CHRISTMAS MESSAGE – 24th. December 2002Song


The Lord says, “My dear children, today is a day of salvation for you because My Son, your redeemer and liberator, is born to you! My Spirit is upon Him to proclaim to you the Good NEWS of My Kingdom, to set you free from the power of darkness, to heal you from all your sicknesses and to announce you the day of the Lord. Blessed are those who clean their hearts to receive Him in holiness of life accepting Him as their only Saviour and Lord because there is no one else in the world than He, through whom they can enter into my glorious Kingdom. My children, when you live a life worthy of Him, you are My specially beloved children, My chosen ones and My own holy ones; and then you will find the real joy and peace which He has brought to the world.

I know, My children, that you are celebrating this great day of peace in the midst of rumours and fears of war, which may even wipe away a large number of human beings from the face of the earth. For many people this will be their last Christmas in their lives! I see pride and arrogance coupled with the spirit of vengeance and retaliation blooming in the hearts of some world leaders, who are blinded in their minds by the devil, the enemy of mankind, pretending themselves to rule the destiny of mankind and the earth. They are vain in their reasoning to think that with the weapons of destruction, which they have accumulated by worthless money, can rule the whole world. In their self righteousness and pride, they have forgotten Me and My Son and they do not realize that it is I, who care My people with My providence of love. They pretend themselves to be the gods of this world with their money and power. I will cut away from the book of life the names of those who make unjust war and terrorism dragging millions and millions of people to death, diseases, desperations and various miseries. Those who hate others, and those who fight to kill others, are not the followers of My Son although hypocritically they call themselves Christians, they make a pretence of religion denying its power, the power of the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of love.

My loving children, pray with fasting and mortification for the conversion and change of such world leaders, that they may be melt in their hearts by the Spirit of My Son, to follow the way of LOVE, PEACE and JOY.

I see that many of you are wounded in your mind and body, I see some of you deprived of your beloved ones because they are either killed or found missing, I see  good number of you without proper food, clothing and shelter, I bring you healing and peace through My Son Jesus, who is born unto you today! As I blessed the three Kings who left their ways to meet Jesus, I will bless those leaders and rulers who humble themselves to renounce their ways of anger and injustice to follow the way of My Son which is forgiveness, love and sharing. I will reveal myself and live among those who humble themselves and become poor in spirit like the shepherds who rushed to the manger of My Son. My dearly beloved children, make Jesus, My Son, the rock and fortress of your salvation, cling to Him always that He may be a stronghold to save you from all your distress and pains and to give you peace and prosperity in your lives.

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I Pet 2: 9


MESSAGE XV – 1st. December 2002 Song


This is what the Lord says, “My children, you are in the season of Advent preparing yourselves to celebrate the great feast of Christmas. By repenting of your sins make a sincere confession and make your lives clean to receive Jesus, My Son, whom I have given to you as your only Saviour. When you plan to spend much money in new clothes, ornaments,  exchange of gifts and presents, on holidays and parties, think of the large majority of the people living in utter poverty in the world, having no food to eat, having no cloth to wear, having no house to lay down and rest. In the poor countries, there are people who sleep on street corners and roads, there are orphans whom no one cares, there are beggars running around desperately, sick people unable to go to a doctor or to a hospital. Perhaps by collecting what you intend to spend on extravagances and luxuries, you can help these poor ones. Perhaps by helping them, you may be housing Jesus or clothing Jesus or feeding Jesus. Remember the words of My Son, “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for Me”. Be like the good Samaritan who helped the man wounded on the road, be like the poor widow who gave all what she had, be like the woman who poured out all the oil she had at the feet of Jesus, and be like the little boy who gave the five loaves and the two fishes. Thus meet My Son Jesus among the poor.

Deut 15: 1-11 
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MESSAGE XIV – “2nd and 3rd November 2002Song


This is what the Lord says, “My dear children, remember your close relationship and communion between you and those who have passed away from this life; with those who are with Me in heaven and with those who are waiting for paradise in purgatory. In your daily struggles of life, the saints are praying before the throne of heaven and are interceding with Me for many blessings, both spiritual and material on you. They are people who went through hardships and sufferings, who purified their souls in the Blood of My Son, and remained in their faith by fighting against the assaults of the Evil One, and many of them shed their blood for faith and became martyrs; hence they know very well your pains and struggles of life, with feelings of love and sympathy they offer up prayers before Me bringing many blessings on you all. If you on earth pray for one another for various blessings, how much more efficacious and powerful are the prayers of those who are in heaven in perfect and eternal communion with Me!

Dear children, think of those who are in the nether world, purging themselves from all impurities to be in the company of the saints. You can show your sympathy and love to them by praying and fasting for them, by asking God’s pardon for their sins, and by doing good works on behalf of them. Perhaps they had not treasured up riches in heaven while they were on earth, but you, their close friends and relations can treasure up riches for them so that, when they reach up to heaven, they will be your powerful intercessors.
The Body and Blood of My Son offered up daily in various altars have tremendous power to obliterate the consciences of the people and to consecrate them to eternal glory to worship the living God. The Body and Blood of My Son always take away the sins of the world! By offering the Holy Mass for them and by receiving Holy Communion on their behalf during the Mass, you can bring salvation and redemption to those who are suffering in purgatory.

My children, don’t follow the wrong teachings and advices of those who deny this communion of saints. Remember all of you, who are on earth or those who passed away, have only One Lord and God, Jesus Christ, My Son, who broke His body and shed His blood on the cross; and you all are united to Me and to one another through the same Spirit  you have received, which enables you all to call Me “Abba Father”. I hear the saints in heaven and the souls in purgatory and you all calling Me “Father”. Yes, I listen to your prayers, I give My Son Jesus as your only Saviour and Lord and through His Spirit you are all My children. I love you, My children, I wish that all of you together be with Me in paradise which is your true country which is prepared from all eternity”.

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MESSAGE XIII – 4th October 2002 – Feast of St. Francis of Assisi Song


This is the message of the Lord:

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God. You, My children, whom I call Christians, I want you to be my peacemakers in the world which is in turmoil with wars and rumours of wars. When you hate your adversaries keeping revenge and grudge against them, you are no more My children because you are breaking My commandment to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you. I am angry with those nations that go around making wars. I warn the rich countries that are making war on small and weak countries in the name of war on terrorism. Oh, you rich nations, there are terrorists in your own countries and in all your territories, the enemies and destroyers of your countries are in your own countries; you try to make peace with them by treating them as equals with God’s love. Stop injustice and discriminations and love everyone in truth and justice, then you shall see terrorism eliminated from your midst. Having filled up your arsenals with weapons that can destroy the whole earth, how can you justify destroying the weapons of others? Why do you notice the splinters in your neighbour’s eye, but do not see the wooden beam in your own? Put your sword (bombs and weapons) back into its sheath, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword! By the same weapons by which you destroy the innocent people in the world, you and your innocent children shall be destroyed.

Woe to those rulers and countries, which pride on their wealth, money and might, for the time is coming you shall be thrown down from your thrones and you shall be shattered into pieces. I will bring disaster and misfortunes on you and on your next generations for your arrogance and pride. The blood of the innocent people killed by weapons of the rich countries, are crying out to Me for vengeance. I am a just God, I hate violence, wickedness, injustice and murders. How can you, who wear a cross on your chains as Christians, hold bombs in your both hands and destroy the people! You are deforming the holiness of My Name and you are behaving worse than the pagans.

You, priests and leaders of My Church, it is not the time to keep silence, for by your silence and indifference you are participating in the sins of others. I have appointed you as watchmen of My people, you have a duty to admonish them and to correct them. It is time for you to condemn the wicked and unjust deeds of the political leaders. Pope and patriarchs, bishops and archbishops, priests and pastors, in one voice should decry the warring nations and do penance for those who make war. Exhort the people, who are under such imperialism to pray for the conversion of their leaders, to do penance and works of mercy for the atonement of their sins and to invoke God’s mercy, so that great curse may not pervade them.

My dear children, be My peacemakers wherever you are, then you will prove yourselves to be My true witnesses”.

Num 16: 22
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Ez 3: 17-18; 36: 22-23
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Rom 2: 24
Jas 5: 1-6

MESSAGE XII – 15th September 2002 Song

“Our Mother weeps”

I received this message from Our Blessed Mother when I was preaching to the priests in Slovakia during the first week of September. I did not see her face, but clearly I heard her voice, I felt her presence by the strong smell of rose. I felt myself to be very near to her. She said,

“I am sad over the sins of the priests today. Many of them are desecrating the Body and Blood of my Son. Because of their sinful lives, many people have lost faith in Jesus my Son. The sins of my priests pierce my heart. I pray for their purification. I take the sufferings of many people and offer them to God along with my sufferings for their purification.

Secondly the families that are broken through divorces and separations break my heart. I feel sad over the children born in broken families without the love of both parents. I too knew the sufferings of a family life for I was a wife, a mother and a widow. I was in great sorrow when Joseph, my husband, thought of divorcing me. When others did not understand the divine happenings in me, I was in grief and loneliness. In the silence of my heart, I used to pour out my heart to God and ask for His help. Dear married couples only through prayer and trusting in His loving care, you can go ahead happily in your married life. If you pray together in all your problems God will give an answer.

Thirdly, I am sad over the killing of the unborn babies. All the babies are created in the image and likeness of God and all of them are God’s children. My dear children, stop killing the innocent babies in your wombs. Once they are conceived they start their lives as you started your lives in your mother’s wombs. You were full human beings ever since you were conceived in your mother’s wombs. By denying them their right to live, you are doing a great injustice. The innocent blood shed always brings disasters, misfortunes and curses. My loving children, I am your mother praying for all of you in tears before the heavenly throne of God the Father and the Son along with all the blessed in heaven. Stop killing the little babies, take care of them, bring them up in good health of mind and body. I feel sad that the Christians are decreasing in number all over the world, you shall not decrease but you shall increase”.

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I Cor 7: 1- 11
Col 3: 18-21

MESSAGE TO THE PRIESTS – 1st August 2002 Song

“You, My priests change your hearts”

While in prayer Jesus gave me strong message of conversion and of call to holiness for priests in the Church. I saw Jesus looking at the Altar, the Pattern and the Chalice shedding tears.

“You, My priests, beloved of My heart, I have called you to a sublime vocation which is higher than that of the saints and angels. You are given power to make Me present in a piece of bread and drops of wine. You are privileged to handle My body and blood and to give them to My people. On the day of your ordination I set you apart for Me alone. You took the vow of celibacy in order not to belong to the world but to belong to Me and to My Church alone. Now many of you are despising My name, which is holy, by your immoral and unchaste behaviours. You are offering polluted offerings on My Altar which I can not accept. Your lips are to keep wisdom and knowledge so that people may seek advices and instructions from you. But you, who should teach holiness to My people, are leading them away from holiness by your own behaviour and erroneous teachings. You, who are expected to teach to believe in Me alone for salvation, are encouraging people to go after other religions and beliefs. You, who should be the guardians of truth, are living in darkness and blindness and misleading others and teaching them as you wish according to your desires. Because of you, many of My people have lost faith and gone away from righteousness of life. Because you have broken your vows and promises to Me, My holy name is profaned among all nations. You priests, violate My law and profane what is holy to Me; you do not distinguish between the sacred and the profane. You, My priests, are not caring the flock entrusted to you, you are not bringing back those who are strayed, you don’t seek after the lost, you don’t heal the sick and you are not strengthening the weak. So My sheep, My people whom I have redeemed by My blood are wandering around the world seeking for truth and meaning of life. Many of them have become the prey of other gods and even evil spirits. My people perish for want of knowledge

I want My priests to come back to the holiness and to be shepherds to tent the flock of God. I want you to stop scandalising My people with your wrong teachings and bad examples, but I want you to be good examples. You must be able to distinguish between good and bad, sacred and profane, clean and unclean. You must teach My people to observe the commandments of the Lord and the teachings of the Church, My body, and thus to love Me with their whole heart.

My priests, you are consecrated to My loving heart from where the Living Water flows into you to wash you clean AND TO GIVE YOU POWER AND GRACE TO LIVE A SACRED LIFE. You shall spend time in praying so that you may detach from the world and attach yourselves to Me. If you are willing to obey and come back to Me, you should find your life again, otherwise I warn you that I may do away with your priesthood and I Myself shall be their priest and shepherd. I don’t wish the misfortune that befell Eli, the priest in the Old Testament, or Judas Iscariot in the New Testament. Great shall be the punishments and chastisements on those priests who do not live according to My will”.

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Rev 14: 1-5; 21: 5-8


“Stay with Me in all your sufferings””

Thus says the Lord, “My children, I see sufferings in the world are increasing day by day. I hear many of you complaining to Me “Why You such a loving father sending sufferings to us!?” I, your loving father never send sufferings to anyone, sufferings are the results and consequences of your wrong doings and sins. I am not a God who rejoices over the sufferings of My children! I created you in My image and likeness and place you in Paradise with all glory and honour without any sufferings, but by your sins you lost it. Still My compassionate love sent My only Son to take away your afflictions and sufferings but now you have rejected Him. The outcry of the innocent and helpless infants massacred in the mother’s womb, the blood stench of thousands killed in poor countries by the rich nations for political gains, the tears of the poor, the hungry, the abandoned especially the orphans, etc. makes My son sorrowful and often He is in the garden of Gethsemane! The apostasy, atheism, disobedience, the licentiousness, the immoralities, etc. crucify Him daily. The religious indifference and tepidity of the intellectuals and the scandals of the clergy gives Him crown of thorns. Blessed are those who are privileged to share His sufferings in order to save mankind.

Today you are greatly blessed through my servant Padre Pio who carried the sufferings of My Son in his soul and body. These are times people run after worldly pleasures, comforts, wealth, securities and honour forgetting and disowning the gift and blessings which I bestow upon those who follow My Crucified Son to redeem the world. Are you only happy to accept the glorified Messiah of power and pomp? Are you ashamed of Him who comes to you as a criminal hanging on the cross with the crown of thorns and with the bleeding wounds all over the body? You, who believe in Him and live in Him should take up sufferings along with Him in order to continue to save the world which is steeped in sin more than ever. At all times I have called holy people of endurance and patience to carry the sufferings and death of My son in their bodies so that He may be made visible in them. Many of you ask Me why you should suffer when you live a holy and righteous life! My children, righteous suffering is My approval of My call to follow My Son. Your adopted sonship is made perfect in your complete union with My Son and you have to walk the way He walked from the Manger to Calvary. Don’t you want to have a share in His sufferings that you too will have the blessedness and glory of sufferings? When you are patient and persevering in your sufferings you are purified as gold in fire and by this you are saving your own soul and the souls of many. Blessed and happy are those who respond to His call to follow Him in His sufferings with joy and cheerfulness. Greater will be your joy when you know that you become co-redeemers with Him to save many people through your sharing of His sufferings. My children, I never allow you to have sufferings beyond the grace and power I give you. I will always give you sufficient grace if you will cooperate with Me in your prayerful surrender and humble submission. The momentary and transitory sufferings of today is preparing you for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure. I give My Holy Spirit to you as I gave Him to My Son in Gethsemane and on Calvary to strengthen your inner self to face all your sufferings with joy, courage and optimism. My children, I am with you always!

Gen 1: 27; 2: 8
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Rev 7: 13-17

MESSAGE FOR PENTECOST – 19th May 2002 Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, I send My Spirit upon you today as I have sent Him on My Son and the patriarchs and prophets and finally on My apostles and the early Christians that you may be a holy people unto Me observing My commandments and statutes that I have given to you through the Word of God and My Church. I know that there are millions and millions of people all over the world who call upon My Name and the Name of My Son Jesus, but some of their hearts are away from Me and they are not concerned about My will and My way but walk according to their own will following the evil desires of their hearts. In their falsehood and hypocrisy they are not going forward but they are falling backwards!
Today through the Holy Spirit, the winnowing fan of My hand, I am separating and selecting the world to find out how many are living an authentic christian life, a true life in God, according to My will. All those who call upon My Name shall keep themselves away from sins! Sanctify Christ as Lord in your heart! You, My children, sometimes say that I have abandoned you and brought disasters and misfortunes upon you and your children and that you and your family have no peace and prosperity in life. My loving children, looking at My unchanging and everlasting love with which I have created you in My image and likeness, and carrying you on My shoulder writing down your name in the palm of My hands, think whether it is I who rejected you or it is you who rejected Me and My ways neglecting to obey My laws and commandments and thus receiving the consequence of your lawlessness and misdeeds. Repent of your sins through My Spirit, renounce your old style of life and start living a new life.
I wish a new Pentecost happens in your personal life and in the life of your family and of your society that there may be a new generation who live in the light of Christ being holy and blameless with an authentic Christian witness of life living together as brothers and sisters loving and serving one another. Be confident that My Spirit goes with you wherever you go and strengthens you whenever you find yourself weak. In all your struggle and fight against the devil and the flesh I will be there with My Spirit to give you success and victory. My children, you are not left alone in this world, through My Spirit, My Son and I find our abode in you making you the strongest and greatest persons in the world, adorning you with glory and honour, dignity and power along with My saints and angels in whose company you will join your hearts in one accord to sing praises to Me. Through My Spirit, I will reveal to you the secrets of My heart, the secrets which you can not know by your intelligence and secrets that are hidden from the non-believers and gentiles. Through My Spirit, I will give you wisdom and knowledge to be a teacher and a preacher to all those who are in sin and in ignorance. Through the power of My Spirit, you shall call upon My Name to cast out demons and to heal the sick, indeed you too shall do miracles and wonders like Moses and the prophets in the Old Testament and like My disciples and Christians in the early centuries. My children, through My Spirit you shall capture the whole world for Me and My kingdom because I thirst for a world freed from sin and wickedness, a world of love, peace and prosperity. Behold I make everything new. I am with you always."

Gen 1: 27
Ez 11: 19-21; 36: 23-27
Is 43: 1-5
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Rev 7: 17; 21: 1-5

MESSAGE VIII – 28th April 2002 Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, beware of the false prophets and mystics who frighten you with prophecies of doom and perdition. See that no one deceives you. With regard to the second coming of My Son and your assembling with Him, I ask you not to be shaken out of your minds suddenly, or to be alarmed either by a “spirit” or by an oral statement or by a letter allegedly written as from a saint or the Blessed Virgin. I have not revealed the day or hour of the coming of the Son of Man to any human beings or to the angels and not even to my beloved Son. These are the days when false prophets and messiahs are arising performing even signs and wonders so great as to deceive even the elects. They will gather people in their own name and teach them their own teachings according to their own desires and phantasies pretending to show true life in God. They know well that Satan, the deceiver, has taken away the desire of men for listening to the sound doctrine thought by Jesus in the Bible and through His church which is His body. You shall find True Life in Jesus Christ my Son; He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The true Church is the Catholic Church which began at the Heart of My son that was pierced by the lance of the soldiers on the Cross, and announced publicly on the day of Pentecost when I sent the Holy Spirit on all. Beware of the seers and mystics who come from the churches that are separated from the Mother Church and who gather the elects from the Catholic Church. Not joining the true Catholic Church, from outside they pretend to lead the Catholics in the true life in God. Do away with them and their teachings. Many speak what I have not spoken, you My children gather yourselves in the Name of My Son Jesus in the church, which He has founded on the apostles and continues through the teachings of the Pope and the Bishops. These are days the Satan is shaking the Church of the elects from inside and outside. Draw power from the Risen Lord and hold on to your faith and fight out the cunning tactics of the Evil one. Behold, I renew and purify My Church through the Holy Spirit. As on the day of Pentecost, I am pouring it down on you every day. Through the mouth of my servant Pope John XXIII, I spoke that a new Pentecost will take place in the Church by miracles and signs by the Holy Spirit and it happened by the dawn of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal through which millions and millions of people all over the world are, by the Baptism of the Spirit, finding New Life in Christ. My children renew your life through the Baptism of the Spirit and gather together in prayer groups. My children, pray more, pray that you may be a spirit filled people in the Church. Behold I send My Spirit upon you always. Wait upon it in prayer and receive it in faith.

Jer 4: 30-31; 17: 5-10
Ez 13: 1-23
Mk 13: 32
Jn 3: 1-10; 19: 34
Mt 24: 4-14; 24
Act 2: 1-21
Eph 5: 18-20; 6: 10
II Thess 2: 1-3
II Cor 2: 17
II Tim 1: 6-7; 4: 3-4
Titus 3: 4-7

MESSAGE VII – EASTER 2002 – 31st March 2002 Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, hold on to the fact that your Saviour is risen from the dead. It is the hope of your resurrection too. The Spirit that raised Jesus will raise you too to life when you are dead. Hence rejoice in the Resurrection of My Son and rejoice that He has given you the same Spirit that I have given Him. Rejoice always in all circumstances because His Spirit dwells in you by giving you a new life which enables you to walk with Him with courage and success. The power of resurrection sets you free from all bondages of Satan, death and sin. Now you are in light and in newness of life; see that you don’t go back to your old ways of life. Rejoice today because paradise is open for you through My Son; rejoice today because you are privileged to be My children and heirs to my inheritance; rejoice today because you won victory over the powers of darkness, rejoice today because you are seated at the right hand of God, rejoice today because you shall appear in glory with Jesus as your life is hidden in Him”

Rom 8: 11-17
I Cor 15: 1-28
II Cor 5: 17
Phil 3: 10; 4: 4
Col 3: 1-4
I Jn 5: 1-5

MESSAGE VI – GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March 2002 Song


Thus says the Lord, “My beloved children, you are still crucifying the Son of God and holding Him up in contempt because after having been tasted the heavenly gift of Salvation by sharing the power of the Holy Spirit and the sweetness of the Word of God, some of you have fallen away. Perhaps it was better for them not to have known the truth than after having known turning back from the Way in which they walked. It is sad that Satan has darkened their understanding and seduced their minds; although they think that they are wise, they are most foolish and senseless in having lost the precious gift of Salvation; although they think they are most free they are slaves of corruption, wickedness, lustful passion and sins. In the futility of their minds they became vain in their reasoning and they cut themselves away from me and My Son; they exchanged the glory of God to human beings and created things like money, pleasures and pride of life. My Son can not remain in those who love the world. Being alienated from My love and grace they lost the power to live a righteous life. They walk in all sorts of impurity and filth in the lust of their hearts even in indulging immoral and unnatural relationships, in killing the innocent, in exploiting the weak and the poor, and in doing all sorts of injustice. They are filled with every form of wickedness, evil, greed, and malice; every form of envy, murder, rivalry, treachery and spite. They are gossipers, and scandalmongers and they hate God. They are insolent, haughty, boastful, and ingenious in their wickedness and rebellions against their parents. Although they know the just decree of God that all who practice such things deserve eternal punishment, they not only do them but give approval and encouragement to those who do them.

My children, if you have gone astray, it is time to come back, My compassionate love still awaits for you through the passion and death of My Son. It is not too late for you to come away from darkness and the deeds of darkness. Come back and look at the crucified Saviour and say “Jesus, my Saviour and Lord, have mercy on me a sinner”. His affectionate heart that is cut for your sake will receive you with love and give a new heart and spirit to live a righteous life. The water and blood that flows from His wounds will wash you and cleanse you form all impurities and your heart shall be whiter than snow and your life shall shine out in darkness as My precious witness. Hear My children My voice from the mouth of My Son “I thirst”. Yes I thirst for you and wait upon you holding My Son
crucified in My hands… come back My children…”

Is 53: 4-7
Jn 19: 34-37
Rom 1: 18-32
Eph 4: 17-24; 5: 26
I Cor 5: 6-8
Heb 6: 4-6
II Pet 2: 19-22
I Jn 2: 15-17 

MESSAGE V – 22nd of February 2002 Song


Thus says the Lord, “In this holy season of Lent, I have many advices to all those who are in various stages and states of lives. You, My children, who have not become adults, I delight in your innocence and pristine holiness. I warn you not to follow the bad examples of your elders. Follow the good examples of holy people who are living among you. Read the Holy Scriptures and sacred books especially of the lives of the saints which will inspire and encourage you for a righteous life. Be constant in your prayer life and be regular in taking part in the Holy Eucharist. Allow not your hearts be weakened by laziness and lethargy. Be obedient to your parents and elders. I shall bless you through their blessings.

You, My young people, you are dearly loved by Jesus, My Son, who always sought the company of the youth. Let it be a time of your saying “NO” to sin and sinful ways and saying “YES” to Jesus and to His ways. Even if you have fallen into the worst kind of sins, I am waiting for your return so that I can receive you back with a hug of My greatest love, cloth you with the finest linen of holiness and anoint you with My Spirit to enable you to fight out the evil of wickedness and injustice in the world, so that you may shine out as My authentic witnesses. You, young men and women, I want you to be the preachers, singers, teachers, healers, prayer-warriors, and defenders of My Kingdom. Come to Me, I am ready to equip you with all spiritual gifts and charismas, so that you shall be the ambassadors and messengers of My love. I yearn and thirst for you dear youth.

Dear married people, I remind you of your marital commitments and obligations to live together with an inseparable love and to bring up children in holiness of life. During this season of grace come away from all unfaithfulness, dispute, rivalry, dissensions, remove all misunderstandings and suspicions; forgive one another; accept each other’s weaknesses and failures, and with an unselfish love live for one another. It is I, who has called you to be husbands and wives to give you a share in My creative activity to bring forth children. Sexuality is a sacred gift to you; I will not tolerate any abuse or misuse of it. I hate divorce, adultery and incest. I am the Lord of life and death, it is I, who give life and take away life, dear couples never even think of aborting a child given in your married life. Stop sending up the tears of the little innocent and helpless babies who are brutally killed by the parents by abortion which bring curses and misfortunes upon you and the humanity at large! I give you power and grace to carry the crosses that come from your struggle to be conscientious and responsible couples and parents. Hold on to the right principles and moral values of married life and live a holy life. You, dear couples, sanctify each other and together sanctify your children. In family I created mankind; in family shall I save them. I hate cloning and all sorts of experiments on the unborn babies.

You, My priests, nuns and those who are especially consecrated to My holiness, think of your own vocation and dignity of your noble state of life. I have called you and separated to witness My holiness among the people. I am very much grieved in My heart with numerous scandals that are brought about by you. Many have lost their faith and thereby their eternal salvation because of your sinful and scandalous behaviours. During this time of grace, repent of your sins and be renewed. It is My Spirit that has appointed you to be overseers and leaders of the flock whom Jesus has acquired with His own Blood. Be models and examples among the people. Bear your share of hardships and sufferings like good soldiers of Jesus who has called you to be His specially chosen disciples. Preach and teach correct doctrines of the Holy Scripture and of the Church without any compromise because these are days, people are interested in going away from truth to follow their own desires or profane and silly myths.These are times; people turn themselves away from faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and demoniac instructions through the hypocrisy of liars with branded consciences. As men and women of God avoid all evil, pursue righteousness of life by growing in purity, devotion, faith, love, patience and gentleness.

You, widows and widowers, singles and the unmarried, the divorced and the separated respect and honour the state of life in which you are. Do not keep hatred or anger towards those who rejected you or betrayed you but on the contrary, forgive them and love them. Do not regret or feel sad over the sufferings that may face your lives but be patient in your sufferings as Christ, your Lord was. By your sufferings, you are sharing the sufferings of Christ, My Son, which will bring many blessings for you now and in the future. It is through suffering that the Lord merited many blessing for you. The righteous suffering of anyone who believes in Christ is My approval of his/her call to be a disciple of Christ. Anyone who desires to live a holy life must endure sufferings. I am not a God who rejoices over your sufferings but I show My love and compassion in all your sufferings. I give you strength and power to endure them with heroic courage like the martyrs who suffered. I love greatly those who suffer for My Name and My Kingdom. During this season of Lent, you shall obtain many blessings from heaven. Many of you will choose the state of life. From young singles, I will call many to be My ministers and priests. All of you shall pray more for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of the world.

Finally, My children, I want you to live in tolerance and in love with the people of other religions. By your living witness, you must win them for Me. My Son came on earth and died on Calvary for them too. I wish that the whole humanity may be united and become one in My Son Jesus who will really shepherd all My children”.

Gen 1: 27
Ex 20: 12
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Col 3: 18-21
I Tim 6: 11
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I Pet 20: 20-21; 5: 5 

Message IV – 13th February 2002 Song


Thus says the Lord: “Dearly beloved children, these are days when you meditate on the passion, death and resurrection and on all redemptive events of My Son Jesus, your Savior and Lord. I urge you to draw power and grace from the Person Jesus Christ, who is alive today among you carrying your sins and sufferings, bestowing innumerable blessings, both spiritual and material. As you pray and fast more, feel with the poor and the suffering people in the world. Let your Lentern observances lead you to a more mature and authentic Christian life. It is My love that compelled Me to send My only begotten Son to the world so that all who believe in Him may be saved. It was in perfect obedience to My Will that He left aside His equality with Me and took the human form and carried all your sins and guilt, sufferings and sicknesses on His own body like a scapegoat and suffered the most ignominious death on the cross in order to save your lives to Paradise which was lost by sin. Hence it is by your perfect obedience to the Word of God and to My commandments that you should give a return of love. You must know that you were ransomed from your sinfulness by the spotless and precious blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God; and you are born anew by the Holy Spirit through the living and abiding Word of God that had been preached to you. You are most precious jewels in My eyes. My everlasting love abides in you, My children. During this season I want you to repent of your sins and be converted that your sins may be wiped away by the Blood and Water that flows from the broken Heart of Jesus, your Savior and Lord. He is a merciful and compassionate God who comes to you and calls you to Himself. He is ready to forgive all your sins provided you acknowledge them and confess them. He is the good shepherd who goes after the lost one leaving the ninety-nine! I, your father looks upon you and wait for you to come back to Me so that I can embrace you with My plentiful love, giving you new life and all what you need in your life both, spiritual and material. In your return I will rejoice with all the heavenly beings and you will have a share of that joy between you, which nobody can take away from you. If anyone of you has hatred, grievance, anger or unforgiveness towards anyone, during this holy season forgive and reconcile and live in love and unity. My children make a strong decision in your heart to follow Jesus, the Way.

My children come away from too much worldliness and extravagance and share the poverty of Christ on Calvary, who broke Himself fully for others. As you see the priest breaking the Holy Body of Christ during the Holy Eucharist, Jesus is breaking Himself to feed you, to nourish you and to enrich you. I urge every one of you to share your bread with the hungry. Especially to those who have more material riches and affluences I ask not to be proud and not to rely on your material riches which are empty and perishable but rather rely on God who has given you all this comforts and enjoyments and to be good and generous in helping the needy, so that you may have imperishable and ever fruitful treasures in heaven. In giving I will be pleased and I shall shower gifts in abundance. Help the orphans and the poor for their food, clothing and shelter. Comfort and strengthen those who are afflicted and weak. Promote love and justice wiping away all forms of discriminations. When you do these and renew your Christian lives, I will pour on you the richest blessings that have been brought by the Passion, death and resurrection of your Savior and Lord Jesus. Pray and call to Me, I will answer you and reveal to you many things great beyond anyone’s knowledge, and you shall find strength and security in My abiding presence in you”.

Ex 12: 1-16
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Joel 2: 12-18
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Eph 6: 10
Heb 13: 8
I Jn 1: 7; 5: 2
I Pet 1: 17-25; 2: 24
I Tim 6: 17-19

Message III – 1st February 2002


Thus says the Lord: “My children, why have you gone away from Me and become the children of Satan, My enemy? What a big lie and blasphemy it is that some of you say that I am reconciled with Satan and that you can side with him and do all what he does! Till recently the Satan was spreading the lie that he does not exist anymore and the latest of his lies is that he is My friend! You must not forget that Satan is a liar and father of lies and that he never remained in truth. The Satan and his angels continue to exist as My enemies ever since they rebelled and fought against Me at the beginning. The Satan continues to fight against Me, My Son and those whom I have chosen to be my own. He wants to kill My people and destroy all good things that I have done for their welfare and prosperity. Except for those who believe in Me and in My Son, Satan is the ruler of the world, he is the prince of the air with his tremendous power in the atmosphere (cosmos) by which he can darken and blind the mind of the people by taking away the word of truth from them. He is shrewd enough to masquerade himself as an angel of light performing miracles, wonders and healings.

I have my grievance against the priests who do not believe in the existence of the evil spirits and who do not cast them out from among My people. It is to them that I have officially given power and authority to cast out the demons as I had given it to My beloved apostles. Now for want of knowledge my people are perishing; My shepherds are not shepherding My people hence they are scattered and wondering over, and some of them are become the prey of the enemy. Some of them even go to temples of the Satan and go to New Age and esoteric healers for getting material gains. There is no one to tell them what is wrong and what is right; there is hardly anyone to turn them away from the power of the devil. My heart is all the more grieved seeing even priests and nuns who are consecrated to proclaim My holiness are conducting centers and houses of holistic healings with the uses of New Age and esoteric healings. I am angry with those who give such trainings in the seminaries and novitiates forming “New Age ministers”.

My dear children, the Satan has entered into many places even to the sacred places with all his cunning tactics. But you My little children believe in My Son Jesus who strikes the head of Satan. Although the Satan comes before Me to accuse you, before My throne of justice, My Son defends you and casts him away seeing your good life and faith in His Blood. Believe in My Son Jesus, accept Him as the Lord of your life and have a life lived worthy of His holiness, then you have nothing to fear, no evil can touch you even! I give you power to cast them out and to be victorious in the name and authority of my beloved Son who sacrificed Himself for you on Calvary.

Once again I warn you, My children, not to follow the fake teachings of those who deny the existence of Satan or who say that he is no more my enemy and hence there is no need to fight against the power of Satan. Follow the Sacred Scriptures where you will see how Jesus, My Son, cast out demons and gave the some power and authority over the Satan to those who believe and follow Him. Today Satan is at work more than ever taking people away from Me and My kingdom mainly because of the fake teachings of some of the theologians and teachers of the Church who are following their own ways and not following their Lord or His Words. My beloved priests, I call upon you to exercise your power and save your people whom I have given to you for your care.

My children finally draw strength from your Lord and Savior Jesus and His power, THE HOLY SPIRIT, to stand firm against the tactics of the devil and to be my victorious people. Don’t be anxious or be worried, I will be with you till the end of the world”

Gen 3: 15
Ez 34: 1-17
Hos 4: 6
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Eph 2: 2; 4: 18; 6: 10-20
I Jn 3: 8-10
Rev 12: 7-12

Epiphany of the Lord 6th January Song

"Today Jesus has made known His salvation to all the peoples"

"My dear children, you have been rescued from the powers of darkness and transferred to My kingdom through My Beloved Son Jesus. You have been called out of darkness into this wonderful light to announce the Good News of salvation to all the peoples so that all may praise the Name of Your God. I am light and in Me there is no darkness. All who want to have fellowship with Me through My Son should come away from all works of darkness and embrace the way of Light. I feel sad seeing millions and millions of people still living in darkness and in the shadow of death. Even many Christians who bear the name of My Son do not know Me or My Son and thus do not live in My Kingdom. Some of them live a life worse than that of pagans to whom My son is still not revealed and made known. My heart bleeds at the apostasy, blasphemy, and atheism of My people, they are defaming the name of my Son. I SENT MY SON NOT ONLY FOR THE CHRISTIANS BUT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, AND I WANT THAT MY SON ENTER INTO THE HEARTS OF ALL AND BE ENTHRONED AS KING IN THEIR HEARTS BECAUSE HE IS THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. The Magi who came to worship Jesus in the manger represent those people and kingdoms who are far away from the Light. It is My will that everyone be saved by coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH. The Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus and all should come to know MY Son who is their Redeemer and Saviour. As long as they do not believe and accept My Son they live in darkness and blindness. YOU MY CHOSEN PEOPLE,YOU WHO ARE REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF MY SON I WANT YOU TO BE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD SO THAT THROUGH YOU THE LIGHT OF CHRIST MAY RADIATE ON ALL WHO LIVE IN DARKNESS OF SIN,IGNORNCE AND ARROGANCE. Make no compromise on it. My message of salvation should be preached and proclaimed to all the earth. You should be My witnesses not only in Jerusalem but in Judea and in Samaria and to the ends of the earth. AS MY SON MANIFESTED HIMSELF IN THE FLESH TO BE SEEN, TOUCHED AND EXPERIENCED, HIS SALVATION SHOULD BE MADE KNOWN TO THE WORLD THROUGH YOUR BODY. The people in the world who have not known Christ should see, touch and experience Him in you, in your life and behaviour. Both individually and collectively you are My body. I love you My children I am with you always, go boldly to bear witness to Me. Blessed are those who work for the spread of the GOOD NEWS to bring salvation to the world."

Is 43: 11-13; 52: 7-10; 60: 1-22 
Psalm 72: 1-20 
Mt 2: 1-15; 5: 13-16, 28: 20 
Mk 16: 15 
Jn 17: 3 
Rom 13: 12-14 
Act 1: 8
Col 1: 13 
Tim 2: 4 
1 Cor 3: 16-17; 12: 13 
1 Pet 2: 7-9 

New Year Message January 1st 2002 Song

"Allow Jesus to enter into the boat of your life!"

"My dear Children you are entering a NEW Year in the wake of wars and rumours of wars! Terrorism with modern electronic devices, and use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons may bring even atmospheric catastrophes and global disasters. The roaring sounds of bombs and missiles bring a shadow of insecurity, panic and sadness over all peoples. Perhaps the new year may witness the killing of many more innocent people- some political leaders and religious heads may be attacked and killed. Some major cities and institutions that brood over sins and iniquities may be destroyed. Nations and kingdoms which are proud of their wealth and prosperity may be brought low. Crisis in economy and business will leave many unemployed and jobless. There will be scarcity of essential commodities like food, clothing and shelter in many countries. Many poor children may be dragged to forced labour. Many will die of hunger and thirst. This year may not witness many natural calamities but may face many man-made calamities leaving many people dead and homeless. MY CHILDREN STEP INTO THE NEW YEAR WITH A RENEWED FAITH IN MY SON IN WHOM YOU MAY WALK FEARLESSLY FINDING ANSWERS AND SOLUTIONS TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. When the disastrous flood devastated the whole earth Noah believed in My promise and he and his family entered the Ark and saved their lives. The Ark was only a symbol of My Son Jesus in whom mankind might find salvation. All those who believe in Him will find their lives safe and secure. Look at the followers of Jesus who faced a violent storm in the sea. They called upon HIM and He entered their boat and they reached the shore safe. IN THE SAME WAY, MY DEAR LITTLE CHILDREN ACCEPT JESUS MY SON AS THE ONLY WAY FOR YOUR LIFE, BELIEVE IN HIM AND BY ENTRUSTING THE TOTAL OF YOUR LIFE WITH ALL THAT YOU ARE AND ALL THAT YOU HAVE ALLOW HIM TO ENTER INTO YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. If you do so, at every moment of your life you will see Him steering the boat of your lives in peace and serenity saying to you constantly "I am with you always, have no fear." In all your problems you will hear His melodious voice in your ears "this is the way walk in it". He will not only calm down the wind and hurricanes of your lives but He will command the wind that took you away to dangers to blow in your favour reaching you to the safe and secure shore. I REMIND YOU MY CHILDREN THAT YOU ARE TRAVELLERS AND PILGRIMS IN YOUR LIVES! YOU ARE JOURNEYING TOWARDS ME AND MY KINGDOM WHICH SHOULD BE THE AIM OF YOUR LIVES. You should know that you come from Me and you are to return to Me. I am yours and you are Mine. My enemy the Satan does not like that you belong to Me. Always he will bring confusion, fear and sadness in your lives! He will create circumstances of temptation, trials and crisis to snatch you away from Me and My Son. Beware of his latest tactics of "new age healing" and esoteric practices which are attractive and enticing for many. Giving a temporary solution to your problems they may lead you to deeper and greater problem from which you may find it hard to come away and sometimes you may be doomed in the whirlpool of their bondages! In order that you may not get wearied or tired, broken or lost in your labyrinthine journey, My Son holds you by His hand and protect you under the wings of His Love. WHEN YOU ALLOW HIM TO BE THE CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP OF YOUR LIVES HE WILL FIGHT OUT YOUR ENEMIES, HE WILL PROTECT YOU FROM ALL HARM IN ALL ADVERSITIES AND PERILS. HE WILL EVEN TURN THE EVIL INTO GOOD PROVIDING YOU WITH ALL YOU NEED IN YOUR LIVES. Today My children make a decision for the whole of this year and for the rest of your life to live in Him by faith and travel with Him in full obedience and submission. THUS THE NEW YEAR WILL DAWN ON YOU WITH MY PLENTIFUL BLESSINGS OF PEACE, JOY, SECURITY AND PROSPERITY. ON EVERYDAY OF THE NEW YEAR YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE SHOWERS OF MY RICHEST BLESSINGS, BOTH SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL, WHICH ARE KEPT IN STORE FOR YOU FROM ALL ETERNITY THE FLOODGATES OF MY ABUNDANT BLESSINGS WILL OPEN WIDE ON THOSE WHO FOLLOW MY SON JESUS, THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE."

Gen 6: 14-22,
Gen 7,8,9:1-17, 
Deut 8:6-20, 
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Rom 8:28 
Eph 2:6-19 
Phil 3:20, 4:19

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