Thus says Jesus the Lord, “My friends, today I send to you the Holy Spirit, my own Spirit as promised by my Father. As you may know after my Ascension into heaven I live amidst you as life-giving Spirit; that is why I had told you that I would not leave you as orphans. My Spirit, the Holy Spirit will be your constant companion to direct your life according to my Father’s will. The Holy Spirit that I give you enables you to call my Father, “ABBA”, your father and thus you will be His children and my brothers and sisters.

In your Christian life when you walk through the narrow way taking up the cross in order to find eternal life, the Holy Spirit will be with you to guide you and to strengthen you. In all your weaknesses He will be with you to empower you with grace. In all your pains and sorrows He will be there to console you and to fill you with joy and peace so that you will rejoice in me in all your life situations.

He will give you the fruits and virtues so that you may put on my character and may become like me and you will be able to say always, “It is not I who live but Christ lives in me”. He will infuse the sevenfold gifts on your intellect and will so that knowing my Father’s will in all circumstances of life you will be able to make right decisions for righteous deeds for the Kingdom of God. Also He will anoint you with various charisms in order that you may do the same works that I did on earth so that my kingdom will be spread far and wide.

My friends, you should always know your real identity that you are the temple of the Holy spirit that you receive today. His temple should be holy and in His temple you must glorify my Father and me so that you may always live a Trinitarian life. Love, peace, joy, goodness and holiness should radiate from the temple that you are so that through your witnessing life many may follow me and find eternal life.

When you are led by the desires of the Holy Spirit you are in the Kingdom of heaven because my kingdom is peace, joy and righteousness in the Spirit. When you walk by my Spirit you will have the power to fight against the tactics of Satan and his kingdom and you will be victorious over every evil. I want you to be victors, winners and conquerors like me so that Satan, the enemy, may never find you at any moment in condemnation. Dearly beloved friends open your heart wide and receive my Spirit today rejoicing with all the saints and angels

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