Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James 
in the year 2004 (April - June)

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From 25th to 28th of June pilgrimage to Italia

Fr. James with the statue of Padre pio 
in the position of his last Mass

Fr. James prayed at the sacred 
remains of St. Thomas the Apostle 
at Ortona for the unity of the Church

Lanciano. Fr. James prays before 
the miracle of Lanciano

Fr. James concelebrated Mass 
on Saturday in the sanctuary 
of Madonna of the Grazia, 
where Padre Pio is buried

From June 25th to 28th, Fr. James made a pilgrimage to seven holy places in Italy to pray for all his benefactors and all who have made retreat with him and for the success of his preaching ministry.

He visited and prayed at Catherina of Bologna, Loretto, Monte Gargano, Padre Pio (San Giovanni Rotondo), Lanciano, Ortona and at St. Anthony in Padua

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From 17th to 20th of June retreat at Barreda - Cantabria. Spain

In Santander, in Barreda, Spain, Fr. James conducted a retreat for 200 people. There were many physical and material healings  and conversions. Here are some photos

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From 10th to 13th of June retreat at St. Anton at Basel

In four days over 2000 people attended the charismatic retreat preached by Fr. James. There were people not only from Switzerland but from Germany, France, Croatia, India, etc. Many healings and miracles were reported, for example Agustin, Margareth, Franz, Marie Luoise, Barbara, Gerhard, Daniela, Brigitte, testified their healings of cancer. Rosalia, Bernhard, Ibica, Davorka, Fride claimed healings of the spinal diseases. Vlado, Antonio, María, Ludwig claimed healing of their chronic migraine headaches. There were testimonies of people who were healed of catarats, glaucoma, and other ey problems. Six people claimed healing for the ears. There were testimonies of people who were freed from the habit of smoking cigarrettes, alcohol, and drugs. Jürgen and Irene Süchtig came and gave the testimony of the miracolous birth of a child. The gynecologist had told Irene that she will never get a child because of blocked oviducts, but by the prayers of Fr. James before ten months through the telephone, she was completly healed and was able to concieved a child to the surprise of the doctors and now she is eight months pregnant.

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Fest für Jesus. Graz - Austria

Fest für Jesus 2004 was conducted on Pentecost at Mariengasse in the parish house from 30th of May to 2nd. of June by Fr. James Manjackal under a temporary tent. It was organized by St. Tomas prayer group under the leadership of Fr. Florian Parth. Hundreds of people from all over Austria and a few from neighbouring countries like Germany, Slovenian, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, etc. gathered together to celebrate Pentecost, the greatest feast of the Church. Many young people attended this program and a especial program was conducted for the children alone. Everyday Fr. James was praying for families that came to his room after having made their confesions and renewed their commitments. Holding their hands together, he was consecrating each family to the Heart of Jesus with spontaneous prayers and singing. There was a big queue and rush of people to meet him individually.

All throughout the program, there was an atmosphere of a feast and celebration. There were a lot of conversions and miraculous healings. Some of the testimonies of people who were healed in Fr. James retreat months and years ago, also gave their testimonies. Here follow some photos of this event.

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During the intervals in "Feast für Jesus", Fr. James was meeting people individually and family wise to consecrate people to the Heart of Jesus. Many families came in full after having renewed their comittment to Jesus and consecrate themselves to the Lord. Here follows one family with Fr. James

Hanna, Ma. Therese, Petra, Michael, Elias, Ana, Elisabeth are the children who sang along with Janine and Richard in the CD "Sing ein neues Lied". The children were given small gifts by Gaby to encourage the children in their talents. Gaby always encourages the children and the people to grow in their gifts and talents. 

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Zagreb - Croatia. Presentation of the book "Prayer does wonders"
Fr. James handing over a cheque
of 40.000 Kunas (5.000 Euros) to 
Mateja Poje, a blind child. It is a 
donation by the sponsors of the 
Fr. James with the famous actress
Mrs. Vlasta Knezovic, the chief guest

On 16th of May Fr. James went to zagreb, Croatia, for the presentation of his new book in Croatian "Molitva cini cudesa" (Prayer does wonders) at Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall where over 2000 people had gathered. Mgr. Ivan Seso spoke very highly about this book on prayer and oficially opened the sale of the books published by Laudato. The "Apostoli Mira" animated the presentation with their Christian music and orchestra.  The audience anxiously waiting for the speeches and prayers of Fr. James. Fr. James gave two talks on faith and prayer and prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Ksenija Abramovic was the translater and organizer of this program. At 11 p.m. the people left the hall with joy and happiness of the Holy Spirit. Here are some photos

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Published in "Vecernji List" May 18, 2004 

CHARISMATIC Presentation of the book "Prayer does miracles" 

Fr.James in filled up concert hall 
"Vatroslav Lisinski" 

It was collected 40.000 kunas for blind girl Mateja Poje 

Written by:
MARIO SIROTKOVIC                                  Click here to read the original source in Croatian

Two days ago, late in the evening in filled up concert hall "Vatroslav Lisinski", the well known catholic charismatic preacher Fr.James Manjackal (MSFS) gave a check of 40.000 kunas to blind girl Mateja Poje. Mateja is one of the nine children of Poje family from Slavonski Brod and her blindness is caused by chemotherapy. 

The motive of this gathering of several thousands people was not only for collecting money for medicines for Mateja, but also for the presentation of the book "Prayer does miracles" by father James Manjackal. The whole program was designed as a combination of songs, meditation and prayer to the Holy Spirit. The popular music group "Apostles of Peace" from Madjarevo promoted their new album "Love of all centuries" and they performed their songs to support Fr. James' meditations with music. 
Msgr. Ivan Seso from Slavonski Brod, who wrote the preface of the book "Prayer does miracles", spoke highly about the book. 
The author, Fr. James said: 
"I was lead by the Holy Spirit while writing this book. In the book, I speak how to follow Jesus in His prayer life. If you sincerely, from your heart call Jesus, your prayers will be answered" 
Fr James also mentioned that every day he receives about 50-60 e-mail messages from Croatian people who ask and invite him to come to Croatia. He expressed his love for Croatia and also he regrets that he can not perform full seminar program here. He emphasized that Croatians have strong faith and that is why so many people receive  God's blessings. "When your country enters to the European Community, the whole Europe may be filled by the Spirit of Jesus" concluded Fr. James. 
He also invited Croatians to “Feast for Jesus” in Graz, Austria,  which will take place on Pentecost. 
The whole program was organized by the company "Laudato". 

Five large “one day program”  in Austria

Saint Gertraud photos

Seeboden photos

Hartberg photos

Salzburg photos

Schlierbach photos

Five large “one day program”  in Austria

Neusimmering photos

Donau Stadt photos

Alser Vorstadt photos

Maria Lanzendorf photos

Deutsch Schützen photos

From 5th. of May to 9th. Fr James conducted "one day evangelization program in four churches in the diocesis of Vienna and in Deutsch Schützen in Brugerland. In all the programs hundreds of people rushed to hear the Word of God and participated in the Holy Mass, adoration and healing prayers. In the following week too, he will be going to five other parishes in Austria.

Kapfenberg -Austria
From April 28 to May 1st. Fr. james conducted a charismatic retreat at Kapfenberg. Hundreds of people gathered to hear the Word of God and to renew the Christian life. Many people claimed spiritual healings and physical healings. Here are some photos

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On the 2nd. of May. Sunday in the afternoon, Fr. James baptised Ana Christine, the child of Ronald and Doris, the music leaders who go with Fr. James to all the retreats in Austria.


Pfatter -Germany:
An initiative for a new generation in Europe!
Richard Febres and Janine Daum, Fr. James' spiritual children got engaged for marriage on the 23rd. during the 31st. sacerdotal anniversary Mass of their spiritual Father. Now a days this ceremony of bethrotel is not celebrated in the Church in Europe. 

Pfatter -Germany:  April 20 - 23
Fr. James conducted a charismatic retreat in the Church of Maria Himmelfahrt in Pfatter from 20th to the 23rd. of April. Last year also a charismatic retreat was conducted here. More than 200 people attended the retreat. Here are some photos.

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Published in "Donau-Post" April 23, 2004 

 "People are more open to God"

Preacher James Manjackal interviewed   “Prayer changes the World”

Pfatter. Preacher Father James Manjackal from South India, who preaches world-wide, is presently giving a retreat in the parish church of Pfatter, which is filled with visitors from all over Germany. Not very many locals are taking part, the parishioners of Pfatter tend to be sceptical towards the “miracle-preacher”. After the evening service on Tuesday, the priest gave our paper a short interview. The people are more open for God, was Father James’ answer to the question, if he notices a change in the retreatants, compared to last year. They are not afraid of him anymore, they know he is a Catholic priest, who comes with love and tries to convey a message – about authentic Christian life, a life in obedience to the Word of God, and to the Church. He sees himself as God’s mouthpiece, who with this attribute, is able to bring about healing of sickness. This gift of God helps 80% of those seeking help to health, through intensive prayer. When he closes his eyes, he sees the names of people, as if they were written on a white screen. Beside some of the names, he sees the parts of the body that are sick. At his retreats, healings are confirmed daily.
 In spite of having given talks for hours, conducted prayers and personal counselling sessions, Father James doesn’t show the strenuousness of the day’s work. He claims he never gets tired, even  a sleepless night doesn’t bother him. In spite of a large swelling on his shinbone, he stands for hours during his talks and retreats, the discomfort doesn’t hinder his preaching. His answer to the question, if he never prayed to God to heal his sick leg, is clearly no. He accepts his suffering like Jesus Christ. God called him and his suffering is necessary for his ministry.
The main goal of the Charismatic Renewal is not miracles or physical healings, but a conversion to God. Politics cannot change the world but prayer can. Many problems could be solved by turning to God, praying intensively and going to daily Mass. Unfortunately, disoriented people often seek support in natural religions like Hinduism, or in esotericism, instead of turning to the Catholic faith again. Nobody shows the people how to pray, they are like sheep without shepherds. Especially the young people complain that nobody shows them the way. As a preacher, he has been trying to move Christians to conversion for years, but much more preaching is still necessary, according to the priest.

Published in "Donau-Post" April 22, 2004 

Father James Manjackal preaches at Pfatter

“God is Love –Come and see” – Retreatants from all over Germany

Willingness to forgive and give pardon very important. Pfatter. (bin)

Right from the beginning of the four-day retreat, which was conducted under the motto “God is love – come and see”, Fr. James Manjackal preached before a full house, that is, church. Faithful from all over Germany had come, once again, to the country parish on the Danube, to personally experience the charismatic priest who is reputed to be a miracle healer.
On April 23, 1973 Father James Manjackal was ordained a priest. After one year in the missions, he worked as a professor for psychology in the seminary in Kerala. Shortly after attending a retreat for prayer and healing he became seriously ill with tuberculosis of the kidney. One day a converted Hindu who believed in Jesus; visited the seriously ill priest, laid his hands on him and prayed to God to grant Fr. James mercy and healing. During the prayer, he experienced a cleansing he had never known before, severe pain in the kidney area was a sign of healing for him. Father James was shocked by what he experienced. After a time of intensive prayer when he was plagued by great self-doubt, Jesus appeared to him and showed him the right way. Shortly thereafter Father James was able to leave the hospital in full health, healed in body, mind and soul. His greatest wish now, is to preach and work in the healing ministry.

The formerly shy, introverted young priest became a charismatic preacher, who tries, especially in Europe, to promote a new evangelisation, with his talks, parish missions, and retreats. In Zagreb, Croatia, alone, more than 7,000 faithful heard his sermon on February 9, 2003, the churches and halls, from Austria to Ireland, from Spain to Montenegro, are always filled. At the retreat at Pfatter, the Indian priest speaks especially about willingness to forgive and give pardon, which is the only way to establish a personal, living relationship to God, which, in turn, leads to healing of body and soul.
Seek support in prayer
 In his talks Father James challenges the people, to get involved with God and to seek support in prayer. In times when hatred, envy, fighting and war rule the world, the people are looking for meaning in their lives. Therefore the retreat for inner and physical healing with Father James is intended to reach young and old of all social stratums. The days of the retreat are divided into a morning and afternoon program, musically accompanied by Hans and Magdalena Gnann. Speaking in the English language, which is translated into German by a helper, Father James talks about his life, reads from the Bible, preaches, prays and challenges the faithful to accept Jesus in their lives – because only then miracles and healings will become possible.
Intensive prayers
The theme of the second day of the retreat, yesterday, Wednesday, was penance. After a very intensive talk in the morning, all the retreatants had the opportunity to go to confession, some even had the chance to make their confession in a personal talk with Father James. There is an evening Mass at 6.30 pm, which also takes place this Thursday evening, also the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and a short service with prayers for healing, which close the daily program. Father James repeatedly challenges his listeners to intensive prayer.
These “Days for spiritual renewal” were organized by the Evangelisationswerk for the diocese of Regensburg, of whose board of directors Father Gustav Krämer is a member. This service group within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal was founded in 1990 and is also led by Fr. Krämer. The charismatic retreat with Father James will continue until tomorrow, Friday afternoon, and will end at about 1.30 pm with the celebration of the Mass.
After the retreat at Pfatter, numerous programs in Austria, Switzerland and France follow. At the end of this year, Father James Manjackal’s call to evangelise the world will even take him to Australia.

Fr. James in the Holy Land - Israel April 7 -17
Fr. James offers Mass alone in Cenaculum. (The exact place of Last Supper and Pentecost) (Mt 26: 17- 19)
Fr. James concelebrated Mass on Holy Thursday at the Tomb of Jesus with 5 Bishops and more than five hundred priests
Fr. James praying at the Tomb of Jesus (Jn 19: 41-42)
At the sea of Galilee. Most of Jesus' ministry was around the sea of Galileee (Mt 4: 23 - 25)

Fr. James spent the Holy Week in prayer in the important places of the Holy Land before his ministry in the Middle East. Here are some pictures which he brought from there

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Graz -Austria: Retreat for youth April 3 - 6

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