Thus says the Lord Our God, “My loving children, I give a new year, a year of grace, a year of blessings and prosperity. This year will be of many surprises for you, many unexpected things may happen in your lives and in the life of the world. You will experience that many of your prayers for spiritual and material blessings will be answered. You will restore your broken relationships and will grow more in love. You will be set free from the power of Satan and darkness, and will experience the true freedom of the children of God.

You will also see more natural calamities than in the past, wars and rumours of wars; kingdoms and countries may be divided. Those nations and countries who say that they are secure with the weapons and ammunitions will see themselves broken and exposed to violence and insecurities. I permit such calamities that those who are away from me may repent, change their lives and begin new lives. Behold I break and destroy to bring new life. Those who trust in man and seek power and strength in the flesh shall be defeated. But you my children who trust in me and walk with me following my ways have nothing to worry because I take care of you. Like a child holding the strong hands of his father to walk in the garden, hold my hands and walk with me clinging yourself to Me in the garden of life. With me you can do everything, with me you shall be successful and victorious.

Everyday of this year, you must make sure that you live according to my will, work on your salvation with fear and trembling that you may be my innocent and blameless children in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation. Be meek and gentle like doves but be wise and prudent like the snakes so that you may not be found among those who live in sin and condemnation. Discern the spirits; forsake all that are against the Holy Spirit who alone brings you to Jesus My Son who took flesh and came down on earth to live amidst you to save your lives. Do not pay attention to deceitful spirits and demoniac instructions and stop listening to those who teach wrong and erroneous teachings. Holding on to the word of life, shining as the light of the world and ALWAYS POSSESSING JESUS MY SON IN YOUR LIVES, continue your pursuit of perfection without turning back. Let your thoughts, plans, desires and hopes, works and enterprises be centred on Jesus who walks with you. Every day surrender yourself and all that you have at His feet and accept His Lordship over your lives. You will be my children and heirs with Christ if only you are led by My Spirit. When you are led by my Spirit I TAKE DELIGHT IN YOUR LIVES AND LOOKING AT EACH OF YOU I WILL SAY: "YOU ARE MY BELOVED CHILD, IN YOU I AM PLEASED!"

As I have called you by name through My Beloved Son, I love you with an everlasting love, and I will take care of you like the apple of my eyes. When you pass through the water of troubles, problems, confusions and doubts, I will be there with you so that you shall not drown; and when you go through the fires of trials, temptations, sufferings and sicknesses the flames of the tortures will not burn you or consume you AS I SAVED THE THREE YOUNG MEN FROM THE FIERY FLAMES OF THE FURNACE AS NARRATED IN THE BOOK OF DANIEL I WILL SAVE YOU AND GIVE YOU LIFE IN ABUNDANCE. Always trust in me, cast all your anxieties on Me and fall in My Hands in all events of your lives, then you will see Me moving with you AS I MOVED WITH THE ISRAELITES IN THE DESERT AS A COLUMN OF CLOUDS DURING THE DAY AND A COLUMN OF FIRE AT NIGHT.
My children do not love the world and things of the world and thus belong and cling to them but RATHER BELONG TO ME AND MY SON, then Satan who rules over this corrupt and sinful world will have no power over your lives. The enemy, the Satan, cannot touch you or come near to you because the Holy Spirit in you is more powerful than his power and by your faith in me and My Son you shall defeat all his tactics and be victorious. MY DEAR CHILDREN, DAILY AT DAWN MEET ME AND MY SON DWELLING IN THE SANCTUARY OF YOUR HEARTS THROUGH MY SPIRIT and surrender yourself with all your concerns and cares, pains and problems, anxieties and fears, hopes and desires to my providence and will, and find strength and power, and YOU WILL EXPERIENCE MY HEALING AND CARING HANDS IN YOUR LIVES. I will remove all blocks and barriers that are in your ways, I will heal you and strengthen you with my grace, you will find answer to all your problems and you will always have the peace and joy that I have brought to this world. DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR DAILY DEVOTION TO ME THROUGH PERSONAL PRAYER. As I fed the chosen people daily in the desert by giving Manna, I will feed you and nourish you with the Living and True Manna which is the Body and Blood of My Son in the Holy Mass. Make all efforts to go for the daily Sacrifice of the Mass and offer yourself to Me along with My Son and be in Me and in Him by eating His body and drinking His blood. In the evening before you go to bed examine your consciences and repent of your sins, forgive and reconcile with everyone and wash your hearts in the precious Blood of My Son which is available for those who believe. If that night is the night of your Visitation, may you be found holy and blameless before Me.

This year, my beloved children, I want you to be my peacemakers. You must shine before others with your holiness of lives and radiate love and grace on others. YOU SHOULD BE THE FRAGRANT AROMA OF CHRIST AMONG YOUR FELLOWMEN AND AMONG ALL OTHERS; your presence should bring peace, healing and consolation for others. You must continue in your works of charity. You must daily or monthly keep aside a part of your material wealth for Me, DO NOT DEFRAUD ME IN THITHINGS AND OFFERINGS AND WHATEVER YOU DO TO THE POOR IS DONE TO ME AND WHEN YOU DO IT, I WILL IN TURN OPEN THE FLOOD GATES OF BLESSINGS FROM HEAVEN AND POUR MANY SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL BLESSINGS ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES. When you give more to others from what you have, more will be given to you. Do not neglect your duties towards your family; love and serve your life-partner, parents, children and dear ones so that when you will have to give an account to Me, you may be found as the good and faithful servants who did their duties and responsibilities. Obey and respect ALL AUTHORITIES BECAUSE ALL AUTHORITIES COME FROM ME AND WHEN YOU OBEY THEM YOU ARE OBEYING ME; AND GREAT WILL BE YOUR REWARD FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE.

If you are called to my service in evangelising and preaching the Gospel of My Son, my beloved children you will have to face more trials and temptations, and you may have to share the sufferings of My son in your body and lives, but when you endure them for My namesake with courage, you will be blessed more and more, you will be strengthened in your inner self and you will able to serve the more efficiently.

My children, whether you live or die you belong to me. Everyday keep in mind the call of your life which is holiness and avoid all forms of evil. Do not compromise, my children, with sin, Satan and the world, keep yourself free from the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh, offer your bodies as a loving sacrifice, holy and pleasing to me. Be happy and rejoicing for I will be always with you. Many of you may see the end of this year and a few of you will not see the end. Only I do know the time of your departure from the world, YOUR LIFE HERE ON EARTH IS ONLY A PILGRIMAGE AND YOUR REAL LIFE AND CITIZENSHIP IS IN HEAVEN where you will have the fullness of healing and health in spirit and body in My presence in the company of the saints and angels. Fight a good fight so that you shall find the crown of glory awaiting you in My presence. My beloved children, I am with you always and I will never abandon you.

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Thus says Jesus who is born in Betlehem, “dearly beloved friends, I know you well, I know the emptiness in your hearts, I know your longing for love and peace, and I know well your present condition with miseries, problems and troubles. Therefore I am willing to come and dwell in your hearts, in your homes and in your societies to wipe away your tears, to console you in your sufferings and pains, to strengthen you in your weaknesses and to give solution and answer to all your problems. BUT I CAN COME AND DWELL IN YOUR LIVES IF ONLY YOU OPEN THE DOORS OF YOUR HEARTS AND LIVES. I know very well all those who are prepared to receive the salvation that I have brought to this world. I will come and dwell in those people who have repented of their sins and turned away from their wickedness and have decided to live lives according to the will of my Father. I am sad to see that many of you have closed the door of your hearts for me, and I am still knocking at the door from outside!

Some of you have made your hearts dens for the foxes of evil and wickedness; and nests for the birds of worldly vanities and sensual pleasures, and you don’t allow Me to come into you! I am happy at your celebrations of my BIRTHDAY with prayers, liturgical services and reception of the Sacraments, sharing of love with exchanges of gifts and eating together in fellowships. But if you are doing it all only with those who love you, appreciate you and with those who are equal in status and richness, what recompense will you have? I am grieved to notice that some of you indulge in sinful celebrations with drunkenness, immoralities, licentiousness and perversions! When I see my followers, the Christians, not following my ways of forgiveness and love but fighting each other with hatred and violence, how can I rejoice in your celebrations! WHAT CHRISTMAS CAN THERE BE IN THE HEARTS AND LIVES OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO EVEN GO OUT TO OTHER COUNTRIES TO FIGHT AND TO KILL AND TO DESTROY?! How can there be the peace and happiness that I have brought to this world in those who are heaping up weapons of massive destructions when the majority of my children are living in utter poverty!!

My friends, it is I who taught you to forgive and love your enemies and to do good to them and bless them. I have advised you to invite the poor, the crippled and the lame who can not reciprocate you when you prepare a banquet. WHEN YOU WILL HAVE YOUR BANQUETS WITH THE POOR AND THE UNFORTUNATE I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU, I will be there in your ALMSGIVING AND SHARING OF YOUR WEALTH WITH THE HAVE-NOTS. When you engage yourselves in works of charity I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU, when you wipe away the tears of others I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU, when you heal the wounds of others I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU, when you give a house or a shelter to the homeless I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU, when you visit and console a prisoner or a refugee I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU. when you give a helping hand to anyone on earth I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU, when you help a sinner to repent and come back to me I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU, when you preach the others my gospel of love I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU. It is in loving others that you shall experience my presence and love. DO NOT CLOSE THE INN OF YOUR HEARTS when I come to you as a beggar, stranger, foreigner, refugee, homeless and prisoner or as sick and rejected.

I can not rejoice when I see people spending lavishly for sumptuous banquets with eating and drinking while a large number of my friends are starving, even starving unto death! My friends, you who celebrate my BIRTHDAY should share your wealth with the poor, AND DO ALL YOU CAN TO UPLIFT THE POOR AND THE DOWNTRODEN. Whatever you do to the poor, you do it for me and then you treasure up riches in the heavenly kingdom. CELEBRATE THE CHRISTMAS, MY BIRTHDAY, BY HELPING THE POOR, CONSOLING THE SUFFERING, STRENGTHENING THE WEAK AND HEALING THE SICK. When you give the love, peace and joy that I have brought to this world to others you will have a true Christmas, and then you shall be great on earth and in the kingdom of heaven. Rejoice, my people, rejoice, I SAY REJOICE IN MY PRESENCE. Behold I will be with you always.

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MESSAGE XI – 1st. December 2006 – Advent Song


Thus says the Lord, “I see wars and rumours of wars on the face of the earth. Nations are fearing each other, hence they are heaping up weapons that can even annihilate the whole earth and all that are therein. Due to an increase of discrimination between the poor and the rich, terrorism and fights are seen everywhere. It is sad that even in the name of God and religion people are fighting and killing each other. I see conferences, conventions and discussions everywhere by the world leaders to bring peace, unity and prosperity to the world. But, they have forgotten the One, the only One, who alone can bring peace to this world, JESUS CHRIST My Son.

Today also I am sending My only Son to the hearts that are opened through the Holy Spirit to receive the message of joy and peace. He finds abode in the hearts of those who seek Him, for He is the Messiah and the Lord for each and everyone in the world, He alone can wipe away the tears of man, He alone can remove the causes of restlessness and unhappiness and only through Him the world can be reconciled to Me and to one another.

I know that people all over the world are preparing for the celebration of Christmas, the celebration of the birthday of My Son. But I see only a few preparing their hearts to receive the Messiah; many are preparing it only externally and materially. I feel sad to see that for a number of people it is a matter of business and a season of commerce instead of a season of grace! Many are spending a lot of money for eating, drinking and exchange of gifts while not desiring for the “Bread of Life” that alone can quench and satisfy all thirst and hunger of every human heart. My dear children, prepare your hearts for the Lord, abandon all ways of falsehood and corruption, straighten your hearts with the truth, remove all pride and vanity and make low your hearts with humility and simplicity, remove arrogance and stubbornness from your hearts, forgive one another, accept each other and love all; then you shall experience the salvation brought to you through My Son Jesus.

Your Saviour Jesus comes, not through the broad ways of celebrities and luxuries but through the narrow ways of suffering and crosses. When you meet Him and possess Him by giving your lives to Him, you will find meaning for your lives and fulfilment for all your desires and aspirations and you shall have answers to all your problems. When you allow Him to abide in your hearts you become the temple of God and you will be precious and glorious before my eyes. My dear children have Jesus in your lives then you will have everything in your lives. Behold, I send My Son to you. Hallelujah.

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MESSAGE X– 8th. September 2006 – Birthday of our Blessed Mother Song


Thus says the Lord, “It is faith in Me and My words that have shaped you a people. Once you were no people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. Your fathers (ancestors) spoke the languages of the pagans, they were devout pagans and animists worshipping and appeasing gods and goddesses. Their philosophical thoughts, myths, legends and gods were coming from the Asian world, ancient Babylon, Egypt and the East.

It is from Abraham that I began to form a people of My own with faith in one God; and I made a covenant with them that they would be peculiarly My own people by observing My commandments and decrees. As long as they believed in Me and followed My words they were happy, content and prosperous. I wanted them to be models for other nations that followed various gods and goddesses. I had told them strictly not to follow the abominable practices of the other nations like worshipping the sun, moon, the stars and the nature, going to occult and witchcrafts, doing sacrifices to appease gods, consulting ghosts, spirits and mediums, seeking oracles from the dead and following fortune tellers, soothsayers, charmers, diviners and caster of spells. Also I had warned them not to forget Me and not to go away from Me in their affluence and material prosperity.

In the fullness of time I extended the covenant and friendship to the whole humanity through My Son Jesus Christ who is the only Way to My heavenly mansion. Through Him a priestly and holy people as My chosen ones was formed. They grew in number and might through the power of My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that I sent on them; and it was My will that they should be one as I and My Son are one. They were constantly attracted by Me to live in faith, clinging themselves to Me and My Son. This was the origin of all Christian countries and continents all over the world. All of them have a root in Me and My words preached to them. For example, there was no Europe before the Word of God was preached and the Lordship and authority of My Son were accepted by the people of the western peninsula that was steeped in spiritism and paganism. Thus the Americans and Canadians, Australians and Africans along with the Asians were rooted and consolidated by their faith in Me and My Son and by the following of the Word of God. It was their inseparable love for Me and My Son through the Holy Spirit by their observance of My commandments that kept them united and strong.

But the present situation is deplorable and grieves My heart! Many who believed in Me and My Son have gone away through their unbelief and apostasy.Many of My own children who had received life and salvation have given themselves to Satanism, spiritism and animism and even to the extent of making creatures their gods and masters! Thus they are devoid of My power and grace, and they are divided and scattered, and they are being perished day by day. They are breaking the rules and principles of morality and disciplines of life, and are living under idolatry, immorality, drugs, alcoholism and all kinds of licentiousness and perversions. Now they have become a shame before the whole world.
I warn you, My people, that your countries and continents may become fully pagan unless you continue in your faith in Me, your Father, from whom all the things are and for whom you exist, and in Jesus My Son, your Lord and Saviour, through whom you continue to exist. Now at least, renounce Satan and all his ways, come away from creatures who call themselves gods and goddesses, and affirm your faith in Me and My Son. Renounce and come away from all that is connected with the “New Age”, which are the tactics of the enemy, the Satan, to destroy you, your culture and your nation. Behold, Christ My Son, is the only one who can heal you and renew you through His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and it is He who makes everything new. Renounce and come away from all false theories, teachings and ideologies that are contrary to the revealed truths which come from the Bible, the written Word of God which is unchangeable and everlasting, and decide to accept and to obey the words and commandments of God.

If you are prepared to change your ways you shall be saved; otherwise you and your families, your nation and continent shall perish and go to the hands of your enemy. Decide today to stop to serve the gods and spirits your fathers and ancestors served; and to live for Jesus, your Lord and Saviour and to serve Him alone. If you are docile and humble, I will take away your stubborn hearts and give you new hearts where I shall put My Spirit to make you capable to keep and observe My words and commandments; and thus you shall again be My people and I shall be your God”

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MESSAGE IX– 25th. July 2006 – Feast of St. James Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord and Saviour of all, “I hear a lot of people, even My own followers trying to tarnish My name by saying that I was married and had children, and that I was only a man and not a God. I know that some are trying to destroy My name through their teachings in literatures, films, videos, and other medias. There will be apostasies and blasphemies and many will be deceived and will be led to sin because of the increase of evil doing. I plead before My heavenly Father for those through whom lies and deceitful teachings are spread. They are re-crucifying Me again and I pray, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do”

When I walked around in Galilee and Judea with My disciples along with women who were liberated from evil spirits and sickness, no one accused Me of sin. When they said that I was calling God, My Father, and that I was casting out demons by the power of Satan, I even challenged them and asked, “Can any of you charge Me with sin?” I spoke and performed everything in public in the synagogues and public areas and I did not speak or do anything in secret. The only time I spent in secret was the time I spent in prayer with My heavenly Father. I lived in history as recorded in the Gospel and handed over to you, and now I live trans-historically with you and amidst you; and those who have the eyes of faith can see Me and experience My presence, and I save them through the power of the blood that I shed on Calvary.

When they gave Me crucifixion, the punishment of a criminal, they thought the world would forget Me forever because the crucified one was considered to be a curse, to be forgotten forever. But those who believe in Me found life through My crucifixion and they were freed from their curses and bondages. Thus My crucifixion became a blessing and salvation to many. When I rose again from the dead, they spread the lie that My body was stolen and hidden by My disciples, but no lie could defeat My victory over death, and I am the Lord and Messiah for those who believe in Me and follow Me. And those who do not believe in Me and have apostatized after believing are in condemnation because they have not believed in the name of the only Son of God. I consecrated Myself so that you may be consecrated through Me, and it is through My selfless offering on the cross I have consecrated you.

After My death and resurrection many believed in Me and became God’s children and many did not believe in Me. But even those who did not believe in Me could not accuse Me of sin or speak against My consecrated life. None of the Jewish literature of My time have accused Me of sin. Even Islam, born out of anger to Christianity in the Arab world, could not speak against My sanctity. I loved all, men and women, but My love was a self-giving love – agape- and not an erotic love. It is sad that mankind today understand only an erotic love based purely on flesh and not the spiritual love which comes through the Holy Spirit, and that is the reason that some are accusing Me of carnal love. Before My message of salvation through one God reached mankind, man worshipped Babylonian, Roman, Greek and Asian pagan gods, who were all married and had children. Now many are losing faith in Me and My words and are going back to the paganism and pagan gods and thus they depict Me like a pagan god.

There is no other name than My name under the heavens given to human race for salvation, and all those who call upon Me shall be saved. God, My Father, with whom I am one, exalted Me and bestowed on Me the name Jesus that is above every name before which every knee on earth and under the earth should bend and every tongue confess that I, Jesus is Lord to the glory of the Father. I am holy as My Father is holy, and I want that all those who follow Me to be holy in every aspect of their conduct.

Dearly beloved people, beware of the lies, calumnies, blasphemies, etc. spread by My enemy through those who are on his side, he is a sinner and deceiver from the beginning. Resist him steadfast by reaffirming your faith and love in Me. Behold I am above every lies and calumnies and nobody can put down My name, I am Jesus who saves you”

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MESSAGE VIII – 4th. June 2006 – Pentecost 2006
  Song. Double click on the speaker

Thus says Jesus the Lord, “On this Pentecost also I send a portion of My Spirit to you so that you may experience My living presence in you with peace and joy. I am pouring down the grace and power of My Spirit on you to be My authentic Christian witnesses.

Today the majority of My followers are living an insipid and tepid life having gone away from all what I have taught. Beware of the spirit that compromises you with sin, darkness and the world. As the Father anointed Me with the Holy Spirit to do good and heal all those who are oppressed by the devil; you, My followers, should shine before others by your good lives and good deeds with the anointing of The Holy Spirit. Put on the fruits of the Spirit and become like Me, and with His anointing of charisms do good works specially of fighting against sin and Satan.

You should know that the devil is against the Holy Spirit which you have received. The devil will try to enter into you with his companions to steal all the fruits of the Holy Spirit, to darken your soul and ultimately to destroy your lives. When your life is Spirit filled, the enemy, the Satan, will not sit quiet; he will go around like a lion to tempt you with all his cunning plans and tactics.Prayer, the sacraments and life in the Church are weapons for you to fight against the evil spirits.

Dearly beloved Christians, on this Pentecost through the renewal of the Spirit in you, you are receiving back all the glory and grace lost by your past sins. I want you to know your identity and the power within you. You are my chosen ones, you are close to My Heart and always I behold you before My Father in heaven so that no harm may befall you. I walk with you always so that you may live like Me and by your faith in Me you may do the same works which I did. The Holy Spirit is dwelling in you to continue the works which I have done in the world. You have the power to tread upon the asps and vipers, serpents and scorpions and you have the charism to cast out demons and to lay your hands on the sick to heal them. Live a courageous and powerful life as My witnesses.

Do not follow the majority who does not follow My commandments and counsels and live as anti-witnesses. I am ashamed of them and I will deny them before My Father because they did not acknowledge Me before others by their lives and deeds. My dearly beloved disciples, you may find yourselves to be only a minority and a few, but you shall conquer the world and inherit the kingdom which I have prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Following My ways as disciples is a challenging life, it is a walk through the narrow ways with pebbles and thorns, but when you cling to Me and call upon Me, you shall find Me with you always, I will deliver you from all your distress, all your yokes will turn easy and your burdens light. Do not grieve or quench the Holy Spirit in you and never you shall lose the Holy Spirit because He is the most precious and gracious gift that I have given to you and it is by Him that you are sealed for the day of redemption. Be My witnesses.

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MESSAGE VII– 20th. May 2006 – Message for Mothers and Fathers Song


Thus says the Lord, “Heaven rejoices seeing your children and grandchildren with your near and dear ones wishing you “a happy mother’s day” or “a happy father’s day”. The saints and angels rejoice with you and they intercede for you to have the richest blessings of God on you to be good mothers and fathers. Looking into your hearts, I do notice your sorrows and pains for your children, who are in sin and darkness, in brokenness and wretchedness. I know your tears and prayers for their conversions and new lives. Also I see the struggles and strains of those parents who have no money and wealth to meet both ends of your family needs. Your prayers and penance will never go vain or unanswered because I am the Father of all, I love you and care you and your children.

By choosing you to be a mother or a father, I am calling you to be co-creators with Me in creating human beings. I have given you the gift of sexuality to procreate children, so that human race may grow in number and kind. It is I who joined you together to be couples, to be a father and a mother. In your married life, I take your sexuality and breath My life into it, and thus your children are born. Your children are my gifts through your love and sexuality. I do not allow the abuse and misuse of the gift of sexuality. It is a sacred and sublime gift to be used with respect, responsibility and dignity proper to human beings. You are co-creators with Me to create human beings in My image and likeness. You have a double duty with regard to your children, first to bring them up in My image and likeness, which means My love and holiness; and secondly to make them grow in your image and likeness taking care of their rights and dignity as human beings. You are called to be a mother or a father, not only to procreate children, but to love them and to take care of them in their lives. You should not neglect your duties towards your children.

Dear mothers and fathers, you must know that your children look upon you as models and examples. Your children are moulded and shaped according to your qualities on your laps and by your hands. Hence your main duty is to be an exemplary mother or a father in your relationship to God and to one another. Your children should see your mutual love, commitments and faithfulness in your married lives. All divisions, separations and divorces in married life are against My will and plan and they wound the tender hearts of your children.I am grieved to see the many separations and divorces in married life, and consequently many wounded, broken and rejected children all over the world. Beloved mothers and fathers, I appeal to you to reconcile with your life partner in married life and to live in love and unity. I wish that you rediscover the values of your family lives.

The values and principles of lives received from the father are quite different from those received from the mother. The healthy growth of the children needs love and support of both: the father and mother. You should not provoke your children to anger and to negative feelings so that they may be wounded and discouraged in their lives; but you must bring them up with love and concern, at the same time with the training and instruction of the Lord. If you love your children, you must discipline them also, by showing the right way of life through advices, admonitions and corrections, and sometimes with warnings and punishments. When you do them with love, your children will love and respect you more.

Dear parents, you should show your children example of love of God expressed in prayers, sacraments and love for your religion. It is at your feet that they learn all initial lessons of faith and morality. A colt untamed turns out stubborn; a son left to himself grows up unruly. Do not pamper your children too much so that they may become terrors in future, do not indulge them much that they may bring grief to you by their misbehaviours.

You. mothers and fathers, give to your children the best gift you yourselves received from Me, it is salvation in Jesus Christ My Son through the Holy Spirit. You must teach them to seek the Kingdom of God first, then I will provide them with all they want by pouring down my abundant blessings. I know that some of you do not believe in Me and live in sin. Amend your ways and atone your sins by prayer, penance and charity so that the curses of your sins may not fall on your children and the following generations; otherwise your children and their children will hold you responsible for their misfortune and sufferings. You should not allow your children to carry the burden of your sins and misdeeds or allow your home to be under the bondage of Satan. Change your ways and I will bless you and your children.

Again I say to you that I do know your pains and struggles for your children and their family. Do not think that you are alone I am always with you through My abiding presence. Everyday surrender your children and their problems to Me in prayer with faith and courage, and thus make your burden easy and light. Dear mothers and fathers, I am always with you with My love, concern and grace.

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(Novena to the Holy Spirit)

Ever loving God decided to give a portion of His Spirit to mankind so that they would be His children and heirs forming themselves to be special people of His own.

"Then afterward I will pour out my spirit upon all mankind. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; even upon the servants and handmaids, in those days, I will pour out my spirit. And I will work wonders in the heavens and on the earth, ..."(Joel 3: 1-3a; Acts 2: 17-19a).

"For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you receive a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, 'Abba, Father'. The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, ..." (Rom 8: 14- 17a).

"But you are, 'a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own, so that you may announce the praises' of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were 'no people', but now you are God's people; you 'had not received mercy' but now you have received mercy" (I Pet 2: 9-10)

It is fulfilled when Jesus sent His Spirit on the apostles first, then on the Church in Jerusalem, Samaria, and Ephesus; and to all individuals, peoples and nations.

"And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, 'receive the Holy Spirit' " (Jn 20: 22)

"When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were. Then there appear to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim" (Acts 2: 1-4).

Peter and Paul came to Samaria to pray over the believers for the gift of the Holy Spirit. "Then they laid hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit" (Acts 8: 17).

When Paul arrived in Ephesus, he found the believers not even knowing the Holy Spirit; he instructed them about the Holy Spirit. "And when Paul laid his hands on them, the holy Spirit came upon them and they spoke in tongues and prophesy" (Acts 19: 6).

At the conversion of Saul, Ananias entering his house laid his hands on him and prayed "Saul my brother, the Lord has sent me, Jesus who appeared to you on the way by which you came, that you may regain your sight and be filled with the holy Spirit" (Acts 9: 17).

"While Peter was still speaking these things, the holy Spirit fell upon all who were listening to the word" (Acts 10: 44).

Today, also individuals, families, societies and nations need to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is the life breath in every Christian to live a holy, truthful and authentic life according to God's will by keeping His statutes and commandments. The Holy Spirit imprints in the heart of a believer a nature to love God in keeping His commandments.

"I will give them a new heart and put a new spirit within them; I will remove the stony hearts from their bodies, and replace with a natural heart, so that they will live according to my statutes, and observe and carry out my ordinances; thus they shall be my people and I will be their God" (Ez 11: 19-20). "I will put my laws in their minds, and I will write them upon their hearts" (Heb 8: 10).

Every Christian receives the gift of the Holy Spirit in his/her life by baptism in the Church, the body of Christ. Now, those who are baptised should ask themselves the following questions to find out if they are in the Spirit or not.

a) Have you lost the presence and experience of God by loosing the Spirit by grave sins? (Psalm 51: 13)

b) Have you grieved the Holy Spirit by your unloving behaviour? (Eph 4: 30)

c) Have you quenched the Holy Spirit by not praying, not receiving the sacraments in the Church? (I Thess 5: 19)

d) Have you opposed the Holy Spirit by not yielding to His actions and functions coming through the Word of God because of your arrogant, self-righteous and proud attitude? (Acts 7: 51).

e) Do you lie to the Holy Spirit by a deceitful life? (Acts 5: 3, 9).

f) Are you led by the desires of the flesh and the world or by the Holy Spirit? (Gal 5: 16-17).

g) Are you concerned about the things of the flesh or concerned about the things of the Spirit? (Rom 8: 5-6).

h) Have you started your life in the Spirit and now ended up in the flesh? (Gal 3: 3).

If you have lost the Spirit, quenched the Spirit, opposed the Spirit, lied to the Spirit and now living in sin according to the flesh and the world, this is the time to come to the Lord Jesus (Church) with a good confession. Jesus will forgive your sins and receive you with love in His arms and fill you again with His Spirit.

"Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the Kingdom without being born of water and Spirit. What is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the spirit is spirit" (Jn 3: 5-6).

"For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of food and drink, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Rom 14: 17).

"I will not reject anyone who comes to me" (Jn 6: 37).

"Let anyone who thirst, come to me and drink" (Jn 7: 37).

"I will ask the Father and he will give you the Spirit, the Spirit of truth, to be with you always" (Jn 14: 16-17).

"In a few days, you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit" (Acts 1: 5). "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1: 8).

(On these days of Novena or triduum, you may spend more time in prayer thirsting and asking for the Holy Spirit and reading text on the Holy Spirit from the holy Bible. If possible try to read books on the Holy Spirit and to come to know more about the Holy Spirit. Before making a good confession, try to reconcile with all and restore the broken relationships. On these days make an effort to go daily for the holy Mass and receive Holy Communion. Fasting and mortification will make your prayer doubly effective and meritorious. If possible give a part of your money or income for the poor or for works of evangelisation..).

Pray the following prayer to the Holy Spirit everyday


God, Holy Spirit,

third person of the Holy Trinity,

love of the Father and the Son,

living water that fills every heart

with love peace and joy,

power that comes to empower everyone

to be strong and powerful,

I give myself completely to you

that you may come and enter into me

and take completely possession of my life,

give me power and grace to live

an authentic Christian life

according to the Holy will of God.

I consecrate to you now and forever,

my heart, my intellect and my will,

my thoughts and my desires,

my plans and my ways,

my words and deeds with

my entire soul and body and

ask You to lead my life with Your

virtues, gifts and charisms.

I open my heart completely to you

that you may freely enter into me

and find abode in me.

(Pause a while and silently pray for few minutes, experiencing the infilling of the Holy Spirit and begin to praise and thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. You must feel that the Spirit has already possessed your life)...

I thank you, Holy Spirit,

for having come to me as a person

to guide me and to lead me,

as a power and grace to

strengthen me always.

Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit!!

Read Psalm 91 or sing a song of thanksgiving.

It is advisable to spend at least one day in prayer and recollection with fasting to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. On this day or on any other day of the Novena, go to a priest who believes in the power and action of the Holy Spirit and ask him to lay his anointed hands on your head and to pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you can do it after your confession. Or you may ask some Spirit filled people in a charismatic prayer group to lay hands on you and to pray for the Holy Spirit. I wish you all a very happy Pentecost filled with power and grace.

Fr. James Manjackal


A life without the Holy Spirit:

Is empty and void in despair and sadness

Is vexed and tossed by temptations and enticements

Is weak and desperate in the flesh with sinful attachments

Is broken and wounded with anger and unforgiveness

Is in bondages of passing lust and passions

Is in darkness and blindness not knowing the right way

Is in perversity, licentiousness and immorality

Is a life crushed with pains and sickness

Is a life where God is a Distant Being

Is a life where Christ is only a historical past

Is a life where the Gospel and God's words are veiled

Is a life where laws and commandments are meaningless and coarse

Is a life where the Church is a mere secular institution

Is a life where prayer and liturgy are dead

Is a life where virtues and holiness is foolishness

Is a life where duties and responsibilities are burdensome

Is a life where ministries and missions are mere professions

Whereas a life with the Holy Spirit:

Is meaningful and worth living

Is challenging and vibrant

Is a life with Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us

Is a life in the Kingdom of God

Is a life where one is led in the Way, the Truth and Life

Is a life of peace, joy and consolation

Is a life of power and grace

Is a life of holiness according to God's will

Is a life of authenticity and truthfulness

Is a life in the Church the mother who cares

Is a life where authority and commandments become easy

Is a life where burdens become light and yokes easy

Is a life where prayer and sacraments become part and parcel of life

Is a life where one hears God's voice in the Holy Scriptures

Is a life where one finds answer to all his problems

Is a life where one finds the healing touch of the Divine Master

Is a life where one's soul burns with love for God and others

Is a life witnessing Jesus Christ always and everywhere

Is a life that brings the thirsty neighbours to the Living Water

Is a life burning out for Jesus and His Kingdom

Is a life that finds a seat in the eternal banquet. AMEN

(Author : Fr. James Manjackal)

MESSAGE V I– 16th. April 2006 – EASTERSong


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “Dearly beloved believers, I call you My friends, I know that you rejoice in My resurrection from the dead. As My sufferings and death led Me to resurrection to new life, all your present crisis, trials, temptations, sufferings and problems will lead you to a resurrection in new life if you accept them all, as I have accepted them with complete submission to My Father’s will.

When you put your faith in Me in your baptism, you were already dead to your sinful past and were united with Me in My resurrection. Along with Me, I want you to experience the joy of resurrection and new life. As I rose again by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that dwells in you will raise you up to new life. Continue living this new life by thinking of things that are above and seeking things that are above.

When you are united with Me in My risen body you are blameless and holy, you are immortal and incorruptible; sin and Satan will have no power over you. In order that you may continue in the newness of life, you must always be united with Me through My Spirit poured out in prayer and fellowship in My Church, and by the reception of My body and blood in the Eucharist. If you love the world and the things of the world, the love of My Father will not abide in you. Be careful not to fall into sin by the temptations of the world, flesh and Satan. You must know that flesh and blood can not inherit My Kingdom. All what you see in the world is transitory and will past away, but if you live in Me, your life will be immortal, sweet, precious and eternal.

As I radiated light and salvation on others through My risen body, you too should shine and radiate your light on others. If you draw constantly power from My Risen body, you shall be powerful in your life and in all what you do, and can overcome the world and be victorious over Satan. Dearly beloved friends, you are gifts to Me by My Father in heaven because you are drawn towards Me by Him and you will be seated along with Me in the heavenly banquet. Rejoice with Me always, sing praises and blessings to God always because salvation has come upon you from the heavenly throne. Halleluja!”

Mt 5: 14-16 
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Rev 7: 9-17

MESSAGE V – 13th. April 2006 – Holy Thursday Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My dear friends, if you were in Jerusalem while I ate the Last Supper with my disciples, you would have surely come to participate in it, knowing that I was giving them the same body and blood broken and poured out on Calvary for your salvation by saying, “This is my body and this is my blood”. You should know that the same sacrifice is made present to you today at every Mass when the celebrant of the Mass uses my own words, “This is my body and this is my blood”. At every Mass it is I, who celebrate the combined events of the Last Supper and the sacrifice of Calvary, in order that you may be privileged to reap the fruits of My self-giving sacrifice.

I am Emmanuel, God with you. Always I want to abide in you with My Father in the Holy Spirit, and thus to give you salvation. When you eat My body and drink My blood, you really abide in Me and I in you. It is not like the sacrifices of the other religions and nations, where people offer the fruits of their labour to God to obtain blessings; whereas in the Mass, it is I who offer myself to you, and give my entire self, body and blood, soul and divinity to you, so that you may not be under condemnation or punishment of sins, but you may obtain salvation and life. You know very well that I carried all your sins and iniquities, infirmities and diseases on My body on the cross, and died for you even to the extent of shedding the last drop of My blood. At every Mass, you can obtain forgiveness of your sins, healings of soul and body and liberation from Satan and powers of darkness.
When I explained the meaning of the Eucharist to the Jews, thousands of them who followed Me seeing signs and wonders that I performed, could not believe My words and stopped following Me. Only My disciples affirmed their faith in My words and said, “You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the holy One of God”. If you believe in Me, you should believe my words too. In the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass, you have My real presence because I am present there in Body and Blood with My soul and divinity, and by participating in it you become partakers of My divine nature.

All sacrificial offerings given to God are holy, and those who handle them become holy. Hence all who handle My Body and Blood and take part in them become sacred unto Me. When you offer yourselves along with Me in the holy Mass, you are being consecrated to God, My Father, through My body and blood. Therefore, come to the banquet of My body and blood in the Eucharist with a clean heart, only those who are with a clean heart can experience My real presence. Let not your communion be an unholy communion bringing judgement and condemnation on yourselves, but let your communion be holy bringing salvation and life. My dear priests, the ministers of the Holy Eucharist, handle with a holy heart and holy hands My Body and Blood and give them to my believers.

This is My desire that all my believers who are divided among themselves forgive each other, and love one another and become one body through My body and blood in the Eucharist. I gather together all those who are sanctified through My Body and Blood into one body and offer them up to My heavenly Father. It is at the Eucharistic table I want all My followers to gather together as one Church. As the disciples on their way to Emmaus met Me and recognized Me as alive, in every Mass, at the breaking of the bread and shedding of the blood, you shall experience My living presence. Behold I am with you until the end of the world”

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MESSAGE IV – 2nd. April 2006 – Passion and Holy WeekSong


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My dear people, when I said ‘Yes’ to My Father for incarnation, passion and crucifixion, all my intention was to save you from your sins and to set you apart as my own people always eager to do good. I saw the power of the enemy, the Satan, enslaving you to sin and taking you away from the Kingdom prepared by My Father for you from all eternity. I took all your sins and the consequences of your sins like the punishments, curses and bondages, on my body on the cross, so that by believing in Me and accepting Me as your Lord and Saviour, you may be no longer on the side of Satan by sin, but be with Me on the right side of My Father in heaven.

You should know that I came to this world to seek after the sinners and those who are lost. I have not come for those who think themselves righteous and have no need of repentance. I am helpless before those who make themselves good and religious before man by their hypocrisy of minds and not living according to the truth. If only you open your hearts to Me and acknowledge your sins, I can forgive all your sins and wash you from all your uncleanness and guilt, and give you a new heart and new life. My Father and I wait for your conversion and coming back to life. When you returned I will not scold you or punish you, on the contrary I will accept you with more love and concern.

Now you are in the Passion and Holy Week thinking of my sufferings and passion which I took upon myself for your salvation. You should know that the will of My Father in heaven is that you be holy. Although the Pharisees and Scribes of the Jews accused me of many things out of their ignorance of my identity and origin, they could not accuse me of sin. It is by my innocent and spotless blood which I shed on the cross that I saved you. I want you to know your identity as a Christian my follower, and live it always. You are my own people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, to announce the praises of Him who called you from darkness into the wonderful light.

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters do not think that it is impossible to live a holy life. You should know that there is nothing impossible with me. When you abide in me and My Father through our Spirit, Holy Spirit, you shall have power to resist all powers of Satan and sin, and thus to live a righteous life. It is through prayers and through the reception of My body and blood in the Holy Eucharist that you abide in me. When you abide in Me with love which comes through My Spirit, nothing in the world can take you away from My Father and me. When you abide in Me, the Living Water, the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier flowing from my heart will flow into your hearts making you capable of living a holy life. Then you can constantly walk without fault if you listen to my words and keep them in your hearts, because my word is a lamp for your feet and a light for your ways. I am your living God who always speaks to you through My Spirit.

My dear people, I call you friends, I want you to be with me with My Father in heaven. If you follow me through my words I shall be always with you through My Spirit to help you to lead a holy life and I will never abandon you. Once again, I earnestly appeal to you to live a holy life according to My Father’s will”.

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MESSAGE III - 25th. of March 2006 – Message for Lent Song


Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, I sent My Son Jesus into the world to deliver you from the power of darkness and to transfer you to His kingdom by His vicarious death on the Cross. When you are under the power of darkness and sin, you are no more My children. I am light and in Me there is no darkness. Jesus, My Son, is the Light of the world. If you want fellowship and friendship with Me and My beloved Son you must walk in the light and be lights of the world.

Jesus, My Son, shines in the world to expel all forms of darkness. If only you believe in Him and accept Him as your personal Saviour and Lord, you will be set free from the power of darkness. Idolatry, sorcery, orgies, drunkenness, immorality, promiscuity, licentiousness, impurity, obscenity of all kinds, rivalry, jealousy, murder, etc are the deeds of darkness and flesh. You must put away anger, fury, malice, slander and calumnies; and cut away from your heart all that are against My will. You must crucify your old self with all its passions and lust in order that My Son and I may come and find our home in you.

When you received baptism in your Christian lives, your old self was already crucified with My Son, so that you would not be slaves of sin and darkness. The lighted candle that was given to you was a symbol that you should be the light of the world and that by your lives you should expel darkness from the world. But you did not persevere in the grace that you received in baptism and, enslaved yourselves to the elemental powers of this world and to the powers of the air, and thus you lived in darkness of your sins and transgressions. Although you began a life in the Spirit you ended up your lives in the flesh forfeiting the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Now it is the time of grace, the heaven is open by the prayers of the saints in heaven and on earth, approach the throne of grace with absolute trust in the Lord having washed your conscience and heart in the pure water and blood that flows out of the Heart of My Son.

In the heavenly Jerusalem, to which you are destined after your temporary and transitory lives on earth, you will be in the presence of the Lamp that lightens everyone which is the LAMB, My Son, that was slain on the Cross to cleanse and set apart a people as His own, eager to do what is good. The white cloth that was given to you at your baptism was a sign that you should live holy and blameless lives on earth. All those who are around the Lamb are wearing white and shining robes because while they were on earth they had washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb which was available through the sacraments in the Church. Nothing unclean or unholy can enter My kingdom. May your spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless and holy until you reach the presence of the Risen Lord, the shining Lamb in heaven”

Mt 5: 14
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MESSAGE I I– 1st. of March 2006 – Ash WednesdaySong


Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, again a time has come for you to reflect of My great love shown towards you, and for you to come back to My love. If I allowed My only Son to break His heart for you and to die for you,you too, must be prepared to break your hearts out of love for Him and be ready even to die for Him who died for you.

I am saddened in My heart that some of you have apostatized your faith in Jesus, your only Saviour, and abandoned the Church, which is His body, from where LIFE-GIVING WATER flows through the sacraments; and living like pagans and agnostics. It is pitiable and abominable, that some of you are in Satanism in organizations of Satan like free-masonry, and in sects and groups that do not acknowledge or accept Jesus as God, and in esoteric and new-age’s groups which go purely after created things and their energies and powers. By these you are falling under the power of the ruler of the air, who is Satan, which brings death to you by your sins and transgressions, and thus you are enslaved to the elemental powers of the world which are ruled by Satan. In your presumption and arrogant boasting, you may say, “we are rich and affluent, I have no need of anything”, you do not know that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked having giving yourselves over to the powers of darkness, which destroy your lives with all forms of lies and deceits. I reprove and abhor your wrong doings and ask you to come back to Me, to My Son, who is ready to forgive you and to give you a new life. I advice you to buy from Me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments to put on, so that your shameful nakedness may not be exposed, and buy ointment to smear on your eyes so that you may see, and open your hearts to My Spirit that you may no longer be under the power of your enemy, the Satan, and his power, but be under My grace. When you are led by My Spirit you are My children and heirs with Christ, My Son.

My children, none of you are concealed from Me, and all what you do is naked and exposed to My eyes, and you must know that you should render an account of all what you do. Some of you, although Christians, are living a double life with masks and pretensions, with compromises with the world and worldly values, with sin and Satan, denying the truth and authentic life which comes through the bath of re-birth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, which is richly poured out through Jesus Christ, your Saviour. You begin the season of Lent by spreading ashes on your heads, but I wish that the ash falls in your heart and conscience, washing you and cleansing you from all your evil and wickedness. In repentance you have to break your hearts before the broken heart of Jesus on the cross, and cut and remove all that do not belong to Me and are against My will and decide for a new life, then you shall find the innumerable blessings that fall on everyone who observes the Lent. Great and wonderful are the blessings in My store-house of blessings merited through the passion, death and resurrection of My Son, your Saviour and Lord. I will pour them out on all who call upon His name having found salvation by believing in Him and acknowledging Him as the Lord of their lives. But all who call upon Him should avoid sin and live a life according to My will. I will acknowledge and love all who acknowledge My Son before others. I and My Son will come and dwell in the hearts of everyone who keeps My commandments and words and thus they shall be the living temples of God with honour and glory.

I do not desire the death of the sinner, I desire that they change their lives and find life. If the wicked man turns away from all the sins he committed, if he keeps all my statutes and does what is right and just, he shall surely live, he shall not die. None of the crimes he committed shall be remembered against him; he shall live because of the virtues he has practiced. This is My will that everyone be saved through the knowledge of the Way, the Truth and the Life, that is Christ, My Son, through whom only you can come to Me.

I know that no human being can redeem himself or pay to Me a ransom because every sin is an infinite offence against Me. This the reason, out of My love for you all, I allowed My Son to die on the cross and to shed all His blood for you to ransom you from your futile and wicked conduct. There is no other mediator between Me and human race than Jesus Christ, My only Son, who gave Himself as ransom for all. I am looking from heaven to see how many are wise and eager to seek, to find, to meet and to experience the Saviour of the world Jesus Christ. I am your Father, who shaped you in your mother’s womb and breathed life into you, I am waiting for your return, and when you return I will receive you with greater love than before and I will put My Spirit in you, so that you will never depart from Me. Behold I am a loving and caring God”

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MESSAGE I – 31st. of January 2006 – Feast of Don Bosco Song


Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, I sent My Son into the world to reconcile everyone to Me and to reconcile among yourselves through the broken Heart of Jesus, My Son on the Cross, and to become one body through My Spirit. I am grieved in My heart to see that the followers of My Son, who call themselves Christians, not breaking up the walls of division and disunity made by their ancestors. As long as you are divided you are weak and you do not witness Me who is love. It is in living together in love and unity that you become real followers of Me and My Son who prayed in Gethsemane with the sweat of His blood that “they may be one as we are one”. It is My love that urged Me to send My Son into the world, and only when you live in love as one, the world will come to know that I sent My Son for the salvation of the world.

Because of your disunity and un-love, not only the pagans are not converted and saved, but many who found faith and salvation are going away from the life they have found. In order that Europe and other Christian countries may rediscover the Christian roots along with moral values and spiritual heritage, you must find unity among yourselves. I want the shepherds and leaders of the Christian Churches to work hard for unity of all those who believe in Christ, My Son. If you open your hearts to My Spirit who is love, you shall receive the grace to forgive the past and to be healed of the past wounds and memories and to go ahead with new mission and vision.
The enemy, the devil, is prowling around more vigorously and powerfully than ever before sifting individuals and families, churches and societies, to make a chaos out of the world; you, My children, may resist him and his works  through My love which is the Holy Spirit experienced in your life of love and unity, surmounting all reasons of divisions. UNITED YOU STAND, DIVIDED YOU FALL. If you remain as one church founded on the rock of love, the powers of Satan and darkness shall not prevail. This is My will that all be saved; and you shall not be stumbling blocks for others to come to My salvation. My love, the Holy Spirit, that flows from the heart of My Son enters into the hearts of any sincere believer to rise above any division and conflict, and to come to a unified body.

You, My children, say that Jesus, your Lord, is risen from the death, but as long as you are divided in His body, the Church, you are re-crucifying Him and wounding Him. May your love for Him urge you to come together as one in order to be triumphant over the enemy who divides, destroys and kills. You leaders of the churches, surrender all your worldly desires for money, wealth and power which come from the evil one and follow the path of simplicity, humility and love which My Son Jesus whom you call Lord and Master has shown to you.

If you listen to My plea, you shall be a power in the world, indeed a power and a blessing to reunify and reconstruct the world which is moving towards a moral degradation and human disintegrity through many wars and enmities, terrorism and destruction; otherwise you yourselves shall be doomed to perdition loosing your own salvation and the salvation of others. Your works of evangelization among the non-Christians and the works of re-evangelization among the lost sheep will be effective and fruitful if only you remain as one through your love and unity.

I am waiting for the day when you will become one and sanctified through My Spirit and through you the whole world be reconciled with Me. Dear Christians, my dearly beloved children, stand united for one purpose, to evangelize the whole world bringing salvation to all through the preaching of the Word of God and the rebirth through the Holy Spirit. Behold I am with you always through My love.

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