy to look after other things, like my further education. It means so much to me and I very grateful to God for this luck. Fr. James, I am sure that I got this job because of you and your prayers. It’s just perfect! May God bless you and your mission richly and grant you a great harvest.

Praise be to Jesus Christ!


Sagrario Aguirre
Dear Fr. James:

This is my testimony:
In June 2003, after finding a hernia, I told to the surgeon that I had been watching from a long time ago something hard in the lower part of the bowel, although I did not feel any pain. The scanner found that I had a tumor in one ovary. They operated immediately and found that the tumor was malign,and hence I had to follow a chemotherapy treatment with an interval
of three weeks between sessions. Days before the session corresponding to August 19th, I received the news of a retreat that a missionary of San Francisco de Sales, Fr.James Manjackal, was going to give in a school of my town, Santander (Spain), and I felt a strong desire of attending the retreat. I received a first laying on of hands on the morning of the first day, Thursday, and Saturday, during the healing service Fr. James started calling out names individually and then in groups, for example, four men with the name Juan are healed, four women with the name Pilar are healed, and then with difficulty he pronounced "Sa-gra-rio is healed" (perhaps this name is strange to an Indian). I confess that I did not notice the meaning of that, I heard that like another name, until I arrived to my house and I understood and I asked for forgiveness to the Lord and I thanked Him.
Dear Gaby and Father James
Firstly I ask Father James to forgive me for my long silence because I don't write easily in good english as Monique. But now I am happy to send you my testimony.
My name is Françoise, I am Indian from Pondichery, married and have three children. I live in Paris and in my parish I am catechist. When my confessor asked me to accept this ministry, I refused and said :"I am not able to teach catechism to children, I was a very bad girl at school and inside me I don't feel that God love me truly". He aswered that I needed a spiritual recovery. A few years later, during a pilgrim at Lourdes, I wished inside me to be baptized again. And this year my sisters who lived in Reunion Island told me about Father James. So I accepted to put down my name to a retreat.
During these days, specially when I confessed my sins to Father James, he prayed with his holy hands on my head. I was born again in Spirit, I was a new person. All my fears and sins have disappeared. Alleluia! Thank you God !
Now my ministry will never be the same and one day my husband who doesn't believe in God will be touched by the Holy Spirit too. I am sure ! And I ask you, Father, please pray for his conversion. I wish to go to one Holy mass with my husband. His name is Jean-Yves.
I pray daily for you, with love

Testimony of Ursula

Dear Father James,

About 8 years ago I got after 5 days check in the Uniklinik of Hamburg the result: Parkinson. I was shocked and allways when I saw a person with this illness sitting in a wheelchair I got great fear to dy in this way. In avril 2003 I had to make a new check and when the doctor saw the computertomography he found a little dark shaddow on it. Now I should go to let make a magnetic resonance. The date was about one week later. Meanwhile I heard about retreats with Father James in Pfatter and I went to these retreats. In the holy mass Father James got words of knowledge and he said: Ursula will be healed from a great illness and also set free from great fear. When I heared this I took in faith this promise as words from God to me and I praised Him and thanked with all of my heart.
When I came back I went to let make the magnetic resonance. The result was: the doctor said to me : there is nothing to see , you have no Parkinson! I can only see your trumbling
right hand and arm. These we will try to heal with a new medicine. I went home to my husband and told him the news and we both thanked the Lord for his goodness and mercy.
In that moment I could feel a great freesetting and I am so thankfull to Jesus our savior and healer.
Many greetings to you and God bless you so much. I hope you will come next year to Hamburg . I told this testimony to Eva-Maria and Antony Cardozo and they also praised the Lord.
In His love we pray for another.

Yours Ursula Rohling aus Aumühle.
The marks our son Raimund had at school during the last two years were not the best. He had problems especially in mathematics. One teacher once told me he would never be better than “3”. Since he had final exams to write this year, we were somewhat uneasy when he kept writing tests with the mark “5”. Towards the end of 2003 I heard a cassette about Praising God by Fr. James Manjackal. I started to praise God for the problems and for the final exams. Raimund agreed to do his best and to ask God for help (instead of going for tutoring). On his mid-term report he had “4” in math and his other marks had also improved. Then he achieved “3” and on one test he even got “1” (=very good). On his final exam he achieved “2” (=good) in math. That is the mark that will be on his final report for math. Praise the Lord! He is GOOD!

Lucy Pregel
Lindenweg 5
89287 Bellenberg

Testimony of Stefan Talos
In the last seminar in Ljublijana, St. Josephs, I took part in the charismatic seminar conducted by Fr. james Manjackal. It was the first time that I was listening to an Indian priest. I was very ill and I could not move about without clutches and support because of my spinal disease. I had severe pains on the shoulders and the back. I was treated by many doctors. In the seminar I believed that jesus is my only Lord and healer. I made a good confesion and decided to follow Jesus. During the healing prayer, Fr. James called out and said, "seventy ppeople with problems of spine and back are healed". I believed and claimed the healing. Immediately I threw away the clutches and stood on my feet praiseing Jesus. It is one and a half years since I am healed. I am happy to give this testimony at Kurescek when Fr. james is giving his second seminar in Slovenia

Stefan Talos
Zg. Brnik 115
Cerklje 4207

On the first day of Fest for Jesus in Graz, at the first class of Pater James, I went to play football with the other kids while I did not obey my mother who told me to stay and listen the class.
I was very busy with the game and following the ball, just I wanted to kick it by the head but I crashed with my nose against the head of one of the players and I fell on ground and my nose was bleading profusely and I felt very dizzy.
At once my sister Simone and my mother came to scene and called dr. Richard who decided to take me to the hospital to make sure that my nose is not broken. My nose was bend and he wanted the doctors to bring it to the right position. I felt frightened hearing all this.
For four hours we spent in the Hospital and I missed the best part of the retreat, which was the childrens programm. I was so sad. When we came back to the place in the evening Pater
James asked me. Why I was not listening to his class...
So I was thinking with my mother what did I learn in that situation:
1)I have to obey when my mother is telling me what I must do
2)I must praise the Lord for everything whatever happens.
3)I must thank God that He showed me the right way because of that what had happened.
After the second day my name was called out by Fr. James during the healingprayer. I knew then that the Lord was healing my nose and was taking away the shock of the accident. The Holy Spirit filled my heart with joy and love.

Irène and Jürgen
Dear Pater James!!
July 5th, 2004

With the 15th of May 2003 my gynecologist informed me that I can will never get my own children. In an exam at the hospital my doctor discovered blocked oviducts.
At that time I said to my friend that I will not give up. I will undertake everything within morale limits to get a child even if the medical experts tell me that this is no longer possible.
At that time I started to watch out for possible ways of healing in the internet. To my great pleasure, I found the name of Pater James Manjackal and the great web-page he and his team run for desperate women like me. On those exciting, assistance rendering web-pages I have read, how many women he already healed by praying to Jesus and asking him for the wonder.

In September my friend and I sent a photo of us and described our problem in a letter to Pater James Manjackal. He then mailed back to us and promised to pray for us and ask Jesus to make it possible that we will receive our child, irregardless of the bad diagnosis of the medicines.
The wonder happens: with the beginning of November I became pregnant. My greatest dreams came true without any additional hormones or other medicals. Nature and the holy spirit of Jesus gave us the best chance of our life.
In June we both married. A week later the incredible became reality. Our child, Daniela, was born Friday the 25th of June 2004. A marvelous girl, well developed with 3.6 kg weight and 51 cm length came to this world. The biggest miracle of our life has come true.
With the same intensity as I thank Jesus for my pregnancy, I like to express my deepest appreciation to Pater James Manjackal. He prayed to god father and thanks to his mediation we now get the opportunity and the great honor to receive a child from god. We wish you dear Pater James for the future that your great strength and intimate relations to god father remain always as strong as in our case.

You will always take a special place in our hearts.
Irène and Jürgen Söchtig, Glattbrugg / Switzerland
Tibor Varga
I attended your retreat at Pfatter near Regensburg. Outside you asked me to send you my testimony via e-mail.

I have attended 7 retreats during the last 2 years. I have changed completely. My back pain was healed. I was freed from my bad habits and last year I was also freed of my severe allergic asthma. Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! At last my wife also went to a retreat. My son Mathias went to a retreat last year and he said: Dad, I wouldn’t trade my 25 years for these 5 days”. Thank you Jesus for these words. That’s enough for me. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus! I would like to encourage everyone to put their lives in Jesus’ hands and to patiently wait for HIM to change our families and our illnesses according to His will. I followed the advice to get up early in the morning to praise the Lord. The dear Lord gives me His joy. And I can tell Him: YOU TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING!

God bless you Fr. James!

Tibor Varga

Bernd Kufner

Dear Fr. James,

From July 9th to 12th 2003 I attended the retreat at Hassfurt with my 12-year old son Alexander. This was a very inspiring time for me and my faith in Jesus was strengthened. Now I will be stronger in following Jesus in my everyday life. My prayer life has changed dramatically, that is, I spend much more time in prayer and I enjoy it. Besides, I claimed the healing of my stomach and intestinal problems. I am very grateful to Jesus for that. I am also very happy that the Holy Spirit filled me with love. Praise and thanks to the Lord.

My son enjoyed the retreat. He has already asked when we will go to a Christian seminar like that again.

Wishing you love and God’s blessings for your work

Bernd Kufner

Vinzenz Muchitsch Str. 60
8020 Graz

I am a married wife from Slovenia working and leaving in Graz, Austria. For two years I was having cancer in the uterus. I came to the "Mariengasse" Church for the "one day healing program" conducted by Fr. James Manjackal in last November. He prayed over me and to the surprise of the doctor I was completly healed. I was operated three time previously to remove the cancer, but it was coming again and again. From November onwards I am perfectly healthy. I praise my Jesus, who healed me and gave me a good health. My family and I will serve the Lord.

Dear precious Father James,

First, I would like to deeply thank you to get us the opportunity to be in contact with you by email and to transmit you our prayer requests. I hope that everything is OK for you !

In 5th november 2003, I wrote you a letter in which I gave you my prayer requests. You promised me to pray for all the intentions mentioned in my letter and you wrote me that I will see the miracles of the Lord one after the other. I noticed some miracles of the Lord and I would like to share them with you :

- Manuel in Portugal had trouble with a great problem of health in his stomach and in his lungs. I met him in may in Lourdes and he is able to eat without troubles. He is having a progressive recovery.
- Irène, an apostle of divine Mercy has multiple problems of health. During a mass, the Lord touched her problems of knee. She couldn´t kneel down for praying and now she is able.
- During my confession with you in Verrieres (next to Poitiers, in France, October 2003), I asked help to the Lord for being able to forgive my father. For Christmas, the Lord invited me to really forgive him. I´ve been in great spiritual fight during three days, it was so much difficult to forgive him. I decided to forgive him and prayed to Virgin Maria to help me. When I saw him, I didn´t discuss, I´ve just smiled at him full of love. My father has been filled with a great joy. I offered a mass for the unity of the family during Christmas holidays. Now when I see my father, I feel no anger, no hatred, no bitterness but love and peace. Months later, my father proposed me to work with him for filing a patent and for finding a partner who will develop the patent. I´ve decided to trust him and work with him. For the celebration of the divine mercy (18th April 2004), I´ve helped a friend for the organisation of this day. My parents came to this celebration (teaching of the Love of God, mass and rosary of divine mercy and the meditation and the kiss on the picture of merciful Jesus) during 6 hours. Normally, my father never comes to the mass and he came this day. It was a real miracle to see him this day.

Thank you God for all these miracles and thank you Father James for your intercession ! God bless you and thank you a hundredfold !


Family Haas
This year my husband Gottfried and I are going to celebrate our silver wedding - we have been married since 12.10.1979.
Our daughter, Elke, is 18 years old. As many families, we had to pass through very difficult times, but Jesus took us out from darkness to light to live a holy life together. Here I write my testimony.

In spring 1999 I separated from my husband, we had quarrelled all the time and we hadn´t felt any love for each other anymore. During our marital crisis I got help and strenght by some therapies and so I fell in Esoterik. Althought I used to pray, I wanted a divorce, but my husband didn´t want it.

About one year later I met a man and we fell in love. I was sure that he was my "real love". I had never been so happy before and I thanked God for it. I started to pray more. Once I came to an one-day program with Father James and his words and prayers touched my heart but I did not make any change.
At the beginning of the year 2003 my daughter went also to two one-day programs and later for a charismatic retreat of four days in March 2003 with Father James. In this retreat she also heard a lecture about Esoterik from Anneliese Scherer and Father James said, that´s important to destroy all esoteric things and all that are connected like books, symbols, etc
My daughter and I decided to destroy all esoteric things like the bottles with drops from Dr.Bach, esoteric books and homeopathic medicines. We hadn´t known that there were so many bad things in our flat! I also destroyed the prescriptions about my therapies. When I was destroying them suddenly I got a terrible pain in my stomach - a real cramp.
At the same time many thoughts came into my mind: "What have you done? Without the esoteric therapie you wouldn´t have left your husband. You committed adultery and you live in mortal sin. But it´s not too late, you are not divorced yet. You can change your life, you only have to go back to your husband."
I was shocked about these thoughts and I spoke loudly to Jesus: "Jesus, I´ll do everything, but not that, it´s too late, you know I love my boyfriend so much!"
But the Holy Spirit didn´t leave me in peace, he said: Your "real love" is based on a mortal sin and it´ll never have any blessings. Your boyfriend is not married yet, but through the relationship with you he becomes also an adulterer and he also lives in mortal sin."
I felt very bad, I didn´t know what to do. From this time on I wasn´t able to pray the Lord´s Prayer. I wasn´t able to say: "Your will be done" My daughter told me to pray and open the Holy Bible.
I got the bible vers Lk.9,57 - The Words clearly told me to follow Jesus and His way
I had to fight with myself, but in the end I trusted in Jesus, I was willing to give up everything and to let me fall into the hands of Jesus.
On Sharve Tuesday I broke up with my boyfriend and we went both to confession. The next step was to speak with my husband, already the divorce was prepared and it only needed to be signed. But I had no courage. During my prayer I opened the bible again and I got 1Chr. 28,20. After reading it I received much strength and courage to go to my husband. I told him that I didn´t want a divorce any more and I asked him for forgiveness.
I told him my whole story. He said that he forgives me, but he wasn´t able to trust me any more, he couldn´t believe that I meant it serious.
In my heart I was very sad and I couldn´t stand parting with my boyfriend.I used to cry everyday. During the Lent I felt very bad. I gave my sadness to Jesus as a sacrifice. My hope was Easter, the resurrection of Christ. I was sure I would recieve happyness, but nothing happenend. I became more and more sad and I was in darkness. I asked Jesus:" You say: "Follow me and you´ll recieve peace and joy!" "Why am I always so sad and hopeless?"
Suddenly the retreats with Fr. James came into my mind and I felt a strong need to take part in it.
In June 2003 I went to one of his retreats in Mitterdorf in Austria. In a counselling I told Fr. James my whole story. He told me:" I pray for you" and he layed hands on me and prayed. At this moment I got a new heart, I was healed from all the pain and sadness. I felt peace and I was happy for the repentance in the right time. Since this time I gave Jesus the first place in my life.
One year ago I gave my testimony at the "Fest for Jesus" in Graz.
Now, about one year later, I can say that Jesus is joining us together more and more. We made our first trip together as a "family" (with our daughter) to the Holy Land - Israel, with Pfr.Sterninger. It was the first pilgrimage for my husband. We were very inspired and Jesus touched our heart! About a few weeks ago, after a confession, I recognized that´s necessary to give up my work as a doctor´s assistant (since our seperation I have worked to earn my own money), to spend more time with my husband. So Jesus is joining us together and he is also joining us to Him. I praise and thank Him for His great love for us, for all his wonders and for His servant Fr. James.
Here is our family photo taken in Jerusalem

Anu James
My dear Fr. James,

My family and I know you for a long time as we have attended several of your retreats. I don’t know whether you remember that in March I sent you an email asking for a healing. For seven years I had a severe pain on the left side of my stomach. No medicines could help me. I am nurse working in a hospital. In your reply you told that after reading the email I should pray a while and that a miracle would happen. I believe your words and prayed and it happened that I have no more pain. I am fully healed. I am sure that you prayed for me, that is why I was healed. I enclose 100.- Euros as donation for your mission. I promise to pray for you daily. May God bless you and your mission richly.

Anu James, Wien, 06.05.04

Madame Bolo Alberte
Dear Fr. James,

This is my testimony of healing of headache. I attended your charismatic retreat at Lourdes in October 2003. I was suffering from a violent headache for two years. It was making me crazy and I even thought it was an affliction by the evil spirit. Once I get the headache I can not do anything, I can not drive, I can not do my household works, I could not pray loud. I always desired to sing and pray loudly. No doctors could find a remedy for my headache. My husband was much worried about me. When I attended your retreat I had much hope that I would be healed. During the healing prayer, you clearly told “Alberte you are healed”. At that moment itself I felt healing and began to sing and praise the Lord loudly. I took off the “headband” by which I was tying my forehead to control the pain. I am fully recovered from it forever. Now it is eight months, I can drive my car and do all my works. I thank and praise the Lord for healing me and liberating me. I pray for you that you may continue preaching the Gospel and demonstrating it by signs and wonders. Kindly continue to pray for me and my family,

Madame Bolo Alberte
13 Rue de la planté des champs
95360 Montmagny
France 14.05.2004

Antonija Majstorovic
My name is Antonija Majstorovic and I’m member of the prayer warrior chain and I would like to give my testimony for the glory of the Lord.
On the second seminar in Split, in August 2001. Lord has healed me. I had problems with my right ear and my right nostril. I couldn’t hear with my right ear, and I couldn’t breathe through my right nostril. When Fr. James announced that Lord is healing sicknesess of the head and ears and said: “Antonija, you are healed !” I felt that I could normaly breathe and that I could normaly hear.
The Lord has also liberated me of the fears of persecution nad gave me the gift of faith that I could follow His way.

Antonija Majstorovic
Kaštel Stari
Split, Croatia

31st December 2003
Dear Father James!
I love you so very much and pray for you. I send you showers of God’s blessings for you mission.

This is my testimony:

My husband and I brought to our marriage a lot of wounds and sicknesses inherited by our family trees.
Before our conversion we used to fight and put blame to each other. I was the first one to convert ; I prayed for 5 years for conversion of my husband. He is now a true apostle of Jesus. Children are healed of heavy allergies and I’, healed of migraine headaches and feeling of suffocating.
At the prayer meeting with Fr.James, last year in church in Siget in Zagreb, I experienced encounter with Living Jesus.
I was diagnosed a cyst on my left breast which had to be punctured to discover its nature.
I had obstacles for going to seminar, but I still went. During the prayer I felt very sick I even wanted to go out of the church . My husband was praying for me during the healing prayer. Then Fr.James started to call out names and he called my name . He said: “ Now Jesus is healing Slavica.” I felt warmth in my body and I saw light, I knew I was getting healed. Now the cyst is gone which is confirmed by medical tests (mammography).
Haleluia to Jesus!

May God give you strength in you job of evangelization.

Horvat family
Slavica, Andelko, Ana i Antonio

Correspondence with Lukas
Dear Father James,

I wrote you in November 2001 (see attached text) that I've problems with my studies organich chemistry) and with "a girl".
You promised me your prayers. From this time on my marks changed from the worst grade to the best grade!! I'm very happy to tell you and I want to thank you therefore!
Now two years later I beg you again to pray for me. The problems in school disappered, as I said and I was able to get "the girl" out of my mind as you told me.
This worked for about one and a half year. But now, especcially during holidays, it's really hard not thinking about her. Sometimes, when I try to sleep, I think of her and about a future, whitch may exist or not!
Another problem with "the girl" is, I meet her at different youth festivals (Pvllau,...). She lives about 150km away from me and so there should be no problem the get her out of my mind. But when I see her I have to "work" for weeks to get her again out of my mind.

I've got also some other little problems, but I'm sure they all will disappear if you pray for me!

Thanks in advance

--- "Fr. James Manjackal" wrote:
Dear Lukas
I promise my prayers to you that you may be able to concentrate on your studies."the girl"in your mind is making trouble,try to get it out from your mind. Now it is time to study.Give priority to your studies.
God bless you richly Phili 4:19

--- "lukas.albert" wrote:
Dear Father James,
My name is Lukas, I'm 18 years old an I'm attending a chemistry school in Vienna. You have been in AUstria this year for several times (e.g. in Ovllau) and so I know you and hope you can help me!

Here are my problems:
I'm working really hard, but I've got some trouble at my school with a special subject called organic chemistry! The main problem is, if I can't get a positiv makr in this subject, I can't go ahead with my, education. And that means that I won't be allowed to study (maybe theology, I don't know) at the university.
The second problem (which is very smaller than the first one) is I know a young girl in my age. I fell that I love her, but I'm not sure and I'm to shy to speak with her about this!
So I beg you to pray for me and my problems! I'm sure my problems will disappeare if you pray for me and the LORD lead me and show me the way I have to go!

Thanks in advance


Brigitte Kaar
Following a deep desire I found after some difficulties at least a way to attend the retreat for inner-healing in Seggau (Stmk.). It seemed to me that Jesus really called me to come there. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus!
These days were the greatest days in my whole life! Never before I could feel the presence of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in this way. I got the grace to forgive and I got a complete inner-healing. When Fr. James said that some persons have got a new heart and called out my name too I immediately claimed it for me. Suddenly I had an image: From the depths a beautiful, white, gleaming heart was raising very slowly. In the same moment I knew that this is my new heart washed and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Tears of joy run down my cheeks and I had a feeling of happiness which I can't describe.
My life has changed since then. I feel much better than before with much more joy, love and peace in me. My anxiety and the permanent worry about my son have nearly disappeared. I am able to rely on the providence of God and I don't feel the urge anymore to arrange everything by myself.
Now I have a very close relationship to Jesus and no hour passes without thinking of him!
At the end of the retreat I got the gift of praying in tongues. Praying is joy for me now and I love it to "meet" Jesus in my personal prayer.
I praise Jesus and thank him for all he has done and will do for me in the future and I ask him for his richest blessings and protection for Fr. James, that through the preaching and the prayers of Fr. James many people will be conversed and healed!

Brigitte Kaar, Linz, Austria

Doctor Caillet testomony

Dear Friend,

During the retreat of Father James in Verrières, my wife, Claude, and I prayed for her brother Richard, who lives in Spain, and suffers since many years from diabet , hypertension (high blood pressure) and excess of cholesterol. He had a treatment by hypoglycémiants, and sometimes insuline. He is a computer engineer at an international level, and since a few months he would experience a spectacular return to faith and to sacrament. During healing prayer, Father James announced the healing of a certain Richard and we hoped it would be our Richard. Since, my brother in law told me he had many hypoglycémie (high level sugar) accidents, so he had to stop the sugar treatment. This morning, his Doctor told him that the tests taken ten days ago were all normal. My brother in law asked the doctor if she believed in God, she answered no but she had a smile agreeing it was a surnatural healing.Praise the Lord; we would be happy if Father James would be informed of this present God gave us. Your brother in Christ.

Doctor Caillet.
PS. I had my self a healing of periartrite scapulo-humeral during healing prayer made by Father Manjackal.

10th of November 2003.

My wife and me have participated in Verrières retreat, and we want to thank you for your teaching, founded on the Word of God, notably for your refusal of compromising with others religions and with diverse modern idolatries.
I have been cured, during your prayers of a rheumatism of the shoulder, and my brother in law, living Madrid, who translate for you this email seems be cured of a diabetes, for what you have announced the healing of a certain Robert, for who we had specially prayed during the retreat
Favour of advance.
Filially yours in Christ.

Doctor Maurice Caillet, member of the Catholic Writers Association
e.mail: cailletma@wanadoo.fr

Testimony of Celina

My Dear Fr.James,

How are you?I hope you are well by the grace of God.Sometime back I had written to you about my father's spondolysis and about my Aunty heart problems.Both are much better,my father's spondolysis has almost disappeared while my Aunty heartbeat is coming to normal.I thank God for this wonderful miracle.I also thank you Father for praying on my
behalf to Jesus.
How is the evangelisation going? How was it in Saudi Arabia? How is the climate over there?There is nothing more left to add,

Yours obediently,



In the month of May 03 my daughter invited my wife and myself on a holiday to New Zealand. She had also taken an insurance policy which expired in early November. A few days later I developed a bad chest congestion and cough with difficulty in breathing. Gradually my condition worsened and breathlessness increased. I was taken to hospital on the 6th of Nov, it was detected that my condition was serious with multiple complications. I was told that I had a complete Heart-Block - a condition where the electrical signals passing along the conduction pathways of the heart had stopped. My heart rate was now 35 to 40 beats per minute with the possiblility of dropping further - a dangerously low rate and life threatening and the decision to implant a pace-maker was imperative.

My wife and I put our complete trust in the Lord and we prayed hoping for an instant miracle. At this stage my daughter sent Fr James Manjackal an urgent email requesting his powerful intercession and that of his prayer group. Fr James, incidently is renowned for his faith healing world-wide. I have always requested Fr James on several occasions for his intercession for various other ailments for our family. Fr James has been the instrument of support for me. I have experienced many miracles in my life. I am deeply grateful to Fr James Manjackal who in my reqest for his prayers for this operation, had a vision of the Lord healing me.

Though I was sedated, I was completely conscious and I had a clear vision of the Lord performing my operation. It was a complete success. I praised and thanked God loudly in the theatre and told the doctors of my vision. They were astounded but extremely happy.

The Lord worked wonders by inspiring my daughter who spoke to the authorities about our financial difficulty. The hospital was very understanding and waived the entire amount.

I praise and thank God for this great miracle and healing and I give glory to His name. I praise God for the power of His Spirit, which gave me the victory through Jesus's shed blood. I thank God for making it possible for me through this testimony to bring many souls around the world to the mercy and confess that He alone is my God, my helper and my protector. Henceforth, my entire confidence shall be placed in Him and I shall proclaim everywhere His mercy and generosity so taht His great love and the great deeds performed by Him may be acknowledged by all who experience His assistance. That they may persevere with me in showing increasing gratitude and a tangible expression of my love for the Lord Jesus for which be praise and glory forever.

Finally, my profound thanks to all, especially my wife, children and grandchildren for their unstinted prayers for me. May God enrich them with His blessings abundantly.

Thank you Fr for your prayers.

With love
Ron Callaghan
New Zealand

Testimony of Silvie

Thanks Father for everything you gave us and thanks for your great love of Christ.
I came to look for inner healing and I received it when you
I had problems to sleep. Either I couldn’t fall asleep, or I would wake up in the middle of the night without being then able to fall asleep again. I was tired when it was time to get up; I would hate the alarm o’clock; I also had back ake; I couldn’t move properly my head, it would hurt a lot. This pain disappeared not all of a sudden, but progressively. Now the pain disappeared totally. I feel more peace, my sleep is regular now; no problem to fall asleep, no waking up during the night I also see things in a different way; I am less worried, and above all, I don’t feel responsible for the misfortune of others. All feeling of culpability vanished.

Sylvie Palacios

Testimony of Marie and Jean Rault

Dear Father James,

How could I express with words what I live inside of me ? Above all, thanks for your great faith that leads us to the loving heart of our Lord. Thanks for your kindness we can see on your face, in your Alleluia and in your smiles. Thanks for the gift of your life in order to save our souls.
We had the grace to live the retreat as a couple; We already loved each other very much, but since the retreat, ....how beautiful it is ! The rhythm of our life was so full that we hardly had time for Jesus, and watching TV in the evening seemed to give us some relax after our children were in bed.
We were seeking for something else, and were asking for this grace in our prayers and in sacraments, but we didn’t have courage to switch off the TV in order to pray together. Since the retreat, we didn’t watch TV any longer and we spend our evenings by talking together and praying together. We are freed from the attraction of TV; God is great, thanks Lord.
You surely remember Thomas, our fifth child, who had chocolate for the first time (he was 10 month old) in your hotel in Verrières; You gave chocolate to him and to all his brother and sisters after you prayed over them. Each time Thomas had a new tooth, he had asthma; the 2 last teeth came out without any asthma, thanks Lord. But Myriam, Antoine and Benedicte still have asthma, and we go on asking this grace to the Lord our Saviour.
Our children thanked us for having being at the retreat; they are small (8, 6 and 4 years old) but they feel how it is good to live always closer to Jesus. Since the retreat, Antoine our second child, says that he desires to be a priest, carpenter and saint, isn’t it beautiful ? Pray for him, because on the 21st of February, he will receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist for the first time.
My husband is now writing the letter:
I wish to thank you because since the retreat, the Lord gave me the gift of praising him all the time, to be in adoration, and close to the virgin Mary when praying the rosary. I thank Jesus for He is so merciful.
Every two days I had crises of stomac ake, I suffered a lot from it and I was tired. The Lord healed me, and I thank him so much. Praise the Lord !
Our twin daughters did experiment the holy Spirit: at the age of 41/2, they still had nappies at night; after the retreat, I felt I shouldn’t buy nappies again, and I should ask to their angel to wake them up if needed, and then they could give the spare money to an orphanage . They were very happy at this idea, they choose a name for their angel, and they never did pi in bed again since that day. The Lord is great, Alleluia.

Receive our prayer and thanks a lot. We hope to see you soon... in 2004 if possible.

Marie and Jean Rault
Parents of Myriam, Antoine, Benedicte, Emmanuelle, and Thomas.

Children are Gods gifts!

I am Sheela and my husband is Thomas.We are from Kerala, India but living now in Switzerland. After our marriage for long eight years we had no children. No doctors could find suitable treatments or solutions for us to have children. Some doctors said that we would never have children. But we were praying to God for a child. We were ready to accept Gods will whatever it be. In the year 2000 I met Fr. James Manjackal in a retreat at Vienna, Austria and asked his prayers for the gift of a child. He laid his hands over my head and prayed and gave a message with a smile,”Sheela the Lord Jesus is giving you not one child but two. I see one girl child and a boy child” I fully believed his words because I know that he is a man of God through whom m any miracles are happening. True to His prophecy we have two children now, a two year old girl and eight months old boy! I along with my husband thank and praise the Lord who listens to the prayers of His Spirit filled servants. We pray daily for Fr. James and his mission all over the world. Praise the Lord who does wonders and miracles.

Sheela Thomas
Altmoos Str.17
8157 Dielsdorf,

Noah healed from HIV and pneumonia, testimony by his sister Catherina
I, Catherine, the mother of Noah write this testimony to praise and thanks the Lord for His wonderful deeds among His people. When I heard that my brother was critically ill and was actually on the point of dying with HIV infection, which was complicated with pneumonia, I decided to bring him over to Germany, not to show him to the veteran doctors of this country, but to show him to the greatest doctor Jesus. As a doctor I knew the danger of this disease but my faith in Jesus is more than my faith in my medical profession. I wanted him to experience Jesus the healer through the preaching of Fr. James Manjackal, who is well known in Europe for his preaching and healing ministry. My plan was to make him attend his retreat at Kevelar but his condition became worst and he had to be admitted in the hospital. I attended the retreat on his behalf. When I went to Fr. James and ask him to come over to the hospital to pray over Noah, he could not find time as hundreds of people were standing in queue to have a touch of him or a word from him. The doctors do not allow Noah to come out of the hospital. I was not disappointed. I was like the “wrestling Jacob” in the Old Testament, who would not let God go until He would bless. Fr. James promised that he would pray for my brother and he assured me that he would be healed. Then Fr. James laid his hands over a holy priest Fr. Piere who too was attended the retreat and authorized him to do a healing service for my brother in the hospital. He told me to tell Noah to make a good confession and be in the state of grace top receive a healing by the prayer of Fr. Piere. I was quiet sure that god would do a miracle. As Fr. James authorized, Fr. Piere laid his hands and prayed for my brother Noah, miracle happened! My brother was discharged from the hospital after two days. Now he is working with good health in the United States. The last report of the doctor was in June 2003 with the mention that HIV virus count was below detectable level. Praise the Lord! Haleluja! More than this, I testify that my brother became a new person as he came out of the hospital, he stopped his forty years of habit of smoking cigarettes. He was not a believer before but now he believes in Jesus, goes daily for the Holy Mass and pray much.

My dear Fr. James I too received many blessings from your retreat, I will write them later. I am sending regularly every month to your account for your mission. Thank you for your ministry for me and for my brother

C. Adapoe-Doamekpor M.D.Ph.D.
Diefflerstr. 175
d- 66809 Nalbach Germany

Nikola Jelovac's family

Feb 04, 2004

Dear Father James!

My wife was diagnosed a breast cancer in November 1999. Our marriage till than has been very problematic. We married in church, but we were more or less nominal Catholics. Although I had felt many times God's call, I was not able to answer to it. My wife was born in a non-practicing family. Her father died suddenly of cancer in May 1999 without sacraments. A priest refused to absolve my mother-in-law in a confession 50 years ago, because she was not living in a Christian marriage. She never wanted to receive sacraments since. Although my father-in-law asked her to celebrate a Christian marriage shortly before he got ill, she refused it.

My wife was operated two days after the diagnosis and the tumor was malignant and rather big: 5 cm! She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We were all shocked. After that she was asked to make regular control visits every 6 months. She was terrified and depressed. We started to pray, but not yet together, as a family. We were meeting some prayer groups, but I realized that my wife didn’t believe in it and was not able to find Jesus there. I prayed Jesus that my wife could meet him, too. A friend of ours, my wife's schoolmate, invited her to visit your seminary in Split, Croatia in August 2002. I was physically absent, but I was praying Jesus to give my wife peace and faith. On the third day she was very impressed when a woman near her fell down, resting in the Spirit. My wife than also understood that she was experiencing something special: the picture of Jesus was radiating particular light all the time for two days, but she was not aware that only she was seeing that. My wife thought that it was some kind of a light show. Her school friend confirmed that she was seeing just a normal picture. Short after that you, Father, were calling the names of the people who were getting healed in that moment. So you called out together with other names also my wife's name: Andjelka! She believed that Jesus was healing her in every way. Since that they she was freed of her depressions and had no more fear of death. (I wrote this part on Sep 8, 2003 and sent it to you for publishing).

My wife is now OK. Last controls show that he has no physical problems either. Doctors say if a person has no signs of disease after 5 years, she is practically healed. Now, 4 years and 3 months are over! Andjelka (and me, too) believe that Jesus healed her.

But, four months ago (about a year after your retreat in Split), on October 4, 2003 a terrible thing happened. Our elder daughter Nikolina was diagnosed a tumor in the chest: a non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It was a great shock for us, but Jesus was with us and helped us to overcome the difficulties, stress, fears and despair. Our prayers and prayers of many other brothers and sisters helped us to feel Jesus near. We prayed for you, Father, too, because we entered your chain prayer. The doctor said that my daughter had 80-85% probabilities of getting healed completely. In the first place, we had confidence in Jesus’ healing power. Syrah 38, 2 says: “Healing comes from God” and further: “He has given the science to men to make them praise His mighty work”. Nikolina is still under chemotherapy, but she is doing well physically, mentally and spiritually: she is able to study and has made up for the lost time in the school. Although she passes many days in hospital, she is happy as she has never been. Computerized tomography on Dec 31, 2003 showed that the tumor has practically disappeared. At the beginning all the chest was filled with it from the neck to the heart and it was compressing the heart and the trachea.

Curiously, on one of the first days after she entered the hospital (Paediatric oncohematology in Verona) she had a dream: she saw 3 children in white clothes. First, she got afraid, but they told her: “Don’t worry, everything will be OK!” Although she was extremely stressed at the beginning, she was able to see other children suffering in the ward and was praying for them.

Nikolina believes now that Jesus has healed her. We do, too!

We pray Holy Mary together with our daughters and we want to remain on Jesus' way. We remain in your chain prayer and accompany you on your travels all over the world!

God bless you Father James!

May Lord Jesus be praised forever!

Nikola Jelovac
Rendiceva 20,
HR-21000 SPLIT

Testimony of Karmen Jurišic
Dear Father James,

First of all I would like to thank you for your prayers. I was at your seminar in Ljubljana on February -with my 9 month doughter Petra and my familly. Jesus gave her new life and I would like to thank Jesus again and You as all my family get a new hope, and I do believe that she is recover (I dont have medical proff yet- but doctors are supprised how she progress...)
She is 19 month old now - she still can not walk.....BUT I believe that her healing still countinuing and I am very very greatfull to Jesus to send You as his apostol. Attached I am sending you her picture.
Jesus changed my life completly. I pray daily for her and I am a member of prayer Prenova in Kranj, we go to holly Mass too. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and as I am also your prayer warrior I thank You and thank Jezus to call You as his apostol and let God bless You and save You where ever You are and You go.

Your reply will be very appreciated.

My home address is
4000 KRANJ

Testimony of Lidija Puš

Dear Father James,

I wish to give my testimony of all beautiful things which happened to me since I've started to pray with your prayer warrior group.

Maybe in a few words for beginning. Me and my children were living in Zagreb, Croatia. Before two years something really bad happened to me. As this event is so bad and painfull for me, I with the heavy heart decided to remove from Zagreb. In last year me and my children came to live into Ljubljana, Slovenia. As I'm a Croatian one and a foreign citizen in Slovenia, it's quite difficult to me to find o job.

As the work is so important in our lifes, two months ago I joined your prayer warrior group. I asked for prayers for me to help me to find an employment and to get a lot of job in translating as I wish to return my doubts and have a normal life. I also asked for protection and blessing for my children and me and our family. I am happy to report that my prayers have been answered with your prayer Fr. James.

Only a three weeks after I've started to pray with your prayer warrior group, my father completely unexpected made a big and life important gift to me and my children. Dear Fr. James, as this gift is so unexpected for me and as I even did not ask for gifts, only for job, it is my firm belief that this gift is grace for me and my children which we obtained with your prayer. Thank you Fr. James. One week after that I get the biggest wording for translating I've ever get. I must say that in my whole life (and I have a 17 years of experiences in translating) I've never get such a big job.

This summer me and my children didn't plan to go to vacation. Somehow, I don't know how, situation has changed and we went to vacation. You can imagine how happy we were. During the vacation some jobs appeared to be done. I recognized these jobs as an opportunity to me to return my father all his kidness by working, so I tuck up my sleeves and done all this jobs with great pleasure.

Dear Father James, I know that all these happened thanks to you and that my prayers have been answered with your prayer. Thank you. I'm still looking for an employment but these beautifull things which happened filled up my heart with gratitude and gave me a new hope.

I will continue to pray with your prayer warrior group every day. May God bless you and keep you Father James from all harm.

In Jesus and Mary

Lidija Puš 04.09.2003
1356 Dobrova (near Ljubljana)

Thomas Franz Haimerl
My dear loving father James,

Your message I KNOW WHO I AM has really strengthend my faith. And I will never turn back from this I AM, and the Lord is with us. This is kernel of living in Jesus Christ.

Testimony (photo is attached):
In the month November, when You prayed for the repose of the souls of my ancestor, my family really was showered with blessings. My parents - Franz Michael Haimerl, Anne Theodore Haimerl (born Köpf) -do not believe in God, my mother had a lot of bitterness and my father still is a rock hard unbeliever, and they do not live together. They both could not speak with me without bitterness and accusing me or others. But know, since the last weeks, I could meet my mother in peace, and my father in peace. And my mother, who could not bear the name of God, Jesus Christ, in my mouth, now she could hear me speaking about WHO I AM. I could find the good words to speak about the light and the dark, the water and the dry, and we had a peaceful morning. And also with my father I could do a step forward to a peaceful meeting. I praise our Lord. Thank You for Your praying.

Thomas Franz Haimerl
Kastelburgstraße 51, 81245 München
Tel 089/8632368, Fax 86389564,

Testimony of Marie-Agnès

Guebwiller - France, the 28 October 2003

Dear Father James,

I send you my little testimony. Please accept my apologies for my bad English.
At the beginning of 2003, I receive your book EUREKA, direct from the editor. I have never ordered it, and nobody sends me this book as gift. I never receive any invoice or other paper for this sending. At this time I had never heard from James Manjackal. The reading of the book was very interesting.

A little later, I receive the program of retreats from the Sister St. Joseph from Gueberschwihr. Your retreat was announced, but I have no time, any holidays. I was not inscribed early. But later my chief say that I can utilise ! the hours worked in advance and we have short-time working. I think that Jesus wills that I come to this 4 days retreat.

Gueberschwihr - France 16 to 19 October 2003 On Saturday afternoon, Father James say : "Marie-Agnès Praise the Lord" it was all. I have pray and praised during all the day. At
the end of the retreat, I was free, light like a butterfly, and with much love, joy and peace in my heard. I had always my little pains and think that the recovery was not for me. I say thanks to God, for al the marvellous days we have lived together.

Yesterday evening, 28th October, after the pray with the charismatic group from Cernay, it was late, we have a long talk after the meeting. I was too tired to take a shower at this evening. Usually I can not take a shower early in the morning and no wash the hair. My back is so stiff and painful, so that I cannot lean forward the head for washing the hair. I feel me sick. This morning, I take a shower, wash my hair, and also cut the nails form my feet without any problems, or pains. My back is lithe and fully painless.

Since two years, I have a spiritual father. He says to me, last time that I muss search or create a group with peoples in my age bracket and feeling. I always with peoples a lot older than I, so that I begin to think and live like these old persons. Please pray the holly spirit for me, so that I can find a good group to make progress together in our spiritual live.

Thank you and God bless you

Your Marie-Agnès

Ana - I am healed of my cancer

My name is Ana Pikunic, I am from Zadar. We have met on 21. Sept 2003. in monastery of St. Maria in Zadar and I promised I would write to you about my healing.
Two years ago, in 2001, I had lymph cancer - Non-Hodgin. A tumor grew beetwen heart and pulmonies and after an operation I was receving a chemotherapy, six of them. It is important to say that I was certain that God would heal me and show His love and mercy through my life and my illness.
During my third therapy I was present on your seminar and while in healing prayer you said : 'Ana you're healed of cancer'. I was sure that was me, inspite that Ana is common name. Now I am fully healed. I praise God for His healing touch. I believe god sent you to Croatia as a prophet to heal us.

I always thank God and praise Him for my healing and my new life.Our God is a mighty God. He is alive. He heals us. Halelluja
Ana Pikunic,
Jeretova 7a, 23000 Zadar

Blanche D’Souza.

Dear Fr. James,
I am thankful to Our Lord Jesus Christ for having answered my prayers through your intercession. As per your instructions, my mother made a good confession, heard mass and received Holy Communion on 23rd May 2003, and was prayed over by Fr. Jose Prakash, an anointed servant of God. My mother received her healing within a few days. Praise and thank the Lord. On medical examination, the reports for urine and blood were normal. There has been no infection and no albumen loss in the urine for the past so many months and no swelling on her feet. Her hemoglobin count has also improved. She has been healed completely in this area with your powerful prayers, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.
Now a new problem has arisen. Mum has developed acute spondylitis, and because of this her blood pressure keeps mounting very high. Due to medicine, her serum creatine count, and blood urea tends to be on the higher side. She has acidity problem, and her appetite has not yet returned. She feels weak and lethargic at all times. I would be grateful, if once again, you could intercede for my mother to our Heavenly Doctor for a complete healing.
Thank you,
Yours in Christ,

Blanche D’Souza.

Testimony of Helen

Dear Fr James,
How are you? By the Grace of God through your prayers I have received healing. I followed your instructions of thanking Jesus and I also read Ps 91. I placed my hands on my abdomen and prayed as you have instructed. Pain in my abdomen is relieved now.
PRAISE THE LORD. May God bless you. Fr James, your prayers are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Kind Regards

TESTIMONIES of Ivanka Duvnjak Zagreb, Dugo selo, Croatia

Our dearest Father James,

We first of all we would like to thank you for yours prayers for us (prayers warriors) We joined you prayer warrior group on February 16, 2003. Our needs were Spiritual, psychological and phisical health, conversion of living members especially my husband; healing of my and my husbands family trees, solving financial and legal problems, harmony and peace at home. It is just wonderful that Christ's peace came to our family life! God answered all ours prayers and we think that this is really a miracle. We wish to give testimony that God helped us in all ours needs, so we can now feel free and happy. My husbend is converted. It was my greatest wish. We go to mass every morning together. He, my dear husbend Slavko do not curse (scold) any more. He pray rosary with me together now. God gave me back my health and I can continue my work.

It is also miracle that God freed us from one terific suit law verdict. We had law suit. We have to pay 100 000 kuna as punishment or Slavko had to go to prison. The judgement was in favour of us. God set us freed from the debts. My husband need not go to prison at all. Our God is a mighty God

Our daughter is happyly married. We all have new life in Spirit.
We give thanks to God for His blessings and to you Father James for yours prayers for us.
May God bless and keep you Fr. James from all harm. We will continue to pray the warrior prayer everyday. THANK YOU.

Ivanka Duvnjak with familly

Antony and Roberta Matkovic

My name is Roberta. My parents are "catholics", but they dont go to Courch. I didn't also. But my husband and his family are opposite. They believe in God and go to church. I went with my husband to your first seminar and there my husband was healed from his terrible headache, and it never came again. It was a miracle, but still I did not believe. As I was young, my family ( me, my husband and son), sometimes used to go to Holy Mass and sometimes not. Just before your second seminar, I was very depressive because lot of bad things happened to me and I decided to confess my sins and to go to your seminar. At the seminar, you called my name (in four days) three times. You said: Roberta you are healed. And then I felt something in my heart, and I cried. I cried because I relized that my eyes were closed all my life. I cried because all of my sins. I am young, 25 year old woman, but I hope its
not late for me to change. And I changed a lot. After your seminar, now I pray every day. I go every Sunday to Holy Mass, and I get down to my knees on Mass (before that was so stupid for me to do) I ve got a Bible as a present and Im reading her for the first time. THANK YOU FATHER JAMES, YOU ARE MY SPIRITUAL LEADER, YOU HELPED ME A LOT. JESUS HEALED MY HUSBAND AND ME, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I BELIVE IN HIM NOW....THANK YOU JAMES..I send
you a picture of me and my husband with our son Dorian.
Thank you Jesus for givin us this gifts.


Suzana Ivezic

Dear Father

As member of prayer chain I'm obliged to give testimony so I send it now. It is nothing spectacular comparing to other miracles I've seen connected to Fr.James's mission, but I send it anyway to fulfill my duty.

My name is Suzana Ivezic. I'm 39 years old and I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I would like here to testify about God's grace that entered into my life by prayers of Fr.James Manjackal. To help you understand what God did in my life I must tell something about my past.
Since early childhood I have always been very melancholic, lonesome and sad. I could never fit into any social group and idea of entertainment or fun which is normal for any child was complete unknown for me. When I reached the age of about 10-11 I started to feel very depressive.
The depression increased as time went by so it started to interfere my school obligations and my personal relation with my family and also suicidal thoughts often occurred in my mind. At the same time I was very religious girl, I loved to go to church to listen prayers and sermons, and I loved to read Bible. Jesus became the only light point in my life. But in my mind Jesus was always somewhere very far away, He resurrected and ascended to heaven and heaven was indeed very far from me at that time. For several years I went to church every day, sometimes even twice a day, I was receiving sacraments that gave me some strength, but nothing could actually help me. After same time I begun to think that Jesus has abandoned Church, and I started to search for Jesus elsewhere. I thought I could find Jesus in new age philosophy. Of course, my depressions even increased, so my everyday mood was in the rank from sad to despair.
On July 2001 for the first time I went to Fr.James's seminar in Zagreb. After two days of seminar I realized that I have found everything I was searching whole my life. I'm not the person that can get easily enthusiastic, but it was the "real thing" indeed. For the first time in my life I have experienced marvels that only Holy Spirit can do into person's life. The Kingdom of God has arrived indeed and it is in the midst of us. ( And it was worth waiting !!)
Since then I've been on many seminars of Fr.James and I'm the member of the prayer warrior chain. As the result of that my depressions are gone I can live normal life, suicidal thoughts are completely gone, I fully accept teachings of the catholic Church and I'm completely liberated of any connection to esoteric. For the first time in my life I can feel that I belong to human society, that God HIMSELF has given me right to live and to be happy. As the member or prayer chain I can every day EXPERIENCE the support coming by Fr.James's intercessory prayers, my ability to deal with stress situations improved as well as my communication with people.
I thank and praise the Lord!! I'm also very grateful to Fr.James, because, let's not forget, his dedication to Jesus made all this possible!

Suzana Ivezic, Zagreb, Croatia

Hrvoje Zeugnis
Subject: My testimony(Hrvoje-Jonjic) Split, Hrvatska
Date: Sun 16. Nov 2003.

Dear Father James!

I am 28 years old. Before you prayed for me I was sexually frustrated. I never had a girlfriend and I was masturbating a lot, seeing girls on the street I would image them satisfying my lust, I watched a lot of pornography on the internet. I had trouble sleeping at night, I was lying to my parents, I was full of inner fear and was imagining things that don’t exist. I was lying to my parents and everyone else. My auntie urged me to write you an e-mail. Since you replied to my e-mail I don’t masturbate anymore, I don’t feel scared, and I am not lying to my friends and family. Nowadays if people are swearing, that makes me sad, and I don’t like loud places. I like to pray and that gives me courage and strength for life. I can concentrate much better, don’t have nightmares and I know that our God is almighty, most powerful, full of love and understanding.
Thank you Jesus for everything you are giving me
My address: Hrvoje Jonjic/Težaèki put 47/21000 Split/Hrvatska tel:0038521373109/

Ingo Vaters


From: Ingo.Vaters@t-online.de

Dear Father Manjackal, dear Luzi and Gabi,

Thank you for the answer to my email from 9/23/03.
Here is the testimony of my healing.

For many years I have been suffering from constant pain in both knee joints. Due to a torn cruciate ligament and several torn meniscuses I had a total of 5 operations on my knees.
After the last operation a chronic inflammation in the hollow of the left knee set in, which could only be removed by a further operation. But after all those operations I had enough for the moment. Nevertheless, I was not relieved of the pain. I could neither kneel nor squat down.
Through my faith in Jesus Christ and especially by attending the retreat in Münster from 9/3 to 9/6/03 I was completely freed from my pain through the prayer on 9/5/03.
To this day and till the end of my days I will never again have pain in my knees.
Praise be to Jesus Christ.
Dear Father James, I include the picture of myself.
My family and I are already looking forward to seeing you again, and we are 100% sure we will see again, as surely as the word AMEN is said in church.
We entrust you and all those accompanying you on the difficult, arduous and dangerous path ahead of you to our loving God. He will take care of it.

See you soon. Ingo Vaters, Pertra Vaters, Christian Vaters, Anika Vaters and Stefan Vaters.

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