Photos and reports - 2002

Seminar in the dioceses of Dubrovnik
Msgr. Zelimir Puljic, Bishop of Dubrovnik, has 78.100 Catholics among the 89.700 inhabitants. There was Christianity in this area ever since the first century. Dubrovnik is known for its tourism as it is one of the most beautiful sea-coast in the world! Ever since Fr. Rufus Pereira preached the first charismatic retreat here, two years ago, the people were waiting for a big charismatic seminar preached by Fr. James Manjackal. The Bishop of Dubrovnik is very much interested in the Charismatic Renewal, hence he told Fr. Ante, of the Dominican order, to organize a seminar of Fr. James. He gave leadership to a very good choir and formed some 100 volunteers for the seminar. Since long time they were waiting for the seminar with intercessory prayers. Although the stadium could accommodate 2.600 people, more than 3000 people were packed in the stadium; hundreds of people went back disappointed as they could not get tickets. On the first day itself, the Bishop celebrated the Holy Mass and preached. Many miracles and healings happened here. A lady by name Angelka, who was sick with multiple sclerosis and paralysis for 20 years, sitting in wheelchair for last seven years, after eleven operations in different hospitals in Europe, stood up from her wheelchair and walked in front of all as soon as Fr. James laid his hands on her and prayed. On the following she walked up to the stage and gave her testimony in front of all. Marko, who was on wheelchair, was able to walk with the help of a stick. Irena testified that she was completely cured of her stomach cancer and kidney infections and the Lord gave her the gift of tongues to praise God. Ivana testified that she was able to sleep comfortably at night after nineteen years because she was freed from constant headache and asthma. Many people claimed healing for asthma and stomach pains, more than 20 people claimed healing for cancer!

As in every retreat, here too Fr. James asked loudly to the crowd, “My dear Croatians, what is the will of God for you?” Everyone in loud voice answered, “My holiness of life” with the clapping of hands. In this retreat a great emphasis was given on family life and the need of family prayer. All the families gathered lifting their hands decided to have family prayers in their homes. Singing “I have decided to follow Jesus…no turning back…” people went back home having renewed their Christian lives. Here are some photos.

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Marija Erdelez <> wrote:

    I speak English a little. Last weekend I went in your seminar in Dubrovnik.That seminar help me and now I think I will be better person.Many people have forgotten what it means to love or to have peace in their souls. After the seminar many people started thinking about themselves to change their lives and to have better relation with other people.I hope there will be a seminar next year in our place.

Do viðenja


Retreat in Krk

Krk is a diocese that covers ten islands with a Catholic population of 34.661 among 40.350 inhabitants. Its bishop is Msgr. Valter Zupan with his 61 diocesan priests, 25 religious priests and 86 nuns. The Charismatic seminar was conducted in the Cathedral which could seat about 2000 people. The Cathedral of Krk has a history from 4th century.

The program of the seminar was made available to everyone in the island of Krk through cable TV. As the Cathedral was small for the expected big crowd, in the adjacent chapels, oratorios and centres people could watch and participate of the program in the TV screen. A crowd of 6000 attended the seminar. It was for the first time in the history of the island that such a gathering took place. The bishop himself invited Fr. James for this seminar. The Bishop celebrated Mass and preached on the third day of the seminar. Fr. James gave a half day program to the priests and nuns which were attended by the Bishop and very much appreciated for all the participants. The Bishop has again invited Fr. James to his dioceses for another seminar for the people and for a   priest’s retreat in the year 2004. On each day of the seminar, people gave testimonies of various healings and miracles. Two people who were paralyzed and unable to get up from their wheelchairs, got up and walked and gave testimonies. Both of them said that they felt power flowing through their whole body while Fr. James was conducting the healing prayer and their names were called out by him in vision. Three blind were able to see and four deaf were able to hear. More than a dozen people claimed healing of cancer.

This seminar attracted many young people to Jesus and to the Church. There were various testimonies of young people, who were set free from drugs, alcohol, and smoke. The seminar brought new life and light to the Catholic lives of the Island of Krk. Lately it is reported that everyone in the Island greats each other with “Slavimo Gospodina” (Praise the Lord) instead of  “Dobro jutro ili Dobar dan” (Good morning or good day)!

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JESUS  IS  ALIVE!                             KRK,14.11.2002

Dear  Fr. James

My   name  is  Alexandra, I'm  31 years old, mother  of  four  children and I am a catholic.

During Your  seminar here in Krk, I have  learned  that  our  God  does not  want  us  to be  ill,  sad, or unhappy,..

In the past I always  thought  that  we were not supposed   to  ask  for  healing or relief from our God  in  "small"   things, especially  for   ourselves.

I  always  thought  of  my  self to be unworthy to ask God for healing.

But  Heaven  sent  You, Father James,  to  teach  us   that  Jesus  loves  us  all  equally, and  wants  us  to  be  happy ,and  in  good  shape and you taught us that "Gods   will   is  our  holiness!". Thank you Father for your good teachings.

I   have suffered   for  several   years   from  large  intestine  bleding (never  wanted  to  go  on  operation), not to mention  stomach  pain and great  sadness  in  my  heart  for  everyone  and  everything. As you instructed us in the healing prayer, forgetting myself, I  started  to  pray  for  others, "HVALIM  TE  ISUSE  !   SLAVIM  TE  ISUSE !" (Thank you Jesus, praise You Jesus).
When  you  started  to  say the healing of the people during your prayer,as  shown to you by the Holy Spirit, you said that  you  see  people  with  stomach  pain, depression,  sadness  in  their  heart are getting healed, I  started  to  shiver  and  sweat.
Then  you   started  to  shout : Heal  them  Jesus! Give  them  a  knew  heart!
At  that  moment  I  was  on  my  knees  although it was hard to  kneel, because  I  started  to  shake  and  cry  with the tears  of  joy.

Lord  Jesus  gave  me  a  new  heart!  ALELUJA! He  cured  me  from  inside  and  out!!

Now  I  can  eat, sleep,   without   feeling any  pain.  Now I  pray  without  falling  asleep,  no  matter  what  others  think  or  say  of  me,

I  know that JESUS  LOVES  ME! as  I  am.


God  bless  you  all

Alexandra  Sulina
Sl.Nikolica   36a


Draženka Vale  <> wrote:

Dear father, 

    I am so happy that I have finally met you on Krk.It was such a blessing being there and sing and feel the joy. Father, it was the best experience of God I have ever felt.Thank you that we had a chance to meet you, and I can't tell you how happy I were when I was sitting just few meters from you with my boyfriend.My heart was singing and I can't find that kind of happiness in the outside world.You brought us Jesus, thank you once again. I once wrote that my father is atheist, but I wanted to tell you that he also went to see you my father. It made me cry when I saw my father listening you speaking and that Sunday you talk about prayer in the family and a family life. As you knew that you had to talk about that for my father. He likes you very much father and that was such a miracle that Jesus gave us.Tomorrow he is going to an operation, but he wasn't nervous, he is peacfull.As you say, our God is such a great God. My boyfriend and his parents also felt such a happyness. My friend and I decided to start with a praying group on Friday and we all want to have more Jesus in our lives. It was funny because I was planning to hear you just one day because we travel from Rijeka. But at the end of the day I spoke to myself that I can't miss the next day, God knows what will father say tomorrow. So, I was there with you every day and it was wonderful.I know I'll make mistakes but I also know that I'll make them less and less with prayers, masess and seminars and I'll stay with my Jesus untill I am alive and after that, as well. Father, God bless you and save you well and healthy and please come again, we trully need you. I love you and I have you in my heart.
Thank you thank you Jesus...from my heart


Fr. James in Croatian press (Croatian language)

Slobodona Dalmacija Nov. 12; 2002

Charismatic Seminar at Novi Travnik, Bosnia – Herzegovina, from 9th to 12th October.
On 8th at 4 pm. we took our flight from Munich to Zagreb (1 hour flight), the capital of Croatia, where two translators, Ksenija and Maritza, joined us to fly to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. When we arrived at the airport at 10 p.m., people of Travnik were waiting with bouquets of flowers to receive us. Immediately we were taken to the TV station for a live interview of half an hour.

Bosnia is next to Croatia, a country which was fighting for freedom till 1995. Although communism was wiped out from the country, the ethnic problems are not solved. Out of 4.500.000 inhabitants are: Slavic Muslims 44%, Serbian orthodox 31%, Croatian Catholics 15%, Protestants 4% and others 6%. More Catholics are living in Herzegovina, which is known well by all because of the Marian apparitions in Medujgorje. Travnik and its surroundings are more inhabited by Muslims and Serbians. People in Bosnia-Herzegovina have deep wounds of the recent Balken warfare. Most of the people are very poor; there are lot of refugees and exiles in the country. There are lot of ill feelings between the ethnic groups. A charismatic seminar was a necessity for the people to get themselves healed in their minds and to come to love one another.

Early morning on the 9th, Fr. James blessed the sport hall of Novi Travnik with the capacity of 3500 and prayed over the organizers and the volunteers of the seminar. As it was the first charismatic seminar in the place, the organizers had doubts whether many people would come especially on the working days. But when the seminar started, the hall was filled with more than 6.000 people and many thousands had to stand outside without getting even a little space to squeeze themselves in. In the hall, only those who had chairs could sit, the others had to stand all the while as they were packed shoulder to shoulder. Many people came from places far away driving 90 and 100 km. Fr. James is well known in the Balken area for his powerful preaching and healing prayers. On all days there was rain outside, but people were standing in the rain with umbrellas in the hands to hear the Word of God and to get themselves healed. Many priests and religious sisters were present at the seminar. There were Muslims and Orthodox people in the seminar. The powerful speeches on forgiveness and love enabled the people to forgive each other and to experience the love of God and the love of neighbour. Every day people were queuing up in lines to give testimonies of conversions, God experiences and physical healings. A mother came to the stage with a nine years old child who was dumb by birth and when the mother forgave her enemies, the child started speaking clearly on the second day of the seminar (you may see the photo of the child speaking through the microphone among the photos). There were many testimonies of the blind seeing and the deaf hearing when they were able to forgive their enemies. It was reported that two people who were in wheelchairs for a long time, got up and walk on the last day of the seminar. Fr. Marko Milisic, a Jesuit priest, who attended Fr. James in Koprivnica, testified his miraculous healing of lungs cancer (see his photo).

On the last day, the superintend of the police dept. , who himself got a conversion in the seminar, said that it was the biggest crowd in the history of Novi Travnik and more than 3.500 cars came for the seminar from various parts of the country and no accident or indiscipline was reported. Several police people, including Muslims believers, came to Fr. James for prayers. Hundreds of police, who were in the town to control the traffic and the crowd, were very happy when Fr. James prayed especially for the police and security. Many people said, they have never seen such a big crowd of people in Sarajevo and surroundings after the visit of the Holy Father in 1995. Here are some photos:

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Charismatic seminar at Málaga (Spain)
From 27th to 29th September, Fr. James preached a "growing in the Spirit"  seminar for about 500 Charismatics who gathered in the diocesan Seminary of  Málaga. Fr. James spoke on the need of deeper inner healing in order to continue in the commitment to Jesus and to grow in the Holy Spirit. Here are some photos.

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Fr. James in Slovakia from the 27th to 8th of September

Charismatic seminar at Presov

This seminar was arranged by the official Charismatics in Slovakia in the Dioceses of Presov from the 28th to 31st of August. Although the “Sportova Hala” could accommodate more than 6000 people only about 3000 people gathered for the Charismatic seminar. Archbishop Mons. Alonz Tkác celebrated the Holy Mass and addressed the audience. All the talks and prayers were conducted by Fr. James, who is not very much known in Slovakia. The people are very simple in their expressions of faith. A number of healings and conversions were testified. The people were bewildered hearing Fr. James calling out the Slovakian names and healing the people. On the last day, a paralysed lady got up from her wheelchair by herself and walk up to the stage to give witness. Testimonies of people who claimed healings for their dear and near ones were many. One woman testified that she came to pray for the successful operation of her daughter in law for the cancer in the uterus, on the following day seeing the many miracles happening on the first day itself, she believed and claimed healing for her son’s wife. The people were bewildered to hear her testimony that the doctors found no cancer in her uterus when everything was prepared for the operation on the following day. Our God is alive!

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At Gelnica in the dioceses of Rosláva

A three hours of evangelization program was conducted by Fr. James in the Divine Savier’s Church at Gelnica. About 500 people had gathered to hear him and to be healed of their diseases. 

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Priests’ seminar in the dioceses of Banska Bystrica
A three days priest’s seminar for 30 priests was conducted by Fr. James in the seminary Sv. Frantiska Xaverskeho at Knazsky in Badin. Mons. Tomas Galis, the auxiliary Bishop came to the seminar to attend to the inspiring talks of Fr. James. The Archbishop Rudolf Balazs attended one of the talks and addressed the priests in the seminar. He highly appreciated the enthusiasm of Fr. James to evangelise the whole world. After the retreat, almost all the priests said, “we never had such experience of God in any retreats in the past”. They all appreciated the powerful and inspiring speeches of Fr. James.

Fr. James in the centre of Europe on the 6th
Kremnicke Bane is said to be the centre of Europe. There is an old church run the capuchins. Fr. James preached, celebrated the Mass and prayed for the healing of the sick and old who had gathered there. It is interesting that Fr. James was in Russia last month where the Europe begins! in the mountain Ural. 

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At Lucenec in the dioceses of Roznava
The last preaching performance of Fr. James in Slovakia this year was at “Sportova Hala at Lucenec”. In the morning, Bishop Mons. Edward Kojnok celebrated the Mass and spoke to the people. He is one of the three Bishops who invited Fr. James to Slovakia. About 2000 people has gathered in this sports stadium from morning till evening to listen to the messages of New evangelization. The program was concluded with a healing prayer. On the 8th Fr. James returned to Germany.

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Retreat in Split - Croatia

Fr. James preached to the Croatians in Split for a second time from 22nd August to 25th in the same sports stadium where he preached last year. Although the capacity of the stadium was of 6500, some 8000 people were tightly packed in the stadium to hear the Word of God, to be healed of their diseases and to be born again in the Holy Spirit. Amazing testimonies like even the paralyzed getting up from their wheelchairs during the healing prayers were noticed by all. Many testimonies of healing of paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cancers, etc. of the last year‘s seminar were seen on the stage for the critics who used to say that the charismatic healings are only temporary and emotional. Soon you will read some of these testimonies in the website on “testimonies”. Here are some photos.

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Retreat in Pula - Croatia

From 15th to 18th, Fr. James preached a charismatic convention to a la large crowd estimated about 6000 in the Uljanic football stadion at Pula. Pula is known for its atheism. There are a number of drogadicts in Pula. It is a first time the city was witnessing such a big catholic program. The Bishop of Pula Ivan Milovan was with the people on the second day and he celebrated the Mass with the people. He praised Fr. James for his preaching of Charismatic retreats in Croatia. He said, “Father, all what you preach is fully Catholic, I have no correction to make”. Everyday people were giving testimonies of healings. Even in scorching sun, people remained patiently to hear the Word of God and to pray together for a renewal. The preaching went up to 11:30 p.m. Here are some ilustrations

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Retreat in Koprivnica - Croatia

With Fr. Krunoslav and the 
president of Koprivinca County




Fr. James with the famous
Fr. Zlatko Sudac

From 8th to 11th of August, Fr. James Manjackal preached a charismatic convention to a large crowd of 10000 in the open air, football stadium at Koprevnica in the dioceses of Varazdin. On the third day, although it rained for few minutes, not even a single one moved out from the stadium, even during the rain people were raising the hands and praising God. Everyday the program started with the testimonies. There were also many testimonies of healings from serious cancers, multiple sclerosis, etc. from the previous seminars Fr. James conducted in Croatia. They were proof of the lasting effect of healings! Hundreds of testimonies are reported. Here are some photos.

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Fr. James in France from 19th to 27th July 2002

Retreat in Paris




Fr. James at the foot of the 
Sacred Heart Church

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Preaching and healing at Nôtre Dame de Fatima, Paris

On 27th Fr. James conducted one day preaching and healing at Nôtre Dame Fatima in Paris were more than 2000 people have gathered to hear the word of God and to renew their lives by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. By hearing the testimony of conversion of Fr. James many people turned themselves to Jesus and found a “new life in Christ”. He emphasized the need of unity and sanctity and family lives. “Any misuse or abuse of sex is sin, God hates divorce, God saves man in family”, he said quoting Gen 2: 17. Reading I Thess 4: 3 he made every participant to say, “God’s will is my holiness”. Like St. Francis de Sales, he told every lay people to find their vocation to be holy. He said, “The married and unmarried, the separate and the divorcees, the widowers and widows, young and old should find a life in holiness”. In the healing prayer he conducted in the evening, many testified spiritual and physical healings. Marie Anicke said that she was of her pains all over the body which she was suffering for seventeen years. Along with other three people, Isabel testified the healing of her eye. Louis said that the growth of a bone of the left leg was healed along with the back and chest pain. Beatrix, Francois, Piere, etc. claimed healings of back pains and other rheumatic pains. Four people claimed healings of cancers. Six people claimed healings of asthma and problems of the lungs. There were many young people in all the programs conducted by Fr. James as a hope of “New generation in France” as predicted by him. Many times he said to the French “France was a lion in the Catholic Church giving birth many saints and martyrs and spreading the Gospel to all nations, but the lion is sleeping now. This is the time of the Holy Spirit who awakens the French to come back to the holiness of life which she has lost recently”. With shouts of joy and happiness the French people received the message of renewal and went home singing “I have decided to follow Jesus…”

Dear Father James, 

I was among the 2000 people listening to your amaizing experience in Christ this 27th of July at Notre-Dame de Fatima in Paris. What a day ! The Holy Spirit was in my heart, and I felt Him stronger than ever ! Thank you for being there last Saturday. 

I was not expecting anything on Saturday, but maybe hoping to feel that I would loose weight.. but God answered my prayers in a way I was not expecting him to. When you asked us to touch the part of the body that needed to be healed, I left one hand on my hip (which is fat) and I don't know why, I put my other hand on my back. I've had back pains for the last 2 years, and God just erased them, just like that !!! 

Thank you My Saviour ! 

God blesses you Father James for coming to Paris ! 
Laure Cormier

Residential retreat at Pontmain - France

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From 22nd Monday to 26th Friday, Fr. James conducted a closed residential Charismatic retreat for 75 people at Pontmain, Mayennu, France, where Our Blessed Mother appeared in 1871 on January 17th to a few children with a message of prayer and hope. Our Lady said to the children: “But pray my children, God will answer you in a short while. My Son will let Himself be moved”. Seeing the Blessed Mother, the children shouted saying: “how lovely She is! How beautiful She is!”. She was clothed with a blue dress, spangled with gold stars. The children saw a blood-red Crucifix in her hand with an inscription above “JESUS CHRIST”. The apparition took place at the time when the German army was prevailing on Pontmain and several of the young people of the town were found missing. Many were at the verge of loosing the faith seeing no hope of success. Soon after the apparition peace came to the town as the Germans were defeated. Soon the Bishop of Laval, Mgr. Wicart acknowledge and approved the apparition as genuine.

In the peace and calm atmosphere of Our Lady of Pontmain, the retreatants really had a wonderful personal experience of Jesus through the preaching of Fr. James. Almost everyone testified the various healings and new life they experienced. Many people were freed from the habit of smoking and alcoholism. Testimonies of physical healings were many. Everyone went home with a renewed life with a determination to spread the Charismatic Renewal in the country through various prayer groups.

Retreat in Saint Laurent sur Sèvre

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One day program at the sanctuary of L.M.G de Montfort

On 19th thousands of people gathered at the Basilica of Louis Maria Grignon de Montfort where the venerable saint died and is buried. Fr. James spoke to the people who were estimated 2000 about the renewal of Christian life by explaining Eph 4: 22-24 and the Gospel of John 3: 1-7. He emphasized that every Christian should “be born again” to enter the Kingdom of God. In his talk in the afternoon he condemned the practice of Yoga, Zent Buddhism, Reiki, Horoscope, Palmistry, occult, witchcraft, magic and all forms of New Age healing and esoterics that have come to invade Europe. At the end he conducted a healing service in which hundreds of people testified of their miraculous healings.

Fr. James to Russia with Jesus

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Fr. James Manjackal, Gaby Landauro and Gottfried Prenner left to Moscow on 8th of July via Budapest, the capital of Hungary. They stayed in Moscow for two days to pray at “Kremlim”. There they fasted and prayed for the total conversion of Russia. Especially they prayed for the unity of the Catholic and Orthodox Christians so that evangelization of Russia may be made possible.. Recently the Orthodox Church is very much against the presence of the four Catholic dioceses in Russia. Fr. James preached a retreat for more than hundred in the parish of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in Chelyabinsk. It is the first Catholic Charismatic retreat ever preached in Russia. Each participant really experienced the power of the Holy Spirit which enabled them to pray, to sing in tongues and to have visions and prophecy. Including Frs. Reinhardt and Christoph, who work there in the parish, many gave testimonies of their spiritual experiences of inner healings and physical healings. All the participants decided to continue the Spirit of the retreat by a weekly prayer group.

Report at “Fest für Jesus” at Graz

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From 3rd Wednesday to 6th Saturday July, a large program for the Charismatics in Austria called “Fest für Jesus” was conducted by Fr. James in the Eishalle in Graz, an indoor stadium which could hold more than 5000 persons. On all four days, Fr. James spoke messages of love and unity; need to be authentic in Christian lives by keeping the commandments of God and by being faithful to the Church, the Body of Christ, and to her teachings. This large convention was an inspiration of Fr. James to react to the move of many in Graz to give Austria to “Buddha” in the presence of Dalai Lama, the Buddhist leader who comes shortly at Graz. On the last day of the convention, all the participants dressed in white, holding flags with the inscription “Austria for Jesus” made a rally in the town singing hymns and shouting out slogans for Christ.”Austria for Jesus now and forever” was shouted aloud by all the participants several times. After the rally, the whole Austria was consecrated to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist by the prayer of Fr. Florian Path, who mentioning all the districts, towns, dioceses and institutions made the people to pray for the country. In his speeches and prayers, Fr. James emphatically and powerfully told the participants to spread the message to everyone in the country that “Austria belongs to Jesus alone”. He spoke against all the Christians who go after Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.He screwed in the hearts of everyone that Jesus Christ alone is the Lord and Saviour of the world. It is St. Thomas, prayer group of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal at Graz, which organized this program. Many people gave testimonies of conversions, healings and miracles. For testimonies, look “testimonies” in the website. Many Germans and Croatians too were among the participants.

At Dom Bosco, Vienna
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From 27th to 30th June, a charismatic retreat for more than 200 people was conducted at Dom Bosco Haus, Vienna. Due to some unavoidable circumstances this retreat could not be conducted in the Cathedral as scheduled. Hence although many people wanted to come to this program, they could not as the people could not be informed. It was a powerful retreat where many healings and miracles were reported. The testimony of a woman who was set free from the power of Satya Sahibava was an inspiration for many to come away from all forms of New Age healers, esoterics, Gurus, etc. She clearly explained herself that she was under the evil possession of Sahibava who claims himself to be an incarnation of God in India and this evil power prevented her to come to Jesus through the way of the Church and the sacraments and that it was trying to separate her from her husband. Her testimony elsewhere in the website.

Retreat at Siegendorf - Austria

"dancing together" 
(parish priest with Fr. James)




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Fr. James conducted a retreat at Siegendorf in Burgerland, Austria from 21st to 24th of June. It was well attended by more than 200 people. Holy Spirit manifested His mighty works through many miraculous conversions and healings. People who had not made confession for more than twenty years made confessions! During the Holy Mass, two Protestants were accepted to Catholic fold by their public pronouncement of faith in the Catholic Church. They and all who attended the retreat testified that they experienced the power of the Church and the sacraments in this retreat. Among the testimonies of physical healings, the testimonies of two people cured from rare diseases were very spectacular. Majority of participants prayed and sung in tongues.

Here is the testimony of Aurelia, it just arrived.

Dear Fr. James,
I was freed of my disease “multiple sclerosis” during this retreat. I thank God and praise him for that! Halleluja! I ask you to pray for me, that I may never leave the true Way again.

Aurelia Klikovits
Ignaz Till Gasse 23
A- 7011 Siegendorf


Karina Nuschei
Design Malerei
8720 Knittelfeld

Dear Fr. James

In my life in any religious functions I have never seen or experienced the power of God as here in this Charismatic retreat preached by you. This power, I believe the power of the Holy Spirit, changed my life through and through, now I am a new born child with new decisions to pray, to attend the Holy Mass, to read the Holy Bible and thus to live a new Christian life. I thought that I would never be able to use my hand again to draw pictures as it was weak and painful. When you prayed over us during the healing service I was fully healed. Surely in future new paintings of new colours of new life and holiness will come from me. Fr. Please take care of your life, which is so risky, I pray for you. I am your sister.


Retreat at Ternitz -Austria

The team that organized the retreat
together with Msg Paulas




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Ever since prelate Mgs. Dr. Michael Paulas attended a Charismatic retreat two years ago at Nirmala Bhavan, Kerala, he was praying for such a retreat in his own parish, Ternitz, where he is parish priest for last 50 years. Ternitz is a village in the North West of the diocese of Vienna with a population of 15000 people, the majority of which have lost faith due to the political situation. The social democrats and communists have great influence there. Four months ago the prelate approached Fr. James personally and requested for a Charismatic retreat and from 14th to 17th of June a Charismatic retreat was conducted there with great success. The “Alpha prayer group” in the parish organized the retreat with great enthusiasm under the leadership of Günther Schneider. Ingrid, Rose Maria, Ernst and Tony believed and claimed healings for their chronic cancers in the stomach. Analiese testified healings of her eyes along with other seven people. Brigit testified that she was healed of the bronchiatic asthma. More that ten people testified healing of their sinusitis. People like Petra, Elizabeth, Anna, Doris, France, Renate, and Michaela witnessed healings of rheumatic and arthritic pains. Many other people claimed physical healings. The prelate himself, who is 75 years old claimed a healing of his heart and attended the full program like a youth with vigour and humour. A good number of people believed and claimed inner healings from fears, depressions and inferiority complexes. People who stopped the bad habits of smoking, alcoholism were many. On the last day when Fr. James shook hands with each of the participants, they were shedding tears of joy and satisfaction. All said, “We all are filled with the Spirit, now we want to give that experience to all others in this parish and surroundings”. They in one accord requested Fr. James to go there in the coming year.
The seminar was the most enormous event for all participants that we ever have had in Ternitz. Jesus and the Holy 
Spirit were so feelable present and we only can assume how many blessings and healings have been done by God 

Once more: all members of the team want to thank you very much for guiding us through this days with that sensitivity and patience. All of them (and more) will work for the seminar if it could be arranged next year. Please
give me some dates.

Both of our priests are so happy! Dechant Winter, a rather cool man was so enthusiastic and asked me how to proceed and how to integrate in the parish what we have heard. The general statement of all of the participiants that we have spoken is 100% positive. However in the Holy Mass it was a little bit strange to some of the external mass visitors (how we can clap the hands and to be so loud in a church...). Here the education by the Holy Spirit in person F. James is absolutely required.

The caterer for the dinner during the seminar is the father of the red haired girl that you have blessed after the praying time on Monday. He was so happy, because his daughter changed her mentality after your blessings. She was really happy although she had big pain (MS, osteporosis) and she is now very optimistic that she will be healed by Jesus. please keep on praying for her. The father at first couldn´t believe that we have arranged an extra date for his daughter with you.

He is evangelic christian and I invited all of the catering staff to the Mass on Monday and , oh next wonder, they came all.

The father was touched by Jesus during the mass and he cried because of joy. Next year they all will cooperate with us, he promised.

I am prepared to go to his eminence cardinal Schönborn with some people of our team or to write a letter to support your work in positve manner if you want. Tell me what is helpful to you.

So I do hope that you have enjoyed the seminar in Ternitz also and I feel that you will not forget the catholic christians of the "stone-field".

After my great challenge to accompany you as a singer with my guitar, to realize within 10 seconds in what harmony you were beginning a song, to try to discover your rhythm philosophy without success, to wonder how many harmony changes during one song can be done by one human being... I am so experienced and well educated and ready to play without any rehearsal! 

So Helen, my wife and me remain with our best regards and blessings until our next meeting! 


Helen, Günther and team of Ternitz

Retreat at Bern -Switzerland
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In Bern, the capital of Switzerland, Catholics are a minority. There never has been a Charismatic retreat in this cosmopolitan city. The parish priest of Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Bern (Holy Trinity Church) invited Fr. James Manjackal to conduct the first Charismatic retreat in the church hall from the 5th June to 9th June 2002. Frau F. Piccolomini together with Margaret und Benno Schweizer organized the retreat in which hundreds of people both from Bern and outside participated and renewed their Catholic lives. Many said that the retreat was a break through in the catholic life of the city. Conversions and healings were reported in the testimonies. After the concluding Mass in the Church where the people received the gifts of the Spirit and renewed their Christian lives, gave their paring kiss to one another ‘tears of joy and satisfaction’ could be noticed. They were very enthusiastic to ask Fr. James to come again to Bern and elsewhere in Switzerland.

Retreat at Saint Gallen -Switzerland

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Fr. James preached a retreat fort he Croatian Catholic Mission of St. Gallen – Jona in Switzerland from 30-05 to 02-06-2002. It was in the Eis Halle Lido at Rapperswill, which has the capacity of 6000 people. Croatians from all Switzerland and Germany filled in the auditorium for listening to the Word of God and to pray. Fr. Vladimir, a Franciscan priest in charge of the St. Gallen mission took a keen interest to make the Charismatic seminar a success. Alexandra and Andrea from Zagreb, Croatia, translated the talks and messages of Fr. James. The Croatian translation of Fr. James’ latest book “New Life Healing” was released and sold in the hall. Many testimonies of conversions, healing and miracles are reported.

Giornale di Sicilia 21/05/02

Giornale di Sicilia 21/05/02 Agrigento -

More than thirteen thousand faithful in the New Pentacost with father Manjackal (Amm).
They were approximately 13 thousand people who participated in the religious event on Sunday, the "New Pentecost in Sicily". The event took place at the stadium Carlotta Bordonaro in Canicattì. They were also present the communal council headed by mayor Scrimali, the president of the Province Fontana, the Budget councillor Pagano and the parliamentarian Alfano.
Father James Manjackal Pentecost's prayer was evocative and involved all the stadium. Much people arrived from various cities of Sicily by coach and car. The manifestation has been opened at 17h with the collective recitation of the Rosary and it finished at 21,30h with the prayer for peace. The initiative has been organized by the Council of Canicattì. Vincenzo Corbo road network councillor ahowed his satisfaction.

In a serious car accident at Enna (Sicily, Italy), our camara was damaged therefore we regret that no pictures can be produced on this page. We await photos from Sicily. Testimony about the accident is on "testimonies"

Retreat at Lima - Peru

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Fr. James went to Lima, Perú to preach a Charismatic retreat according to the invitation of the Cardinal Cipriani.
As soon as Fr. James arrived at Lima in Perú on the 6th of May, he was received by the leaders of the Charismatic renewal of Perú and the organizers of the retreat at the airport and journalists rushed to him for interviews in the TV and in the Radio.
On the following day he gave interviews in two Catholic TV stations of Lima and in Panamericana TV and in Radio María.
From the 8th to 12th he preached in the Coliseo Cerrado de la Avda. del Ejercito to thousands and thousands of Catholics. As the people were rushing to him to have a touch of him he had to be protected by the local security to bring him in to the stadium and to take him out. As he was in Perú in October 2000, many people were well informed of his powerful preaching and of his various Charisms. Fr. James had a tight schedule until 13th when he left the country. He preached and conducted healing services at Parroquía Cristo Salvador in Chama and at Parroquía San Pedro in Chorrillos where people have gathered in thousands. He even visited the prison “penal Lurigancho” preaching to more than 200 prisoners and prayed over them.

The Charismatic Renewal had deep roots in Lima ever since its beginning and therefore there are many Charismatic prayer groups all over the country, but in recent times due to lack of preachers many people gone out of the prayer groups. Many physical healings and inner healings were reported during the retreat and in all his talks. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Lima has invited him to preach in 2003 in the months April and May to strengthen the renewal.

Fr. James with the Bishop of Lurin

Retreat at Riehen -Switzerland

Priest's retreat at Graz - Austria

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Inner Healing at Seggauberg - Austria

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Retreat at Wiener Neustadt -Austria

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Married couples retreat at Pöllau.

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From the 22nd to 26th of March, several married couples from Austria and Germany, attended the Married couples retreat at Pöllau, Austria. It was for the first time in the country that a Charismatic retreat was conducted for the married couples alone. Fr. Manjackal talked in detail on the charisma of married life and enlightened the couples to renew the marital commitments and responsibilities. Many of them testified they had greater joy on these days than on the day of the wedding!

Couples who were not even on talking terms for long and who were on the point of separation and divorce, were able to forgive each other and accept each other in love. On the last day several of them were shedding tears of joy and satisfaction. A family that prays together, stays together was one of the main subjects of the program. Fr. James pointed out that absence of family prayer is the main cause of brokenness in the families in Europe. All the couples made a decision to start praying in their families. Several couples decided to bring back their parents who were staying in old age homes because the preacher insisted that a family should be blessed with the blessings of old parents and grandparents. The talks on family tree healing gave them the awareness of the need of praying for those who passed away from the family. In the inner healing prayers, when the couples asked pardon to one another, several of them were emotional and many of them burst into tears. Many of them reported physical healings too. With the song we have decided to follow Jesus , the couples left to their homes to celebrate the Easter in a new way. Here are some scenes of the retreat.

Retreats in Sri Lanka from 7th to 16th March 2002
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St. Lawrence's Church
Wellawatte, Colombo

Fr. James with the parish priest 
before the Eucharist

St. Anthony's Cathedral
Katugastota, Kandy 
In Sri Lanka, thousands and thousands of people gathered to attend the two large charismatic conventions preached by Fr. James Manjackal at Saint Lawrence s church, Wellawatte, Colombo, and at the Sacred Heart church in Katugastota, Kandy.

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean, a few km. away from South India. It has 18 million population of two main ethnic groups- the Tamils and Sinhaleses. The large majority of the peoples believe in Buddhism, while the second large religious group is Islam. There is a little more than 1 million Christian believers in the island. Fr. James program was attended by Muslims and Buddhists in large number. His talks were translated into Sinhalese and Tamil.

After the retreat many people testified their physical healings and inner healings. All the priests who gathered said that more spiritual healings could be seeing in the retreat because people who had not made confessions for many years came to the confessionals in tears repenting of their sins. Mrs. Sherin testified that she had a wonderful experience of Jesus in the retreat where all her fears disappeared and her back pain of twenty years was healed immediately when Fr. James called out her name among those others who were healed. When Patricia testified the healing of her spinal pain, more than thirty people testified that they too have the same experience. Linda and other nine people testified that they were healed of the cancers and tumors. Sister Nicola fearlessly gave her testimony of healing of asthma in front of all. Shelwam said publicly that he made a confession in the retreat after 48 years and that he claimed healings of his various arthritic and rheumatic pains.
Joseph, Teresa, Maureen, Pushpa, Carmel, Bernadette, Melvin and the like claimed healings of asthma and bronchitis diseases. Felsin shed tears when she testified how she was able to have proper sleep after twenty years and how she claimed healings of headache and asthma. Benedict, who came on his wheelchair, came forward to the microphone to announce how he received healings and power from the Living Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Nicolas, Sasikala, Josephina, Paula, Tony, Maleni, Swarna, and many others claimed healings of the diabetic problems. Rugmani, Janet, Sanjeev, Hema, Agnes, Ravin, Dileep, Arun, Rajesh, Angelica too testified that they claimed spiritual and physical healings. Great joy was seeing in the face of all as they went away from the retreat.
Fr. James is garlanded and 
welcomed in Colombo
Fr. James with the Bishop 
of Colombo
The Arch welcoming 
the participants

Translators in Sinhalese and Tamil


A few testimonies

Wilfried from Kawdana, Sri Lanka, emailed This is to express our appreciation for your retreat held at St. Lawrence. God gave me the gift to praise Him in all situations of life, which I was unable to do before. My wife Rita and my son Shyantha also claimed inner healings along with me which change our lives completely. Our prayer life is changed, now we are able to pray by feeling the presence of the Living Jesus. Our family is very much blessed by your retreat. Father please pray that we may continue in this experience of new life

Mrs. Saram P. wrote the following Dear Fr. James, I am a Srilankan living in UK for the past 30 years and this time while on holiday I was fortunate enough to attend your retreat at St. Lawrence s church. I first attended it on Friday and after that I was compelled to attend the rest of it as it was so good. It was wonderful to hear your preaching and what moved me most was your kneeling and asking pardon for the sins committed by others like me. This brought tears to my eyes and your talk on forgiveness made a special impact on me. For many years I had not been able to forgive my husband for his one mistake. Even though he has changed now and he is a very good practising catholic I used to bring the past topic whenever I was angry with him. My hurt had not gone although I thought I had forgiven him but after your talk and prayers my hurt disappeared and I have decided to kneel before him and ask pardon. I found the four days that I attended very spiritually satisfying and I was sad when it was over. Your preaching helped me in many ways and I wish to thank you and Our God who has empowered you with this ability to preach so well.
I wanted to buy your books Eureka and Enter the Ark but I could not get them, please tell me where I can buy them. Once again thank you and God bless you.

Mr. Joseph from Kandy writes, I thank you very much for the Charismatic retreat you preached at the Sacred Heart Church. I am 46 years old. Only in your retreat did I come to know what it means to be an authentic Christian. All your speeches touched my heart and helped me to change my life totally. All my fears, feelings of guilt and rejection disappeared, along with my physical illness of asthma and skin allergies. Now I am a Born Again Catholic indeed! Praise the Lord. Please include me in your prayers.

Fr. James with the children at
Our Lady of Victories School
The crowds attended 



From the first retreat at Pöllau.

From March 1st. to the 4th, Fr. James conducted Jesus Christ calls you program at Pöllau, which was well attended by people. For the first time in the history of Pöllau such a big charismatic program was arranged. Many farmers of the village participated in the program and went back home with renewed lives. On the 1st day itself, a man who was paralysed, left his clutches and walked in front of all when Fr. James called out his name in a prophetical vision. Many testified the experience of God, inner healings and physical healings on the last day.
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The youth and Fr. James in Paris
The young people of France is being awakened recently in responding to the Church s call for a new evangelisation. All over the country there are many prayer groups and communities. Emmanuel community, community of the Beatitudes, community of St. John, community of Resucito, etc. are well known. 

On the 23rd and 24th of February a hundred young leaders gathered in the Church of St. Cecily, 44 Rue de l Est, Boulogne, for an intense training curse with Fr. James. In the evening more than thousand youth gathered at Church St. Etienne du Mont, Place du Phanteon for a Holy Spirit evening , which lasted until midnight with powerful preaching, healing and infilling prayers of Fr. James. The Charismatic youth had brought many non believers even to the evening program. Many conversions and healings were reported after the prayers. Many testified miraculous happenings in the Holy Spirit evening .

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