MESSAGE I – 1st. January 2008 – New YearSong


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, I am your Creator and Lord, I created the whole universe, the earth and all that is therein for you and for your welfare. I created you in my image and likeness and breathed my life into you and thus you came in to existence. I fixed times, the days and the years. I decide when one should be born on this earth and when he should depart from there. Now, I give you a new year to live on this earth a life of joy and happiness, a life which is Spirit filled and grace filled with my many blessings. Hence with thanksgiving and praises to God in your heart begin to live this year.

Perhaps, many who prepared themselves with various plans and ambitions to live long did not see this year. I want you to acknowledge the great gift of life which I have given you. You are alive because I am alive, and I breathe continuously my life in to you. By your worthy and upright life you must show gratitude to me, adore me and love me. I am the source of all blessings and do not abandon me.

You must carefully assess and evaluate the success and failures, joys and sorrows, positives and negatives,  which you had in the past, and make plans, decisions, policies and strategies with more wisdom, prudence and courage. You must be humble enough to admit your mistakes and shortcomings and be ready to correct yourselves. Self righteousness, pride and arrogance can again lead you to failures. Perhaps, you failed in many of your enterprises because you did not call upon me or my power, but you relied upon yourselves and your abilities. Or perhaps, you were too avaricious about achievements and success and you neglected your duties to God and your neighbour. Or in your over enthusiasm to achieve your worldly goals, you have forgotten the real goal of your life which is your salvation. Or you did not do things according to my will but you did things in wickedness, corruption or injustice. My children, consider your ways, remove all that is contrary to my will and decide to live in the ways shown by my son Jesus, your Saviour. You must know that HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, and with Him and through Him you will succeed in all what you do.

This year also you will have to face trials and sufferings. There will be many challenges before you. You may experience that you are abandoned and rejected by your own dear and near ones. Perhaps friends in whom you trusted in the past may become your enemies and opponents. Because you decide to live a morally good life, you may be persecuted and ridiculed by those who live a bad life. But remember that I will be with you giving you grace, power and courage, but you must trust in me, keep constant contact with me through prayers and keep my commandments as proof of your love towards me.

Terrorism and wars will continue to harass and destroy lives on earth. Calamities and catastrophes will be fall on many parts of the world. Once again, my children, I urge you to take care and protect the planet, the earth that I have created for you and your welfare. Take seriously the global warnings and avoid all that pollute the earth and environments. This year a major natural catastrophe in an affluent country will bring about the conversion of many. I permit natural calamities in order that those who live in wickedness may change their lives.
The Church, the body of Christ, will be persecuted in many parts of the world. Many Christians will be persecuted for my name’s sake, in several places freedom to preach truth, justice and moral principles of life will be denied. The enemies of Christ will try to eradicate His name through which only the world can be saved. The exhortations of the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on earth will be accepted and responded by several world leaders, especially his teachings on love, harmony, respect for life, honour for sexuality and marriage. Through his efforts there will be more peace and harmony between the major monotheistic religions.

But the devil, the enemy, will be active and powerful trying to establish his kingdom, a permissive society that accepts all perversions and licentiousness like abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, divorce, etc. Communism and atheism will reappear again in the form of modernism, secularism, relativism and hedonism, with all utopian promises. Believers all over the world should pray specially for the Pope, who is the chosen and unique leader to fight for a new age, a new earth and a new heaven based on human and moral principles of life according to the Word of God. He will have many physical and spiritual sufferings for the good of the church and humanity; hence you must support him, my children, with your love and prayers. You must be prepared to fight the assaults and tactics of Satan that come through those who advocate and encourage all forms of murder, immoralities, injustice and corruption.

I watch over you from heaven to see if you are seeking me and walking in my ways. I will shower many blessings on those who believe in me and call upon me because I love you. Entrust your plans and ways to me then you will see success in your lives. Every day live a holy and righteous life with love of God and love of neighbour in your heart. Be alert and watchful always, be blameless and perfectly holy before me, for you do not know when you have to say farewell to this world. My children, I warn you not to follow the majority who live in sin, not to follow the false teachings of others, on the contrary hold on to the truth revealed and taught by the Bible, holy people and the Church. Make treasures in heaven by helping the poor, the destitute, orphans and all who are in need. Behold I am with you always”

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MESSAGE XI – 25th December 2007 - Christmas Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, today I give you Jesus, My only Son, the greatest gift a father can ever give. Because you have opened your hearts, He will dwell in you, and through Him you shall live a grace filled and meaningful lives. At His presence, you and your dear ones shall leap and dance with joy because He wipes away your pains and tears. All those who live a life of good conscience shall find peace and joy in Him.

He has come to the world to break down the walls of hatred and enmities. In His presence, the wolf shall be the guest of the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the young lion shall browse together, the cow and the bear shall be good neighbours, the lion shall eat hay like the ox, babies shall play with the cobras; there shall be no more terrorism or war but peace, peace only. He is the prince of peace and He is the Father of the world and His dominion has no end.

He is born to be a king, and He is a King forever. He reigns as King over the people through grace and love dispelling the slavery of sin and hatred; He leads His people in righteousness and justice removing the guilt of sins. He gives the perfect freedom, freedom of the children of God by taking away the veils of darkness and the web of all bondages of Satan. He liberates you from fears making you strong in life. In Him you are not weak but strong, you have no failures but only success, and WITH HIM YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING AND WITHOUT HIM YOU CAN DO NOTHING.
I want you, My children, to build a kingdom of love on earth, you shall be my co-workers to build that kingdom; you must be ambassadors of reconciliation, you must be shinning stars to dispel all darkness from the world, you must be pearls and jewels of holiness to wipe away the sins and guilt from your brothers and sisters around, you must be preachers and teachers of love – love of God and love of neighbour – yea, YOU SHALL BE THE AROMA OF CHRIST to radiate your love and holiness on others. I want the Christians, My children, to be my disciples by loving one another.

As My Son Jesus preached the Gospel, you too should preach the Gospel everywhere; as He healed the people, you must heal the people; as He helped the poor, you must help the poor and the needy; as he prayed, you too must pray for yourselves and for others; as He suffered for justice and truth, you too must suffer; as He gave His life for others, you too must be ready to give your life for others, then through you and in you Christ Jesus, My Son, shall shine on everyone and everywhere and He shall be the King of kings and the Lord of all, creating a new heaven and a new earth with a new world order based on love, truth, justice and equity. Have no fear My children, Jesus, Emmanuel is always with you. Have the peace and joy of the Birthday of My Son Jesus”.

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MESSAGE X – 30th of November 2007 - Advent Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, I know that many of you believe that Jesus came 2.000 years before, and some of you believe that He will come again, but I wonder how many of you believe that He comes today to those who open their hearts because He is the same today, yesterday, tomorrow and forever. I want you to be aware of this truth that I am not a God who is out there in heaven waiting to judge you, nor a God who is invisible and unapproachable, but I am a God concerned about your lives on earth, I am your Father who looks upon you with love always, I see your problems, worries, fears of life and I send my Son Jesus into your lives so that you can meet Him and touch Him and through Him and in Him you will find solution to your problems. He wants to be with you always.

He who sees Him sees Me, your Father; he who accepts Him accepts Me who sends Him to you, he who obeys Him obeys Me because He and I are one. When you accept Him and His word, we both come and abide in you. We come to save you from all your troubles and problems; we come to forgive your sins and to give you a new life; we come to heal you and to give you health of soul and body.

When the Word of God and the Holy Spirit came to Mary of Nazareth, she conceived Jesus my Son, the Saviour of the world, because she said “yes” to the Word by saying “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord”. Today the divine words come to you through the Bible, the written Word of God and through the preaching of the Church by various preachers all over the world. If you believe in those words and act upon them by the power of the Holy Spirit you will be a brother or a sister of Jesus, my Son, and you will become partakers of my divine life by becoming my children and heirs.

When Jesus said to the sinner woman, “I will not condemn you and do not sin anymore”, she became a holy person; when He said to the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven”, he was healed, taking up his mat he went home praising God; when He said, “Be made clean” the lepers were cleansed and healed; when He said, “Come out”, the demons came out of the people and they were liberated from the bondages of Satan; thus He carried your infirmities and diseases. At His coming  the blind regain sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the sinners are forgiven, the possessed are set free, the tormented are liberated, the poor are fed, the broken hearted are consoled and those who are rejected find love, acceptance, peace and rest. When He went to the house of Peter, his mother in law was healed; miracle happened in His presence at the wedding at Cana in Galilee; Zacchaeus and family were saved when they welcomed Him in their home; when He entered Jerusalem the city was saved, when He rebuked the storms and winds the sea became calm. Today Jesus comes to the home of your lives, in the tents of your houses to bring you salvation.

Jesus knows that the cities, towns and villages are perishing; yes, the planet itself is in peril. There are winds, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, fires and floods on the planet that I have created for man; I send my Son, yes, He comes, to command and to rebuke the storms, rains and calamities. Yes, He comes…! Open your hearts, your homes, your cities, your towns and villages and the whole world to Him, He will save you and He is the only one who can save you because He is the only Saviour of the world.
Yes, my sons and daughters, you are in the season of Advent, advent means arrival, it is the arrival of a great person in your lives, HE IS JESUS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOUR AND SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD. Do not delay, say not in your hearts ‘tomorrow’, because tomorrow is not in your hands, you are given only today, today itself open your hearts, meet Him and accept Him as your Lord and Saviour surrendering all that you are and all that you have. Pull down and level the hills and mountains of your pride and selfishness, smoothen your hearts with gentleness, meekness, love and generosity removing the rough ways of anger, jealousy, laziness, lust and greed; fill up the valleys of your empty heart with an experience of God’s love through prayers and sacraments; and thus have Jesus as your Saviour and Lord.

Meet Jesus my Son among the poor, the wounded, the rejected and the downtrodden. Give gifts and presents not to those who can give you in return, but to those who can not afford to give you back a gift. Whatever you do to the poor, you do it for Me. By giving generously to the poor, give gifts and presents to the Baby Jesus born in the manger. Behold I am with you always”

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MESSAGE IX – 18th of November 2007 Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, on these days many are following the hedonic style of life, eating, drinking and enjoying life in this world, neglecting their salvation and eternal life. I don’t want you to join with those who say that there is no God or there is no need to believe in Him, and with those who say that it is enough to live a wealthy, healthy, prosperous and happy life here on earth and there is no need to believe in a life after death. You must know that you are made of the clay of the earth and you are in it only for a short time, and then you will have to return to Me, your Creator, who gave you life and breath.On your return to Me I will ask you an account of all your doings on earth, small and big; even for a careless word that you have spoken, you will have to give an account.

You, my chosen ones, while you are here on earth, you are already fellow citizens with the holy ones in the heavenly Jerusalem through the Holy Spirit in you; your citizenship is really in heaven and you have to fix your eyes on it and strive towards it with hope. Your life here on earth is short and temporary. During this short life, you must walk in faith and eagerly wait for the glorious life that is to come. Here you see God through the eye of faith, but after your death, you shall see Him face to face. You must know, my children weather you live or die you belong to Jesus, your Saviour and Lord, who brought eternal life to those who believe in Him.

As you are here on earth, you should give priority to hold on to your salvation and eternal life which is in possessing My Son Jesus to whom I have given all judgements. My children, always you must have the testimony of having the possession of eternal life by possessing Jesus, and it must be the greatest treasure for which you must be prepared to give away all that you have, to endure afflictions, persecutions and sufferings even to the extend of laying down your lives. You should not be foolish to give yourselves to these mundane pleasures and comforts by indulging in deeds of the flesh and the world, forfeiting eternal life.

You must possess Jesus, the eternal life by your communion and fellowship with Him in the Holy Eucharist and by your lives led by the works of the Holy Spirit. You should live lives of victory, victory over sin, Satan and the world by doing God’s will always through your faith. Store up treasures in heaven by your charity and generosity to the poor. Your body is the temple of God because the Holy Spirit dwells in you; therefore offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; then your mortal bodies will be changed into immortal bodies, your earthly bodies will be transformed into spiritual and glorious bodies. Jesus, the resurrection and life, will give resurrection to your bodies through the Holy Spirit that dwells in you and thus you shall be in the company of saints and angels worshipping God forever.

Today I see a lot of anomalies, disorders and confusions in the world because a large number of my people have lost their faith in God and life in Him. They are aimless in their lives without any hope in things that will happen in the future; they are desperate, hopeless, empty and perverted. My children, you are created for Me and My kingdom and if only you believe in it and seek for it your lives will be meaningful. You will be at peace and you will have joy and prosperity if only you lead your lives in Me and My kingdom. Behold I am waiting for your coming back and your lives in Me".

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MESSAGE VIII – 15th of October 2007 – Feast of St. Theresa of Avila Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, my heart is grieved when I see a large number of people on earth suffering from material poverty while a minority live in luxuries and all sorts of material comforts. I feel great compassion on those who have no food and drink to quench their hunger and thirst, those who have no shelter to lay their heads and those dying with various diseases having no means to have medicines and doctors. I see both, geographically and demographically the wide gap between the poor and the rich – two thirds of my children on earth live in utter poverty while one third of my children are living in comfort and luxury not stretching out their hands of charity to these their brothers and sisters.

I created this earth for you and I entrusted it to you with everything that I had created in it that you may care them and use them to live in happiness and peace. I wanted you to cultivate the earth to produce and harvest plentifully living together in peace and prosperity by sharing and helping each other keeping my commandment to love one another. It is Satan that has sown the seeds of selfishness, egoism, hard heartedness, cruelty, wickedness and corruption in your hearts to go away from my commandment and to live for yourselves by unjust spending of wealth even on unbridled and egoistical luxury, neglecting the poor and sometimes even exploiting them.

I sent My Son Jesus on earth as your Saviour and Lord to remind you to live a life according to my commandment. Again and again He told you that whatever you would do to the poor is done to Me and to give to others in abundance and thus make treasures in heaven; and your heaven will be measured out to you to the extent that you help and support the poor. But you are not listening to His words and following them.

The whole world is moving towards the day of judgement. I appeal to you who are blessed with richness and affluence, both individual and societies, nations and continents to listen to the cry of the poor and to be generous in sharing your wealth with them, and thus win over friends for yourselves so that after your sojourn on this earth you will be received in the eternal happiness of the kingdom of heaven. Let the example of Christ be before you, although He was rich, He emptied His richness for your sake and became poor so that you may become rich through His poverty!

When the disciples of Jesus established the first Christian community, the fellowship of those who were redeemed in the new age, there was no needy person among them because they shared their wealth according to the need of each one. Look at the people today who are led to starvation and death due to various diseases, catastrophes like floods and droughts, cyclones and tsunamis and man made miseries like wars and terrorism. Many have no means to maintain their personal integrity and dignity as human beings, so some of them commit suicide, kill their children in the wombs by abortion, little ones die with no food and nourishment, children forced to child labour, and even some of them sold by the parents to the terrorist camps, children sold to hospitals to remove and transplant their vital organs on the rich, the youth unemployed and broken ending up their lives in drugs, alcohol and immorality with burglary and crimes. I see a lot of migrants in the affluent countries without proper visas and work, uninsured sick people and the unemployed and many refugees living in utter desperation and poverty. My children, far and near, you will find Lazar’s with poverty and sickness, people victimized by the exploitation and unjust dealing of the avaricious and egoistic people, the hungry, the homeless, the naked and the downtrodden. I urge you to help them seeing My face in all of them because I feel compassion for them, they are created in My image and likeness. I send on you My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of love so that you may adopt a logic of sharing and solidarity with equitable distribution of goods, alleviating the suffering of the poor

All that you are and all that you have are given to you because I love you, hence you have a responsibility to give Me when I am in need; the need and cry of the poor is My need and My cry. When you spend lavishly on business, sports, finance, industry and commerce in millions remember those who have no means to have a full meal a day, those finding difficulty to pay the rent with their meagre wages, those who find hard to educate their children or to take their sick children to the hospital. I am not against the rich or the affluent but I am against them when they do not help the poor. Your charity will save you from death and expiate your sins and will store up treasures in heaven to give you life in abundance. Do not turn away your face from the poor so that My face will not turn away from you. Help the poor and the needy according to what you own, if you have much give much, if you have only little give a bit even from it so that you may store up treasures for yourself in the life to come. Always I look down on earth to see how many people are showing love, compassion, concern and help to others. If anyone of you ill treat, discriminate or exploit the poor I will consider them as done to Me because you will find Me always among the poor.

Governments and rulers of the affluent nations should help the governments of the poor countries to achieve the goal of giving food, shelter, medicine and all basic needs of human beings for their survival. You should not forget your duties and responsibilities to enact laws and rules in favour of the poor by controlling their debts, giving economical help from the common treasury to promote the welfare of the poor, carefully and honestly taking taxes and levies from the rich to distribute them to the poor. Special attention and care must be given to the poorest of the poor, the disabled and the disadvantaged. You should know that all authority and power come from Me, and you are expected to follow My will and My desire. Behold I am with you always”

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MESSAGE VII – 28th. August 2007 – Feast of St. Augustin Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My children, I know that many of you are scared and in panic seeing the sudden changes of climates and seasons, calamities and catastrophes like floods, draughts, fires, earthquakes and tsunamis in various parts of the world! You should know that when I created the earth and the universe and all that are therein, they were good. I created them for you, my children so that you may live in happiness and prosperity loving me above all and everything, and loving each other as brothers and sisters. I have given enough and more resources on earth for the sustenance of all of you whom I have created in my likeness and image.

But it is sad that greed and selfishness, along with negligence and spirit of competition and consumerism are destroying the earth and its many magnificent creatures. I see that many species of animals, birds, fishes and plants that I have created for you are already extinct or on the way of extinction. You are heating up the planet by the continuous burning of fossil fuels; your industries, oil corporations and mining companies, machines and cars are polluting the environment with billowing smoke and belching gasses that makes a seal around the planet preventing the escape of heat into space. The radiation of the various tests and blasts of nuclear and hydrogen bombs are filling the atmosphere. Even the equilibrium and balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen which help you to breathe your lives are at stake! Huge ice shelves of Arctic and Antarctica are already breaking up and melting. Because of the increase of temperatures there are heat waves, forest fires, draughts, violent storms causing rising sea levels, freezing winters, blistering summers, lands slides, etc.

A political will, a change of life style and a changing corporate behaviour is necessary to reverse this process. You, my children, the followers of Christ, My Son, have a special responsibility for my creation, the reflection of my image, to preserve its integrity, to protect and save human beings and all other living creatures.

Besides and above all what I explained, the earth is polluted by the sins of my children. The painful cries of the innocent children killed in the mother’s womb by abortion, the bloodshed of the people by unjust wars, tyranny and terrorism, the sobs and tears of the children sexually abused, the women raped and misbehaved, the poor exploited and discriminated are rising up to me from the earth for vengeance; and the vengeance is mine. Your breaking of the commandments, wicked and unkind behaviour to each other, faithlessness to the vows taken in your married and religious lives, unnatural and perverse sexual behaviours that lead to the degradation of your bodies which are the temples of the Holy Spirit; your greed, malice, envy, selfishness, treachery, rivalry, spite, etc grieve my heart. The stink and filth that are emitted by your sins weight heavily on the earth more than the fumes and heat coming out from machines and factories.

For a change of environments on earth a change of heart is necessary my children! Principles of morality of life like purity of heart, love and concern for the neighbour, spirit of helping the poor and the rejected, justice for all, etc are to be practised. Closing your eyes towards the precarious need of today to protect and preserve the integrity of the earth and its nature or keeping silence can be a great sin. In order even to adopt small measures like turning off unused electronic equipments, controlling the use of petrol and diesel by driving less and walking more, recycling and reuse things going for more natural things rather than synthetic and artificial materials, to plant more trees and greeneries can come only from a new heart and attitude which can be given only by My Son Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Wash away your sins from your hearts in the blood of My Son Jesus and put on a new self by the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Let those who are in business and trade care more for people their fellowman and their good health rather than profit, LET YOUR LIVES BE MORE LED BY NEED RATHER THAN GREED, and let the law of loving and serving your neighbour prevail in your heart. Let those who govern the nations be free from selfishness and corruption and let their love for humanity and justice flow like a river. Let the super powers and nuclear nations stop the experiments of their weapons either on earth or under the sea and throw away all nuclear and hydrogen bombs and weapons that can kill and destroy all living creatures on earth, and instead spend and use their wealth to promote works of charity to uplift the lives of the poor and downtrodden. Let the religious leaders speak God’s word and promote justice, love, peace and service and instruct the people to live amicable as brothers and sisters.

If you pay heed to my words, you shall surmount the threats of global warnings and again, can live a comfortable, secure, happy and prosperous life on this planet which I have created for you. My children pay attention to keep my commandments and statutes so that you shall live well. Have no fear I am with you always.

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MESSAGE VI – 15th. June 2007 – Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My dear friends, I have expressed My greatest love for you when I allowed My heart be cut open by the spear of a soldier. I am sure that no one ever in your life cut open his or her heart to express love to you although some must have told “you are my sweet heart, I give myself to you, you are mine forever, etc”., but on Calvary I literally opened My heart for you, to receive you in My heart so that you may experience My love which is beyond every human or natural love on earth.

My heart is a compassionate and loving heart that melts at the miseries of My people. As I showed My compassion on those who had no bread; on those who were blind, deaf, dumb and the lame; on those who were wounded and rejected and gone astray like sheep without shepherd; and even on the widow at Nain who lost her only son, TODAY TOO My compassion, mercy and love flows out from My heart to the sick and to the healthy, to the poor and to the rich, to the saints and to the sinners, to the righteous and to the unrighteous alike.

In My heart I know the feelings of rejection, affliction, pains and sorrows of those children abandoned and wounded by their own parents, I know the wounds and pains of those divorcees who are unloved and rejected by their life-partners, their children and even by the Church, I know the miseries and the sufferings of those who are oppressed, persecuted, discriminated and exploited in the society on race, religion, and colour, and even I know the wounds and feelings of guilt of those who have committed grievous sins, and I know the cry of the materially poor people who have no food, clothing or shelter. I know the bitterness and sorrows of those who lost their loved ones by death, suicide, kidnap, etc.; I OPEN MY HEART FOR ALL OF YOU, my dear people so that you may find in Me love, peace, joy, consolation, power, solution to all your problems and blessings for your life. If you are rejected or unloved by anyone in your life, come to My heart and find My ever living and everlasting love for you.

It is I who formed you in your mothers wombs by My hands; it is I who created you in My own image and likeness, it is I who breathed My breath into you, it is I who shaped your ears and eyes, hands and feet, it is I who gave you the colour and stature, yes, there is no one like you on earth, you are unique, precious, special and glorious in My eyes, no one else can substitute you, you are mine forever. If you come to Me and remain in Me I will never reject you and you will find meaning and fulfilment for your life.

The blood that flows from My heart will wash you, cleanse you and make you a new being giving you a new heart and new life. The living water, the Holy Spirit that flows from My heart will fill you with power and grace bringing all the blessings you need in your lives. It is the Spirit who heals the wounds of your hearts, pulls down the barriers that separate you from God and heaven, and divide you from one another and at the same time, restores the joy of the Father’s love and fraternal unity. My dear friends, you are a consecrated people, set apart through My heart to be my specially beloved people. You shall experience the unfathomable mercy and love of My heart every day at the Eucharistic table when the priest says, “this is my body and this is my blood”.
My broken heart expresses My grief and sorrow for those who break the commandments and continue in sinful lives. When you are in sin, My heart is grieved and broken; and when you do not repent and change your ways you are re-crucifying Me and piercing My heart with the spears of your sins. To all those who sin I ask the same question I asked Paul of Tarsus “why do you persecute me”. But if you listen to My voice and return to My heart, you shall find My everlasting love and mercy which will flow in to your lives, forgiving all your sins and taking away all the consequences of your sins.

I do not take pleasure in the death of a sinner but I rather rejoice when he turns away from his evil ways. If you do not change your ways, you will reap the fruits of your sins and iniquities, and then do not say “Lord, your ways are not fair, why disasters and misfortunes on us”; then if you examine your consciences you will see that it is your wicked deeds that has brought curses on you. When the wicked shall turn away from their wickedness and start living just and righteous lives, then they shall understand that My ways are just and fair, then they shall praise My name forever and they will loathe themselves of their sins and abominations, and shall be ashamed of their past misconducts, and will decide to keep their hearts in My heart receiving all virtues and character of My life. Then they shall see the flood gates of heaven opening on them showering innumerable blessings, both, spiritual and material. So My friends, always look upon My heart wounded for you, and by surrendering your lives to My heart experience My great love for you daily. Behold I am with you always”.

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MESSAGE V – 27th of May – Pentecost 2007Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My dear friends, I send My Spirit on you as I have promised, it is the Spirit that enables you to call My Father your Father, it is the Spirit that unites you all as one body, it is the Spirit of truth that leads to the fullness of truth, it is the Spirit that guides you in your daily lives with wisdom and acknowledge, it is the Spirit of holiness to keep you growing in holiness of life, it is the Spirit of power and grace to keep you safe and protected from against all your enemies, it is the Spirit of gifts and charisms which will help you to be My powerful witnesses to be good and to do good always and thus to be build up My kingdom on earth.

My Spirit as a person and as a power is made manifest in the prayers and sacraments of My Church, and it is not something hidden or occult as explained by the gurus and teachers of New Age and esoteric. My Spirit is not the cosmic spirit or the universal spirit which they speak about and used in every sphere of life even in medicines, food, etc. which is the spirit of the enemy, the devil, which can even appear as angels doing mighty deeds. My Spirit pervades the whole universe because it is through My Spirit that I created it and all the things therein, nothing came in existence without My Spirit and nothing is hidden from My Spirit.

My Spirit makes you God’s children and it can never make you gods, no creature ever can be become gods, even My Mother and your mother Mary, who received the Holy Spirit in fullness ever remains a creature, of course par excellence in holiness and favour with God as she was the most immaculate and full of grace. My dear people, don’t be deluded by those teachings that say that your spirit can become one with the cosmic universal spirit and thus you can be gods! My Spirit sanctifies you, strengthens you and brings you closer to Me and to My Father, and thus you become the temple of God but you can never become Me or My Father as My Father and Me are one.

Today I give My Spirit to you in order that you may become my witnesses. I find many teachers and preachers in My Church but only a few witnesses, I am giving My Spirit to you to make you think, talk, and to behave like Me in everything and everywhere so that through you the world may recognise and accept the love, life, and salvation which I have brought to this world. I give you the gifts and charisms of My Spirit in order that you may forgive the sins of others, comfort and console the rejected and broken hearted, heal those who are sick in mind and body, strengthen those who are weak and to uplift the poor and the drown-trodden like the good Samaritan in the Bible.

Through My Spirit you must become bread for those who are in hunger and famine  – may be by giving life and salvation to those who are spiritually poor by evangelisation, or by giving your food, clothing and money to the materially poor. Perhaps you have to empty yourselves of what you have and become poor for those who are hungry and wearied as I became poor for your sake, although I was rich, so that you may become rich in Me. By identifying yourselves with the poor and the suffering in the world and by alleviating their poverty and sufferings you shall be my witnesses and disciples.

My Heart grieves at the increase of gap within the rich and the poor. How can My followers and disciples live in luxury and comfort with all possible material and worldly enjoyments while the majority of My children are not having the basic and minimum requirements of their lives; some even starving to death and others in utter disappointment ending their lives in suicide. My people, being filled with the Holy Spirit at this Pentecost go ahead with courage in doing good as I did when I was anointed by the Spirit at the river Jordan.

I want you to be My witnesses of truth, justice and love in this world that is groping in corruption, injustice and exploitation. I want you to be the defenders of life in a world that propagates murder of innocent children in the mother’s womb by abortion, experiments and researches in embryos and foetus in laboratories and killing by euthanasia. You, My people, must defend and teach moral principles of sex and married life in a world that is steeped in immorality, sexual perversion with an increasing number of babies born of unwanted mothers, and divorces and separations in married lives. My dear friends, you are gift to Me by My Father, I love you, I will be with you always to be My witnesses and warriors to fight a good fight”

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MESSAGE IV – 8th. April 2007 – Easter Sunday Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My dear friends, I am risen from the dead and I am living amidst you to gather you and to present you to God, your Father and My Father, in heaven. By your authentic Christian life through the Holy Spirit, you are already risen with Me although you live in this world.

In baptism you are buried with Me and are dead to sin, and through Me and in Me you live for God; and in the newness of your life you are already sharing the divine life with all the saints and angels in all their glory and honour. The Holy Spirit that raised Me from the dead will continuously keep you in the experience of resurrection by dwelling in your hearts.

You are saved, My friends, not with money or gold, not with human efforts or power but My blood shed on the Cross. Hence you are My own people, you are called to announce the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light. You must be the light of the world enlightening the hearts of the people with My Gospel of salvation leading them from darkness to light, ignorance to wisdom and from falsehood to truth. I want you to live a life worthy of your call so that through you many will join the fellowship of the saved.

In your witnessing life, you will not be alone, I will be there with you to fight a good fight; with Me you will be always victorious, without Me you will fail; with Me you can do everything and without Me you can do nothing. You will have sufferings in the world, but you will overcome them with My power as I overcame them all. You should know that you do not belong to the world although you live in this world; your citizenship is with Me in heaven. Because you live a life in Me you will be persecuted, you will have sufferings but remember that I have suffered for you and that I will be you always giving you grace and power. Take the helmet of salvation, sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and hold faith as a shield so that you can destroy all strategies of the enemy and that nothing will harm you. You are a risen people, a chosen people and I love you as My own. Rejoice in Me always, behold I am with you”

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MESSAGE III – 5th. April 2007 – Holy Thursday Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My dear friends, ever since the creation of the world I wanted to be with human beings whom I created in My own divine image and likeness. Leaving aside all My divine rights and prerogatives, I became a man in order to make My home with you and to make you My friends in order to give you a share in all divine inheritances as God’s children. I continue remaining amidst you in the sacrament of the Eucharist where you can see Me face to face, and touch Me to receive My power and grace, and can become one with Me by eating my body and drinking my blood.

It is My great love for you that has allowed Me to be present in the most simple and humble way, in a piece of bread and drops of wine. I know that it is too hard for you to understand and to believe that I am really present in the Eucharist when the priest, by the power of the Word and Spirit, says, “this is my body and this is my blood”. If only you know the meaning of LOVE, you can understand to what extent of humiliation and self denial one would go in search of the beloved! It is My love, My friends, that prompted Me to carry all your sins, iniquities, sicknesses and curses on My body, and to die on the Cross as a criminal even shedding the last drop of My blood. Yes, I became sin for you, My people, although I did not know sin; I became a curse for you although there were no curses upon Me, in My love for you I turned against myself and gave up My life for you! I am waiting at the Eucharistic table and in the tabernacle, so that you may come to Me to obtain all the blessings I brought to the world.

Come to Me with hope, if you are weary and burdened you will find peace and comfort in My presence; touch Me with faith and find healing for your soul and body, and place your lives and the lives of your dear and near ones into My heart which is wide opened for you to accept you and to love you. In My presence in the Eucharist, where I am really present body and blood, you will find the experience of deep peace and great joy in the soul, and meditating on my self- abasement and abandonment you will be able to empty yourselves of your pride, vanity, arrogance, selfrighteousness and selfishness and surrender yourselves to Me and to My holy will finding solutions to all your problems.

When you are in My ever loving presence, you will hear My voice, My voice of consolation and encouragement, voice of advice and corrections, and voice of power and grace. In the presence of My body and blood, you will experience streams of My never ending love flowing into you wiping away your sadness, fears, rejections, and healing your inner wounds; and in the recess of your hearts you will hear Me calling you your names, keeping you close to My heart.

There is no condemnation for those who live in Me through the communion of My body and blood in the Eucharist. I will raise them up on the last day and there shall be on My right side on the day of judgement and I will seat them with Me in the heavenly banquet.

My dear people, I see that some of you are grieved in the heart seeing the sinful lives of many in your families and in the Church. I implore you to bring them all to My living presence in the Eucharist so that they may find conversion and new life in Me. I know some of you are shocked and scandalized by the sinful lives of some of my priests whom I called to My service as My representatives on earth to lift their hands to forgive the sins, to command Satan to go, to heal the sick, to bless the people and above all to bring My presence alive amidst them through the celebration of the Holy Mass. I, too, am grieved over the priests who handle My body and blood with sinful hearts and hands! Dearly beloved friends, bring them all to My living and mighty presence in the Eucharist that I shall show My infinite mercy on them and turn their hearts towards holiness and truth. Day and night, everywhere in all tabernacles of the world I am waiting in patience, with tears of prayers and supplications as in Gethsemane that My followers and all those who believe in Me be protected from Satan, the world and sin; be holy as I am holy, be one as I and My Father are one. I want My Church, the fellowship of My chosen ones be sanctified through My sanctification, and through the Church, My body, the whole world. Behold, I abide in you, in your families, in the Church and in the whole world through the Body and Blood in the Eucharist.

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Fr. James celebrated Mass in the Cenaculo where Jesus
celebrated the Last Supper

MESSAGE II – 1st. April 2007 – Palm Sunday Song


Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, today you celebrate the solemn entry of Jesus into the temple of Jerusalem. He is alive and now also He enters into the temples that you are. It is time to ask yourselves whether you have made the temple a market place or den of thieves, or have you made the temple holy where you meet your God daily in solitude and prayer. He died on the Cross and shed all His blood in order to cleanse you, the temples that you are, so that all honour, glory and praise make come to Me from you.

I have my personal love for each one of you and My heart burns with love for you. My love for you was so great that I sent My only son, not only as a human being but as scape -goat even, to take away your sins and iniquities, and to liberate you from the kingdom of Satan and darkness, so that you may live a life in holiness and truth according to My will. When I see many of you living in sin and darkness under the power of Satan, My anger too burns in My heart. I want you to live in the light which My Son showed and not living in darkness which is the way of the enemy, the Satan who leads you to hell and eternal damnation. Those who follow Jesus will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.

I want you to keep your minds and bodies clean and holy. Do not indulge your body for fornication, homosexuality, adultery and all forms of immoralities which are moral perversions that infect the entire world leading up to the total degradation and destruction of the human society. Do not forget My children, the events of Sodom and Gomorrah, the most beautiful and affluent cities of the time; I destroyed them completely because of their immoral lives especially of homosexuality. I hate man and man or woman and woman laying together as husbands and wives for sexual enjoyment and pleasure, and I warn the leaders of those nations who approve and promote such unions and recognize them as legal. I am a loving and merciful father who is ready to forgive and to show mercy unto a thousand generations but with Me there is anger and punishment: love and mercy on those who obey My words and commandments, and anger and punishment on those who disobey Me.

I will send calamities and destructions like drought, flood, earthquakes and hurricanes on nations that recognize and legalize homosexual and lesbian unions; and I will break and overturn all their planning for the good and prosperity of the nations; and I will permit the people of the nations to perish and the enemies or people of other nations to defeat them and to overtake them. My children, I love you, I do not want you to be destroyed but I want you to live in peace and prosperity, that is why I sent My Son Jesus in whom you can find forgiveness and expiation of your sins, and find the ways to righteousness, sanctification and redemption. He comes and knocks at the door of your hearts and if you open your hearts He will enter in to cleanse you and to sanctify you. Meet Jesus in you who are temples through His Spirit, make Him the Lord of your lives by surrendering all that you are and all that you have, make a personal friendship with Him, walk with Him in righteousness, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit, and then surely through Him you shall come to Me and to My abode where I wait for you to give you the crown of victory and inheritance from all eternity kept for all those who follow Him.
When Jesus entered the temple of Jerusalem people cried out “praises, hosanna and halleluiah” to Him recalling to mind the many blessings they have received from Him. So too when you praise God in your hearts and give thanks to Him for all you have received from Him, you will experience My presence along with My Son in the Spirit because God dwells amidst the praises of His people. Prayer of praise and thanksgiving are pleasing to Me and to My Son, pray and praise always in spirit and in truth.

The people who cried out praises to Jesus, within hours turned against Him and cried aloud “crucify him” forgetting all the favours they received from Him. When you do good to others, do not expect anything in return, not even a thanks, then your reward will be great in heaven. Do not trust or seek the praises of the people who admire or appreciate you with words of love and praise when you are good to them and do good to them, the same people may turn against you and speak all kinds of evil against you and calumniate you harming your name and reputation when you do not fulfil all their demands.

When people speak well of you and praise you for what you do, remember that your goodness and good doings are not yours, but you received them from Me, hence give all praise and glory to God Almighty who is good and does all good things for His children. Seek always My love, appreciation and praises in you and in all what you do, then I will be able to say “You are My beloved son/daughter, in you I am pleased”. My dear children, when you are good or when you are able to perform good deeds you must have the humility and simplicity of heart to say “we have done what we are obliged to do, we have done good through the goodness of God, hence we praise God” Behold My Son goes with you wherever you are, rejoice in Him!!

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MESSAGE I – 21st. of February 2007 – Ash Wednesday Song


Thus says the Lord, “My dear children, once again a time has come for you to draw power and grace from the passion and death of my son Jesus in this holy season of Lent. My love for you is so great that I give the life of my own Son for your salvation. Hence, affirm your faith in Him and accept Him as your personal Saviour and Lord, in order that you may find your salvation in Him. By believing in Him, the door to heaven which was shut by sin, will be opened for you; the brunt of sin will be deleted obtaining true liberty of the children of God; the curses of sin will be removed bringing many blessings on you, your families and nations; the yoke of slavery from the kingdom of Satan and darkness will be broken bringing you to the kingdom of God where you will have the fullness of life with peace, joy, health of soul and body.

It is my love and compassion for you that permitted my Son to die for you and to give you His life even by shedding the last drop of His blood. It is love, love for you my children! I don’t want you to be under condemnation but I want you to be saved. It is my love that was unfolded in the life of my Son Jesus, He was love walking on earth and He preached love and did works of love which were flowing out as forgiveness, healings and liberation. He is still alive amidst you and He continues loving you. He never rejects anyone who comes to Him. Even leaving the ninety nine righteous, He goes searching for the lost one, and on finding him without scolding or punishment, He accepts him with a warm kiss of love forgiving and forgetting all his past. He has this message for you, “Love one another as I have loved you”

Today the world is in violence and injustice. There are wars and rumours of wars; there are terrorism and killings everywhere! No one respects or loves lives, laws and rules are made in favour of killing even the little babies in the mother’s womb by abortion. There is exploitation of the poor and discrimination to the weak in the name of race, colour and creed. The dignity of women is not honoured; they are used as objects of man’s sexual needs in rape, adultery and prostitution. The poor little children are dragged to work and many of them are sexually abused and misused. WHERE IS LOVE NOW IN THE WORLD? The human heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Everyone is carrying a store of evil and goodness in their hearts of which good deeds and bad deeds proceed. Every violence, wickedness and war comes from the human heart. There are your hearts that need change. Open your hearts and receive my love through the Holy Spirit and explode the bomb of love in the present situation bringing a revolution of love. Let the huge amount of money and wealth spent for heaping up ammunitions and weapons for destruction and killing, be used for the poor,  the hungry and the destitute.

The Lent begins with the rite of the distribution of ashes. It is not enough that you mark your foreheads with ash, the ash has the power of detergent, let the ash penetrate your hearts and beings purging and purifying your inner selves and thus bringing about a real conversion. Let your hearts be thoroughly washed from all anger, un-love, envy, violence, hatred and retaliation. Love others, even your enemies, as Jesus loved and showed love and compassion to everyone. Let the ash you put on your foreheads remind you of your nothingness on this earth – you are only pilgrims on this earth for a few years, you come from God and you have to go back to Him in whose presence you will quench and satisfy your thirst and hunger. Who are you to be proud of your powers, positions, money or wealth in this world? Naked you came to this world and naked you shall go back leaving behind all what you consider as your own. YES, YOU ARE DUST INDEED AND IN TO DUST YOU SHALL RETURN.

My dear children, you who possess weapons or ammunitions, may be guns or bombs, to destroy others and to defend yourselves, put them away, I will defend you, your families and nations. I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD WHO CARES YOU AND PROTECTS YOU. Forgive everyone, even those who did harm to you, then you shall find real peace in your hearts; and do good to those who hate you and wish them good and pray for their welfare and prosperity. It does not mean you must surrender to evil, no compromise with evil, it is a false interpretation of “turn the other cheek”; the Christian non violence is responding to evil with good, “if your enemy is hungry feed him, if he is thirsty give him something to drink… do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good”. Do not take vengeance on anyone because vengeance is mine. Take the weapon of love and kindness in your both hands and fight all forms of violence and injustice; I will be with you to make you powerful and victorious.

Dearly beloved children, do everything with love in your hearts, love for Me and love for your fellowmen; for where there is love there I am present. Again I say to explode the bomb of love on this earth by way of forgiveness, love, service and charity, then there shall be a new earth where people live in peace and prosperity.

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