Message – 25th December - Christmas 


Thus says the Lord “Dear children, peace, joy, and blessings of spiritual and material prosperity come to those who are of good heart! Today I rejoice with all the heavenly hosts seeing that you are reconciled with Me and with one another by your repentance and confession of sins. Today you are cladded in white with the grace that you have received through the Sacraments; you are indeed shining like stars before Me and the world because you have received Jesus, My Son, as your Lord and Saviour in the manger of your hearts. INDEED TODAY I AM PLEASED WITH YOU MY CHILDREN. I rejoice today with the angels and saints seeing your joy and happiness in following Jesus; I see the joy of the thousands whom you have helped spiritually and physically on these days to celebrate the Christmas. I know and I have accounted in the book of life all your good deeds to the poor and to the needy. I have noticed children having renounced their favourite sweets , toys and games sending help to the orphans and poor children, I have taken note of  young men and women who have abstained from drugs, alcohol , smoking cigarettes and costly way of life helping the poor and the destitute people in the poor countries. I am delighted to see the decision of many families to help the needy and the desperate families in the world. My heart takes delight in those who visit the sick, the prisoners, refugees and the beggars to console and to help them.

My love for you is everlasting My children! When you, mankind, went away from Me by breaking my commandments and statutes, I was grieved in my heart. Having lost my love and friendship you were in utter darkness and desperation. As you were all created in My image and likeness, in your heart you were longing for Me but you could not reach up to Me by yourselves. You tried to please Me with your sacrifices and offerings but I was not pleased with them because I was longing for you and not for what you would give. Even when you were walking away from Me I was pulling you towards Me with cords of love and compassion because I knew that you would not be at peace and happiness unless you would return to Me, the source of your life. HENCE I DECIDED TO SEND MY ONLY SON AS A MAN AMIDST YOU AS YOUR SAVIOUR TO SET YOU FREE FROM ALL THE BONDAGES OF SIN AND SATAN AND TO COME BACK TO ME THROUGH HIM. I did not want to give a chance even to Satan to speak against My Son with regard to sin, so I called Mary from Galilee and kept her away even from original sin so that He would be born sinless from an immaculate virgin.All those who believe in Jesus and cleanse themselves from original sin and all other sins by baptism become not only My children, but her children too; because by becoming partakers of the gift of the Holy Spirit they become brothers and sisters of My beloved Son. This is the story of My love for you, My children.

When you continue keeping Jesus in the sanctuary of your hearts you will have Christmas daily. My beloved children, nobody can take away the peace, joy and the many blessings which I have given you today. Continue living in My love I will give you whatever you ask in the Name of Jesus my Son because He is the only way by which you can approach Me and it is only through Him do I bestow My many blessings of salvation. And it is My desire that you be with Me in my heavenly Mansion for the gift of everlasting  life with My beloved Son where you will have the same glory and honour with which I have glorified Him. Again My children, I give My peace and joy to you and to all your near and dear ones.

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Message - 1st December - Advent Song


Thus says the Lord “My dear children, once again a time to wait upon the Lord, your Saviour Jesus, is come in order to prepare for the celebration of Christmas. Let this time of Advent be a time to pray more, do penance and charity. On these days I want you to open the inner eyes of your hearts and see the living Jesus, My Son, dwelling in your inner self with love beyond all human comprehension and measure; and having experienced this I want you to radiate it on others by your acts of love.When you purify your hearts from sin, I along with My Son will come and dwell in you through the Holy Spirit. Let this time be a time to get out of your sinful bad habits like drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarettes and all sorts of immoral behaviours. When you open your heart and pray, you shall be filled with grace and power to find Jesus in your heart. Be in grace with a humble and surrendered attitude like Mary the mother of Jesus, to allow Jesus to be born in you. Blessed are those who open their hearts and wait upon the Lord with a clean heart.

Let the celebration of the Christmas be a sharing of your love with the poor, the sick and the abandoned in the world. Cut short your expenses on extravagances and luxurious and make collections of gifts to the poor, so that you may find many blessings on Christmas and in the New Year to come. Do not waste your money and wealth on external decorations which are sheer waste. You should know that God dwells not in things that are made of human hands but He comes and dwells in the hearts of His loving children who purify the hearts from all uncleanness. Reconcile with God and with one another by confession of your sins and of asking pardon to one another. I wish that the families get together in love to pray together, to eat together and to share love with one another. Forgiveness and love are the main messages that My Son has brought to the world. Only through Him can your heart find peace. The world can find peace only through My Son Jesus Christ. It is because the people have rejected My Son and have closed their hearts that the world is in terror and in tension. Return My people to the way of My Son!

Through the Advent, Lent and other pious Christian practices I want the Christians and all others who are of good heart to wait upon the second coming of My Son. You, Jews, who are still waiting upon Jesus the Messiah, you Muslims who believe that Jesus will come with Mohammed again and you Christians who recite in your Creed “He will come again”, should live together in love and harmony to wait upon the Saviour of the world. Do not close the door of your hearts as the people did at Bethlehem”.

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Message – 1st & 2nd of November Song


Thus says the Lord “My dear children, heaven rejoices at the celebration of the Communion of Saints on earth! You, who are waging a war against sin, flesh and Satan are joining in spirit in one accord to give praise to God for the innumerable saints in heaven who proved their holiness of lives while they were on earth; and you are helping the souls in purgatory this month in special way by your prayers and penance. You three Churches, the triumphant Church in heaven, the suffering Church in purgatory, the fighting Church on earth are closely linked to each other as I am the Father of all of you and My beloved Son, Jesus, is the Lord of all of you through the one and same Holy Spirit. My love for you is infinite and beyond all measure and it shows no partiality, I want all to be saved and come to the glory of My Kingdom.

On this great occasion, My message to you is to live a life of holiness, to which each one of you is called from all eternity. When I created man on earth, I wanted them all to be saints living in paradise! When they were formed in their mother’s womb, My image of holiness and likeness of goodness was imprinted on their souls. But through the cunning plan of Satan, the enemy, mankind lost the glory by which I made them. Seeing the pitiful condition of man under the power of Satan and darkness, living in sin, My heart grieved. I could not stop loving man whom I made in My own image and likeness, My heart melt with a compassion and love and decided to send My beloved Son on earth to bring them back to the holiness and glory they have lost by His sacrifice on Calvary. I proved My love for mankind by allowing Him to die on the Cross carrying all their sins, iniquities, curses and sicknesses although they were continually offending Me under the influence and power of My enemy, the Satan. I want all mankind, through the Cross of My beloved Son, to receive back the state of grace, holiness, dignity and glory they have lost. He is the only way, the only truth and the only life for all mankind to come back to their sweet home, heaven. All those who have believed in Him and have received the Holy Spirit through baptism, are born again in the newness of life and I have forgiven and forgotten all their past and they have become My beloved children, heirs and co-heirs with Christ to inherit all the blessings that I have in heaven. They are chosen out from the world and they are My holy one to be the salt of earth and light of the world, so that through them the whole world may come to My Kingdom.

So, My beloved children, think of the greatness and dignity of your Christian life! You are saints on earth; I want you to live the life of saints. Look at the examples of the glorious company of the saints, while they were on earth, they were always living in My presence by prayer, they fought temptations and tactics of the devil by My grace, they suffered much in order to keep themselves holy, they remained cheerful and courageous when they had to take up crosses for the sake of Christ, Whom they accepted and followed as their only Saviour and Lord. Constantly they were trying to put on the virtues, attitudes and character of Christ in order to be like Him.I WANT YOU TO FOLLOW THEIR GOOD EXAMPLES IN AS MUCH AS THEY FOLLOWED MY SON JESUS. There are milliards of saints in heaven, like the stars in the sky but only a few are proclaimed publicly by the Church as saints for your imitation. As they are very close to My throne with an intimate relationship with Me, their prayers of intercession may be sought in time of need.

I wish that all who passed away from the earth to reach up to the glory of eternal life. As you know, My children, nothing unclean can enter My presence as I am all holy. But your prayers, penance, Holy Masses, devotions, acts of charity offered on behalf of those who died, are effective to bring them to My Kingdom because I am a merciful God. When you kneel down and ask Me pardon and promise to do good on their behalf, I will show them pardon and mercy and take them to the company of saints. On the last day, I wish to see all the ones I have created gathering around Jesus, your Lord, giving glory and praise to the Trinity along with millions and millions of saints”.

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MESSAGE - Feast of St. Francis of Assisi Song


Thus says the Lord: "My children, I see My Church founded by My Son Jesus shaking with violent stones of betrayals of faith, apostasy and disunity. I see her windows and doors wide opened and many people going out of her and many unwanted people and elements infiltrating her with wrong teachings and thus misleading many. I see the tiles and roofs blown off and some pillars broken! Yes, some teachers and leaders themselves are going against the main teachings of the Church and many make compromises on holiness and truth. Satan, the enemy, is trying to sift the Church. The good moral values and norms taught and practice by the Church from the beginning are no longer there! Like sheep without shepherd My people are going to other religions, sects and even to Satanism to quench their thirst for Me and My Kingdom; they are darkened in their understanding and blind in their knowledge. I feel sad at the divisions in the Church. Any country or kingdom divided will not flourish or grow. Because My Church is divided, she is becoming weak and powerless. In the early Church, the leaders and the elders could tell the cripple and the weak, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth get up and walk”, but now rarely the leaders dare to say it to the weak and to the sick. But I say, the gates of hell and tactics of Satan will not prevail over the Church because I have founded it on firm foundations.

I want My Church to be in unity and love so that it may be strong and powerful before the world which is weak and ill. I want the doors and windows that are opened to compromises on truth and holiness, be closed. I want the Living Waters of grace and power flow through her doors and windows to all corners of the world. I want the tiles and roofs of My Church be firmly placed against the attacks of Satan by powerful lives of prayer, fasting and penance. I want the people who are broken, restless and sick in the world, to find love, peace, power and health from My Church. Let the pillars of the Church, the main leaders of the Church stand firm on the infallible teachings of My Son found in the Bible and the Church, and to teach others to remain faithful.

I want preachers, prophets and teachers to give this message to everyone in the Church so that My Church may be rebuilt and come back to her pristine unity and sanctity. I seek for leaders who will bring back the strayed ones back to the Church through their love and compassion. Let there be many strong people in the Church to work together; to drive out the demon of unforgiveness, compromises, indifference and coldness. I want leaders, who will heal the wounds of My people and bring them to love and unity. I look for labourers, who will proclaim the truth of the Gospel by the powerful preaching. The day is coming when many people will work for the rebuilding of the Church and all those who are gone away will come back and there shall be one shepherd and one flock. Through the powerful and meaningful celebration of the sacraments and prayers all may experience My love brought to the world through My Son Jesus. My dear children, I say again REBUILD MY CHURCH AND BRING HER TO HER SANCTITY that the world may find salvation in and through the Church which should be the light of the world and salt of the earth"

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Message - 25th. September Song


Thus says the Lord “My dear children, on these days the Satan, the enemy, is spreading lies and partial truths through the mouth of teachers, preachers and theologians taking people away from the truth spoken through the Word of God in the Bible. Even from true listeners of the Word of God, Satan takes away the Word and the truth by doubts and confusions allowing them not to go deep into the Word to change their lives and bring forth abundant fruits. Beware of the cunning tactics of the devil who never remained in truth; he is always a lair and father of lies. Due to an increase of evil doings the hearts of many have become devoid of love of God, their minds have become corrupt with evil desires so that they do not like to listen to truth or some doctrine. There are leaders who invent their own teachings or trade on the Word of God with their own conceited interpretations.

Dearly beloved children only truth can set you free, hold firm to the truth of the Gospel. Let no one deceive you, the Satan is at work to blind even the eyes of the believers, and to darken their understanding so that they may not see the light of the Gospel and be saved. Even if an angel from heaven should preach to you a Gospel other than the one preached and written by the Apostles and disciples in the Bible, you should not listen. I know that there are some among you, who disturb the good consciences of others bringing confusion and anomaly by perverting the Gospel of Christ. There are people who say that the commandments are old and they were revealed in Old Testament times and the people of modern age are not bound to keep them. Remember that it is I who spoke both in Old and New Testament through the prophets, patriarchs and at last through the mouth of My Son Jesus. I sent Jesus, My Son, your Lord and Saviour, not to abolish the law but to fulfil the law and commandments. No one shall subs-tract or add anything to the Word of God and to the commandments. Heaven and earth may pass away but My word shall never pass away, the word I have spoken will never come back to Me void, but shall do My will achieving the end for which I send it.

Great are the blessings I bestow upon those who obey My word and keep My commandments. Know that My words are life and Spirit. My words have power to forgive your sins, to liberate you from Satan and his powers, to heal you from all your sicknesses and to raise you from death giving you new lives. Remember that it is through My word that I created the whole universe and all that is in it; I only can recreate you with My word. My word shall be like honey in the mouth bringing comfort, solace, advise, power, strength and joy. My word is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path! At times, My word may cut your hearts as it is two edges sword to cut away all that do not belong a righteous life in order that you may be purified and renewed in your lives. If only a vine is pruned in season, it will produce good fruits; so too My word will prune you to bear much fruits, then I shall be pleased with you. Obey My word and keep My commandments without stain or reproach until the appearance of My Son and your Lord, Jesus, on the clouds to gather the good and the wicked, to judge each one according to his life”.

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Message – 15th. September – FEAST OF mother of sorrows Song


Our Mother speaks, “My dear children, as I was carrying my son Jesus, your Saviour and Lord, in my womb; Satan, our enemy, wanted to destroy me as he knew that He would crush his head but I was protected under the arm of my Heavenly Father. It is by His Spirit that I conceived miraculously Jesus, my Son, to bring salvation to mankind by reconciling them to God the Father, through His expiatory sacrifice on the Cross for their sins. When He was in my womb, I was seeing in His body the total humanity and carrying Him I was carrying all men and women along. Through His body, I was loving all men and women on earth as my children. When Simeon prophesied in the temple that a sword would pierce my heart and that the child Jesus, whom I presented in the temple, would be a sign of contradiction, and that He was destined for the fall and rise of many, I saw the mankind who would accept Him or reject Him, people who would be saved or not saved through Him. Already I foresaw the sin-offering He would do on Calvary, where the Father would make Him to be sin, who did not know sin. In spirit I saw His passion and suffering enduring for the redemption of mankind and kept all these thoughts in my heart and began to suffer. When He grew up with me all these thoughts were troubling my heart and in prayer and fasting I used to pour out my heart in tears before God, my Father in heaven, who called me to be mother of Jesus and the mother of all. In His body constantly I was seeing the whole world steeped in sin and wickedness, carrying the guilt and curses of their own sins and the sins of the forefathers with various wounds and sicknesses of mind and body. Thus I began to love mankind and was looking forward for their salvation, and I look at all men as my own children, whether they accept me or not!

At the foot of the Cross, when I looked at my Son, with His wounds from head to foot, shedding even the last drop of His blood through the pierced heart, I was standing with courage, hope and optimism, praying that the whole world might believe in Him and find salvation. When He was nailed to the Cross, all those who would find salvation were also crucified with Him in order that the world would be crucified to them. I offered all my pains of the loss of my Son to God, the Father, and I suffered all insults along with my Son for the sake of all of you my beloved children. When I looked at the dead body of my Son, I saw all those who lost the divine life and became dead by their sins. I saw those of you who would come to His body and wash themselves from their sins to live a holy life. When the water and blood flew from His wound, I saw the Church, the body of my Son Jesus, in splendour with all her beauty, without spot, wrinkle or blemish. I saw millions and millions who were searching for meaning of their lives coming to the Living Waters to quench their thirst. Dear children, when you became Christians through His Spirit, you became not only His brothers and sisters, but heirs and coheirs with Him to claim all heavenly inheritance. So my dear children you are dear to me as Jesus is dear to me.

On Calvary, when my Son offered me as your mother saying “behold your mother”, He was entrusting me the duty to love you more and to intercede for you before the throne of Divine Mercy. When I see my children leaving the Church, the body of my Son, from where through the sacraments the Living Water continues to flow, tears flow through my eyes. I shed tears on those who live in sin and darkness like pagans and I pray hard for their return to the spring of the Living Water. I see Satan waging war against my children in the Church, I am praying for you that you may be strengthened in the Holy Spirit to fight the war with faith and to be victorious. Whenever I see you, my children, without wine, the Holy Spirit, I take you to the presence of the Lord to be filled again and again with the wine of the Spirit. When I see you returning to the Lord by true conversion and living a life following Him, I am consoled and happy. My dear children, I don’t want you to come to me and attach yourselves to me, you are attached to me already as I am your mother, but I want you to be more attached to Jesus, your God. I don’t want any praise or glory from your lips or gifts or sacrifices from your hands, but give all what you have and all that you are to my Son, Jesus, your Saviour. All honour and glory to Him alone! I want to see my Son lifted up and glorified, accepted and adored by all. I am always the handmade of the Lord. I want to see that all those who call me mother love Jesus more and more and to follow His way and live according to His will. When you go away from this ideal, I will weep for you and wait for your return to Jesus. Behold I am your mother, I pray for you with love, may peace reign in your heart and through you may peace reign all over the world.

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Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, I hate deceitful and hypocritical lives. I want those people who call Me “Lord, Lord” to do My will by observing My commandments and laws. Even if you do mighty deeds and wonders in My name, I will not be pleased with you if you do not follow Me. I want you to be honest and truthful in the practice of Christianity. Only truth can set you free! Come away from all malice, deceit, insincerity, dishonesty and hypocrisy and be born again in the Holy Spirit to a life of truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, openness, transparency and holiness. I want My Christians to live together in love, to worship Me in Spirit and in truth. Your reverence and worship should not be a routine observance and rituals prescribed by man, but must be spontaneous and free springing out from a heart FULL OF LOVE for Me.

One must be a Christian inwardly and not outwardly; all his outward expressions of worship, rituals and prayers should come from his inward goodness, love and faithfulness. You, My children, you must adorn your heart with proper conduct, discipline, modesty, self-control, compassion, goodness, generosity and obedience rather than with external adornments of braided hairstyles, ornaments of gold, silver or pearls, expensive cloths and cosmetics. I WANT YOU TO BE THE AROMA OF CHRIST, My Son, among whom you live radiating the sweet fragrance of your interior virtues, leading all of them to Me and to My Kingdom. Your life is hidden with Christ, He is in you and you are in Him, and when I look into your interiority I want to see Jesus living in you with the precious character of your heart expressed in the imperishable beauty of a gentle and calm disposition. By daily prayer in communion with Me and by the reception of the Body and Blood of My Son in the Eucharist, you must store up in your heart virtues and qualities proper to Christian life. Come to Me to worship Me and to Love me, I will pour out the Living Waters on your thirsty heart, I will remove all your spiritual poverty and emptiness, I will refine your inner-self and I will fill you with My richest blessings anointing you with the oil of My Spirit. My dear children, hear My voice and respond to My call, then you shall be successful, victorious and prosperous in your life.

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Message – 15th. August – FEAST OF ASUMPTIONSong


Thus says the Lord, “My children, on these days you are asking why there are disasters upon disasters, misfortunes and catastrophes! You ask why people die in large numbers with floods or droughts, hurricanes and heat waves, strange diseases and faming! Some of you are asking, “where is your God, or where is His loving plan for prosperity” I know some of you have lost faith in Me hardening your hearts; I will tell you what is happening today amidst you.

I am the Lord who created the whole universe, the earth and all that is therein. It is I, who gave power to the sun and moon, stars and plants to move in their paths. It is I who keep the order of the universe and the atmosphere, I am the Lord of the climate and seasons, I move the winds and clouds, I control the movement of the waves of the oceans. I have created and arranged all these very beautiful for you, My children, whom I have created in My own image and likeness, so that you may live a life of happiness and prosperity. I, as your Creator and Father, want you to love Me by your wholehearted obedience, because it is from Me that goodness and blessings flow. But many of My children have forsaken Me, some others did not know Me, nor acknowledged Me as their Creator and Father; and in their own vain reason they stopped giving glory and praise to Me, instead they are exalting themselves as gods and relying on themselves or on the powers of the world and all created things. Some of you in your pride are accusing Me for your defects and sinfulness and say that I am a wicked God who created you bad! I, even sent My own Son and allowed Him to die on the Cross to redeem you from your sins and iniquities and to give you a new life; but many of you refuse to accept Him, and even those who accepted Him in the baptism of new life are crucifying the Son of God and holding Him up in contempt. Although I am advising and correcting you, My children, through the voice of My Son found in the Holy Scripture and the Church, many of you are deaf to My warnings and calls for repentance. It is true that I am a merciful and loving God, but with Me there is anger and punishment for those who do not repent and change. I had foretold it long ago that I would strike you with the wasting and fevers, with scorching, fiery droughts, with blight and searing wind, and that the sky over you would be like bronze and the earth under your feet like iron. I have warned you and said that the curses of your sins would follow you with the defeat and frustrations in all your undertakings. I will bring various kinds of plagues, boils, tumours, eczema and itches which can not be cured, and many of you will be in panic and depressions even to the extent of madness, even in midday you will grope like a blind in the dark finding no way to go. I will show my anger upon you and judge you according to your conduct and lay upon you the consequences of all your abominations.

I see many of you are taking advantage of My love and mercy and continue to live in your sins saying, “our God is a merciful God, He will not punish us; or great is His mercy, my many sins He will forgive” Be not be overconfident of My mercy adding sin upon sin, wickedness upon wickedness; I want you to live according to My commandments if you want Me to show My mercy and love. I know the deeds of everyone of you, for there is nothing hidden from Me. There is no love or forgiveness; everywhere I see hatred and vengeance, retaliation and violence, war and bloodshed. Not even the love and concern shown to the animals or reptiles are given to the fellow human beings. In spite of many teachings and efforts to protect human life and to restore human dignity, the innocent helpless children are killed in the mother’s wombs! the poor and the weak are discriminated and exploited among you. In the label of ‘love and freedom!, you are indulging in sexual promiscuity and impurity, and practising unnatural vices and immoral behaviours! My churches and centres of worship are empty without people while you, My children,  in hundreds and thousands,  go for carnivals and drinking parties, worship Satan in Satan’s synagogues, entertain yourselves in filthy shows and gatherings, go after esoteric and new age healers expecting them to heal you and bless you.

Now put a stop to your wrong doings, I urge you to come back and to reaffirm your love for Me by a sincere decision to walk in my ways, for I have created you to be My own and you are glorious in My presence and precious in My eyes. Stop saying, “the way of the Lord is not fair” but repent and see that it is your ways that are unfair and wrong. If you reform your ways and deeds, each of you start dealing justly with your neighbour, no more oppressing the poor and helpless, stop shedding innocent blood and immoral licentious living and come away from strange gods and teachings that you followed, you shall be saved. My dear children, read the signs of the times and change your lives as the people of Nineveh during the time of Jonah; otherwise it will be too late as it happened in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah during the time of Abraham”

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II Tim 3: 16-17; 4: 3-4
Heb 6: 6 
Jd 1: 7
Rev 22: 12-15

Message – 25th July – FEAST OF ST. JAMES Song


Thus says the Lord, “My wrath will be revealed from heaven against every impiety and wickedness of those who suppressed the truth by their wickedness. I have created you all in My divine image, male and female I created you and I have given you the gift of sexuality to procreate in a family life, where the husband and wife share their lives as male and female. This is the truth that a male and a female should get married and have children. I am against those who go against this truth and are rebelling against My will by the abuse and misuse of sexuality in their homosexual and lesbian marriages. By their shameful deeds of homosexual and lesbian marriages, they are distorting and disfiguring My image created in them and are degrading the dignity and glory which I have given them. I am against those nations and people, who are approving and legalizing such marriages because they are profaning My holy Name among the nations in the world. Their end will be that of Sodom and Gomorrah, the two prosperous and affluent cities of the times, which were reduced to dust and ashes in the days of my beloved servant Abraham, whose call for conversion was ridiculed and rejected. I am the God who created you and I am the one who sustain you in life, with Me there is mercy and anger. If you respond to My call for conversion, I shall shower My mercy upon you and redeem you, but if you continue in your wickedness and rebellion, I shall reveal My punishment.

Being alienated from Me, the source of life and grace, you are devoid of power to lead a normal moral life, hence your males are burning with lust for males and the females for the females and do shameful things, which are not seen even among the primitives or even among the animals. !In your stubbornness and arrogance, how do you dare to say that it is I who created you homosexuals and lesbians?! It is by taking the clay of the earth, that is the blood of the parents, that I breathe My divine image on you all. Are you blaming Me and accusing Me for the defects and deformities of the clay? Can the clay tell the potter, “you made me not or you made me wrong?” I am your Creator and Redeemer and you are like clay in the potter’s hand, if you are willing to amend your ways and change your lives now, I am ready to forgive your sins and iniquities because I am a merciful father who show mercy upon a thousand generations. I am holy and you should be holy as you are participating in My divine nature through the Holy Spirit I have breathed on you. My children, it was not My mistake that I have created you with a free will and choice, but it was My love for you so that you might freely choose between good and evil. Here after say not that I am responsible for your mistakes, but rather acknowledge your sins before Me, confess them and detest them, then I shall wash you and cleanse you from all your impurities in the blood and water that flow from the loving heart of My son Jesus. I made Him to be sin, who did not know sin, so that you may be counted worthy and righteous before Me. I, who created you, can recreate you and give a new life. I will take away your heart which is now devoid of love and honour for Me because of your wickedness, and instead I will give you a new heart filled with My Spirit, who is love himself, then you shall be strong and powerful in My grace, sinning no more against My will, but always obeying My command to be holy. When you become renewed in the spirit of your minds, you shall no more say that you are weak, in your weakness you shall find My power, because I will be in you and you will be in Me.

I strongly condemn the laws of those nations that approve marriages between homosexuals and lesbians, which are abominable to Me. You rulers of the nations, you are appointed by Me to lead the people under your care according to My will, in obedience to My commandments. As long as you go against My will, you stand in condemnation before Me. Dearly beloved children, you who love Me and obey My commandments, pray, fast and do penance for those who approve and advocate homosexual and lesbian marriages, so that the world may be set free from curses and condemnation

Lev 16: 20-28
Is 30: 20-21; 53: 4-6
Jer 2 : 13
Mt 5: 14-16
Lk 24: 5-7
Jn 6: 51-69; 7: 37-39; 8: 12; 14: 6-12; 19: 34-36
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Eph 1: 18; 2: 13-22; 3: 14-21; 5: 26-27; 6: 10-17
Phil 4: 19; 3: 20
Col 2: 11; 3: 1-4 
Titus 1: 14
Heb 9: 13-14
I Pet 1: 3-6, 18-19; 2: 9-10, 24

    PENTECOST – 8the June

Song - Low quality

Song - High quality


Thus says the Lord, “My loving children, today I pour out a portion of My Spirit upon you who have believed and accepted Jesus, My Son, as the only Saviour and Lord with the firm decision to obey Him and to follow Him. It is through My Spirit that you become My children and heirs of My inheritance with My Son along with the holy ones in the heavenly abode. With the power of My Spirit you shall conquer the world, the flesh and the Satan and you can live fearlessly and happily with the freedom of the children of God. It is through My Spirit that the world and all in it were created, and it is by Him that the patriarchs and prophets spoke My words and did miracles and it is He, who brought the Son of God in human flesh and worked in Him to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to give peace to the broken hearted, to forgive the sinners and to give new life to people of good will in order to  create a new world. Today, when you receive My Spirit, I will imprint in your souls the character of My Son through the various fruits, so that you may be like Him on earth, and I will strengthen your inner self, which is made up of your intellect and will, with the sevenfold gifts to do My will in all things, and I will empower you with varieties of Charisms to continue to do the saving works of My Son everywhere. I wish that the people around you may come to believe in Me and My Son seeing your good lives and good works, and thus they too, may become partakers of the favours that you have received, and ultimately, I will join together all of you under one Lord and Shepherd, Jesus, who in turn will present you all to Me in splendour and glory.
Although there are many who call themselves Christians, they do not obey My commandments and live according to My will. On these days, by the winnowing fan of My Spirit, I am sifting the people into those who are led by My Spirit and those who are led by the flesh, the world and Satan. This work of sifting and separation will continue till the end of the world when on the day of the judgement, all those who identified themselves with Christ, My Son, in My Holy Spirit, will be brought together on the right side of Jesus endowed with power and grace, dressed in white shining robes to enjoy the Kingdom prepared for them from all eternity, where they will never hunger or thirst, always drinking the Living Water from My Presence with joy and happiness with the angels and saints. Today, you may rejoice in the Spirit as you are the chosen brides of My Son, sealed for the Kingdom of God. With the Chord of Love, the Spirit in you will always draw you to Me, to My Son and to all human beings. My children, don’t be shocked to see the increase of the wicked people, they may continue to be more wicked and filthy in their arrogance and stubbornness of heart, but you, My chosen ones, should be growing more in holiness with  righteous lives and good deeds”.

Gen 1:2 
Judg 14: 5- 6
Wis 11: 20 
Ez 2: 1-3 
Is 11: 2
Hos 11: 4
Joel 3: 1-5
Mt 7: 21-23; 12: 28; 25: 31-34
Lk 3: 16-17; 4: 18-19; 10: 21
Jn 5: 9; 10: 10, 14-16; 14: 20; 17: 20-24 
Acts 2: 17-21; 5: 27-32 
Rom 8: 14-17; 12: 1-2; 14: 17
I Cor 12: 4-11
II Cor 5: 17 
Gal 4: 4-6; 5: 16-23
Eph 1: 11-14; 2: 13-22; 4: 30; 5: 26-27 
Col 1: 21-23; 3: 3-4
Heb 10: 10; 5: 9
I Jn 4: 4,13 
Rev 7: 13-17; 14: 14-20; 21: 1-5, 22-27; 22: 11



Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, prepare your hearts for the great Feast of Pentecost when I shall pour down My Spirit upon you to renew and strengthen your Christian lives with manifold virtues,varieties of gifts and charisms to be powerful witnesses to carry on doing good like My Son Jesus. You may prepare yourselves in prayer and fasting, sharing the Eucharist, the Bread of life, and reading the Holy Scriptures as the early Christians waited upon in the upper room with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to cloth themselves with power and might from on High to be sent out to do the mission entrusted to them by their Master. Like Samson at Mahaneh-dan was stirred in Spirit while praying alone, or like Jesus Himself, who prayed alone at the river Jordan to be endowed with the Spirit, you might wait upon alone for the infilling of the Spirit, or you may approach a spirit filled man to have his hands laid over you in prayer as did my beloved servant David with Samuel the prophet, or like My dearly beloved Paul at the feet of Ananias the prophet; or you may gather together in groups of prayer and wait upon to be baptised in the Spirit and the Fire as at Jerusalem on Pentecost or at Ephesus, where the apostles laid their hands and prayed over the group.

My Spirit is holy indeed and He sanctifies anyone in whom He wants to enter, giving him conviction of sins helping him to obtain forgiveness and pardon. My Spirit can not enter and find abode in anyone who is in sin. Hence, My beloved children, you who listen to My words, before you call the Spirit to come upon you, I want you to repent of your sins, reconciling yourselves with God and with one another, obtaining complete forgiveness of your sins by a good confession to a valid minister in the Church to whom I have given power to forgive sins. If only you approach My throne of grace with a sincere heart and in absolute trust with a conscience washed clean from all evil, you can receive this great Treasure which I give to those who obey Me and follow My Son.

Once again, I warn you not to seek after any spirits that you find in the world, they are deceitful spirits of men, who pretend themselves to be incarnated gods attracting many people denying the truth that only Jesus, My Son, came in the flesh to redeem the world. There is the spirit of Satan, your enemy, ready to enter into you to steal you away from Me and to destroy you. You may find them in non-Christian sects and in satanic synagogues. In these days, they are trying to enter everywhere to take people away from My Kingdom, be beware of their tactics and tricks. Also there is the spirit of this world exercised by the esoterics and New Age healers demonstrating their power in magics and wonders, healings and miracles. Always discern the spirits and make sure that the spirit you seek and receive is My Holy Spirit which acknowledges that My Son Jesus came in the flesh to save humanity and takes you to the Living Waters for your cleansing and healing for your redemption. Open your hearts, My children, to fill yourselves with My Spirit so that you may be drawn to Me and to My Son bringing you to a closer fellowship with everyone and making you fellow citizens with the holy ones with never ending peace and joy.

Joel 3: 1-5 
Is 44: 3; 11: 2
Judg 13: 24-25 
I Sam 16: 13
Wis 7: 22-30
Ez 36: 23-38
Lk 3: 21 
Jn 1: 14; 7: 37-39; 10: 10; 16: 8; 17: 19; 19: 34; 20: 22-23
Acts 1: 14; 2: 1-4; 5: 32; 9: 17-19; 10: 38; 19: 6-7
I Cor 12: 1-10 
Gal 5: 22-23
Eph 2: 19-22 
II Tim 1: 6-7
Phil 2: 8
I Thess 4: 8
Heb 10: 22 
I Jn 1: 9; 4: 1-3 
I Pet 5: 8

Numbers 11: 24-30; 27: 12-23
Judges chapters 15 and 16 
Wisdom chapters 7 and 8
Ezekiel chapters 2 and 3; 11: 14-21; 36: 23-32; 37: 1-14; 47: 1-12
Isaias 11: 1-9; 44: 1-5
Joel 3: 1-5
Psalm 51 and 91
Luke 3: 15-22; 4: 18-19; 11: 14-26; 12: 10-12; 24: 44-49
John 3: 1-21; 7: 37-39; 4: 1-42; 14: 16-31; 15: 26-27; 16: 8-15
Romans chapter 8
I Corintians chapter 12 and 14
Ephesians chapter 5

Read one of the Bible passages from the above given readings, if possible with the Psalm 51 then pray the 3rd. Glorious mystery of the Holy Rosary (Coming of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles) asking the intercession of Mother Mary and pray the following prayer:


God, Holy Spirit, 
third person of the Holy Trinity,
love of the Father and the Son,
living water that fills every heart
with love peace and joy, 
power that comes to empower everyone
to be strong and powerful,
I give myself completely to you
that you may come and enter into me
and take completely possession of my life,
give me power and grace to live 
an authentic Christian life
according to the Holy will of God.

I consecrate to you now and forever,
my heart, my intellect and my will,
my thoughts and my desires,
my plans and my ways,
my words and deeds with
my entire soul and body and 
ask You to lead my life with Your
virtues, gifts and charisms.

I open my heart completely to you
that you may freely enter into me 
and find abode in me.

(Pause a while and silently pray for few minutes, experiencing the infilling of the Holy Spirit
and begin to praise and thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. You must feel that 
the Spirit has already possessed your life).

I thank you, Holy Spirit, 
for having come to me as a person
to guide me and to lead me,
as a power and grace to
strengthen me always.
Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit!!

Read Psalm 91 or sing a song of thanksgiving.


HOLY WEEK MESSAGE – 14 April 2003Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, I want you to know the innumerable blessings that Jesus, My Son, has brought for you by His sufferings, death and resurrection. He suffered rejection, poverty, insults, life-threats, humiliations, pains, etc. like anyone of you, from the time He was conceived in His mother’s womb until His death on the cross on Calvary, so that you may find healings, liberation, consolation, strength, power and health, by surrendering yourselves to Him in faith. Death on the cross was the worst form of capital punishment on those days for murderers and great criminals, and the Israelites considered it as a curse to die on the cross. That is why, when the early Christians proclaimed the Christ crucified, it was a stumbling block to the Jews and utter foolishness to the non Jews. Those times it was difficult for someone to accept salvation offered through a condemned man. But when Jesus the innocent and the Holy One of God, on whom nobody could accuse sin, died on the cross, the cross itself was sanctified, receiving a profound new meaning where My power and wisdom was revealed to those who are called to be saved.

Christ on the Cross is a victim of love, on His Cross you see, the supreme manifestation of My love for mankind. Sin was condemned in the body of Christ exposed on the cross; punishment and curses incurred by the sinner was annulled and nailed to the Cross, and thus He ransomed you, My children, from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for you. In taking human form, He was indeed taking the whole humanity on Himself with all his deformities and defects, sins and sicknesses. When I look upon the body of My beloved Son on the Cross, I see in His body the whole mankind with all their iniquities, ingratitude, sins, brokenness, pains, problems and sicknesses. When you accept Him as the Lord of your lives by believing in Him with the decision to follow Him, My children, in you I see His body.

Before His death on the Cross, you were people without My grace and mercy, but with His death on the Cross, you became My own people, My special possession. In your sins, you were under the power and dominium of Satan, your enemy, and now you have been purchased by the great price of His own blood, by His blood you are cleansed in your consciousness, from dead works to worship the living God in spirit and in truth. When the veil of the temple was cut open at the crucifixion, the heaven which was shut by the sin of Adam, was opened to give entrance to those who have been cleansed themselves in the blood that flowed from His heart. Thus, you have become worthy to be the citizens of heaven, your homeland. Through His death, He has brought for you great and richest blessings, both spiritual and material, to meet all your needs. Hence you will receive from Me whatever you ask through Him. HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO REACH UP TO ME, AND THERE IS NO OTHER NAME UNDER THE HEAVENS OR ON EARTH FOR SALVATION, EXCEPT THE NAME OF JESUS, MY SON. When you believe in Him and accept Him as the Lord of your lives, you become not only My children, but heirs too with all legal claims to an inheritance that is imperishable and everlasting. My children, what you see in the world now is temporary and transitory, but what is waiting for you is something incredible which you have never experienced in your life. By the ignominious sufferings and death of Jesus on the Cross, you are forgiven of your sins and transgressions, removing all the evil consequences of them such as dominion of Satan, power of darkness, death of the soul, weakness of the flesh and the sickness of the body. Now through His salvation, you are in His light and life with good health of mind and body, because you have been healed by His wounds. I made Him sin and a scapegoat of sin although He was without sin, to carry your sins and to make expiation for your sins, I made Him a curse on the Cross in order to break all your curses and to set you free from all bondages. By the grace and power of the Cross, I purify a people, who would live in holiness and truth as My own chosen ones, doing what is good and righteous according to My will.

So, dear loving children, you should never walk again in darkness and go into the slavery of sin and Satan. You should never say that you are weak, because Jesus took away all your weaknesses on His flesh and nailed them to the Cross, in Him and in His Spirit, you are always strong and powerful to resist all temptations and to fight and even to cast out demons and to be victorious over all your enemies. In the wounds of His body you will always find a place to lay your own wounds and sicknesses in order to find healing and good health. In Him you will find My everlasting love for you because he who sees Him, sees Me, as He and I are one. It is to the extent of even breaking the heart of My beloved Son on the Cross that I love you, My children! How can you stop loving Me seeing My love for you! Daily come to the living water that flows from His heart, which is available today in the sacraments, especially in the Holy Eucharist. Come always to the heart of My beloved Son for purification, healing, health and new life. Do not go after sources that can not give you the living water.
My children, Jesus is alive, He is available for you always, because He is risen. Don’t look for Him among the dead, but seek Him among the living, you will find Him alive in all the sacraments especially in the Holy Eucharist and among the good Christians, who live according to My holy will. You, who have been saved, are a risen people along with Him, hence you should seek things that are above and live a life according to My will, worthy of your call. I fill your hearts with joy and peace, which no one on earth can give you, I shower all My blessings on you”

Lev 16: 20-28
Is 30: 20-21; 53: 4-6
Jer 2 : 13
Mt 5: 14-16
Lk 24: 5-7
Jn 6: 51-69; 7: 37-39; 8: 12; 14: 6-12; 19: 34-36
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Phil 4: 19; 3: 20
Col 2: 11; 3: 1-4 
Titus 1: 14
Heb 9: 13-14
I Pet 1: 3-6, 18-19; 2: 9-10, 24

MESSAGE IV  – 31 March 2003Song


Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, it is the time of the enemy, the Satan, he never remained in truth, he plans wickedness and evil, he is a murder and destroyer of lives. He enters into people who live in lawlessness and make them say lies and gossips to create hatred and rivalry among people ultimately leading them to wage war to kill many people and to destroy all that man has made for their prosperity and welfare. All those who make war and killings, are provoking Me and insulting My holy Name, because I am a God of forgiveness and love. I hate war and violence and I can never be on the side of those who wage war, fight, kill and destroy. I am very much grieved at those rulers and countries, who invoked My Name for blessings even after having declared war against a poor country where thousands are dying out of hunger and famine. Their hearts are far away from Me and they are not the followers of My Son, Jesus, who taught the way of love and peace, and even died on the cross to reconcile people and to put an end to hatred and enmity. Remember, those who wage war have travelled miles and miles, crossings seas and rivers, mountains and valleys to destroy a people and a culture which has its long history of My salvific plan and works. Do not think that My hands are too short as not to reach those countries, which think themselves protected by the seas and lands, to reveal My anger on them. It is I who created their land and placed them in it, that they should till and cultivate and share their blessings with others. They are no longer Christians; I will wipe their names from the Book of life because they have profaned My Holy Name. They did not listen to the wisdom of the prophets of this age like the Pope, through whom I reveal My wisdom and plan for the welfare of the entire humanity, because he is the visible representation of My invisible presence among the people.

Soon I will disperse the arrogant and the proud of heart. I will throw them down from their thrones and I will reveal My justice and love by preventing all wickedness. You will see the defeat of those nations which are waging unjust wars, killing the innocent ones to amass their wealth and property to enrich themselves and their economy. Woe to those who plunder the property and wealth of the poor by force and enrich themselves to live a comfortable life neglecting the cause of the poor and the needy. A curse will devour those who cause murder and innocent bloodshed, because in My compassionate love I will listen to the cry of the poor. Indeed, I am with those who are persecuted and suppressed with unjust sufferings, I will heal them and I will restore them to a bright future with welfare and prosperity. I hate all who do evil, I will destroy all who speak falsely, and I will abhor murders and deceivers! Those who did not trust in Me have neglected My commandments and advices but trusted in themselves and in their own plans with the might of their army and weapons; they shall be defeated in all their enterprises.

It is not too late for them to listen to My voice spoken through the prophets of this age and many righteous people all over the world and to repent of their wickedness, to retreat themselves to their countries and thus putting an end to the war and atrocities, leaving the people to live in love and peace. Oh warring nations, come now, let us set things right in obedience to My word, if you are willing to obey, you shall again be successful and shall be blessed in your lands, but if you refuse and resist with arrogance and obstinacy, My sword will consume you and I will vomit you out from My mouth”

Gen 2: 14-15
Ex 15: 4-10, 32: 31
Nm 11: 23
I Sam 17: 37-47
I King 21: 17-25
Psalm 9: 12-18; 33: 16-17; 59: 9-17; 72: 1-5; 74: 18-23
Wis 1: 12-16 
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Eccl 5: 7-20
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Amos 4: 1-3
Mt 5: 38-48
Lk 13: 1-4; 16: 19-31; 20: 9-19
Jn 8: 44-47: 10: 10; 13: 27; 15: 11-17 
Rom 1: 18 
Gal 5: 19-21
Col 1: 19-20; 3: 8- 14
I Jn 3: 4-8
Rev 3: 16; 22: 9-19

MESSAGE III  – 2 March 2003Song


Thus says the Lord, who sent His only Son to save the world, “My children, in the coming days you shall be meditating on the incarnation, sufferings, crucifixion and the resurrection of My Son Jesus, your only Saviour and Lord. In order to obtain all blessings which have been brought to you through these great mysteries, you must prepare your heart by true repentance and confession of your sins. If you have broken your relationship with Me by not keeping My commandments, ask pardon and forgiveness and enter into a personal and loving relationship with Me. Remember the commandment – love God with all your heart, with your whole being, with all your strength and love your neighbour as yourself.

Perhaps you may say that you are right with Me, but you are not right with your brothers and sisters in the world because of your unforgiveness and resentments. You should know, My children, the new commandment given to you by Jesus – LOVE AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. He forgave all those who betrayed Him or persecuted Him, He even washed the feet of His betrayer, He prayed for them all and blessed them all, and shed even the last drop of His blood, finally giving His own life for them. This is the love that you should have towards one another. If you don’t love your brother, whom you see, you are not loving Me, whom you don’t see. It is not enough that you love those who love you or those who do good to you, but your love should reach up to your enemies even, then only you shall be My true children. It is by your testimony of forgiveness and love for one another that those who do not know or believe in Jesus, the Saviour, may find Him, believe in Him and have salvation. When you are in unforgiveness and hatred, you are blocking people to come to the redemption and salvation brought to the world by My Son. Thus you become an enemy of Christ and a friend of your and My opponent, the Satan, who prevents people to come to salvation. MY CHILDREN, IT IS MY SPIRIT, WHO HELPS YOU TO FORGIVE AND TO LOVE BECAUSE MY SPIRIT IS LOVE. It is those who have no Holy Spirit in their hearts, who remain in hated and enmity, causing divisions and separations. In an unforgiven heart the Satan, My enemy, enters to prompt retaliation and vengeance in order to kill and destroy. Satan is sinner from the beginning, he is a liar and father of lies, he is a murderer and destroyer of lives. Today, the Satan, seems to work in the hearts of many world leaders. Some of them hypocritically say with their tongues “God bless our nation, pray to God to bless us, etc…” but their hearts are far away from Me, as they entertain thoughts of retaliation and vengeance with an outcry for war, which would cause many innocent bloodshed and murder bringing curses upon themselves and their country. It is time for them to come away from their pretentious religious practice and to change themselves into authentic Christians, seeking My ways of forgiveness, reconciliation and love. Let all who call upon My name keep themselves away from sin. My way is non violence and unconditional love. Let the leaders of the big nations, who demand disarmament and destruction of weapons from others, show the good example by destroying their own arsenals and using the money, which they spend on weapons and war, on people that are poor, thus removing the big gap between the poor and the rich. Again, I say, poverty and discriminations are the causes of terrorism and violence and nobody can win a war on terrorism without eradicating these two evils. Only through forgiveness and love you can achieve a new world-order with a peace and harmony!

He who loves Me, should love his brothers and sisters in the world, it is in your loving relationship that I come and abide with many spiritual and material blessings. My children, when you come to Me to ask pardon for your sins, see that you forgive others, and reconcile with them, otherwise your sins will not be forgiven. My heart is grieved to see that many of you come to the confessional without forgiving others and thus sinning against the sacrament of confession; and later partaking in the Body and Blood of Christ in communion, thus sinning against the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Many of you come to Me and complain that your prayers are not answered, that your sickness is not healed, that your children are not blessed. My ears are not deaf or My hands short, lest I listen to your prayers or stretch out My hands to bless you, but when there is sin and unforgiveness in you, I do not accept your prayers or offerings. Know that I am an uncompromising God. Only when My Son, Jesus, forgave all on the Cross, did I accept His sacrifice and showered blessings of salvation on all through Him. Dear loving children, accept and follow the way of forgiveness and love brought to you by My Son Jesus, then you shall live in your land with happiness and prosperity”

Deut 6: 4-9; 30: 1-10 
Lev 19: 17-18; 25: 35
Prov 11: 24-26
Sir 7: 10, 32; 28: 1-3 
Hos 6: 6 
Is 59: 1-3
Ez 18: 21-23; 36: 26
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Jn 3: 16; 8: 44-45; 13: 27, 34; 15: 9-13
Rom 5: 5; 13: 8-10
I Cor 11: 27-30
II Cor 2: 5-11
Gal 5: 13-15
Eph 4: 1-6, 26
Phil 2: 1-4
Col 3: 12-15
I Tess 5: 15
II Tim 3: 1-6
I Jn 3: 11-18; 4: 7-21; 5: 8
Jam 2: 8
Jud 1: 19

Forgiven all

MESSAGE II  – 13 Feb. 2003 Song


Thus says the Lord, who loves you, “Dear loving children, you should know the commandment that you shall respect and obey your father and mother that you may have long life in the land. I am grieved to see and hear the tears and groaning of many aged fathers and mothers from their houses and old age homes, who are not loved and cared by the children. I see that some of them are grievously wounded and rejected by the words and behaviours of their children; a few of them are deprived of their livelihood even and a few others have no means to support themselves, and I hear some of them cursing the children in their helplessness and pains! Their righteous tears and curses may bring misfortunes and harm to you unto many generations.

There are some of you who do not obey your parents and thus end up your lives in brokenness and misery, because you follow your own selfish and evil desires of your heart rather than My will revealed through them. Dear children, it is by obedience that you love, when you obey your father and mother, you are indeed loving them; and when you love them, you are loving Me, your Creator, because it is I who appointed them as your parents to guard your lives. Remember it is not you who chose your parents, but I who chose them to be your father and mother from all eternity. I formed you in My image in your mother’s womb when I breathed life into the blood of your father and of your mother, hence after Me, it is they who are great and important for you in your lives. It is My will that you be cared and nurtured, both spiritually and materially by them. It is through their mouth I speak My wisdom of instructions and directions, advices and orders, hence when you obey them you are following My wisdom and will. When you honour them and obey them in word and deed, I will open the flood gates of heaven to shower My richest blessings on you and your children unto generations. Look at My Son Jesus as model and example, although He was God himself, one with Me, obeyed his human parents, Joseph and Mary, as He knew that by obeying them He was obeying Me. Remember that you are His followers!

My children take good care of your parents, especially when they are old and sick, helpless and weak. Remember that your mother carried you in her womb and gave you birth with pains and your father suffered much hardships to bring you up. Don’t be ungrateful and unmindful of the many spiritual and material blessings you inherited from your father and mother. My children, again I say, you shall love and respect your parents that you may have long life and many blessings”.

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United family

NEW YEAR 2003Song


The Lord says, “My dear children, I sent My Son to build a new heaven and a new earth, to deliver you from the power of darkness and to transfer you to My Kingdom wiping away the tears of your miseries and pains, and to bring comfort and healing to all of you by showering My richest spiritual and material blessings. My Son Jesus, by His suffering, death and resurrection, has brought many riches for you to meet all your needs. But from the beginning, My enemy, the Satan and his angels, who were pushed out from My Kingdom due to their disobedience and wickedness, are jealous of your spiritual and material prosperity; therefore they are waging war against you and persecute you to take you away from the kingdom I have prepared for you. Satan is especially fighting against those who keep My commandments and those who bear witness to My Son. On these days, he has veiled the eyes and hearts of many people, even the religious and political leaders with blindness and darkness; and he has woven a web of fear, sadness, doubt, confusion and hatred to keep my people in the bondages and slavery. He is the prince of this world, he is the ruler of darkness, he is a lair and a murderer going around like a lion to kill and to destroy. He is the prince of the air and atmosphere deceiving people even with the appearance of an angel of light and he is the spirit of pride, arrogance and disobedience. It is sad that today many are adoring and worshipping Satan the enemy of mankind even by calling upon his name; many are going to him and to his companions to get themselves healed or to find an answer to their problems. You, My children, don’t forget that Jesus, My Son, suffered wounds from head to foot shedding even the last drop of His blood and died on the cross in order to cleanse you, to heal you, to liberate you from all your miseries and to give an answer to all your problems. He is the answer to all your problems. I open the treasury of My blessings on those who call upon His name.

I see Satan’s temples and centres, where people gather to intercede with him to close the hearts of those who open themselves to My Son, to blinden and darken the eyes and hearts of the religious leaders even to prevent the preaching of the Word of God. Satan knows well that effective preaching of the Gospel will break his strongholds. Satan tries to take away the Word of God from the heart of man. Satan prevents people to call upon the Spirit of My Son Jesus to come upon them and to be empowered with charisms and gifts, because he knows very well that through His Spirit they would victoriously fight out Satan and all his tactics. He influences the mind of many good people today to stand against healing or exorcisms in the name of Jesus and to exercise the charisms, so that people would go to him rather than to Jesus in all their needs.

I see a curse devouring the earth because of the killing of the innocent and helpless ones and because of the odious works of witchcraft and satanic worships. The earth, which I created as paradise for man, is now become polluted because of the sins of mankind; so I hear the voice of the people saying, “It is hell to live on earth”! What do you see today My children? Everywhere there is lawlessness and confusion. Because of the increase of evil doing, the love of many is become cold. There is no love even between the members of the same family! Everywhere there is the spirit of killing and destruction; unforgiveness and rebellion. Nations are accumulating weapons in large quantities, weapons that would destroy all what man has made or perhaps even the planet that I have made for man. Each man is afraid of his neighbour, each nation is in fear of the neighbouring nations. I see discriminations between the poor and the rich, the rich are becoming more rich and the poor are becoming very poor which leads to terrorism, murders and suicides. All these are the result of the works of Satan who look forward to your destruction and not to your prosperity or salvation.

My children come away from all forms of Satanism and all tactics of the devil like spiritism, occult, witchcraft, magics, use of mediums and pendulums, fortunetelling, tarot cards, ouja boards, Voodoo, astrology, horoscope, recourse to Reiki, yoga, transcendental meditation, clarividence, use of bio energy and transmission of cosmic powers, etc. In all these practices, there lies the hidden danger of Satan entering into one’s life bringing him and the family and even the society to total destruction. The “New Age” propagated by the new age healers and esoterics is to be renounced; this is not the new age promised by My Son. When you come away from all these works of darkness, I will show you My mercy and love for I am a merciful God who shows mercy unto thousand generations.

I want you, My children, to hear the message of the Kingdom of God preached by My Son and to enter in it through repentance and anointing of the Holy Spirit. I want you to renew your life truly at the very beginning of the New Year. Let your prayers, penance, the Word of God and the sacraments be the powerful weapons to fight effectively all tactics of the devil. Change your life, make new decisions based on good modals and sound principles, discipline yourself in the school of Christ and behave as good Christians following My Son Jesus, then you shall have a grace filled and prosperous New Year with My manifold blessings.

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I am the Light

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