MESSAGE ON 22th of OctoberSong


Thus says the Lord, “My children, don’t be panic-stricken seeing the unholy and licentious lives of certain believers and of leaders even in the Church of My Son, this is the time of purging and purification through many trials and tribulations. I know that many are having a pretentious life of religion not knowing or experiencing the power of it, which is My Spirit, whom I have sent through My Son Jesus Christ.

Dearly beloved children, there are many false prophets who teach and mislead My people through the erroneous, deceitful and demoniac instructions. Beware of those who defraud you with the lies that there are many christs and that Jesus Christ is only one of christs and that anyone can become christ by his efforts of prayer and meditations. THERE IS ONLY ONE CHRIST WHO IS MY ONLY SON, BORN OF THE VIRGIN MARY IN BETLEHEM AND HE IS YOUR ONLY SAVIOUR AND LORD, AND HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO ME AND TO MY KINGDOM.

I am grieved in My heart seeing the defections and apostasies in the Church. Do not follow the wrong example of your church leaders, but follow the examples of those who follow My Son without compromise. Always follow My Son Jesus and His teachings because only in Him and through Him you may find the fullness of Truth which can set you free from all your troubles, tribulations, bondages, problems and sicknesses. I know that the Church, the body of My Son is being recrucified and held in contempt and dishonour by some of her believers themselves, and that you, My beloved children, are having the share of His sufferings. Be vigilant and sober, and draw power from My Son through His Spirit in being faithful to your prayer life and participation in the sacraments, especially in the Holy Eucharist where you can abide in Him most intimately.

When you go through this present crisis, carrying the sufferings and crosses, remain steadfast in your faith without fear or doubt, defeat your enemy the devil, overcome the flesh and the world because My Spirit will abide in you and will help you always. You should never loose the joy and peace obtained through My Son Jesus and never cease to praise Me and My Son, you shall be victorious and successful in all the tests of faith because you are precious, sweet, and glorious gift to Me and you shall be shining along with the saints, who too underwent such trials and sufferings. Behold, I will be with you always! "

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MESSAGE ON 8th of September„Young people you are precious in My Heart”Song

Thus says the Lord, “dearly beloved young people, I have a special love for you in My heart, I want you to be examples and models to build up a new generation. You should know that you form the majority of the population and you are a great power and potential for the whole world. Do not follow the bad examples of your parents and elders who did not show you the way of faith in Me and they broke My commandments and lived a licentious life with the divorces, abortions, immoralities of all kinds, racial discriminations and injustice which is now disintegrating the society and the human race at large.

I called young people to be My prophets, priests and leaders in olden times. I filled Jesus, your Lord and Savior, with My Spirit as He was young. As a youth He went around doing good, healing people from all kinds of illnesses and restoring health of mind and body and liberating them from all kinds of bondages and captivities. As a youth He took up the sins, iniquities, curses and sicknesses of mankind on himself and gave up His life for all on the Cross at Calvary. LET HIM BE YOUR MODEL AND EXAMPLE.

My loving youth, open your eyes and see how the society and the country you are living in are disintegrating and broken through corruption, violence, rivalry, killings by terrorism and war. The families amidst you are broken through the increase of divorces and separations. More than half of the children are born in broken families without getting the love and concern of the parents. By abortion and family planning your number is decreasing in your place and in your country. Perhaps pagans and foreigners are outnumbering you in your land. My dear young people, read the signs of the times and wake up, and grow in power and strength to be a powerful people. YOUR VICTORY WILL NOT DEPEND ON WEAPONS OR WEALTH BUT ON GOOD LIVING BASED ON MORAL VALUES AND GOOD PRINCIPLES OF LIFE:

You will have peace, joy, prosperity and integrity of life when you trust in Me and draw power from Me through My Spirit which I pour down on you through My Son Jesus. Open your hearts to Him in repentance and receive the Holy Spirit,the greatest of all powers by which you can defeat all your enemies and make you victorious always.

Do not go after Satan, your enemy, and his ways which will at the end destroy you and put you to death. He is at work to lead people to despair and suicide and violence and murder. I HAVE SENT MY SON JESUS INTO THE WORLD TO GIVE YOU LIFE IN ABUNDANCE AND WHEN YOU MEET HIM IN PRAYER, YOU SHALL FIND GRACE AND POWER IN YOUR LIFE.

Dearly beloved young people, you are the hope of the society where you live, you are the future of the country where you are. Do not spoil your health and invite sicknesses on you and on your society by drugs, alcohol and use of tobacco. Put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience in your heart and bear with one another and try to carry the burdens of each other. Forgive one another and live in the bond of love.

No political powers or weapons can put an end to terrorism, but you, young people, if you unite yourself in My love and live together as one body and work together for peace, you can wipe away poverty, sicknesses, war and terrorism that disintegrate and destroy humanity. My dear youth, I love you with an everlasting love and I will never abandon you and I will be with you blessing all what you do”

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MESSAGE ON 10th of August Song


Thus says the Lord, our God to the kings and rulers, presidents and ministers of the world: “I have an advice and warning for all of you. Be aware of your responsibility towards Me and your people to give good governance according to values and moral principles of life. You should know that all authority comes from Me and your power to rule over the people and to lead them to peace and prosperity is a benevolent and sacred gift from Me. If you rule the people according to My commandments and statutes and lead them according to good principles of moral life without injustice, violence and immorality, I shall be with you to bless you and your family and your nation and all the families in it. You should be a blessing to the people rather than a curse or a burden. My justice and love shall flow through your government to all the people without distinction or discrimination.

I will not tolerate abuse and misuse of authority. I am grieved in My heart to hear that some of the leaders of the nations, even those who bear My name and the name of My only Son Jesus rejecting Me and My commandments, and through their corrupt and deceitful consciences misleading people to moral perversions and licentiousness like:  homosexuality, lesbianism, child killing (abortion), euthanasia, etc. I condemn those leaders who enact laws against my laws and statutes and encouraging people to live in evil ways; whether they are  Christians or non Christians I have no partiality, all those who do wickedness and lead others to wickedness shall bring affliction, distress, disaster, disorder, and anomaly upon themselves and those whom they govern. You should know that it is My Spirit who inspires the people to elect you as rulers and governors placing their full trust and confidence in you with the hope of a good, just and God fearing government that would lead them to peace and prosperity. My Spirit desires that you put an end to disorders, moral perversions, permissiveness, injustice, violence, war and terrorism. I want you to rule the people with love, justice, honesty, fairness without discrimination or corruption of any sort.

Remember that I shattered the throne of king Saul whom I anointed as king over Israel because he disobeyed Me and followed his own ways, I brought disasters upon David the king for his immorality, I scattered the kingdom of Solomon to whom I had given the greatest wisdom and knowledge because he did not go according to My commandments, I allowed the dogs to lick the blood of Ahab the king, who unjustly captured the vineyard of Naboth the poor man. You should know what has happened to the dynasty of Pharaoh who did unjustly with his people and what happened to Herod the king who lived immorally misusing his power, he was eaten by worms and breathed his last miserably. You rulers and kings of the world, repent of your ways and then I shall bless you and your nations which you rule; whereas if you continue in your arrogance and stubbornness My anger will be revealed from heaven against every impiety and wickedness. I am a just God, with Me there is mercy and anger, mercy upon those who change their ways, anger and punishment upon those who close their hearts to My words and continue in deceitful ways.

You beloved children, people of the world, when you elect leaders to govern your nation, see that you cast your votes for those who will rule you with the principles and values of good moral life. You should not move your hand to cast your vote to elect those who patronage, encourage and promote evil and wicked ways of immorality and wars. Pray for your rulers and kings that they may be led by My wisdom rather than by their own wisdom. Pray for a just, moral and good government that will bring you to peace, harmony and prosperity. I shall never abandon you. I am your loving Father who will be always with you”

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Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My beloved people, don’t be ashamed to proclaim Me and My words before the world. You are My chosen ones, called out from darkness to proclaim My light and salvation to all those who live in darkness. I will acknowledge and honour before My Father all who acknowledge Me before others. Why are you so cold and indifferent to proclaim My Gospel? Do you lack faith in Me and in My words? Are you too timid to be My witnesses, to spread the Gospel of salvation to all? Look at the example of My disciple Thomas, who touched My wounds and experienced Me personally, and removing all his doubts and fears went to the far east to proclaim My Gospel till the end of his life, giving up his life for Me by shedding his blood in the land of India. Dear chosen people, come to Me and touch Me and My wounds with faith and experience Me as your living Lord and Saviour through the Holy Spirit, and go around the world to proclaim the good news of salvation.

I see a famine all over the world, especially in My Church, a famine for the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. My people are thirsty and hungry and are dying! They perish for want of knowledge. I see that many of my sheep have gone away from the truth by paying attention to deceitful spirits and demoniac instructions through the hypocrisy of liars with branded consciences. Now they have stopped listening to the Truth and sound doctrines, they sin against Me by exchanging the glory of God to mere created things and to powers of the world, they ignore and reject the law of God and follow human and worldly laws, they reject Me the fount of the Living Water and dig cisterns that can not give water. If only they are brought back to Me, can they find life and salvation for I have come to give fullness of life. Those who come to Me will never hunger and those who believe in Me will never thirst and I will never reject if anyone come to Me.

I am grieved that even the shepherds of the Church are not preaching My Gospel nor encouraging the preachers who try to bring people back to Me and My Kingdom. All the more I am sad that some of them prevent the preachers to proclaim My Gospel. Let the shepherds of the Church know that My Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of all because in it the righteousness of God is revealed. My shepherds and preachers of the Gospel, go first to the lost sheep of My Church and evangelise them with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, and then preach to the gentiles and unbelievers for whom too I shed My blood. Be bold to make use of the charisms of the Spirit such as: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophecy, faith, healing, deliverance, etc. to demonstrate the power of the Gospel and My presence; and through the signs and wonders you perform, many will find Me and the salvation that I have brought for them. Go and tell everyone to repent and to enter the Kingdom and to experience the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit. Have no fear with regard to what you have to speak because the Spirit of My Father will speak through you when you readily give yourselves to this noble task of evangelization. WHEN YOU PROCLAIM MY KINGDOM, I WILL COME THERE TO WORK WITH YOU TO CONFIRM THE WORDS YOU SPEAK WITH MY SIGNS AND WONDERS. My beloved Christians be My witnesses!

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I Pet 2: 9



Thus says the Lord, “My children, today I send to you the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, which I promised through My Son Jesus. It is a sharing of My love with you; My beloved children, because I am giving you a portion of My own Spirit so that you may have a participation in the divine life, salvation, which I have brought to you through My Son Jesus. My Spirit shall be always with you, bringing Jesus’ and My presence alive in you, making you not only My children but also heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ. Through My Spirit, you shall be in My Kingdom with the experience of righteousness, peace and joy.

It is to bring you to the experience of My Kingdom that I sent My beloved Son amidst you and allowed Him to die upon the Cross on Calvary. My Spirit, Who is alive in you, will give you immortality by giving life to your mortal bodies as He raised Jesus from the dead. As long as you follow My will and continue believing in Jesus as your only Saviour and Lord, My Spirit will continue abiding in you, and everyday will be a new day for you and you will be able to say and sing, “this is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad”

My Spirit shall walk with you as a person, teaching you and guiding you to live a life according to My will. He will tell you what you should do and what you should not do, where you shall go and where you shall not go. My children, you are still small and little to comprehend My great love for you and the richest blessing that have been brought to you through the death and resurrection of My Son Jesus; but My Spirit will reveal you and lead you to all of them everyday and in every circumstances.

Devoid of My Spirit, you are nothing! and you shall grope in darkness and blindness; so, My children, be watchful in prayer through the reception of the holy sacraments,  channels of continued outpouring of My Spirit, in order that you may not loose My Spirit.

My Spirit will rest upon you with His power and might, so that in all your weakness, you shall find power and strength. When My Spirit is in you, you are not longer weak, in all your needs, you may call upon My Spirit, then I and My Son will come and find abode in you making you mightier than any other people in the world, and giving you victory over all your enemies. I want you to be witnesses of My truth and justice, hence, I give grace and gifts to evangelize the world by teaching and preaching the Gospel, to speak other languages, to pray and sing in tongues bringing glory to My name and  finding strength in Me with all the holy ones, and to perform signs and wonders, so that all those who have not believed in Jesus may find life and salvation in Him and thus, My Kingdom may reign upon earth in justice, holiness and truth, with love, sharing, fellowship, peace and joy.

Today, the feast of Pentecost is a great day for you; it is the day I pour upon mankind My Spirit and gather together the believers to incorporate them to the Risen Body of Christ, the mystical body. Hence, assemble and pray together as one in heart and mind for the infilling of My Spirit, so that you shall ever remain as My chosen and holy people, consecrated and set apart for My Kingdom. My children rejoice and be glad in My Spirit!"

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Thus says the Risen Lord, “Today, you who are baptised, if you have renewed your Christian lives in the Holy Spirit, you are already risen with Me. All your past life with all your sins and their consequences are buried with Me and now you are living a new life for the glory of God. I will not remember you past sins anymore. My friends, I give you My peace and joy which nobody can take away from you. Rejoice in Me always because you are in Me and I am in you with the power of My resurrection which is My Spirit. I wish that your lives in Me be made perfect and that you be with Me in My heavenly glory with which My Father has glorified Me.

Dearly beloved Christians you have no more under condemnation as your life now is hidden in Me. Now onwards seek things that are above and spiritual, things that are unseen and eternal, and not things that are mundane and momentary. My friends, you shall not seek Me and My power among the dead and among the things that are of the earth but seek Me among the living. You will see Me in the living people around you. Always draw the power of My resurrection from My living presence and fight a good fight against sin and powers of darkness. It is the power of My resurrection, which is My Spirit, that will raise you from the dead. Always and everywhere, especially in times of weakness and sufferings, My friends, seek and find the power of My resurrection which will strengthen your inner being to follow Me and to live a righteous life according to My Father’s will. Pray always in the Spirit that you may resist all temptations of the flesh and continuously experience the peace and joy which I have given you. Dear friends, again I say rejoice in Me always and seek Me and find Me alive in you. I shower My richest blessings on you.

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A very happy Easter and the richest 
blessings of the risen Lord!



Thus says Jesus crucified, “Dearly beloved people, I died on the Cross like a criminal to obtain forgiveness for all your sins, to liberate you from the dominion of Satan and power of darkness, to break all the curses that came upon you by the breaking of the commandments, to restore you to health of mind and body, and to make you My own chosen and holy people eager to do what is good. After having received all the blessings which I have brought to you through My sufferings and death, in your life in the Church by baptism, confirmation and other sacraments, when you fall away by your sins YOU ARE CRUCIFYING ME AGAIN and holding Me in contempt. It is not the pagans and heathens who crucify Me today, but My own Christians for whom I have shed even the last drop of My Blood.

My people, it is your rejection of faith in God and religion, your apostasy, your religious indifference, coldness and tepidity that I took upon Myself on the Cross and cried out, “My God, My God, why have you rejected Me”; now I look at you and ask, “MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE, WHY HAVE YOU REJECTED ME”. I HAVE GIVEN MY OWN BODY AND BLOOD FOR YOU IN ORDER THAT YOU MAY HAVE LIFE IN ABUNDANCE AND I HAVE OPENED THE GATES OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN FOR YOU, THEN WHY DO YOU CRUCIFY ME AGAIN BY REJECTING ME AND MY WORDS. You may not know the misfortune that you bring upon yourselves and your next generations by your sins; if only you turn to Me in repentance I will forgive you and receive you back with love. Behold your Mother standing at the foot of the Cross still praying with tears for your conversion. She will protect you, her children, under her motherly mantel. My Christians who have gone away from My love, I thirst for your coming back. My Spirit, whom I entrusted on the Cross to My Father is waiting eagerly to come upon you to revive your lives if only you reaffirm your faith and love in Me and accept Me again as your only Lord and Saviour. Then, having finished your life of pilgrimage on earth, you shall be with Me in paradise in joy and peace of the Spirit enjoying forever My living Presence and My Father in the company of all holy ones singing new and melodious hymns of praises”

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Rev 14: 3-4 



Thus says the Lord, “My children, I always desired to be with mankind giving them health of mind and body, joy and happiness in lives. In fact I created you all in My image and likeness which is all holy and good, in order that I may live amidst you radiating my grace and power on you bringing you many blessings, but you went away from My presence by listening and obeying the voice of My enemy, the devil and disobeying My commandments. Such separation brought to you death, sickness, bondages and miseries. Ever since you have gone away from Me you were longing for Me but I saw that you could not come to Me by yourselves, your might or power, your money or wealth, your prayers or sacrifices could not get you back to the divine companionship which you lost. My love for you compelled Me to send My Son Jesus as your only Saviour and Lord to redeem you and to give you salvation. He came down on earth taking all your sins and the consequences of sins on His own body even by shedding the last drop of His blood on the Cross as an expiation and atonement for your sins.

 When He lived among you, all those who approached Him and touched Him obtained forgiveness of sins, freedom from the bondages of Satan, and health of mind and body through various wonders and miracles. Through Him you experience My everlasting love and goodness. I wanted to give My love not only to the people in and around Galilee and Jerusalem but to everyone on earth who come to the living physical Presence of My Son and through Him to Me, your Father. Hence, on the day before His vicarious and expiating suffering and death, I told Him to institute the Holy Eucharist where people would see, touch and experience His physical presence and receive all blessings of salvation. When taking bread and wine in His hands, He said, “This is My body” and “This is My blood”, He was telling that the bread and wine were miraculously changed in to His own body and blood, and that by eating and drinking them, the believers would become one with Him and with Me. His promise and My desire to be with you always is fulfilled in His loving act of giving His own body and blood in the Eucharist.

My children, if only you believe in Me and in My self-giving love you can really experience the living physical presence of My Son in the Holy Eucharist. When Jesus, My beloved Son, walked around the streets of Jerusalem and Judea, only those who believed in Him and in His words could experience the Power and grace flowing out from His body while they touched Him. Those, who did not believe, saw in Him only a carpenter’s son or Mary’s son, so too today many see a piece of bread or droops of wine in the Eucharist and not the real undeniable mighty and living physical presence of My only begotten Son. If you participate in the divine banquet of the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist with holiness of heart and faith, you will surely experience the blessings of forgiveness, liberation, healings and many other miracles.

Whenever a priest is celebrating the Holy Mass on an altar, Jesus My Son is truly there to shed His blood in atonement for your sins and to make you holy, to offer you to Me your Father, and to make you worthy of My Kingdom; He is healing your wounds and sicknesses and He is liberating you from bondages and curses bringing upon you many spiritual and material blessings at every Mass. Are you burdened and wearied, are you sick or weak, are you rejected or lonely, are you thirsty or hungry, go to My Son who gives His own body and blood at every Mass.

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LENTERN MESSAGE TO THE PRIESTS – 24th of March 2004 Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord to His beloved priests, “I have called you out from the people to be the ambassadors of My Kingdom to preach the Gospel, to heal the sick, to comfort the broken hearted, to forgive the sinners, and to distribute freely all the blessings that I have brought to the world by My suffering, death and resurrection. My heart pains seeing that some of you are not preaching My words especially My message on repentance and conversion. If you don’t preach to the people and help them to come away from sin by repentance and conversion, you are blocking them to enter the Kingdom which I have brought to them. Do not forget that you have the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, you have the power to bind and unbind, to forgive and to retain sins.

 You my beloved priests, you are My representatives on earth to do what I did. I am grieved in My heart that on these days some of My anointed priests are not hearing the confessions of the people nor giving them pardon and absolution. I have called you and appointed you to be with Me and to do the same works I did. As I have obeyed My Father and did all what He told Me, you too should obey Me and do all what I have commanded you to do. I made no compromise on sin and darkness. How is it that some of you do not distinguish between the sacred and the profane, nor teach the difference between the clean and the unclean? How can you mix light with the darkness, virtue with sin, water with the fire, heaven with hell! If a blind leads a blind both will fall into a pit!
 Some of you are breaking the Commandments of God and encouraging others to do it. My people are scattered over the world, no one to look after them or to search them or to bring them back to Me; they are like sheep without shepherd. Oh, my priest, My people perish for want of knowledge; since you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you from My priesthood. My beloved priests, you are crucifying Me again through your people! Don’t you know that when My people are not brought to repentance and forgiveness of their sins and when they continue in the hardness of the hearts, they crucify Me and hold Me up to contempt. You are called to forgive and absolve the sins of My people by the power and authority that I have given to you. You have to cleanse a people for Me, eager to do good. You have a duty to tend the flock of God entrusted to your care; and at last when you come to Me you will have to give an account of yourself and your flock.

You have to lift your hands up and intercede in tears before Me and My Father for your people asking pardon for your sins and their sins. You have the privilege of holding up My own Body and Blood in your hands to offer them for the expiation, atonement and forgiveness of sins. When you offer My Body and Blood with holy hands I will be pouring down many blessings upon My people. Dearly beloved priests, I love you with a special love and I wish that you do the duties and responsibilities entrusted to you, I will be with you always with My Spirit. When you open your mouth to speak My words and when you lift or lay your hands to bless your people I will be with you.

Message to the people

Dearly beloved children, I exhort you to pray for your priests and to support your priests in their ministry because it is very pleasing to Me and to My Father. I will be speaking and working through My beloved priests. When you listen to them you are listening to Me, when you reject them you are rejecting Me; through them you are receiving all the blessings I have brought upon this world. Hold My priests in respect and honour, you shall not harm your priests in any way, on the contrary love your priests”

Lev 10: 10
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II Cor 5: 20
I Thess 5: 12-13
Titus 2: 14
Heb 6: 1-6 
I Pet 5: 2-4
Rev 22: 12 

LENTERN MESSAGE – 7th of March 2004 Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, I see your lentern observances of prayers, fasting and mortification that change and convert the hearts of many people. I see many hardened sinners repenting of their sins and iniquities and turning towards My Son Jesus Christ, obtaining forgiveness and pardon and accepting Him as the Lord of their lives. As you are meditating these days more on the Passion and death of My Son, I want you to enter into more intense prayer with My Son at Gethsemane to pray for the conversion of sinners.

Dearly beloved children, let your fasting and penance be to come away from the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the vanities of the world so that with the freedom of the children of God you may approach the Throne of My grace and intercede for the souls who have gone away from the fountain of life.

You should know, My children, that you don’t belong to the world although you live in the world. I have called you and chosen you to be My holy ones to live on earth a victorious life and finally to inherit the Kingdom of God prepared for you from the beginning. I want you to bring many people to this Kingdom; you shall be My witnesses all over the world. You shall be the aroma of Christ, My Son, radiating the fragrance of My love to everyone in the world so that they may find peace and consolation, healing and new life through you.

You, the priests of the Lord, whom I have chosen to be other Christ in the world to shepherd My people, I feel grieved over your sins of unfaithfulness and compromises. You are not faithful to the commitments you have made, you have violated the law, you have defiled My sanctuary with all defilements, you have profaned what is holy to Me, you did not distinguish between the sacred and the profane, teach not the difference between the clean and the unclean and you offer sacrifices with unclean hands and unclean hearts, therefore I can not accept you or your sacrifices. Because of you My glory and power have disappeared from the Church which My Son has founded. My beloved priests, repent of your sins and come back to Me, through the Body and Blood of My Son which you handle everyday on the altar; and by your coming back and faithfulness let My Church be glorified and radiate again power and holiness to the whole world. You are to be holy as I am holy, because you are sharing the priesthood of My only Son Jesus, who is all holy and all worthy, offering Himself on Calvary for the sins of the world. Like Him you have to take away the sins of the world which you can do if only you remain sinless. You are called to stand before My Throne of grace and mercy, between the porch and the altar and weep and implore mercy and love for your people that they may wash themselves clean in the Precious Blood of My Son shed for all, through your act of absolution and forgiveness. O, My priests, cleanse yourselves and sit in the confessionals to give My mercy and pardon to the people who come to you with repentance; and offer up pure sacrifices of the Body and Blood of My Son on your altars as expiation and atonement for your sins and the sins of the world. Enough, enough! that you have gone after the world and all its attractions, now come back to Me and remain holy, for I am a merciful God.
If the wicked man turns away from all his sins, and if he decides to keep all My commandments and statutes and does what is right and just, he shall surely live and he shall not be lost; none of the crimes he committed shall be remembered against him but I shall love him with a new love, I shall clothe him with a new garment and crown him with a crown of glory and he shall be Mine and I shall be his. I don’t rejoice at the death of the wicked, rather I look towards his return and I rejoice when he returns. My people, great are the blessings I pour down on the world through the death and resurrection of My Son, become partakers and sharers of these blessings.

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MESSAGE – 13 Feb. 2004 Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, My heart is greatly grieved on these days looking at the way the doctors and scientists, researchers and inventors, handling lives in and outside the mothers wombs! They forget that it is I who am the Creator of lives, who has given humanity the gift of fertility and fecundity so that they may increase and multiply to subdue the earth. With your modern inventions and discoveries, you think that you can build a paradise on earth, to live comfortable with good food and drinks, securely with strong and beautiful houses, happily with your leisure and pleasure. Hence, you are killing the innocent helpless children in the mother’s wombs by abortion; you are preventing billions and billions to be born on the earth by family planning and birth control. Where is your comfort and happiness? Are not many in depression and sadness? Where is your security and safety? Is not everyone in fear and anxiety? And now you are trying to clone human beings in order that you may become superman on earth with high intelligence and talents!

Think of the evil consequences of all what you have done! Many young people wander around the earth not finding suitable matches, many couples remain childless and many children are born crippled and mentally retarded! Family relationships are broken and divorces and separations are increasing. My people, do you want to multiply more curses and disasters on earth and bring humanity to annihilation!? Or do you want to fill the earth with deform and insane people? You men, you have no shame to sell your sperms even through internet like eggs in supermarkets to produce anonymous and fatherless children on earth; you women, you are evading the responsibility of womanhood in married life and are opting for single motherhood by IVF to fill the earth with semi-orphans who are rejected and discontent in life. You scientists and researchers, you are killing many lives by your brutal experiments on sperms and ovums. Are you in a utopia to build a society of super humans by your cloning on human beings? I say and I warn that you will be making, not super humans, but monsters and giants who will be devoid of My image and likeness and who will become bandits and gangsters, terrorists and murderers. Know, that it is I who create human beings in My own image and likeness and it is I who shape them with My own hands for their good future and prosperity.

You who live in Europe, America and other Christian countries, I have a complaint and a warning to you. You, who have Christian roots and culture, are refusing to acknowledge your identity of Christianity and trying to live like pagans. Because you have not paid attention to My commandments and Words, already many curses and misfortunes did happen in your lands, your towns and cities are filled with, not your people, but with foreigners and aliens. One day they will increase in number while you become small in your land or perhaps wiped out from the land, when they might say, “one day, here lived Christians,  who were called Europeans and Americans and now they are no more!”

Dearly beloved children, you who hear My word and follow My ways, lift up your hearts and hands to the heavens and cry out for mercy and pardon. The world today is in much worst sinful situation than the time of Noah or Abraham when I punished the people for their sins and wickedness. But, I am a Merciful Father who looks upon My creatures with My everlasting love and sympathy. But you should not take advantage of My mercy and sympathy to commit sins or to delay your conversion. Many times I thought of punishing again mankind for their sins and wickedness, but when I look down on earth I see many holy priests lifting up the Body and Blood of My Son on various altars in all parts of the world, offering sacrifices of atonement and expiation of sins. I see many people after having taken part in the Holy Communion living in My Son Jesus as children of God and living temples. I see many holy men and women lifting up their holy hands imploring for mercy and pardon. I am looking for such many people who would remain holy and innocent praying for the conversion of those people who are leading humanity to a total destruction. My children, stand before the Throne of Mercy and pray for the salvation of the world. You, My priests, remain holy in your commitments and stand before the Holy Sanctuary to offer My Son who died on Calvary for the sins of the world. I want to see an increase of such good and holy people because a great number of righteous people are the safety of the world.
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NavidadMessage – 1st. January 2004 – New Year Song

Thus says the Lord" My loving children I give you one more year of grace and blessings. This year is a special gift for you with many varied and new blessings beyond your expectations and plans. If you did not do well in the past year, I give you this year to see that you grow mature in faith and Christian life yielding many fruits. Let the failures and drawbacks of the past years be stepping stones towards future victory and success, learn from the past and correct your ways and follow the truth, then you shall find joy and happiness in your lives. Never regret or shed tears on the lost past and on what you could not achieve but give thanks to God for all that happened and look hopefully towards the future trusting in Me.

I  WILL BE A FATHER TO YOU IN EVERY STEP YOU TAKE BUT HOLD ON TO ME IN FAITH AND PRAYER BELIEVING THAT I DO EVERYTHING FOR YOUR GOOD. If you renew your faith and commitment to Me you will regain your strength and you will soar as with eagles wings to fly up in your lives beyond your hopes and expectations in spite of hard and difficult situations; and you will never grow weary or tired because I, your Maker and God will be with you always holding you with my right hand of justice, love and compassion. Before I laid the foundations of the universe I thought about you and made plans about you for your welfare and prosperity; and what I will do for you is far beyond your knowledge and comprehension. If you, fathers and mothers who are human and weak are always concerned about doing good to your children, I your Father and Creator who formed you in your mothers womb, think of you always and care about you with love and concern even by keeping your names in the palm of my hands. I know the bread you need and the water you thirst for, and I will teach you what is good for you and lead you on the way you shall go. If you listen to me and follow me your prosperity shall flow like river in all walks of life, and abundant shall be my blessings upon you and your children.

This year shall witness the change of many world leaders. Many peace loving leaders will be elected. You may see the fall of the riches of certain affluent nations and the rise of many poor and small nations to prosperity. There shall be natural calamities and spread  of unknown diseases in many parts of the world; killings, destructions and terrorism may continue but many nations will break the barriers of hatred and enmity bringing unity and peace to the people. The believers of my Son shall be persecuted in various parts of the world. MY GOSPEL OF SALVATION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MY SON JESUS, WILL BE PREACHED VERY POWERFULLY IN THE WORLD BRINGING MANY CONVERSIONS THROUGH THE PERFORMANCE OF HEALINGS AND MIRACLES IN SPITE OF OBJECTIONS AND OPPOSITIONS. From the pagan countries many will come towards Me accepting Jesus My Son as their Saviour and Lord but many from the Christian countries may abandon their faith and even may go after the Satan, idols and other religions. This year and in the coming years you shall see great understanding and love between the world religions. Through My Holy Spirit the world will be renewed and shall wait upon the second coming of my Son.

You my little flock, my beloved children, have no fear, stand erect, hold your heads high because your Saviour and Lord, Emmanuel, My Son will be always with you to protect you, to defend you and to bless you in all circumstances. Take courage in Him through the Holy Spirit who dwells in you. YOU MUST CONSECRATE AND DEDICATE THE WHOLE OF THIS YEAR TO THE GLORY OF MY SON JESUS AND FOLLOW HIM ALWAYS KEEPING MY COMMANDMENTS AND STATUTES.

 Be fervent in your life of prayer and the reception of the sacraments and remain faithful to the Church which I have founded on Jesus My Son. No evil can prevail over the Church in which you are my children. By your constant and unfailing faith in my Son you shall overcome all problems of life and shall be victorious and successful in all your efforts this year. I  love each of you with a personal love and I do not want any of you to be lost; My children be My witnesses everywhere and always; I give you this year of many blessings, rejoice in it always.
Bible passages.

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Rejoice in the Lord!
Rejoice in the Lord!

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