MESSAGE XVI – 25th. of December 2008 – Christmas Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, you are celebrating the feast of Christmas. It is the feast of my greatest love for you. It is the feast of incarnation, the heaven touching earth, the divine meeting human, the supernatural elevating natural, the Word becoming flesh, GOD BECOMING MAN. This is the only one incarnation in the whole history; that is God becoming man in Jesus Christ and there is no other incarnation. When my only begotten Son Jesus said, “Yes” to my plan of salvation for mankind, which was lost in sin, He emptied Himself of His equality with me and became fully human, even taking upon Himself all your sins, iniquities, the consequences of those sins like curses, sicknesses, feelings of rejection, abandonment, guilt, miseries, etc. When He put on humanity on Himself, He was carrying the total humanity: all those who lived until then and all those who would live later until the end of times. My children, it means that you were in His human body when He was conceived in His mother’s womb and born in the manger of Bethlehem. Hence it is a celebration of the feast of your humanity.

I sent my Son Jesus to heal, sanctify and glorify your humanity. Christmas tells you the message that the divine came down to take possession of your humanness, the Creator to take possession of the creature, the Word to take possession of the flesh in you. When you open your heart and receive my Son born in the manger as your Lord and Saviour, you are encountering my greatest love for you; where you will find a solution to your problems of sin and darkness, brokenness and alienation, pains and miseries, emptiness and poverty. Throughout the whole history always I am with those who are broken-hearted and crushed in spirit, to heal them, to console them and to lift them up in their humanity so that they may know that I, the divine, is in them always. My children, do you find yourselves in powerlessness and hopelessness, do you experience rejection or brokenness, do others condemn you, accuse you, calumniate you, discriminate you or continue hurting you, COME TO THE LORD JESUS BORN IN THE MANGER WITH A HUMBLE AND CONTRITE HEART, and accept Him as the Lord of your lives deciding to follow Him with a resolution to observe His commandments and teachings.

The problems of the world today stem from a main problem or a root cause: although I came down to humanity in the person of Jesus to share my divinity with them so that they might realize the glory, dignity, greatness and sublimity of their humanity, they rejected and refused to accept me and to have a share in the divine nature which I still continue offering to all. Two thousand years before, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, three categories of people came to visit Him, first the shepherds who were poor and humble. They were depending on God for their daily bread and they had no material possessions in the world except the sleeping mat and blanket to cover themselves. In their simplicity of heart and child likeness, they were able to see the light coming from God; they were able to hear the music of the angels and the message of God. So they were able to rush to the manger to adore the Lord and King of all along with the angels that surrounded Him. Today also, those who are pure in heart meet Jesus my Son, and make a personal relationship with me through Him.

The second kind of people is like Herod, who are in fear and restlessness at the good news of the birth of my Son. They fear that they have to abandon their old way of life in order to embrace a new life with a holy heart, which is the apt manger for the Saviour. They are in restlessness and panic because they will have to tear away the circumstances of their sin or relationships that lead them to sin. So they try to persecute those who give the message of the good news of salvation preached from the Gospel. For those who refuse conversion to new life, the Word that became flesh and the words of the Gospel proclaimed are threats!

There is a third group of people who know Jesus intellectually through the Word of God and the teachings of the Church. They recognise the light of Christ and they know in their head that by going to Jesus their problems and the problems of the world can be solved, but unlike the Three Wise Men, in their pride and vanity, they do not follow the light of Christ or surrender themselves to the Lord in the manger. Many people knew about the birth of Jesus from the Scriptures, but when He was born only a very few people went to meet Him, to accept Him as their Lord. The Vedas of the Hindus, the Scriptures of the Jews, the Writings in Koran, and in other religions clearly speak of my Son, the Saviour of the world, but they have closed their hearts to Him, so they do not experience the salvation brought through Him.

My children ask yourselves where you are now. Have you met Jesus the Lord and Saviour of your life and experienced His love? If not, follow His light, find Him by all means and give your life to Him; then you will be the happiest and blessed people on earth because Jesus, Emmanuel, will be always in your lives holding you by His hands and leading you by His Spirit of wisdom and courage. May Jesus, my Son, find place in your hearts today and may you experience His peace and joy in their fullness”

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Message - 30th November - Advent Song


Thus says the Lord “My dear children, once again a time to wait upon the Lord, your Saviour Jesus, is come in order to prepare for the celebration of Christmas. Let this time of Advent be a time to pray more, do penance and charity. On these days I want you to open the inner eyes of your hearts and see the living Jesus, My Son, dwelling in your inner self with love beyond all human comprehension and measure; and having experienced this I want you to radiate it on others by your acts of love.When you purify your hearts from sin, I along with My Son will come and dwell in you through the Holy Spirit. Let this time be a time to get out of your sinful bad habits like drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarettes and all sorts of immoral behaviours. When you open your heart and pray, you shall be filled with grace and power to find Jesus in your heart. Be in grace with a humble and surrendered attitude like Mary the mother of Jesus, to allow Jesus to be born in you. Blessed are those who open their hearts and wait upon the Lord with a clean heart.

Let the celebration of the Christmas be a sharing of your love with the poor, the sick and the abandoned in the world. Cut short your expenses on extravagances and luxurious and make collections of gifts to the poor, so that you may find many blessings on Christmas and in the New Year to come. Do not waste your money and wealth on external decorations which are sheer waste. You should know that God dwells not in things that are made of human hands but He comes and dwells in the hearts of His loving children who purify the hearts from all uncleanness. Reconcile with God and with one another by confession of your sins and of asking pardon to one another. I wish that the families get together in love to pray together, to eat together and to share love with one another. Forgiveness and love are the main messages that My Son has brought to the world. Only through Him can your heart find peace. The world can find peace only through My Son Jesus Christ. It is because the people have rejected My Son and have closed their hearts that the world is in terror and in tension. Return My people to the way of My Son!

Through the Advent, Lent and other pious Christian practices I want the Christians and all others who are of good heart to wait upon the second coming of My Son. You, Jews, who are still waiting upon Jesus the Messiah, you Muslims who believe that Jesus will come with Mohammed again and you Christians who recite in your Creed “He will come again”, should live together in love and harmony to wait upon the Saviour of the world. Do not close the door of your hearts as the people did at Bethlehem”.

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MESSAGE XIV – 1st. of November – Feast of all the Saints Song


Thus says the Lord, “Today is a great day of rejoicing on earth and in heaven. My children, you can hear the sounds of the multitude of my saints along with all the angels singing praises and Hallelujah to my Son Jesus their Lord and King and to me their Father. Joyfully the canonized, the beatified, and the non canonized joining with the saints on earth are celebrating this great feast of victory and triumph with loud shouts and dancing; it is the feast of the victory over sin, it is a triumph over Satan and darkness. The souls in purgatory expecting their glorification also are rejoicing in their hearts on this great day.

My children it is your feast. You should know that in heaven there are more non canonized saints than the canonized. Perhaps you may identify some of your own dear and near ones among them. They are the ones who kept their faith by possessing Jesus in their lives even in times of distress and persecution. They did not conform themselves to the ways of the world but they transformed their lives by the action of the Holy Spirit. Always they kept their robes received at their baptism clean and white in the blood of the Lamb through their life of prayer and sacraments in the church, the bride of Christ because they knew that nothing unclean could enter heaven. They were burning lamps and shining lights while they lived on earth and through their example of holiness they led many people to the kingdom of God.

While on earth they were already singing songs of praise and Hallelujah in spirit foreseeing their glorification in heaven. Although they lived in the world, they did not belong to the world. Always they obeyed and followed my ways and commandments given through the Bible and the Church. On earth their lives were one with Christ, they were thinking of things above what is spiritual and not of things below that is carnal and earthly. Always they wanted to be holy in every aspect of their context. All those who live a holy life on earth are my saints.

My children, from the foundation of the world, you too are called to be holy, I give you grace by pouring out my Spirit through my Son Jesus so that you may live a life according to my will. My will for you is your holiness of life. The Church, the body of Christ, remains holy through the holiness of her members. I am grieved very much in my heart seeing the un-holiness of the members of the Church who are redeemed by even the last drop of the blood of Christ my Son.

If you find yourselves in sin, do not loose hope, you too can become saints. People who lived a very bad life on earth but later changed their lives by way of repentance and conversion, and washed themselves clean in the blood of the Lamb remaining faithful and persevering until the end are found even among the canonized saints. Today, my children, make a decision to become holy, come and kneel down before the crucified Jesus confessing your sins saying “Lord, I have sinned, have mercy on me, I decide to follow you by a life of holiness and I wish to be counted among the saints in heaven”. Jesus, my Son, who took all the sins of the world and the curses of sins on His body, will surely forgive you and sanctify you.

Your life here on earth is temporary and transitory; all that you experience and enjoy with your senses will vanish. Fix your eyes upon and seek on the eternal glory which is beyond any comparison. Perhaps here on earth you will not see what you will be, because your glory, victory and triumph are unseen and hidden, but you can be sure that you shall become like me and you shall be with me seeing me face to face. Your real and eternal home is heaven where you will have a life of blessedness with all the saints and angels. It is my desire that all whom I created in my image and likeness and sent on earth for a life of pilgrimage come back to me holy and blameless to join the blessedness and joy of the saints and angels in heaven. Behold I am with you always!”

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MESSAGE XIII –  12th. October – Canonization of Sister Alphonsa Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “I know that many of my believers and disciples are persecuted and killed in various pagan countries like in India. This is my message for those who are persecuted – YOU ARE MY FRIENDS, SISTERS AND BROTHERS, YOU ARE VERY PRECIOUS CHILDREN OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN, AND I AM WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES MORE THAN EVER. You are more blessed than others because you are insulted and persecuted for my Name’s sake; the reason of your sufferings is that the Spirit of God, my true Spirit that sanctifies you and makes you the children and heirs of my Father and the kingdom, is resting in you. All the believers all over the world are with you in one spirit, fasting and praying for you with love because they know you are a part of my body, the Church, and that it is I who am persecuted in you.

Light is removing the darkness of the world! As the rising of the sun causes fear for the night and darkness, the wind and heat are threats to the hardened pieces of ice, the message of my Gospel of light and the blowing of the wind of my Spirit are threats to those who live in ignorance and darkness, not knowing the way, the truth and the life. The pagans and the rulers with politicians plot evil against me and you, my anointed, because they live in darkness and in the shadow of death not knowing my Father who loves them with a plan for their welfare and good future or Me who shed even the last drop of my blood for them for their salvation. Time is fast approaching that they will come to know their folly and in tears and repentance will acknowledge Me as their Lord and you, my followers, as true witnesses of light and truth, which they themselves are seeking through their scriptures and rituals. I know that recently, awakened by the power of the Holy Spirit, you started bearing witness to Me by preaching the Gospel, so that those who do not know the salvation may turn from the erroneous ways. Indeed, through your efforts many of them publicly or secretly found life and salvation in Me and that is the immediate cause of the rage of the forces of evil.

It is time for you to be united in one Spirit to persevere in faith and not to go away from your faith and salvation brought to you not with silver and gold but by my sufferings and pouring out of my blood. Face the ordeals, trials and sufferings with the courage of a soldier, knowing that through them you are sanctifying yourselves and becoming more and more worthy of my kingdom. All those who want to be my authentic believers and disciples will be persecuted as I too was rejected, persecuted and crucified. My beloved friends and brethren, no persecution, peril, sword, powers of this world or of the nether world should separate you from the love for my Father and Me, placed in your hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Through your Christian sufferings you are filling up what is lacking in my afflictions and sufferings for the sake of the Church, hence it is I who suffer in you and with you. Each of your sufferings is inscribed in the book of life for your eternal glory. All those who gave up their lives in witnessing their faith are in heaven with the saints and angels. If I were not put to sufferings and death, you would have not been saved! As my sufferings are the reason of your joy of salvation, so too, your sufferings will become the joy of salvation for many. As I shed my blood for you, you too are shedding your blood for the salvation of many; thus you are becoming more and more partakers of my divine life and sharers of my glory. As gold and silver are purified and made shiny in the burning fire, you too are being purified and made beautiful through the crucible of sufferings. So, my friends rejoice and give praise to God for all your hardships and sufferings because you are more privileged and made worthy than many others.

At this moment you must make sure that your conscience is free from all sins and wickedness; let no one among you be made to suffer as a murderer, a thief, and evil doer or as an intriguer. Forgive those who persecute you, love them in your heart, pray for them, bless them and never curse them. You should not return evil for evil, rather always seek what is good for each other and for all. IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO BE MY AUTHENTIC WITNESSES. Love your enemies and consider those who persecute you and kill you as your brothers and friends. My followers should not have enemies, but only friends and brothers. One day you will see that the hands that have persecuted you will be lifted up in praising My Father and Me, and they will find their salvation in the sufferings you endure and the blood you shed.

No one among you should go away from faith and salvation going back to the formal way of life which was in darkness and death. You should be my aroma for God among your fellow Christians, encouraging one another in faith, strengthening each other with courage, always carrying the burdens of one another and putting on, as my chosen ones and holy, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Also you should be aroma for those who oppose and persecute you so that the odour of your holiness and salvation may bring them to truth and life. My friends persevere in your life of prayer and participate at the Eucharistic table where you will strengthen your personal relationship with Me, drawing much power and grace. Behold, I am with you in all your sufferings, I give you my grace and power, always rejoice in Me and in my love and concern for you. Do not be afraid of those who can kill your body but be afraid only of the enemy who can kill both, your soul and body”

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MESSAGE XII –  21st. August – Feast of Pius X Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My children, I want you to fight and defeat the spirit of death and overthrow the culture of death. Ever since the defeated and frustrated angels were thrown down to earth, they were envious of my other creatures, especially of the human beings whom I created in my image and likeness and with whom I share my life and love. Their first attempt to bring a culture of death was in the Garden of Eden by making man to disobey me and thus separating them from me bringing death upon them. I had told them already that the day they would disobey me, they would die, but they obeyed not me but the voice of the enemy who gave them the false promise to make them gods. The same spirit of death enters into human beings today with the spirit of disobedience and rebellion, and thus man goes against all established rules and commandments. The ancient serpent, the deceiver of all mankind, continues working with its cunning and deceptive plans and many people become prey to him, and thus today sin is increasing in the world, consequently many die in their sins. It is a roaring lion going around the world sowing the seeds of hatred, enmity, violence and vengeance in the hearts of people.

Satan, the destroyer and murderer of lives has brought a culture of death on earth. I had warned Cain, the first murderer on earth that the demon of the sin of murder was lurking at the door of his heart, but he did not listen to me but became a victim of the deceitful plan of Satan. The same demon of murder with his companions continues devastating and destroying lives by various forms of murders like wars, terrorism, abortions, euthanasia, suicide, human cloning, experiments of embryos and foetus , etc. The demon of death is behind the distribution and consumption of destructive drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. which either, shorten lives or invite incurable diseases to bring about death. It is working behind all forms of immoralities and perversions which are the main reasons for the increase of abortions. All what Satan does is to prevent the growth of human race and to bring all possible destruction and annihilation to humanity.

The Satan is at work in the making and storing up atomic and nuclear weapons capable of destroying the whole humanity and even the planet. He is at work bringing all kind of pollutions on earth causing ecological catastrophes. The demon of death is at work in the heart of every man and woman who plan to kill or suicide. It is using politicians and rulers of the world to enact laws for abortion, euthanasia, etc. and to make destructive weapons to wage war and to kill. It is sad that many leaders and rulers of the nations are active members in the temples of Satan and lodgers of freemasons which are totally against faith and God and it is they who make laws contrary to natural and divine laws.

The Satan of death spreads a big lie that overpopulation is the reason of poverty and famine, and thus various governments make laws for small families by controlling the birth of children by various techniques and methods and even by abortion. It hid the truth that it is the unequal distribution of food, discriminations and exploitations which are the reasons of poverty and famine. It blinded and darkened the eyes and hearts of people to understand and to put into practice the messages of love and sharing given by my Son Jesus. It enters into young people and tells them not to get married because it is against the procreation of children for the continuation of humanity by marriage; and it sows the seeds of fear for children in the hearts of the married couples. It is trying especially to bring to an end the believers of Jesus who is the life giver and hope for the whole world! Many Christian countries are in decrease of believers as their birth rate is very low.

There are even religions, cultures, ideologies and philosophies formed out of lies and distortion of truth, encouraging terrorism, bloodshed, and killing of others in the name of their God. Satan deceives millions and millions of people to follow such religions and ideologies. Whatever religion or sect that promotes killing the enemies and murdering those who are not with them are led by the demon of murder.

My children, you who believe in Jesus my Son are a chosen race and my own people; you must be aware of the tactics of Satan which is destroying humanity on earth and fight tooth and nail against it, you must spread the message of life to the whole world and proclaim that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life and all those who believe in Him and follow Him will have life in fullness. Through His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the life giver, you must bring about the culture of life that loves lives and stands for lives. Faith in Jesus and His Church, which is His body, only can save the world from destruction and annihilation. The tactics of Satan and its kingdom will not prevail over the Church which is founded on Jesus the rock and His apostles. Jesus, the giver of life, has spoken life-giving words and they are treasured up in the Bible. He has appointed the Pope, His ambassador, His real representative on earth as the head of the Church to lead and guide all those who believe in Jesus to the fullness of truth. ONLY TRUTH CAN SET MANKIND FREE FROM THE LIES AND DECEPTIONS OF SATAN, AND THAT TRUTH IS JESUS HIMSELF AND HIS WORDS. Thus, save this world from the demon and culture of death by following Jesus, the giver of life, and bringing everyone to Him. I do not leave you as orphans, but I will be with you through my Spirit, my children”

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MESSAGE XI –  6th of July  –Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My children, my will for every human being on earth, whom I have created in my own image and likeness is holiness of life. You can not live this life of holiness without me, the source of holiness. You must accept me as your creator and Father and believe in my Son, whom I sent into the world as your Saviour and Lord, and abide in us through the Holy Spirit, the sanctifier, in order to live a holy life. Now, rejecting me and my Son with the power of the Holy Spirit, you are swimming in the ocean of immorality and un-holiness, drinking from the cup of condemnation, not knowing where you are or where you will be!

My heart is more offended and grieved than ever seeing the increase of immorality and perversions in the world. In the past while the people of Sodom and Gomorrah indulged in sexual promiscuity and unnatural vices, especially homosexuality, I destroyed those two rich cities with all the people and all other living creatures. When the Israelites, my chosen people, had immoral and illicit relations with the women of Moab, I commanded Moses, my beloved friend, to order them to be killed; indeed over 24.000 were killed because of their immorality and thus I purged the Israelites and kept them as my holy ones.

I sent my only begotten son Jesus to you in order that you may be saved from your sins. He revealed my merciful and forgiving love by pardoning the prostitutes and the immoral giving them grace not to sin anymore. Before ascending to me, He gave the church all the power and authority I gave Him on earth, especially to forgive and absolve sinners and to set apart a people holy to me eager to do good. They constituted the church, the household of God, the body of my Son, through which I shower my blessings on all mankind. Now the church is unholy because of the increase of immoral and sinful people. My children, you who want to be my authentic children, do not associate with the immoral and I want to purge you by removing the evil persons from you as I purged the Israelites because you are a holy nation, called and set apart as my own.

I continue teaching my people the way of holiness, the principles of moral life and values of human life through the  Pope, the ambassador, the overseer, the watchman of my people, the rock on whom I founded my church and to whom I gave the keys of the Kingdom of heaven. Through the power and authority given to the church I continue giving my love, forgiveness and mercy to those who come with faith and repentance. Today, I see an increase of disobedience to the teaching authority of the church, the pillar and foundation of truth; some of you are even protesting, insulting and wounding the Pope, the bishops and priests who give the correct and authentic teaching of the Lord. In your hardheartedness and stubbornness you say that it is I who created the homosexuals, the immoral and the criminals. You justify yourselves in the sight of others, but I know your hearts; for what is of human esteem is an abomination in my sight.

Even some of my priests and anointed leaders are living in immorality and say that there is no sin denying the need of repentance and confession. I am against such shepherds and leaders who violate my law and profane what is holy to me, not distinguishing between the sacred and the profane, the clean and the unclean. In the past whenever I decided to turn my anger on humanity to bring punishments, I took notice of the holy hands of priests lifting the body and blood of my Son on various altars all over the world and thousands of religious nuns and holy people lifting up their holy hands pleading for mercy upon the earth and stopped punishing the world. Day by day, the number of such people is decreasing.

The filth and stink of sins of immorality, perversions and  unnatural vices like bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, fornication, concubinage, cohabitation, with disregard of the sacrament of marriage, and the consequent abortions, use of pills and contraceptives to prevent and terminate pregnancies, etc are polluting the earth bringing upon it innumerable curses. The demon of pornography has invaded every spear of human life enticing human hearts to immorality with all forms of lust and passions. The earth moans and fades, all that dwell languishes; earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis everywhere…species of plants, birds, fishes and animals disappear…murder and destructions…men destroy themselves with wars and terrorism. Along with exploitation and corruption, the unequal distribution of wealth has made the poor poorer and the rich richer. There is famine and wretchedness in various parts of the world.

The rulers of the nations have lost their conscience and they have made pact with Satan that deceives and kills; and in the name of secularism and relativism they are forcing the people to abandon their faith in me the Creator, the source of life, love, goodness and prosperity. They think they are progressing but they are moving towards doom; they are going backwards and not forwards. The humanity is disintegrating and slowly moving towards extinction.

My children, my chastisements and punishments are not far. I am offended and grieved; my anger may burn at any time to consume the earth with fire. Soon my Son will come to sift the world; he will separate the good people from the bad people. It is not too late to repent and to come back. You do not yet know when He comes, so stay awake, listen and respond to my words which may cut your heart as with a sword, break your mind as with a hammer and burn your spirit as with a fire, so that you may be broken, moulded, and purified. Behold I will be with those who keep my words!

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Rev 12: 7-8


MESSAGE X –  Sacred Heart of Jesus – 30th of May –Song


Thus speaks Jesus the Lord, “Dear friends, I came down on earth and lived amidst you in order to love you. Taking pity upon your miserable state of sins and sufferings, personally I took all of your sins and sufferings on me with all their consequences in order that you may find forgiveness, healing and liberation in me. My Father’s love for you was so much that He made me sin, who did not know sin and I allowed me to die on the cross like a criminal in order that you may find reconciliation, righteousness, sanctification, redemption and life. My compassionate love for you was so intense that I allowed my heart to be broken for you. My friends, has anyone broken his heart for you to express love? But I did it for you! I allowed even the last drop of my blood to flow out from my heart so that you may be my own people who are washed, cleansed and healed eager to do God’s will and to do good for others.

If I have loved you so much even to the point of breaking my heart for you, are you not obliged to love me in return? If only you keep my commandments and laws you can love me. If you go on in your ways of lawlessness and sins, you are grieving my heart and re-crucifying me. Long ago when your ancestors were steeped in sin, they were punished with a deluge. Now when my Father looks down on earth, He sees the hardheartedness and sins of my people, He shows you love and mercy through my Body and Blood lifted up by the hands of holy priests on various altars all over the world. When He sees me breaking my own body and shedding my own blood daily for you, He stops punishing you but feels a great compassion and love for you. But you should know that mercy and anger are alike in Him. Do not delay your conversion; do not put it off from day to day.

I will not reject or abandon you, but I wait for your return and change of lives, when you return I will receive you with an everlasting love forgiving and forgetting all your past, making you again my children and co-heirs to be seated along with me beside My Father. Dearly beloved friends, you will find the heart beat of my love, the power of blood and water flown from my heart, in my body, the church. You must know that the blood represents life and the water represents my Spirit. It is by pouring out my life and Spirit that I founded the Church! I am head of the body, the church, the household of God, the pillar and foundation of truth. When you dare to leave the church and the sacraments, the sources of my life and Spirit, you are rejecting my love. I do not want you to reject my love freely offered to you and to die in your sins. I do not want to see you wandering around in thirst and hunger, digging cisterns of your ways that can not give you life and Spirit.

When you believe in me and find me through the sacraments in the church, all your thirst and hunger will be quenched and you will be satisfied in your lives. I make no discrimination, each one of you is precious to me and I thirst for each one of you and I do not want any of you to be lost. Bring your hearts to my heart and experience my ever flowing love which will transform you from glory to glory and from holiness to holiness until you become like me. I will sow in your hearts the seeds of all virtues and qualities of my life. You are all being consecrated by my perfect offering on the cross because I was offering and consecrating all of you in my body. Whatever you want to consecrate, yourselves, your home, your works and all that you have, consecrate through my heart. You can not consecrate and make yourself holy to any creature because I who called you is holy and be holy as I am holy.

In times of confusion or crisis, in moments of loneliness or rejection, in situations of sorrow or pains, in temptations or sins, in dangers or risks, in sickness or catastrophes, look at my broken heart and find love, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, consolation, healings, etc. If you come to me with all your heart I will never reject you my friends, I am not a human but I am your God and Lord, who loves you with an everlasting love. I will be with you always until the end of the world”

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MESSAGE IX – Pentecost Sunday – 11th. May 2008 –Song


Thus speaks the Lord, “My children, you are celebrating the greatest feast of the Church, Pentecost, which is the feast of the Holy Spirit – the Spirit that has made you my children and heirs of God and join-heirs with Christ, my Son. Through Him you are called to freedom, the freedom of the children of God; you are no more under the slavery of sin and Satan, but you are fellow citizens with the holy ones and members of the household of God built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ, my Son, as the cornerstone.

The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of my Son dwelling in you, is my greatest gift to you. He continues in you and through you the works of my Son, and brings to completion the common works of the Trinity, which is to build a new age, a new kingdom, where countless multitude of every nation, race, people and tongue will worship God in Spirit and truth having washed their robes and made them white as snow in the blood of the Lamb, with joy, peace and consolation in their hearts, as the old order of tears, mourning, veiling and pains pass away; loving each other, helping and serving and strengthening one another with the love they have received in their hearts through the Holy Spirit.

You must know my children, the Holy Spirit, the paraclete, the consoler and defender will be with you always giving you the continuous living and glorious presence and radiance of your Saviour Jesus and I, your loving and compassionate Father. Your real life and citizenship is in heaven and the gift of the Spirit is giving to you as a seal of guarantee and first instalment to your eternal life. Do not lose this seal by committing sins, but grow in the grace and blessings of the Holy Spirit to pay all instalments to bring to completion your life of perfection.

If you are convinced that you have received the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, YOU HAVE A DUTY TO BE ANOTHER PARACLETE TO YOUR NEIGHBOURS who have not found this gift. Many of your neighbours are starving in their souls as they do not have the living bread and the life living water. They are broken in their hearts because they have broken the relationship with me and with one another, they are wounded and desperate living in the darkness and blindness of the slavery of sin. They neither see the light nor come to the true light, Jesus, who alone can liberate them through the Holy Spirit. Some of them are dragged to eternal damnation by Satan, the devil, the spirit of evil that works as an enemy to the spirit of Christ. You, my children, must be sober and vigilant against the tactics of the devil, your opponent, who tries to destroy the new age and new life which I have brought to this world through my Spirit. He and his colleagues, the fallen angels, are trying their best to bring a false new age through its occult presence and powers even pretending as good angels and gods with the performance of signs and wonders.

Hundreds and thousands of people on earth, even some of those who are baptized in the Church, having lost the action and power of the Holy Spirit are wandering around in guilt, depression, loneliness, fear and rejection hating their own lives by feelings and attempts of suicide and hating others by bringing violence, terror and murder upon them. There are children emotionally and sexually abused by the elders, there are pregnant women planning to kill their babies in the womb by abortion, and also there are women with guilt and fear of the abortions they committed,  there are people who lost faith in God having lost their dear and near ones and there are many who are mentally and physically ill who need your consoling and loving words and comforting gestures for their liberation, healing and new life. TODAY I ANNOINT YOU AFRESH WITH MY SPIRIT TO BE MY PARACLETES FOR THIS BROKEN WORLD WHICH IS IN NEED OF LIBERATION, HEALING AND CONSOLATION. Give the experience of my kingdom, the new age, the righteousness, consolation, peace and joy of my Spirit to those who are in need. I fill you with my gifts and charisms to preach the gospel of salvation to all, to cast out demons, to lay hands on the sick, to seek and find those who have gone away from my kingdom. It is by giving that you receive; give all what you have received through my Spirit that you may receive more and more. Let your words, actions and even your very life and presence bring the power of the Spirit to those who are in the church so that they may grow and be strengthened in the consolation of the Holy Spirit. To a world that has lost values of life and morality by bringing indiscipline, anomaly, confusion and chaos, BE A PARACLETE OF DEFENDER, to defend life, morality, justice and truth. Go ahead always with the power and courage of the Spirit, do not look back. Behold the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit is with you always”

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MESSAGE VIII – Mercy Sunday – 30th. March –Song


Thus speaks the Lord, “My children, the outcry against sinners is so great because their sins are many and serious. My heart is much wounded and grieved at the sins of mankind. If I take all their sins and their consequences on my judgement seat, they are enough to condemn them all to eternal damnation. But the weight of my mercy is greater than the sins and offences. You can see the culmination of my mercy and love upon the broken heart of my beloved Son on the cross. The lance that pierced his heart represents each of your mortal sins and the blood and water that flows from his heart represent the ocean of my compassionate love for you.

When Adam and Eve sinned and lost paradise, I showed my compassionate love to them by keeping them away from the fruit of the tree of life. If they had eaten from the tree of life in their state of sinfulness, they and their descendants would have remained defective and incapable forever to have the life already promised through my Son Jesus. When Cain killed his brother Abel, I showed my compassionate love by putting a mark on him so that he would not be stoned to death for his murder. When your forefathers offended me grievously by their wickedness I decided to destroy the earth with a deluge but I showed my compassionate love by saving the family of Noah through whom mankind and all creatures survived later. My anger a-glowed at the immorality and perversions of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah but I showed my compassionate love on Lot and his family.

It is my compassionate heart that urged me to send my only Son to you to take upon himself all your sins and to be an scapegoat for your sins and iniquities. I allowed him to be scourged and wounded all over his body, to die a death of a criminal on the cross and to break his heart for you by shedding even the last drop of his blood. Now in order that you may have access to this ocean of my immeasurable love and mercy I am present body and blood in the holy sacrament of the Eucharist. What more can I do to express my unfathomable mercy and love?

In Jesus my Son you experience the love and mercy of a Good Samaritan who washes, heals, comforts and cares the rejected, the wounded and the dying with the oil of his love. He is a good shepherd who goes after and searches for the lost sheep leaving the other ninety nine in the hills and wilderness; and in him you will see me, your father, awaiting anxiously for the lost son to come back in order to rush to him, to receive him with an embrace, to clothe him with white garments giving him new rings and shoes and to prepare a great feast with fattened calf .

I can not make compromise with sin, I am a God who can not declare the guilty guiltless, and I punish children and grandchildren to the third and fourth generation for the wickedness of the fathers; but at the same time I am a compassionate God to those sinners who turn away from their sins and come to the fountain of my mercy; my mercy flows down unto the thousand generations on those who repent and decide to love me by keeping my commandments. The time is fast approaching for Jesus my Son to collect together all those who belong to him and to hand over the kingdom to me with all those who belong to it. Therefore, my children, I exhort you very earnestly to remain blameless and innocent children of God without spot, blemish or wrinkle shining like lights in the world in the midst of the present crooked and perverse generation. This is the time of my immeasurable mercy, poured out on the whole humanity through the broken heart of my only Son. Turn away from your sins by deep repentance and come to his heart.

If you have found my mercy already, do not be proud and presumptuous to assume that you are already perfect. You must continue going to the Sacred Heart of my Son to immerse yourselves daily in my merciful love so that you may be protected from the temptation to sin, from the tactics of the devil, from the worldly anxieties, from the lure of riches and from all sensual lust with all its passions. If you are my true children, you too should be merciful to others as I am merciful, forgive everyone from your heart and show your love and compassion even to your enemies. Always keep in mind what my Son Jesus has taught you, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy”.

Bring all those souls who are in need of my unfathomable mercy and immerse them all in the ocean of my love that flows from the heart of my Son: the clerics, the married, the unmarried, the youth and the children, especially those in the mother’s womb. Bring those apostates who have gone away from faith and salvation, the unbelievers and those who do not know my Son so that the floodgates of my divine mercy may flow into them and save them. Also bring all the souls in purgatory especially those neglected souls and who are in great need of salvation to the ocean of my mercy. If you do all these with corporal works of mercy such as helping the poor and the orphans, visiting the sick and the prisoners and spiritual works of mercy such as admonishing the sinners and bringing them to repentance, preaching the Gospel and being patient with those who are in error, forgiving offences, comforting and counselling those who are rejected and in sorrow and praying for the living and the dead, YOUR PRAYERS OF INTERCESION WILL BE GREATLY MERITORIOUS AND ACCEPTABLE before the heavenly throne from where all blessings flow to the whole world. My children I am with you always”

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MESSAGE VII – Easter 2008 – 23rd. March  –Song


Thus speaks Jesus the Lord, “My dearly beloved friends, today you are celebrating your own feast! Because you have put to death the parts of you that are earthly – immorality, impurity, passion, evil desires and greed and have crucified your old self with all its attachments and desires to the flesh and to the world, so YOU ARE RISEN WITH ME to the newness of life.  As I rose from the tomb, I showed myself to my disciples and apostles, you too, must show yourself to the world that you are risen from sin and death, and thus I want you to be the witnesses of my resurrection. I give you the same message I gave to Mary Magdalene and to the disciples – go and tell that I am risen and that I am alive.

You, my Christians, must be very happy in your lives because you know the meaning and problems of your lives since you already know what is awaiting for you in the future. Your life is full of hope because always you know that you shall see me face to face, and that you will live and reign with me forever in my kingdom. You are a chosen race, royal priests, holy nation and my own beloved ones who look forward to your full communion and fellowship with me and my Father in heaven with the company of the saints and angels. Like my death and burial were ways towards my resurrection and life with my Father, so too your death and burial will not be an end in themselves, but only doors to eternal happiness. It is in the light of your life with me in eternity that you must evaluate the present sufferings and pains of your life. When you waste away your lives here on earth by sufferings of poverty, sickness and rejections, etc. you are being renewed and strengthened in your inner soul; this slight momentary affliction is preparing you for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure, because you look forward not at what can be seen but at what can not be seen, for what can be seen is temporary and what can not be seen is eternal.

To the extent you die to yourselves and to the world, you are carrying in your body my risen life. In your mortal lives my immortal life will be manifested all throughout your lives if you look at your present sufferings, sicknesses and negatives with this noble and high motive. Through my Spirit dwelling in you, who is the guarantee for your own resurrection, you are being transformed everyday from glory to glory, from holiness to holiness till you are fully conformed with my glorified body, and when you live your lives with this sublime hope and optimism, the power of resurrection will help you to endure all sufferings with peace and joy.

You are not unfortunate in this world, my friends, on the contrary you are the most fortunate and blessed of all on this earth. My resurrection and my life in you are the guarantee and assurance for your own resurrection and life, so by your unwavering and intense faith in me and love for me, hold in your hearts and lives the power of my resurrection. Do not join with those who deny resurrection and put no hope in the life to come saying – let us eat and drink, make merry and enjoy life here on earth because we are sure of what we see and touch. The kingdom of God or life in the kingdom is not flesh or the world, it is not material food and drink, but it is life led by my Spirit in peace, joy and righteousness. You have only one life in this world, you are unique in this world, there is no one else like you and no one can substitute your life. You have to appear one day before God to give an account of your lives. You will not come back to this world again to have another chance to live, like some pagan religions believe in reincarnation.

When I come again on the clouds to gather together the elect and to hand over the kingdom to my Father, I will gather only those who lived a victorious, triumphant and glorious life here on earth believing, loving and following me in all trials and sufferings of life with the grace and power of my resurrection; and not those who allowed themselves to be weapons for wickedness under the reign of sin. Behold I am the resurrection and life and those who believe in me will not die but live forever

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MESSAGE VI – Holy Thursday – 20th. of March 2008 –Song


Thus speaks Jesus the Lord, “My beloved friends, from all eternity I desired to be with you always. In creation I was with my Father through the Spirit to give shape to the whole universe and everything therein. When my Father, took the clay of the earth to shape you by His own hands, He copied my image and likeness into you by looking into my face because I am the image of the invisible God, the refulgence of His glory and the very imprint of His being, the first born of all creation, in me all things hold together and sustain and in me the fullness of grace and life dwell. Together with my Father I was with you in the Garden of Eden and you were in intimate relation with us always, you were glorious with the fullness of life and grace, you were like God, immortal by nature, immune to all hurts and sicknesses and always with joy and peace. But by sin, the work of Satan the enemy, you lost this great and sublime life with all its blessings and prerogatives.

Ever since I was pleading to my Father to restore you to the lost image and glory and He asked me to come down on earth as a human being by taking upon myself all your sins and their consequences. Emptying my Godhead and renouncing all the rights and privileges and equality with the Father, He allowed me to be born of a woman like all of you but through the Holy Spirit, to live amidst you like anyone of you except sin. Because I was without sin, my Father made me a scapegoat by putting on me all your sins; He identified me with your sinful nature, yes, He made me sin although I did not know sin. I obeyed my Father until my death on the Cross where I had to die as a criminal for your righteousness, sanctification and redemption. I did not do anything of my own, I did everything what the Father did, because He always loved me and I was His beloved, He showed me all He would do. Therefore in me and in my works you shall see and experience the works of my Father because I and my Father are one and he who sees me sees my Father.

Before my death and departure from the earth to my Father, I wanted to fulfil His greatest desire to be with mankind forever. He sent me not only for the people of Jerusalem, Galilee or Nazareth but for the whole world. He wanted His presence be felt and experienced through me by the whole humanity. So I called together my disciples at the last Supper and did the greatest miracle of changing the bread and wine into my body and blood, and I promised that whenever and wherever you would do it, you might experience my real presence with you and through me the presence of my Father.

In what all parts of the world, my anointed priests consecrate the bread and wine at the Eucharistic table, saying, ‘this is my body and this is my blood’, the very words I said at the last supper, they become truly my body and blood. This is the same body lifted up and broken for you and the same blood spilled out for you on Calvary. In the Holy Mass and in the Holy Communion you can touch me, eat my body and drink my blood and become one with me, and in this communion and fellowship you shall receive back all prerogatives and blessings which you had lost in paradise.  To all those who come to me, even sinners and criminals who believe in me and turn away from their evil way with a deep sorrow and repentance, I will say the same words which I told to the thief on my right side on Calvary, “You shall be with me in paradise”. In every Eucharistic service you can experience my incarnation amidst you and draw all the blessings I have brought to mankind through my bodily presence amidst you.

In all tabernacles of the world, day and night, I live and wait for my people to come to me, to visit me, to talk to me and to pour out all their sorrows, woes, worries and problems to me so that they may experience the power and grace that flow from my living presence receiving liberation, healing, new life and finding answer to all their problems. My dearly beloved believers, I continue living amidst you in the Eucharist to wipe away your tears, to comfort you in your afflictions and to show my love and compassion in all your needs. Blessed are those who come to my real presence in the body and blood in the Eucharist and hear my voice, “Come to me all you who labour and are burdened I will give you rest, I will make your yoke easy and your burden light, come to me if you are hungry or thirsty, by believing in my real presence you will quench your thirst and hunger, daughter and son your faith has saved you, go in peace and be cured of your afflictions, child your sins are forgiven, those who hear my words and observe them are my mother, brothers and sisters, behold I bless your children, I will enter your home and do signs and wonders, my heart is moved with pity for the crowd – they have nothing to eat – I don’t want to send them away hungry, etc.”

My friends, I am not a God who watches over from heaven to judge you over your sins and wickedness, I am a God, who lives amidst you to liberate you from all your miseries and to give you life and salvation. Seek me and call upon me while I am near to you, abandon and forsake your evil ways, surely you shall find me because I am generous in forgiving and my love and compassion are everlasting. Everyday at the Eucharistic table I invite you to come to eat my body and to drink my blood so that you may live; do not excuse yourselves with concerns of the flesh and of the world; and in the tabernacles and places of Adoration I wait for you to come and experience my real presence to receive all the blessings I pour out on humanity. Behold I am Jesus, your God who is alive”

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MESSAGE V – Lenten Message III – 14th of March 2008 –Song


Thus speaks Jesus the Lord, “I know that on these days you meditate on my sufferings and try to draw power and blessings from them because I endured all my sufferings for your sake. It is indeed through my sufferings that you won the joy of salvation. It was the will of my Father in heaven that I must carry on me the consequences of your sins like eternal death, punishment, sicknesses and curses in order to forgive you, heal you and liberate you making you His loving children. All my sufferings and death on the cross were sufficient to give you salvation; all that you have to do is to believe in me and to accept me as your only saviour and Lord and follow me.

As I saw the sufferings and miseries of the people of Israel two thousand years before, now I see the miseries and sufferings of the New Israel, the Church. I know that you are suffering a lot even going through persecutions and trials in order to live a righteous and holy life. Look at the life of my saints who endured sufferings with joy and courage. They were imprisoned, many of them were beaten up severely, some of them were thrown before ferocious animals to be eaten up, they had to endure hunger and thirst, they were rejected by their own people and they had dangers from friends and foes, but they stood firm in their love for me, their feet did not falter, they did not run away from sufferings because they looked upon me, suffered and crucified for their sake; and thus they made their sufferings my sufferings.
Dearly beloved brothers and sisters who follow me, offer all your sufferings on my sufferings and make them my sufferings and thus reap the fruits from your sufferings. Do not loose the merits of your sufferings by your murmurings, criticism and negative attitude like the Israelites who rebelled in the desert and were unable to enter the Promised Land. I do live amidst you, my new Israel, the Church which is my body and I accept and use the sufferings of my people and join them with my sufferings so that many will become sharers of my salvation brought through my sufferings. I want you to be my witnesses in sharing the good news of the Gospel to many so that many may be saved. In order that your witnessing be powerful and meritorious, you must follow my life of holiness, my habit of prayer, my self denial, my total surrender to God,  my dedication to the poor and the needy and my way of carrying the cross and sufferings.

As the sufferings willed by my Father became blessings for you all, when you join your sufferings with my sufferings I will bring many blessings upon you, your family and upon the whole world. Do not think that all your sufferings are curses by God coming upon you as a result of your sins or the sins of your ancestors. You are still children, my friends, you have not grown in my Spirit in order to comprehend and experience the mystery of suffering. I did not commit any sin and I was not accursed by God, my Father, still He gave me the cup of sufferings because I am His most beloved son. When you suffer as a son, I hold you in my hands giving you comfort and consolation. Your present sufferings are nothing compared to the glory that is to be revealed, and when you endure the sufferings with joy in the heart, you manifest the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in you who helps you to crucify your old self with its passions and desires, to sanctify yourselves and to offer yourselves as living, holy and pleasing to God.

I do understand your fear, anxiety and nervousness when you are faced with trials and sufferings. I too had to face the similar situation and I even desired that the cup of sufferings goes away from me. But because I trusted in the love of my Father and called upon Him, He gave me grace and power to carry the cross and to suffer the passion. My friends and believers, in all your sufferings I am with you with my love and compassion, you must trust in me and call upon me then you shall find strength and courage through my Spirit. By enduring your sufferings diligently and patiently with joy in your heart you shall be my loving disciples. I will never leave you or abandon you. I will be with you always”.

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MESSAGE IV – Lenten Message II– 22nd of February 2008 –Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My beloved children, don’t you know that I allowed my Son Jesus to die on the cross by shedding all His blood in order that your inner conscience be washed from all filthiness, guilt, and scar of your sins and a new heart as white as snow be given. It is true that you burdened and grieved me in my heart by your sins, but when you repent and come to me, my heart being filled with love and compassion for you will accept you with a greater love, wiping away all your offences and their memories. When you return to me I will keep your wounded and guilt-laid heart of sin in the wounded heart of my Son and brush away the wounds and scars restoring it to its pristine beauty and power.

I know the stained memories of your past sins which were abominable before my sight and which now make you guilty evoking fear, sadness and regret in your hearts. They are like idols in your hearts and the memories of these idols lead you again and again into sins. No water, soap or detergent can wash the guilt of your sins and remove the idols of abominations except the water and the blood that flow from the wounded heart of my beloved Son on the cross. No dye on earth can give colour and texture to your broken heart; but when you come and pray before me with a contrite spirit I will breath my Spirit into your heart and then you shall receive a new heart and a new soul with power and grace to live a new life.

I am your loving Father, who formed you in your mother’s womb, I call you by name, you are my chosen ones, keeping your name in the palms of my hands I walk with you calling you “darling”, “my beloved”, “and my own”. When you are in sin, my heart is overwhelmed and my compassion is stirred. My love for you, dear children, is everlasting, and my compassion for you is never changing. The more you go away from me by your sins, the more I draw you towards me with cords and bands of love. I do not take pleasure in the death of a sinner. It is enough that you turn towards me acknowledging and confessing your sins detesting them with a deep sorrow in the heart; I will not remember your sins anymore then.

When you hear the voice of my Son through the anointed ministers in my church “your sins are forgiven”, I not only forgive your sins but also forget them forever. Therefore my children, carry no more the burden of guilt in your hearts and be sad, but rejoice that you have become new creatures. What my Son Jesus on the cross told to the sinner, who turned to Him, will be told to you also, “today you shall be with me in paradise”.

And in Him there is no condemnation because He took away all condemnations and punishments by His vicarious death on the cross. If anyone of you feel guilty, look at Jesus, your Saviour, crucified, and say “have mercy on me”; you will see His unseen hands wiping away your sins and the scars of your sins, and when you lift your heart to His heart broken out of love for you, you will experience the radiance and vibration of His love flowing through you; and opening your eyes after such a deep prayer and looking into yourselves you will see that you are no longer the same and that you are with Him and Me in paradise. Then the heaven will rejoice with all the angels and saints and sing praise to my name, “Glory be to you Father, who redeemed us through the precious blood of Your Son”

My loving children, daily you shall pray with the Psalmist, “wash away all my guilt, from my sin cleanse me. For I know my offence, my sin is always before me. Against you alone have I sinned, I have done such evil in your sight, that you are just in your sentence, blameless when you condemn. True, I was born guilty, a sinner, even as my mother conceived me. Cleanse me with a hyssop that I may be pure, wash me; make me whiter than snow. Turn away your face from my sins, blot out all my guilt. A clean heart create for me, O God, renew in me a steadfast spirit. Do not drive me from your presence nor take from me your Holy Spirit”

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MESSAGE III – Lenten Message – 3rd February 2008 –Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My children, as usual Lent, a time to meditate and to reflect upon the passion, death and resurrection of Christ and to draw power from them for your Christian life, is come. It is a time for praying, fasting, mortifications and almsgiving. As you bend your neck to receive the ash to start this time of grace, think of your nothingness, and with all humility of heart reflect on the life which is to follow after the life here on dust, and make treasures in the kingdom to come. O man, your life here is very fragile and short and the present sufferings are nothing compare to the great glory that is to come. How foolish it would be if you gain all the wealth and treasures in this world forfeiting your eternal life!

If you keep everything that you have for yourselves you are not treasuring up anything for the future. Let the example of My Son Jesus be an inspiration and model for your lives, although He was rich, He became poor, so that by His poverty you became rich. Many of you are rich in material blessings, your love for God should urge you to share your material blessings with those who are poor, and thus to make them rich. You know very well that the gap between the rich and the poor is very big, it is you who have to work to bridge the gap bringing prosperity and good living equally for all.

I created this earth and all that are in it for my children, whom I created in my image and likeness, and I want that everyone has an equal share in the material wealth and blessings that are on earth. Today’s system of economy and distribution of wealth has caused many people to be very poor with not even having enough means to fulfil their basic needs. Perhaps the wealth which you are enjoying now comes from the sweat of the brow of many unknown poor people in the world who are exploited, cheated and manipulated in productions, distributions and business. Many of you have become rich not by your toil and sweat. In your conscience you must feel an obligation to help those who are materially poor.

In the pride of material and worldly pleasures, you may say that you have everything, you need nothing, not even God, and thus you may neglect or even look with content on those who come to you for help; but if you truly look into the inner sanctuary of your souls, you may come to know or rather I may come to know, that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked. You must know that only I can make you truly rich removing your pitiable and wretched condition, open your eyes and clothing you with fine garments. But I can not do it unless you give me what you have. Whatever you give to the poor, you are given to me. Thus by your charity you may obtain forgiveness for your sins and cover a multitude of sins. Almsgiving frees one from death, expiate sins and keeps one from going into the dark abode; and those who do it regularly will enjoy the fullness of life.

My children, do not turn your face away from any of the poor, see in all of them my image and face and help them generously as you would help me. I have a especial love and care upon those who help the poor and the needy, I will write their names in the book of life with the list of all their good doings, and when I come on the clouds to judge the living and the dead, I will bring with me the recompense for their good deeds.

Help the poor with joy in your hearts because I love and bless the cheerful givers. If you have much give from your affluence, and if you have nothing, give even from your nothingness. Keep no account of what you give to the poor for I take account of them all, the left hand should not know what the right hand does, and blow no trumpet over what you do. All what you do in secret will be known to me, you will shine as light in the world and you will be my witnesses; seeing your good works others will glorify me in heaven.

My children, you should know that it is more blessed to give than to receive. This is what the early Christians, your forefathers did. You are not the owner of what you have, all what you have is given by me and you are only administrators and stewards. Now I am calling you all through Jesus Christ my Son, to be good stewards of all what you have for your neighbours by divine providence. Recall to mind what He has told you, ‘sell what you have and give to the poor’! You may have to sell some of your comforts, pleasures, luxuries, conveniences, etc in order to help others. As He emptied Himself to save you, you too have to empty yourself for others; He appreciated and praised the might of the widow who gave from her livelihood rather than those rich people who gave from their affluence.

Finally, my little children, on everyday of the holy season of Lent, set apart something for the poor. By detaching yourselves from worldly riches, you will be more attached to me and to my heavenly blessings, thus you will grow more in all virtues and you will become holy as I am holy. Spend more time in prayer and repentance; in contemplation discover the mercy of God so that you may become merciful to your brothers and sisters in the world. Let your fasting and mortifications help you to pursue you from all your sinfulness and to keep your souls holy and blameless before me, then you will experience the power of my resurrection. Behold I am with you always”

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MESSAGE II – 29th.  January 2008 –Song


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, the earth was a formless waste land and darkness covered the abysses while I created the universe. Through my Spirit, the mighty wind, and by the power of my word I separated the light from the darkness so that my people for whom I created the whole universe and the earth may live in the light as children of the light. You are not of night and darkness, but you are the children of the day and the light

Those who live in darkness stumble their feet on their ways because through the darkness of their eyes they are blind and they are unable to know the way to reach the goal of life. I sent my Son Jesus, as the light of the world to remove the darkness from the hearts of those who are confused and lost on their way to eternal salvation. He is the true light that enlightens everyone, in Him there is no darkness and darkness has no power over Him. As I led the Israelites as a column of fire to give them light on their way to the promise land, I have given Jesus as a light to the whole world and to all people of all generations irrespective of religion or culture, nation or race, so that all who look at Him, call upon Him and follow His way may not walk in darkness and lose their way to the real goal of life.

Jesus, who heals the sick, liberates the oppressed, feeds the hungry and rises the dead is the One who will set you free from all darkness and gives you the light of life. Darkness of the soul comes from the evil one, the Satan, who tries to destroy my works of salvation through Jesus Christ the Lord Through darkness, confusion, doubts, deceit, brokenness, harted of life, rebellion against God’s laws, sins and iniquities are brought to the soul by the enemy to entice you to eternal death and damnation. Satan is always a deceiver, a thief and a murderer and he is opposed to truth and light. He and all who follow him do not come to the light fearing that their evil ways will be exposed; so they hate the light and prefer to remain in darkness. He who remains in sins and wickedness say, “Who can see me, darkness surrounds me, walls hide me, no one sees me, why should I fear to sin?” Such a one does not understand that the eyes of the Lord are ten thousand times brighter than the sun. Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known.

In order to deceive you, my children, Satan may disguise himself as an angel of life performing even signs and wonders. Beware of the tactics of the devil, and discern the spirits to make sure that you follow my Spirit, a spirit of love, truth, justice and righteousness; and not the evil spirit which is the spirit of antichrist that can kill both your soul and body in hell. Resist the spirit of evil with your faith in Jesus Christ, the true light and the truth, the Saviour of life and eternal salvation. Call upon His name which is above every name, and when you call upon Him and live a righteous life according to His will, you will find answers to all your problems and no evil will touch you or trouble you. Let all who call upon the name of the Lord avoid sin.

If you keep anger, jealousy, spite, hatred and negative thoughts towards others you are in darkness. When darkness pervades the heart, the eyes become blind and you will not be able to see God and heavenly realities, and consequently you will fail to see God in others. He, who does not love his brother whom he sees, can not love a God whom he can not see. Therefore love one another and keep my royal commandment and thus be in the light.

My children, the ultimate goal of your life is union and fellowship with Me which is obtained through my Son Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit. If you walk in darkness and do the deeds of darkness you can not have fellowship and union with me. If you find yourselves in darkness and in the deeds of darkness, open your hearts to the word of God and to the light of the Holy Spirit who will convict you and give you the grace of repentance. My words and my Spirit shall take away all darkness from you and fill you again with the light of salvation; thus you shall be blameless and innocent children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine like lights in the world.

Be witnesses of my light, Jesus; I say, my children, be the lights of the world. Remaining in the light and shining as lights work hard to remove the darkness from the hearts of others by bringing them my word and my Spirit which alone can separate the light from the darkness. Have no fear I am with you always.

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MESSAGE I – 1st. January 2008 – New YearSong


Thus says the Lord God, “My dear children, I am your Creator and Lord, I created the whole universe, the earth and all that is therein for you and for your welfare. I created you in my image and likeness and breathed my life into you and thus you came in to existence. I fixed times, the days and the years. I decide when one should be born on this earth and when he should depart from there. Now, I give you a new year to live on this earth a life of joy and happiness, a life which is Spirit filled and grace filled with my many blessings. Hence with thanksgiving and praises to God in your heart begin to live this year.

Perhaps, many who prepared themselves with various plans and ambitions to live long did not see this year. I want you to acknowledge the great gift of life which I have given you. You are alive because I am alive, and I breathe continuously my life in to you. By your worthy and upright life you must show gratitude to me, adore me and love me. I am the source of all blessings and do not abandon me.

You must carefully assess and evaluate the success and failures, joys and sorrows, positives and negatives,  which you had in the past, and make plans, decisions, policies and strategies with more wisdom, prudence and courage. You must be humble enough to admit your mistakes and shortcomings and be ready to correct yourselves. Self righteousness, pride and arrogance can again lead you to failures. Perhaps, you failed in many of your enterprises because you did not call upon me or my power, but you relied upon yourselves and your abilities. Or perhaps, you were too avaricious about achievements and success and you neglected your duties to God and your neighbour. Or in your over enthusiasm to achieve your worldly goals, you have forgotten the real goal of your life which is your salvation. Or you did not do things according to my will but you did things in wickedness, corruption or injustice. My children, consider your ways, remove all that is contrary to my will and decide to live in the ways shown by my son Jesus, your Saviour. You must know that HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, and with Him and through Him you will succeed in all what you do.

This year also you will have to face trials and sufferings. There will be many challenges before you. You may experience that you are abandoned and rejected by your own dear and near ones. Perhaps friends in whom you trusted in the past may become your enemies and opponents. Because you decide to live a morally good life, you may be persecuted and ridiculed by those who live a bad life. But remember that I will be with you giving you grace, power and courage, but you must trust in me, keep constant contact with me through prayers and keep my commandments as proof of your love towards me.

Terrorism and wars will continue to harass and destroy lives on earth. Calamities and catastrophes will be fall on many parts of the world. Once again, my children, I urge you to take care and protect the planet, the earth that I have created for you and your welfare. Take seriously the global warnings and avoid all that pollute the earth and environments. This year a major natural catastrophe in an affluent country will bring about the conversion of many. I permit natural calamities in order that those who live in wickedness may change their lives.
The Church, the body of Christ, will be persecuted in many parts of the world. Many Christians will be persecuted for my name’s sake, in several places freedom to preach truth, justice and moral principles of life will be denied. The enemies of Christ will try to eradicate His name through which only the world can be saved. The exhortations of the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on earth will be accepted and responded by several world leaders, especially his teachings on love, harmony, respect for life, honour for sexuality and marriage. Through his efforts there will be more peace and harmony between the major monotheistic religions.

But the devil, the enemy, will be active and powerful trying to establish his kingdom, a permissive society that accepts all perversions and licentiousness like abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, divorce, etc. Communism and atheism will reappear again in the form of modernism, secularism, relativism and hedonism, with all utopian promises. Believers all over the world should pray specially for the Pope, who is the chosen and unique leader to fight for a new age, a new earth and a new heaven based on human and moral principles of life according to the Word of God. He will have many physical and spiritual sufferings for the good of the church and humanity; hence you must support him, my children, with your love and prayers. You must be prepared to fight the assaults and tactics of Satan that come through those who advocate and encourage all forms of murder, immoralities, injustice and corruption.

I watch over you from heaven to see if you are seeking me and walking in my ways. I will shower many blessings on those who believe in me and call upon me because I love you. Entrust your plans and ways to me then you will see success in your lives. Every day live a holy and righteous life with love of God and love of neighbour in your heart. Be alert and watchful always, be blameless and perfectly holy before me, for you do not know when you have to say farewell to this world. My children, I warn you not to follow the majority who live in sin, not to follow the false teachings of others, on the contrary hold on to the truth revealed and taught by the Bible, holy people and the Church. Make treasures in heaven by helping the poor, the destitute, orphans and all who are in need. Behold I am with you always”

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