Thus says Jesus the Lord, “while I was abiding in the bosom of my beloved Father, I saw His grief over the wickedness of mankind because none of the desires of their hearts were even anything but evil; He was even regretting for having created mankind, the earth and all the things on earth made for them. In the past in such moments, He punished the world but I saw His heart full of compassion and love for mankind, He did not want to punish them but He wanted to save them and the only way to save them was one of us go down to earth as a man abandoning our equality, and then I said to my Father, “I shall go”.

My friends, I took the whole humanity on myself with all their sins and the consequences of their sins so that all who lived before and after my earthly existence might find life and salvation in me. I even identified myself with you all as a sinner although I never knew sin, so that you might receive forgiveness and expiation for your sins finding righteousness, sanctification and redemption for your lives. I allowed myself to be born in a family of bad ancestors, some of whom were cheaters, murderers and immoral in order that all who come to me and believe in me may be freed from all their defects and curses that come from their family trees. In my earthly life as a man, people saw me as carpenter’s or Mary’s son, they ridiculed me as illegitimate and without a father, they considered me as possessed and mad, they saw me as a refugee and vagabond in Egypt, Galilee and Nazareth, I was called a blasphemer, a sorcerer and a criminal, and on my body I carried all their ignominious sufferings and rejections; through all these I was carrying your weaknesses, iniquities, defects, deformities, brokenness, curses and sicknesses so that you who believe in me may find healing and new life.

Today God, your and my Father, is showing His mercy and love to you through me, His only Son, whom He has appointed as your only Saviour and Lord. Dearly beloved friends, ask yourselves if you have believed in me and accepted me as the Lord of your lives by surrendering all that you are and all that you have at my feet like the Shepherds or the Magi that came to the Manger finding peace, joy and satisfaction for their lives.

Perhaps there are among you people who are rejected or discriminated by others because you are born in a notorious family or of a single mother, or because of your poverty and abjection, or because of your colour and creed, or because of your insanity and sickness, or because of your bad behaviours like alcoholism, drugs, homosexuality and other forms of immorality. Have no fear my friends, I love you and I have come for you. If you come to me I will never reject you because of what you have but I love you because of what you are; I know that the Spirit of my Father was breathed into you to create you in holiness and goodness like Him. When you come to me by faith accepting me as your Lord renouncing your past, I will again breath my Spirit into you to liberate from all your deformities and drawbacks, sufferings and sicknesses and transform you to be my brother and sister and the loving children of my Father in heaven because I have come to give you life in fullness.

I know your problems today, but you must know and believe that your problems can be solved only in me. I see many of you groping in darkness and blindness not knowing the Truth that has come to give you light and life. I am the Light of the world and he who follows me will never walk in darkness, and I am the Way, the Truth and the Life to show you the right path, to liberate you from all deceptions giving you life and immortality.

My friends, true happiness and blessedness are experienced when sins are removed from the hearts allowing grace and holiness to abide. Behold I am amidst you to forgive all your sins and to bring you to real peace, happiness and prosperity in life. In me you will find all that you are missing in your lives, because I AM who AM; the fulfilment of all your desires and ambitions. Behold my name is Emanuel, I am with you always even till the end of the world”

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Thus says the Lord God, “My children, as in every year, a season of hope and expectation is already at hand – the season of Advent. From all eternity I chose the virginal womb of Mary where my beloved son was to be conceived. If sin and consequences of sin entered the world by the sin of a woman, I wanted to liberate the world through a woman. If the first woman said, ‘Father, not your will but mine be done’ in the Garden of Eden; Mary, the mother of my son, said, ‘Father may your will be done according to your word’. Hope and optimism for liberation and prosperity for the sin-laden world was dawned at the Fiat of my beloved daughter Mary.

By the disobedience of Eve with her husband Adam, the whole mankind lost their will power to say yes to all the good things God has done for them and no to all the bad that the enemy, the devil, wanted to do. My children, this will power lost in the Garden of Eden, was won to you back when Mary and her son said ‘yes’ to God’s will at Nazareth and in the garden of Gethsemane by saying, “not my will but thy will be done”. The root cause of all problems of the present world is sin, and sin is disobedience. I sent my son Jesus to you to save you from your sins. So during this season of Advent, remove all sins from your hearts, by real repentance, conversion and confession so that all blocks to solutions of all your problems may be removed.

Always I wanted to be with mankind, so I was with Adam and Eve when I created them in my own image and likeness and put them in the Garden of Eden. I wanted mankind to live together in love with peace and joy. My plan for them was full of hope and optimism for their welfare and prosperity. But, when they disobeyed me and my commandments, they lost my friendship and forfeited all my good plans for them. Through their adherence to the cunning plan of the enemy, they lost their true freedom to be good, to choose good, to do good and to live according to my will and plan. It is my unfathomable mercy for you that urge me to send my son as your Only Saviour so that all those who believe in him may find true freedom in him to obtain the salvation which I had promised long ago. Behold, the name of my only son is Emmanuel, which means “God is with us”. He is a God living amidst you and moving with you in all events of your life. I want the whole mankind to know and to accept my son as their Saviour and Lord who is the only hope for the solutions of their problems.

My children, the season of Advent is a season of hope and optimism. Prepare your hearts to receive Him in a new way in your lives by reaffirming your faith in Him with an uncompromising decision to follow Him. When you look into your hearts you may see that you have not still surrendered all areas of your life to Him. Perhaps in certain area of your lives you are not ready to say, “Oh Lord let your will be done” because you are threatened to loose your self-identification or self-interest. All such fears and doubts are brought by your enemy, the devil. Have no fear my children, it is in complete surrender to my will that you shall find your true identity of life and fulfilment of all your desires and plans. Do not shut any door of your hearts to the coming of the Lord Jesus; keep all the doors of your hearts fully open to receive Him.

Jesus is the Word that was with me since the beginning and He became flesh in the virginal womb of Mary through the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit when she said, ‘Fiat’ to my will; and He lived amidst you giving you salvation by the forgiveness of sins, liberation from the dominion of Satan and removal of all the evil consequences of sins, such as sickness, catastrophes, poverty, etc. Now too, the eternal Word Jesus, wants to be born in your hearts through the Holy Spirit so that you may become another Christ giving salvation to all those who are around you. If only you surrender yourself fully to my way I can send my Son into your hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit so that you will be able to say, “It is not I who live but Christ lives in me”. Behold I am always with you”.

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Thus says the Lord Jesus, “My friends, the Church is my body and I am the head of the Church. The Church is the foundation and pillar of truth. Daily your lives in me and with me through the Holy Spirit will lead you to the fullness of truth. My Spirit who dwells in you will teach you everything and remind you of all I have told you. My Church has three dimensions. The one in heaven is the glorious church where all saints experience the beatific vision in the measure of their holiness and love of God. The church in purgatory is a suffering church where the souls wash away the stain of their sins in the purifying fire and you my followers on earth are in the battling church where you are fighting against the devil, the world and the flesh. All these three are one and the same through love by helping each other and serving one another.

As all these three varieties of people belong to the one and the same church which is my body, they are interconnected through prayers and grace. The glorious saints in heaven are concerned about you and the souls in purgatory; hence they offer their prayers and supplications for you. You can offer your prayers and petitions through their intercession because they are very close to me with a burning love for me and my Father. All the prayers that are offered up through the saints are received by my Father and me as equally as they would be directly offered. When you offer them through my saints, you are getting a share of their holiness as they are being given to you for your imitation of their great and heroic virtues.

You on earth are expected to love one another, encourage one another and serve each other and thus grow together in holiness of life which is the will of my Father in heaven. Help your fellow believers to keep the commandments in order to love God; admonish the idle, cheer the faint hearted, bear one another’s burden and support the weak. As God’s chosen ones, put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience with the bond of charity and perfection. If you shall find a person in sin, you who are spiritual should correct him with a loving and gentle spirit and bring him to holiness of life. Have the attitude of serving others rather than serving yourselves; thus having in mind always an eagerness to save souls.

You, my friends can also help your brothers and sisters in purgatory who are also part of my body, the church. As they are in the purifying fire to cleanse themselves of their sinfulness and guilt, your prayers for God’s mercy upon them, your offering up of the holy Masses for them, your acts of penance and charity can alleviate their sufferings and can bring them earlier to the heavenly bliss. Whatever you spend on those who are spiritually or materially poor in order to save their souls and bodies on their behalf will be treasured up in heaven for their sanctification. Do not believe those people who teach that those who had passed away from this world can not be helped by you or your prayers. My Church is founded on the commandment of love; and the love in your hearts for those who died should urge you to help the poor souls in purgatory.

My friends, rejoice on the feast of all saints and all souls because it is your feast, for you too are fellow citizens with the holy one and all members of the household of God built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Me as the corner stone”

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MESSAGE VIII – Peter Mermier’s day (Founder of MSFS) Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My friends, the way of life which I have paved for you is narrow with many curves, thorns and thistles. I know that some of you are finding it hard to follow my way taking up the crosses of your lives, but you must know that I am walking with you always and giving you my grace if only you trust in me and rely on me.

When I say that I am the way, the truth and the life and that only through me you can come to my Father, do you find it hard to accept? Perhaps you may find many other ways around you in the world, some of which may appear good even bringing healing and health but you must know that by accepting them you are going away from me, the source of all blessings. You may find in the world truths and wisdoms which are pleasing and desirable for your mundane appetites but following them you may forfeit your salvation. Always abide in Me and follow me.

When I say that you must keep my commandments in order to love me, you may say that observing them is burdensome. Even you may think that the observance of the commandments and laws curtail your freedom and you will not be able to do what you like. But I say, my friends, that through their observance you have the real freedom to be good and to do good and thus to be the good children of my Father in heaven. For those who love me and follow me, the commandments and laws are not burdensome because I give them grace in their hearts to observe them, for my yoke is easy and burden light. Through my grace you shall find power even in your weaknesses, and you will find it through my Spirit that flows from my heart to your heart.

When I say that you can see me, touch me and directly experience me in the Holy Eucharist, you may find it hard to believe it! It is may be too much for your head to understand that the bread and wine become really my flesh and blood. Two thousand years before when I told it to those around me, those who were happy with my miracles of physical and material blessings, they too were shocked and scandalized, and thousands of them left me and no longer walked with me. Only my twelve disciples who really decided to follow me could believe the mystery of the Eucharist. My friends, I am asking the same question which I have asked them, ‘Do you also want to go away? Or are you able to accept the mystery of my church and the sacraments and say like them ‘we believe in all what you say and acknowledge you as the Holy One of God’’

Are you bewildered at my message to the rich young man, “sell all that you have, give to the poor in order to have treasure and then to follow me” In order to be my authentic followers you have to renounce the world, wealth and possessions, then only you can be attached to me; in such a life you will find real joy and freedom. When you are enslaved to wealth and possessions in the world you are not at all free. All that you try to possess in and around you is momentary and transitory which can not survive after this world. You must know that your true home is in heaven and all that you give to others, specially to the poor by your renunciations and sacrifices, will be treasured up for you in your eternal home; and whatever you do to the poor I consider as you have done to me.

Do you find strange when I say that you must love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you? It is by loving those who hate you or do not love you and by giving without expecting anything in return that you excel in your Christian lives and that make you different from others. You are peculiarly chosen by me to be my special witnesses of love. It is by your loving others that the world will know that you are my disciples and that I am sent by my Father.

Is it too much my friends when I say you must be holy as I am holy and that the will of my heavenly Father for you is the holiness of life? You must know that you are created in holiness in the image of your heavenly Father, and it is by doing His will that you shall enter His kingdom. It is through holiness of lives that you shall obtain all blessings that I have brought to this world through my death and resurrection. You must remain in me through holiness, then you may ask me whatever you need and you shall find it. With me you can do everything and without me you can do nothing; abide in me through holiness of life.

Is it too hard for you, dear married couples, when I say not to divorce your life partner? You must know that from all eternity my Father and your Father has chosen your life partner for you that you may live together as one as I and my Father are one; and procreate children, train and discipline them in the school of spiritual and moral values of life. In the sacrament of matrimony I give grace to both of you to live for each other, always doing to the other whatever you would have him or her to do to you. I wish that the church, my body be devoid of divorces and abortions and she be strongly based on good, holy and undivided families.

Are you confused and shocked to look at me, your Lord and King dying on the cross like a criminal? Are you become the enemies of the cross? You must know that the message of the cross is power and wisdom for those who have been saved and foolishness to those who are being perished. If only you die with me, you shall rise with me and be victorious and shall be seated along with me beside my Father in heaven. In order to belong to me and to be real Christians you must crucify your flesh with all its passions and desires because the desires of the flesh are against the desires of the Holy Spirit who leads you to perfection and holiness of life. Because you are my followers you will have to face and endure rejections, insults, hardships, persecutions and through them you are purified like gold in the crucible of the goldsmith. Through your sufferings the Holy Spirit that dwells in you melts and moulds you to be like me so that my life will be more manifested in you. When you go through such experiences you are more glorious and blessed and you shall be my aroma among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. My friends rejoice in all your righteous sufferings for my name’s sake.

I want true Christians and not name-sake Christians with a superficial and formal following with mask and pretence of religion and religious practices. I am looking forward to those who follow me wholeheartedly with joy and satisfaction in their hearts. My loving friends are you ready for a personal response to my call as I asked Peter, my faithful disciple, “Who do you say that I am”; “Do you love me more than these” or “Do you also leave me” Behold I am your faithful Master and friend who is always with you

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Thus says Jesus the Lord, “I love you my priests, whom I have called in a special way to be like me, to radiate my love and mercy upon the world, to complete the saving work which I began two thousand years ago. It is not by chance or by your decision and merits that you have become priests, but it is by my choice and grace that you are called to this sublime and noble state of life which is greater that of the angels and archangels. You are given power and authority to bind and to loose, to forgive the sins of mankind and to bring both spiritual and material blessings upon them. You, by the words and breath of your mouth miraculously change bread and wine into my body and blood and thus bringing my living presence amidst them. Once only did I take the human form in the virgin womb of Mary, my Mother, but daily do I incarnate in your hands through my Word and Spirit! Oh my priests, what a sublime and great privilege I have given to you that you touch and handle my body and blood daily in the Eucharistic table.

I, through my Spirit, have appointed you to be the overseers of my flock whom I have redeemed by my own blood, so tend them with love, respect, compassion and mercy. If anyone of them stray away, by erroneous teachings, from me or my church, which is my body, the pillar and foundation of truth, you have the duty as a good shepherd to bring them back to my flock, perhaps correcting their mistakes, healing their wounds, and restoring them to health of soul and body. My beloved priests, if you love me, your hearts must burn with love, concern and zeal for my people whom I have entrusted to your care.

For want of the Real Bread and the Living Water, my people are perishing. I see a great famine all over the world. In search of the objects of their hunger and thirst, my people are misled to satanic and sinful ways which are pleasing and desirable for their lust of the senses and the flesh, and thus they die in the bondage of sin and Satan. As I have made prayers and supplications to God, my Father, by loud cries and tears with a loving and compassionate heart, you my priests, should stand between the altar and tabernacle and pray for the conversion and return of my people from their perishable ways.

Many from my flock have gone away from the right path and they are groping in darkness and blindness. They do not know what is right and what is wrong, what is clean and unclean. Oh my priests, you are the messengers and ambassadors of my kingdom, your heart and lips should keep wisdom and knowledge according to my commandments and teachings of the church; and my people should seek and find right instructions from your mouth. You should distinguish between what is sacred and profane, between what is clean and unclean. You must be a light shinning in the darkness of the world leading many to the light of salvation. Indeed I am angry with those priests who violate my laws and profane what is holy to me. I want my priests to be holy as I am holy, and I want them to lead my people to holiness of life which is my will for them and to which they are called from the foundation of the world.

You are anointed by my Spirit to preach the Gospel, to heal the wounds of my people, and to liberate them from the power of sin and darkness. Daily through your personal prayers and through the meaningful celebration of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist with faith and love, you must enkindle the fire of the Spirit in you and store up power and energy to do my works. Do not say that you are tired, in all your fatigues and weariness I am there with you to boost you; do not say that you are weak because in all your weaknesses, my Spirit which abides in you strengthens you; do not say that you are old for when you advance in age you advance in wisdom and grace also so that through my rejuvenating Spirit you will always remain young to live for me and to work for me; do not say that you are not gifted because at your ordination I have anointed you with all gifts and charisms: My grace is sufficient for you, for power is make perfect in weakness. Hence be active and dynamic in my vineyard to till, to sow, to weed, to water, to manure, to guard, to protect and to harvest; persevere in your tasks, you shall save your own souls and the souls of those who are around you and shall put on the crown of victory and righteousness on the day of recompense.

From the beginning there were betrayers, evil doers, frauds, and scandal mongers among my chosen ones who destroyed the flock and the church. My dear priests I do not want you to be counted among them who have lost their souls and the souls of others. I want you to be an example to the believers in speech, love, faith and purity. Priestly celibacy is one of the greatest charisms which I have bestowed on you. It is the charism by which the angels and saints in heaven are endowed with. You will draw power and strength from it to commit yourselves to me and to my flock. Through your celibacy you will grow and excel in all other virtues and the people around you will see Me in you. Never turn back from your decision, commitment and vows, you are a priest forever!

The number of many good and holy priests preserves the Church, my body, in holiness and in power. The merits of their prayers, penance, sacrifices, celebration of the sacraments and good works make an ocean of grace in the church from where many can find life and salvation. Finally, my beloved priests, I want you to belong fully to me, I am in you and you are in me and through this unity of love and holiness we shall conquer the whole world”

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Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My friends, on all those who believe in me and accept me as Lord and God, I send my Spirit, the Spirit of holiness to sanctify you by helping you to direct your lives according to my will; the Spirit of love to love God and to love all; the Spirit of power and self-control to discipline your lives according to good moral principles of life, to withstand and to defeat the assaults of the enemy the Satan and to do good to others as I did. Through my Spirit you shall be partakers of my divine life, the children of my Father in heaven, heirs of God and joint heirs with me; yes, through the Spirit you shall be my brothers and sisters experiencing the true freedom of the children of God to do good and to serve others and not to be slaves of Satan and sin.

My dear brothers and sisters, more than ever in the past, in the present times you are more in need of my Spirit who empowers you with gifts and charisms to defeat the full force of the enemy, the Satan, with all his plans and tactics to destroy mankind whom God my Father created in His own image and likeness, and whom I have redeemed through my passion and death. My Spirit brings my Father and me alive in your hearts; hence you are not alone in your struggle against Satan, flesh and the world. The Satan and his angels are roaming around to get more people in his kingdom by enticing them to break all commandments and laws and thus not to love God. He is making a chaos and anomaly on earth by sowing the seeds of sin into human hearts and thus taking them away from right moral principles and values of life. On these days many are loosing the capacity to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong. Satan is trying to destroy humanity by spreading a culture of death through an increase of murder, abortion and suicides. All battles, wars and terrorisms in which thousands of innocent people are killed are the works of Satan. He has inflicted a great fear in the hearts of many towards birth of children so that the married couples restrict the number of children into one or two, many couples remain childless and some youth remain unmarried.

You know very well that I came to this world to give life, life in fullness. The Spirit that I pour on you today is a life giving Spirit by which you will get a great love and esteem for lives and will receive the charism to stand for life and to fight for life and thus to promote life. While creating mankind, my heavenly Father intended the earth be filled with human lives by the right use of sexuality in married life, and He wanted mankind always to increase in number and never to decrease. The Satan, the enemy of mankind, who was already envious at your creation, pretending to do good is now trying through you yourselves to destroy all the good plans of my Father for your welfare and prosperity. It is time, my friends, to be vigilant and alert to fight against the spirit of death and destruction through the life giving Spirit which I pour into your hearts.

I urge you, the married couples, to take up the responsibility of having many children on earth by the right use of the gift of sexuality through which you have become co-creators. Through the sacrament of marriage I give you the power of my Spirit to stand firm and faithful in your commitment to each other through your self sacrifice and love, and to take up all challenges of married life. Do not become a prey of Satan who wants to bring division and separation by breaking your holy marital bond to end up your marriage in divorce which is against my will. I urge the young people to get married through the sacrament of marriage and be heralds and promoters of a new culture and generation by accepting many children as God’s gifts.

Dear friends, you who believe in me and follow me should increase in number and quality by your authentic Christian lives, so that those who do not know me or believe in me may come to me and find life and salvation. I do know that it is not easy to live according to the desires of the Spirit because the desires of the flesh and the world are very fascinating and attractive, but when you rely on me and call upon me the power of my Spirit will be accompanying you always in all circumstances of your life. I will make your yoke easy and burden light. Even when you are persecuted for your good Christian conduct, my Spirit whom my Father sends into your heart will defend your cause and bring you to victory. You are God’s own children and you should always be led by the Spirit of God constantly fighting against the unclean spirits. Behold I am with you always

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Thus says Jesus the Lord, “I am the resurrection and the life, and whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. My dear friends, if I had not been raised from the dead, your faith in me would have been in vain. My resurrection from the dead is your hope in this life; after this labyrinthine life on this earth with its toils and sufferings, discouragements and frustrations, failures and losses, you will rise with me and be seated with me besides my and your Father in heaven. Your present little sufferings are nothing compared to the great glory that is waiting for you in eternity.

You are having the foretaste of this heavenly bliss now already in the Church, my body, through her prayers and sacraments. When you are filled with my Spirit and when you become one with me by eating my body and drinking my blood in the Holy Eucharist, you are already in my kingdom. I know that during these days of Lent you repented of your sins and have made good decisions to follow me. You are liberated from your habitual sins and their circumstances; you must consider yourselves as dead to sin and risen with me; allow not sin to kill your soul again. Let not sin reign over your souls but let my grace reign over your souls always so that you may live in me and for me. When you live thus, Satan and his kingdom will have no power over you; no one can accuse you before my Father, but on the contrary I will acknowledge you before Him and I will stand by you at every moment of your lives.

 I, who gave myself fully to you for your salvation, will give you everything according to my Father’s will but you should always abide in me through grace. Call upon me in all your needs and I will be there to answer your prayers; abide in me and in my Father who sent me. I have given you freedom, joy and peace which the world and the things of the world can not give you, but you may loose them when you go back to the slavery of sin. When you continue keeping my commandments of loving God and loving one another, your freedom, joy and peace will increase beyond measure. When you love the world and the things of the world following sensual lust and worldly enticements, my love and life will cease to abide in you.

Today you are holy and consecrated to God because you are washed and cleansed in my blood. I want that you offer your lives as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God, always discerning in your lives the will of God. Rejoice, you my friends, rejoice always in me because your name is written in the book of life. Rejoice again because you are risen with me to a new life and I will be with you always.

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Thus says Jesus the Lord, “I call you friends because I have revealed to you all that I have heard from my Father and because you observe all what I have told you to do; I call you my brothers and sisters because you have received in your hearts my Spirit by which you are children and heirs of God. I continue living amidst you and doing all works of salvation through the Holy Spirit that I have given to you through the church, my body, which is the pillar and foundation of truth. On these days, I wish that you draw more power and grace from my passion and sufferings that I endured for you on the cross on Calvary. I want you to come to Calvary in spirit along with Mary, my Mother and your Mother, John my beloved disciple and Mary Magdalene to look upon me and my great love for you.

Even if you were the only one person on earth I would have come down on earth to take away your sins and to give you salvation because I have created you in my image and likeness, you are precious and glorious in my sight, your life is unique and nobody can substitute it, and because you are the living temple of the Holy Spirit. You must know that your present afflictions and sufferings are only momentary and transitory, but your true life is hidden with me from all eternity.It is a great pity if you put all your hope in this world and in the things of this world, and not taking care of your soul which is immortal and unique. Don’t you know that when you live in your sins by breaking the commandments you are dead in your soul and that you are in condemnation? I took all your sins, iniquities, curses and diseases on my body on the cross in order that you may be freed from them all live a holy life always doing what is good and pleasing to God.

 It was very hard for me to take all your sins upon me and to become sin on the cross identifying myself with you in your sinfulness and iniquities; but it was the will of my Father and your Father that I should do it. For long hours I cried and pleaded to my Father to take away the bitter cup of sufferings, sufferings for your sake, and at last I submitted myself to His holy will. By becoming sin for you and taking your death upon myself I delivered you from the slavery of sin and death and made you a chosen race, priestly and holy nation and God’s own people to be witnesses of my light. When you, who have received the Holy Spirit in baptism and other sacraments, go away from the path of holiness to live a sinful life, you are re-crucifying me and holding me in contempt. Today it is not the Jews or pagans who crucify me, but you who are my beloved friends, brothers and sisters are crucifying me. If you have a little love left for me in your heart, look at my heart wide opened for you to give you forgiveness, cleansing, healing and new life and return to me.

Put to death all that is earthly, immoral and all that go contrary to God’s will crucifying your old self with its passions and desires so that you may not live according to the flesh but may live according to my Spirit. My brothers, sisters and friends I urge you to repent of your sins and begin to live a new life. You should know that you must live the grace you received in your baptism; in baptism you died to sin and buried with me your sinful self so that you might share the glory of my resurrection through grace. You should not allow sin to reign over your mortal life. This is the time of grace and this is the time of your salvation; come to me and find life so that you may not die in your sins.

You, who already walk by my grace, should know that you will have trials, temptations and sufferings to follow my way. It is a life of taking up the cross and walking through the constricted road and entering through the narrow gate because the gate to heaven is narrow and the ways and gates to hell are broad and wide. When you surrender all your sufferings to my sufferings on the cross, you shall find grace and power to face them with courage and to go ahead with joy in your hearts. Your sufferings are blessed and you are becoming holy, when you are ridiculed, insulted or persecuted because you live publicly an authentic Christian life holding on to Christian and moral values of life as my witnesses. As my good followers you have to carry daily my death in your lives so that the glory and blessedness of my life will be manifested in your lives. When you surrender each of your sufferings to my sufferings, you are growing in holiness and you are helping many others to grow in the same. Behold I am with you to sanctify you through your sufferings

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“Prayer, Penance and Almsgiving”

Thus says the Lord, “My children, once again you are entering into the Holy Season of Lent, a special time set apart by the church to look upon and to meditate the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Christ, my Son, your Saviour and Lord in order to draw more power and grace for your Christian living. It is a time of prayer, penance, almsgiving and active participation in the Holy Sacraments especially the sacrament of the reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist. I advise you all to take this season seriously so that you may grow more and more in holiness and perfection.

You know that immediately after His baptism at the river Jordan, Jesus spent forty days in the desert to fast and to pray in order to draw power and grace to do my will and to fight against the enemy, the devil. Jesus is your example for all times. Fasting and mortifications are not only avoiding certain food or things that you like but it must be also a time to eat more the food from heaven which is doing God’s will in your life. Remember what Jesus, your Saviour, told to the disciples at the well of Jacob, “My food is to do the will of the One who sent me and to finish his work” God’s will for you is your holiness of life. Avoiding food, drinks, favourite entertainments, etc. should help you to grow more in holiness and perfection through discipline and self control. By fasting you may receive deep inner healing and power to control your flesh with its passions and desires. Perhaps your attachments to people and to worldly things are the reasons of your sins. Fasting with prayer will help you to practice self denial and detachment so that you may be more attached to Jesus and to me.

 Also remember what Jesus told to Satan in the desert, “One does not live by bread alone but every word that comes forth from the mouth of God”. I wish that you spend more time in reading the Holy Bible and the life of Christ during this season so that you may find His words for your life.Your love of God is proved by your keeping of the Word; I come and dwell in those who keep my word.

In the light of God’s words, my children, you may examine your consciences to find out your sins, in repentance you may confess them and detest them to begin a new life. I am your Father with a grieving and compassionate heart for the sinners, I wait upon them for their return. How long can you continue in your sins? Return to me and to my ways so that you may see and experience my great plan for your lives.

As Jesus died for your sins, you also must die to sin and live for God. Allow not sin to reign over you or your bodies and to make you a slave of it. Lent is a time of grace. Plunge yourselves into the grace that flows from the Heart of Jesus, which now you can experience through the grace in the prayers of the church and sacraments so that sin may have no grip on you. This is the freedom to which I have called you, a freedom to do good and to avoid evil, a freedom to love God and others and to avoid the occasions and opportunities of the flesh to sin.

Are you angry with anyone? By your anger and unforgiveness you are opening doors to Satan to enter into you to plunder you and to destroy you. Therefore, my children forgive all and reconcile with all so that you may walk in my ways. Your love for the neighbour should go to the extent of loving even your enemies. Love those who do not love you, bless those who curse, pray for those who persecute you so that you may be my worthy children.

There are many people in the world who are spiritually and materially poor deserving your compassionate love and service. You can see those hungry, naked, homeless with no one to help them. You can see them sick, rejected, wounded, sad and depressed with no one to console or to pour oil and wine into their wounds. If you are convinced that you are called to be like Jesus you have to take away their infirmities and bear their diseases; try at least to become a good Samaritan to them by sharing with them what you have. Whatever you do to them will be written down in the book of life and you will be greatly and doubly rewarded in this life and in the life to come. Daily keep apart something for those who are in need and thus store up treasures in heaven.

My children, let each day of this holy season be days of grace and blessings for you. Look upon your Saviour and Lord Jesus who opened His Heart for you, draw power from there for your lives and become more like Him. Behold I am with you always”

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MESSAGE II – 24th.  of January 2009 – Feast of Saint Francis de Sales Song

“Strong families make strong nation”

Thus says the Lord, “I am the Lord, your God, who created you in my image and likeness. I created you with the clear distinction of sexuality – male and female. After creating the first male and female, I instituted the human family, the corner stone and vital cell of the society bestowing upon them my paternal blessing to live together as one. I gave them the gift of sexuality to be used in married life to procreate children so that family and the human society may expand and continue to exist. My will and plan for every family is indissoluble union within the husband and wife, and I hate all that goes against it. I want the husbands and wives to use the sacred gift of sexuality according to good conducts and moral values coming from both natural and divine law so that there may be right order of peace and harmony in the family, and that healthy and holy children be born out of their healthy and holy relationships. Always good begets good and evil begets evil!

 As I have created mankind as families, also I saved them as families. When I destroyed the whole earth by flood because of the sins of mankind, I saved the family of Noah that lived in righteousness. Through that family mankind and all living creatures continued to exist. The same happened when I destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the increase of immorality especially homosexuality; I saved Lot and his family. I allowed my only Son, Jesus, to be born in a family so that the family of Nazareth be a model for you all, a family of prayer, a family where all virtues were practised in mutual love and complete obedience to God. Jesus gathered people around Him as families. My heart will be gladdened when I see many families living in righteousness and holiness according to my will and plan.

The failure of family life is the failure of humanity. Two great threats to the family life today are divorce and artificial birth control; the former destroys the family by tearing it asunder, and the latter frustrates the expansion of the family and the human society. It is sad that many young adults engage in a number of short term or even long term sexual relationships before they marry; and sometimes they do not marry at all. I am against all premarital sexual relationships and concubinage. I hate abortion because it is murder of innocent babies created in my image and likeness. I can not approve all forms of artificial birth control as they prevent the birth of a child. Also they contribute very much to the increase of sexual immorality in the world.

I have imprinted the differences of sexuality, the masculine and feminine traits and character in the very constitution of every human being. My aim of creating mankind with these two distinct sexualities was to put them together in married life where they would perfect each other the image and likeness in which I have created them. I want them to be gifts to each other in their one and unbreakable spiritual and physical union, and to make the gifts of children from that union for the next generation. Same sex unions are absurdities and perversions and they are contrary to the truth of the human identity and my design for mankind.

It is in the family, the future generation is educated, formed and disciplined. The failure of humanity is linked to the factor of family not being recognised as generator of spiritual, religious and social virtues and values; when it happens, mankind returns to a new barbarism. Family has a fundamental and un-substitutable roll as a transmitter of values for the new generation; and the present generation is carrying the wounds and traumas of the previous generations. If you are willing to come to me through the wounds of my Son, Jesus, Whom I have sent amidst you as your Saviour and Healer, I am ready to heal and liberate this generation to its pristine colour and beauty. You must know that the breakdown and absurdities in family life are signs of a sick and permissive society. If the families of today are healed and begin to live according to my will and design, you will have a new generation full of hope and optimism.

My children, the problems of this world will not find a solution unless the corner stone and vital cell of the society, which is family, has found its proper identity. Marriage should not be confused with different forms of people living together even if they have a civil legality. You must know that my authority over you is greater than any authority in the world; there would not have been any authority in this world if I have not given it to them, and they have a greater responsibility not to misuse or abuse the authority bestowed upon them. If they go against my design and lead people wrongly, they will carry greater guilt before me than anyone else.

It is time to correct the past. My children you must work hard to promote the identity and right of the family according to an anthropologic vision which is coherent with the values of the Bible taught by the Church. I want you to be my witnesses in family lives. Christian family living in faith and in filial obedience to God, with a fidelity to each other and generously accepting children, living in love with readiness to forgive all, to care the poor and the needy around, becomes a living Bible which can be read by all. It will be a great apostolate and ministry to work hard for the good of the families in order to remove the present confusion. When there are good families in the world, there will be peace, contentment and prosperity in the society and in the world. Be confident and optimistic, my children, that no evil can thrive long, only good can thrive eternally and forever. I will put an end to the present confusion, anomaly and chaos that surrounds today’s family lives. Trust in me and follow me, I am your Creator and Redeemer”

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MESSAGE I – 1st. of January 2009 – New Year Song


Thus says the Lord, “I who created the whole universe, and I who made you in my own image and likeness, give you a new year to live your lives according to my plan in my mind for you, a plan for your welfare giving you a future full of hope. I wish that you correct the mistakes of your past, and learn to live your lives following my wisdom and my ways. I know the struggles and pains that you went through in the past, but you must believe and know that I will turn everything into good for those who love me and honour me. Enter the New Year with gratitude to God because you are getting chances and opportunities which many who died last year did not get.

 When I look down on earth, I see that only a few among you believe in me, love me, keep my commandments and follow me. Indeed I am pleased with those who follow me; I hold their hands and walk with them even amidst their trials and troubles in the world, persecutions and perils from others and even from their own people. But my heart is grieved at the increase of sins, especially the sins committed by my own people who are called to be holy through the precious blood of the spotless unblemished lamb, Christ my Son. The pollution of sin is raising up to heaven to block all my blessings on you and on earth, like the rise of sun and drops of water, dews and snow, winds and heat, climate and seasons, hence the land moans, everything that dwell in it languishes, the beast of the field, the birds of the air, the fishes of the see perish and men pay for their guilt.

When similar situation existed in the past, I doomed the earth with a flood and destroyed all men, cattle and living creatures; but I excluded Noah, the herald of righteousness and his family along with all what they had; the earth and mankind, all living creatures continued to survive through this one good family. Same thing I did to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah where the people lived a godless life with all forms of immorality especially homosexuality. I reduced them to ashes saving Lot and his family who lived an upright life although oppressed and persecuted by the licentious conduct of unprincipled people. I am a God who shows love and compassion down to the thousandth generation on the children of those who love me and keep my commandments. At the same time I am a God of justice, I make no compromise with sin or wickedness and I punish those who continue in the stubbornness of their sins.

I see the many problems of mankind on earth, the financial recession, the unemployment, famine, diseases, earthquakes, storms, droughts, floods and other calamities; and with the same eyes I see the increase of sin and unfaithfulness, denial of God, apostasy, killings by wars and terrorism, murder of the innocent children in the mother’s womb by abortion, immoralities of all kinds, adultery, divorces, exploitation of the poor, oppression of the orphans, women, foreigners and refugees, etc. I permit the present financial crisis so that you may not rely on your wealth and power following the desires of your heart, but trust and rely on me, your Father, who alone can save you. I know that many have lost their faith in me and in my Son by making money and power the idols of their hearts. I see the leaders of the world running around to find solutions to the problems of the world today; they form organizations and solidarities, but none of their human devices will succeed unless they themselves turn to me and to my ways and exhort their people to do the same. My dear people, I do not want you to be doomed and destroyed but I want you to be saved, I am your Father who waits upon you with love for your return so that you live a happy and prosperous life. Yes, I created you and placed you on earth to live a life of paradise.

My children, treasuring all these messages in your hearts, with a firm decision for a new life enter the New Year and live everyday according to my will. You must know that the whole of your life is made up of “todays” and not of “yesterdays and tomorrows”. Do not weep over or regret over the past and do not put vain hopes for the future. Daily keep a personal relationship to me and to my Son Jesus, your Saviour and Lord, by prayers, sacramental life, reading of the Word of God and charity. Everyday you must see my face in the faces of the poor and the needy amidst whom you live. Take care of your family, love your spouse, care and discipline your children and support your parents and elders; you must know that I created mankind as families and I save them also as families.

In the coming year there will be many rumours and attempts of wars, but the good efforts of certain leaders will thwart those attempts and bring peace although many will be killed by bombs and shells. A partial success for ‘war on terror’ is at hand, but full success of it will be achieved if only exploitation and discrimination of the poor are stopped and a sincere effort of the affluent and developed nations emerge to eradicate poverty.

My children, go ahead with courage and optimism, do not waste your time on unnecessary conversation of gossips and criticism and avoid spending money on unwanted travels or holidays but use them for your own welfare and of others. Make all decisions according to the wisdom and knowledge of the Holy Spirit and allow your lives to be led by the Holy Spirit. I am with you always giving you my grace and blessings. Rejoice and be merry”

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