MESSAGE XII – Christmas 2010 Song


Christ Jesus says: “Dear friends, today you are rejoicing and celebrating my birthday. I came down on earth as a man like anyone of you, leaving my equality with my Father in heaven, and died for you on the cross in order to save you from your sins; so you have every reason to rejoice at my birthday. But you have to ask yourselves whether all your celebrations are merely external only or are they something spiritual. If only I am born in your hearts through my words and Spirit, you do have a real Christmas because I am Emmanuel, a God with you always.

Nowadays I see a lot of celebrations of eating and drinking, exchange of gifts, new cloths and decorations, but all without me. You must know that I came mainly to forgive your sins and to make you saints in order that you may inherit heaven with me. Give to me all your sins and sinful habits as gifts after renouncing them completely from your hearts, than I shall make your hearts worthy to receive me. I shall forgive all your sins however great they are and give you new hearts shinning and whiter than snow. On this day when you see snow all around, look into your hearts and ask yourselves if your hearts are made white, clear and shinning, otherwise your celebrations are just pagan and demoniac without me.

Perhaps you refuse entry to me in your hearts although I knock at the door of your hearts again and again with many spiritual inspirations, because you have given your hearts to the modern foxes of idolatries like secularism, relativism, materialism or atheism with all sorts of compromise with sins devoid of all sense of God or religion; or to the birds of vanities and pleasures of the world and the flesh like immorality, pornography, drugs, alcoholism, etc. All your problems today are because you have rejected me the source of all blessings and have gone after those things that can not give true blessings of love, peace and joy. Sanctify yourselves today for tomorrow you will have signs and wonders with many spiritual and material blessings.

Today, on the day of my birth, I feel sad at my own people, the Christians, although they had a share of my divine life by baptism, now have denounced me by apostasy following other gods and even Satan, the enemy and murder of lives who deceives the whole world by its cunning tactics of signs and wonders. I plead to them to return to me and allow me again to come in to their lives and thus they might live an authentic Christian life. They are my own, I do not want them to be the prey of the enemy who would kill and destroy them.

My friends, when you celebrate my historical coming, think of my daily coming to you to love you, to care you and to give you all what you want. When you meet me in the depth of your hearts through prayers and sacraments, especially the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, you will find real love, peace and joy which no one on earth can take away from you. When you start living in me and I in you, you shall be transformed and in the newness of your lives you will follow me authentically in spite of many crosses and sufferings that may come from the world, the flesh and Satan. Today, to those who have opened their hearts I come and dwell in them giving them all what they need. Daily open your hearts to me allowing me to come and dine with you, you will forever live the experience of Christmas and at my glorious second coming you shall find your place with me in heaven. Rejoice in my presence always, again I say rejoice

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MESSAGE XI – Advent 2010 Song


Thus says the Lord your God: “My children, the time of Advent is a time of expectation and hope, it is a time to open your hearts wide and big to allow Jesus your Saviour to enter in and dwell in the home of your hearts. As you meet me in prayers and sacraments, meet me in the poor, the sick, the rejected, the exploited, the discriminated, the refugees, the beggars and the prisoners and help them by making gifts to them in whatever way possible. Show compassion and love to those who do not know me and the salvation that I have brought for them, and to those who have gone away from me. It is sad that today even many Christians have shut the doors of their hearts to Jesus the Redeemer and as a consequence they live in the darkness of their souls undergoing sadness, fears, guilt and rejections along with various spiritual and physical diseases.

I know that your hearts yearns for my love because I have created you in my image and likeness. If only you find my love in your lives you shall quench your hunger and thirst. That is why I sent to you my only son, who was in my bosom, and in him dwells the fullness of my image because he and I are one, and all those who encounter him through his Spirit experience me and my love. It is through him that I reveal my forgiving, liberating, healing, caring and satisfying love to all those who come to him. He is ready to enter into your lives to give answers to all your problems by giving you a new life with new attitudes and perspectives.

It is time for you to open ways in your hearts removing all wickedness and sins by humbling yourselves in repentance and confessing your sins. You must remove the roughness of greediness, obscenity, immorality, laziness, negligence, envy, etc. to make your hearts smooth and beautiful to receive him. The valley of emptiness in your hearts due to lack of grace must be filled and levelled through prayers and sacramental life. Also you must remove all forms of dishonesty from your lives to make straight the way for his coming because he is truth himself, nothing contrary to truth can stand before him. You shall pull down the mountains of pride, vanity and arrogance to make way for the Lord to come to your lives; because you should know that he was born in a manger and lived a simple, humble and poor life promising life to those who have a spirit of poverty and simplicity. Perhaps, a confession of all your sins and a real conversion may be needed during this season to have an experience of salvation in your lives.

As you are already planning for parties and dinners with your relatives, friends and benefactors for Christmas, recall to mind the instructions given to you by Jesus with regards to holding a banquet inviting the poor, the cripple, the lame and the blind who are unable to give you back anything. You should know that whatever you give to the poor you are giving to Jesus himself. Thus by being generous to the poor, make your gifts to the King of kings and to the Lord of Lords who comes to your lives during this holy season. Helping works of evangelization to give the Living Bread and the Living Water to those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty is also helping the poor because Jesus came to you thirsting for souls. My children prepare earnestly for a meaningful Christmas by receiving Jesus in your lives and meeting him in your neighbours. Behold I am with you always”

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MESSAGE X – Feast of “All Saints” and “All soul’s day” Song


Thus says the Lord your God: “My children, your prayers and acts of penance in the month of November express your faith in the communion of saints - your fellowship on earth with all those who are in heaven and those in purgatory undergoing the pains of the purifying fire in order to join the company of the blessed in heaven. All what you do for the souls in purgatory is pleasing to me and they will merit heaven for them. Be generous in your prayers, penance, offering of the holy masses and acts of charity.

Perhaps, some of your parents, grandparents, ancestors or relatives are going through the suffering of purification, and if you love them you can save them and make them saints in heaven. And when they reach heaven with great gratitude for what you have done for them, along with the other saints they will intercede for you, your family and for all your needs. When I see you lifting up your heart and hands to me to ask pardon for their sins, praying with fast, helping the poor on their behalf and offering up the holy masses for them, I will be greatly pleased with your sincere love for them and I will show my unfathomable mercy upon them, saving them by forgiving all their sins and removing the temporal punishments of their sins. It is your duty, my children, to save them as you are related to them in blood and have received many blessings through them both spiritual and physical.

Do not think that heaven is filled with only the beatified and canonized saints! The church either beatified or canonized only a few in order to set example for you to imitate their lifestyle in as much they followed my commandments and my teachings given through my beloved son Jesus. As they are very near to me in holiness, their prayers for you are meritorious and powerful. They proved their holiness in a heroic manner while they were on earth undergoing many trials and sufferings, fighting a great fight with Satan, the enemy, the world and the desires of the flesh. But the vast majority of the saints in heaven are not canonized by the church and they are in billions. Perhaps, some of your parents, ancestors and relatives are among them. You can pray to them for all your needs. The saints who are known to you and related to you will pray more for you and your needs because they know you more intimately than others.

Not only during this month but always you must have a devotion to the saints in heaven and the would be saints in purgatory. You must know that your acts of charity and works of evangelization can make treasures in heaven for you and for those who are dear to you. Hence this is my advice to all of you, make your parents, ancestors and relatives saints in heaven and by doing so, you and your family will be disburdened of the curses and the negative consequences of their sins; and when your life ends here on earth, a loving group of saints who have being saved by you will be receiving you in heaven with joy to present you to me and to my Son through the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, my children, it is my will that all of you be saints in heaven. Now in this mundane and labyrinthine life, live a heroic life of holiness, taking up challenges and never yielding to the tactics of Satan, but always keeping your spirit, soul and body entirely blameless. Have no fear, I am with you through my Son in the Holy Spirit until the end of the world”

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MESSAGE IX – Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels – 2nd. October Song


Thus says the Lord your God: “My children, when I look down on earth, I see every nation and kingdom piling up destructing weapons especially nuclear bombs in their arsenals. The weapons that you have already made are enough to destroy and to annihilate the whole earth several times! The money that is being spent on those weapons is enough to feed all the hungry and the needy in the world to build a prosperous earth.

On these days I hear that rich nations selling the nuclear weapons to nations that are not nuclear in order to equip them to fight those around who have such weapons. I warn such wealthy nations that those countries to whom you sell the weapons, will one day use the same weapons against you to destroy you. You must know, my children, that to kill others and to make weapons to kill others are sinful in themselves, they are very displeasing to me. The curses of such sins are already upon the nations. Afflictions and distress will come upon everyone who does evil, misfortune will surely follow sinners.

 Why even small and poor countries are trying to pile up destructing weapons, because there is a big fear of war in the world today. Already you had two world wars and you have the bitter experiences of them like killings, homelessness, bankruptcy, poverty, diseases, etc. Even now the evil effect of the atom bomb fell on Hiroshima continues. Oh foolish men, you who pretend to be wise, learn from your past and try to be wise to avoid wars and to build up the people and properties by loving and caring each other. I do not want to see you destroyed by the weapons that you yourselves have made. It may not be I who will put an end to this earth but your own deeds may bring it to an end.

Every wars begins in the heart of man, it is the heart that it is corrupt with the sins of un-forgiveness, hatred, envy and greed. To avoid war and destruction, my children, you must cleanse your hearts from these sins and must learn to love others, bearing with one another and forgiving one another. Put on love on your hearts, then peace will reign in your hearts; and thus there will be peace in the world. Everyone says “peace, peace” in international conferences and meetings but alas no one looks into his own heart to possess this peace and to impart this peace to others. Those who made peace are my children; and those who fight each other and do not love their neighbours even are the children of Satan.

I know that it is the cunning plan of Satan, who is my enemy and the enemy of humanity that instils hatred and violence in the hearts of the rulers of the nations to make war because he is a murderer since the beginning, he comes to steal, to slaughter and to destroy; and he is a liar and father of lies who deceives the whole world. It is he who infuses the deceitful idea in the hearts of the rulers to heap up weapons to frighten each other and thus to bring peace. Where there is love there is no fear, real love drives out all fears. Real love is put into your hearts by me through my Spirit who is purely the Spirit of love. It is to establish this peace in the world that I sent my only Son and allowed Him to die on the cross so that by breaking down the walls of enmity and hatred real peace might be established on earth. My children, He is your peace, accept Him as your Lord and the Lord of your countries, and put into practice all His teachings on loving one another.

Finally, I entreat and warn the rulers of the nations especially those of the affluent countries, STOP MAKING NUCLEAR WEAPONS, AND IF YOU HAVE MADE THEM ALREADY DESTROY THEM, AND NEVER,  NEVER SELL THEM TO OTHERS. You must know that the money you gain by the selling of weapons is the money of blood which will bring curse upon you and your country because they are capable of killing many innocent ones.  Behold I am with you along with my Son through the Holy Spirit to give authentic peace which the world and the worldly things can not give you”
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MESSAGE VIII – Feast of the Asumption – 15th. of AugustSong


Thus says the Lord your God: “My children, although your bodies were shaped out of the clay of the earth, you became a human being only when I breathed my Spirit into you. You must know that your life is sealed for the day of redemption through my Spirit. My divine nature is acting in your bodies through my Spirit; hence through your bodies and your bodily actions you must radiate my life and love on all those who live around you. You must protect your bodies from every sin and keep it holy until the day of your judgement.

 You, Christians, must know that your bodies were anointed in a special way by my Holy Spirit in the day of your baptism, and thus your bodies became my holy temples through the indwelling presence of the same Spirit giving you an experience of my abiding presence along with my son Jesus. Ever since man disobeyed me and went away from my kingdom, I desired to build a temple on earth, not built with steel and mortar but with the body of my beloved son Jesus and with all those who have become one with Him through His body. Hence individually each of you together as church, the fellowship of all those who are saved by the blood of my son constitute my temple on earth. Your daily surrender of your holy bodies is the best spiritual worship which you can give me.

Through baptism and the other sacraments you live in Christ my son, and your bodies with all their parts are parts of the risen body of the same Christ and members of the mystical body which is the church. If only your bodies remain in Christ through grace, you are authentic Christians; otherwise you are like a branch that is cut away from the tree.

In your past sinful lives, you offered your bodies with all their parts to sin and thus you were under the dominion of Satan, the enemy of your lives. Now as my beloved children offer your bodies with all their parts to grace, the power of my Spirit and thus you shall be in the reign of my kingdom as my holy ones and real heirs of God and coheirs with Christ. Therefore you should not give over your bodies to sins of immorality like masturbation, same sex union, fornication, adultery, bestiality, pornography and all unnatural and perverted vices like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah to undergo the severe punishment of eternal fire.

You must know that one day your bodies will rise again to claim heaven or hell as rewards to your deeds of your bodies. The living testimonies of all the saints who are in heaven are hope for your eternal life after death. Mary, the mother of Jesus, my well beloved daughter, who is in heaven body and soul, is a marvellous example for you to keep your bodies pure and immaculate until your last day. I wish that the whole humanity be one and holy through the incarnate body of Christ, my son and through the church where His earthly life and saving works continue”

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MESSAGE VII – Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Song


Thus says the Lord your God: “My children, before creating you in my image and likeness, I created the whole universe with milliards of stars and planets and in a special way the earth with all vegetations, animals, birds and fishes with a good weather condition so that you would live there comfortably and securely having the right to use all of them for your benefit. But I wanted that you belong to me by loving me and worshipping me by keeping the commandments and laws. But your ancestors failed and broke the command I gave to them not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They lived according to their lust and desires of the flesh. In my anger I punished them and destroyed the whole earth except the family of Noah that lived in righteousness according to my commandments.

When again sin increased in the world by breaking my commandments and laws I called and selected the Israelites as my own people, a people sacred to me. I gave them the commandments to prove their love towards me. Also I wanted to prove the holiness of my name profaned among the nations through the holy lives of my people Israel. I promised to give them a new heart with a new Spirit to live according to my commandments and laws. But they disobeyed me and grieved my heart. Hence by sending my only begotten Son Jesus I renewed my covenant with the whole humanity; and all those who believed, loved and decided to follow Him by observing my laws and commandments became a chosen race, a holy nation and my own people. He did not abolish the laws and commandments but fulfilled them. All those who love Him love me also because He and I are one.

My children it is by keeping my commandments and doing what He has told that you should remain in my love. When you live your lives thus, my Son and I will come and abide in your lives and you shall find meaning for your lives because I know that there is a great inner thirst in your heart for me; and unless and until your hearts find me and experience my love you shall have no rest or peace in your lives. But today when I look down on people I see that only a very few of you love me and worship me by observing my commandments and laws. The sinful lives of humanity pollute the whole earth and my holy name is reviled among the gentiles. The earth and the universe are loosing the meaning of their existence as I created them for mankind who would love me by keeping my commandments.

I know that you rely too much on my love and compassion but you should know that with me there is anger like that of a father who grieves over his children who go astray. I am sad at the legalization of the homosexual unions, premarital sex, divorce, abortion, euthanasia, and the wide spread of materialism, relativism and secularism in all levels of life which are all contrary to my laws and commandments which I have given to you for your good and upright moral lives. I am greatly grieved at those who live without any moral or ethical principles of life. I see only a very few people seeking me and trying to find me in their lives through their true devotion and love. I will be with them giving them all my blessings. An increase of good people in the world will be the safety of the whole world.

Now I am permitting natural calamities and catastrophes to show that I am the Lord of the universe and the earth and all things that exist on earth, both animated and not animated beings. Many of you have lost the spiritual sense to see my hand behind all events of earth and thus you are interpreting the signs of the times in a material way. I am giving you time to repent and to return to me, my children. I desire not your destruction but by your disobedience and rebellion to my laws and commandments you may bring your destruction upon yourselves. Behold, as a Father I wait upon your return so that you may have a happy and prosperous life on earth which you can not have without me and my love. My children love me by your obedience to the laws and commandments; the earth and all the things on earth belong to you and I will be with you always”

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MESSAGE VI – Pentecost 2010 Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “Dearly beloved friends, you should know that the three enemies, the world, the flesh and Satan are constantly trying to destroy your lives. I do not want you to die in your sins through the works of these enemies, but I want you to be powerfully alive in this world by overcoming all these three enemies through my Spirit; and at last I want you to be seated with me with all prerogatives and privileges that I have with my Father in heaven which is your homeland because you too are His children and heirs through the same Spirit I had received from Him.

The Spirit that my Father and I send to you gives life to your mortal bodies so that you too may rise with me to live a life according to the desires of the Spirit by crucifying your old self with all its passions and desires. When you keep the Holy Spirit alive and dynamic in your lives through your prayers and sacramental lives, you can surely put to death the desires and deeds of the flesh which keep you away from my Kingdom; and thus you shall be glorious, triumphant and victorious in your Christian lives.

The Holy Spirit which you have received in your baptism and later nourished and strengthened by the reception of other sacraments and prayers, is so powerful that with Him you are empowered to defeat all assaults of Satan, the enemy that comes to you with all temptations to sin by its deceptive and cunning tactics. You are given power through the Holy Spirit to command Satan and its full force to depart; and you must use this charism always in your lives because Satan your enemy is roaming the earth and patrolling it to ensnare you into his kingdom.

By the power of the Holy Spirit you must overcome all sensual lust, greed for money and wealth, desire to be pretentious before the world with braided hairs, wearing littering pearls, gold, silver and costly cloths, expecting applause and appreciation in public for anything and everything and yearning to buy and accumulate everything that charms and entices the eyes because all of them are of the world. Although you live in this world, you must know that you do not belong to this world but you belong to me and to my kingdom through the Holy Spirit that dwells in you. You are risen with me through the Spirit that dwells in you and you should seek things that are above, spiritual and heavenly. Knowing that your bodies are the living temples of the Holy Spirit, you must offer your bodies to God as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to Him. This is the real spiritual worship, worship in spirit and truth, which is expected of you. You must offer each part of your bodies for sanctification, then sin will not reign over your bodies but through grace the power of my Spirit, you will live lives in holiness with joy and peace in your hearts.

My Spirit that dwells in you helps you in all your weaknesses; hence you are not longer weak but strong even to conquer the world and all its propensities. My beloved friends open your hearts fully to my Spirit which I pour down on those who believe in me and decide to follow me and be led by His grace and power. Through the fruits that the Spirit produces you shall be truly my brothers and sisters with my character; and through the seven fold gifts you shall be empowered to be authentic Christians always discerning God’s will with His wisdom and doing it with His courage; and by the various charisms you shall be equipped to be my witnesses in my kingdom through various ministries and thus my kingdom, a kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy shall reign on this earth. Behold I make everything new through my Spirit”

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MESSAGE V – Holy Thursday April 1st. 2010 Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My people, more than ever my heart is grieved at the insults and calumnies poured over my body, the church – the pillar and foundation of truth – by various people through television, internet, newspapers and other medias of communication. It is true that a few of my priests on earth, who are expected to radiate holiness on others, have sinned immorally specially in mishandling and abusing children. But my Vicar and representative on earth, the Pope, is handling those cases diligently and prudently even punishing those who are guilty without hiding the truth. My friends, those who love me and my church, pray with me that the church will come out victorious and triumphant after this temporary suffering and affliction. This is a time of purification for the church.

The dirt of immorality that has cast a dark shadow on my church is very little compared to the ocean of filth of immorality that is spilt on humanity today. Under the weight of the sins of immorality into which the world is plunged, people are living in a permissive society where all moral values and principles, integrity and human dignity are lost. Freedom is abused as license to do whatever one likes specially to satisfy one’s sexual lust. There is no difference between clean and unclean, sacred and profane. My heart is very much hurt at the increase of pornography and obscenity exposed and exhibited through various communication medias like internet, mobiles, television, magazines, newspapers, etc through which millions and millions of people are led astray to sexual impurity and licentiousness like masturbation, fornication, adultery, incest, rapes and sexual molestations. Today sex and sexuality are bargained and sold like any commercial object even through mobiles and internet. Call girls and prostitutes are standing up in the streets of all western cities with lustful eyes like hungry dogs for a piece of flesh. People from the rich and affluent countries go to poor countries for child abuse in hotels and motels. Everyday tens of thousands of people go for all filthy acts in sex and erotic shops which are erected at every nook and corner of the cities in the West.

I know that my priests and preachers of the Gospel reproach, reprimand and correct those who live in immorality and sin, and call them to a life of holiness which irritates and annoys those who are steeped in sin and they calumniate and malign them and my church. I repeat my prayer on Calvary for them, ‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do’. I shed tears of blood on these people who die in the sins of immorality loosing their souls to eternal perdition. My friends keep watch with me to shed tears and to pray for these people that they may repent and change their lives knowing that I have created them holy and good in my own image.

You, my Christians and priests, during this time of insult and mockery of the church, you must discern and know what the world expect from you. The world is expecting a holy life from those who follow me and especially from my priests who are in a special way called other Christs. The world does not tolerate even a little dirt on your lives. When you become prey of sins of immorality, it is my holy name that is profaned and defamed before others. You must be equipped with holiness of life in such a way that you can challenge those around you as I challenged the Jews, ‘which one of you can charge me of sin’.

Today when you commemorate the day I instituted the priesthood and the Holy Eucharist, I give this challenge to every priest on earth: to be holy as I am holy in every aspect of your conduct. You must be irreproachable, temperate, self-controlled, decent, hospitable, able to teach and guide because people seek instructions from you as my messenger. You should not be a drunkard, not aggressive but gentle, not contentious, not a lover of money. You must keep your reputation and dignity as my priests, and all my people, old, young and children must be free to approach you without any fear and inhibition. Correct the old people like a father, treat older women as mothers, deal with young men as brothers, with young women as your sisters and with all the children as angels. Daily wash your heart and senses in my blood that flows from my heart that loves you, the blood which wets your hands and lips at the holy Mass. In all your ministries, dear priests, lead my people to holiness of life which is my will for all. Have no fear; I am the head of my body the church, the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will gather you and offer you to my Father in heaven as fellow citizens with the holy ones”

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MESSAGE IV – Passion of Jesus Christ 2010 Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “loving friends, I have come to this world to save you by taking upon myself your sins and the consequences of your sins. From my birth in the manger to my death on Calvary, I took up sufferings, rejections, insults and persecutions for your sake. My Father in heaven allowed me to be born in a family where there were murderers and immorals so that you might find healing and liberation from all the negative consequences of the sins of the ancestors in the family trees where you were born. My mother never wanted to be a mother, thus my conception in her womb was undesired; it was to heal all those who feel unwanted and rejected at the time of conception and birth. When Joseph, my foster father decided to divorce my mother, I suffered sadness, confusion, distress and rejection in her womb. When my immaculate and all holy mother was suspected as a bad woman, I was in panic and shame. At my birth there was no one to welcome me or to care me except my parents, I was not clothed well with warm cloth in the chill of the night, I was lying on the rough straw with pain and scratching. The first breath that I had was a stink of the excretion and the urine of the animals, and when I opened my eyes what I saw were the animals with big horns staring at me with their dark eyes, sighing and bellowing. There was no nurse or a doctor to care us. I underwent all these sufferings in order that you might be healed from all the negatives that happened in your early childhood.

When my parents went up and down to Egypt, Nazareth and Galilee as vagabonds at the life threat of Herod the king, I had many fears, loneliness and feelings of insecurity. All throughout my life I had rejection, unacceptance, abandonment and insecurity; even I had no place to lay my head. I was upset, confused and wounded at the prophecy of Simeon in the temple, and when I was lost in the temple for three days I felt totally rejected, lonely and sad. The shedding of the blood at my circumcision was very painful and I cried aloud at the side of my mother. My friends I suffered all these for all those who feel rejected, abandoned, lost, lonely, confused and wounded in their childhood.

Like anyone of you I too was tempted to sin, and Satan tried to swift me. All of you who are tired and wearied of temptations of Satan, the flesh and the world could find healing and strength in me. While talking with the sinner woman at the well I was misunderstood and suspected even by my own disciples. When I spoke about my going to heaven, many thought that I was about to commit suicide, those of you who are misunderstood, misjudged, calumniated or insulted by others shall find healing and consolation in me. I was accused as a friend of sinners, as possessed by demons, as a blasphemer, a sorcerer, a criminal and a man out of sense. I felt pain and distress at the death of my foster father who loved me so much and at the death of my close relatives and friends like John the Baptist and Lazarus. I was betrayed and denied by my own beloved followers. I know that many of you go through such experiences in your life carrying many inner wounds in your hearts. Come to me and find healing and new life because it is for that I suffered all these.

In Gethsemane I was left alone in the darkness of the night pouring out my sorrows and pains to my heavenly Father and my sweat became blood. While kneeling before the Father I saw the innocent tears and sobs of those who are calumniated, insulted, persecuted and discriminated and I prayed that they might find healing and strength in me. My friends, think how I was ill treated as a criminal at my arrest with handcuff, blows, stripping, blindfolding, mockery, insults, and false accusations; the soldiers even spat on me and beaten me with their hands and elbows. Before leading me to Golgotha I was whipped so badly with lashes; my flesh on the body was torn into pieces with the blades and hooks attached at the edge of the whips and my blood with pieces of flesh splashed around suffering excruciating agony. All those who stood around me mocked and said that I was suffering for my own sins while I committed no sin whatsoever; I had even challenged them a few days before if they could find any sin in me. While undergoing these sufferings I saw the innocent criminals in prisons and those who suffered unjustly. My friends I was carrying your infirmities and diseases on my body in order that you might find healing and new life in my wounds.

At last in order to do atonement for your sins I was lifted up on the cross with all my bruises and wounds with swellings on the body and hung there for more than six hours bleeding and suffering. There was no one to speak a word of consolation whereas all those around jeered at me and insulted me speaking all kinds of calumnies and lies. It was heart breaking to see my mother and my beloved disciple John standing in tears and sharing my agony. A lance pierced through my heart from where even the last drop of my blood flew down with water. I even felt rejected by my Father in heaven because He could not accept me with the burden of sin. How could my all Holy Father accept His sin-laden Son! Only when I completed the sacrifice of sufferings for the sins of all, my Father accepted my spirit. Then the heaven was opened for you, the Satan who deceived and corrupted the whole world was defeated, YOU ALL WERE SAVED FROM YOUR SINS AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR SINS. This is the way the greatest love of my heavenly Father was demonstrated before you because He did not want anyone of you to be lost in your sins and wickedness but be saved through my sufferings, blood and wounds. My friends only through my wounded heart you can receive forgiveness, expiation and atonement for your sins finding righteousness, sanctification and redemption. No one else in the world took up these vicarious sufferings like a scapegoat in order to save you from your sins and sufferings so I AM YOUR ONLY SAVIOUR AND THE ONLY WAY TO YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. I HAVE RECONCILED YOU TO GOD YOUR FATHER, MAKING YOU FELLOW CITIZENS WITH THE HOLY ONES AND MEMBERS OF THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD WHICH IS THE CHURCH.

Dearly beloved friends, when you continue in your sins without repentance and change of lives, you are re-crucifying me and holding me up to contempt. Come to me repenting of your sins and confessing them with a decision of a new life in me, I have a great compassion and love for you

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Message III  - Ash Wednesday – 17th. February 2010 Song


Thus says the Lord, “My children, again I give you a time to repent of your sins and to intensify your prayer life, so that you may be like my Son Jesus, who emptied Himself of His glory and equality with me to become a human being like you. He gave His full life to you so that you may find life in Him. All who believe in Him making Him the Lord of their lives shall find life through Him because carrying all your sins on His body upon the cross He died for you.

My children, when you are in sin, you are dead; but when you find forgiveness and atonement for your sins by way of repentance and change of life, you shall find life. My wish for the world is that everyone be saved through my son Jesus who shed even the last drop of His blood for mankind. You are going through a very critical period of time. My heart is grieved at the increasing number of sinners in the world. The sins of the baptized Christians grieve my heart more than any. I do not want to harden my heart to punish you as I punished mankind at the time of Noah or the people of Sodom and Gomorrah at the time of Abraham. As my mercy is greater than my anger, I desire that by hearing the Word of God through the Bible and the Church, like the people of Nineveh who listened to the word of Jonah and repented, you may come away from your sins and live an authentic Christian life.

When I look at your hearts my children, I do not see you abiding in Jesus who is your life giver. Many of you are cut away from Him by your sins. You are like a wild and barren tree that does not bare fruits. I give you this season of Lent to change your attitude and behaviors so that you may be like my son, who being filled with the Holy Spirit, went around to forgive sins, to heal the sick and to liberate the people from the bondage of Satan and darkness. I want you to pour the oil of my Spirit into your hearts so that you may be burning lamps amidst those who die in the darkness of sin. I want you to continue the saving work of my Son.

The outcry against the innocent bloodshed is so great and grave before me. The tears of those children killed in the mother’s womb by abortion and those murdered in wars and terrorism sadden my heart. The sufferings of the poor and the exploitation of the weak and the poor by the rich in the world make me angry. My children look around your home, your village, town or city, many are dying out of hunger and thirst, many others have no homes to live in and millions have no clothes to wear. Don’t you see many people committing suicide and killing others out of their utter poverty and helplessness? Even mothers and fathers are selling their children to the terrorist camps or to the lodges and brothels to be misused and abuse! Can you do something to save these people? Even the little what you do to alleviate the poverty and sufferings of the poor and wretched people in the world will be counted as great and valuable before me and I will reward you greatly with many spiritual and material blessings.

During this season I want you to restrain yourselves by way of fasting and by acts of charity. Avoid your extravagance and overspending for comfort and luxury and help the poor. Let your fasting and penance change your attitude towards the poor and the needy. Feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick to bring them the healing love of my Son and liberate those who are in the prison of sin and guilt. My children, I sent my Son to create a new age and a new world and it is through you that it has to be achieved. Behold I am with you through my Son Jesus in the Holy Spirit”

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MESSAGE II – Our Lady of Lourdes – 11th. February 2010 Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “you, my priests, should know that it is I who have chosen you to continue my works on earth. I chose you not because of your spiritual or physical qualities or abilities, but I called you simply because I wanted you. I called you to be my own in order that you may do my works of preaching the good news to the poor and to heal and to liberate those who are sick and in bondages. I take your eyes to look at the poor, the sick and the rejected with my love and compassion; I take your ears to hear their woes and problems with my patience; I take your lips and tongues along with your lungs and vocal cords to proclaim my Gospel powerfully to the nations. I want you to be another I before others.

Through your personal intimacy to me by prayers, reading of the Holy Bible and the celebration of the sacraments you shall be filled with my Spirit so that you may abide in me and I in you. My dear priests I want you to be holy as I am holy. As I challenged the Jews, you also must be able to challenge the people and say, ‘which one of you can find sin in me’. As you have left your home, your parents, relatives and wealth to serve me and my kingdom, you must leave your attachments to all created things so that you may remain attached to me alone. You should never allow sin to reign over your lives; you should be always under the reign of grace. You must humble yourselves as I humbled myself taking the human form in order to save all. You should show your special love and affection to the sinners so that they may experience the love of God, my Father, for sinners through you. You must be strong in grace and in the power of the Holy Spirit so that people who are weak and burdened with many problems may find consolation, peace and strength through you. People, who are sick, wounded, rejected and under the bondage of Satan should find my healing and liberation through you. You my beloved priests don’t hesitant to lay your anointed hands and to pray on the people among who you work so that they may see and experience my abiding love.

People call you “another Christ”; you have to ask yourself often if you are true to this great title. You shall be the light of the world and salt of the earth; through your holy lives and good deeds the heavenly Father should be glorified. When people come to you to seek advice and direction, you must lead them through the righteous path because you are my messengers. Eat the scroll of the Bible by reading it and learning it with diligence and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. In all seasons you must preach the Word of God with power because there is a great ignorance of the Word of God among my people. You shall not add or remove anything from the messages of the Bible and make no compromise in your preaching.

My dear priests, you are called to be the ambassadors of my kingdom and the watchmen of the household of God which is the Church. You must be always alert and ready to do all responsibilities and commitments entrusted to you. You should not spend your lives in laziness and idleness, but you must be always active and dynamic in your ministry. Don’t you feel sad at the situation of the world today? Many do not know me or the salvation that I have brought to the world; some do not distinguish between good and bad, holy and profane; even many who are baptized live like pagans leaving their faith and salvation. My people are dying in their sins. I want, my loving priests, to carry their sins upon yourselves asking pardon and mercy from my Father and your Father in order that you may save many. It is in saving many that you shall be successful priests, great will be your reward in heaven.

Your work is the work of John the Baptist, to show the Saviour, the only Way, the Life and the Truth. On this earth many will reject you and your teachings; some may persecute you and speak ill of you, but you should know that by enduring them with peace and patience you are becoming like me. In you, you may have to fill up what is lacking in my sufferings on behalf of my body, the Church. When you carry sufferings in your lives, my life in you will be more manifested. Even if all abandon you or reject you, my loving priests, I will never reject you because you have given your lives to me and to my kingdom. You will be seated along with me in the heavenly banquet as you are special gifts of my Father to me. You will have a special place in my heart as you are speaking my own words to forgive the sins of others in the sacrament of confession, and to change the bread and wine miraculously into my body and blood in the sacrament of the Eucharist. When you administer these two sacraments especially you are identifying yourselves with me. Behold I love you and I am with you my priests"

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Thus says the Lord your God, “My children, one year of many blessings is passing by and you are entering another year of my many new and fresh blessings which I have kept for you from the foundation of the world. You all are unique to me and all my blessings for each one of you are unique and very precious. As the year 2009 comes to its close, many of you may think about the many missed opportunities and the brave and heroic things you should have done, along with a bit of disappointment and discouragement that you have had. Let the events of your past life be revelations of wisdom and insights for the future to go ahead with more courage and optimism to face the new challenges of life.

Forget what you have done to others in the past but remember with gratitude what others have done for you. Ignore what the world owes you but think of what you owe to the world. Stop asking yourselves, how much your friends and dear ones love you but on the contrary you ask yourselves if you love your friends enough both in words and in deeds. Be willing to stoop down and consider the needs and desires of others around you rather than yours. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Have no enemies in your life but let all around you, be your friends. When you plan your life for the New Year give place to the poor and the needy, for you should know that whatever you do to them you have done to me and seeing your good works I will reward you greatly.
My children, when you plan the year do not mix up priorities of life, your first priority should be to love your God with all your heart and soul and to love your neighbours. You should know that love is the greatest truth and strongest force in the world that gives meaning to life. You shall not plan anything that is contrary to my will which is your holiness and integrity of life. Give me first place in your lives and allow me to lead your lives by my plan and designs which are always for your welfare and good; you must know that all things work for good for those who love me. I, along with my son Jesus will abide in you and bless all your works if you continue loving me by keeping my commandments and laws.

In the New Year again you will have to face the challenges of financial crisis, climate changes, poverty and sickness. You may see the black hands of Satan sowing seeds of enmity and violence in the hearts and heads of certain world leaders to wage war and to destroy. The promise of Satan is always to give kingdoms and power, this is the reason that many political leaders, and even certain religious leaders are on the side of Satan. Perhaps the killing of a great world leader may escalate a civil war in an important country, or two great nations of ancient culture may be on the war path by keeping up nuclear weapons in their arsenals, and the other nations may disguise themselves to support the either by their business of selling weapons and warheads, which even can pave way for a world war. But there will arise prophets of peace who will persuade the warring nations to come to peace and reconciliation, some will accept them and other may reject them. This year also you will see many bloodsheds and killings of the innocent ones; flood or droughts and other natural calamities will rout many lives.

You, my children, believers in me and followers of my Son Christ Jesus, I want you to be the aroma of Christ, your Saviour and Lord, among those are good and among those who are bad, radiating the fragrance of your goodness and holiness to one and all. You will see a clear cut line between God and Satan, light and darkness, good and evil, clean and unclean. Always you will have the freedom of choice; blessed are those who choose God and His light to remain good by a clean life. You should never fear the evil because I am with you always. Don’t you know that I have numbered even all the hairs of your head! In all your trials and persecutions, sufferings and pains, rejections and betrayals I shall go with you holding your hands and walking with you if only you trust in me always. I will give you courage and power for your lives through my son Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Being united with me through the Holy Spirit, you shall hear my voice that gives you guidance and comfort. Remember that you can do everything with me, but without me you can do nothing. Allow me to row the boat of your lives as a captain, than you shall be always victorious and triumphant amidst all waves and storms of life. Rejoice in me always, again I say rejoice!

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