MESSAGE XII – Christmas 2011 Song


Thus says the Lord, our God, “My children, when I look down on earth, I see a great famine of love. Because of an increase of sin, true and honest love has been lost from the hearts of many. Many people in their selfishness do know only sexual and erotic love and not the genuine love that I have taught through my Son Jesus. This is the reason that many marriages are ending up in separation and divorce. Because many people have no true love in their hearts, they fear to get married and they do not know to share love. Where there is fear there is no true love; real love takes away all fears. As a result the number of unmarried mothers is on increase!

Due to lack of love, the children of the divorcees and single mothers live broken lives in fear, depression, guilt, un-forgiveness, hatred, etc., and several of them are in compulsive bad habits like alcoholism, drugs, cigarettes and immorality. Not finding love in their hearts, being disappointed in life some commit suicide and other commit murder, even the worst murder of killing the helpless children in the mother’s womb by abortion. Because there is no love, war and terrorism are on increase. When there is no love, the society is sick and permissive.

Christmas is not merely a celebration of the past event of the birth of Jesus Christ, my Son; it should be a daily event in your lives my children. He emptied His equality with me in order to become a human being like anyone of you to express His love and solidarity to each one of you. If you are in sin, He comes now with His forgiving love to take away your sins and the consequences of them and to give you an absolute forgiveness and new life. If you are sick, He comes to you with His healing love to heal you from all your diseases and to restore you to health by His loving touch as He touched the blind, the deaf and the cripple and healed them. If you are under the bondage of Satan and darkness, His liberating love comes to set you free to lead you to the freedom of the children of God. Jesus my Son is alive today amidst you. When you pray and receive the sacraments in the Church He comes to you alive. He and I are one, and in Him you shall find my love.

It is my love for you, my children, that urges me to send my Son Jesus to you. He is love walking on earth, and He is thirsting for your love. Therefore, He is searching for you to find you, to forgive you, to heal you and to give you all what you need in your life. I know that you too have a thirst for His love, a love that a world cannot give. No human or worldly love can satisfy your thirst for love! If only you find Him and His love, your thirst for love would be quenched.

In your parents, life partner, children, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours and all whom you meet in your lives you can see His thirst for your love; and when you love them with the love that goes beyond boundaries, a love that loves even your enemies and those who hate you, your life will be satisfied and enriched because then you are loving Jesus in them. Love is patient, love is kind, love is not jealous, love is not pompous, love is not inflated, love does not seek its own interest, love is not rude, love is not quick tempered, love does not brood over injury, love does not rejoice over wrong doing, love bears all things, love believes all things, love hopes all things, love endures all things and love never fails. Faith, hope and love remain, but of these three the greatest is love

When you have this love, true peace will abide in your souls and in the souls of all, and thus there shall be peace in the world. Glory to God in the Highest and on earth peace to those on whom His favour rest!

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MESSAGE XI – 1st. Sunday of Advent Song


Thus says the Lord, our God, “My children, when I look down on earth, I see that even my own children, who had received salvation through faith in my beloved Son Jesus Christ, are groping in ignorance of my love and the love of others towards them and living in the darkness of souls ignoring all spiritual and moral norms of lives. The season of Advent is come to remind you all of the coming of my Son to knock at the door of your hearts to enter and to dwell in you so that you will be liberated from the veil of ignorance and darkness.

My Son Jesus is the Truth for your lives, and all the truths that He has spoken for your lives are written down in the Holy Bible and in the teachings of the Church. Church is the guardian of the Word of God and the pillar and foundation of truth. Today’s ignorance that leads you to sin, to stumble down your life is because you do not know the Word of God and the teaching of the Church. They speak authoritatively and authentically of my love towards you and your need to love me and to love one another so that you may have a happy and prosperous life here on earth; and after departing from this world a glorious eternal life in the heavenly kingdom. Only by reading and understanding them you shall find meaning and values for your life.

When you read and meditate the truth of the Bible and the teachings of the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit, you shall be led to the fullness of truth in your daily life. As Mary, my beloved daughter conceived my Son, the Saviour of the world, in her virginal womb when she said “yes” to the Word of God yielding herself to the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit; so you too, when you accept and say ‘yes’ to the truth of the Word of God found in the Bible and in the teachings of the Church opening yourself to the action of the Holy Spirit you shall find Christ dwelling in you. When you carry Christ in your lives, you are indeed true and authentic Christians knowing and doing always my will which is the source of all blessings.

I sent my Son into the world as Light of the world and I wanted that all who follow Him be in His light and be lights themselves radiating light on others removing the darkness of the world. But I am sad to see that many of my children living in the darkness of sin and leading others to the abyss of darkness and thus going into the eternal punishment. This is the time, my children I urge you to open the doors of your hearts to receive the light of Christ to distinguish between good and bad, clean and unclean, moral and immoral. Because of the darkness of soul, the world today is in chaos of doubts and confusion, and thus many are losing their souls in the tsunami of sin. They do not know to esteem and appreciate the uniqueness and greatness of the souls that are created by me in my image to inherit the kingdom of heaven. After all, your life on earth is only temporary but your life with me and my Son is eternal; and because I love you with an eternal and unchangeable love, your soul can not be substituted with anyone or anything; and what profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself.

My children, do not listen to what the enemy, the devil, the deceiver of the world speaks through secularism that ignores anything that is divine or religious, relativism that opposes any spiritual or moral values of life and materialism that denies anything eternal and beyond this life. The devil, the king of the world of ignorance and darkness is now pervading the human souls through its cunning tactics to snatch away my children from the kingdom of heaven. Hence be sober and vigilant and stay awake to fight the tactics of Satan and be faithful and prudent in observing the commandments of the law.

My beloved children, break the mountains of your pride and arrogance through humility and simplicity of life, make straight your ways by following good moral and spiritual values of life and fill up the vacuum of your hearts by prayers, sacraments and good deeds to welcome your Saviour and Lord Jesus who comes to save your life”

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MESSAGE X – 1st. of November – All saints day Song


Thus says the Lord, our God, “My children, this is time to remind you of your communion with the triumphant church in heaven and the suffering church in purgatory. As people in the world are moving more and more towards secularism, relativism, materialism and all kinds of ideologies that keep you away from spiritual concepts and realities, relationships and fellowships among human beings are at stake. It is true that because of the increase of sins the love of many grows cold. It is through the love that comes to you by my Spirit that my children on earth are interlinked and related.

It is very alarming that many of my children have lost the spiritual sense. When man looses the spiritual sense, he plunges himself into the darkness of the soul. When man forgets the wonders of the Lord by the Spirit of God, he will lose himself in oblivion, Today many people know to grasp things reasonably, logically, systematically and materially but not spiritually; as a result many are living only in natural or carnal level of life loosing many blessings that are supernatural and those which are beyond the carnal sphere.

Many may know that heavy rocks can prevent water from the sea but they do not know that God could find water in the rock. Many know that the Red sea can be crossed by a boat but they do not know that the same sea can be divided by God’s hand making dry land for the people to cross. They know that gold can be mined from the earth but they may not know that it can be found in a mouth of a fish by God’s work. They know that the sick can be healed by doctors or medicines, but they may not know that the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk by the power of the Word of God. Surely they know that the dead should be buried, but they may not know the dead can be raised to life. They condemn the drug addicts, alcoholics, homosexuals, prostitutes and sinners but they do not know that God can change them to saints by His Spirit!

So too, very conveniently many people forget about the truth of life after death and live hedonistically in this world eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building and spending all what they have for pleasures and vanities of this world. But, you my children, should know that there is a life after your death; and if you do not possess Jesus your Saviour as the treasure of your life, you will be lost forever in condemnation which is full alienation from me, your Father, who created you.  There is heaven and there is hell. If you live a holy and victorious life in the militant church fighting and overcoming Satan, the flesh and the world, you shall reign with Christ, your Lord and Saviour forever in heaven with billions of saints and angels. In heaven they are praying incessantly for you, so that one day you may join their company. As they are concerned about you, you may seek their prayers, intercessions and blessings so that you may have already the foretaste of heaven.

Although you try to live a holy life by prayers and sacraments to which you are called, your past sins and the sins of others among whom you live would wound your souls leaving scars and black spots and they are a block to your beatific vision after your death. Only the spotless, blameless and innocent like children can inherit heaven. That is the reason that my love and mercy allow you to go to purgatory where there is the purifying fire to cleanse you and to glitter you as gold is made to shine in the furnace of fire. If you do penance and take up sufferings with Christ and for Christ for purgation and expiation of your sins of the past, the life of Christ will be manifested in you and you shall be like Him and you shall be seated with Him to see Me as I am.

Perhaps, some of your parents, ancestors or relatives did not live a life of penance to purify themselves to remove the temporal punishment of their sins; as you are related to them in blood and in spirit, you can do penance for them and seeing your love for them, I shall show my forgiving love and compassion on them. You must know, my children, you are related to each other as brothers and sisters in the church through my Spirit, and you have an obligation to save all those who are in purgatory by your prayers, penance, offering of Holy Masses and charity to the poor. You on earth, all those who are in purgatory and all the saints in heaven are very closely related through the one and same Spirit; and when I see you loving, serving and helping each other I will be more pleased with your lives, and as a consequence the whole creation shall receive many blessings. Rejoice my children your citizenship is in heaven”

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MESSAGE IX – 8th. and 15th. September – Feasts of Nativity of Mary and Mother of SorrowsSong


Thus says the Lord, our God, “My children, when I created you, I created you in my image and likeness. I am holy, I am good and I am love. When I breathed my Spirit into you at your conception, I imprinted these three characteristics in you with many other virtues, so that you would live holy and innocent lives. At your baptism I anointed you with my Spirit so that you receive a share in my divine life. It is a portion of my Spirit that I share with you as I shared it with my only Son Jesus so that you are my children and together with Him you can call me “Our Father”

Two thousand years before when I wanted to send my Son Jesus on earth as a man like any one of you, I searched for a woman who kept her innocence from the time of her conception and it was Mary from the town of Galilee whom I found worthy. She was holy and immaculate from the beginning of her life, sin and Satan had no power over her life, hence I greeted her through the angel “Hail full of grace”. Because of her chaste and virgin life, she had the blessedness of carrying the second person of the Holy Trinity in her womb, to give Him birth, to suckle Him on her breasts, to be with Him in His ministry, to walk with Him to Calvary sharing His passion and finally to share the bitter cup of His greatest suffering at the foot of the cross.

My children, you too, are going through very hard and difficult times. There are spiritual and physical enemies around you to snatch you away from your experience of salvation. You may find various trials of rejection, sufferings, narrow ways and crosses to follow authentically Jesus Christ, your Saviour and Lord. You are like sheep in the midst of wolfs and you need a simple and holy heart like that of a child, at the same time with a lot of prudence and courage. You should not allow the negative circumstances to take control of your lives, but you must take control over them with the Holy Spirit in you and be victorious over them.

If you carry Jesus in your innocent hearts and walk with Him in personal relationship through intimate prayers and reception of sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist, where you can be one with Him; you have nothing to fear. Then the wicked and corrupt world where you live will not overcome or defeat you, on the contrary by overcoming and defeating it you shall be glorious and victorious like the Virgin Mary your Mother. If you remain chaste and holy like her you can change darkness into light, sorrow into joy, failures into success, discouragement into hope and optimism, weakness into power and grace, bondages into freedom, sickness into health because there is nothing impossible with those who abide in Christ.

I know that on these days, my children, many of you who believe in Christ are persecuted and killed all over the world, some are made homeless and poor, the churches are set on fire and many are denied freedom to worship God. You should know that Christianity grew in the blood of the early Christians who were persecuted and killed. My children, you must believe that the present persecution and sufferings will bring more purification, blessedness and power to Christianity because my glorious Spirit dwells in you individually and in the church collectively. But I do not want any of my children put to sufferings because of their evil doings.

My children, stand erect in your faith in Christ Jesus, remain in the courage and power of the Holy Spirit, and do not bend your neck to the yoke of sin and wickedness. Mary, your Mother and the Mother of Christ, who stood with her Son in His sufferings, will stand besides you and walk with you to lift you up to me and to my Son, so that your inner self will be strengthened with power and grace to comprehend with all holy ones the breath and length and height and depth of God’s love which surpasses all knowledge and wisdom of this world. My children, like my beloved believers in the early church, you too should say that anguish, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril or sword would not separate us from the love of Christ. And I assure that when you go through your sufferings you will be purified like gold in the fire, and my image in you will be more manifested and through your light all those who live in darkness of sin will return to the light of salvation. Behold, I am your Father who loves and cares you!

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MESSAGE VIII – 12th. June – Pentecost 2011Song


Thus says the Lord, our God, “My children, ever since I sent a portion of my Spirit on humanity, a new age began on earth. What the eyes have not seen, the ears have not heard and the hearts have never experienced are being revealed through the power of my Spirit, and all those who have experienced my Spirit have become new creatures on earth. Today, on the day of Pentecost I sent upon you, my children, the same Spirit that I have sent upon my Son Jesus, the Apostles and the early church to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick and to liberate those who are oppressed by the devil.

Those who believe in my Son Jesus as their Saviour and Lord and renounce their sinful way of life are born again by my Spirit as my children. Those who have received my Spirit belong to Christ and they are my children living in the light, not following darkness and doing the work of darkness. Surely all those who live in a new age by the power of my Spirit will have to defend themselves against the attacks by the children of Satan who lives in darkness with the cunning plan to destroy the children of the new age.

My children, the days are very evil, those who live in the darkness of the soul by the power of the spirit of the antichrist proclaim a false new age and a new power; and I feel sad that some of my children are led astray by them. Satan, the spirit of antichrist can appear as an angel of light and perform signs and wonders through its occult powers. My children, you must read the signs of the times and discern what is good and what is bad, and earnestly desire for what is good and pleasing to God. Do not trust every spirit, trust only the Holy Spirit whom I have sent through my Son and now being sent continuously through the church, the body of my Son. The spirits and powers that are coming from outside the church are the unclean spirits, the fallen angels, to kill and destroy the believers and followers of Christ who live according to the commandments of God. Beware of them and their tactics which can even deceive the elect! Do not believe in the new age brought to you by the leaders and ministers of the pagan religions.

The spirit of the false new age does not teach about the salvation that my Son has brought to you by his incarnation, death and resurrection; on the contrary, it takes you away from Christ, the Church and salvation and bring you to condemnation. The spirit of the new age, of the ruler of this world, which is Satan, attracts people to a false religion of occult devoid of all moral orders and discipline where they live in a world of fantasy with worldly and bodily pleasures. Such people are led astray from the truth of life; they stop listened to the sound doctrine taught by Christ and the Church and are diverted to myths and legends.

My Spirit is spirit of truth and holiness; and the new age that I bring to you is an age of truthfulness and holiness. My Spirit helps you to crucify and bury your old self with all its passions and desires and to live a victorious life experiencing the power of the resurrection of my Son Jesus Christ. My children if you are in the Spirit of my Son, your life is hidden with Christ and you will seek always things that are spiritual and you will live on earth as other Christ radiating the love, peace, joy, goodness and mercy on others, and after your life on earth you shall be seated with Christ on heaven at my right side. My Spirit will transform you daily to holiness and perfection teaching you and reminding you all that my Son has taught you which are written in the Holy Bible and in the teachings of the Church. My Spirit will empower you to preach the Gospel with power, to cast out demons, to lay the hands on the sick and to heal and to bring consolation, mercy, peace and liberation to those who suffer. When you grow more and more in my Spirit you shall do what my Son did on earth and even more! Behold I give my Spirit to you as a constant companion of your life”.

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MESSAGE VII – 31st. of May- The Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin MarySong


Thus says the Lord, our God, “My children, as the great feast of Pentecost is approaching, I want you to enter into the cenacle of your heart in prayer and penance so that you may be clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit from on high. As the Apostles and the early church waited upon the Holy Spirit with prayer and fasting, you too must thirst and eagerly wait for the coming of the Paraclete, the helper. Today, more than ever in the history you are in great need of the power of the Holy Spirit as the days are evil, and the unclean spirit, the spirit of the antichrist is trying to prevail over the church and the believers of Christ.

The Holy Spirit, whom I send through my Son Jesus will give you power to be my authentic witnesses of my salvation. He will lead to the experience of the presence of God in you by giving you the awareness that you are the temple of God. Then you shall worship me in spirit and truth. He will teach you and remind you to live according to the moral values of life because the world is now in the brink of a moral decadence with an increase of immorality, corruption and injustice. The Holy Spirit whom I send will lead you to the fullness of truth and only truth can liberate you from all bondages.

During the coming days pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit in your lives so that you may be filled with His power and grace and your lives may be led more by the desires of the Spirit rather than by the desires of the flesh. Specifically you must ask for the fruits (virtues), gift and charisms you need in your lives. Believe in my promise to you, “ask, you shall receive”.

I desire a personal Pentecost in the lives of each one of you, my children, so that you may live with wisdom and courage in Christ and in the Church, His body, with more love of God and love of neighbour. I desire a Pentecost in every family, so that the husbands and wives may live together in holiness, love and harmony with their children. Also I earnestly wish and desire for a new Pentecost in every society in the world, so that every human being may live in peace, joy and prosperity, devoid of discrimination, exploitation, injustice and corruption. My children pray that every human being on earth will be healed, liberated and filled by the power of my Spirit so that all may live together as one family in mutual love and harmony, appreciating others, loving one another and helping each other. Behold I send a portion of my Spirit upon all those who open their hearts by believing in my only Son Jesus and by turning away from sin by repentance. Blessed are those who receive my Spirit and live according to my Spirit”

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MESSAGE VI – 1st. of May - Mercy Sunday Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My friends, when I allow my heart to be opened by a lance of a soldier, my love and mercy were flowing out through the blood and water, which you are privileged to experience daily in the prayers and sacraments of the church which is my body. At the foot of the cross, my own mother and few disciples saw and touched my broken heart. When I appeared to the disciples again, they saw my broken heart in my risen body but Thomas was absent. When I appeared to them again, Thomas put his hands into my broken heart and became an apostle of divine love and mercy. He wanted to touch my wounded heart to transform himself to be merciful and compassionate in order to equip himself for the difficult task of preaching the Gospel to the pagans. He was the courageous apostle who emboldened the others saying ‘let us go and die with him’ when they were reluctant to go to Bethany to raise Lazarus.

From the beginning the Lord revealed himself as a merciful God that he would punish wickedness unto three and four generations, BUT SHOWING MERCY DOWN TO THE TOUSANDTH GENERATION on the children of those who love Him and keep His commandments. The chosen people, the Israelites in their prayers, often recalled to mind the merciful love of God. But It was I, who revealed to you God as a loving and merciful Father who waits upon the return of his children who lost themselves in sins and wickedness. My Father and I are one, and in me you see my Father. In me people saw that love and compassion walking as a man, calling the weak and the sinful people unto himself as disciples, not condemning those who committed sin, liberating and healing those who were in the bondage of Satan, consoling those who were suffering at the death of the dear ones and feeding those who were hungry. I am the same Living God who moves with you, for I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

My servant John Paul II meditated this mystery of my wounded heart and experienced my love and compassion while he was amidst the persecutions and sufferings inflicted by the Nazis and the communists. My revelations to the holy nun Faustina helped him to plunge himself more into my merciful and loving heart, and as a Pope he proclaimed my divine mercy all over the world.

Now dear friends, you all are going through a critical period of the history where hatred and the thirst for revenge dominate, where war and terrorism bring sufferings and death, abuse of freedom has destroyed many innocent lives by abortion and euthanasia and many are homeless and hungry through the natural and man made catastrophes. This is the time that you need to experience my merciful love in order to know that I am moving with you asking you to put your hands in my wounded heart to find grace, love, peace and joy. When you are threatened by the waves of tsunami, and when the earth is shaken by quakes and when fire breaks forth from above you must know that you will not be drowned, burned or overthrown because I the Lord, who redeemed you by my blood and suffered for you to the extent of breaking my heart will be holding your hands and walking with you.

In all your present sufferings, do not stand bewildered with doubts and guilt asking, “Has God abandoned us!” You should know that I took all your abandonment and rejection on myself on the cross; therefore while my merciful heart was broken I cried aloud, “Father, why have you forsaken me” My Father never rejected or abandoned me, but I was beholding and carrying all your rejections in my loving and merciful heart. Do you at any time think that you have no one to love you; then there I am to call you by name and to love you personally. Do you feel miserable and panic, I am there with a plan for your welfare and future. Call upon my name, you shall see me and find the answer to all your problems; but when you call me keep yourselves away from sin and put all your confidence in me and love me with your whole heart by keeping my commandments.

I behold in my merciful heart the Pope, the bishops, priests, deacons, the consecrated people and all those who are trying to live a holy and perfect life so that in their trials and temptations they may draw power and grace from my merciful heart and protect themselves by immersing themselves in my blood. My wounded and merciful heart is waiting with a personal concern for all those who have gone away from me by various sins. I am not waiting to scold, to punish or to curse them; but when they return I will accept them with love. I am not a God of hatred and vengeance. I will rejoice at the return of every sinner and I will cloth them with the robe of holiness. But don’t be overconfident of my love and mercy, and continue in your arrogance and impertinence adding sin upon sin; you must know that with me there is anger and punishment

My beloved friends and disciples I want you to learn and copy in your lives the love and compassion that I show to others. Many people who are wounded, rejected, homeless and hungry are waiting for your mercy and compassion. Putting on the character of my love and mercy through the Holy Spirit you must be my true witnesses. You must know that there are sinner men and women, may be prostitutes, homosexuals and immorals waiting for your compassionate love for their conversion, there may be traitors and murderers in your society waiting for your merciful approach for their return to me; forgive, accept and love them; never judge, condemn or reject them. I want you to be like the Simon the Cyrenian, who helped me to carry my cross or Veronica who wiped my face in my bitter passion by helping and consoling those who are in need. Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy”

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MESSAGE V – Easter 2011 Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My friends, I rose from the dead and now live with you. I was dead, but now I am alive forever and ever. After my Resurrection I appeared to Mary Magdalene, to the women returning from the tomb, to Peter late in the day, to the disciples at Emmaus, to the apostles without Thomas and with Thomas present, to the seven by the lake of Tiberius, to the multitude of over 500 believers on a Galilean mountain, to James, to the eleven, to a group of disciples at the Ascension, to Paul at his conversion and in the temple and to John my beloved disciple at Patmos.

It was necessary then as they were all disappointed and disheartened at my death as a criminal on the cross; I had to gather them again to be my witnesses after having touched my risen body. They touched me and my wounds; ate and drank with me and told their experience to others and they believed their testimonies. Later in gathering together and in the breaking of the bread (the Eucharist) the early believers continued to experience my living presence. Now too, sometimes I give my bodily experience to some pagans and non believers in order that they may touch me and believe.

But you my friends, who have believed in me and are baptised in my Spirit, need to grow more in your faith to find me alive through the eye of your faith in your fellowship and in the divine liturgy especially in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist where the bread and wine are really changed into my body and blood, which you can not only touch but eat and drink and become one with me. When you are dead in your sins you cannot see me through the eye of faith. Hence you must remove your sins by repentance and confession and renew your Christian life by the renewal of your life in grace.

In the grace you received in your baptism, your old sinful self was crucified and buried in union with me sharing my glorious resurrection. Thus in the newness of life you shall find me alive with you. Through the Holy Spirit that you have received I am really present in your body and wherever you go I move with you. It is through the Holy Spirit that you belong to me and find your resurrection on the last day.

So my friends you must know that without holiness you can not see me. You must be careful not to be deprived of the grace that you received in baptism and other sacraments. My flesh did not see corruption, while yours, after corruption with the death, put on in-corruption through me at the end of times. You will not obtain this in-corruption and resurrection without me, and you have no life without me because I came to this world to give you life in its fullness. Have no fear, I am with you always”

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MESSAGE IV – April 15th. Passion Friday Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My friends, I wish that during these days you meditate on the power of my blood which I shed for you during my Passion, especially in Gethsemane. My sweat became blood in my prayer and I suffered for you while I was trying to submit myself to the will of my Father. Do you think that it was difficult for me to say, “yes” to my Father’s will? No. I came to this world to do His will, and I did nothing of my own. I knew very well that the One who sent me was with me always and He never left me alone.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, I saw how you lost your will power through the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, where he said, “Father not your will, but my will be done”, because the Father had told them to obey Him in not eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. With their disobedience they sacrificed your will power in every area by giving over your will to the enemy the devil, and thus lost your ability to say “yes” to all the good God has for you and “no” to all the bad the devil wants you to do. I was winning back that will power for you, when I said, “not my will but Thy will be done”.

My friends, in Gethsemane, I saw in spirit all the hardships and sufferings that I had to take up in order to redeem you from the dominion of Satan. I saw the betrayal of my trusted friend Judas with a kiss, the denial of my closest disciple Peter and the running away of all my followers at my arrest. I knew well the unjust judgement of Pilate with false witnesses and the demand to release Barabbas. I could imagine and see the mocking of the soldiers after the blindfolding, their spitting upon my face, striking on my head with a reed, and beating with their hands. I saw the whipping post on which I would be tied up and beaten several times with whips that could take away my flesh centimetre by centimetre from by bones with my blood oozing out. I saw how they would put the crown of thorns on my head piercing the sharp thorns down into my skull and breaking through my eyes. How shameful I felt when I would be stripped off of my clothes and hung me naked! I could very well feel the pain of those spikes pounding into my hands and feet and the spear of the soldier that would pierce my heart from where even the last drop of my blood would flow out.

When I had said “yes” to my Father before I was conceived in my mother’s womb by the Holy Spirit, I had already said “yes” to all these sufferings; and when I took up the human form I was carrying the total humanity which was weak and unwilling to obey the commandments of God in order to love Him and to serve Him. In the Garden of Gethsemane I was faced with the same temptation that Adam and Eve had faced, but in a severe form, whether to follow my will or the will of the Father. I was taking up on myself the struggle of every one of you to live a holy life according to God’s will by keeping the laws and commandments. My dear friends, because of my intense agony, the soft blood vessels under my skin broke out and through the pores of my skin blood oozed out; and it is at this cost that I won the battle for you, broke the curse, redeemed you and gave you back your will power.

Now no longer you should say that you lost faith and went after other gods and committed sin because of your weakness. Never more you should say that you committed immorality, murder, theft, injustice and ran after drugs, smoke, alcohol, pornography because of your frailty. Whenever you are tempted to commit any sin, remember my agony in the Garden of Gethsemane where your will power has been ransomed and redeemed by my blood; the grace of my blood poured out there and until my death on the cross on Calvary will be available for those who believe in me and call upon my name. The power of my innocent blood poured out will clean your consciences from all your sinful tendencies and weaknesses making you strong in holiness to love, worship and serve the Lord with your whole heart and soul and with your full strength”

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MESSAGE III – March 9th. Ash WednesdaySong


Thus says the Lord God, “My children, again a time of forty days of Lent is approaching. As the world and the Church are going through various trials, temptations and tribulations, I wish you to be strong in your lives of perfection through purification and penance. On these special days of grace, when all the believers all over the world are trying to focus their attention on the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, my Son, I want you to enter into the various spiritual chambers of your hearts where through a ‘way of the cross’ you must experience the fruits of the resurrection.

First of all, enter your hearts through the Holy Spirit, who always helps you to find out your sins and to repent. You must meticulously search the recesses of your hearts to discover and to root out all the sins that are grown there to destroy the fruits of the Holy Spirit that have been sown from the time of your baptism. It is the enemy, the Satan, who has sown the seeds of those weeds of sin. They weaken your lives so that you are unable to resist the cunning plans and tactics of Satan. Allow the blood of my Son to be poured into your hearts for a thorough washing and cleansing in intense prayers and contemplation.

Also, my children, you must find out and eradicate the stains, guilt and consequences of your sins that may be remaining in your inner self bringing affliction, sorrows, sicknesses and death. In the precious and powerful name of Jesus, my Son, you must make them powerless and claim victory over them and be liberated. The priests and ministers appointed and anointed by me can help you to liberate you through their prayers of deliverance and sacraments because they have the power to bind and to loose. If only your hearts are free to love me, to love others and to do good, you are truly free. I want you to be my free children without being burdened by the curses of your sins and without being bondaged to the power of the enemy which is playing evil in every member of your body.

In searching all corners of the chambers of your hearts, you must put away all idols of your hearts like pride, selfishness, jealousy, greed, attachments and lust for persons and material things, especially money, the mammon. Emptying your hearts from all this filth, you shall surrender yourselves fully to the lordship of Jesus, my Son, and allow Him to enter and possess your whole life. Then you will experience my Spirit controlling and directing your lives and you will no longer be under the dominion of Satan but you will under my dominion by experiencing the Kingdom of God within you. You shall never be weak or fragile, but you shall be strong to fight and defeat all the enemies of your soul.

Then going into the inner most chambers of your hearts remove even a little offense or ill feeling towards anyone and affirm your love for others. It is not enough to say with your mouth ‘I do not hate anyone, I love all or I pray and go to Church, etc’. If you really love your brothers and sisters in the Church and in the society where you live, you must feel deep sorrow for their sins and lift up your hearts and hands in prayer to me to ask pardon and mercy. With a sincere affectionate hearts, if you look into My Heart you may see my grief, not anger, towards the sinners. I love the sinners and I do not wish any of them to be the prey of the enemy and to be destroyed. In the very depth of your hearts you can experience my tender and merciful love for the sinners; and then in tears you may take their sins upon yourselves to ask pardon for their sins with penance as the people of Nineveh did at the preaching of Jonah. It is what my Son did too on the Cross; I made Him sin although He did not know sin so that you may find righteousness and sanctification in Him.

As He took the vicarious sufferings on Himself to expiate your sins, you also must take up sufferings of mortification, fasting, penance, helping the poor especially those who are thirsting and hungering for the Living Water and Bread from heaven. By joining your sufferings with the sufferings of Christ, you shall save many; and that is your true love for others in fulfilment of my commandment to love one another. If you are gifted to preach the Gospel, you must exercise your carism powerfully on these days. If you are unable to preach, you can support and join the works of evangelization of preachers and missionaries through your prayers, penance and money in order to bring many souls to my Kingdom. My children still my heart thirsts for souls

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MESSAGE II – 28th. February 2011Song


Thus says Jesus the Lord, “I know that on these days my true followers who believe in me and try to practice spiritual and moral values of life are finding it hard to live in the present society, which is going away from light to darkness through diabolical and mundane values. My friends, in this situation of hardships, trials and persecutions, stand firm in your faith and in your love for me; and you must know that I am closer to you now than ever. I know that the majority is trying to persecute the minority, but on these days of crisis and confusion, stand united; the gates of the netherworld can not overcome you because you are knit as one on my body, the Church, through my Spirit.

It is my ardent desire and will that those who believe in Me should be holy, resisting the evil through the power of my Spirit and to be one and united as my Father and I are one. If you stand united, no enemy can defeat you. I strongly exhort those who believe in me to stand united in whatever denomination you belong.

I want you, my children, to read the signs of the times and to be alert to the intent of the enemy who wants to scatter you and destroy you. My Church, which I founded on my apostles, always remained united in prayers, sacraments, the Word of God and obedient to my teachings and then they were strong and powerful attracting thousands to their fold. But when Satan, the enemy, sown the seeds of division in the hearts of certain leaders, my body the Church was divided into many fractions and still the same divisive spirit divides and separates. The same spirit of division divides the hearts of my followers with fear, sadness, doubts and confusion; and the families, the foundation of the Church also suffer with separations and divorces.

It is time for all the leaders of various denominations and groups to forgive and forget the reasons of division which were of the past, and to be united on new reasons of the present: love, concern and unity. The present generation is not responsible for the divisions in the Church today but it is carrying the burden of the curse of the sins of the formal generations which divided my body for their selfish and avaricious motives. It is time that you all should be liberated from it and form a new generation. Perhaps, money or wealth, power or position, today stand as blocks to unity; but you must remember that authority in the Church is not to possess power and wealth and to administrate them but it is to love and to serve even to the extent of giving one’s own life for others. When all the fractions of the Church become simple in their lives, dispossessing their material wealth and pomp following my way from the Manger to Calvary unity will come easily.

Dear leaders in the Church, have you forgotten my instructions to the disciples not to take silver or copper for your belts, not bags for your travel, or a second tunic, or sandals or walking stick? Now that you have silver and gold, money and wealth, properties and institutions; as a result you fail to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick and to bring all to me and to my fold.

If you hearken to my voice and follow me closely, nobody can break you up; and you shall be strong people, stronger than any other on earth, and seeing your greatness in life of holiness through lives of moral and spiritual values, many people in the world will rush to join you and thus my Kingdom, the Church, shall be victorious and triumphant. My friends fight a good spiritual warfare standing firm with head erect, never compromising your spiritual and moral values of life with the immoral and material and sometimes perversive values that can shatter you, your families and nation at large.

How sad it is for me to hear that some of the leaders of the Church are even revolting and threatening to go away from the fold because the Pope, the visible shepherd of the Church whom I appointed to guide the flock, made some small changes in the form of the celebration of the sacred liturgy being led by the Holy Spirit. You must know that it is through obedience to your authority that you remain in my love.

Let the leaders in my Church radiate holiness, love, unity on their subjects so that they all may be united and strong. When you are divided you remain weak. My friends stand together in your faith praying together and drawing power from me. You should never loose heart or be disappointed at the happenings in your surroundings but be optimistic and hopeful with joy in your hearts which is strength for your lives. I will never abandon you even if all your dear and near ones abandon you or reject you because you follow me authentically; I will be with you always holding your hands, I am your Lord and Saviour”

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MESSAGE I – 31st. January 2011Song


Thus says the Lord, “my children, I sent my son Jesus to the world as True Light of the human race, and I wanted that all those who follow Him would have the Light of life. He is in the world today to fight against darkness and the deeds of darkness; but it is sad only a few of His followers recognize the light in Him and cooperate with Him to overcome the darkness that envelopes the human race and the world today.

When I look down on earth, I see only a few people living in the Light that Jesus Christ, my Son, has brought to this world. The reason why many people do not like to come to the Light is their fear to come away from their wicked deeds which give them false pleasures, comforts and security in this world. The Light of the Truth would show them that sin is lawlessness; that sin is hopelessness, wickedness and unprofitable which leads them to eternal damnation. Those who live in darkness are cooperating with the angel of light, the Satan, who glorifies sins. Having lost the light, they grope in darkness degrading themselves to shameful and perverse deeds. The True Light that comes from me always show you the righteous ways which are my commandments through which you love me wholeheartedly finding peace, joy and security in this world and in the world to come.

You, my beloved children, should be enlightened in the eyes of your hearts to distinguish between good and evil. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who change darkness into light and light into darkness, who change bitter into sweet and sweet into better. I know that there are some people amidst you who brood over their wicked deeds by breaking the commandments of the Lord and teaching others to do so, not distinguishing between sacred and profane, the clean and the unclean. Do not pay attention to such false teachers and their teachings which they call modern;renounce them and follow the wisdom taught by the Word of God in the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the Church which is the pillar and foundation of truth. Do not be deceived, I am Light and in me there is no darkness, if you walk in darkness and say that you have union and fellowship with me, you indeed become liars.

My children, you should expose yourselves to the Light of Truth who is Christ so that your minds may be opened to know the works of darkness like idolatry, Satanism, sorcery, orgies, drunkenness, all forms of immoralities, hatred, anger, jealousy, selfishness, greed, lying and stealing and to reprove, rebuke and renounce them for a new life. True light shall come to your hearts to bring you closer to the glorious face of Jesus, my Son. Thus you shall be blameless and innocent children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among whom you may shine like stars in the world. This is the command given to you that you should be the light of the world and that your light should shine before others as from a tall mountain which is seen by all. You must be bold enough through the power of my Spirit to be the witnesses of Light in order to remove the present day darkness in the world. Behold I am with you always”

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