Ricardo Baia. Portugal
Ricardo Baia (this moment was when Father James prayed for me during the retreat in Sameiro Sanctuary, Braga, after I have renounced smoking, putting the cigarettes and lighter in the basket).

My name is Ricardo Baia, I am 28 years old and I live in Guarda. I was a drug addict for many years and I also smoked a lot. I made treatments but, after leaving the treatments, I was going back to the drugs. I felt I was the reason for the suffering of my family. I knew how much selfish I was, I wanted to change but I couldn’t and while the years were passing by, I thought there was no way out. I felt I was a lost case. I have tried everything to get rid of the drugs but it was impossible!
No, for my Jesus, to Him nothing is impossible! It is a pity I haven’t met Him before. I met Jesus in May 2010 when I went to the retreat of Father James, in Sameiro Sanctuary in Braga, pushed by my mother. There I was healed from my addiction to the cigarettes. Since then I didn’t smoke anymore.
But Jesus made the real healing, months after, when I went again to a retreat of Father James, in Viseu in October 2010. This time, Jesus touched me but in my heart. He healed my heart and for the first time I could see. Jesus removed the veil of my eyes which were blind for so many years. I accepted Jesus. On that day, I felt His love, His peace and my conversion happened. Never more I took drugs, I was healed of an ulcer and gastritis caused by the drugs and so many tablets. I didn’t have pains in the stomach anymore. Jesus healed me from all my bad habits. Since the retreat, I didn’t take alcohol anymore and I didn’t committed masturbation anymore. Thank you, Jesus.

Avelino Pinheiro, 58 - Coimbra.  Portugal
In the retreat of Father James in Fatima, November 2010 I had a cancer in the colon. Although I have made treatments, I was still very bad. I had an operation but it didn’t go on well and not all the polypuses were removed.
During the Adoration prayer, Father James said my name: “Avelino, you are healed” and I believed it was really me. Since that day, I stopped going to the toilet 15 or 18 times per day, as I used to go. I did some exams (blood tests, colonoscopy) which didn’t acknowledge anything. I was cleaned and healed from the cancer in the colon. I don’t need to take medicines. Glory to God!

Maria Irene Viterbo Martins, 75 - Porto. Portugal
In my first retreat with Father James, in October 2010 Viseu, I was healed from a cancer in my left breast. In July the cancer was found through some exams. I was operated and the doctor was surprised because I never had pains and didn’t need to take tablets. In the moment of the Adoration prayer, Father James said:” Maria Irene, why do you doubt?” Believe you are healed”
In November 2010, in the retreat in Fatima, Father James said my name again and I believed I was totally healed. The exams confirmed my total healing from the cancer in the breast. I felt I was the happiest woman in the world. Praise God!

Augusto Manuel Pelaio, 63 - Setúbal. Portugal
Three years ago in a retreat of Father James, I had a problem on my right knee: it produced liquids and I could not bend the knee in any way. On that occasion I had many difficulties to drive and reach Fatima for the retreat.
During the moment of the Adoration prayer, Father James said there were people being healed in the knees and I believed I was one of those persons. When I went back home, on Monday, I had no more pains neither any swelling. I called my wife for her to see. She came and confirmed I was totally healed. Since then, I had no more pains.
I give this testimony for the Glory of God.

Isabel Ferreira, 56 anos, Setúbal. Portugal
In the first retreat of Father James I participated in Setubal, in 2007, Father James, during the prayer, teached us to pray for our husbands and for the sinners. I was praying continuously and I was healed and also received the blessing of forgiving my husband who had left home in the year 2000 and started living with another woman whit whom he had a child. Some days after my inner healing and my forgiveness, he came back home and lives with me. Now I don’t look at his child with any resentment. I accept him as my own and take care of him with much love.

For many years I also had pains in the back and sometimes I could not even move. Only with medicines and treatments I could get some relive from the pains. I participated in the retreat of Father James in Fatima, in the year 2010, and in the moment of Adoration, Father James said to put the hand on the part of our body that was sick. I put my hand and I was healed. Glory to God!

Célia Maria B. Prita, 35 - Alverca. Portugal
I trust in the All-might God, Our Father, in the Merciful Jesus Christ who forgives everything when we open our heart, in the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us, in Mother Mary, Our Mother who prays and interceds for us sinners.
I trust I was healed. Before, I had constipation and my stomach was swollen. I had also allergic rhinitis that obstructed and made my nose dripping. After the Adoration, in the retreat in Fatima 2010, my intestines started functioning well and never more I had any crisis of allergic rhinitis.
Thank you for these blessings received through Father James.
Blessed and praised be the Holy Trinity.

Justino de Sousa Moreira, 60 - Penafiel.  Portugal
I was a smoker for 45 years. On my 4th retreat with Father James, in June 2010 Fatima, on the last day, after the invitation of Father James to renounce bad habits and to put them on a box near the altar, I received those words as if they were only for me and I felt  had to stop smoking. I stood up; I gave all my cigarettes and lighter. Since that day and after the healing prayer for those bad habits, I never more smoked.
Praised be God!

Maria do Céu Costa Leitão, 48 - Alverca.  Portugal
After participating in a retreat of Father James with my husband in June 2010 in Fatima, my husband, who was away from the Church, changed completely his life. He confessed after 31 years. This was the best healing he could have in his life.
My sister, noticing his difference, also confessed after 46 years. We had family problems which were being dealed in the court with all the family against us, but through the grace of God, the problems were solved, the complain was took out from the court.
And to add to all this blessing, also my son turned to God.
Thank you, Lord!

Maria dos Prazeres Gonçalves, 51 - Pombal.  Portugal
I have several health problems and I was also hypertensive, depending on a pill for the rest of my life.
On the 2nd retreat of Father James I participated, in December 2008, in Fatima, after the Adoration, I went back to the hotel and when I hold the tablets I felt something for not to take them. During several days, I didn’t take the tablets. I went to my doctor who confirmed that only a miracle could have healed me. And that miracle happened 3 years ago, the healing of my hypertension.
Praised me God!

Ana Paula, tenho 50 - Moita.  Portugal
On the day I made 45 years old, I was on holidays abroad, and there I was diagnosed multiple sclerosis. So, before meeting Father James, I was a sick person with multiple sclerosis and I was in a wheel chair.
My religion is the Catholic but I was not practicing it. I believed in the Lord but I thought it was enough to ask him and to thank him at home. But, after those holidays everything changed. There I understood how much throughout my life I was so ungrateful to the Lord. I started participating in a prayer group of the Charismatic renewal – Emanuel Group- and my faith became stronger and my heart full of the Holy Spirit.
I am married for 20 years and I have a son with the name Tiago. We are a happy family. When I married, my husband was a divorced and so I am forbidden by the church to receive the sacraments. This made me very sad and I had an emptiness which I could not explain. In November 2010 I went to Fatima to the retreat of Father James Manjackal. I didn’t know him but I decided to participate. When during the lunch break Father said he was going to pray for the sick, I stayed there. After that I had many confusing emotions as I heard my name but I thought there were so many names equal to mine. But since the healing prayer I got much better. In the next retreat, in February 2011, I was there also with other people from my prayer group to whom I’m forever grateful for taking me to the retreat.
On the 11th, a Friday, during the Eucharist, I went a bit away as I cannot have communion, and on that moment I became paralyzed, col. I knew it wasn’t any outbreak of the M.S. No one was looking at me as everyone was with the joy of the retreat. But when Father James said my name many looked at me and were a bit frightened as I didn’t moved and couldn’t stop crying. So they took me in the wheel chair to a member of the team, a man very gentle who tried to calm me down although I wasn’t nervous. When I reached the hotel I started feeling my body again and the cold disappeared. In my room, I stood up from the chair and I felt so well, so well that I didn’t sleep. I didn’t feel like that for five years. On the following day I went again to the retreat but walking with my own feet (without Wheel chair) and very happy. I went to thank the man that helped me and that could not recognize me. I gave my testimony but I waited until the next retreat as my heart believed but my intellect was stubborn to believe I was really healed. And my healing was confirmed. I am healed, Lord, forgive me for my doubts. I am forever grateful to Father James, your worthy intermediary. Jesus touched me and healed me.  BLESSED AND PRAISED BE THE LORD. BLESSED BE FATHER JAMES MANJACKAL. ALELUIA!

Camila Barbosa, 8 - Barcelos.  Portugal
My daughter could not sleep alone during the night. She had nightmares. She woke up frightened and screaming saying she was seeing mice and she could only calm down when I lie down with her. This was happening for 2 months, until the moment when we went to the children retreat of Father James and Christeen in Novembro 2010, in Fátima.
On that retreat, during the Holy Mass, I asked God the blessing of her healing and she fall asleep on my lap. While sister Marykutty, founder of the Christeen, was giving her testimony, my daughter woke up and said: “Mother, I am not scared anymore of sleeping alone.” Since that moment my daughter was delivered and now sleeps alone without any nightmare. Glory to God!

Maria Manuela Teixeira Vaia, 62 - Aveiro. Portugal
When I went to the retreat of Father James in Porto, in September 2010, I had dizziness for 2 months. I had been to several doctors although they could not find out my problem. I did treatments but they didn’t solve anything.
In the moment of the Adoration, Father James said: “A Maria Manuela is being healed”. I believed the Lord was healing me and I said: “It is me, Lord”. After two days, the dizziness disappeared. Never more I had problems. Praised be God!

Mary Sheples, 69 - Fátima (Inglaterra). Portugal
I had a depression and I was a person always depreciating myself. I felt I was good for nothing. I didn’t wish to live anymore, I have lost all the sense and meaning for life.
After several retreats with Father James and through all his talks, God molded me and started entering my life, making me fell more and more happy. I feel I am a renewed person, with more faith and much strength not to leave anymore Our Lord. I also had a problem on my knee that didn’t allow me to climb stairs. I was healed in one of the retreats and that problem disappeared.

Marta, António e Tomé - Estarreja. Portugal
I decided to give my testimony because I know how much it is important for the couples who wish to have children, a very common problem nowadays.
I was trying to get pregnant for more than one year and I couldn’t. I also had that problem in the family. I could only make my reproductive system functioning with hormonal medicines.
I was worried and was being followed in the hospital by the infertility medicine. The doctors decided to make an operation to my ovaries to check what they could do to help me.
My sister in law gave me a CD of Father James which I liked and so I decided to go for a retreat. I went to the retreat of Father James only with the expectation of listening to his talks. I didn’t know anything about him, only that it was good and that it was worthy to go. I have heard already about the Charismatic Renewal and of the healing prayer but I didn’t know anything.
During the retreat, in the healing prayer, I decided to ask for my difficulty in conceiving despite thinking that there were other diseases more important than mine and that I shouldn’t “give trouble to God”, I thought my problem could be solved by the doctors. But as Father James said we could ask what we want, that He would answer our prayer, I decided to ask.
I had my operation appointed for the 23rd January 2010. On the day before, I thought it would be better to make a pregnancy test. It was positive! God blessed us. God gave us a beautiful baby and for the first time in my life my reproductive system is functioning without needing medicines. Thanks be to God!

Celeste Maria B. Frita, 58 - Arruda dos Vinhos. Portugal
I trust in God Father, in Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
I was healed. I had difficulties to climb stairs and many pains in the knees. Now I can climb stairs and run without pains. My daughter was very surprised to see this. Thank you, Father James, for your retreats and talks.

Maria do Carmo, 70 - Aveiro. Portugal

I had a glaucoma in the eyes and thanks be to God I was healed in a retreat of Father James in Fatima. Praised be the Lord.

Rosa da Conceição, 61 - Penafiel. Portugal
In the retreat of Pentecostes, in Braga I had a problem in the spine due to an accident. I was taking medicines for 5 months. In the moment of the Adoration. Father James said my name: “Believe, Rosa, you are healed”.  On that moment I felt my spine very cold and then very hot. I believed I was healed.
Until today I didn’t have problems anymore. Telling my husband what happened, he was very surprised, because he knew how I was before, and he came to me to the following retreat where he received a conversion. He had communion without having confession but father James said there was a person who had communion unworthy and he felt those words were for him.
On the following day, very early, he went for confession, something he hasn’t done for years. Now he participates with me in the retreats and we pray together. It was a very deep conversion. Glory to God!

Valmirene Pães de Sousa, 35 - Leiria. Portugal
Until the retreat of 12 and 13 of December 2008 of Father James, I was very bad, making psychiatric treatments for 2 years. I was involved with occultism, witchcraft and sorcery. After reading Father James book “New life in Christ”, I wanted to meet him and to go to his retreat because my salvation would only be there.
During all the retreat I was very concentrated listening to everything Father James was saying and finding out the drawbacks in my life. After that, a big battle started to get away from the hands of the devil and with the help of a priest, with confession and daily going to Mass, my life improved a lot. I recovered back the happiness.

Later on, some nodules appeared in my head. I went to a doctor and started a treatment. In the retreat in Fatima, in 2010. Father James, during the Adoration prayer, said a person was being healed of a problem in the head. I didn’t doubt it was me. I made some exams and I don’t have anything more. I am totally healed. The doctor couldn’t find any explanation for that.
I was lost and now and can see the love of God in my life. Praise the Lord!

Maria Isabel da Silva – Figueira da Foz. Portugal
I had sinusitis since my teenage and I was healed in my first retreat with Father James in November 2010, in Fatima. Also the pains I had in my legs were gone and I am healed. It was a miracle of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Maria da Anunciação Antunes Magalhães Pinheiro, 55 anos – Barcelos. Portugal
In February 2011, in Fatima, I participated in a retreat of Father James and some days after I noticed I didn’t’ have anymore the synctoms of my disease since 2007: ulcerative colitis. I had much pain, I was taking 3 pills per day, I had to be very careful with my diet, could not get nervous and had to rest much.
Now I stopped the medicines and I feel very well. I am healed. Praised be God!

Karla, 38 - Guarda. Portugal
In the retreat of Fatima in 2011, since I didn’t have the registration, I was out of the pavilion, at the door. My husband is a Muslim and he came. As we were out, I prayed with faith and I believed that the same Lord who was making wonders inside the pavilion, was also out at the door. I believed Jesus was going to make wonders right there. I prayed the divine mercy chaplet with a lady who joined us and we asked the grace of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and I was interceding for my husband. He suffered from strong pains in the stomach and since that gathering the pains disappeared. I am still praying for his conversion to the Catholicism and for his baptism.
Praise the Lord!

Luísa Marcelino, 56 - Leiria. Portugal
During several years, I suffered with strong pains in my bones. I was diagnosed osteoporosis. I made treatments but they were not successful and in the end my organism rejected the several medicines I was taking.

I came to know about the retreats of Father James in December 2008 and I participated for the first time in the retreat in Fatima in December 2009. I went for the second retreat also in Fatima and during the moment of the Adoration I heard my name and I believed I was being healed from the osteoporosis. On that day I had many difficulties climbing the stairs of the Auditorium. I went back home and went to sleep. On the following day, I woke up without pains and today I can do everything that before I could not do because of the pains in my bones.
Praised be the Lord, thank you Father James. May the Lord bless you to continue preaching the Gospel and converting the sinners. Thank you.

Dear Father James,

On your seminar which was from 3-5 March this year in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstadt in Germany for Croatian people Jesus healed me. On the first day Jesus healed me from not being able to be without coffee. In the morning of the second day of your seminar I noticed that I was free of having to drink coffee. On the second day of this seminar we praised Jesus while you hold Jesus in your hands in the monstrance. We were kneeling and at this moment I fall back and a someone wanted to help me because she thought that I feel sick. I showed that I’m o.k. and that I need that she leaves me in peace. I prayed to Jesus that he helps me to lay down because in this situation I was not able to be in peace. Immediately a man laid me down on the ground. At this moment you preached (Jesus through you) that we should not be angry. At this moment I remembered that I was often angry, sometimes without a real reason about my professors, my family, and my previous boyfriend. I felt that I need for this absolution and got it on the next day. Since than I felt not angry except when I had a reason and than I remembered that I should forgive and so I do it or try it every time. On the same day of this seminar you prayed to Jesus that He heals us and than you said the names of the persons which were healed. You said "Elizabeta you are healed". In the beginning I was not sure if there is another Elizabeta because I felt nothing. Than I thought even if there is another Elizabeta that Jesus loves us both and will heal us both. I was happy but I wanted to wait to see what was healed and wanted to wait for the results of the doctor because my thyroid was ill and worked not enough. So every day I had to take medicine. I thought that Jesus wants that I take the medicine until I get the results. Once I asked him if he healed my leg or my thyroid. Then I heard an inner voice "wait for the results" and that meant that it was the thyroid because only the results of the blood can show if the thyroid is ill or well. After a month I had to go to the doctor to get the results of my blood to see if my thyroid works good. The next morning I had to call to hear the results. And the results were absolutely good! My thyroid had been ill since April 2004 and get worse before your seminar so that the doctor said that I have to take more of the medicine and now my thyroid is healed! Halleluja! Thank You Jesus! Thank you Father for praying! After the first result the doctor said that I have not to take the medicine and to wait three months to see if the thyroid is really well. So I did. Before we had the second results I said that I'm sure that the results are good because a catholic priest prayed for me. And the second results were absolutely good. Another doctor said to me that the thyroid can’t get well if it doesn't works anymore well. So I think this was the reason why my doctor was a little bit shocked while looking at the results. Halleluja! Jesus is wonderful! Father James, thank You for praying!


The purpose of this testimony is to show how God is doing His mighty works today. We would like to talk about a wonderful gift we received from the Lord Jesus Christ. He hears our prayers, fulfills them and sanctifies our lives.

After we were married for two years (in 1999) God gave us a child. Unfortunately, during the pregnancy they (doctors) told us that the child was going to have health problems. So, this first pregnancy lasted only seven months when suddenly our child died. From that time on we couldn’t have more children. We went through all possible medical tests. The results were always the same: unexplained infertility. There was a decision offered to us: an artificial insemination. We didn’t decide for that option instead, we started deepening our faith and seeking God’s help.

God led us through various tests, because He wanted to make some changes in our lives. He wanted us to change – to convert -, because He wanted children, we would have, to be born in a spiritually healthy environment.

It was July 2004 we first attended the seminar of Fr. James in Kurescek. This was a new and unique experience for both of us, for it was really the first time we were exposed to such a teaching and prayers. So, it was in those times that we read several articles and books about such seminars and inner healing. Among books, we then read, was also Fr. James’s book New heaven and New Earth. The spiritual life in our family gradually started changing. We started praying together a lot, reading the Bible and attending masses more often …

So, on the last day of the seminar in Kurescek, after the laying of the hands and resting in the Spirit, there was a prayer for inner healing. We both experienced healing of the body and inner healing, too. During the inner healing prayer Fr. James said that there were five couples who were getting the healing of their fertility organs. Soon after that word Fr. James also said, that three couples would get a child. We were absolutely positive that we were going to be among them. We had no doubt.

So, in September 2004 my wife became pregnant and in spring 2005 our beautiful child, Anastazija Marija, was born.

We are thankful to you, dear Lord Jesus! You never disappoint anyone.

Milena, Tadej and Anastazija Marija Košuta
Brestovica pri Komnu 55/A
6223 Komen

Praise  Jesus and Mary!

Dear father James,

My name is Mario Lovrinèevic and I live in Osijek. Upon your visit in Viskovo, when you have said that one woman from Osijek, has wrote to you and said that there is a pagan temple in our town, and that your heart is in pain because of that, for young people from our nation are bowing to Satan (Krishna),  you have given me an urge to testify. I was a sinfull man, I did not go to Church, I smoked marijuana every day, for a long time, I was a child of rock'n'roll, I read books of Sai Baba, Castaneda, studying Aborigins, Yoga. I ended up in their temple, reading all their books, practising mantra, became vegetarian, and ending up in a psyhyatrical hospital on Easter 1999. I have changed three hospitals, I have spent 40 days  indoor in one of the biggest psyhiatrical hospitals in Croatia – Popovaèa. (many people I encountered over there, had a lot of connections in their lives with paganism, and/or Yoga, meditation, Reiki, astrology, bioenergy…) After I left the hospital, I was consuming 20 tablets per day, in a deep depression, at the bottom of life, thinking mostly about suicide.

After you had a seminar in Koprivnica, my uncle has brought me one of your books, and gave it to me for reading. This book has opened a path, for me to go for all or nothing. So after visiting various hodjas, bioenergetics and others, through whom I have tried to save myself, I have told myself that I will live as a child of God or be cursed. And if God invites me to become his child, he will surely spare me and return me to his light. Then I have thrown away hodjas curse from my neck, for which I previously believed that if I do so I would end up in a hospital again.
I started to pray a rosary of God's mercy (and I still pray it today, and I will pray it all my life), and after a while, a wonderful thing happened to me. Not only that I did not end up in a hospital, but after ten days I managed to find strenght to stop smoking cigarettes.
Dear father James, through you, other priests, catolic church, prayers of my close ones, God has changed my life. Since three years I stopped taking any tablets, I have a good job, I got married, God blessed my whole family…

Thanks, glory, honour, love, blessings, life and soul to our dear saviour Jesus Christ and his wonderful mother Queen Mary, the only ones , who can give man a real peace!

When I have heard that you are coming to Rijeka, I said that I must go. We went with the minibus, 15 people from Osijek.

As the days on a seminar went by, I continued with my prayers:

I prayed to Jesus Christ, to give us a child, my wife Ana and me. It will be his child,I said Jesus, please give us a child, you have spoken to us through the mouth of a priest at our wedding, and you said that you want us to have a lot of children. We have been married for three months and nothing happened yet. Please give Ana to bare a child in nine months.
I prayed to Jesus Christ, to liberate me of drinking cofee, because it bothered me, creating a feeling of nervousness in my stomach. Also I wanted to offer it as a penance for all the sinfull things I have done in my life. But I could not do it alone, I was so addicted to drinking cofee, that it was harder to stop, even more than the cigarettes. I have wrote, Jesus, thank you for releasing me of drinking cofee today.

Dear father James – Ana is pregnant for 9 weeks, and from that day on, I have not had a single cup of cofee. Also, Jesus has liberated me from consequences of mantra. And when you prayed for the liberation from the ocult, Jesus broke even the last bondage of Satan on me to which I had given myself in my sinful youth.

Glory to Jesus and Mary!

To the seminar along with us came Drago Vagro¹, whom I knew only vaguely, but your seminar has made us close. Here is his testimony:

"I am 53 ears old. I live and work in Osijek. During August I have been at urologist at a supersonic vibrations haelth check, becuase my problems with prostate My prostate was enlarged. The urologist said that in this fase, even worse can be expected and he mentioned a prostate gland surgery to be probable in the future. The prescribed drugs did not help. I have heard that father James Manjackal is coming to Vi¹kovo near to Rijeka on a charismatic seminar.
The way I understood this event: The living Lord is passing through, I must go there and touch him.
It happened that my understanding was true. On the second day, after I have received my holy Communion, I have prayed to Lord with all my soul and whole heart…
Then, I felt, very clearly, a force that was going down across my stomach, across the ill part of the body. Two months after that, I have visited the urologist again and made a tests (transrectal ultra sonography – TRUS) and after that he said: You will be surprised when I tell you about the condition of your prostate. No operation is necessary, the prostate is not only good, it is excellent, the size is as it should be. Be happy!
Thanks to Lord Jesus Christ and his holy mother Mary for releasing me of evil, and given me good health and great joy.
I will maintain to visit the charismatic seminars of father James, because I know that whenever I come with the strong faith, my travels will pay off.

Drago Vagro – Osijek

Dear father James,

Drago has testified about his recovery on a charismatic seminar in Velika Gorica on the 04.12.2005 and his testimony will probably be printed in the next issue of charismatic magazine «Rhema» which  is published every two months in Zagreb.
We meet each other  every day on a Holy Mass and often talk about you. We send you our photograph, as well as our testimony in croatian language.
We are now in your chain of prayers and we fight with prayers for your mission and your apostolate.
We can hardly wait for you to come to Croatia again, and we hope we will not have to wait for long!
God bless you and thank you.! Praise Jesus!

Mario Lovrinèevic and Drago Vagro

Dear Father James,
I'd like to give testimony of my healing at your retreat in Basel 2004.
Before the retreat I had suffered from bronchitis and regular headaches. Through your prayer and through the power of our gracious Lord Jesus Christ I was healed. I did not realize this at that time, but after a few weeks I noticed that the headaches had stopped completely.
The bronchitis was still there but I did not cough anymore. What a relief! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

May God bless you and Mother Mary always protect you!
Achim Füssenich, Freiburg(Germany)

P. Raymond Marie

For five years I have been suffering from a facial nueralgia. At first I thought that it came from a tooth, hence I removed the tooth but the ache came back. It ached on the right side of my face up to the top of the head always. I could not put my head under a shower or wash my cheek or touch the sensitive zone. I went back to see the dentist who reluctantly estracted one more tooth. During the pilgrimage to Medjugorje, the pilgrims did not know how to relieve my pain. Again another tooth was removed but my pain continued. This pain was leaving me tired and sad. I thought that like St. Teresa of Lisieux or Martha Robin I had to offer my sufferings to Jesus on the Cross. Again a fourth tooth was taking out. Than a friend of mine gave the address of a surgeon who would try to anaesthetize a nerve. I had an appointment with him for the 2nd. of September 2005.
Than another friend of mine invited me to attend a retreat of Fr. James Manjackal at Trois Epis from 25th to 28th of August together with my brother Fr. Pierre. On Thursday evening Fr. James prayed for the healing of many persons. On Friday I was very busy with many confesions and in the evening during the healing prayer Fr. James started announcing the names of healings of persons suffeing from cancers, artrithis, lung problems, back aches, nose bleedings, etc. As I felt very tired I thought of going to bed and then suddenly I heard my name pronounced by Fr. James in good French "Raymond"! I joined the 600 people gathered and praised God. Going back to my room my brother came to ask "what happened to you, your name was called out" Suddenly I noticed that I had no more pain. My nezralgia was completely healed. I touched my head, my cheek, I felt no pain. My brother Pierre gave me a little slap on my cheek and I felt no pain. The whole night I slep comfortably and in the morning I stood under the shower with head erect with no pain at all. Aleluya Jesus healed me !
When I came from the retreat I called the hospital to cancel the operation on my nerve. I explained to the secretary of the surgeon of all that had happened in the retreat. My brother too was healed from his terrible back pain. he takes no more pain killers for his backache. Both of us go around and tell everybody to go to Jesus for healing because he is alive and He heals!

Fr. Raymond Jaccard
20 Rue Megevand
F - 25000 Besancon

Dear Father James:

We would like to give you testimony in order to praise and thank Jesus for the miracles that He is doing in our family.
In February 2005, we attended your  reatreat in Dubendorf, Switzerland where you were praying over us for the blessing of our marriage and gift of a child. We truly believed and claimed the child.
It became true, in the same month God bless us  with a child.
Also, Tina had a couple of problems during her pregnancy: oligohydramnious, low- lying placenta and possible Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). We truly believed and prayed Jesus to heal these medical symptoms. We also asked you, Father James to pray and offer Masses for these intentions and on the following doctors’visit  everything was well.
On Novembre 2nd, 2005 Sofia Maria was born, healthy and strong child.
We praise and thank Jesus for the wonderful gift of child. We pray together everyday and we go for the Holy Mass regularly. We pray Father  for you and  we support your Mission.

Yours in Christ
Pablo, Tina and Sofia Maria Pellizzoni

I was with father James in Schio/ Italy, where our blessed mother Queen of Love is worshiped. There father James blessed us in the mass. I felt how a beam of light went very very slowly and noticeable from my forehead through my entire brain.
At the spiritual exercises in Vienna I felt at the healing prayer that I received a very soft healing in the stomach. Every time I thank for the healing all symptoms disappear and my head becomes clear like in times of my childhood and my stomach gets really fine. This is an incentive always to be thankful.


Manuela and Sandra Hammer

Dear Father James,

My name is Manuela und I wish to give testimony. My daughter Sandra and I have a rare skin disease. I have little skin tumours which are visible and my daughter’s are invisible, unfortunately. One year ago we attended a healing Mass at Maria Lanzendorf. When we saw Father James, we felt warmth in our hearts. We received promise of healing, and we received it. About 3 months ago I was told that my daughter’s tumors had decreased in size, although that is impossible according to the doctors. Praise the Lord.

Manuela and Sandra Hammer

Augustin Rüttimann
My full name is Augustin and I am from Arlesheim near Basel (Switzerland).

About a year ago I had acute leukaemia. Shortly after finding out about the disease, there was a retreat with Father James at St. Anton parish in Basel, which I attended (June 10th to 13th 2004). At that time, Father James called my name during the healing prayer (“Augustin you are healed”). I claimed this healing with a testimony and I thanked Jesus for it.

Now, after one year (May 2005) I came to a retreat with Father James at St. Anton parish in Basel again, to thank my dear Jesus, because I feel so good, although the blood count is not good and I am not healed yet.
But I am able to sleep well, I have no pain and a good appetite. The doctors are very surprised at my condition. Besides, I want to thank Jesus, that I am still alive, because that is a miracle!
During this retreat, Father James called my name again during the healing prayer: “Augustin is getting a great healing!” I thank Jesus deeply for that and I claim this healing.
PRAISE THE LORD!!! Alleluja!!

Augustin Rüttimann

Hollenweg 24
CH-4144 Arlesheim
Email: rüttimann.a@tiscalinet.ch

Dear father James
6th of June 2005

 I want to thanks the Lord much all I can for his healing and I want also to thank you. It was at the end of September in 2003. I want to thank you father James because you said you would pray for me.
Before the retreat in end of September 2003 with you father James, I had received a word from the Lord from a group of prayer where I live. They were praying for me for this disease of tumour in the right testicle. I had one tumour in the right testicle and I have been in fear all during this period. With this prayer group the word I had from the Lord is "the Lord is my praise", or exactly it was " is heal me and I will be healed, save me and I will saved, because you are my praise "  Jer 17 v 14. During the end of the retreat with you at night I heard my name several times” Dominique you are healed” but I did not know if it was me or not because, it was not said the disease... so I had your gsm number on a table and I let you a message, explaining to you, what I lived about it, I wanted to know if it was me or someone else who was healed. Then I called you back the tomorrow morning, and I started to explain to you this and you told me "go to hospital, I will pray for you".
The Lord in doctor's hands cured me and took off this tumour by taking off the testicle because the tumor was an inside and not spread tumor out the testicle, sot hey took off the whole testicle  and they said that it was a tumour but nowhere else was infected with trace of cancer. The tumour was took off and no more trace of disease was found, neither months later.

What i want to say is that, a testicle was took off but no cancer cells or any other infected other cells at all, even years later.
So the promise of what i had received in prayer a few times earlier came true, because even i they took off one testicle, i have other baby and i am no more ill almost 10 years later.
I had a check control now there are a few days ago and the doctor answered to me that all is ok. I praise the Lord deep in my heart and want to thank you for having been here and to told me that you would pray for me. It gave me a lot of courage

Thanks to our Father in Heaven, the Lord and the Holy Spirit.
Thanks again to you father James.

Praise the Lord !!! I will pray for you for the strong and sweet hope you give.

Dominique  from north of France

Christina Strohmer
Dear Priest James!
At first I want to thank you for speaking with me in the sakristy of the Marianneum ( in Vienna)on 16.thor 17.th of September 2004 during the retreat ;and also a big thanks to Mrs. Gabi,your secretary, who helped in traslation.I was suffering from a tumor in my uterus.You promised to pray for me.
In the next evening after the holy mass during the "Healing Prayer before the Holy Eucharist you told : Christina you are healed in your uterus.
I  claimed this healing with faith and gave thanks to God. I already had a hospitalisation. After the retreat  on the following Wednesday   the doctor  made an ultrasonic testing and she told me: "You need not go into the hospital and that I am healed".

Alleluia! I praise, glorify and thank GOD!!! I say a hearty thanks to you father for your prayers! Now it is one year I am fully healthy.I decide to help your mission with my prayers and money. May the good Lord bless your preaching Mission all over the world.

Christina Strohmer

Brunhilde Turner
In the charismtic retreat preached by Fr. James at Feistriz an der Drau from 27 to 30th of July 2005, I met Jesus through a real conversion of heart. I was always hard in my heart. But the Word of God spoken during the retreat touched my heart day by day. I had lot of unforgiveness towards many people including my husband and children. On the second day of the retreat in tears I asked pardon to my husband and made a very good confession. Also I decided to ask pardon to my children because I did not bring them up in Christian faith. I gave a bad image of my husband to my children and I know that it was wrong. The Holy Spirit gave a complete life change. I even forgave the one who caused my car accident. Peace and joy came to my heart. I am fully healed of the headache of which I was suffering for long. When Jesus came to my heart through the Holy Spirit I became a new being and I am healed both in soul and body. When Fr. James prayed over for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, I fell down on the floor and when I got up I felt myself like a small girl with joy, peace. I praise the Living Lord. I wish that all in my country get a chance to have this experience of conversion and new life.

Brunhilde Turner
9500 Villach
Uferweg 30

Edward Rathkolb
I heard much about Fr. James and his works of evangelization in Austria since a very long time because he was preaching many retreats in Graz, my home town. I had attended one day program with him and I was longing to have a retreat with him, but something was blocking to go for it. At last I came to this retreat in Feistriz an der Drau on the 27th of July 2005. In this retreat the Holy Spirit showed me the "old dead man" I was carrying within myself. It was full of sins and dead works. For a very long time I had not made a good confession. In this retreat I was able to repent of all my sins and make a confession with Fr. James himself. On the second day evening during the Mass I experienced the Living Jesus in my heart, at that night I asked myself why my knee is not healed of its pains. The following day during the inner healing prayer, the Lord called out my name through the mouth of Fr. James. On the following day morning when I rose up from my bed I had still the pain but I acepted it with joy and praised God for I know God has His ways and plans. In this retreat God changed my life. I decided to live for Jesus and follow Him. Praise you Jesus, thank you Jesus.

Edward Rathkolb
Zeppelinstr. 32
8055 Graz

My name is Elena, I am 25 years old, married, I live in Linz (Austria) and was born in Croatia. In June I attended the retreat at Thaya (A) with my two sisters.
One week before the retreat I found out that I have two stomach ulcers, so I went in spite of increasingly severe pain and depression.
On the first day I was only quiet and pensive, until Father James told us to surrender our pains and problems to Jesus. Suddenly I felt so relieved and satisfied, then I realized everything has it’s purpose.
The three days were so wonderful, I was able to eat a lot and the pain was gone.
But something was still bothering me. Father James had prayed for everything, but not for that which I had been waiting for. But on the last day when he prayed for us, he said: I pray for families without children, that they may be blessed with children. Then I knew that my prayers were answered!
At the end, Father James asked us to give testimony. Immediately I got up, full of joy, and proudly I gave my testimony.

I glorify and praise you Jesus … Halleluja..

Gisela Serrano
Münster, July 9, 2005.

Quiet and apparently indifferent, I sat in the first row. The reasons for that were not lack of interest, but rather first of all, severe pain in the hip (total endoprothesis) and also in the knee (total endoprothesis), all on the left side, and stiff joints.
2) I was raised to be disciplined and not to show any feelings or “weakness”.
3)I am a convert, the Lutheran church does not have this kind of “services”.
4)I converted with Jesuits and later I was in  contact with Opus Dei (conservative strict congregation)

I received a healing: my left knee which was operated 2x, has become more agile and almost pain-free.
I am immensely grateful to the Lord for this improvement. There are still other sufferings which I can offer up. Praise to Jesus Christ.

Gisela Serrano

I am Diana, 12 years old, from the age of 5 I was using glasses, I had very much pain in my eyes. Last year I heard that many people were healed in the seminar of Fr. James at Kurascek. Then one of my friends gave me his book in Croatian "Prayer does wonders". When I heard about the seminar this year in July, I began to pray to the Lord for a miraculous healing by the prayer of Fr. James. Two weeks before while I was praying, I received a healing for my eyes. I threw away my glasses, now I can see everything clear. I praise Jesus who healed me directly. Now I know that Jesus is with me always and caring me.

Diana - Slovenia

I am Nicolina and I am nine years old. After last year's seminar in Kurascek I got the book "27 charismatic prayers" of Fr. James. Once when I was praying, I felt something like darkness falling from my eyes and suddenly I saw Virgin Mary standing in front of me and telling me to make personal prayer daily. Now I wake up exactly at 5:30 everyday and make my personal prayer. I find great power in the personal prayer. After the personal prayer during the day I feel grace in all what I do. I thank and praise the Living Lord who taught me to pray.

Nicolina - Slovenia
Throat cancer healed
 I am Monica and I am happy to read the wonderful healing I received from the Lord in charismatic seminar of Fr. James here at Kurascek. I was suffering from throat cancer for 3 years. Although I was taking medicines I was unable to speak or to sing. The dr. suggested chemotherapy and operation. I was afraid of operation. Then I heard about the charismatic seminar of Fr. James where many people received healings from Jesus. During the prayer I felt something like fire touching my throat, I believed and claimed healing. My drs. were surprised to see that i was fully healed. I praise my living Lord! I decided to live a holy life according to God's will, now I pray daily and go the holy Mass. I have no words to express my joy that I am a new being by the Holy Spirit. Daily I pray for Fr. James and his mission

Monica (Slovenia)

We had no children in our married life, the dr. said that we would never have children. In desperation we had been to esoterics and new age healers with the hope of getting a child by their technichs and methods. In July 2004, we attended a charismatic seminar of Fr. James at Kurascek, during the healing prayer, he announced and said that three married couples are blessed with children by the Lord. We both believed and claimed a child. Before the prayer both of us made a good confesion and renounced all esoteric ways as we heard from the talks from Fr. James. My wife Mayda, during the prayer felt a burning sensation in her abdomen and she believed that it was the gift of the child. It became true, in the following month God blessed us with a child, we named him Vidi. We thank and praise the Lord for the wonderful of a child. We pray that the seminars of Fr. James will bring abundant spiritual and material blessings for those who are desperated like us. Slavimo Gospoda

Matyaand Mayda

Marianne Koger with family.  My website
JESUS has blessed us richly with HIS merci and grace. Halleluja.

Since 2 years I am living a wonderful, happy life in the Holy Spirit. JESUS has changed the life of my whole family and has led us in a new life in love, peace and joy. Halleluja. Only 3 years ago I was seriously sick and had a sad, hopeless life . In 2002 my sickness was going from bad to worse - I had a second operation, in which the gall-bladder was removed  - but nothing could help me. I thought that I would die soon  -  no operation and no doctor could help me.

In a healing service in May 2003 I met  JESUS. The mighty power of the Holy Spirit flowed through my body like electricity and I had the great experience of the unlimited love of GOD, a happiness I never had experienced before. Since this time I experience the living presence of GOD in my heart. Everywhere I have searched for GOD - in my heart I have found HIM. Halleluja. ( read Lk 17,20-21 and Joh 14,23 ).

With my husband Klaus I attended several charismatic retreats with Father James Manjackal and received healing of body and mind. Halleluja. I also received special graces and gifts through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, for example the gift of praying in tongues, which enriches my prayerlife wonderful. ( read 1 Kor 12,4-11 ). Also my husband Klaus is filled much with the graces of the Holy Spirit. In the same way my son Raphael and my daughter Lucia, who attended in March 2005 the retreats for the youth with Father James in Graz and now founded a prayergroup for young people. Soon they will begin their prayer-meetings. Not least also my brother Rolf, his wife Angelika and their daughter Martina is given a new life with JESUS.

So our whole family is filled with the grace and power of the Holy Spirit and we are living now a happy life in the freedom of the children of God in love, peace and joy. Halleluja. ( read Lk 19,9 and Joshua 24,15 and also Apg 16,31 ).  KLAUS and I are so much happy  in our family life as never  before  -  also  all problems of our married life are healed now.  Now we both can see the plan of GOD in our past problems and we see that our family life is the greates gift of GOD. Halleluja.

In the prayer-meetings of our charismatic prayergroup we are praising GOD with powerful songs and prayers and we have the experience of the mighty presence of the LORD, who shows us HIS merci and grace through the working of the Holy Spirit. We thank GOD that the prayergroup is growing now. Halleluja.
I have handed over my life to JESUS and I am working for the KINGDOM OF GOD.  I have great joy to work for the poor people in the mission - being a worker in the vineyard of the LORD.
Also I am going  in other prayergroups to various places to give testimony, to speak about the "word of GOD" and how the bible gives  me daily advice, power, healing and consolation and how I experience GOD in this way. Thats great and I wish everbody to begin a life with the BIBLE, which is the word of GOD.

Also I begin now to show my work for evangelisation in my own homepage. Soon you can read there my testimony, my daily life with the "word of GOD", my work for evangelisation in the prayer-groups,  my experiences in charismatic retreats, prayers, songs, the life of Saints, etc. Please visit my Homepage: http://jesusheute.oyla4.de  There I give many advices and helps for your spiritual life. Please give the adress from the homepage also to other people - it will confirm their faith and shows them the way in their problems.

I am very happy that my family supports my works for evangelisation and shares my enthusiasm for the KINGDOM OF GOD.  I thank JESUS that HE allows us to be HIS tools.It is important to take JESUS on the first place in your life -  first you should search the Kingdom of GOD ans GOD will give you all you need. ( read Mt 6,33 ). It is also important to give testimony about that, what JESUS is doing in our life. (read Lk 12,8 ). THAT ARE THE NEWS WHICH NEEDS OUR WORLD TODAY. May JESUS give us courage to be HIS witnesses. ( read 1 Petr 4,14 and Mt 5,11-12 ).

I was coming with my family to the FEST FOR JESUS in GRAZ  ( 800 km away ) to have with FATHER JAMES the great experience of the living church, the wonderful experience of  Pentecost through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit. Halleluja.  ( read Apg 2,4 and Joh 3,3-6 ). I am praising GOD for the gift which is Father James for us, who is coming in our country to change the hearts and bring back the people to JESUS - our only SAVIOUR and LORD.    Halleluja !!! ( read 1 Tim 2,4-7 and Jes 53,4-5 ).

I am allowed to say that I am the the spiritual child of Father James. He gives me advice in all spiritual matters and I do everything after asking him and he leads me with great wisdom, goodness and love. That helps me much in my spiritual life.

Praise the LORD!
Marianne Koger with family , GERMANY

I was a social drinker. At first I only drank one beer with some friends, then it was two, and then one after the other till late at night. The next day I felt awful, needed a lot of sleep and was unable to work. After a day of rest, I felt good the next day, was in a good mood an wanted to have some fun in the evening. Then it started all over again. This happened every second or third day. I really wanted to stop drinking but I couldn’t.

In March I attended a retreat with Father James in Menden. There I was set free from alcohol. Since then I haven’t touched alcohol anymore. That was 7 months ago. I don’t find it hard to do without at all, even if everybody around me is drinking. I feel wonderful. I thank and praise the Lord. Alleluja!!!

Dr. Susanne Thiessen
Ansgariusweg 5
22880 Wedel

Healing in dream

In a time of severe kidney problems (pains and nausea, also at night) – I had a dream in which I saw Father James blessing many people. I also received his blessing which was so strong that I woke up. From that time on I was freed from all pains and I felt a great joy lasting for a long time. The same happened in a time of a spiritual distress. After a blessing of Father James in dream all darkness had vanished.

We (my husband and I) met Father James for the first time in in Schwäbisch Gmünd, where we attemded a retreat with fasting and silence. All we experienced in these days has far exceeded our imaginations. During the prayer of the stations of cross on Good Friday (which took more than 4 hours) we became witness not only of various healings (one of our friends was also healed from great pains) but we all were filled with indescribable joy and strength. We experienced very deeply God’s love through Father James – as we never did before in our life. In all following retreats we went home as new persons and received help in different concerns. In a retreat in Olten in September 2001 I was freed of a longtime back pain (scoliosis) – praise and thank to the Lord!

Our daughter Lucia met Father James in Medjugorje after having refused a long time to meet this priest. There she attended a Holy Mass in which a young girl was freed of her bondage as a Satanist. After that our daughter went to several retreats with F. ames, in 2003 she was in Haßfurth and some time later she met her future husband who is coming from Haßfurth!

During the healing prayer Father James also receives messages for the participants of the seminar. One year ago I heard the word “be my witness”. Since that time we are often contacted by people who need information of seminars with Father James. Here we can testify the healings and conversions we have seen. Through manufacturing bible bags with the word of God we try to collect some money for a seminarist in India. In a charismatic prayer group which was founded after a retreat in Basel last year the intentions of Father James in his worldwide mission are always included.

Thanks and praise to the Lord ! Halleluja !

Rita Mühlecker

Dear Father James,

For a long time I hesitated to write my testimony. But your words, dear Father James, and also the gospel of yesterday’s Holy Mass touched me deeply and I saw clearly that I could no longer delay the matter:

My name is Margit, I am 50 years old and married to Joseph. We have a 25 year old son and live in Kapfenberg.
Six years ago I had cancer. I had a sarcoma on my right thigh. The muscle cords affected by this tumor were removed. I didn’t go for the radiation treatment the doctors advised after the operation and therefore the doctors’ prognoses were not very good, because this tumor was of a type that reoccur. At the time my family and I lived without faith and without knowing God.

When I look back today, I am eternally thankful for that time, for it was necessary to bring me back to the way of repentance, to leave my “old” life behind, and begin a new life with GOD. At that time I realized that a life without God is nothing. In his great mercy, the LORD touched me and gave me the gift of faith and healed me. Therefore I was able to convert to the catholic faith in 2001 (before that I was Lutheran).

Through the retreat with Father James in Kapfenberg, I learned how the Holy Spirit works in me. He took away my fear of people, so that  I was able to testify to my faith freely and openly – and that was not easy for me at first. My husband was also touched, so that now he is on the same path of faith with me. But I also received physical healing at that time: not only did the cancer not reoccur in the last six years; I was also healed from the very painful after effects of having the muscles removed. Often after  such operations bursas filled with fluid develop, and in my case this occurred in my right groin. It caused quite severe pain, especially when sitting for longer periods of time. I had that for one year and the doctors said it should be punctured to remove the fluid. During the healing prayer I felt the healing power of God come upon me and I was freed from this pain. At first I couldn’t believe it, but 2 weeks later, when I went to the hospital for my yearly check-up, they told me, this bursitis (the medical term) was completely gone. In the meantime a year has gone by and I am still free of pain and healthy! PRAISE THE LORD! THANKS BE TO YOU, LORD!

Dear Father James, I thank you for everything I experienced through you, for your love and patience with which you bring the Word of GOD  to us and shake us up again and again, and make living witnesses to the faith out of us.

May the LORD bless and protect you! Alleluia!

Yours truly,
Margit Fritz

Schweighardtweg 12
A-8605 Kapfenberg
Sigfried and Elfriede
 Dear Fr. James

I am very happy to give this testimony in orfder that people may praise Jesus for the wonders He is doing in your retreats. Both of us made charismatic retreats with you and renewed our Christian life and got married. In a one day program at Graz, while I was praying for a gift of a child, you called out and said in your healing prayer, "God is blessing Sigfried with a child". I believe and claimed a child and it happened soon, after three months my wife got pregnant and on January 28th. 2005 our child Benedict was born. We pray together everyday and we go for the Holy Mass regularly. I praise God for our happy family life. Daily I pray for you and for your mission.

Sigfried and Elfriede

8431 Weinburg 120
Testimony of Waltraud and her son Simon
I came to the retreat of Fr. James at Innsbruck in February 2005 because of the "Down Syndrome" of my little boy Simon. Fr. James prayed over my son and he became better, now he talks, looks, reacts and behaves better to the surprise of the doctors and the teacher. Everyday he is improving and I thank God. I too received healings in the retreat, for many years I had no sleep at night, now I can sleep better. My relationship with my husband was not good, in the retreat we renewed our marital committment and now we live at the beginning. We are married for 20 years, now we have family prayers and deep faith in the Church and sacraments. Through my son God bless all of us. I praise God for the Charismatic retreat at Innsbruck where we could renew our Catholic life and received all these spiritual and material blessings.

Dear Fr. James,

I am the mother of Bianca in the photo above, last year in May in your retreat at Basel, Switzerland, I came with my two children, Bianca and Tobias, and ask you to pray for many things. My daughter Bianca was suffering from epilepsy and she was taking medicine for three years. During the healing prayer, you said 'a little girl by name Bianca is completely healed on her head'. On driving home, my daughter told me "Fr. James called my name mama, I feel better". It was true. While going to the doctor, EEG showed no more epilepsy in Bianca and the doctor asked to stop the medicine. Ever since Bianca has no peileptic attacks. I thank and praise the Lord. Please continue to pray for our family. My children like your CD "Singt God ein neues Lied" and they listen to it often. They encourage other children also to listen these songs in the Cd.

Chaletweg 1
4146 Hochwald

Dear father James ,

I am very happy to became post from you .Many thanks, also thanks for your prayers.
You want a testimony of my healing of megrin:
I'm Ursula Gebauer,60 years old, married, 4children, 4grandschilds. I had been suffering of terrible headaches(=megrim)about 40years,at the end rather regularly once every 10-14 days. During the curing prayer Father James called my name: "Ursula will be cured of megrim "
I didn't believe that I was meant. At the presence of 150 -200 persons in Basel 2004 it could be possible that there was another person called Ursula suffering by megrim, besides I didn't pray for healing this evening. The next day Father James called again my name among all the others (even if he didn't meet me before)."Ursula will be cured of megrim, why are you doubting? Now I felt that he meant me and I was astonished. During this event I couldn't give testimony.
At home, in the following week, I suffered by a terrible megrim, after that attack these terrible headaches came very rarely even in spite of burden and stress . 11 months have been passed and the headaches are very seldom.
Another experience: During 3' 2005 one morning I suffered by terrible headaches. But my husband and I intended to pray before the tabernacle on that day. I really dragged myself to this place .We didn't spend 2 minutes before the tabernacle in the church when the pain left and didn't come back. For me this experience was a real operation .---Jesus, the Saviour wants that I come to him and give him this time. But of a matter of fact The Saviour gives me a present.
May HE strengthen my belief I want to thank for his healing and if I'm suffering by pains occasionally I will bear the pains for him . Praise to the Lord !!!

My name is Alphy, from Houston Texas. After completing my graduate studies, I was searching for a job. I was not able to get any job, while many of my friends were getting placed.

I was praying continously to the Lord, and going to church almost everyday. One day while I was searching the net, I came across Father James website. I remember Father James, very well because the very first retreat I attended in my life was conducted by Father James. This was in Bahrain when I was a teenager.

So I decided to write to Father James to pray for me that I will get a good job soon. I wrote the email to Father James on Wednesday, April 20th. I did not expect Father James to reply, but he did so immediately. He promised his prayers for me to get a job soon and told me that the prayer group is also praying for me.

And praise the Lord, on Friday, April 22nd I got a call from my company that a client had finalized on me for a job in Philadelphia. The job was what I wished for and the pay was double what I expected as my starting pay.

Praise you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!

I wrote back to Father James, thanking him for his prayers. He informed me that in the prayergroup a lady had a vision of me getting a job and specifically mentioned that it is in Philadelphia. It was absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much Father James Manjackal and the prayer group. I will continue to pray for you and your mission.

Praise the Lord !!

Robin Mathew


“They brought to Him all the sick, those who were afflicted with various diseases and pains, demoniacs, epileptics and paralytics, and He cured them”.  (Mt.4:24). Thanks to God.

I am Robin Mathew,  aged 17, studying in Collage – XI, from Mumbai, was suffering from ear-discharge for more than a year. I got admitted for Malaria disease in August 2003, and again I was admitted in Hospital for Typhoid in January 2004 when I was in the Xth Standard.  Since then I was continuously suffering of cold and cough while facing the usual problem of ear-discharge.  Due to above reasons my parents had taken me to many Private and Government Hospitals.  However, after medical investigations all the Doctors had then told me to undergo for an immediate operation.  Accordingly we had finally decided to get admitted for the operation with an ENT Specialist in a reputed Hospital in Mumbai.

In the meantime, our uncle, Mr. T.K. Chacko told us to come and attend the Charismatic Convention being held at Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai from 11th to 14th November 2004, conducted by Rev. Fr. JAMES MANJACKAL, MSFS, and there after decide of operation, as nothing is impossible for our lord Jesus Christ…and hence, with faith we should attend the Charismatic Convention with my parents.

Accordingly, I could attend the Retreat led by Rev. Fr. James Manjackal, alongwith my parents.  Thousands of people of different caste and languages were attending the Convention and also a lot of sick people…praying for a touch of healing by our Lord Jesus.

During the time of prayer service being done by Rev. Fr. James Manjackal, hundreds of various sick peoples were on queue for his prayers and I was also standing among them.  When my turn has come up,  Fr. James Manjackal prayed over me for a while holding my head…for a touch of healing by our Lord Jesus …and then Fr. James Manjackal told me, after prayer, that “No need of going for your operation, Jesus has healed you.”  Praise the Lord. After this prayer service…I have not faced any problem of ear-discharge or any frequent sickness so far…and I strongly feel, and am convinced, that our Lord Jesus has touched me, healed me, and for which I am ever grateful to our loving Lord Jesus…while giving this testimony to the world.

Thank you Abha Father…Thank you Jesus…Thank you Holy Spirit…Thank you Mother Mary…Halleluia….Halleluia….Halleluia….Halleluia….Halleluia……Halleluia..Haleluia..

With love & prayers in Christ,

Bldg 203/Flat 2470, Sector-VI, C.G.S. Quarters
Antop Hill, Mumbai-400037, INDIA.  Tel. (022) 24084163.

Patricia Dudoux
In August 2003 I attended a retreat by Father James Manjackal in Alsace, France with two other friends from the same rosary prayer group.
I was very excited about the retreat as I’ve heard about the many blessings and healings experienced by several people who had attended. In my walk with Jesus, I have experienced His healing touch in 1980’s. Jesus had healed me of a chronic cough which I had suffered for eighteen months. So with much faith in my heart, I prayed very earnestly for Jesus to heal me again. I prayed for inner healing.
On the first evening of the retreat which was held in church, the healing session began after the praise and worship session. I was praying for my friend who suffers from ear and stomach problems. We were instructed to place our hand on the person  sitting next to us, and to pray for that person. To my surprise and joy, I heard my name being called out. “Patricia, Jesus is now healing your heart”. Never did I imagine my name would be called out  as I had asked for a spiritual healing. At that moment, I felt my heart dilating, As my eyes were closed, I could see my heart expanding  very gently like on a screen. . “How great Thou Art, my Lord and Saviour!”. I had told Jesus that if He wanted me to love my enemies like He did. He would have to heal my heart. “Praise you Jesus for Your goodness and mercy to me! This healing has increased m faith, that You are truly a loving God an d that You love me”.
On the last day of the retreat during praise and worship, I experienced a prompting. At first I was not aware of the prompting as I was happily singing and praising the Lord. It come a second time, and suddenly I realized it was a prompting from the Holy Spirit. The prompting was “Look at your right elbow”, I pushed up my sleeves, and what I saw  on the inner side of my right elbow, a tendonitis which I’ve had for some months. Had completely disappeared. Before the retreat, I had toyed with the idea of asking the Lord to  heal me of it  as it had  been causing  me much pain. I decided  against it as I thought I should not bother the good Lord for such trivial aches  and pains, that I should suffer this for my own sanctification. This healing has taught me that nothing is too trivial for our Heavenly Father who is infinitely good and who loves us very much. He wants us to ask Him for healings and blessings with the heart of a child.
In October 2004, I attended another retreat with Fr. James in Lourdes. During the retreat I experienced many graces and blessings, one of which is fasting. I had lost this habit for several years now, and was grateful for the grace to practice it during the retreat. On the last night of the retreat, my name was called out “Patricia, the Lord is healing your whole body” The announcement filled with me with joy, but at the same time left me quite perplexed. I had prayed for  inner healing again as I had no major illnesses. “My whole body”, I thought ! “But I’m not that sick”. I knew that announcement was for me although there could be another Patricias present. That evening as I was lying in bed thinking it over and feeling quite puzzled but happy, it suddenly dawned on me that I was breathing normally and not gasping for air as I usually do. During the retreat, Father James ha announced a few times that Jesus was healing many people of respiratory problems. It didn’t occur to me then that I was one of them.  “Thank you Jesus once again for your love and mercy to me. I praise and bless you Lord. Alleluia!”

María Vallejo-Nágera
“My name is Maria Vallejo-Nágera, I am 40 years of age, I was born in Spain and I am an authoress of novels. This testimony of healing is real, happened to me and I give my word of its genuineness.
I developed some cysts in my vocal cords when I was 20 years old. These cysts were produced by a malfunction of the vocal cords. At that age I liked to go out at night, to pubs and parties, and of course, that increased to a high degree the size of those cysts.
My family brought me to a very good specialist who confirmed me that I had 2 options:  1)I had to keep silent for a month; 2) I had to be operated.
I decided for the 1st option and that was hard. (I had to keep a little black board with me all the time in order to communicate with people).
After that long trial, I went back to the doctor who confirmed that I was cured, but he advised me that if I did not learn how to talk with a special training of breathing, the cysts will come back. Only one month later, the cysts were back. This time I was young, angry and tired and I did not want to kept silent any more. 20 years have passed by since then and my voice has been broken, shaken and rotten all that time. 3 years ago a friend took me to a retreat led by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. My voice those days was in a very bad shape and my doctor has told me that the cysts have grown a lot and that I had to be operated as soon as possible.
In one of the healing masses, I felt a strange sensation inside my throat. It was like a tickling. I remember being very much concentrated into prayer and I remember feeling very strongly the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist.
Next day, when I returned to the doctor to find a date for the operation, his astonishment was enormous when he found that the cysts have gone. I smiled and said nothing. Only I knew that I had been cured. The doctor, full of bewilderment, told me that I was cured, but I had to go to classes to learn how to speak or the cysts would come back.
I started to attend these type of classes, but after some months, due to a total lack of time, I left them. The cysts came back some months later. And this time they came with rage.
I got many infections in the throat that year, I was always hoarse. This was very disruptive in my life: if I had to give a lecture in the Univesity about my novels, I had no voice, if I had to attend a TV programme, I had no voice; if  I had to present a new book , I had no voice. Nobody knew when or where my voice was going to desert me.
Antibiotics where a normal medicine in my night table, and I become irritated and desperate.
I remember one specifically bad week when I was really feeling sick. Precisely in those days, a friend proposed me to go to Father James Manjakal retreat in Santander, (north of Spain).
I went and liked immediately his preaching.
After a couple of days and deep into the retreat, father James invited us to receive his blessings for healing.
I went to him and explained what the problem was. He accepted to pray over my neck, putting both his hands on my throat. Then he prayed in tongues and I prayed interiorly asking God to cure me once and for all.
After some minutes, father James told me that he was seeing a light coming into my throat. The soft light of the Holy Spirit covering everything inside my throat, nostrils, tongue, larynx… I was not feeling anything at all. Actually, (and please forgive me Father), I thought that everything was an invention of father James.
After a while, father James Manjakal said these words: “Maria, the Lord has healed you. Go in peace.” And I went back to my pew.
I was very confused. In one hand I desperately wanted to believe in father James words. In the other, I was not feeling any relief. On the contrary: the pain was bad and the voice gone.
Next day I returned home bewildered. The pain was excruciating and I could not make a single noise.
I called my doctor in panic and he told me off for not having visited before. I had last seen him some months before and 3 big cysts were really growing there. This information was filmed into his computer, crystal clear. I never showed up for a last visit before the operation, (he proposed an operation to get rid of them once and for all, but I was scared).
Reluctantly he pushed me through a very tight morning, (he had many patients to see that day). “I told you, Maria, that I had to operate you, but you never called me back. I knew the cysts were going to grow. Now you are in terrible pain. Come immediately.”
When I reached his office I was in tears. I was afraid to be operated; I was desperate with the problem that has been haunting me for 20 years, I was disappointed with father James. Was he a charlatan after all?
The doctor put inside my throat and through my nose a minimal camera. This is a very specific machine that is very unpleasant, (it provokes nausea and vomiting), but is very good to see what is going on down there.
After some terrible minutes of exploration, the face of the doctor was full of bewilderment.
There, inside my throat, the cysts were gone. Dissapeared.
Astonished, the doctor said that he could not understand how the cysts had gone.
The camera showed in the screen of his computer 2 vocal cords clean and perfect.
“What is going on here?”, he said…
He sent me home and told me: “Maria, I do not understand. The pain has been caused by some irritation, but is very strange… The cysts are gone. How come? Go home and find a good teacher of fonetics or I tell you: they will come back.”
I arrived home in tears and went straight to mass, to thank the Lord for his lesson. He has cured me, father James was no charlatan, and I had a timid Faith. The Lord, by the pain, had obliged me to see a doctor. (Father James has insisted in the retreat that we should always do so, because their hands as doctors, had also being blessed by the Lord). Only in that way I could be sure that He has cured me. Now the result of Father James prayer was into a computer, again, crystal clear.
Up to now, I am still cured. Only the Lord heals. Only He know what we need.

Eliama Jose

Thanks a lot for your prayers i believe that we will definetely see miracles happening soon.My mothers name is Eliama Jose.She was suffering from diabetes and she had constant pain in the nerves of her left leg .She was about to visit the doctor for her checkup but she said she would attend the convention at Chembur conducted by Fr. James and then visit the doctor .On the secomd day of the convention you called out her name and she was cured of the pain in her leg and the heaviness in her chest.Then next week when she had her blood sugar test it came normal and then we visited the doctor,he too was amazed at my mom's report.She had no diabetes at all.Praise the Lord.



Praise the Lord . When attended the charismatic retreat with Fr. James at Chembur on 12th of November 2004, I was surrounded with many problems at home, in the office and with my friends. Although I started praying to God in the nearby Church, I could not find any solution to my problems. In the talks of Fr. James I came to realize that I had to make a good confesion and be reconciled with God to have solution to all my problems, for there were long six years since I made a good confesion. On that day I made a good confesion and to this very day I continue the habit of making confesion and I see the Lord solving all my problems. I had severe back pain till the retreat and it was difficult for me to sleep on my back and to get up early in the morning. I thank the Lord for the miraculous healing of my back pain.

Praise the Lord in the highest

Thressian Joseph

I am Mrs Thressian Joseph, attended your retreat in November 2004 in Chembur in the Municipal ground (Mumbai ). I had been a diabetic patient for the last 12 years and now I am
totaly cured from diabetics, after the retreat I confirmed my healing with my doctor and from the lab report the result is totally healed from diabetic. Thank you Lord

My address and tel no 0091-22-25103647
1/4 vijay nagar sicicety vidya vihar west
Mumbai - 86


Healing testimony from Marie-Bernadette Métifeu
7 rue Jean Codeau N°33
16800 Soyaux

Healing : 25 July 2002 St James feast day

I used to smoke 2 packets of cigarettes a day. It was like a drug.
I used to pray the way of the cross, and at the 10th point ‘  Jesus has to remove his clothes’ I used to tell Jesus to take off everything that was preventing me from going to him except from my cigarettes. And since one year I understood I had to stop smoking, but I couldn’t; I had no will.
In Pontmain, the Virgin gave a message; it seemed that things would go quickly: ‘But pray my dear children, God will answer your prayer in a few time. My son is touched by your prayer’. I came to the retreat to listen to Father James and also to be healed; I knew the Lord would heal me, I didn’t know what would the healing be, but I didn’t go for the cigarette!! I went to confession 24th July, the priest told me to stop smoking just after my confession; it was a hard job for me! I tried all day long, a very long day ! I asked the souls of the purgatory to pray for my cigarette addiction, and I told them I would offer masses with the money saved. I asked the Virgin to be so quick as in her message.
On the beginning of the retreat, I used to go out many times in order to smoke.
25th July, St James feast day, Father Manjackal feast day, feast day also of my brother death and of my grand-father death. On that very evening, Father James announced healings from tobacco and cigarettes. I got the healing; I didn’t need anylonger to go out and hide for smoking till the end of the retreat. I don’t smoke anylonger.

The Lord heals today also; what is impossible to human beeings is possible to God.
Thanks for all the graces received.

Barbara Heinsch
In May, my  eye doctor diagnosed a kind of spot in the macula of my left eye. This spot meant losing eyesight in that area, and I was supposed to take vitamins, which, at best, were to stop, or to slow down the process, for there was no other treatment possible. After that I went to an optician, who confirmed the diagnosis and besides did another test on me using a new apparatus.  Indeed, there was a 50% loss of eyesight at the affected spot. She told me the same thing my eyedoctor had said: it cannot be healed. Naturally I was concerned and obediently took the vitamins, although I was somewhat doubtful of their effectiveness.

In June, at the seminar with Father James in Barreda (Cantabria, Spain), on the day of the healing prayer, I prayed for the healing of said spot. For a  long time, my  name was not said, and I thought to myself, “Even if Fr. James doesn’t say my name, the Lord will not pass me by. He knows what he is doing, He will remember me”. So I didn’t let negative thoughts take hold of me. Finally, I heard Fr. James say, “Barbara, you are healed. The light of the Lord is above you.” I didn’t feel anything at that moment, nor later on. I just accepted it in faith. I stopped taking the vitamins, with which I was already fed up. Some weeks later the optician repeated the test with me, but the machine didn’t show any signs of the spot. She was very surprised and said, “Everything is perfect, but I will repeat the whole procedure, because I know what it looked like before.” The second test produced the same result: everything is allright. Praise the Lord!

  Milagros García
I took part in the retreat led by Father James Manjackal for the renewal of the faith. My prayer group Sinai from Sestao (northern Spain) accompanied me.

For years I have been spiritually guided by the leaders of the group. With their help I have gone through a process of inner healing, in which the Lord healed more and more of the wounds of my soul (and is still doing so). That is why Fr. James’ talks were familiar to me, because he followed the same steps. During these days the Lord prepared me step by step, till the moment of confession, reconciliation and healing came.
In those moments I saw my whole life as in a film being reeled out in front of me. It became clear to me how often I had been mistaken. My God! He gave me the grace of repentance when I saw my sins very clearly. On Saturday, during the prayer for infilling of the Holy Spirit, it was like a new pentecost when Fr. James called out during the healing prayer that, in the Name of Jesus, “the lame should walk, the blind see and the deaf hear”. At that moment my ears were opened ( I lost 40% of my hearing ability), as if the best sculptor carefully, little by little, was working on my ear with a hammer and chisel as if it were a figure. I was very grateful to the Lord for this gift and although physical hearing is very important, I want to do my best to hear him with my heart.
May the Lord increase my faith, my hope and the love in my life. He shall the most important to me.
It was important that my husband came along. He was deeply touched when Father James laid his hands on him. I know that the Lord touched him at that moment and that we shall see the fruits thereof.
Thanks to Father James for being a faithful servant of the Lord and to all the people who made this retreat possible. May God bless you.

From: Brauckmann Monika brauckmann@vw.mpi-muelheim.mpg.de
Re: My testimony
Date: Wed. Aug. 18, 2004.

Dear Fr. James,
Gladly I fulfill your wish for my testimony and a photo of myself. Please pardon me but I am only able to write my testimony in German.

My name is Monika. I am 45 years old. I received healing at the retreat at Muenster, preached by Fr. James Manjackal in August 2004. I was freed from depressions, various fears, sadness and suicidal thoughts. I am very happy. I gave my life to Jesus. He shall guide my life.
There are 2 points I would like to emphasize:
1. Confession: how important it is. In confession I was able to forgive 3 persons who influenced my life in the past. It was not easy. I learned how important it is to forgive. It is good always to forgive people so that evil does not take hold of you. Forgiveness is a prerequisite for healing. How can God forgive my sins, if I don’t forgive the sins and weaknesses of my neighbours. I know it’s not easy, but every day you try again and much, yes everything, is possible with the grace of Jesus. I believe that. Thank you, Jesus, Praise you, Jesus, I love you, Jesus.

2. The danger of Esotericism: From childhood I was a very reserved, inhibited, apprehensive person with many inferiority complexes, etc. Because of this condition I started having problems with my job 20 years ago. These were followed by several physical illnesses, one of which was an inflammation of the intestines. My life was very much restricted. After being urged by a former school colleague for some time, I finally went to see a non-medical practitioner. Through her, I got involved with esoterik things. It started with a Bach flower therapy, the Bachflowers were determined with the use of a pendulum. This was followed by: acupuncture, reading esoteric books (5 Tiber, Chakras, etc.), classical homeopathy, Schüsslers salts, psychic healer, and so on….! After starting with the Bach flower remedies, I started to have suicidal thoughts,  on top of that, there were more fears, sadness, attacks from the devil, etc. About 10 years ago a religious person saw the devil’s head on my face. I was finished, mentally broken. The fears got worse, I never went to bed without a  cross and a rosary. It was terrible. At that time, I didn’t know that contact with esoteric things automatically involves an invisible surrender to the devil. He took possession of my soul. The devil put suicidal thoughts into my mind and vandalism into my heart.  I was supposed to jump off bridges, throw myself in front of the train, jump off a balcony, etc. He took away my joy in living. I developed sexual problems. He tried to pull me away from Jesus, e.g.: stop praying, no interest in reading the Bible, etc. I said all these things in the confession and the priest prayed over me for deliverance. I cried a lot during the confession and afterwards. My bonds have been loosed and I have been set free. I am very thankful. I thank Jesus for having set me free. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus, I love you Jesus.

Dieter Hug
In April 2003 Dieter Hug had a HEART ATTACK. In the hospital he had another heart attack so he had to have a 4-hour operation on his heart. After the operation Dieter was in serious condition; he developed fiever, had violent shivers and was in a serious crises.
 His wife Ursula asked me to pray for Dieter. I prayed in our praise group (we combine our prayers with those of Fr. James) for Dieter’s recovery.

The very same day Dieter was suddenly healed of the symptoms of his heart disease. The doctors and nurses were surprised to see that he was free of pain and able to get up. He recovered completely and is well to this day. PRAISE THE LORD!

Offenburg, August 2004.

p.p. Marianna Koger


“christine” a.christine@aon.at
 St. Gertraud Parish rectory
June 25, 2004.

Dear Fr. James,

Here is my photo and my personal testimony.
For years I suffered from pain of the vertebra of my neck combined with terrible headaches.
I was hardly able to move my head. The pain robbed me of my sleep. Pills and infusions only brought relief for a short time -- until the day you came to the rectory to see Dechant Aichholzer, who is my employer.
When you noticed that I was in pain you laid your hands on me for prayer at the rectory. When I was finished with my work I went to the church and there you laid your hands on me once again and prayed over me. Dear Father James, I thank God every day for sending you to us.Since then I haven’t had any pain, nor have I taken any more pills!!!
I thank Jesus Christ and you also Father James, for this wonderful healing.
I pray for you everyday that our Redeemer may always protect you. Alleluia, alleluia.
Wishing you God’ blessings and all the best,



July 2 2003

Testimony of Nelda Schöfer
Mitterlingweg 10
8055 Graz

Thirteen years ago I had throat cancer. Immediately I offered it to Jesus in thanksgiving, because I knew that He maks all things turn out for the good for those who love Him. Jesus healed me. But only after Fr. Manjackal called my name at the retreat for couples and said that I was healed, did I receive the courage and the strength to give testimony of the healing. At this retreat Jesus also freed me from a sin that I had not recognised as a sin before. Fr. James Manjackal also prayed for our daughter for healing of a serious illness of the foot. She is healed. Praise you and thank you Jesus, our Saviour and Healer.

Nalda Schäfer


From: “Manuel Macic” manuel_macic@hotmail.com

Date: August 14, 2004.


I would like to give testimony about a blessing I am sure I received through the intercession of Fr. James. After finishing school in June 2003, I naturally started to look for a job. But I was always turned down. I was rarely given a chance. When I got a chance to work on trial for a day it was always because of me or the employer.  Something always went wrong. I was slipping ever deeper into the rut of unemployment. I let Fr. James know about my problem. One day I went for a walk with my father. We passed a paper shop. He thought I should go in and ask for a job. Then it all happened so fast. First I filled out the application form, then I had an interview with the manager in charge, a trial work day, then a talk with the regional manager and I started working there. Since then everything looks better in my life. I also have the energy to look after other things, like my further education. It means so much to me and I very grateful to God for this luck. Fr. James, I am sure that I got this job because of you and your prayers. It’s just perfect! May God bless you and your mission richly and grant you a great harvest.

Praise be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Fr. James:

This is my testimony:
In June 2003, after finding a hernia, I told to the surgeon that I had been watching from a long time ago something hard in the lower part of the bowel, although I did not feel any pain. The scanner found that I had a tumor in one ovary.  They operated immediately and found that the tumor was malign,and hence I had to follow a chemotherapy treatment with an interval
of three weeks between sessions. Days before the session corresponding to August 19th, I received the news of a retreat that a missionary of San Francisco de Sales, Fr.James Manjackal, was going to give in a school of my town, Santander (Spain), and I felt a strong desire of attending the retreat. I received a first laying on of hands on the morning of the first day, Thursday, and Saturday, during the healing service Fr. James started calling out names individually and then in groups, for example, four men with the name Juan are healed, four women with the name Pilar are healed, and then with difficulty he pronounced "Sa-gra-rio is  healed" (perhaps this name is strange to an Indian). I confess that I did not notice the meaning of that, I heard that like another name, until I arrived to my house and I understood and I asked for forgiveness to the Lord and I thanked Him.
Dear Gaby and Father James
Firstly I ask Father James to forgive me for my long silence because I don't write easily in good english as Monique. But now I am happy to send you my testimony.
My name is Françoise, I am Indian from Pondichery, married and have three children. I live in Paris and in my parish I am catechist. When my confessor asked me to accept this ministry, I refused and said :"I am not able to teach catechism to children, I was a very bad girl at school and inside me I don't feel that God love me truly". He aswered that I needed a spiritual recovery. A few years later, during a pilgrim at Lourdes, I wished inside me to be baptized again. And this year my sisters who lived in Reunion Island told me about Father James. So I accepted to put down my name to a retreat.
During these days, specially when I confessed my sins to Father James, he prayed with his holy hands on my head. I was born again in Spirit, I was a new person. All my fears and sins have disappeared. Alleluia! Thank you God !
Now my ministry will never be the same and one day my husband who doesn't believe in God will be touched by the Holy Spirit too. I am sure ! And I ask you, Father, please pray for his conversion. I wish to go to one Holy mass with my husband. His name is Jean-Yves.
I pray daily for you, with love

Testimony of Ursula

Dear Father James,

About 8 years ago I got after 5 days check  in the  Uniklinik of Hamburg the result: Parkinson. I was  shocked and allways when I saw a person with this illness sitting in a wheelchair I got great fear  to dy in this way. In avril 2003 I had to make a new check and when the doctor saw  the computertomography he found a little dark shaddow on it. Now I should go to let make a  magnetic resonance. The date was about one week later. Meanwhile I heard about retreats with Father James in Pfatter and I went to these retreats. In the holy mass Father James  got words of knowledge and he said: Ursula will be healed from a great illness and also set free from great fear. When I heared this I took in faith this promise as words from God to  me and I praised Him and thanked with all of my heart.
When I came back I went to let make the magnetic resonance. The result was: the doctor said to me : there is nothing to see ,  you have no Parkinson!  I can only see your trumbling
right hand and arm. These we will try to heal with a new medicine. I went home to my husband and told him the news and we both  thanked the Lord  for his goodness and mercy.
In that moment I could feel a great freesetting and I am so thankfull to Jesus our savior and healer.
Many greetings to you and God bless you so much. I hope you will come next year to Hamburg . I told this testimony to Eva-Maria and Antony Cardozo and they also praised the Lord.
In His love we pray for another.

Yours Ursula Rohling  aus Aumühle.
The marks our son Raimund had at school during the last two years were not the best. He had problems especially in mathematics. One teacher once told me he would never be better than “3”. Since he had final exams to write this year, we were somewhat uneasy when he kept writing tests with the mark “5”. Towards the end of 2003 I heard a cassette about Praising God  by Fr. James Manjackal. I started to praise God for the problems and for the final exams. Raimund agreed to do his best and to ask God for help (instead of going for tutoring). On his mid-term report he had “4” in math and his other marks had also improved. Then he achieved “3” and on one test he even got “1” (=very good). On his final exam he achieved “2” (=good) in math. That is the mark that will be on his final report for math. Praise the Lord! He is GOOD!

Lucy Pregel
Lindenweg 5
89287 Bellenberg
Testimony of Stefan Talos
In the last seminar in Ljublijana, St. Josephs, I took part in the charismatic seminar conducted by Fr. james Manjackal. It was the first time that I was listening to an Indian priest. I was very ill and I could not move about without clutches and support because of my spinal disease. I had severe pains on the shoulders and the back. I was treated by many doctors. In the seminar I believed that jesus is my only Lord and healer. I made a good confesion and decided to follow Jesus. During the healing prayer, Fr. James called out and said, "seventy ppeople with problems of spine and back are healed". I believed and claimed the healing. Immediately I threw away the clutches and stood on my feet praiseing Jesus. It is one and a half years since I am healed. I am happy to give this testimony at Kurescek when Fr. james is giving his second seminar in Slovenia

Stefan Talos
Zg. Brnik 115
Cerklje 4207

On the first day of Fest for Jesus in Graz, at the first class of Pater James, I went to play football with the other kids while I did not obey my mother who told me to stay and listen the class.
I was very busy with the game and following the ball, just I wanted to kick it by the head but I crashed with my nose against the head of one of the players and I fell on ground and my nose was bleading profusely and I felt very dizzy.
At once my sister Simone and my mother came to scene and called dr. Richard who decided to take me to the hospital to make sure that my nose is not broken. My nose was bend and he wanted the doctors to bring it to the right position. I felt frightened hearing all this.
For four hours we spent in the Hospital and I missed the best part of the retreat, which was the childrens programm. I was so sad. When we came back to the place in the evening Pater
James asked me. Why I was not listening to his class...
So I was thinking with my mother what did I learn in that situation:
1)I have to obey when my mother is telling me what I must do
2)I must praise the Lord for everything whatever happens.
3)I must thank God that He showed me the right way because of that what had happened.
After the second day my name was called out by Fr. James during the healingprayer. I knew then that the Lord was healing my nose and was taking away the shock of the accident. The Holy Spirit filled my heart with joy and love.

Irène and Jürgen
Dear Pater James!!
July 5th, 2004

 With the 15th of May 2003 my gynecologist informed me that I can will never get my own children.  In an exam at the hospital my doctor discovered blocked oviducts.
At that time I said to my friend that I will not give up.  I will undertake everything within morale limits to get a child even if the medical experts tell me that this is no longer possible.
At that time I started to watch out for possible ways of healing in the internet.  To my great pleasure, I found the name of Pater James Manjackal and the great web-page he and his team run for desperate women like me.  On those exciting, assistance rendering web-pages I have read, how many women he already healed by praying to Jesus and asking him for the wonder.

In September my friend and I sent a photo of us and described our problem in a letter to Pater James Manjackal.  He then mailed back to us and promised to pray for us and ask Jesus to make it possible that we will receive our child, irregardless of the bad diagnosis of the medicines.
The wonder happens: with the beginning of November I became pregnant.  My greatest dreams came true without any additional hormones or other medicals.  Nature and the holy spirit of Jesus gave us the best chance of our life.
In June we both married.  A week later the incredible became reality.  Our child, Daniela, was born Friday the 25th of June 2004.  A marvelous girl, well developed with 3.6 kg weight and 51 cm length came to this world.  The biggest miracle of our life has come true.
With the same intensity as I thank Jesus for my pregnancy, I like to express my deepest appreciation to Pater James Manjackal.  He prayed to god father and thanks to his mediation we now get the opportunity and the great honor to receive a child from god.  We wish you dear Pater James for the future that your great strength and intimate relations to god father remain always as strong as in our case.

You will always take a special place in our hearts.
Irène and Jürgen Söchtig, Glattbrugg / Switzerland
Tibor Varga
I attended your retreat at Pfatter near Regensburg. Outside you asked me to send you my testimony via e-mail.

I have attended 7 retreats during the last 2 years. I have changed completely. My back pain was healed. I was freed from my bad habits and last year I was also freed of my severe allergic asthma. Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! At last my wife also went to a retreat. My son Mathias went to a retreat last year and he said: Dad, I wouldn’t trade my 25 years for these 5 days”. Thank you Jesus for these words. That’s enough for me. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus! I would like to encourage everyone to put their lives in Jesus’ hands and to patiently wait for HIM to change our families and our illnesses according to His will. I followed the advice to get up early in the morning to praise the Lord. The dear Lord gives me His joy. And I can tell Him: YOU TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING!

God bless you Fr. James!

Tibor Varga

Bernd Kufner

Dear Fr. James,

From July 9th to 12th 2003 I attended the retreat at Hassfurt with my 12-year old son Alexander. This was a very inspiring time for me and my faith in Jesus was strengthened. Now I will be stronger in following Jesus in my everyday life. My prayer life has changed dramatically, that is, I spend much more time in prayer and I enjoy it. Besides, I claimed the healing of my stomach and intestinal problems. I am very grateful to Jesus for that. I am also very happy that the Holy Spirit filled me with love. Praise and thanks to the Lord.

My son enjoyed the retreat. He has already asked when we will go to a Christian seminar like that again.

Wishing you love and God’s blessings for your work

Bernd Kufner
Vinzenz Muchitsch Str. 60
8020 Graz

I am a married wife from Slovenia working and leaving in Graz, Austria. For two years I was having cancer in the uterus. I came to the "Mariengasse" Church for the "one day healing program" conducted by Fr. James Manjackal in last November. He prayed over me and to the surprise of the doctor I was completly healed. I was operated three time previously to remove the cancer, but it was coming again and again. From November onwards I am perfectly healthy. I praise my Jesus, who healed me and gave me a good health. My family and I will serve the Lord.

Dear precious Father James,

First, I would like to deeply thank you to get us the opportunity to be in contact with you by email and to transmit you our prayer requests. I hope that everything is OK for you !

In 5th november 2003, I wrote you a letter in which I gave you my prayer requests. You promised me to pray for all the intentions mentioned in my letter and you wrote me that I will see the miracles of the Lord one after the other. I noticed some miracles of the Lord and I would like to share them with you :

- Manuel  in Portugal had trouble with a great problem of health in his stomach and in his lungs. I met him in may in Lourdes and he is able to eat without troubles. He is having a progressive recovery.
- Irène, an apostle of divine Mercy has multiple problems of health. During a mass, the Lord touched her problems of knee. She couldn´t kneel down for praying and now she is able.
- During my confession with you in Verrieres (next to Poitiers, in France, October 2003), I asked help to the Lord for being able to forgive my father. For Christmas, the Lord invited me to really forgive him. I´ve been in great spiritual fight during three days, it was so much difficult to forgive him. I decided to forgive him and prayed to Virgin Maria to help me. When I saw him, I didn´t discuss, I´ve just smiled at him full of love. My father has been filled with a great joy. I offered a mass for the unity of the family during Christmas holidays. Now when I see my father, I feel no anger, no hatred, no bitterness but love and peace. Months later, my father proposed me to work with him for filing a patent and for finding a partner who will develop the patent. I´ve decided to trust him and work with him. For the celebration of the divine mercy (18th April 2004), I´ve helped a friend for the organisation of this day. My parents came to this celebration (teaching of the Love of God, mass and rosary of divine mercy and the meditation and the kiss on the picture of merciful Jesus) during 6 hours. Normally, my father never comes to the mass and he came this day. It was a real miracle to see him this day.

Thank you God for all these miracles and thank you Father James for your intercession ! God bless you and thank you a hundredfold !


Familly Haas
This year my husband Gottfried and I are going to celebrate our silver wedding - we have been married since 12.10.1979.
Our daughter, Elke, is 18 years old. As many families, we had to pass through very difficult times, but Jesus took us out from darkness to light to live a holy life together. Here I write my testimony.

In spring 1999 I separated from my husband, we had quarrelled all the time and we hadn´t felt any love for each other anymore. During our marital crisis I got help and strenght by some therapies and so I fell in Esoterik. Althought I used to pray, I wanted a divorce, but my husband didn´t want it.

About one year later I met a man and we fell in love. I was sure that he was my "real love". I had never been so happy before and I thanked God for it. I started to pray more. Once I came to an one-day program with Father James and his words and prayers touched my heart but I did not make any change.
At the beginning of the year 2003 my daughter went also to two one-day programs and later for a charismatic retreat of four days in March 2003 with Father James. In this retreat she also heard a lecture about Esoterik from Anneliese Scherer and Father James said, that´s important to destroy all esoteric things and all that are connected like books, symbols, etc
My daughter and I decided to destroy all esoteric things like the bottles with drops from Dr.Bach, esoteric books and homeopathic medicines. We hadn´t known that there were so many bad things in our flat! I also destroyed the prescriptions about my therapies. When I was destroying them suddenly I got a terrible pain in my stomach - a real cramp.
At the same time many thoughts came into my mind: "What have you done? Without the esoteric therapie you wouldn´t have left your husband. You committed adultery and you live in mortal sin. But it´s not too late, you are not divorced yet. You can change your life, you only have to go back to your husband."
I was shocked about these thoughts and I spoke loudly to Jesus: "Jesus, I´ll do everything, but not that, it´s too late, you know I love my boyfriend so much!"
But the Holy Spirit didn´t leave me in peace, he said: Your "real love" is based on a mortal sin and it´ll never have any blessings. Your boyfriend is not married yet, but through the relationship with you he becomes also an adulterer and he also lives in mortal sin."
I felt very bad, I didn´t know what to do. From this time on I wasn´t able to pray the Lord´s Prayer. I wasn´t able to say: "Your will be done" My daughter told me to pray and open the Holy Bible.
I got the bible vers Lk.9,57 - The Words clearly told me to follow Jesus and His way
I had to fight with myself, but in the end I trusted in Jesus, I was willing to give up everything and to let me fall into the hands of Jesus.
On Sharve Tuesday I broke up with my boyfriend and we went both to confession. The next step was to speak with my husband, already the divorce was prepared and it only needed to be signed. But I had no courage. During my prayer I opened the bible again and I got 1Chr. 28,20. After reading it I received much strength and courage to go to my husband. I told him that I didn´t want a divorce any more and I asked him for forgiveness.
I told him my whole story. He said that he forgives me, but he wasn´t able to trust me any more, he couldn´t believe that I meant it serious.
In my heart I was very sad and I couldn´t stand parting with my boyfriend.I used to cry everyday. During the Lent I felt very bad. I gave my sadness to Jesus as a sacrifice. My hope was Easter, the resurrection of Christ. I was sure I would recieve happyness, but nothing happenend. I became more and more sad and I was in darkness. I asked Jesus:" You say: "Follow me and you´ll recieve peace and joy!"  "Why am I always so sad and hopeless?"
Suddenly the retreats with Fr. James came into my mind and I felt a strong need to take part in it.
In June 2003 I went to one of his retreats in Mitterdorf in Austria. In a counselling I told Fr. James my whole story. He told me:" I pray for you" and he layed hands on me and prayed. At this moment I got a new heart, I was healed from all the pain and sadness. I felt peace and I was happy for the repentance in the right time. Since this time I gave Jesus the first place in my life.
One year ago I gave my testimony at the "Fest for Jesus" in Graz.
Now, about one year later, I can say that Jesus is joining us together more and more. We made our first trip together as a "family" (with our daughter) to the Holy Land - Israel, with Pfr.Sterninger. It was the first pilgrimage for my husband. We were very inspired and Jesus touched our heart! About a few weeks ago, after a confession, I recognized that´s necessary to give up my work as a doctor´s assistant (since our seperation I have worked to earn my own money), to spend more time with my husband. So Jesus is joining us together and he is also joining us to Him. I praise and thank Him for His great love for us, for all his wonders and for His servant Fr. James.
Here is our family photo taken in Jerusalem
Anu James
My dear Fr. James,

My family and I know you for a long time as we have attended several of your retreats. I don’t know whether you remember that in March I sent you an email asking for a healing. For seven years I had a severe pain on the left side of my stomach. No medicines could help me. I am nurse working in a hospital. In your reply you told that after reading the email I should pray a while and that a miracle would happen. I believe your words and prayed and it happened that I have no more pain. I am fully healed. I am sure that you prayed for me, that is why I was healed. I enclose 100.- Euros as donation for your mission. I promise to pray for you daily. May God bless you and your mission richly.

Anu James, Wien,       06.05.04

Madame Bolo Alberte
Dear Fr. James,

This is my testimony of healing of headache. I attended your charismatic retreat at Lourdes in October 2003. I was suffering from a violent headache for two years. It was making me crazy and I even thought it was an affliction by the evil spirit. Once I get the headache I can not do anything, I can not drive, I can not do my household works, I could not pray loud. I always desired to sing and pray loudly. No doctors could find a remedy for my headache. My husband was much worried about me. When I attended your retreat I had much hope that I would be healed. During the healing prayer, you clearly told “Alberte you are healed”. At that moment itself I felt healing and began to sing and praise the Lord loudly. I took off the “headband” by which I was tying my forehead to control the pain. I am fully recovered from it forever. Now it is eight months, I can drive my car and do all my works. I thank and praise the Lord for healing me and liberating me. I pray for you that you may continue preaching the Gospel and demonstrating it by signs and wonders. Kindly continue to pray for me and my family,

Madame Bolo Alberte
13 Rue de la planté des champs
95360 Montmagny
France        14.05.2004

Correspondence with Lukas
Dear Father James,

I wrote you in November 2001 (see attached text) that I've problems with my studies  organich chemistry) and with "a girl".
You promised me your prayers. From this time on my marks changed from the worst grade to the best grade!! I'm very happy to tell you and I want to thank you therefore!
Now two years later I beg you again to pray for me. The problems in school disappered, as I said and I was able to get "the girl" out of my mind as you told me.
This worked for about one and a half year. But now, especcially during holidays, it's really hard not thinking about her. Sometimes, when I try to sleep, I think of her and about a future, whitch may exist or not!
Another problem with "the girl" is, I meet her at different youth festivals (Pvllau,...). She lives about 150km away from me and so there should be no problem the get her out of my mind. But when I see her I have to "work" for weeks to get her again out of my mind.

I've got also some other little problems, but I'm sure they all will disappear if you pray for me!

Thanks in advance

--- "Fr. James Manjackal" wrote:
Dear Lukas
I promise my prayers to you that you may be able to concentrate on your studies."the girl"in your mind is making trouble,try to get it out from your mind. Now it is time to study.Give priority to your studies.
God bless you richly Phili 4:19

--- "lukas.albert" wrote:
Dear Father James,
My name is Lukas, I'm 18 years old an I'm attending a chemistry school in Vienna. You have been in AUstria this year for several times (e.g. in Ovllau) and so I know you and hope you can help me!

Here are my problems:
I'm working really hard, but I've got some trouble at my school with a special subject called organic chemistry! The main problem is, if I can't get a positiv makr in this subject, I can't go ahead with my, education. And that means that I won't be allowed to study (maybe theology, I don't know) at the university.
The second problem (which is very smaller than the first one) is I know a young girl in my age. I fell that I love her, but I'm not sure and I'm to shy to speak with her about  this!
So I beg you to pray for me and my problems! I'm sure my problems will disappeare if you pray for me and the LORD lead me and show me the way I have to go!

Thanks in advance


Brigitte Kaar
Following a deep desire I found after some difficulties at least a way to attend the retreat for inner-healing in Seggau (Stmk.). It seemed to me that Jesus really called me to come there. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus!
These days were the greatest days in my whole life! Never before I could feel the presence of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in this way. I got the grace to forgive and I got a complete inner-healing. When Fr. James said that some persons have got a new heart and called out my name too I immediately claimed it for me. Suddenly I had an image: From the depths a beautiful, white, gleaming heart was raising very slowly. In the same moment I knew that this is my new heart washed and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Tears of joy run down my cheeks and I had a feeling of happiness which I can't describe.
My life has changed since then. I feel much better than before with much more joy, love and peace in me. My anxiety and the permanent worry about my son have nearly disappeared. I am able to rely on the providence of God and I don't feel the urge anymore to arrange everything by myself.
Now I have a very close relationship to Jesus and no hour passes without thinking of him!
At the end of the retreat I got the gift of praying in tongues. Praying is joy for me now and I love it to "meet" Jesus in my personal prayer.
I praise Jesus and thank him for all he has done and will do for me in the future and I ask him for his richest blessings and protection for Fr. James, that through the preaching and the prayers of Fr. James many people will be conversed and healed!

Brigitte Kaar, Linz, Austria

Doctor Caillet testomony

Dear Friend,

During the retreat of Father James in Verrières, my wife, Claude, and I prayed  for her brother Richard, who lives in Spain, and suffers since many years from diabet , hypertension (high blood pressure) and excess of cholesterol. He had a treatment by hypoglycémiants, and sometimes insuline. He is a computer engineer at an international level, and since a few months he would experience a spectacular return to faith and to sacrament. During healing prayer, Father James announced the healing of a certain Richard and we hoped it would be our Richard. Since, my brother in law told me he had many hypoglycémie  (high level sugar) accidents, so he had to stop the sugar treatment. This morning, his Doctor told him that the tests taken ten days ago were all normal. My brother in law asked the doctor if she believed in God, she answered no but she had a smile agreeing it was a surnatural healing.Praise the Lord; we would be happy if Father James would be informed of this present God gave us. Your brother in Christ.

Doctor Caillet.
PS. I had my self a healing of periartrite scapulo-humeral during healing prayer made by Father Manjackal.

10th of November 2003.

My wife and me have participated in Verrières retreat, and we want to thank you for your teaching, founded on the Word of God, notably for your refusal of compromising with others religions and with diverse modern idolatries.
I have been cured, during your prayers of a rheumatism of the shoulder, and my brother in law, living Madrid, who translate for you this email seems be cured of a diabetes, for what you have announced the healing of a certain Robert, for who we had specially prayed during the retreat
Favour of advance.
Filially yours in Christ.

Doctor Maurice Caillet, member of the Catholic Writers Association
e.mail: cailletma@wanadoo.fr

Testimony of Celina

My Dear Fr.James,

    How are you?I hope you are well by the grace of  God.Sometime back I had written to you about my father's spondolysis and about my Aunty heart problems.Both are much better,my father's spondolysis has almost disappeared while my Aunty heartbeat is coming to normal.I thank God for this wonderful miracle.I also thank you Father for praying on my
behalf to Jesus.
How is the evangelisation going? How was it in Saudi Arabia? How is the climate over there?There is nothing more left to add,

Yours obediently,



In the month of May 03 my daughter invited my wife and myself on a holiday to New Zealand.  She had also taken an insurance policy which expired in early November.  A few days later I developed a bad chest congestion and cough with difficulty in breathing.  Gradually my condition worsened and breathlessness increased.  I was taken to hospital on the 6th of Nov, it was detected that my condition was serious with multiple complications. I was told that I had a complete Heart-Block - a condition where the electrical signals passing along the conduction pathways of the heart had stopped.  My heart rate was now 35 to 40 beats per minute with the possiblility of dropping further - a dangerously low rate and life threatening and the decision to implant  a pace-maker was imperative.

My wife and I put our complete trust in the Lord and we prayed hoping for an instant miracle. At this stage my daughter sent Fr James Manjackal an urgent email requesting his powerful intercession and that of his prayer group.  Fr James, incidently is renowned for his faith healing world-wide. I have always requested Fr James on several occasions for his intercession for various other ailments for our family.  Fr James has been the instrument of support for me.  I have experienced many miracles in my life.  I am deeply grateful to Fr James Manjackal who in my reqest for his prayers for this operation, had a vision of the Lord healing me.

Though  I was sedated, I was completely conscious and I had a clear vision of the Lord performing my operation.  It was a complete success.  I praised and thanked God loudly in the theatre and told the doctors of my vision.  They were astounded but extremely happy.

The Lord worked wonders by inspiring my daughter who spoke to the authorities about our financial difficulty.  The hospital was very understanding and waived the entire amount.

I praise and thank God for this great miracle and healing and I give glory to His name.  I praise God for the power of His Spirit, which gave me the victory through Jesus's shed blood. I thank God for making it possible for me through this testimony to bring many souls around the world to the mercy and confess that He alone is my God, my helper and my protector.  Henceforth, my entire confidence shall be placed in Him and I shall proclaim everywhere His mercy and generosity so taht His great love and the great deeds performed by Him may be acknowledged by all who experience His assistance.  That they may persevere with me in showing increasing gratitude and a tangible expression of my love for the Lord Jesus for which be praise and glory forever.

Finally, my profound thanks to all, especially my wife, children and grandchildren for their unstinted prayers for me.  May God enrich them with His blessings abundantly.

Thank you Fr for your prayers.

With love
Ron Callaghan
New Zealand

Testimony of Silvie

Thanks Father for everything you gave us and thanks for your great love of Christ.
I came to look for inner healing and I received it when you
I had problems to sleep. Either I couldn’t fall asleep, or I would wake up in the middle of the night without being then able to fall asleep again. I was tired when it was time to get up; I would hate the alarm o’clock; I also had back ake; I couldn’t move properly my head, it would hurt a lot. This pain disappeared not all of a sudden, but progressively. Now the pain disappeared totally. I feel more peace, my sleep is regular now; no problem to fall asleep, no waking up during the night I also see things in a different way; I am less worried, and above all, I don’t feel responsible for the misfortune of others. All feeling of culpability vanished.

Sylvie Palacios

Testimony of  Marie and Jean Rault

Dear Father James,

How could I express with words what I live inside of me ? Above all, thanks for your great faith that leads us to the loving heart of our Lord. Thanks for your kindness we can see on your face, in your Alleluia and in your smiles. Thanks for the gift of your life in order to save our souls.
We had the grace to live the retreat as a couple; We already loved each other very much, but since the retreat, ....how beautiful it is ! The rhythm of our life was so full that we hardly had time for Jesus, and watching TV in the evening seemed to give us some relax after our children were in bed.
We were seeking for something else, and were asking for this grace in our prayers and in sacraments, but we didn’t have courage to switch off the TV in order to pray together. Since the retreat, we didn’t watch TV any longer and we spend our evenings by talking together and praying together. We are freed from the attraction of TV; God is great, thanks Lord.
You surely remember Thomas, our fifth child, who had chocolate for the first time (he was 10 month old) in your hotel in Verrières; You gave chocolate to him and to all his brother and sisters after you prayed over them. Each time Thomas had a new tooth, he had asthma; the 2 last teeth came out without any asthma, thanks Lord. But Myriam, Antoine and Benedicte still have asthma, and we go on asking this grace to the Lord our Saviour.
Our children thanked us for having being at the retreat; they are small (8, 6 and 4 years old) but they feel how it is good to live always closer  to Jesus. Since the retreat, Antoine our second child, says that he desires to be a priest, carpenter and saint, isn’t it beautiful ? Pray for him, because on the 21st of February, he will receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist for the first time.
My husband is now writing the letter:
I wish to thank you because since the retreat, the Lord gave me the gift of praising him all the time, to be in adoration, and close to the virgin Mary when praying the rosary. I thank Jesus for He is so merciful.
Every two days I had crises of stomac ake, I suffered a lot from it and I was tired. The Lord healed me, and I thank him so much. Praise the Lord !
Our twin daughters did experiment the holy Spirit: at the age of 41/2, they still had nappies at night; after the retreat, I felt I shouldn’t buy nappies again, and I should ask to their angel to wake them up if needed, and then they could give  the spare money to an orphanage . They were very happy at this idea, they choose a name for their angel, and they never did pi in bed again since that day. The Lord is great, Alleluia.

Receive our prayer and thanks a lot. We hope to see you soon... in 2004 if possible.

Marie and Jean Rault
Parents of Myriam, Antoine, Benedicte, Emmanuelle, and Thomas.

Children are Gods gifts!

I am Sheela and my husband is Thomas.We are from Kerala, India but living now in Switzerland. After our marriage for long eight years we had no children. No doctors could find suitable treatments or solutions for us to have children. Some doctors said that we would never have children. But we were praying to God for a child. We were ready to accept Gods will whatever it be. In the year 2000 I met Fr. James Manjackal in a retreat at Vienna, Austria and asked his prayers for the gift of a child. He laid his hands over my head and prayed and gave a message with a smile,”Sheela the Lord Jesus is giving you not one child but two. I see one girl child and a boy child” I fully believed his words because I know that he is a man of God through whom m any miracles are happening. True to His prophecy we have two children now, a two year old girl and eight months old boy! I along with my husband thank and praise the Lord who listens to the prayers of His Spirit filled servants. We pray daily for Fr. James and his mission all over the world. Praise the Lord who does wonders and miracles.

Sheela Thomas
Altmoos Str.17
8157 Dielsdorf,

Noah healed from HIV and pneumonia, testimony by his sister Catherina

I, Catherine, the mother of Noah write this testimony to praise and thanks the Lord for His wonderful deeds among His people. When I heard that my brother was critically ill and was actually on the point of dying with HIV infection, which was complicated with pneumonia, I decided to bring him over to Germany, not to show him to the veteran doctors of this country, but to show him to the greatest doctor Jesus. As a doctor I knew the danger of this disease but my faith in Jesus is more than my faith in my medical profession. I wanted him to experience Jesus the healer through the preaching of Fr. James Manjackal, who is well known in Europe for his preaching and healing ministry. My plan was to make him attend his retreat at Kevelar but his condition became worst and he had to be admitted in the hospital. I attended the retreat on his behalf. When I went to Fr. James and ask him to come over to the hospital to pray over Noah, he could not find time as hundreds of people were standing in queue to have a touch of him or a word from him. The doctors do not allow Noah to come out of the hospital. I was not disappointed. I was like the “wrestling Jacob” in the Old Testament, who would not let God go until He would bless. Fr. James promised that he would pray for my brother and he assured me that he would be healed. Then Fr. James laid his hands over a holy priest Fr. Piere who too was attended the retreat and authorized him to do a healing service for my brother in the hospital. He told me to tell Noah to make a good confession and be in the state of grace top receive a healing by the prayer of Fr. Piere. I was quiet sure that god would do a miracle. As Fr. James authorized, Fr. Piere laid his hands and prayed for my brother Noah, miracle happened! My brother was discharged from the hospital after two days. Now he is working with good health in the United States. The last report of the doctor was in June 2003 with the mention that HIV virus count was below detectable level. Praise the Lord! Haleluja! More than this, I testify that my brother became a new person as he came out of the hospital, he stopped his forty years of habit of smoking cigarettes. He was not a believer before but now he believes in Jesus, goes daily for the Holy Mass and pray much.

My dear Fr. James I too received many blessings from your retreat, I will write them later. I am sending regularly every month to your account for your mission. Thank you for your ministry for me and for my brother

C. Adapoe-Doamekpor M.D.Ph.D.
Diefflerstr. 175
d- 66809 Nalbach Germany

I am born again.- testimony by Martina
Dear Fr. James, my name is Martina, I am 15 years old and I am from Bibinje, near Zadar, I attended your seminar conducted in July 2003. I was not believing much in Jesus, although my mother is a firm believer. Every word you spoke touched my heart, and after your second talk I cried bitterly over my sins. Until that time I had not faith in confession, I thought that I was not a sinner but in the evening I saw all my sins and I made a very good confession. I felt joyful and on Saturday when you started speaking on inner healing I was able to see all my inner wounds, especially received from my father who left my mama and me who I was in conception. I have never seen my father and I was very angry with him. In the school, when children were speaking about their fathers, I used to fill very uncomfortable. Dear Fr. James, I was conceived in sin because my mother was not married with my father. When you told us to forgive, I founded hard to forgive my father and my mother. After the Holy Communion, I was able to forgive my mother and gave her a hug of love, a very loving hug which I have never given her before. Still I found hard to forgive my unknown father. In your prayer you asked us to imagine the people towards whom we had unforgiveness, but I could not imagine my father whom I have never seen. In tears, I prayed to Jesus “forgive me Lord, forgive me Lord”, then like in a dream I saw a man’s face and I believed that it was my father and thus I was able to forgive him and love him. Then I felt all my bondages broken, I was able to forgive my teachers, my companions, my heart was filled with God’s love. I felt a tremendous peace and joy. I felt that I was born again. Now I continue in this experience through my personal prayer, a holy Mass and the daily reading of the holy Bible. When I changed myself, I experienced everyone around me have changed and the whole world became new to me. I have many ambitions in my life. I am sure the Lord will fulfil all my desires because I have surrendered myself to Him in the retreat. Thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit!. Fr. James I love you, with great joy I share this testimony with you so that you too may glorify Jesus

Martina Kero
23205 Bibinje, pvt Talina

Testimony of Karmen Jurišic
Dear Father James,

First of all I would like to thank you for your prayers. I was at your seminar in Ljubljana on February -with my 9 month doughter Petra and my familly. Jesus gave her new life and I would like to thank Jesus again and You as all my family get a new hope, and I do believe that she is recover (I dont have medical proff yet- but doctors are supprised how she progress...)
She is 19 month old now - she still can not walk.....BUT  I believe that her healing still countinuing and I am very very greatfull to Jesus to send You as his apostol.  Attached I am sending you her picture.
Jesus changed my life completly. I pray daily for her and I am a member of prayer Prenova in Kranj, we go to holly Mass too. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and as I am also your prayer warrior I thank You and thank Jezus to call You as his apostol and let God bless You and save You where ever You are and  You go.

Your reply will be very appreciated.

My home address is
4000 KRANJ

Testimony of Lidija Puš

Dear Father James,

I wish to give my testimony of all beautiful things which happened to me since I've started to pray with your prayer warrior group.

Maybe in a few words for beginning. Me and my children were living in Zagreb, Croatia. Before two years something really bad happened to me. As this event is so bad and painfull for me, I with the heavy heart decided to remove from Zagreb. In last year me and my children came to live into Ljubljana, Slovenia. As I'm a Croatian one and a foreign citizen in Slovenia, it's quite difficult to me to find o job.

As the work is so important in our lifes, two months ago I joined your prayer warrior group. I asked for prayers for me to help me to find an employment and to get a lot of job in translating as I wish to return my doubts and have a normal life. I also asked for protection and blessing for my children and me and our family. I am happy to report that my prayers have been answered with your prayer Fr. James.

Only a three weeks after I've started to pray with your prayer warrior group, my father completely unexpected made a big and life important gift to me and my children. Dear Fr. James, as this gift is so unexpected for me and as  I even did not ask for gifts, only for job, it is my firm belief that this gift is grace for me and my children which we obtained with your prayer. Thank you Fr. James. One week after that I get the biggest wording for translating I've ever get. I must say that in my whole life (and I have a 17 years of experiences in translating) I've  never get such a big job.

This summer me and my children didn't plan to go to vacation. Somehow, I don't know how, situation has changed and we went to vacation. You can imagine how happy we were. During the vacation some jobs appeared to be done. I recognized these jobs as an opportunity to me to return  my father all his kidness by working,  so I tuck up my sleeves and done all this jobs with great pleasure.

Dear Father James, I know that all these happened thanks to you and that my prayers have been answered with your prayer. Thank you. I'm still looking for an employment but these beautifull things which happened filled up my heart with gratitude and gave me a new hope.

I will continue to pray with your prayer warrior group every day. May God bless you and keep you Father James from all harm.

In Jesus and Mary

Lidija Puš 04.09.2003
1356 Dobrova (near Ljubljana)

Thomas Franz Haimerl
My dear loving father James,

Your message I KNOW WHO I AM has really strengthend my faith. And I will never turn back from this I AM, and the Lord is with us. This is kernel of living in Jesus Christ.

Testimony (photo is attached):
In the month November, when You prayed for the repose of the souls of my ancestor, my family really was showered with blessings. My parents - Franz Michael Haimerl, Anne Theodore Haimerl (born Köpf) -do not believe in God, my mother had a lot of bitterness and my father still is a rock hard unbeliever, and they do not live together. They both could not speak with me without bitterness and accusing me or others. But know, since the last weeks, I could meet my mother in peace, and my father in peace. And my mother, who could not bear the name of God, Jesus Christ, in my mouth, now she could hear me speaking about WHO I AM. I could find the good words to speak about the light and the dark, the water and the dry, and we had a peaceful morning. And also with my father I could do a step forward to a peaceful meeting. I praise our Lord. Thank You for Your praying.

Thomas Franz Haimerl
Kastelburgstraße 51, 81245 München
Tel 089/8632368, Fax 86389564,

Testimony  of Marie-Agnès

Guebwiller - France, the 28 October 2003

Dear Father James,

I send you my little testimony. Please accept my apologies for my bad English.
At the beginning of 2003, I receive your book EUREKA, direct from the editor. I have never ordered it, and nobody sends me this book as gift. I never receive any invoice or other paper for this sending. At this time I had never heard from James Manjackal. The reading of the book was very interesting.

A little later, I receive the program of retreats from the Sister St. Joseph from Gueberschwihr. Your retreat was announced, but I have no time, any holidays. I was not inscribed early. But later my chief say that I can utilise ! the hours worked in advance and we have short-time working. I think that Jesus wills that I come to this 4 days retreat.

Gueberschwihr - France 16 to 19 October 2003 On Saturday afternoon, Father James say : "Marie-Agnès Praise the Lord" it was all. I have pray and praised during all the day. At
the end of the retreat, I was free, light like a butterfly, and with much love, joy and peace in my heard. I had always my little pains and think that the recovery was not for me. I say thanks to God, for al the marvellous days we have lived together.

Yesterday evening, 28th October, after the pray with the charismatic group from Cernay, it was late, we have a long talk after the meeting. I was too tired to take a shower at this evening. Usually I can not take a shower early in the morning and no wash the hair. My back is so stiff and painful, so that I cannot lean forward the head for washing the hair. I feel me sick. This morning, I take a shower, wash my hair, and also cut the nails form my feet without any problems, or pains. My back is lithe and fully painless.

Since two years, I have a spiritual father. He says to me, last time that I muss search or create a group with peoples in my age bracket and feeling. I always with peoples a lot older than I, so that I begin to think and live like these old persons. Please pray the holly spirit for me, so that I can find a good group to make progress together in our spiritual live.

Thank you and God bless you

Your Marie-Agnès

Ana -  I am healed of my cancer

My name is Ana Pikunic, I am from Zadar. We have met on 21. Sept 2003. in monastery of St. Maria in Zadar and I promised I would write to you about my healing.
Two years ago, in 2001, I had lymph cancer - Non-Hodgin. A tumor grew beetwen heart and pulmonies and after an operation I was receving a chemotherapy, six of them. It is important to say that I was certain that God would heal me and show His love and mercy through my life and my illness.
During my third therapy I was present on your seminar and while in healing prayer you said : 'Ana you're healed of cancer'. I was sure that was me, inspite that Ana is common name. Now I am fully healed. I praise God for His healing touch. I believe god sent you to Croatia as a prophet to heal us.

I always thank God and praise Him for my healing and my new life.Our God is a mighty God. He is alive. He heals us. Halelluja
Ana Pikunic,
Jeretova 7a, 23000 Zadar

Blanche D’Souza.

Dear Fr. James,
I am thankful to Our Lord Jesus Christ for having answered my prayers through your intercession. As per your instructions, my mother made a good confession, heard mass and received Holy Communion on 23rd May 2003, and was prayed over by Fr. Jose Prakash, an anointed servant of God. My mother received her healing within a few days. Praise and thank the Lord. On medical examination, the reports for urine and blood were normal. There has been no infection and no albumen loss in the urine for the past so many months and no swelling on her feet. Her hemoglobin count has also improved. She has been healed completely in this area with your powerful prayers, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.
Now a new problem has arisen. Mum has developed acute spondylitis, and because of this her blood pressure keeps mounting very high. Due to medicine, her serum creatine count, and blood urea tends to be on the higher side. She has acidity problem, and her appetite has not yet returned. She feels weak and lethargic at all times. I would be grateful, if once again, you could intercede for my mother to our Heavenly Doctor for a complete healing.
Thank you,
Yours in Christ,

Blanche D’Souza.

Testimony of Helen

Dear Fr James,
How are you? By the Grace of God through your prayers I have received healing. I followed your instructions of thanking Jesus and I also read Ps 91. I placed my hands on my abdomen and prayed as you have instructed. Pain in my abdomen is relieved now.
PRAISE THE LORD. May God bless you. Fr James, your prayers are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Kind Regards

TESTIMONIES of Ivanka Duvnjak Zagreb, Dugo selo, Croatia

Our dearest Father James,

We first of all we would like to thank you for yours prayers for us (prayers warriors) We joined you prayer warrior group on February 16, 2003. Our needs were Spiritual, psychological and phisical health, conversion of living members especially my husband; healing of my and my husbands family trees, solving financial and legal problems, harmony and peace at home. It is  just wonderful that Christ's peace came to our family life! God answered all ours prayers and we think that this is really a miracle. We wish to give testimony that God helped  us in all ours needs, so we can now feel free and happy. My husbend is converted. It was my greatest wish. We go to mass every morning together. He, my dear husbend Slavko do not curse (scold) any more. He pray rosary with me together now. God  gave me back my health and I can continue my work.

It is also miracle that God freed us from one terific suit law verdict. We had law suit. We have to pay 100 000 kuna as punishment or Slavko had to go to prison. The judgement was in favour of us. God set us freed from the debts. My husband need not go to prison at all. Our God is a mighty God

Our daughter is happyly married. We all  have new life in Spirit.
We give thanks to God for His blessings and to  you Father James for yours prayers for us.
 May God bless and keep you Fr. James from all harm. We will continue to pray the warrior prayer everyday.  THANK YOU.

Ivanka Duvnjak with familly

Antony and Roberta Matkovic

My name is Roberta. My parents are "catholics", but they dont go to Courch. I didn't also. But my husband and his family are opposite. They believe in God and go to church. I went with my husband to your first seminar and there my husband was healed from his terrible headache, and it never came again. It was a miracle, but still I did not believe. As I was young, my family ( me, my husband and son), sometimes used to go to Holy Mass and sometimes not. Just before your second seminar, I was very depressive because lot of bad things happened to me and I decided to confess my sins and to go to your seminar. At the seminar, you called my name (in four days) three times. You said: Roberta you are healed. And then I felt something in my heart, and I cried. I cried because I relized that my eyes were closed all my life. I cried because all of my sins. I am young, 25 year old woman, but I hope its
not late for me to change. And I changed a lot. After your seminar, now I pray every day. I go every Sunday to Holy Mass, and I get down to my knees on Mass (before that was so stupid for me to do) I ve got a Bible as a present and Im reading her for the first time. THANK YOU FATHER JAMES, YOU ARE MY SPIRITUAL LEADER, YOU HELPED ME A LOT. JESUS HEALED MY HUSBAND AND ME, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I BELIVE IN HIM NOW....THANK YOU JAMES..I send
you a picture of me and my husband with our son Dorian.
Thank you Jesus for givin us this gifts.


Suzana Ivezic

Dear Father

As member of prayer chain I'm obliged to give testimony so I send it now. It is nothing spectacular comparing to other miracles I've seen connected to Fr.James's mission, but I send it anyway to fulfill my duty.

My name is Suzana Ivezic. I'm 39 years old and I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I would like here to testify about God's grace that entered into my life by prayers of Fr.James Manjackal.  To help you understand what God did in my life I must tell something about my past.
Since early childhood I have always been very melancholic, lonesome and sad. I could never fit into any social group and idea of entertainment or fun which is normal for any child was complete unknown for me. When I reached the age of about 10-11 I started to feel very depressive.
The depression increased as time went by so it started to interfere my school obligations and my personal relation with my family and also suicidal thoughts often occurred in my mind.  At the same time I was very religious girl, I loved to go to church  to listen prayers and sermons, and I loved to read Bible. Jesus became the only light point in my life. But in my mind Jesus was always somewhere very far away, He resurrected and ascended to heaven and heaven was indeed very far from me at that time.  For several years I went to church every day, sometimes even twice a day, I was receiving sacraments that gave me some strength, but nothing could actually help me. After same time I begun to think that Jesus has abandoned Church, and I started to search for Jesus elsewhere. I thought I could find Jesus in new age philosophy. Of course, my depressions even increased, so my everyday mood was in the rank from sad to despair.
On July 2001 for the first time I went to Fr.James's seminar in Zagreb. After two days of seminar I realized that I have found everything I was searching whole my life. I'm not the person that can get easily enthusiastic, but it was the "real thing" indeed. For the first time in my life I have experienced marvels that only Holy Spirit can do into person's life. The Kingdom of God has arrived indeed and it is in the midst of us. ( And it was worth waiting !!)
Since then I've been on many seminars of Fr.James and I'm the member of the prayer warrior  chain.  As the result of that my depressions are gone I can live normal life, suicidal thoughts are completely gone, I fully accept teachings of the catholic Church and I'm completely liberated of any connection to esoteric.  For the first time in my life I can feel that I belong to human society, that God HIMSELF has given me right to live and to be happy.  As the member or prayer chain I can every day  EXPERIENCE the support coming by Fr.James's intercessory prayers, my ability to deal with stress situations improved as well as my communication with people.
I thank and praise the Lord!!  I'm also very grateful to Fr.James, because, let's not forget, his dedication to Jesus made all this possible!

Suzana Ivezic, Zagreb, Croatia

Hrvoje Zeugnis
Subject: My testimony(Hrvoje-Jonjic) Split, Hrvatska
Date: Sun 16. Nov 2003.

Dear Father James!

I am 28 years old. Before you prayed for me I was sexually frustrated. I never had a girlfriend and I was masturbating a lot, seeing girls on the street I would image them satisfying my lust, I watched a lot of pornography on the internet. I had trouble sleeping at night, I was lying to my parents, I was full of inner fear and was imagining things that don’t exist. I was lying to my parents and everyone else. My auntie urged me to write you an e-mail. Since you replied to my e-mail I don’t masturbate anymore, I don’t feel scared, and I am not lying to my friends and family. Nowadays if people are swearing, that makes me sad, and I don’t like loud places. I like to pray and that gives me courage and strength for life. I can concentrate much better, don’t have nightmares and I know that our God is almighty, most powerful, full of love and understanding.
Thank you Jesus for everything you are giving me
My address: Hrvoje Jonjic/Težaèki put 47/21000 Split/Hrvatska tel:0038521373109/

Ingo Vaters


From: Ingo.Vaters@t-online.de

Dear Father Manjackal, dear Luzi and Gabi,

Thank you for the answer to my email from 9/23/03.
Here is the testimony of my healing.

For many years I have been suffering from constant pain in both knee joints. Due to a torn cruciate ligament and several torn meniscuses I had a total of  5 operations on my knees.
After the last operation a chronic inflammation in the hollow of the left knee set in, which could only be removed by a further operation. But after all those operations I had enough for the moment. Nevertheless, I was not relieved of the pain. I could neither kneel nor squat down.
Through my faith in Jesus Christ and especially by attending the retreat in Münster from 9/3 to 9/6/03 I was completely freed from my pain through the prayer on 9/5/03.
To this day and till the end of my days I will never again have pain in my knees.
Praise be to Jesus Christ.
Dear Father James, I include the picture of myself.
My family and I are already looking forward to seeing you again, and we are 100% sure we will see again, as surely as the word AMEN is said in church.
We entrust you and all those accompanying you on the difficult, arduous and dangerous path ahead of you to our loving God. He will take care of it.

See you soon.   Ingo Vaters, Pertra Vaters, Christian Vaters, Anika Vaters and Stefan Vaters.

We were born and brought up in the Evangelical Church. By attending Fr. James Manjackal retreat we came to know the power of the Catholic Church and the grace that we receive through the sacraments. especially the sacraments of confesion and Eucharist. The testimonies of Fr. James touched our hearts and enkindle our faith and we decided to become Catholics. Although we were in the Protestant Church, we hardly knew the Bible. It is with the charismatic retreat we came to know the hidden treasures of the Holy Bible. ALL of us: Anke, Janine, Simone and Nikolas (Family Daum) are happy and Spirit filled, we found new meaning for our Christian life. We pray together at home and in the prayer groups, daily we go for the Holy Mass. Holy Eucharist has become the source of our spiritual energy.
Now we organize charismatic retreats in Germany and we find great hapiness in evangelizing our brothers and sisters in the country who do not know the Living Lord and the Bible.

We thank and praise the Lord, who opened our eyes in the charismatic retreat to see the Living Lord experienced through the sacraments in the Catholic Church.

Anke Daum and family

Dear father James!

My name is Jelena,I´m 13,5 and I´m m from Croatia(ZADAR).
First of all I would like to thank you for 4 the most beautiful days in my life.I went on your seminar every day.Every day I prayed Holly Spirit to come on me and give me health.And he did it.He hieled me.I thank him for that.Here is my testimony:

This spring I got for the first time " woman things" I was not so happy. My mum said I can not swimm or take a shower when I have it. But I did not listened. I went swimming. Since then I did not get it anymore. It has to come every 28 days,but I did not get it for 3 months. I started to worried. I even did not tell my mum what happened .When I was at your seminar I put my hand and prayed for my "things" to come back. And they did. It's a miracle,a miracle!

I was so happy when you read my name, when youn said: "Jelena, you are healed." Strange feeling went throught my body. It was Holly Spirit!

Now I decided to start a new life. I have decided to follow Jesus. Now the God is on first place for me and now I pray even more than before. Thank you father James on a beautiful feeling of God´s love I felt on your seminar.

God bless you and give you health and power to continue preaching God´s word.

I will pray for you and Saint father (Karol Woytila) at home and Sundays at chirch.With you I discovered God´s love for us.Thank you.

For your answer here is my e-mail adress: jelena556@yahoo.com

          Hvala ti,Isuse! Slavim te,Isuse!
                 Slavimo Gospodina!

P.S.Can you tell me how to pray in tongues?

Elisabeth Reisinger
My name is Elisabeth Reisinger, I live in Vienna and I attended a Charismatic retreat led by Fr. James Manjackal this summer. All participants where overwhelmed by the amount of blessings that came down from heaven during those precious days. Let me share with you my personal experience:
For the first time in my life, during one of the evening masses, I had the grace of physically experiance the presence of the Holy Spirit. I felt electric power floating first through my hands and arms, then to the whole body. This feeling lasted about 15 minutes and slowly turned into an emotional state of slight euphoria. I then felt vibrations and great joy and peace in my soul, and my emotions were those of a teenager who is in love for the first time. This state of mind lasted about one week.
Father James explained that wonderful euphoria was exactly that what is described as "drunkennes in the Spirit" in theNew Testament (Eph. 5:18:20, Act 2:13-18). He also said it would not stay permanently, but the fruits of the Spirit as described in Galatians 5:22 would last.
And he is right. I am the happiest person on earth, feeling comfortable in the loving hands of our GOD almighty whom I allowed to call "father".
I encourage every reader of this testimony:
Whoever trusts in our GOD win all his/her heart and gives his/her live to JESUS CHRIST, will never be sorry for the decision!!

Elisabeth Reisinger

This is the testimony of a family that accepted the death of the child as God’s will in answer to their prayers!! Healing is not only absence of sickness, but it is the wholesome life of a person according to God’s will. “For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” (Phil 1: 21). (Editor)

Hello, Father James,
As I told you on 2003-02-20, our daughter Vanessa was seriously ill suffering from cancer, I asked you to pray for her and you promised to help.
You wrote me:
I promise you my prayers for your daughter Vanessa. May the Lord send Vanessa His Holy Spirit and heal her.
I don’t doubt for a minute that you did that for Vanessa.
I wanted to attend your retreat at Pfatter in March, but when I realized that Vanessa’s condition was getting worse, I wanted to come alone.
But that was not possible either, for Vanessa died on 2003-03-24.
She fell asleep so wonderfully. I think God had a special plan for Vanessa, because neither your nor our prayers nor my promises were heard.

Markus and family  - Pfatter

Tibor Varga

I took part in your retreat at Pfatter near Regensburg.  Outside you asked me to send you a testimony via e-mail.

I attended 7 retreats during the last 2 years. I have changed completely. My back pains have been healed, I have been completely freed of my bad habits and last year I was freed from severe allergic asthma. I thank You Jesus, I praise You, Jesus! My wife finally went to a retreat. My son Mathias went to a retreat last year and he said, “Dad, I wouldn’t trade my 25 years for these 5 days”. Thank you Jesus for these words. That is enough for me. I thank You Jesus, I praise You Jesus. I would like to encourage everyone to put their lives in God’s Hands and to wait patiently for Him to change our families and our sicknesses according to His will. I have followed the advice to get up early every morning and praise the Lord. The good Lord gives me His Joy. And I can tell Him:  You take care of everything!

God bless you Father James!

Tibor Varga - Pfatter

Kristina Orsanic
Dear Father James,

During Your prayer for healing in Zagreb (Siget, the St. Cross church) on 9th of February, You said "Kristina, don't doubt, God heals You on Your throat and Your back."
Before, You called out my name, already I heard the similar words inside, " I heal Your throat ", but I didn't believe because I was thinking that my throat is not so big problem because there were so many people with real serious diseases.., so God had to say "..don't doubt,...". You know, as consequence of flu I've got something on my vocal cords and I had a real pain of my throat last month (before healing) and also I had a pain in my back. After You called me till now the pain of both is gone and I checked my vocal cords by doctor and everything is clear. I had this medical documentation. I may scan it and send to You.

With my hair I had problems for last 5 years, as consequence of stress I was loosing my hair. I wrote to you a letter asking for prayers to heal my hair problem and you replied that you will pray for me. I believed in your prayer. I had lost my hair in front part of my head. After your letter and promises of prayer, I started praying for you by joining the prayer warrior program. By God's grace, I was able to visit a new doctor, who advised me for a new combination of shampoo and lotion. God has answered my prayers, now I have much hair on my head as you can see on my photo.

In my mother's case, she got healing on heart when I was praying for her during your healing prayer (she wasn't even there) at Your first visit Zagreb (Cibona, a week before Easter I don't remember year 2000?).You had said that some people are healed on their heart and I believed and claimed the healing for my mother. From that time onwards, she was feeling very well, and her doctor said to her that her heart is super like she never have had heart attack. Thank You and love You,

Our address is: Kristina Orsani
Ivekoviceva 17
10 000 Zagreb

Susanne B.
Dear Pater James, Since octobre 2002 I suffered from brust cancer. You heard my confession on 27th of March in Pfatter (near Regensburg, Germany) during a inner healing charismatic retreat. Then you prayed for me and blessed me. I had to leave in the evening and as I have no time to complete the retreat. The next day was the day for healing. My parents had a photo of mine.

You said that some people are praying for their relatives at home suffering from cancer. Then you called some names. You called also my name. The Lord healed me at that moment although I was not present physically during the prayer.
On the 6th of May I was operated and there was no cancer anymore.
Praise the Lord !

Yours sincerely
God bless you

leharstrasse 5
86179 augsburg

Petson Pathrose

My name is Petson Pathrose. I am 19 yrs old. I was studying in 12th standard when I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I had to undergo dialysis three times a week. For a whole year I was under dialysis. During this year by the suggestion of (Achenmon) Kurien uncle, I along with my father went to visit Father James Manjakal at Matunga , Mumbai, who had come to his brother Jose for a short visit on his way to Germany. Father prayed over me and said that I would be healed and I believed it. After a year I underwent Kidney Transplant operation, the kidney being donated by my father C.M.Pathrose. After the operation I had complications and had to undergo surgery three more times. Due to God’s grace I was healed and came back home. But at home I developed an urine infection which refused to heal even after many medications. The Doctor also did not know what was causing the infection from healing. After some days of spending time in prayer the Lord heard my prayers and healed me even before the Doctor’s next medication could be given to me. I am completely healed. Now I am in very good health due to God’s grace and am planning to write my 12th standard exams which I could not because of my illness. I thank Fr. James for his healing prayer
I am thankful to God for healing me.

Petson Pathrose
House No. 8 RH – H Row
Sector 7
Vashi New Mumbai

Ljubomir Markotic
My dearest Father James,

I am Ljubomir, a friend of Vladimir, who has asked you to pray for my healing in August 2001. I was not a believer. As my parents were not believers, I was not baptised even. Three years before, doctors diagnosed gall bladder stones, by a surgery the bile was removed. After few days, the doctors diagnosed a giant tumor, which was not possible to be removed from the gall bladder because it was connected to marrow and other nerves. Afterwards I was taken to Zagreb for a long operation, where by accident or negligence the doctores did embolisation (sclerosation) of the bowel blood vessels. As a result, several meters of bowels had to be removed, from that time, I was carring a bag for my stool. Besides the tumor was so giant that my bladder was completely put aside in line with my hip. My situation was very bad, with no hope of survival. From that time I did not go for any therapy or treatment. When my friend, Vladimir, told me that Fr. James wrote "Jesus was healing him", I smiled. Later, when you came to Split, in August 2002, he took me to you to be prayed over. Knowing that I was not baptised, you asked me to be baptised and enter into the life of the Church and readily agreed to do it. I was baptised in my Church and started going regularly to Mass and prayers. I fully believed that Jesus healed me by your prayer.

After three years, for the first time, I went to the doctor to test the tumor and to my surprise, the tumor is 20% smaller in volume. I thank and praise the Lord for the healing.  I am more happy that I am in Jesus Christ and in the Church. I am a small bay in my faith. Kindly pray that I may grow stronger in my Christian faith and follow Jesus.

Ljubomir Markotic
Doverska 31
21000 Split

Herbert Klemm

Dear Father James,
Many thanks for the nice day we spent with you in Olten in your retreat. Since that time I have been healed completely from my headache, which I was suffering from a long time. also I am happy that I am filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. I praise and thank God for all the blessings He bestowed upon me in the retreat.
Thanks again and love

Herbert Klemm

Renata Ljolje

Am Waldstadion 1
69181 Leimen

Dear Father James,
I finally got around to  writing you, I kept putting it off because I had so much to write and I didn’t know where to start, I have so much to say about our dear God and Jesus and Mother Mary. I will try to make it as short as possible. I am 27 years old, am a Croatian born in and living in Germany. I got married when I was 19 because I wanted to live in a peaceful family; my childhood was not very good and my parents were already divorced twice, so you can imagine how “peaceful” our family life was.
I believe that what God has joined together, no man must separate, otherwise you can never be happy, there just is no peace in the family life! That is my opinion. Altogether my parents left six children to be “happy”, I am a product thereof. Although they did all this, I have to say they raised me as a good Catholic. As I said, I was married at age 19 in the church and marriage was always something sacred for me. When I was 20 I had my daughter under difficult circumstances. My husband and I seldom quarrelled but it was a strange kind of silence. As a result of this silence I sinned and I was living in sin for quite some time until in April this year I had the shock of my life, on my birthday I learned that  I had cancer ( I immediately connected the diagnosis with my sin and I also talked to good friends about it) I couldn’t understand anything anymore and I kept asking God why. With this question I was asking for myself and for others who were ill. I was angry with God but I never stopped praying. The doctors were not able to remove the whole tumour during the first operation so they planned a second operation. After the second operation they couldn’t find any more cancer cells in the tissue removed, strange!  I had never prayed so much in my life. I was surprised to see the open wound heal so well and with little pain, but the pain in my soul remained and became worse, I  was in “mortal fear”!  I prayed more and more and I also went  to naturopaths and the like for help, strange coincidences prevented my getting into anything “deeper”.  I always had severe headaches and was in constant anxiety. One day I had severe headache and I prayed before a picture of the Blessed Virgin for relief of my headache and I was relieved. I didn’t give it much thought and continued to live in fear. I was relieved from my headache exactly four times and it was only the fourth time that it dawned on me, why, and since then the headaches are gone. My second experience was the most wonderful one of my life, it was the experience of meeting Jesus!  In a vision He took me in His arms and took away my anxiety, God answered my prayers and Jesus took away my “mortal fear”! Since then I feel very good and my anxiety is gone! By another coincidence I came across your name and I looked for something about you on the internet and I found your website. Your website is very beautiful and I love to read the information there. In any case, I had to attend one of your seminars and I did so. I drove to Krk and attended during the last three days, that was the most wonderful Mass and the most beautiful sermon I had ever heard and I got answers to almost all my questions, I UNDERSTOOD.  On Saturday afternoon, during the break, I layed down on the beach and closed my eyes, before my eyes I saw the face of Mother Mary and how she stroked my cheek with her hand, as if to say, “well done, my child”, I was sure of being on the right track! Never before had I been able to see God and Jesus and the faith with so much understanding, the way I experienced it at your retreat. I received physical and inner healing, my heart shook. THANK YOU! I went to confession and resolved to change my life and I have done so. We three are happy together now. God is always with us. We pray together every day, sometimes my husband and I pray the rosary together and every night we pray the prayer for married couples in your prayer booklet and it is very nice. Your books are wonderful and I found all the things confirmed, which I didn’t think were possible, even my vision! There is nothing more wonderful than being in the presence of God with the family! I thank all the angels who carried my prayers to God,  I thank God, JESUS and the VIRGIN MARY for not abandoning me and for bringing me to the right path! I could write much more but I think you understand. Merry Christmas, dear Father James, and please don’t ever stop preaching, I will pray for that!
Renata from Germany

Antonia Marks
Pheonix, USA

Dear Fr. James,
I joined you prayer warrior group several months ago.  I asked for prayers for my son Thomas who was depressed without work and having marital problems.  Last month he told me that he and his wife have been going to mass regularly and he desperately need to go to confession and receive communion.  I told him to call his priest and explain that he and his wife were not married through the catholic church because she had refused.  Now she wants to have the marriaged blessed.  He called st. Mark's church and the priest called back and made an appointment to meet with both of them.  Now, I am happy to report my son's marriage will be blessed the 23 of August  2003.  My son is still out of work but he is happy and looking forward to be welcomed back into the church.  My prayers have been answered with your prayer and fasting and fasting.
May God bless and keep you Fr. James from all harm.  I will continue to pray the warrior prayer everyday.  THANK YOU.

In Jesus and Mary,
Antonia Marks

Ivan Žižek
Trg Bana Jelacica 11
40326 Sveta Marija, Medimurje

Dear Fr James,

I have given my testimony during the seminar in Koprivnica, but I wish to write it. I attended your seminar and read all your books, which helped me to find meaning for my life and to live a better Christian life accepting Jesus Christ as my only Saviour and Lord. As you called out my name during the healing prayer I felt deep relief and comfort in my heart and I was able to forgive everyone, which was difficult for me in my life. Jesus gave me grace to forgive all who offended me or rejected me. Also the Lord gave me the gift to be a witness. On the last day the Holy Spirit gave me the gift of tongues to pray. Now prayer has become easy for me. I praise and thank Jesus.

Patricija Šimic
Susedsko Polje 10 A
10090 Podsused, Zagreb

Dear Fr James

I am a mother of two children thanks to seminar that took place in Zagreb, Dom Sportova. I delivered my Loreta without problems, and I wanted to have more children, as I am the only child of my parents. I was pregnant three times and each time in the third month I had miscarriages. I was unhappy and I went to all doctors, but nothing. They told me that I should thank God for that one child I have and that I would never again be able to get pregnant. I did not give up and I believed that God would give me one more child. At your seminar I came the last day at the intercession of my mother who was there all the time. When you said to put our hand on each other, close the eyes and pray together with you, my mother wanted that we pray together. She prayed over me but I didn’t want to pray over her. When I looked around the hall I saw people praying for one another by laying hands, then I felt miserable and I started to cry and to blame myself for not praying over my mother. At that moment I heard a voice saying: “You are pregnant.” I was shocked because at that time I was not at all praying for a child and this subject was not in my mind. After two days my pregnancy was confirmed. I surrendered the child to God’s hands and today I have a son 4 months old. I gave him name Josip as I promised St Joseph if I found a good husband and gave birth to a son I would give him name Josip. God has answered all my wishes. Thank You Jesus. Our God is a mighty God.

Ljubica Šipušic
Majke Terezije 14
10090 Zagreb

Koprivnica, 11. 08. 2002.

Dear Fr James,

Finally you called out my name yesterday, but I knew also before that you would call out my name. I was just telling myself: he cannot pronounce my name, otherwise he would certainly already call out my name. Ljubica – it is difficult for you to pronounce, but you still said it somehow.  Issues did not let you to omit it.
I have to tell you my story. It is long, but you told us yourself to write to you in detail.
After the last seminar in Zagreb, I started to learn English so that I can understand you at the next seminar. And I can tell you that I understand you, but such a letter I cannot write in English.
Last year in Zagreb my friends persuaded me to go to your seminar. I experienced nothing the first day. I even mocked at my friends for believing you. I thought, you are a psychologist, you know how to deal with a crowd.
Still, the second day something was strongly dragging me to the seminar and I went alone, without friends. Also the third day, on 30 July 2001, on my birthday. The hall, Dvorana sportova, was overfull and volunteers did not let me in. I was begging the volunteers that I had a birthday and to give me an entrance as a present, but they were only laughing and told me “Happy birthday.” Finally, after 20 minutes one of them gave up and allowed me to go inside, exclaimed “Alejuja”, and let us in the hall.
There was a great crowd, I was sitting all the time at the stairs, completely uncomfortable and during the break I didn’t want to stretch legs because I was afraid to loose the place. During the healing prayer I did not think about myself but about my mother who had diabetes and because of that she got gangrene and lost her leg. I was thinking also about Ante, a friend of my son, who was paralysed because of the accident, and he was only 21 years old.  Everybody was praying, and I was also trying, but I didn’t hope that God would answer my prayers because I was sinful, as my friends told me when I was mocking at them on the first day of the seminar. Namely, I had not made a confession for 33 years (precisely Jesus age!). Earlier, when my children were small (I have three children) I still went occasionally to church, but last 10 years I nearly didn’t go to church at all, and also I didn’t pray. Still, God touched me as sinful as I am (just as he touched St Paul) and he answered my prayers.
I felt in my banded legs, terrible, terrible pain in knees (the knees hurt me also before), and afterwards some kind of strong current, as if the pressure of water. Since then my knees has not been hurting me. My mother has been completely healed from diabetes. Ante – friend of my son, still does not walk, but I’ll pray for him and I know that he will walk.
After the seminar I started to go to the Sunday masses. During the communion I felt sad because I was not invited as I had not made confession for long. Then on 8 September 2002, on the day of Mary’s Assumption, I made a thorough general  confession and I received Communion. Now I live a completely new life, Bible is my favourite reading, I can hardly wait for the Holy Mass and Holy Communion, I can hardly wait for the time for prayer and the time for reading the Holy Scripture. I like to go to confession often.

Now at the seminar in  Koprivnica the third day you finally said my name: Ljubica – you are healed, you are completely set free.  I received the Holy Communion from your hands, Father James. During the break I had an urge to lit a cigarette as I had not been freed from the habit of smoking. Then I thought to myself that I should not grieve Jesus by this bad habit so I did not lit the cigarette. Then during the healing prayer I felt strong wind around me, but when I watched the people, there was no wind blowing, I believed that the Holy Spirit was coming upon me and was setting me free from my habit of smoking. It is then when you called out my name as a confirmation of my faith. I was crying out with joy for the many blessings God gave me. I don’t smoke anymore. Praise the Lord!
Our God is really a mighty God – I praise Him. Aleluja. God has brought you here even from India to open my eyes and my heart to comprehend Him and love Him. Thank You Jesus!
Father James, you could write to me, I can understand all that, it is just more difficult for me to speak. I’m still willing to learn even though I’m 56 years old. I’m born the same year as you Fr James. Therefore, this is not also by chance, God is certainly involved in that precisely you have brought me to Him.
I love you Fr James, I love you a lot and I thank God for all blessings.
God bless you Fr James and may you preach for a long time about Jesus, the only Saviour.

Yours sincerely,

Ljubica Šipuši?

Indira Monika Dizdar
Frankopanska 17
10000 Zagreb

Dear Father James

My name is Indira Monika Dizdar – I come from a Muslim family. My whole family practises Islam. I was converted five years ago. I’m 18 now. Jesus took my hand and led me across a big bridge – from Islam to Christianity. I’m happy that Jesus has chosen me among so many of my relatives and he has shown me the right way! From the very beginning I have been unwanted child. My mother gave me birth outside the marriage, she wanted to abort me but it was too late and so she gave me birth. My father left me as soon as I was conceived, I have never seen him. I’ve spent my life with a grandmother and a grandfather. It was painful to grow up without both parents. I was also rejected from the circle of children of my age because I was an orphan! And so my childhood was in the sign of alienation and loneliness. When I was 12, my mother took me to live with her. She lived then with some man. It was for me another shock. I didn’t want to live with this man who was not my father. During five days of life with him, I understood that he was alcoholic. Every second day he was coming home drunk, and he was shouting, smashing things, becoming wild. In the home of grandmother and grandfather there was not such situations. I became desperate. I was afraid of my stepfather. My mother and myself were strangers for each other. I was lonelier then ever, I was often thinking about suicide. My life did not have a meaning. I did not want to live any longer. I did not have anyone! Only pain in my heart, sadness, sleepless nights, a lot of tears and that was all! All people in town knew with whom I lived and they felt sorry for me.  I wanted to have friends but I didn’t have them. I wanted to have parents, but I didn’t have them. I wanted a smile, but I didn’t have it! One Sunday I came close to a group of people, they were going to the church. I followed them. All were looking at me in confusion. How come that I, a child from the Muslim family, am going to the church, and especially from such dishonourable family. That was strange to everybody! But I entered the church without hesitation and I attend the Mass. After that I calmed down. I felt in the church some strength, something was filling me! My mother came to know that I was in the church and she got angry with me! After some time I told my mother that I would be baptised. She did not accept that what is normal because she is a Muslim woman. But I told her that I was deciding about that and that I will be baptised and that’s that. I was then 13 years old. I received sacraments and forever received Christian catholic faith! My mother even today does not agree with me, but the most important is that Jesus agrees with me! After primary school I started to think in which convent I would go. When my mother learned that she was strongly against. But I told her bravely:” I’m going!" and I left. I’ve been for four years in the convent. I graduated from the secondary medical school (nurse).
My stepfather drinks also today. My mother has with him three children. They are not married. There is a lot of disunion and evil in this family! Even though I have had forever the feeling of inferiority, I have never felt family love, and I’m often sad because of all that, I have the greatest happiness – My Lord Jesus Christ! I want to be completely His! I read about your co-operator Joseph from Germany. I also have not experienced that somebody calls me “My daughter.” I’m from the Muslim family. Our God is a mighty God!!! Father James I would awfully like to go with you around the world and to tell everyone that our God is a Mighty God! I would like to be your co-operator, I know that it is maybe impossible, but still I tried. I would like to be near you and to help you. I believe that Jesus wants that. I recommend myself into your prayers. The greatest gift would be for me the answer to this letter or testimony or request! Many other things Jesus have done in my life! One father charismatic was telling me: “You will become a bridge between Islam and Christianity!” I want to become the bridge. Jesus told me during this seminar that I have to get in touch with you and so I’m doing it. Only Jesus knows why. Maybe he would tell you!
I’m looking forward to your reply. I pray for you and I thank God for you daily. Your sister in Christ Jesus, Indira Monika Dizdar. I’m ready for everything that Jesus wants from me! God bless You!
I hope that I will get the greatest and the most beautiful gift – your answer!

<peter_kamensky@post.sk> wrote:

God bless you Father James!

This is my testimony. I am sad to say that for ten years I had the bad habit of masturbation.
On the 7th September 2002 you were in Lucenec, in Slovakia. ...During the prayers I heard that
God had said to me: "I give you power to conquer your habit of masturbation." From that day, 7th September, I am completely free from it, and not only that, God is showering many blessings on me ever since then.
Thank you Jesus!

God bless you Father James!

Anðelka Tepšic
<antoniafour@yahoo.com> wrote:

 I was sick until the moment You came in my town when I was healed in my body and in my heart. I think that it was God's will that I should be there for the seminar in Dubrovnik. I wos walking on clutches for seven years, I wos operated eleven  times in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. Doctors couldn t establish the diagnosis because the wound wos periodically  opening, sometnimes even two times a year! In 1979 I was injured on my leg while doing my job in 1979. Although it was healed by the treatment of doctors in Dubrovnik, I got another hurt again on the same leg in 1994. and from that time until your seminar in Dubrovnik I was in continuos treatment by various doctors. But in the seminar jesus healed me completely and now I dont want anymore clutches to walk around and to sing the praises of the Lord! Tears come in my eyes when I think of the wonderful healing I received from the hand of the Lord!!!! Thank you jesus, Praise you Jesusu !!!!!

Everybody in Dubrovnik remember the day of Your coming., specially people like me, who had an experience of healing  and  an experience of the Holy Spirit. When you were laying your hands, I could not tell you all my problems and pains. I had a problem of epilepsy for which I was taking six tablets everyday. The good Lord took away all my problems and sicknesses by your prayers and now I am totally healthy. I beg you to bless and pray for all my family members.

God is great!

God bless You dear father!

Anðelka Tepšic
Marka Gjaje 1
20 000 Dubrovnik - Croatia

Jelena-Velka Dugandžija
Ul. Matice Hrvatske 6 A
44440 Dvor na Uni, Croatia

She was as a guest in Split (Starceviceva 25, by family Mandic, 21000 Split)

My healing with God's help

On 17 June 2000 I was injured in a car accident. I had a heavy head injury - 25 cm cut on the head, neck contusion and injuries of hand and knee.
I have never been able to see blood - I immediately fainted. But that morning the blood gushed from my head. I was only continuously repeating "Dear Jesus save me". I was constantly repeating this. Two hours passed before I got a medical help.Dear God was with me because even though I lost so much blood I did not need transfusion.
Praying to dear Jesus I was recovering quickly and after twenty days I was capable of travelling 400 km. Doctors were astonished with my quick recovery and healing and I told them: My quick recovery was God's help. With that kind of injury people usually stay unable to move, they lost the sight, memory, but thanks to dear God I was completely healed - I had only a small scar. Dear Jesus helps me in everything I ask Him for. I only say: "Help me dear God!" And His help is here.
I have read the Holy Scripture and I read it every day, but I also carry out God's commandments. I keep everything that God said that a man has to be towards his neighbour and others.
I thank dear God for everything He gave me. God is in the centre of my heart.
Thank You and Praise You dear God. Amen.

Ivanka Brakus
Mosecka 12
21000 Split, Croatia
Tel. +385 (0)21 501 590

Split, 23.08.2002

Dear Fr James

With this letter I want to testify what has Jesus Christ through You done for me at your last seminar.My name is Ivanka Brakus and I am a mother of two grown-up children Ariana and
Nikola. Last year I came to the seminar about thirty minutes late. You said just at that moment: "Lord is healing now three ladies by name Ivana." I immediately cried out: But that's me!" Completely overjoyed and surprised I experienced something like a strong current impulse that was several times going through my body from the head to the feet. A little bit confused but happy, I knew that it was God who was healing me. I had a severe spine illness and rheumatism with osteoporosis, sinusitis, headaches and frequent inflammations of respiratory
organs. I was not able to do a heavy work and I was not able to bend. After the seminar I felt great improvement on all levels of my health, and specially this miraculous healing of my spine. I am completely healthy. There is no trace of osteoporosis and I am now able to band so good as if I was twenty years old.
Praise and thanks to my Lord for all this miraculous deeds that He performed through you. God bless you and may He give you His Holy Spirit in abundance. Thank you also for all blessings that Lord has been pouring on Nikola and Ariana, my children. Every day I go before a tabernacle in the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I constantly thank Him.
Thank you Father James and thanks God that He created you.

Katja Bura

My testimony

My mother died in November 2000. Three months after she died maybe even for a month I was not able to take food. I was completely in pain, I was not even able to talk, and my tongue was like in fire. I visited my doctor and I told him how I felt. After she took my blood from my finger she told me that I had diabetes.
My brother helped me to prepare lunch because I was unable to do anything. My sugar varied: first time it was 17,4, second time 14 and something, and the third time I did not see properly. I told the doctor that I felt giddy. This third time at eight o'clock my sugar was 17,6 and at noon 27,6. My doctor sent me urgently to the internist. They checked my blood from five fingers of my left hand and also my urine. I waited from four p.m. till eight p.m. After one hour waiting for test results sister called me to give again urine. I waited for another hour in the waiting room until the same sister called me to come. She led me to one room. I was already taking then Eglucon tablets for diabetes. That sister wanted to give me insulin injection. I told her that I did not want that insulin. She called a doctor who examined me before when I came. He tried to persuade me to take the insulin or otherwise that I would have to stay in the hospital. Jesus came then to my mind and I told doctor that only Jesus could heal me. That only he was a healer. Afterwards I heard that Father James was coming to Split. I hear that from one brother. Others started to dissuade me not to go, but I said in my heart that I would go.
First day when Father James arrived, when he said that there was 76 people who suffer from diabetes and when he prayed I felt that something was happening with me. I was sitting in the second row. I was all sweating; I was thinking that I would fall over the first row. My liver was swollen 3 and a half cm.
When I came to my doctor after Father James's prayer she sent me for blood test and ultrasound scan. My liver was less swollen - from 3 and a half cm it came to 2 cm. My sugar was at 4 and a half. My doctor asked what I was actually doing! I told him that I was praying to my Jesus. My Jesus healed me!

Thank You for Father James.
Thank You and praise You Jesus.
Your Katja Bura.

Andela Savic
from Mursko Središce

At the seminar in Varazdin dear Jesus liberated me from addiction to smoking. Afterwards I never have had even the wish for smoking. Indeed, I feel as if I had never smoked.
Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus!
Today it's the third day that I am going to Koprivnica. I am very happy. I feel great. Completely healed mentally and physically. I know, dear Jesus, that you will answer my prayer for my children and their father, and that you will heal them mentally and physically. I also ask you, dear Jesus, to heal my friends.
Thank You Jesus! Praise You Jesus!
I thank Fr James Manjackal for coming to Croatia and for bringing me close to Lord Jesus. Thank you.

Terezija Sabolic
Lavoslava Ružicke 32
40000 Cakovec

Cakovec is situated between rivers Mura and Drava, about 15 km from Varaždin.

Dear Fr James Manjackal

I am sorry that I have not testified about myself before now even though already a year has passed since you were in Varaždin. I was there attending your entire seminar. When you were praying for healing I told Jesus: Jesus, you know my illness. I don't like to go to a doctor and there was no diagnosis for my illness, but I had severe pains in the left hip and spine (back). Because of that quite often I was not able to sleep. I told to Jesus: I am a sinful woman, but Jesus forgive me my sins and please set me free from these pains. And Jesus healed me. The pains have not occurred again therefore I kindly ask you that also you, dear Father give thanks to Jesus for me.
God be with you on all your paths and may He blesses you and give you health and strength so that you can again come to us and in our dear Cakovec in Medumurje.
Goodbye, Terezija

Ruža Lovasic
Lunjkovec 42
42231 Mali Bukovec

Dear Fr James

With this letter I would like to say thank you and testify. The first blessing, peace of soul and the inner healing I experienced last year (2001) when Fr James said a short 5 minutes prayer for peace of soul and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I closed my eyes as Fr asked and I listened to his prayer. I started crying, but suddenly cry stopped as if somebody would simply have taken it away. I felt deeply inside myself warmth and a big, big relief. From that happening I cannot sadden nor get angry with my husband or my family as before. There was
time when I did not talk with my husband for three or more days. Now anger or resentment leaves me almost the same day.

The second healing is physical. I had same kind of allergy. The right palm of my hand was cracking. The skin on the palm would have cracked and there were wounds. On the palm was appearing eczema that was itching - especially when I ate chocolate or cakes with eggs or only eggs or many other things. I had that illness for seven years. This year that illness disappeared because I read and prayed for long time from the book by Fr James: 25 Charismatic prayers. I bought it at the convention in Varaždin last year. I prayed the prayer for physical healing. It did not happen immediately, as I wanted. But it happened. Now I am completely healed.
Thank You and Praise You Dear Jesus for my healing. Thanks also to Fr James who changed my life and brought me closer to Jesus.

Thanks to Fr James for the letter he sent which I received and me. It made me very happy - I found at home a translator, as I don't know English.

Suzana Cikalovic,
born in 1936.
Obala Sv. Jurja 9
Vis, Otok Vis
Tel +385 (0)21 711 136

Split, 25.08.2002

I've had a very hard and difficult life with lots of traumas, wounds and bitterness. In October 2000 was diagnosed a breast cancer on my left breast as inoperable carcinoma with metastasis. At the convention of Fr James in August 2001 I received a physical healing of the breast cancer. After his prayer to the Holy Spirit I felt that through all my body passed
warmth, so I was sweating and I immediately felt healing. After that Fr James said that three persons by name Suzana were healed of  cancer, and then I knew for certain that I was healed. So far the medical check-ups for last one-year, including the last one in July, were all without signs of relapses.
I have all medical documentation and I can submit it to everyone.
I give thanks to Father, Son and the Holy Spirit for their gift of healing, for releasing me from my fatal illness and for giving me grace to live with them in the New Life, and for sending Fr James to Croatia.
Praise You Jesus!

Nada Glavaš,
born on 16 September 1959 in Piskovica near Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I
Fled from there with my family in 1995 and now I live in Korenica.
Ulica Ante Starcevica 13, Korenica
Tel +385 (0)53 776 218

My husband was in Korenica tragically injured in fire having been repairing a car in 1997, and my father-in-law had after that because of arteriosclerosis his leg amputated. I have two sons under age (11 and 12 years old).
Eleven years ago I had a stroke with cerebral haemorrhage several months after the birth of my younger son. In the meantime my father and my mother died in the interval of one month, both in their fifties. After the stroke I was operated in Belgrade - operation of a ruptured aneurysm? of brains blood vessel.
Consequences were paralysed right hand and right leg with exceptionally difficult speaking and damaged memory.I learnt once again how to read, but my right hand and leg stayed paralysed, and speaking exceptionally weakened.
At Fr James's convention on 22 August 2002, after the prayer to the Holy Spirit, I felt warmth from head to foot and I started that day to move my paralysed leg. The next day I had the same experience with my until then completely paralysed hand which I started to move. I am completely healed.
I have all medical documentation and I can submit it to everyone.
I give thanks to Father, Son and the Holy Spirit for their gift of healing, for giving me grace to live with them in the New Life, and for sending Fr James to Croatia.

Praise You Jesus!

This testimony wrote dr. Davor Majic. He says: "In 2001 at convention led by Fr James I was set free from the habit of smoking. Praise to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."
Davor Majic
Our God is a mighty God!!!!!
Matice Hrvatske 10 a, Split
Kaštel Gomilica, 24 August 2002

Lucija Krnjak from Mackovac near Cakovec

Her miraculous healing - Lucija's testimony wrote Ana Žiškovic

It is difficult to put on paper what one feels, and it is even more difficult or nearly impossible to describe faithfully the other person's feelings. Aware of this difficulty, but asked to do that by my friend Lucija Krnjak, I accepted to write her testimony. For all that I asked the Lord to help me to describe her experience as authentic as possible to the readers of this book.
Lucija Krnjak, a wife, a mother and a grandmother, always readily said her YES to God for each new life under her heart and she gave birth to seven children. Accepting the most exalted vocation of being a mother and educator she was bringing up her children in faith and love. Her devoted husband Tomo had to go abroad to be a breadwinner for his numerous family. Therefore Lucija often had to be the mother and the father to her children.
Giving herself without reserve to everyone who needed her, her organism had been wearing out rapidly, and with increasing frequency she had various physical pains. Lucija did not pay attention to that and was helping her children, grandchildren, parish community, her native place and her country with love.
When she was 60 years old unbearable pain occurred in different parts of her body. The pain was particularly strong in her legs with distinctive suffusions. Even though her body was in kind of heavy armour, she doesn't care for pain, but indefatigably as real knight storms ahead. Faith in God carries her, love towards everyone who needs her. Doctors are pointing more and more at her bad test results, what she is also aware of.
Accidentally she encounters her acquaintance Marija Novak from Žiškovac who told her about seminar by Fr James that was about to take place in Varaždin, and she invited her to go there together. Thought about going on the seminar stirred up in her unrest and desire. She informed her family about her intention, but they were worried pointing at her state of health, pains and unbearable heat. They were afraid that she would not be able to stand that. She was steadily praying to the Lord, and repeating every day for who knows how many times: "May Your Holy will be done!" The days of the seminar were coming closer, then the seminar started. And she? She was still praying, she wanted to go, but she didn't. At home and in the parish church of St Peter and St Paul in Mackovec she prays for grace of all that were with faith at the seminar. The seminar passed. Lucija listened repeatedly about enthusiasm of the people who attended the seminar, and she was sorry that she was not able to go. She didn't criticise anyone, instead she continued praying even more eagerly.
Few days later her youngest son Aleksandar happily run into the house carrying in his hand video cassettes and all happy he told her: "Mother, I brought you the video cassettes of the seminar by Fr James."
During several days in the quiet of the night with a prayer on her lips and with the faith in her heart Lucija listened carefully to the every pronounced word that Fr James directed to the gathered crowd of believers. She was shifting her swollen legs from one place to another to put up with it easily. She did not care about the pain. She listened! She prayed! She believed! For years she was not able to kneel down on her aching knees. At one moment without thinking she fell on her knees.
"Oh, God, is it possible that I have again strength to kneel before You and to thank You for all grace." She herself did not believe that it was happening to her. For several times she
stood up and then knelt again. She was astonished because she was able to stand up, and that had been impossible for her for a long time. Again she felt on her knees, she was listening to Fr James, but she was also listening to the storm that was happening, that was roaring in her organism.
Anxious, excited, overwhelmed with feelings, some strange pain, and convulsions all over her body, Lucija started to cry bitterly. She believed! She prayed! She asked:
"Oh, God, Holy Spirit what is happening to me? Is it possible that I am touched in a special way with the ray of Your mercy?"
The Holy Mass that just started Lucija followed on her knees. Beside her was her son Aleksandar, her seventh child to whom she gave birth when she was quite advanced in life.
And while she was trembled and excited, not believing that it was happening to her, that she was able to endure all this, that she was able on her knees to give thanks to the glory of the Almighty, Fr James was just calling out the names of the people who received healing. Lucija was listening and she could not believe to her ears, because he clearly said among all other names: And one Lucija!
Lucija did not sleep whole night. She was awake and she was praying and thanking and continuously repeating: "I've been healed, I've been healed!"
Through the words of Fr James one Lucija has been healed! Is it really she, is it really Lucija Krnjak from Mackovec? Why to question? Why to doubt? Why unbelief?
Lucija Krnjak is well, swelling of her legs has disappeared, and armour that was choking her gave place to peace and tranquillity. Until when? That only God knows. And Lucija? Lucija has been shouting with joy, thanking, believing. She believes that she, that exactly she was touched for who knows what time with the ray of God's mercy. That she was filled with the power and the fortitude of the gift of the Holy Spirit.
In 1991 doctors diagnosed in the hospital in Vinogradska, in Zagreb, that Lucija should have had her spine operated. Today, on 25 August 2001 after the miraculous healing and medical check-up, Lucija is completely healthy and she does not feel any pain.
Wanting to express her gratitude on the most dignified way, she asked the leader of the choir that all sing "We all Praise" ("Svi slavimo") at the Sunday Mass.
Together with the choir she was enthusiastically praising God shouting with joy: Not with the sword, not with the human power, but with the power of the Holy Spirit! Because she is really aware of the power of the Holy Spirit! She still lives her daily life believing: This is the day that God has created, let us rejoice in God, let us shout with joy, let us love Him, let us give Him thanks, let us help everyone who is in need, let us bring faith, peace and love to all, because there is never enough peace, faith and love.

Written by Ana Žiškovic (Extract from the book "Svetislav Stjepan Krnjak, Supplements for research of the origin of the family Krnjak", 3rd edition,
Bjelovar 2001, page 78.)

She also enclosed medical history of her illness and tests.

Marija Nemec
Frana Galovica 10

I had very serious health problems as I have suffered of bleeding for more then 15 years. I have tried various treatments prescribed by doctors and several times I was in hospital. Last years when it seemed that I would have to have an operation, by chance I went to Fr James's seminar in Varaždin. When Fr James prayed and said "Marija, you are healed" I felt in my heart that it was me.
Since then I have not had that problems. I give thanks to Jesus for having me healed and I pray for the blessing for my whole family: for my mother, my husband and for my four children.

Silva Žitnjak
V. Nazora 3/1
31500 Našice
031 613 916

Fr James!
On the screen was yesterday also my name - Silva. Kind of current in my limbs, healing tears and my whole being exclaims: I am healed! My God is a mighty God!!

Nada Golubic
Srebrnjak 1
10000 Zagreb

On the seminars by Fr James I received the God's gift of healing: my neck spine was healed, gift of prayer in tongues, vision, new peace and other spiritual blessings. Praise and glory to God!

Marina Grgicin
P. Preradovica 50
33405 Pitomaca
033 781 029

Dear Jesus, thank You for calling us to you, thank You for loving us, thank You for everything dear Jesus. With this letter I would like to give a testimony about the healing of my little neighbour, who we took with us last year namely on 5 August 2001. Her name is Sanda Šokec. She was 5 years old and she was healed from the intestines decease (celijakija?).
I asked Jesus always to give me this or that grace, and now I thanked Him for everything and I said: "Jesus, You know the best, I only ask You to give me strength for every cross that You give me. Still I told You: "Jesus, give me back my dad." And my father was healed from alcoholism. Thank You Jesus. Praise You Jesus.

Anka Subašic
Zagrebacka 4 b
10360 Sesvete

Thank You and Praise You Jesus for all blessings. Dear Fr James, on your seminars last year in Zagreb I stopped smoking two packets of cigarettes per day. On the seminar by Fr De Grandis, I was in light. First I started to laugh, then I was illuminated with the small bulbs and light, and I was enjoying in all that. I experienced that when he was calling the Holy Spirit to come. Yesterday when you called Our Lady to bless the stadium and all of us, I experienced again joy and laughter. It happens to me often also during the Holy Masses. Thank You
and praise You Jesus. I would like to know why I get so often the feeling of joy and laughter. I displayed in my flat a lot of holy pictures, because I enjoy in them. I have suffered through all my life. In my childhood I was poor. My father died. I great tragedy happened to me: my brother died, a neighbour wounded my sister in the cheek from the rifle, but she stayed alive. My husband died from the throat cancer. He was not able to have children and at the age of 45 I was left alone. I am often sad. I love and thank and praise Jesus and Mary, and you
my dear Fr James. Please, send me a word!

Testimony of Sandra

Dearest father James,

      I'm writting to You in order to thank You for praying for me and to confirm Gods love and goodness.
I wrote to you two months ago about my problem;my husbant  is sterile so we went  3 times for "in vitro fertilisation".Each time without results.So I asked you to pray for us.You wrote me back that You will pray that I get pregnant as soon as possible.
Just yesterday I went to my doc who confirmed that I am pregnant. I have got pregnant in natural way,without medical assistance. It is a miracle, made by God,in all his love and strenght.

My doc still has no faith in positive result of me having this baby.She thinks that after all the medications they have been giving me and regarding my husbants condition, this baby is not strong and healthy enough to survive.I believe in God more than ever, I thank Him more than ever. I have a good faith that God will provide us a lively,healthy baby.

Thank You so much again for praying for us. I'll always have a special place in my heart for You. God bless You.

Sandra Bašic, Croatia

Testimony of Cornelia

Dear James and team, thank you very, very much for your prayer for my friend! She's got free from the power of darkness. She can sleep again and the attacks on her have stopped. She is living again. Thank God and many thanks to you! God bless you all!

Cornelia Kühne

From Dubrovnik

Praise Jesus and the Holy Mother! Father James,

My name is Jagoda Begonja and I am living in Drniš. I attended your seminar in Dubrovnik, which was an unique experience for me, in other words an experience, I had never before in my life. It was beautiful and strange at the same time. I felt more delight than at the moment i gave birth to my own children. Your words and prayers helped me to think of the Lord, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. During the interior convalscence, the  Holy Ghost entered my body and soul. I did not feel my body, but I was crying. During I was crying I have heard a voice telling me: Cry, Jagoda, these are tears for Jesus Christ, he diserves them!.
I am very glad, that your seminar gave me the possibility to clean my heart and soul, as well as to receive new strenght from the Holy Ghost and to clean my face with living wather, wather from the Holy Heart of Jesus.
I remember the name of the five strong «pills» you’ve mentioned (personal prayer, family prayer, charismatic group prayer, reading of the Bible and the Holy Eucharist) and  I take them every day. My Jesus and Holy Ghost are with me in the morning and in the evening. I am thinking of you for the whole day. In my prayers I am with you. In your book, I have found my family and all my ancestors. I am married since 32 years and I have two grown up children, a daughter and a son. My marriage was hell just like the marriage of my mom. I feel deep respect for the matrimony, because I promised to the Lord to respect this institution. The Lord gave my strenght to stand all that. Togheter with Jesus I carried my cross. My mother in law carried the same cross and so did her mother-in-law.
Thank you, Father James for everything what happened in my heart, thank Jesus  and the Holy Ghost for cleaning my heart and making it big.
When I am thinking of you and Gaby, tears are coming to my eyes. My heart is crying and I feel sorry not to be with you for evangelization. So I pray for you and for the convertion  of the sinners through your works.

Thank you Jesus
I praise Jesus

Praise Jesus in eternity

Jagoda Begonja
Drniš, Croatia
Testimony which was published in Vecernji List on 15th Oct. 2002 
(reported from VITEZ, Bosnia)

Nevenka suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 21 years, get up from the wheelchair and received a complete healing.

I am Nevenka Skopljakovic. I was born in 1965. For the last 21 years I was on a wheelchair with Multiple Sclerosis. I was unable to move around or do anything. I was taking a lot of medicines. My long time sickness enable me to have a good relationship with God. My faith in God was increasing daily. I was sad I could not go to Church for Mass as others do go. But good priests in my parish used to come home and give me communion occasionally.

When I heard about the seminar of Fr. James at Novi Travnik, I began to pray for a miracle. During the healing prayer, Fr. James called out my name and announced, “Nevenka, you are healed, get up and walk”. I knew very well that it was my name which was called out. I felt a supernatural power flowing through me. I experienced great peace and joy in my heart. I began to praise and thank Jesus. Then I tried to get up from my wheelchair. I felt power in my legs and joints. To the surprise of all around I started walking like a child. I felt myself flying like a bird in the air. People around started clapping hands and praising God. I went home and embraced my papa who was shedding tears of joy. He was like St. Thomas saying, “I can not believe it. I have never thought you would get up and walk”. When the journalists asked him after a few days whether he believes the healing of the daughter, he replied, “I believe and I see, she walks around normal and does all household works, cooking food and cleaning the house”. When the journalists came to my home to report about it in the newspapers, I received them, I made coffee and eatables for them. My relatives living in USA and Europe, South America are calling on the telephone to make sure that I am fully recovered. My Jesus, who is alive today, healed me and restored full health to me. We all are waiting for the next visit of Fr. James in my country.

Healing from Leukaemia (published in many newspapers on the 12th October 2002)

When I was attending the Charismatic seminar at Novi Travnik conducted by Fr. James, I was very weak with much medication, unable to stand up even. I was suffering from leukaemia and Thyroid cancer. Daily I had the transfusions of blood. I was taken to many hospitals in Germany for treatment. All the doctors lost hope about my cure and I was counting my days of death. My friends told me about the many miracles that happen in the retreats of Fr. James Manjackal.

In the seminar, I praised and thanked God for my illness as Fr. James told. Suddenly he was announcing the names of people healed, he said, “Jana you are healed”. Although my name is Zujezdana, my closest friends especially in Germany call me “Jana”. I shed tears and said to myself “My Lord is calling me my especial name and healing me” I felt great peace and joy. Something like electric power was flowing through my whole body. I felt that the cancer in me was completely healed. I told all around that I was healed. I received a new life through the Holy Spirit. I got up from my chair and walk around like a baby singing and clapping hands! I went to the doctors for check up and they said that I don’t need anymore blood transfusion or medicine and that I am completely healed from leukaemia and cancer in the thyroid. Now I live a healthy strong and normal life. I sing praises to God for the life which He has given me back. Daily I sing praises to my God! I am alive because Jesus is alive. I pray for Fr. James daily that he may rise to live people like me. May Jesus send him again to my country. Praise the Lord!

Jokanovic Zujezjana
Jankovici 33A
72270 Travnik

“Healing after 10 days of the seminar even!”
(reported from Utorak on 22 October 2002 by Srecko Stipovic)
Mira Drmic healed from heart disease and 26 years of spondilosis.

For 26 years I was suffering from severe back pain because of spondilosis. I could not bend down or do any work, most of the time I used to sit on the chair and used to walk with a support of a clutch, along with this I had severe pain in the chest for the last five years due to my weak heart. I was unable to live a normal life. I thought that I am a useless being in this world. I attended the seminar of Fr. James with much hope. Much before he had told in the seminar, I had stopped the habit of alcohol and cigarette. I made a very good confesion as Fr. James had advice. On the first three days I did not find any relief for my pain. I was taking all the medicines as before. But on the last day of the seminar, when my name was called out by Fr. James, I felt a divine light falling upon me and a power passing through my back and chest. I felt my whole vibrated. I began to weep with joy and I started praising Jesus. I felt a freedom to lift my hands up and to clap and to sing with others. I really felt the living presence of Jesus in and around me. I experienced that many bondages were broken. Surely I received an inner healing on the last day, but my physical condition continued to be the same. Believing that Jesus healed me I went home. Even with much pain on the back, I told everybody that I was healed. When I reached home I had a great feeling to bend down and to climb up the stairs. Yes, I did bend down, with joy I went to bed and rolled up and down, which I could not do before and I climbed up the stairs, I felt no pain! Slowly I began to do all the household work with a perfect health. The Lord healed me fully Haleluja! When I went to the doctor, he found out that my backbone is completely healed. The X-ray showed perfect health of my backbone. Also I felt no pain in my heart and the doctor asked me to stop all the medicines. Now it is ten days, daily I become stronger and younger! I praise Jesus, who brought Fr. James to our country to announce the good news of the Gospel. In the seminar I saw hundreds of people getting healings. I pray that to such seminars many more people may be healed and may come to know the living Jesus. Praise the Lord

Mira Drmic
Nada puda 12

From Pula - Croatia

Dear father James!

My name is Ivana. I'm twelve, and I live in Pula. This summer I was at the hospital in town of Zagreb. The doctors diagnosed a malignant tumor in my stomach.I was operated and returned to Pula  to recovery, and then continue with  therapy. After two weeks I attended your seminar. You called out my name and  I believed that I was healed. All the signs of illness disappeared, and  there was not need to returne to Zagreb for treatment any more. We pray for you, and believe in power of Jesus ! Jesus cured me!

I will be verry happy if you  find a little of your time to write me few words! Thank you any way! HVALIM TE ISUSE, SLAVIM TE ISUSE! ISUS JE UISTINU SILAN BOG!

I am reading your books, they are very great.

my postal address is:
Radulovic Ivana
Dolinka 34
52100 Pula

Testimony from Sri Lanka

Dear Rev. Fr. James,

Fr. I came for your healing service with Mum and Dad, at St. Lawrence, Wallamatte, Colombo. When you started your healing prayers after the mass, you mentioned my Dad’s name “George you are healed”, myself and Mum were surprised and we cried tears of happiness and thanked and praised our Lord Jesus. My Dad met with an accident four years ago and he underwent an operation at the Colombo General Hospital (Accident Ward) for 3 months he was in the hospital. Until he came for your service, he had to walk with clutches because; his leg was short with 2 inches and not alright. (He used to get pain now and then, and there is also slight limp) The Orthopaedic surgeon, who did the earlier operation, said that he has to undergo another operation and it would cost RS 108.000/- he said that about two years ago. What we did was we took him to a catholic priest at Seeduwa Church and the Rev.  Fr. Said “sorry I didn’t get any sign from God about you, what I’ll tell you is to pray for him and ask God to show a sign whether to do his operation or not”. Likewise we kept praying and our dad did not undergo the operation.  After so long, Father, God sent you to heal my Dad and all of us. God bless you. Jesus Christ has healed my dad through you.

Mrs. S C Pietersz
20/18 Epitamulla Road
Kotte – Sri Lanka

Testimony from Bosnia

Dear father James,

My name is Vlatka. I am from Zenica, Bosnia. I want to thank you for your coming to my country, for your joy that you share with us.
I already witnessed my phisical healing on seminar, but I want to write you, too. For last 2- 3 mounths I felt qualms in my stomach every day. Often it was very strong. Few days before your seminar I had very strong feeling that Jesus want to heal me on your seminar, and that I will testify for Him. On second day of seminar, when I came to Novi Travnik, while you were praying at the begining of meeting, you pronounced that you sow a power descent on some persons. Few seconds before I felt great power and warmth in my stomach. That evening my stomach problems completly desepeared. Aleluja!!!

Last day of seminar I testified my healing.

Our God is Almighty God!!!

Vlatka Jovic <vlatka1979@yahoo.com>
Talic Brdo 8
72 000 Zenica
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Testimony from Slovakia

Dear Fr. James Manjackal!
I am a 15 years old boy. I come from Slowakia and I was in Lucenec where you were saying healing prayers for people in the sports hall.I suffered terribly from eczema but from the meeting in Luèenec my face and eyes are healed.I wanted to let you know about this. I am very grateful to God and to you and from that day I pray for you.Now I am in a basic school and in three months time I have to decide where to continue my studies. That will be an important decision in my life. I pray for God`s guidance and I have already told all my friends at school and the athletic club which I attend regularly how blessed was the 7th September 2002 for me when I was healed from my terrible eczema.
God Bless you and protect you everywhere.I would like to write to you and I'd be very grateful to you if you could write back at least several sentences to me.

My email: andreu@ centrum.sk
Yours sincerely
Ondrej Decky.

Testimony from Zagreb I

Dear Father James,

It is a great pleasure for me to contact you in this way finally.
Since I attended your seminar for the first time in Zagreb last year, I have thanked God many times for the changes He has made in my life. I am 33 and I was born in a catholic family (one of my uncles is a priest). But the problem is that until last year I took my catholicism as granted; I knew that God had helped me a lot but I hardly ever thought about real problems and their causes. Christ has helped us,the children,to find our way in life.I have graduated from college and work as a journalist; my brother studies economy and my sister studies law (she is even thinking about becoming a nun). I work and help my brother and sister (our uncle helps us too).Till last summer, we thought that not many things in our lives would change. In that atmosphere we felt lost and restless.I met some false friends who wanted to show me some new ways,as they said.But, I felt some inner voice which told me not to go away from the path my God showed me since I was born. We felt something powerful that attracted us to the seminar of Father James. My sister and I went there and the first thing we did was a deep and honest confession.It would take hours to describe the experiences we had. We felt the strong touch of the Holy Spirit,the great love of Christ and we cried all the time.We prayed for everybody: our parents,our brother, the family,t he friends,the church, for the people we did not know but who suffered and went away from God. It was the turning point in our lives! Our faith has grown,our love for Christ has grown,our understanding for people and their problems has grown; I deeply regret for whenever I hurt our God; I feel a deep sorrow because I almost betrayed Him; I am deeply sorry because I did not help my sister when she needed that help. If only Christ could forgive me because I was somebody else!
Now, I am even physically healthy because Christ has cured my uterus.Before the seminar I had great problems with it (bad medical tests for two years) and a month after the seminar my doctors told me that I was completely healthy.But, it was not a surprise for me because I knew God had changed me and given me a new heart and a new life.Thank you,dear God!
Today, I pray for you,too, dear Father James!I prey Christ to give you good health and strength on your way! I pray to Christ to help all other people over you,dear Father James! Dear Christ, help Father James and all the priests and nuns in the world! Help them to see people s needs and problems and help them to help other people in their communication with God! Dear Christ, we beg you to bless all the dear priests and nuns and all other people who have devoted their lives to helping the mankind!

Dear Father James,please,come back to Zagreb! Croatia needs Christ!
God bless you all in India!

Greatful Majda Ivkovic!

Majda Ivkovic
Stjepana Ljubica 24
Zagreb - Croatia
E-mail: majda.ivkovic@hrt.ht

Testimony from Zagreb II

Dear Father James,

God Bless you and your work for God,

I attended your seminars in Zagreb as well as in Salzburg where I was at that time a dance student. As I also studied Christian spirituality it was interesting for me in many ways to be a part of your seminar. I thank you for having such an open heart for Jesus and for thruth. As a young person I find your way of preaching autenthic. I saw it as the "spring time" of the Church, how Jesus would come to us today. I saw your singing, dancing as extended hand of your praying as well of your suffering. Therefore I thank you for being open for Jesus, and I hope that my testimony as well as my life will be my way to say thank you from all my heart. God Bless you and let Mary and her tender heart always console you.

Since I was 14. I suffered heavy period pain. It lasted for 5 days, always drinking tablets and not being able to function normaly during the day and night. Last year at your seminar, 2001, in Zagreb you mentioned that some women are being healed from strong period pain, in that moment I felt a heath in my body knowing it was me. It was suprise of God's love for me since I never asked for this healing even though it was a huge problem in my life. I am now 32.

Also there was your prophetic word about young people of Croatia who would find their future partners in a period of three to one year and get married. It happened to me exactly one year after your seminar. I prayed a long time for my future husband but God gave me more than I could imagine, it was again a suprise of His love.

There are so many thigs I could write you and tell you about my impression of your coming to my loving Croatia, but my prayer for you will do better...and I wish that you can be our regular guest of Holy spirit.

I wish one day we could meet so that you can bless our children and we can dance together with you.

Love and Blessing... Jasna + Davor.

Testimony from the Arabian Gulf

I am Jenny Ramona Holmes from Sri Lanka but working in Doha Qatar Arabian Gulf. When I came for holidays to Sri Lanka, the Lord gave the opportunity to attend your Charismatic retreat at St. Lawrence Church, Wallanatte, Colombo from 6th of February. In real sorrow of heart, I was able to make a good life confession which I had not done before. During the healing prayer on the 8th, you called out my name. I felt great peace and joy in my soul and I believed that I was healed physically too. From that day I stopped the use of inhaler. Praise the Lord. I am healed from asthma which I was suffering for last 20 years. I am very healthy in my mind and body. As I thank the Lord, I promise my prayers for your preaching mission. I have talked about you to many people and I have distributed your book “25 Charismatic prayers” to many people

Jenny Ramona Holmes
P.O. Box 36190
Doha Qatar
Arabian Gulf

Testimony of Healing from Slovakia


I want to inform all, who are reading these lines, that Our Lord is with us in this new century and Millennium. Jesus, our God and Lord is still living and in his unending mercy he works miracles. He is waiting that we open ourselves to his love. Please tell this to everyone whom you meet.

The Lord Jesus sent his priests, in order that with their faithful life, good advice, experiences and especially with the power of the Holy Spirit, which the Lord has given them to speak to people about God’s Word, that all people with understanding and heart may realize their dignity and role in the work of redemption.

God’s grace and love can touch in an incredible way each one of us.

I have experienced this and I want to share it with you. My life now has only one purpose – to do His will, proclaim God’s mercy and his love to everyone. I live in the joy of knowing that every person is God’s child and He is in the depth of each one’s heart and he loves us just as we are.

In June this year I will be 54 years old. I’m wife, mother, grandmother. I had three spinal operations. The first one was in 1991. I lived in pain and helplessness, in which I experienced God’s presence. God loves all who suffer and comes to their help. When I got recovered from the illness, I didn’t take sufficient care and thought that the problem with my spinal cord is
finished. But I was mistaken. After 5 years my spinal cord got “collapsed” and I had to undergo a second operation, after which the backbone was very unstable. I lived in pain till I had a third operation where 3 vertebras had to be fixed, in every vertebra two screws, each plate is replaced by litanies baskets and everything was together screen-like “double ladder”. It
was the first time this method was tried in Slovakia. And it was told to me that I should live till the end of my life with pain or even I may have to use wheelchair incase of need.

With our Lord on the cross I agreed to carry my cross.. We made a “silent agreement”, that I sacrifice to Him my pains and sufferings. I reconciled with that, and accepted it as God’s will for me.

My life was changed; from a mobile person I became less immobile and often needed the help of a second person. I was walking with two crutches and wearing a corset from armpit to hips.


Meanwhile I had the chance to know about the “Missionary sisters of the Queen of Apostles’ who came from Vienna to give their helping hands for the work of evangelization in the Diocese of Nitra.

These sisters invited Father James Manjackal, MSFS to Slovakia. Fr. James is actively preaching and bringing the message of Jesus especially for the Arabs. He also conducts retreats, seminars and healing session in Europe and America. In October 2000 he came to Slovakia. Though it was not a well organized programme, I had the opportunity to meet this extraordinary priest in Nitra.

We met for the first time on Saturday, 21st of October, in the chapel of the missionary Sister of the Queen of the Apostles at Razusova 44. Fr. James asked me: “ For what should I pray for you?” For a few seconds I was speechless and then I replied: “Father, I want to help other people.” He said “But you have problems with your legs and backbone.” I answered him: “It doesn’t matter, its good, with that I will die and its not necessary to speak about it.” He replied: “I want to pray over you, what shall I ask the Lord?” I answered: “ Father, for my daughter.” Then he stopped asking me . He laid his hands on me, praised God and blessed me. On leaving we shook hands and I spontaneously held his hands and we talked for a

22nd October was Mission Sunday. Fr. James conducted a short seminar at Lukov- Dvor. The seminar was to be held from 2.00 – 6.00 p.m., followed by Holy Mass. My husband was afraid, whether I would able to sit for so long on the wooden folding chairs, which were rather uncomfortable. The main message of the seminar was…

During the break I told to my husband that for a few seconds I experienced the grace of baptism and I became innocent and pure as God’s child.

Then the Holy Mass started. The atmosphere was joyful. I will never forget the experience of being present at this Eucharistic celebration. Fr. James made us feel that we are personally invited to the Lord’s table because He loves us. He stressed upon how the Holy Spirit penetrates into our heart and grants us healing of body and soul. I felt a deep and incomprehensible
happiness within me.

Then on Tuesday morning for Holy Mass we went to the convent. On the same day he was leaving for Vienna. There I put aside me crutches, my coat and corset and went to say good bye to father by taking along with me a small gift. He asked me:
“Where are your crutches?” I said There and pointed out to them. Then he told me, “ YOU DON’T NEED THE CRUTCHES.” I heard, but I couldn’t understand it. During the Holy Mass I spontaneously knelt down and I was surprised, because I couldn’t kneel down on both knees for several years. I always had cramps on my legs and in Lukov Dvor too it was
the same. Further, I stood up without anyone’s help. After the Holy Mass, Fr. James blessed us and went to the car and suddenly Sr. Joicy said to Fr. James: “Father, Gabriela would like to go for the pilgrimage to Rome, but everyone is objecting, the doctors and her husband too.” Fr. James turned to me, gave me his hand and said: “Gabriela, go to Rome, everything will
be ok.” From that day 24.10.2000 I don’t use anymore the corset and the crutches. Out of sheer joy I couldn’t sleep that night. In the morning I sprang from bed, knelt down and said: “Lord, I’m able.” From that time onwards I’m still thanking the Lord from the depths of my heart.

Yes, I went with my friends to Rome on 10th and came back safe and sound on the 14th of November.We experienced a lot of joy and received abundant gifts from the Lord during this Jubilee pilgrimage.

Virgin Mary, our Mother, help me that Jesus may be the center of my life as He is in your life. Lord, grant me the grace that I may see in all people whom I meet, your image and that I may serve you till my death. I pray that I may be filled with your light and spread the love of the Holy Spirit with my words and deeds.

I ask all of you to pray for me, which is the most effective help I need, that I may understand and do always what the Lord wants of me.

Glorify our Lord with me together!

Mrs. Gabriela Hanáková

Marijan Kajic

Praise the Lord, we celebrate you DEAR JESUS!

Dear Fr. James,
I attended your seminar at Koprivnica from 8. - 11. 08. 2002.
Thanks to you I have RECEIVED a NEW HEART and I feel the power of the HOLY SPIRIT... I feel like I have been born again!!
I have regained my health, as have my mother, my sister and many others, whom I got to know.
My mother suffered from severe migrane headaches, her name is Mara Kajic. My sister had thyroid problems.
But, thanks be to God, those are all things of the past.
Many, many thanks.
P.S. We wish you luck and health on your many trips abroad and all the Croatians are waiting for you to come again.
Your son,
Marijan Kajic


Krammer Erika
8362 Söchau Übersbach 129

After my husband died in January 2002, I lost my faith in Jesus. I was angry because he took my husband from me. Fr. James gave me my faith in Jesus again and I experienced spiritual and physical healing.


Hartner Berta
Dreikreuzweg 5
8280 Fürstenfeld

I am a divorcee. I had a boyfriend for quite a while but I was not happy. I often prayed to be able to end the relationship and that has now happened. My soul is healed! Thank you Fr. James, thank you Jesus and Mary!!
Dear Jesus, please help me to carry on. Thank you!


Margarete Nyiri
Gudrunstr. 172/16
10. Bezirk in Wien (Vienna)

I hereby testify that the Lord healed me. I have been sufffering from severe pain in my joints for about 3 weeks and the doctor diagnosed “polyarthritis”.
During a Mass, my friend Ingrid prayed for my healing. Shortly after that Fr. James said that Margarete, also called Grete, is healed. I claimed this healing! I will see the doctor and ask for examinations and results.


Anneliese Wiesler

I did not really believe that Jesus loves me and there was often darkness in me. I felt myself rejected by other people, who in my opinion were favored by God.
Today Jesus leaned toward me and told me that he loves me and that he shares my joy when others come to see me.
Thank you Jesus.


Sokuch Sandra
Am Telek 50/7
7400 Oberwart

For almost 11 years I suffered from panic attacks, exhaustion depressions and inferiority complexes. I had been hurt in my childhood and had many negative thoughts. As a result, I hated myself and I hated others. Now I have been led out of the darkness and my tears have been wiped away. Now I feel only joy and love in myself!


I have attended several seminars with Fr. James. Each time I experienced much healing for myself and my family. The Lord also gave me the great grace to live according to natural family planning. For my husband this was unthinkable and there were years of quarrels. I prayed a lot and cried many a tear. I wanted to follow this path for reasons of conscience. During a seminar the Lord told me that he opened the door for me and I asked him to help me go through it.
That is exactly what happened and I spontaneously removed the coil and asked someone to pray for my husband. When I told him he smiled lovingly at me. Words cannot describe the joy I felt in my heart. Out of gratitude and for the Glory of God I decided to organise a seminar for “Natural Family Planning”. In the meantime there have been three such seminars. It is unbelievable how many people come, who now want to use this method. Every seminar is accompanied by prayer, even by rosary chains. I am often told that the Holy Spirit sent me.

Lord, I praise and glorify you in the name of all of us to whom you granted such great gifts.


Stürzl Aurelia
Bartensteingasse 14/1/4
3250 Wieselburg

I would like to thank the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the conversion of my three children Sebastian, Christopher and Magdalena. I also want to thank God for my own conversion and complete healing. I thank the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit for liberating me from curses (magic, voodoo, shamanism, Reiki, Indian magic, psychic healing, etc.) Thank you for setting me free from all false idols and gods. Thank you for the liberation from all Krishnas and all false Indian gods.
I opened the book “Enter the Ark” and read a prayer. I have decided to follow Jesus and never to turn back. That is my desire and my prayer, that I may be able to do that together with my three children.
Praise the Lord Jesus!


Marie Meduidooie
Welsbachgasse 12
2603 Felixdorf

I was divorced from my husband seven years ago and since then I suffer from anxiety. After my visit to Medjugorje it disappeared. I attended the retreat with Fr. James in Wiener Neustadt. During the prayer for inner healing God freed me from feelings of guilt. Formerly I used to blame myself for my husband’s bad behavior. At the following retreat with Fr. James at Ternitz, I received physical healing. I had an ulcer in my uterus and this I had problems holding the urine. Now I am healed!
My eyes used to water and itch all the time. Now God has relieved me from that. I always had to use a cortisone salve. Now that is a thing of the past!
Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ!


Magdalena Ehrenreich
Ackermannstraße 21

My childhood was shaped by communism and superstution. I was in Yugoslavia in darkness and I went to Buddhist Ashram( Poona). I also went to Rajhinesev. Only Jesus is Lord!
In 2000 I confessed to Fr. James. I was healed of a fractured wrist (left hand) and therefore no operation was necessary. I was healed of cervical carcinoma and I am in the Light and Love of Jesus.
Thank you Jesus and thank you Fr. James.


Stefan Kerschbaumer
Schachen 83
8250 Vorau

Praise the Lord!
At Siegendorf I received inner healing which has given me a new outlook to the future. There were five suicides in my family, on mother’s and father’s sides, and two of my brothers also committed suicide. At the age of only 30 years I had to attend 3 suicide funerals! At the last suicide by my confirmation sponsor in June 2002 I felt as if the ground had been pulled from under my feet and there was no one there to help me except, this I believe now, the last spark of faith in me. I could not go to a psycho-doctor because I did not believe in them. I received information from a friend that a psychoanalytic could split up the fanily tree with me alone. She thought it must be someone trustworthy.
The question was, where should I go? Thank God and Halleluja, I work at St. Mary’s Hospital in Vorau. There the Sisters Christina and Maria-Johanna encouraged me to go to a retreat with Fr. James. Fr. James was able to break the “curse” on my family.
I went to the retreat a week after the last suicide funeral with very mixed feelings. (The good and bad sides in me were fighting an unbelievable war in me but already during this fight the great unfathomable grace of God was winning!) With the help of the Holy Spirit I went to confession to Fr. James although I was very doubtful about my poor English. But I was drawn to Fr. James. Since then he is an apostle for me and for us all in these dark times. I praise and thank the Lord for the graces he grants us through Fr. James. During this confession with Apostle Fr. James I experienced the power of his laying the hands on me which I cannot describe with words.
Afterwards I felt sorry for Fr. James because I am sure the great sins I had committed and not confessed in the past 16 years caused him great inner pain and therefore this grace from Jesus Christ was so boundless and liberating for me, so that after I left the confession room I was a converted person. During the prayer for healing I experienced more graces from the Lord, when I heard: ”Stefan, God has let a light fall upon your eyes!” That was followed by unbelievable testimonies (visions, happenings during prayer etc.). God gave me an inner eyesight through the Holy Spirit.
The day I returned home from the retreat I asked my parents’ pardon for all the resentment, the accusations, the bad deeds, etc, something I had never been able to say before. The feedback from the people around me encouraged me in my new life! The life with the Holy Trinity. The most beautiful testimony the Holy Spirit gave me happened the next day of work. The last sister who was called ( to the religious life), Sister Klara-Maria at St. Mary’s Hospital in Vorau, after hearing of my conversion, picked a Bible verse from a little bag - “ Word of God bag” -from which we pick Bible verses for the day. Without knowing about my healing testimony, she picked Ps 18:29 which reads: “You indeed, O Lord, give light to my lamp; O my God, you brighten the darkness about me.” She wrote this verse in beautiful letters on her own “conversion” Bible and gave it to me. I was moved to tears and I praised Almighty God!
My girl-friend Petra could not cope with my new life and so, without pressure, of her own accord she decided to attend the retreat at the “Fest für Jesus”. At Graz she also experienced the great grace of the Holy Trinity and she is able to continue her life, through, with, and in Jesus. I could write enough to fill many more pages but I will stop now.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Srete

My dear Father James

It is with much effort that my family and me visited you at Pula. When my wife see you for the first time on Croatian TV this year she said if this priest father James would pray for me I would be healed from my fear, panic and depression. It just happened like this. You had prayed for her and now she feels good and healthy. She thanks You for praying for her by laying hand over her and over our sons, Vlatko and Nikola. Praise and Glory be to the Lord Jesus! Halleluja!

And what about me father James?. Indeed it was an arrangement of the Lord Jesus to meet you at Pula. You know that I love India, and I was 11 years involved in Hare Krsihna movement (ISCON). I had learned very interesting and good teachings from Vedic holly scriptures, about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, transcendental and material world, soul-jiva and its relation with a God and His external energy and what is the way to reach Him. Only by Love and devotional service to Him and His devotees and His mercy one can reach Him. I had followed several principles from Vedas (nonviolence, not eating meat, forbiden sex, no drugs, cigarrets and alkohol, but I felt to fulfill the demand of chanting 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Maha mantra which is a minimum of chanting). So I was lost, my Guru did never accept me and I did not know what to do.

Now that You enter into my live. I tell You when You appeared in front of me in Pula Monestary and called my name it was like in a dream. I am sure that I was waiting for that moment from all eternity. When You embraced me and said "Srete I was waiting for You and Jesus love You Srete" I felt so close to the living Godhave never and I felt myself in the living presence of My Lord Jesus. I believed that Jesus sent a priest from India to love me and lead me to Him, what a happiness for me!. When You put Your hands on me and prayed over me, I felt strong spiritual energy entering in me and I felt a warmth in my body and I was sweting all over.
Thank You father James for that light You put into my live. Following your instructions I put a cross on my chain and I made a decission not to visit the Camp near Pula where every year I used to meet ISCON (Hare Krishna devotees ). Several Gurus had come, and although I knew my potential Guru was there I did not go. I accepted You as my spiritual leader and the Lord Jesus as my master. I DO NOT NEED ANY GURU FROM ISCON ANYMORE. That is my finaly dessision that JESUS IS MY GURU. Now I spend time in praying to the Lord Jesus daily and I attend the Holy Mass regularly, no more I will go back to Hari Rama and Hari Krishna. Thank you Father James for having brought me to Jesus and to the Church. Pray for me that I may live a good Christian life with my wife and children. You are my spiritual guide and brother.

Praise the Lord Jesus!
Glorry to His Father and Holly Spirit

Your servant

Srete Nikolovski PhD
Associate professor, Deputy Dean
University of Osijek
Faculty of electrical engineering
K. Trpimira 2B
31 000 OSIJEK

Testimony of Darija

Dear o.James,
I am writing You from Croatia-Split. I was on Your seminar this summer and it was wounderful experience for me and my family. I have always belived in God but now I know that I was not good believer. This seminar and Your books helped me to found Holly Spirit in me.
It is the illness of my sister that enabled me to be honest believer in Jesus. In my family there are three doctors (my father, my sister-who is ill, and me) but I believed that only God could help to my sister. She had brain tumor, and had two operations. Now she is feeling excellent, and I believed that she is healed. She was on Your seminar where you prayed over her and you called out her name "Anita you are healed".
I know that Jesus send You in this special moment for us to give us a inner peace and deep believe in his kindness.
I am asking You to pray for her health,

Thank You and God is with us,

Testimony of Vladimir

Dear father James!
First of all I am thankful to God for sending you into my life.
Last year after attending your seminar almost everything changed in my life. You brought Jesus Christ into my life in his complete greatness. I was accepted by Jesus with all my faults and sins and He forgave me and more He healed me although I never thought this could happen to me becouse of my sins and my weaknesses.
I was nominal catholic until your seminar, but now I belong to the Catholic Church with all my heart and soul. Last year I came to your seminar in Split on proposition of my friend from Zagreb who was present on the same seminar in Zagreb.
Two months ago I had a surgery in Zagreb I was diagnosied with rectum cancer, I lost 15 kilos. So I came to this seminar with desire to receive spiritual strenght and more faith and grace. I thought God is punishing me for my sins with the sickness. I wanted to come to your seminar after a good confession with a pure heart but it was impossible as I was not married in the Church, although we tried our best to get married in the church before the seminar. I stood in queue for a confession along with others in the seminar but the priest did not give me absolution because I was not married in the Church. I felt sad but I was carried away by the good atmosphere of prayer and I believed that God would bless me. In bitter tears I ask Jesus pardon for all my sins and I trusted the merciful love of Jesus. Meanwhile you were conducting the healing prayer in which you annouced my name "Vladimir you are healed of rectum cancer, pancreas cancer and liver cancer". In this moment I thought it is not me, I operated only rectum cancer. Then I thanked God because some other Vladimir is healed!
Next month I went to my doctor for check up he told me that cancer had already spread to pancreas and liver but it was kept secret from me by the doctor and my wife. I was shocked. I asked my wife and she confirmed it. Then I remembered in one moment what Fr. James said in the prayer, he said my diagnosis. And I thought well he didnt consult my surgen or my onkologist but Father James consulted Jesus! I believed then that I will be healed.I am giving this testimony after one and half years, I am now prefectly healthy man. The lord Jesus healed me from my cancer! Thank you Jesus! Glory to you Jesus!
Today I follow his path and I think I am part of his plan. In the present seminar at Split, you said, "two people by name Vladimir are getting blessings". The very day I had a vision that a young priest dressed in white holding my hands asking me to stand up and give testimony. And thus on the following day I gave my testimony before all. I know in and around Split hundreds of people received physical healings and many blessings through your two seminars. I pray God gives you strenght and grace to continue work for His Kingdom.

My address:
Vladimir Cvetnic
Domovinskog rata 15 Split CROATIA

Testimony of Amy

Dear Father Manjackal,

On May 30th, 2002 my daughter was born 4 weeks early via a C-Section. I was suffering from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and she had to be born early because my blood pressure was getting too high. As soon as she was born it became apparent that she was not doing well and she was taken to the intensive care unit at the children’s hospital here in Zurich immediately. She was diagnosed with Hyaline Membrane Syndrome which is a condition where the lungs are partially developed and the baby cannot breathe on its own. She remained stable through the night and then the next day she took a turn for the worse and right in front of me went into cardiac arrest. The respirator had pushed holes into her lungs and air began compressing her heart causing it to stop. We were told to leave the ICU and to wait outside which had to have been the worst moment of our life – the not knowing and waiting for the worst. At that point we contacted my family in the United States, my husband’s family here in Zurich and that’s when the prayer chain began. People we knew contacted their friends and family and during the hours that the doctors worked to save our daughter’s life, people around the world stopped to say a prayer for us. We did not expect our daughter to survive that night, but she did and the next day she remained stable. Dear Fr. James I believe this is when Vivian Munz contacted you for your healing prayers at St. Gallen. She came by and brought us your blessing and it was such special gesture that we will always be grateful to her. Each day our daughter improved and in 7 days she required no medical interventions, including oxygen and was nursing! The doctor’s could not believe it and said that is was a miracle that she not only survived, but healed so quickly and suffered no brain damage or ill-effects. We were truly humbled by the outpouring of love and prayers that were sent our way and I believe that she was surrounded by angels and the worldwide prayers directed towards here was part of the miracle. So I would like to say thank you for your healing blessing and directing your love towards us. We are forever changed and in awe of this miracle and our Mia Christina is a special little person!

Thank you for everything.

Yours truly,

Amy Oggenfuss
Rotflushstr. 15
8702 Zollikon

From France

Charlotte my wife and my daughter went to St. Louis Marie de Montfort (France) for the healing program conducted by Fr. James Manjackal on Friday 19th July and she prayed for healing of my epilepsy which I was suffering for the last 15 years. While they were at prayer in the afternoon in the church, I experienced the healing touch of Jesus in my home which is one hour away. I felt a priest with a beard laying hands over me and praying. First I thought it was a dream but later I knew that it was not a dream but it was the time Fr. James called out my name in the prayer in the church and said that I was healed as later reported by my wife. I had never seen Fr. James but when my wife came back and explained the physical features of Fr. James I knew that it was he himself who prayed over me. I believe that he has “bi-location”. I testified that I am fully recovered from epilepsy. Later along with my wife and children I visited Fr. James.
Charlotte et Marc Cornette
86247 Iteuel

Testimony of Angelika
Dieu m´a donné la voix! I was in the retreat, at the beginning I wanted to come only to have an opportunity of praising the Lord with other people and to have silence, I did not think on healing. I had problems with my vertrebs in my spine, finally I was operated, the pains disappeared, but a big sadness was there that made me feel very lonely and not able to comunicate. During the retreat in Ternitz I have received many presents from God. Since that time I can sing praise songs, more and more I feel the joy of praying together with other people, to go to Mass and to share myself with other people. God has given me something new. I work with old people. Since the retreat I can go with much joy and internal peace to my work. I pray for the retreat next year in Ternitz.Angelika

Testimony of Brigita

Dear father James,

My prayer request that I sent you not long ago has been heard from God. I am speechless and happy because my mother Jelena Drinovac is receiving those inner healings of her problems that you prayed for. I do not know how to express my gratitude to you father, but I can pray that the great Lord give you even more strength in your holy work.

After 16.long years of sickness, pills, doctors, going to all kinds of trips- Medugorje, father Zvijezdan Linic...she has finally confronted the center of problems-my Fathers turning away from her-ending in their divorce.

Two nights ago I dreamt you Father James, you were in Zagreb again and even though your mass was restricted I managed to get through the police force into the church we you were holding the holy mass in front of a few people. At the end I had a long conversation with you about my problems (my mothers sickness, my fathers leaving us...)You spoke to me like a friend and prayed for my mother and said that you understanded the whole situation. This dream meant a lot for me, it was a sign that you were with me in your prayers. After this dream I knew that this is the last time my mother has to be at the psychiatry. I know all the prayers were just waiting for the best moment to be heard from God. Now my mother is completely healed from her psicological problems. She is fully freed from
psychiatrists and medicines. Praise God!



Testimony of Rudolf

Dear Father James!

I thank you very much for your prayer for my friend Florian!
On February 11th I asked you to pray for him, and you replied that you were prayinig for him. He had a cancer in his testicles and and at other places in his body. He had a successful operation and 3 times chemo. Now there is no cancer in his body any more! and I believe that it is yours prayers that has healed Florian from his cancer, praise the Lord!
Thank you and God bless you!

Yours Rudolf

Correspondence with Chacko


Dear Fr. James in Christ, 

Hope you are doing well by His grace. 

Sorry, I could not reply you promptly, as I wanted to get the testimony of Smt. Sosamma Mathew. Thanks to God. Fr. James, as conveyed by you, our Lord JESUS has touched Sosamma the very moment you prayed for her on Wednesday, healing her completely. I had already informed them the message I received from you and they have immediately confirmed that their mother - Sosamma Mathew - is getting healed by His grace. Few days back she was discharged from Nanavati Hospital and she is at her residence here. Yesterday they had attended the prayer meeting and thereafter we 
visited their residence too. She is very cheerful now. Thanks to God. Thank you father for praying for her and getting healed by His grace by sending messages of healing.

May God bless you very richly. 

With lots of love and prayers in Christ, 


From: James Manjackal 
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 11:10 PM 
Subject: Re: Praise the Lord - Request for prayer support 

My dear Chacko,
Thank you for your letter.I am well.I promise to pray for Sosamma.I see the Lord blessing her 
with healing. Messages for her.Phili 4:19,Lk 8:48,Mk11:25 

God bless you richly, 


INDEF wrote: 

Dear Jamesacha in Christ, 
Hope you are doing well by the grace of God. Thanks to God. 
Father, this is a request for prayer. Mrs. SOSAMMA MATHEW, mother of one of our prayer group members, is seriously admitted in the Nanavati Hospital, Bombay, due to (1) failure of Kidneys, (2) high Diabetics and (2) there is sign of TB and hence her daughter has requested me to send a message to you for your prayer support. Father, pl. remember this sister in your special prayers, so that she will be getting completely healed by His grace. Thank you Jesus....Thank you Holy Spirit....Helleluia...Halleluia... 

May God bless you very richly. 

With lots of love and prayers in Christ, 


From Mexico

Dear Fr. James I am writing you again from Mexico to thank you for your healing prayers for my nephew Jorgito, who is getting better and better. Yesterday he was able to put out his tongue to receive Holy Communion. As you told us we are persevering in our faith and prayer believing that jesus would heal him completely. Dear Father James thank you, thank you very much for supporing us with your healing ministry, we know that the Lord has a special love for you and that He hears you. Thank you for yopur lovely words of consolation and thank you for everything. May be we cann see you one day here in Mexixo, country that always receives all the servants of the Lord with open arms... I greet you with respect and love

Maria Mercedes

Testimony of Sladjana

Dear father James,

My name is Sladjana,we meet in Medjugorje last year.
Before that seminar I´could´t walk without crutchs but now I can walk!. Jesus touched me and healed me and I trew away my crutches. In the healing prayer Jesus told me "Get up and walk" Thanks to Jesus Christ.
You helped me to understand a lot of things like how to pray whit more faith in my heart, how to live like a true Catholic with Jesus in my life. Because of every thing I become different person and better person.
Thank you Jesus!
Glorify you Jesus!

I hope and pray that you are ok and that we will see you soon again.
God bless you father James!


Testimony of Beate

Dear Fr. James,
now I send you my testimony, perhaps it will be useful for other people.

How JESUS blessed me in my life:

When I was a little girl I had a firm belief in God although I had no special religious education or lessons at school. I was baptized Protestant and grew up without confession.

In 1993 my mother became very ill and she had to live only three weeks! In this time I prayed very deep to God for her life and He heared my prayers and my mother lived then more than three years. I promised HIM that I will be Roman Catholic if He saved her life. In 1997, 5th of June, I became Roman Catholic.
In 2002, 21. - 24th of June I was by Fr. James Manjackal`s Exerzitien in Siegendorf, Burgenland. On Sunday evening his healing-prayers was so imagine and powerful. Many problems of my life that I had "forgotten", I remembered again (sexual abuse and so on). When he said about the curse I was deeply touched, also when he said about the procreative act. I am so gratefully to him, that he freed me from all curses and problems! Thank you JESUS and Fr. James for this work of LOVE!
Following resolutions was followed by me:
After the spiritual exercises with Fr. James I gave away all my esoterik-books and cards. It was three big bags! Now I try to read the bible every day. Every day I pray for Fr. James and his work (Gebetskette):
Now I want to do JESUS will to 100 %, before Fr.James Exerzitien it was only 85 %!
I read his books and I want to be connected with him in the Holy Spirit of Jesus!
I thanks to the HOLY TRINITY (God Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit) for all wonderful gifts and blesses and MARIA and Fr. James and all my "spiritual teachers" in my life! Thank you so much for ALL!



Tandl Maria
Wollsdorf 82
A-8181 St. Ruprecht an der Rab

Thank you Father James!
I have been freed from esoteric and I have forgiven my parents. I hold up my hands to Jesus.
Thanks be to Jesus.
Jesus I love you.


Hofer Franz
6. 7. 2002

I had problems with my thyroid. The doctor said that the lumps were disturbing and that they would have to be removed eventually. I often felt them (feeling of pressure). But since the healing prayer of Fr. James at Ternitz, I don’t feel anything anymore.
I thank Jesus for healing me.


Hofer Rosa
Neudorf 6.7.2002

Thank you Jesus!
I was bound by curses and evil spirits and I was freed. My sins were also taken away.
I also received physical healing.
Thank you Jesus! Halleluja!!!


My name is Karl Christian Florian and I have been seriously addicted to drugs (opiates, cocaine, alcohol, morphine, marihuana, extasy etc, everything) and 2 years ago I started on a drug substitution program ( methadon), but I still used other drugs (tranquillizers: Valium, Rohypnol, Braxiten, marihuana). Since yesterday, 5. 7. 2002 I know that I have been freed from using these drugs.But that is not the real reason for my giving testimony. Because after 18 years of drug addiction I had lost all the love in my heart (true love). I don’t mean the spoken love but the love from the heart. That love filled me yesterday through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Karl Florian


Maria Karl
8272 Sebersdorf 18

Since the seminar with Fr. James in October 2000, my back and shoulder pain is gone.


Mihacevic Tatajana
Stresoldogasse 94/III
8010 Graz

Jesus freed me from the power of evil! Jesus healed me through Fr. James Manjackal from all evil powers, from occultism, from transcendental powers, meditation etc.
Thank you Jesus. I love you forever.


Kampel Herbert
8530 Deutschlandsberg
Frauentalstraße 51

I repented 8 years ago at Lourdes. My daughter was freed from asthma at the seminar and two members of the family were freed from their alcohol addiction.
My wife and I, my niece, two of my brothers and my sister-in-law were freed from smoking.

Testimonies from retreat at Ternitz 14. –17. 06. 2002

1) Günter
Received strength for his ministry. He has 33 prayer groups which he leads, some of them, to Medjugorje. He asked God for charisma/strength for his work. Fr. James laid his hand on him. Outside he met a woman who told him: “ My son is here!” This son is a young man who was keeping bad company, took drugs, tried to commit suicide, in short, he had big problems. The mother picked up her son and brought him to the retreat after being told to do so. Günter asked the priest to hear the son’s confession. The son came and he went to confession.

2) Manuela from Ternitz

Vision: during the prayer for the Holy Spirit Christ was above us. Heaven was open. Streams of living water flowed from the heart of Jesus to us into our hearts.
Praise the Lord!

3) Rosemarie from Karlsruhe

Has cancer for 12 years. Doctors always said there is no cure. She had 6 operations. Before the last operation she was told there is no cure. Fr. James said her name: Rosemarie, you are healed. She felt something flowing through her from head to feet and she firmly believes in this healing. Last year she had this experience: she had a tumor, 8 cm large in the same area as once before. The operating doctor said, “We can’t operate in this spot anymore, it’s not possible.” Sr. Bernardis from Karlsruhe prayed for her before the Blessed Sacrament and she received these words: “It is my will, that my work be manifested through you.” From month to month (every 2 months she has an ultrasound examination), the tumor became smaller. The doctors said: “That is truly a miracle. Medically, it is impossible. So now she trusts, as in the past year in the words of Jesus: Rosemarie, you are healed.
Praise the Lord forever and ever!

4)Doris from Kottingbrunn
She wants to say thank you. In Medjugorje she received the life-story of Fr. James. What touched her: Fr. James went to confession after realizing that he had celebrated the Mass in sin. When she read that, she thought the same thing is happening to her. She stopped committing this sin 1 ½ years ago but she never confessed it in her life. She never confessed because she thought she would always fall into that sin again anyway, and I can’t confess that. Upset, she went to the nearest priest in Medjugorje and confessed. This was too much for that priest but he said to her “where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more.” She said Rom 5:20.

Fr. James prayed for Doris and said: You are healed, you are completely healed. You are completely filled by the Holy Spirit. On this day she doesn’t know what else she should do with so much Holy Spirit but pass it on to everyone else.

5) Brigitte from St. Egyden

My name is Brigitte, I’m 51 years old and live near Neunkirchn/NÖ (Lower Austria). I have been suffering from breast cancer for 16 years. I had 4 operations and since October 2001 I have daughter cells in my bones. On top of that I have ( I had) bronchitis/asthma. I also had a back operation in 1989, a hysterectomy 1988. I had operations on both eyes. A short time ago I became a cataract on my lift eye. My journey with Jesus was never stopped completely. Even in school I was always aware that I only had one comforter -- Jesus! I have been living a christian life conscientiously and intensively for 9 years and I have tried to be active in the faith inspite of my illness ( House of Peace, Bible drama group).

In April 2002, I attended the first retreat with Fr. James in Wiener Neustadt. The evening of the last day I called my mother to ask her about the time before my birth ( her pregnancy). She told me that when she was in the 5th month of pregnancy with me she had a drop of her stomach because she had so little to eat. She was very thin and you couldn’t tell she was pregnant till the end. Six weeks before I was born, she was even x-rayed because the doctors wouldn’t believe her when she asked for maternity leave and registered at the hospital.

While we were talking, I felt the “baby in me” kicking (aggression) -- because it couldn’t breathe because the stomach was pressing down on me! Suddenly I knew -- “that crushed you”. Now you don’t have asthma anymore.

I told my mother that and at first she didn’t want to believe it, but I haven’t taken any pills for asthma since April and I didn’t have any attacks either. Once in awhile I get out of breath -- then I use a spray -- but at the same time I call Jesus. I know this condition will soon be healed! Since that time, I am free of pain!

During my second retreat at Ternitz I also felt “something” happening to me, and I pray daily that God will let me know what kind of healing I have received. I will be patient, though, because I am sure that Jesus will also heal my cancer. If not today, then tomorrow.
Thank you, Jesus!

I feel comforted and happy. Halleluja! Praise the Lord! God wants me to holy -- I have to work at that every day.

I wish Fr. James great strength through Jesus and may God bless him!

6) Fritz from Ternitz

During a retreat in Augsburg he had a vision: the Sacred Heart picture of Sister Faustine, very large, a dark horizon, dusk, outlines of a city that meant nothing to him. Now, when he closes his eyes and looks at this city, it is full of light. That city is “Ternitz”!

7) Ingrid from Ternitz

Went for a retreat in Wiener Neustadt, was able to experience Fr. James at work. After that, the power of the Holy Spirit became evident in her life. Fr. James said we may demand something of Jesus in our prayers. She experienced that and received much. She wants to encourage everyone to work in prayer and to let Jesus do something. Her family came to this retreat! Praise the Lord!

8) Ernst from Pottschach

Had very severe case of stomach cancer 2 ½ years ago. Doctors said, only a miracle could help him. On the operating-table he blessed the chief surgeon and the whole surgical team and prayed for the doctors. He gave everything to Mary and Jesus. After the operation he had pneumonia, then he had chemo-therapy. The cancer was the size of a child’s head. Many lymph nodes were removed. Last year he had another examinaation and CT and more lumps were found. Again he had chemo. They had to stop chemo because he was allergic, had suffocation attacks, his red blood cells were not good. He received blood transfusions. His guardian angel made it possilble for hm to be present at this retreat. When Fr. James put his hand on him and prayed, the stomach start to “boil”. He said: “Jesus says, you are healed.” Thank you, Jesus!
When I talked to him the following week, he told me he no longer has diarrhea. His face has also changed.

9) Mirela from Kassel

She was at the retreat in Wiener Neustadt. Her soul was very sick. She received inner healing. She comes from Croatia. The parents took her to the grandparents from Croatia when she was 4-5 years old. She saw all the people she couldn’t forgive and those she hurt. That was the root of all the sins she had committed. When she was 4, she decided only to live for herself and to love only herself ( during Fr. James’ talk she once again saw her whole life from childhood). she decided not to love her parents anymore because they leift her with the grandparents. She thought she didn’t need anyone and it became worse until finally she was mad at God. She got acne, chronically, which she squeezed a lot, leaving her with scars on her fce. She was angry with God.

During the healing prayer she saw herself as a giant out of stone and her father came to her, fell on his knees and asked her to forgive him. She wanted to, but she couldn’t. She asked Jesus: help me! Her neck hurt, her head hurt, but she didn’t give up and cried:Jesus help me! But the giant didn’t break.

Then her mother came and crawled before her on her stomach on the floor and cried: forgive me, Mirela, forgive me, but she couldn’t. Tears streamed down her face, but she was a stone and couldn’t. Then she heard Fr. James say he sees 7 people who can’t forgive their parents and she cried with him: Jesus, Jesus. Suddenly this stone broke and she cried like the day when she was 4 years old and she decided never to cry like that again. She felt Jesus take something out of her heart. When she got back home she talked to her mother till 3 am and they cried together.
Praise the Lord!

10) Maria from Otterthal

She had a hard life, always believed in Jesus and trusted him. One and a half years ago, she got cancer. Jesus told her in a vision: “carry the cross with me”. Last year she saw Fr. James. Over and over again, she heard the words:”help me! help me!” She gladly acceptd. She had cancer operations and this year another big operation on her intestines with side exit (artificial anus). She is still very weak from this last operation. Gave the whole operation to God and asked Jesus to guide the surgeons. She always felt: Jesus, I am healed. I thank you. This Saturday during the retreat at Ternitz a beautiful light shone on her. Jesus touched her and said: You are healed. During the rosary on Sunday she was told: go to Fr. James. She was shy and cowardly. She had the feeling he was waiting for her. Finally a friend brought her to Fr. James. When he laid hands on her, he said: “My daughter, you are healed.” Thank you Jesus. Praise the Lord!

11) Anna from Wiener Neustadt

Years ago she had an accident. She was knocked down by a car, resulting in broken vertebra, injured neck and collarbone. She was treated and the strong treatment relieved the pain somewhat, but it returned. Before Easter the pain was so bad that she thought she couldn’t even carry ½ l of milk. She couldn’t find a seat at the resurrection celebration in Wr. Neustadt. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to stand it. She stood at the side, thought she might be able to lean against the wall. She prayed: ”Please Lord, let me sit down at least for 5 minutes”. Right after that, a woman touched her and said: Look, there is an empty seat. She said, “Thank you, Lord.” She told the woman about it.
She attended retreat in Wr. Neustadt. During prayer she felt a hand very gently, carefully stroke her back. She thought who is doing this to me, turned around but nobody had touched her. Doubtfully she thought maybe Jesus had touched her.
After awhile she went home. Now she can wear normal things.

12) Dorothea from Stockheim-Germany

Felt rejected from birth. She went to confession, said everything. Fr. James prayed. She was very happy. The feeling of rejection is gone. Then he said, she was healed and she knew it was true. Praise the Lord!

13) Elisabeth from Oberpiesting

She was taught to be quiet in church and not to clap or make a noise. She was very suspicious of “charismatics”. Inspite of that, she came here because she knows our parish priest well and he pleaded for people to come. So she came and they started singing and she sang along, she clapped along, she raised her hands! She has such great joy. This joy fills her. Thank you! Halleluja!

14) Michaela from Cologne

She brought a colleague along. He repented. She is the witness. She never gave testimony before. She stopped smoking. Thank you, Jesus!

15)Leopoldine from Pottschach

Has big problems with her veins and can hardly go to church. when she sits she has great pain and very swollen legs. One and a half years ago she had her veins operated on both legs. Since then, she still has pain in her legs, burning and swollen legs. At the retreat her pain was taken away.

Testimonies from Ternitz -- in addition to the ones given at the retreat:

A woman (Maria Haberler) from the Ichthys community, a free christian community, was healed of pain in her knees at Sunday Mass. After falling on stone stairs, her knees had hurt for a long time.

A young man came with a lady, was there 2 days ( Heli asked Fr. James if he could stay), gave his life to Jesus on Saturday evening at the train station.

The mother of priest’s housekeeper who had bad case of sugar diabetes and circulatory trouble was able to take part all 4 days without problems.

A woman who “sneaked in” on Sunday afternoon, (I know her) told me that prayers were said for people who were not present. Her husband has a bad case of cancer. Her busband’s name wa called as healed.

Betty -- excema on foot is healed ( the size of 2 hands)

Andi -- one of the musicians -- says his back doesn’t hurt anymore.

Hannerl -- sinusitis and headache are gone.

Heli -- knees don’t hurt anymore.

Günther -- had stomach ulcers and “reflux”. Yesterday he ate alost a whole Mohnstrudel without problems and everything was ok! Praise the Lord!
Besides that, he received inner healing especially regarding his attitude toward two persons he couldn’t stand!

Edi-- after one week, he has no backache in the morning, also his knees were healed after (or during the Mass).

From Sri Lanka

Dear Rev.Father,

I am a Sri Lankan at presently residing in Ottawa,Canada. When I was in Sri Lanka in April this year, you had a prayer programme at St.Lawrence Church,Wellawatte, Sri Lanka and I attended the programme all five days.I was really impressed with your programme and I experienced a new feeling when I attended your prayers and healing service.One day, during the prayers, you even called out my name and said that I was healed.After that there was a complete change in my life.Now I am residing in Canada.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs.Rani Fabian

Testimonies from Raperswill

Testimony 1

I thank the Lord for calling me and for calling me out by my name.
This is for me and for my family the third retreat.
On the first one, I asked dear God to open my eyes, my ears and my heart and He did that.
On the second retreat I asked the Lord to show me all my pains, all my sorrows and to take them upon Himself and He did that as well. I testified that and I handed over my testimony to Fr. Smiljan. Jesus washed with His tears the wounds of my unhappy childhood (I had seven years when my father died, my mother worked in Austria, and we four children were growing up beside the old and weak grandmother).
Jesus took upon Himself the sins of my youth and carried away from me many misconceptions.
Even though we had prayed also before in the family (I am a mother of five children and a wife of a wonderful and too good husband), our prayer had been weak, because it had not been coming from the depth of a heart.
And from the second retreat I have been constantly praying: A Credo for the Pope, a Credo for my husband, a Credo for my children, a Credo for many people who needed my prayers and so one day I pray for my neighbour who quarrels with her husband, then for married couples without children, then for children all over the world, then for the youth. And because every day there are more and more people in need for prayer, I decide, for example, to stop praying for Renata, who many of you know, and she tells me that she is again in crisis. What shall I do then? I make up for the missed Credos, and pray her Credo again every day. (I have been praying for her longer then one year).
Then I think why should I pray for Fr. James, he is full of the Holy Spirit, but how can I stop as you never know whether he is going to sit again in a car of some Italian.
And so my life has become a prayer.
At this retreat I have come to pray for the peace in the hearts of my closer and further family. And for the two very sick persons: for Ivana and for Ivan. Ivana is 21, and since 15 she has suffered from dystrophy of muscles. Her parents accepted her illness as a cross, but we have asked for Ivana help from God. We took her to Me?ugorje before the operation, which was, because of that grace, very successful. We urged her to go to a retreat in Samobor, then we prayed with her, and we filled her with the new strength. Then Ivana went to Me?ugorje with Fr. Smiljan, and also Renata, and she received many blessings: she felt on her body sufferings of Jesus and she received the gift of tongues. And now about this gift of tongues: I constantly pray to God for this gift: but He gave it to Ivana. Then through Ivana, her parents moved. They went with Ivana on the retreat that Fr. James had in Zagreb and the gift of tongues received: my sister!
And then I asked dear God: What did that suppose to mean? I sent you an unbeliever who did not know properly to pray neither Credo nor rosary, and You gave her the gift of tongues, as Fr. James says nicely this: la la la la, what my soul desires.
So much about Ivana.
Ivan is four years old and still does not walk. He is also in our closer family and I asked dear Jesus to tell me their names through Fr. James if he healed them. And Fr. James said: Ivana and Ivan - two Ivan were getting healing.
I did not pray for my physical health, because how could I pray for that when I see so many needy people. And Jesus, on my first retreat, regardless the fact that I did not attend the prayer for healing, took away my two biggest illnesses: strong migraine and pains in stomach.
But I realised something from talks. I realised that I was proud and that I assigned to myself the gifts that the Lord gave me. If I were to list all gifts with which the Almighty has endowed us, it would last longer then a talk. Therefore I prayed to dear Jesus and to my Father to remove my heart of stone and to give me a heart of flesh. During the healing prayer I felt that my heart beat differently and I asked Jesus to call out my name so that I could recognise that it was I. I asked Him to call me out twice by my Christian name. Then Fr. James said: KATA, KATA you were receiving healing. I thank my Lord and Master for giving me a new heart, for giving me His grace, for touching me with His hand. Thank you Father for calling out twice my name that is carved into Your palm so that I can recognise You and that I become what You want me to be.
Before the first retreat I was bad, but thanks to dear God, not evil. Then I understood that it was a way to explain me that I have to be good. Then comes Fr. James and already the first day I realised that God asks us to be holy. Then Fr. James confirmed that yesterday. Now I ask dear God to give me strength and courage to live a holy life.

Thank You and Praise You Lord Jesus.

Kata Sunic
Buchwaldstr. 4
9008 St. Gallen

Testimony 2

Wittenbach 01.06.02

Dear Fr. James,

Already for four years I have suffered from fear, panic, depression. I have tried everything from herbalists, doctors, clinics to various clairvoyants and jottings (messages). Finally I stayed closed at home and addicted to bencodiacepin.
I started to loose my faith in God, faith in people and faith in myself and my future.
On Thursday I sent my picture by one grandmother. Already on Thursday I felt changes. I cannot explain what kind of changes, but I felt closer to God. Yesterday I had birthday. The most beautiful present was news from that grandmother when she called me and told me that you had called out my name and that you had prayed for me. I feel better, but my thoughts are still scattered. Hundreds of questions are coming: how is it going to be from now on, what has happened with me, is this really going to disappear once for all. I still hope that I will with God’s help find my way.
I thank you from the heart for prayer for me.



“You have the Lord for your refuge, you have made the Most High your strong hold. No evil shall befall you, no affliction come near your tent, for God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways, with their hands they shall support you lest you strike your foot against the stone” (Psalm 91 : 9-12)

I have been to Canicatti, a small little town in Sicily, Italy for the Pentecost for 17th to 19th of May where thousands of Sicilians gathered together for a new Pentecost. They had a wonderful experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit following signs and wonders, miracles and healings. On the following day, I was going from Calabria to Favara for a prayer meeting and Holy Mass. Giuseppe; the combiner of the program was driving me in his car along with Florinda, my Italian translator and Gaby, my personal secretary. As we were a little late to reach the venue, Giuseppe took the speed of 180 km in the motorway and while entering a tunnel, in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle, he applied sudden break and the car collapsed with a big noise like that of an explosion. It hit the wall of the tunnel several times and rotated three times before the engine stopped in an upside down position. As the accident occur, all the four of us were calling upon the name of Jesus, “Jesus, Jesus” we all shouted aloud! Giuseppe cling himself to the steering and I was under the airbag bent head long like a child in the mother’s womb! When the car began to somersault I did not hear the sound of the two ladies sitting behind without the seats belts. I began to call their names, “Gaby, Florinda”, hearing no response from them I thought they might have died already. I did not know that they managed to get out of the car as soon as the car came to a hold. Yes, the Lord had arranged them to come out earlier as angels to help us out from the car otherwise we would have unable to come out by ourselves being fastened to the seat by belt, the doors being jammed. Already we experienced smoke coming out of the engine and the tunnel was getting smoky. We fear that we would be burnt alive in the car, then I heard Gaby’s voice; “Father, where are you, are you ok?” With a power of a tigress, she forcefully opened the jammed doors and pulled both of us out from the car. Except for a minor wound on the left shoulder of Florinda, all of us escape without hurt. It is incredible that in such a great accident, in such a speed in a tunnel we all survived. For all the onlookers and for those who heard the news our escape was a great miracle. Some Charismatics expressed saying, “this indeed is more miraculous than all the healings that happened on the previous day, for Pentecost”. Again I say, “OUR GOD IS A MIGHTY GOD WHO CARES US AT EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES”.

The Word of the Lord is true for all, “Whoever clings to Me I will deliver, whoever knows My name I will set on high or who call upon Me I will answer, I will be them in their distress” (Psalm 91: 14-15). How true it is promised through the prophet Isaiah, “when you pass through the waters I will be with you, in the rivers you shall not drawn, when you walk through fire you shall not be burnt, the flames shall not consume you…because you are precious in My eyes and glorious and because I love you” (Is 43: 2-4). Yes, when we were riding in high speed on the highways He was with us, when we passed through the tunnels He protected us, in the great accident where normally nobody would have survived He took us by His hands, Hallelujah. I once again praise and thank the Lord who has saved me several times in my many accidents in the past. “God is my refuge and my strength and ever-present help in distress” (Psalm 46: 2)

Fr. James Manjackal

Testimonies from the 2nd retreat in Pöllau

I came here full of joy and expectations but also with many doubts concerning Fr. James. This was because of the negative influence of a spiritual sister 1,5 to 2 years ago. However, I was pleasantly surprised from the very first day of the seminar. But sometimes, such negative thoughts still came to my mind during the following days. I often asked Jesus to wash and cleanse me with his Precious Blood. That has helped me during the past years when I was deeply troubled. I was already full of joy, but on Monday these thoughts came to my mind again: " What are you here for..." and so on. I asked Jesus again to cleanse me with his Precious Blood. Then, in the evening when my daughters went for supper, I went to the adoration room. I wanted to pray especially for my foster daughter and her ancestors. But I had such abdominal pain and gas. I was kneeling in front of the Eucharist and was already considering leaving the room again. I told Jesus, " If you want me to finish praying this rosary, then help me please."Then Jesus touched me, my pain was gone and I was able to finish praying the rosary. In the evening, during Holy Mass, Fr. James spoke my name. He said: "Helga, you are healed. Jesus is washing you with his Precious Blood, your sins are forgiven, you are white as snow." I immediately felt that I was meant. Later on he said: "Bianca, I am touching you, you are healed. I am taking away your sadness." Bianca is my eldest daughter. She had many mental wounds and she was very sad. Now she is healed. We are filled with joy and thankfulness!

On Tuesday morning I felt strongly that I should give testimony. I felt as if someone had put a stone in my stomach. "You must bear witness and ask pardon of Fr. James." During the intercessary prayers I asked Jesus for courage and strength-- immediately I felt the pressure in my stomach lessen. But is wasn't gone. After Holy Communion: "Jesus, what should I do? I can apologize when I'm alone with him." The answer was: "No, in front of all!" Then I came: "When Mass is over and they go for lunch...not right after Mass, allright?" Again the answer, " No compromising, this is my beloved priest."
There were other thoughts, like "you'll make a fool of yourself. You want to make yourself look important. You're not going to humiliate yourself like that" Then the light of Jesus came: "Allright, I will go right after Mass is over." I was the second one to go to the front and I gave testimony about parts of my experiences with Jesus and I asked Fr. James to forgive me. When I sat down again, the big stone in my stomach was gone. I felt deep peace within and great joy. I was able to clap hands with the others and to hold up my hands, full of joy. Before the retreat, that was always a problem for me. I can only say Praise and Glory be to the Lord! Thanks be to you, Lord, Halleluja! Mother Mary, pray for us!

Helga, from Dobl

* * * *
Bianca, from Dobl

Jesus touched me!
My name is Bianca and I live with my husband Erich, my parents and two little siblings and Grandma in a house in Dobl, near Graz. I am 25 years old. Two years ago atChristmas time, my husband and I learned that we will probably never be able to have children. For my husband and myself a world of hope was destroyed. My husband started smoking again (after 5 years) and buried himself in his work and naturally he didn't have time for me. I had to cope with this feeling alone, because I couldn't talk to my husbaand about it. He was the cause of the problem and I didn't want to hurt him even more. The following summer, my brother's girl-friend had a baby. I was very sad. I couln't completely share my brother's joy. A year later, in December, my sister had a baby. I became sadder and sadder -- other members of the family and relatives also had babies. I was so hurt I began to develop inhibitions towards babies; I was afraid to take a liking to them. I told myself, I couldn't cope with children. I did not have much to do with my nephews. In the meantime my faith in Jesus had grown, but I was very deeply wounded. My mother had registered herself and Papa for a seminar with Fr. James in Pöllau. But since Papa didn't want to go, I went along instead. I went to confession to Fr. Florian Parth and told him and others about my problems and about my husband. In the evening after Holy Mass (Feast of the Annunciation), the healing prayer(for inner healing) by Fr. James through Jesus took place.
Enthusiastically, I prayed along. At the end of the prayer, Fr. James said the names of the people healed. I didn't hear my name among them. But I claimed, though with some doubts, other healings which were announced without names. The next day the last Mass with the special blessing was held. Fr. James and Fr. Florian prayed for all the couples and single persons. During my blessing I felt a light tingle on my skin. Later, on the way home, my mother told me she had heard my name: "Bianca, I am touching you, you are healed, I am taking away your sadness!"
The next morning I felt that something was removed from me. (My urine was dark brown). After the day's work, I came home tired and confused, and my little nephew Dominik was there. I went to him and smiled at him, the feelings of inhibition, of not being able to cope with children were gone. I played with him, walked areound the yard with him and showed him our little rabbits. In the evening I fed him, we smiled at each other and suddenly he gave me a kiss. I was very much surprised.
I thanked and praised Jesus. Then my mother told me, "Your eyes are so bright, today." and a friend said the same. My eyes shone like two stars in heaven. In the evening we drove to Mass in Graz. In the car we prayed the rosary especially for Fr. James and his ministry of evangelisation. Suddenly we experienced a wonderful smell in our noses, that came like in waves till the end of the prayer. The extraordinary thing about it was, that it was the first time I was able to enjoy such a fragrance for such a long time. I had sensed this smell only once before for a few seconds. It was a wonderful grace for me. Now I had no more doubts that Jesus had really touched my heart. I felt like I was newly born. Halleluja!
Praise and Glory be to our King Jesus.

* * * *
Wiener Neustadt

Brigitte A., St. Egyden

I had this retreat given to me and it was the first time for me. For 16 years I have been suffering from breast cancer (operated 3x) and for 8 years I have been seeking God and praying intensively for healing. Four years ago my left breast was amputated and I fell into despair and depression. I found help in a prayer group and learned the right way to pray. For 6 months I have daughter cells in my bones and I was completely down. Through the prayer group in Wr. Neustadt and through family Ostermann, I came here. Much is "broken" in me.-- many hard rings around my chest have been loosened. During the Holy Mass on Thursday evening after confession, I sensed that only my faith in Jesus could heal me. I throw all my pains and fears at feet and with love, I cling to the cross! Thank you, Jesus! You will heal me! Halleluja! During the renewal of confirmation the Holy Spirit came into me and I felt great warmth! I feel confidence and strength. I thank God for Fr. James, who preaches the Word of God so powerfully! I wish him continuing power and God's blessing for the future. I was able to make several friends here! I also thank Jesus for that!
Thank you-- Praise the Lord!

* * * * *
M. Walter
My name is M. Walter. I am 27 years old and I'm from Kassel (Germany). My parents are from Croatia, we are Croatians. My parents brought me to my grandparents in Croatia at the age of 8 weeks and I stayed there till I was about 5. I loved my grandparents and I liked being with them, but I missed my parents. I couldn't understand why they didn't want me. I thought they didn't love me!
They visited me on their holidays but I wanted to be with them, not without them! I condemned them till yesterday (4.11.2002)(April). When Fr. James said the inner healing prayer and announced that 7 persons were struggling to forgive their parents, something broke in me! I cried and sobbed from deep within. I had never cried like that. My soul sobbed deeply. I felt that I was freed and that I can love my parents. Before that, I thought I loved them because my mind told me I must love them. But at this seminar, I realized that I had not loved them. Till yesterday, I never wanted to be ...(not readable)...but this thought and this feeling was also destroyed! I have been freed! Praise the Lord!

* * * * *
Stefan Renè B., Eisenstadt
God brought me back into his lap through the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I had been living a bad and immoral life. Through the renewal of the baptismal vows, I became many insights and I am looking forward to healing of the body. (=was the young boy with a picture of Ludwig XXIII)

* * * * * *
Franz L., Pitten
Actually, I didn't want to come here!
But I already experienced inner healing on Tuesday!
I had had mental problems and because of my use of drugs etc. it got a lot worse! Everything has changed! I felt great inner peace,calmness and security. Warmth! I almost fainted! To make it short, something has happened that I wouldn't have thought possible! And now I am pure and so full of faith! Thank you, Jesus! Halleluja!

* * * * *
Ronald F., Vienna
I received inner healing!
I could not forgive the church and the priests.

* * * * *
Rosl G., Alberschwende
"Jesus, who breaks the chains
Jesus, who frees the prisoners
Jesus, who tears down walls!

Testimony of Jasna

Dear Fr. James,

I was at your seminar at “Dvorana Sportova” at Zagreb. The seminar helped me to meet Jesus in special way. My faith in Jesus increased. Daily now I experience His love in my prayer life. Whenever I pray, whenever I speak or write about the Holy Spirit I get a strong smell of incense, which give me a great joy and strength in my life. I have my husband and children. The doctors had told that I would not get children again as I have some sickness in my uterus. After my meeting with Jesus in the seminar I find myself pregnant again, a clear proof that I am recovered. It is a great wonder that my sister, who had no children for 16 years after her marriage, is now pregnant after the seminar. Her faith in Jesus has become very strong now. Please pray that we give birth to healthy children. Please pray that we all live a good and holy family life according to God’s will.

Bjelovar, Croatia

My dear Fr. James,

My name is Nada (in English it means hope) and I am from Split, Croatia. Ever since I attended your seminar in Split in July, my life started changing. Earlier I had the problem of drugs. Although I came out of it, my mind was completely empty; it was like a balloon blown out!! Always I was trying to hide myself from all – I wanted to run away from all! In the seminar Jesus taught me many things. My faith increased by hearing your preaching. I began to pray from my heart. In the seminar I was freed from all my inner problems and I felt myself filled with the Holy Spirit. All my fears vanished. Now I don’t feel bad even when I am alone in the room. I feel my heart is filled with Jesus’ love. I know that Jesus loves me! Now I can pray from my heart, before the seminar I was praying with empty words, now I pray with meaningful, affectionate and warm words. I sing with joy now! In me and around me I feel wonderful newness of life. I have many more things to share but I am short of words. For many people my testimony may not be very important but for me it is great. Before the Mighty and Big God I find myself very small. So Fr. James, help me to grow more and more in Jesus. My friends also told that they too had a great experience of God. Please come again to our country to give us Jesus.

Nada Topic
21212 K. Sucurac
Split, Croatia

Testimony of Mrs. A. D’cruze

My name is Mrs. A. D’cruze and I am a teacher in railway school as profession.

In July 2001, the doctors informed me that both my kidneys were damaged and transplantation was needed. However, as I had no blood relations to donate a kidney, the other option was to go on to dialysis life long.
So before starting dialysis, I went to various doctors who could treat the sickness without dialysis or transplantation. Unfortunately they all failed.
So again with no alternative, I went for Hem-dialysis in the Railway hospital in the first week of February 2001. This dialysis (twice a week) went on until end of July 2001. But here also my health could not pick up and I was deteriorating and the railway doctor put me on the danger list. Also during all these months, from July 2001, we prayed to the almighty Jesus, Mary and all saints and also many of our friends and relatives prayed and offered masses. Then my brother in law, Mr. Vincent D’cruze (who is in Saudi Arabia), sent me some passages to be read from the Gospel which were given to him by Fr. James Manjackal around 15th of July 2001 because he had requested Fr. James to pray for my healing.
I think these prayers and other people’s prayers enlightened the railway doctor to send me to Nims for better treatment. It was in Nims (20 July to 6 Aug) that I recovered very well and was in the position to do Peritonial dialysis.
So I came back to the railway hospital and the operation was done on the 10 Aug., and since then I am doping Peritonial dialysis, where I am feeling much better and I am able to help myself in many activities which I could not do in Haemodialysis. My kidneys have not yet come back to the original state, but I am still thankful for the prayers of Fr. James Manjackal and the prayers he sent through my brother in law. I am also thankful to my relatives, friends and well wishers that prayed and are still praying. Please continue praying for me (normalization of my kidneys).
Please receive the amount of money which I send to you for evangelization.
A. D’cruze

Flat 102 Raj Apartments
12 5 51 Vijayapuri
Secunderabad 500 017

My Testimony – Shalini

We got married in the year 1995 October, and I joined my husband after a year, who is working abroad. After a few months, we planned to go for a child but till 6 to 8 months they were no signs of conceiving. So we consulted the gynecologist and she put me under medication.

As the treatment was going on, we were fortunate enough to attend the retreat conducted by Fr. James Manjackal in Feb 1998. When I met Fr. Manjackal in consulting session I requested him to pray over me to bless me with the gift of a child. After praying over me, he told me not to worry, he says, “Jesus is showing me that you are pampering a child and between four months you will conceive”. These words really gave me a great relief.
In the month of April we came down to India and again we consulted a very good gynecologist. After all the investigation, my hormone level was found to be very low, and the doctor asked me to stay back for three months for medication and put me on tablets to increase the hormone level.
In the same month, when I didn’t get my period, I consulted to the doctor whether I can stop the tablets. His immediate reaction was: “You have seen the report. There are no chances of conceiving at all. So please continue your medicine” But I had a deep feeling within me that I have conceived and I stopped the tablets. After few days when I went for a test it was positive. Now we have a son who is 2 years 9 months old. A great miracle took place in my life. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

Vincent Dale
Mangalore, S. India

Testimony from Josephine
Zagreb, December 14, 2001

Dear Fr. James

Thank you in name of Josephine and my own name for your fax full of love and care for us.

We than Our father in Name of His Son Jesus, our Lord that with your faith in Jesus your prayers are answered by the healing power of the Holy Spirit, the graceful love of the Father and the Son.

Josephine is still in Tripoli recovering well after the operation. She will come to see you in India at first chance upon she reaches Sri Lanka as she has promised. With God’s Will providing, it will be during January 2002. Upon receiving your fax, I sent immediately the transcription of it to Josephine, we talked about it by phone and her heart is glad, full of joy and gratitude.

She send you best wishes for Christmas and new Year and she is always praying the thanksgiving prayer to Jesus what our Lord did to her for loving her, touching her, healing her and filling her with the Holy Spirit, but also in her prayers she is always asking Lord Jesus to give you more and more power of the Holy Spirit, so that your prayers bring more and more people to Jesus and may bring help to all those who are in need like it was brought to her, so that Our Father is more and more glorified in His Son our Lord!

Herewith enclosed, you may find your fax sent to Josephine with kind help of His Eminence Monsignor Fr. Giovanni Martinelli, Bishop of Tripoli on fax no. 00 21 82 13 33 46 96

From my end, I join all Josephine’s prayers and thankfulness to the Lord Jesus for loving you so much, but as well, with deep love and gratitude for a man named James who said YES to Him.
Thank you again for all what you have done for us Croats and for my dear homeland Croatia. Come and see us again dear Fr. James, because we are really in need of true friends who loves us and who, by their pure love, are trying to bring us Croats back to Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you, to your dear mother and all family, to all your associates and helpers, to all India people, but especially to all Malayalam people!

Darko Majic, wife Rubica,
Children Vanja, Luka,
Matija and father in law

Testimony from Dubai

December 28 – 2001

I never knew Quran or Bible. From childhood I knew that Allah is the only God and I used to pray the prayers at night at home. It is from the classes from Fr. James Manjackal at Dubai, I came to know more of Bible and Quran. By his teaching I am fully convinced that Allah came down on earth in human form in Jesus to take away our sins and sicknesses. When the Holy Spirit filled me with power, my eyes were opened to Christ and I accepted Him as my only Lord. Incredible are the peace and joy which I have ever since I met Jesus in my heart. Now I have a lot of financial losses, I have authentic pains in my joins, my wife has cancer in the uterus but all these can not take away the peace and joy which I received from Christ. I experience that He is walking with me. Family members and I are waiting for the day when we can become Christians.

Abdul Hameed
Dubai, UAE

Testimony of Fatima Haneef

It is in November 2000 that I attended the course on Holy Quran and Bible along with my father and brother in the desert of Abudahabi. All of us received the light of the Holy Spirit and accepted Jesus as our God. My father was addicted to drugs and various kinds of bad habits. My brother was taking alcohol and drugs which were forbidden by our religion Islam. There was never peace at our home. My mother was suffering from breast cancer. I had skin disease. As my mother had to look after the sheeps, she did not attend the classes but was prayed over by Fr. James. She was totally healed of the breast cancer. When the doctor was wondering about her healing, boldly I told him that it is the prophet Jesus who healed her. After I was prayed over for the Holy Spirit I never had the skin disease. My greater happiness is that my father and brother stopped all bad habits and became very good people. Now we all follow Jesus as God by praying at home and reading the Bible. What a peace in the hearts and at home when Jesus comes in the lives! Daily I see Jesus as a living person to whom I can tell everything of my life. Even in small problems and difficulties he comes to console me and to comfort me. The other day, I had a severe stomach pain. All told me to go to see a doctor. I told my father to lay his hands on my stomach and to pray in the name of Jesus. By his prayer I was fully OK: Last week we lost three of our sheeps and were searching for them desperately. I told my mother to pray to Jesus, then He would bring them. We prayed and found the sheeps without any harm. I have no words to narrate the miracles we see daily in our lives ever since our friendship with Jesus. He alone is God. All praise and glory to Him alone.

Fatima Haneef

Testimony of Nazir al Ghazzali

It is from Fr. James Manjackal I heard Jesus the prophet is a God indeed. When he talked both The holy Quran and the Bible, I was convinced that Jesus is the only Saviour and Lord who came to this world to wash the sins of mankind and to heal mankind. In his prayer, when Fr. James layed his hands for the power of the Holy Spirit, I felt mayself washed from all my past sins and guilt. I had the experience of being born anew. I was completely healed of my arthritic problems and bronchitis asthma. My wife was healed of her tumor in the uterus. Now I feel I am walking with Jesus at every moment of my life. Ever since I accepted Him as my only Lord and God, I have great peace and joy in my life. Now I read the Bible daily. I pray to Jesus daily. I go to the prayer group weekly and I am looking forward for the day I can become a Christian.

Nazi al Gahazzali
Ryath, Saudi Arabia

Testimony of Yusef Ben Ali

Dear Fr. James

Do you remember me Father? I am Yussuf Ben Ali. When you were preaching in Damman to my brother and sisters, I was brought to you for your healing touch. I was completely paralysed for seven years and no doctor could ever healed me. After your prayer to the prophet Jesus within seventeen days I was able to walk about and do my daily routine. Through my companions I came to know all what you taught about Jesus. Now I see Him as a God in the place of Allah. I am looking forward to your coming again in our country to be filled by the Holy Spirit by your lying of hands and to decide to follow Jesus as God. My two young boys of eighteen and twenty one are eagerly waiting to meet you. Come soon.

Yusef Ben Ali
Damman, Saudi

Testimony from Oman

Dear Fr. James,

I am Merly Titus from Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman, Arabian Gulf. Six months ago I sent you a letter asking for a healing prayer for my mother Mary, who was suffering from cancer on Vertebra. In your reply you wrote: "I see Jesus touching your mother and healing her". Also you wrote Lk 8: 48 from the Holy Bible. My mother, I and the whole family believed in your prophetical words and began praising Jesus for the healing already received. It is a great wonder that my mother has no cancer. A Muslim doctor who diagnosed her illness by MRI scan had told her, "there is no treatment for your cancer in the medical science. As you are a Christian, go to your priests and ask them to pray, your God can heal!" We remembered the Word of the Bible “if any of you is sick, call the priests of the church and they will pray over him with oil in the Name of Jesus and he shall be healed” (James 5: 14). Yes, what was impossible for the medical science, is made possible by the prayers of the priest of the Lord. Praise Jesus Christ the Lord.

I promise my prayers for the success of your healing ministry in various countries all over the world.

Mrs. Merly Titus
P.B. No. 30
Sub-Muscat – S. of Oman

Testimony of Vedha

6th November 2001

Dear loving Fr. James

Father, do you remember that a year ago I wrote to you a letter asking for prayers for various needs of my family and you replied me saying, "My child, I see the Lord doing wonders and miracles in your family, hence start praising God for His love for you". After you wrote from the Bible Phil 4: 19. As I know that you are a prophet of God, I believed in your words through the power of prayers. Now I testified, after one year that wonders happened in my family. My husband who was seriously ill, is miraculously healed. My daughter who was under psychiatric treatment is completely healed and has become fully normal looking after all her household duties and works. By your prayers now she is a changed person! One of the greatest miracles is that my son who was very bad in his character and behaviour has changed his life totally. Now he has become a true believer in Jesus and in the church, now he loves and respects us, his parents and is regular in his sacramental life. In fact it is he who takes us all to the church for the Mass. Now he is a great help for all of us. In my letter I had asked to get the favour of having a secure flat to live in, the good Lord granted that too. I am short of words to express my gratitude to God for the wonders and miracles He does for His people through the prayers of His chosen prophets. Father, continue radiating the grace of God to all, we all love you and pray for you

Vedha D’Souza
Prem Sadan
Church Compound

Testimony of Kauseliza

30th December 2001

I am Kauseliza, a Hindu by faith living in Bombay. I fall ill with Multiple Sclerosis and was admitted in Bombay hospital without any cure. In spite of spending a lot of money on doctors and medicines, my case became from bad to worse. One of my Catholic friends living in Muscat, Oman, sent an Email to Fr. James Manjackal requesting him to pray for my healing. He immediately replied to her saying that he would be flying on the following day from Munich to Bombay and that he would pray over me in the hospital if someone would fetch him to the hospital. I could never imagine that such a great person who is preaching all over the world with miracles and wonders would come to me, a Hindu and pray over me over looking his tiredness of jet lag and travel. As soon he arrived in Bombay, my daughter brought him to my bed. I was so sick that I could not even get up from my bed. He put his hands over me and prayed. While praying I felt the power of Jesus flowing through my entire body. I had known the power of Christ because I was educated in a Christian school. I felt the wonderful love of Jesus through Fr. James. As he prophesied at the end of the prayer, I am now totally healed and now I can work normally. As I thank Jesus for His favour of healing, I express my gratitude to Fr. James, who came to me with such love and concern like a father. May the good God give him strength of mind and body to live many years to heal and bless many people.


Testimony of Magdalena

December 1st – 2001

Father James,

I was at your seminar at Split. During your prayer I thought I would fall down because I felt the power of the prayer all over my being. In panic I started crying "Jesus your heart, come to my heart". I repeated this with great faith and hope, believing that Jesus power would come to my heart from His heart. In my spirit, I heard His voice telling me, "I will do great things in your life". When I tried to get up from my chair, I was shaking with my clasped hands! After this I felt a great joy and peace in my heart along with all others in the hall. I felt myself freed from all bondages of fear, sadness and doubts. My mind became clear. All powers of darkness departed and the light of Christ came to my heart! Now I feel nice when I pray, when I go to the Eucharist or when I read the Bible, I feel that I am talking with my Jesus in prayer. I am really walking with Jesus! Father I want to go more with Jesus, please tell me what I should do? I want to love Jesus more and more. I want to hear Him more and more, I want to be always with Him. I thank and praise Jesus for the inner healing, liberation and infilling of the Holy Spirit which I received in the seminar. Praise the Lord!

Magdalena Drpic
21400 Supetar

Testimony of Anneliese Scherer

It began with an injection into my hip after an operation which had gone wrong. This syringe was infected with a bazillus which had come from the hospital. This formed a large area of pus. Due to the wrong treatment by a doctor these bazilli entered the lymph glands and could no longer be stopped. Three serious operations in various clinics followed. After these operations further bazilli were shown to be present. These bazilli circulated through my blood into the whole of my body. They damaged all my organs, even my bone marrow. No treatment was successful and no drug helped me. No doctor knew what to do.

The pain in my hip and in my groin was hardly bearable. My hip was burning and the pain was spreading. I felt my whole body was collapsing. I was becoming weaker and weaker; I could only bear all this pain in the company of Jesus. With Him I walked along this difficult path. I could only forgive with His strength. With Him I spent sleepless nights in prayer. I lint and wept on His shoulder.
After about five years of suffering, the Lord chose another path for me. He led me through this suffering to the sphere of the Esoteric. At that time I didn’t know what Esoteric was. I was surprised to meet so many people who had abilities which I didn’t know or of which I had only heard.
I came into contact with fortunetelling, with medicines which had had spells cast on them, with people involved in the occult and ghost-healing. I was in touch with some ghost-healers, but only one was of importance for me. At the beginning I believed I was dealing with a natural health-practioner and therefore I trusted him. His treatment lasted from one to one and a half hours. He tried to transfer to me a strength which should ease my pain or even bring me healing. He had the third degree of Reiki.
But his strength could not heal me, because I did not open myself to his "spiritual" treatment. He railed against the Pope, the Church, the priests, the sacraments and my moral code. We had violent arguments. He sweated, reved and shouted, "Since I have known you, I have had sleepless nights".
I fought for my beliefs, for my faith and for my God. I would not give up any of the things which were holy to me, which had been the foundation of my life.
He could not understand that a sick woman could be spiritually so strong. For about five months I defended my belief in the fact that Jesus was the Son of God.
He said to me, "You should only once have agreed that Jesus was not the Son of God, and then my strength could have reached you. I must get at you in some way or another. I want to help you".
This ghost-healer was a good teacher as far as my further work in the field of teaching people about Esoteric was concerned. I learned a lot from him, which is also important for other people.
For almost five years the Lord led me through the mysteries of the esoteric, and he showed me in a vision the terrible darkness which is spreading over the whole earth.
I sought refuge in a church, crying bitterly. I heard the voice of Jesus, not only in my heart, but also physically saying:
"Why are you so sad? I was with you. I had to lead you into the darkness. How otherwise would you have been able to recognize the truth? You had to go into the darkness, so that others would remain protected from it".
This was Jesus’ commission to me. I didn’t know what to do, because I was still very ill. According to the doctors I was incurable, but I went on praying the whole time.
In May 1993 after almost ten years of suffering, Our Lady – Mother of God – called me to the shrine of Altötting (the Lourdes of Bavaria). After three weeks of prayer I was able to go there. Here Mother of God wanted me to say "yes" to the will of God. She said: "God doesn’t do anything without our consent". I was also asked and I said "Yes" to Him. I trusted Him, you may also trust Him". With joy and enthusiasm I said "Yes".
In August 1993, Jesus healed me in one moment at Our lady’s request. I was meant to be going to the hospital again for another operation, which according to the doctors would have been useless. I made a novena to Our Lady, not asking for healing, but readiness to do the will of God. One night while making the novena I felt a hand removing the fiery pain from my hip. I felt into a deep sleep and when I woke up, I was released from my mortal illness.
I received my healing not for myself, but for others.
Since then I have been involved in warning people about the dangers of the esoteric and New Age. I have been protecting people from this darkness and trying to release others from it.
In August 1996, I consecrated myself in Hochaltingen to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I have consecrated my apostolate of teaching to her as my patroness.
In August 1999, I gave my life to God my Father in Hochaltingen in a retreat with Fr. James Manjackal (in the year of the father).
The Holy Spirit is my leading light. In His name I speak out against the contrary spirit, who tries to rival with God in his deceptive way.
I am glad to be used by the Lord as His little tool

Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Marija

Dear father James,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to describe the marvelous feeling I had when I first learned that you were coming to Paris. I thanked and prayed to Jesus so fervently to allow me to meet you again.
Prior to your arrival in Paris I had had to go to the hospital to have surgery on my leg. Despite that, I prayed to the Lord to allow me to attend the meeting with you. As February 24th was approaching, the pain after the surgery was getting stronger and stronger, so I couldn't walk. As I had to stay in bed, my husband was sure I wouldn't make it to the seminar, but I withstood the pain and told myself that I would definitely go, since Jesus himself would make it possible. I had a feeling in myself which to this day I still can't explain that I will overcome all obstacles. And it really came true!
I came to the seminar accompanied by my husband, sat on the chair and raised my leg onto another chair since it was too painful to keep it on the ground. Just before you entered the room I sensed that you are about to come in so I turned and you, father James, looked at me as if you had already known me and you smiled.
During the sermon when I heard you say that someone's foot and ankle had been healed, I said to Jesus that it was me and then suddenly felt my foot being lowered to the ground without pain!!!
Thanks to Jesus and thanks to you for restoring my ability to walk! While you were still preaching, I saw light, resembling sunlight, surround you. Behind you I saw a white silhouette of the Sun or Moon, and on the wall high above, I also saw two images which I couldn't precisely interpret.
I thank Jesus to sending you to us and I pray that He watches over your every step as you continue to preach and spread His holly words.From the first day I saw you, you were always remained in my prayers.
I was overjoyed when you mentioned that your books had been translated into Croatian.I was delighted to learn that you will be in Croatia again this year for two months. I was actually so excited that I thought in one moment how I represent Croatia at your seminar in Paris, while it was really you who represented it, and thank you for that.
Please, continue to pray for me my husband Albin and our three children: Albert, Nathalie and Ante. My husband never goes to bed without reading the Bible. He is a great gift to me!
Our greetings to Gaby, who accompanied you. Dear Jesus, allow us to meet again in Croatia!

God bless,

Mail from Marija

Dear Fr. James!

I always pray before going to sleep. One evening during my prayer I saw a vision: image of a man’s head was approaching from white distance closer to me. It was gradually drawing near to me. The image was approaching, then going into the distance; at the end approaching again. It happened twice. I fell asleep with that mysterious image which caused peace, warmness and love in me. Next morning during breakfast I shared that experience with my family – they just stared at me and said nothing. It happened on 20. June 2001.
As time went by I didn’t pay attention on that event. However, on 20th. July my husband watched Croatian television which we receive via satellite (we live in Paris); a broadcast named “Good morning Croatia” was on air. I was just passing by TV set and suddenly I saw a priest on the screen. My husband said: »Look, he is going to be in Zadar on 7th. August. In my mind I counted days and when I realized that it may be possible to be in Zadar that time, I was very happy.
When 7th. August came, just before going to Zadar, I asked my family if they remember what I told them about my vision one night before sleep. I said then that surely THAT is the man I saw in my vision. Thank you Jesus!
Dear Fr. James, I didn’t know anything about you at that time. When you first entered Jazine-sports hall in Zadar I KNEW that you were the man that I saw in my vision. I said and testified that. Among the books I saw your picture in white on the cover of your book EUREKA. That was the man from my vision.
I had great desire to come and tell you about my experience. I asked some people to meet you but they told me that was impossible. It came to my mind that I could ask our bishop Ivan Prendza; him I know personally. Instead of all that I thought: "Thank you Jesus. You know what you are doing. You wanted me to meet Fr. James in my country, in my city. Let your will be done!".
May dear God richly bless you, wherever you are!
You will remain in my prayers! Marija

Testimony of Helena

My name is Helena Budimlic and I'm 23 years old. I would like to testify what has happend to me during Your course in Croatia,in Zagreb,which was held between the 27th July and 14 th August in 2001. For the last three years I have been having serious ginecological problems.I had problems with uncontrollable bleeding and with cyst. I have been all the time in hospitals,had to take many drags, but the doctors were unable to help me. They have suggested me to have an operation but I didn't want to do it, because a voice inside me was telling me: "Helena, do not have an operation, go to the Father James' course instead". And I went to Your course and I firmly belived that Jesus will make me healthy. There was a prayer for the recovery of a body and You told everyone to put a hand at a place that is cousing us pain and belive that Jesus will make us helthy. I put my hand and firmly belived in it. Suddenly, I felt a strong pain in a bottom part of my stomack area and big fever, dizziness,weakness and swoon. I thought I will die from that pain. All those simptoms lasted throught the course, but You were constantly repeating: "Helena,you are getting well !", "Helena,except this helaing!", "Helena, Jesus is giving you back your health!", "Helena, you are not sick anymore!". I firmly belived in this and I knew Jesus was giving me my health back. I was crying from happiness and celebrating Jesus. I felt I reocvered, so I called my doctor and asked him for an appoinment. He checked me with ultrasound and he was able to see there was nothing left from before. Everything was clean. There was just one small scar left at the spot where I was supposed to be operated. The doctor colud not belived this, and was constantly repeating the question: "How is this possible?!" and I was just crying and in me celebrating the Lord. It has been more than 5 months since my last visit to the ginecologist. Since than,I have no problems with my health. Praise and glory to the Jesus! But this is not all!. Besides receiving my phosical health, I have received my spiritual health too. Before, I had a lot of fears that were the consequences of my very difficult childhood and which were creating problems for me to go further in life. Jesus gave me the grace to forgive my parents, my ex-boyfriend (who has hurt me before and given me pain, completely changed and decided to become a priest.He asked me for forgivness for everything he did to me and with God's help I did. I'm really happy for him. Thanks and glory to Jesus! Our God is indeed a mighty god) and all the people that have hurt me and given me pain.Thanks and praise to the Jesus! I got rid of all my complexes. I have completely given myself to Him and I'm going with Him further. He is always next to me and leading me. And at the course I have realized how is the Lord great and how much He loves me. Not just me than everybody. Thanks and praise to the Jesus! I can't wait for You to come again to Croatia, to Zagreb and have another course.I will definitely come, and also if the God wants, I would like to meet You and have a short talk with You.
Helena Budimlic

P.S.Plese forgive me on my not perfectly English.If you would like to know my address is
Helena Budimlic
Klenovnicka 24
10 000 Zagreb

Testimony from Sri Lanka

Dear Fr. James,

I hope you had a safe journey back to Germany, by the Grace of God.

I was one of the keen participants of your 3 day prayer service at the Sacred Heart Church in Katugastota. Just a few words to say how inspiring those 3 days had been for me, personally. I prayed for my 17 year old son Sean, who has been suffering for a long period with catarrh and after this service he has been healed. I know that Jesus really touched him when I further heard you mention his name from the alter and continued to say that, "you are a young boy". We thank you so much Father, for your time with us and for all the inspiration you gave us through your wonderful preachings. You are always remembered in our prayers and may you have the strength to carry on this mission for Jesus through all ends of the World.

We hope and pray the Good Lord will grant you the possibility of visiting our country again and once again thank you so much for bringing many of us closer to Jesus. If you ever have time to reply Father, I would like to have your website. May God Bless you with all the Graces you need!!!

Audrey Sansoni

Testimony from Oman

Dear Fr. James Manjackal

Seeking your blessings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This letter comes to you from Mr & Mrs S. M. We attended your retreat in 1998 at St. Peter & Paul church in Ruwi, Muscat. During this retreat, I met you personally in counselling session. After counselling you prayed over me to bless me with a gift of a child.
I was very happy to hear from you that Jesus will bless me in a special way and that in within 5 months I will conceive. A great miracle took place. In my life and within three months I conceived and now I am having a son who is three years old.
Dear Fr. along with this letter I am enclosing a Demand draft of RS 5000.- towards the educational purpose of the children of your boarding.
Thanking you in special way and praying for you

Yours faithfully

S. M.
Testimony from Spain

Dear Fr. JamesToday I have said my testimonie in public, at the comunity "Maranata". I told I was become well of my sinusitis, my "colitis" (going to the bath 4 times a day) and more important: I have forgiven my father. Aleluia, Blessed be the Lord Jesus! Every day I feel better in all fields. I am taking decisions in order to live a life in the spirit, and not in the flesh. I am begining to pray with all my sincerity for my santification, for Lord´s Glory.

Ignacio García - Madrid

Testimony from Austria

My name is Georg Schimmerl, I have 36 years, I'm married and father of 4 children and I live in Vienna, Austria. Till the age of 18 years I was suffering from strong attacks of panic. I went to various psychotherapies, I took psychpharmacological drugs- without success. The attacks made me to avoid a lot of situations in wich I usually felt fear. This system of avoidance made my life to a kind of prison, not only my life but also the life of my family. We prayed very much for healing, I frequented psychotherapies but there was no success, at least I was convinced that I had to accept this illness as God's will for me. Then I heard about Rev.father James Manjackal, and I was attrected by his authentic testimony of faith, so I decided , to take part on a seminary with him in Kleinfrauenhaid near Eisenstadt. I did not exspect any healing for myself, I went there to get a renewal of my faith. Then at the evening mass at the seminary, after the holy communion, father James started to pray and he said: Georg, you are healed from any kind of fear and doubts. When he said this I felt a very beautiful and intensiv warmth within me, all the same I did not want to believe that it was me this Georg, whome the Lord has healed. In the time after the Seminary the Lord showed and improved to me, that He has set me free indeed. I am now free to do all the things I have avoided so much time. ( for example going by lift, driving on autobahn, taking underground railway....) But the Lord healed me also from hard aches of head and neck. The greates gift He gave me during the seminary was the inner expierence of His presence and the experience of the eternal life by wich He finally healed me from my fear of death, wich was the source of all other fears. Now my ´life and the life of my wife and of my children has become new and I want to testify that our Lord Jesus Christ, the only redeemer of mankind is indeed alive and his presence in the church is healing our lifes. He is alive-prais him Halleluja! Thank you Jesus for your mighty presence, thank you for the ministery You have given to father James! Amen Praise our Lord Jesus! Blessed be Jesus and his holy mother! Magnificate Dominum mecum et exaltemus nomen eius in idipsum! 

Testimony from India

My Dear Fr. James

Warm prayerful greetings from the Callaghans Jabalpur.
Thank you, for your E-mail of the 13th Sep. and our request for healing of Ron’s toe-which was to be amputated. With Gods grace alone, your powerful intercession, and the combined prayers of all relatives and friends he was saved from amputation. Praise the Lord !
Ronnie also had the privilege of experiencing the Blessed Trinitys presence.
On the 13th Sep. at 9.00 p.m. he was in personal prayer all alone in his room. In his minds eye he had a vision of the Blessed Trinity. God the father smiled and then touching him, said “my son you will be healed” Then Jesus looked at his father and smiled and then turned to Ron and smiled. The next moment a huge dove flew over his head and flapped its wings. He literally had to bow because of the size of the bird. Then the vision passed and he broke out into tongues and praised the Lord ! He was dumb struck for sometime and then continued in prayer after that he opened a new prayer book he had purchased at potta, but which he had not read. He opened the page and there was the picture of the Blessed Trinity. Which he just saw. The next day I went to check the E-mail and I found your reply. What a shock I got to find the date 13th Sep. probably the same time that Ron had this experience and you said "I can see the Lord touching and healing you". Continue to praise Him forever. We just could not get over this coincidence. Even science, the healing started and thereafter we could see the daily progress. Thank you dear Father. I am 85% better and please continue to pray for a speedy and complete recovery.

Testimony of Kanske

I was an alcoholic living an immoral life. When somebody told me about the seminar of Fr. James Manjackal, I did not like to go for it. But as I attended it, I began to like it. On the second day in tears I made a good confession. At the Holy Communion during the Holy Mass, I met my Jesus. I left all my bad habits, now I don’t have a desire to smoke or to take alcohol. Within me I experience a wonderful change ever since I received the Holy Spirit on the last day of the seminar. I thank God for the new life in me.

Kanske Ladislav
Varazdin - Croatia
Testimony of Kayode

I am Kayode Sharde. Since 1982 I had troubles with my heart. In 1992 I had a heart attack. In January 2000, the doctors suggested an open-heart surgery. As I was scared of a heart operation, I postponed and postponed it and began to pray intensely for my healing. In September 2001, Fr. James Manjackal conducted a Charismatic healing program in London and after the prayer he told me that I was completely healed. I praised God and went back to the doctor for a check up, he certified that I was totally healed and that I could stop all medications. When Fr. James came to Westminster this year I gave my testimony.

Kayode Sharde
Testimony of Gabriele

Dear Fr. James

I am the daughter of Rita and Peter who got a baby on the 26th of April. In a spiritual sense he is also "your baby": I visited your retreat in Augsburg before Easter 2000. One evening, during the Holy Mass, you said: "Gabi, Gabriele and two other women fear to have cancer in the uterus, but Jesus will not allow that, He will heal you". The truth is that my doctor did tell me some weeks before that there is a beginning of cancer in my uterus and that I should not get a baby anymore, and that perhaps it would be better to operate in year 2000. My husband and me were sad about it.
I went to your retreat, not to be healed, but because I was sol thirsty to hear a retreat. My last retreat was 7 years before, I always had to work for my family, my three children, I did not have time "to drink the Word of God" the last years, but for myself I had an intensive relation to God; together with my husband I could pray every day.

Two or three weeks after the retreat in Augsburg, the doctor told me that the cancer tests are much better and some weeks later the tests have been good! And so we decided after many prayers, to have the 4th child, always remembering your words in Augsburg and the tests of the doctor, which seemed incredible to us. The last test was "very good"! Hallelujah! And we are very, very happy to have our baby; he is a great present of God!

I simply wanted to give you this testimony. I pray for you and your mission.
Our mighty God bless you!

Gabriele Kopp
Ebenhausen - Germany
“VECERNJI LIST” - Croatian newspaper. Sunday 10th June 2001

Fr. IVAN MISKIC who organized Fr. James Manjackal’s seminar at Zagreb, Croatia, writes:
“People are giving testimonies of spiritual and physical healing that has happened in the Charismatic seminar conducted by Fr. James. Almost daily we get telephone calls and letters about their healing experiences. Verbal testimonies are many. Many of them were called by name in the seminar by Fr. Manjackal, who has the gift of vision and word of knowledge to see the names of the people getting healings. People who suffered from epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, and skin diseases have brought the certificate of healing from their doctors to give testimony. Fr. James Manjackal stresses mostly on spiritual and inner healings, which brings many physical healings too.

"VECERNJI LIST"- Croatian newspaper. Sunday 3rd. June 2001

My arms were lying in my lap like dead
After the three day healing seminar by the Indian Catholic priest F. James Manjackal known after tens of thousands spiritual and physical healings, many people have contacted F. Ivan Miskic, Franciscans conventual from Sveti Duh, giving testimonies of their healings. Among them is M.P., 12-years old girl from Zagreb, who was healed of epilepsy. The little girl has substantiated her testimony by a copy of the medical finding and case history from the Zagreb Clinic for Child diseases, in which, on 18th of April, the doctor wrote the following: "There is no need for regular controls".
-I fainted for the very first time on December 19th, 1998, when I was on the 5th grade. My parents did not suspect any disease at the time. However, it happened again on 2nd of January 1999. The doctor said I had epilepsy.

What followed where absences from school and difficulties in learning. Towards the end of 1999, the little girl took the EEG brain scan for the fourth time, not having slept for over 24 hours. Her dad kept her company, playing games with her all the time. The disease was very exhausting, the controls had to be repeated every three months.

- The doctor told me that I was not allowed to watch TV or play computer games. I even had to know what I was and wasn't allowed to do during the school physical exercises. Despite the disease, I managed to finish the fifth grade with an A, and the 6th with a B. It was then that - at the Palm Sunday this year- I went to Father James' seminar together with my parents and my aunt. I found it exhausting, but also very nice. I was supposed to come for control on the 18th of April. And, what happened? The results were completely normal and I got healed! Praise the Lord for all the grace He has given me - says the happy little resident of Zagreb.

Another testimony of healing from unbearable pains in shoulders and arms comes from a retired university professor from Zagreb.
The pain appeared in January this year. In time, the condition worsened, so that I was unable to go to therapy. I had severe pains in the upper muscles of my arms, which is why I was unable to lift them without much effort - says this lady who has been healed. Encouraged by a friend, she went to the prayer meeting in Cibona Hall. She was very tired and was feeling very bad, and even considering not to go.
"My arms were lying in my lap like dead. I prayed very hard together with F. James. In the end, I was incredible exhausted. When Fr. James was praying for the healing of individual body parts, I was waiting to hear whether he was going to mention muscles and arms. Eventually he did, but - as it seemed to me at the time- just in passing. I then asked God to relieve my pain, at least to the extent that I won't cry anymore. When Fr. James asked those who felt that they were better to lift their hands, I was surprised to see all those hands in the air. I said to myself: "Why shouldn't you try to lift your hands?" I managed to lift my hand a little above the head with much effort. That night I went to sleep without taking the medicine. I haven't been taking any medications since ever since. I testify to everybody, and especially to my husband and children, about my healing and I thank God on this testimony and on the relief I have received" - said the retired university professor, ending her testimony".

Vladimir's healing reports

I have been told by Mr Nenad Kuzmaniæ (whose sister I'll ask you to pray for) that his relative IVAN LJUBICIC recovered from the rare kind of cancer. Ivan had the tumor situated on the ribs. He attended your seminar in Split. During the seminar Jesus told you that two persons with the name Ivan were completely healed from cancer. This Ivan even didn't think this was related to him. The whole month after seminar he even didnt't feel much better. But, about ten days ago he went to regular medical check. CT examination showed no tumor at all. Four doctors were amazed. Only at that moment Ivan remembered that you mentioned two persons with name Ivan. His family is completely confused and even now can hardly believe what really happened. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, dear Pater James!

Dear Father James,
I was full of joy, my heart was so filled with happiness when I saw my testimony on your web. I thank you for this great honour which you did to me.

Don Mladen informed me about another miraculous healing . The man called Vladimir recovered from stomach cancer (medical examination showed no tumor). Thank you Jesus! Thank you dear Father James!

Then, Miss Dijana Ruscic (the leader of young yellow dressed guardians on your seminar)told me the following. Mrs. Ivana (Dijana forgot the second name of Ivana, but she will speak to her again) had a miraculous experience. She'd had breast cancer which had spreaded to the backbone (spine). Before coming to your seminars, one part of the backbone had dissappeared- it had been eaten by cancer. Somehow she succeeded to attend your seminars in Medugorje and Split. You personally prayed for her and during seminar called out her name. Medical eximanination showed that missing part of the backspine was back again!! It again appeared, it was created again!!! Thank you,Jesus! Thank you,dear Father James!!

Then, young girl Iva Raiæ.She is sixteen. Her father was killed in Bosnia during the war and she personally has seen terrible scenes. She suffered of nightmares. You, dear Father James, personally prayed for her twice.After that, she experienced inner cleansing and now she has no nightmares any more. Thank you, Jesus!! Thank you,dear Father James!

Vladimir Kessler

Testimony of Vladimir

Dear Pater James,

My name is Vladimir Kessler and I attended your course in Split, from 10.-12.08.2001. Let me tell you a few sentences about myself.
Having very strong analitical mind, being enthusiastic by modern science and not being raised in a very religious family, I believed there was no God. For me, he was unnecessary "third" step in existence of everything conceivable: if we say that there is a God and no one created Him, then completely the same can be said for the material Universe and even the whole spiritual Universe (if it exists at all) : they exist and no one created them. Why then to introduce the third level of existence,God, for which again we find no Creator, no beginning, no end.Then, at the age of 23, once when I had a discussion with my friends and said there was no God, I felt an enormous shake from the inside of my body.
From that very moment, I gradually developed an enormous interest in spiritual matters with a thirst to read everything of that topic that I've heard about. (An important note before further reading: I have a very strong will. I'm the last one to be mislead, since I react on each possible negativity and inconsistence of teaching). So, I've been in touch with TM, Jose Silva method, Reiki, Astrology, Hare Krishna teaching, Excalibur and Creaton (Scientologic techniques), bioenergy, teaching of Sai Baba,
Osho, Vivekananda, Babaji and Yogananda,Madame Blavatzki and Rudolf Steiner etc.
I never practised spiritualism since I knew it was bad, there were bad spirits for ure. You have to know that I've always studied the subject with the best possible human intentions and having always very critical attitude: if somethings seemed to be unlogical with contradictions or wit h no results, it was rejected very soon. From 08.1994. to 12.1997 my girl friend Fani Krstuloviæ (born on 11.02, date of Holy Virgin Mary of Lourdes), was dying of a cancer. I've turned the whole planet upside-down searching for help. When holy water from Lourdes and vow (made in domestic Catholic church) showed no result, we (together with her mother) visited Sai Baba in January 1996. He made a ring for her saying she would be well. But, she died. Although his teaching seemed to be very positive, I've found a certain numbers of contradictions that made me sceptic. Before she died, I was told by a certain man that needed to be baptised. I took a course for adults in our Catholic Church.After her death, I was baptised and received a confirmation. However, I proceeded with a practise of astrology finding no evil in it.

At the same time, I didn't go to church but practised prayers of St. Briggite for three and a half years. All the time after my girl friend's death I was pretty much depressed and had a lot of health problems (I 've had pretty bad health since my childhood). I was also pretty much afraid of my physical illnesses. So, in May of this year I went to the therapist and at the same time decided to stop with astrology and everything that is not allowed by Catholic church teaching: I've realised that astrology could never be completely right, since God's will and grace can always change everything, even God's own plan for somebody.I've made a sincere confession and started to go to Church regulary (with an every week confession). Since I'm very conscientious when I find something completely right,the whole last month I have almost nothing to confess. I totally stick to the all God's commandments and hope to have a strength for it in a future, too. I have to say, although you might find it incorrect, that I felt I was somehow guided by God all these last 16 years of spiritual exploring and wandering. In my opinion, God knows that I'm very analitical and have to explore everything: I cannot accept something as a truth if I do not conclude that everything else is totally or partially incorrect. And if find something to be incorrect, I reject it. I'm also a person extremely sensitive to sufferings of others. When watching films about Jesus, my eyes are almost constantly full of tears and some kind of a current passes through my body. With a grace of God, I've got a tickets for your seminar. I must admit you that I was almost constantly crying: my prayers are very deep and when touched by music I automatically cry. I cannot cry such a lot in a Church, during a regular Mass: you,dear Pater James, definitely have a great power, you are a very close friend of our Lord Jesus, you can bring us Jesus and Holy Spirit. I also must admit that I was afraid when you started to drive out evil spirits: although I felt completely peacefull, relaxed and full of joy during Friday and Saturday, although I confessed my sins that were released by a priest, I was worried abut things that I was studying, reading or practising in the past. But, it seems that our Lord Jesus has forgiven me everything.

I was pleased when I've heard that 32 people are recovering of kidney deseases (among other health problems,I have totally 8 kidney stones, 6-13mm, in both my kidneys, I'll probably need several surgical treatments). You also said that a certain Vladimir was receiving God's mercy and all his health problems would dissapear. I don't know if these statement are related to me. It is even not so important. The most valuable fact is the following: I'm finally back to my home, to my Lord Jesus.
Although you may find it strange, I feel to be very close to him. I even think that my life in a future (if God wants me to live) could be somehow closely connected to God, God's word or something like that (preaching or even healing). Personally, I'd like to receive a gift of healing, I'd like to be an instrument of God in a healing process. When that idea occured at me, I must admit that it was partly, although very slightly, connected with ego pride: the other people will know for me, I'll be proud of myself. But, I immediatelly became aware of my bad feeling and asked the Lord for forgiveness.

(One of the most precious facts that I learned from other teachings-and is definitelly acceptable for Christians- is that ego must be crushed: we have to be totally humble to God, with no trace of wishes for personal satisfaction in relation to other people). I hope that Jesus and Holy Spirit will guide me and perhaps fulfil my wish. But, let it be God's will, whatever it is going to be I'll accept it. I also realise the necessity of problems, trials and tribulations in everyone's life: one will never subdue his own human "bad" characteristics (pride,anger, hatred,jelaousy,envy,impatience, greed,revengfulness, laziness, lack of humility etc.) if everything goes smoothly, with no obstacles. Life is a journey in which our troubles and diasters are lessons that are necessary for correction of our vices. Only when faced with troubles we search for help, we search for God .And when listening to the word of God we become aware of our vices which have to be corrected.
Jesus is the only savior, He is the only one who can forgive. He has already forgiven us everything, we just have to stick to him and never reject him, even in the worst days. There is no other religion that gives us a chance for redemption. Reading the Jesus words:"In my Father's house there are a lot of apartments", I strongly beleive that followers of Jesus go very close God; followers of other religions go to some other apartments. For an example, Hindus beleive in reincarnation.This may be really a truth for them: since they don't accept Jesus,there is noone to redeem them and maybe they have to be reborn to correct themselves. But, even their Gods have to be reborn on Earth after millions of years. On the other side, each Christian avoids a law of a cause and a consequence (if it exists) because he has his redeeemer, Jesus. Thus, each Christian seems to be more powerful than any of Hindu Gods.

I also think that confession in Christian's life is very important: if you know that you have to confess to the priest if you think or do something wrong, you become much more cautious, careful. And if you take God's commandments literally, knowing that He is really, all the time, watching you, in a short time you will sin no more. This, I believe, is related to me.
Dear Pater James, receive my blessings, let God keeps and protetcs you wherever you are. Who knows, if God wants may be we'll once come into closer contact.

Vladimir Kessler

Correspondence with Jithin

Respected Fr. Manjackal,

I am overwhelmed by your touching message. Thank you very much for your prayers and the encouragement you gave me. I am happy to inform you that the internal bleeding in my knees has stopped. Now I can go to the toilet on my own without being carried by somebody. Please continue to pray for me so that the internal bleeding does not recur. Let us praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus for His healing touch!.

May our Father in heaven shower His choicest blessings on you and on your ministry!

Yours in Jesus
Jithin Jose

Subject:: Prayer request
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 19:51:44 +0520
From: "jithinjose"
To: "James Manjackal" 

Respected Fr.James Manjackal,

I am overwhelmed by your touching message.Thank you very much for your prayers and the encouragement you gave me.I am happy to inform that the internal bleeding in my knees has stopped. Now I can go to the Toilet on my own without being carried by somebody.
Please continue to pray for me so that the internal bleeding do not recur. Let us praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus for His healing touch!

May our Father in Heaven shower His choicest blessings on you and your Ministry!

Yours in Jesus
Jithin Jose

From: James Manjackal
To: jithinjose
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: Prayer request

My dear Jithyn,

I promise my prayers for your healing.There is nothing impossible with God, my child.I will daily lift you to the heart of Jesus that the blood that flows from his Heart may heal you and give you good health of mind and body.

God bless you and heal you,
Fr.James. Phili 4:19

From jithin:


I am Jithin Jose aged 17 years.I am the only child of my parents. I am a citizen of India and am a Syrian Roman Catholic.
I am suffering from Haemophilia (Factor VIII deficiency).This is a genetic deficiency passed on from earlier generations.In my case, there is no known history.My blood will not clot due to this deficiency. Due to frequent internal joint bleeding, I cannot straighten out both my hands. Muscles in both my legs have been wasted due to frequent internal bleeding and I am not able to walk. One leg is shorter than the other due to a fall. Previously injections of Factor VIII used to be given to me in times of internal bleeding. Now my body has developed resistence against the injection and I cannot take it any more.

I had discontinued my studies from elementary school. Now I want to continue my studies through correspondence.I have full faith that our Lord Jesus can heal me completely.Believing that He is there to protect me always I have started doing hysiotherapy.Through His Grace, I have started walking off and on.Now I have developed bleeding in my leg and am in a wheel chair.

I seek your assistance in prayers through this appeal.I want to be healed completely in my body,mind and soul.I want to be a responsible son looking after my parents in their old age.I want to give my life to Lord Jesus spreading his message of Love among all the people.Kindly pray for me, so that I can realise my dreams.

I thank you in the name of our Lord Jesus.


E-mail of Damir

Subject: Thank you for your prayers.

Dear Father James,

Thank Lord that you visited Zagreb and give us so wonderful and spirited prayers. My name is Damir, I am 35, and I was on you Seminar in Zagreb. I was there because I prayed for my mother Milica, for her healing, because, unfortunately, she could not come, as well as for my father sister and me. Also, I bought a book about 25 charismatic prayers, which I gifted to my mum and I will buy other your books and video tapes from your Seminars. Your Seminar inspired me to think on different, better way. I prayed for my mother and you twice pronounced her name. And I know, because of fate of Jesus you awake in me, that my mother is healed now.You also healed me, you healed my body and soul, you feeded my soul with truly Lords energy. Dear Father James, please include in your prayers my mother Milica, truly and devoted believer and pray for her health, happy, and good. I admire you and I am thinking of you and on your praying all days. As well as I am thinking on our Lord. Thank you Father James on all your good, on your energy and charisma. I wish you all light of those world and good for you.

Thank you. Aleluja.

Your devoted child
Damir Demonja


Respected Father,

Thank you very much for praying for my sister in law Mrs Alka S. Pandya in month April. If you remember, she was suffering from Brain Haemorrhage in India-Gandhina-Gujarat and Doctor was having no hopes for her survival, during this critical stage, one of my friends gave your contact number and I contacted you from Toronto. You made me pray to Lord Jesus and within couple of days the miracle happened, she survived and now she is back to home with her husband and kid, enjoying glory of God. Once again thank you very much

Yours truly

Kamlesh Vyas
From Zagreb

Dear Fr. James,

I had attended your retreat program at Zagreb in the Cibona Stadium. At first I had no interest in coming to it as I had no faith in Jesus or in the Church because I found no power in prayers. But when I came to your program I saw the power of prayer and power of the Church. My whole attitude towards Jesus is now changed. I was empty within myself and I had a lot of sadness within me. Now I am healed within and I am filled with joy. I could go on listening to your talks for hours, I did not feel tired. At every moment I felt a new power filling me and making me stronger, it was the power of Jesus. My pain on the left foot is completely healed. I was very bad with my girlfriend, our friendship was not good. Now we have completely changed, our friendship now onwards will be based on moral values.

I am a law student, I look forward to your next visit to our country. Father James, I like to come with you to travel around the world preaching Jesus. Please pray for me.

Ivan Vugrek
Zagreb, Istarska

Dear Father James,

I attended your retreat at Hochaltingen in the Holy week. I really experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and became a new person. I was a person without much faith in Jesus. I had been with Esoteric beliefs to find a solution for my problems. I had a lot of unforgiveness in my heart. In the retreat the Lord helped me to forgive all and to get reconciled with all. From childhood I hated priests and I had a painful experience from a priest. In the retreat when you knelt down and asked pardon for all the sins of the priests I was shedding tears of repentance, I forgave that priest. Peace and joy came to my heart, I began to appreciate priests. In you, dear Father I saw the holiness of priesthood. I thank God for sending you to Germany to preach His uncompromising Word. When I experienced a deep inner healing I was completely set free from headache which I suffered for a very long time. I threw away all Esoteric literatures and placed my complete trust in the Risen Lord and in His Words in the Bible. As you laid your hands on my head and prayed for the Holy Spirit I felt power flowing through me and I had the smell of roses. I am a new child of God now. I am washed and made clean now. Now I pray much time experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit with the presence of Jesus, Mary and saints. In prayer I continue to get the divine odour. I pray specially for priests now, especially when I attend the Mass daily. Incredible and inexpressible are the blessings I received in your retreat. Praise the Lord!

Anneliese, Meckenheim

As everybody knows, Fr. James has held in Croatia a three day healing seminar in which many healings happened. Some of them are written below.

Mrs. Branka V. from Zagreb
I was supposed to be at "Salata" hospital tomorrow, but now I have been healed, I could not stretch my fingers, I was suffering from severe pain, I could not eat, drink or hold a glass in my hand. I had open wounds on my hands. After the swellings appeared, they would start bleeding. When Fr. James said at the seminar that seven people was being healed from eczema, I thought to myself: "My God, could I be one of them?". The friend who was with me said: "Branka, look at your hands!". The swelling were disappearing at sight and the fingers suddenly stretched. During the night, the swellings full of water were dried, and there are no more wounds on my hands. A deep wound next to my thumb was healed by yesterday morning.

Mrs. I S
I knew I could feel it was me. God has willed that there was my physician sitting right next to me, she has been taking care of me for the past two years now. I started jumping from joy and kissing people around me. I had a non-removable brain tumour, so that Prof. Paladino has sent me to Köln a year and a half ago to have radioactive plates installed directly into my tumour. I have been functioning for two years now, where occasionally I suffered from epileptic seizures, so that i had to take 20 pills a day. Now I am not taking them anymore and I feel excellent. But I tell you more once I do the MR test, for I know and believe that I have been healed. When Fr. James told us to put our hand on the spot where we have pain, I put it on my head, and when he began to pray, I could feel shivers in the right part of my head that came to the shoulder and stopped there. And, when he said, "Jesus is telling me that He is now healing a woman called... with a brain tumour", I thought: "He said my name, and my happiness was without end"

The painter Viktorija Abramovic from Slavonski Brod gave a public testimony of her healing. In 1994, she had a heavy surgery of the left knee, while last October she had one of the right one as well. She had severe pains and was unable to kneel down. When Fr. James said that more than 100 people are being healed, I knew I was one of them. I knelt down without any pain. I do not feel any more pain and I thank Jesus Christ for it. I am overwhelmed with joy and I can really testify that Jesus is the light of the world and that those who follow Him shall not go in darkness.

Jesus sets me free

In last October (2000), when you conducted the Charismatic retreat at Graz, Austria; I received an inner healing and a physical healing. As you preached God's Words with power I felt myself freed from the bondage of fear. Incredible is the freedom that I have ever since, I can pray, I can sing, I can move about in joy and happiness. I have given myself completely to the Lord and now I live a life for Him. In the retreat my kidney too was healed completely. I pray that Fr. James may continue his mission everywhere with the gifts that he has received from the Lord. I pray for him. Praise the Lord!

Kratzer Brunhilde. Graz -Austria
Mail from Medjugorje

Dear Fr. James!
Peace be with you!

First of all I will introduce myself, my name is Sanja Bosnjak and I haven't send you a card for this Christmas not because I've forgot but because I was not in a position to do that. I will explain to you. I don't know if you remember me from Medjugorje during your first visit. I was attending your seminar. Then you prayed for me because I was married but without a child. You have told me: "Jesus is telling you that soon you will have a child, a boy".

After eight months I became pregnant and in December 2000, I gave birth to a baby boy. My husband and I named him Michael. Now he is five months old. He is very sweet and I hope you will see him during your visit to Dubrovnik. Aleluya!!

Thank you Jesus!!

Sanja Bosnjak -Medjugorje
Testimony of Barbara


Dear FR. James,

When I interceded during the prayer meeting after Mass during your visit to St. Ann's Catholic Church, Kingston Hill, you received words of knowledge that my brother Brian was being healed from heart problems. Brian is 48 and he had a heart attack 2 years before. Now he is totally healed. Praise God!

Barbara D'Souza -London
Testimony of a Miraculous Healing - Ron Callaghan

Last summer when I became progressively confused and disoriented following two blackouts and severe dyspnoea (laboured breathing) I was advised to seek medical attention without further delay. I was treated symptomatically with little or no relief. It was not until October 2000 that I was experiencing extreme breathlesness. I visited Nagpur and was examined by an eminent physician. The examination revealed severe enlargement of the heart the result of heart block I was told, meaning an abnormality in the electrical conducting system which slows down or prevents the transmission of impulses from the atria to the ventricles. I returned to Jabalpur where I reside and since my condition deteriorated, I visited three cardiologists all of whom confirmed that I had heart block requiring a pace maker immediately but was advised to have it implanted at Bombay.

By now my condition was known to my children, relatives and friends. Before leaving for Bombay I received blessings from prayer centres and the Bishop himself. Enroute, my wife, who accompanied me and I broke journey at Nasik and we said the nine hour novena at the Shrine of Infant Jesus. At Bombay, my sister-in-law, a nun arrived from Sweden. She had the e-mail of a priest from India - Fr. James Manjackal by name - renowned for the gift of healing. For the past 25 years Fr. James has been holding retreats and healing services worldwide. Through him, Jesus has worked more conversions and miraculous healings than could ever be counted.

I visited an accomplished cardiologist from Bombay Hospital and an acclaimed Interventional Cardiologist from Jaslok Hospital. Both confirmed that I had heart block of a vicious type which threatened to end my life within weeks if not immediately attended. This involved an angiography and if necessary angioplasty followed by implantation of a pacemaker - the total cost being in the proximity of Rs. 4.5 lacs. I sent an e-mail to Fr. James explaining my condition and earnestly requesting him to pray for me. This was sent a day before I went for my final examination at Holy Family Hospital. On the day of the final examination I received a reply from Fr. James assuring me of his prayers alongwith the scripture passage Philippians 4:19 "And with all his abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs". After the examination I was given a clear report mentioning that there was no blockage or heart block and that my heart was functioning perfectly and normally. My heart beat reached 70 plus from a dangerously low rate of 40 pm. The Lord Jesus had healed me. "Praise God Alleluia".

I am aware that I had an outpouring of prayer from all who knew of my suffering and Fr. James in particular. I am deeply grateful to those across the country and around the world that prayed so hard and showed such loving concern. This experience has been of incredible value. I am filled with joy that I have been privileged to receive what Jesus has been giving through Fr. James for 25 years. That I can even write or think at all after what my heart has been through amazes me, but somehow I always felt I would be writing this testimony someday. Still, I am no less in awe as I humbly thank my Lord Jesus, the Divine Mercy and Infant Jesus to whom I had completely surrendered myself for this overwhelming, unexpected gift of a new lift - I was granted not only a miraculous physical healing but also the deeper conversion I knew I needed but had been unable to reach by my own efforts alone. This Great Grace has brought me closer to Jesus, The Divine Mercy and Infant Jesus.

Babu and Mary, Shalom, Kollam, Kerala

We were married for twelve years. As there was a cyst and formation of fibroids in Mary's uterus, we could not have children. We had been to various treatments by veteran doctors. They all said that Mary was unable to conceive a child. We began to pray in various prayer-groups and in various Novenas. Some people suggested to adopt a child. It is then that we heard about Fr. James Manjackal and the power of his prayer. We went to him on 13th January 1997. After having laid his hands over us and prayed, he prophesied that we would hold a boy child in the following Christmas. It happened exactly as he told. We celebrated Christmas 1997 holding "Emmanuel" our child. Now we have a second child called "Tessy". We praise Jesus for His wonderful deeds through His anointed servants. He said "Amen , Amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these because I am going to the Father" (Jn 14: 12)

Babu and Mary

Valerie D'Souza - Panjim, Goa

Ever since my childhood I was suffering from a chronic Athsma. As I grew up I had severe chest pain. From my teenage I began to be much depressed and sad. I had been taken to many doctors and hospitals for treatments. I had lost all hope in life. Many times I thought of ending my life! It is then that I attended a Charismatic retreat conducted by Fr. James Manjackal M.S.F.S. On the second day of the retreat he called out my name in prayer and said that I was getting a healing from Athsma. At that very moment I had a wonderful experience of the Holy Spirit. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through me. I fell down on the floor being unable to stand to behold the power of God! Ever since that experience not only I was healed of my Athsma and chest pain, I became a new being totally healed of my depression. All those who met me after the retreat began to say, "Valerie, you are a changed person. It is 18 months since I am born again by the Spirit. Now I work for the Lord. A part of my income I spend for evangelisation among the Arabs. Next month I will get married. I praise and thank the Lord for giving me a New life full of hope and optimism. How true what the Lord has said, "behold, I make all things new" (Rev 21: 5).

Valerie D'Souza

Hussain, Ibrahim - Ryadh, Saudi Arabia

It is through Fr. James Manjackal that I heard that Jesus Christ is God. As a Muslim from my mother's womb it was hard to believe in Jesus. I could see Him as a messenger or a prophet but not as God! In his powerful preaching I had the wonderful experience of the Spirit coming upon me and taking away my old self. Due to financial crisis I had lot of depressions. Ever since my youth my mind was filled with guilt. When Fr. James told that Jesus came to this world to take away the sins and sickness of mankind, I was thrilled of this message. I accepted Jesus as my God in life. I felt the Holy Spirit coming upon me as Fr. James laid his hands over me and prayed. I was totally healed of Angina pectoris of the heart, of my athsma and my blood pressure. I have no words to express my joy and peace in Jesus. Now I spread this message of Christ to my fellow-Muslims. I wish and pray that the whole Muslim world may come to believe in Jesus and find their salvation. Now it is no longer I who live but Jesus lives in me (Gal 2: 20).

Testimony of Joseph

On 9th. December 1998 I was at the airport of Bombay, India, waiting in the long queue of the passengers for the "Gulf Air". As I was the next one to be in the "Security Check In" there was an interesting episode in front of me. A young European, dressed as an Indian in saffron colour with ashes on his forehead, holding a mouse in his right hand and a snake around his neck!, was having a hot argument with the police. I heard him saying, "these (the snake + the mouse) are my gods received from India, you Indian police, why don't you allow me to go with them in the flight!". The people were getting annoyed and were shouting behind "Throw him out!". I was just praying for him from behind. Suddenly inspired by the Spirit I put my hand over his shoulder and with a smile asked him "Joseph, are you not a Catholic from Germanyûare you so mean to take these creatures as gods". With surprise he stared at me and asked "who told you that I am Joseph and that I am a German-Catholic?". Taking out my Crucifix I told him "This is my God who revealed these things to me through the Holy Spirit." In tears he asked me if I would be willing to tell him more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I agreed to do it but on condition of throwing away those creatures. Like a small child he obeyed me and threw the snake and the mouse into the dustbin!. The police thanked me and the people expressed their relief and gratitude through shouts and claps. In the flight I told all what I could about Jesus and the Holy Spirit to Joseph, who was a baptised Catholic abandoned his faith going after drugs, alcohol and women and at last spent six month in India through temples and ashrams adopting Hinduism as his way of life. He confessed that he could not find real meaning of life or happiness of life with all these.

To cut the long story short, the flight ended with his confession and when I celebrated Holy Mass in a hotel at Ryadh, in Saudi Arabia, he received the Holy Communion and I laid hands on him for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Embracing me he said with tears of gratitude "Now my thirst and hunger are quenched by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Eucharist".

Testimony of an young girl

I recall to mind the testimony of a young girl who lived in prostitution in the red streets of Calcutta, India. She happened to hear one sentence from my Christmas Vigil Mass broadcasted through the radio, "Even if millions of cribs are decorated and the infant Jesus made of wood or clay is placed in them, you will have no Christmas today unless your heart is cleansed from sin and allow the living Jesus to come into your life." This touched the heart of Theresa. It was the moment of her salvation! In tears she asked God for the pardon of her sins, said "bye" to the prostitute house and rushed to confession to an old priest. Later when she attended a retreat of inner healing with me I could see in her a marvellous change. She said "I was lost, now I am found by the Lord, my life was a broken life and it has found its integrity and identity by living with her spouse Jesus. Jesus has not only forgiven my sins but He has wiped away my past deeds (Is 43: 15). The Holy Spirit has restored my virginity, now I will remain a virgin ever in my life..." Marvellous and incredible are the experiences of transformation and new life that take place in a soul that is filled with the Holy Spirit!. Now she is a saintly sister in one of the cloister convents in India. Only God can give such transformation of life.

Testimony of Stephanie

I wish to narrate the story of one of my own spiritual daughters, Stephanie. She was a widow with the only son and five girls. One day as the mother was waiting for her ten years old son to come back from the school, she saw her son being treaded over by a heavy truck and killed while he was crossing the road. You could imagine the sorrow of Stephanie when she lost the only son and that too in a tragic manner in her own eyes! She became sad and depressed. No amount of words could console her. She remained even angry with God! The Spirit came and spoke to her with words and visions. "My child I know your love for me, several times you told me that death or peril, persecution or suffering can never take you away from your love for me. Don't you know that I asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son? Is not by sacrificing His only Son for you and that too in an inhuman way on a cross like a criminal that my Father in heaven loved you". At these words she asked God pardon for her anger and sadness at the death of her son and offered him to God the Father through the cross of His only Son Jesus. Then the Spirit gave her a vision of her son seated along with the angels and saints in heaven and he spoke to the mother thus, "When you accepted my death and forgave everyone and offered me as a victim along with Jesus on the Cross, the Lord gave me this seat in heaven on the right hand of God, now Mamma rejoice with me for I am more alive for you here than if I was to be with you on earth." Ever since she not only stopped complaining to God for the tragic death of her son but on the contrary she started praising God for the accident and for the death of her only son. She always says with a smile "Now I have a little saint in heaven for me, my own son".

The devil is prowling around

In a retreat preached at Medjugorje, Bosnia, one day in an afternoon a lot of people were standing outside the hall just for a laying on of hands and prayer. As I was doing it, a woman came towards me very furiously with loud shouts of abusive words, with her fists to strike me and standing near me she started spitting on my face. The people in the queue took hold of her. She was so strong and violent that seven or eight strong people could not control her. She said, "You, bloody Indian priest why do you come to destroy us and send us away?. Haven't you any shame to come here to work even without knowing our language and culture". With loud laughter of scoff, she said, "O I know that you are very poor and are starving in India, that is why you have come here...". She was screaming at times, she tried to remove all her cloths. She was expressing all the characteristics of an evil spirit as it is explained in Markus 5: 1-10. Fr. Slavko, the spiritual director of the Marian Centre at Medjugorje came to my rescue!. He wiped the spittle from my face with his towel and washed my face with fresh water. Taking my Crucifix and Rosary I started praying for her and commanded the evil spirit to go. Suddenly she fell flat on the ground with her tongue out, with the whole face becoming blue and went on spitting and speaking abusive words. Although she was from England, she refused to speak English, but started speaking in Italian which I did not know. The devil defrauds always!. Because Fr. Slavko knew several languages he was very helpful to me to conduct the prayer of exorcism which lasted for several hours. In our prayer we decided to fast and to do sacrifices. Much prayer, faith and fasting are required to heal such cases (Mt 17: 20).

After, the evil spirit had gone out of her, I counselled her along with her husband. Both of them were homeopathic doctors from England but their medical practices were mixed with esoteric devices which have their origins in Hinduism and in Buddhism. They are practices with complete reliance on powers of nature which is mixed with evil powers.

The story of Brigit, my spiritual daughter

In a retreat when I was speaking of God's love, a particular woman got up from her chair and said, "There is no God, then why you speak about His love". Later she came to my room and said that, "...if at all God exists, He is a wicked one". As she was in tears I could understand that she might have gone through some great tragedy of life.

Then Brigit, that was her name, went on sharing her life. "I was an orphan thrown out into the street by the parents but picked up by the religious sisters who brought me up in their orphanage. When I was in the orphanage I used to be lonely and rejected and oftentimes I thought of ending my life. Whenever I had seen parents expressing their love to their own children by hug, kiss and gifts, I used to mourn over my wretched life where I was without my parents' love and attention. I was always hungering and thirsting for a real love and concern which I could not get. I knew that I was thrown away by my parents because I was born out of wed-lock. I feel much anger towards my unknown parents who must be married and living a happy life with their children. I feel hatred and jealousy towards all those who live a good married life. In my early adolescence I started the habit of masturbation which I knew to be sin. Always I have a guilt feeling within my heart in spite of many prayers and attending of the daily Mass. After my studies when the sisters proposed a marriage alliance for me I could not accept the idea of a marriage, I said, "What is marriage: living together, procreating children and throwing them out in the street". My wounded, corrupt, prejudiced mind could not imagine anything optimistic of life. At last I agreed to marry the man who had a very good character. He loved me not only as a husband but as a father and as a brother too. He was giving me all the love that I forfeited in the past. But I was unlucky to have his love for long, in a bus accident he died. In panic I yelled to God 'Why you wicked God, took away my husband who was everything to me". I decided to commit suicide; I rushed to the sea-shore to climb up the cliffs and to jump head long. As I was sitting on the cliffs of rock a wanton thought came to my heart that if I were to end my life I would be killing an innocent and helpless child in my womb, the fruit of the love between me and my husband. Hence I made up my mind not to commit suicide and to continue living for the sake of the child in my womb, but without God. I gave birth to a boy. I did not baptise him or taught him of God. Ever since I lost my husband I lost faith, I stopped praying or going to the Church. I can't believe in a God who is cruel. Now my son is seventeen years old. I came to this retreat because someone told me that I would be healed of my asthma, back pain and rashes on the skin".

While Brigit was sharing her story in prayer, I was surrendering her to the Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that is all I could do. I told her, "my daughter see that you attend the whole retreat for five days". With a smile she replied "because I have paid for the program I will be here for five days". I knew well that if any one was prepared to give his or her time to the Lord, He would come in his or her life. As the retreat went on the Word of God began to touch her. She wept in tears when she heard "Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb?. Even should she forget I will never forget you, see upon the palms of my hands I have written your name" (Is 49: 15-16). When she heard that God has a great plan for her future welfare and that He would supply all her needs. (Jer 29: 1; Phil 4: 19) she opened her heart towards God´s merciful and loving plan of salvation. She knew that even if it were she alone in this world God would have come down in human form and die for her. She found the Bible becoming alive in her life. She understood that the Bible was written for her sake alone!. She made a confession of her life and received the Body and Blood of Jesus in her heart after long seventeen years. Great was her joy when she met the Lord. On the last day of the retreat after the prayer of infilling with the Spirit she gave her powerful testimony of meeting Jesus and of becoming a new person and of her healing of the bodily sickness. She said in front of all "I will baptise my child and we both will live a life witnessing the Lord".

After a year I baptised the boy in the Church and he too attended a Charismatic retreat and both of them with the various charisms they received, went around in the city in the houses and prayer-groups sharing their testimony, laying hands on the sick and forming many prayer-groups of intercession. After six years of her life in the Spirit God asked her to give a great gift, that is her only son. One day as he was coming away from the university, he was hit by a car and was admitted in the hospital. She narrated her experience thus, "As I was waiting for my son coming from his classes two young people came to tell me of the accident. Then and there I surrendered my son into the loving hands of the Lord. With tears in my eyes but my praises to God in my heart and lips I rushed to the hospital. Holding his hands I was praying for him. I was sure that God would do only good for my life because He loves me (Rom 8: 28). I had no anxiety or fear but I had deep pain seeing the pathetic condition of my son. After a while he opened his eyes, staring at my face cried 'Mamma' and breathed his last!. I lifted my heart and hands to heaven and placed the soul of my son in the Heart of Jesus and began to praise God. When a nurse came and called my name only I came to myself. I told her "Praise God my son has gone to heaven".

Later when I met her I could not believe her story, incredible it was that a widowed mother surrendering her only son to the Lord. She said, "it was hard for me because I felt the heavens and the earth breaking and falling upon me but I received a power from the Holy Spirit to give this surrender with peace and joy of the Lord". As Brigit is my spiritual daughter I know her well, now too she goes about preaching in retreats, praying for the sick and conducting prayer groups. Often she says "Now I am doubly strong because my son is beside Jesus praying for me".

Testimony of an old widow

I remember the life story of an old widow in a retreat. Her husband died suddenly by an unknown disease of the lungs leaving her with nine small children. As a housewife she was unable to be a bread-winner of the house to bring up the children, hence she decided to poison the children to death and to end her own life. In her own words "with this crazy idea of the satan I was screaming on my bed. I could not accept the death of my husband nor could I accept the burden of my family. I was totally helpless. Suddenly I happened to touch the end of my rosary, that is the small crucifix, under my pillow which was left there after the evening family prayer. The Lord started speaking to me from the crossû"my child do you think your suffering are greater than my sufferings which I took upon myself for your sake. Surrender your burden of sufferings to me I will make them easy and sweet...". At these words she was consoled and strengthened. She asked Jesus pardon for her wicked thoughts of murder and suicide and started living with courage and fortitude. She ended her story by saying, "Four of my sons are priests, four of my daughters are religious sisters and my youngest son got married and he looks after me. Well, now I am the luckiest and happiest woman in the world by God's grace".

Testimony of Dora Ganoza

In 1995 a series of anomalies were spotted within my spine. During a long period of time, these made several daily movements impossible for me, to the extent that I couldn't walk without the aid of a special orthopedical girdle. After several treatments, the doctors made it possible for me to walk again without the help of this girdle, but I was always limited of doing any greater effort.

At the end of 1999, another health problem arose, this time with my my knees, to the point that I could only walk with special kneepads and only for a few meters. The doctors could not find the cause to that problem. In October of 2000, during an encounter with Father James Manjackal, where I asked him to impose his hands on me. This allowed the Holy Spirit as well as the healing power of Jesus Christ to act. I was cured of both my column and my knees. This is the testimony of the miraculous healing that Jesus performed for me through the prayers of Fr. James Manjackal.

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