If he prays more - he is crazy or a lunatic!

If he doesn't pray, he is too worldly, not a man of prayer.

If he eats well, he is glutton!

If he doesn't eat, he is stingy!

If he dresses & appears well,  he is vain or showy!

If he doesn't dress in good clothes & shoes, he is a miser!

If he travels in a good, safe car - he is extravagant, if he goes by bus or in a small car, again he is a miser saving money for himself!

If he shares a glass of wine or beer to be one with others, he is drunkard! If he doesn't drink with them, he is unsociable & unfriendly!

If he gives a long homily, he is criticised for wasting time! If he gives a short sermon he is not learned or prepared!

If he takes a long time to celebrate mass he is boring! If his mass is short, oh, he is in a hurry to go elsewhere and lacks dedication!

If he talks long with a woman he is calumniated as a womaniser or immoral! If he doesn't talk with women he is psychologically abnormal!

If he visits people & homes, he is worldly! If he remains at his presbitery alone he is not pastoral minded!

If he is a reader or writer he is not doing his duty! If he doesn't spend time reading or writing he is an ignorant fool!

If he sleeps a little more he is lazy! If he doesn't sleep but goes about working, he is an inhuman workaholic!

If he has special charisms, he is mentaly ill - if he has no charisms he is useless & no one wants him.

If he preaches loud & clear, he is breaking the ears & walls - if he is not loud, he is shy, awkward & an introvert!

If he goes on holidays, he is luxurious & extravagant, if he doesn't take holidays, he is saving money for his bank-account!

If he expresses a little love to the children, he is a pedophile! If he keeps away from them he is not fatherly!

If he smiles and laughs, he has no self-control or is too worldly! If he is serious, he is neurotic or unfriendly!

If he goes and does sports or games he is not pastoral - if he doesn't do any sports, he neglects his health and is a bad example for the youth!

If he collects money from the rich to help the poor, he is corrupt and greedy for money! If he doesn't do it, he has no love for the poor!

If he moves with the youth to keep them in the church, he is indecent, immature or homosexual; if he keeps away from them, he does nothing to bring the youth to faith!

If he goes to the doctor regularly, he is too concerned about his body and lacking faith; if he doesn't go to the doctor regularly, he is neglectful of his health and body.

If he is a little late for liturgical services he is unpunctual, disrepectful and chaotic - if he is very punctual, then he is overstrict and inhuman!

If he is uncompromising and faithful to the teaching, he is outdated and not modern; if he compromises with worldly values he is loose & useless.

If a kind woman shows kindness & care in his sickness and old age, he is accused of breaking his celibacy! If he doesn't allow anyone to take care of him, he is killing himself!

If he involves in public activies, he is only a social worker or a politician; if he doesn't do anything for the public he is negligent, indifferent and unconcerned about others!

If he advices, corrects or warns, he is interfering in other people's personal affairs; if he doesn't, he is careless about others or indifferent to their suffering!

If he is a little hot tempered or strict, he is aggressive and unfriendly; if he is calm and quiet he lacks dynamism and enthusiasm!

He prays and intercedes for all others but only the least pray for him!

He loves, serves and helps all, but only the very least give in return!

He must greet everyone with a smile, but nobody cares how he is faring!

He has left his home and dear ones for the people of God, but he has become a scapegoat and laughing stock for the general public!

He must be ready to come immediately 24/7 at the beck and call, but will be condemned and accused of he asks for a favour!

While he is alive, he will be accused, calumniated, persecuted, ill-treated and even put to death! But after his funeral the same people will go to his tomb still asking for favours!

What should he do?
He should go to the foot of the cross and look at the face of Christ and say,

"Lord, thank you for making me an 'other you'! I bow before you and surrender myself fully to you so that I may become like you and be sure that one day I will see You face to face for all eternity! Lord I am your sevant. Amen!"

To all readers of this text and in a special way to all priests and bishops - a happy feast of the Holy Eucharist and Holy priesthood!

Fr. James Manjackal MSFS

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