All messages in are written by Fr. James himself by reading the signs of the times in the light of the Bible and the teachings of the Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They can be categorized as “prophetic utterances or locutions”, and they are not definitely infallible or indisputable. Presenting the various situations of the times before God, Fr. James prays a long time and receiving inspirations he writes the messages. In order to substantiate them in the light of the Word of God, he always gives Bible quotations below every message and the reader should read those references too in order to understand the messages. Prophetic utterances are for consolation, encouragement, advice and corrections (I Cor 14: 3-4). The Scriptures are also for the same purposes (Rom 15: 5; II Tim 3: 16-17; II Pet 1: 19-21). The original message is written in English as Fr. James knows only English, the translations may lead occasionally to a deviation of the original meaning.

It seems that many have doubts and disputes about the recent message of Fr. James on Tsunami and natural disasters. Of course, anyone is free to comment, but all should know that Fr. James had a direct experience with the Tsunami affected people in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and he heard their woes and anxieties; and now he is collecting money and fund from the affluent people to help them in their misery by building houses, supporting the orphans, helping them for education, etc. Their main questions were these: “where was God during tsunami? Is God so cruel?, is tsunami due to their sins? Are those who died in tsunami gone to hell because they had a sudden death?” The message of Fr. James very clearly gives answers to them, consoles them and encourage them to remain in faith and in the Church and not to run away from a “punishing God” and a “God who condemns people to hell”. The message very clearly calls people to repentance and to good works of charity.

It is deplorable and unjustifiable to criticize Fr. James for his messages in public Medias like television, radio or newspapers without having a veritable knowledge of the backgrounds and sources of his messages or even having a direct contact with him, who goes around the world evangelizing with complete faithfulness to the Word of God and the Catholic Church. Doubts are natural and these should and can be cleared by direct questions to him. That is Christian brotherhood and charity! “Do not despise prophetic utterances, test everything; retain what is good, refrain from every kind of evil” (I Thess 5: 20-22). “Therefore, you are without excuse, every one of you who passes judgement. For by the standard by which you judge another you condemn yourself; since you, the judge, do the very same things” (Rom 2: 1)

Gaby Landauro
(Secretary and PA of Fr. James)

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