MESSAGE FOR NEW YEAR  – 1st of January 2006 Song


Thus says the Lord God, “I, your Creator and Redeemer give you one more year to live on this earth, to be My witnesses of My ever abiding presence and love. Many, who desire to see this year, are no more but you are there because I love you and live in you. Enter the New Year without any fear but with hope and optimism and live everyday of this year with the experience of My love in your hearts. I am your Good Shepherd walking with you in all your troubles, difficulties and problems. When you turn to Me in prayer I will not hide My face from you, you shall see My presence and hear My voice. I will hold your hand like a father holding the hand of his child and walk with you. Everyday seek My will which is the holiness of your life, then you shall find Me everywhere and at all times in your lives.

This year also, you have to face many catastrophes like earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, droughts and floods in various parts of the world, because in spite of My warnings and loving words, My children are going away from Me and My ways. My enemy, Satan, has already sown the seeds of emnity and wickedness in the hearts of many world-leaders to fight wars and to promote killings. As a result of pollution of the earth by various tests of nuclear weapons and bombs, there shall be various diseases spread on earth bringing death to many human beings and to animals and birds. As injustice and corruption are on increase, the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing, thus many shall die in want of food and drink. There shall be a great disaster or catastrophe in the West and among those who have abandoned Me, their God and Lord, Creator and Father, and have gone after other gods even to demons; and live in immoralities, sexual perversions and promiscuities ignoring My command to live a holy and righteous life.

You, My beloved children, stay awake in prayer, living a good life and doing good works. Let the wicked act more wickedly, filthy be more filthy, but you My children don’t imitate them or follow or make any compromise with the sin and Satan, but be more righteous and holy in all your behaviours so that you shall find life. As I saved Noah and family from the devastating flood, Lot and family from the brimstone and fire, I will save you and your families if you walk in holiness and righteousness before Me.

You shall experience My abiding love and presence through My beloved Son Jesus who is walking with you to console you in your afflictions, to show compassion in your miseries, to forgive your sins, to heal your sicknesses, to make your burdens light and above all to give His Holy Spirit to stand firm and steady in all adverse circumstances. Everyday of this New Year, make sure that you live a holy life avoiding sin and occasions of sin, and pray more that you shall be in the power of the Holy Spirit, and live in harmony with all helping one another, then you will have a year of My richest blessings. My children, I will not abandon you, I walk with you with My love and care”

Gen 7: 1; 19: 29 
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Jude 1: 7 

MESSAGE FOR CHRISTMAS – 24th of December Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, when you celebrate Christmas you are reminding yourselves of My passionate love for each one of you and for the whole humanity. Ever since mankind went away from Me by disobedience, I saw their struggle to reach back to My loving presence towards which I created them. I knew that their own efforts like prayers, sacrifices and rituals were incapable of reaching out to My love. I knew that nothing in the world could satisfy their thirst for God. I knew very well that I alone could bring them redemption and salvation, so I decided to send My only Son amidst them as one among them to carry their sins, sorrows, sicknesses and all burdens so that believing in Him and following Him they may be saved.

In Jesus, My beloved Son, you will find My love personified, He is love walking amidst you, forgiving your sins, healing your sicknesses, liberating you from the power of Satan and darkness, giving you bread and water, and answer and solution to all your problems. You will find salvation in Him alone because He is the Saviour and Lord of all. If only you open your hearts and lives to Him and allow Him to enter into you, you can experience My love for you and know My plan for your lifes. Even in small matters of your lives, He is ready to come with His loving care by saying, “I am with you until the end of the world, I call you by name, your name is written in the palms of my hands, you are precious in my eyes and glorious, I walk with you when you are amidst the fires and floods, winds and storms of life, I have counted even the number of your hairs, I will never forget you or reject you, my love shall never leave you, I forgive you, I heal you, I shall spread prosperity over you”

My children do not celebrate Christmas like the pagan carnivals and festivals with external and worldly expressions only. This is an occasion to reaffirm My abiding presence in you and in the world by intervening in your lives and in the human history with My love and compassion. Even if thousands and thousands of magnificent statues of the Child Jesus made of clay and wood are placed in well decorated cribs or mangers, you will have no Christmas unless you clean your heart from all filthiness and decorated with virtues and good works. Make your hearts cribs for the Lord to be born and allow Him to take complete control of your lives as Lord and Master. The Man of Galilee, My Son Jesus is alive today, He appears to many, marvellous and incredible are My ways of love and blessings bestowed upon those who accept Him as their Lord and Saviour and follow Him in their lives. My children, I desire that all of you find My passionate love for you in My Son born in Bethlehem and thus to live in peace, joy, harmony and prosperity. Behold, you are My children, I love you with an everlasting love.

Gen 1: 26-27; 3: 6
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Phil 2: 6-8; 
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I Jn 3: 1-2; 4: 8, 16
Rev 3: 20 



Thus says the Lord God, “I rejoice that you are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus, your Saviour and Lord. But I do not delight in those celebrations that are only worldly and material like that of the pagan carnivals, making merry by eating and drinking, and even indulging in immoral and licentious behaviours. I hate the festivals and assemblies with wickedness and sins gathered together in My name. Your candles and lights, decorations and flowers, cribs and statues, greetings and exchange of gifts have no meaning unless you turn your hearts towards Me by repentance. Let the words of John the Baptist ring in your hearts and ears, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths”. Wash yourselves clean, put away your misdeeds from before My eyes, cease doing evil, learn to do good and allow My Son Jesus to enter into your souls and to be born there to take complete control of your lives. Make Jesus the Lord and King of your lives. Perhaps you have given your hearts to sinful habits to ditch dens, and to vanities of the world and flesh to have their nests. Destroy those dens with brood of sins, and throw away the nest that conceives and breeds malice, mischief, envy, jealousy, hatred and vengeance.

Open, My children, your hearts completely that the Son of God, Jesus, may enter your hearts to save your lives. Look into yourselves and see whether your relationship with Me and with your brethren are good or bad, and make the relationships right and holy. Open your inner eyes to see Me and My Son in the people who are in need and sufferings. Look at the thousands and millions of people who are homeless and without food and drink, abandoned, oppressed and harassed. If you do not see My face in them and move your hearts and hands of love towards them to console and help them, your worship of singing “Alleluias and glories” are only a lip-work, which will not reach up to me. You may not find My Son in luxuries and affluence, in extravagance and squandering; now also the Son of God is born in the hearts of those who are poor and insecure like the shepherds of Bethlehem, and in places of poverty and simplicity as in the cowshed a two thousand years ago. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Surrender the gold of your pride and selfishness, frankincense of extravagance and luxuries, myrrh of arrogance and unlove before the Lord Jesus in the manger and worship Him in spirit and truth, accepting Him as the only Lord and Saviour of your lives and thus finding salvation in Him alone. When you have Jesus with you and when you do everything with Him, through Him and in Him you will have true joy in your lives and you will find success in all what you do.

Is 1: 11 -16; 59: 4 
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Col 3: 12-14 
Phil 2: 5-8; 4: 4
I Pet: 2: 11-17; 4: 3-6
Rev 3: 20; 19: 16



Thus says the Lord, "?My children, I know your fears and anxieties over the recent catathropic events of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and diseases like birdflu. Beware of the many false prophets who go around prophesying the end of the world. I am the Creator of this universe.  It is I who created each human being on the earth and nothing happens out of My knowledge. I permit these events to happen so that people may repent of their sins and iniquities, come back to Me and acknowledges Me and My Son as their Lord and Creator. The many deaths and the destructions that happened by the recent catastrophies in America is far less compared to the killings and destructions by their recent unjust wars on poor nations. It is time for America to stop wars with other nations and to help the poor nations and people with its wealth and money. Stop spending money on destructives weapons and ammunitions!

The ones killed in the border of India and Pakistan by the recent eartquake is far less compared to the ones killed by their border fights and wars in the recent years. It is time for those two nations, which were one until recently, to forgive and reconcile through amicable and peaceful solutions to all their political disputes, and to exist as two friendly and brotherly nations helping each other for prosperity rather than spending their resources on destructives weapons impovericing millions and millions.

My dear children, are you schocked and grieved hearing of the loss of lives by natural calamities? Why are you not shocked over the killings of millions amidst you by abortions? You are even experimenting on human embrios and fetuses to make higher species of humans and even super humans! Perhaps, when you create such species of humans this earth will not exist for them! I created this earth for the human beings whom I created in my image and likeness and I want  this earth to be filled with human beings who obey Me and love Me. By killings and experiments of lives you are proclaiming yourselves as gods. Oh man, do not forget that I am the Creator of human beings and that it is I who brings them to life, and it is I who takes them away from life. Stop playing and meddling with human lives. Through the events that happen today amidst you, repent of your crimes and learn to respect and love human lives. If you listen to Me and change your ways, you shall have peace and prosperity, otherwise punishment and chastisements will continue.

If you find defects in the human beings it is because of your many sins by going away from Me, the source of life. My image and likeness is love and holiness. Yes, I created each one of you in love and holiness, and it is My will that you should live in love and holiness. In order to create you I took the sexuality of your parents and if defects have come through their blood, they are to be corrected and healed through Me only. I who created you only can recreate you and give you a better life. My children come to Me the source of life and goodness and find life in Me so that you may live.I am your creator and father who wants to see you living in happiness, health and prosperity on earth.

I am with you always My dear children, I will never abandon you!

Gen  1: 27-28; 2: 7, 16-17
Ex 20: 13
Wis 12: 3-6
Jer 2: 13
Is 24: 5-6
Mt 4: 17; 28: 20
Lk 13: 1-5
Jn 14: 15
Col 3: 12-16
I Thess 4: 3-8



Thus says Jesus the Lord, “I have a special love and concern for the young people. As a youth I lived and worked on earth, and as a youth I gave My life as ransom for many to bring new life and salvation to all. It is the young people who listened to My gospel and gave up all what they had and followed Me as apostles and disciples. I entrusted My Spirit to them with the power to preach, to heal and to be My witnesses all over the world. It is the youth who served the apostles in the early Church.

So, dearly beloved youth I thirst for your lives and I take delight in you. My heart grieves when I see some of you belonging to Satan, the enemy, the destroyer of lives by your sinful ways. I know that some of you who had received salvation through baptism in the Church, My body, have abandoned Me and My church. Also a few of you do not believe in Me and are not baptised and thus live in condemnation. I want you all to believe in Me and accept Me as your personal Saviour by baptism and life in the church so that you may be saved. I don’t want you to be pagans or unbelievers, sojourners or strangers, but to be fellow citizens with the holy ones and members of the household of God. Whatever sins or mistakes you have done I am ready to forgive and forget provided you come back to Me; I will never forsake if anyone comes to Me. By living and working for Me and My kingdom you shall find joy in your lives.

My dear young people, I know your thirst for an authentic experience of a living God who created you in His image and likeness by breathing His life in you. Your heart’s desire and thirst shall be quenched and satisfied if only you find Me and experience My love because I and My Father are one and he who sees Me, sees My Father. Like the Samaritan woman of Sychar and the prodigal son in the Bible, some of you are going around seeking for love and fulfilment in life, but you shall find fulfilment in your life if only you come and drink from Me. By the influence of the power of the ruler of this world, Satan, my enemy, you are endangering your lives and the lives of the coming generation. If you continue in your lives in darkness and sin, ignoring Me and My church, your land and nation shall be possessed and occupied by pagans and foreigners, you and your next generations shall be persecuted and even put to destruction, and your inheritance and posterity shall be extinct. I am rebuking and warning you so that you may forsake your sinful style of lives and begin a new life by My Spirit in righteousness and holiness of truth.

My loving youth, I call you to come to Me and to find life in Me. Cast all your sins, bondages, wounds, rejections, disappointments, worries, sadness and sicknesses on Me to find forgiveness, healing and new life. I will take away your old heart and give a new heart filling you with power and grace through My Spirit. I want you to be My burning and shining lamps like John the Baptist or Paul of Tarsus to spend your lives for Me and My kingdom. I want you to be My witnesses. I invite you to be My co-workers to establish My kingdom on earth by capturing the hearts of all. I want to build a new heaven and a new earth devoid of the power of Satan and darkness, immoralities and wickedness, abortions and innocent killings, violence and murders, wars and terrorism, injustice and exploitation.
I am gathering you in Cologne, Germany, under my vicar on earth, the Pope, on these days so that you may know Me and My Father and make a decision to live for Me and My kingdom. I am delighted in you, My hope of new generation and a new world order is in you My dear youth, I am sure you will work with Me for a new age based on principles and rules of morality and discipline according to My commandments and teachings. I shower My Spirit, the Spirit of love, power and self control in your hearts to be My firebrands and warriors to bring forth a new age. My dear children I am with you always, have no fear”

Gen 1: 26-27; 2: 7; 6: 6
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Eph 2: 1-2, 19-22; 4: 22-24
II Tim 1: 6-7 
I Jn 1: 5-10 
I Pet: 5: 8-9



Thus says the Lord, “My children, be imitators of Jesus My Son, whom I anointed with My Spirit and power, and sent amidst you to bring all those who live in darkness to the light of salvation and to the freedom of the children of God. He went about preaching the Gospel, casting out demons, healing the sick, and doing good; and at last He offered himself for you as a sacrificial offering to God for a fragrant aroma. His death on the cross was to deliver you from the yoke of sin and powers of darkness, and to cleanse you from all your filthiness, and to gather you and to consecrate you as a people of His own eager to do good.

You, My children, who received the bath of rebirth being washed, cleansed, justified, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit, must be the light of the world and salt of the earth by your innocent and blameless lives in the midst of the crooked and perverse generation. YOU SHALL BE AN AROMA OF CHRIST FOR GOD AMONG THOSE WHO ARE SAVED AND AMONG WHO ARE PERISHING. You must be irreproachable, dignified, reputable and known for your uncompromising faith and commitment to Jesus your Lord and Master. Nothing in the world should take you away from His love.

Because the Gospel of Christ is veiled for those who are perishing and because Satan has blinded their hearts and eyes preventing them to see the glory of Christ, you My children, must proclaim the Gospel powerfully and effectively in season and out of season without any fear, so that all those who live in the shadow of sin and darkness may come to the light of Christ and be saved. In order to have fellowship with Me and My Son to obtain salvation and to enter into the Kingdom of heaven, people should renounce the works and darkness and sinful style of life. YOU, MY CHILDREN, SHOULD SHINE LIKE THE SUN BY YOUR RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY LIFE, AND THROUGH YOUR WITNESSING LIVES DRAW MANY TO MY ETERNAL BANQUET IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. It is My will that everyone be saved by the knowledge of the Truth who is My Son Jesus.

As all those who touched My Son received power and grace, you too should radiate power and grace to those with whom you live. Always you should be a blessing, not a curse for those among whom you live. You should always be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that the Living Water may flow from you to others to wash, to cleanse, to heal, and to liberate a people for My kingdom. All those who labour and are burdened should be able to find peace, love, acceptance and consolation in you and in your works. Be bold to make use of the gifts and charisms which are the manifestations of the indwelling Spirit in you; without cost you received them and without cost you shall give them.

In speech, conduct, love faith, patience and purity be an example for those who believe. Treat, love, and respect the old men as your fathers, old women as your mothers; younger men as your brothers and younger women as your sisters with complete purity. You must instruct the people to keep the commandments of God without stain or reproach in order to keep their spirit, soul and body preserved in the fragrance of holiness to appear before My Son Jesus at His second coming. Again My children, I ask you to be fragrant aroma of Christ for all whom you meet, wherever you are and whatever you do”

Mt 4: 16; 5: 13-16; 10: 8-9, 26-28; 11: 28; 13: 43
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I Tim 2: 3-4; 4: 12; 5: 1-2; 6: 14
Titus 2: 14; 3: 4-8
I Pet 2: 9 
I Jn 1: 5-10 

MESSAGE V – 15th of May – PENTECOST 2005 Song


Jesus Christ the Lord speaks, “Dearly beloved brothers and sisters, I am glad to see you praying together with a sincere heart along with My mother, whom I have given to you as your mother, to receive the Holy Spirit, the power from on high so that you may be again strong to love your God with all your heart and to love others as I have loved you, to be powerful in resisting the works of the enemy the Satan, and  be grace filled in controlling your lust and passion. I want that your hearts become cenacles where I gathered My disciples to eat the Last Supper giving My flesh and blood and sent the portion of My Spirit in order to make them God’s children and co-heirs of God, My Father,  with me, and to be my witnesses unto the whole world. It is there that I washed their feet to teach them the lessons of humility and service. It is in the Cenacle that, with feelings and emotions, I poured out my heart’s desire to my followers that they should love one another as my true witnesses. I showed them the love in the Trinity as model and prayed for them that they might be one as I and My Father are one in the Spirit.

Now, you who believe in me and are saved through my blood are my disciples. I am grieved in my heart seeing the separations, divisions, rivalries and factions in the Church. At whatever moment the Church, my body, is divided, I am wounded and grieved. Which one of you can say that, when a part of your body is wounded, that you are not grieved! If you love me and follow me, you must listen to what I say to you in your heart, in the Cenacle, with emotions and feelings, “forgive one another and love each other”.
 I came to destroy the works of the devil and to save all those who belong to him. Knowing that I still continue working against him and his tactics, he is trying to destroy my works of salvation. To the extent you are divided and separated with anger and hatred, you have become weak and powerless to resist the enemy the Satan. It is in unity that you shall find power and strength. You should know that it is the time the Satan is trying to sift my believers and followers with various kinds of temptations and allurements of the world and the flesh.

As you are envious of each other and provoking one another with divisions, many of my people are being stolen away by the enemy and are destroyed. Many of those who found salvation through my blood are away from the divine life and are groping in darkness and blindness. You shall know that the enemy, the Satan and his works, can not prevail against the Church which I have founded on Peter, the rock, to whom I handed over the keys to the Kingdom of heaven.

I have called and appointed my new Vicar, as the successor of Peter, from a country and nation where my Church was divided and weakened. I know that all my followers and disciples are sufferings pains and wounds as a result of this division which divided the hearts of the people, the harmony in the families and communities, parishes and dioceses and the Church at large. The wounds are still bleeding and stinking. I want the Church to be healed, restored in love and unity through my new Vicar called out from the same country and nation. I want all of you to accept him as your leader, appointed by me as my representative and ambassador, to lead you to love and unity according to my heart’s desire.

I send My Spirit on you all that you may arrive at an unconditional forgiveness of the past historical events and to make compromises and mutual acceptance on all factors that keep you divided. This must be the new Pentecost of the third Millennium when a new Church, united in love, be born as the light of the world and salt of the earth, giving light to all who are in darkness, giving power to all who live in weakness, healing those who are wounded and sick, and bringing back all those who strayed away from the Way, the Truth and Life. I want the Church be the conscience of the people in the world. I am the Lord, who destroyed the power of Satan and darkness on the Cross on Calvary, and I am the one who have called you to love and unity and I will surely bring you back from the slavery of division and separation and restore you to unity.

Mt 5: 14-16; 12: 25; 16: 16-19 
Lk 24: 49
Jn 10: 10; 13: 34-35; 14: 6, 16-17; 17: 11, 20-21; 19: 27; 20: 22 
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II Cor 4: 4
Gal 4: 4-6; 5: 25-26
Eph 2: 1-2; 4: 18
Col 1: 18
II Tim 1: 6-7
I Pet 1: 19; 5: 8
I Jn 3: 8; 4: 4


(Novena to the Holy Spirit)

(The Novena to the Holy Spirit in preparation for the great feast begins on Friday the 6th of May. Those who can not make a novena are expected at least to make a triduum of three days from Thursday the 12th.)

Ever loving God decided to give a portion of His Spirit to mankind so that they would be His children and heirs forming themselves to be special people of His own.

"Then afterward I will pour out my spirit upon all mankind. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; even upon the servants and handmaids, in those days, I will pour out my spirit. And I will work wonders in the heavens and on the earth, ..."(Joel 3: 1-3a; Acts 2: 17-19a).

"For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you receive a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, 'Abba, Father'. The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, ..." (Rom 8: 14- 17a).

"But you are, 'a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own, so that you may announce the praises' of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were 'no people', but now you are God's people; you 'had not received mercy' but now you have received mercy" (I Pet 2: 9-10)

It is fulfilled when Jesus sent His Spirit on the apostles first, then on the Church in Jerusalem, Samaria, and Ephesus; and to all individuals, peoples and nations.

"And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, 'receive the Holy Spirit' " (Jn 20: 22)

"When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were. Then there appear to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim" (Acts 2: 1-4).

Peter and Paul came to Samaria to pray over the believers for the gift of the Holy Spirit. "Then they laid hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit" (Acts 8: 17).

When Paul arrived in Ephesus, he found the believers not even knowing the Holy Spirit; he instructed them about the Holy Spirit. "And when Paul laid his hands on them, the holy Spirit came upon them and they spoke in tongues and prophesy" (Acts 19: 6).

At the conversion of Saul, Ananias entering his house laid his hands on him and prayed "Saul my brother, the Lord has sent me, Jesus who appeared to you on the way by which you came, that you may regain your sight and be filled with the holy Spirit" (Acts 9: 17).

"While Peter was still speaking these things, the holy Spirit fell upon all who were listening to the word" (Acts 10: 44).

Today, also individuals, families, societies and nations need to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is the life breath in every Christian to live a holy, truthful and authentic life according to God's will by keeping His statutes and commandments. The Holy Spirit imprints in the heart of a believer a nature to love God in keeping His commandments.

"I will give them a new heart and put a new spirit within them; I will remove the stony hearts from their bodies, and replace with a natural heart, so that they will live according to my statutes, and observe and carry out my ordinances; thus they shall be my people and I will be their God" (Ez 11: 19-20). "I will put my laws in their minds, and I will write them upon their hearts" (Heb 8: 10).

Every Christian receives the gift of the Holy Spirit in his/her life by baptism in the Church, the body of Christ. Now, those who are baptised should ask themselves the following questions to find out if they are in the Spirit or not.

a) Have you lost the presence and experience of God by loosing the Spirit by grave sins? (Psalm 51: 13)

b) Have you grieved the Holy Spirit by your unloving behaviour? (Eph 4: 30)

c) Have you quenched the Holy Spirit by not praying, not receiving the sacraments in the Church? (I Thess 5: 19)

d) Have you opposed the Holy Spirit by not yielding to His actions and functions coming through the Word of God because of your arrogant, self-righteous and proud attitude? (Acts 7: 51).

e) Do you lie to the Holy Spirit by a deceitful life? (Acts 5: 3, 9).

f) Are you led by the desires of the flesh and the world or by the Holy Spirit? (Gal 5: 16-17).

g) Are you concerned about the things of the flesh or concerned about the things of the Spirit? (Rom 8: 5-6).

h) Have you started your life in the Spirit and now ended up in the flesh? (Gal 3: 3).

If you have lost the Spirit, quenched the Spirit, opposed the Spirit, lied to the Spirit and now living in sin according to the flesh and the world, this is the time to come to the Lord Jesus (Church) with a good confession. Jesus will forgive your sins and receive you with love in His arms and fill you again with His Spirit.

"Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the Kingdom without being born of water and Spirit. What is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the spirit is spirit" (Jn 3: 5-6).

"For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of food and drink, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Rom 14: 17).

"I will not reject anyone who comes to me" (Jn 6: 37).

"Let anyone who thirst, come to me and drink" (Jn 7: 37).

"I will ask the Father and he will give you the Spirit, the Spirit of truth, to be with you always" (Jn 14: 16-17).

"In a few days, you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit" (Acts 1: 5). "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1: 8).

(On these days of Novena or triduum, you may spend more time in prayer thirsting and asking for the Holy Spirit and reading text on the Holy Spirit from the holy Bible. If possible try to read books on the Holy Spirit and to come to know more about the Holy Spirit. Before making a good confession, try to reconcile with all and restore the broken relationships. On these days make an effort to go daily for the holy Mass and receive Holy Communion. Fasting and mortification will make your prayer doubly effective and meritorious. If possible give a part of your money or income for the poor or for works of evangelisation..).

Pray the following prayer to the Holy Spirit everyday


God, Holy Spirit,

third person of the Holy Trinity,

love of the Father and the Son,

living water that fills every heart

with love peace and joy,

power that comes to empower everyone

to be strong and powerful,

I give myself completely to you

that you may come and enter into me

and take completely possession of my life,

give me power and grace to live

an authentic Christian life

according to the Holy will of God.

I consecrate to you now and forever,

my heart, my intellect and my will,

my thoughts and my desires,

my plans and my ways,

my words and deeds with

my entire soul and body and

ask You to lead my life with Your

virtues, gifts and charisms.

I open my heart completely to you

that you may freely enter into me

and find abode in me.

(Pause a while and silently pray for few minutes, experiencing the infilling of the Holy Spirit and begin to praise and thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. You must feel that the Spirit has already possessed your life)...

I thank you, Holy Spirit,

for having come to me as a person

to guide me and to lead me,

as a power and grace to

strengthen me always.

Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit!!

Read Psalm 91 or sing a song of thanksgiving.

It is advisable to spend at least one day in prayer and recollection with fasting to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. On this day or on any other day of the Novena, go to a priest who believes in the power and action of the Holy Spirit and ask him to lay his anointed hands on your head and to pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you can do it after your confession. Or you may ask some Spirit filled people in a charismatic prayer group to lay hands on you and to pray for the Holy Spirit. I wish you all a very happy Pentecost filled with power and grace.

Fr. James Manjackal


A life without the Holy Spirit:

Is empty and void in despair and sadness

Is vexed and tossed by temptations and enticements

Is weak and desperate in the flesh with sinful attachments

Is broken and wounded with anger and unforgiveness

Is in bondages of passing lust and passions

Is in darkness and blindness not knowing the right way

Is in perversity, licentiousness and immorality

Is a life crushed with pains and sickness

Is a life where God is a Distant Being

Is a life where Christ is only a historical past

Is a life where the Gospel and God's words are veiled

Is a life where laws and commandments are meaningless and coarse

Is a life where the Church is a mere secular institution

Is a life where prayer and liturgy are dead

Is a life where virtues and holiness is foolishness

Is a life where duties and responsibilities are burdensome

Is a life where ministries and missions are mere professions

Whereas a life with the Holy Spirit:

Is meaningful and worth living

Is challenging and vibrant

Is a life with Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us

Is a life in the Kingdom of God

Is a life where one is led in the Way, the Truth and Life

Is a life of peace, joy and consolation

Is a life of power and grace

Is a life of holiness according to God's will

Is a life of authenticity and truthfulness

Is a life in the Church the mother who cares

Is a life where authority and commandments become easy

Is a life where burdens become light and yokes easy

Is a life where prayer and sacraments become part and parcel of life

Is a life where one hears God's voice in the Holy Scriptures

Is a life where one finds answer to all his problems

Is a life where one finds the healing touch of the Divine Master

Is a life where one's soul burns with love for God and others

Is a life witnessing Jesus Christ always and everywhere

Is a life that brings the thirsty neighbours to the Living Water

Is a life burning out for Jesus and His Kingdom

Is a life that finds a seat in the eternal banquet. AMEN

(Author : Fr. James Manjackal)

MESSAGE IV – 13th of April 2005Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, I know that you are passing through difficult times. Because you are living in your faith in Jesus and walking in the way of salvation, you may find yourselves alienated from or persecuted by the majority who do not walk through His ways. In all your trials and persecutions you are being purified and sanctified and My Son Jesus, who is risen from the death, will be always with you to console you, to comfort you, to strengthen you and above all to bless you in all your needs. In the nearest future you will have more difficulties to live your Christians lives because a world devoid of faith in God is fast growing in this consumerist society which is contaminated by secularism, lawlessness and religious indifference.

All who want to live an authentic and true Christian life will be persecuted. Amidst them all, you should see and experience the real presence of Jesus, your Lord and Saviour, in the Holy Eucharist. He instituted It in order to be with you always. My children, your God knows all your needs and He is capable of giving you all what you need. You must tell Him to stay with you in all events of your life. It is at the Breaking of the Bread that your eyes will be opened to behold His powerful presence with you, and when you receive the Bread of Life, He will be in you and you will be in Him. Always keep in mind His promises “I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you”. I send My Son, Jesus, amidst you not only to be with you for a little while; I wanted Him to be with you always. Taking part in the Holy Eucharist and going to His living presence in prayer and Adoration; must not only be a devotion, but it must be a way of life for you.

When Jesus, My Son, the Saviour of the world, becomes the centre of your life, you have nothing to fear in this world. When you live in Him and He lives in you, all your problems will be solved and all your prayers will be answered even before you ask. He is the same compassionate Lord always, multiplying bread, healing the sick, raising the dead to life, forgiving sins, liberating people from Satan and darkness and giving new life through His words, which now are preached and proclaimed by His disciples all throughout the world. In walking with Him by faith, you shall find power and grace, healing and health, life and hope, peace and joy. Do not seek for Him among the dead, among people and realities which are dead in sin and wickedness; but seek Him among those who are always in faith through lives of holiness and truth. Along with My Son, I come and find our dwelling in the hearts of those who keep the commandments and words. When they gather together in My name we will be amidst them.

You must bring the presence of your God alive in your heart at all moments of your lives through faith, and experience Him who walks with you always because you live, move and have your being in Him. When you do not feel or experience His presence, may be due the pressures of the world and worldly things, or due the temptation of the devil and the flesh, you should call upon His name and pray like the Apostles, “Stay with us O Lord”.

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MESSAGE III – 4th of March 2005Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, by fasting you are following the good example of My Son, your Lord and Saviour Jesus, who fasted and prayed to draw power and strength in the Spirit to fight against the tactics of the devil and to be victorious to bring many people to My presence in heaven. Today the devil is at work more than ever in the past taking people away from, My Son and My Kingdom because many of My children have abandoned Me and gone after Satan and his ways. You, My children, are finding your life hard. I know your troubles and struggles on these days. I know that Satan, the enemy, is troubling you with various temptations, enticements, hallucinations, torments, fears, doubts and sometimes even with possessions. In order that your inner self be strengthened and fight courageously against these attacks and assaults, you should fast and receive power and grace.

My children, you should know that while a few in the world enjoy all luxuries and comforts with their wealth and money, the majority of the people on earth are poor. They have no food, drink or shelter. Many of them do not have even one meal a day, some of them are dying in their famine and poverty and a few end their lives in suicide as they have no means to meet their daily needs. When you fast and mortify your desires for worldly pleasures, you are sharing the feelings of those people who are desperate and destitute, and are identifying yourselves with them. I have especial love for those who are poor and down trodden in the world. You know very well, My Son, who is equal with Me in heaven, emptied Himself of all His riches in order to identify Himself with the poor: from the manger to Calvary He was poor, He suffered hunger and thirst, He had no shelter to lay His head. You, My children, you are following Him and when you voluntarily take up simplicity and poverty in your lives, you are becoming like Him in spirit and attitude.

Thus through fasting, mortification and sufferings, you are becoming the objects of My especial love and blessings. Whenever you fast, or cut short your daily ration by mortification, you are saving some money and I wish that you share it with the poor. Whatever you do to the poor will be accounted in your name in the book of life and you are treasuring up riches in heaven.

I am glad to see that many of you have stopped smoking cigarettes and pipes, drinking alcohol and taking drugs and are leading simple lives. I am pleased with you, My children, I know many of you have made good confessions and have stopped your immoral behaviours and bad habits. I shower My grace and power on you these days through My Spirit that you may continue in this new life forever. I give you grace to live according to the desires of the Spirit and to get away fully from all desires of the flesh. Let your fasting and mortification help you to control the lust and desires of the flesh. My little children, you belong to Christ and to Me. You must crucify and put to death the passions and desires of your flesh.

Daily, during the holy sacrifice of the Mass, where you celebrate the death and resurrection of My Son, you can experience My grace and power flowing into your inner self through His Body and Blood. All what you need is to open your hearts and come to Him with faith. It is to form a body of people who are holy, truthful and righteous that I allowed My Son to die on the Cross and My children, I want you to be among them, then your lives will be successful and victorious and I will rescue you from all evil. Let your fasting, mortification and sufferings help you to put away your old self and to become a new creature.

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Message for the Lent 2005 – Ash Wednesday – 9th. of FebruarySong


Thus says the Lord, “My children, once again I give you the time of Lent – a time to correct the wrong doings, to pray more, to do penance and mortification in order to curb and control your evil desires, and to do charity especially in helping those who are poor and miserable in the world. By putting ashes on your forehead, you are reminded of your fragile and limited life on earth, it is from the dust of the earth that I have formed you and you will go back to the dust of the earth one day; but when you live a life for Me and My Kingdom, you will be seated along with Jesus, My Son, in heaven.

My children, your life on earth is only a pilgrimage, you are from Me and one day you will return to Me! In the short time of your life on earth, you must cling to Me in faith and love through the Holy Spirit I have given to you. You should know that great are the blessings brought to you by My Son through His sufferings, death and resurrection; and by the observance of the Lent you are preparing your hearts to receive them all.

All the objects of the lust of your senses and flesh are vanities and transitory; and all that is real and everlasting is revealed by Me through My Son Jesus and you must set your mind on them and live righteous lives according to My Will. It is sad that Christians themselves re-crucify My Son by their unholy lives! My heart grieves over the sins of My children, if only you abandon your sinful lives by the help of the Holy Spirit I shall be pleased with you. Although you are living in the world, you should not belong to the world, but you should set your mind on things that are with Me and My Kingdom

Through the blood and water that gushed forth from the Heart of My Son on the Cross I have built a Church - a body of members that are chosen, holy and My own to offer spiritual sacrifices to Me as royal priests. I have prepared and equipped the Church through My Son to give you pardon for your sins because I don’t desire the death of any sinner but I want them to come back to Me as I am a loving and merciful Father who shows mercy unto thousand generations. I sent My Son into the world in order that He may search after the sinners and the brokenhearted and I allowed Him to carry all your sins and consequences of the sins on Himself and to die for you. To see and experience My love for you look at the broken Heart of My Son on the Cross!

Dearly beloved children, I want you to experience the salvation and redemption brought to you by My Son through the opportunities I have given to you in the Church. BELIEVE HIM AND ACCEPT HIM AS YOUR ONLY SAVIOUR AND LORD AND CALL UPON HIS NAME SO THAT YOU SHALL LIVE A LIFE WORTHY OF ME AND MY KINGDOM. During this holy season, the floodgates of heaven shall be opened and innumerable blessings shall fall on those who look for Me and desire to live lives worthy of Me. I with My Son Jesus wait for your love and intimacy which you shall find in prayers and sacraments in the Church, which is holy, Catholic and apostolic”

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MESSAGE I – 28th. of January 2005 – Feast of St. Thomas AquinasSong


Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, recently you have gone through many painful events that have killed many and have made the lives of many others miserable. Seeing these catastrophes and disasters, some of you are questioning My goodness and kindness, and some others are asking, “where is God, is He sleeping, where is His love, has He stopped loving mankind, etc?” and a few are accusing Me and murmuring against Me. I am the Lord, your God, I see your mind and conscience, your attitude and your mentality, and nothing is hidden from Me.

My children, do not take these events as punishment for your sins and iniquities, for I am the Lord who loves you all, I am the one who makes the sun shine on the good and bad alike. You must know, that the number of those who lost their lives in tsunami or in any other natural disasters, are little compared to the millions and millions killed in abortions or man and woman massacred in wars and terrorism. These are nothing compared to the millions who died daily of hunger and poverty while a few people on earth amass wealth and enjoy them on luxuries and pleasurable living exploiting the poor and the needy.

Do not think that I have abandoned you and left you desperate. I am the Lord your God who loves you, I have a plan about your welfare. All those who died by natural disasters are with Me in My Kingdom along with the saints. And those who still suffer from these disasters, you are My loving children, do not think that I am hard with you; I walk amidst you with a compassionate heart. I am with you in all your sufferings to wipe away your sorrows, to heal your wounds and to bring you to peace and prosperity. I have opened the hearts of many of My disciples through My Spirit to be compassionate and helpful to you through Christian charity. In the reconstruction of your homes and lands you shall see the love of My disciples.

This is the time to repent of your pride and self-complacency that you think you have achieved everything, that you can do everything and that you don’t need a God who is all-powerful. In your pride you have declared yourself independent, independent of Me and My grace. In the threshold of your natural wisdom, some of you have substituted yourselves as gods and thus have abandoned Me, your Creator and provider. In going up to the moon, to Mars and other planets, you have cried out that you have not found Me there, and in your folly you thought that you have conquered the nature and the powers of nature. It is time to think of your nothingness and incapability with all your modern scientific inventions, which cannot prevent or stop the forces of the evil that put an end to the well-being and health of humanity. You should know that I am the Lord, who commands the winds and the storms because I am the Creator of the Universe and I have created them all;and you My little children, you have been created in My image and likeness in order to acknowledge Me as your God and worship Me and to come to My presence in prayer.

Think of the nuclear weapons piled up in the arsenals capable of destroying the planet earth many times, and the money and personal wasted on researching and inventing new deadly, terrible weapons to kill and destroy. O man, it is time to destroy all of them and to start inventing things that can protect and save lives, pool your money and energy to rehabilitate those who are homeless and abandoned, and to rebuild all that are broken and destroyed and thus to keep always My law of loving one another and helping each other. In all your sufferings I will be always with you, My children”

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