Yvette - Ecuador
I am Yvette Santos León, I am 53 years old and I live in Ecuador.
For more than 5 years I had reflux and colitis (inflammation of the large intestine), and in the last 2 years this got worse because I also got sick with ileitis (inflammation of the ileum, which is a part of the small intestine).
During all these years I had undergone medical treatment with a lot of pills, but last year the pain had become so intense that sometimes I could not sleep, and in the month of November I did not even have the strength to get out of bed.
Already tired of not being healed with medicine, one day of november I decided to stop taking it and asked the Lord to heal me...
On Saturday December 2, I woke up very sore, I was still on bed and asked again God to heal me, then I connected to YouTube looking for catholic music or some catholic video  that can help me to calm down.. and suddenly and for the first time it appeared a live video Father James' healing prayer  (it is important to mention that I had heard of this priest before, but I did not know that he had a YouTube channel and much less that he did live healing prayers). I began to pray with him, to adore baby Jesus, to thank Him to become as a child, to sing to baby Jesus with father James… then father James started to pray for the sick.... people started to write their names and deseases in the chat, so I wrote my name and asked the Lord to heal me of the disease of my intestines... Father James was mentioning the names of the people and the diseases that the Lord was healing... But father did not mentioned my name, and meanwhile like blind Bartimaeus, I said over and over again:  "Jesus heal me", and I wrote several times in the chat, until finally Father James said that Jesus had healed me.
The prayers finished, I got up from my bed with faith that I had been healed, and as the days passed, little by little the symptoms of reflux and pain decreased, and finally disappeared. On February I went to the doctor,  she made me  medical exams again, and told me that I was cured.
Glory to the Lord! Thank you Jesus because you have healed me! Thank you Father James for praying for me!
Jezu ufam tobie

I was healed from tetany, that was diagnosed by a doctor in this year. Anyways, I used to feel weak, have so many muscle spasm and tremors for more than one year.
What's more, for the last year I had my shoulder injured after work-outs at the gym. In november I did a resonance, which shows that my shoulder is ok .
Praise the LORD !

 Praised Jesus and Mary!
Dear Father James, I am writing to you today with great gratitude in my heart for all your prayers and I want to testify.
I am Jasminka, from Ljubeščica, a small town in Croatia, I live and work in Austria. In June 2023, I attended Father James' Seminar in Graz for the first time.  Durring the prayer for healing, he also said my name.
I immediately believed and thanked Jesus in myself, but for secular, medical confirmation, until now. All that time the words of Jesus, when he healed 10 lepers and only one returned and came to thank me, echoed in me and kept coming to my mind.
That's why I now want to testify that Jesus healed my blood and all blood values, especially from leukopenia.   And that in November, during an online - prayer with Father James, he healed me of pain in my joints.
Thank You, my Jesus, for everything that I have and that You never left me,you gave me miracles and healed me.
 I love You Jesus, my strength and my consolation.
 Jesus is alive and here among us!

Dear Father James,

I would like to witness the healing I received on November 4th, 2023 during the healing prayer. On October 22th, I woke up at night due to severe pain in my right shoulder. My arm was sore, stiff, almost immobile. The pain was intense and continued in the same intensity during the day so I went to the emergency room. Please find medical  documentation attached. I was prescribed a therapy - opiates and antirheumatics, but I couldn't take my therapy because of the job I do, which includes gun carrying. I suffered strong pain until November 4th. On that day during the prayer, the thought "Try to move your hand" came to my mind but I didn't do it, I kept following you. The same thought reappeared. At that moment, I realized that my arm no longer hurts. I carefully started raising my hand, lifting it normally - forward, backward, sideways. I decided to hold out my hand and lifted it above my head. The hand is healed! Thank God, thank Jesus, thank you.
I'm grateful.

One morning in the spring of 2023, on my way to work I stepped wrong and twisted my left foot on the slippery pavement. The pain was piercing, but after a while I was able to walk to work. From that day on, my foot was sore and swollen, especially in the evenings after work. After two months, when home treatment was not helping, I was hesitant to go to the doctor. I didn't want to waste my time looking for a foot injury specialist, so I kept going to work, but it was a difficult time. After two months I went to Father James' spiritual renewal retreat in Ostrava, thinking that God would heal my foot there. At this retreat my leg stopped hurting on the first day and in the evening it was no longer swollen. I praised the Lord. After returning home, my foot began to hurt again. I started searching on the internet for a specialist. I called one. He had an appointment available in two months at the earliest. I didn't call another doctor. I said to myself, God, I thought, now that my leg is hurting again, you just want me to go to the doctor. But at the spiritual renewal, you did heal me. And if my leg hurts again, I just trust you. I give the pain in my leg to you, and when it hurts, I sacrifice the pain for the conversion of sinners. Within a week, my leg was completely fine.
Thank you Jesus for healing and thank you for father James Manjackal


Dear Father James,
I thank dear God for your great heart and the suffering you show for us who are influenced by your intercessory prayer.
During a regular check-up, the doctor had suspicions and sent me for a areola puncture on my left breast. I immediately sought your prayers. The puncture results showed that I am healthy. Jesus healed me through your intercessory prayer, Father James.
Thank you for your prayers, love, and the suffering you endure for us.
I love you, I pray for you, Father, and I thank dear God for giving you to us! I have been to almost all your seminars in Croatia.
Grateful, Kristina Oršanić Kopić from Zagreb (Croatia)

I was at Father James's seminar on August 10, 2023. in Altötting, Germany. I prayed for my family and people around me. I did not pray for myself. When Father James spoke, I had the feeling that he was speaking to me. Especially about insomnia, how he doesn't sleep either, how Jesus can rest us in one hour of sleep as if we slept all night. As we do not need to take any pills or preparations. I thought to myself that I, too, have been suffering from insomnia for a long time, I am struggling, I am praying, I am showing this suffering to Jesus, but when it comes to 2:00 a.m. I can't do it anymore and sometimes I take Melatonin - because I think I can't suffer anymore and how I have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and be in top shape for the patients I care for.The night after the seminar, I dreamed that I was lying in bed, and two nurses were removing bandages from the lower part of my legs. I also saw Father James standing next to my bed, and I felt Mrs. Ana Protic in my spirit, that she was also there and praying (she is the leader of our small prayer community). I knew that Jesus healed me from insomnia and from sick veins in my legs through the prayers of Father James and Mrs. Ana. Oh, how nice and well I slept then. The insomnia is gone.
Thank you Father James! Glory to Jesus! And thank you for your prayers for my niece Kiara, and Jesus healed her according to your prayers - you said her name even before you could read the letter in which I asked you to pray for her. Thank you. Thank you Jesus and may he bless you so that you can evangelize for a long time.
Davorka Bosnjak

Ivan & Simona
Denar father James,
thank you for your prayer!
Two years ago we informed that  my father Ivan had a prostati cancer. His state of health was progressively becoming worse. A few weeks ago he visited his doctor and she was very surprised. His state of health has suddenly improved without any known reason. The doctor broke off the medical treatment. Thanks God!!
I ask you to keep praying for my father because he still has terrible pains and he has problems with walking. He is 87 years old.
I also ask you to keep praying for my mother who has many cronical diseases. My state of health has becoming worse and worse.
Thank you very much! Yours sincerely,
Simona Poredoš

Dear father James,I wroted you almost two year ago about that boy Emanuel ( my husbands nephew) that lives in Germany and has autism. Few days after that his mother join your prayer ,it was that time on Friday. Few days after his mother put him to sleep in the evening she said to him :"Good night Emanuel" he responded:"Good night mum". It was for the first time that he repet after someone or respond. After that day he spoke more and more.   Hvala i slava Isusu! Thank you, father James for your prayers from our heart. This is Emanuel (photo)

Dear Father James,

I thank you for your prayers and blessings both for me and my family.
I would like to tell you how I was blessed during your service in July, in Portugal, during the cure and liberation prayer.
It had been years since I was able to kneel. When you said that those who couldn't kneel should try to do so and have faith, and they would be healed, I tried to kneel with great difficulty but when I stood up I was able to do so thanks to the blessings of God and your own.
Ever since, I have been able to kneel without difficulty. I would like to thank you for your help, the blessing and santification of my family's unity.
May God bless you always.
Filomena de Jesus

Dear father James, I am writing you my testimony.
I was born as one of triplets. I ran out of oxygen and that's why we were all born two months early.  Because of this, I have hemiparesis on the right side of my body and my right leg is shorter between 2 and 3 cm according to the old findings.  I was tapping when I would walk ( “hopping” on the right leg ). I had an elevation of 2 cm in the right shoe.
I was at your Spiritual Renewal for Croatians in June and September. I experienced healing. There is no more hopping.
My Achilles tendon has lengthened.  When I went to get the new findings, the doctor thought that my tendon had been lengthened by the operation. I do squats much easier because the heel doesn't go up in the air like before. My leg is now 2 cm shorter and I walk better. The doctor also reduced the elevation in my shoe from 2 cm to 1.5 cm, and he said that only 1 cm is possible (to see for myself how it is easiest for me to walk)
Below I am sending the findings before and after the Spiritual Renewal.
Thank you for praying for me and my family. dear God bless and protect you.
Ivan Glasnović

My mom received the link for the international healing hour from a friend. She was so delighted watching it, she called me afterwards and described such a beautiful experience. I didn’t see her so happy like this. She said she heard: Danijela, you are healthy.
I searched on the internet and found the streamed version on YouTube. By watching it, I became healing of my pain, my heart and brain changed. I became stronger.
Thank you for your prayers! „

Dear Father James.
My name is Igor, I am 41 years old. I attended your seminar for the first time in Koprivnica (Croatia) in 2002. This year I attended all three seminars for Croats in Austria. At the first seminar, God healed me of fornication, cursing, lying, and stealing, and I started praying again, and at the third seminar this year, my spine healed.
I am divorced, I have three daughters from my first marriage. Now I am in a civil marriage for 7 years and I have one daughter. After the first seminar in Austria, through prayer and the Word of God, I was encouraged to initiate proceedings on the annulment of the marriage. I have been to the ecclesiastical court and it has grounds for obtaining nullity. He should start court these days. I believe that with God everything is possible and that God turns for good all those who love him. I am asking you to pray for me and this case so that God's will is fulfilled because he would fervently want me to live sacramentally again and receive Jesus in the holy host. I also hope that you will be able to hold seminars in Croatia again, because we really need it. I love you and pray for you dear Father James. God's blessing
Marina Mandusic
Hail Jesus and Mary Father James! I would like to testify how great God is. I've been suffering from cancer for three years, they removed my uterus and after a few months progressive cancer appeared on the breast that was removed. I went through chemotherapy and radiation. But of all that, it hurt me the most when they took out my uterus and I endured the pain.
In the sixth month I was in Austria at your seminar and after the laying on of hands I felt a great grace, while I was resting in the spirit my whole body stretched and in an instant I saw a hand on my stomach, it squeezed my stomach so much that I had the feeling that my stomach stuck to the spine and after that I heard a voice go and testify in the Name of the Triune God, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary that I completely healed you!!! The Holy Spirit worked a lot, I have never received so much grace as I did then, and since 2006 I have been going through spiritual renewal.
When I came home after three days, I realized that I had no pain in the place where my uterus was removed. In the eighth month, I went to the gynecologist who asked in disbelief where I had been operated on and who had operated on me, because he did not see any scars. I knew that only our great and merciful Lord could do that. First, I thank the Triune God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and then I thank you for your great love and kindness, for your great sacrifice for us who are poor in spirit. May the Lord be glorified even more and more powerfully through your life.
P.S. when I came to the seminar, I wanted so badly to touch Jesus, to touch his clothes, and then the Lord did it, you received us for a personal prayer where you allowed me and my family to kiss the wounds of Christ on your body. When the Lord gives, He gives abundantly, not only for me to touch Him, but for my whole family!!! Thanks and glory to Jesus for all the graces given, healing of spirit, soul and body!!!

Dear Father James,
Julian has been seizure-free for 3 years epilepsy because of your prayers.
We are very grateful to God and you for this. However, according to his doctor, he still needs to take the medication.
 God bless and protect you!


Antonija Maglica
Praised Jesus and Mary. dear father James. I asked you to pray for my daughter Katarina, who is struggling with fears and anxiety, and thank God my daughter miraculously recovered, so I wanted to send you this testimony

I attended one of father Manjackal's retreat in France and I received a professonal gift. Indeed, I ve been a teacher at home for 3 years and since the retreat, I ve been feeling more confident during my job. I m also more efficient and I spend less time preparing my lessons. In a few words, I feel better in my job after father Manjackal placed his hands on me. I know that s divine...

Dear Father James!
Today, I would just like to briefly write to you what I experienced on your Saturday prayer.
When you had prayer, I joined you somewhere in the middle because I was previously busy. When you prayed for the curse break, I felt such hot chest pain inside, and tears flowed without my strength to stop them. The same thing happened to me, when you prayed for your spouses in crisis, tears flowed. And when you pronounced my name, Matthew you were freed, it hit me like a lightning bolt in my heart.
Thank you Jesus for everything he does, even though I don't understand so many things. I believe that the Lord has broken something in me. Thank you for all your prayers and for the gift of the Holy Spirit who speaks through you.
I wish you God's blessing on your journey to mission.
Mateja from SLovenia

I would like to  testify, how for our God nothing is impossible and Our Lady intercedes for our intentions and no one is left without help.The first time I participated in online retreat led by father James during the Covid pandemic when I was sick and I was healed. In 2023 I participated in his retreat led in Sierakowice and Warsaw and I see how God helps in my life and members of my family.In 2023, I started pray  for Father James as part of the group called in Poland „Margaretki”.I pray in this intention every Friday.In November 2023, I got sick, I had a fever of about 40 degrees for a long time, I had terrible pain in my stomach, back and legs, I could barely move because of the pain.
Despite the pain, I prayed the rosary and, just as Father James taught during the retreat that the name of Jesus has power, I called the name of Jesus many times with faith, I entrusted the painful parts of my body to God, by making the sign of the Holy Cross. The medicines which I received did not help me, what's worse, due to my allergies, I couldn't take all the medicines. I felt worse.After the medical diagnostics another doctor sent me to the hospital with suspected inflammation in pelvic and left ovarian abscess, indicating that surgery may be necessary. On Wednesday, when I was received this  diagnosis, my daughter added to her prayer intentions also intention for my healing during  her bread  and water fast, which she was continued  until 9 days, and she wrote an e-mail to Father James with ask for pray while I went to the hospital. When I was admitted to the hospital, my daughter read from the church community the message that in the frame of the pilgrimage of the image of Our Lady of Victories, the image will be at our home next year on Mother's Day.Further examination indicated an abscess 7x4 cm on the left side of stomach. I was sent for further diagnostics in the hospital. During hospital treatment, I became allergic to the medicine and I felt still pain.Due to the  abscess detected on the left side of my stomach, I had a CT scan ordered. The doctor said that the CT scan  did not show abscess on the left side of my stomach.All the time in the hospital, I continued to pray, offering my pain for the souls who are suffering in purgatory and those who suffer even more like me. On Thursday, after 9 days in the hospital (on the 9th day of my daughter's fast) I left hospital without surgery, I felt on the left side of my stomach pain like after surgery.
On Friday next week I had inspection visit with the another doctor - he said that’s true-he also didn’t see abscess in the left side of my stomach. That day was the first Friday of the month December, in the evening during Holy Mass I felt that the pain had gone away and disappeared. Praise the Lord!I encourage you to trust in God,pray for priests and the souls in purgatory suffering.Praise the Lord for the grace of healing and all the blessings.

Dear Father James,
I would like to witness the healing I received on November 4th, 2023 during the healing prayer. On October 22th, I woke up at night due to severe pain in my right shoulder. My arm was sore, stiff, almost immobile. The pain was intense and continued in the same intensity during the day so I went to the emergency room. Please find medical  documentation attached. I was prescribed a therapy - opiates and antirheumatics, but I couldn't take my therapy because of the job I do, which includes gun carrying. I suffered strong pain until November 4th. On that day during the prayer of Fr. James Manjackal, the thought "Try to move your hand" came to my mind but I didn't do it, I kept following the prayer. The same thought reappeared. At that moment, I realized that my arm no longer hurts. I carefully started raising my hand, lifting it normally - forward, backward, sideways. I decided to hold out my hand and lifted it above my head. The hand is healed! Thank God, thank Jesus, thank you.
I'm grateful.

Thank You lovely Lord God fór all healings and blessinss in our family. We are getting stronger in love. It's so good to have You, i can't imagine life without You. Thank You so much. Dear beloved father James thank you fór everything you have done for us.
Thank You our most loved lord God. Bianka started to talk good. She had some problems. She said twice words before and so was speaking slowly. Thank You for all blessings. I know my family is very blessed by You by program with dear beloved father James.
Lucia Golinska

Ms. Ewa's family. Retreat Sierakowic

Ms. Ewa's family is a foster family for seven children. Ms. Ewa is currently staying with her children at the Wake Clinic in Warsaw so I - a neighbor - am giving this testimony on her behalf.
e 22.07.2023
My name is Bożena I would like to give a testimonial .
A year ago ( 2022 R ) in Sierakowice at the same place at a retreat led by Fr. James Manjackal Eve my neighbor , I and my neighbor's family asked for life and health for her two children who were in a car accident .Coming back from church there was a tragic accident . The driver of the car , in which the children were traveling went off the road into a ditch . Unfortunately , on the way hit a tree , the car roofed . The children were resuscitated immediately after the accident , in serious condition they were taken to the hospital, where they were resuscitated again . They had many injuries and fractures . The condition of the children was very serious . ( attached photos of the children after the accident )

We went to Fr. James' retreat to pray for life and health for the Children .  We believe that through the prayer of Fr. James the Lord God is little by little giving health to the children . Dominic's condition has improved .Since the accident for 9 months Dominic was in a coma . Today he walks on his own , speaks , eats meals and learns life again .
Klaudia is still in a coma , she is being rehabilitated all the time , her situation is changing for the better .

Thank you God for hearing our requests.
God is alive, He hears us and answers our desires and prayers.

Joanna. Retreats Warsaw 2023
My name is Joanna . I am from the Lublin area , thank you Lord Jesus for the grace I received . During the Charismatic retreat of Fr. Jamesa M. I received many graces for which I thank you very much .
Lord Jesus healed my heart , and the pain in my back .
Praise the Lord !

Czcicielka. Retreat Sierakowice 22.07.2023.
Praise the Lord Jesus .
I had a colorectal anastomosis 14 years ago I was diagnosed with malignant cancer. I did not take chemotherapy or lamps, I refused and entrusted my disease to Jesus.
At a retreat in Starogard Gdanski, Fr. Manjackal, during prayer, mentioned my diminutive name as my parents and siblings called me - Wieśka. Fr. James said: "Wieśka the Lord Jesus is healing you." I believed it and accepted the healing.
In all the time that has passed since my illness and the retreat until now I have been working all  with a small break ( one year I had a pension ) . Recently I have been working sorting fruit. More than once I returned from work about 3 km on foot, more than once I had to walk both ways on foot 6 km. , and I am over 66 years old. People ask where I get my strength from. I take strength from the Lord Jesus, it is He who leads me through life.
Thank you Jesus
Worshipper Wieslawa from Gdynia

Justyna. Retreat Sierakowice 22.07.2023
In 2012 while attending Fr. James Manjackal's retreat in Starogard Gdanski , I experienced healing from migraines after individual laying on of hands by Fr. James Manjackal and his personal prayer over me for my healing .
I also experienced an inner strange feeling - an opening to the Holy Spirit . I was joyful in myself and filled with the Holy Spirit .
Justyna from Bydgoszcz

Halina. Retreat 22.07.2023 Sierakowice
Testimony from the retreat in Sierakowice .
During the prayer for healing which was led by Fr. James Manjackal on Saturday I felt relief from suffering , less abdominal pain . I had been ill for a long time with enteritis and colitis . On Sunday the pains stopped completely . During adoration of the Blessed Sacrament I received inner peace .
Praise the Lord !

Kasia. Retreat Sierakowice 22.07.2023.
Luck of God.
I participated in 2022 in a retreat organized in Sierakowice, led by Fr. James Manjackal. During the retreat I was healed of hemorrhoids. I was healed for a very long time, I went to many doctors. Going to work after the retreat, my colleagues noticed that since I had been on the retreat I had not complained of hemorrhoid pain, only then did it occur to me that it was during the prayers of Fr. James the Lord Jesus healed me.
Today I also attend this retreat, a year has passed and I am healthy.
Praise the Lord . Kasia

Hanna. Retreat 22.07.2023 Sierakowice
Thanking the Lord God for His mercy and power , I would like to testify to the grace of healing from breast cancer through the intercession of the prayer of Fr. James Manjackal .
Last year I had numerous examinations : ultrasound , mammogram and two biopsies. I was diagnosed with breast cancer . Surgery and radiation were recommended . I went on a one-day retreat to Obory , where Fr. James celebrated the Eucharist and conducted conferences . During the Eucharist , Fr. James prayed for healing . During the prayer Fr. James said that the Lord heals from breast cancer , my name was also mentioned among those experiencing healing .
I already had an operation scheduled for which I interceded . After the operation , which went well no painkillers were needed to the amazement of the nurses . Numerous specimens were submitted for examination . The doctor informed me that he cut out everything possible in the areas marked , and removed 4 lymph nodes from me .
The histopathological results showed no cancer cells in the above sections .
God be thanked for His omnipotence , power , and above all for love and healing .
Hanna from Gdansk

Mirka 22.07.2023 Sierakowice
My healing and transformation began at Fr. James Manjackal's retreat in Obory in 2019. The healing was preceded by an act of Entrustment to Mary in August 2018 .  God healed my Faith , which is growing day by day .
After Fr. James retreat in which I participated Jesus saved my soul and sons Robert and Blazej from eternal damnation . God showed me the right path to follow in life . I also received the grace of forgiveness .
The Grace of Forgiveness is the beginning of every healing . Through forgiveness I Bless my enemies and friends . It is important to do God's Will in life , and God is to come first . I believe and trust God , even though sometimes a breakdown comes - I pick myself up and grow . I believe and Trust with all my Heart , Soul , Body , Senses and Emotions .
I thank everyone whom God put on my path in a difficult situation ; Fr. James , Priests who celebrated Mass , Maria and her family , Ulka and many others and people who supported me spiritually and physically .
God healed my Soul physically from many ailments , wounds and emotions .
Praise the Lord .

Blessed be Jesus and Mary and Saint Joseph!
I would like to share my testimony.
My name is Andrijana Vicković, I am 47 years old, and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 26 years ago.  Over the years, it has advanced a lot and degenerative changes are pronounced. I have an artificial knee and an artificial ankle in my right leg.
While the left knee is still mine, but very damaged, because the disease completely destroyed the cartilage.  It was destroyed to such an extent that I can't even rely on it, and since May 2023, I've been on two crutches and in a wheelchair.
At Father James's spiritual renewal in Austria for Croats, on September 9, 2023, after Father James laid his hands on me and prayed, I lowered my heel to the floor and leaned on my leg.
And not only that, but I walked without crutches, so I relied completely on my leg. Even today, 5 days after the prayer, I walk without crutches.
Our God is great ! He wants us to be healthy and happy.
Thank you Father James for your prayers and intercession!
I thank Christ for giving me health and relief through tortured hands. Jesus Christ, my King, my God !
Andrijana Vicković, Pula, Croatia

My testiomony is related with my request about divorce decision.
The story of our marriage problems is very long, so in short words I can say, I decided to take our children and leave my husband in end of a May, when nothing changes.
But, Jesus did a miracle in our married life; because of Your prayers, many Holly Masses, many rosemaries ( Pompeian novena), our God helped us to stay together in love and unity.
Thank God and thank You for helping so many people to come to God!

Joachim, who is now 5 years old, since about 10 months is able to speak. It is after you prayed for him.
Previous he can't communicate, was diagnosed by many specialist, who claimed he probably will be never speaking normally. Finally he was diagnosed as an autistic child, still with no or very small chances to develop speeach ability ever. But Jesus did a miracle for our son through your prayers.
Now he is speaking well in polish and know some english words and phrases.
Praise the Lord!

Dear Father James,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers, sacrifices and fasting for humanity and for individuals.
Today during your online prayers the Lord pleased me with the healing of my knee. I was in great pain for a long time, even at night the pain woke me up. I couldn't walk without pain, I couldn't even kneel in church during mass. During your prayers, I placed my right hand on my sick knee and during the final blessing you gave us, I knelt completely without pain.
Dear Father James, I remain united with you in prayers
in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN!
Yours sincerely
Jana Kormaňáková
Dolný Kubín
Florence and Serge
Dear Father James,
I was in june in Brest to participate to your retreat for 3 days. We were together my husband Serge and I Florence and it was our 46 years of wedding. It was a great and wonderfull expérience for the first time we met you and all the team around you. We were in the same plane from Paris as you and we exchanged a smile when we get up on board.
We have 5 children and 9 grandchildren and we are christian catholics. We left the practiss of our religion and our engagement as catéchistes or to prépare to wedding, in 1991 for different reasons, the principale is the attitude of some priests around us. I was 33 years when I began a new part of my life. I get married when I was 20 years old, 5 children before 30 years old and it was for me important to contribute to the world and to help people. I began a training to be psychotherapist. I arrived to a master trainer in NLP and Hypnosis and I worked in France and in Morocco until my retreat in 2018. Since this time I continue as psychotherapist and to train gratuitous.
In the same Time with Serge, in Mexico we met in 1996 chamanes huicholes and we join them during several years to pray for humanity and to open our heart. We left in 2005 and stopped definitvly.
I can tell you that we entered strongly into all the différents traditions asiatics as Qi Gong yoga etc...and psychologie of Carl Gustav Jung, esoterism bla-bla-bla... We red a lot of books and practice experiences.
In the same Time the most important for me was to share force and love of God, Jesus and Marie and to help people to get out difficulties and suffering. And I worked a lot !
And in 2021, in november I went with Serge at the cimetery to visit and pray for my parents.
The morrow I felt very clearly that I have to return to the church to the celebration of Eucharisty.It was an order of my parents and I obeyed.
I talked with Serge and he decided to come with me. We live in Marseille near Notre Dame de La Garde and we have 4 messes per day and every day it is possible to confess. Naturely I felt necessary to go to confess and to read the Bible. I began to read St Paul.
Later we met a woman who told us of Maria Valtorta and her books: the Gospel as revealed to me. We bought the books and red them. Since décember 2022 we change a lot of things in our life. And later I red Christian magazine and I red your life and called Maryvonne to check if we could participate. And we met you Father James and all your team in Brest. The third day I confess with Father Jean-Charles and during your homily I decided to stop to train in hypnosis (I have engaged a training in march with 6 womens until september) to stop to use all thouse practices and to talk about Jésus and Holly Spirit to my patients. And I did it. Since we changed our life deeply. It will be too long to give some details of the change of our life and also how for our family, our children, our friends and the womens in training, it is just untelligible or dangerous our crazy or unacceptable . Fortunatly we can understand all these differents reactions because we were at the same place before: we believed in ourselves and in our power and all was possible for us!!!
NOW we obey to the Holly Spirit, we believe only in God our Father and we obey to his Will, we pray Jesus and we are happy to belong to the Christian Church Catholic. We give up judgment and we pray, forgive and love.
I like to say that I find again my childhood faith of when I was seven old. All this long way to return at home! And Serge too!
Thank you Jesus, thank you Marie my Sky Mother, thank you Holly Spirit, thank you my guardian Angel, and thank you My God to teach me, to lead me. Thank you to give us the force through the wedding sacrament to stay together and to go through all the past proofs .
Thank you Father James to preach the Gospel without compromise and to travelling indefatigably with love, force and courage and thank you all your team specially to Gaby, Maryvonne and Vincent.
Actually we are waiting to know our mission, to obey to God Will and to let Holly Spirit lead us. United in love and in the Church of Jesus-Christ
Our best regards Florence and Serge

Dear Father James,
Now I have got a good job. Praise the lord. Thank you Jesus for your prayers online.
God bless you

Dear fr.james,
My name is vineetha, settled in Australia.  My son Andrew (7 years old)has suffering with tooth grinding while sleeping. We were scared of this problem and requested prayer from fr.james. Also participating first Saturday prayers continuously with this intention.
By the grace of God, last 4 months he was sleeping very comfortably and not making tooth grinding.
We didn't meet any doctors, only ask to jesus to heal him with your holy blood.
Many thanks to Holy spirit and my almighty God. Thank you so much father james for your abundance support and love.
We all love you .
Kind regards

My name is Stjepan Lamesic. I was born in 28.6.1956. This is testimony how Jesus healed me.
Last year I had a big stomach pain June 23. Before that few years ago I had a colon cancer and two intestinal tangles.
When I arrived in hospital on June 23. 2022 - I had surgery and doctors removed 40cm of my small intestine. After 5 days everything in my stomach brust, everything spilled into the abdominal cavity- I had surgery again- I got stoma. The doctors said I will be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I was in hospital for 8 weeks.
My niece wrote to father James to pray for meHe replied that he was praying. I believed in his prayers. Also I attended his healing prayers on line. My brothers and sisters in Christ also prayed for me. And my wife to- every evening.
I was discharged from the hospital in the 9th month. I could not do anything on my own- but we countinued to pray. The doctors said that it might be a little better in February 2023.
In December 2022. I had control and everything healed- the doctors removed my stoma and said that my healing was a miracle of God because thay expected that it would only get a little better in February 2023.
Im am fine now, all the openings in my stomach closed in December 2022. I can do now everything on my own- walk alone, drive car....everything is like before surgeries.
Dear father James thank you for everything, God bless you!!

My cousin Vlado Jerkovic is better he started to walk and drive car- but he is not good enough he get blood infusiones 2x for week- he has low henoglobin abobt 50 that need to be 120. Countiniue pray for him to. Thank you for everything!! God bless you!!

Dear Father James Manjackal, 06.05.  on Saturday there was a virtual prayer for healing, I listened to it on Monday 08/05/2023, that morning I prayed to the Lord to heal my tachycardias and arrhythmias on my heart that I feel and that my findings would be good.  When you prayed for the health of my heart, I heard my name, I didn't feel anything then, but to this day, the arrhythmias in their earlier form have not recurred and the Holter EKG results came back normal.  I believe that Jesus healed my heart.  Thanks and glory to our good God!  Amen!  Hallelujah!
Darija Gravanic

Thank you so much Holy Father for all Your blessings, help. You are the best, You always know what is best fór my family and me. Big thank to You. Thank You that love came again between my husband and me... So múch thanks fór All. That my son speaks better and understands... That my daughter has so good memory and marks in school. I have such a lovely family. Everything is better. Thank you father James for all your prayers...
Lucia Golinska

Dear fr.  James,
I had so much mental suffering that I couldn't get out of bed and take it.  I sent you a prayer request to pray for me.  When I received your email and you say you pray for me, everything just stopped.  The only ones left are the usual ones I'm used to, but that's nothing.  I am very grateful to you and to Jesus who heals through you.  It was really unbearable for me and I couldn't deal with it.
I pray for your good health and that the Holy Spirit fills you with all the blessings to be a powerful instrument for the glory of God!
Thank you!  I use google translate because I don't know English very well.
Lara Pleše Gržić

Gordana Rados
Dear Father James,
I would like to provide this Testimony of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and the miracle he has performed during the miraculous healing during the prayer session from 03 June 2023.
I have been suffering from Thrombosis for years with, at times, severe pain. Recently I was off sick at work for over a month with many hospital visits, huge pain and sleepless nights. Sometimes the pain became unbearable and I was scared the Thrombosis could potentially kill me. The vein in my leg was as thick and large, the size of an asparagus, which was both very frightening and painful.
During the healing prayer, when Father James said, “Gordana you are receiving healing, Jesus is healing you!” I felt the healing coming over me. The vein, with this large size had completely subsided within a very short time and is now very small and I feel no pain. This is truly a testimony of the miracles our Lord Jesus Christ is performing in our lives if we genuinely believe in his mighty, godly power.
Thank you Jesus, thank you for your endless love and mercy for all your miracles and divine love! You are the only true God!! We thank dear Father James for all his incredible sacrifices, endless love and countless prayers.
We are a Croatian family from Switzerland and are praying and fasting for Father James, his health and may dear Jesus and our Mother Mary richly bless and protect him.
Blessings everyone!
Kind regards, Gordana Rados

Hail Jesus and Mary dear Father James. My name is Krešimir Knežević and I am a Croat, I want to witness the healing from your last International prayer, I presented myself to the Lord with all my wounds, my nerves, my brain and even my speech, that is the stuttering I have had since childhood, and you are then in 48 minutes you said my name Krešimir.. Glory be to Jesus.. Even before the spiritual renewal in Austria for Croats, which I attended, you also said my name in an online prayer for the healing of my back.. Now I testify to you everything, and I already wrote to you how the Lord is calling me to serve him, but I must be patient. I am happy to see you again in Austria on June 16
 Kresimir Knezevic

Vuksa Matija
Dearest father James,
I participated on your seminar in Austria in February. I had problem with food, whenever I was nervous I was just overeating and I couldn't feast. But  thanks to Lord and your prayers now I can. And more than that, I felt like Jesus is bring me back my dignity.
After the seminar I started to go to Holy Masses most of the time and now I go daily. I confessed every few days in the beggining but now I confess almost every day, because God gave me mercy to realize how sinful I am. I realized that the most of my life I was doing my will not His, and I didn't realize how sinful is that, so I had a lot to repent. Our Father is such a great pedagogue!
My friend Danijela, who had tumor operation is recovering. Doctors removed tumor that was on three organs. Thank you for your prayers!
I'm so grateful to the Lord for everything that He has done in my life and for sending you on my paths. God bless you with all His blessings!

‌hello my father!

on my return from the retreat in Nevers in september 2017 i thanks God for curing me of my alcohol  addiction for curing me of my childhoods wounds, for
showing me what i have to give up. thanks you father James for your prayers. God bless you

Katarina & Anto
Dear father,
My fiancé Anto and I attended your seminar for Croatians in June in Austria. On Friday, before we were supposed to leave, he had an allergic reaction to his meal. He usually eats everything, and it was very suspicious to us what the reason was. Of course, we knew who was stopping us from coming. But his lungs narrowed, and I had to call the ambulance, and we went to the hospital. When we arrived there, the doctors could not tell us what caused it, and he was feeling much better. I didn‘t know it at the moment, but my mother was at the seminar praying for him. Shortly after he was finished at the hospital, we rushed back home, took our bags, and drove to the seminar. Sadly, we missed one day, but on Saturday, we were healed. I had chronic migraines for more than 10 years, and for the last few months, he was sick every other week, and we didn‘t know why. After you said that sin is holding us back from receiving any blessing, I ran to the priest and confessed my sins. I felt that so much pain was off my shoulders, and I felt clean, which I hadn‘t for a long time, and I was so happy, and I said to my fiancé, "Go and confess your sins; you will feel better," and he said no, I will wait. I was sad at first, but I said to God, "Please tell him to go," and right after that, my mother came to him and said, "Go to confession." He was still not sure, and I went to him again and said, "Please go." I saw him moving to the waiting line, and about an hour later I saw his cleaning. He was crying a lot, and it made me so happy that I just knew we had changed as a couple. After the last prayer of the evening, Jesus told you the names of people who had been healed, and there were a lot of people with my name, but at first I didn‘t believe it. I knew Anto was healing; I felt it in my heart. On Sunday, I got the answer I waited for: yes, I was healed too. We had a long talk about how we were going to pray more and continue to live in purity before our wedding.
Thank you for being a servant to Jesus and for helping all of us. God bless you.
In Croatia, we say “ako Bog da” which means something like, "If it's God’s will, we will attend your seminar again in August, and till then we will pray for you.
Katarina and Anto

Dear pater James,
My name is Mirna and I’m 28 years old. I’m from Croatia and I have been at your seminar in Austria in June. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you my testimony so I will share it with you via e-mail. eight months ago, I found out that I have leukemia, and a month after this diagnosis, the doctors said that I also suffer from hydrocephalus. the excess water in my brain gives me severe headaches, nausea, and occasional loss of vision. I show the pain I am going through to the lord for the church and the complete consecration of priests and nuns.
What I want to testify to you now is not my physical healing, although I believe that the lord healed me at the seminar. I want to write you about a spiritual reality that I experienced.
I have never been to your seminar before, I have never seen you before. I dreamed of you in February 2023. yes, I saw you in a dream. your face was smiling and gentle, and your hand was outstretched towards me. you told me you were looking forward to our meeting and left.
When I woke up, I thought about the dream and it seemed so real, but I didn't know how such a thing was possible. you can't arrive in Croatia so where can I meet you?
the lord created an opportunity, and I came to Austria in June. the second night in Austria, on the day of immaculate of Mary, I dreamed of you again.   you were sitting in the stroller, and I was sitting right next you. when woke up it was 2:50 am and I felt your presence in the room. I felt you sitting next to me, and I started praying for you.
When I woke in the morning, the dream was not completely clear, but it became clearer during the laying on of hands.
My heart was filled with a special joy, and while you were laying hands on people, I felt an indescribable strength coming out of me and I became weaker and more tired. I felt a strong pain in my back and shoulders. when the time of holy mass was approaching, the pain in my back and shoulders became stronger, so much so that I could hardly get up from the chair. then you said that your shoulders and back hurt and I felt some connection with you.
I had a great need to share my experience with you, father. Please pray for me.
In the attachment I’m sending you a picture of me with my daughter.
Best regards,

Kind regards
I would like to share the happy news that for three weeks I have returned to normal life, because my heart has started to function normally.  I have been suffering from atrial fibrillation for several years.  I had 3 ablation treatments which did not bring the expected effect.  Also the drugs available in Poland did not help me.  Recently, I visited a cardiologist who set me a date for the next ablation on July 14th.  At the same time, he prescribed me a drug that, after many years, is available again in Poland.  Since I started taking this drug, I have not had arrhythmia despite various circumstances that previously caused it.  I am convinced that this is how God worked through your prayers in my life.  After a retreat in Warsaw in February, I start each new day with adoration of Jesus. Thank you Father for all your prayers for me and my family.  We also include you in our prayers.  God bless you.

Healing from pain in the fingers
By participating in an online healing prayer on June 4, I was healed of my back pain and pain on my fingers. Glory to God!
I am happy that I met you in the retreat while signing books

Praised Jesus and Mary!
My name is Hrvojka, I come from Croatia. I am a mother of 9 children. husband Croatian veteran. We were on spiritual renewal in Graz. 17-18.6. in 2023
Thank God for you. We renewed in the heart and soul of the Holy Spirit. We had a wonderful experience of God's love. In my heart, I wanted to be completely conformed to Christ. I want to carry all the pain and suffering He bears because of the sins of my family in my heart for the salvation of souls and love for Christ. Pray for me for that purpose if it is the Will of God. I will also fight for you. God's blessing!

Dear Father James,
Thank you very much for your prayers and sacrifices. Everything got complicated with pneumonia and diarrhea, but it turned out well.
4.6. Anežka (Agnes) received her first Holy Communion and on the same day we took her to the hospital with a fever. 8.6. she received Holy Communion again on the Body of God, and the next day she had an examination of her whole body with an excellent result - only the cyst remained in her head, without new focal expansion.
Thank God for that! It's a hope for us, even though the doctors, based on their experience, expect it to come back again. Anežka (Agnes) also quickly recovered from pneumonia.
From 5.6. I prayed the novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague with her every day, and on exactly the ninth day of the novena she was allowed to go home.
We wanted to participate in the spiritual renewal in Ostrava, but in that situation it was not in our power. But we believe that God will make it up to us on another occasion.
With gratitude,
Marie Krátká

God bless Father James Manjackal for your answer and prayer. I am sending a certificate of healing my son, my conversion and healing my mother (who died before covid). I thank God very much for giving us such a loving priest. that the priest, despite all adversities, tells the truth and shows it in the Word of God - the Bible.
Certificate of healing my son Szymon Piotr Szczepanik.  My son, when he was 3.5 years old, fell ill with a very rare neurological disease, Landau-Klefner syndrome.  Our son had seizures at night and lost his speech.  We tried all medications, diets - nothing helped.  by the time he was 10 he was almost speechless and we had to make the decision to have an operation which was very risky and could lead to death or paralysis.  we had to feed the child and it was difficult for him to walk and learn with the teachers who came to our house at the end.  The priest came to us as every year and asked what to do?  Does he know someone who can help because doctors no longer find solutions.  you told me about Father J. Manjackal.  I asked where the priest lives and how much it costs - I was far from the Church and faith.  He told me about the retreat - he tried to explain ... The next day a lady came to my work who wanted to send money for recording a DVD of the retreat - I asked if I could borrow it - she agreed.  I watched the retreat and I understood how I sin, what an egoist I am, how everything that the priest spoke about - I break.
For the first time, under the influence of a retreat, I prayed with my wife and son in my own words - from the heart.  My wife and son were surprised, but my son prayed in the Spirit for a long time - he didn't know that it was possible.  The next day I broke DVDs with movies, games that were bad.  I told my wife that I would live differently.  We went to the children's neurology clinic in Wroclaw where everyone was shocked - our son fell asleep and did not have an epileptic attack, the EEG was normal - it was always bad.  we all cried because we were about to decide on surgery...
My son began to live like other children, he studied very well, he finished primary school and then the next two stages of education with very good grades.  Now he is an IT specialist, an independent man.  I promised after the retreat on DVD that I would go to thank God for healing, but the next retreat in Gorzów Wlkp in Poland was held with the Lumen Christi community - I went there with eight people and after returning we founded the Community of Renewal in the Holy Spirit, which still operates today and serves,  and generates priestly and religious vocations.  I also went to a retreat with Father James Manjackal in Poznań, Poland - during which God healed my mother's stomach, which was to be operated on.  Mom also stopped smoking cigarettes, converted to God, became a very good person.  During the retreat, a friend had his prostate healed, and his son was healed of allergies - he could eat anything (chocolate, eggs, nuts) - he was allergic to it.  Currently, I am a minister of Holy Communion and I go to the sick with the body of the Lord Jesus, I serve at the altar as a lector.  Everyone who took part in the retreat with Father James Manjackal has changed life - for the Glory of God.
Czesław Szczepanik

I have a testimony.  Jesus is alive.  God's blessing is showering me from all sides.  The Holy Spirit touched me on June 18, 2023 in Hitzendorf/Graz during your Spiritual Renewal.  my son Sandro was cured of the evil spirit of fear.  the second son Marjan got a job after 6 months of completing his studies in his profession.  Jesus I love you Jesus Thank you Jesus you are almighty.  thank you, Jesus, the triune God of the holy soul for our priest James, because the grace of God was poured out through his intercession.

Praise be to Jesus and Mary... I would like to testify for answered prayers.  After a visit to Austria and a spiritual renewal where I was there and wrote my intentions.  Your prayer for my daughter Marina, who couldn't get pregnant for 9 years, was answered.  She is now carrying a boy for three and a half months.  His name will be Emanuelu.  Thank you dear God and you.  HALLELUJAH.  God bless you.
Svjetlana Adžić
Dear Fr James
When I watched your video on 1st Saturday of May 2023 as you called out my name (via subtitles). I claim healing as you called out my name. I did feel some energy coming from the host at certain time. Felt my health improved slightly or better.
Also since I came home from your retreat in Carmaux, I was quite surprised when my left ear improved a little bit.
As you know that I'm deaf since birth as I used to have some residual or little hearing on left ear and nothing on my right ear since birth. But this time few weeks ago, I was very surprised to hear a little bit more heading or noise, it's just was much sharper than before. I just happen to pass by a music session outside my home town.
A much sharper noise or hearing came out of my left ear as I was quite stunned to hear it. I said to myself, what's the hell was that, gradually I realised my left ear got little slight improvement or just sharper in terms of hearing noise such as music. That's the only explanation that I came up with was your retreat in Carmaux. Cos I didn't have that before. A photo is attached.
God bless you,
Jack Coleman

Dear father James,
Last year I have recovered from the bad post covid symptoms during your online pray. You said my name and all bad symptoms momentaly disappear.
Katarina Krstulović

Father James Manjackal
I, Jacqueline Delaunay, on November 5, 2021, I returned to the emergency room for an arrhythmia with fibrillation. I received treatment by the cardiologist with medication and several check-ups and since 2022 an annual check-up in June.
On June 29, 2023, I went to the cardiologist's office where I underwent two exams and an electrocardiogram. The cardiologist told me that everything was fine and that I no longer needed to take medicine for my heart.
Thank you Jesus who through the prayers of Father James Manjackal healed me of my arrhythmia.
A very big thank you to Father Manjackal who through his sufferings asks Jesus to heal us.
Jacqueline Delaunay

My daughter Sara had a lump in her leg and was sent to a surgery after punction results. She was feeling unwell and scared the whole time while we waited for biopsy to be done. Fr. James praid for her health and told us how he sensed that everything will be okay. Finally, the results showed exactly that. Thank you Fr. James for keeping her in your prayers!
On the picture-my husband and I in Ephesus, in front of house of Mother Mary.

Ana da Conceiçao
Mr James, I need your prayers, I am ill, I suffer from sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, and I have a lot of mucus, I suffer from bulumia.
Thank you
Ana da Conceiçao Oliveira Carolino

Rinu Antony
Dear Fr.James Manjackal,
I would like to share you the testimony for the fastest recovery of Fr.Philip Tony Pinheiro from sever Fever. Father admitted in the Hospital due to viral fever and on August 2nd we got information that Father shifted to ICU. So I requested the prayers from Fr.James Manjackal, father promised me his prayers for the fastest recovery of Fr.Philip Tony Pinheiro.
In the evening, father shifted to room and within 2 days he discharged from the Hospital
I strongly believe that this fastest recovery is from our Lord Jesus Christ and our Mother Mary
Thank you for the prayers Fr. James Manjackal
Thanks and Regards,
Rinu Antony
Thrissur, Kerala´, India .

Praised Jesus and Mary!
I am Katica Tarle from Vukovar, Croatia.I regularly listen to virtual prayers  for healing.
At the virtual prayer for healing  which was on  01.07.2023 I was healed from frequent kidney  inflammations ,and urinary bladder infections.
Blessed be God!

Katica Tarle

Ingrid and Leopold
Dear father James!
I am in the prayer group of Sylvia and Kurt Dörfler and I was at your retreat in Austria in March one month ago. I have to thank you very much because a great deal has been solved.
Our daughter is ten years old and then we did not have a second child.
You showed me the solution. You told us the example of a woman who loves everyone in her prayer group but does not love her husband. The second example was that a woman was angry with
her husband and so her three children were all disabled. ..... and then I realised that this was my fault. It was true that I did not love her husband and when our daughter was a small child.
I was very angry with my husband. I went to confession very often and forgave my husband but there was no real love. So I went to confession to father Florian and I regretted it very much. As you told us at the retreat I always asked the holy spirt that I can love my husband and now it is possibe that I can love him and I am very grateful that you saved our marriage. I asked my husband to forgive me and now we try to have a good marriage and that I really love my husband. It is possible with the Holy Spirit. ... and we are very grateful that we did not have a disabled child...
We are very thankful because God showed us that we now can still have a healthy child. But I still have to let it go and must not be fixed on ist. It can only happen by the power of God and not by our power... and we still have to wait because God showed us that HE will open the right door at the right time and will make it happen at the time he wants.
Thank you very much for your great help.
Yours Ingrid and Leopold from Austria

I am happy to send you a photo of Laura. Laura was in Austria at the seminar in February. Father James called her name. She believed and it was confirmed by the doctors at the Great Inquiry. Laura is healthy again. Thanks Jesus. God bless Dear Father James, you were praying for our Laura who was battling lymphoma cancer. Today we got confirmation that Laura is healthy again. Cancer patients were common in my family. I the mum, my mum and dad and now the daughter. We give thanks for everything and praise the Lord. thanks for the prayers You wrote to us yesterday that Jesus answered our prayer. We are connected to you in spirit. Here's the testimony.
God bless you
In Love Igor, Sanja, Laura and Rafael.

Dear Father James,
On 01/04/2023 our family participated in your online prayers for healing. We have a daughter Maria with Down syndrome and she has had pain in the area around the excretory organs for many years. Even after repeated examinations, the doctors found nothing. But you, father, named Mary with Down syndrome as having bowel problems. We believe that it was our Maruška. We want to thank the Lord Jesus for her healing.
I, Ludmila - her mother, am all "riddled" with cancer, both the lymph nodes repeatedly, as well as the stomach, Maybe even the left breast, now I got a tumor about six months ago in the mouth on the palate. After a blow to the head many years ago, I now felt more and more pain in the head and dizziness. You, father, have seen many people with brain, stomach and breast tumors during your prayers. I believe that the Lord Jesus healed me too and I thank him very much for that. And I also thank him for giving me so much health and strength so far that I could handle the care of Maruška and my husband Karel.
Father, to your priestly golden jubilee, which you celebrate on the feast of our first Czech bishop St. Vojtěch, we wish you much health, strength, God's gifts and blessings in your next ministry, as well as the powerful protection of the Virgin Mary. We are praying for you.
I am attaching a joint photo of Maruška and me - the mother.
The Kavalcova family, CZ

I was at your seminar in Austria in March. God healed me of long-standing problems - insomnia and my movement problems, and I believe and trust that He also healed me of other diseases. Sincere and great thanks to God and to you Father James. Best regards and may God keep you in good health.
God bless you !

Marija Grajzar

Father my name is Valency peres I am from Goa currently leaving in UK. I was praying for 2nd gift of child in your online prayers on 1st Fridays and Saturdays. God is great!.  I had 4 miscarriages and one was in February 2022. God had blessed me with a beautiful baby boy on 8th March 2023.
I praise and thank God.

Dear Father James,
I was recently retired in Carmaux and it was the first time I met you. I want to testify to you of my healing.
In April 2022, I had surgery on my left eye because I had failing eyesight. After the operation, my sight had improved but I was still seeing double images with the left eye. I consulted several specialists just before retirement without improvement.
I see my ophthalmologist two days after the retreat for a new examination: my sight was perfect 10/10 in both eyes!
The doctor was surprised and I told him: it's a miracle!
I had another healing. I had to have surgery on a nerve between two toes that had been causing me pain for years. I didn't want to have surgery because it's a risky operation.
Since I came back from retirement I no longer have any pain!
Thank you Lord, Thank you Father Manjackal, Thank you also to the entire Praise Team and to Maryvonne
I will be present at the Brest retreat accompanied by my husband and my daughter Céline


Corinna Maria
My name is Corinna Maria Wolfsberger and I am 21 years old.
I saw Father James for the first time at the youth retreat in Puntigam 2023 (24-26.02.2023) and during his healing prayers on Saturday I was freed from my migraine. I had suffered from migraines since I was 10 years old and I could no longer live without strong painkillers. Since the retreat I no longer had migraines - the Lord healed me through Father James.
In addition, I was often in despair in the past, I used to get easily distressed and really panic. Since this weekend, even in the difficult moments, I feel the love and support of God.
Lord, bless Father James and all his good works with your divine mercy!
Praise be to Jesus Christ!

Father James. My name is Josipa. I didn't leave the house for seven years. I had great fears and forced thoughts and great spiritual oppression. I spent all three days at a spiritual renewal for Croats in Austria. You prayed for me the other day at the laying on of hands for the sick. You told me. Go in peace. I am now free and healthy. The doctor reduced my therapy. I received the authority of a believer and I pray with the cross of St. Benedict. I am a new person in Jesus Christ. I am joyful and witness what dear Jesus has done for me through you.
I send you this testimony in love.

Praised Jesus and Mary.
I want to share with you my testimony of healing. I had endometriosis on my left ovary for many years. I had an operation 10 years ago, but after 6 months the disease returned again. I had my last gynecological examination in July 2022. At that time, the cyst was approximately 3.5 centimeters on the left ovary.
In December 2022, I started following healing prayers every first Friday with Father James, where I showed and prayed for healing from endometriosis. And with that, my husband began to bless me with holy water and oil of St. Rita.
I had a gynecological examination yesterday, March 13, 2023, and the endometriosis is gone, my left ovary has completely healed. God is great and almighty. Thank God for healing! Thank you, Father James, for being a man of God, and for allowing God to work through you. God bless you all.

Simona Tomasic

Family Rasin
Dear father,
I am happy to testify that my son's strabismus improved after praying for healing.
Thank you Jesus

My father
I participated your  retreat in July in Pau, i got a healing of verification toc
I am sending you an e-mail, because it’s been more than 6 months that I ask a lot of questions, I asked for a change of work by transfer to Pau for family reunification, I work in Bordeaux, I wonder a lot about this change of work in Pau which seems very difficult, difficulty finding a home.
My father liberated me from this indecision, which affects my health, I must take now a decision to go to Pau or to stay in Bordeaux, I do not know what to do, I am at the limit and I get a lot of pressure, my father helped me make the right decision
In general, i always have problems to make decisions, i am always hesitant, my father can you heal me of these hesitations
I thank you father for your prayers


Mary Golda
Dear Father,
I have a testimony. I had bleeding and so many complications during my second pregnancy. I have requested prayers to Fr.James and Gods grace I have delivered a healthy baby girl on 10/05/2022 without any complications.
Thank you Father and remember us in your prayers.
Glory to God. Kind regards,

Mary Golda

Dear Father James,
I was with my wife at the retreat last weekend in Graz.  Thank you for the Holy Masses, your sermons and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!
I have a nasal septum curvature and therefore problems breathing. Especially at night. Since your retreat it is much better.
Thank you for your prayers!
Martin Kalser

Ružica Plantak
My name is Ružica Plantak.
I live in Varaždin, Croatia. I am 61 years old. I am a wife, mother of three beautiful girls and grandmother of 4 grandchildren.
I have had problems with my teeth since my childhood. My teeth were decaying badly, and over time the gums began to weaken. 17 years ago I wanted to get implants. However, my doctor told me that this is not possible because the picture shows that my bones are very weak and that the bones cannot hold the implants. He said When I decide that all my teeth will be taken out and dentures will be placed. I was very afraid of braces, so all these years I lived in fear, hid my teeth and watched what I ate.
In August of this year, I was in Graz for a three-day spiritual renewal by Father James. I almost gave up because my teeth hurt so much. However, my daughters persuaded me to go with them and that we should all pray for the healing of my grandson Roko, who is 3 years old and has brain damage. My teeth hurt a lot in Graz, but I was calm. I wasn't afraid. Father James called my name during the healing prayer. My heart was pounding, I was happy. But the toothache did not stop.
When we returned to Varaždin, a week later, I suddenly lost 5 teeth at my nephew's wedding. I thanked God because I believed that he had the best plan for me. And the fear almost disappeared as well.
Soon I went to my doctor to see what we could do next. She sent me to take pictures of my teeth and gums.
When I brought her the picture, she said that the gums were great, that the bones were strong and that they could put new teeth in me. So, my dental bones have regenerated.
Jesus healed my dental bones.
Jesus is alive! Jesus is the medicine and the physician. Eternal glory to Jesus!

Ante Begović
Hail Jesus and Mary Father James. I would like to share with you my testimony of healing after your recent seminar in Graz.
For more than 5 years, I have suffered from a skin disease of the feet. For a long time, I didn't deal with it at all, I just cleaned up the consequences: a big stench and burning/painful feet. Then I started applying creams, based on the doctor's prescription, and later with the natural preparations of venerable Ljubica from Posušje, with God's blessing. There was improvement, but a complete cure did not occur (must be because my lack of faith).
At your seminar in Graz, during the prayers for healing and the moment you said my name, I believed that I was healed, that is, that I would be healed in 2-3 weeks. And it was like that. One day I felt that  my feet were very smooth, and I saw by touch that there were no  indentations. I immediately told my wife, look, I am healed as Father James said.
With God all things are possible to those who believe.
God bless you

Ante Begović

Fatima Ponte
Dear Father James Manjackal,
In September 2021 in one of your online prayers (Fridays)you said my name "Fatima you are healed" and I few days later I realized that I didnt only stopped losing weight(I lost 18kg in 10 Months) but I had also put a bit of weight .The day before Father Alfredo Neres also had said a prayer for me on the telephone.15 days after that ,in your online prayer, you said "Fatima you are totally healed don`t doubt".
Thank you very very much for your Holy intercessions Prayers of Healing.
Fatima Ponte.

Dear Father Manjackal, my name is Myriam Pitchee. I always remember your first visit to Mauritius, I must have been 65 to 70 years old. I had acute arthritis and the doctor had already condemned me.
You were in Mauritius at that time and you were to give a healing prayer session at a stadium in Rose Hill.
I remember well, my daughter took me there. And during the session, you shouted into the microphone: - "Myriam you are cured"
At the time, I didn't know you were talking to me. It wasn't until later that I realized my arthritis was gone for good.
I have been 100 years old since July 3 of this year and I have never had any sequelae of this disease. I lost my eldest daughter on March 18 of this same year. It's still very hard for me to bear it, but I respect God's will.
Today I have another daughter who is critically ill with a brain tumor and is going to have an operation in India. Yesterday I sent you a letter, my father, to pray for her, so that the intervention goes well. It would be very hard if I were to lose my second daughter, but God's will be done, not mine. .
My father, I wish you a very long life in the service of God. May your prayer always be answered, may all the sick who suffer enormously in their flesh and who ask for divine intervention, be healed.
Thank you my father for the grace that I obtained thanks to your intervention.
Myriam Pitchee

Katarina and Peter
Dear Father James,
first of all we want to thank you for all your prayers for our family. We were asking you to pray for us so that we could have healthy children. We wrote to you 2x and we have 2 daughters - Therese is 5 years old and Mary is 1,5 years old. After having Therese we lost our second baby in the 5th week of pregnancy (miscarriage).
We would love to have more healthy children.
I have only 1 ovary (I had a tumor on the other one a few years ago). Also I am often getting sick as I have autoimmune problems.
Despite all of this we want to trust God that everything will go ok and we will be blessed with more healthy children. We always wanted to have a big family.
We are praying a lot to God so I could get pregnant.
Please Father James pray for us that we would be able to conceive more healthy children.
Thank you and God Bless you Father. We will keep you in our prayers.

Katarina and Peter from Slovakia

Dear Father Manjakal thanks to your prayers Michele got her job with a lawyer she studied economics and Jesus helped her through your prayer
God bless you!

Dear Father James,
The Lord be with you!
My name is Margarta Thaqi, I am an Albanian from Kosovo, and I am Catholic, I am writing you this letter to inform you and to thank you very much for praying for me and healing the headache that I used to have.
For more than 10 years I was in a heavy pain from headaches, went to several medical specialists but they could not find any cure for me. I decided to listen to your online seminars every Friday. During the seminar sessions, I prayed, and one of your sessions, I heard that you have mentioned my Name and said that I was healed from Headache. Since then, I am feeling very good, and I did not have any pain session for almost 3 months.
In this case I want to thank you for praying for me to our Jesus Crist, as HE has healed me.
After having this experience, I have shared the information to all the people I know, and I meet.
One of my friends who is Muslim, when she heard about my story, she has asked me to approach to you and seek help on her behalf. She would like you to pray to our Jesus Crist for her son Dren Dapko in the photo attached, who is 20 and he is deaf mute (does not speak and is deaf) but he has also other health issues. One of the problems that he had was with kidney, and his mother gave him one of her kidney.
Even thought that they belong to Muslim religion, they believe that only Jesus Crist can help their son because with Jesus Crist everything is possible.
Once again thank you very much for praying for me as your prayers has healed me.
Best regards,
Margareta Thaqi

Gianna maria
Praise The Lord .Thank u father for your fervent prayers for my daughter Gianna maria.Today she went to school after two weeks.please continue your prayers Father to increase her immunity levels.
Am attaching the testimony and her photo below
Thank you jesus and thank u Father
Tinu shejin
Kara ( Kodungalloor)
I, Anđelka Butigan, on Lord's Day 11/13/2022. I want to testify to the following:
My brother-in-law Željko Briški suffered from the corona virus, a severe form, his heart, kidneys, and lungs failed, only machines worked for him, he was clinically dead. I contacted Father James and asked him to pray for Željko's recovery. I saw the announcement that Father James will be praying for the sick right next Friday. That Friday, I was watching on the yt live prayer of Father James and he said: at this moment, the Lord is healing people who are lying in the hospital on respirators due to the corona virus, and he mentioned Željko's name. At that moment, I felt complete peace and believed that everything will be fine. I called my sister, Željko's wife, and she was desperate and said that she could not believe in his recovery because he was very ill, and she asked me to believe for her. That day I received a sign from the Bible (Bar 5:1-4) that everything will be fine.
5 days after the prayer of Father James, Željko was taken off the respirator. I must mention that Father James said that he saw 41 people on respirators, but only a couple of names were mentioned for recovery that day.
I thank the Lord in my name and in the name of my sister's family, and I am sending this contribution as a Thank you. May the good God bless you in your further work.

My name is Matilda Pranjic and I am 51 years old. I live and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tomislavgrad. I was at your spiritual seminar in 2001 in Medjugorje and then I experienced healing. I was mentally seriously ill after losing my twins as a
young mother in a high pregnancy. My illness was a vicious circle from which I could not get out and lasted for three years. I was consuming various medications but I still felt bad and had severe mental problems. I even had suicidal instincts and I was
afraid of myself. Thank God, then you arrived in Medjugorje and thank you to my godparents who bought me a ticket for your spiritual seminar.
Yes, after spiritual renewal, Jesus healed me, stopped smoking, soon became pregnant again, and gave birth to a healthy and normal baby girl. I now have 3healthy and normal daughters. Thank Jesus.
BIG Thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
God bless father James and keep him on himself life journey!


In January 2021, a cyst appeared on my face.
I went to 3 dermatologists.
For 7 months I took medication and the cyst remained the same.
With no other solution, I decided to have surgery.
The Surgeon said the scar would stay. Was afraid. I sent an email to Father James asking for prayer. Father James responded immediately and told me to have the surgery. He was going to pray for me and celebrate mass on the day he was going to have the operation.
I have no doubt that it was through Father James' prayer that I achieved the spectacular result.
Angelino - Portugal

Dear beloved father James, thanks to lord God for the operation of my mum. It went on good. She is now in recovery and We all hope She will walk soon and everything will be good. I believe everything will be good after rehabiliatation. Thank you beloved father James for your prayers and love. I love you. May lord God bless you in Jesus name. Our most loved.
Lucia Golinska.

I am much better than whan all this happend to me. My muscles are better for 2/3. I had physiatrist and neurologist and results are ok- my diagnosis is muscle hypotonia- I have to eat proteins and strengthening. Doctors said that something bothered me on the medicine they gave me so my orgamism made such reaction- they told me not to use it anymore.
Now I have other problem-as my muscles return and go better I again have neck and shoulders spasm - my neck and shoulders are stiff and cramped - and I have to strenghten the rest of the musculature.
I don't have any pain. All these happened because you prayed for me. I love you and pray for you, dear father James.
Please pray that my musculature go stronger and neck and shoulders spasm and stiffness disapier.
Thank you a lot, God bless you.
Dragana Jerkovic

Dear respected Father, Glory to Jesus!
As I emailed earlier, the health of my son is getting better and slowly gaining weight. nothing was happened as mentioned in the earlier scan report. As per the scan report and blood test done during the 5 th month of pregnancy there was a high risk of down syndrome may happen   To the child  . But by the grace of God as of now nothing happened. The ear test done was perfect and the eye test also passed . Even though we have not done any test to recognize any symptoms of down syndrome we believe that nothing will happen to the child. And the child will be alright. It is all because of your prayers.
You promised me safe delivery of a. healthy child and God answered your prayers.
Thank you father for your prayers.
With love and gratitude
Varghese( Jijo), Soumya, Celestine and Edwin

Maria Perzlezova
I have been thinking for some time that I also want to testify that the Lord Jesus has healed me. My name is Maria Perzelova, I live Bratislava, in Slovakia.
One of my diagnoses is sacroiliacalgia. For almost three years I used to have a lot of pain in my spine (in the lumbar part). I couldn't lie on my back or on any side, so it was always a problem for me when I wanted to sleep at night. I couldn't sit at all either. I could only stand or walk very slowly. And the severe pain was really exhausting for me.
But with this email I want to testify that the Lord Jesus has healed me too, although not completely, but now I can lie on my back and partially sit, and I can move a lot better. And what is also significant, the severe pains that used to plague me have been greatly reduced.
Praise be to Jesus for all the gifts He has given to me and for His kind care and patience with me.

We want to send testimony. We received many blessings by your international prayers online. Jesus did a miracle for our dad through you.My dad was diagnosed with oncology, there were 3 complex operations. In one of which God saved him. God was always near and helped.
One of the first miracles was when the first time the medical tests showed that there was no oncology. Dad had chemotherapy, but even the doctors said it was amazing that all was clear and there is no cancer, it was miracle! But the doctors still insisted on an operation, for safety, and there God saved dad also, because the doctors accidentally brought the infection, and it was a miracle of God that dad recovered from such an infection. Thank God, halelluah!! Then there were 2 more operations, but each time God was there, and thanks to God, everything went well. God always was near. And now my daddy was having control medical tests, and the doctors said that there is no oncology, that all tests were normal. I'm so happy!! God is merciful and very kind!! I thank God very much, for dad, for these miracles, for healing! Praise God!! Haleluahh!

Dear Father James,
I am sending my testimony about your prayers for me and how you helped me two times with your messages. Thank you Father James, God bless You. Thank you for your prayers, every Mass when you prayed for me.
Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus.
I was diagnosed with carcinosarcoma in March 2022. I had one serious surgery in April 2022, than the toughest chemotherapy from May to August 2022. Than in September they started with heavy  Radiotherapy. On the day of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 08.09.2022. CT showed the recidive of carcinosarcoma on abdominal aorta. They increased radiotherapy and started with another strong chemotherapy.
In September my best friend Zvjezdana sent me a link to write to Father James to pray for me.
I did that,, but at that time I didn¨t know about his monthly Healing prayers, every month on first Friday.
On the 14th October 2022. CT showed that carcinosarcoma was not healed, the size of it  increased. They stopped chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and my doctor included me in palliative care. Because of the radiotherapy and the position of carcinosarcoma no surgeon decided to operate me.
Finally, one abdominal surgeon decided to operate me, and said that it will be very dangerous surgery. At that time I have decided to go to this surgery only because for the love of my three sons and my husband. Not to give up. The surgery was two times postponed in December 2022. When final confirmation of the surgery was confirmed I had deep in my heart great wish to write to Father James to pray for me and this surgery.
He answered to me, and when I red his message I felt hope and peace. The message from Father James I received on 28.12.2022. My heart was completely sent to Gods will. Thank you Father James for praying for me.
I had surgery on 29.12.2022. I have survived this surgery, and I am still recovering from it. It was painful and many tears were on my daily life.
But I ve jointed Healing prayers of Father James on 6th January as a light of hope.
Members of my family, my friends and other people that I don¨t know  they pray for me. I ve started to pray for me since 15th September 2021. At that time my diagnosis was 5 herniated discs.
Since than I am praying and after sarcoma recidive I completely believe in Gods will. I have joined Prayer warrior program.
Dear Father James please pray for me to be healed from this carcinosarcoma if it is Gods will, and to have Gods love, grace  and peace in my life.  I believe Dear God will come to love, to heal, to liberate and to strengthen me.
God Bless all my brothers and sisters who are Father James is praying for.
Thank you Father James, God bless you. Thank you Jesus, Praise You Jesus.
Vesna from Croatia.

Praise the Lord. After starting having problems in my stomach 13 years ago I had gastroscopy. It tourned out that I had Helicobacter pylori, involving chronic gastritis, also I had problems with pancreas. I took medicines but they did not help me. I attended many retreats for 13 years. After one pray after my email to Father James a few weeks ago I experienced some changes in my stomach during the night. I went to regular medical test a few weeks ago- during gastroscopy the doctor told that I do not have Helicobacter and chronic gastritis. I was supriesed as I did not take any drugs. I am sure that Jesus healed me during that night.
Kind regards,

Martine from France - February 2023

I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.
We have written to Father James to entrust this intention. Shortly before my operation, I attended the online healing prayer for the first time.
Following my operation, to the great surprise of the doctors, no cancerous cells were found on the operating piece. The cancer was gone !
I thank Jesus with all my heart for this healing. I thank Father James, as well as the other people who have prayed for this intention.
Dear Father,

I asked you for prayer for my pregnant relation and her 7 month old baby. She has got ill in the 7th month liver and blood. Last Saturday she had c-section. I wrote you a short note. Now 7 days later Isabel is feeling better and can go home next monday. And the little 950 grams baby has good results. It’s a miracle. I send you picture and video.

Praise the Lord!
Thank you „Vergelt‘s Gott“ for your prayer.
Yours Liane

Dear Father. Today in the church I met a lady who was on your retreat in Glogów in 2019. She already had two older children, but wanted another child. Unfortunately, for over 10 years she was unable to conceive a third child. She had already lost hope. During the retreat, she asked God very much that she could have one more child. You also prayed for this intention. After praying, she was a bit distrustful ... Then I told her that in a year she would have a child, since Father James had prayed for it. She also did not believe it. She gave birth to this child, the boy whose name is Stanislaw, is already 2 years old. Today I took a picture of them which I am sending. The photo shows Stanislaw, his older sister and mother. I greet my Father cordially.

Anton Hohler
Hail Jesus and Mary!

Thank you Father James for your prayers for my healing. During this time, I also had a PET_CT due to changes in the brain. After your prayer on August 5th, you saw many healings of neurological problems and tumors, you also called my name. The results of PET_CT were very good, no cancerous tissue was found. Thank you Jesus for healing and your praying.
I have another head MRI on Friday August 19th so I am asking for prayers.

Thank you Jesus, Anton Hohler

Praise the Lord. I want  to testify to the miraculous healing of our son who was very sick. A week ago, he called me in the evening and said that he got suddenly sick. He had fever and chills. Since  he had some exposure to Covid,  I was worried and sent email to fr. Manjackal for prayers. In the morning he was completely well without taking any medication and could go for Sunday Mass. Thank you Jesus for Your Love and Mercy and speedy intervention.


I am an entrepreneur, married and we have 2 children.
We lived the faith superficially for many years. Our life, professionally and privately, went well. Together in the family, we overcame some difficult crises well. In the last few years I felt more and more longing for fulfilment of meaning, longing for something more than our material existence.
The lockdowns during the Corona pandemic challenged me. I got anxiety attacks and had many sleepless nights. For my 50th birthday, my mother gave me, among other things, a consecrated rosary from Medjugorje. During these sleepless nights I began to pray the rosary. I started praying the rosary. I felt that it calmed me down. I became more and more interested in the Bible, went to confession, Holy Mass and adoration. Life changed......
I realised more and more that I was being guided by our Mother of God. I met people and situations that helped me enormously. This was also the case with Father James' healing retreat. I followed her call and went to Graz.
Father James' talks go straight to the heart. Father James mentions the relevant biblical passages in all his talks. There is a common thread running through the retreat and it is a wonderful opportunity for all participants to reflect on their lives in the light of God.
It is the opportunity to experience God tangibly, to be ignited with the fire of love and to gain much strength and clarity. During the celebrated Holy Masses and the prayers for healing, the whole of heaven is palpably present. During the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit took hold of me physically, psychologically and spiritually, psychically and spiritually. I am infinitely grateful and deeply touched by these experiences. Deep inner peace and joy spread immediately.
In these moments I decided to give testimony about my inner healing and to set out on the path to holiness with conviction.
I want to fearlessly stand up for the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Word.

I was with my wife at their mission retreat in Regensdorf Switzerland on Saturday and Sunday. I am very happy with my wife such a dear priest as I met you Padre on you. Your intercessions to loved ones as you prayed the Mass and Sacraments with faith your strong will of Jesus Christ for all of us.
Your powers convinced me and my wife a lot when you put your hands on our heads that we received much grace and power from you and the living Jesus Christ and the Holy God in our hearts with light.
I and my wife bought 2 books from you, " Paradise Restored" and "I saw Eternity".
I am very busy reading the Bible for 1 hour every day as you had told.I will certainly read the whole Bible book, because as a Christian I have never read it before. Through your Mass it has convinced me a lot that I have never met such a dear, sympathetic priest in my life. I am sure that I received all that I had asked in prayer with you.
I will certainly come again to your other retreats when you are here in Europe.

I was with my wife at the retreat last weekend in Graz.  Thank you for the Holy Masses, your sermons and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!
I had a nasal septum curvature and therefore problems of breathing especially at night. Since your retreat it is much better. I thank Jesus for healing me through your prayers.
Thank you for your prayers!
Martin Kalser

He is currently in Belgium. He was waiting for his work permit and other approvals which were getting delayed incessantly. I, his cousin sister went to Charis Bhawan and offered his intention there. Then Fr James also prayed for him when I shared the intention through email. Praise the Lord for the Lord had mercy and immediately he got his permit and now he's working in Belgium. His wife is also getting ready to move there by the grace of God.
Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Pater James!
I was in Graz.
I read your Book “Fluch...”- Liberation from curse.
Now After Reading the Book i am healed from bitting Myself in the Cheeks. I thank the Lord for this healing. After reading your book I have great joy in attending mass especially for others. Your retreat h ealed my soul and body and now I am new.
Thank you! Sunny greetings
I Thank god.
Ernestine Theil

My testimony from the retreat, in Graz
Jesus has strengthened my faith very much. Yes, I experienced a real renewal of faith. Jesus made me NEW, strongly trusting. I was able to experience a complete renewal of faith. This enormous joy in the fellowship of brothers and sisters in faith has done me a lot of good. I was immediately taken away by this strong praise in the first seconds of the retreat and Jesus touched me existentially. Yes, I was deeply touched and redemptive tears flowed. A great joy of redemption I experienced. The power of faith and joy passed over to me. I am deeply grateful to our Saviour and Redeemer. It is very important for me to put my hand on my heart and say to myself: I am a temple of the HOLY SPIRIT. Or to put my hand on my heart and ask myself, what is there in me now, .......Das hilft.
Dear Fr. James eternal thanks to God for your dedication and sufferings, I am experiencing the fruits. HALLELUJA.

My name is Dragana Jerkovic. I was born 1983. in Tuzla Bosnia and Hercegovina and still live there. I am jurist by profesion.
This year in 30.04.2022. I did neck exercises and hurt my neck and I had neck and sholders spasms and pain.
The doctors gave me medicine for the spasm- miorelexans to relax spasam and that medicine relaxed whole my body and muscles to much. That was 15.5.this year /2022/. I could not walk for 4 weeks because whole my body was to much relaxed. Everything hurt me-my whole body- knees, hips, neck, sholders to much. I have big headache and the pain in the back of my head and neck. My body and muscles were to much relaxed. My whole body was like a rubber from that medicine. I could not walk good or without pain. I got very tired and my body was exhausted. I did MR cervical spine and I had changes in my cervical spine/ c3-c4-c6/ - scoliosis, lordisis and spondilosis. I had a big big pain in my cervical spine, neck and head and pain in other parts of spine. I had cervical spin pain and whole spin pain, big neck pain, big headache, knees pain, hips pain because my muscles were to much relaxed from that medicine and back and head pain.

12.6. this year/ 2022/ I writte to a Father James. My neck, head, hips, knees stop hurting. I had a big pain in head and neck and it passed. My headache stopped and the pain in the back of the head stopped.
I felt my cervical spine comes into place. At night when I sleep I felt a crunch in my neck and I felt my vertebares are put in their place. Especially in the back of the head. I also felt this for the middle spine. Exhausted pased.  I also had a corona virus in the middle of this my pain and it also passed. Tenperature 39 and it also pased.

I attend Father James online seminar/ first friday -2 7.2022/ - I did not have translate to my language.

I also had a big big emotonal trauma and psyhological trauma- I had relationship for 13 years- from 1998- 2011- and break up and my boyfriend merried another girl. It was very very difficult for me to get over it and forgive. I felt like I lost whole my family. I cryed all time for years- I had emotional breakdowns- and trauma triggers. It was very difficult for me. I was in physical pain from that enotional pain.
I also had a breast surgery in 2013- it was also trauma for me. Now I don't have emotional pain as I have. I know that I have to forgive my ex boyfriend but I could not- now I am on the right way to do it. Now I felt like all that time disapiered. And also my muscles get stronger and better- efects of miorelaxans disapiered.
Thak God for sending me fatrer James- if it had not been so difficult for me I would never found him. From now I will attended all of his online programs every single time. And now I know that everything will be much than better with my life because God knows what is the best for me.

Dear Father James God bless you, from now you will be my best friend!

My cousin sister Stella lives in Australia. It's been more than five years since she married and she had no children. They were very disheartened and hopeless that she would never conceive. As I visited and prayed in Charis Bhawan in Kerala,  God gave an insight that she would conceive. Fr James prayed for her through email. Lord Jesus Christ in his abundant grace, blessed her womb and she's now expecting a child.
Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

Praised Jesus and Mary.
Dear Father James,
First I want to thank you for my mother's recovery. Through your intercession online, her bones stopped hurting.
She was suffering much. Now she is well.
God bless you,

Thank you Jesus for intervening in the treatment of your son Chimuanya,  who suffers from Blood cancer. Fr James prayed for him by laying his hands on his photos. They were really in a difficult situation but Lord Jesus in his unfailing love rescued him from despair. He was suddenly shifted to a better hospital for treatment and his treatment helped him recover better. He is still undergoing treatment but we believe that Lord has blessed him and anointed him.
Thank you Jesus and praise you Jesus.

Ula & Barthlomew - Obory 23.07.2022

My name is Ula , Husband Bartholomew I experienced healing through the prayer of Father James Manjackal.
Several years of trying to have a child treatment in Poland and in London every doctor said something different I had a fallopian tube unblocking which turned out not to be necessary a lot of drugs which also did not help, nothing helped . Year after year passed and our hope faded.
Accidentally, I found out that Father James is coming to Obory I was told " go what you care will not hurt and can help " . I agreed immediately . I think it was 2017.  . We came to this wonderful place I went to confession where tears flowed for a long time , then there were prayers and blessing . I asked for a pregnancy , for the child we wanted so much . I heard the question if I get pregnant and give birth will I come here to thank you , I said yes!:) Then Father James prayed for inner healing and healing , I felt that I was unworthy to be healed and at one point I heard "Ulo , Ursula you are one asking for pregnancy you have been healed just believe it !!! I just tears were flying with peas . ! The Lord God through the prayer of Father James healed me . I had 2 miscarriages and the day came when I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time . I had complications during my pregnancy , but with God's help I made it .
I gave birth to a healthy beautiful son . His name is Marcel was born 16.05.2022 Today he is almost 3 months old . At the end of June 2022 I found out that Father James Manjackal will preach retreats again in Obory . I said to my sister and husband , we have to go thank you - after all I promised.  A week before the trip to Obory obstacles began as if the evil would not allow me to go thank keep my word .
I prayed to St. Michael the Archangel . I asked God to take away the evil hindering me from coming I thank the Father . I wanted so much to be there . God heard my request I am with my husband and sister , it's raining and I'm writing an e-mail because I didn't get to thank Father in person .
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ministry and prayers Father
God bless .
Ula, Bartholomew , Marcel

Hania - Sierakowice 21.07.2022
My name is Hania ,
 I prayed for offspring in marriage  Son for many years . My daughter-in-law miscarried her first pregnancy . We all prayed for the gift of offspring . Son and wife in 2015 attended a retreat of Fr. James Manjackal during which , among other things , there was a prayer for the gift of offspring . Prayer was answered .
Daughter-in-law Sylvia , once again became pregnant and was due on August 15 , the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary .
Grandson Stefan , was born on August 16 , the name day of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski , and in more than a year a granddaughter was born .They became parents of two wonderful children .  They are happily married , the children are rearing healthy .
God be thanked .

Hello Father James, today I am writing about what has changed for us since I registered and started asking for prayer for my husband, it has been about 3-4 months.
2 months ago I noticed that my husband no longer complains that he is in pain he doesn't even touch his stomach, it means that he is healed, it's thanks to your prayers, I'm very happy, today he has hemorrhoids around his anus all the time and he can't get rid of it, and he also has a problem with his teeth, he has a strong bacteria in his gums. I don't know anymore what should I pray for with him for the whole person? I don't know, it's hard, I still believe and hope that he will be healthy soon. It's a vicious circle. His name is Petr. My daughter has no sense of smell after covid, it's been 9 months, her name is Veronika. They were my husband and I were at your meeting in the Czech Republic, it was great. Father, my husband has constant problems with himself, he was 50 years old now, I had cancer 3 years ago, he no longer wants children and I would like to have more children, I pray for him, children and you father and to jesus please help me thank you very much Michaela

Dear Father James,
I greet you warmly and I want to thank the Lord Jesus for my healing from cancer of the digestive system, from headaches in the crown (after an injury), from migraines with pain in the right eye with continuing cataracts.
I participated in your prayers for healing on August 5, 2022. Thank you very much and we are also praying for you in our family.
Ludmila, CZ

Dear Father James
First photo the skin was cracked, the vein was sore and throbbing, the skin itches badly
Second photo now that vein has completely receded and the skin is smooth with no scars after attending your online international healing prayers. In your emails you had promised to pray for my healing too.
Glory to Jesus and thanks to Jesus!!

Dear Fr James,

Sending you the picture of Vinay and Shilpa with their son John.
While the baby was in the womb, you predicted that 'a normal healthy boy' will be born. Thank you for prayers and blessings.
Shyla Sajiv
My name is Luiza. I am from Poland. On June 22nd and 23rd I had a very strong headache which did not subside even for a minute.  The headache was accompanied by a severe haemorrhage to both eyes. A mini-stroke was suspected. I asked Father James for prayer. On the following day, June 24th, I participated in an international prayer for healing. During the prayer, following Father James’ words, I believed that Jesus took away my headache and bleeding to my eyes at that very moment. My headache stopped during the prayer. Directly after the prayer I went to check my eyes. It turned out that the severe haemorrhage to both eyes was gone.

Thank you Jesus.

Mary Kutty
First of all let me ask pardon to Abba Father and to you Father  for sending  the testimony a little  late.
My mother Mary kutty  who is 69 years old had a bleeding 3-4months back. Dr.asked to take ultrasound scan. Report showed thick uterus  and two polyps. She took biopsy; but was negative.  Considering  the  age Dr. Said it is better to  remove uterus, ovary and tube and did so. When  biopsy result  came it showed positive.  So Dr. Suggested a resurgery to remove lymph nodes to find out its spread. But biopsy  of lymph nodes  was negative.
After  first  surgery  when mummy  was in the hospital fr. James has called her name in an healing  service.
Even though  Dr. Asked to go for chemotherapy and radiation doubting recurrence after some time believing God has touched her we are not going for it. Our merciful father  has showed  us at stage 1 itself  before it spread to other body parts . Thousands of  praises to God Almighty. Many  Thanks to fr.james for praying for Mummy.
Still she has sleep  problems and panic attack and weakness.  Please pray for her to get long healthy life and cancer not recur again.  Daddy is half paralyzed and totally dependent on her and we have financial limitations also.  Mummy  has only  one daughter got married.

Thank you very much!
My neck, knees, spin, hips stop hurting. My temperature 38.5-39 gone/ I took the medicine but it is gone/. Now is 36.8-37. My headache stopped. The pain in the back of the head stopped.
I felt my cervical spin comes into place.
At night last few days while I sleep I felt a crunch in my neck and I felt that my vertebares are put in their place. Especially in the back of the head. I also felt this for the middle spine.
I am not so much exhausted as I was.
The muscles are still left to pass, especially shoulders. They are still relaxed and I feel like a rubber. They are much better than mounth or two mounths ago but not good jet. I can walk good.
Thank you for everything, God bless you!

Respected Fr James Manjackal
I am attaching a testimony of mine that experienced through one of your friday prayer meetings.
" Jesus heard my prayers and gave me more than what I asked.I felt peace joy and power. I also feel happy after 6 months.I saw Jesus as in the divine mercy picture andJesus crucified in the Blessed Sacrement .Also when Father said that you can see blood flowing from Blessed Sacrement  I saw red blood flowing .Also I had allergy and breathing difficulty and headaches jesus took away all that.I heard Jesus calling out my name .
Thank you Jesus".

Dear father James,

I' am writing you a testimony about child Mihael from Croatia and sending you a photos of his MR from his doctor.
You prayed for him and also online on 1.st fridays.
On photos you can see his cancer before and now.
Thank you for all your prayers!
God is great!!
Please keep praying for him.

Thank you dear father James for your prayers. Since the Pau's session, my left ankle no longer hurts. I was born with a club foot which was operated on when I was born. I walk normally but I felt my ankle as soon as I walked a little too much. Could you pray that the Lord enlighten me on my vocation. Thank you for your prayers.
God bless you! Alyette

Ivan & Jasmina
Praised Jesus and Mary, dear father.
I just want to thank you for your prayers for my husband and me to get a baby. After 2,5 years merriage we found out that our baby is coming, I'm pregnant for 4 months. Thank you very much and be blessed a lot.
Ivan & Jasmina Bubalo
31 and 30 years old
Dear Father James, I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for every prayer, every Mass, every moment when you remembered me in your prayers.
Namely, I wrote to you on February 14, this year, that I had a diagnosis of cancer, very rare, unknown... It started on the cervix... And it continued under a different name in metastases... Wrong first diagnosis.  But the Lord can and does everything for good, thanks and glory to Him.  In the past 5 months, I went through a cycle of 6 very strong chemotherapies, they gave me the best they had.. I changed my diet, started drinking vitamins... And most importantly, spending time with the Lord... I accepted the Lord's plan, He  is the only one always there, I am in His arms, I live in Him and I am in Him, aware that I am so small and helpless and yet so valuable to Him.... During this period, I was carried to Him by other people's prayers, I could not pray  , except when I gave thanks for all of you who pray for me... I am the one who was healed by Jesus through the faith of others.... You said, Father James, that I was healed and I firmly believe that I am...  Because the Lord accepted your prayers - after each therapy I was on my feet, and it should have knocked me down completely, I was completely independent, I felt and I feel great... It is the work of the Lord, He was with me all the time, (and still is)  ... I know that nothing would have happened if He had not blessed every therapy, sent me the people I need,  I know that He puts it all together like a puzzle... Just let Him be glorified... I am a walking testimony... People are amazed when they see me functioning with all that, but it's not me, it's the Lord in me.
My child, my 8-year-old daughter, is going through all this with me brilliantly, Our Lady is watching over her in all this, thanks to our heavenly Mother.  After 3 chemotherapy treatments, a ct scan was performed.  The cancer has shrunk by more than half, it was not only stopped but also reduced, metastases were no longer mentioned, the blood count is great, the liver is great... Everyone is in a miracle and I know and testify that my Jesus did it through prayers....  Now on Thursday, after I received three more chemos, I'm going to a new ct... And as a man, I'm a little afraid (I'm always afraid because of this little child that God has lent me... And she's afraid that she might lose me  , I see that her heart hurts and she tries to be brave, especially when I'm not there... I wouldn't like to leave her yet, she needs me... the Lord knows that) but I firmly believe that everything will be ok and that this new therapy will also,  anti-body therapy will be excellent, because the Lord will be with me and will continue to be in these medicines... Thank Him and glory... And thank Him for fervent priests like you, you who guard and care for the flocks entrusted to you.  .. Thank you Father James, thank you very much... I don't know what and how it will be next, I don't even know if there is any more, we are not masters of our time... but I know that I have  now, this moment, and that I have to thank you in the name of my child, and in my own name... Thank you for your prayers and thank you to the Lord for putting you on my path, as well as all those who fervently prayed with you for me...
Please pray that my daughter will be built up and strengthened with all this, that all this will not distance her but bring her closer to God, through Our Lady's intercession, through the suffering of Christ.... I want the Lord to be glorified, He sees the whole picture, we don't  , let His will be... He will bring everything to good... I only want His peace in my heart and His closeness, and I want the same for my daughter.... When He calls, I will go, but if at all possible,  I wouldn't do it until my daughter grows up... But I repeat, let it be His will, I trust Him and surrender myself completely to His grace... God bless you and preserve the strength and love that He poured into you as His shepherd.  .. I will write to you further....
With love, Gabriela Kvesic

My name is Suzana Čuić and I am from Croatia. I am 46 years old and I would like to share my experience that ended up well thanks to your blessings. I had polip in my uterus and dozens of doctors have seen it. After I prayed for it and watched your meeting I came to the hospital and the polip has dissapeared.. they couldn't believe it.
And also my knee pain dissapeared that lasted 10 days.
Thank you Jesus for healing me.
Thank you father James.
Praise you Jesus.

Hello father James,
I am 14 years old and sent you a picture of me and wanted to thank you for all your prayers and that you responded that fast to my mails. It was a difficult time (7 months)  until my hair stopped fallen out completely and I have to say that I doubted sometimes and I didn’t understand why it happened to me but I never stopped praying and believing and got even closer to Jesus because he knows when the right time is to help me. Especially your healing in Slovakia helped me much to never give up my faith. Thank you
God bless you
sincerely, Adriana!

Dear Father James!
My name is Elisabeth and I'm from Quebec.
This message is to give you news of a baby (my godson Luke) for whom I asked your prayer for.
Thank you so much for your prayer for him!
He is now a thriving 10 months old baby! (I send you a picture of him) He had two jaw surgeries (one in january 2022 and the other one in May 2022) to be able to breathe and eat normally (he has severe Pierre Robin syndrome) and they were very successful. His parents had great anxiety about the hospital costs and the mother's employer had decided to lay her off. And she was the one who had medical insurance trough her job. So it was all a great source of anxiety for them.
By a miracle of God everything came back in order and the mother was able to keep her job. And their baby Luke is now doing so well! Glory be to God!
It is with immense gratitude from the heart that I write to you today
I want to thank you for your ministry who brings the Love of God and great Hope in my life! (I have wounds and anger in my heart from bad life experience and listening to you brings peace to my soul and mind).
God bless you dear father James! Great union of prayers
In Jesus and Mary,
Elisabeth Dugré

I was consecrated CHARIS MARIAM IN 2014. Father Manjackal prayed for me, because I had a BRAIN TUMOR at the same time the whole world was praying for his cure from GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME. This disease now
left me 85/100 disabled but by the Grace of God I kept my mission going even in this situation.
Last year I suffered a serious accident that took place at the Metro’s electronic stair-case. I fell with my shopping sack from a height of about 6 meters. This caused me to break my ankle and have a double fracture. I had various contusions on the head and body, it was a painful experience that was very difficult to accept. But as believers, we must learn to give glory to God in all things. I was bedridden for 3 months, there was no way I could set my foot on the ground. This took months of
rehabilitation and learning how to use the electric wheelchair at the hospital.
At this point, I started listening to Fr Manjackal’s religious programs and celebrations on the internet. But It was a trying and difficult moment for me. To give me hope and strength the medical team had obtained a grant for an electric wheelchair in 2 months, normally it takes a minimum of 15 months of wait. I was so apprehensive but at the same time I thought to myself that…. “Jesus you are alive... some get a momentary healing, others quick and lasting, I will remain with you Lord you are faithful and I will cling to you.! Thank you, Jesus, I eventually left the hospital without a wheelchair nor a walking stick to everyone's amazement. I will still be able to do my shopping with the caddy. Thank you, Lord!
During the effusion of the Holy Spirit in Pau when I tried to straighten myself, a manager requested reinforcement, given my disability and my corpulence, it was then that an ordained Priest got up and walked to me in the name of Jesus!
I remember that he took me by the hand. I thanked him strongly and returned to my seat with assurance of a miraculous cure of endless headaches. The specialists after the x-rays had definitively diagnosed arthrosis at the level of the ankle. In the sole of the foot, the muscles tended to retract causing permanent pain. Waking up, it was impossible to place one foot on the ground. I needed time to adapt. The Lord Jesus Christ healed me from all these diseases in order that I glorify His name and reassure others that by resolving to remain faithful to Him, we will make eternal life.
And also, that Fr James and all who are following the Lord will receive the support of the Holy Spirit to illuminate the hearts of the whole world. With prayers and the precious blood of Jesus, souls will be saved
Amen Alléluia !
Aurore Huberte

Dear Fr James,
I give testimony to Our Lord Jesus' grace of deliverance from the power of reiki during your last prayer and healing of 5 August last.
I give testimony to being healed of fibroids as I know they are shrinking with each moment.
I give testimony that the hair on my head is being restored with each moment as I can see the new hair start to emerge under my head scalp.
I want to sing praises to Our Lord Jesus, Our King, Our Saviour, the Only Healer.  I am a most unworthy servant but I sing with shouts of joy that Our Lord Jesus has had unfathomable mercy upon me, a poor wretch of a soul.
God bless you Fr James.
Dear Father James,
Thank you for all your prayers.
I want to make testimony.
I had breast cancer and it was on the lymph nodes as well.My magnet scan showed that I am cleared and one year I do not have cancer of breast. I believe that it happened through your prayers for me.
After chemotherapy, surgery and operation, I had asked you through mail  to pray for me and I heard in your online prayer  my name that I got healing.
Thank you God, thank you Father James for praying for my healing and health.
Kind regards,
Darija from Croatia

Testimony On line healing prayer August 5th 2022
2 days before the on line prayer, the company doctor noticed I was limping. I said it was my past hip operation (femoral neck in 2014 from which I already gave testimony of healing during Father James retreat) but usually it happens if I stay seated long and disappears 2 minutes later. But in the evening it was hurting me in an unusual way. I was wondering, "it is now 8 years after the operation maybe something downgraded in the nail or the bone and I should go and see the surgeon", which I never did since then.
During the prayer Father James said Jacques you are healed. I felt nothing, but I thought I would know after from what ? and I did not think about my hip. After the prayer I noticed I had no more pain on the hip, and was not limping anymore.
Thank you Jesus
God bless Father James
God bless you

Praise God Fr
God listened to your prayers as Luke Pio Gomes was able to move  forward the day you replied my email .
Thank you! God bless you!
Sr. Gerosa Dias Sfn
Goa India

My name is Marylin and a live near Aveiro (Portugal). I write you this email to thank Pe. James Manjackal for praying for me and my family.
Last Friday, on healing Praying of August 5th, Pe. James mentioned that Jesus was healing my breast cancer. Praised be God!
At the precise moment that Pe. James mentioned my name I felt a great source of heat passing exclusively in the chest area and an enormous feeling of gratitude filled my heart. Praise be given to God, Who is so good to his unworthy servant.
As soon as the prayer ended i went to Fatima and stayed there to thank and pray to Our Lady of Fatima, the Virgin Mary and to thank and spend some quiet time with Eucharistic Jesus. I felt so blessed!
Some family and friends already know about my experience. One even wrote to Pe. James asking for prayers to him and his family but others were reluctant to believe. It's okay, God knows what He's doing and everything God does is always perfect. Praise God today and always.
I know Jesus is the truth, I'm sure it won't be long before the doctors release me from the treatment. So be sure that soon I'll give a full testimony for the glory of God. Until than i will keep praying with Pe. James and all brothers.
Please forgive any errors in my English.
May God bless You.

Dear Father James,
The Lord be with you!
 My name is Margarta Thaqi, I am an Albanian from Kosovo, and I am Catholic, I am writing you this letter to inform you and to thank you very much for praying for me and healing the headache that I used to have.
For more than 10 years I was in a heavy pain from headaches, went to several medical specialists but they could not find any cure for me. I decided to listen to your online seminars every Friday. During the seminar sessions, I prayed, and one of your sessions, I heard that you have mentioned my Name and said that I was healed from Headache. Since then, I am feeling very good, and I did not have any pain session for almost 3 months.
In this case I want to thank you for praying for me to our Jesus Crist, as HE has healed me.
After having this experience, I have shared the information to all the people I know, and I meet.
One of my friends who is Muslim, when she heard about my story, she has asked me to approach to you and seek help on her behalf. She would like you to pray to our Jesus Crist for her son Dren Dapko in the photo attached, who is 20 and he is deaf mute (does not speak and is deaf) but he has also other health issues. One of the problems that he had was with kidney, and his mother gave him one of her kidney.
Even thought that they belong to Muslim religion, they believe that only Jesus Crist can help their son because with Jesus Crist everything is possible.
Once again thank you very much for praying for me as your prayers has healed me.
Best regards,
Margareta Thaqi

I have been converted or rather returned to the church for only 2 years. Last February, my husband was on oxygen because he had Covid and we are not vaccinated. So for the first time I knew Father Manjackal through the on-line healing prayer that we listened because my husband was not well at all.
We pray a lot for the fight against the evil by making novenas. One day I had severe pain in one leg which prevented me from walking normally. A friend seeing my pain, gave me an oil to put on my leg but she told me that I had to believe that Jesus was going to heal me through this oil. So I obeyed and I massaged my leg with this oil, doing as she had told me, but I also made signs of the cross on the painful places. I didn't know where this oil came from. The pains completely disappeared and I asked my friend : where does this oil come from? She answered me but it is the oil blessed by Father Manjackal ! I had heard about this priest twice ! Then as I live near Jean-Christophe, a faithful of the retreats of Father Manjackal, but also members of those consecrated by the Father during a retreat, he told me that he was going to Pau to help the team of the association Fontaine d'Eau Vive which organizes a retreat for Father Manjackal. This was the third time I had heard of this priest. So I asked Jean-Christophe if I could go to this retreat with him and if he wanted to take me and my daughter in his car. He had two free seats in his car and we were able to attend this wonderful retreat. We thank the Lord for all the graces he gave during this retreat: grace of healing and conversion.

Dear Father,
Here is my testimony. I have applied for the extension of my parents visiting visa. I didn't get any response from the visa department. I have sent emails in relation to their visa application as there is no any phone contact available. I requested prayers to Fr.James and God heard his prayer in 24 hours, I got email saying that their visa extended for 3months one day before their visa expiry.
Glory to God.
Kind regards,
Mary Golda.

George Thomas
“Very truly, I tell you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. (John16:23)
I am George Thomas 72 years old from Mumbai, India, I was admitted in hospital in the month of June 2022 due to Covid positive. I am a kidney transplant and heart patient. As I am taking immune suppressing medicine daily it took one months’ time to become covid negative. I was in Intensive care unit for few days. My chest X-ray has taken before admission in a hospital, another one in the hospital where I admitted and the 3 rd one from a third hospital ,10 days after my discharge from hospital. All report shows that nodules in both Lungs. The reports were disturbing me and I was in
great difficulties.
I contacted Fr. James Manjackal at that time he was in Germany and he prayed for
me over phone for 15 minutes, blessed me and said to me that Jesus has healed you. He also told me in the midst of prayer that “ I see the blood of Christ erasing the nodules , George you are healed”.
Same day I went to hospital where I was admitted and the doctors examined me, taken Xray and they could not find any nodules. I was completely healed. Many favours from Jesus through Fr. James’s prayers were received in our family. Thank you, Jesus, I love you Jesus. Thank you Fr. James, so much for your prayers.

Dear father James. I wached your healing seminar and I prayed that Jesus give me a child. I m now preagnat but woried for my baby health. Please pray for this baby that Jesus send to  me to be healthy.
Maria Grcic
Elizabeth  - Retreat Warsaw 10-12.06.2022
My name is Elizabeth .
I thank the Lord Jesus very much for the grace of healing my soul . I have regained peace of mind and joy of heart during the retreat of Fr James Manjackal . I also no longer have pain in my knees.
I believe that the Lord Jesus has also healed other parts of my body.
Thank you and praise you Lord .
Be glorified!

My healing began thanks to Fr James Manjackal.
The healing was not immediate, it took several years. My parish church, St Paul the Apostle, was also involved.
I attended various Masses for healing and retreats led by Fr James, but in fact the healing began in December 2021 and continued until yesterday 4.06.2022.
I realised that the most important thing for me was spiritual healing, not physical healing and that is what I received. I had not realised this until now. I have found a love in myself that I thought I was not capable of.
I received the Scapular of Mary in my church. In February 2022, the Monstrance from Medjugorie was with us and on February 3, I had a miraculous apparition of the Cross with Jesus, the Tabernacle and the Monstrance standing in a miraculous light (I have it in pictures).
Since then I started to go to church more often, I even started to "go crazy" and the priests and nuns of the parish had a lot of work with me. This was all done on a mental level and once I accepted it that way, I was able to understand and accept it physically.
The complete healing happened yesterday during the prayer for healing at Fr James' retreat in Warsaw. I am very grateful to Fr James that through his prayer the Lord Jesus healed me, and also
to all the priests whom God has put on my path.
Praise the Lord

Zosia - Retreat Warsaw 10-12.06.2022
Warsaw 4 June 2022
3 years ago at a prayer meeting ( retreat with Fr Manjackal ) during which Jesus healed me from a very malignant breast cancer changing it to medium malignant .
There was surgery + radiation, and the doctor was very surprised that something was different on the biopsy and something was different on the pathomorphology. Everything was on "cito" - because he reckoned with the fact that a tumour of this size gives metastasis to the lymph nodes. Only the sentinel lymph nodes were excised, which were "clean", without cancer cells. Praise God!
I had the impression that an invisible hand opened the golden thin flap and pulled out ( the nodule ) the contents .
The place after the nodule was filled with blood ( like pulling a tooth ) .
I felt the spot for a long time - it was a bit painful like after surgery .
I thank " Thy Jesus for the grace of healing " . This is the second cancer and the second breast with radiation .

Lucja - Retreat Warsaw 10-12.06.2022
My name is Lucja.
In 2010 I went to Father James Manjackal's retreat in Warsaw. During the retreat I was healed from Lyme disease and after I came back home I had a check-up and the result was zero (0).
Thank you Jesus for the healing.
Glory to You!

Dear Father,
 I am Mathew Syriac, I have neck pain from last one week and with grace of god I watched  Healing prayer on 01st july 2022 in the youtube. So I prayed when FR James majackel said neck pain is going. In the same way I feel hot in my neck and I told my wife also that I feel healing. From now I dont have neck pain.
I love jesus
Praise the lord.

Mathew Syriac

Marta & Andrea
Thank you for your love and your prayers. I feel a lot of peace from the meeting in Hlohovec you said that my name was healed and i believe that your prayer was answered God bless you and im sending you a 100euros for your missions a lot of love from Marta and my sister Andrea
Dear father James. I wached your healing seminar and I prayed that Jesus give me a child. I m now preagnat but woried for my baby health. Please pray for this baby that Jesus send to  me to be healthy.
Maria Grcic
Dear Father James,
l want to tell you something now because may be l will not have time to tell you  about during the retreat in Pau.
One month ago during the healing prayer, I received a great grace. For several months I had a ball inside my ear. I was very busy with the translation of your book and the organization of the retreat and I had no time to go to the dermatologist. But as it became painful and before the insistence of my daughter I made an appointment anyway. Strange thing during my appointment I forgot to tell him about my ball !!!! He removed a small growth of flesh on my body and I forgot the problem with my ear although it was painful. How could that be possible ? My daughter said to me "Mom I think you're losing your mind". The following Friday there was the healing prayer. You know that I never ask anything for myself because I pray for others. Suddenly you said "Maryvonne you are filled with grace and you are healed". As I had forgotten my ear problem I said "Lord I am not sick I ask you to rather heal my brothers and sisters. However I thank you for filling me with grace and I thank you for the healing of the sick people". Then 2 days later, after my shower, I remember my ball and l put my finger in my ear : great surprise, there was nothing inside !!! no ball anymore !!! The Lord had healed me and I understood why I forgot to tell the Doctor, it was in fact the plan of the Lord who had decided that only HIM would heal me. Let us give thanks to our Almighty God.
May the Lord give to all my brothers and sisters the same graces I already received : my conversion, several healings. I thank HIM for the most important grace he gave me : the mission he entrusted to me to work  with you for His Glory. Amen.
Thank you My Dearest Father for your prayer and support. I pray for you. My Love to you.

Anu Josit
Dear Acha ,
Thank you for your reply. The attached photo is my sister in law’s family. In 2017 , they faced a really difficult situation in life , which we thought it may end up with a broken relationship. I have requested prayer from you & my family attended a retreat for them in Divine UK . By God’s grace everything sorted and they are living a peaceful blessed life .. Thank you Jesus Thank you , Anu Josit

Dear Father,
I Leona would like to give my testimony, my husband Gerald had written to you in Jan 2022.  We have been married since Aug 2021 as I had not conceived I was worried.
My husband had written asking you to pray for us, thank you father you replied that we will blessed with a baby very soon.
I am now expecting due in month of Oct 2022. Thank you father for your prayers please continue to pray for baby and me.

Fr. Pedro Melo
Dear Fr James
On the last healining prayer I want thank Jesus for having healing me on my stomack Praised Jesus God and saviour haleluia!!
Fr James I am a Priest friend from Arnaldo Paixão in Portugal
I pray for you on This Holy Mass for you and Peace on the World
Your faithfully
Fr.Pedro Melo

  Blessed be Jesus Christ, Father James, I am your spiritual child. Yesterday I prayed with you Prayers for Healing. My teeth were hurting very badly. It was probably starting to get inflamed from the draught. This morning in my heart I said to the Lord :" Lord, Father James said my name, I trust You". And my teeth stopped hurting. Hallelujah, the pain is gone. Praise be to You, Lord Jesus, and from my heart I thank You. And I have one more testimony. This morning I prayed for President Putin. In my heart there was a sentence that very tenderly sounded from my heart : "Vladko, put an end to this madness, because so many innocent people are dying".
I myself was very surprised by this. For who am I that I should to pray for the president? And now tonight we prayed for him together with you. Mr Jesus is wonderful. He has prepared the hearts of your spiritual children in advance for the evening prayer.
With greetings Blessed be Jesus Christ,
Gabriela Ďurčeková

Dear father James Manjackal, this time I want to testify about being healed from an irregular menstrual cycle. Through January and February my period was 4 days late for the first month and 11 days for the second. But over the previous months, the menstrual cycle was regular and came exactly without a single day of delay. After 4 days of delaying the menstrual cycle in February, I was very worried and went to drink pills and teas that were just intended for regular menstruation, but even that did not work. In the meantime, I left the matter in God's hands, and accepted that delay with the hope that it might come, but only with His will. The menstrual period came on the same day (18.2.2022, Friday) when you led a virtual prayer for healing in which you said in 27 minutes and 19 seconds that Ivana will have a regular menstruation, and my name is Ivana. This way I want to testify about being healed from irregular menstruation. All to the eternal glory of God.
God's blessing.

Monika & Bożena
Dear Fr. James,
I am sending you my mum's testimony once again with her photo.
"On 7th January, I was watching your online prayer (not even the whole of it) and after that I started to feel better. At the end of the month I had an appointment at an endocrinologist and it turned out the test results were surprisingly very good. The doctor was astonished and she said that it looked like there was a remission. To be sure, the doctor sent me to do a thyroid biopsy and to have another appointment in April.
The biopsy didn't show anything wrong. Couple of days ago I went to do some tests (for the appointment) and the results are better than in January. All the thyroid functional parameters are normal (which hadn't happened before).
That is why I decided to give you this testimony.
Now, I know I am miraculously cured from the disease and that Lord Jesus cured me during your prayer, Fr.James. I am grateful for that.
Thank you Jesus!!!
Glory Alleluia!!!
Be praised and adored Lord Jesus!!!"
Thank you Father James for your prayers! God bless you!
Monika & Bożena (from Poland)
Dear father James,

Hereby I want to testify that my decease Mycrosporosis almost vanished.I am healed as you can see on the pictures.Thanks to the  mighty Lord.Jesus you are the healer!!!
Mighty Lord bless You and Yout mission!!
Warm regards from Anita and Mario from Croatia..........Glory to the Jesus!!!!

I had a bad cold with sneezing and runny nose, very tired. And at the end of the prayer everything is stopped.
Jacques - France
I, Maria Wimmersberger, was cured of my abdominal pain last Friday. Suddenly I had to go all the way to goose for sure 3-4 times and then the pain in the stomach area was gone. I was also healed of my imun weakness,
Hallelujah thank you Jesus, thank you Father James, thank you God. LG Maria

Davir & Rita
Dear father, I just want you to know that Jesus answered yours and our prayers ; Jesus heald David and Rita ,they are mutch better. ( They had pneumonia,ear infection ,bronchitis, fever )
Thank you Jesus !

I hurt my hrad and had serious problems. I was so sleepy in the dať, I had chronic sleepness. I list a lot of weight. I have two small children and I need to be here for them. The smallest one Berni is very alive. And Bianuska is in the age when She wanted to decide on her own. And my hair štartér to fall off in plenty amount. I fou d out there are not growing much new so I bought a cap for people with no hair but I believe that I am healed by Jesus Christ and healing prayer by our lovely James, spiritual father. I am so thankfull to our Lovely God. I had a bad Eeg on brain. Vigility and strong theta wawe what is a drep sleep when I was awake on Eeg and there was more but in neurologist lamguage what I can not describe. Mater thanks to our most loved and the best God my brain on magnetic rezo
nancie was on normal and I had just chronic infection of Indie the nose. I believe I am completly healed and samé my children, they are growing and improwing in every way and Bianka want to be a sister and one day holy what is the best. So I am so happy. Ass well my husband wanted to divorce me when I was ill and I had a paranoid schizofréniu but my psychogist said I need no more sessions and We are do not know if my husband mum is not making a black magic. Please Lord be kind to her and please forgive her All so She can one day go with us to heaven when my family and me will be worthy it. You are so good. I can just praise You. You are the best. And Holy Mother and All Saints and All believe who prayed for us and You are please with them, they are on Yours image really. Oh, thank You Lord. I am so happy with You.
Thank You that Bianka is singing in choir for You. I believe Bernardik will be one day top if it will be Your will. Let Your will happen. It is saint will.

Sindhu Emmanuel
Praise the Lord
I am Sindhu Emmanuel .I have very difficult to study IELTS . With grace of God I got good results.W hen I am feeling difficult to study IELTS and exam I asked prayer request to fr James Manjackal .Thank you for your prayers and support

Good evening Father,
Happy Easter! Hope you had a great Easter weekend!
I am sending you France’s testimony. He had hernia surgery two weeks ago. I requested your prayers. By your intercession and prayers together with God’s mercy, he has recovered from the surgery.
Surgery went well. He has low platelet count and we were worried of excessive bleeding. By God’s power and grace, he did not experience any excessive bleeding and his doctor was surprised when he removed the dressing, there was no sign of bleeding at all. The dressing was clear. We thank the lord for his wonders in France’s life.
We now continue to pray for his prostate issue and varicose veins. May the Almighty continue to pour his healing power on him. United we pray.
Thank you Father for all. Stay healthy and blessed.

Thank you very much for your prayer support for our 9 year old daughter Veronica. She is after nine hour surgery and the statements of the doctors are very positive. All the tumor was probably removed from the cells. She will have some medical check-ups, so we still pray that there won't be any other negative consequences. Praise the Lord!
Veronica received a Holy communion for the first time before the surgery.
God bless you in many ways. Thank you once more.
Family Timkova

God bless you, Father James!
Jelena was healed by at your prayer (04. 03. 2022.) and returned home from hospital!!
Thank Jesus, thank you!!

My name is Agnes. In 2021 I took part in Father Jams' Lenten online retreat. It was a very difficult time for me. A few days earlier I had lost my third pregnancy. The tests showed no abnormalities. I left the hospital. During the retreat I wrote to Father Jams about it. A few days later I received a message from him saying that I would give birth to a healthy baby. The pregnancy and birth would go well so that I would not worry. I printed out this Email for myself.
 In May 2021, I attended an online retreat with Father Jams again, just before Pentecost. During prayer,  Father said: "I see Jesus going in a white robe and distributing children. Now children are given to women named Agnes. If you want- then stretch out your hands. As a sign that you accept". I did. Three months after the miscarriage I had another pregnancy. I entrusted the child to Our Lady as soon as I found out about the pregnancy. God confirmed many times through His word that He was blessing this child. However, evil did not cease to haunt me. There was a suspicion of cytomegalovirus. It is a disease transmitted by children. And I work with them... The virus turned out to be a pregnancy reaction.
Exactly one year after receiving the Email from Jams father on 11.03.2022 Peter Christopher was born. He got 10 points, tests showed no cytomegalovirus - neither in me nor in him.  I thank the Good Lord that He listened to me and gave me this boy so that I could be his mother.
I love you Father Jamsie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In 2019 i had a double-sidet screw fracture on the S1 spine. After the operation i had numbness in three toes on the both feet . It got better on the rigth and stayed the same on the left. I had come to terms with it and accepted that it was the way it was . I took part in the healing prayer on Friiday and prayed diligently . In the evening while showering i felt a burning sensation in my three toes. I thougth to my self my God, what is this ? Please no more ouch , I've had enough anyway. I felt something happend to my toes. Shortly there after i tried to bend my toes ,yes it works again , i can feel my toes again and can bend them again. My Lord and my God , what am i that you give me such a great healing. Thank you Jesus for this healing, praise and glory bei to you.

My name is Renate, I am 49 years old and live in Bramberg - Land Salzburg in Austria.

On Friday 29.04.2022 Father James had online healing prayers and I prayed deeply and firmly for my heartburn. I felt it was gone and Jesus healed me. Also all my blood levels are completely normal, my vitamin D level is ok, my serotonin level as well as my fibroids and poly is gone.
I praise, praise and thank the Lord for my healing.
Praise be to Jesus Christ - Hallelujah!

Praised be Jesus and Mary, great greetings to you, dear Father James! We have received many graces praying with you. Thank you for following you regularly. I must pray that you mention in prayer a wonderful young man with severe cancer  are really nothing but I am a witness that prayer and faith can do everything to be good and that every disease disappears. His name is Mario Senjak was born on April 30, 1979. Pray for this husband and father. Thank you very much for every prayer for every spiritual  renew, may dear God keep you! My family and I love you very much

Dear Father,thank you so much for your international healing prayers...
While I was listening to your prayers during the 1st April programme,you announced that JESUS healed 8 person's kidneys..I said to myself:'Thank you Jesus,I am among them! Thank you Jesus,thank you,Jesus,Thank you, Father James..' In fact, I had felt unknown pain in my kidneys for months so that I had  had problems while turning  in bed or getting out of it..I had not yet visited my doctor... Jesus is generous to me - now I can  easily  get up from my bed or turn in it..
Our God is great!
Thank you ,  thank you, Jesus, from the bottom of my heart!
Dear  Father,thank you so,so much!
Dubravka Bašić

Good evening Fr. James,
I'm Joshna from Ernakulam. I'm writing this mail to share my experience that I had while watching "deivathinte kaattu" on shekinah tv. On 4th March, my parents are watching this program, I just go through my hall and just looked at the tv. It was for the first time that I saw you. I found a wound in your hands. I sit there to watch. Suddenly I saw a Cross, that is appearing on your forehead. It was so surprising and my eyes are filled with tears. It was an unforgettable experience and I couldn't utter a word. My parents were there. But I couldn't move and utter anything. I didn't sleep that night. The very next day, I went to church. I felt like I was in heaven. I was so happy and thankful.
I was a lazy person to go to church before. But after this experience I can't think a day without holy mass. I can feel the difference in me. Now I believe Jesus loves me. He needs me. I want to be with my Jesus. I want to live my life for my Jesus. I'm very thankful. I don't know how to express my feelings. Thank you Jesus.
And thankyou so much father because Jesus touches me through your talk.
Thanking you.
Praise the Lord!
Joshna Johnson.

Abraham Jacob
 I am attaching a testimony of mine that experienced through one of your friday prayer meetings.
" Jesus heard my prayers and gave me more than what I asked.I felt peace joy and power. I also feel happy after 6 months.I saw Jesus as in the divine mercy picture andJesus crucified in the Blessed Sacrement .Also when Father said that you can see blood flowing from Blessed Sacrement  I saw red blood flowing .Also I had allergy and breathing difficulty and headaches jesus took away all that.I heard Jesus calling out my name .
Thank you Jesus".

Dear Father James,
I thank dear God for your great heart and the suffering you show for us who are influenced by your intercessory prayer. I thank for my mother Ivančica for curing Parkinson's disease. During the intercessory prayer You said that she was healed and let her not be afraid, and she is much better. There are still sciatica and difficulty walking but Parkinson's symptoms are gone.
I also pray for her liberation from fears. I am much, much better with the spine, there are no tingling in the hands and numbness of the hands and there is no problem with insomnia.
The last 2 months I have been involved in every prayer for healing. I love you, I pray for you, Father, and I thank dear God for giving you to us!
I have been to almost all your seminars in Croatia.
Kristina Oršanić Kopić from Zagreb (Croatia)

Albert Pagac
I was cured of back pain. let us praise the Lord

Dear Father
I Thank you so much for your prayers during my cancer and last week I had à petscan no more ganglions and the professeur said me that I am healed. I share this very good News to you and God is so wounderfull for me and my familly
God bless you .I pray God does many miracle through you.
Charleyne Garny de la Riviere

Dear Fr James
On the last healining prayer I want thank Jesus for having healing me on my stomack Praised Jesus God and saviour haleluia!!
Fr James I am a Priest friend from Arnaldo Paixão in Portugal

I pray for you on This Holy Mass for you and Peace on the World

Your faithfully

Fr.Pedro Melo

Praise the Lord
I was two times on person to person retreat long times ago on Father James retreat for healing and deliverance. I could expirience that God is not far away from Us as I thought before in my life and that Jesus ended the living and resorected God is among Us, who is so consern about us and loves us unconditionally.
Also on every of his retreat I could expirience healing power of Lord Jesus on body, soul and spirit many of them I attended online as well.The most beautiful expirience was when God forgave me all my sins, I felt that all the heaviness on my soul wich I had before in my life was taken away and I was like butterfly in my soul and could feel that Jesus is close to me.
Thank You Jesus, praise You Jesus

Praised Jesus and Mary father James Manjackal. My name is Damir Slunjski from Croatia.
04.02. on healing pray i held my hands on the chest  i heard my name. After that i feel relief, and a sleep easier. But i have it lots of psychic problems for which i needs Yours pray and Jesus healing.
And i will pray for You father James.

Dear Father James,
Jesus healed me from my kidney problems. The pain disappeared.
Thank you for your prays and healing transmissions.
God Bless You.

I want to give a short testimony, about my healing during the last online healing Prayer on Friday 18th February:.
I (Margaretha Dörfler) had a severe cough for about 2 month, it wasn’t covid and the doctors couldn’t find anything else either.
It got much better after a month, but it still bothered me a lot. On February 18th, 2022, during Fr. James' online healing prayer, I suddenly felt that I was healed. God be praised, now and forever!

I want to testify that my daughter got her period after almost three and half years without drinking hormones.
Thank you and Glory to Jesus!
Thank you father James!
My name is Teresa Anastácio, I am married and have 3 children. I know Fr. James since 2008, I attended several of his retreats in Portugal.On the 18th of October 2021, I was told that I had contracted the HPV virus (Human Papilloma), this virus is responsible for uterus cancer. On the 25th of October I had a biopsy.
Meanwhile I came to know that Fr. James was conducting only healing prayer, and the next would be Friday the 29th of October. I was so happy to be able to pray again with Fr. (I usually say that he is my spiritual father), it was such a joy, as I was not able to attend a retreat for so many years!
I was praying, and the moment Fr. Talked about healings he said: “There are several women with cancer in the uterus. Teresa you are healed.” I doubted and thought if it was really about me Teresa, and I doubted but, it must be for me, and again Fr. Said:” YES Teresa you are healed of your CANCER”.
I was so happy, and I believed it was me.
On the 4th of November I receive the biopsy report, were it said that the HPV virus was present in my uterus and damaged some cells, but at present my body rejected the virus! ALELLUIA! ALELUIA!
Teresa Anastácio

Jana and Jaroslav family
Dear Father James,
I want to testify big God´s power and grace in my life and the life of my husband after your prayer in Brezno (Slovakia) 22.-24.6.2018. We couldn't have children and now we have a beautiful, healthy boy. Thanks Jesus for his love!
Our boy has 3 years tomorrow and we would like to have more children, but again we cannot. Please pray for us if it's God's will for us to have more children.
Thank you very much.
God bless you.
Jana and Jaroslav Lukovi

Glory to Jesus and Mother Mary
Father James God bless you
I participated in the virtual prayer for healing today .4.2.2022..I prayed and glorified the Lord with you and prayed for the people he healed. At one point it crossed my mind, if you do not heal me Lord I thank you for the people you heal "and at that moment I hear my name and that Jesus is healing me from a stomach tumor. I felt through my whole body like a current or tingling I can't describe it in words. I was overwhelmed with joy and strange joy and as thoughts are really me, I began to thank Jesus .When the prayer was over I came to the children and told them I was healed and showed them the video .We watched the video several times and each time a sense of joy. You said some healings go slowly, I know and feel that Jesus healed me even though I go to chemotherapy .Please pray for my family .I will gladly testify everywhere that Jesus healed me through you and your prayers .God bless you!
Glory and Praise be to Jesus and the Blessed Mother Mary.
Thank you Jesus for giving you to us, Father James.
Many greetings and blessings from Dubrovnik
Ivanka Kitin

I have been suffering from hip osteoarthritis for three years.I was in severe pain and had difficulty moving.I attend virtual prayers of father James since 12.11.21.y.During the prayer I felt the powerful power of the Holy Spirit touch my hip.A gentle touch like waves the hip moved  I felt afther that.I felt a great heat few times.I heard my name six time in all.I believe it's me that.I'm in the process of healing.It's easier for me to move.
Thank you Jesus!My daughter returned,I home.I see positive changes in her behaviour.Glory to Jesus!My mother decided to be baptized.Aleluja!Thank you Jesus!Thank you for the prayers father James.
Marija Valentina

My warmest regards. My name is Ľudmila and I come from Slovakia, specifically from Topolčany. It is a district town in western Slovakia. I am 54 years old. I am listening to your live transmissions which are being interpreted through the Credo Community.
I have never had problems with my knees I did not know what it was when others complained. I remember all of a sudden my left knee hurt.I ignored it. Gradually the pain got worse and I couldn't walk or kneel properly. My knee swelled up. I didn't go to the doctor for work. I treated myself as best I could. But it didn't help much. After some time, there was just a Spiritual Renewal via livestream I think in June 2021. During the prayers for healing and deliverance, I asked the Lord to help me. I couldn't even give in to myself in front of him. Then the words were spoken that He heals those who have pain in their knees. I blinked and my name Ludmila was spoken. I cried a lot and thanked with all my heart. But the pain was still there, but I believed thanks to your words from Jesus to believe. Even now as I write this to you I am crying with emotion at how wonderful the Lord is. Then you challenged us to stand up and jump for joy and thank God. I stood and jumped and gave thanks even though it was still palpable. The next day, less so until the pain was completely gone. The Lord healed me. I could kneel in church and adopt my Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord Jesus.
Thank you that the Lord Jesus has invited you to give us Himself through you. Thank you.

Dear Fr.
Thank you for the prayers, my daughter Kavitha pass A2 exam and son Kiran got freelance job.
God bless you,
Thank you father,

+Sneha Respected James Achcha,
God miraculously intervened and removed the obstacles in my work area, God blessed me with a job that was better than I expected, Yesterday 25/02/2022 God blessed me with the opportunity to sign the contract, All glory and praise be to God alone. Thank you so much for praying, Dad.
George (Sreekumar), Italy.

Dear Father James,

This way I want to thank you for your healing seminar.
Thru your seminar Jesus has heard my small prayer,  and I received a gift of healing.  A few days ago I had a strong pain in my hipp. So strong that I could hardly walk. After your seminar and your praying - I started to walk normaly (without any pain). All this,  I am writing you to witness,   that even two thousand years - Jesus is still healing!
This letter I am writing you on my Mum's  birthday.  A few years ago her diagnose was metastatic cancer. Not knowing what tommorow brings,  we all turn to our God. And like I said, God has heard our prayers and my Mum was healed.
Also as a Family that brought us,  much closer and it open up our inner eyes.
Thank you Papa for all the Love and effort you are giving to us thru this seminars.
Kind regards,
Zagreb, Croatia
Dear Father Manjackal,
 My name is Ana Škulić, im Roman catholic 68 years old from Rijeka, Croatia and this is my testimony.
Through my life there was lots of pain and suffering but with help of our Lord Saviour i was manage to endure.vSixteen years ago i notice Psoriasis on my body after Brest cancer chemoterapy.
Listening your great prayer for recovery on 21.11.2021. i got cognition for recovery from our merciful Lord Jesus.One month later Psoriasis withdrew from my body as you can see on pictures that im sending. Glory to our Dear and Almighty Lord, Amen, Hallelujah !!!
Big thanks also to You dear Father whose prayers for all of us makes our lives special. Let our Lord give you good health and all Gods mercy.
Sorry for my bad English...
 God Bless, Ana
Dear Father James,
I bear my testimony.
Since I was 18 I have had kidney problems (kidney stones, sand,weight and weakness, with severe kidney attacks and bladder problems). During a three-day seminar on Novembar 2021. You said my name, I felt warmth and grace. I recived a cure for kidney disease. I prayed and thanked on the following days. Day by day I was getting better and better and my kidneys are healthy.
Thank you Jesus and Your great intercessory prayer!!!
Zdenka, Croatia, Zagreb, 58 years old
My name is Renate, I am 49 years old and live in Bramberg - Land Salzburg in Austria.
During the online healing prayers, Father James said, "Renate you are healed!" I believed and trusted in the Lord that He had already healed me of my depression and it happened that I was completely healed.
Praise be to Jesus Christ - Hallelujah!

At the last healing prayer on 4.2.2022, Jesus healed me in both my eyes. I can see better and the crumbs in my eyes have improved. I have glaucoma in both eyes, my right eye is very bad because of the severe corneal crumbling. My eyes always burn badly. I often had to put drops in them. I had a hard time reading. When I read the Bible I noticed that I can see better. Thank you Jesus, I can see better and see better when I read.
Thank you Jesus, praise and glory be to you!

Dear Fr. James,

Myself, Tessy,  I am writing this mail as a testimony to my healing. A few days back one of my eyes got closed and I had to do radiation on my head. My sister, Reema, had sent a prayer request to you father and I know that you prayed for her healing when you prayed on line on Friday. By Grace of God and through  Holy Jesus and Holy Mary, my eyes has opened fully. But my eye ball is to get adjusted Little more. Please pray  for that and also for correct procedures/ medicines to be taken again.
Thank you Jesus ,thank you  Jesus. I am sure God will hear my prayers. I am having  pain and swelling, father, please pray for that too.
Thanking you fr for your  prayers,
Your child tessy

I want to witness how Jesus healed me!  From the 9th month of 2021, I had terrible headaches and my eyes narrowed! I went for a massage, took painkillers, the baby passed and again for 3 months.  !!  In fact, everything happens for a reason! I sent a message to Father James and asked him to pray for me and my unbearable headaches,  tears!  Thank you, Father James, for praying for me!  Thank you and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ the Physician! I am fully healed in the online prayers on Friday.  God, I love You and I need You this and every day.  I give You praise and glory!  In the name of Jesus, Amen Sonja Pilato Slavka Batušica 7 Zagreb- Croatia

I am Manfred and i am 53 years old. I was very depressed and I lost interest for life. My wife wrote to Fr. James Manjackal and I am sure he prayed for me. From the following day I feel better. When attending the prayer online with Fr. James, I am fully healed- now I stopped medicines that I was taking for 15 years. I feel happy and strong in my life. I want to love Jesus more. Thank you fatehr James for your prayers.

I started watching you last September 2021. At that same time, me, my husband, and my son were diagnosed with covid, you had mentioned during the healing programme that “Denise, you are being healed”. We recovered very rapidly and since then I have kept watching all your healing programmes. I have had a lot of spiritual blessings which have been very uplifting at times. My sister in France too was healed from lung disease.
Praise be Jesus.
Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you for all your good works.

Maria Teresa
Dear father James
Thank you for spending time praying for us. God keeps you in His Grace and Mercy!
In the early morning of 24th of January I was seeing your youtube channel, Intercontinel Intercession Prayer from 21st of January 2022and you said for 3 times that a Teresa was healed and on the last time you said: Teresayou are healed and blessed. Don’t doubt, my child. Maria Teresa don\t doubt!” when I was asking if it was me. So i took possession of these words and i am here to testify and glorify Jesus that heal me and blessed me.
I have to tell you that  on the same day i had an appointment with my haematologist and she told me that my immune system was strong and good, that all my blood exams were good. I was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2019, next year,I was diagnosed with asthma and in July 2021 I had pulmonar embolism. As you can imagine i hsuffer a lot with shortness of  breathing.
Your gift of knowledge said that I  am healed and i stick on it for the Glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Thank you Jesus! I love you Jesus! Gloy and Alleluya to our King!
Maria Teresa Gouveia

Dear Father James,
Greetings from the Czech Republic! Thank you for your love to us al!!!
I must say, your healing Friday prayers has helped me lot. My right knee has not been aching more since half of October 2021 when I was joining the healing prayer. Before, I was able to knee on it hardly ever.
Yesterday, on 4 February, 2022, the first Friday of the month, I entrusted myself into your prayer. I was dealing with a rather unpleasant and delicate situation which had a destructing  psychical and spiritual impact on me. During the prayer I felt that my heart was liberated from someone' s hatred, I was able "to breathe" free. After your on-line prayer I was watching an on-line Holy Mass, laying all bad consequences of the problem with sacrificial gifts on an altar. Since yesterday, I have felt
that all the situation has been calmed down and my heart has been filled with an inner joy.
With the best wishes,
Eva Fleischerova
the Czech Republic

Dear Father James Manjackal,
I attended your healing seminar online last weekend, including Friday.  Already on Friday I felt a clear improvement in my left ankle, after the first day of the seminar. Thus encouraged, I asked my priest for a confession, which then took place on Saturday at 17:00. I was even allowed to stay for the following Holy Mass, although here in my place of residence, because of Corona, the rule is that one must register for the service a week before the Holy Mass. I could walk the way to the church and back without pain. The strength in the legs is still missing, but with breaks it went. On Sunday, after the 3rd day of the seminar, I had no more pain at all, in my left foot. Hallelujah! I am so grateful to God! I have also been busy sharing the links from the 3 day seminar everywhere and have already given testimonies to my sister and family.
God keep you and give you the strength to continue to give God's blessings and healings!
With warmest greetings

Good evening Father,
Hope you are keeping well!
I am more than happy to send my testimony of France healing. France is a very devoted son of God. He is very active in his parish in Mauritius. The Llord has healed him so that he can continue to work for him.
France was diagnosed with Covid on February 3. I spoke to him on  February 4 early morning before your prayer session. When I hung up with him, I told him that I will send a prayer request to you on his behalf.
He had a temperature of high 38+. I told him that united we pray, the lord is the greatest physician and healer. We believe and to his surprise, he woke up on Saturday morning with a normal temperature of 36.7 and Oxygen level of 96%. Since then, he has been feeling better day after day. He did another test today and the result came negative.
Thank you Lord for delivering him from this virus. You said the word and you healed him, you are the lord, the healer! Thank you Father for giving me the opportunity to testify the power of prayer and for your prayers.
Please continue to keep him in your prayers. He has very bad varicose veins and a small hernia. He will need surgery for both. Please see his picture below. He is very thankful to you and the Almighty!
Stay healthy and blessed! See you soon at your next prayer session. United we pray for the sick and the whole world.

I want to write a testimony as a thenks for Gods love, and as a thenks for answering my prayers and prayers of my family and for healing me. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and was opereted. But the doctors said it's kind of a cancer that is wery well curable, but it tends to return. I lived in anxiety and fear of that. And after listening to your prayer of healing, and heard my name and my diagnosis, and that i was cured by Gods grace i couldn't belive it, i sruggled with it to truly belive. The next day i had to go to the hospital to do searches, and after doing magnnetic recording and x-ray doctors didn't see anything dangerous or ill on my body. But most importantly that prayer and healing didn't just brought back my health, but it brought back joy into may life. My name is Karlo and i thank you for your prayers.

During today's healing prayer, felt a gentle trickling all over my back, rigth shoulder , both Lega and knees. I was in a lot in of great pain. My back pain , both Lega and shoulder are gone.
My God you are so big and wonderful, there ist no one like you . Thank you Form thus great healing .
Thank you Jesus praise and glory be to you

Dear Pater James!
Thank you very much for your healing prayer yesterday. Since I am writing to you and I have spoken to Sylvia Dörfler about our problems a lot of things are changing in our family. There is an inner healing and also a physical healing process for me, my husband and our daughter. Our daughter has cystic fibroses, an illness that harms the lungs and the digestion system. She was depandant on many medication for years, but since October everything is better and she does not need some medicine any more.
We do not have more children, but now there is an inner healing so that Jesus and the Legio Mary group of Sylvia Dörfler is more important. Now it is more important for me to care about other people and pray for them and my own wishes are not so important any more. But there is also a physical healing and my husband and I are feeling that our hormones are changing. So I can leave it to god how our lives are going on.
Often I have got problems with my eyes and my glasses which is mostly psychological. Sometimes I have not got a problem for years and then it can be very difficult for weeks or months. I want that I can learn that I can have the victory over these problems with Jesus. I wish that all these problems ends and I can win the battle.
Thank you very much for your help.
Yours Ingrid

Deara father!
I am Edita Katic from Croatia. In spring 2021 I feeled very very bad and very sick. My eyes pained me every day. One time I see double picture. My left side of body I feel weakness. My memory was terrible. And then 23.5.2021  on HOLY Spirit, you are pray 3.day,sunday and call my name. Edita you are healing. But I didn t heared when you call me, because i loss signal. But imedatley I feel better. Tommorow when I wake up I didn t  have a sick. Then my friends Vesna call me and asked me, did I am this Edita who is healing. I didn t understand, then she told me that you  deara Jeams calling my name!! !! Iwas soo
happy and I m said:" Yes of course that s me, who can be another. THANK YOU JESUS!!! and THANK YOU JESUS FOR US FATHER JEAMS!!!!
I'm sorry for my bad english. I hope that you are understand m.
Lots of love and GOD BLESS YOU

In January 2016, I contracted shingles in my right ear and this caused a paralysis of my face nerve, an imbalance (dizziness) deafness in my right ear. The whole right part of my face was paralyzed, the most serious the fact that I could not close my eye due to paralysis of my eyelids and thus there was a risk of blindness to my right eye. Gradually, swallowing paralysis was aded. It was difficult for me to drink and eat. I was afraid as far as it would go. My condition was getting worse and the doctors could not help me longer. Hospitalization and rehabilitation did not help. In addition, I had a skin tumor on my left cheek and a vague finding appeared on the retina of my left eye.
After four months of unsuccessful treatment, I wrote to Father James asking him for an intercessory prayer for my healing. As soon as Father James answered me, the situation began to change rapidly. I felt great inner strength, swallowing was adjusted, and I was able to eat and drink without worrying about being sick. The first movement appeared on his paralyzed face, and his eye began to close so that there was no danger of blindness. That day I went to see a doctor, who immediately noticed this change. It got better very much balance system and the skin tumor on my left check also healed and proved to be benign.
Another healing took in 2019 in Hlohovec in Slovakia. After prayers of father James Manjackal I was healed from the digestive problems that plagued me for about three months.
In 2022 while praying for healing online, a stomach neurosis healed that I felt for more than month.
I thank the Lord Jesus for healing, P. Mary for intercession and father James for prayers.
Best regards.
Jiřina Večeřová
Czech Republic

I had chest pains one morning and night before. the pain lasted all day and i was scared because of it if I got over covid two months ago. That day I prayed a prayer for healing with father James . I felt the horror many times and the pain disappeared. while he uttered the names of the healed and i was among them.
Thanks and glory to Jesus! God bless father James and all the priests!

Dear father James,
My name is Katka. I had corona virus and I was on oxygen in the hospital during December. At the same time my twin sister Renatka also got sick and had corona although we live apart, she in Prague and I live in Michalovce. She was doing worse so she was in ICU and that is why the doctors used extracorporeal circulation for 5 weeks. I asked my friend Zuzka to write to you in English and ask you for prayers. You have answered her that my sister will be healed soon and that Jesus loves her and heals her. Nowadays she is in gradual recovery, she talks without any problems, she exercises so she will be able to walk again. Praise the Lord.
Your living faith has helped us. We take part in your online prayers. And because of you my faith is growing.  We believe what has just happened is a miracle. My sister was on the verge of life and death as doctors said. They even wanted to disconnect her and told us to come to say goodbye.  But somewhere deep I believed that she is going to be healed and she is going to be alive. Many priests, brothers and sisters prayed for her, for her only son Tadeas and for our family, too. And these all saved us.
I am speechless and I don’t know how to thank God for his mercy, thank Holly Mary for her presence, I don’t know what I should do to show I am grateful. I want to thank you very much from my heart for all your  effective fervent prayers, your sacrifice, your difficulties you have to face and most of all for your love.
With all my love,

Testimony- praying for souls in purgatory
It was about 11pm when I was praying and received gift of praying in different language (pray in Holy Spirit).
I was so happy and my heart felt so full. First I did not know what I was saying, I doubt was it real, I questions myself is this good? What I am praying? Is this really coming from Holy Spirit? From that night I was so impatient to start praying again. I was trying to spend my free time to pray, to thank God, to pray that will of God will be done.
When I was praying I talked to my God that I ardently want to pray for souls in purgatory so they can as soon as possible come in kingdom of God, in heaven.
I asked my God, my holy Mother Mary, if that is their will, to give me cognition for how long is necessary to pray for soul, and to give me cognition when soul comes in heaven.
First I started to pray for my mother. I asked for how long do I have to pray for her and automaticly I spread my arms.
Than I asked for my father. I started to pray and asked the same question. I was praying and automaticaly spread my arms, but this time much more than for my mother. This is cognition that God gave me to understand. Thank my God for that. I am so happy!
When I pray for one soul God gaves me cognition when that soul goes to heaven. I feel great joy in my heart, I necessarily must to get up, look up at the sky, praying, crying with happiness, waving with my arms up and sending kisses toward heaven and I repeat  Aleluj, Aleluja! For my mother I have been praying for one year. Now, she is ih heaven.
Except for the souls I know, I pray for those who have nobody to pray for tham, and for those who have a little to come to kingdom of God.
Thanks God for everything! Aleluja! Aleluja!
Tanja Kosić

Dear father James,
After your prayer, my nice Kata has no side effects of the drug wich she receives for Multiple Sclerosis last 9 months. We believe in her healing that she received through your prayer from the dear Jesus and Mother Mary.
Thank you and glory.

Dear Fr. James Manjackal,
thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who hears my crying.
Lord forgive me my sins and abominations towards You and Heaven by looking for you in wrong or evil ways in my past and recently.
My testimony on Ft. James Manjackal healing prayers, international intercession and other videos, Lord guided me to: I converted to Christianity about 1½ year ago in solitude when I had covid, knowing inside me this is the time to reconcile with God.
First time I experienced deep cleansing and spiritual healing with your video messages about 9 months ago. Something happened just the next night after I was baptized in water by a small non-denominational group - I was opressed by evil spirits which I didn't know the source, but I supposed they maybe came from my previous life false religions and other new age paths. No prayer helped me at that time. Soon I found your video playlist of 10 Moments Christ shed Blood for us. After listening I was soon deeply delivered from the evil ones and anointed with healing flow,  peace and rest in the Lord.
Next time it was this week after a month or more of great tribulations and trials at my work as a school teacher, facing a lot of violent and evil behaviour of children which started to increase after all covid lockdowns and sanctions. At some moment I just couldn't bare it and I felt deeply covered by darkness, anger and sorrow overwhelming me, being in the conflict and defensive state, lost from the Lord in the fruits of sin. I didn't see myself working as a teacher anymore. No anyone's or my own prayer helped me really much, just barely to survive. Then I remembered how your videos helped me and happily found more updated new healing and praying videos on the YouTube channel Prijatelji Duha Svetog, with Croatian translation which I understand well as well. I put few longer sessions on playlist overnight and was aware of strong and deep spiritual cleansing, healing, and reviving fresh anointing of Divine Mercy all the night sometimes scented gently sweet. Big release and new life in me was already over the night when I got awake few times. In the morning I was completely renewed and all negative thoughts about my job were gone and new courage, peace and protection of Lord started to built in me and around me. So it is up to today.
I will gladly join the next live programs, as I see also fits my free time just after work on Fridays, I'm deeply grateful and honoured for reminding me.
Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit, and all the privilege and technology as well that we can join and share together and meet each other world-wide in new hope for the New Earth eternally ruled by our Lord Christ Jesus. Amen.
Blessings and prayers for your ever increasing well-being in Lord's Ministry.
Uroš from Slovenia

Dear Father James,

I wanted to give my testimony of how Jesus healed me from long lasting and horrible backbone pain during Your Gospel preaching. I participated in your teaching that happened in Poznan, Poland, 25-28 Feb 2011. I also have that recorded on DVDs we bought after the event. Here's how this all happened...
A year after my second baby delivery I was still having a horrible pain in my backbone. I had been suffering for a whole year. I was going to doctors and they could not help me, one doctor said that this may be so for my lifetime! He said if this pain does not go away, the only help for me is some relief with pain-reducing medicines but they have their side effects. The pain was getting so hard that I could not do anything, like taking care of my little children, washing dishes, cleaning or cooking. At some point I couldn't even walk without this pain. I cried because I thought I would be using an invalid cart soon, and be disabled. I wanted to be healthny for my children.
It was the Aug 2011 and you were going to teach in Poznan where we live. I wanted my husband, Piotr, to joing your preaching and prayers but he didn't want to. Finally I registered him and as he was hoping for Jesus to heal him, but he could only be there for a short time because of his job. So despite that I didnt plan to go, I took his registration card and went instead of him. I was not praying for me but for my husband! Yet i didnt't experience anything during the prayers in the church. However, a day or two later, when I was laying down in my bed, i suddenly started feeling as if someone was starting doing something with my backbone! It was like if someone was touching gently with a feather - each backbone ring was being touched slowly. I was surprised as I had never felt that thing before. But I wasn't afraid. It was just extraordinary feeling.
I didn't realize it was healing yet. But after a day or two i realized clearly that i can walk and do ANYTHING at home and NO PAIN anymore! It was at that point I realized that strange feeling was really Jesus grace touching me! It's been 11 years that I haven't had that horible pain at all! Anymore. I do have some little pain in the back when I get cold or Covid, but that is a different one, that is the "typical" one and goes away with the infections. That pain i had was a result of something bad happening during my children deliverance. My backbone was hurt sometimes during the delivery and that was a serious thing.
But Jesus healed me, I believe that as it was immediate and extraordinary! I was giving the testimony to my friends and relatives. But I never shared that story with you Father or publicly anywhere.
Please Father, pray for Piotr, my husband, so he can be healed too! He's asked you in an email sent yesterday. I know he'll share his testimomy as well as he's been suffering so much for 25 years. We have 4 children and I need his help with them, and they are boys and need their father. I hope this testimony will help others to have trust in Jesus power!
Thank you Father
Weronika Chwedczuk-Ponitka

Abhilash. Daliya and family
Dear Manjakal Acha,
Praise the Lord!
First of all , Kindly pardon for not responding to your mail in such a long time. I would like to give three testimonies here and apologies to Lord Jesus christ that not intimate the answer of our prayers to the God servant Fr. James Manjackal.
1) I have requested prayer support on 18th Nov 2019. Lord Jesus heard our prayer and got a new job on 2nd March 2020 (about to complete 2 years now) with a 30% salary increase. Currently work from home due to the pandemic since joining (in Kerala) . According to my ability and qualification not worth to receive this position , but our Lord granted this job to me as Senior Manager for South Asia payrolls in a US multinational company
2) We are blessed with 4th child Maria in Dec 2019.
3) Recently I have attended an online retreat in Shekinah TV of Fr. James Majackel and got inspired to support the ministry. I have contributed Rs 25,000 on 8th Feb 2022 and on 17th Feb i have got a bonus payment of 1.5 lakhs which was never expected.
Let us thank God for all his blessings poured to me. Thanks again for all your kind prayer support and God's messages.
Kindly continue to remember all of us in your prayers and to lead a spiritual life without any tension, fear and complete trust in God . especially for my wife Daliya , Son - Chris George and daughters - Lisbeth, Anna & Maria
God bless you
Best Regards,

Juliet D' Souza
Praise be to God for healing me .
Fr. I was suffering from sore throat and redness in the throat so Dr suspected a cancer . With deep faith, I  participated in the healing service held on 7th Jan ' 22 and you took my name Juliet you are healed
So I claim the healing . After medical checkup, the Dr rule out the cancer and found  that redness in the throat is due to acid. So I praise God for a great miracle in my life.
All praises to God for using you as an instrument of healing many people.
God bless you and your ministry.
Mrs Juliet D' Souza
Goa, India

Petra Franja
Dear father James,
I follow all your online prayers of healing and I have to testify the healing i received on Friday 26.11.2021 through your prayer.
I got corona on 22.11.21 and the virus was landing on my lungs.
On the morning of 26.11.21 I saw that the situation with the lungs will not be good, i got the temperature again, i didn't feel good and i prepared myself in my thoughts i would have to go to the hospital.
At about 15:30 i have connected to your channel of prayer of healing that you lead for all of us sick of corona and in general for the healing of all people.
I didn't pray for my healing but i thanked the lord for other people's healings and i was very happy that others healed.
In one moment when you said the names of people who were healing, the voice i heard in my heart before you said my name: „now he will say your name“ and in that moment Father James, you said: „Petra you are healed! Petra you are healed!“ and i knew exactly that it was me! in my heart i immediately felt that it was me.. I also immediately felt that something removed from my lungs. the temperature fell immediately, i could breathe with all my lungs! and then i started to cry... I cried out of ratitude and shock because my lord was merciful and healed me.
Then I have more to tell you. when we corresponded in July, you said you would pray for my sanctification and for the answer what Jesus want's from me. Thank's to you prayer father James, i got the answer on 03.10.2021.
And the last thing i want to tell you: this weekend (from 31.12.2021 till 02.01.2022) I was in Međugorje. i often go there. This time when I  climbed on Križevac, on the Way of the Cross I  was in prayer and on at the tenth station you came to me father with joy, you were with me in this moment, you were alive along me and I could feel you, and you climbed on my back and then we climbed to the top together.
In that moment i felt that i have to pray only for you.
I know you felt the same and that you are waiting for this letter of mine to confirm me how you were really with me at the stations of Križevac.
Dear my father James, I love you, I pray for you and thank you for your sacrifice you are giving for us!
I know we will be in contact because i am your spiritual daughter
 God bless you!

Your daughter Petra Franja

Dearest father James, I would like to testify about my deliverance from smoke addiction after James Manjackal healing mass in November 2021. I was struggling with that issue for a long time and  I can not describe how grateful I am because of deliverance of that addiction. I tried to graudally reduce the level of nicotine by using electric cigarettes, but that was nothing compared to love of God which touched me during healing treatment of James Manjackal.
God bless you,
Anka Brkljača, Zadar, Croatia
Father James,
Praised to Jesus and Mary.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
A month ago when you had three days of prayer for healing - on Saturday when the prayer ended you said: now get up and loudly applaud Jesus, at that moment I got up raised my hands and loudly applauded Jesus. I was suprised that I could stretch my left arm as well as my right because I couldn't before. Two and half years ago I broke my left arm and shoulder. I was in surgery and the doctor said I would not be able to raise my arm to the maximum. The doctor said that the operation was difficult because I was also irradiated on that arm due to breast cancer and I don't have lymph nodes. Jesus was glorified on my arm. Now I can raise and stretch my arm as before the fracture. That fall and broken arm happened when I was returning from Holy Mass on August 15th.
Jesus thank you, Jesus glory to you. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.
How can I not love you, how can I not love you my Jesus.
God bless you father James.
I'm sending you blessings father James.
Jack Coleman
1st testimony - was when I attended your retreat for the 1st time in France (think it was carmaux, not sure).
I was surprised when I passed by the statue of our lady (don't know which title, cos she's many titles), I felt a shift down (push) inside side of my left neck as evil spirit came out of my chest I think. I was quite surprised and perturbed of what had happened. I realised afterwards (few months later) that I was involved in reiki or vortex healing or bio energy healing (not initiated, just hands on by healer) , TM(was initiated with a mantra specific based on age as it was 'shring'). Which may have led to it cos I was looking for something or seeking healing at that time. Nobody told me about these dangers to the doorways of evil. I found out on the Internet when I was browsing re dangers etc. I was totally naive and clueless.
I have confessed it all except for one or two I couldn't rem(due to neck injury discovered when I had a mini stroke 8 years ago). I didn't know it that I had a very old neck injury until mini stroke happened.
Hence shift down in left side of my neck at my 1st retreat with you.

2nd testimony: (2nd retreat) was in Portugal(North) , I was very down as I didnt know why. So at end of that retreat, I could feel jesus lifting me up and out of being down. That was coming straight from the host exposed. I was amazed when I felt it inside my head. I didn't think or know it cos of total lack of basic religious education or nor taught, just very very basic education, nothing more or less.

3rd testimony.  It was at family healing tree retreat in Munnerstdt, Germany 2017, .(Bavaria area) which was the best one so far cos it took out the most of it out. I realised long afterwards that family tree bloodlines orfamily generational tree was giving me some problems that I didn't think of that before. It really opened my eyes re family tree generation line where sin was passed on to the next which i didnt know of. Something that it took out of me which I don't know. But it led me to became more stable in health and body health became kind of little solidity from there. I would like to attend another family tree healing retreat by you in another country(future) if God allows it. (please God).

4th testimony- 17th Sept online healing video. I watched it live without any subtitled. But I said to myself before, if I attend any retreat or healing session from you, I might get something out of it even a little or small or nothing etc. I trusted God to do the work even If I don't feel it as it worked.

5th Testimony-  that my mind has gone calmer and quieter. I felt some sort of calmness later after that 17th Sept video. You know that I have had PTSD before. This was something I hadn't experienced it before re such calmness inside my head. Then I watched 17th Sept video again this morning for first 20mins (then more to watch it tonight later) cos subtitles usually comes out some 24 hrs after a live video. That's YouTube process/settings or procedure cos subtitles usually doesn't show up as live until 24 hrs later (with captioned).

6th Testimony:
I was 20 mins late for that video after I arrived at Cafe with Internet access cos my credit for mobile had used up. However, I watched the rest of it. Then I watched it again yesterday with subtitles. Live video doesn't show it until 24 hrs later or more per you tube procedure or settings. I like to confirm and claim my healing of left hand which I suffered from neuropathic pain for electric shocks. I have had some trouble with my left hand when I watched the video at first. Then towards end of video, it was mostly gone. So I claimed healing based on 1st October video. Thank god, praise God.

7th Testimony - January 2022 (cant rem exact date,think it was end of Jan.) I watched your healing hour Bethesda on YouTube. On that day prior to watching it, I was v upset after reading an independent report from a hernia specialist in USA. Cos he couldn't do it anymore for me as of now I'm back to square one re problematic left groin with shrinking testes as time goes on. I have been praying for financial windfall to pay for 2 surgeries that I need, one is problematic lower left groin, 2nd was neuropathic nerve pain (left side plus left hand) which was damaged by previous surgery back in 2015 in Germany. These made me unwell or ill for days at times. I need to get well in order for me to work to make a living or pay my bills etc.
Medical specialists couldn't find it what's wrong with me even it might be nerve entrapment inside left lower groin. Even though MRI or CT failed to find it. I was sort of crying inside and felt very depressed on that day prior to your Bethesda video program. Then I watched it as I saw my name called out by you. I felt quietness came over me or something came over to calm me down, entering me inside. I was surprised to see myself not upset after that(afterwards) . It was some spiritual one. It takes a lot of effort to calm me down but HS seems to quieten me down on that day. Apart from that, I saw you saying via subtitles that Covid situation would be over in next March as to my much surprise that 'little voice' inside me said 'yes'. It was a quiet silent voice that came across me re 'yes'. It was very rare as it doesnt happen normally. I usually watch your YT healing program twice, first to watch it without subtitles, then few hours later or next day, subtitles in English, usually come on or appear on the settings automatically.  I checked it 2nd time, this with subtitles as it confirmed what you said re Covid situation where inner quiet voice inside me said 'yes' re your comment on Covid situation predicted . I just wait and see re next March or more likely April. Ireland had stopped or ceased nearly all of their covid restrictions as its almost back to normal here except for strict mask requirements which might be eliminated by next week or two at least as it was announced few days ago.

8th Testimony - Other bethesda videos last sept or Oct or Nov 2021 ,not sure which month but i forgot it to mention this one: I had experienced some sort of healing vibrations on my forehead as i thought at first that was something wrong with me until next bethesda video (2 weeks later) that you had confirmed it by commenting that some people might experience some healing vibrations. Thats confirmed it for me re previous fortnight video.

9th Testimony: I have forgiven the church as im no longer bitter or angry, just acceptance for what it did to me in the past and move on.

Many many thanks to you re your prayers but i should be thanking Jesus for granting it to you on my behalf. You have asked me to forgive the church in your reply- older email to me back then which i did ,thank god.
Also many many thanks for your prayers when i had a terrible struggle with an evil spirit/s around April 2020 or April 2021, not sure which one. I recognised it was evil at that time as i was struggling with deal with it due to my past involvement with Reiki, homepathy, Transendental mediation (TM), vortex healing, assortment of other spiritual healers that i have attended them in the past but i have renounced it completely.
Of courseI realised the extent of my many and huge mistakes (cos i was looking for any healing) in opening a doorway to evil via reiki or TM et al. I wanted to thank you for THAT cos it helped me to overcome that spirit whatever name it was called at that time. Finally last week video or two weeks ago you mentioned two types of healing, 1st one was overnight healing -spontaneous healing, 2nd one was slow healing. As you can see the above- mentioned testimonies of mine as it was slow healing per your defintion. i didnt mind re slow healing cos i wanted to be healed whether is it fast or slow. But i found that slow healing works better for me as if removing bad brick by bad brick etc.

Now you have my photo and also my testimony as well. My baptised name is John as its easier cos everyone knows me if its jack cos its a very small world re deaf community etc.
God bless you FR James in abudance , May god bless you in good health and be safe.
God bless Ya.

Jack Coleman.

Good evening Father,
Happy to see you today. I attended your 3.30 pm session and I thanked the lord for all his healings and graces bestowed on each one of us. Our God is an Amazing God.
Anju and brother are recovering and both surgeries went well by God’s grace. Thank you for your prayers. My brother, France is very grateful and thank you for your prayers. He is doing well, thanks God.
Please keep them in your prayers.
I was happy to hear that the lord healed someone by the name, Hervé from skin cancer. I claimed it for Father Hervé for whom I asked you to pray. Thank you lord for healing him.  Amen.
ave a great evening and a great weekend. United we pray!
Stay safe and blessed. Take care.

Dear Father James,
I come to testify of two healings that I had at your last retreat on November 21, 2021.
The first healing: I had a lot of anger in me and you said, there are people who are angry against politicians, the government etc., that was my case. But my anger was pouring out against the people around me.
I welcomed this word because I understood that it was for me. In the evening at the end of the dinner I had a very sharp pain in the right side I thought I would faint I lay down and I understood that the Lord was healing me.
I had no more strength, I said to the Lord: yes Lord, I let go of everything, I know that you are healing me at this moment and that it is my anger that is going away, I went to the toilet several times and little by little peace returned. Since then I am at peace, I have no more anger. Thank you Lord. Thank you Father James
The second healing is my nails: they were fragile, streaked, brittle, split and even sometimes from top to bottom.
You said: present your body, your limbs, arms, fingers, even your nails to the Lord (you insisted). I presented my nails.  Then after 2 or 3 weeks, I saw all of a sudden that my nails were smooth, no longer broke. I said thank you Lord when I realized that it was a healing.
Yes, thank you Lord for you heal even when we don't ask you, because you see what is good for us.
Thank you Father James, you are listening to the Lord and I trust your ministry. I pray for you and your team.

Hans Luke
Dear Rev. Fr.James Manajackal,
Praise the Lord & Happy Christmas.
I would like to share my testimony which had happened during your zoom prayer meeting held in Kuwait on 14 December 2021.
We are staying in Kuwait as family for the past 21 years, I am 53 years and I was suffering from  some health issues like body weakness, body pain , prostrate problems and Glaucoma, Especially my both eyes have advance Glaucoma.
During the prayer meeting you had announced my name HANS LUKE among the people who received the healing.
After that I got a lot of relief for my health issues .
Thank you very much for your prayers and we will pray for your good health& missionary works.
Hans Luke & Beena Hans
I was diagnosed with Covid at the airport in London Luton when I was travelling home for Christmas. It was a lateral flow/antigen test. Soon after I took the test I had a call informing me that my test was positive. I was advised to leave the airport immediately and isolate myself. Not long after I received the results, I sent an email to Father James Manjackal and asked for his prayers.
On the next day, which was 25th December, I had a PRC test at the test side/walk through test side. I was informed within 24 hours that my test was negative. I confirm that this is true and I do not have any symptoms.
I also wanted to add that one week or so before this event happened I asked Father James to pray for my friend and her daughter who were diagnosed with Covid. My another friend also tested positive. They live in different cities so we are in touch only over the phone. My friend’s daughter was tested negative at once. My two friends recovered now from Covid and the results of their tests are now negative.
Thank you Jesus for healing us through Father James. Thank you for Father James. Thank you Fr. James from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, suffering and sacrifices. May God be glorified!
My name is Paola,
I had Covid three to four weeks ago. Everyday 41°C fever, nausea, a lunginfection and needed oxygen. It was so bad that I wrote an Email to you, to help me with prayer.
It was not a sudden healing, but two doctors said, it got better faster then it normally does when one is as sick as I was.
After Covid was gone I had the side effects which were sleeplessness, no taste, low blood pressure, twitching nerves and everything was spinning. I also had a depression developed.
Then I attended your healing prayer on YouTube. My name was mentioned for healing of the ovaries. I had an illness there for many years, called "Polycystic ovary syndrome". But also after the prayer I was healed from the depression and I recovered "unusual" quickly from the covid side effects.
God gave me so much, hallelujah. Paise the Lord.
I had a dream, before I had covid, in which he told me, he would heal me completely.
He did and he still does! I believe.
God bless you father
Sincerely Paola
Praise God for healing me from breast cancer
Fr. James Manjackal conducted healing prayer on 10 Dec 2021. I attended  the prayers . Fr. James called my name twice saying  Magaret you are healed from breast cancer and again he said Magaret you are healed completely.I really praise God as I experience healing  on my body.
All Glory to God
Mrs.Margaret D' Silva
My name is Luiza.
At the retreat in Warsaw in 2018 I was healed of uterine cancer and haemorrhage that had lasted for three weeks. My condition was critical.
After several months I had haemorrhage from the urinary tract. It was Sunday. A doctor informed me on the phone that it was probably cancer metastasis. I asked Father James to pray and the bleeding stopped after six hours.
Last year I was healed of a 3 cm ovarian cyst. During the online prayer on Friday I was healed of extremely strong headaches that had lasted for several months and made me unable to sleep at night.
During the last online prayer I was healed of Covid infection. The cough, lasting for three months, subsided on the following day.
During the online retreat I was also healed of several other diseases not mentioned in this testimony.
Thank you Jesus.

Dear Father,
I would like to share my testimony.
I am healed of my migrena after a prayer meeting in December with you, father James. I found peace in my heart. I pray with my kids more.
It's amazing that I pray for my son's recovery and miracles happen to me too. Every word you were saying during prayers in July were like you are talking about me.
I had a heart hardened without love in the past but now with your talks and prayers I believed Jesus because He gave me a new heart.
Dear father, Please pray for Samuel. My 7 years old son.
With love

With this I would like to give a testimony ... my dear daughter has left home and has broken off contact with all of us (father, brother, aunt and myself) ... I was very sad about it and the only thing I wanted was the lost one Son comes home ... I prayed for her every day and with the help of inspiration from Father James and the virtual healing (took part) I went to church, I received communion, I went to confession and I believed in mine very strongly Daughter ... and at Christmas a Christmas miracle happened, because my daughter rang the doorbell and came to me.
I was overjoyed because God answered our prayers.
I thank Father James most sincerely.
God bless you!
Thank You God!

Fr. James has been my spiritual father for 21 years and I have a spiritual connection with him. I was inspired by his example, lectures and testimonies for my actions and my decisions, I hand everything over to the Holy Spirit, and from time to time I have extra requests or prayers.
I started studying the Bible, exploring and experiencing Charismatic Life. One of the most interesting seminars with Fr. James was on Family Tree Healing and Growth in the Holy Spirit in October 2011.
I received many healings in the retreats in addition to knowledge of God‘s Word with many charisms.
• Healing and relief from menstrual pain with heavy bleeding and great pain with cramps, headache, nausea and vomiting,
• 2005 prayer request for health by Fr. James (What happened to you?) after injustice, slander, injuries, suffering,
• 2015 feeling of soothing warmth in the front of the skull after listening to the Word of God for 1-2 hours and an increase in mental, spiritual strength and resilience as well as calm and serenity,
• October 1st, 2021 healing of a broken heart after injustice, slander, persecution, injuries, suffering,
• November 20th, 2021 partial healing of eczema since early childhood.

Praised Jesus and Mary!
Father James, I follow you constantly on the you tube channel and thank you immensely for giving so much for us.
Special thanks to you for the healing prayers every other Friday. I gain so much strength for my soul in meeting you in prayer.
I will briefly describe my life to you. I became pregnant at the age of 15. and despite persuasion from the husband's parents (my husband supported me to give birth and he desperately wanted it) to have an abortion I decided to give birth. And I gave birth to a daughter and came to live with my husband. Despite the fact that they wanted me to have an abortion, I went through everything just for the love of Jesus and the love of my husband, I forgave them and to this day I live with them.
Today I am 38 years old and have 4 children and 1 grandchild and 1 grandchild yet to be born. . I am used to great love from my husband but sometimes we quarrel for no reason to hit me so hard with his words that I find myself spiritually at the bottom. I am aware that evil is playing with it. I am aware that evil exists. Maybe he wants me to feel so spiritually, to be at the bottom .... I can't help but resist that because these attacks come from my biggest love, my husband. I need you to pray a lot because I am currently on the spiritual bottom. Vasa Darka Ćibarić from Croatia.
My husband's name is Mario and the children are Antonia, Paula, Albert and Ana and granddaughter Pia (she got a name from Padre Pio for my favorite saint)

Dear Jamesaccha,
This is my testimony about my husband.
My name is Annamma James, from Vienna,Austria.
My husband  (James Mathew) went on vacation in India. After a month, he got Covid-19. He was set to return to Vienna on 16.12 at the time. After he tested positive twice prior to his return, I wrote to Fr.James requesting his healing prayer. His prayers gave me confidence.
Two days before his flight, my husband tested negative. Thank you Jesus, thank you Fr.James!

Praised Jesus and Mary
My name is Loreta, I am writing you from Split in Croatia.
I listened your seminars, which was 19-21.11.2021. I found out about it when it has already begun,so I listened afterwards.
The next day while we prayed, I was in complete devotion to God, you said to put our hands on our painful places, for me that are my lungs and abdomen that suffered from cancer in 2018. After the operation they did not give me much hope,the struggle lasted 2.5 years… from the very beginning I handed everything  to God.I believed and prayed constantly, and now I am returned to my job, which I am enjoying (by profession I am a nurse and work with psychiatric patients). The moment when you were praying I feel a strong warmth in these parts of the body. And you then say my name Loreta… the power of the Holy Spirit touched me through you, all grace descended on me. Praise and glory to Jesus. Thank you dear Jesus  who heals us through you, little immortal souls..We pray for you, and you pray for us…
Thank you for existing!
Many greetings from Loreta from Croatia!

Dear Father James after your prayer for all children suffering from autism my son is much better I feel and believe.  I Dear Father James after your prayer for all children suffering from autism my son is much better I feel and believe.  I pray together with you that he will be completely healed. His name is Rino. He is soon 4 years old. He was born on St. Stephen's Day on December 26. Thank you dear Jesus for healing you spiritually and physically through you. Dear God!  Son Branko and husband Aldo.  Viktorija Ćibaric

This is a testimony on how Jesus healed our 4 ½ year-old child Alex Benny, son of Benny Mathew and Smitha Joseph.
Alex was diagnosed with hyper eosinophilic syndrome on Nov 4th, 2020 in Canada. He had high fever and he was sleeping most of the time starting from last week of October and we took him to the emergency on Nov 3rd. He admitted in the ICU directly as his blood pressure and heart rate were low. They found that his white blood cells were really high especially eosinophils count. It was 66 instead of 1. They started the treatment right away but he was not responding to any medications. They did all possible tests including cancer tests but all came back negative. Finally, they concluded that it is hyper eosinophilic syndrome with unknown reason.
His condition became worse day by day and he was not responding to any medication including chemo. His eosinophils count was 107 on Nov 21st and doctors lost all hopes. They told us that we cannot do anything more. Our family decided to pray 1000 rosaries and pray to Mother Mary and lot of people were praying for him. His count dropped to 44 when we completed 750 rosaries. His count came back to 0 when we completed 1000 rosaries.
He got discharged on January 19,2021 after 2 ½ months of hospitalization and we were so happy that Jesus healed our son. Doctors told us that he doesn’t need any more treatment as all tests results were negative. But his count started going up again in April and we lost all our hopes. Doctors gave different chemos and injections and they were able to control his eosinophils count till August 2021. We continued our prayers and blood results were not showing good signs. His liver got affected with all these medications. Doctors finally decided to do bone marrow transplant in November.
We talked to Fr.James Manjackal in October,2021 and he prayed for Alex and told us that Alex will get great healing from Jesus. Don’t doubt, believe in Jesus. We started attending Fr.James’s healing services with Alex and Alex got admitted in hospital on Nov 3rd,2021 for his bone marrow transplant. We were continuously praying during his treatment. Doctors told us that he is in high-risk category as his liver is already inflamed. So, we might need to admit him in ICU for couple of days and he needs feeding tube as kids won’t be able to eat anything during these days. Usually, kids will get mouth sores, nausea and vomiting as they are getting very high dose of chemo for the transplant. We didn’t listen to their words and we just gave our son to Jesus’s hand and asked his mercy on him.
His transplantation went well on Nov 9th without any complications. His body got adjusted to all the medications very well. They didn’t put feeding tube as he was eating well most of the days. He didn’t have any nausea, mouth sores any pains after all these strong medications. He was the only kid in last few years in that hospital went through the transplant without any feeding tube and mouth sores. He was acting like he just had a fever and recovering from that fever. We could see God’s presence in each and every moment. Everyday doctors were saying “Alex, you are surprising us. We never expected your transplantation will go smoothly like this”.
Doctors told us his new cells will start growing up within 10-21 days. We attended Fr. James’s healing service on Nov 12 with him and father announced his name and said Jesus is healing him. We cried out of joy and his cells started growing back on Nov 16th (7th day after the transplant) and he engrafted after 14 days without any complications. He got discharged on Dec 3rd and we are back home after 4 weeks. He has to go for check up every week now. His liver enzymes are still high and it may take sometime to go back to normal. His bone is little weak because of all these treatments. It will take 6 months to recover completely but we believe that Jesus will heal him completely soon. Only Jesus can help our son. Requesting everyone’s prayers for him. THANK YOU JESUS… PRAISE YOU JESUS.

Dear Father James.
My name is Irena Vidmar. I came from Kamnik in Slovenia.
This is my testimony of my healing ten years ago.  I was with you in Kurešček in Slovenia. My father in law and her sister were together in Kurešček. The next day they also invited me and my husband. We were there all day. We prayed and blessed Jesus... It was a perfect day. I felt Jesus closeness. Then we already have one child and we wish for one more child. But I couldn't get pregnant. We pray all day on Kurešček. I asked Jesus and Mary for one more child. When I heard my name during prayer I knew I was healed. I got pregnant in a year. Now I have a wonderful family. I still thank Jesus.
Now I need Jesus' help again, because I have a problem with my mental health, anxiety, depression, burnout... I am going through hard times.
Father James please pray for me.
God bless you.
I am attaching a photo of my family to you.
Irena Vidmar

Melita Before and after!
Dear f. James,
I wrote you in July and asked you for a prayer. Also slovenian priest Peter Nastran prayed for me.
I had a cyst on my neck (big egg size). After your prayers I got an idea and I started to drink Aloe arborescens, mixed with honey and a bit of alcohol.
The interesting thing is, that God canceled two operations. The first time doctors got badly injured guy, who needed imediate operation. And the second time they didn't want to accept me, becouse it wasn't yet 7 weeks since I was infected with covid. By the way: covid wasn't hard for me at all. I was singing worshiping songs all the time.
It's been almost three months now, since this cyst has almost gone. It's in size of hazelnut now. Jesus healed me.
Glory to God almighty!!!
You can show my pictures to anyone.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you!!

Pax Christi!
I want to share my little-big testimony about healing. (Woman, 34y.o., 1child) I was watching online your program for Czech and Slovak republic in July 2021.  Long time before this program I felt pain in my left breast (I am breastfeeding first child almost 2years) almost continualy.. after healing prayer when we should hold hand on the painful place I have no pain there anymore :)
Praise the Lord!
Thank God and thank you for your service and also sharing and teaching.
God bless you!
Janka Kubisová from Slovakia,


Greetings Father James!
I have already written to you by WhatsApp, but you said it would be better for you if we wrote by email so that you could translate.
My husband, son and I were sick and now healed!
A woman asked me to pray for a boy who was in a coma.Jesus told me loudly: "Marko will get well".In two days the woman wrote to me that the boy was awake from the coma!Aleluia
At the Holy Mass in the church, Jesus looked at a woman and said to me: "Pray for the woman, she is powerless".After the Mass, the woman said this and she started to cry and said that it was true. Then I sent her her virtual seminary and she was happy.Aleluia!
I also wrote to you that I have a fight with wasps in my flat (about 20 pieces) and only in my work room and in the cellar where we keep our work things. After your blessing the wasps are no longer there.Aleluia
Obviously the person did something on our work, because from July we are down with the work..Now she makes blood drops in the staircase. I will send you all the pictures.
Father, thank you for all the prayers, it means a lot to us. We have been in closed seminaries for almost 13 years and you are also in our prayers. Oh, I have another testimony. The woman I work for is called Silke, she has breast cancer. After your prayer it has become smaller. Aleluia!
All this will be in one week, Father.
Greetings from the bottom of my heart, God bless you and keep you.
Tatjana Makivic
Dear Father James,
I wish to express my gratitude for your prayers and teachings which enrich my soul so much.
At each of your retreats, I have always felt great benefits: inner healings, great peace and serenity and several physical healings.
- In 2004, during your retreat in Reunion Island, I was healed of my tyroid and my diabetes was stabilised, I testified to these healings during a retreat in Lourdes in 2005.
- In 2018, during a pilgrimage to Lourdes, I had to be hospitalized because of very strong pain on my left side, shoulder, arm, on October 9 a scanner showed risks of "ischemic stroke at the cerebral level".
My sister Gisèle wrote to you with my photo to ask for your prayer,
8 days later, everything had disappeared according to the MRI.
- At the end of November 2020, I was found to have cancer in my right colon, I was operated on 29 December followed by chemo...
Although I have to undergo chemo because of the protocol in place, I am convinced that I am cured, moreover, I have heard you mention my name several times. (my first name is not a common one)
I give glory to God for giving you the opportunity to continue teaching us and praying for us, for the whole world.
From the bottom of my heart, dear Father, I thank you for your goodness, your love of God and of others for helping us in this way.
I can follow all your retreats and healing prayers online, and I always receive many graces... I am sure that your online retreats have helped me a lot to cope with my cancer, surgery, chemo in a deep peace and serenity.
May God bless you richly and keep you long to save many more souls.
Marie-Eline Montée
Reunion Island/France
December 3, 2021

Our Lord Jesus healing today !
My name is Ivan ( my english is not so good ). On 26.november 2021 after of pray the rosary of Divine Mercy at 15:00 in hour of Mercy, i  was on internet when i looked window which called "Virtual prayer for healing" by
father James Manjackal. Also day or two ago i see the same priest lead spiritaul renewal, that video lasted 6 hours and i was thinking that is so boring ,how he can speak that much, and i left from the video. Now I back on the story of 26.november , I was in my room like I said after Hour of Mercy i watched the video "virtual prayer for healing" ,and I thinking in myself how I woud like to JESUS heal me from my diseases and bad habits , and also some attachment to some sins.
I started video on , that was a half time of video about 30 minutes duration.
I hear how father James speaks many names of people enumerating diseases of which JESUS healing them. Then I think it was exactly 1:02:44 when father James said my name Ivan, but that video watched about 1,100 people LIVE when was that, so I thinking maybe there are more people under that name,but after that father James said eyes closed " I see 13 people which called John, Ivan ,Jan who receive the healing ". Then was everything clear to me. I was believe in that, i feel peace in myself and warm, and feeling is been so good.
Some diseases which you have enumerated , was my diseases.
I believe that I was healed by JESUS .
Thank you JESUS, and thank you father James. I love you :)

Dear Father James, I cannot give testimony about my healing because I cannot check so quickly if my cancer is gone but I feel much better after your blessing and prayer. During your prayer I felt warmth in my body and I was very joyful in spirit.  I claim healing, I know that Jesus loves me.My spirit is stronger and I hope that my faith will grow with the help of Jesus and your help. I am so grateful to you, Father James, for helping us.
God bless you and keep you! I wait for the next prayers online.
Georgia from Zagreb

Christy Anto
My twin son Joshua Anto 3 yrs and daughter Grace Anto 4 yrs was suffering from High fever and the fever was reoccurring before 4 hours, I was getting anxious and exhausted as I am carrying my 4 child in womb who is 7 month now.
That was when I attended the 3 Rd day international seminar of fr James and as he prayed with his priestly authority for sickness to be healed and deliverance, I begged Jesus for the prayers  of healing to be manifested  in children.
During the prayer high fever departed and they are now recovering gradually from cough and cold.
I thank you lord for hearing me and helping me in my despair.
Christy Anto
Vasai West

Maja Bukovina
On third day of your last spiritual renewal I think I was healed from abnormal to normal. You spoke my name and I do not have my internal struggles any more. I had struggled with them my whole life. First diagnosis was set 2015th, and last about 6 months ago - schizophrenia. I think I got through all mental diseases and I knew I would be healed from all of them. It was only a matter of time. Maybe all of that big suffering was God's plan for something - I believe in that. The reason I was convinced in healing was the light from time to time in all that big darkness and losing all I love, getting all I was scared off, so much pain. The light was for example seeing Mary a couple of times (once she was holding me in her arms), smell of roses which are not from Earth (last was today trough all Holy Mass), and once I was healed from temperature praying rosary for second time one after another on day before Christmas (temperature from 37.0 - 37.6 last 5 or 7 days coming backs every month or two months; nothing to remove it, not tee, not cold shower or drog and that was all being like this 10 years - the doctors could not find the reason, but I could not work with it). So, the time will show I got healed from mental illness (big, big soul suffers), like it shows from my temperature - I never from that time, several years ago, had any temperature, be the grace to the Lord :))). . (Because of these signs my heart was in deep belief that I will get healed from my soul suffering some day, and that day I think was come, just time to show. .) Thank you for praying and glory be to Jesus. Amen. Aleluja. :)))
Best regards,

On 11/18/2021 I watched your spiritual renewal from 11/12/2021. At one point, when you said that Jesus heals many people from various allergies, I immediately asked Jesus for my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter to recover her from a milk protein allergy. And then you said, "Rafaela, you're healed." I believed in that and praised Jesus. I gave her to drink normal milk and a meal with milk proteins. She always had eczema on her bottom, belly and had diarrhea. But at that moment, after that healing, she had no problems. So then I normally serve her to eat and drink regular milk and milk products. But the next day itchy blisters appeared on his bottom. I was wondering what is it? But then I announced what you said. That we should believe, even if it doesn't look like the healing right away. And so I believed. I realized that something was different anyway, that she did not have diarrhea. And I also remembered that God tested Job.
That Satan tempts us and God tests us. Satan tempts us not to believe and God tests us on what our faith is. Whether real or superficial. That's why I believed, and I told my wife that what she saw was just the last breath of her allergy. That the allergy is getting weaker and our doughter will be healthy. The next day she had diarrhea, but on the other side she did not have eczema. I told myself: great. Healing is still ongoing. Satan did not stop tempting my faith. And after the next day, she's fine. Praise belongs to Christ the King. Hallelujah.
Jan Branich

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Father James. I had the opportunity to see you once and live on the island of Krk in Croatia. I am in Croatia and I live in Zagreb. And two days ago I prayed with you via video. After that I felt great peace and immediately I went to confession with my wife. I feel very nice since then. I will definitely pray for what you sent me and I can't wait again for us all to pray via live video. Best regards from me and family. We wish you a peaceful beautiful and pleasant night.

Dear Father James,
It is a long long time I didn't write you, after you said the thirty mass for our families to my husband Nicolas and me. Please do forgive me, please do.
I tried to be close to you during the daily mass, but it was often too early and I haven't done as much as I wanted to.
You made a miracle and I can say that for sure I have no more nervous depression, now that 3 months are over. And I began to stop homeopathy at mid July, was a little afraid to do so, but really stopped everything at the end of July. First total stop without problems since the years 2000. I also stopped homeopathy for my little dog, who has so many problems and he is not worse.
I noticed that as soon as you began to pray for us, many miracles appeared : my dear danish cousin Neel  who was a famous artist but became work less and striving for the last ten years, had 3 job propositions. That a niece discovered she was in love with a good friend since ever, that another niece had her first job proposition, that my eldest nephew received a triple job proposition... The sad thing is that none of them has a strong faith, so when I told that they received this gift of God thanks to you, no one went further, they were so happy but didn't jump in a prayer life. And for my cousin, from a half atheist family as most often in Denmark, I don't think she believed miracles are possible.
Then, with of course some exceptions, our family began to pray very often the rosary in the evening, all together even if far one from the others. Naturally, many miracles of Love, Peace, Understanding came in our family. There is still a long way to walk, but we try to be honest and generous one with the other.
God Bless you, dear Father James. I thank God but I know He Gave us these miracles through your pains offered to Him.
In union of prayers, with Gratitude and Love in Jesus and Mary,

Dear Fr james,
My wife Cheryl lost her job oct 15 th 2020 in Abudhabi due to Pandemic. I wrote to you regarding this issue.you are offering it everyday to Jesus through Eucharistic celebration.Abudhabi govt has just started to open job market visas this November. Cheryl got Job through interview a good government job.
Thank you jesus .praise you Jesus.I also everyday offering this issue through divine mercy chaplet .god intervened in beautiful way.in his time he does wonders for his people. his mercy and grace endureth forever.
also thanks for your intercession fr.

I am actually fortunate to listeñ to Healing prayer done by our beloved Rev Fr James Manjakkal.
I was praying to Holy Eucarist during his prayer. Adoring & praising our good Lord.
I had  heart burning experience of new life in christ & inspired to lead a better life acceptable to God.
Thank you
In christ.
TGJose, Ernakulam
Dear Father James,
I am very glad for your ministry and  life example. I´ve become catholic since 2012. One of my first  retreats that you led was in Czech republic. There was a lot of problems in my life. I suffered from sadness. I was often hospitalized because of schizofrenia .  My life dramatically changed thanks to your prayers. I am able to study and live better life for others.I am free now. I felt faith in my heart when you had been praying for me.  I believe in my full recovery. I am under authority of doctors now and have to take medicine still but how did you say: Marek you are healed and I do believe.
God bless, yours
Marek Budík

Our dear Father James,
I am writing to you because I want to bear testimony (again) to the great works of Jesus. I want to testimony how Jesus heals our son Roko and our family.
I am Mateja from Varaždin, the mother of little Roko. You know our story. Last 6 months, since you entered into our lives, Jesus miracles started happened.
Roko has been suffering from malignant epilepsy since he was 8 months old. He has a lot of seizures every day that don’t allow him to develop. He’s two years old, and he still doesn’t sit, walk, talk, or even hold his head. Because of brain injuries, he can’t laugh when he wants to, hear and experience everything around him. He can't hug his brother, dad, grandma, grandpa, me - his mom.
Although this is a very difficult journey, my family thanks dear God every day for sending us Roko. We are healed spiritually!
We know we would all find ourselves on the wrong path, the one where Jesus would be somewhere along the way, and now Jesus is at the center of our family. We are patient and joyful.
And precisely because we have been healed spiritually, we believe that Roko will physically heal completely, stand on his own two feet, and one day speak of the great works of Jesus.
We believe that Roko will be a priest and carry out evangelization. We read him Bible every day!
We do not miss your prayers for healing every other Friday and we participate in this three-day spiritual renewal. We pray a lot and we thanks to Jesus! We goes to the Mass with joy, we sing spiritual songs! Roko feels that!
When Roko do something on his own - grabs a toy, raises his head or just laughs, our older son Petar, who is 6 years old, immediately says out loud: Glory to Jesus!  We are new people, we are the new family of Jesus!
Yesterday when you said that Jesus heals Roko from seizures and epilepsy, tears of joy began to flow on their own. We know that Jesus healed our Roko from epilepsy! We know that this is exactly our Roko! We immediately raised our hands to heaven and thanked Jesus!
Glory to Jesus! Jesus is the center of our family!
Thank you Father James! God bless you!
Mateja Plantak Peček

Thank you, Father James from the bottom of my heart, for your prayers, my daughter Zoya who is healed from atomic eczema by the precious blood of Christ. I can still ask you to pray for her to be a holy and healthy girl.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will give you much prayers, my spiritual father.
with love Adel


Dear fr.James
Im really glad that u have really time to read all of the postmailig and another issues. I haven't hoped really because I know how demanding it is to react and replay to all of the needs and asks of people. My testimony is not so long.
I just wanted to thanks and remind u myself that your prayers are strong and were listened and I feel that things are realised and get improved.
Also in the last prayers on Friday 24th November afternoon 3.30p.m u were praying.I again noticed God's blessing in area of hormonal issues. This is really loooong therm problems with the hormons.
But I gave all this problem to God and all of the problems with my eyes(right eyes astigmatism/problem with cornea).
I have ask to u father can u pray for one father of my student ('Im teacher at the elementary school) The father of my student has a cancer very bad tumor in a head.Pls pray for him.His name is Lubo 49 age from Bratislava.The family is devastated by this sicknes.
But also during your reatreat on 19th till 21st November I sent a link of this retreat to the family and today Ive got great news that he is much better could speak by phone.Is really big progress.Pls keep him in your prayers.
Im sending u also my photo as u asked me for my picture and testimony.Pls find the attachment.
Thanks so much.
May God Our Lord Jesus Christ bless u.
Gabriela Polak

Dear Father,
thank you for all the blessings throughout your seminar!  I gave you the pain of my heart, I have wanted a spouse with whom I will have a family for a long time, and it never happens to me.  Through the seminar you infused me with grace and peace and trust in God’s plan for me.  I surrender my wish to you and I ask you to ask Jesus to have mercy on me and send my spouse as soon as possible.  Amen
Thank you Jesus and thank you good Father
Lana Blazevic

Dear James Manjackal,
Lord bless Fr Manjackal,
I am Roksoliana. Thank you, thank you, thank you Fr Manjackal that through you God has freed me from 40 years of chronic cigarette addiction( smoking).
One day I smoked, then  I stopped as I could not smoke anymore! Only a miracle could have done it! Painless. God took away the thought of smoking cigarettes, and that was the end of smoking. I have now been enjoying 2 years without cigarettes!
Glory to God
Ave Maria
God bless you,

Greetings, Father James.
I would like to write you a very small testimony that I experienced after spiritual exercises with you on the Internet. In my life, I have experienced many different disappointments, many different things that have led me to this state of suffering. I thought I would not find for myself such beautiful things that I could experience before I ruined everything, but God showed me the way in the suffering I am experiencing. I began to perceive it as my mission to be able to save souls, and as a bonus I received in this suffering the experience and connection of love with Jesus. I would never have thought that I would be able to accept such suffering, but I received the gift after spiritual exercises with you.
I'm not saying it's easier or harder for me, the suffering is still the same, but my attitude in suffering has changed. And today I no longer want any healing, I just want the gift and grace of the deepest love to suffer for him.
And so, Father James, announce from the roofs what is hidden, bring to light what is in the dark ... thank you for your prayers and I also pray for you.

Dear Father James,
I received healing from chronical mononucleosis on 20 August directly during Father James' first healing prayer session on Youtube, it was simply gone after six years - the typical feelings of weakness, subtle pain, and exhaustion were gone and never returned since.
My skin was targeted by the virus, but God helped here as well, I don't have to cover up my face with makeup etc. anymore, something I never would have done a year ago.
Also, I can truly say that I received complete emotional healing: I don't feel hatred or resentment towards anybody. Jesus has beaten my worst fears.
These are all miracles which are a product of praying with and for Father James for more than a year by now - among others in his numerous retreats and his healing prayer sessions.
Surely, God is not done with me yet and there are better and worse days, but the most important thing is that I am completely healthy and that the healing process was initiated and is continuing. And with perfect health and most importantly Jesus on my side I can do anything! Praise be to God! Thank you Jesus!

I am very grateful for the online retreats in November 2021. It was very beatiful time. I was very tired, but even when I slept I experienced the Holy Spirit. During the long pray for inner healing I felt like during the exorcism - my body behaved so and expirienced the power of Jesus. I fell down also during the blessing and Jesus came to me like to Mary Magdalene and told me that I am not condemned. It was so wonderful experience. Also I feel that I am reconciling in my heart with sisters from the convent. I asked in my heart for forgiveness and forgave them. After a few days I started feeling nothing and feel freedom in this case.
I am also very grateful for the stationary retreats a few years ago. Father James during the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament looked at me at the moment and told: Sandra - you are healed from depression. I thought that the Holy Spirit is wrong as I am not Sandra... then Father James told that my full name is Aleksandra and in the same moment I experienced the hit in my head - like Jesus took away the stone from my head. After that experience I got more and more hapiness.

Ana Ribaric
Dear Father James, I don't speak much English. I'll be short. I've written to you before. I'm listening to your seminars. I want to confirm to you the healing of my skin on my face from eczema. Blessed be God! What's visible and I believe is more than what happened. Of course I'll write to you again. God bless you. I'll scroteat you a picture of me.

Praise God
My nephew's son Luke Pio Gomes was suffering from 47 xxy chromosomes so I sent email to Fr. James Manjackal  asking  him to pray for the healing. During healing  prayers  Fr. James called his name Luke Pio a small child having problems of hormones and chromosomes is healed . So entire family was so happy  and praise God for healing the child totally.
All thanks and praises  to God for using Fr.James Manjackal  to heal this one month old baby.
Fr. Thank you for the great miracle.
Sr. Gerosa Dias sfn
Goa, india
Praised be Jesus Christ!
Dear fr. James,
My name is Petra Jengic, 43 years old, from Zagreb, Croatia.
On the 20th and 21st of November 2021 I had participated at International Healing Seminar held by you through your YouTube chanel. During the prayer on Sunday, the 21st, you were saying many names and Lord was healing. I was curious to hear my name as well, but as I have no serious illness and I not asked for anything but still wanted to hear my name as to have confirmation Jesus is with me.
Then at one point, you have said as follows: Petra, receive the inner healing. The Lord is healing your right now. At that moment I knew that was me, and a feeling of warmth went through my body.
I thanked the Lord in that moment. As I have realised the inner healing is the healing I needed due to my many wounds (the biggest two being wound of rejection and wound of abortion).
Your child in Christ Jesus,
Marijana Bodružić feet
Click on the images for an enlarged  view.
Dear father James I am writing to you because I want to testify of my healing.
First of all I am very grateful to God for working through you ; you are very special and kind ,and through your seminars we can learn a lot about our faith and thank you for that. Last Friday I watched your healing prayer and when you said, I put my hand on the part of my body where I was feeling pain ( my kidney).
I was having problems with kidney stones and pain, through the prayer I felt warmth and pain from my kidneys to my legs, after some time my pain was gone. From that moment the pain from my kidney disappeared.
Thank You Jesus !
Yesterday (Friday 19/11/21)I listened the prayer again. I felt tingling,heat and cramping in my foot. Because of previous healings in my life I knew what was going on. A couple of years ago I got healing from my flat feet and I felt the same thing, but my foot was clearly not completely healed. After this prayer the arch of my foot was completely raised, this was it,I immediately walked differently.
In the photos:, the left foot ( first photo) ,and the right foot(second and third photo)  that got healed on friday.
Thank You, thank You Jesus !
Pray for my family father James, I wish you all the best and sending you a lot of greetings from Croatia.
Marijana .

Daugter was miraculously saved in Australia
On Sunday 3rd of October around 2.45am our daughter  Marielle  slept and woke up as she was feeling hungry, while preparing some food she was talking to her dad, suddenly she declined. She has heard someone being dragged and later a female screaming, and someone walking around the hallway. Then she had gone near the door and she had seen through a peephole on the door and saw a male wearing a hooded jumper with the hood over his head carrying a backpack. She saw him approaching her door and hooked the access card. After trying to open our daughter’s door and waiting there for some time, he suddenly walked away from the fire exit.
She was frightened about what was happening so called the police. She waited in her unit till she saw the police outside. Later she was told that guy who is also a resident in that student apartment two doors next to her unit had called  one of the residential advisors to get the master card to open his room , later he had threatened that girl with a knife tied her on a chair grabbed the master card from her and told her that he is going to bring all the girls from that floor to his room and going to stab and kill all of them together, when he came to open our daughter’s unit the master card got damaged so he couldn’t open the door, when the police checked the door they have told that “SHE WAS MIRACULOUSLY SAVED” as the master card of the door got damaged while it was hooked to her door. And the police have told her that she was so LUCKY.” “ONLY OUR COMPASSIONATE AND MERCIFUL GOD HAS SAVED MARIELLE AND OTHERS. IT IS REALLY A MIRACLE.”
I sent you an email father requesting prayers for Marielle.We always recite 9 “Divine Mercy Chaplet'' “Rosary” calling the name of “Jesus” 1000 times and also place the intention in the chat box. Everyday without failing we recite the “Guardian Angel prayer” and the “Prayer to the Holy Cross.”
I used to place my family picture and a picture of our daughter’s apartment in front of the screen, while attending the Perpetual Adoration, and also during the mercy hour I touch the crucifix and the Blessed Sacrament I always touch both with a crucifix and bless and put the sign of the cross with that crucifix on each of my family member and also on the picture of our daughter’s apartment, sprinkle the blessed water with salt and put the sign of the cross with the blessed oil on the pictures.
All Glory and Honor to our Mighty God for this miracle and for the hand of protection on our daughter Marielle. Thank you Abba Father for your unconditional love and care for me and my family! Thank you Sweet Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you Mama Mary for every blessing in our lives.
Thank you & God Bless you Fr, James and the entire ministry for all your prayers and for leading us closer to Jesus.
Thank you for always praying for us
God bless you
Godfrey ,Pioline , Marielle & Dion

Hello, I am Marko.
I have had a heart valve problem since birth which didn't bother me up until recently. I'm now 44 years old with a wife and 5 living children and 3 with the Lord.
I was ordered for surgery on October 21st 2021. I couldn't listen to the seminar on October 15th 2021. so I listened to it the night before surgery. I thought to myself: so what if it wasn't live. When you said "I see the open sky, give them a new heart, it's your promise'', I felt something hit me in the chest.
I was on the operating table the next morning for valve replacement. It happened that I had an allergy to an anesthetic and the operation was postponed to November 29th 2021. The problem with the heart valve was still there.
On Tuesday night November 23rd I listened to the second part of the seminar which was on saturday November 20th
You said "I see the open sky, something like milk ... the fire of the spirit on your body ... The Lord says: I give you a new heart whiter than snow, all the blessings you have sought and more. I love you and keep you close to my heart."
Then I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit enter me. I started shaking. I knew I got a new heart but I won't be able to check before going to the hospital in a few days whether it was physical or just spiritual healing.
I believe it is physical and spiritual.
Thank you for the prayers. I"ll let you know how it went.

Jesus healed me at Father James Manjackal's online retreat 19.11-21.11.21. He gave me a new heart. I could not pray for my enemies before. I had rather prayed "Jesus, do what you want to them..." but not "forgive them...". Now, without bad thoughts in my heart, I can say "forgive them". Thank you Jesus.
Sabine Bauer

Father James thank you so much for the retreat and your intercessory prayer. I was healed in body and soul. Jesus told you this and I felt it and was moved. I also ask Jesus to grant you good health, to bless and strengthen you, and I thank Jesus for you and for your priesthood.
Dorota Puchajda Poland
Family Potocek
Dear Father James!
Thank you for your spiritual retreat on YouTube 19.-21.11.2021. Father James, we love you!
You wrote in one of your books that you wanted to take us, your spiritual children who had participated in your retreats, with you to Heaven. And we want to be in Heaven with you! We want to love Jesus Christ more and more! Father James, you are suffering for us! We love you.
When the retreat ended, we cried because we missed you and we are missing you. We pray for you. May mama Marry protect you and Lord Jesus bless you and your loved ones.
We want to be with you father James, at least during the online retreat.
Thank you for your love to us and to God.
Family Potoček from Czech Republic, Prague.

 My name is Mario Maric. I am a medical technology engineer by profession. I waited for a job after completing my internship and there wasn’t too much chance for that. My mother wrote to Father James on April 2, 2020. and asked him to pray for me to get a job .. Just about that time they announced a vacancy and I got a job, and started working at the end of the same month. However. the wife did not manage to get the opportunity to do an internship in Dubrovnik, but she succeeded in Zagreb, so she was forced to leave, although this separation did not suit us. That was the case until 05.2021. when my contract expired and after my colleague returned from sick leave, I lost my job again. God obviously had his plan, because after a short time I got a job at a clinical center in Zagreb. I did not plan any of this, Jesus led everything in a miraculous way, including the fact that, God willing, we will soon become parents. Thank you dear Jesus for all the graces he has given us through the prayers of Father James, and we continue to commend ourselves to him in prayer.

  Dear Father James,
I thank you and God for the healing that I received on Saturday during the prayers at the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, on the 2nd day of the seminar on 20th November. I had trouble with my legs, but I don't know exactly what. When I sat for a long time I could not get up and walking was painful. It got a lot worse this year, so I had to stay up when I got up from my chair and the first steps to support and the next walk was painful. I have had these problems for about ten years, but I have not noticed. The Lord is great and it is interesting that I fell asleep during adoration, after half past seven and I woke up around eight o'clock and said "I am healed" in my hips I felt something like a vacuum, or rather it seemed that I did not have them and for the first time I got up without pain. My legs hurt from my knees down, but within three days it passed. This is not the first healing after your prayers, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. The Lord Jesus received a flower at the Mass of St. on Sunday and if I find out your account in the Czech Republic, I would like to contribute to your mission. I pray for you every day (from the program in Brno) and I accompany you and your years of illness and I believe that I will continue. I am 64 years old.
With gratitude and the wish of God's blessing

Dear Father James Manjackal,
I attended your online healing seminar last weekend, including Friday.  Already on Friday I felt a clear improvement in my left ankle after the first day of the seminar. Encouraged by this, I asked my priest for a confession, which took place on Saturday at 5 pm. I was even allowed to stay for the following Holy Mass, although here in my place of residence, because of Corona, the rule is that you have to register for the service a week before the Holy Mass. I was able to walk the way to the church and back without pain. The strength in my legs is still missing, but with breaks it worked. On Sunday, after the third day of the seminar, I had no more pain at all in my left foot. Hallelujah! I am so grateful to God! I have already shared the links from the 3-day seminar everywhere and given testimonies to my sister and family.
God keep you and give you the strength to continue to give God's blessings and healings!
With warmest greetings
Marion Ursula Schröder

Dr. Aswathi Varghese Kachappilly
Dear father,
My name is Dr.George Varghese Kachappilly.
I am here by testifying the healing received by my sister Dr. Aswathi Varghese Kachappilly from SLE.She got positive for screening antibody test for SLE on October 22,2021.On consulting rheumatologist ,the doctor asked her to do a routine urine test in which she was found to have trace amount of albumin.Our family became really worried about her and prayed for her,asked intercessory prayer at many retreat centres.She was undergoing further investigations for the same.I have asked for prayer request to manjackal achan on 28th of  October for which achan replied sure prayers  and  also  on 21st of November .During yesterday's healing prayers achan mentioned my sister's name if I am not mistaken.By God's grace  and mother Mary's intercession ,all the remaining test became negative and albumin trace which was initially found in the urine test became normal in the retest.Rheumatologist assured her not to worry and also doctor said that she do not need to take any medications.I thank Jesus Christ and mother Mary for the same .
Thank you father for your prayers.My family is obliged to you for your intercessory prayer for the same.
Barbara Šegota-Balanč
Praised Jesus and Mary,
My name is Barbara Šegota-Balanč, and I live in Sisak, Republic of Croatia.
I participated in the online prayer meetings for healing that you held on November 12, 2021, and in the three-day spiritual renewal from November 19 to November 21. 2021.
According to your prayers for health, the Lord brought me on November 12, 2021. I recovered from COVID-19, and from that day my slime began to melt and I was stronger every day.
Also in the prayer for health at the three-day spiritual renewal on November 20, 2021. I was cured of allergies because I used to have occasional itchy rashes and urticaria on my body. Also after that prayer I no longer have pain in my heels like I had before.
Thank you and Glory to Jesus!
God’s blessing and abundance of peace and love.
Barbara Šegota-Balanč

Sabina Toić
My name is Sabina Toić. I come from Croatia. I am 43 years old. I am married.  I live with my family on the island of Cres. The husband is name Ivan, and the children are Mihael (14), Luka (11) and Magdalena (8,5 months).
When You held the seminar in Zagreb 2001. I was a server. Our leader was Father Ivan Miškić. In that time I was studing at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb. That seminar left a deep mark on me. That is when my process of change began.
I want to thank You for the strong seminar You held this weekend. Thank You for talking the time for us who want to know the Lord Jesus and ourselves. Thank You from the bottom of my heart, even though You are in Your pain and suffering.
I wanted to witness to the great works of God that Jesus gave me through You.
We threatened the entire seminar program.
I prayed to the Lord Jesus to come into my heart. I prayed for the grace of forgiveness, that I could forgive everyone who had hurt me, that I could forgive myself. I prayed that the Lord Jesus would heal me from the paralyzing fear, the spiritual disturbances that took away my life force for a long time, the pain in my spine, in my whole body, the spiritual attachments and blockages I had from people in the family I was born into.
When there was adoration, I surrendered my life to Jesus and prayed fervently.
Throughout the seminar, I felt close to Jesus. When You said my name in prayer on Friday and Sunday, I felt in spirit and emotion that I was healing. I felt healing on my body today. I received my deliverance and healing and the presence of Jesus in my heart. The Lord Jesus opened me to life so that I could do want His will is for me, and that is my sanctification.
We are waiting for my husbands employment.
We love You and send greeting from Croatia.
With love, Sabina

Ana Havlicek
Dear O James Manjackal!
I have followed your oneline spiritual renewal. Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. I am a nun and I have time for common prayer and other obligations, but I still managed to hear something and pray with you. I prayed to Jesus to give me health. that now I can no longer sing in common prayer in a convent in church and school because I have religious instruction. That's why I'm sad. When you started the last part of the seminar today with a prayer for the continents, I had to interrupt again due to obligations, but now I listened a little to the last part where you spoke whose prayer was answered. You said 3 Annes have recovered from cancer. I hope I am one of those Ana, that is my first name, and I am a religious Sr. Teresa. Dear Father James, I commend myself to your prayers, I want to be a holy sister in spite of various obstacles of the Evil One, who also serves people. I am happy that you exist, You are of God, remain our signpost to heaven in this wilderness of life. Let us remain connected by prayer. I love you because you are conformed to Jesus and want to help everyone, just like Him. Let's stay connected by prayer! May God protect you! I wish you a good and peaceful night!

Jacques Camand
At the first online Friday healing prayer I had a pain in my right foot that hurted, up to the bottom of my leg. After the prayer pain has almost disappeared. I was very tired and I slept during almost the whole second part of the session. But I received healing.
Unfortunately after an IRM exam to check the bones where they discovered micro breaks due to osteoporosis, pain came back, but less importantly.
On November 12th it almost disappeared 100% and I take it in my heart.
Jacques Camand
Violet Concessao
After participating in the healing prayer service, blessed with more grace...I was suffering from severe tennis elbow since more  than a decade.... it's nearly  a month now, no tennis elbow pain in both my hands...Jesus has set me free.  All glory and praise to Lord Jesus
Violet Concessao,
Manglore. India




Clinck on the images for an enlarged view

Dear Fr. James,
I have been following your work for Jesus many years, since your first visit (seminar) to Croatia, and I have been praying with you and for you, especially when you have been particularly ill.
I live in Zagreb and I was at your seminar in Zagreb for the first time in 2001, and later I was at your seminar in Pula and I always felt great graces and obedience.
Namely, on Friday, October 15, 2021. I followed your seminar for healing with great joy directly via youtube and prayed with you.
By the way, for 6-7 years I have had a problem with psoriasis on my hands (which can be very uncomfortable, on the knuckles especially), which has gotten much worse lately and created big problems for me (dry, cracked skin, peeling, skin sores, etc.) so it was inconvenient for me to even wash my hands with water, especially to do other things that I have to to do regularly, i.e.  to cook and clean for my family, as a mother and wife, etc.
In one moment, when you having been prayed for those with psoriasis and I cried out “Jesus, if you want you can heal me now, but may Your will be done, so if you want I will continue to carry that cross of mine” and I continued to pray for others who have been commended in my prayers.
The third day after that, i.e. the next Monday, I noticed that the skin on my hands was unusually smooth in those places that were usually affected by psoriasis, so I remembered my prayer and realized that I had been answered by your intercession, dear fr. James!!!
I have waited until today and decided to testify because now I see that my skin is clean until this day (although used to get worse when the colder weather came) and I have accepted healing and I praise and thank the Lord, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and the great love and sacrifice you make to glorify our Lord Jesus in  all his children who honor and love him.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart once again and glory to the our Lord Jesus forever !!!

Pavka (age 52)
Zagreb, Croatia
Hello, father!

My mum and me prayed today with you. I heard that you said my name. Also I heard when you said sinusitis ( I am waiting for surgery).
At the end you prayed for mental illness people. At that moment I felt God's mercy. I felt that Jesus hold his hands on my head. After delivery (in 2018) I started to be shizofrenic and I have anxiety. Now I feel that I am more confident and I think that now I will be able to go outside alone. I am very greatful to God that I am healthy now.
Thank to you father because you prayed for all of us.
Best regards,
Klara Krstulovic
My name is Natasa, I am 57 and I live in Slovenia. On the 1. of October I accompanied a Healing prayer of Father James from my bed. I had Covid, it was quite intense, not easy to endure. I had a terrible headache, high fever, an itchy rash and have lost sense of smell and taste. I got tired very quickly and I was coughing heavily for many days. During the prayer Father James said: »Natasa, you are healed from Covid and all the symptoms of Covid, you are completely liberated, thank God.« Immediately I started to thank God and gave Him praise. By His grace I got strong faith and I was thanking him every day all day long. For every cough I said aloud: »Thank you Jesus for touching me and healing me! It was not an instant healing but I did not give up my faith. »If Father James said I was healed, it is so, I kept repeating to myself.«
Today after more than a month, I am completely healthy, strong, I can work as before, have my sense of smell and taste back, the rash is gone, and I dont cough anymore! I am so happy and grateful! Praised be our King and Lord Jesus Christ! And in tears I am thanking Him that He gave us a great gift of His anointed and faithful priest our dear Father James Manjackal!
Nataša Ajtnik, Slovenia

Dear Father Manjackal,

It took me a little time to send you my testimony of the healing. First, I want to thanks Lord Jesus for this special gift.
It wasn’t the first time, I attent to your meeting, but it was the first healing prayer you made through your YouTube channel.
When I heard you to say my name I felt so lucky and happy to have the chance to be one of the lucky ones who receive the blessing. This blessing enable me to heal my heartburn and to liberate me from bad smell.
I have a lot of work to become a better person but I have the chance to have an amazing godmother and a spiritual father to help me to become someone reliable.
I also want to ask you, how I can ask you to made a trentain of Mass for my family in order to break the curse of the law.
Best regards,
Laetitia LABOURG

Dear fr. James,
I am Monika, grateful for Jesus's miracle, I don't have anymore simptoms of multiple sclerose from 16.10.2021. Yesterday, I were also healed, and my mother Ana. She is most probably healed from cyst in her uteros and on a her left breast. We can't prove it on a medical way, just to wait the time to see have we still have simtoms.


Dear Father James, I am thanking you for praying to the Lord.
He healed me of a pain in my throat in your healing prayer and also gave me the gift of fatherhood in one of your retreats.
I glorify the Lord Jesus.
God bless you!

My name is Margaretha Dörfler and I’m from Austria. I met Father James for the first time in the Year 2006, at this time I was 16 Years old. Somehow I never managed to give written testimony and didn't know where to start it. After the healing prayer of Father James on the 29th of Oktober 2021 I knew I had to give testimony about the goodness and greatness of God.
At that time I met Father James for the first time I had a great desire to find God more, but I was also convinced that I was a good catholic, although I was full of inferiority complexes and self-doubt. I was hiding myself in a lot of books, especially fantasy-books. Because of that books, the circumstance that my family came more and more in touch with esoteric, end-of-the-word prophecies and a lot of other “little things” my catholic faith from the childhood became more and more distorted.
When I met father James 2006 on a youth retreat in Austria I was very suspicious.  My parents met him in the same year before me, I was 16 and so I was very sceptical about the thinks they liked. Nevertheless I wanted to go to this retreat. I examined every single word father James spoke. But his words won every time, everything was absolute catholic.
After all I could open my heart when father James told us how he was kidnapped in India.
From this retreat on I tried to give God all of my life, but it was very hard to give things away, especially my books. I asked Got to show me piece by piece what book I should throw out. And so he did. He showed me only one at a time. At the end I threw all my fantasy-books out and a lot of others, at least more than 70 books.
Then for me and also for my family began an adventure that lasts until now. First I was on several retreats and I was liberated from my inferiority complexes, my fears and also from burdens from the evil one. God sent me also a good priest in Austria to help and lead me.
Then I realised that it was time not only to hear the words but implement them in my life and I knew that this would be a task for the next years, maybe for my whole life, but I decided to do it.
In all that years Jesus heals me once on my body (so that I know it) during a retreat with P.James from heavy pain every time I got my period. And I thank and praise god for this great healing.
But the other things God did in my life until now where like an ocean of grace.
Through the retreats of P. James I got the tools and the knowledge to give my life a different direction. A direction to the real life: Jesus himself.
So I was healed from my test anxiety during a silence adoration in my ordinary life, also more and more reconciliation and peace came into my heart and my family, I got more real faith, My pursuit to work for the kingdom of God was purified and directed in a fruitful direction, I can love the others more, I have more power for my daily life, I have found in Jesus a true friend who never leaves me alone, especially not in the suffering and difficulties of life, I got true and catholic friends and a new, rich, powerful approach to the sacraments of the Church.
It was and is not always easy, I've also had to give up friendships, give things away, and change my life. Not only once, but again and again. Difficulties and sufferings still come, but all this is imbued with the hope of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, who loves us and gave himself for us.
When I look back on those 15 years in which I was allowed to grow up, I have to say:
It was absolutely worth it.
Jesus I praise you and thank you for all things you have done and still do in my life. Jesus I thank you for all the people who have accompanied me for a long time in my life. And I thank you for Fr. James, who has become part of my family, for the great love you have placed in his heart for all people and for all his sufferings, prayers and sacrifices.
God reward it. I Maria Wimmersberger received healing in the brain, cysts, in the neck and joy. And my children and grandchildren, especially Daniel freed from fear and Raphaela in the belly. My husband has healing from cholesterol and knee pain. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, God bless you. LG Maria

Dear father James,

My name is Ivana Poje. I come from Slavonski Brod, Croatia. As you know, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September I had a written exam as part of the Bar Exam. During the past 4 months that I had at my disposal for learning I had so many obstacles (i couldn't learn almost nothing, got sick several times) but God's love and mercy was bigger than any obstacle I had to confront. By God's will and His intervention I passed all of my three written exams (each day you write one verdict from a different area of law). When I found out the results and that I had passed written exams, I had only two weeks left to learn literally anything and to repeat what I had previously learned for the oral examination. I asked Father James for prayer and he told me that he will pray on my intentions. Few days before exam i got sick again, but God was bigger than my disease. Miracle happened, God's mercy found me again, during that day He was with me. He led me through the day and gave me courage and strength to carry on. Sometimes he spoke through me. I even couldn't understand when I got to learn that. I praise the Lord who heard me, had been there with me! Something impossible became possible with Him! Now I know that there is no such thing that isn't possible, because when you don't have a not chance at all, you have to trust in the Lord who is above all. He is in control. God blessed me so good!! Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. I thank God for the servant of God, Fr. James who prays for everyone for everything. May Jesus give him good health.
For the purpose of God's glory and this testimony, I am sending my picture from the day I passed oral exam of the Bar Exam. Glory to Jesus! Glory to the Lord!
Greetings from Croatia.
Dear Fr. James,
I have been following your work for Jesus many years, since your first visit (seminar) to Croatia, and I have been praying with you and for you, especially when you have been particularly ill.
I live in Zagreb and I was at your seminar in Zagreb for the first time in 2001, and later I was at your seminar in Pula and I always felt great graces and obedience.
Namely, on Friday, October 15, 2021. I followed your seminar for healing with great joy directly via youtube and prayed with you.
By the way, for 6-7 years I have had a problem with psoriasis on my hands (which can be very uncomfortable, on the knuckles especially), which has gotten much worse lately and created big problems for me (dry, cracked skin, peeling, skin sores, etc.) so it was inconvenient for me to even wash my hands with water, especially to do other things that I have to to do regularly, i.e.  to cook and clean for my family, as a mother and wife, etc.
In one moment, when you having been prayed for those with psoriasis and I cried out “Jesus, if you want you can heal me now, but may Your will be done, so if you want I will continue to carry that cross of mine” and I continued to pray for others who have been commended in my prayers.
The third day after that, i.e. the next Monday, I noticed that the skin on my hands was unusually smooth in those places that were usually affected by psoriasis, so I remembered my prayer and realized that I had been answered by your intercession, dear fr. James!!!
I have waited until today and decided to testify because now I see that my skin is clean until this day (although used to get worse when the colder weather came) and I have accepted healing and I praise and thank the Lord, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and the great love and sacrifice you make to glorify our Lord Jesus in  all his children who honor and love him.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart once again and glory to the our Lord Jesus forever !!!
Pavka (age 52)
Zagreb, Croatia

Dear Father,
I am sending this mail as my testimony. I had requested Fr. James to pray for me for healing of my burn (2 legs) on 4th. I was not able to walk without help. After 2 days by God's Grace, the pain disappeared and now walking freely because  of the prayers of Fr. James on last Friday.I have to continue dressing 1 or 2 times more, that is all.
I dont know how to Praise & Thank God for his Mercy and healing touch towards this sinner and thanks to Fr. James for his prayer support.
Thank you Jesus
Thank you fr. James and team
Maryvonne Lavalloir
After a check-up with my cardiologist I had to undergo a heart scintigraphy to check a problem that had been diagnosed following the stress test.
The scintigraphy showed an abnormality and the cardiologist decided to order a CT angiogram of my heart. I went there without fear because I had no symptoms that could lead to suspicion of heart problem. Unfortunately the cardiologist who performed the CT Angiography told me that I had an 80% blocked coronary artery and needed a coronary angiography and probably stents. I knew that it was not without risk because it is very invasive. I was very worried and of course called my dearest Father James to tell him about my concern. Of course he told me he was going to pray for me.
Then there was the on-line Pentecost retreat that was scheduled. I had to make a very difficult decision as I had been engaged for a year for an important family celebration and when I told Father James he told me he could not move the date Pentecost day but a family gathering could be postponed. This was impossible because the gathering had been planned for a year, everything was organized, and the various family members had already booked their trip by train or plane. So I entrusted all this to the Lord in prayer because the family did not understand that I could cancel my participation in this event. The Lord answered me by saying three words to me: Matthew 10,37: "Whoever loves his father or his mother more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”. I immediately understood the decision I had to make and for me there was no doubt. Then the same day in the afternoon, I received a message from my dear Father James with only 3 words : Matthew 10,37 ! I told him that I had received these same words in prayer in the morning. The Lord had made the decision for me and confirmed it twice. I had to explain my decision to the family, but it was not easy because I knew I was hurting them.
The day of  the retreat  for Pentecost has arrived. As usual, I was very busy with the organization, answering emails, phone calls, following the control screens…. Etc. However, the Lord allowed me to watch the healing prayer undisturbed. As usual, I did not pray for myself but only for all my sick brothers and sisters who needed healing. Suddenly Father James said: "Maryvonne, the grace flows in you and you are healed of your heart problem". I was surprised because I wasn't asking the Lord for anything, but I accepted and thanked the Lord for this great blessing that I was receiving even though I hadn't felt anything in particular. I just believed in the healing that I didn't ask for. At the end of the retreat, as usual, I thanked Father James for his wonderful retreat. I clarified that I will go as planned to the hospital for the coronary angiography because he tells us to always obey our doctor even if a healing has been proclaimed.
So I entered the hospital on June 17th with the results of my CT scan showing that a coronary was 80% blocked. The cardiologist told me he would decide what to do at the time of the coronarography, but that he would probably have to put in stents. Stents are small springs that are placed in the narrowed artery to widen the passage of blood flow. When the coronary angiography was finished, the cardiologist told me that there was no narrowing, that the blood flow was normal and that there was no need for stents. In fact the result of the scanner did not correspond to the coronary angiography! Jesus healed me on the day of Pentecost through the intercessory prayer of Father James. I immediately sent a message to Father James who was not at all surprised as he was convinced of my healing.
On the other hand in the following days, I had to go to my cardiologist with the result of the coronary angiography and I did not know how I was going to explain the healing to him because the doctors are generally wary of supernatural things. During the cardiologist's consultation, he took some time to study the various documents and I could see he was trying to understand the result and not speaking. In my heart I was praying and saying to the Lord, "My Lord how can I explain to this doctor that I have been healed, he is going to think that I am crazy!" I was praying with all my heart when suddenly the doctor lifted his head and said "Hallelujah !"   I was surprised, the Lord had heard my prayer. I replied "Yes Doctor, Hallelujah and I thank the Almighty God who healed me" and then with a big smile he replied "yes you can do it"!
In fact, I chose to prioritize my mission for the Lord, the organization of the Pentecost retreat for my brothers and sisters knowing that I was going to hurt my family, but the Lord had decided for me by sending me Mt 10:37, confirmed by Father James and he gave me a great healing grace although I did'nt asked anything.  Hallelujah Our Lord is Almighty. Then I testified and my family was happy for me and for this great grace that I received.

Elizabeth - Retreat  Warsaw 26.09.2021
A year ago I was diagnosed with a heart disease ( atrial fibrillation ) . I'm taking medication but during this retreat I received the grace of healing from this disease. I believe and trust God that I will be well.

Glory to You, Lord.

Bogusia - Retreat Warsaw 26.09.2021
I attended a retreat with Father James in 2019 .  My hair was falling out terribly and I was balding because of it. During the prayer I was healed . Father James Manjackal  said during the prayer , Boguslawa you have been healed . I believed and received the healing, believing that these words were addressed to me. The baldness has stopped and is no longer increasing.

Glory to the Lord!

Bożena - Retreat Warsaw 26.09.2021
My name is Bożena , I live in Warsaw .
I was suffering from sinusitis and related frequent respiratory infections, pain in my knee joints caused by osteoporosis and an intimate infection.
During the retreat in Warsaw 7-9.06.2019 , Jesus healed me of all these ailments . I also forgave those who had hurt me.
The spiritual fruit of the retreat was my first General Confession and the entrustment of Jesus to the hands of Mary, according to St. Louis Marie Grigniom ale Monfort.

Praise the Lord!

Dear father,
I have come here to testify myself .I was having severe chest congestion since September 26th 2021.I attended achans healing prayer on YouTube.I kneel down on my knees in front of Eucharist till the end of the healing prayer.By the end of healing prayer I was cleared of my chest congestion.Thank you holy Trinity for my healing.I would like to thank James achan for conducting this prayer meeting.
Thank you father.
George Varghese

My name is Diana D'Souza. There was a tumor that was detected in my large intestine after several months of severe pain in my body and stomach. I went to multiple doctors and they all gave a different diagnosis. Finally, I got to know that there was a cancerous tumor in my large intestine. The doctors said that they would operate me and remove the tumour following which I would have to undergo a few sessions of chemotherapy. At first, I wondered why this had happened to me but eventually I offered everything to God. I placed all my trust in Him and underwent the surgery. The tumor was successfully removed. When I went for the follow-up, I got to know that there were no traces of the cancer left and I wouldn't have to undergo any chemotherapy sessions. I was completely healed by the precious blood of my Lord Jesus Christ. Many people all over the world prayed for my speedy recovery and the Lord was merciful and heard our prayers. When I attended the healing hour conducted by Fr. James Manjackal, deep down in my heart I knew that the Lord had touched me and healed me with His precious blood. All thanks and glory and praise be to Jesus. Praise be to Mother Mary and all the saints and angels who were with me throughout this process."

She has thanked you in a special way for all your prayers and she specially mentioned your healing hour. She said that it was in that moment she knew that she was completely healed.
Thank you.

Mary Golda
I am 6weeks and 5days pregnant. I had two episodes of bleeding two days before. I requested Fr.james to pray for me. Gods grace my bleeding cured and the scan report came as Normal.
Praise the lord. Hallelujah

Kind regards,
Mary Golda.

I' ve been suffering from bronchitis for a week , i have cough at nigth and in cann't breathe so well. Yesterday came an extreme sore throat that i could no longer swallow. During the healing prayer i heard my name , Angelika you are healed. The sore throad slowly improved and i was able to swallow again. I can breathe better again at nigth.
Thank you my Jesus for this healing !!!
My lord my god you are in so wunderful !!!

Dear father James, I am thanking you for praying to the Lord.He healed my nerves, organs and schizophrenia. I glorify the Lord Jesus. I sent donation to your account in Spain. God bless you! Jozo

Agnieszka Art
Thank you Lord Jesus that on the retreat I was healed of my female, intestinal and stomach problems as well as my ears and all the inflammation of my ear trumpets. And for the healing of my immune system.
Thank you for blessing me in my artistic activity in my professional life.
Glory to you Jesus.
We send you a testimony of healing my mother Mary.
She had a planned operation in January - a right kidney tumor. According to the doctor, the operation is necessary and cannot be solved otherwise. She decided to entrust herself into the hands of God. She did not go to the hospital, and together in the family we begged the Lord Jesus. We have asked you, dear papa James, to pray for her healing. On Friday, September 18, she had an ultrasound examination at the same doctor. There is no tumor on the right kidney!!!
It is another miracle by which God revealed his power!!!

Alleluja!!! Praise the Lord!!!

with love
your gratitude children
Eva Melk

My name is Alojz and I am 78 years old. I live in Varaždin, a small town in Croatia. In May I participated in your online spiritual renewal. All 3 days, together with my family, I followed up your program carefully and with great piety, often with tears in my eyes.
The last day of renewal when you prayed for healing, you mentioned 11 people that have been healed from a tumor and other head sickness. 6 months before that, I had been diagnosed with an aneurysm of the brain and confirmed with 3 CT examinations. When you mentioned the healed ones, I was deeply convinced our Lord healed me too, through you. After 10 days, I have been on another CT control examination. When I showed the finding to the neurosurgeon, he said to me: “Sir Alojz, you do not have any signs of sickness on your brain. Take your findings and go home. For me, you are a healthy person.” I asked him then who was wrong with the diagnosis, but he had no answer on that. But I knew who my healer is – our Lord – through your arms, and I am very thankful to him!

May God bless you and work through you for many more years!

Greetings from Varaždin
Alojz Češnjaj

Peter is now 11 years old, he had speech problems from the beginning, we went to speech therapists who tried to help him. In school, problems with stuttering developed due to contacts with peers, which later became more severe. We opted for another therapy, which ended with the Covid pandemic. During this time, the symptoms of stuttering worsened even more. Before the holidays in 2020, we found another therapist. This time, the methods used started to bring some results, but the process was slow.
We decided to entrust our son to the Lord Jesus, who can heal many problems. We wrote a prayer request to Father Manjackal who assured us of deep prayer. A few months later the situation started to improve significantly. Peter stutters less and less and the therapist says that she has not seen a patient who makes such rapid progress. However, we are convinced that God is implementing his plan for Peter. Praise the Lord !
I am enclosing a photo of Piotrek, who is a brave young boy who did not give up despite his problem. At the same time, he himself is heavily involved as an altar boy in our parish.
Glory our Lord! With respect and greetings,

Marek Rogalski

Thank you very much for the healing prayers on Youtube. I would like to testify. I have been given healing from the Lord for my knee pain and pain in my back, pelvis and healing from migraines.
Thank you for your love and devotion. I also pray for you and your healing and all your requests.
God's blessings and warm greetings
Birgit Schubert

On Saturday the 4th of September 2021 while listening and praying during your healing prayer, you said Denyse you are healed, so I accepted the healing right a way and I felt it specially in my soul and I thank Jesus Christ for this wonderful gift and whatever happens I know now that He is with me and will take care of my family and my husband as well as my self. He knows what I need and if wants to heal me in my body from rhumatoïde arthritis let it be He will, if not I ask Him to give me the strength to accept it and to give my suffering to Him for His glory and the souls of the poor sinners. May Jesus bless and protect you. Looking forward to pray with you next Friday September 17, 2021 for our salvation and healing of souls and bodies. PS the picture is of me and my dear niece Nathalie.

Denyse Brazeau

Dear father James! God bles you! God bless you! God bless you!

Ema is doing great! After your prayers. all the infection is gone, she has no ear pain! God bless you! Thank you for your prayers! We love you! And pray for you! Praise Jesus!

Mair Christine
Dear Father James
I attended the online retreat and have been relieved of my left knee pain. Due to cartilage damage, I was always in pain despite cortisone injection and now I am completely healed. I thank Father James for his intercession with Jesus. Hallelujah, praise and glory to the Lord! Hallelujah

My name is Mateja from Varaždin, Croatia. I'm mother of a two-year-old boy named Roko. When he was eight months old, malignant epilepsy seizures occurred. From strong and frequent epileptic seizures, he forgot everything he had adopted so far. The doctors told us we can’t expected recovery for Roko. Over time, with prayer and a lot of practice, Roko slowly began to progress. Then dear God brought us a wonderful priest from Varaždin named Milan on our life journey. He directed us to common and daily prayer. He also told us about Father James. We decided to contact Father James and ask him to pray for our Roko as well. Then miracles began to happen! Jesus began to heal Roko. Roko began to vocalize, calling mom, started grabbing toys, laughing, crying, leaning on his arms, slowly raising his head. He couldn't do all that before. A doctor who had not seen him for two months said Roko has completely changed. Jesus is alive and Jesus is healing. Glory to Jesus! We pray more and more every day, more and more strongly, until Roko completely heals. We are grateful for all the good and all the bad and for all that Jesus has yet to do. We pray Jesus to stop his epileptic seizures forever so that he can continue to progress the best he can. We believe that Jesus will be glorified through Roko. We believe that he will be physically healed and someday become a priest to serve God and help people. The whole family was spiritually healed with Roko. Glory to Jesus!

Thank you Dear frJames. I prayed with you today at the Healing Prayer on Youtube and then my husband Niko was healed by Jesus !!! Because I put him in Jesus heart wound.

Thank you Jesus

Dear Fr. James,

I just wanted to write you to let you know that I received a physical healing on Pentecost Sunday during the healing prayers in the afternoon. I primarily started to pray for others and then I remembered that I had similiar issues, so I included myself in the prayers with an open heart, open hands and thanksgiving. Somehow I felt and I knew that God was healing me. I did not know it like you know something on a human level with your brain, but I knew and felt it inside of me along with peace and a certain ease of being. I thanked God and I believed.

Also I did not have to make any extra-efforts to believe, I believed with ease that I was healed. This issue I am talking about I have had for years and my doctor advised me to have surgery.
Three days after Pentecost Sunday I had a regular, routine appointment with my doctor. She examined me and said that my status concerning some health issues remained the same, so I thought she was addressing ALL of my health issues by this. I said to God inside of myself: "I thank you for healing me". Even though I believed I received the confirmation from my doctor that all remained the same, I wanted and desired to thank God for my healing. All of a sudden, while examining me, she said to me: "And you will not believe this. You will laugh now. This is gone." But guess what? I believed it. My certain health issue was gone. My doctor was completely happy, because she thought before that I needed surgery but now not any more. And I was completely happy because I saw that God healed me. I asked her if she had ever seen something like that. She did not answer, just smiled.
I just wanted to give this testimony in honor of God the Father, whom I was able to encounter in a completely intimate way as a true Father during your prior Online-Retreat in March in a Vision that healed and reconciled me.

Praise be to God and thank you Father James for your spiritual Fatherhood and your retreats!
I am one of the living proofs that Online-Retreats do work!

God bless you Fr. James,

My name is Abel Asanov.
When i was 3 months old my grandma named Spomenka took me to seminar at Kuresko, near Ljublijana in Slovenjia conducted by Fr. James Manjackal. He prayed for me and said that I should be baptised to be healed.  The doctors said that i wouldn't begin to walk before my 6th year.And my grandma took me to baptism and i got baptised and a miracle happened after that....on my first year i started to walk normally. Now I am 11 years old. My mom got divorced from my dad who was muslim and my mom came back to my grandma and now we live as the most happiest family...I look after my grand mother.

Vlastimil and Eva
Dearest our papa James,
we are sending this wonderful testimony of ours. Now is just 10 years since you first prayed for my husband's healing. He had severe pain and tingling in his legs and arms. His diagnosis of multiple sclerosis deteriorated rapidly. Doctors in Prague clinic considered ending expensive treatment.
The Holy Spirit himself, through the priest Paul, showed us the way to you. Our Lord God heard your prayer and healed my Vlastimil. He healed us both in body and soul.
From then on, we feel a much warmer relationship with our Lord God. Our prayers are no longer empty. We feel God's nearness.
Five years ago, we prayed long on retreat in Bratislava and accepted an offer to help evangelize with you. We completely changed our lives, changed our housing and left our jobs. We have had so many wonderful days filled with love. We are grateful to the Lord God for how many days we could have been close to you.
We have seen so many miracles and healings from serious illnesses. We have seen hundreds and hundreds of people clap and sing with joy to the Lord God. They all praised the Lord God and were happy. The most beautiful was your humility - your words: who healed you? Jesus!!!
Thank God we had indescribable moments... God himself knows what is in our hearts and minds, and you know it too, dear our papa James.

We want to thank you so much for our whole family, for our children and parents.
Thanks to your prayers, we are united. And we pray for you every day, our dearest papa James!!!


With gratitude, love and joy
Vlastimil and Eva with children

Claudia Blume
Dear Reverend,

Here is my detailed report of my healed thrombophlebitis.
Around March/April 2018 I noticed a swelling in my left foot. I was not immediately consulting a doctor. The swelling and pain increased, so I finally decided to see a doctor. He diagnosed a thrombophlebitis.The doctor prescribed some cream and medicine. A specialist recommended a surgery.
On 26 to 28 February 2021 I was listening your online retreat on Radio Maria Switzerland. You called my name twice.
After 2 weeks I was totally healed.

Here is the picture of the healed Tromboflebite ( left leg, it was swollen before healing)
Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers!
Your's sincerely,
Claudia Blume

Dear Father James,

Recently, our family participated in an online spiritual exercise "Led by the Spirit of God", organized by the Credo Endowment Fund from the Czech Republic.
We were thrilled to be able to meet you at least in this way and be "infected" with the joy and love you give out.
These exercises have greatly strengthened and encouraged us. Thank you for them. I also want to thank the Lord Jesus for healing from knee osteoarthritis. I could barely kneel and now my knees no longer hurt. Thank God for that.
Father James, we pray for you and your missions. May God give you a lot of strength and bless you.

Ludmila, Czech Republic

Anca Possnitz
Dear Father James ,
I write a little late because Pentecost is almost over . . I want to thank you very much for the online retreat I think that was the most beautiful retreat. Not that the others weren’t good, but I I think maybe I was open for that time.  I’ve already said thank you to God for giving it.
Dear Father James I want to thank you for my healing, I was ill with breast cancer last year and I prayed to you for prayer,I wrote to you then that I am very afraid of dying,You comforted me and said I am not afraid I pray for you, you’ll get well . Now one believes for a while, but then falls back into the old pattern, well in this retreat you have said so beautifully: What you need is ,faith ! I capitalized that on my Bible! And I always read that. Well I think, and in fact I feel better much better ❤ ️☺ ️Thank you , Father James . In this retreat you have said so many beautiful things that I am now going to hear again to deepen. Dear Father James You have also said that T. knows exactly what gift you have received and he comes to places, I beg you very much to pray that I have the strength to always decide for the good and do, but it seems to me sometimes you are so pushed into the corner that you have no choice. Thank you very much for your prayers, God reward. May the dear God give you much strength.

Thank you and ask for blessings leaves
You greet Anca Possnitz.

           Testimony of Raphael
Family Vuk
Thank God for the healing of the vocal cords, the birth of children, and the healing of cancer

In 2020, God gave us a daughter, Marija. After her birth, I was very tired. I thought that it was so because of my age (I gave birth for the first time when I was 38). After a year, I went to my doctor, who found that I had serious thyroid problems and I needed surgery. Before the operation, I was warned that there is very small chance that they could damage my vocal cord nerve. After the operation, I found it very difficult to talking what was supposed to be because of the swelling, but to keep me calm, doctor sent me to a specialist otorhinolaryngologist, who found that my left vocal cord was practically immobile. One month after the operation, Fr. James had a retreat in Slovenia. Since my husband didn’t get free on work, we only went to the retreat on Friday morning. During the first break we asked Fr. James for prayer. When he finished, we added that we would also like to have another baby. Father James said that he knew and that he already prayed for thet. One year after the birth of Mary, we started with healing of secondary infertility. The doctors discovered that my uterus was divided into two parts and that they should operate me, but because we already have one child, they did not decide to have the operation. After the prayer of father James, I was filled with great joy, and I kept repeating, "Thank God!" Even it was seemed as if nothing had happened, but when I woke up the next morning, I was able to speak and even sing normally and so it is now. God also blessed us with three other children. Thank God.
In August 2020, it was confirmed to I had breast cancer. Because the cancer was triple-negative and very aggressive, doctors decided to start immediate with chemotherapy and, after chemotherapy, breast should be removed. A few days before the operation father James had a zoom seminar for Slovenes. During the prayer, he said that God had healed Irma. I believed it was me. Since I didn’t know whether to cancel the surgery or not, I praied that God decide by the hands of the doctors if surgery was necessary. I had surgery on March 3 and the doctors confirmed that all the excised tissue and lymph nodes were negative. God healed me of cancer. Thank God. Thank you father James for all your prayers. And also thank to all people that pray for my family.

Irma Vuk -Slovenia

I want to testify that after your prayer, my legs healed, a muscle on one leg broke and I could not stand on it, I walked on crutches for a long time and it was difficult to walk on the other leg. On the second day of the seminar, I walk without any difficulties. Thank you and glory to Jesus for working miracles through you! God bless you and keep you!


If necessary, I will write this testimony in English, because I want it to be made public.
I come from Poland. I attended the retreat on May 21-23, 2021, for Pentecost. Jesus healed me already on the first day of the retreat, but I didn't pay attention to it, because I didn't ask for it and even doubted. For confirmation, immediately the next day God, through Father James said: Kasia, you are healed completely, do not doubt.
What is this healing about? The Holy Spirit helped me to go back to the moment of my conception. He showed me how much nervousness and discord there was in my parents at the moment of procreation. Sex was forced. God made me realise how important it is for New Life to bring spouses together. Throughout my life, I had emotional problems: I worried about what others would think, I carried a heavy load of anxiety, this led to nervousness, constant, unexpected tantrums and emotional hypertension and insomnia, my hands trembled, sometimes my whole body trembled. I had to take blood pressure medication and tranquillisers. Now these symptoms are gone. I stopped taking the tranquillisers immediately, but I am still taking the blood pressure medication. Not right away.
I thank God with all my heart for this unexpected gesture. Praise the Lord
I attach my photo because I can no longer and do not want to be ashamed of my faith in God.

Dear father James,

I am grateful for your email and I am sending you my photo as you were asking for, copy of email of my patient who were seeking a emergency on Sunday when you had a seminar for all of us.
I am a dentist, and on Sunday morning before your seminar started a patient called me for emergency dental intervention. Since I was on the mass she wrote me an email (which I am sending you in attachment of this e-mail). I went in the morning to the mass therefore I can be free later for your seminar. I didn't want anything to disturb my concentration for your seminar. Therefore, I said Jesus, please solve this. You solve this. Please.
In the evening, after the seminar finished, I called the patient with the intention of helping her. She told me it was hurting her a lot, and was swollen. She spontaneously took a toothbrush and brushed in the area of her teeth. She said it all bled (probably a fistula opened and pus came out). After that it stopped hurting , the swelling went away and she felt better. At that moment, I knew that Jesus had solved it . I saw that she was happy during our conversation on mobile phone. We said if there will be necessary, she will come tomorrow morning – Monday morning – to cheek it. I thanked to Jesus, and said loud :Jesus, you are really genius. Thank you Jesus.
Thank you for your prayer for my family and me.
Kindest regards,

Father James,
When the Eucharistic Adoration began, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit descend on my body and my head. I felt a tingle as if a current was passing through my body, as if the Lord had set me on fire with His spirit. I burned all the time. You said in prayer my name Maja, that I should never say that my father and mother do not love me. To have a new life. As you prayed at the very beginning I had a vision of Jesus and the heart of Jesus. I believe I have received the Holy Spirit. I believe I will become a mother. I'm sending you my picture. Pray for me. God's blessing!Thank you Father for everything.
Maja Ivic

Dear Merciful Jesus,
Thank You and glory to You!
Bless my brother, father James Manjackal, translators, people who had helped with technical support on Pentecostal zoom seminar from May 21st to 23rd and all participants who had attended it!
Dear sisters and brothers in Church!
Before seminar I have had problem with forgiving. My stance was - not to forgive. I had been tired of people not testifying forgiveness with more precision and depth.
During the seminar I have been experiencing father James's true testifying about connection between forgiveness and healing. (Also, I was tired with lack of blessing in my life, also, and I knew it was somehow connected to un-forgivness.) At the same time, during seminar, I was encouraged within myself (by You, Holy Spirit, I believe) to pray rosary of Merciful Jesus. It was my last hope to change my stances. After one hour, father James named my name because of hatred. He explained it was towards church. I had been treating hatred as a virtue, not as sickness of my spiritual heart. (I think it was
also mixture with some kind of self-proud.) So, I immediately took techniques of forgiving that father James had recommended - and - started to forgive to all those people, all of them.
After half an hour I heard my name again. This time it was about psychological and physical healing by You, dear Merciful Jesus. My name was mentioned: I was "fully healed".
Thank You, dear Holy Spirit, for Your kindness. I am sorry for being so stubborn! Thank You for Your apostol and charismatic father James Manjackal who testifies Your merciful glory.
CONCLUSION: Dear brother or sister! If you don't know how to forgive, or if you can't forgive, don't worry so much. In moments of un-forgivness, contemplate by praying rosary of Merciful Jesus. And He will bless you with spiritual gift that you need - to be able to forgive and with proper technique also.

Tomislav Perica, Croatia

Marie Georgette & Mum
Good evening father,
My mother thanks you for the pension. She lives in Senegal and I in France. She has been following your retreats since Easter 2020.
Here is her testimony: She had fallen twice down the stairs of her house two months ago. She had two very serious falls in the space of a week, which caused pain in her coccys. She suffered terribly, it prevented her from walking properly and sleeping. She took a lot of medicines and herbs, to no avail!
During the retreat, at the Saturday prayer, the healing prayer, she had goose bumps.
And on Sunday, she didn't know what to do. With the time difference, she was torn between going to the retreat and going to Mass and finally decided to go to Mass. And during the priest's homily, she was thinking a lot about the retreat she was missing, she decided to be in communion of prayer with you and at that moment she felt a great freshness she had never felt before. She is completely healed of all her pains. She also had a bad cold for over a week. Everything is gone! She is in joy!
Bless you Father for all you do!
Here are our pictures, my mum in blue and me in red.

Marie Georgette NDIAYE

Praise Jesus Christ. Praise the lord. I Maria Wimmersberger received healing from the cysts in the throat and on the Kidney during the retreat on Saturday and on Sunday I was again blessed with healing on the left side a above the kidney and received the grace of prayer. I saw the sky open and received a pleasant scent. Praise be to the holy spirit. Hallelujah. LG Maria thank you.

On 12th April, 2021, I, along with my parents got infected with the deadly coronavirus in the second wave of the infection that rapidly spread in the capital of India. The entire northern region of India including my city was devastated with the rising infections and the utter chaos it created. My family remained immobile, stuck in the house, with no way to reach even a hospital. The hospitals were overflowing with covid patients, there was shortage of beds, oxygen and medicines. Though, we took medicines as directed by doctors online, my condition was not getting better. My father’s fever was also not reducing. Moreover, I was so scared of my helplessness. I had no money for treatment and expensive medicines. I have no vehicle to commute.
The entire place was in a strict lockdown. But I kept on praying, believing without doubt that Jesus will take care of everything. I had never attended Fr James’s retreats, nor heard about him. In March 2020, as my city grappled with the 1st wave of covid-19, I came across Fr James’s video on You Tube. It was all Lord Jesus’s plan. I started communicating with him through email. My condition was worsening and I was worried. As I was praying, I was inspired to write to him sharing about my family’s illness. I received an immediate response!
Fr James prayed for my family’s healing and we too continued to believe in the Lord, and kept on praying. On 28th April, me and my parents were completely healed from Coronavirus! Praise you Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Fr James has been my constant source of courage and hope since last year. My family has renewed faith and love for our Lord now, thanks to his constant prayers. Moreover, I felt the powerful presence of Jesus as our family got healed, when all around us people were dying every second, even after receiving best medical care. There is no other name under heaven or earth that is higher than the name of JESUS OUR LORD and SAVIOUR.
Thank you, dear James Acha, for all the pain and suffering you endure with Jesus, for our healing and well- being.
Thank you for leading me to Jesus and also praying for me so much. I’m truly blessed! God bless you Acha!


Christiane Guichard
I Thank you, I Thank Fr. James and the whole team for this wonderful retreat.
I give you my testimony :

From New Caledonia, with the jet lag, I thought I would follow the retreat in replay but when, in the very first video, I realized the healings, I preferred to follow the teaching live and I was not disappointed.

At one point, I heard "Christiane, the grace of God heals you". It is true that there could be several Christiane ! but at the same time, I, who had rheumatism on the fingers of both hands, I felt a relief, a lightness in the hands which now continues to persist. I even notice that my fingers are less swollen. The healing will certainly continue over time. Which goes to show that from home, the effects are just as powerful.
Thank you again to Father James for all the healings made by Jesus through your prayers of intercession during this retreat for Pentecost 2021.
In union of prayers with each and every one,
Christiane Guichard

Sisak, May 24, 2021
My name is Lucija, I come from Sisak, Croatia. For the first time I attended the seminar of Father James Manjackl, all 3 days from May 21-23, 2021. On the second day of prayer (Saturday), I prayed repeating the words of Father James, may the Lord renew me in spirit to soul and body and I presented all my health problems to the Lord (problems with sinuses, bladder and spine) and I kept my hand on my forehead.
At one point I felt the Holy Spirit completely overwhelm me. I knew I was healed. My heart was pounding with joy and I waited for Father James to say my name, which he did. During the prayer when Father James said that 17 women had recovered from thyroid and menopausal problems and I was among them. The Lord also healed my heart from the lack of fatherly and motherly love. I forgave my late father and he could now leave the purgatory to the Lord. I forgave my mother too. I was angry with God because he abruptly took my parents away, so I forgave God and myself. I was born at 7 months and I was in an incubator for 2 months. The Lord freed me from feelings of loneliness, rejection, and dislike. On the third day of prayer when Father James prayed for the filling of the fire of the Holy Spirit, I was that person who longed strongly to be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit filled me with his fire and I felt peace in my heart and a strong urge for the gift of healing and deliverance.
Thank you and Glory to the Lord.
Lucija Šegota-Pavelić

Testimony from retreat 2021.
During the retreat there came the knowledge that the Lord Jesus is healing three children completely from autism. This healing, which began on the retreat in Krosno Odrzanskie, has now come to full fruition. After the retreat with On -line  Fr. James Manjackal in March I called and told my daughter that Isaac was completely healed  , also, there was the knowledge that the Lord Jesus heals the mouth and the problems disappeared. At the end of the retreat my husband also prayed. After the prayer I said that he looked brighter . Lord Jesus touched his heart and healed him of his fear , a miracle of transformation took place .
May God be glorified.
Glory to the Lord.

Testimony from the 2021 retreat
Jesus Christ be praised!
Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and sore lymph nodes. I stayed in bed all day to beat the infection. Usually such symptoms are the beginning of a very strong infection.
In the evening I joined a retreat with Father James Manjackalem , where he began to lead a prayer for healing.
During the prayer I was healed, my throat stopped hurting, it changed its color (from very red to paler), my sinuses were cleared, and the pain in my lymph nodes on the right side disappeared.
Today I feel very good.
Praise the Lord! God bless Fr. James.
God bless,
Anna Grabowska-Sawosz

Testimony from the 2021 March retreat
I had nerve root pain for a week. I had difficulty sitting down, lying down, bending over. On 12.03.2021 a retreat with father James started. At the end of the retreat, during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Father James began a prayer for healing and then asked me to lay my hands on the sore spot. I did so. After the prayer was finished I got up without any difficulty, without any pain. I immediately went to my husband who was in the other room and joyfully told him that Jesus had healed me. As a confirmation I did some sit-ups and also jumped up a few times, and I am 72 years old. The next day, Saturday, at the end of the retreat, Father James mentioned, among other things, three people who had been healed the previous day.
This included my name Adela, which is very rare. For me this was an extraordinary confirmation of my healing.
I am no longer in pain. Jesus thank you for every healing. Glory be to the Lord. Hallelujah
Adela Tumilowicz.

Alina and Maksim Uhorych
Dear Father James,
We congratulate you with the desire to remain happy in your vocation! Today we remember you with gratitude and send you our testimony. Sorry my English is not perfect.

Our names are Maxim and Alina Ugorych. We are from Minsk (Belarus). We wanted to have children and pray for it. We have heard a lot of good things about Fr. James Manjakal. And we decided to go to an evangelistic course in Poland in the summer. But we had a small problem with the visa. And there was such a moment that it was possible to cheat and resolve this issue. But our spiritual father Andrei Sipovich said: "If there is a deception, then you will not receive anything at these recollections." This ruined all our plans, but we took his advice and could not go. We honestly resolved the issue of visas and decided to find out what kind of course might be in the fall. These are recollections for married couples who have no children. We decided to go.
This time was important for our marriage. We received a lot of valuable information, which we then tried to share with our familiar couples in Belarus. Dr. Ricci's testimony was very important to us.  That was the first time we thought about participating in the Holy Mass every day. The important thing for me was to look at the moment of the wedding and the confession before it. At the recollections, I confessed. The Holy Spirit led me to a priest who tried to understand me, because I didn't speak Polish well. Father James gave a gift to the couples and prayed over each of us. After the prayer, he smiled and said to Maxim : "Max, you will have many children." We were happy. At the recollections, we updated the sacrament of the wedding. And it was wonderful!
Pregnancy did not occur immediately after the recollections. But it was a very happy time for us. God so arranged that we could go to Medjugorje together. We went to Ross again and continued to pray. We tried to live by the principles that we heard about at the recollections in Warsaw. God gave us a daughter right after the celebrations in Budslav sanctuary (Belarus). We named our daughter Faustina.
This Saturday, Faustinka will be 3 years old.years
Last year, we wanted to go to Father James  recollections for families in Poland, but the coronavirus appeared. But last spring we were back in Rossi and asked Jesus to bless us. I am glad that in the fall we decided to dedicate our family to Maria.
Now we are waiting for our son. We decide to name him Maximilian. There are a lot of fears in our hearts right now because of the coronavirus. We usually participate in Holy Mass online. This is reflected in our spiritual life. But with God's help, we will try not to give up. We will be grateful for your prayer about our family. Also I want to ask you to pray about my mother Lilia ( now she is in hospital,she has had diabetes for a long time). Thank you!
And I promise my prayers for you, fr. James.
Thank God for the gift of your priesthood!
 Alina and Maksim Uhorych

Spela - Slovenia
I am sorry for my late response. I am sending you short Elizabeth testimony.
Elizabeta is 12 years old and she was still peeing and pooping day and night in her pants. Off and on still. The last year was getting even worst. Her response was always, that she is not feeling that she has to go to WC. She is very slow at everything and forgets everything always. We had a lot of medical examinations, but had shown us anything. We had in 10 years done really everything we could. And stress because of her age was really getting higher and higher. Sometimes its just like she is not living jet or is on some medications that is getting her slow, sleepy all the time. Her body is with us, but her mind is not.
In this year we gave for masses for our ancestors and for victims of our ancestors, because they done a lot of bad things in the past.
Then James Manjackal had a seminar and with my husband we sad to our 3 children (10, 12, 13 years old) that we will be on his seminar this weekend and if they went to listen, they can be around. Elizabeta, our daughter was all the time around and listening everything he sad and told about all 3 gardens and everything else. She said, that he is so interesting. And on Sunday she heard her name called by you-' Elizabeta, you are healed'
From that monday on she is dry, her pants are dry, at night she is dry.  At school we had organized when are they telling her to go to WC and how the teachers are telling her to go, so that she would go. Because she never wanted to go to the WC and was always too late. They stopped now with all that and she is dry. She is different, she acts different, active. She is finally living. She is responsible, more free. Her mind, heart is with us. Praise the living Jesus!
Thank you Father for all the  mighty works Jesus doing through you. !
Dear Father James,
On your online retreat in last February I received two healings.
1. On Saturday when you prayed for our total healing of body and mind, you prayed for my immune system. I felt the healing touch of Jesus, my weak immune system became a very strong system with strong power that fell me in your prayer. Praise the Lord- Alleluia! Now I have a golden immune system.
2. Also you prayed for freedom from all kinds of virus. At that time I felt a great freedom from all sorts of infections and virus and I felt great healing and freedom. I am so happy in Jesus- He is  great and I love Him more and more. Your preaching is very powerful touching every heart and soul. Thank you father James for your dedicated life. I pray for you to continue your beautiful works for many more years in Europe.
Hildegard, Eggenfelden, Switzerland.

Maria Zongorova
Praise be to Jesus Christ.
Dear Father Manjackel,
my name is Maria Zongorova and I am from Slovakia. I attended your spiritual renewal in Hlohovec 2 years ago and I was miraculously healed from dizziness that occurred after my hemorrhagic stroke. Thank you for your prayers
Thank you and have blessed days.

My name is Slavica and I was healed by Jesus Christ thrue prayers of Father James.
I was born in 1980. in Zadar, Croatia. My childbirth was very hard for my mother, I  almost died and in the and I was birth and diagnosted hemiparesis of the left sight of body. I had some difuculties thrue my chilhood but in the end I was a happy child who tried to lived a normal life. When I was 15 years old I was diagnosted epilepsy as resolt of the hard dilivery. It was a very hard time for my family especially my mother but I learned to live with my illness and go on with my life. In October 2003. I was in some dinner with my cousens and one of them (who was very agnostic in that time of her life) start to talk about some priest from India who came to Zadar and do healing prayers. She wanted to go and see miracle and than she'll belive, said. My sister and other cousnes started to attack her becouse every saterday she talked about exsisting of God. Our family is religious and all of us are belivers so for them she was boring with the same talk every time. I was sorry for her so I sayed that I' ll go with her. She was sourpriesed and in the end we desited to go next day.
When she came to me she said that it is the last day of seminar and she heard on radio that there'll be no healing prayers that day. She almost disaited not to go but i told her that we schould go and if it's like that, just heard him talk.
When we came in the hall we heard it will be healing prayers in the end and my cousen was very exited.
I knew I was sick but i didn't went to that event with atention of praying God to give me health. I always thought that other are people more needed...
But, when father James started with his prayers he said that we"ll be starting with sicknes of head . I just put my hand on my had and said : "Lord ,when I am here"...that was all that was on my mind at that time. In few minutes I felt something....first I felt like something or someone came to me and touched me close with His closeness, I opened my eyes and sow something like a dress in some color between white and yellow, I get scared and shocked and in that second i felt some strong pain in my head, something like piercing. I caught my cousin's hand and she said..."Something happend..." I told her:" Yes Mare, something happened".  In the and of everyting father James started to giving names of people who get healed. From epilepssy he said was heald....he was numbering names, and in one time he said: "Slavica you are heald". I will never forget that word. It was Jesus words thrue Father James. I was heald by Jesus that day.I give thank to my  Lord, bless You Jesus l love You Jesus. Thank You Jesus...and thdnk you my dear Father James for your prayers and love You give to all people.

Jesus Christ be praised❤️
My name is Grazyna and I would like to give a testimony of my healing.
On the first day of the retreat with Father Maniacal, I had terrible pain in my back. It was so bad that I had trouble sitting and listening to Father's words, but when I knelt before the Blessed Sacrament and prayer began, the pain disappeared in a second! The Lord showed me his grace and healed the pain. Father Maniackal spoke my name , that the Lord healed me ❤️
Glory to God , thank you Jesus be Glorified !
Thank you Father for your prayer, thank you that through you Jesus gives us his grace and shows his love. The second day of the retreat, listening to the suffering of Jesus and one tear on my cheek, I was very surprised because I hardly felt how it happened. The last day and a great subtle warmth came from my heart when we were going to lay our hands in the blood and water of Jesus. Peace and silence and warmth so beautiful and full of goodness, because that is Jesus.
May the Good Lord bless you and give you health and strength to preach His Word.
God bless you

Hi. I am Jolanta.
I am Polish. I got a healing after last meeting and pray with you.
Thank you God. Thank you Jesus.
I am feeling much much better. I had 1.5 year ago problem with sciatica nerve and big pain in my legs. Since 7 years my write hip joint is inflamed, it hurts if I am walking. I am limping. I feel much much better after last conference with you. The pain has subsided. If you can help me with your pray? Please. I sent my photo.
Father I am sending from Jolanta Sternicka 100 zlotych for your account. Thank you very much for your pray and help with contact me with Holy Spirit.
God bless you

Dear Father James,
I have attended your online retreat (26.-28.02.21). Thank you so much for taking so much effort to serve God and people. Today I want to give testimony of my healing: I have suffered from back pain for many many years. The pain was not permanent, but on some days it took me 1-2 hours (with painkillers) to stand up straight. Since Saturday – after you prayed for healing – the pain have disappeared. Allelujah. Thank you Jesus and God bless you.
Many warm greetings

Dear Fr. James,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the retreat. your prayers and all the sufferings you may endure. Thank you!

On Saturday evening while praying Jesus healed my inner wounds and I could forgive and felt peace in my heart. On Saturday I could feel grace on the inside of my hands. It was as if Jesus was fully in my heart and I had a picture of Jesus in my heart.
I thank Jesus, the holy spirit and Mother Mary for all the graces.
Thank you Fr. James for your prayers and your guidance.
The lord may send graces of holiness to you.

Connected in prayers,
Anita Authried

Praise Jesus Christ,

I, Maria Wimmersberger, have been completely healed of my ribs and neck problems. Also, I have such a joy in My Heart, thank you Fr. James, God will reward you infinitely forever

Angelika Bendfeldt
Jesus healed me at the online retreat yesterday !!!
I could no longer sleep on my back and right side as I was in great pain. I said to Jesus, “Please let me know where you healed me so I can testify.” I was able to sleep on my back and right side without pain!
Thank you Jesus!

I would like to testify how Jesus healed me in the fall of 2020.
At the end of July 2020, I woke up with a significant loss of sight, so that I was unable to move on my own. I was very worried about this situation, especially because I couldn't read the Breviary. I have been to several ophthalmologists who were unable to make a diagnosis. They offered a surgery on one of my eyes, which I refused. My children prayed earnestly for me. The daughter also asked for prayer of Fr James Manjackal. I believed all the time that only Jesus could heal me, if that was His will.
Thank God I regained my sight after two months! Currently, I function independently, I pray the Divine Office. I thank God for the grace of healing and I thank Father James for praying for me.
Praise the Lord!
Regina Skoblicka from Poland

Dear f. James,
When you prayed yesterday, you said also my name Melita. :)
I suffered emotionally since I was 17 becouse all the guys I met, treated me like a garbagge. Because of that I hated them, but I was able to forgive them yedterday. I'm 44 now.
When you said my name, I know no man will be abble to hurt me again  becouse God won't allow that.

You are the best my dear f. James!!
Thank you so much,

Hello Father

I am sending you below a testimony from my mother Marie Georgette ndiaye who participated in the retreat you hosted on YouTube last weekend:

"I had a very serious abscess on my finger. I had a very serious abscess on my finger. I hadn't slept for 5 nights because of the pain. I was crying at night. And last weekend I had to go to a cousin's wedding, but I preferred to stay home for the retreat. On the second day of the retreat, when Father James said to put his hand on a part of our body that makes us suffer, I did it. At the end of the prayer, the abscess was pierced, pus was flowing out of it with a smell so foul I never smelled it.
I was worried about how to end this abscess, I was even afraid of losing my whole nail. But it flowed a lot for a long time and above all without pain. What is incredible is that the wound healed immediately. I thank God for using this retreat and Father James to heal me.
I thank very much the whole team, Father James, all the other priests, the translators and Maryvonne. It has done me a lot of good to follow this retreat. Especially in this time of pandemic when we cannot gather to pray. God bless you, thank you for this revealing information. Thank you for the teachings on confession.
I prayed a lot for my son Benjamin who has converted to Islam. On Sunday, when you said that Benjamin is healed, I cried, I said Lord my son is healed. And when you said many of Mary are healed. I took this healing for myself.
I also thank my daughter Camille who always registers me for your retreats.
You do the will of God and you say to yourself, 'Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel'.

My father, my mother wrote to you during your first online retreat in March or April. She lives with her husband, my father, with whom she was married in church. But my father has a second Muslim wife and this creates a lot of sadness in our family. At the end of this first retreat, my mother threw herself into my father's arms and asked him for forgiveness. It had been a long time since they had hugged each other. My father in turn asked her forgiveness.

We give thanks to God for the wonders that God does in our family.
Be blessed and strengthened in your mission.
Camille Sène

Dear Father James,
Thank You for your online retreat which has been finished on 6th December 2020.
God bless You! Thank You for your continuing evangelization. I’m grateful that You are close to Polish people and teach us how to go through our life with Jesus.
Last year I had migraines. Even when I came to retreat with Father James, which took place in November 2019 in Warsaw, I suffered from migraines. During the retreat, after the prayer for healing, the headache was gone. Lord Jesus healed me from migraines!
Praise the Lord!
Dear Father James,

We would like to thank my husband for the prayer and the letter with the words of support and encouragement. On November 22-24, 2019, we participated in a retreat in Warsaw, praying for the gift of children. At the beginning of our marriage, we experienced the loss of the Child. During the retreat, the Father prayed and said that 'there are married couples among us wanting to have children. God gives them this gift. '' It was US - me and my husband received the gift of children. On August 15, our son Piotr was born - the Warrior of Mary. The photo of our Son is attached.
Thank you for your support and prayer. May God give the Father health and necessary gifts,
with greetings and remembrance in prayer

Ania Klewinowska

Dear father,
Earlier inth year I had requested for prayers for my husband who was having lung cancer and was under treatment.
Now the treatment is over i.e chemo and radiation and after three months his pet scan shows that everything is normal. He is also free from addiction to smoking and alcohol.
Thank you so much for your valuable prayers. Please publish my testimony.
"You are a God of wonders you have displayed your might amongst the people's" Psalm 77:14

Yours sincerely in Christ


Praised be Jesus and Mary!
My name is Zrinka, I come from Zagreb, I am the mother of a 2-year-old son and I am 37 years old.
In December 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I found out, my whole world collapsed. After anxiety  and fear, I find the greatest consolation in prayer. I prayed prayers for healing from Father James, which opened my heart the most and gave me the consolation that Jesus would heal me. After the operation, I was hospitalized and I was very saddened by the news that in addition to that formation, a couple of lymph nodes were removed. A great fear crept into me. In the hospital, I read Father James 'book, "Our God is a Mighty God," and dreamed of going to Father James' seminar. The very next day, great graces began to happen. I learned that Father James has a seminar in Austria in 2 weeks. When we came to the seminar I was so joyful and cheerful. I prayed for the healing of all who are sick and suffering. When Father James began to call out the names of the people who were healed, I waited for him to call my name. Father James once said that 'now a woman is recovering from breast cancer', I thanked Jesus with all my heart. Then my friend Ivana told me it was me. I felt great joy in my heart and I just thanked and glorified Jesus. I remembered one chapter from Father James ’book when his uncle was healed, even though Father James did not call his him. I knew that it was my faith in Jesus that should heal me! After I returned from the spiritual renewal of Austria, the findings arrived and thank God, the lymph nodes were clean. I had to go through both chemotherapy and radiation. With Jesus ’help I went through therapies without much nausea, Jesus was with me the whole time. I met wonderful people and made new friends. Jesus, by my crisis I was carrying, turned everything around for the better!
Thank you Jesus for all the people I have met through my therapies! Jesus drew me even closer to him! I believe that Jesus healed me and I thank Him every day for that! I am grateful to dear Jesus for sending us Father James. I thank Jesus with all my heart.
I praise you Jesus! I love you Jesus! Thank you for sending us Father James to heal the sick and make everything new through his prayer and sacrifice!
Thomas Saju
I am Thomas Saju, now living and working in UK. Since many years, I was suffering from Vertigo and taking medicine. I used to get its attack in every two weeks or earlier. When I get the attack my eyes get darkened, feel tired, weak and dizzy. I go to bed for some hours to rest and to be normal.
It was when I had such attack and was lying on bed praying in my heart that Fr. James Manjackal called me on phone to speak some matters of the church today.  I told himl about my illness. He prayed for my healing immediatly over the telephone, he rebuked vertigo and I believed that Jesus healed me fully. Immediatly I claimed the healing and got up from bed with a good feeling of health, peace and joy. I told him that I was healed. It is now over two months I have no more attack of vertigo. I am fully healthy. I praise Jesus. It was providential that Fr. James called me at a time when I was lying on bed with illness. Gods plan on our life is great! It is only short time that I have contact with Fr. James, although I know him well through his speeches, vedeos& books. Now I pray for him daily.

My name is Matilda Pranjic and I am 51 years old. I live and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tomislavgrad. I was at your spiritual seminar in 2001 in Medjugorje and then I experienced healing. I was mentally seriously ill after losing my twins as a young mother in a high pregnancy. My illness was a vicious circle from which I could not get out and lasted for three years. I was consuming various medications but I still felt bad and had severe mental problems. I even had suicidal instincts and I was afraid of myself. Thank God, then you arrived in Medjugorje and thank you to my godparents who bought me a ticket for your spiritual seminar.
Yes, after spiritual renewal, Jesus healed me, stopped smoking, soon became pregnant again, and gave birth to a healthy and normal baby girl. I now have 3 healthy and normal daughters. Thank Jesus.
BIG Thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
God bless father James and keep him on himself life journey!

Good evening Father,

I would like to thank you for this retreat, you have prayed for me in 2015 for my brain tumor surgery. I stayed in hospital for 10 monthsSince then, unfortunately I had a lot of accidents. What is strange is that it is always happening around my head.
Recently a parking bar fell on my head and shoulder, I survived. Unfortunately on Friday I could not attend your retreat because I had to attend a medical examination. My head was hurting a lot and my left eye was bleeding, this never happened to me. I often have terrible migraines but bleeding from my eye never happened to me.
Saturday, I healed from my left eye and I know that the Lord with mother Mary ir have taken me under their cups, their wings
God bless you
Huberte, consacrated in, 2015 in Paris

Dear Father James,

With thanks and much love in my heart I write to you today and would like to give testimony. I have participated in both German online retreats and have been healed and liberated. Praise the Lord!
I confessed immediately after the retreat and the priest also celebrated a thanksgiving mass afterwards.
As I have already written to Dr. Richi, I would like to thank you again very much for your service, your clear words, your love, your sacrifice and fasting and also for the pain you endure for us. God bless you!
I would be happy if you accept me as your spiritual child.
United in prayer.

Love greetings
Henriette Gehring

1 week has passed (14.06.2020) since I was allowed to experience a very, very great healing through Jesus Christ - Hallelujah, praise the Lord - Hallelujah.
Fr. James Manjackal, Richi with family and team, held a retreat from June 12th - June 14th, 2020 - Home - Retreat (via computer and yourself you were at home)! Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart - Thank you in the name of our Lord - JESUS CHRIST - Hallelujah.
I am 55 years old, born in Germany and married in Austria for 34 years. My husband and I have 4 children.
Since I was born with a bilateral hip disease, pain is my "everyday companion", sometimes more, sometimes less until the : "I can't stand it anymore". In the meantime I have a lot of physical and psychological "construction sites", which I carry, bear and sacrifice again and again with Jesus Christ and yet ... . a big "building site" is gone - Hallelujah - Praise the Lord - Hallelujah. In 2005 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis (bone atrophy) in the area of the spine and the femur at the Innsbruck University Hospital. Tablets and injections followed and exactly there, where a cartilage in the disc area pressed on the root nerve, just the area was not operable according to the doctors. How fast or slow the whole thing developed was due to my "way of life" in movement, according to the doctors. I made it without a wheelchair until June 13, 2020, but I needed a walker to be able to walk very short distances, but I could no longer do housework, cook, walk or stand for 2 minutes at a time. My walking had become stooped and extremely painful, the cartilage was pressing too hard on the root nerve. On June 13th and 14th, 2020, Fr. James Manjackal said during the healing prayer: "Jesus heals many in the back, shoulders, etc. . . and each time I cried out: "JESUS, here I am, lifting my finger to the cross like a schoolchild", I also heard my name, but I did not know how many Marianne ́s participated in this home retreat? Anyway, on Monday, June 15th, 2020 I got up as usual and IMMEDIATELY I registered: The oversized pain in the intervertebral disc area was gone. . . . I was still dreaming, was it only a short moment without pain in the intervertebral disc area? Had I received a cure for this? Yes, yes, yes, yes - Praise the Lord, for HE is GOOD - Hallelujah, thank God - JESUS CHRIST - Hallelujah, I did indeed experience a very great healing: The cartilage is no longer pressing on the Roots - Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah ... ! THANK YOU God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. THANK YOU "Mami" - Mother of God and Virgin Mary, for your intercession - speak to God our Lord: JESUS CHRIST
Marianne from Tirol
"I will bear witness, as I promised, for Jesus Christ our Lord. My name is Renate, I am 45 years old and live in Bramberg/Land Salzburg - Austria.
I got breast cancer in 2008 and after 7 years metastases in the pleura. When I was for the first time in February 2016 at Father James retreat in Vienna, said Father James after my confession during a talk that Renate has been cured of breast cancer. She could be here, in Germany or Syria. From then on, I knew. a healing happened, because after my CT scans, it was seen that metastases were reduced.
When in September 2016 and now in April 2017 I went on retreat in Altötting with my family, said Fr. James during the healing prayers, when my Daughter Julia laid her hands on her and prayed, Renate is healed.
From then on I knew that this was my complete cure for my metastatic breast cancer.
I had an appointment with my oncology doctor on Friday 15.12.17 to discuss the CT examination and she informed me that no more metastases were visible.
I thank Father James for his intercession with Jesus!
Renate Egger

In 2016, I started having very serious health problems, and during the treatment, doctors announced a scary diagnosis - Multiple sclerosis. The first lesions already had appeared already in 2008, but the doctors did not have any thoughts that I might be having the disease. The next one was in 2012, when the disease was diagnosed, and in 2016 the fits became so severe that it greatly affected the ability to move and resulted in vision loss in one eye.
In October 2016, together with my husband and my mother I went to the healing retreat lead by Father James and through the blood of Jesus I received physical healing, but healing was not exactly what I asked of God, some scars were healed in me, some leasions of my spine disappeared and the eye was healed, I regained my sight and even got rid of the glasses.
I was cured of barrenness that had prevented my husband and I from having children for 14 years. I have been healed from polycystic ovary syndrome, and one of the most special life events in our lives has happened, we are happy parents for a boy who was born in 2018!
For Multiple Sclerosis, the lesions returned, but at the moment they have been so insignificant that there was no need for medical intervention and I spent the pregnancy without any complications by MS.
Often people seek God when they find themselves in difficult life situations and want to get rid of their sorrows, whatever they may be, material, spiritual, health-affecting.
In my life I have realized that the most important thing is to find reliance from the depths of my heart and to trust God in every moment of my life. Even if you are sick, pray, pray as much as you can, ask for His presence in your life, and he will arrange the rest through Jesus Christ. Our Father in heaven knows what everyone needs the most.
A man will not be able to realize how much God can give through Jesus Christ, the Lord Amen??

Marina (Latvia, Riga)

My name is Ewa I am from Poland and I'm sorry, my English isn't good.
I didn't have a job for a long time and I suffered a lot. Sadness overwhelmed me so much that I was depressed. I felt that I was useless. I felt that I could no longer find a job myself, that I needed God's help. Then I asked Father James Manjackal for prayer. Then I thought that I would ask a friend to put in a word for me in one company. I got a call from this company, they invited me for a short interview, in which I immediately signed a contract of employment! The Lord is great. I was so depressed that I would not find a job myself! Now I am grateful to the Lord every day for the gift of work. I am sure that it is the prayers of Fr. James that did wonder for me.
I work there to this day and now I am thinking about my further professional development. In December it will be 3 years when I work there.
Our God is good, thank You Lord.

My name is Irene Vaz. I had visited you in 1996 at Bangalore. I got married in 1995 and in 1996 when I came to you for prayer I did not have a child . But you told me that God will bless me with a Son and you gave me a word Jeremiah 29:11 ‘ 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Your prophecy came true as on 24th October, 1998 I gave birth to a child and named him Jeremiah.  This was all due to your prayers and blessings. Now Jeremiah is 21 years and serving the Lord in Divine Retreat Centre UK. He leads the music ministry playing Keyboards and singing for the glory of God.
All praise and honour to the Almighty God for blessing us abundantly.
I apologise from the bottom of my heart for sending my testimony to you after many years. Hope and pray I will be forgiven in the name of the Lord and I assure that I will continue my prayers in praising and thanking the Lord for all the blessings &  goodness to us.
Finally I humbly request you to keep my Son Jeremiah in your daily prayers so that he hears the voice of God to serve his Ministry as a Priest.
Praise you Jesus!   Thank you Jesus!   Glory to you Jesus!
Love and Prayers,

Irene Vaz

Thanks.I am a religious, belonging to sisters of st Joseph of Cluny. I was having terrible itching in my both legs below my knees many months. I tried with different ointment and oil extra, I did not get healed. After attending Fr.James prayer and I wrote my intentions aswell.With his prayer and blessing. God had healed me. I believe in the Power of Jesus .I thank father James ,and all those who prayed for me

Sr. Josephine Kamanda
Dear Fr. James,
Greetings from Seychelles.  Yes i received your mail and i was very happy in which i told you about my health, i am very grateful to God and to you also.  After attending your prayer session and you prayed for us and said about the different ill health that will well i went to hospital to check and i was told by the Dr. that my cholesterol level was normal and all other tests that she requested.  Even though i continue to take the cholesterol medicine but i feel much better.  I thank God and i am grateful for everything.  I wish you all the best in your ministry.  I shall enclose my photo to this mail.  Thank you.
Best wishes,
Seychelles - Healing testimony of Lina
with Fr. James Manjackal. January 2020

I was living my lives like my two sons drinking mostly every day, gambling and having fun with lots of friends. I didn’t go to church for a long time, it’s been nearly two year that I have realized that I should change my life and come back to church to improve my seminary in the church. I was Patient with High-Blood pressure.

During my three days retreat I have experiencing a very good time in my life with God for those three days retreat with Father James Manjackal and would like to thank him and God as well for the amazing things they have done for me to change my life completely and I have been healing from my High-Blood pressure on Saturday night during the retreat and was also bleeding since that day for 8 days. And as from now on my best friend are GOD and my four children and looking forward for GOD to send me a companion for me to complete my family forever and ever in my life.

Juminela francoise
Hi sir Richard !
It’s me Juminela francoise ( the girl that couldn’t walk and I have the Guillan barre syndrome cause by food poisoning).. I came to the healing mass at Baie Lazaire two weeks ago.. u gave me your number.. I don’t know if u can remember..
i just want u to know that this past few days I’m able to walk independently without any crutches from my bathroom to my bedroom back and forth .. surely God is good and God is surely answering our prayers.. thank u so much

Marie Freminot
I was sick, with severe varicose veins no my legs, back ache and slip disc. One whole year I couldn’t attend any meeting at the church. In listening to you; all God’s words. Jesus freed me.
Today, I am full of strength, courage and determinations; and I really want to share charismatic prayer to Christians in my community in small family group.
I am freed and ready for any challenges.  Thank you again Father James. Richi and the children.
Marie Freminot
St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Baie Lazare

Julian, Germany
Dear Father James,
I would like to testify of my healing. Father James, during your retreats I was cured of epilepsy. I am very grateful to the Lord!
Jesus healed me! Praise the Lord!

Martin, Congo
Hi My Fr James, I am very very very upon very happy to write you my testimony for my healing.
I thanks God for his mercy and his wonderful love for me, the word can not explain what i feel but i would like to tell you i am healed because i believe in Jesus and in the word that you prononced on my name:" by two times you said Martin you are healed", i was suffered of testicle burnt since march 2014 and that affected me more, fear to hire for wedding and shame for seeing most of my friend maried but today Jesus accepeted by your intercession to raise me up. I thanks you for your support and the time you took for us. May the Lord Jesus who accepts to share with you his Passion be blessed and give you long life for seeing my children.
I have nothing to give to Jesus Christ because all belong to him but i promise when i will reach my country(Congo)send my part of contribution of your ticket by western Union.
Thanks thanks thanks my fr James for accepting Jesus because today we benefict of his love trough you.
I was came in Seyshelle just to assist at the retreat, tomorrow afternoon i will leave for Uganda. It was not easy for me to enter this country but Jesus is the King of kings, the master, the power. I love Jesus CHRIST.

You Child Martin MBAYO from RD Congo
Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
My name is Beata.
During the retreat the Lord Jesus healed me from the habit of smoking cigarettes. He also healed me from frequent headaches and right hip pain. The Lord Jesus continues to heal me. He teaches me to trust, love and forgive people.

Glory to the Lord Jesus the Most High.

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
God bless you.
Our name is Agnieszka and Zbyszek. On the first day of the retreat my sister's daughter's accident happened - she was hit by a car in Germany. When we found out by phone, we immediately asked Father James to pray. Together with Father, holding hands, we prayed for Suzana.
Suzana was taken by helicopter to the hospital for tests. After a short time we found out that the girl suffered only minor injuries (abrasions on her elbow and knee).
Thanks to the immediate intercession of Father James Suzanka, nothing happened.
Praise be to the Lord!
We thank you Father James for your prayer Agnieszka and Zbyszek.

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
My name is Halina. I am from Suwalki. Jakub's son was born in birth asphyxia .
I prayed all the time, even before the birth of my son to be healthy. At the age of 5 years he was diagnosed with a psychomotor disability (memory and speech problems). He developed strange diseases such as bending and throwing the body, allergies - which were not shown by later tests and speech loss. These disorders lasted some time later and passed and new ones appeared. Doctors did research which did not show anything, they were helpless. Whenever I went with my son on a retreat something bad happened to him. Many people, even priests to whom I went with this problem said that I must accept his illness, because it is the will of God. I directed my efforts even more to Jesus and I looked for priests who will understand me and lead to faith. We pray together with our husband for the health of our son by putting our hands on him. I would like to mention that the prayer of both parents has great power. In 2016 I was on a retreat with Father James Manjackal. At the conference I heard about generational Masses for our ancestors. Then there were 30 Holy Masses for blessing Jacob's life. The more Holy Mass was offered for him, the worse it was with his son, for example, the regress in his memory, he appeared during the first day. Then there were fainting that lasted five months. (We did a study that again showed nothing). I was in contact with Father James, who was still praying for Jacob. Jesus answered our prayers, our common prayer and healed Jacob.
At the moment we are on the retreat of Father James , Jacob is free from such torment of soul and body. I want to say from my experience that we must never lose faith in Jesus who can do everything. My earlier and later problems with my son in human terms were not tu be cured, and Jesus   curable and listened to our requests.
Praise Jesus!!!!!!

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
A year ago I found out I had a sick spine. I didn't think about it at all, because I focused on other ailments, insomnia, sadness and fear.
I was not aware that I had to be careful about my spine before Father James's retreat.
26-28.07.2019 I was at my friends' house for coffee. I sat for an hour at a comfortable table, on a beautiful comfortable chair, and yet I had a problem with my spine later on. On the retreat I sat for 3 days and nothing hurt me!  I could move without pain.
Praise be to the Lord.

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
I'm from the Rzekunia. I am 69 years old. My name is Albina.
When I came to Father James' retreat I had a strong neurosis.
During these retreats I was healed from anxiety, from neurosis, from leg inertia, from imbalance, and from severe headaches. My life has changed. I got strong faith, patience and cheerfulness. During the prayer, the Father mentioned my name "Albina, you are healed" and I received the joy of life and healing.
Praise be to the Lord!

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
My name is Magda.
During a retreat with Father James Manjackal in 2018 during the prayer for healing and release I was healed from glaucoma.
This was confirmed by a medical examination. The doctor in charge of diagnostics stated unequivocally that there is no such disease. The parameters of the examination returned to the state before the diagnosis.
However, during the retreat in 2019. Jesus gave me the grace of offering the cross for the intention of sick Dominiki, whom I met during these retreats.
Praise be to the Lord!

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
My meeting with God through the retreats of Father James Manjackal began in 2012, thanks to the prayer during the retreat I gave up smoking.
For many years I suffered from back pain / pain interrupted my sleep, I got up, swallowed NLP-zets, stretched out, my husband sprayed my spine with ketonalem, heated my spine with an electric pillow. Last year I came to the first retreat meeting with great difficulty. I came to ask for healing for my husband. Not about your spine. I got used to this pain in a way. During the prayer, at one moment about James called out "4 Dorothy Lord now heals from back problems". Some lady behind me said "It's me". I turned to her and called out "And I".
Since then I've been sleeping, I didn't get any injection, I can walk, I can bend down. After about six months, something a little bit hurt me, I got worried, I took NLPZ .

And then the thought "Hey, God healed you" slipped through my mind. Get up. My health is in Jesus Christ. It is a matter of faith.
Praise be to the Lord for everything.

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
I didn't really want to come to the retreat. I didn't want to hurt Kasia who wanted to be here.
Since September 2018 I have been divorced. My husband attacked me for going to church with God and he didn't want our younger daughter to go to church and believe in God. He cheated on me and I filed for divorce because he wanted to be with another woman. I thought about myself that I was a worse man, not deserving of love. I felt rejected. My heart was one big wound. I had a great regret for my husband and this woman who broke into our lives. I went to confession and said that I couldn't fully achieve peace. On the one hand there was no full forgiveness and on the other hand there was a prayer for the conversion of the husband.
I constantly asked God for peace of heart and full forgiveness from my husband every day. God brought me to the retreat of Father James Manjackala through Kasia. On the first day when Father James spoke, I thought to myself, it doesn't concern me, my tattoo is small and harmless. However, in the evening a thought appeared in the house, even if it will be very painful, you have to get rid of it. On the second day I came to the retreat with a different attitude. I asked God to put together my wounded heart and give me the grace of full forgiveness. During the prayer for healing when Father James spoke about divorced women so that they would be holy divorced, all those words that he said started to silence and put my heart together. Tears flowed from my eyes and purified me. I did not want physical healing. After the accident I have pain in my shoulder and my fingers are numb. As the Father spoke about physical healings, I asked God not to take away this pain so that I could offer it for the conversion of my husband and the salvation of my daughters.
I feel great peace in my heart and great joy. I am not afraid to confront my husband - before God he is still my husband and nothing will change that. It does not matter what happens to me from my husband's side, I am not afraid because God is with me. I know that as it is written in the Holy Scriptures we will stand before God in Heaven as a marriage. I feel great joy, peace and forgiveness. I love Jesus and want to follow Him. Today all the alcohol will disappear from my home. My strength will be in my God. Glory to the Lord
I ask St. Joseph to help me keep my purity. May they be thanked to God for my Kasia who brought me here and for Father James. For his prayer through which Jesus healed me inwardly and healed my wounded heart.


Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
In 2018 I was diagnosed with melanoma on my back. During the Holy Mass I was healed during the retreat of Father James Manjackal. Czerniak after will began to disappear. At the moment I have a small trace. I am healthy.


Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019
My name is Andrzej. I am from Ostrow Mazowiecka .
Before coming to the retreat with Father James, and for the first 2 days I had a big pain in my stomach.  I also felt anxiety.
On Saturday, after the evening prayer of Father James, the pain in my stomach gave way. When I returned home after the retreat I felt peace of heart in myself.
Praise be to the Lord.

Ostrołęka 26-29.07.2019

My name is Anna.
I was very lost spiritually. From childhood I was tired of feeling inferiority, depression and general failures. During the first retreat with Fr. James, I was completely healed spiritually and received a deep inner healing that continues to this day. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and during the cytology I was diagnosed with cancer cells. During the 2019 retreat, Jesus completely healed me.
Praise be to the Lord !

Warsaw November 2019.
My name is Wioletta I am from Warsaw .
On 13.11.2015 at the retreat of Father James before the prayer I put the last pack of cigarettes into the box that was placed in front of the altar. Father James was praying for people who were addicted to different addictions. I had been smoking cigarettes for 20 years. I have not smoked since prayer and retreat and I am happy.

Praise the Lord!

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019.
My name is Sylwia Tabert .
Since November 2018 I experience the graces of the Holy Spirit. My son Johnny had a childhood blindness. Jesus came and said, "Your son can't see because you can't see him. I saw in my heart that I only care about his body so that he had something to eat and what to wear, I devoted very little time to him. When God turned me away from this path and I started to take time for my son I heard (Johnny wore glasses then) "He no longer needs glasses.  I accepted these words, my husband didn't believe it and didn't want to go to the doctor with his son. So I went alone and the ophthalmologist found a total 100% healing.
Since then I have had and experienced many healings. My husband was healed from alcoholism, I have no migraines after 29 years - God has healed us. During my stay at Father James' retreat I asked God to open my heart to Daniel - because he doesn't believe in any of these miracles. Jesus told me, "Do you think it's hard to open his heart? "I said, "yes.  Jesus answered, "I will open his heart like a book." I moved and cried with happiness. I know it will happen soon.

Retreats Warsaw November 2019
In 2010 I had an accident. For 23 days I was in a coma, for about a month I was catheterized - after that I had uncontrolled urination. I was in a wheelchair because of a broken leg. The moment I started laughing or raised my hands up automatically my whole ass was wet. My kids laughed at me. It humiliated me terribly.
At Father James Manjackal's retreat in Poznan I asked for a prayer over me.
From the moment Father prayed over me I stopped having uncontrolled urination. Jesus healed me.

Praise the Lord .

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019
My name is Maria .
Last year I came to Father James Manjackal's retreat with strong dyspnea and lack of strength. The doctors said that I have to wait for the bypass surgery. After returning from the retreat to the home, the dyspnea gave way. I went back to work, stopped going to the attending doctor, medicines I still took as directed. In December the doctor called me why I am not coming for a visit. I answered the doctor "The Lord Jesus healed me and the medication recommended by the doctor".
I am healthy. In the spring without any obstacles I could dig the ground on the plot.

May God be thank you.

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019.
During the retreat Jesus freed me from the bonds of Satan, gave me Mary for my mother, gave me Himself for the Father, Lord and Saviour. In a direct, tangible relationship, Jesus in the Trinity gives me the unimaginable power of love. With her eyes, Our Lady transmits compassion for people in despair to me. God in the Trinity and Mary transmit to me the depths of human tragedy, which awakens my desire to save people from despair by proclaiming the love of Jesus. I cry out of happiness for the longing for God.
Jesus and Our Lady cry out of love and despair for us .

Glory to the Lord Jesus

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019
During these retreats  Jesus healed my stomach reflex and my liver. Jesus multiplied faith in all my family.

Glory to the Lord

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019
My name is Grażyna .
Thank you for the graces that I and my family experience. Thank you for freeing me and my family from curses .

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019
My name is Janina .
For the first time I am on the retreat of Father James. During the prayer, the Lord Jesus healed me with pain in my back.

Praise be to the Lord Jesus!

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019.
My name is Anna, I want to glorify the Lord for the grace that I received at these retreats.
I came with a heart rhythm disorder, the fear inside never left me, it disappeared when I received the Lord Jesus, then it came back.  On the first day, Jesus gave me the opportunity that Father Manjackal put his hands on me and prayed for healing of my heart for humility. The Father's hand on my head was like a current that touched every cell in my body. On Saturday, the Lord Jesus healed me from fear and heart rhythm disorders. The Father's homily about the Holy Spirit and Dr. Ricardo's lecture helped me a lot. Peace has come, thank God.
From today I start the day with a prayer to the Holy Spirit. I thank my friend Jola for bringing me to the next retreat.
I start to live in the Holy Spirit, in the presence of God, and so I want to live .
I have lived a sinful life before. For about 25 years I have been converting. I was still afraid of being myself, I did not believe in myself, I felt fear. The Holy Trinity in me was first God the Father, then the Son of God and then somewhere the Holy Spirit. Here, during these retreats, the Holy Trinity to which I have been praying for years has become one . Today Father James asked and prayed if we feel and if there is a Holy Trinity in us? There is !!!! The whole Trinity. The whole!!!!!
I'm after 4 strokes . God gave me clarity of mind, and Father James taught me to love everyone.
Praise the Lord!

Warsaw November 2019
During Fr. James' retreat in June 2019 in Warsaw my lumbar spine was healed. At night, between the days of the retreat, I was awakened by the lack of pain. Sooner I had pain every night. The lack of pain was such an unusual feeling that I woke up and in the middle of the night I praised God. I also wrote a letter to Father James in which I shared the problem of not feeling God's love in my everyday life (despite regular sacramental life - daily Mass, prayer, retreat). On August 30, I received from the Father an answer and an assurance about prayer. It was a few days after my return from the Ignatian retreats - I think that they and Father James's prayer contributed to the fact that today, in November, I feel peace of heart, self-satisfaction, and the feeling of my own hopelessness appears rarely and I can easily recognize it as a temptation with which I can already fight.

Praise the Lord!

Warsaw November 2019
Good bless you.

In 2017 I was on Father James' retreat. A few years earlier I had a car accident, I had a broken leg in my knee. After rehabilitation, I could walk, but it was very hard for me to kneel and I couldn't kneel for long. My ribs were broken and my shoulders hurt a lot. I couldn't stand the pain on Friday at the whole Mass. The stillness caused me unbearable pain.
On the second day of the retreat (Saturday) after the whole day of the conference, Father James' prayer and the Holy Mass, when I returned for the night, I felt the pain passing.
I was healed.
Glory to the Lord

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019.
Father James my name is Nina Wojnar , I have a very sick granddaughter Lenka . Lenka is 2 years old , a brain tumor and a cyst that caused hydrocephalus. She has two surgeries, the tumor has been excised 30% and the cyst caused the hydrocephalus and then the second valve operation took place.
Doctors decided on a quick operation.  But we needed a foundation, because we don't have 220.000 PLN... The collection went poorly. I prayed during the retreat that God would help us to save Lenka. On Saturday I found out that a miracle happened - the whole amount was collected on the account.
During the healing prayer I saw a hand that was golden, red and shining. After the retreat on Saturday, I told my mother that Lenka would be healthy.
I believe that it was the hand of the Lord Jesus who will guide the hand of the surgeon during the operation with deep faith I prayed for this and I believe that Lenka will be healthy.

Praise the Lord Jesus!

Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019.
My name is Ewa .

After check-ups at the doctor it turned out that I have a relapse of cancer (a change in the rectum) and will need surgery. When I heard that I felt the need to share it with Father Jemes. I wrote a letter to him and asked him to pray for a happy operation.
I was frightened by the thought of another chemotherapy and its effects. I asked the Lord Jesus, if there will be the Lord's will, to make the relapse not big. I finished the letter with the words "See you at the retreat in Krosno Odrzańskie".
How big was my surprise when even before the operation I received a letter from Father James. I was strengthened by his words and without fear I gave up the third operation. It turned out that the change was small, the knots were not enlarged, the chemistry and stoma were not necessary.

I trust that Father James sighed behind me before you. I praise the Lord at the next fourth retreat with Father James and believe that I am healthy.

Praise the Lord !

Warsaw November 2019
May Jesus Christ be praised!
My name is Zbyszek I live in Gołaszyn near Łuków.
During the retreat in June 2019 with father Manjackalem I was healed from spinal pain. The pain was painful when I did not move for a long time, especially while praying. Now I no longer feel any pain.
Thank you, Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Warsaw November 2019
God bless you.

We have been married for 8 years. In June 2019 , we were for the 4th time on retreats . For many years we prayed for the gift of offspring. During the prayer for healing Father James said that the Lord Jesus gives offspring to married couples, then he told Ewelina you are healed, you are blessed. Two weeks later I did a pregnancy test. In February 2020 our little girl Hania will be born!
Great things have been done to us by the Almighty, His name is sacred.
Praise the Lord !!!!
Ewelina and Gregory

Warsaw November 2019
Two years ago I was diagnosed with a neurosis in the left middle ear. I had headaches, dizziness and frequent loss of consciousness. I felt very tired. The doctor referred me for surgery to Warsaw to a specialist in this field. I was informed that after the surgery I would not hear on this ear and I might experience partial facial paralysis. For this reason I was very afraid of this operation. I was a year old and I was growing up to it. I prayed, fasted, followed different cleansing diets, but it didn't help. The neurosis continued to grow. It was a sign for me that God has a plan for me and I should have this surgery. I gave my life to Jesus, my will, health and death. I prepared myself and went to the surgery. As it turned out they couldn't operate on me because I had bad blood results and the operation was postponed until May 2019.
At the beginning of May I attended a retreat of Father James Manjackal. I went to these retreats because I wanted to hear about the Holy Spirit. Already on the first day of adoration, the Lord Jesus said through the mouth of Father James that he is healing Alice to whom they say Alice.
Since then I have been healthy and I feel very well. I have been healed.
Praise the Lord!


Krosno Odrzańskie 18-20.10.2019.

May Jesus Christ be praised.
I am Adam 37 years old, a year ago my mom gave up coming on the last day of the retreat . I came instead of her with my dad and sister .
I drank a lot of alcohol on Saturday because I'm an alcoholic. After arriving for the retreat, my sister took me to the chapel for adoration to say hello to the Lord Jesus. I prayed for a while and started to cry. Because I drank a lot, the day was sooner to feel alcohol from me.
  Sister Anna got me mint gum and I went to confession. Waiting in a very long line I felt powerless. I listened to Father James' words, which penetrated into my heart, and felt warmth all over my body. I cried very hard. During the break, my sister gave me a chain with the Benedictine Cross. She prayed with her daddy over me while putting it on. This time  cried too.
For a few years I have been trying to fight this awful addiction, but it always ended in failure.  A year has passed since the retreat, and thanks to God's grace and His love I do not drink!
I thank the merciful God for curing me from my alcoholic addiction. I thank Father James for his words which opened my heart to the grace of God.
I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me in my life in such a way that I was able to attend these retreats.

Glory to the Lord.

My dear Fr. James,
I met you, Father for the first time in 2012 and I want to give my testimony.  It will be short, because of course, there are plenty of details, but the point is not to be a story but to prove that Jesus heals. After my mother's death the thought where her soul must be haunted my mind.  24 hours I was thinking if she is haven or in purgatory. I was not at pace. Never I thought she went to hell because she was very believing good woman.
In the retreat a miracle happened! It was a spiritual healing. During the imposition of hands, I fell down and rated in the spirit. I experienced the great and tremendous love of God through the Holy Spirit. I saw two people in front of me. One was my mother and other was Jesus! Jesus told me, " Now don't be worried, be at peace, see for yourself, your mother is with Me!"
Till now I am at peace. Sorry for my late testimony. I thank God for Fr. James and his parents. I pray for him daily.

With God,
It all started in September. I took my son Marcel to school and after an hour I got a phone call from him to take him home, because he can't stand the headache and chills. Everything pointed to flu, as the fever went up to 40 degrees Celsius.
The next day new symptoms appeared: stomach pains with strong cramps, so we went to emergency room. The doctor ordered tests and did an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. We received the results after half an hour and it turned out that CRP (inflammatory factor) is 96 – it was very high. I got scared and started crying because I immediately thought it might be cancer. After the ultrasound the doctor found out a thickened colon so he suspected appendicitis. He directed us to the paediatric clinical hospital in another town.
When we went there, the doctors did series of tests and they left Marcel in the hospital. I came back home at night. I knew the only help was in God. One thought flashed through my head – through a friend I asked Fr. James Manjackal for prayer. Father James often gives charismatic retreats in Poland and I participated in some of them. Father immediately texted us back that he started praying for Marcel and sent him his blessing. Moreover, Lord Jesus told him that it was nothing serious and Marcel would recover soon. It strengthened me a lot and gave me great confidence…
Within three days CRP came back to normal and Marcel returned home. A month has passed since then and we are going for a check-up. I know that everything will be fine because I trust Jesus!
Praise the Lord for such a great grace of healing, and may God bless Fr. James for his prayer!

Testimony october 2019

I would like to give my testimony for healing of lymphnode cancer. I am working as physician, as a specialist of Internal Medicine. During the month of august 2018 I discovered first signs of lymphnode cancer on my body. A first prayer of Father James led to an attenuation of symptoms. Due to a diagnostic delay my husband and I were able to participate to a seminary for married couples in Germany. There F. James said during adoration time: “Bernadette, you are healed”. I was very surprised, believed, at the same time as a physician I remained sceptic.
After the seminary I had an appointment at the oncologic department and they told me the results of the exams which had taken place before the seminary. The bone marrow was filled until 90% of tumor cells and also all lymphatic stations of the body were sick. They had ignored a tumoral bulk of 10cm in my abdomen.
In the control CT scan after the prayers the tumoral bulk was 7,5cm. They told me to start treatment immediately and also that I would never be free of cancer.
One month later Father Florian from Vienna followed F. James‘ advice to celebrate a family mass for our family. During the following night I had a lot of abdominal pain and the enlarged lymph nodes of my neck disappeared. One month later I had a control ultrasound of my abdomen, the tumoral bulk was completely gone and all lymph node stations were normal in size! Nobody could believe it. Also at the end of therapy during the month of June 2019 the radiologist wrote with astonishment that in the PET- CT scan there was no tumoral element left in the whole body, there was a complete remission. The severe inflammation of my bowls also disappeared after a second seminary of F. James, this time in Switzerland.
I can just praise the Lord for this new life he gave me through the healing prayers of F. James and I offer him my life to serve him. Praise and adoration be to the Lord!

Bernadette, Lucerne (Switzerland)

Agnieszka. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019

My name is Agnieszka .
In 2011 I took part in the retreat of Father James Manjackal in Poznan. Thanks to the prayer for healing I got a menstrual period, which was sooner blocked for six years, and the doctors said that nothing can be done about it and I will have to take hormonal medication until women have a menopause statistically.
Thank God and prayer I have had my menstrual period so far and I do not take any hormonal medication.
Thanks to the prayer of Father James, the small nodules that I had on my thyroid gland also disappeared. Another medical examination was done about 2 months after Father James's prayer, which did not detect any nodules. The doctor doing the examination was very surprised.
Praise be to the Lord!

Jolanta. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
    My name is Jolanta , I am a believer. I attended the retreat of Father James Manjackal in 2014 and even though I was a practitioner and a believer, my life was converted and transformed. In 2014 Father James prayed over me because I was after a breast mastectomy in June 2013 and a large lymph node metastasis. Now I feel very well, I control myself and everything is fine. I asked God, through the prayer of Father James, to free me from the depression that has accompanied me since I had cancer. After 2 months of retreat I realized that I am still laughing, happy, satisfied and I have no sign of depression.

Thank you, Lord God!

Dorota and Karol. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
   In 2011, I heard from a doctor - "You will not have children".
In 2019, in June, my husband and I came to Warsaw for the retreat of Father James to pray for the gift of offspring.
Yesterday during the prayer we believed that God blessed our marriage with a child. I believe that for the next retreat we will be here with our child.
Praise be to the Lord!

Thank you Father James for your service. God bless you.
Dorota and Karol

Wanda. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019

     My name is Wanda .

 I came to Father James Manjakal's retreat with enormous leg pain in the left hip joint. I could not get up from the kneeling position and it was very difficult for me to kneel. During the prayer for healing the Lord God healed me. The pain was gone, I could kneel without any problem and then get up and walk.

Praise be to you, Lord!  Thank you, Lord!

Marek. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
 In 2018 I was on a retreat with my father James Manjackal in Krosno Odrzańskie. During the blessing after the Holy Mass I had a rest in the Holy Spirit. This experience strengthened me very much spiritually.


Halina. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
God bless you,

During a retreat with Father Manjackal in 2015 in Warsaw, I was cured of multiple sclerosis.
Praise be to the Lord and thank you very much!

Halina from Chełm

Michael. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
    In 2009, an exorcist priest sent me for the retreat of Father James Manjackal to Niepokalanów, where I was spiritually healed from a twisted spine and hands (this is how bondage appeared in me). After a few days a piece of stinking tissue came out of my ear - it could have been a hematoma after a strong blow to the back of the head. When Father James held my hand, I felt as if the current was releasing me.
Thank you O. To James for his ministry through which God touched me and led me to a deeper conversion. Today I testify of God as an evangelist.

Thank God.

Wojciech. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
My name is Wojciech Muzal .

In 2012, during the retreat of Father James Manjackal in Falenica on Friday during the Holy Mass, I was healed from nicotine.

Praise be to the Lord!

Julia. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
My name is Julia Nowińska , In 2019 during the retreat of Father James Manjackal in Warsaw, Jesus healed me from back pain. I also had a rash all over my body and abdominal pain. I no longer have a rash and abdominal pain and I just don't have any more pain.

Thank God!

Zofia. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
During the retreat with Father James in 2016 in Kielce, I was healed from allergy spots on my face.
Glory to the Lord Jesus

Zofia from Podkarpacie

Agnieszka. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
Four years ago I got sick depressed, stopped sleeping at night, destructive thoughts appeared. At confession, the priest asked me to participate in the retreat of Father James for penance. I participated in them and three days after the retreat, Jesus completely healed me from all the symptoms and effects of depression.

Praise be to the Lord!

Dagmara. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
Praise be to Jesus Christ.
My name is Dagmara and I wanted to tell you, dear brothers and sisters, what happened to me just before the retreat with Father James.
    I woke up early in the morning with a rather severe headache and I don't remember ever ,having one. Jesus, how am I supposed to go to this retreat when my head hurts so much? „
How can I survive this much time?
And there were some doubts.
But I decided to trust Jesus and said, "Jesus, I trust in you, you take care of my head.
And so it happened, Jesus came during the prayer, took away the pain, gave in return his love, freedom, joy and peace.
    I desire to live in this Spirit with Jesus


Alicja. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
My name is Alicja ,
During the retreat of Father James during the prayer after the Holy Mass on June 7, 2019 I was healed from atopic dermatitis.

Jan. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
 My name is Jan ,
During the retreat with Father James, I was healed from an allergy that could not be detected by modern medicine.

Thank you, God.

Anna. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
 In 2017 I attended the retreat of Father James in Warsaw. Jesus healed me from the pain of my spine and hips. After further retreats I received the grace of the daily Eucharist, and a new love for the loved ones.
Praise be to the Lord!
Anna Sowa

Urszula. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019

       My name is Urszula  I am from Sieradz .

In my early childhood I was sexually harassed by my older brother. Although God allowed me to understand and isolate myself from the behavior of my brother from the First Communion, as a result of this evil I addicted my emotions to masturbation. This lasted for many years even when I was married, I was angry and disgusted with myself, but despite the many resolutions and retreats I continued in this addiction. God, through the teaching of Father Manjackala and the filling of me with the Holy Spirit, gave me a New Life.

Praise be to the Lord!

Sylwia. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
  My name is Sylwia .
During the participation in the Holy Mass for healing during the retreat with Father James Manjackal my body and soul was healed.

Praise be to the Lord!

.Renata. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
A few years ago I was healed from hormonal disorders during a retreat with Father James Manjackal.
From hyperprolactinemia (microglandular pituitary glands).
Until today the results of my research are normal.

Thank you, God.

Magdalena. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
My name is Magdalena.
My husband and I were trying to have a child. After each visit to the gynaecologist the diagnosis was still the same: "You will not get pregnant, you will be like winning the lottery ". In 2017 we came for a retreat with Father James. Father prayed for marriages that want to have children. He put his hands on our heads and prayed. I became a miracle. After three months it turned out that I was pregnant. What from a medical point of view was impossible. Our great miracle, the Son, came into the world, and after a year and six months our daughter was born.

Glory to the Lord for this great gift of being parents.

Zofia. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
My name is Zofia .

Under the knee of my left leg I had a Baker cyst diagnosed by a doctor.
During the retreat of Father James Manjackal, the Lord Jesus healed me. The pain in the leg and the cyst was relieved. I have no more pain.

Praise be to the Lord

Teresa. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019
   On the retreat with Father James Manjackal, I am for the third time I was in 2017, 2018, 2019).
During these retreats I received many Graces. The Lord God healed me from the cervical spine, gave me peace of heart, strengthened my faith.  During the prayer on Saturday, June 8, 2019, the Lord God healed my thumb of the right hand.

Praise be to the Lord!

Danuta. Warsaw, 7-9 June 2019

My name is Danuta Kamińska, I am from Lublin.
In 2018, during the retreat of Father James Manjackal in Warsaw, I was healed from a very severe knee pain. A year has passed and I do not feel any pain.

Praise be to the Lord !


On 23.02.2018. Arno told me that he does not see me anymore - only blackness. That last for several seconds. Years before he had very strong headaches- mostly left side of head. (30 years). We made a medical check and a huge brain tumor was found.
First surgery: 28.02.2018. arrived into the hospital. Surgery done by prof. Rotim 07/03/2018. Because of my condition he said he will do his best but will not guarantee if I will not make it. The surgery lasted about 8 hours. The tumor was well-drained, which means it grew fast above the right eye.  Arno lost his right eye because the tumor made a huge pressure on the eye nerve.
Second surgery:  03/27/2018. something was leaking out of his head wich was infected and very swollen. Immediately Arno was prepared for the second surgery. The doctors cut out the infected skull bone. Thank God the brain was not infected. After that for six months he was with a missing part of skull.
02/10/2018. Exactly one year ago I got a plastic implant instead of the infected part so my brain is now protected.

Presently there are side affects - dont see on the right eye and forget often. Headaches shown up sometimes often, left side as earlier.
All the last year during my illness father James was praying for me and served numerous masses for healing. My family members wrote father James via emails my conditions.l Last week I made MR of head and brain scans. The results are great and there are no tumor cells and the brain is recovering well. It is getting enough blood and oxygen.
Jesus cured me through the prayers of father James. In Graz last month on his retreat he prayed for my head and now the MR is perfect after three difficult surgery. I praise Jesus for His wonder!
 Thank the Lord for father James!!!!!!

Rose's son
I am Rose. Hope you remember our son Joseph. I am writing to tell you about a healing happened to Joseph. He's a 15yr old autistic child. He's been under medication since 3yrs for difficulties like Hyperactivity, OCD,Tic disorder, Motor coordination difficulty etc. According to dr, when these problems are treated, there'll be an overall improvement in his condition as he comes under the category in which improvement is possible with medication and therapy. And he's improved a lot over the years which I strongly believe is only because of God's grace.
As an after effect of this long term medication he has grade 1 fatty lever, obesity, big belly, hormonal imbalance, sugar level was becoming higher and his liver function levels were also high. So in last August, we stopped one tablet which mainly caused these problems, and a few months later his levels came down a little. But no change to obesity and pot belly. There was also a foul smell to his sweat at the time when I mailed you. We thought its because of hormonal change.

A few days after receiving your reply mail in which you promised you'll pray for him in holy mass and adoration, he became lean and his belly started flattening. The foul smell of sweat also had gone.
When we noticed these changes, we thought something is wrong with  his vitals. But I had a feeling all this started after receiving your mail. Then we did a blood test.To our surprise, when the results came, his sugar and liver function levels was back to nomal. We believe God blessed Joseph through your prayers. Thank you Lord and thank you so much father for your prayers.
He's going to write 10th std's exam. Since its an open school syllabus we can choose how many subjects to write at a time. So this time he's writing only one subject "Painting". The practical exam is on Sep 25th and theory on Oct 24th.This is the first time he's going to write an exam.
Father please keep Joseph and all his classmates in your prayers. All these children are disabled in one way or other.
Thank you once again for all your prayers.

Grażyna. Retreats in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Grażyna .

I came for retreats with a deep wound in my heart because of the distance from me and from the Lord God of my daughter, the only daughter Karolina.
During the retreat I got a room in my heart. I wrote her an sms that I love her. I wrote without regret, without sadness, with great hope of her conversion to the Lord.
I have a diagnosed auto-aggressive disease for which medication is given for myeloid leukemia. I suffered a lot during the last year. I had huge pains of bones, joints, muscle . The whole right side of my body was leaning against me. Huge muscle tension made it difficult for me to function. I took painkillers.
On the first evening of the retreat during the prayer the pain in my knees subsided, on the second and third days the pain and tension in my body muscles subsided. Glory to the Lord!
I also came for retreats with a sense of rejection with the pain of lack of family in my life. In my family, which lives is a lot of anger, addictions, living without God's commandments and a lot of anger to me from my day of birth.
I have not had a relationship with them for 6 years.
I am very glad that during the retreat I received the gift of Jesus' love. I feel free from regret.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Sophie. Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Sophie.

During the retreat of Father James, I feel the power of the Holy Spirit in a physical way. I saw and adored the magnificent images of St. Charbel, Father Pio, Escape to Egypt , Our Lady of Guadalupe. During the retreat I received a rain of blessings.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Grażyna. Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Grażyna I came from Poznań.
During Father James' retreat I was healed from liver disease, hypersensitive large and small intestine. The Lord God healed my internal organs.
During the prayer I felt that I had been healed, but I was not sure, then my father said, "Grażyna you are healed".
Glory to the Lord, Jesus as you are very merciful.
Thank you, Jesus.
Lord Blessed  is Father James.

Miedzyrzec. Retreats in Ostrołęka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Ania I am from Miedzyrzec Podlaski .

For three years I have been attending masses to heal my soul and body. There I was healed from knee pain and after prayers I was diagnosed with the correct diagnosis of borreliosis. I did not sleep at night for 3 months because of the great pain. Previously I had been treated for another illness that I didn't really have. It turned out that it was borreliosis. Father Jerzy Jarzowski always prayed with me, who always told me that Jesus always works in you. He sent me to the retreat of Father James Manjackal. He said: go to these retreats, you will walk and so I am. After the retreat it doesn't hurt my body anymore, I believe that I am healed. I don't walk alone yet, but I believe that I am healed.
I had a great pain in my joints which I no longer have.
 I was discerned by the Holy Spirit that I would evangelize. Jesus says to me that he is with me and I will walk. Since then, Jesus has changed the life of my family by 360 degrees. Husband kneels daily to to prayer , daughter 18 years old is always with us, participates in all prayers. There is peace and joy in us. I believe that I am healed and I will get up from a wheelchair.
I love you, Father James. May Jesus give you health and strength.
Thank you for your individual prayer.

Thank you Lord Jesus

Iwona.Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Iwona, 32 years old.

During the retreat in 2017 I was converted and experienced my first sincere confession. After this confession there were others who opened my heart.
In March 2018 I had my ovaries removed with a large tumour (cancer) .
It turned out that there were changes on the second ovary. I have had many tests to prepare me for the removal of the ovary from the uterus. In 2018 my husband was also diagnosed with changes in the lungs. He was asked to do a study to prepare him to take a lesion sample to cure the lesion. When he was supposed to lie down in hospital for a previously planned study, it turned out that the disease had completely disappeared.
In June 2018, my 5-year-old daughter had a deadline for the removal of almonds. We went and it turned out that the removal of almonds was no longer necessary. Praise to you, Lord.
On the first day of the retreat I was healed . Father James Manjackal said during the prayer: " There are two Iwons who have been healed . I knew I felt like I was. I thought, if it was me, why don't I feel physically?
But Father Jacob says again: "Iwona, I believe that you have been healed! . I believed that these were words for me and I accepted healing.
On the second day that Father Jacob prayed for healing, he said:  "Iwona was healed yesterday at Mass. Indeed, there was a moment at Mass where I felt discomfort in my lower abdomen. I thought I had to go to the toilet, but I found that there was Mass and I would dedicate myself to all this.
The symptoms subsided. And these were the physical symptoms I was waiting for.
Today is Sunday. In two days I am going to the Oncology Centre in Warsaw for surgery to remove whole reproductive organs and I know that doctors will see what the Miracle Jesus gave me. They will see that the Lord Jesus healed me.
I thank you, Father Jacob, that you appeared on my life's path.

Marek. Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Marek .

At the first retreat with Father James Manjackal in Ostroleka in 2010 I was freed from the habit of smoking cigarettes.
I am free, since then I don't smoke.

Glory to the Lord!

Beata. Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
May Jesus Christ be praised.
My name is Beata.
I want to give glory to the Lord the Supreme God and give testimony of the events that took place a few years ago. I was a wreck of a man on the verge of collapse, life was falling apart with my marriage. Then I felt that something was wrong, but I didn't know what. The Lord God sent me a person thanks to whom I went for a retreat with Father James Manjackal and that was the best decision I could make. During the first retreat, Jesus healed me from depression, took away the addiction of smoking, healed me internally, allowed me to love my husband again, poured peace into my heart and joy. After some time the Lord Jesus blessed us with a daughter for whom we were trying. He blesses us effectively so far, although there are adversities along the way, but I know that only Jesus can help me. Last year he healed me from a breast tumor that I was supposed to have removed. Again he turned out to be the best surgeon, but the most important thing for me is that he allowed me to return to the path of faith and a living relationship with Him.

Glory to the Lord!

Sylwia. Retreats in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Sylwia . I came to the retreat without any particular intention. I wanted to get closer to Jesus and love Him more. During the prayer, Jesus showed me that I still have various traumas against people in my heart and I did not fully forgive him. I confessed about it and following the advice of a confessor while I was in adoration I said that
"In the name of Jesus Christ I forgive and I ask you, Lord Jesus, for complete forgiveness.
During the prayer, Father James saw an image of my heart with a dressing, and in the background a calm and peaceful sea. I heard "accept healing, rejoice"!! .
I feel that my heart has been completely healed from injuries and the Lord Jesus gave me complete forgiveness.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. Glory to the Lord!

Anna. Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
May Jesus Christ and Mary always be praised.

I want to thank God the Holy Mother of God for the grace, for the retreat with Father James Manjackal. I believe that I was spiritually and physically healed. When I prayed with my hands layered on, I rested for the first time in the Holy Spirit. I believe that I was renewed with the Holy Spirit and I am a new person.
God the Father thank you for this love and mercy for us.
Jesus, I trust in you.

Anna O.

Krysia. Retreat in Ostrołęka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Krysia , during the retreat in Ostrołęka on Saturday I was healed from knee pain. On Sunday morning I prayed kneeling for an hour and a half and I had no need to straighten the knee or get up. Until now it was impossible for me to kneel so long.

Glory to the Lord! I am healed!!

Małgorzata. Retreats in Ostrołęka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Małgorzata Wnukowska .

For a long time I had a severe knee pain. I also came for retreats with this pain.
During Father James' prayer for healing, the Father said, "Margaret was healed". I accepted this healing and deeply believed that the Lord God was healing me. Now my knee hurts much less and I know that the pain will pass through me completely. I also believe that God has healed me from liver disease.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Krzysztof. Retreat in Ostrołęka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Krzysztof Wnukowski .

During a retreat with  Father James I asked God to free me from the enslavement which was smoking cigarettes. The Lord God freed me! I do not smoke.  I feel free man.
Thank you Lord Jesus....

Victoria. Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Victoria, I am 18 years old.

I want to thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of forgiving myself for my sins and strengthening my faith that I am pure again.
Thank you, Lord Jesus! Glory to the Lord

My name is Monika .

In November 2015 I was for the first time on the retreat of Father James Manjackal and I was healed from hormonal problems. The healing occurred on January 1, 2016, when after 7 years of inactivity, my ovaries were unblocked. It is impossible to explain it medically. To this day (July 2018), my cycle is regular. Glory to the Lord!
During these retreats I also received the grace of daily Eucharist, the grace of general confession, the gift of courage and courage to proclaim Christ and the beginning of discernment of the vocation to follow Christ and give his life.
In May 2016, at the successive retreats of Father James during the prayer of healing, he said: "A young girl named Monika receives a great physical healing". At that time I suffered from psoriasis coexisting with arthritis, which made it impossible for me to move around. I believed and accepted healing. With time the arthritis began to go back and it is still so today (July 2018).
Today I can walk, run and, above all , kneel.
Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Regina - Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Regina, 58 years old,

I was spiritually healed at the youth retreat in Ostroleka which Father James Manjackal led in 2011. During the blessing of Father James the light fell on me so strong that I had to close my eyes. After all this I started to cry very much.
Now, in retrospect, I know that it was my spiritual healing. God showed me that it is light. My eyes, ears and heart unblocked. I now see, hear and feel everything differently. If I have the opportunity to go to church in  week, I accept the Eucharist and pray more .
I thank God for that.

Dagmara. Retreat in Ostrołęka, 13-15 July 2018.
Dagmara from Sieradz, 45 years old.

During the retreat in December 2017 with Father James, I was healed from cervical spine pain. I was not helped by rehabilitation or painkillers. I have been ill with my spine for many years and the disease has been getting worse. Because of the great pain I have not slept for a long time at night.
During my stay at the retreat I slept without pain in the chest section for 2 nights. I believe and feel that it will remain like that. I believe that the lumbar region has also been healed, although I still feel a little pain.
I received the internal healing 5 years ago and thank God for all my worries, joys, sorrows and problems. I trust Him and do not give in, because it was through problems with my son that I came very close to our Father's God, for which I thank you very much.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Dorota - Retreat in Ostrołęka, 13-15 July 2018.
Dorota from Ostrołęka .

After a sincere confession from the whole life, after confession of serious sins, there is a
enslavement. I asked the Lord Jesus to heal me.
During the retreat, Jesus listened to my requests and took captivity from me.
I am now happy and freed.

Glory to the Lord . Thank you, Lord Jesus!!!

Elżbieta  - Retreat in Ostroleka, 13-15 July 2018.
My name is Elżbieta .

About 10 years ago during a one-day retreat in Obory I was healed from a spine disease. During the prayer Fr. James asked me to put my hands on the sick places and then I said: Lord Jesus, I missed my third hand and then a woman next to me put her hand on my spine. After this prayer I fell asleep in the Holy Spirit. From that moment my spine does not hurt. Glory to the Lord .
On 14.07.2018 the Lord Jesus healed me from bad family relationships, anger to the Father and Mother.

Glory to the Lord .

Samuel, Weronika & Sebastian
Dear Father James,

We pray for your health and your mission. We hope that you feel better and have a lot of strength to proclaim God's word.
We send our testimony, which we proclaimed during the retreat.
We are a young marriage that has been trying to have a baby for 2 years. Because of our health problems, it was not so easy. Doctors advised to start treatment. However, we decided not to go for the therapy but to pray for the intention of parenthood to God. We also attended  your retreat where, after the strong prayer, God gave us to understand that we would become parents soon. Now we are happy parents of 5 months old son Samuel Piotr. We attached a family photo from a baptism.
Thank you for your prayer and we ask for a blessing for our family.
Samuel, Weronika & Sebastian

My Jesus healed me from all my illness, Alleluia! I am 53 years old and I was sick for 25 years! I am married for 30 years and I have 3 children. Because of my son and depression, I could not care my husband and children as a wife and mother.
They were really fed up with me! During these years I had been to retreats, seminary and prayer services; Fr. James, I had been to your retreats too but I was not healed. I read your book " I saw Eternity" that inspired me; as you wrote it was not enough to be pious but I had to be authentic! I was regular with my personal prayers, daily mass, often confession, reading the Bible, family prayers act but I was not converted deeply in my heart because I had not forgiven other and loved my neighbours!
Jesus gave me the grace of conversion and healed me in your retreat at St. Pölten on 11th August 2018, I became humble to ask pardon to all and to reconcile and to helming others. Now I love and serve my family with joy in my heart. The counselling and therapy of Dr. Richie and the pastoral care of Fr. James led me tot his great healing. I thank them and pray for them. I decided to help them in their ministry. Jesus, my Saviour and Lord healed me. I am healthy, praise the Lord- Alleluia.
Birgit Spreitzhofer.

I am renate Eggerl. I am 45 years old and I am from Bramberg/ Land Salzburg, Austria. I want to testify my miraculous healing of cancer. I had cancer on my breasts with metastasis for seven years. In February 2016 I attended a retreat with Fr. James Manjackal and during the healing prayer he said, " Renate, you are healed" and I believed. In the following CT scan the metastasis were fewer. Again I attended his retreat in the same year in April. I believed that Jesus was healing me and strengthening me. Finally I attended his retreat in April 2017 with my family. During the prayer of healing, my daughter Julia was laying hands on me to pray for my healing as Fr. James had instructed and he called out my name again in the crowd of about a thousand people, " Renate, you are healed".I fully believed that I had no more metastasis  in my breast and that Jesus healed me fully. On 15th December my ontologist checked my CT Scan and certified that I was fully healed and I have no more cancer. Thank you, Fr. James for your intercessory prayers; I am fully healed by my Jesus.

I am Karina. My husband is Achim. In my firs seminar with Fr. James, I had a deep awareness of my sins and thus I had a deep conversion. I had great joy after the retreat. Then I took My husband also to another retreat with Fr. James. He too became aware of his sins and made a good confession. Fr. James called my name and gave inner healing and physical healing. I am healed of all my pains. Now both of us are very happy. We go to mass, pray together at home. Praise to Jesus Christ.

Abdel Fattah
Praise the name of the most high God FR. Jmanjackal And greeting too FR from me and my family. First and foremost I thank the almighty God for the healing of my left foot ANKLE that had swollen without any reason. After you prayed for me and requested me too to continue praying and within 3days I'll get better, I did as you requested and after the end of those 3days you gave me, the swell on my left ANKLE disappeared and all is well PRAISE GOD!!Thank you FR. Stay blessed, strong and Good health for you too
Diana, Koziatel
I am Diana, Koziatel. In the retreat in July at Ostroleka. Jesus healed my married life; I was indeed very angry with my husband. By the prayers for Fr. James, I was able to forgive my husband and return to our love to live together. Glory to God!

Maria Wimmersberger
I am Maria Wimmersberger from upper Austria. At Altötting on last Friday, 31st August, I had a great physical healing of my severe bladder infection and surgical wounds. I am indeed fully healed from all my infirmities, and now I am light with light wings like a butterfly! Praise the Lord- alleluia! I prayed there for my husband who was at home and he was healed in his arm. My priest said that he felt my prayers for him. During the prayers, I heard the names of my children and grand children through the mouth of father James. I believe that they all are blessed. I thank and praise God for His great love.

Michel Feld

Dear Father James,
I was at the retreat at Chaumont this last July. I received many blessings and a particular big desire in my heart to become a deacon or to similarly serve the Church. I thank you in advance to pray for me, so that I can judge, with the spirit of discernment, if this is my vocation.
I followed with my family the « hindu religion » in the Reunion island. I had a great conversion with mother Marie who led me to Jesus.
Be sure of my prayers through the chain of prayers, started by Gisèle Bomal, to support you in your suffering and your mission
Michel FELD

Aniela - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018 Doctor's certificate
By forgiving, I received healing for my eyes!

I am  Aniela  and I have been a Warsaw resident since my birth, I live in Warsaw.  On August 2, 2017 I started my 90th birthday. In 1939 I saw the victorious parade of the Germans and Hitler. I well remember his terrible rule, the SS army, the daily round-ups and executions. The year 1944 came, the Warsaw Uprising came, and then the Germans burned down the whole of Warsaw. I was left homeless, hungry without means, in sandals and a summer dress. I have fallen from prosperity into deep misery. The winter was coming, very cold. Then I cursed Hitler. Liberation has come. I tried to forget the tragedy of the occupation. The words spoken by Father James Manjackal during the retreat in Warsaw in 2016 were for me. Father said: "Do you remember Hitler? "- there was Silence! He continued " you know what a criminal, a murderer he must have been!. He must be forgiven, you are christians". I was immediately reminded of my curses and the war reality stood before my eyes. There was no other person in the room who could see Hitler live. I lived with this sin for 77 years, even though I confessed and received Holy Communion; I forgave Hitler and prayed for his soul; I said Hail Mary; and my conscience was free. Since then, I have prayed for Hitler's soul, offering a plenary indulgence, and ordering the Holy Mass for the peace of his soul. I haven't learned German yet, even though my daughter settled in Berlin on June 2017. Recreations in Warsaw :I have a document that I am a visually impaired person. I have two black holes in my eyes instead of a yellow macula. I don't read or write anything about manual work.  During Father James' prayer for healing, the Father said, "Aniela, the Lord Jesus heals your eyes. I grasped my hands for the face, praying very hard for the grace of the Lord Jesus. I got up and called out loud: "I see, I see, "From that moment I can move around the city alone, with limited visibility of course. Simply the Lord Jesus gave me so much grace that I can see what Jesus permitted me to see! And below I enclose a statement of disability for the the Glory of the Lord Aniela Czosnowska!

Kinga - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
Nothing impossible for God!

When I first attended Father James' retreats, I was not married. I received a great grace to pray for my boyfriend. He was not "holy", and at that time he turned in an uninteresting company and "enjoyed" life. He was far from being prayerful, going to church or receiving the Sacraments.  I had a medical diagnosis that  I could not have  have children. This was sad news for me, because I have always loved children very much; and I wanted to have children unmarried life. In the retreat wit Fr. Jams, I prayed much for my boy friend but I found no result after the retreat!  I experienced "hell on earth".! It was impossible that he would return to the right track! It was really painful for me.  I had the whole family and friends against me and our relationship. Nevertheless, in spite of many tears poured out, I did not give up and prayed for him all the time, and during the following retreat Father James said: "Kinga, you are pregnant". My friend said it was to me. I said that was not possible. However, it turned out that it was possible and I was really pregnant. We got married in the church, my husband was converted. He participated in Father James' retreats with me. We have a Son, and a month ago our Daughter was born.  There is nothing impossible  for God: when some one turns oneself to God with full trust ,things would change! Many had judged that my boy friend was a bad person. I have trusted the Lord God and now he is converted. He is a loving husband & a father of  two wonderful children...All for  the glory of the Lord!

Henia - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
In English " My name is Henia and I am now 60. In my young age, I was diagnosed with a serious illness in my heart. In 2009,  Just 2 months before the wedding of my daughter, I had a serious illness on my left breast. Jesus healed me from all these and from my pain on the car in a retreat with Fr. James in November 2017. Praise be Jesus Christ.

Maria - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
My name is Maria Kasasova. I am from Czech Republic. I had severe pain on my left knee and the doctors suggested a surgery but I wanted to go to the retreat to see if I would be healed; otherwise I wanted to operate. in the retreat at Warsaw in 20017, Jesus held me fully in the retreat of Fr. James. When my doctor say my knee he said that it was indeed a miracle by Jesus. I have no pain now. I can walk easily. Alleluia.

Beata - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
I am Beata, I am 35 and I am from Jelena Gora. I was born and grew in a family of Jahowa  witnesses. Thanks be to God, at the age 13, I knew Catholic Church and I received Baptism, confession, communion and confirmation in the church. After some time I left faith and lived a very worldly life 20 years with prayer or sacraments. I was in all sorts of sins and even in an immoral relationship with a man. Again the old thoughts about Jehowa witnesses came to my mind and all that were against the Catholic Church. I was desperate in my sinful life and several times I thought to commit suicide.
Then I had an inspiration to leave my immoral relationship with the man. I thank God for His grace. A day before my birthday, one of my friends invited me to the retreat of Fr. James at Krosno. I was happy with all the teachings that he gave from the Bible. With deep sorrow for all my sins , I made a very good confession. I discerned my vocation to religious life. My confessor confirmed it also. In the healing prayer, as Fr. James had  told ,I was able to forgive all  especially my parents. I was very angry with my mother especially. I forgave her and fully reconciled with her and on the following Christmas we received Holy Communion together in a mass. I felt great peace and joy in my heart. I began to go daily to mass. I felt great and deep love to Jesus and to His Mother, Mary to live a holy life.

I must say that the prayers of Fr. Jame is very powerful. I placed a photo of my mother in a an envelop and gave to Fr. James to pray for her conversion; soon she got conversion and now she lives in Jesus and the Church with her daily mass.I read all books of Fr.James, they are great, they bring food for my soul. I tank God, Jesus and His mother for all the blessings that I received in the retreat of Fr. James. I pray for him daily.

Mirek - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
I am Moroslawa, I am 41 years old. I am from Mazowiekie Voivodeship. In December 2015, by attending the retreat of Fr. James, I had my conversion. Seeing him and listening to his speeches, I could not but change my life! Then onwards I attend all his retreats. In a following retreat I was fully liberated from aggressiveness, my addictions to masturbation, pornography and alcoholism. Also I was healed physical from my diseases in the liver and heart. I had a defect on my left leg after an accident and the doctors had said that I would never he healed but Jesus, with whom nothing is impossible healed me fully in the retreat of Fr. James. In a recent retreat at Warsaw with Fr. James , Jesus healed me from infections in my intestine and stomach.I thank and praise God that now I am able to live a holy life because I attend often the retreats of Fr. James. Always I await for his retreats in Poland.

Brigit& Jacek with Magdalena. - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
In October 2016, we attended a married couples retreat with Fr. James Manjackal. After praying over us by laying his hands, he told that we would come to him soon with a child. Ten months after the retreat our daughter was born as he had said!. In June 2018, we came with our daughter to show her to Fr. James and to thank God for the gift of a child.
Brigit& Jacek with Magdalena.

Renata - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
I am Renata. I came to the retreat of Fr. James with a tumor on my left ovary. During the prayer of healing Fr. James announced by the Holy Spirit that a Renata is healed from cancer and I believed that it was I. I go ahead with this firm faith that I am healed and healthy. I praise Jesus for his love for me.

Bogumila  - Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
I am Bogumila. In a retreat with Fr. James at Warsaw in 2015, I received a deep inner healing from fear, rejections and wounds of the past from my child hood. Also was able to for give all especially my father who had rejected me much. When I forgive him and reconciled with him , I had deep peace and joy in my heart. Again in a retreat with Fr. James in June 2018. I was healed from my persistent dizziness because which I was scared to walk; and I was healed from my pain in the spine. I used to walk with a stick, now I can walk without it and without pain. Praise to Jesus the Lord.

Sophie -  Retreat in Warsaw , 1-3 June 2018
My name is Sophie. I was suffering on my face from red acne.According to the doctors, I used many tablets, ointment and  antibiotics for years but without any cure.I attended the retreat of Fr. James at Kielce in May 2016, and in prayer Jesus' Spirit spoke through Fr. James" Sophie is healed fully on her face!" I believed it and I was totally healed. Now I have a healthy and beautiful face; I thank Jesus for his great love for me.

M-H.besnard - France
Thank you for your prayer and your kindness I have testified on Sunday at the end of retirement: I was filmed, here is my picture. At the retirement of Chaumont, Friday, I heard you pray for diabetics, I said in my heart: "Lord, if it's also for me pronounce my name." And you said it. On my way home, the two persons I stayed said: “you were called, it was for you.” I know that God also speaks to us by brothers and sisters. Saturday you did the prayer of review of our life from conception, a month ago in my group of prayer the brothers and sisters had asked me to that. At the exit they told me you have been blessed father in fact prayer you needed. Then you have prayed for the sick of the pancreas and you again said my name but only you're cured. Not already healed. Checking my blood sugar I found I was low although my pump is stopped for two hours. I welcomed it as a sign. Other controls values were high. I continue to believe that the Lord has cured me of my diabetes, despite the controlled values. Yesterday while praying the Stations of the Cross for the priests, I asked the leap of faith to unplug my pump, until late afternoon values were correct, but at dinner they had crossed high thresholds, that I corrected with my pump.
Jürgen, Switzerland
I would like to tell you today, mid-August, dear Father James Manjackal, that my kidney problems go through the precious prayer of you have completely disappeared. There are no complaints at the moment. I almost can not believe it.
Thank you dear James Manjackal from the heart.
God bless and keep you.
Jürgen Söchtig, Wettswil/Schweiz

Michael & Klára - Czech Republic
Dear Fr. James

Shortly about us, my name is Michael (40), I met Jesus when I was 20 years old. Wife name is Klára (36), she is from Catholic family, we have 2 girls, Monika (5) and Aneta (3).
It is by association with the protestants that I came to about the Holy Spirit for the first time.I believed that my God would give me a right wife for my welfare.
For the first time with Father James on spiritual exercises by end of summer 2009 in Koclířov, Czech Republic. When Father James blessed to all and read what Holy Spirit was telling him, read with closed eyes, which diseases disappeared from audience (with exact numbers, from how many people) and then he read by the same way all names, who were touched by God with original special message, ... only this was unbelievable miracle.... and when Father said„ ... 15 of you here will get wife/husband soon...“, I belived to the word. Very soon, maybe two weeks later The Holy Spirit told me very clearly: „I’m the husband of Klára, I’m the man, who is responsible to lead her to our God, I’m her head and Jesus is my head.“ The Holy Spirit told me this message so clearly, like Moses was listening God from burning bush. I was listening The Holy Spirit from my burning head, fully of grace words and blessing to my life.

We married in Catholic church in 2010. Later we lost 2 children around 7 weeks old of prenatal life, always around Christmas. We were at doctors, and the result was we are both healthy. We realized, that Devil hates Christian children, and maybe we need to heal our ancestral roots or maybe any other spiritual issue.

After discussion with one very good charismatic priest in Prague, my wife asked him, what he thinks about Father James? He answered, he is Holy person on the Earth. So we decided to go to long weekend on spiritual exercises of married pairs with Father James in Brno, Czech Republic 2012. It was one of the best weekend ever. After lessons, how we should pray together, how husband should pray for his wife and opposite… After many miracle stories, on Sunday, Father James was blessing pair by pair, maybe 300 pairs. There was queue, and when he pass around us, he closed eyes, asked Holy Spirit and after 5 sec. he looked at me, his face was changed to big smile and he told me: “ you must come to me with your child” J. I believed to this word and waited for my first child Monika who was conceived soon.

If anyone decide to follow our good God, and recognize, that our Catholic church has holy priests, who are connected with God, it is intelligent decision to follow them.

God bless you

Michael & Klára

Lubomir & Tatiana - Czech Republik
God bless you!
Thank you Father James for two spiritual exercises in Brezno. We would like to share the testimony of God's blessing through your prayers.
You said during adoration:  "The Lord gives you the gift of the child", we believed it and really it happened. The Lord gave us grace to forgive and the Lord gave us the baby after five years of marriage!
Praise to Jesus Christ!
Father James we love you, continue to pray for us and for our child!

Lubomir ♥ Tatiana ♥ our baby in womb (will be born around 14.December 2018)

Paviot - Martinique Island

Hello, Father James,

Here is as requested my testimony of healing, following the retreat that you animated with such fervour and faith in January 2018 at the Ferme Perrine in Martinique.
Indeed, my family tree is infested, among other things, with various eye diseases (glaucoma, corneal malformations, uveitis, hole in the macula...) in all generations.
I'm 53 years old. But since my adolescence, I was victim of uveitis (serious infection of the cormée) repeatedly to the right eye only; the last one dating from 2013.
Before you came to Martinique, my eyesight had greatly diminished in the right eye.
I had asked for an appointment with the ophthalmologist, who offered me one during the retreat in Martinique. So I turned it down! Because I wanted to attend your retreat.
During  your healing sessions, you said two days in a row: "Lina, you are healed".
The second day, I immediately had the impression that it was a healing of the eyes. I prayed intensely.. Sisters in Christ came to pray for me.
One week after retreat, when I left my physiotherapist's house, I could hardly see anything with both eyes (not even five metres away!).

Johny Manjackal & Precy. India
 My name is Johny and I’m from Mumbai, India. I’m also the nephew of Fr. James Manjackal. My wife and I have been married for 5 years and were having difficulties with having a child. Fr. James invited my parents and us to Western Europe for a pilgrimage to all the major churches and holy places. We went to Rome, Padua and Lourdes and many other pilgrimage centres. My wife and I experienced what millions of other people have been experiencing for thousands of years when they visit these places – a spiritual upliftment and renewed vigour to live life as per the wishes of our Lord and Saviour. We also spent time with Fr. James in the house of Dr. Richie where he, Gaby, Richie with his wife Janine and 8 children prayed over my wife and me by laying their hands on us to have children in our married life. God answered the prayers and miracle happened!Almost as soon as we came back to India, my wife, Precy conceived and infact now after nine months she has given birth to a healthy baby boy who was born on the exact birthday of  my uncle, Fr. James! Praise the Lord for being merciful to us and giving us the grace of having a child.  We named him James. It was a great joy for our whole family that my uncle with all his pains and hardships on his wheel chair came alone to Bombay to baptise our child on 28the April.Hope this helps those who are still yearning for the Gift of a child, may the Lord help you as he has helped us. Indeed prayers with faith do wonders!

Johny & Precy.

Kamila -Poland
Dear Father James,
My name is Kamila and I am from Poland (I live in Kielce and together with my husband we took part in the Father's retreat with us).
We have been married for 10 months, and immediately after attending your retreat, God blessed us and gave a beautiful son Adam. We thank and praise for the gift of our child.
God bless you.

Lucia - Slovakia
Praise the Jesus!
Hi father James, my name is Lucia and I´m from Slovakia. We have been in Brezno. We expect fifth child we are happy becouse we said yes to life with my husbend, but our famillies is thinking about us that we are crazy, we are living in Kosice and we praise for our house. We are living in sublease for 6 years I´m home with all my childrens and my husbend working , he is making roofs and he is dooing medium schol because he was  drug addict and he spend 6 years in comunity Cenacolo, me too but only for 3 mounths – thanks a God for this time! Anyway I would like to say thank you to God because of you! Before I came to Brezno I felt really bad because my ppregnancy it was hard time I was despread and sad because I coud´nt look after my babys and husbend and home. I never felt like that before. I said to Michal(husbend) please go without me to the Brezno I can´t go! and he said no way,  we are going to be  closer the God, this will be our sacrifice! So first day Friday was dificult and during the mass after confession when bread was transformed of Jesus I felt power (now I am crying) and sickness and illness was away!!! Thanks God i worship you!!!! And my little son Mateo he had skin disease and is away and you said his name he is only 4 but he is praying every evening for his skin so he is so happy and always singin thank you thank you Jesus  J)))))
And I had complicated kind of epilepsy for last 4 years, i had 20 seizures during the day and 20 during the night with urine leakage I know that I am so prod but I started pray for humility...my fourth  child was born by section because of this diagnos of epilepsy and I have strong tablets two times a day...doctor wants give me stronger tablets but I love breast feeding...and my gynecologist said Lucia you have 4 children must be enough for you I will give you contracentive body...I said to her NO i am catholik and she said that we are not normal...anyway I realy had a fear to go the doctor now when we expect fifth baby but there is a new doctor and she was thinking that I am without children thank a God! But you was pray for people with epilepsy and I felt it is me...I am not eating tablet from Friday!!! God is good father!!! Thank you Jesus
And I have 8 younger brothers they are addicted of alcohol and three of those were in Brezno and  for me is  miracol!
Thank you Lord Jesus

Please for our house and we will pray for your mission.   Thanks

Aldona & Mirosław Bińkowscy with son Peter -Poland
Dear Father James!
We would like to share with You our testimone.
I and my wife took part in retreat in Warsaw in May 2016. Until that time, we have been trying for a child without success. During retreat there was a special prayer for couples without children. Father James put his hands down on our heads and started to pray. He said: “Lord Jesus is purifying You from your sins and gift You many offspring.” After prayer he added: “come to my retreat with your first child.” 2 weeks after the retreat my wife became pregnant.
During all of the pregnancy, every day we prayed with a special prayer for a pregnant women from Father James Manjackal book with 33 charismatic prayers. Unfortunately, in the first trimester was abnormal ultrasonic genetic finding on antenatal screening of mother. the probability of birth of a child with genetic defects was 1 to 56. It was a difficult time for us, but we have trusted to God and have prayed. Our son was born on February 14, 2017 with a asphyxia pallida. He was livid and limp, shows signs of apnea, thank God, only for a short time. Since then our son is healthy. There are no genetic defects or neurologic deficits.
We believe that the conception of the child and the fact that it is now healthy are miracles performed by the Lord Jesus.
Praise the Lord!

Aldona & Mirosław Bińkowscy with son Peter

Jakob -Czech Rpublic
My dearest Father,

Please see below the photos of Jakub 17 years, for whom you prayed very hard last summer as he was diagnosed with the leukemia and had to transplant his bone marrow right after. The chemo therapy continued after. The Lord kept little Jakub alive and his family is very grateful and would like to thank you from the whole heart for your prayers and support. They believe that it is  YOUR PRAYERS that saved his life. Praise the Lord.

Jakub has been isolated for half year at home now, his immunity system is still very weak and he has to stay isolated at home till the next school year. But he just had his first hear cut of new hair. Praise the Lord. Slowly he is getting better, communicating with his friends via computer. With the grace of the Lord he would like to start at the Bishop Gymnasium in Brno at first grade in this following September. The family very kindly ask for your prayers for this boy and for the whole family.
We are thanking god for this little boy even though we don't know this family personally and we hope that he can have a good life.
Our deepest love and prayers

Agneska - Poland
My name is Agnieszka. On retreat in Kielce in 2015, I was healed from my knee disease. I had two operations after which I could not walk properly anyway. The muscles in the thighs were sunken. During the retreat, when father said: Agnieszka, you are healed, I felt a current passing through my body . For a month after the retreat, the muscles in my legs trembled. After this time the pain has gone away and I can walk normally. In addition, father said that they are on retreat persons who will soon meet the future husband / wife. A year after the retreat I met my fiance. Similarly, 4 familiar people who were on retreats got married. I believe that this is just the beginning of blessings and healings in my life. Thanks Jesus!
God bless you father,

Hello Father James,
I'm Valerie. I am 43 years old, I am married and mother of a 14 year old girl. I live in Guadeloupe (island located 45 minutes by plane from Martinique). I was delighted to participate in your retirement in Martinique ten days ago. I am charismatic since 1999. Assistant social training, I am currently receptionist at the Family Allowances Fund of Guadeloupe.
Give thanks to God because I was healed (haemorrhage-blood loss) during your retreat. If one day I meet you, I will give you my testimony in more detail

Union of Prayer - Be Blessed

Hi Father James,
I have emailed you twice asking if you would pray for me to have good health after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. You have kindly prayed with me since my request.
I am writing to let you know that I have had some good news, my cancer is currently stable and has also had an over reduction of 30%.
Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray with me in hope that the good Lord will bless me with a cure.

Kind regards,
Nicole Unsal

Joseph Xavier. India
I am Joseph Xavier. I testify here all the blessings that I had received at a Charismatic retreat conducted by Fr, James some 25 years ago from 8th  to 12th Nov 1992, at Eramalloor, Karumancherry, in the district of Alappuzha, Kerala. When I was praying during the adoration, through the mouth Fr.James, the Holy Speak said the Lord took away my habit of smoking and alcoholism. Immediately I felt the power of the Holy Spirit falling on me and transforming my life. I was addicted to them for many years! From then till today I have not smoked and even touched even a drop of alcohol.On the last day of the retreat, while praying to remove the blocks of the youth to enter into their states of life; he said names of some who would get married soon within a year, and I was one of them. God gave me good catholic wife within one year as it was prophecied; I got married on 25th October 1993. Today I thank God with my wife and three children for the many blessings Jesus bestowed upon me from the time I attended the retreat of Fr.James. I express my gratitude to Jesus by evangelising and proclaiming His lordship to whomever I meet. I gave this testimony directly to Fr. James when I met him on 2nd February 2018 at Charis Bhavan, Athirampuzha. Although he is on his wheel chair with much pain, he heard me with much patience and prayed for me and my family.Praise the Lord!
Joseph Xavier,
Kovendha Chirayil,
Thuruthy, Chnaganacherry.

Corine - Martinique
This retreat spiritually redeemed me and I needed it a lot because I had a weariness of everyday life (personal life, work etc ...). I had heard so much about you father Manjackal!
You want so much that we are saved, it is beautiful and that pushes us to want LA SAINTETE by applying the 5 vitamins!
Corine Capitaine

Yolaine C. - Martinique
I give thanks to the Lord for you, Father Manjackal, who was able to hold four intense days despite your suffering. 4 wonderful days for me, the lord was really present.
Thank you for healing my stomach and healing my cousin's legs.
Yolaine C.

Suzon L.- Martinique
I will never be able to express in words all that I felt when I learned of your coming Father Manjackal. This retreat was very enriching for me especially your teaching on: the importance of the confession, to learn to know more and more the SAINT SPIRIT and to call it often, the teaching on the family ...
It was a great joy for me every night to tell my family members about my day.
Suzon L.

J’avais vraiment hâte de vous rencontrer père James, depuis plus d’un an je priais déjà le Rosaire médité selon vos enseignements.
Vos Conseils concrets au regard de la Parole de Dieu pendant ces 4 jours m’ont fait grandir dans la Foi en la Sainte Trinité..
Merveilleux temps avec vous saint Prêtre JAMES qui êtes allé au de-là de vos souffrances terribles pour nous porter Jésus sur un plateau Beni.
Soyez remercier dans le saint Nom de Jésus.
Bravo et merci à Vincent interprète très humble mais si efficace, à l’ange gardien Gaby, Maryvonne qui a tout bien coordonné.
Revenez vite nous porter encore l’Amour de Dieu et nous conduire encore plus haut sur le chemin de la SAINTETÉ.

Dear Fr James; Praise the Lord.
My name is Joseph, a Tanzanian currently living in Brussels Belgium. I wish to share with you the testimony of our encountering with the Lord Jesus Christ when my wife Lucy and I attended your retreats. The first retreat we attended from 15th to 17th of September, 2017 at Maison De La Culture at Nevers, France.  As a matter of fact I must acknowledge the fact that I never knew you or rather heard of you before. But as we are in the Charismatic renewal one day a family friend told us about you and helped us to arrange to attend the retreat in Nevers. This same family friend also gave me your website so that I can see the Might and divine Hand of Jesus Christ through your ministry. Indeed we saw all the divine work and got inspired to attend the retreat. We knew that now our long time illness and sufferings has come to an end.  I wrote you an Email and you responded instantly as I asked the possibility of having an audience with you. During the retreat my wife and I consulted you and explained our difficulties.  I was suffering from a severe back and waist pains to the extent that standing or sitting for a long time was difficult. Also my left index finger was in such pains that the normal use of my hand was difficult. These pains normally got worse at dawn especially after waking up and inhibit my normal movement. Way back then it was like a partial paralysis at the right hand side of my body.  I started experiencing all these from the year 2010 onwards. I was also experiencing vomiting (mucus like or even blood sometimes) whenever we started praying of when someone was praying for me. I have attended several healing and deliverance programs back home since 2011 but to no avail.  All the medical tests showed negative.   So when you prayed for me the first time in Nevers, I fell down, started vomiting and epileptics manifestations. Later in the afternoon session you mentioned my name twice saying Joseph you are healed. That was the new experience with me and so I actually claimed that healing in Jesus Name. You also mentioned my wife’s name to be healed. On arriving home after the retreat I experienced vomiting only on two occasions.  But until now no vomiting as it was used to be. Likewise, I have received a complete healing of the index finger in my left hand. These days no pains at all and I can now make the normal use of my hand. However, I was still experiencing minimal waist and back pains.

Again we attended the second retreat in Münnerstadt Germany from 26th to 29th Oct 2017. We were lucky enough to have an audience with you again this time around and being    consecrated. My wife has been experiencing unstable menstrual cycle. When we came to the retreat she was beyond the normal cycle for one week and no usual signs. But the moment we came to talk to you she started experiencing the signs and started the cycle. After returning home on my first day after the second retreat in the morning I did some physical exercises with ease that I was not able to perform for more than 3 years because of the severe back and waist pains. Indeed Jesus has healed me just the way you said it two times during the retreat that you saw me being healed physically. Apart from physical and inner healing that we received we thank you for your guidance on Holiness. We ask you to keep on praying for each other so that we can be together and  share  the feast and the banquet which our good Lord has prepared for all His faithfully children.
Dear Papa, We really  thank God for you and pray that God should protect, heal and pour on you more divine anointing  so that many afflicted people can  encounter Jesus through you the  chosen and humble servant of GOD and banish out the work of the devil. We are quite sure that on our side Jesus in us the best is yet to come.
Thank you so much and God bless you Papa (Asante sana na Mungu akubariki BABA).

Dear Father James,
Thank you very much for reply and prayers !!!
I believe I was healed from food allergies, diseases, spinal pain, thyroid and nodular disease. I believe that will give me a good job. I thank Jesus for his healing. He gave me a new life, healed from injuries and gave friends. Praise the Lord!!! Jesus lives!!!
Thank you very much, I wish You health Father!

With gratitude and love

Ich habe im Februar 2015 bei Pater James Exerzitien gemacht und wurde in deren Verlauf von einem Krebsleiden geheilt. Ich wurde vorher schon zweimal operiert und nun hat das Krankenhaus bestätigt:
Bei dem Patienten sind keine weiteren Maßnahmen vorgesehen. (Den Entlassungsbrief habe ich gekürzt)
Außerdem wurde eine Dornwarze, die seit langem beim Gehen schmerzte, plötzlich schmerzfrei.

Dank dem Allmächtigen, aber auch Pater James für die Fürsprache.

Wolfgang Bayer

Zeugnis: Was ich bei den Exerzitien von P. James Manjackal erlebte:

Diese Exerzitien waren für mich eine unglaubliche Erfahrung. Schon am ersten Tag, als ich hineinkam, hatte ich den Eindruck, als ob mir eine schwere Last abgenommen würde. Der Heilige Geist wirkte sehr stark und so verbrachte ich die Tage in  großer Freude. Beim Heilungsgebet von P. James heilte mich Gott von meinen hormonellen Problemen. Ich hatte stets eine sehr unregelmäßige Menstruation; es kam schon auch mal vor, dass ich über mehrere Monate hinweg meine Tage gar nicht bekam. Davon bin ich jetzt befreit, ich konnte kurze Zeit nach den Exerzitien bereits den physischen Unterschied erfahren. Ich bin sehr dankbar für diese Heilung, denn ich fühle mich nun wesentlich besser.
Ich leide auch schon seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt an Schlafstörungen. Die Heilung diesbezüglich wurde auch für mich bereits freigesetzt und sie wird sich in den kommenden Monaten mehr und mehr realisieren.
Das Überwältigendste war für mich allerdings ein Gespräch mit einer geistigen Tochter von P. James. Sie erzählte mir von ihrem Leben und wir fanden viele Parallelen. Sie legte mir nahe, für meinen Stammbaum beten zu lassen und eine Gregorianische Messreihe für meinen Stammbaum lesen zu lassen. Ich verstand plötzlich, dass ich für meinen Großvater beten und Hl. Messen lesen lassen soll. Dazu hat mich auch das Zeugnis von Dr. Richie ermutigt. Sie versprach mir außerdem, für mich zu beten. Nachdem ich das gemacht hatte, habe ich bei einer Hl. Messe den aufrichtigen Dank meines Großvaters gespürt und ich habe gemerkt, welch große Gnade es ist, dass ich von diesem Anliegen erfahren habe.
Jetzt merke ich, wie Barrieren in meinem Leben beseitigt werden. Manchmal sind nicht die Umstände das Problem, sondern der eigene Blick auf die Umstände. Ich treffe zunehmend auf Menschen, die für mich beten und die mir helfen, die Dinge anders zu sehen. Und plötzlich wird das Unmögliche möglich…. So habe ich wieder Hoffnung geschöpft, dass sich meine Berufung realisieren lässt.
Was den Alltag betrifft, so hat sich Folgendes geändert: Mein Gebet ist christuszentrierter geworden. Und ich bete mehr zum Hl. Geist. Ich habe begonnen, das Buch „Ich sah die Ewigkeit“ zu lesen, in dem James Manjackal über seine Nahtoderfahrung berichtet. Seither habe ich eine bessere Erkenntnis meiner Sünden, ich kann mich selber klarer sehen und habe mehr Respekt vor Drogensüchtigen und Obdachlosen.
Ich bin unendlich dankbar für diese Erfahrung und könnte mir nicht vorstellen, wie mein Leben verlaufen wäre, hätte ich diese Exerzitien nicht besucht.

Mag. Karmen Hofer

Testimony of Monika from Slovakia:

God helped me to end up with smoking

“Not in three days, now!” “Not me but God

“ I had been smoking for 15 years. It all started because I was feeling very unhappy, unsatisfied, broken. I lost many things in my life that time and cigarettes were only one thing which nobody could take me. At least I thought so. I found more advantages at smoking. I became self-confident. I did not eat so much so I was slim. I had a break for a cigarette at work with all other colleagues. It looks like the great idea to smoke because I was feeling very well. Unfortunately, cigarettes were my compensation for pleasure which I did not seek in God. It was not good. I felt it somewhere deep in my heart. I was popular but my friends did not care about me. I was slim but my problems with unhealthy eating did not change. I was self-confident but alone. One addiction changed to other addictions.

I heard that people stopped smoking and I knew that I can do it too. However, I felt that I do not want to. I was still resistant. I thought that I enjoy life which I had but I knew that when I stop smoking I again gain weight, lost “friend”,…. I stopped for a while but I was again smoking when I felt bad. Everything changed when I heard a testimony of one woman. She decided to consign her addiction as a compensation for souls in purgation. I was decided to do it too. It was in October in 2016 and I wanted to wait till the All Souls’ Day. Meanwhile, I and my family came to Kosice where Father Manjackal celebrated holy mass. He called upon people to bring their joys, sorrows, addictions (even smoking) to the altar. He added: “Not in three days. Now!“ It touched me so much because according to my deal with God it was three days until the All Souls’ Day. I had the last box of cigarettes which I intended to festively smoke.

After an inner fight, I devoted my life and addiction to God as a child. I said: “Please, take away from me all sorrows, my inferiority, my fear of putting weight. Not my, but your will be done! “Then I understood that all the time it was me who wanted to fight against the addiction. However, it was possible only with GOD in me. It is a part of all healing what has happened in my relationships and family. I realize that everything is changing and healing when I forgive but also bless in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Jesus.

Dear Father James,
First off all I would like to thank you for your prayers for our son Nickolas. I wrote to you last year,  he was about to lose his leg. After a year and 12 surgeries later,  he is able to work and go on with a normal routine. We believe that it was because of your prayers in your holy masses. We come to know that your prayers and masses have great power and effect, as you say " Mass has infinite blessings". Thank you or as they say in German: Vergelt's Gott!
May I please ask you for  your  prayers again, we are in Georgia USA,  and in the path of hurricane Irma.  Please pray for for us and for all the people in Irma's path,  as well for everyone that has been affected by hurricane Harvey.

My parents have come to Altoetting to your seminar 3 times. How I would love to be able to join them.  Thank you for all you do and your help. You are included in my prayers.
Sandra Eubanks

Jacek and Brygida and Magdalena

Dear Father James,
In October 2016 me and my wife- we took part in your retreat for married couples in Warsaw.
We have been trying for many years to have a baby. We have prayed in this intention, also as intercessory prayer. During your retreat you prayed for us and the Holy Spirit told us, through you, that we will have a baby. You told us as well to come to see you with our baby. One month after the retreat, my wife became pregnant.
August 5, 2017 our daughter Magdalena was born (according to your request in the attachment I send our pictures together).
With God's help we want to participate in your retreat in 2018.
God bless you.

Jacek Jesionka

Hermine Costabiei
Dear Fr. James Manjackal,
I am Hermine from Südtirol (german speaking part of Northern Italy) and I was able to attend your retreat in Altötting.
I am so overwhelmed and I have to say that this seminar was the most beautiful one that I have ever attended.
With all my heart I thank the Holy Spirit for the many graces and blessings that He gave us and to you, Fr. James, may God reward you for everything you taught us and for the many blessings that you invoked for us from God. Alleluia, a hearty thank you!
I praise and thank God also that He gave us such a Holy Priest like you, Fr. James. Alleluia.
Here I also want to give testimony, thank God I have received inner healing. On the second day of the retreat we had to put the hand on our chest and after some time I felt everything warm around my heart and afterwards you pronounced my name and said that I am healed.
I had such a great joy and was so happy and only wanted to thank God. In the evening after the retreat I went to another holy mass and I couldn’t even listen to the Priest, because I had to thank God the whole time.
Already half a year ago here in Südtirol I had started with a priest to pray for my inner healing. He also helped me with blessing and prayer. This priest did not know that I took part in your retreats. After a few days when I had returned home, I realized that this same priest got an inspiration exactly on the day when I received healing in Altötting, to pray for me although he already wanted to do something else..
The Holy Spirit worked with full power.
Now I am so happy and full of joy that I have peace again in my heart. I also had the grace of resting in the Holy Spirit.
Dear Fr. James, I wish to understand what God wants from my life? What am I called for?
Please can you ask the Holy Spirit that He may show me exactly what He wants from me and what I should do and that I may also get the joy, the wisdom and the power to go His way and live in holiness.
May God reward you a thousand times for everything.
All the best and God’s richest blessing for you!
Hearty regards, happy Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit!
Hermine Costabiei

Marta Mičánková
My name is Marta Mičánková and I would like to share a testimony about my healing from multiplex sclerosis that happens during one of the renewal retreat with Father James.
On 10. April 2011 in the early morning I experienced terrible vertigo that didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop vomiting. My husband called for an emergency. I stayed in hospital for couple of days. After plenty of medical examinations the doctors diagnosed me multiplex sclerosis. They started to cure me with interferons injections.

I was frightened how everything will go on. We had a 10 months old sun and 2 years old tougher at that time. However I hoped for a miracle….which finally happened.
In the spring 2012 me and my husband attended a renewal retreat with Father James hold in Brno Czech Republic. I wished to get healed…
During this event Father James put his hands on me and my healing happened. That day ended with a holy mass when my name was mentioned: “Marta, you have been healed from multiplex sclerosis (MS)”.
After my first attack my left leg became weaker and was prickling. Since the moment I was healed the MS’s symptoms are not developing. They stayed the same. I go for a medical check every year where they scan my brain. There is no development of my brain damage here either. So the conclusion of doctors is that the MS is stabilized and not developing. See below. I told the doctors about the fact I had been healed but they strictly asked me to continue applying injections. However I believe God has healed me through Father James.

Dear Father James,

My name is Margaret, I am 36years old. I am suffering from multiple sclerosis.
During Your retreat I was  praying for healing from this disease but God wanted something else

I started smoking when I was 19.,I smoked for 17 years.
 I tried twice to quit smoking but was no effect

On the second day of the retreat in Warsaw  I smoked half a cigarette and threw the rest out
On the third day situation repeated, I lit only a half  cigarette - I could not finish smoking this cigarrete - God was already working in me.

Since the retreat has passed already 5 weeks - I did not smoke any more cigarette. I am free from smoking, praise the Lord.

I went to your retreat in Vienna at the beginning of February 2016. It was my second retreat with you. I was almost dead in my faith, I didn't love Jesus and had no prayer live with dear Jesus and dear Mother Mary. Before I went to Vienna I experienced the devil for the first time in my life. I had problems with my car and I was not sure whether I could come to your retreat. I told Jesus "if you want me at this retreat, you will resolve my problem" and Jesus resolved it. Through your prayers to the Holy Spirit, Jesus gave Himself completely to me and I fell in love with Him. I remember it was just Jesus and me, like other couples loving each other. I had just eyes for Jesus. Since that moment I have been feeling a deep relationship with Jesus, it's like being married with him. There is something between me and Jesus and Jesus is always waiting patiently for my prayers and His eyes are looking with great love on me and on my life here. So after that retreat I was a completely different person, my life changed completely. I got a new heart. You were talking about the 5 vitamin tablets and I am taking these tablets almost every day. And not only these tablets I am taking, I have been doing more and more. I have been going to Holy mass, have been praying with my husband, I have been reading in the bible with my husband, I have been talking (praying) to Jesus, to God to the Holy Spirit, I have been praying the Holy rosary almost every day. And since last September I have been starting to volunteer as a sacristan in our small church and people are saying that this church is showing love to people. I have been going to retreats, have been going to the Holy confession almost every month..... Now I know that I may have a chance to go to heaven and I can already experience God's presence in my life here on earth. Now I know that Jesus is the most important person in my life and I already gave my life to Jesus in a charismatic retreat this spring. Thank you Fr. James that God gave you us people so we may go to heaven!!! And I have been praying for you, almost every day. I have been praying that God let you on earth for more years coming.

Dear Father James,
I am Mario. I live in the North of Poland. I am disabled since I was born. I have Cerebral Palsy and hydrocephalus. I use the sticks to walking. Besides Cerebral Palsy I have almost everything but I believe. I was on Your retreats in Warsaw since 15 – 18 June, 2017 and I was healed from my high pressure. It was my second time, but this time was special. During retreats I have had experienced of the Holy Spirit. In first day when you said during the mass: Mariusz Jesus is healing you.  In that moment I felt big stream of warm for all my chest. I felt peace and good. I knew it that has happened something good.  For all 4 days of Your retreats I felt strange: something was going with my body: a lot of streams of warm into my body, especially  into my chest, besides tears and calm. When you blessed me with all disabled people one day I felt warm in my head and when I stood up from the chair I felt big streams of warm through all my body and I couldn't say anything. Suddenly I started crying. One woman asked me: Are you ok? But I've been still standing and crying. Another girl from the community looked at me and I saw she knew it what was happened. After retreats I felt badly. I had a headache and dizziness. I didn’t know what is going on.  I stayed in Warsaw.  I couldn’t go to the doctor. I decided to reduce the dose of my medicines but every day I've been checking the pressure of my blood. I said:  Jesus I Trust in You. I felt better. When I came back home I was going to the doctor. My doctor knows my case for 20 years. She examined me, also did ECG, she told me you are very calm, everything is very calm and everything was ok. She reduce the dose of medicines. Now I am taking only two piece of tablets on a day. Earlier I took 3 kinds of medicines only in the morning.  Besides I have to go on the control in two months. I wanted to give my testimony on Sunday, when the retreats was ended, but I was afraid. I am sorry Jesus. Now I have the possibility.
Thank you for that my Lord.
 Grace the Lord.
Now I am waiting on my legs. I felt… but maybe I wasn’t ready.
So keep the faith! Jesus is alive!
Mariusz Wentowski – Poland

Dear Father James!
As promised I would like to send my testimonial to you! It was in 2012 after Easter when I participated in your courses (Exerzitien) the first time. My husband unfortunately could only stay for two days. During lunch break when you laid your hands on the sick people in order to bless them something special happened. When you laid your hands upon my head and prayed over me everything started to vibrate and at first I was like “what is he doing to me?“ but in this moment I experienced the power of the holy spirit! This was my first experience of the holy spirit! I got the gift of praise and from this moment on I started to do praise at home. Also the praise at your exercices when everyone was singing and praising the Lord began to feel like an early stage of heaven for me. Especially at the communion I felt the power of god! When I came home I looked out oft he window because my husband noticed something strange in the skys. So I took a photo. When i developed it I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove in the sky and I realised that this was the exact display as a colourfull cross which is hanging in my living room on the wall. This is the place where I allways praise the Lord with songs! Furthermore I asked you to pray over me because I was ill very often and I wasn´t able to go tot he holy mass everyday as you told us to do. A few weeks later I also got this grace and since then I am able to go to mass every day.
Thank you for all your prayers and love for me and your precious courses (Exerzitien)!
Your´s sincerely Veronika - Austria

Dear Father James Manjackal,
Following the charismatic session organized by Fr. Manjackal in Brest on April 29th and May 1st in the church of Saint Laurent in Lambézellec (29200), I wanted to thank you for having authorized him to preach on the Quimper and Léon diocese , and to testify of the graces received. I testified of my physical healing to the participants present on Monday 1st May. I prayed for my sanctification and healing by invoking the Holy Spirit. I felt during the prayer for the sick, very concretely my heart dilated in my chest. At first, I did not take more importance than that.
And it was only on the following day, after the prayer and Father hand imposition, that I understood, after the rest in the Spirit, the profound certainty that I was healed. A conversion, a miracle? A great inner peace has inhabited me since that time. I reviewed the specialist in the oncology department at Morvan Hospital, and he told me he was not treating lymphoma. Banal? Leaving the doctor, he shook my hand as if giving me Christ Peace . I did not ask anything, I received everything and grew up in this ordeal of sickness. I am happy to be a believer, to live my faith in Jesus Christ. Trials, I will have others, they are all offered to Him who loved me before I loved Him.
When we came to Saint Laurent(Lawrence), Fr. Manjackal gave us an Eternity Water, and I wish that he could evangelize with his charisms France, all those who have gone away from the God of Love, or who do not know him not yet.
And I also thank Father Jean-Baptiste Gless for his availability, for having received the reconciliation sacrament and for having opened the doors of his church on this occasion for this great "reconciliation with God" (theme of the session).
Thank you also to Father Manjackal for having preached this session with strength and authority to build the civilization of Love and give France back to become again "eldest daughter of the Church".

Dear Father James,

I am sister Mary Angelika Spychalska, felician sister from Warsaw of the Our Lady Queen of Poland Province.
Your retreat is always grace as you emanate of Jesus, His goodness, love to every human being and of peace.
This year I experienced a real joy of taking part in the retreat in Warsaw for the third time. It was exceptional because Our Lord let me take advantage of spiritual and physical healing grace too. I believed that He would respond with His grace. And He did. I was excited very much about this moment when I heard: the sister Angelika has been healed.

Before making my decision as to healing I told Jesus that although the spine ache and the lack of hearing are very painful, however, I asked Him for such a grace which would be to His greater glory and let love more - or for the grace of reducing  the pain, or bearing this pain for His bigger glory and the good  the other ones.

At present, I am feeling strong and very joyful in my heart. I am sure that whatever has been done by Our Lord, it is His gift. My healing - there is not only the eased spine pain, what I do believe, but also the other attitude to pain, accepting it as the grace of Our Lord to the others, and I have got so many people who  are   in need of such intercession.
I am expressing many thanks to Jesus and you Father with all my heart for this exceptional healing and I am asking you a lot for your prayer and imploring the grace of transformation for those whom I keep in my heart.
Praised be Jesus Christ and adored!


Marta Przewor - Poland
A few years ago I fell down the stairs and suffered a lower back injury. I moved in the corset, but also then decided to take part in the retreat as a volunteer. Who once experiences this, wants to re-participate in this great event. I heard from family: you can not handle. But I felt I had to be there. During those retreats during the prayer for healing, James said that the Lord Jesus touches the spine. I felt enormous heat. On the second day I removed my corset, without which I could not function normally. Jesus healed me.

Martin & Georgia Lehninger
My dear Fr. James,

you made me very happy. By recommendation of my sister Kalliopi Strunz, my husband and I visited your retreats from 21.-23. of April.

My sister gave testimony, she was healed from psoriasis, asthma and migrane. She is a practicing catholic.
Although we are greek Orthodox she recommended your seminar. We came with much shyness, but what we’ve experienced in those 3 days helped us much to
1) forgive,
2) understand the meaning of communion through the 10 wounds of Jesus,
3) experience healing through prayer.

I am sure that I am liberated from migrane, from psoriasis and joint pains.

We received the baptism in the holy spirit and I learned to pray in tounges.

Without exageration - I have never been as happy as in these three days.

I was very touched by the baptism of Jörg, because me and my husband were baptised only a short while ago. Before, we had been with Jehova’s witnesses for 40 years, until we couldn’t stand it anymore. It was a battle that lasted 6 years until we left. You must know that no one is allowed to talk to whoever allows himself to be excluded. At one blow we lost all friends and family. But it was clear in our mind that we cannot help our children if we didn’t get out. Unfortunately, they are still in the sect. But the power of God is great and so we pray for God’s help and blessing that He may lead them into the light and that they may find the truth.

We thank God that he brought Fr. James into our life. Thank you for this seminar that has strengthened our faith greatly. May God keep him for us much longer. Alleluia.

Warm greetings,

Martin and Georgia Lehninger

I, Maria Wimmersberger, Frankenmarkt, Oberösterreich, was healed Saturday evening during the healing prayers from rheuma in the soft parts, ear pain and loss of memory. Praised be Jesus Christ, alleluia, thank you Jesus.

best wishes, Maria

Dear Fr. James Manjackal, God bless you and all who you support in your holy ministry.

On 10.-12.02.17 I took part in one of your many retreats. It was wonderful. Thank you for your effort and clarity. You spoke clear words and that is exactly what we people need in these times. A clear spiritual loving guidance to the words of Jesus. No “wishy-washy”. No. But precise statements, that hit the heart like a sword - like the word of God - and help immediately to correct oneself.

Therefore I was able to understand how important it is to bite one’s tounge and not to talk about a spiritual father in a negative way only because one doesn’t understand everything and how great the risk to judge. I went to confession immediately.

I was able to forgive everything from the heart. Forgiving and forgetting has always been very hard for me and a very long process. Thank you Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

Today, at the end of April, I am able to notify you, dear Fr. James, that I am healed from psoriasis. My bronchial asthma is almost fully gone and I don’t suffer any more under migrane. Thank you Fr. James.
Thank you Jesus, I love you Jesus, my Lord and my God.

Dear Fr. James, I gladly pray for you, please also pray for me and my intentions to God our Lord. Alleluia, God bless you!

best regards,
Kalliopi Strunz

Manjusha Joseph
 " I, Manjusha Joseph, would like to share my experience of the Holy Spirit– during the conference ‘Life in Christ”-.at Birmingham. I was a nominal Christian with my Sunday mass and daily prayers without any experience of the Holy Spirit in my life. This was my first experience of a charismatic retreat in my life.
When I met Fr. James in his room on the 2nd day of the retreat, he placed his hands on my head and prayed and then I felt his hands were heavy on my head. After that prayers tears were were rolling down from my eyes through my cheeks. I don't know why! I was astonished at the power and strength displayed by Fr. James during his long & continuous talks and prayers without any tiredness or weakness as a disabled man sitting on the wheel chair. I was overjoyed seeing his bleeding palms!
      On Friday in the father noon Fr. James individually laid his hands on everyone’s head and prayed for the infusion of the Holy Spirit. When my turn came, I was standing in front of Fr. James, he laid his hands on my head and I prayed earnestly for the Holy Spirit. This time, when Fr. placed his hands on my head – it felt very light (not heavy like yesterday!) My body felt as light as a feather, and I couldn’t control or remember anything. When I woke up, I was on the floor; I got up and went to my seat: my tears were uncontrollably running down my face. I was praising Lord Jesus. I couldn’t join my hands together, even if I forced them. I saw a beam of light coming into my eyes, and then it split into two beams. I tried desperately to open my eyes, but I couldn’t open them. The light suddenly filled the whole room and my tongue was stuck to the top of my mouth. I couldn’t control my tongue, however I could feel that my tongue and fallen back into my throat and I choked. I started coughing and got my breath back. But I lost control of my voice, words came out as noises. Then, I felt like I was pushed down from the top of a tunnel, I saw an ash-coloured blanket. However, I am not able to explain all of these things, but I experienced the Holy Spirit. I felt very peaceful, calm and relaxed.
I attended the holy mass, at the end of the day, in full concentration. I wasn’t able to do that before. When I came home, I shared my experience with my family. I took the Bible and I read the paragraph from 2 Kings: “You are recovered.” I had bleeding for the last nine months, I became anaemic and I was on treatment. I had to use a pad every single day, when I attended the conference for two days, I didn’t even have a spotting. I thought that I was healed – I don’t need pads any more. Next morning, I went for work - napkin-less! Praise the Lord! I believed that Jesus the great healer touched me!

Praise the Lord,

Manjusha Joseph

Hello my name is Jacques

At the first retreat I attended in 2006 at "Les 3 épis" Alsace (Apparition Shrine of Our Lady), I was seized by the depth the truth, the strengh, the demanding requirement and relevance in mercyfull love of the teachings of Father James Manjackal especially, charity, reconciliation, family and suffering.
That is why I regularly followed his retreats and tried to put into practice his teachings and received in abundance many graces.

1) Shortly before her death as 10 minutes before this was not planned, I had the grace through the motion of the Holy Spirit to go and kneel down before my mother in low for a reconciliation after more than 20 years.I am sure that my mother forgave me and went to heaven in peace.This happened because I followed the teaching of FR. James on reconciliation.
2) During a session during a retreat in 2011 Father James said "Jacques Jesus heals you". I wondered from what. The next day I felt that a big permanent tension in the belly, following aggressions and sexual abuse, had disappeared.
3) In 2014 when I was handicapped after fracture of the femoral neck, Father James said "Jacques you are healed", I felt a great outpouring throughout my body and I was able to let my crutches, jump and dance, and my physiotherapist when turning back home after retreat, noticed this sudden improvement.
4) In 2015, the retreat allowed me to discern the will of God and after a personal trial where by weakness I had set myself up with a lady, I had the grace to make the decision to break, and the firmness to do so the very instant I arrived.

I thank God for all his blessings, and I pray that many may benefit from the teachings of Father James, put them into practice and receive the graces of God.

Reverend James  Manjackal,
I hereby thank you for all the wonderful retreats you give, for your intercessory prayers and for the healing I received through you. It is my duty to share my testimony.
I attended your retreats in 2016 for the first time. I was blessed with the opportunity of attending both retreats in Fatima, both in October and December. I attended them along with other members of the Charismatic prayer group I belong to.
In December, after the healing prayer, when, inspired by the Holy Spirit, you mentioned the names of the persons who were being healed, right near the end you mentioned a name similar to mine and the healing received. I noticed there was a resemblance to my name and the pathological situation I was suffering from for over 25 years. But there were so many people in the retreat …, should the healing be meant for me...? I didn’t ask for that healing…The doctor told me that my clinical problem had no healing due to its location. It could get better with surgery but it would never be as before.
I had an anal fissure due to a lack of organic stability which I had been living for over 25 years, as previously mentioned. The fissure bled when the intestinal content hardened due to nourishing reasons. It caused such uncomfortableness and uneasiness that lasted for some days.
But thank God, through the intercession of Fr. James’ prayers I am healed. Both the fissure and bleeding vanished. I became aware of this healing some days after the retreat, even before the year ended.
God is the Doctor of doctors! How wonderful it is to know and feel that Jesus is alive, that He loves us and that He is merciful.
On the last day of the retreat, Jesus wanted to tell me something during the Holy Mass. At the time of consecration, when Fr. James raised the host, I closed my eyes and withdrew myself in prayer like I usually do. Then, a visual phenomenon took place. I saw the host multiplying itself consecutively in two other hosts alike, separated by a small gap. It all happened in a brief moment. I thus opened my eyes for I was not understanding what was happening to me. I opened and closed my eyes again for another two or three times while the host was being raised, during the chanting. The visual phenomenon with the three hosts kept repeating itself during those times I had my eyes shut. It suddenly came to me: “It’s the Holy Trinity”. In fact, it had never occurred to me to think of the consecrated host in such terms. I have always recalled that it [the host] was the Body and Blood of Christ. Although I knew that the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - are three Persons in one [God].
In the end of the Eucharist I told the phenomena to two colleagues of my prayer group who were next to me. One of them interpreted the phenomenon the same way as I did, because she also saw it as the Holy Trinity.
Fr. James, I thank you once more for giving us the opportunity to attend to your retreats, to learn and experience all the blessings the Holy Trinity provides us there.

God bless you!
Maria de Jesus Justino de Morais Amaral.
Algés  - Oeiras, 23rd March 2017
First of all, I would like to apologies for my bad English and that I was sceptical about Your retreat and teaching. I was also laughing about that. Please forgive me Father. Now I have opened my heart and eyes and I am sure, that Someone, Who is teaching about Jesus and Love of God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Holy Mother, must be a good and spiritual human. My mother has convinced me to take part in Your's retreat. I was also sceptical about that, but now I am very happy that I could meet You, take part in retreat and that I could pray together with such a good people. I did not understand earlier the meaning of the shared pray. I thought, if I am praying and talking alone with God, that is enough. I was so wrong. The power of shared pray is so big and good. I could also not understand everything from the beginning, but for now I am sure that I would like to live with Jesus. I am catholic and I believe in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Holy Mother and the eternal life. I am and I was praying to God, but unfortunately I thought that is enough. I thought that I believe and pray and that is enough. I was so wrong. I did not understand that the Holy Mass and Holy Communion are very important. Now I know.

I would like to thank You for that. I would like to thank You also for blessings to my father (he was possed by very bad spirit, but now he is feeling good), my mother (she was touched by the Holy Spirit), my sister (she was taking part in the confession) and my husband survived an accident, but  he is sceptical about You and unfortunately he did not believe in God anymore. He has lost his faith. I am praying for him and for his conversion. He is a good husband and he is taking care of me. He loves me very much and I love him so much and that is the reason, that I am writing to You. Please help me Father and pray for me and for him.  Please pray for his conversion, peace of my heart, soul and to intensify my faith.

I was and I will be praying for Your health, that you could share the faith in Jesus and blessings of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.
 Once again I would like to thank You for blessing for my husband and my family.

God bless You! Thank you in advance!

Marzena Traczykowska and my husband - Tomasz Traczykowski

A testimony of healing from Daniel and Ela Ambrozej

Jesus heals from autism - Turn on the subtitles facility in YouTube

Last year I was with Fr. James. I was agnostic and always critical of things I was confronted with. I thought that healings, laying of the hands and such things are only acted until I was able to feel the truth myself. During the laying of the hands I felt that someone pushed me and in the next moment I had such a beautiful feeling that I’ve never had before. After this I can say full of conviction that it was the love of God. I received conversion on that day.

Testimony of Maximilian from Konstanz
My name is Maximilian, I am a doctor and I live in Germany.
I would like to give testimony of my experiences which I’ve made through Fr. James.
We met Fr. James for the first time in Vienna in 2016. This meeting has changed my life completely. I took part then in the Holy Mass with baptism in the Holy Spirit, an extraordinary experience which kindled the burning in my heart. Everything became even stronger when I read the book “I saw eternity”; half of the book I had “devoured” already in Vienna, the rest of the pages I completed reading at home.
Since the retreats, we (my wife, 2-year old son and I) have been going to daily mass (with few exceptions), the longing for going to Holy Mass is always there. Also personal prayer, reading of the bible and rosary are our daily companions.
We’ve already offered several Gregorian masses, masses for family tree healing and masses for us. After offering lately 30 Holy Masses, a great problem in our family has been solved. In addition to that a close family member has stopped drinking alcohol after 20 years of addiction. Already after 20  of the 30 masses had been read, he could not drink anymore and changed in a very positive way.
The experience of the Holy Spirit has also brought great difficulties. We could feel the spiritual fight very closely for 6 months after the first retreats. That time was one of the most difficult periods in our lives: depressions, premature deliveries – we were mentally devastated at times.
But after 6 months and holy masses for the family it abruptly became better. The spiritual fight continues. We can still notice that life becomes harder when we are spiritually more active than usually. In spite of these difficulties I am very grateful for the experience of the Holy Spirit, I don’t want to miss a day without the Love of Jesus.
Turn back! For the kingdom of God is near at hand. (Mt 3, 1-2)
Thank you very much Fr. James.

Chili - Testimony of healing from my niece Abada Catherine
Catherine Abada comes from Cameroon and at age 6 began to swell her whole body, she did not know what she had, she was weakening and also began with urinary incontinence. The poor family did not have enough means to take her to the hospital and give her in-depth examinations. But they performed some tests that revealed several heart problems, kidney, etc ...
She spent a whole year without going to school because of various illness crises. Several years passed until she was aggravated, she could no longer eat salt, and everything related to flour and oil, had to perform several blood, heart and kidney tests every month to take medications and also to maintain this diet. It was also stated that the name of his disease was a nephrotic syndrome. The situation was fatal because the family is poor and numerous. That is why I could not sustain the expenses. We begin to pray for the best doctor to heal her or take her with Him according to His will.
It is thus that I, her religious aunt, lloked in the internet for some priests who have received the gift of healing from the Lord, I found Father James Manjackal and I wrote to him. I also sent you a photo of Cathy. After a few months the doctor stated that Cathy had completely healed. For the whole family and everyone who saw Cathy suffering was a source of immense joy and gratitude to God.
To finish, I thank God and Father James for his mediation. May the Lord bless you, father James!.
With gratitude: Str. Crescence FMSC

Diego - Valladolid. Spain
Escribo desde España. Estuve en tu retiro en Valladolid el pasado mes de noviembre. Tengo un hijo de 8 años con autismo. Su nombre es Diego. Se enfermó después de una vacuna cuando tenía 18 meses de edad. Mi hijo era hiperactivo antes
Iba a retirarse, corrió sin parar en su casa porque no podía callar. Ahora, después del retiro, cambió, está tranquilo y aprende las cartas con el iPad. Ha habido un gran cambio tanto en casa como en
Escuela y en sus terapias. Todavía hay un largo camino por recorrer, pero este progreso ha sido muy significativo, así que estoy muy contento.
También quise pedirte ayuda con tus oraciones y con poder sanador que Jesús te da para mi pequeño.

Comparto con ustedes un video de 3 minutos con su trágica historia antes del retiro
¡Que e Señor le bendiga!

Eve Przybylska from Krosno Odrzanskie, Poland
Since more than a year I had a strong Pain of palms and feet as the bone were crushed. Walking and even standing caused an additional pain. I had also a strong pain of a backbone and a heart, also disorder of metabolism. My whole body was covered with cellulite. During the retreat with Fr. James in my home town in November 2016 I was healed from all those complaints. I feel in my heart a great joy and peace. I feel very light, like having the wings... Praise be to the Lord! I thank you also, Fr. James.
Two years ago, after reading the book "I saw eternity" I was healed from strong allergy to lilies and other strong smells.
2014 I attended for the first time in the retreat with Fr. James in Warsaw. I was healed there from the pain of the backbone and pulling up of the Muscles in my legs. In that time, I had also problems with my eyes, I was losing the eyesight, I saw double, my eyes were burning and itching. I had balance disorders and difficulties by walking. I had a strong headache and earache and I wasted often the awareness. I do not like to visit the doctors so nobody did not know my health problems, even the family. The complaints became so strong that I decided to visit the doctor after the retreat. But after the retreat there was no reason to visit the doctor... I prayed and asked the Lord to heal my eyes: I prayed with such a words: "Son of David, give me an eyesight, Lord help me to see." My eyesight improved so that I was able to read, the diplopia disappeared and eyes stopped to pin.
Our God is great! Praise to You O Lord! Alleluia! Thank you Fr. James!

Halina Emilian from Krosno Odrzanskie, Poland
Since many years I was treated for asthma and sarcoidosis. I have many other diseases, but you need to have something in order to be able to offer it... Since some time the dyspnoea did not allow me to live normally. Making some steps I suffocated, I could not speak to much because of coughing fit...
4-6. XI 2016 I took part in the retreat in Krosno Odrzanskie with Fr. James Manjackal. On the 4 of November 2016 during the intercession prayer I was healed from asthma, I don`t have dyspnoea and I can sing again. In obedience I received the medicines giving me before by the doctor. Yesterday (6 of December 2016) I visited my doctor who reduced by the half the medicines. In march 2017 I will have the CT and I believe that the sarcoidosis also yielded; this will be known firstly in march...
Praise be to the Lord, Alleluia!!!

Leonarda Przybylska, Krosno Odrzanskie / Poland
During retreat I was healed from a heavy pain of my legs and kneels; from a grave headache (which lasted several years); from a sharp cough and a high pressure about 190/100/100
After the retreat in my home town with Fr. James Manjackal my blood pressure was normalized. I am healed!
I experience also inner healing in my heart, I feel joy, peace. I feel light.
Praise the Lord!
Thank you Fr. James
Leonarda Przybylska
(Holy Mass and the prayer for healing 6 November 2016
Krosno Odrzanskie / Poland)
4. Teresa Przybylak:

I live in Torzym / Poland  and my name is Teresa. I want to give a testimony of healing. Since more than two years I suffer on Bolerioza which make my life difficult. I had problems with walking, pain in ponds, I had difficulties even with lifting up of small things like glasses even though I got the antibiotics. When a friend of mine told me about the Holy Mass and the healing prayer in Krosno Odrz. which will be celebrated by Fr. James Manjackal, I got the desire to take part in it. During prayer in the church I heard: Teresa - Jesus heals you from Bolerioza - I was very happy. Since that time I don`t feel any difficulties. Praise to Jesus! Jesus lives here and now!

Jadwiga Skoblicka, Krosno Odrzanskie, Poland
e-mail jadwiga.skoblicka@tlen.pl
I want to give testimony from the retreat of Fr. James Manjackal which I attended since 2008. I saw that the Lord gave me different spiritual and physical blessings and graces which I described in my previous testimony from the retreat in Poznan in the year 2011.
2009 I received the grace of strength for apostolic life and the grace of intercession prayer.
I began to speak openly with courage about living Christ and need of prayer, also praying for the people I met. With the time I saw that many people got different graces like healing from alcoholism, birth of a child after a long time of waiting, happy surgery, physical healing and spiritual renewal.
The apostolic desire was revealing with the time. Those personal graces which I got during my retreat in Gorzow Wlkp. in 2009 brought many fruits in life of other people and my parish. Two times we organized a bus to go to Warsaw for the retreat of Fr. James in 2014 and 2015. The fruit of those retreat was the new prayer group of Praising the Lord in my parish. We met and meet once a week on Wednesday and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our parish, to wake up the apostolic desire of many. After two years of prayer we were ready to organize together with our Parish Priest Fr. Zbigniew Samociak the bigger retreat in our town for 1000 people. Fr. James Manjackal agreed to come and gave it from 4-6 November 2016 in Krosno Odrzanskie, Poland.
We hoped that at least 500 people from our parish and surrounding will take part in those retreat. We were blessed more by the Lord because more than 75% of the participants attended for the first time in their lives in such a renewal retreat. Even our local authority with mayor took part in the preparation and actively during whole program of the retreat.
We are getting many testimonies from the participants who tells us how their life has changed and how they are filled with peace and joy and also we already got the testimonies of physical and spiritual healing.
Through this written testimony of mine I want to tell that Jesus is very close to us!!! He is the Way, the Truth and Life!!! Praise be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Hallelujah!!!
Thanks also to Father James!!!

Wojciech Jurewicz, Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland
Welcome. Praise be to the Lord! I want to give my testimony of healing but first of all I want to thank for the beautiful time of grace during those four days which filled my heart with God. God was always close to me, but to experience this in such a big group of believers and on such a way like during those retreat, caused that the Lord filled my heart fully up. I can say I was waiting for this since my birth. This moment was approaching and I knew in my heart something special is coming. Yes that moment came and it was the time of the retreat with Fr. James Manjackal. I didn`t ask for healing because I know God gives this grace according to His will and in the time He find as an appropriate. I am 58 years old and have sometimes small problems with urinary system. I read a lot about this and I know in my age many men could have such a problem. During healing prayer Fr. James suggested to ask for healing and touch the sick area of body. Having feeling of shame I put my hand on my Bladder. Since longer time I had the feelings of roasting in my Bladder. From the time of that unforgettable prayer I don`t have any problems and thinking about this I get a feeling of relief. In such a moment the Lord remember me that very time in which my hand was resting on my Bladder and the room was filled with a deep prayer.
The retreat was also very special for me because I was a part of music team. I knew the music level of our group was not so high, but the preparation time for the retreat, prayers, adorations and workshops, they did it a very special time for all of us. We prayed for grace of blessing of our songs. The Lord blessed us richly because hearing us singing I could not recognise us and I was thinking somebody else is singing. I know it was a grace of God. Once I had a dream in which I asked God why sometimes happened inexplicable thing? The answer I got was that our cognition is partial, our surrounding very reach, even when we are asking for miracle. Many people praised the music during retreat but I know it was a grace of God. I consider this as a second miracle of the retreat. I had more experiences of grace and I am happy having living relationship with the Lord. Thanks be to God! Thank you also to Fr. James for his apostolic work during this retreat.
Glory to God!!!!!!!!
I met Father James at Estoril, Portugal by the first time. Then,I was very sick. I hardly could breath,I walked very slow,and I slept with the help of a machine.
As I entered tears ran to my face. Someone was trying to forbide me to speak with Father James but I insisted on this. Father James prayed for me and blessed me. Only asked my name.
At the end of the day,I  heard Father James saying - Júlia ,don' t doubt ,you are healed!  I believed.
After four months I went to the hospital and doctor didn't believe that the examination had got a normal result.It was a public hospital named Pulido Valente
When I went to Lamego I was without medication.
Now,Thanks God, Thanks Father' s James prayers and power I live a normal life!

Dear F.James! Hallelujah, praise the Lord, which I now can go without sticks. I have witnessed many times! It took some time after you told me that Jesus cured me, and I do not need more sticks because I always had very strong pain in my feet after walking. But I went gradually without sticks. About 3 weeks ago I finished a rehabilitation, and with the feet it is much better. On the rehabilitation I often went (for me) longer distances, and that was too much then. (Pain) The doctor advised me to walk long distances with sticks, but I could do it anyway, because I already have long pain in my shoulder. Well .... But unfortunately, I still plague my spasm in the legs that means I'm still quite uncertain (but after the rehabilitation better) But shortly after the rehabilitation I went I again for a longer time, I had it then very hurried And had to go quickly and rushed. Thank God, not a gross injury! I will continue to trust in God that he will heal me further. And thank Him, where He has already cured me. Of course, every day I do my gymnastics, weekly physiotherapy. ..... Hallelujah! !! Thank you dear F.James for your prayers, I pray for you, also my mother! Love Henriette

Marta - Poland
On Father’s James retreat for marriage couples in October 2016 Jesus healed me from the fear of heaving a baby. By the fact that I had gynecological problems and I was waiting for surgery we
postponed conception. I believe that God healed me of my problems and will give us a child.
On earlier retreat in May Jesus healed me from drinking alkohol. Before I used to drink small drink or beer almost everyday. Since May 2016 I do not feel the need to do this.
Thank you Jesus!

Honour and glory to Jesus!

Let me testify about the great grace from God, which I received. Through this testimony I want to fulfil my promise which I gave to Jesus in my prayers for my full restoration.

In July 2014 I received my diagnose - malignant tumor. I was one year and a half after my reversal back to God. I worked a lot from that time but my knowledge about the Truth, Gospel, Holy Bible and my faith weren't enough strong. I didn´t have any choice, I knew only that Lord can heal me completely. So then started my "quick course" of faith. I still continued (maybe selfishly) praying a pleading for my full recovery, but I also had in my mind that the God will can be different. I was looking in a Holly Bible for articles about healing. I copied them to small papers and put everywhere around my house so I could see them. But the Satan caused that I felt all the fears and distressed. He whispered to me: You can’t just simply heal your disease, how could Jesus heal you? He doesn´t even know about you etc. That caused that I was even more praying and one day I asked: What can I do for you, Jesus? The answer was: Just believe me. I will take you through.

I was just lying in my bed without any movement after chemotherapy. The body didn´t want to react so I could only think. I didn't like it at that time, of course, but now I am very grateful for that. I had a lot of time and I could at least in my mind plead for forgiveness from all the people which I hurt in my life. I also forgave the people who hurt me. I took it right from the beginning - kindergarten, school, job, one after another, teachers, neighbours, colleagues at work, seniors, ex-husband, and parents. But I also forgave to me. All it happened because of the help from Jesus. I couldn't do it by myself.

Chemotherapy, lost of hair, surgery, radiation. Second type of chemotherapy and biologic treatment I stopped because of the contraindication. I had luck for amazing doctors with the humane approach. Thank God for them and their care! It was a difficult time, but my prayers, faith and hope still supported me. I went to every holly event what the Catholic Church offer. A big help were prayers from my friends.

I was waiting with a big hope for this year´s spiritual renewal with Father James Manjack, the Indian charismatic catholic priest with the gift of healing. My first meeting with him was in June 2015 in town Nitra (Slovakia). It was the beginning of something new, but because of my blood test after the event I knew that it is a good way. The second event with him was in October 2015 in Brno (Czech Republic). There I did my significant confession. Father James was praying individually for every seriously ill person. Then the mass for healing and the next day the mass for Holy Spirit was celebrated. What in Nitra began in Brno was completed. The freedom, real feeling of lightness came. The feeling that new life start. It weren't only feelings. Thanks to Gods providence I got the fourth day after event a long planned whole body examination - CT. It approved that I am completely healed!
And I testified about it in Kosice 2016, where my health get even better.

With gratitude Marie
Czech Republic, 18/10/2016

My name is Dr. Joan Emmanuel. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015. After  recovering from surgery and chemotherapy I was leading a near normal life for about one year.  In 2016 July, when I was on vacation in Kerala, I started suffering from constipation. It became so severe that I lost all appetite and sleep.
On July 23, I heard that Fr.James Manjackal was conducting a one day convention in Charis Bhavan, Athirumpura.  I attended the convention and during the healing session, when Fr was praying, suddenly I could feel the Holy Spirit in the form of a powerful vibrating current passing over my surgery site. I could feel my intestines being pulled as I got a sharp pain.
 Then I went back home, and since then my constipation disappeared.
 I believe that the Holy Spirit healed me in the mighty name of Jesus and the mercy of God the Father.

From Dr. Joan Emmanuel
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dear Father James,
I went to Poland 3 weeks ago and I saw my godson. I wanna say" thank" you for your prayer for Sebastian, my godson. Sebastian recovered so fast after I requested you to pray for his healing. Surgery was in August they put implant of his forehead and guess what? He decided that he is going to school from 1st September. He is driving motorcycle 2 km to get to the bus everyday. And+ he has no headache he said, after such a big brain trauma?. Sebastian is my godson and my younger first cousin.
I am sending the picture, its a village in Poland called Jankowo. I am standing with Sebastian on front of the small chapel where we use to pray all together  with my grandmother in May.
My aunt told me that he is better after accident changed for better.
Hope you feeling better father James
God bless you
Katarzyna Gryczman


My name is Krystyna, I am 61 years old and come from Poland. In May 2016, I was diagnosed with skin cancer-melanoma and was miraculously healed.
Praised be to Jesus and Mother Mary for the gift of my healing.

Thank you Fr.James for saying Holy Mass and prayers for the healing.

Dear Father James,
My name is Kasia. I'm 43 years old and I'm from Poland.
I wanted God to heal me and to give me a baby and that's why I attended the retreat with you in 2014 in Warsaw.
During the prayers I heard God said to me three times "I'm the Way and the Truth and the Life "After that I heard different sentences in my head every day. On the last day of retreat in Warsaw I borrowed the Bible as I needed to find where were the sentences coming from. As soon as I opened the Bible I saw the words: I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life!".I realized that all sentences from last four days were coming from John chapter 14. I looked at the last sentence: "If you asked me anything in my name I will do it" and I thought how much I would like to have a baby....
Next month I became pregnant and I found out about it on Christmas Day. I was 42 at that time.
I would like to Thank  You Father James for your prayers!

Praise be to God!

Dear Father,

End of August 2016 you inform us by mail to our request have blessed the little Lucas 4 years disabled. We just received an email of the grandparents of Lucas (below) telling us that the child has made great progress.Thank Jesus.We thank Father Manjackal for your prayers.
Hello Pierre and Jacqueline,

For several months, Lucas made much progress, he repeats the words, began to make small sentences, stands up much better. Flora Hungarian with his method taught me to do the walk taking in some way by the hips because it becomes very demanding, he said often "want to walk, want to walk" !!!! At his hands (above right) is still complicated and long, by the time we see some progress and others when morale is low, resignation trend and see him smile gives us "courage" he does not forget that we are in the school of patience ...

Otherwise what happiness to be with him, he brings us so much joy, he is kind, funny, naughty, loving, it's really a love of little boy.
This summer was Lucas and his sisters came as every year on holiday with grandma and grandpa and many had to see him walk in the water, playing in the waves and beach fill buckets of sand, obviously our Lulu has no phobia of water as some small child, on the contrary he loves the water side. Besides, it seems much more comfortable to walk in the water, it shows.
There would be so many stories to tell Lucas that he should write a book !!!!
Jean-Claude and Ghislaine

Dear Father James!
I have been healed several limes by Jesus and your prayer. Have been healed from growths of the larynx at the mass in Poland in Gorzów on 26th of July 2009. I also forgave my father for not taking care of me for years. Third heeling was from ocultism  and fourth from skin disease caused by mycosis. My physical and mental condition has been getting better now. Jesus is great! He is the lord of my life.
Natalia Anna

I would like to send you my testimony. I feel I should write it, although it was already in 2014. I hope you can use it somehow.
My name is Ewa. In 2014, it had been already 3 years since I couldn't decide whether to marry a muslim man. This unclear situation caused high stress to me and I was feeling like destroyed. I sent an email to Father James about my doubts, and I have received answer -" it is not good to marry a muslim, You would never be happy with a Muslim". Soon I went to one of his retreats in Warszawa, Poland. I received first time in my life Holy Spirit. Only because of HIM I had more than enough: strenght, peace and inner joy necessary to break with my former fiancé. Through Fr. James God spoke clearly what I should do and what I should not do. It has been almost 2 years since that moment. God through His Holy Spirit took away stress and gives me everyday His peace, love and joy. I have never expected that I could ever feel like this in my life! :)))) Now I can also take easily decisions with Him. Praise the Lord! :))))

In response to my email request on August 1, backache my mom Françoise , you know , and your response the same day confirming your prayer to the Lord , I am pleased to inform you my mom no longer suffers from the following day, August 2nd and thank you very much for your intervention with the Lord Jesus. We will continue our prayers for your attention. Thank you Father James , thank you Jesus!
In union of prayer
His son, Jean -Christophe
Mate for your security during your retirement in France at the request of Maryvone

Published  in Polish http://echokatolickie.pl/index.php?str=100&id=11000
This is the Google's translation from Polish

I never cease to give thanks

We have learned to adore God, to thank him for everything, even for infertility. We understood because it was not a punishment, but a gift. It is God, not a child, he became the most important for us. And as they say: if he is in the first place, everything is in place. In our case, saying it proved 100% - argue Iwona and Sebastian Sobczukowie from Biala Podlaska, who after 11 years lived to the child.

Photo of the last May's retreat from o. James Manjackal: Iwona is held by a son; next to her is a woman who, looking with a smile at the camera, also presents a few months baby. Children are more or less the same age. Likewise dressed. Underneath posted on the Facebook photo caption: "The two have two sons. Like two worlds, and one. On the left Jacob John, right Jan Jakub - the fruits of the retreat. " This picture becomes even more remarkable when you know his story: a few months before the two women took part in the meeting on. Manjackal; They did not know you never seen.Meanwhile, more or less at the same time became pregnant, gave birth, which gave the same names. A coincidence? - Miracle - says Iwona without hesitation. They waited for almost 11 years.
Silence the heart

Iwona and Sebastian were married on September 24, 2005. After the wedding they wanted a moment to enjoy the only themselves, but - concede - from the very beginning they were open to a child. When after three years, still it was not, they began to suspect that something may be wrong. - A friend told us that in Siedlce takes a good doctor. So we got to Dr. Joseph faka. It turned out that I have problems physiological and hormonal. We drove to Siedlce over a year. Then the doctor told us Dr. FAK. Maciej Barczentewicz, Lublin physician specializing in NaProTechnology. After nine months I was pregnant. However, after a few weeks it turned out that the child's heart is not beating - tells the woman. Again, further studies, medications, treatments, visits to specialists. The result: after two years again two lines on the pregnancy test. - We were happy, but cautious. Joy intertwined with fear - a woman confesses. Unfortunately, the situation repeated itself, and at the heart of Iwona for years reigned dead silence. Although it did not give up. They studied, still looking for physical causes, which prevented them to be parents, but they started to go a spiritual path, which previously did not know.
spiritual remanenty

At the insistence of friends went to Starogard on retreat with o. J. Manjackal. During this meeting they learned a lot about themselves, their families. Charismatic India reminded them what the consequences may involve persistence in sin, especially hatred and anger. - I thought that about. James speaks only to us. Indeed, relationships in my family left much to be desired.Besides about. Manjackal opened our eyes, that the consequences of sin can weigh heavily on our present life, causing problems that can not cope - he adds.
They returned with a firm commitment that they want to organize your life. They began with a prayer for the family, for their ancestors, taking on their behalf penance, fasting, ordering Masses. - We have learned to worship God, to thank him for everything, even for infertility. We understood because it was not a punishment, but a gift. It is God, not a child, he became the most important for us. And as they say: if he is in the first place, everything is in place. In our case, saying it proved 100% - argue Sobczukowie. Also they began to regularly ride a retreat. - Then there were addressed to us prophecy. I know that some of these words significantly popukają his head, while God speaks to us and gives us the signs even today, in the twenty-first century. - Provides Iwona.
prophetic words

More than two years ago, they participated in the National Forum Charismatic in Czestochowa. - During the prayer for the couple, which took place in the hall of. Kordeckiego Augustine, we were asked to kneel. At one point, a young priest stood up and began to follow our way. He stopped in front of me and, pointing to my belly, he asked if I was pregnant. I replied that they do not. He said: "Wait, I'll soon be able blessed," then he turned and walked away. During the break we approached him and asked what his words mean. We explained that for five years to treat infertility. Then he explained to us that they do not know how it happened, but is convinced that he heard the voice of the Mother of God, who told him to tell us the good news. He asked us yet where we came from. We said that the White Podlaska. At this conversation ended - says woman. After returning home, she came to your account on Facebook, and there's a surprise: a message from-understood at Jasna Gora priest who was a seminarian with Elk. They began to talk to each other. - A year ago in January he wrote that come to him for holy orders with the child. And indeed it did, because after four months, ie. In May, became pregnant, and 18 February 2016. Was born, our son Winnie, and ... May 21 we went to Elk on ordination. I realize that this sounds unbelievable, but it all really happened - provide spouses.
Joy and fear

Before Cuba appeared in the world, Iwona and Sebastian sought help in the next clinic. This time in Warsaw. During his stay in the hospital St. Families know the patient from Gdynia, who encouraged to once again try NaProTechnology, but this time in Bialystok. So they came to dr. Tadeusz Wasilewski. - We have treated with him for a few months and quickly found out that quite effectively - smiles Iwona, dopowiadając that, contrary to what is often said about NaProTechnology, eg. That is nothing but a diary, churches a family planning method, comprehensively uses the most achievements in medicine in collaboration with the natural cycle of women, achieving better results. - When the pregnancy test showed two strokes, I had in mind chaos. I left the house and, walking down the street, at some point I looked up at located at the Church of St. Anthony cross. I stood in the place, the people were passing me, and I had the impression that the world has stopped. It was at that moment I felt that now was my time, that this time we will be parents. I called to her husband. Just it was with friends who were also waiting for years for a child. When he heard the good news, very pleased, but he tried to restrain the joy, not wanting to offend them. We knew because, as it is. On the one hand, man is happy, because he is born a new life on the other - he was sorry, that he did not again - says Iwona, admitting that apart from the joy she felt fear. But he was different than during previous pregnancies, if przewalczony. - When we passed the tenth week of pregnancy, in which I lost my previous children, we were almost sure that in a few months przytulimy awaited our son. Meanwhile, a few days later I started to bleed heavily. Scared that a further miscarriage. Panicked went to the hospital. On site, it turned out that everything is in order. I got a warrant involuntary lying down. Bleeding occurred from time to time, but Sonny developed properly. I think it's an evil spirit wanted to scare us, make us doubted. He failed - says Iwona.
And the miracle happened ...

Through all these years of effort or times not thought about adoption or in vitro, although the family on several occasions proposed that the procedure to sponsor us. - I was in the heart of the certainty that God will give us in the end is the first child.Often I said to him, "Lord God, keep up your coat and you will not let go, I will ask you, and I know you will give me a child at the time that you you think is best." And I want to emphasize very strongly: if not for God and the path that we have taken, which consists of inner healing and release us and our families, James would not be. The same is heard from Dr. Wasilewski, who clearly said that our Winnie is a miracle. Yes, medicine is important, but even more important is the way of spiritual healing - selects young mother, adding that repeats all those who, seeing that after many years lived a child, often turn to Iwona and Sebastian advice. - We urge them to start by organizing your life, to trust in God. We recommend the retreat of about. Manjackal where everyone can make a deep examination of conscience. One of the couples who strongly denied it, while after returning thanks to God for this time, during which, among others realize how important it is to constantly test their own conscience that it becomes dangerous disregard for venial sins - say spouses. - An important moment for us was also the realization that we need to repair family relationships, to forgive. It happened. Seen from today's perspective, we are convinced that our problem, that infertility was a means to heal our families - says Sebastian.
Fruits ye shall know

Iwona and Sebastian live close to the Church. They use musically in the parishes. They are also the initiators of the concert of praise "White Jesus". - It is also the result of our spiritual transformation. He born before I was pregnant with Cuba. During a musical performance in Warsaw, I heard an inner voice: "Organize the White concert of praise to God." I was scared because I could not imagine how I do it. Again, I heard: "I'll give you the people, but the initiative must come from you." I told all my friends about. They took up the idea. The assistance also asked Father. Slawek Szypulski. Managed to. 4 June 2015 r. In amphitheater attendance surpassed our expectations. We believe that this year will be similar - hopes Iwona, adding that the concert of praise is an expression of thanks to God for Cuba. Although - as claimed by young parents - it's still not enough to express my gratitude. - That is why we never cease to thank - provide.

May 2016

Jiby Joy
Dear Rev Fr James,

Praise the Lord.
I am Jiby Joy residing at Perth Australia.
I had heard about Fr James Manjackal and his preaches in you-tube from my friend. His powerful  speeches about Jesus touched my heart very deeply and I recognised him, 20 yrs ago I had traveled with Fr James in a tourist bus from Bangalore to Kerala by sitting next to me.
I was suffering from severe leg pain since last four months. When I get up in the morning I used to walk only by supporting the wall for few meters as the severity of pain. This pain also there when I get up after sitting long time. Doctors named it as 'Plantar fasciitis'. On April 13th I listened your speech for 2 hours during night. Gone to bed with different beautiful thoughts of Jesus.
I woke up in morning when my wife came back after night shift and rang the bell. I ran to to front to open the door. Soon I started to think how come I could run now which was not able with me for last 4 months.I had seen the doctor in twice for the same and booked for an U/S on 16th April.I couldn't believe, I kicked to wall with my leg checking whether the pain completely gone. I realized my savior Jesus taken away my pain completely I am sure this blessing I got through while I listened the speech for few hours ago.
Now I am praying to Jesus to give a opportunity for us to listen his speech in Australia.
Glory to our Lord, Thank you father.

Radoslav  Cagan

My name is Rado, I was born as the fourth child, but a disabled child. When I started to walk properly, I was 12 years old. But it had one flaw. Every year, I scraped a large number of pairs of shoes , every month about seven pairs. In 2005, when the father  James Manjackal was  in Presov, through the Holy Spirit he told me that Radko will be healthy.  At that time I believed, that I can be healthy, but only for a few days . After a few years I was on Fire ( seminar of evangelization)-  again in Presov, where  the father Ricardo was. Such a feature he called me in the front of audience   that you would not believe.  Through the Holy Spirit he  predicted that I would move my hand properly. I stood in the midst, and he said, "This man will be completely healthy." Last year when Fr. James  Manjackal was in Slovakia  I felt that I had to testify that I am completely healthy. Many have not even talked to me. It was something special for them. Since September I change the two shoes. Absolutely not leaky. I walk with a 99% better. In October, when I was in Brno on retreat with Fr. James  Manjackal, so I really shaking legs, I thought that I fall. I held the spoon as excavator, I hold it normally now. I have various temptations. But  I offer all for Jesus. Now  my  voice  is deteriorated, but Jesus  is one who tunes my voice.
I already have sang in church, almost like an opera singer. I can carry a tray with food, yet without soup.  I can carry lemonade  itself in a glass. You know, because of what I have achieved so many things? Well, thanks to Jesus. I try to live in sanctifying grace, going to church every day. Prayer and Scripture readings keeps me. Frequent Holy Communion gives me strength. I have dreamed that I was carrying by an angel to heaven. I have peace in my heart.
Therefore, during this retreat I would like to dedicate  to Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
Praise Jesus for all!

Dear Father James,

I am very thankful for Your prayers for me. I have written to You on 8th April 2016, when I was leaving hospital in bad condition. Doctors could not help me.
Thanks to Your prayers I have been starting to convalescence. I was feeling so good that I was able to take part in the retreat, which you led from 30th April to 3rd May in Warsaw. Since the retreat I have been getting better day by day. In Warsaw I have got the blessing from You. You put your hands on my head and gave the Holy Communion. It was a true gift from God.

Before the meeting with You, I had about 20-30 diarrheas during the day. For 18 years my bowel had been very diseased, therefore, I had suffered on bloody diarrheas. Since the retreat is so much better. I have diarrheas two- three times a day. Also I haven’t got anemia, asthma, arrhythmia and daily fever. I feel stronger and I can normally do my work. Thank You Father for preyers for me. I thank God that I was able to meet You in person in Warsaw. I thank Jesus for healing me every day.

Jean Luc
Good morning Father James,
I want to share with you the testimony of my conversion.
I thanks the Lord Jesus and Virgin Mary. My conversion began when i viewed a video of you preaching in France. While viewing the video i cried lot,tears cames from my heart with repentance,i was crushed by the word of God that you was preaching.
I have had bad relationship with my wife,bad habits, &Sins. I was far away from God and his church for  many years. Now I am back in the Church with prayers and Sacraments.
Father James you are a Holy man,the Holy Spirit act through you. Now i feel that  God  is close to me in His church (catholic),through priests and sacraments. The relation with my wife was restored. We love each other now very much.

May the Lord bless you in your ministries.. my conversion was definitive a few month after I had told you by mail to pray for me.
Praise the Lord Jesus and Mother Virgin Mary. Amen Alleluia.

 Jean Luc

Sr. Angelika
Dear Father James,
I am sister Mary Angelika Spychalska, felician sister from Warsaw of the Our Lady Queen of Poland Province.
Your retreat is always grace as you emanate of Jesus, His goodness, love to every human being and of peace.
This year I experienced a real joy of taking part in the retreat in Warsaw for the third time. It was exceptional because Our Lord let me take advantage of spiritual and physical healing grace too. I believed that He would respond with His grace. And He did. I was excited very much about this moment when I heard: the sister Angelika has been healed.
Before making my decision as to healing I told Jesus that although the spine ache and the lack of hearing are very painful, however, I asked Him for such a grace which would be to His greater glory and let love more - or for the grace of reducing  the pain, or bearing this pain for His bigger glory and the good  the other ones.
At present, I am feeling strong and very joyful in my heart. I am sure that whatever has been done by Our Lord, it is His gift. My healing - there is not only the eased spine pain, what I do believe, but also the other attitude to pain, accepting it as the grace of Our Lord to the others, and I have got so many people who  are   in need of such intercession.
I am expressing many thanks to Jesus and you Father with all my heart for this exceptional healing and I am asking you a lot for your prayer and imploring the grace of transformation for those whom I keep in my heart.
Praised be Jesus Christ and adored!



Drogi Ojcze James,

Jestem Siostrą Marią Angeliką, felicjanką z Warszawy, z Prowincji Matki Bożej Królowej Polski.
Rekolekcje Ojca są zawsze łaską, bo Ojciec emanuje Jezusem, Jego dobrocią, miłością do każdego człowieka i pokojem.
W roku bieżącym miałam radość uczestniczenia w nich  w Warszawie już trzeci raz. Były one wyjątkowe, bo  Pan pozwolił mi skorzystać z łaski uzdrowienia duchowego i fizycznego także.  Wierzyłam, że On łaską swoją odpowie. I odpowiedział. Bardzo przeżyłam ten moment, gdy usłyszałam:  siostra zakonna Angelika jest uzdrowiona.
Przed decyzją proszenia o uzdrowienie powiedziałam Panu, że choć ból kręgosłupa i brak słuchu, są dotkliwe, to jednak proszę Go o taką łaskę, jaka  będzie na większą Jego  chwałę i pozwoli bardziej kochać -  albo  o łaskę  zabrania bólu,  albo znoszenia go  ku większej  Jego chwale i dobru innych.
Obecnie czuję się  mocna i wewnętrznie bardzo radosna.  Jestem pewna, że cokolwiek Pan uczynił  jest Jego darem. Moje uzdrowienie, to nie tylko ustąpienie bólu kręgosłupa, w co wierzę, ale i inne nastawienie na ból, przyjmowanie go jako łaski od Pana dla innych, a mam wiele osób, które takiego wstawiennictwa  potrzebują.
Całym sercem dziękuję Jezusowi i Ojcu za to niezwykłe uzdrowienie i bardzo proszę o modlitwę  i uproszenie łaski przemiany dla tych, których w sercu noszę.
Niech Pan będzie wszystkim uwielbiony!
Z wdzięcznością i oddaniem w Panu naszym.


Reverend and dear Father James

On this date so special deeply we wish you a very happy day , God bless you today and always. We pray every day for you, so that your life is full of Love, Health , Peace and Blessings of God.
Thank you for physical healing miracle ( muscular dystrophy disease Duchenne ) that Jesus gave to our son through you in retirement in Carmaux . Praised be .
Many our lengths and a very big kiss our son Francisco.

Silvia Lima
Carlos Cunha

Bryan - Mauritius
Dear Father James Manjackal,

Please find attach the photo of my nephew that I ask you to help to pray for his mouth cancer. Since December 2005 he was living with milk only, cannot eat anything, all our  familly was down Bryan mouth cancer was bleeding & deteriorate but we know that for Jesus nothing is impossible. The Doctor informed us that has already done the theraphy & nothing else could be done & that he would check with other Doctors together if he could be sent to India to remove the lower jaw. But he  has been miraculously healed from his cancer on 23rd February 2016 during the prayer of Father James Manjackal . We wrote and asked for a prayer of healing and he promised us to pray for him . After checking him well the doctors certified that he was fully healed and there no need to go to India for surgery. Now his mouth is well, he can eat and drink; we praise The Lord for this miracle.

Dear Father thank you for all the miraculous done to my familly by your prayer.

May God continue to bless you all along your way.
Thks & B.Rgds
Stephanie of Mauritius

I have attended   couple's retreat with father James Manjackal in January 2016 in Bratislava.  I used to waste a lot time before TV.During this retreat I was delivered from watching sitcoms in TV. Now I spend more time with my family and in prayers.Praise the Lord.


bela Lawer
Dear Father James,
I thank you a lot for your e-mail, it gladdens my heart. You ask me, few month about my testimony. I and my husband could not have a child. The reason was medical problem with me uterus and mentally blockage. I was in 2013 in Warsaw at Your retreat, Jesus The Lord healed me, Alleluja!!! In 2014 I  was pregnat, and I & my husband were in Warsow (retreat with you Father James) to thank the Lord  for this miracle.

I bought many of your books,33 charismatic prayer is my favorite one. I pray every day with this book, and I have joy in me heart. I belive, that Jesus took to me throught this book. I learn that Jesus is every day with me, and walk with me. I receive blessing to pray ,,Koronke do Milosierdzia Bozego".  My familly receive blessings too, me sister-in-law has now a job, and she found Jesus too. Father James, thank You for your prayer nad message for Christmes 2015, I sent you the most important (for me) photo of me familly.

Me love and prayers  to you,
Izabela Lawer

Olga - Belarus
My story with f. James began in summer 2011, when he came to Ros (Belarus) for a retreat. Back than it was not the best time in my life. I almost left God, trying to find a way to break a connection to Him I received in the Christening. I felt offended by God because of various difficult situations I had gone through a couple of years before. In such a state, I took part in the retreat and on the first day I experienced healing and many signs of God's constant presence in my life and his deep love towards me. I loved f. James and became his spiritual daughter, although he didn't know about that!
In 2014 during a charismatic prayer, it became clear that I was not free. It was connected to the fact that at the age of 8 I underwent an operation on my kidneys and the stitches would not heal and bleed constantly. My mother took me to a "healer" and the stitches healed shortly after that. During the prayer it became evident that the woman used my blood for some magical rituals. From that point on, I suffered from sui?idal thoughts and tried to commit suicide twice. I couldn't accept my body or psychics. Or my life as a whole. I had no desire to live. After this I went for several charismatic prayers for deliverance and regularly received prayer from an exorcist.

In November 2014 I took part in the retreat of f. James in Warsaw. During the retreat I prayer for deliverance from the consequences of these bondages. I clearly felt that I had a long way ahead of me. I was aware this would be a process and it would take time and effort from me, but also trust in God. I cried the whole time during the treat, because I felt the struggle taking place inside and around me. F. James told us about 7 places where Jesus shed his Blood for us. I was deeply touched by the description of Jesus prayer in the Olive garden, where he sweated with Blood, knowing what was to come after. He asked the Heavenly Father to take this cup of suffering away from Him. How hard it was for Him to accept THIS WILL OF THE FATHER! After that he stood up and went to his murderers - to fulfill the Will. I prayed that he would help me to do the same - as He did.

After the retreat the struggle began! It was a life and death struggle! I fell down and remained in the mud and I couldn't get up, when I did I immediately fell again. I was alone. I even wasn't in a desert.  I was in the airspace, void, where you don't hear s single voice, don't feel a single smell and the only thing you can hold onto is emptiness. I would lay on the floor for hours and cried, I felt rejected, offended and I hated everybody and everything. From the outside world I was attacked by rejection, calumny and disapproval. None of those who shared food, living and prayer with me didn't dare to knock at the door of my heart and I shut it. I only had the Lord! My God, who cried with me, laid on the floor and banged the walls with me. He, who didn't leave me even for a second... The image of Him praying in the Olive garden was for me an image of suffering.

A year passed. Every week I went for a prayer of deliverance to a local priest, went for a charismatic prayer in Warsaw, but was still not free. At the end of this year I was indifferent to everything, broken and exhausted. In November 2015 I went to Warsaw for F. James retreat again. I went to ask God for restoring hope, faith and love in my broken heart. At the retreat during the prayer it became clear to me that my path of deliverance was about to end! In a moment the Holy Spirit came softly and filled my heart with confidence in my healing! During personal prayer I asked the Lord for the gift of prayer!

I praise the Lord for the gifts He gave to f. James every day! I praise the Lord for the day when I saw this wonderful man and fervent preacher! I pray for him every day and always will!
I thank the Lord for everything! Amen!

I was addicted to cigarettes for almost 9 years (2000-2009) and I couldn't stop, though I wanted to. I had a need for cigarettes. In the year 2009 , Fr. James,You prayed for me on Kurescek and Holy Spirit liberated me from this need. I felt His touch in my heart. Through God's Mercy I haven't smoked since then. I thank You for Your prayer, Fr. James and I thank Lord Jesus for helping me to stop smoking. I asked Him to help me to stop and He did. His love is great, alleluia!


Jarek and Monika
Praised be Jesus Christ.I suffer from muscle atrophy, was with his father on a retreat in November 2015 in Warsaw, the second day of the retreat, said Father Jaroslaw been healed yesterday just go to a good confession, the other day I went to a general confession, very me relieved that my soul is clean and that I approached to God, I'm still in a wheelchair, maybe because then I could not believe my faith is too weak. Father James I ask you to pray for me. My life has changed after the
retreat, I became a better person, but I try to be better. Thank you Father James for this retreat.God bless you

Sr. Lucy
Dear Father,
I have suffering back pain since from my childhood after a fall.In connection with this, pain is radiating to my right leg. It was a horrible pain that cannot explain .During convention, you have called "Lucy" and said "Jesus is going to cure you.And also spell out my pain feature. That time I am sure that Jesus touched me.No where I heard about calling this name. I was wondered and i believed. Now I am  free from that pain.Similarly I am also free from one habitual sin.
Now I am asking prayer help from you. I am a PhD student. I am struggling to complete this.So, dear father remember me  in your valuable  prayers.
I wish you merry X'MAS and happy NEW YEAR

Petra and family
Dear father James,
My name is Petra, I come from Slovakia. I wrote you en email a year ago and asked you for prayers because I have a diagnose "schisofrenia" and I was afraid that I would not be strong enough to take care of my three little children.I also wrote you, that I longed for touching by Holy Spirit very much and wanted him to come into my heart and life.

I want to say thank you very much for your prayers. I was feeling that God gave me his blessing and his strength and has started to fill my heart with his Holy Spirit.I realised that He was prepared to help me all the time I was waiting for Him and the only thing I had to do was to open my heart for Jesus

I will also keep praying for You, dear father. May God bless You and once more - THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

With love your daughter Petra from Slovakia

In January 2014 my husband and I were desparate. We had been married for 1 1/2 years and really wanted to have a child and a family. We were devestated, because our big dream of having a big family somehow didn t come true. We had prayed several novenas, had been on some pilgrimages, we put our big ask to the feet of Jesus and had asked several saints for their intersession. In January 2014 I nearly gave up hope and even researched information about adoption. I felt that God wanted us to grow through having a family, but for some reason, our prayers were not answered.
One day I went to pray infront of the blessed sacrament. It was the first time, I didn t pray for myself to have a baby, but for my husband that he would have a child. Imagining he would never have a daughter or a son, he could bring up Catholic, brought me to tears. The next day, I wrote an email to Father James Manjackal. We had received his book for our wedding, and are praying every evening together the way he had taught it in this book. I had  asked him before for prayers for my lost brother, and on the day he answered, he had prayed, a big miracle had happened, and my brother came back to my family.

It was a short Email that changed my life. A few days later on, Father James wrote back, that he had prayed for us, and a week after his email, I found out, that I was pregnant! It was a beautiful, uncomplicated pregnancy. The baby developed very very well, but I was still a bit uncertain, if everything would work out well, since I had made bad experiences before. I wonder why I thought so!
 A month before the birth, I wrote an email to Father James, in order to tell him about the miracle the Almighty Merciful Lord had worked on us, through his intersession. I asked him also to pray for the birth. The birth was a miracle of 5 hours only. Philippa Maria Philothea was born without any pain killers or other help. The midwife was not needed.

I can only express my deepest gratitude to the Lord and his wonderful servant Father James, who has prayed for us. The Lord's mercy is unending and so with Sister Mary Joseph Aubert, who we picked as patron saint for our daughter, I only can sing: " Thanks be to God, for all He has done and is doiing for us!"

Elizabeth J. Spiekermann

I grew as an atheist in atheist family. When I was 30 Years old, I divorced, I had 3 children, one was not my (but I gave sake for it). Then I meet my wife Iveta and we together found right in Bible. We entered together to Hussitte Church.

In 2001 year I was invited by voice in my heart into Catholic Church, the voice said me, that I need Confession. In 2002 life Confession, ratification of our marriage, First Holy Communion, but my wife Iveta does not want to practice in Catholics. My wife is good wife, she helps so much, I love here very much. And I believe, that she will convert in the time. In Catholic Church I found so much treasures!
In 2010 year I got terrible illness, diagnose was cancer of pancreas!  2011 I was on Your retreats in Koclirov, dear Fr. James and when You prayed for healing, You said my name Jiri in the healing prayers. And I received physical healing. Then I went to investigation and cancer was not confirmed. From this retreat in Koclirov was my health slowly better and better, until nearly good. But my  experience in  the Holy spirit  was beautiful! During illness I completely surrendered to God. Your retreat was for me  a  new beginning! From this time I tried to go for every day mass, pray Rosary, live by Ten Commandments. And it slowly be better and better

My dear Father, I received so much from You on Your retreats ! I love Got so much. I love You so much. I pray for You. I fervent pray for You, and pleas Got to give You the fullness of the Holy Spirit, also health and all You need for Your mission!

With Love
Jiri Frybort

Czech Republic

Testimony of Mérika and Eric
Hello my Father,

We are desolated of our English.  We wish to testimony after our first retreat of March 26, 2015 in Lourdes. We are a couple from Réunion island. I live in cohabitation since 15 years. We did have many problems to be moved forward in our lives. We asked for graces(favors).
 But the difficulties prevented us from to advance. We asked if our or our religious practices were
good.  Merika comes from a Catholic family. There was had occult practices in her family in the past. Today
they are income to the path of the Catholic Church.

Eric me, I come from a family with a double religion, Hindu and Catholic. We go to Mass and I was doing my parallel Hindu prayers. We be present during our travels in the Meeting to Hindu rites (memorial ceremonies, religious festivals etc ...)
 We decided to get married for October 2015 at the Catholic Church. In March 2015, we participated
in the retreat of the father Manjackal at Lourdes.
 During this retreat, day by day we were touched by grace. We realized that this double religion was not good for us. We did take a firm resolve to stop the Hindu religion and to dedicate ourselves to a Catholic life.
 All doubts, anxieties have been removed from our lives during this retreat with Fr. Manjackal. It's a new beginning for us. Now, when we attend Mass and resuming our daily prayers, we seem to rediscover each word. Our goal now is the path of holiness.

Now, We prepare our wedding with happiness, serenity and confidence in Jesus. We know that now
we are not alone.
 We give more time to prayer. We decided to attend as often as possible at Mass and be in a prayer group. We thank the Father Manjackal for his teachings, and we praise the Lord for this conversion. thank you, My father of to pray for us.

Merika (33 years) and Eric (33 years), Créteil, France. March 2015

God bless
Dear Father James
I participated this year in the days 12-15.11.2005 in which you led a retreat in Warsaw I want to testify healing. I am writing because I stood in line for certificates and there were a lot of people and suddenly felt ill father had to interrupt testimony.
My name is Jaroslaw Pogorzelski, I'm 34 years old and live in Sokolow Podlaski is a resort, located about 86 km from Warsaw.
A year ago I was on retreat in Warsaw in the hall, and the Lord Jesus healed a part of my spine, and at this year's retreat had finished his work and heal the second part of my spine .I thank you for it to God and let him be the glory of the Lord.
Father, thank you that you love our homeland and that willingly coming to retreat. The fruits of these retreats are very large. Our group consisted of 21 people each day we drove from our town .In among the people who came were also nuns bezhabitowe so. Maidservants.
Father, I thank God that gives you every year more health and strength I saw that Father've done yourself a few steps in my eyes filled with tears of happiness. Father, thank you very much for the words that have directed us thank you thank you for the service that you learn to take seriously the prayer of deliverance and healing and not let to people screaming and confusion distract prayer.
Thank you for this attitude.
Father, I'm 34 years I divorced I'm a 10 year old son Matthias. With my wife, Dorothy got to know seven years. We have entered into marriage without coercion did not have premarital sex wife Dorothy to marry a virgin .Maciek was born two years after the wedding.
Maciek was 3 years old wife left absolutely wanted a divorce .I Niechcia? give her a divorce but Dorothy just pushed on the court so the court gave a divorce. His wife Dorothy entered into a civil union with a man and have him twins Maria and Michael May and two years. His wife Dorothy home from her father drank alcohol and fuss to .M??czyzna which Dorothy is also an alcoholic. With my wife, I have a good relationship with Her partner and her children have a good contact. Son Matt I see and I take a daily basis.
I live alone already a few years .?yj? clean .To persevere in purity asked the Blessed Karolina Kuzkówn? and I joined the Movement of the Faithful Hearts, I wear a signet purity of the Blessed Carolina Kuzkówny .B?ogos?awiona Carolina gives me support and encouragement to persevere in purity. Thank you Father, that I could share each other and a piece of my life.

God bless

Jaroslaw Pogorzelski
08-300 Sokolów Podlaski

Honour and glory to Jesus!

Let me testify about the great grace from God, which I received. Through this testimony I want to fulfil my promise which I gave to Jesus in my prayers for my full restoration.

I was baptism because of my grandmother, but I wasn't raised in faith. Big family tragedy came during my life and it was very hard to overcome it. I didn't know how to deal with it or where and how I can find help. If I then know what I know now - that I can go with my pain to priest! Esoteric and all thing connected to it (New Age, reiki, numerology, astrology, kinesiology, family constellation) came to my life and I deeply believed in it. These practices give you fake feeling of freedom. They pretending that they are a good and they help in our lives, but the opposite is really true. Sadly I didn't notice that my life was worse and worse. I finally notice, thanks to God, how a big lie and evil is it and what it caused in my family during 12 years. Esoteric ruined my successful business and right after destroyed my family. I divorced. More and more problems appeared in all aspect of my life. I was completely exhausted - physically, mentally and financially and I was still asking myself: What am I doing wrong?

 My friend who lives in Canada visited me after some time. She testified about the power of faith and prayer in her life, family and community. I was impressed and said to myself that I want it too. I want to know the power of prayer. She wanted to visit our local church which was a lot of years under reconstruction. Because of that there was a big celebration. I entered to a beautiful church and saw a altar. I knew that I am HOME! I stand in front of the cross and light a candle. I plead as it was my only and last chance „Jesus, save me! I can´t do it anymore!" And then all things went very quickly.

My friend (I knew her from esoteric sessions) sends me an email about her reversal to to the Jesus and Virgin Marry and journey for rescue and heals herself. I didn't believe her from the beginning. And then my other friend put in my hands a purple book - Preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It was 08/12/2012. I read: You shall not have other gods before me. All things were clear. I started to put my Christian life back together. General sacrament of penance, exercise with priest Elias Velo, Holly Bible lessons, preparation for Confirmation, Confirmation, Holy Mass for my family... And suddenly I found an opportunity to do a very interesting job which I really started to do after one year preparation. It last only few months.

 I received my diagnose - malignant tumor. I was one year and a half after my reversal back to God. I worked a lot from that time but my knowledge about the Truth, Gospel, Holy Bible and my faith weren't enough strong. I didn´t have any choice, I knew only that Lord can heal me completely. So then started my "quick course" of faith. I still continued (maybe selfishly) praying a pleading for my full recovery, but I also had in my mind that the God will can be different. I was looking in a Holly Bible for articles about healing. I copied them to small papers and put everywhere around my house so I could see them. But the Satan caused that I felt all the fears and distressed. He whispered to me: You can’t just simply heal your disease, how could Jesus heal you? He doesn´t even know about you etc. That caused that I was even more praying and one day I asked: What can I do for you, Jesus? The answer was: Just believe me. I will take you through.

I was just lying in my bed without any movement after chemotherapy. The body didn´t want to react so I could only think. I didn't like it at that time, of course, but now I am very grateful for that. I had a lot of time and I could at least in my mind plead for forgiveness from all the people which I hurt in my life. I also forgave the people who hurt me. I took it right from the beginning - kindergarten, school, job, one after another, teachers, neighbours, colleagues at work, seniors, ex-husband, and parents. But I also forgave to me. All it happened because of the help from Jesus. I couldn't do it by myself.

Chemotherapy, lost of hair, surgery, radiation. Second type of chemotherapy and biologic treatment I stopped because of the contraindication. I had luck for amazing doctors with the humane approach. Thank God for them and their care! It was a difficult time, but my prayers, faith and hope still supported me. I went to every holly event what the Catholic Church offer. A big help were prayers from my friends.

I was waiting with a big hope for this year´s spiritual renewal with Father James Manjack, the Indian charismatic catholic priest with the gift of healing. My first meeting with him was in June 2015 in town Nitra (Slovakia). It was the beginning of something new, but because of my blood test after the event I knew that it is a good way. The second event with him was in October 2015 in Brno (Czech Republic). There I did my significant confession. Father James was praying individually for every seriously ill person. Then the mass for healing and the next day the mass for Holy Spirit was celebrated. What in Nitra began in Brno was completed. The freedom, real feeling of lightness came. The feeling that new life start. It weren't only feelings. Thanks to Gods providence I got the fourth day after event a long planned whole body examination - CT. It approved that I am completely healed!
With gratitude Marie

Orlova, Czech Republic, 23/10/2015

Violetta & Siegi
Dear Fr. James,

My husband Siegi and I would like to thank you for the beautiful days in Altötting, for your service and your dedication. I was happy to see that your health is going better.
I wrote a letter to Bischof Oster, right after the retreat. I send you a copy, it is in German, but maybe Richi or Gabi can tranlate it to you. We gave testimony and asked Bischof Oster to allow next year's retreat in Altötting, too. We also invited him to come to the retreat.
I prayed much for the gift of tongue prayer and got it on the last day of the retreat. I'm so happy about that. My husband and I also started with family prayer. My husband wants to read the bible completely, as we know, that you will ask us next year, if we did our homework.

I don't know, if you remember me, but many years ago you prayed for my healing from chronic throat pain. And you also prayed for me to find a good husband. As you can see on the picture in the letter, your prayer was answered. I'm married now for three years. We don't have children so far, please pray for us. The doctors say, that everything is OK, but still no child was given to us.
We will continue praying for you and are looking forward seeing you next September in Altötting.
God bless you.

Violetta & Siegi

My name is Agnieszka. Retreat with Fr. James Manjackal in Kielce was for me from the beginning to the end of a great spiritual experience. All the time during a retreat, I felt an incredible and special presence of God, His nearness and the action of the  Holy Spirit, which kindled my heart and filled  peace, great joy and love. At this retreat, I experienced what is the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is not only in heaven but here on earth and every one of us can experience it, when will live with God, to God and when God is the meaning of our lives. Where God dwells in the hearts of people there is a real Kingdom. These four days of the retreat was for me a spiritual experience happiness and joy of the True Source that is God. In addition to these experiences the Lord have touched several areas of my life.
I prayed for the healing of the family tree and deliverance from the effects of the sins of my ancestors and the Lord has made - he gave me feel incredible freedom and joy when Fr. James prayed for deliverance from the effects of the sins of ancestors. God healed me during a retreat also from hormonal imbalance, which I experienced for about 7 years and helped me to forgive those who have hurt me greatly just before the retreat.
Praise the Lord for the miracles that makes my life!

Immaculata - Vlastimil, Eva and children
Dear our papa James,
We would like to thank you for your prayers - my husband Vlastimil celebrating his 50th birthday and thanking OUR GOOD LORD for the gift of faith and gift of health. We are so grateful and so very happy! And we look forward to meeting you at the retreat with us in Brno! Over two thousand people longing for your preaching!!!
Our sister Immaculata called and she sending greetings you and Gaby and she also pleased that our Lord has sent you to us! She invited to retreat  their relatives and sisters and they together prayer for your health and power of Holy Spirit!!!

We promise prayers for you and your heart!!!
With love and faith

Immaculata - Vlastimil, Eva and children
My name is Alicja, I live in Zielona Góra. When I only found out that Fr. James is coming to Poland (to Kielce) to conduct the retreat, I knew that I have to participate the retreat. During the retreat Jesus healed my soul and my body. I felt I’m liberated from the courses of the Law. During the prayer my whole body was shaking, I felt hot and the tears flowed. I felt that something went out. I felt really light.

During the healing prayer Fr. James said that Alicja is healed. I knew that is about me. I felt hot in my stomach, exactly in the place where I had much pain. Since that time I have no pain. Also during another prayer I felt hot in my sick, swollen leg. The leg became so heavy that I coundn’t lift it. And since that moment my leg became much better.

I thank from my whole heart Jesus, Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit. I thank you, Fr James for your presence.

Aude Ndjomo
I was a very pious young daughter. When in 2005 I met the now my husband, I gave up my living Christian principles. in 2006 and 2007 I had 2 abortion. after the second abortion I was assigned psychologically and physically. I had a pain in the lower abdomen. I confess and I try to live according to the faith again. I made my spiritual father accompanied by Fr. Alain Takam. and in prayer I rebuilt myself gradually. but when I found myself in sessions of intense and true prayer to the Blessed Sacrament or face, pain in my lower abdomen was being felt intensely. when I have spoken to the Abbé Alain, he told me that my healing was not complete and that I should continue to pray. he offered your prayer book "33 Charismatic prayers" and told me about you. it was in 2010 in the same period you had come to Cameroon and people so much about you.

When I start an internship in September 2014 in the company that I currently use, Internet access is easy. I decide to make Christian research. and I entered your name in Google and I could see the series of 13 lessons of one of your retreat in France. I have listened so well and I was doing other work I listened while meditating, during worship while having intercessory prayer the pain returned. One day listening I believed you hear me Carole you are healed. Aude you are healed and the pain left me abruptly. Similarly, I arrived at home the temperature had dropped my daughter Carole. I mentioned it to my sister telling her that she must listen praying and we decided to make you an email to let you in our family.

Father thank you for your prayers and I promise to pray for your recovery.
Rv Father may God blessed You

Today I would like to express my gratitude to our Lord  for the experience of the Holy Mass in Kielce, Poland in 2015, where in which I took part with my husband and a daughter. It was the first day I met you, Dear Father in Poland.
In fact I prayed not so much for myself but for my family and other intentions. I just put my hand on my heart to pray. And then, day after day I felt that my problem with the left knee was solved.
It was  true that maybe since March some problems had appeared,there was time I could not kneel, for me it was so sad in church - not to kneel for God. And I can kneel now. This year I could even pick up blueberries, which had been difficult before because of a knee ache and my body in general.
Thank you Jesus, my God and Saviour!
Thank you Father James for being our Lord's "tool" and for all the efforts of your service to people of the world!

I participated on your retreat in Nitra in June. Nothing of my health problebms  I was thinking on were healed. But I was very surprised while I was kneeling on adoration and I didn't feel the pain in my knee. I felt  a strong pain only if I was kneelig. And I was not thinking about it during prayers for healing. This pain disapeared. Maybee the Lord wants to tell me to use knee more often.
Praise the Lord!

Agnieszka and Adam Dzudzewicz
Dear Father James

I should write this testimony a long time ago. Exactly in 2012, when me and my wife, went to retreat, which Father led in Zdunska Wola. Especially since Father asked me about this testimony in email, which was a response to our query about homeopathy.

I am very sorry that I write only now. It mainly results from my neglect and laziness, but also from the fact that I do not know what exactly I should write - so much had happened and still happens in our life.
We went on a retreat that Father led in Zdunska Wola to save our marriage. In that time our faith resulted mainly from tradition, not from relation with God. The retreat which lasted three days, were so far, the most important thing in our life. Leaving them we already knew that there is a God who loves us and wants our happiness and that this God has always been, and always will be with us. We returned home as a new marriage. We knew that we were saved by God and although we had many concerns, we felt that in every situation God will be with us.

Since then it has been three years now. All what happened at that time exceeded our wildest expectations and dreams. Although there were many difficult moments at that time in our marriage, God carried us through all of them. Now we are so happy as never before, and all the time we see that God gives us more and more happiness in our life. Our life is interesting, we live in abundance, and we feel peace and the true meaning of life. So much has happened in our life that I do not know what I should write first of all.

We have experienced that if we trust God, entrust our lives to Him and will follow His commandments, He will lead us wonderfully every day and will perform in our live true miracles. With him we can overcome all evil and adversity.
We are most happy with the fact that we truly believe in God, and that three years ago we wanted to end our marriage, and now we are a happy family, and more over God has given us further children. Now we have eight year son, two year daughter and one child is under the heart of my wife and will be born in the end of November.

If such is the Will of God we will take part in retreats for marriages which Father will lead son in Swiebodzice.
Praise the Lord!

Adam and Agnieszka Dzudzewicz

Dear Father James,

I'm very thankful and praise the Lord for his mercy.
Three weeks ago my daughter went the first time, since two years, to the womans run at bern. She came back, very happy, with any pain in her knee.
I'm alo thankful that my family goes well and my husband has a work who gives him satisfaction.
I thank you very much for the exercitien last year at wettingen. A vew weeks bevor i heard the call from God to change my life: j've been at a monastery for a vew days. Their, in the silent, i realised how busy i am! I realised i need a cut from all of them, to live my life for God. I realised, i need the penitence to beg pardon for all the busy work who leeded me away from the lord since years!
Also during the exercitien at wetttingen i went to the penitence. Since then i feel how i need the sacraments. I feel how i'm growing as a child of God. I feel gladness when i give my sins to Jesus. After i feel blessed of him. I feel how he will the best for me, like a father. He gave me in my life all what i needed and made me happy since yet, but i forgot to give him my love!
Now i learnd to give him my work during the hole day: my homework, the duty for my family, but also in my profession as a nurse anestethist at the hospital. It is my offer for him. So i'm growing in the love to him.
In my parish, here at wettingen, i'm workig since three years with the children servants for the mass. Also i'm organising the duty of lectors and distribuer of the sacraments. I pray to the lord, that he let me be an instrument for him. That he make shine, he's holy ghost through me.
But i need the help of yor prayer: i need more personnes, children and adults, who make this duty. I'm so happy he send me four childrens this year. But it is not enough! And i need your prayer to make a good job with them. So that they feel the necessary of their duty and the joy in God for their own lifes.
Jesus is my light on the path toward God Father. I thank the Lord for priests like you who brings us he's word in our lifes. I hope and pray he will bless you for your work. I'm sure he gives you back your health.

Susanne Del Conte-Gallati

My name is Ines Baruch, i was born in Zagreb ( Croatia ) at 1970. The illness which i have had was inside of me for a years, the first signs was the insensibility of the different part of my skin on my body, but i don't care because i was sure that i can't have nothing heavy. I was very calmly because i was learn to go away in my life very courageous like a child, because i was leftover without my father at seven years, he was killed in his shop of two shoplifters.

Instead, in a moment was change all !!   I was begin to have debility in my legs, even much more. I can't walk so much, my legs make me sickness. My right leg i must gripping. I was finished in hospital, nurse take to me many blood for analise, blood and liquid spine.  Dyagnosis was a multiply sclerosis !!   Oh my God what will i do now ???  I was scream inside of me  " WHAT WILL I DO NOW ???"

I have a son ( Matteo ) nine years old and i'm alone.  How i will finish ??  Who take a care of my son ??  Where will he finish ??  Soon i will finish disable, HELP !!!  I was finish, despair, killed  !! ....   Treatments, injections and hopeless that the worse go ahead .    Another big pain, anchor the biggest of the sudden death of my father.  Totaly disaster !!

But God know always what He do.  A short time after was the seminar of Father James at Monte Santo  ( Sveta Gora, near Nova Gorica, Slovenia ).  I know the people from Zagreb ( Croatia ) which speak to me about Father James years before. They tell me to come at his seminar to see him.  He makes a miracles, but i don't beleive. I don't beleive neither in Jesus. Forgive me Jesus i'm shame !!    Now i have heavy illness i must to do something. I was going in the church. I begin to pray. I pass my nights pray and pray. I pray and cry. So i fall asleep. But the first time in my life i pray from my heart, from my soul.

There was come a moment of three days of seminar with Father James.  Person which change my life definitively !    We listen the speach of Father James, we pray, we sing ....   and there come a moment of the Father James pray for illness people.  I was concentrated on my illness ...  The pray go on ... the time go on ...30, 40 minutes, i don't know how many time, but long long time go on  ....   Father James nominated many names, many illness, but not my name my illness.   I was thinking inside of me  " o God who think of my illness, of multiply sclerosis, of me ? " ...  After short time Father James said :  " In this church are three person which Jesus heald of multiply sclerosis !! "     I was feel the power of Jesus !!!  I remember that i was crying so strong and so much.  JESUS HEALED ME !!!  JESUS IS ALIVE !!!  JESUS IS WITH US !!!   Jesus forgive me that i don't  beleive at Him, He embrace me with His infinity love, THANK YOU JESUS !!!   From that moment Jesus is the most important person at my life, and when i have a problems at my life i just pray a Jesus !!  Just Jesus can help us in all !!  Jesus is here for us, we must just beleive Him and pray Him !

Thank you Father James to open my eyes !!   Thank you to show me the way to Jesus !!  I love you Father James so much !! YEAR 2005 TO YEAR 2015, this is ten years that i don't use any treatment, injection, nothing ... and i have a perfect health !!!  I found a way to a real source of health, peace and love, and this is Jesus !!  I was growe up my son Matteo. Matteo is today 19 years old. Like many adolescent he is rebellious, but i know that he will found his way soon.  With Jesus we can make it all !!

THANK YOU JESUS !!!  THANK YOU FATHER JAMES !!!  I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH !!! This ten years i was waiting my testimony on your side Father James because i was thinking that the testimony write you or Gaby. In your message two weeks ago you write to me :  " why did you not write your testimony ? "  Than i understand that i must write a testimony. Sorry Father James, sorry Jesus.   LOVE YOU

Ines Baruch, Trieste,  Italy

My name is Ivona. I got pregnant at the age of forty so the doctors told me that my age is not suitable for pregnancy and recomande me to take genetic tests to see if everything was all right with my child and that some women unfortunatly decide to have abortion if something is wrong.I did not want to make any tests though those information brought so so many fears about health of my child to my life. During my pregnancy my blood results were not good, my trombocites suddenly started to decrease and it is so difficult to find out what causes this and to heal that. I asked dear Father James to pray for the health of my child and my health. He told me that he will pray for the health of booth of us,my child and me and for the health delivery of healthy child and not to worry about pragnancy in my age. Lord Jesus answered the prayors, I gave a birth to healthy child and my blood results were suddenly so much better, the trimbocites got back to normal. Thank you Father James for your prayers. Good bless you. Thank you, love you and glory to you my dear Lord Jesus!
Ivona Valic

Ana - Marija
Dear Fr. James,

I would like to inform you of the latest miracle the Lord has recently performed through your intercessory prayer as well as of several other ones.

I had an opportunity to send my intention to your seminar in Wien (6–8 February 2015) via a friend of mine, who was present in the audience there among other Croatians. In this intention I included a few people with various needs among whom was my godchild's husband, who was suffering from heavy lung damage and who was on a transplantation list. I joined the participants in prayer from Croatia and specifically prayed for you as my friend informed me of your need to rest every little while due to the strong spiritual obstacles to holding the retreat in Austria. After the seminar, I offered a thanksgiving mass to the Lord for the received grace. In several weeks time my godchild's husband was called from Croatia to Wien (!) for a lung transplant. The transplantation surgery went very well and his postoperative recovery is equally good. Praise and glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ, as He is the greatest healer!

I would also like to report here another transplantation miracle which happened also through your intercessory prayer in November 2006 (I reported it in your Guestbook immediately afterwards). During the retreat at Croatian Franciscans in Norval, Canada a few of us from Croatia were mentioned in an intention through the kindness of an acquaintance of ours who was there. Among us was a girl from Zagreb who had been waiting for a kidney transplant for two years and whose condition was deteriorating. We intensely prayed for the success of that retreat, for all present there and their intentions. I offered holy masses and I fasted that Friday for this purpose only. In two weeks folowing the retreat, this girl was called into the hospital in Zagreb where she was the only one to match the donated kidney and the transplantation was successfully performed. She was reportedly doing well in the following years and her life significantly improved. Yes, our Lord is a mighty God! I would also like to add here that I am aware of the need and joyful obligation to pray for the souls of the donors of these transplanted organs.

I was blessed with a good job in 2002 after your seminar in Croatia following several years of unsuccessful job search. My stomach also healed from bacteria during the Adoration.

Finally, I seeked your prayers and blessings on quite a few other occasions, especially while Croatian generals Gotovina and Marka? were imprisoned in the Haague and falsely indicted at the International Court only to be found completely innocent. This was a great victory of prayer.

I thank you very much in the Lord for all of your prayers and wish you Lord's great reward for the generous help to Croatians.


My dear Father James,as i told you i´m sending to you a photo of Maria do Rosário, she was born on 7th May and she is well.
 I want to thank you for your prayers.
 Me and my husband we have also three boys, and they are very happy with their sister.
 We miss you very much. Our children are fruit of your retreats in Portugal and we thank God for your life.
 Please keep praying for our family, for peace and joy and for our sanctity and salvation.

 We love you
 God Bless you

 I am resending you a picture of small Frantisek (Francisco) who was born with the intestines outside of his stomach. The situation was very serious, no one knew if he survives. You prayed for him much. He went true several surgeries and thank to Gods grace and your prayers he had baptism last weekend and he is bringing his parents a lot of joy. Thank you very much. God bless you. Our love and prayers. Z.

Magda Lorena
My name is Magda Lorena Gomez Bahamon, I am unmarried mother, I have an 8 year old daughter disability called Gwenn-Aziliz Gomez Bahamon. We have assisted both in retirement than you gave to Lourdes in France in the month of March 2015. I wanted above all to thank you, retirement Lourdes has changed my life, I had an inner and physical HEALING. All the hatred, rage, anger I had towards many people is partly thanks to you, the Holy Spirit and God our Lord. In addition I have no pain in the back, and all my muscle pain disappeared and suddenly I can better take care of my daughter, since we are alone both. In addition since retirement I go every Sunday to Mass and even holidays to Catholic holidays and it brings me a lot of peace and consolation. Since retirement I feel a kind of pain that does not hurt my back at the shoulder blades, I Croye it was an evil spirit that I was stuck in the back but I think now that it's rather the Holy Spirit that is in me, because for the first time in my life I no longer feel empty, father James thank you for all the graces that I received because of you.

I am Colombian but since September 2006 I live in France and I hope I can stay in this country I love so much. Here I have found the faith because of you, and for the first time in my life I feel safe especially at home, even if I'm away from my family, more here my daughter can have an educational medical monitoring. Before continuing, I want to apologize to you because I do not speak English and I did what mail with google translator, I apologize if there are errors.

Well I wanted to thank you for your attention and for all you have done for us, heartfelt thank you and I hope you will heal soon. I also hope I can go to your next retraitre in France, since your retraitres gives us fishing, as they say in French. James father I ask you to pray for my daughter, for there is a way for it to make its first comunion (she is disabled, she does not speak and it is not known if it includes something). Thank you for everything and may God keep you long time alive, and bless you.

Magda Lorena Gomez Bahamon
Ernst Josef

My name is Ernst Josef Guggenberger and I come from Spittal/ Drau, Austria
Praying the rosary from the heart, reading the bible, going to holy mass, confession, spiritual conventions, hours of adoration, Cursillo course of faith, retreats, seminars with Fr. James Manjackal liberated and healed me completely from my alcohol addiction and mental illness.

Yes! Jesus touched me with his everlasting merciful love. He healed my soul, gave me a new heart and He taught me to think differently. Plainly said - Jesus changed me. Out of a man who was an alcoholic possessed by a demon, out of a sinful person He made a liberated, healthy, happy and blessed Christian who is full of life. This is true loving Divine Mercy, which Jesus performed on me as He already has done on many other sinful people. The Mother of God, our loving mama, and many wonderful amiable people helped me on this way. Especially the Legion of Mary and the book The Imitation of Christ by Thomas of Kempen. Thank you with all my heart.
Jesus is alive! Praise the Lord!

Even today exists the miracle that God touches people with his Holy Spirit and liberates them from demons. Through His breath He gives us liberation, healing, change and power to complete conversion. Let's take God and His words in the bible to heart.


Hello Father James
Since our meeting to Saint  Maure in France, my life changed completely. I left Freemasonry as I began to integrate, I just got married in church. Now I'm still looking for job, but I remain confident. I give you the full picture of my family;

Antonija, Jani and Tadej

Two years ago I asked you to pray for me and my husband as we lost 3 babies at the begining of my pregnancies. It was hard for us but we had a lot of friends who prayed for us, too. We prayed a lot and everything put into  Lord"s hands. We said novinas to st. Padre Pio and at the same time we decided to adapt a child if it is the will of God.

Last Christmas 2013 we foud out that I was pregnant again. We put everything in the hands of God. Last August 13, 2014, we got our son Tadej (Jude-Thaddeus). We know that he is the gift of God. We are so happy and thankfull to Him. We know our baby is a miracle from Heaven.

We thank you for all prayers and supporting words you wrote to us. And we pray for you, for your health and your work. Hopefully one day you come again to Slovenia and you can see God*s miracle- our son Tadej.

Thanks once again. God bless you.
With prayers,
Antonija, Jani and Tadej

My Name is Stefani and I'm 16 years old. I attended your retreat in September  2014 in Switzerland. During the healing prayer you called up my name and said: one young Stefani is getting healed. That time I felt grace flowing through me and I felt completely renewed. Since then I feel more love for Jesus and I'm more interested to pray and read the Holy Bible. I'm able to concentrate more on my studies instead of playing with my mobile phone and watching TV. Now I'm also more interested in attending the Holy mass and my faith to the Holy Eucharist has grown. Now I'm using my free time to listen to different retreat messages from internet. I am more interested to pray for sinners and to pray for souls in purgatory.My faith became strong.


Thank you Father James for your retreat and your prayers.

Stefani Stephen

Blanka and Antonin Janovi

We are Blanka and Antonin Janovi with our child Antonin Josef. When you conducted a seminar in Brno two years ago we had no child.You, father James put your hands over our head and prayed and prophesied that we would get a boy  child soon. So it happened, God gave us a boy. and we named him Antonin Josef. He is a great blessing to our family. We  heard that you were seriously ill and we prayed for you much. Thank God that you came to preach in Brno this year.We pray for you daily that you may continue the good works of evangelization. Pray for us also.


I am so happy because the Lord Jesus healed me during your great retreats in Graz in September 2014.
First of September the doctor sayed I have a tumour on the ovaries. During your prayers of healing I feeled, that the Lord Jesus has healed me. In October I had an operation. After the operation the doctor sayed that the tumour ist not malignant and I am healthy. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus.

Thank you for all your prayers and blessings and I continue praying for you. I am looking forward to see you in Vienna in 2015.

Lots of love

Kader Serge Sanou

Father James
My name is Serge Sanou, I am writing to give you my testimony of what I had with the Lord by listening to your lessons on the internet. I started smoking cigarettes in 2006 and in May 2009 I had a personal encounter with the Lord during a vigil of prayer and the Lord has completely changed my life that I was not going regularly to church the next day j 'I found the life of the sacraments and I recited the rosary every day and the Lord had freed me from many things: fornication, masturbation ...... but I still smoked and because of that I suffered a lot because word of God is clear, '' you are the temple of the holy spirit '' I prayed to the Lord to heal me of the cigarette but in vain until the day I listen to your testimony of conversion on the internet and when I saw you heard that you smoke cigarettes and that the Lord delivers you then I told myself that the Lord could heal me too but shortly after I got discouraged and I started to smoke and the next day I listened to the testimony of richie and when I heard him say that he also smoked and that the Lord had healed so I'm really told me the Lord can heal me and a voice came into my heart '' of the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness' and knowledge came to me and I knew exactly what to do, I got up I took my pack of cigarettes in hand I went to the toilet and I started prayed the Holy Spirit saying: "Holy Spirit Lord I turn to you today to implore your aid for the word of God says that you come to the aid of all our weaknesses and many years ago I struggle to quit smoking but without success, come to my rescue because of myself and I can not see my willingness to quit smoking by this gesture that I will make folding my cigarette pack and throwing it in the toilet. takes pity on me and come to my rescue>
and after I threw my pack in the toilet and I start Ends testimony richie and until today I have never smoked cigarettes was December 4, 2011. I have always wanted you give my testimony but I always postponed without reason, but today thanks to God you stink I gave my testimony to the glory of God father prayed for me because I live in difficult situations at the moment but I abandon myself into the arms of the Lord hoping his help and grace
thank you father God bless you and keep you and the Virgin Mary keep you in her maternal love.

Family Weiß

Dear Father James,

I’ve written you at the retreat in Graz and I promised to send you a photo. I want to thank you from all my heart for your service and write a short testimony.
My husband Alex and I have been married for 15 years, we’ve got four children (Simon, Andreas, Judith, David). Since his youth my husband hasn’t had contact with his father. He couldn’t forgive his father that he had left the family when he was small.
I attended the retreat in Linz (Healing of the family tree). A short time afterwards my sister in law called me and it happened to be a meeting with my husband’s grandmother. Until this time he did not know anything about her. He had a meeting with the grandma and afterwards he had several conversations with his father whom he hadn’t seen for a long time.
On the Divine Mercy Sunday 2012 my husband spent a weekend in Vienna together with his father. They were able to begin completely anew and to open their hearts to each other!
Our children like the grandpa much!
I often think of the word: „He who loves his father will rejoice in his own children.“
Jesus has really changed the impossible into a blessing!

Best wishes,

Marie-Jésus Martinez
 Reteat in Lyon, nov. 2010

Jesus called me by my name. I was filled with wonder because of his love! He answered my prayer, he healed me my from cancer – two recurrences – and gave me the grace and the light.
Thank you Lord fort he many miracles you do!
Thanks Father James for your intercession


Our daughter Olga suffered from severe depression for years. It was very painful for her and all family. God´s protection was her daily support. When she met Father James Manjackal in Zlin, James spoke to her and RETURNED HER TO HEALTH. Her and our lives were bright again.
We thank Lord Jesus and Father James, we can´t even say how thankful we are.
 Parents Dana and Vladimir Turzak

I attended your Prayer meeting in Paris, Saint Maur des Fossé, on August 23 and 24, 2014, with my son Lionel.
During the Words of Knowledge, the Lord healed those who were suffering from a hight cholesterol level in their blood. On February 08, 2014, my level was 2.57 g/l, and on September 02, 2014, it lowered at 2.02 g/l.
My son, Lionel, is allergic to many things, mainly to bees since he was stung at the neck on June, 2012. He went to the hospital urgencies in September, 2013, further to the royal jelly I gave him to strengthen him for the winter.
Early in September, 2014, he was tested at the Cité Hospitalière in Lille to know his level of allergy and start a desensitisation treatment, which will take over many years to complete .... And then, A MIRACLE - all tested negative.I glorify our Lord from the very bottom of my heart for the Graces He poured over us. I don't forget you, Father Manjackal, you are always in my prayers for your healing.

With all my love
Your sister in Christ


Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Ewelina. Three years ago at the retreat, the Lord Jesus blessed my husband and me with a baby. With my whole strength I tried to believe in this healing and receive it, although it was very difficult. After that we started waiting for the fulfilling of God’s promise. At the beginning we didn’t know if we were sick or we simply couldn’t conceive a child. Several times we had an idea to go to the doctor and start a diagnosis. But then the thought appeared: “No, my Jesus will heal me, I can’t take a medicine and recover because then nobody will believe that it is Jesus who healed me. The best would be if an inexplicable miracle happens and then I could testify about my healing”. After some time I realized how proud I was. I was like a man waiting for rescue on the roof during a flood who sent away all boats and finally drowned himself.
So I called the clinic NaProMedica In Bialystok and I made an appointment. The doctor found a dangerous bacteria Ureaplasma which causes miscarriages and infertility. We started treatment with antibiotics and hormones. After 7 months our son was conceived. I asked then our doctor: “did the treatment cause that I’m pregnant now?” He replied: “If God’s name is Ureaplasma – yes”. Today our son is 5 months old. His name is Dominik – like st. Dominik the patron of pregnant women!
Alleluja! Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Maria. For several years I have suffered from spine pain. 2 days before the retreat I went to the doctor and I made a X-ray test. He said that my spine is in a very bad condition and recommended rehabilitation. At the retreat I couldn’t seat comfortable – I had terrifying pain. I also had pain in the knees - I was not able to kneel down and get up by myself. On Thursday Jesus healed completely my spine and knees. I can kneel down and praise my Lord. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Stanislawa, I came from Bialystok. I know and I believe than on Thursday – my name’s day – I was healed from a thyroid tumor, noises in my head and problems with the eyes. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Grazyna, I came from Elblag. I believe that yesterday I was healed from a parathyroid tumor and several other illnesses connected with this. I thank Jesus for this healing from the depth of my heart.

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Eugenia, I live In Wrzesnia. In September 2012 I participated in Fr. James’ retreat in Warsaw. At the retreat I made a general confession. During the prayer Fr. James said, „Eugenia, you are healed, just don’t doubt”. I already knew that Jesus healed me. The spine pains disappeared and what is the most important – the MRI test showed that the aneurysms on the both sides of my head stopped growing. Jesus touched me and healed. Thank you Jesus, glory to You. Jesus is indeed alive!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Wieslawa. On Thursday during the healing prayer I asked my friend to put her hand on my neck as I had a sick cervical spine. I felt then strong vibrations and after the prayer I didn’t feel the abrasion of the cervical vertebra. I believe that the Lord Jesus healed my spine. Let His will be done in my life! Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Ania. At the retreat in Ostroleka in 2010 God healed me from nephrocalcinosis. I know that I’m healthy. He healed my spiritual life, He leads me, He is with me all the time. Praise the Lord! Alleluja!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
Our names are Marta and Daniel, we came from Bydgoszcz. In July 2012 we participated in the married couples’ retreat in Ostroleka. We asked the Lord for a child as we tried to have a baby for almost 4 years. We came back from the retreat with deep faith that in that year the Lord will give us a baby. And so happened. In October 2012 while the Daniel’s family tree healing masses were celebrated our daughter Auralka was conceived! On 29th of June she will be 1 year old. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Ania, I live in Celestynów. For a long time I had problems with the urinary tract. On the first day of the retreat I heard, “Anna, you are healed from your problems in the urinary tract”. Today is the third day of the retreat and I have no problems with the urinary tract. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Teresa, I’m 65. I suffered from the isthmus of both hands, especially the right hand. When I prayed rosary, I was not able to move the beads of rosary because of stiffness and pain in fingers. Yesterday during the prayer I felt bliss and I forgot about the pain in the fingers. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is sister Izabela, I belong to the congregation of sisters of St. Elisabeth (Wroclaw Province). At the retreat in Koszalin I was healed from cancer. Although there was cold when I heard my name and the sickness, I felt great warmth. Before Father spoke my name I was gazing in the Blessed Sacrament. I felt like the Host is burning. Then I heard, “I see a light above a religious sister called Izabela, she is being healed from cancer”. I believe that is Jesus who gave me a sign because after a while the Host became normal. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Dorota, I came from Sierpc. For the last half a year I suffered from a pain in the left hip and for the last one month I also had a pain in the left feet. I felt great pain while walking and the pain woke me up at night. When on the first day I heard that Jesus is healing my legs I started praising and giving thanks to Him. The pain was gone. On the next day I stayed 3 hours in the queue for confession and I didn’t feel any pain in the hip nor in the feet. Praise the Lord! Praise to Jesus!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Bozena, I live in Sokolów Podlaski. A few years ago I participated in Fr. James’ retreat in Torun. On that time I had pain in my upper spine. During the prayer I felt something in my spine and I heard the words of Fr. James, “Bozena, you are healed”. And indeed I didn’t feel the pain which disturbed me before by sitting and rejoicing at the retreat. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Marek, I live in Marki. I was healed from remitting contusion of the right hand (I couldn’t carry heavy things). After yesterday’s prayer the pain disappeared. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Danuta. Several years ago at the Holy Mass with healing prayer in the St. Andrew Bobola church in Warsaw I was healed from a pain in the cervical spine. Yesterday during the healing prayer when Fr. James said to put the hand on a sick place – I put my hand on my head because I had dizziness caused by high blood pressure. Jesus healed me. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Bozena. During the healing prayer on Friday I stopped to feel pain on the right side of my head which was a result of an accident in December 2012. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Alina, I live in Otwock. My knee hamstring was broken. Despite the rehabilitation sometimes I had problems with walking – I limped. On the retreat in Warsaw in 2012 I was healed from the knee pain. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Lucyna, I came from Klodzko. Two years ago at the retreat in Dzierzoniów I was healed from spine pain. Fr. James said then, “Lucja, Lucyna, you are healed! Praise the Lord!”. Until today I have no pain in the spine. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Alicja, I live in Warsaw. Yesterday during the healing prayer I was healed from food allergy. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Grazyna, I came from Starachowice. Several years ago some lesion appeared on my right leg– it itched, the skin was red. This lesion was becoming bigger and bigger. At the retreat in Skarzysko Kamienna in 2012 my leg stopped fully to itch. After coming back home I realized that the lesion had disappeared. The skin became smooth. Jesus healed me!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Jadwiga, I live in Ostroleka. In 2010 I participated in the retreat with Fr. James in Ostroleka and I heard that the Lord healed Jadwiga from migraine headaches. My first thought was that for sure in the hall among 2000 people there was not only one Jadwiga, but then Fr. James repeated, “Jadwiga, believe that you are healed”. I believed that these words were for me. Since that time I have no migraine headaches. I deeply believe that Jesus healed me. Today I know that when I trust Him fully, He can do miracles. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Grazyna. During the retreat I was healed from sore throat (my throat was swollen that is why I could not sing). Thank you, God.

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Elzbieta Maria, I live in Siedlce. Several years ago I felt down and I broke the 11th thoracic vertebra. It accreted but the great pain remained – on the resonance a big hernia was visible. At the retreat in Torun during the healing prayer Fr. James said, “The Lord heals 3 ladies named Elzbieta from back pain, 2 of them felt down”. My back pain disappeared and the next resonance showed that there was no hernia.
At the Holy Mass in Niepokalanów I was healed from knee pain. I heard the words that the Lord Jesus heals people from cancer, MS, AIDS and many other sicknesses. I praised and thanked for the grace of healing. I didn’t ask for the healing of my knee because comparing with other sicknesses it was a little problem. I was very surprised when after the Mass I realized that the knee pain disappeared. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Malgorzata, I came from Krasnik. In April 2010 a tumor in the intestine cracked. The tests proved that the tumor is malignant and will build up again. In the same year I participated in the retreat in Ostroleka. Fr. Manjackal said, “Malgorzata, you are healed from a tumor”. Now is already four years and I’m healthy, I feel well and my test’s results are good. I believe I was fully healed. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Halina. I would like to thank God for the grace of healing my knee. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Pawel, I live in Luków. At the retreat the Lord Jesus helped me to truly forgive somebody. I also was healed from spine contusion. During the healing prayer I felt contraction in my right hip. Since that moment I’m healthy. I can carry heavy things and walk without any pain. I’m a truck driver and I feel that my spine became young and healthy again. Thank you Jesus, that I can work and drive. Praise the Lord.

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Hania. For many years I have high cholesterol (genetic influeances). At the retreat in Warsaw in 2012 I believed that I was healed. Indeed the cholesterol level went down into normal without any treatment and diet. The tests confirmed that later. On that wonderful day I was also healed from endometriosis and a cyst on my ovary became smaller. Jesus Christ healed also my stomach.
Before this retreat the cholesterol level increased again so the doctor recommended me pharmacological treatment but I refused. During the healing prayer I heard that the Lord heals me from high cholesterol level. I deeply believe in that. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Alicja, I live in Wolomin. I thank Lord Jesus for healing my migraine headaches, stomach illness, stomach pains and depression. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Halina, I came from Krasnik. Some time ago the doctors diagnosed boreliosis. The sickness attacked all joins and nervous system. On Friday during the healing prayer my beloved Savior and Redeemer healed me from boreliosis. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Barbara, I live in Warsaw. For many years I suffered from migraine headaches, sometimes they were very intensive that I could not do my daily duties. When the retreat started the terrible pain appeared. On the second day during the healing prayer the Lord Jesus liberated me from headache so I could in peace and with joy take part in the rest of the retreat and concentrate on the teaching not on the headache. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Agnieszka, I came from Szczecin. During the retreat in Gorzów Wlkp. I was healed from nods in the thyroid (it was proved by ultrasonography test). Since that time the Lord has healed me and liberated me. As a result of a car accident I had a broken spine and a spine hernia. Today I’m healthy physically and spiritually. I’m a new person and I have a new life. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Marzena, I live in Ostroleka. At the retreat in Ostroleka five years ago I was healed from sore throat. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Hieronim, I came from Ostroleka. At Fr. James’ retreat in Bialystok I was liberated from smoking cigarettes. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Magdalena. I participated in the retreat for the first time. I feel that I’m liberated from the consequences of my ancestor’s sins and I’m filled with the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Anna, I participated in the retreat for the first time. In 2012 the doctor diagnosed discopathy, lordosis and spine hernia. He said that only rehabilitation can save me. Otherwise I will have to use a wheelchair. I felt great pain while sitting long hours at the retreat. On the second day during the prayer the pain disappeared. Praise the Lord! Alleluja!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Ania, I’m 30 years old, I live in Oslo. I thank you, Lord Jesus, for the healing of my urinary system. During the prayer I heard that Ania is healed exactly from these problems. Before Father said that, I thought about my sickness and after a while, I felt lightness in the bladder. Thank you, Jesus. Praise you, Jesus!

Reteat in Warsaw, May 8-11 2014
My name is Kasia. With my whole heart I want to thank Jesus for the inner and physical healings. I thank Him for the changing of my heart and the liberation from fears, anxieties and worries. I thank for the Holy Spirit, who opened my eyes to my sins and helped me to make a good confession. For two evenings the Holy Spirit was telling me of what else I should get rid of from my house: books and some other esoteric things.
In December 2013 I felt down and I broke my spine. I wore a plaster during 2 months. Because of the plaster I could not sleep. So in the evenings and nights I watched recordings from Fr’s retreat, I prayed, read religious books. This broken spine became a big blessing for me. The doctors were surprised that my spine has recovered so fast and that I became healthy so soon. During the retreat I felt that my stiff muscles were becoming normal. The stiffness and pain disappeared. Praise to Jesus!

In June 2014 we visited your retreat held in Brno (Czech Republic). Our marriage was in a very bad shape. I even did not want to sit next to my husband so we sat apart. After your first speach I was very ashamed. The example you gave was exactly for me (About a woman who did not forgive to her mother-in-law and after she forgave, she was healed). I was ashamed. After the break we met with my husband, I gave him a hug and we sat together. During your prayers for healing on Friday I felt in my heart this sentence: "Why did not you bring Angela here?!" Angela is our four years old daughter suffering with congenital adrenal hyperplasy (CAH). We have to give her medicine (hormones that her body does not produce) three times per day. So Sunday we brought her with us and prayed for her. You said: "Andela, Andelka, you are healed!" That is exactly how we call her at home! We beleive that Angela was healed, but now she is in the process of testing it. At the retreat we have forgiven each other with my husband and our marriage was healed. After the retreat I went to my mother-in-law and begged her for her pardon. I said sorry to her and she forgave me. I would never beleive that I would do this! Gods solutions are the best solutions that would not come to our minds! God is great, God is good! Alleluia!

Marketa Frankova, Brno, Czech Republic

I’m from Poland and I participated in your last visit to Poland for four days. I would like to thank God and you for your prayers, because those four days were the best and fruitful retreat in my life.
And now, thank you your your email dated 21.07.2014 informing me, that you’ve prayed for me and my intentions. I WAS HEALED! From big pain in cerivcal spine. That was a sudden healing. I was in total pain during four days, and then it completely stopped ,until now. Your email has come a few days after the pain stopped, so I now, that you prayed for me and Good Lord had mercy on me through you. I praise the Lord!

 I wish you, all the blessing from Lord, health improvement, but most of all, more and more fruits of your beautiful evangelization. I feel, that you are remember of all your daughter and sons, that have met you, I know , fruits of your prayers will remain with me. It is wonderfull, that we have such a Merciful Lord above us.

 Please, come to Poland again, when it will be possible. I will be praying for you and your mission and your close friends.

My very best regards,
Agnieszka Marasek from Poland

 I want to bear testimony about my healing during seminar in Brno in June 2014. During the prayer for inner healing, exactly after the prayer for inner healing of the wounds from the period before the birth, I felt the relaxation. Later I brought to mind that my mother suffered from hart ischemia and the pregnancy was a burden for she. I can t confirm that it is the real reason of blessing, but since the prayer I feel more serenity and self-assurance. Further, one-two days after seminar I was healed from a little angiom. Now, two months after seminar, I have to ascertain, that the prayers during seminar deepen my spiritual life.

Thanks God. Thank you for your prayers
Marta, Bratislava

My name is Christian D'Emal, 64, Liege (Belgium), living in France since 1977. Chemical Engineer from the University of Liège, R & D specialized in  waste procressing.
Parish of Saint Columban (Val d'Europe - 77), active in the Alpha course and in the Parish Evangelization cells, member of the outreach team from Magny-le-Hongre.

My journey with the Father Manjackal:
- Retreats in Lyon, Bordeaux and Saint Maur des Fossés
- Last Saturday, August 23, 2014:
- 1, the Lord healed my pain in the legs and feet (I had hard time while walking and being standing)
- 2 He answered me and set me free from my greed and my lack of courage towards food.

I thank the Lord
Christian D'Emal

Jean Claude
I am writing to thank you for the spiritual wealth and peace of heart that you made to me during the retreat from Saint-Maur-des-Fosses in the Diocese of Creteil, France from 22 to 24 August 2014 .
My letter is summarized in two points: the first point is my testimony about what the meeting with you has changed my life. The second point my material and health concerns that I submit to you that you help me with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I did graduate to PHD. However I was still suffering from a lack of self-confidence. I could not develop my skills. Whenever I wanted to meet someone for an interview, I always had a feeling of weakness and fear to cry. Today I feel I am inhabited by a new force. I feel cured me of this lack of self-confidence. Thank you.
I have always been esoteric practices with powders and magic candles today, thanks to the education I received during this retreat, I threw everything. Thank you.
My wife and I were married civilly since September 18, 1999 After our retreat with you, we have decided to accelerate to get married in church. We were married before men (the law), we need to get married before God. Thank you.

I have long hesitated to write my testimony and now I want to share with you the fruits of spiritual renewal. Spiritual renewal in Brno with Father James Manjackal I received the gift of inner healing. From the first day of spiritual renewal all sentences that said father James Manjackal I had my mouth wide open and I could not move. Every word penetrated deep until my heart.  Every lecture and every prayer was profound intervention. I thought that kind of strength I have no chance to survive. Suddenly, as if I gradually saw all my sins. Gradually I began sins is showing my feelings with them. And to this day it continues. I cried. I thought I would go mad. I could not catch my breath .I could not leave the place where I was sitting. The words that I heard had me on a chair.
I now feel deep pain intervention in heart, and yet I feel peace and tranquility. I could not get up from my chair.Could not.I had to sit. Like I was stuck to the chair.I was able to rise to confession.I performed the sacrament of penance. It hurt. At the end, I felt great joy and relief.I felt great peace and love Jesus. Never before that I did not have such experience. In the evening, the first day I came home and I did not know what was happening to me. When I talked with my husband and children were all ok. It was so strong that I thought "I can do the next day? "Everything  was in me a new. In the evening I was not feeling well. I was worried. Overwhelmed me angst. In my head sounded, offered praise and thanks to the recovery. The next morning I hurried to spiritual renewal. When praying for healing from ancestors to today ...  I have no words .. I had a gift of liberation .... Earlier I asked for prayers. For myself, and everything I needed. I was not at all virtuous Christian. I did not have the strength to pray and not at all desire and courage to pray for a mother-in-law.
On Saturday I went to confession again.I prayed for it „,if  this conffession is not sufficient mate,“ I'll go to the thrid. It made me even confess ... And this happened to me something  .... In the second confession, I looked to the people who waited in line for the confession, and I saw the Lord Jesus and his mercy, take my fingertips and says to me: "My child full of sin,  I have forgiven you everything". I do not find words for this event. Then the priest gave me absolution and I had the feeling that I can dance, rejoice and be happy .. Wonderful .. I got up from my chair and everything filled me with an incredible scent .. chants, prayers .. I was lightly. When the laying on of hands and the blessing of the Holy Spirit I was a bit worried. When the priest prayed over me, I felt enormous pressure to the head and a huge burning in his belly. My stomach wanted to vomit. I was thinking that I must keep it. Suddenly I felt the heat from the head to the shoulders and gradually the whole body .. I was a bit wrong .. I sat next to the nuns, and together with them, I praise the Lord Jesus and sang we come now Holly Spirit.

On Sunday I went with my son Thomas 9 years old , at which Father James put his hands. Thomas says to me: "Mom, I've never felt so" He was beautiful. Tom and experienced inner healing and physical. He had problems with bowel. He went to the throne only once in 7-8 days. Much of this suffering! Today she almost daily!! Halelujah. Spiritual renewal, I received a gift pray for my family and my husband's family. This was not possible before.
Every day I thank God for this spiritual renewal. "Behold, I make all things new." Thank you Father James Manajckal he wanted to come to the Czech Republic. Thank you also for your beautiful website. Help me a lot.

Hana Hanychová from Brno (Czech Republic)

My name is Petra, I´m 38 and I was healed on Sunday, on the feast of Pentecost in Brno 2014. During the physical healing I was praying with father James for the ill people, I didn´t pray for me because I didn´t feel ill. But at one I felt a power flowing through my body from the bottom up. This power straightened my hunched back. I realized that I was setting upright and this was something new for me. I felt light and comfortable, like a new creature. From the time of my adolescence, I started to slouch, because I didn´t accept my body. My stance became a round-shouldered slouch. Some years ago I wanted to change it, I started a therapy, but it was not possible for my to keep me back straight. I received it miraculously from Jesus as a gift in front of the Holy Sacrament during a retreat with father James Manjackal. I never prayed for in before because I didn´t thought it could change by this way. Now I believe that Jesus can heal us and He is still the same as He was two thousands years ago. Just trust Him!

Thank you Jesus and Thank you father James that you teach us to belive Jesus.


I went to one of your retreats, in Lyon, in 2012. I I Thank God for the healing of my bladder. I thank the Father James. Thank you for your prayers. I'm very happy and I'm really relieved. Thank you Jesus.

The testimony of Monika i Jacek

My name is Monika. I am married with Jacek. When I was 18 years old (now I have 37), I started to have health problems. The diagnosis was: hepatitis C. My liver was sick. In 2001 I had a theraphy, but it didn’t help. After a theraphy I started to have problems with my thyroid. I had also a big depression and whelk. Then I had also hypertension and anemia.The virus also attacked my kidneys. In 2012 my all body was sick. The situation was very serious, my life was threatening. Doctors didn't give me any chance for recovery. But my Lord Jesus gave me the chance. I HAVE BEEN HEALED BY JESUS. I am healthy, I have no hepatitis C!

In may  2014 me and my husband participated in the retreat with Father James in Warsaw. It was a wonderful time. My husband was gifted by The Holy Spirit!
Jesus changed our life!

Let's praise the Lord for His mercy!


In August 2013 I suffered again from my right knee injury.

I was diagnosed with meniscus and medial collateral ligament injury. On the 13th of February 2014 I had a knee arthroscopy. From the 8th to the 11th of May 2014 I took part in the retreat conducted by Father James Manjackal in Warsaw during which I was HEALED by Jesus. When I was praying I heard: "Beata, you have been healed".

Praise the Lord - Thank You Jesus - Be Praised!

Dear brother in Jesus James,

Thanky you for your praying and blessing. My fever is out and I feel me so good. Thank you Jesus and Thank you James, because Jesus give you a big gift for evangelisation.

About my childerns:
Martina, she is 9, we found out that she has loss of hearing by 40 dB (she is not hearing a whisper). After your praying in Brno she is hearing a whisper. Halelluia!!!
Vojtech, he is 7, we found out that he has loss of hearing by 50-60 dB, After your praying he is hearing a whisper (now he got a cold and cough and his hearing is  a little bad)  Halelluia!!!
And the small - Klara (Claire) she is 1 - her christians name is Kilian Anezka (my husband by her birthday said - she is Kilian - and you in Brno you said - 
"Kilian is healed" (In our republic this name is very big curiosity - I don¨t know anybody with this name - My husband and me, we are looking and saying together - our Kilian is healed... she has loss of hearing by 60 dB. After your praying I was sure that she is healed. Every day she hear plus, I think that she is begining to hear the birds song.... Halelluia!!!
My husband Petr, he is 40, he said, that  his back-ace is out after praying in Brno. Thank you Jesus and Thank you James!!!

I feel that I must say everbody, that the Lord is big and good.
I think, taht my others childern are healed to - by asthma, alergia, etc...

For me it was very big and nice experience. Really,  I was praying for charismat - the Faith, because I feel that I need it very much.You said: Pray for courage... And now I seen that it was very wise.
Excuse me please for my english, I speak very bad (I spek plus franche).

Dear James, my blessing to you!!! Que Dieu te benisse et que Dieu te donne sa paix et sa joie, que te decouver par son amour!!!

Merci, thank you!

Michaela, Petr (husband) and 6 lucky childern

In this year’s retreat preached by Fr James Manjackal in Warsaw –Miedzeszyn, I received from Jesus a profound grace of forgiveness. During one of prayers for healing, I felt presence of Mother Mary, who touched my whole body from head to toes with an extraordinary tenderness and affection that no earthly mother could have (though my mother loves me very much). Then I heard a voice in my heart saying “your body is a gift of Jesus.” I did not like my body much before. Halleluiah

Whereas in 2010, also in the retreat preached by Fr James Manjackal in Ostroleka, Jesus healed by blood from clots. On the second day evening I heard a voice of the Lord in my heart “your faith healed you.” I realize faith is a given grace. I had never experienced anything like that and I was not sure if it was His voice so I asked God to confirm what I heard. The next morning, the preacher told the story of a Samaritan woman who, after 12 years, was healed from bleeding once she touched Jesus’ clothes. Afterward, Jesus told her „your faith healed you.” Then the preacher said that the previous night the Lord had said the same to a young woman suffering from bleeding who was taking part in the retreat - hallelujah. Our Lord is a God of miracles.

The Lord Jesus healed me in the night when you prayed for me in the retreat at Warsaw. Knee pain disappeared that night and did not return anymore. I have Baker's cyst below the knee  and despite the fact I walk and I am glad to health. I praise the Lord for this wonderful healing and many blessings that I received in the retreat. Dear father, I am praying for your health

 Praise the Lord Jezus and blessing for you, Father.


I praise Jesus for the retreat in Poland at Warsaw from 8th to 11th May. I testify the healing and blessings that I received there. It was with much fear and trembling that I went there as it was after a gap of one and a half years that I was preaching and that too after a very long sickness of paralysis followed by G.B.S. But when I reached there and started preaching, an extraordinary power from the Holy Spirit enveloped me and I was able to preach, sing, pray and do everything as in the past retreats without any problem although I had pain on my left knee & foot. Many who attended the retreat  thought that I was not sick at all! Some who attended my retreats previously said that I was more powerful in this retreat than the previous retreats. The Lord healed me from all my fears and negative feelings that I had accumulated in my mind through three hospital experiences. Now I am not sick at all! I AM HEALED! It is ok that I sit on my wheel chair as the legs are weak; it does not bother me; I am able to preach the Gospel of the Lord and work for His kingdom; that is enough to  make me glad. In my spiritual experiences during my coma, I had promised the Lord that I would preach his Kingdom even on my bed or wheel chair if he would allow me to live.And the Lord said, " You will preach again with more power and enthusiasm ". Indeed it is fulfilled-Alleluia. When I laid hands and prayed - (While praying Richi and Johannes were holding my hands on either side as Hurr and Aaron held the hands of Moses!)-on the sick, children, pregnant women and volunteers Jesus strengthened my hands, now my hands have more muscles and I am strong to use my hands. Praise the Lord.

Fr. James Manjackal.MSFS

Magdalena Kubalska
Dear Father James!

I was on your retreat In Poland In 7-10.07.2010 in Pi?a. I promise to myself that I will write a testimony and I didn’t do it. I’m sorry. When I find out that You are coming to Poland this year I told to myself that I will write to you this time and thank You and tell You about what happened on your retreat in 2010 with me.
My life  was one big black hole and I didn’t  know what to do.
I am visually impaired so when I was in school I had a really big glasses and children laughed at me and called me terrible and told that I am nothing. It was a real suffering. I believed them in every bad thing, what they told me. I thought that, if they acting like that, it must be a truth.
Also, as a child, I was abused by one member of my family. Because of that I started to hate my womanhood and myself. Those two things create me as a person without any self dignity. I wanted to commit suicide. I had no one. I didn’ t know living God. But now I know that He knew me.
In 2010 I was in Pi?a with my husband. I was sad inside, I lived with no self dignity and no self respect. That was real pain.
On your retreat in Pi?a, thanks to your teaching and prayers  for the first time I told God “yes”. I invite Him to my life. And He answered! I had a “sleep” in Holy Spirit and a miraculous inner healing. And my journey with God has started! I think telling to God “yes” was so important, that I always say it when I say my testimony.
Today off course I remember my past and I am still visually impaired ( I don’t pray for heeling my eyes) but my life is totally different and new. Now I am the happiest women because I find God and I let Him to find me. God is the love of my life.
Father James, thank you for your teaching and your faith.
Hope to see You in Warszawa 8-11.05.2014.
I thank God for You and for your life.

If it is possible could you please pray for us, because we can’t have a baby. Doctors said “no”, our hearts say “yes”. We believe, for God everything is possible.

Magdalena Kubalska
Warszawa, Poland

Maria de Fátima Fonseca, 67 years old – Bombarral, Portugal

Since I have been participating in the retreats of Father James, my life has been changing and improving much. Since I was small I suffered much in my intestines in such a way that I could not eat properly because everything was making harm to me. I had alternate periods of permanent diarrhoea, cramping and constipation. Since I have been participating in the retreats of Father James, I have improved much.
I also suffered from glaucoma (very high eye pressure) for four years. I had to make exams and treatments every six months but they made harm to my intestines so, according to the doctors, I had to stop with the treatments for a while. I went to a retreat of Father James and, during the healing prayer, I asked God for the healing of my problem. After one year, I went to the doctor and she was surprised with my eye pressure that was normal without any treatment.
Since I was 30 years old I also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. During the healing prayer I asked the Lord for my healing and I have been much better: several times the blood tests are almost normal. Praise be our Lord.

Emília Sampaio, 55 years old – Guarda, Portugal

I participated in a retreat of Father James in Sameiro, Braga, for the first time and I had a problem in my ovaries, uterus, lungs and stomach. After Communion I felt a sting in my ovaries and uterus and I felt and was healed and, by His grace, I am healed. Also my husband was brought closer to God. He made a life confession and he has been coming to all retreats. Praise God.

Maria Graça Silva, 63 years old – Lourinhã, Portugal

In 2006, when I participated in the retreat of Father James for the first time in Fatima I suffered from phobia for five years. After coming back home, I checked that I had been healed. The regular appointments with the doctor which I used to go every six months were no needed anymore and now I only go every two years, just for routine. After that I caught a disease in the lungs and the doctors did not know how to treat it but I have becoming much better by the grace of God!

Maria Amália, 71 years old – Beja, Portugal

During a long period in my life, when I woke up from my bed I looked like a very old person all bended with tingling in my feet which caused strong pains. I did several exams and the doctors could not find anything. When I went to the retreat of Father James in Fatima in 2007 during the healing prayer I felt a heat in my leg and I thought: “Lord, if you want, you can heal me!” And the Lord healed me and until today I didn’t have pains anymore.

Lurdes Gonçalves, 52 years old – Fundão, Portugal

Thank you Jesus for healing the tumour in my uterus in May 2012. I asked Father James for prayer and by miracle I was healed! After my operation it was not even necessary to make chemotherapy  nor any other treatment because Jesus haled me.
Thank you Jesus for Father James.

Elisabete Martins, 33 years old – Sintra, Portugal

I want to thank Our Lord Jesus Christ, the heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary for the blessing I received through Father James, yesterday, the 26th May. During prayer, after Mass, I started feeling bad with much anger, and I started with aggressive screams. God liberated me with His power. I felt a strong smell of roses during my possession crisis.
I was possessed by the devil for many years, as I had a curse against my birth since I was in my mother’s womb but God did not allow it to happen. I had also made many mistakes like going to witches and fortune-tellers to know about things. During these 33 years I didn’t have good fortune regarding to the work, love and I had many fears since my childhood. Lately I had been accompanied by Father Sousa Lara from Lamego, an exorcist who was trained by Father Gabriel Amorth from Vatican.
God exists, my dear brothers and sisters and I knew it and, once again, I had the confirmation. The people present there could testify the situation.
Open your hearts to God as He is always waiting for our sincere yes. Without our acceptance, God cannot work. Praised be forever the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary . Amen

Ana Figueiredo, 21 years – Setúbal, Portugal

I had psychological problems and behaviour problems since I was 16 years old. I felt always rejected in the school and in the group of friends. I came for the first time for the retreat of Father James in June 2012 and, on Friday, during the adoration prayer; Father James said five people with the name Ana were healed. I believed I was one of them and immediately i felt mu head very light. I feel very well and very happy. Praised God.

Maria Cesaltina, 57 years old - Vila Real, Portugal

I have a cronical disease for a long time: diverticular disease (in the intestine) but it was only diagnosed when I had a serious accident falling down on an escalator in October 2009. This accident caused an infection and I had to be in the hospital for one month. I participated in the retreat of Father James for the first time in November 2010 in Fatima and in the healing prayer before the Blessed Sacrament I felt that something was being pushed from my right breast and in circles crossed my entire intestine. I believed the Lord was healing me. I went to make a CAT scan in the beginning of 2012 and everything is ok. Never more I had any crisis. Praise God!

Gracinda Navalho, 53 years old – Sardoal, Portugal

I participated in a retreat of Father James for years ago (2008) in Fatima where I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. It was a marvellous experience. I got a conversion and the healing of my problem which I had for 4 years. I suffered with pains all over my body and long time depression. I was taking many medicines without any success. Since I found Christ, my life changed totally: never more I felt lonely, I feel much joy in the heart, I pray every day for the conversion of sinners, for the souls in purgatory and for many and holy vocations.
Praise God!

Agata Skarbek
I participated in the Spiritual Exercises of evangelization in Szczecin conducted by o.James' a Manjackal.
They lasted three and a half days. During its we were praying, singing. listening conferences, attending daily Holy Mass and were praying and asking for healing with the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
I went to this retreat for many reasons. I wanted to meet Jesus, I have brought many people in my heart to Him and also I was hoping for a cure. I expected a healing, not only because I want to be healthy. I wanted just to feel the healing touch of Jesus, His presence, and closeness.
One of my symptoms is joint pain.  I had a pain in my knees. I think even the pain had increased recently. I pray on my knees so it was difficult for me. It hurt when kneeling, and even harder when standing up. Particularly bothered me left knee. I had to get up slowly and carefully.
On the second day of the retreat, while praying for healing, knelt on the hard floor. Just before getting up from knees, prayed to Jesus: how can I pray to You Jesus as my knees hurt?
Standing up, I felt that I do not feel pain, just feeling something like cold, emptiness without pain . I was in shock. So Surprised.
Then I knelt and got up without any trouble, no pain (hurt just strained muscles). I do not hurt me anymore, knees are like new, lightweight, feel they are rejuvenated, oiled, free. The feeling of being healed physically, when suddenly something stops hurting is an extraordinary sensation! Relief, joy, gratitude, a feeling that Jesus is really alive, heals, loves us and is with us! Only Jesus is waiting for an act of faith. He hears our thoughts, short prayer... Hallelujah!
Thank You Father James again for everything! Thank You for praying for me and my family, for my city and country. I have left so many photos in envelope, sorry for that, I thought it was right J
God bless You
Agata Skarbek

Sarka Cahova
My name is Sarka Cahova   I'm 40 years old, I live in the Czech Republic.  I was raised in Catholic faith. I am married and for 18 years  and with my husband Jan we have two sons: Mark 16, and Jan 12 years.
In July 2008, a year after a finishing of my studies on the faculty of theology I learned my  diagnose of the incurable cancer syndrome disease known as “Non-Hodkins”  lymphoma:  chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The doctors promised me 10 years without treatment, without any restrictions. I went to work, I worked in education in elementary school. Gradually my state deteriorated and as the results  after 3 years I had to undergo the  imuno-chemoterapie launched in July 2011. In June, a month before starting treatment for the first time I was on the retreat of P. James  in Samopse.  P. James pray for me personally laying his hands on my head. I received inner healing and accepted God's will and gained inner peace in my heart. My husband was at the same time healed from the alcohol addiction occurring in the same period as my disease. I praise and thank God for all his blessings. Before that, I had a panic attack from the medical chemo  treatment. Nine days we prayed with my family the novena of  surrender.  July 20, 2011 I was instructed to start the treatment in the hospital. I had to spend a first week of the terapy in the  hospital. My husband was there with me and held my hand. At that time he also left his job for five months. Therapy continued then in periods: in between I was released from hospital. In August I went with my husband and sons on one day prayers in the Koclí?ov lead by P. James Manjackal. There was a miracle Itself that I felt good immediatelly two days after last  chemotherapy period which is unusualand . I was always sick 5-7 Days after the treatment period.  In  October I went to Prague. I prayed for all those present and thanked that I can be here with  husband and sons. James P. prayed for inner healing and for physical healings too. The first name, which he said was  "SARKA you are healed," I was very surprised and with tears in my eyes I praised and thanked God, then later P. James said: "There is a woman with leukemia is healed"  I felt It was me again, and finally P. James repeated  "Sharka believe you are healed." I knew that I was truly obtaining full healing. Since that night, our younger son, thanked and praised God for my healing.  He never prayed for my healing, knowing that the Lord healed me already. I had to finish two more periods of imuno-chemotherapy. In the spring before Palm Sunday my doctor was considered healthy and gave me a medical report. I knew about his recovery a long time ago. God healed me Hallelujah, praise you Lord and thank you.

For over 20 years I suffered from migraines and headaches of various origin, feelings of confusion and dizziness. Migraine attacks lasted 3 to 4 days, sometimes a week, disabling me from normal life, my head alwasy felt heavy and just not right.
At this Mass that I attended with father James Manjackal in Skarzysko Kamienna, I asked the Lord Jesus to heal me from the headaches, because I can not travel anywhere however I would really like to go and visit my children in America. During these retreats throughout the four days I had a headache. During the healing  mass  Father James said that 9 people named Jadwiga are healed of migraines and headaches, and then I felt as if  wave of heat pierced me strongly from head to the stomach. Then I thought I was healed, and I felt so light and happy, however my head still hurt even after the Mass. The next day I woke up and my head hurt more and I thought to myself that maybe healing was related to other women named Jadwiga, not me. And here the next day during  healing mass Father James mentions people who have been healed and says Jagoda you have been healed from headaches. Then I knew for sure that it was directed to me because Jadwiga is my birth name, but I have always been called Jagoda by everybody.  I was crying with happiness, I believed I was healed even though I still had symptoms and headache wouldnt go away. Father James said that healing in some people can be seen only after a while, and  that it I may not be visible immediately.  After the seminars I went back home and I felt so different, my head stopped hurting me, and I have such a light and clear head right now like the old days when I was still very young, I am 56 years old now. Sometimes I still ache, but it is due to hypertension.  I do not have any more feelings of heaviness and confusion that  I used to have every day when I got up from bed.  I feel like new born, light and my head is so clear.  I am very happy  and I  Praise the Lord for the great things that He continue doing.
God Bless,

Jacqueline BERTHELIN
In April 2012 in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Lyon (France), I attended your retirement. When you have laid hands on me, I fell. Returning to my place, I started to cry and tremble, I knelt down and I felt the warmth and serenity has taken possession of me. For months, my arms and legs were covered with patches of red and stinging impressive. Nothing could cure: ointment and lotion were totally ineffective. I suffered a lot. During your healing prayer, I heard you pronounce my name, saying, Jacqueline: you are healed. I realized it was me and gradually everything disappeared. The power of prayer, your charisma, and my faith have erased all my symptoms and now I have no itching, no trace of a button.
I thank the Lord for his blessings and thank God for healing me. Thank you, who bring good to all those you meet during your retirement and send your immense faith in those you teach.

Gospodova milost, usmiljenje Božje, Božja ljubezen
Lord's grace, God's mercy, God's love

God's mercy, love and grace are unmeasurable. All that was given to me four years ago. I can't say why I waited so long to write the testament of my experience. One aspect of it is that I receive God's goodness every day and I get thy mercy in different ways all the time. Sometimes it is difficult to be aware of it. To give a testament of everything is really impossible.
I was lost and then found again and I can not put in words all the width of this experience.
I associate it with the visit of Father James Manjackal's seminar, his prayers and his sermon on life.
After the prayer for my healing I felt tangible improvement of my health condition. I signify the day of the prayer on the seminar as the day of mercy for me, other improvements came gradually.
When I was thirty my left side of the body was suddenly paralised and so was my spine. I also lost my balance and I landed in hospital -  unmobile. The diagnosis was – multiple sclerosis. It took me a long time that I could use wheel chair and much later the crutches.

The ascent of this stage was difficult then I had another fall - a new starting of the disease and only one year from the last one. I lost my sight, memory and speech. I felt very small, helpless and lost. All days were my free time, I was incapable of work, job, I could not take care of myself, which I strongly wanted to.

Four years ago I was told about Father James Manjackal's prayers. Štefan, my partner, who I had met a few months before I got ill, /we were not married but he stayed with me all through my ups and downs/, took me to Log near Vipava where Father James held his  symposium.
Father James prayed for me and my health. I stayed there one day and I didn't know how much it would help. Somebody asked me if I beleived into healing after the prayers but I could not answer him. I did not know anything about it. I only know that I beleive in God, that He exists, that nothing is impossible for  Him, but I do not know what my chances are to get  His grace. My considerations and my answer were short. If it is God's will, I will gain the improvement, I probably have no other impact or chance.

Father James was praying for me, praying and asking profoundly. Also the group prayer at the end of the day was magnificent, full of God's presence which you could really feel.

The next day I experienced a huge change of my health and I was really surprised. My health and the strength in my legs improved. Since then I do not use wheel chair any more. I have a strong feeling in myself that the Lord touched me that day and I was given His grace. Nothing can wipe it from my memory.

At the end of the prayer for my health something surprisingly happened. Father James turned to my partner and asked him:"Why does a man live with a woman and doesn't marry her?" A year later Štefan asked me to marry him and we got married.

Lord's goodness, love and mercy are unmeasurable. The Lord has saved me from the slavery of darkness, desease, sin and hopelessness in which I found myself. He is my Saviour and my healer. I hope, I will be capable to be grateful enough for everything I have received.

Maja & Štefan

Lucyna Plócienniczak
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I felt the whole world around turned upside down. All my plans and dreams fell into pieces. The most painful though was the prospect of leaving my loving husband and children who I felt still needed me. I cried but I never despaired. Sometimes I would ask myself – why? Now I know the answer. Everything that happens to us in our life has its place, moment, and reason.
 Shortly after the diagnosis I was treated with a chemotherapy during which I lost my hair. Then I had to undergo a surgery, another course of chemotherapy and a radiation therapy. I drew my strength from prayer. Everyday I thanked God for giving me another day. It is only in suffering that we notice our fragility. I often found myself thinking how many more days, months, years I was granted by God.
 During that time I felt I had what has proved the most valuable: the FAITH in good Lord, the HOPE for a recovery, the LOVE of the dear ones, whose constant presence, help, comforting words were very supportive. I thank you all! So I may say I had plenty.
In my prayer I often addressed God. Lord! You know what's best for me. Help me to accept your will, even if it's different from mine. God has shown his grace and heard my call!
 One day my mother-in-low told be about the charismatic retreat with Father James Manjackal that was to be held from 11-14 March 2010 in Chojnice (Poland). I had never heard about him nor his healing gift. I had always believed that Jesus can heal people, but at the same time I remained very reserved  towards those who claim to possess any healing charisma. All the places for the retreat had already been booked out, and the priority was for the members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, the group I did not belong to. Two weeks before the meeting one booking was canceled. I felt a real joy when again two days ahead another place got vacant. Thus I could go there together with my husband Jacek. It was an instant decision beacuse his attendance had not been planned (somebody had to look after the children and he wasn't even sure if he would  get any days off). I felt it was not a sheer coincidence. While boarding the coach, the group leader told me that God had a plan for us. I am now deeply greatful for her words and prayer. Then it filled me up with hope.
 The time of retreat was filled up with worship, adoration of the Holy Sacrament accompanied by the prayer for healing, the Eucharist, and the Penance. While listening to the words of Father Manjackel during his conference I felt the same kind of liking which I felt for our beloved pope John Paul II. Father Manjackel touched very important things. He spoke of forgivness, which is the basis for the integral healing of one's whole being. I discovered how powerful and effective weapon our prayer is. I understood that these are not just some formulas and clichés learnt in our childhood. They conceal the power of worship, of thanksgiving, and that of pleading. Also, the problem and the consequences of sin were raised. Father touched the deepest recesses of human conscience. During that retreat Jesus healed many suffering people. I was ONE of them! Praise be to Lord for his goodness.
 During those days filled up with prayer I did not hear my name being called (the Holly Spirit indicated the Father the names of the healed people). Nonetheless, I felt I had been healed. I queued up with a thousand other people to give my personal witness, but because of so many and the shortage of time I did not manage to give one. During the next prayer for healing Jesus touched me and healed me. My whole body started to shiver and my right hand touching the place where my amputated breast once had been started to tremble so vigorously I could not control it. It was as if somebody else was in control of it. Deep inside I felt a pleasant warmth I had never felt before, that grew even to the point of heat in the place of the operation scars and radiated down my left arm. Despite having my eyes closed I could see a great brightness. Tears of joy were rolling down my face. All the time I was thanking the Lord for his goodness. Somebody was holding my arm, and my husband's hand was holding my hand. I was conscious. I could hear voices around (Father Manjackel was still calling the names of the healed ones), but I could not gather their sense. My body was not under my control, I was kind of next to it. It all lasted a moment. I got a chance from God to feel physically his healing power. Maybe to make me believe even more. I could feel I was face to face with Jesus - my wonderful healer, so close to him. Not only did Jesus heal my sickness, but he also freed me from fear and put into my heart even greater faith and hope. He also assured me in the fact that we are here only for a while. We should live that short time the best way we can, so that later we can live forever in the fullness of joy. It is well worth it. Even if we have to face greatest difficulties, suffering and things that from our human perspective are impossible to overcome.
This is absolutely true that the Holy Bible, which during that retreat was our guidance, is called the Book of Life. It is from where we can learn how to live our lives NOW, so that we can live FOREVER.
Living this greatest gift of joy I have received, I entrust myself entirely to God. We should trust Him like a child holding out a hand to the father without asking any questions, just allowing to be led to the destination. I wish you all this kind of trust.


P.S. Father Manjackal I ask you for your intercession and prayer. Dear Jesus I ask you for even greater faith, hope and love for all my family members and relatives. Especially for the gift of repentance and forgivness to those who have gone astray and live in sin. Holy Spirit put your gifts into their hearts so that they become brave and strong on their journey to the everlasting life.
Father Manjackal, your spiritual retreat was the time of my life. I thank you for that and assure you of my prayers.

Lucyna Plócienniczak

Zdenek Tatak & family
It is almost a year since we have last met. We met in the Samopše charismatic renewal in Czech Republic last summer. There we came to you and our Lord with prayers for granting us another third child. We have had at the time 2 natural (spontaneous) abortions. You layed your hands on us and prayed. In next Holy Mass at the end you said that Jesus grants baby to Veronika.

After coming back from renewal my wife Veronika became immediatelly pregnant and one month ago we babtised our third son Ivan (Ivan James).

You can use this testimony anywhere you want.

Best Regards
Zdenek Tatak & family

Katarzyna Topczewska – retreat for Sacramental Marriage – Ostroleka 26-29/7/2012
My name is Katarzyna. Retreat for Sacramental Marriage in Ostroleka, was my first. On Friday ,when Father James, was prayed for healings, He was said: Katarzyna, you are healed! I didn’t believe. On evening, I got terrible headache, and back pain. On Sunday morning we was come, meat with Father on individual marriage blessing. I was steal have terrible headache (migraine). I was certain that, depends of this pain, I’m too weak for spend all day in conferences.
The Holy Spirit, however, had a different plan. When we kneel before Father James, and Father have prayed holding His hands on our heads, the pain disappeared. I was feel nice warm on a forehead, exactly in place where pain was earlier. Per half day I was feel, as Father’s hand was still on my head. At this moment I haven’t any headache and back pain. At this prayer I’m believe, that I’m healed from headache (migraine) and back pain.
Before retreat, I was always very tired every evening. Usually, I’m work long in office, and later on evening at home. Now, after retreat, I’m calm, composed, and I’m not upset, and although it I’m much smiling and I’m relaxed.
Thank You Dear Father, thank You Holly Spirit! For all graces! Hallelujah!
Katarzyna Topczewska, Dabrowa Chotomowska, Poland

Seweryn Topczewski – retreat for Sacramental Marriage – Ostroleka 26-29/7/2012

My name is Seweryn. Retreat for Sacramental Marriage in Ostroleka, was my first. When I standing too long, I had pain on the right in the back, where the kidney are. When on Sunday morning, we was waiting for pray with Father James, I had this pain, a little this time. When we kneel before Father James, and Father James have prayed holding His hands on our heads, the pain disappeared. Also I, per half day was feel, as your hand Father was still on my head.
On Sunday evening Father James was celebrating a pray for a healed. My wife was praying for me keeping her hand on left side of my back. During this prayer, I was feel that some warm is going under my wife hand, and like a countless streams is flowing into my left knee. This knee is hurts with changes in temperature, with high humidity. After this prayer, I believe, that this pain will never happen.
Before retreat, I was have a lot grief in my heart. During the prayer, in which Father James and Holy Spirit healed us back to the womb of our mothers, all grief I had in my heart - disappeared.
Since the retreat, our children wear crosses around their necks. In the rooms they have facing Benedictine Crosses. Our Children held them in their hands when they were shining Father James. Each evening one of our children brought up his cross into our room and leads our evening prayer together. For a change. Son one evening and daughter on second.
Eelier our children was pray alone. It was a big mistake on our part. Now, we will always pray together.
Thank You Dear Father, thank You Holly Spirit! For all graces! Hallelujah!
Seweryn Topczewski, Dabrowa Chotomowska, Poland

I write because I owe the testimony of the miracle that God saved me and my family. I am a married and I am father of two children. I am 42 years old. My wife Barbara is 40 years old, daughter Cecilia 5 years and son Pavel 4 years.
In the past I had a wonderful job (deputy of director). With my good friend I had developing a very profitable business, as addition to regular job. Because a lot of work all day I was absent from home.
I did not put God on top 1 priority. I was full of plans and concerns for the future. In the future I did not include God. I was sure that my plans are also God's plans. I did not feel the need that 10% of income dedicated to the needs of the church or nearby.
I left my job. The company where I worked was a construction company. There were no new business, because there were no new investments and investors. In business with a friend I saw the opportunity for the future.
It all collapsed in early 2011.
A friend let me down. I saw that the joint cooperation will be zero. I was very saddened. For our family began Calvary . In front of me I saw the financial disaster. But God preserve us, and with his powerful hand guide as through all the trials. In 2011 you visited Kurescek and will of God was, I attended the mass. God has touched me and I wanted to know who is Fr. James.

On your website I found "Program Warrior". I also add to prayer a fasting for your missions. And our life began to change on better:
- My wife and I attended a seminar in the renewal in the spirit
- After seminar we pray every evening
- Our prayers always begins with a celebration
- Every day I read the Bible
- We set a God on first position of our life
- We put in God's hands all future
- In God we trust
- I am no longer afraid about the future
- I forgive to my friend
- God has gifted me with the gift of healing
- My family is included in the prayers group in which children are welcome
- In our heart is peace
- I got a great job, in these days it is miracle
- I got the unlimited private use of company car (without any costs)
- Within one month finances was sanitized
- My work is blessd by God abundantly
- To owner of the company, I explained that an excellent result of exploration is work of God and not  my work. In such a short time without the help of God we would not have  succeeded.
- The owner of a company has started to think about God.

God has blessed me abundantly and make me wonderful things. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, God be praised. His name is holy. Hallelujah Hallelujah.
Let God bless you, your work and mission Dear Fr. James Manjackal . In pray we are every day together.
With Gratitude
Peter Zapušek

A short prehistory:
Last May I found in the church in Maria Lankowitz an information about the White Sunday (Feast of the Divine Mercy Novena). Full of zeal i read the booklet. God's mercy impressed me so much, especially the fact that on this Sunday after Easter God's mercy is especially great. For the first time I felt with my heart the meaning of the word mercy. I didn't take the flyer with me or I've lost it afterwards. In September, when I was drawn into a church again, I saw a booklet with the picture of Jesus (Sr. Faustina) - there was only 1 copy in the church! In this booklet there was also a picture with the "Inviting Heart of Jesus and the prayer". I was very moved in my heart and I had to pray this rosary again and again. For the first time i felt "peace" within me - not like I felt in Esoterics, that calmes one down only for a short while, only to stir up again and which seems like a bottomless pit.
This Jesus-booklet I put on my night desk. After some time I had a dream about a man who had a cross on his back, who was in a kind of church with me and who healed me and I was singing the song JESUS, JESUS. That was in autumn last year.

Then I came to know that Fr. James was to be in Graz exactly on this Sunda of Divine Mercy. I was looking so much forward to these retreats. For the first time I was able to hear and understand so many things with my heart. Those days were so precious to me - to be able to experience God's love and goodness and to know that to receive healing we only need to "believe", for Jesus had already taken all guilt upon himself on the cross! On the first day during the healing prayers, Fr. James said: "Klaudia, you are healed!" At the same time I felt that i was meant. 6 and 2 years ago I suffered a very severe sickness. I was looking for my healing in many ways in Esoterics. I didn't think anything bad of it, because they also work much with angels etc. I felt so undescribably filled with God's love. For the first time I perceived many things with my heart and I experienced great healing. It reminded me of my dream!
On the second day Fr. James explained why Esoterics is bad. The subject still weighed on me during the day during the talks. When I came home in the evening I immediately threw all esoterical literature, cards, symbols, etc. out of my house and sleeping room and I went to get our crosses from the basement. I hadn't realized how much space all those things had already taken in my life, I hadn't thought that all that would keep me away from God. My children and my husband were surprised at first, but the situation was immediately much more relaxed.
My son said: "Mama, I always told you that I don't like those things." He behaves now like a completely different person towards me!
Fr. James also spoke about our identity and that we have to stick to us being Christians. On the way home I was stopped by the police and I had to show my driver's license. The policeman said: "Do you know why we stopped you? You are driving with only one light and your name in the license should be changed as well (I got married in 1996, but my driver's license still contained my maiden's name). This experience confirmed what Fr. James had said - not only to drive with "half light" and that my identity needs to be changed.
I experience so many blessings in my life now. The picture of Jesus (Sr. Faustina) is hanging next to my bed, i love it very much - "Jesus, i trust in you!" Since then i go to church every Sunday, I'm looking forward to Holy Mass, it is my deep desire to go to Holy Mass. I like visiting a church on the way to work to pray or simply to be there. Every day I read in the books of Fr. James, his words go directly into my heart and fill it. I have found what I was looking for a long time, something I could hold on to and I could trust in, something that would last. In Esoterics I never felt inner satisfaction. I read many books, but they all didn't satisfy me, one person said one thing and another person said exactly the opposite of it.
I can rely upon JESUS, with His words He gives me everything I always desired.
I'm already looking so much forward to the retreats that are going to take place in Graz in October.
Thank you,

Klaudia from Fernitz

Gonzalo. Valladolid - Spain
I'am a man from Valladolid. I have a 28 years old. In the month of March I went to a retreat of Father James Manjackal. It was the first time I went to a retreat of evangelization. This was great for my life. I had never heard any other priest speaking like Fr. James. I had a vice. I smoked a lot. I did not consider smoking a sin. Every vice is a sin. When Father James spoke about it, I was shocked and I got to laugh. It seemed silly. The Lord made ??me understand that it was not. And through the prayer of deliverance that the Father did, I was released from the smoke. Now there is a month without smoking, and without that "cold turkey" which one must leave.
Praise and Glory be to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Maria Emília - Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal
I came to the retreat for the first time with the main aim of thanking. My grandson of 18 months suffered encephalitis cause by the virus of chickenpox. He was admitted to the hospital paralysed on his right side with serious injuries. His diagnosis was very serious; everything could happen.
We believed in God and three weeks after this incident her left coma and recovered. On Friday, in the healing prayer, after Mass, Father James said a child by name Miguel was healed. I believed it was my grandson.
On the following morning I can say that he was born again.
Thank you, my God. Thank you, Father James.

Lília Miranda 38 years old – Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

I want to testify my healing of a cancer in the breast that happened in this retreat. When I go back to the doctor I will ask for a re-evaluation. I cannot describe what I feel. I love Jesus.

Jorge Ribeiro, 35 years old – Ílhavo. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

In the retreat of Fatima in February 2011, during the healing prayer, I was healed of my alcoholism. For several times, I had tried to stop drinking but I could not. My wife Elsa used to go to the retreats of Father James and invited me to come because she was seeing me ending my life. She used to tell me: “come and meet Father James! He is holy and teaches good things, things from heaven, from the Holy Spirit, come to get healed”. I was saying that everything was ridiculous and that she was becoming crazy.
When I saw I didn’t have a way out and that Elsa might be right, I went to the retreat in Fatima of four days. After the talks and Holy Mass there was Adoration. Father James called upon the Holy Spirit to heal all who were on that hall. I knelt down, I opened my heart to Jesus and I asked Him to heal me from the addiction of alcohol and to heal my liver that was sick. There I felt string pains in the abdomen, on the right side, in the liver, I started sweating. I thought I was going to fall down, but it seemed that Jesus was healing me. I started to cry and I could not stop it and the pains left. There father James said: “Jorge, you are healed”. I believed and I thanked the Lord. I was healed. Since that day, I never drank anymore. Jesus changed and moulded my life. Now I am a responsible father: I work, I go to Mass every Sunday, I confess and I pray every day. I live in Jesus and Jesus lives in me despite not being capable of doing everything according to God’s will. But I have the humility (which I did not have before) of asking God’s pardon to try to change and to sin no more.
Glory to God.

Zulmira da Cruz Teixeira 60 years old – Matosinhos. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

I was a chronic patient with fibromyalgia since I was 32. The doctors told me I would be never able to walk unless with the aid of a wheelchair or with crutches. I was using them at home but always with many pains. Six years ago, on the 26th September 2005, I really stopped walking.
In September 2011 I participated in a retreat of Father James in Porto. After the infilling of the Holy Spirit, on Sunday, I went home and on the following day I felt strength in my body and I had no pains. I left one crutch and I felt well so I left the other one and I started walking without any pain. I am very happy and I thank God for this miracle in my life.

Rosa Conceição Carvalho 69 years old – Coimbra. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

During many years, everytime when I came back home from work, I had much itching in the areas of the breast, abdomen and feet (all parts of my body where I was tight. If I scratch the skin became very red until it bleeded. I was using many creams but without solving my problem.
I participated in a retreat of Father James in Vila do Conde 2011 and in one moment of healing prayer, father James said many people were being healed from allergies and I felt I was one of them. Never more I had itching on my body. Jesus healed me. Praise God.

Sandra Cristina Costa Moreira 33 years old – Paredes. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

Since I was 14 I had epilepsy and I was being treated at São João hospital. I went to a retreat of Father James in Vila do Conde though an invitation of a friend. I was taking 15 pills per day because of my illness.
On Saturday, during the healing prayer, Father James said my name: “Sandra, you are haled of the epilepsy”. Since that moment I stopped taking the pills and I’m not going to see the doctor anymore. I found Jesus on my way who sent His angels and gave me the strength of the Holy Spirit. Now I know that my doctor is Jesus. I am healed. Thank you Jesus!

Maria Gracinda Pinheiro 60 years old – Maia. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal
I participated in the retreat of Father James in Fatima, November 2011. During the healing prayer, on Saturday, I received a physical healing in my knees which had arthritis; therefore I could not kneel down.
Since that moment I stopped having pains and now I can kneel down before the Blessed Sacrament. I have also received spiritual healings: I started praying more, my parents despite being Catholics were going to the Church only for weddings or baptism; now they go for communion.
Thank you Jesus.

Lúcia Costa 60 years old – Famalicão. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

I participated in the retreat of Father James in February 2011, in Fatima. After 27 years of having been poisoned with the dust in my work, I was healed from asthma and pains in the kidneys and bones. I could not kneel down. Thanks be to God.

Ana Teixeira 63 years old – Lixa. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

Some weeks before participating in the retreat of Fatima, in November 2011, I was diagnosed a cancer in the liver. Father James, during one break prayed for me and in the keeling prayer I felt a tingling all over my body. The pain which I carried with me to the retreat didn’t come with me when I got back home. I was operated on the 24tyh November and I do not need to take medicines. The operation was a miracle. Praise God.
Maria Sousa Leite, 68 years old – Lixa. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

Since I started to participate in the retreats of Father James I have been healed from many problems: evil thoughts, incontinence I had for six years, obsessive neurosis, digestive problems that didn’t allow me to eat at dinner and diabetes. All these disappeared. Praise God.

Sílvia Maria, 71 years old – Vila Real. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

For five years I felt a strong pain on my left breast, a great heaviness that caused me the feeling of dying. I also had many difficulties to kneel down.
I came to the retreat of Father James in Porto 2012 and on Saturday Father James prayed for me. Since that moment I don’t feel any more pains, I can sleep and I can kneel down. Glory to God.

Alzira de Jesus Coelho, 56 years old – Vila Real. Retreat in Porto March 2012 - Portugal

On April 2010 I was diagnosed a cancer in the tongue. I went to the retreats of Father James to Viseu, Porto and Fatima 2011.
After these retreats, I did the medical exams and the values are normal. The doctors were surprised and cannot explain this situation. Because of the radiotherapy I did before I had to take a pill everyday to calm me down. Yesterday, 31st march, 2012, when father James prayed for me I felt an inner liberation and after the retreat I forgot to take the pill. I went to my room and I slept very well and I feel very well. God healed me. I feel a great peace inside me. Praise God.

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Monika, I live in Poznan. I came here encouraged by my son and daughter-in-law. I was liberated from the habit of smoking. I used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day and I was not able to quit smoking. Thank Jesus for such a huge gift!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Wanda, I come from Ustka. For many years I was unable to forgive myself. During the prayer I received the power of the Holy Spirit, the gift of forgiven myself and other people and also the grace of peace. I was healed from liver disease. Glory to God!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Adam. I have suffered from cancer since 2000. I had several surgeries. Half a year ago the tests showed some changes in the liver. Then I went to Obory to the healing program with Fr. James. Few days later I had the PET which showed no changes in my liver or anywhere else. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
Four years ago some lady cursed me with voodoo curse. I experienced a spiritual torment all this time. During the prayer Jesus liberated me from that curse. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
We have been married for 8 years. We had only 1 son and for 6 years we tried to have another baby without any success. The doctors proposed us in-vitro insemination. Then we learnt about the retreat with Fr. Manjackal in Gdansk (2008). We regarded ourselves as good Catholics and we had nothing to reproach ourselves, but anyway we participated in program and we both were healed. During the prayer Fr. James said, „Justyna, you are healed. This year you will conceive a baby”. And it happened so. Since that time our life has changed 360 degrees. We became new people. Today we are animators in the Domestic Church. During the retreat I was also healed from high blood pressure and I stopped drinking alcohol.
At the retreat in Koszalin I was liberated from smoking addiction. Praise the Lord!
Krzysztof Buzan

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Rafal. 14 months ago 2 disks in my spine slipped. I had a surgery, but I still used to feel pain. I also suffered from stomach ailments. At the Adoration I heard, “Rafal, you are healed from stomach and spine diseases”. I felt heat flowing from my head to my feet. After a while I felt a relief – all pain disappeared. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Roman. I smoked cigarettes for over 30 years. Last year I attended the retreat in Chojnice and I was liberated from this addiction. I do not smoke for 1 year and 7 months. Thank God for this healing!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Ewelina, I live in Pniewo. At the retreat in Skarzysko-Kamienna the Lord healed me and my husband and promised us a baby. I knew that maybe we have to wait some time for the fulfilling of the promise. At this retreat I asked the Lord not to command us to wait long. During the prayer Fr. James said that there were 3 couples on the hall whom Lord gave children. At that moment we both felt the healing touch of our Lord. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Alina. For many years I suffered from a degeneration of the bones and since beginning of this year also from inflammation of the ankle. In August I participated in Father’s retreat in Poznan. On the first day I put away crutches and orthosis.
I came to Koszalin with inflammation of the veins. Just at the beginning I realized I could kneel down. I believe Jesus healed my veins. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Elzbieta. For a long time I had a sick spine and my right leg used to go numb. Jesus healed me from these ailments. Now I feel very good, I can walk and even jump. Jesus also healed my soul. Praise Him for these healings!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Danuta. I used to smoke cigarettes for a very long time. Neither cancer nor my son’s requests did convince me to quit smoking. And now since the first day of the retreat I don’t smoke and even I don’t desire to smoke. I believe that it will stay like that.

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Bogumila. 2 months before of the retreat in Koszalin I started feeling pain in my hip, arm and hand. During Adoration Father called out many names and I desired that he would also say my name. When he did it, Jesus touched my hip, arm and hand and healed them. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Andrzej, I came from Zdunska Wola. I want to thank Jesus for healing me from a throat disease and liberating me from the habit of overeating. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Anna. During the retreat Jesus took away my fears, especially the fears of people who hurt me. I received the gift of courage too. I am a different person, I am a new born. I am also healed from skin disease. Thank you, Lord!

Retreat in Koszalin, Poland, November 4-6, 2011
My name is Anna. I participated in Father’s retreat in Torun this year. After I forgave my mom I was healed from migraine headaches and depression. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Agnieszka. I attended Father’s retreat in Torun 3 years ago. I suffered from some cardiovascular sickness: my hands and legs used to get swollen when it was warm. I could not bend my fingers and walk in the evenings.
After the healing prayer all my ailments were gone and they have not appeared since then, for the last 3 years. Hallelujah!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Grazyna. In July 2010, I attended the Holy mass with a healing prayer which Fr. James celebrated in Torun. I was there with my granddaughter who was suffering from epilepsy. During the healing prayer Father said that few people were healed from this disease. My granddaughter told me, “Grandma, I’m healed”. She had no attack since that time, she does not take any medicines. Thank you, Jesus! Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Daniela, I live in Lidzbark. In 2010, I participated in Father’s retreat in Torun. Jesus healed me from pains in my back and arms. I work as a nurse and these pains were very annoying. Thank you Jesus for your great love.
During this retreat I was liberated from the habit of smoking. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Wojciech, I live in Warsaw. In June 2011, I was operated of a tumor on my lymph nodes. The doctor instructed me to come to the Oncology Institute to pick up my histopathological test results. In July, I participated in the retreat for couples in Bialystok. During the healing prayer I heard that some people were healed from tumors on lymph nodes. After I came back to Warsaw I picked up my results – I did not have cancer.
I have been suffering from MS for 35 years. I feel that through prayer my condition has improved. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Ewa. 2 years ago I had a big myoma in the uterus and my periods were very abundant. I attended the Holy Mass with a healing prayer in Gorzów (2009). During the Mass I felt a pain in my abdomen. I was healed. After that I went to the doctor and made some tests. The myoma has diminished and my periods became regular and normal.

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Dorota. During the retreat in Poznañ I was healed from my stomach ailments. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Joanna, I live in Trzcianka. In July 2010 I participated in the retreat in Pila. I was healed from kidney stones. The echography showed that three stones have disappeared. The doctor asked me how did I do it and I answered that I attended a healing mass. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
In July 2011 I attended Father’s retreat in Skarzysko-Kamienna. I received many spiritual blessings and I also was healed from digestive tract and throat diseases. Praise the Lord!
Teresa Orlowska

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Izabela. I suffered from duodenal ulcers and stomach pains for many years. The treatment was casual and helped only for short time, the pains came back. I also had severe spine pains which did not allow me to move even when I was laying on my bed (I had a degeneration of the spine).
Jesus healed me from all these ailments during the Holy Mass with a healing prayer which Fr. James celebrated in St. Andrew’s Bobola Church in Warsaw. During prayer Fr. Said, “Izabela, Lord heals your spine and stomach”. Since that time my pains are gone, the gastroscopy showed that my ulcers are healed.
Jesus, I thank you for this healing and for the grace of conversion for me and my daughters.

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
I want to thank Jesus from all my heart for healing me from MS. I have suffered from it for 10 years. At previous retreat Fr. James called out my name. Here I heard my name again and now I am sure that Jesus healed me. Thanks a lot and praise to Him!
s. Szymona Komorowska

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Jadwiga. During the retreat in Skarzysko-Kamienna I was healed from spine pain. Jesus liberated me also from smoking addiction. Thank you, Lord!

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
Lord Jesus, I thank you from all my heart for healing me from asthma and liberating me from fears and sleeplessness. My sickness was very severe, I had attacks almost every day, especially at nights. I became nervous, I started taking very strong sedation and sleeping pills. I got addicted to them, I could not live without them. It was a nightmare! In August 2010 I participated in the retreat in Ostroleka. During the healing prayer Father said, „Beata, you are healed from asthma and now you are able to sleep normally”. I received that healing. Now I am able to sleep well, I do not take any sleeping pills. My test results are excellent. When I went to the allergist, the doctor asked me how did I do it and I answered that Jesus healed me at the retreat. Thank you, Jesus and I love you so much!
Beata Koczyk

Retreat in Torun, Poland, October 13-15, 2011
My name is Slawek. For several years I used to drink beer and other alcohol drinks first every few days, then every two days, sometimes every day. It caused many conflicts in my marriage, and also had a negative influence for my adolescent sons. After many talks with my wife I decided to join the AA group. Unfortunately, the results were for short-term. My wife and community members prompted me to attend the retreat for married couples in Bialystok. At that retreat I renounced my habit and throw a piece of paper with my decision into the basket. I do not feel any temptations since that time and I have not drank even one beer. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Asia. When I decided to participate in the retreat preached by Fr. James in Ostroleka I did not think that my life would change so much. When I came here I was addicted to smoking cigarettes. In the past I never even thought of stopping smoking. Now I know I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. After Father’s prayer I stopped smoking. Today is the fourth day of the retreat and I have not smoked for three days. What is more, I do not even think about smoking anymore.
God is wonderful! Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Julia, I’m a young person, 22 years old. I come from Belarus. I am attending Father’s retreat for the second time. I had been suffering from osteochondrosis for 2 years. On the second day, when Father was praying for me, I received a great grace. I was asking Jesus for Father to say my name and that I was healed. And then I heard, “Julia, you are healed”. I began to cry and thank God. I am totally healed physically and spiritually. I love Jesus with all my heart and with all my being. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is s. Marianna Irena. I am a nun of the Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth. I was born in Grodno, Belarus and I work there.
In January 2011 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was examined by many doctors in two clinics and all of them were 99% sure that I suffered from MS. I was desperate. I pleaded with the Lord to show me the root cause of the disease. During the retreat my vocation was confirmed after 20 years of religious life. Jesus has healed me totally! Praise the Lord! I’m grateful for the time of my illness as due to that experience my soul got healed and I have risen to new life!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
I wish to share my testimony with you. My name is Wieszawa. For the last few years I have been suffering from backache. The doctors said that it was only a matter of time when I would be wheelchair bound. I am a single mother of a small son who is also gravely ill. Due to intensified symptoms of my back condition I worried a lot that I would not be able to bring up the child. I found it difficult to sit or stand for a longer period of time. On the first day of the retreat in Ostroleka, after making a good confession and receiving holy communion, I asked Jesus to deliver me from my suffering. Jesus healed me when Fr. James prayed for me. I thank Jesus with all my being! Hosanna to Jesus! Jesus is great and mighty! He is Holy! Jesus is God and King! Hallelujah!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Slawek, I am 39 years old. In 1990 I had a motorbike accident. I broke my left leg in three points and my calf muscle was torn. After 2 years of convalescence I began to walk without crutches. However, I still felt pain and my leg often swelled up. During the retreat in Ostroleka I prayed for healing of my leg and also for strong faith in Jesus. I have received both. Thank You Jesus for the gift!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Marta. I am a wife and married and I have two children, Dominik and Weronika. I’m attending Father’s retreat for the second time. I came here because of my daughter’s illness – spina bifida and hydrocephaly. Weronika also suffered from neurogenic bladder and paresis of her feet.
One year ago, before I attended Father’s retreat for the first time, I had been tired of life, a rebellious and an unhappy person. After what I saw and heard at the retreat, I decided to change my life and follow Jesus. I found the best doctor for my child and for my soul. Jesus – my Lord and King – has changed my life and healed my soul. At this retreat during the prayer for seriously ill my daughter was completely healed!!! Praise the Lord!
Jesus, my family and I are Yours forever. Jesus, I love You! Thank You, Jesus!

My name is Adam, I am Marta’s husband. Last year my wife and daughter attended Fr. Manjackal’s retreat. I could come only on the last day, but Jesus touched my heart. He liberated me from addiction to sex and from all kinds of immorality.

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Magda. As a child I was a very introverted person. I felt rejected and I had an inferiority complex. It made me a very aggressive person. I was selfish and I tried to attract the attention of others in many ways. Such aggressive behavior was the result of my not having received complete love from my parents.
When I was 13 my dad died and then my behavior got worse. I felt very lonely and I wanted to commit suicide.
At the retreat in Ostroleka, during the inner healing prayer, Jesus healed me! I opened myself to His action and His love. I experienced so much of His love and now I know that I am loved by Him and I can do all things through Him! I also prayed in tongues, even though earlier I had thought it to be silly and funny.
God loves me and He will never leave me. And that is beautiful. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Emilia. Since my father’s death I suffered from depression and eating disorders. I hated myself and I tried to commit suicide six times. I stopped going to church and I had not made a confession for more than a year. At the retreat in Ostroleka I made a good confession and I forgave everyone. The Lord spoke to me, “Go and give a good example. Do not be afraid”. I was healed. Filled with faith, I changed my life; I love God and myself because I am beautiful for His glory. Our God is great!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My wife suffered from terminal cancer. She struggled with the illness for several years. She had been waiting for healing for a long time. At the retreat in Ostroleka she was miraculously healed. I suffered from a spine condition. After having performed a magnetic resonance test, the doctors made the diagnosis – I had to undergo surgery. I was also healed and filled with the Holy Spirit at the same retreat preached by Fr. James. Praise the Lord!
Renata i Stanislaw

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Dorota. For four years I had had serious problems in the cervical and lumbar spine regions (discopathy). I underwent spine surgery in the cervical region but I was still in pain. The doctors also diagnosed instability in one of my knees and deafness in my left ear. However, today everything has changed. The Lord has blessed me richly. I made a good life confession. The Lord had shown me the root cause of my sins. Today Jesus healed me during the adoration prayer. And for that praise the Lord forever.
I also prayed for confirmation of my vocation to married life. Today all my doubts have disappeared. After the prayer for the infilling of the Holy Spirit my boyfriend took me to the Adoration Chapel and asked me to marry him before the Blessed Sacrament. Being 100% sure and consecrating my decision to the Lord, I agreed .
Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Magdalena. During retreat I was liberated from the habit of overeating and I was healed from stomach aches and intestine problems. I feel that I am a completely new person, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. Moreover, I have received the grace of serving in my community and the gift of evangelization.

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Ewa. Jesus healed me from stomach problems (reflux). During the adoration prayer Fr. James said, “Ewka, Jesus is healing you, He is healing your stomach”.
I did not believe it fully, so after the program I went to a shop, bought some sweets and I ate them. In the past I could not do that because after eating junk food I used to feel very bad. However, that night I slept better than ever before. The following day I made the same ‘experiment’ once again. Jesus has really healed me! Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Kuba (Jakub). During the retreat Jesus healed me from the fear of rejection and thanks to Him I am now able to accept myself. I was also liberated from the habit of masturbation and immorality as well as from resentment towards my father and priests.
Jesus healed me from all my problems and praise Him for this! Alleluja!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Aneta, I am 18 years old. I have been suffering from spine problems for several years. At the last appointment the doctor said I had lordosis. May be it is nothing big, but it was a shock for me! “You can’t wear high- heeled shoes” – he said. I started crying like a child. It also meant I would have problems if I got pregnant.
Everything changed during the first adoration prayer at the retreat. My friend put her hand on my back. Then I noticed she took it away but I still was feeling a warm touch. I began to realize that I had been healed and that It was Jesus touching me.
Now my spine is straight!!! Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Lena, I live in Belarus. I want to thank to God for the gift of this retreat. I was liberated from fears of my future and from several spiritual problems. I am grateful for getting to know the love of Jesus.
I also had problems kidneys and spine problems. I believe I have been healed. There is no more pain either in my kidneys or in my spine, I can walk easily and upright. I can kneel much longer and nothing hurts me. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Tadeusz. Some time ago I had a heart attack. I was healed at the retreat and I do not feel any discomfort now. I feel my heart is strong and healthy now. Praise the Lord!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Agnieszka. I had been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 4 years. Now I am healthy because Jesus healed me.
During the healing prayer I heard the words, “ Agnieszka, you have been healed from MS. It was very difficult for me to believe. But God put people in my way and gave me such signs that now I am sure that I have been healed. Jesus, I am Yours, please lead me.

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Monika, I’m 20 years old and I live in Tczew.
I lost all my body hair in 2006. At that time my parents used to fight a lot. I have no hair on my head, hands, legs and I have neither eyebrows nor eyelashes. I went through various treatments, but nothing helped me. During the adoration prayer Fr. James said, “I can see two women who are praying for hair. They have an inferiority complex due to lack of hair. Jesus is healing them now.” I was one of those women. I believe that God has healed me and some time from now I will be able to a give testimony having a fine head of hair! Praise the Lord!
I also attended Fr. James’s retreat in Chojnice last year. Prior to that I had been a shy person, I did not use to much in company. The Lord gave me the gift of courage and He is still healing my shyness. I have no more problems with asking for directions or taking part in a discussion. Jesus lives indeed!

Retreat in Ostroleka, Poland, July 1-4, 2011
My name is Jola. I had had suffered from knee problems for several years I was even faced with the possibility of undergoing knee surgery. During the retreat the Lord came, He touched me and He healed my knees. I had been suffering from back ache for some time. Jesus also healed my back at this retreat. During the inner healing prayer the Lord took away my sadness which in the past used to come over me without any reason. Praise be to Jesus who came to save me!

Ladislav - Czech Republic
End of August 2011 my father died suddenly. He had more than 20 cows which remained without care. I didn't know what my old mother and I should do with them. I never cared about farming, I had my own job.
But there was nothing to do, I had to overtake the care for the animals. I really couldn't imagine doing that!
In October 2011 I went to Prague. There I took part in the prayer meeting with you, Fr. James. I was very depressed, because I didn't know what to do with the cows in the future. It wasn't possible to sell the animals right away.
During prayer you, Fr. James, said: "Jesus is blessing 2 businessmen in their business." I was very happy with that and I knew, Jesus is blessing me. My heart was full of joy and grace. I knew I wasn't alone anymore with the problem.
When I came back home in the evening, I immediately ran to the animals to check on them. How surprised I was as I saw the new born calf from far! I'm sending you the picture in the attachment.
Jesus is blessing me all the time. He protects me in many dangerous situations.
Many thanks for your prayers.

Ladislav - Czech Republic

Rosa da Conceição Fernandes, 64 years old – Madeira Island - Portugal
I had a cyst on my left arm for more than 9 months. It was growing so much that I was hiding it out of shame. I went to an appointment and the doctor told me I had to be operated as soon as possible. Since I have an infection in my body I told the doctor I didn’t want to be operated and that I would let Jesus to solve my problem. The doctor replied I was a person of much faith.
I came to a retreat of Father James in Viseu in July 2011 and during the prayer I surrended my problem to the Lord so that His will would be done. When I came back home, on Monday, I went to take a shower and I saw the cyst was no longer on my arm. The Lord healed me. Praise God!

Violinda Santos, 53 years old – Coimbra - Portugal
I and my husband were both widows with two children each and we got married on the court. During the retreat of Father James, I understood I could not continue with that marital situation because it was not pleasing God. So I started thinking I had to regularize my marital status.
During the fifty years celebration of the prayer group Christendom in Fatima in which we participated, during the moment of communion and looking to the tabernacle I felt that something within me was not allowing to be well with myself. I went for confession and told the priest I didn’t have the sacrament of Matrimony. After one month we got married and received the Sacrament of the Matrimony. Since that moment I have been always coming to the retreats of Father James and our life have improved a lot. I thank God.

Maria Julieta Antunes, 54 years old – Entroncamento - Portugal
I had a big depression since 1986 but I didn’t accept I was sick. In 1990 I went to the doctor and started a treatment. I was taking 30 tablets per day.
My life didn’t have any meaning so I wanted to end it to stop all my suffering. I felt I was the worst wife and the worst mother and despite being medicated this idea never left me but I never told anything to anyone because I was ashamed.
In September 2006, a friend invited me to come to the retreat of Father James in Fatima. I felt a great desire to go to the retreat, so I went. Blessed be that day! Since then I got strength, courage and my life changed. In August 2007, in a funeral of a young girl who had cut her pulses committing suicide, I realized that the thought of suicide was no more in my mind.  Praise the Lord!
In the retreat of Father James in Anadia, I had a physical healing, a toe that was broken became well and I was healed of a skin problem.
In another retreat in Fatima, Father James, during the healing prayer, said my name, that I was healed and not to doubt. Despite taking fewer pills for depression, I was still taking some but today I am not taking any medicine. I am really healed from the depression. I am a happy person and I thank God for my life, my husband and for my children. Praise be Lord Jesus. Thank you Father James. God bless you.

Maria da Conceição Abreu, 48 years old - Madeira Island - Portugal
When I was seven, I had an accident and started to have epilepsy. Since then until now I have been taking medicines. I had to live my life with several limitations. During the retreat of Father James in Fatima in February 2011, during one moment of prayer, I felt I was being liberated and I felt a great joy. I started to cry with much emotion when Father James said my name through the Holy Spirit. I was asking the Lord for my healing and He replied my prayer. I thank God for the blessing He has given me.

Isabel Nascimento Ramos, 32 years old – Armamar - Portugal
My first retreat with Father James was in Viseu in July 2011. There I received the healing of a strong pain in the end of my back. The pain caused me a permanent discomfort and a pressure on that place. The Lord healed me during the healing prayer. During the retreat, I went for confession and the priest who heard my confession said the Lord wanted me to have another child. During the Holy Mass I had the feeling of a baby moving within me. I thought it might me a sign of God that I was going to get pregnant again. After the retreat on Monday, I felt the heat of a baby beside me. On Tuesday I went to an appointment and I told the doctor I felt I was pregnant. I made the pregnancy test and it was positive. I am pregnant again. What I felt in the end of the retreat after the infilling was a great peace as if I had born again. Before I thought the Pentecost was something that only happened to the Apostles but now I know personally by my own experience that it can happen also to us now!

Tânia Nunes, 32 years old – Madeira Island - Portugal
I was born with 1 kilo and 600 grams and since my seven months I have cerebral spastic paralysis, with a congenital luxation of the hip.
I participated for the first time in the retreat of Father James in Fatima, in February 2011. I came on a wheelchair, I could not stand up. On the moment of Adoration, I felt the Lord was touching and healing me by the power of his five wounds. I feel much better and now I can kneel down.
In another retreat, in November 2011, also in Fatima, during the moment of communion I felt the Lord asking me to kneel down and I surrended Him all the people present there and also myself and on that moment I felt my healing again. The Lord has also given me the charism of interpreting tongs – when we are praying in tongs I can understand what is being said, the charism of feeling what the others are feeling and the gift of surrendering to God Our Lord the people who are in suffering. Praised be Lord.

Paulo Fraga, 41 years old – Fafe – Portugal
In the retreat of Father James in Fatima last year (2010), during the Adoration prayer, I asked Father James to pray for a couple who had got separated: “help Father James for the couple to get reconciled as the husband had left home and went to live with his parents”. After the retreat, I phoned the couple and they had reconciled. Now they live together, husband and wife, after asking pardon to each other. Praise God!
I was also healed from strong back pains and migraine headaches. After that retreat in Fatima, the pains left totally. Thank you Father James. Praise be Jesus Christ!
Maria Gomes Cerrão, 80 years old – Madeira Island - Portugal
I had 11 children and when I was thirty I became very sick in my bones. I had pains and I was always with a great discomfort. The doctors could not find the reason for my pains. I came to a retreat of Father James and during the healing prayer I felt I was healed. Now I don’t have pains anymore. Praise Lord!

Ângela de Jesus Gomes, 69 years old – Madeira Island - Portugal
I had strong headaches and pains in the heart that caused me a discomfort in my daily life. Three months ago, I came to know about the retreats of Father James and I came to participate in Fatima in November 2011. During the Adoration prayer, I felt a heat flowing on my back. Since that moment I don’t feel anymore pains. Thank you, Jesus for this healing.

Rui Miguel, 32 years old – Braga - Portugal
On last June, I went for the first time to a retreat of Father James in Vila do Conde. On that retreat without asking for any healing I was healed from migraine headaches. Since I was five I suffered with that problem and I had those migraine headaches regularly.
During the retreat of Vila do Conde, on Sunday, before the infilling and laying of hands, I was with strong headaches. After Father James laid his hands on me, I was immediately healed from the headaches. They disappeared totally and until today, the 20th November 2011, I never had those horrible headaches anymore.
All because of God’s grace and the intercession of Father James.

Maria Isaura Batista Santos, 53 years old – Chaves - Portugal
For two years I have been living in a great suffering with algoneurodistrophy, fibromyalgia and arthritic pains. I could not stand my life, I had only one desire “death”.
A friend by name Fátima brought me to the retreat of Father James in September 2011 in Porto. It was marvelous. There I felt healed, I didn’t have pains. The physical healing was not total but I started to sleep standing better the pains. But the healing of my soul was great; I received the desire to live and to accept the will of God.
I had a great desire to come to the retreat of Fatima in November 2011. But there I was disappointed because my pains increased but Father James, during the healing prayer, said: “Isaura, you are healed”. I felt a great joy and now I am sure that God will only give me the suffering I will be able to stand. Thank you, Lord. Aleluia!

Carla Maria dos Santos Ribeiro Domingos, 38 years old – Coimbra - Portugal
I had asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis since my five years old. In the retreat of Father James in February 2011 in Fatima I was healed. I could not wear earrings because they caused me much allergy. Since then I wear earrings everyday. Praise God!
These were physical healings, but the spiritual healings and blessings for me and my family are many. Praise God. Alleluia!

Alberto Ferreira da Costa, 72 years old – Braga - Portugal

I can say that clinically I never had any disease but since I was very young I suffered from strong headaches and migraine headaches. One day, I went to Germany to teach Portuguese and there I found out that all this was due to a mercury intoxication provoked by analgesics that were introduced in the teeth, in the past. It was not easy to understand how many doctors ignored this problem but in Germany all knew about it but they were scared to talk about it and rejected all those who had this problem because the indemnity I would have the right to get was huge.
When I found this out and got a doctor to treat me, the problems became less but the pains in the jaw-bones continued especially in the places that have not been very well scraped. In a retreat I told Gaby who stated the case to Father James. In the end of that retreat, during the healing prayer and through the mouth of Father James by the work of the Holy Spirit, he said clearly: “Alberto, you are healed! Why do you doubt?” On the following retreat I heard the same words. It was not suddenly but naturally the pains disappeared, the difficulty to concentrate and the troublesome sleepiness also disappeared.
Thank you. I feel a great trust and I have no words to express my gratitude to Jesus, the true King who Father James sends us!

Maria Celeste Barros, 61 years old – Aveiro - Portugal

I had a cardiac arrhythmia and a depression for more than 10 years which caused me much suffering. In a retreat of Father James I received the blessing of being healed. I felt in all my body the work of the Lord even in those parts which I could not feel because of the sedatives. On the first day of healing prayer, Jesus said through the mouth of Father James: “Maria Celeste, you are healed. Believe, my child.” And on the second day, Jesus said again: “Celeste, you were healed yesterday, say thank you, my child”.
Praise be Our Lord, Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother. Thank you, Lord.

Isabel Carvalho, 41 years old - Portugal

Since 1997, when I lifted weights and made journeys I felt many pains in the lumbar spine. I went to doctors and I was diagnosed a discarthrosis in the L5 S1 probably caused by a traumatism. I started to take medicines and to go for swimming in order to improve my life quality.
In the year 2000, I had a  tendinitis in the left arm.
In July 2011, when I participated in the retreat of Father James in Viseu, in the moment of Adoration and healing, Father James said by the power of the Holy Spirit that I was being healed and he added: “Believe, don’t doubt”.
I believed. I felt small peaks in the spine and in the shoulder; something was happening…It was with surprise I felt the changing in the tissues and I thank Jesus for the healing and his infinite mercy for me.
Thank you, Lord Jesus! May your name be glorified and praised forever.

João Morais, Mira - Portugal

I have participated in several retreats of Father James and in all of them I have been acquiring something within which has influenced my way of acting and thinking. All the retreats are spiritually very rich but we also receive a lot on the level of the personal relationship.
My way of living as a Christian was superficial; now I feel more mature and the deep love of Jesus for us is unimaginable which gives me peace and joy everyday.
The Holy Spirit, sent by God the Father and God the Son, hangs over those crowds of 1000 to 3000 people, depending on the places of the retreats of Father James, pouring His Gifts and Charisms, preparing us for the mission…
Jesus in His infinite love for us heals and liberates us of our chains in the retreats of Father James if we are able to walk in the Light … We go sick and we come healed in the mind and in the body!
You, who are hesitating, expectant and unhappy, come and make the experience. He, Jesus is waiting for that moment. Decide and you will see the wonders our God Trinity sets apart for His people and for you especially.
May the Holy Trinity continue to bless Father James who with much generosity and interior strength takes us to Him with so much care and love.
Thank you, Father James.
Praised and adored be our All-mighty God.

My name is Alicia; and me and my husband (Paco) met you during a retreat that you celebrated in Tenerife (Canary Islands - Spain).
Two years ago I left a baby when I was nine month pregnant. It  was a rare case and doctors didn´t know if it will happen again to me in a future pregnancy.
When I went to your last retreat, me and my husband (during a break) visited to you; then, you told us we must go to the church and confess all the first friday during 9 months. You told us too: You will have a baby and then, you should witness.
We celebrated the Holy Mass and confess (as you told us) during 9 months and it  was a surprise because it "coincided" that I was pregnant during that time and finally I have a baby the week after we finished the ninth Holy Mass (as you exhort me and my husband)
Now we have a baby named Rubén and all that we hope as parents is he will be a saint and a very good God's servant.
God bless you!

I am Vananja from Ptuj, Slovenia. I had difficulties in studies in the elementary school. I did not get along with my parents. I was arrogant and depressed, I had no will to live. I had several mental problems. Eight years ago I attended my first retreat with Fr. James at Kurescek, since then my life is completely changed. Jesus healed my mind and personal relationships. I finished my studies, now I am a new person loving my parents and all around me. I go ahead trusting my Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Fr. James
Email : Vanja_kampi@yahoo.com

I am Francka. When I attended the retreat of Fr. James in 2004 I came with a severe pain on the spine. The drs. Could not diagnose or heal it. During the Adoration and healing prayer, Jesus called my name “Francka you are healed”. Since then I am healed in my soul and body. Through the preaching of Fr. James I came to know how to live an authentic Catholic Christian life. I praise God and thanks Fr. James for my healing
Francka Perovsek
Sv. Gregor 12
1316 Ortner

My name is Slavica and I come from Pula Croatia. In 2003 when I attended the retreat of Fr. James in Krk, Croatia, I had problems of chest pain and pains in the joins of the body. My daughter Daniela had a problem on her right hand with great pain. Through the mouth of Fr. James Jesus called out our names and both of us were healed. Ever since, we come to the retreats of Fr. James in Kurescek. Gloria and praise to the Lord. Hallelujah
Slavica Grgurevic
Skokovica 27
52300 Pula, Croatia

My name is Saska. First I attended Fr. James’ retreat in 2008 at Kurescek. During the Adoration I was healed of my headache and pains on the back. I was a very aggressive person because I was emotionally ill treated by my parents
Jesus healed me from my aggressiveness as I was able to forgive my parents. I was liberated from my habit of masturbation, alcohol, cigarettes along with depressions and fears. From then on I attend all the seminars in Kurescek and every year I find new teachings to grow more in my Christian life. My only daughter Isabel was hyperactive, now my daughter is healed. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus
Saska Queragic
Kajuhova 5
2250 Ptuj

My name is Ivan. I am 73 years old living in Ljubljana, Polje, Slovenia. Six years ago I had continuos pain in the heart region. The diagnosis was a need of cardiac valve operation. Then I heard of the retreat of Fr. James in Kurescek in 2005. During the healing prayer my name was called out and I was healed. Driving home two hours on the same day I felt no pain. The cardiologist tested and ruled out the need of operation. Jesus healed my heart. Praise the Lord.
Dear Fr. James I pray for you daily for God’s protection and blessings on you.
Ivan Rajk
Ljubljana Polje

I am Jasminka from Celje, Slovenia. I was born in an atheist family and I was not baptized. In my search for God I started practicing New Age like transcendental meditation, reiki, yoga, etc. Meanwhile I was baptized but not converted, for me the baptism was just a ceremony, and thus I lived twenty years without experiencing peace and joy in my heart. I was full of resentment, fear and inferiority complex. In 2007 I came with one of my friends to attend the seminar of Fr. James at Kurescek but I attended it only for few hours but it was enough for Jesus to touch my heart. So I went to the seminar the following in Log where the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sinful life. I went first time for a good confession. Real conversion began within myself. I completely cut off the old life and started to experience a new life with joy and peace in my heart. Now I go daily to mass, read the Bible and pray alone. Also the Lord healed my spinal pain that I had from childhood. I was healed of my stomach pain and eating disorders. I glorify Jesus, Hallelujah. I pray for Fr. James
Jasminka Jersic
Trubarjeva 32
3000 Celje, Slovenia

My name is Milena, I come from Kamnik Slovenia. I felt down from the stairs and suffered four fractures in March 2010. I attended the retreat of Fr. James in the same year in Log and I was totally healed. My wrist and vertebra were healed. During this time I had a boil in my shoulder (suphraspinatus) with acute inflammation. The shoulder is healed also. Praise Jesus! Hallelujah
Milena Cebular
Medvedova 5B
1240 Kamnik, Slovenia

My name is Irena and I am 21. I come from a traditional Catholic family. From my childhood I was interested in faith, but only in the retreat of Fr. James eight years ago I came to know about a personal relationship with Jesus. At that time the Lord put a desire for Him in my soul, but as I was growing I had a desire to be appreciated by others and to be accepted by others because of my feelings of rejection and inferiority complex. While working as a volunteer in various groups I was always seeking the attention of the boys. Till I became 19 this continued. Then in the retreat at Kurescek two years ago I received a deep inner healing and I was filled with the love of God. I put stop to my sinful relationship with my boyfriend and made a very good confession. I gave first place to Jesus in my life. Now I go daily to Mass, make weekly confession and do my personal prayer.  Praise the Lord
Irena Zakrajsek
Videm 12
1312 Videm – Dobrepolje

I am Jozica from Ljubljana. In the year 2004 I got a severe allergie to almost every food and the specialist in allergy told that it was an incurable form and it may cause blindness and skin deformation on the face. The doctors prescribed Medrol which I was afraid to take because it would affect my liver and kidney. In 2007 in the retreat of Fr. James at Kurescek, Jesus called out my name through him and I was totally healed. I have no allergy, praise Jesus! Hallelujah!
Jozica Bratoz
Clevelandska 47
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dear Fr. James, I am Mateja. I was healed of my HPV virus which causes cancer in the cervix. I was taking injections until 2006 when Jesus called my name and healed me here in Kurescek. In fact the drs. Had told that an operation was needed. Now I don’t need any operation. I am fully healthy. Thank you for all your prayers
mateja. metves@gmail.com

I am Evelin from Pula, Croatia. I got over two pericarditis and was cured in Padua, but great pain continued in my heart. I could not stand long time without pain but in 2003 in the retreat of Fr. James at Pula I was totally healed and my right carotid also was healed. Thank you Jesus. Amen. Hallelujah
Evelina Zuljic
Prostinske bune 7
Pula, Croatia

My name is Suzana, I was at the retreat of Fr. James at Kurescek in July 2009. I came to the retreat to pray fervently for my daughter to get graduated, but that did not happen. My jesus had another plan. He healed me from my tumor in the sinuses. I had terrible in my bones and hips and throughout the body. The Lord is great, He healed me fully and made me healthy.

My name is Saso and I come from Slovenia. In 2009, it was for the first that I visited the seminar of Fr. James at Kurescek. On the very first day as I was late I had to stand outside the tent but I was touched by the prayers and talks of Fr. James. I never had this experience before. I felt great compassion in my heart, tears came running down my cheeks. When I called Jesus into my heart, my whole body was shaking and I experienced the tough of the Lord and deep within me I felt peace and joy. On the following day I attended the whole day and Fr. James said to throw away everything what is connected with the New Age and not to follow Sai Baba and other gurus. It was difficult for me to accept his teaching but in prayer Jesus told me that what Fr. James said was the truth and gave up the gurus and all what was connected with the New Age. In the past I used to criticize priests for their bad behaviours but in this retreat God gave grace to forgive the priests and pray for their holiness. Now every day I get up in the morning and pray praising and thanking Jesus.
Saso Radman
Antona Kodra 15
4207 Cerklje, Slovenia

My name is Zvonka, I am from Grad, Slovenia. I received healing in 2006 in the seminar of Fr. James in Turnisce. I had stomach pain that completely stopped after the retreat. Since then I feel great. Thank you Fr. James. Praise Jesus
Zvonka Krpic
Grad 169
Obcina Grad, Slovenia

I am Branka, 63 years old Croatian but living in Slovenia. I testify my conversion through the retreats of Fr. James. I lost faith (if I had any!) as a teenager. For many years I lived in great sins and as a consequence I had many spiritual and physical sufferings. I attended almost all seminars of Fr. James in Croatia and in Slovenia. Jesus opened my heart through the talks of Fr. James and I was able to make a general confession to live a new life as a child of God. In every retreat in the inner healing prayer I was receiving healing of the wounded memories. Now I am spiritually and physically healthy. Through my participation in various retreats many miracles happened in my family. Praise to God. Hallelujah
Branka Matoic
Tomsiceva 5
1241 Kamnik, Slovenia

I am Marija from Slovenia. The retreats of Fr. James gave me faith and conversion. In the year 2009while attending the retreat of Fr. James at Kurescek I heard him saying, “some people are blessed to sell their properties successfully”. Immediately I believed and I felt that I was one of them. For several years I was trying to sell a building plot but nobody was coming. After one week of the retreat I was able to sell the plot with more money than expected. It increased my faith in Christ. In the following year during the retreat I was healed from tenosynovitis. I had much pain on the wrist and fingers. A rheumatologist found out my illness by ultrasound but could not heal it but my Jesus healed me fully. Now I have no more pains. Hallelujah

I am Emina from Slovenia. It is two years before that I attended the retreat of Fr. James for the first time at Kurescek. I was not a Catholic because my father was a Muslim and my mother was a Christian but not Catholic. When I heard about Jesus through the preaching of Fr. James and saw the miraculous healings happening in the retreat I cried a lot. After the seminar I wrote to Fr. James an email asking to pray for my parents and my brother. In his reply, (I don’t know how he knew that I was not baptized), he asked me if I was baptized and it touched my heart and in the following email I wrote to him that I was not baptized and in his reply he advised me to go to a priest and learn Catechism and Bible and to get baptized. In October 2009 I received three sacraments from a Slovenian priest. Now I am proud to be a Catholic. I pray daily to jesus and go to Holy Mass.

My name is Gabrijela. I had a tumor in my bladder and I was operated in 2006. In 2008 I attended the retreat of Fr. James in Kurescek. During the healing prayer I heard through the mouth of Fr. James Jesus telling that two women by name Gabrijela were healed. I felt a wind blowing on me and passing through my whole body and I felt unbearable pain around the bladder and I was in tears but I believed that Jesus touched me and healed me. On the following day I felt good. When I went to the urologist after the retreat, he testified that I was completely healed. In the year 2009 I got back my sense of smell which I had lost four years before. No doctors could heal me. How nice is to smell again! I am grateful to my God. Praised be the Lord forever
Gabrijela Cviren
Crna pri Kamniku
1242 Stahovica, Slovenia

My name is Miha and I am from Ljubljana. I arrived at the retreat of Fr. James on the first day in the year 2006 when the priests were going towards the altar for the Holy Mass. From the very beginning I had a very good feeling and I believed that Jesus would heal me. During the healing prayer, after the Mass, through Fr. James Jesus called my name and I told my wife that I was healed. While walking I had a rattling sound on my hip and the Lord healed me from that. Praise the Lord
Miha Bakaric
Cesta na Poljane 7a
1210 Ljubljana Sentvid, Slovenia

My name is Patricia Taler. I' m  a Polish girl, now living in a small village in Poland. I'm 25 years old., I teach English in Gymnasium. I would like to pray the Lord for the healing he granted me one day on the Mass for healing celebrated by the father James Manjackal in Bialystok, in Poland.
I seriously suffered from depression and a kind of undefined disease that no one of doctors could recognise. It might have been a boreliosa, or, as some specialists suspected, some serious problems with neurological system and brain. I had a big cyst in my head that made me unable to lead a normal life. I had problems with moving, eating, smiling with almost all daile routine tasks.
After the Mass of healing there was the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and a prayer for healing, leaded by father James. He prayed for all us gathered in the church and Jesus has made wonders to our souls and bodies. The Lord has healed about hundred of people that day, from various terminal diseases. I has also heard my name and the words I will never forget: "Patricia you are healed". In that moment I felt a great heat in my body, especially in those parts of the body which suffered the most - my muscles and joints.
After a while I feel extremely happy and the pain has disappeared. I have had no problems with boreliosa, depression, joints and muscles since that time. I can move, eat and smile again. Let the God be praised!
Patricia, Poland

Sianita - Australia
I would like to thank you for the healing I have received during the retreat with Jesus Light Of The World Sydney in Rockdale. Previously I suffered from Constipation for the last 20yrs and during the mass while you were praying for healing I placed my hand in my stomach and I have asked the Lord to heal me anything not right with my internal organ. I told the Lord that He knows better then I do what need to be fixed. Few weeks later, I've just realised that I can go to the toilet now every single day, no more constipation and everything went so smoothly. Before I received my healing I can only go once every 2 or 3 days and my stool always hard. I praised  and thank the Lord for his love for me and for this healing. During the praise and worship when I lifted up my hand,.. my tears rolls down and my hand shakes, and I have never experienced something like this before (shaking of the hands). I can feel his powerful presence at that time. Thank you once again Father Manjackal for becoming channel of God's love and healing for others.
May the blessing of our Lord always be upon you, may He always protect you and your ministry, where ever you go to preach the good news. Hallelujah

Mojca Mejak
I have 2 children and my daughter Neja got sick, she has leukemia. The moment me and my husband were told the diagnosis we decided that the most important thing is to turn ourselves to God, as we didn´t regularly go to the holy mass and Communion.Just when Neja got sick, the first weekend we got out of the hospital, you had your seminar on Kurešcek. I had no idea who you were and my husband knew even less.My mother has already been on your seminars and she wanted us to take Neja to you. She didn?t know how to do that, because Nejas immunity was very low and she was forbidden to go to the crowd. Me and my housband on the other hand weren`t really convinced if this was so necessary, because as i already said, we had not known who father James was.
But now i know that God wanted it. When I asked my husband permission to go  alone to ask prayers from Fr.James, he said, " we all will go with Neja" When we got there we had to park far from the tent, because all the parking places nearby were already taken. Everybody waited in the car while I went to the tent, so that I could go in line and tell you that my daughter is waiting in the car. I met my mother who was already there, crying that Fr.-James has just ended his prayers over people. She said:"It` over you`re too late."She was so restless. And I on the other hand was thinking:"So what, he`s just a priest like any other. And I said to her: "Let Gods will happen, maybe we came just for a trip." And in that moment you,Gaby and another man and some women came from the tent and you were  about to leave. Every time I remember that moment,  it reminded me the story from the Bible, when Jesus came to Jerusalem and everybody greeted Him with olive branches All the people were greetings you with raised hands.. And I said to my mother:"So, why cant I go now and ask father James to pray for Neja?" She answered,"You can." But she did not dare to come and ask you. In that same moment I also felt the Satan telling me:"Aren`t you ashamed, asking father James to help your daughter, while this is your first time on Kurešcek, and you were not even attend the holy mass?"
But then I thought: If not now, I may have no chance to plead for my child? So I ran to you, as fast as I could. You were tired and didn`t notice me, but the man who was with you saw me crying for help, he called his mother and said that a woman is asking for your help. And she arranged it with you so that you prayed over Neja and gave her a Rosary.
Later I started to listen to your seminars from Kureš?ek on the internet and to read your books. Now me and my husband go to holy mass every Sunday, we go to Communion and simply trust in God. Rosary you gave to Neja is always by her side. The day we came from Kureš?ek I prayed the rosary you gave to Neja and while I was praying the part "who send the holy spirit", it we saw smoke around it. At first I thought that it was hallucination, so I called my husband to see if it was real. He was watched it and believed that it was real . Today we know it was the sign of the holy spirit.
Now we are living a new life, not only concerning our religion, but in other parts of our life, too. We spend a lot of time in a hospital. In the first two months Neja seemed almost healthy, but after one month of illness we were told that Neja must have stronger therapy,because she has Blood Cancer with higher risk. The first two stronger therapies tired her out, but after the third cycle she seemed healthy.
From the moment we left you, we believed that  Neja was healthy.  And Neja herself often says that she is cured.
But father James, all this is not the reason why I`m writing to you. I`m writing mostly because I`ve listened to Richis(Gabys son) testimony and it made me see that you are a real spiritual father.
I`d just like to have your advice how to go on and if we`re going the right direction. My mother and father in law also started to go to holy mass and pray .  Please tell me, how can we turn even closer to God, so that our confidence would be complete.
I thank for everything, everything indeed.
I pray for you and ask God to give you health and strength, so that many more sinners would convert and get faith into our Lord, with the help of your evangelisation. I hope we`ll meet the next year on Kureš?ek, because I`d like to thank you in person and show you our Neja, who will at that time still have therapy, but not as strong as now. We have three months of strong therapies ahead of us and a whole life in Gods Mercy.
I recommend to your prayers our family, our parents, grandparents and our sisters families and ask you for blessing.
God bless you and give you the   strength to follow His plan.
Mojca Mejak

Radek, Czech Republic, Brno
This is one our very good priest says: “God evangelizes either by a shock or by humor, where there is boredom there is no God.”. Here is my testimony as an evidence of God’s sense of humor:

My past statements
1. I can manage “it” (life) just by myself
2. I will not visit church (building)
3. If I enter a church, it will definitively not be the Catholic
4. Rosary prayer is too much words 
1. Jesus is my Lord who only can bring me to God
2. I love Eucharist, I regularly visit church
3. I am a Catholic
4. I visit a prayer group (Marian Movement)

Father James Manjackal was a very important part of my journey. I visited his retreats three times, first in September 2009. The crucial part for me was when I realized how a sin blocks God’s mercy.
On the first retreat a very strong idea came to my mind –„Make his paths straight." It sounded very clearly, I understood everything at that moment. The sentence – I found later – was from Matt 3,3 - "Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight."
I needed it, because I was evangelized by the shock too – through our daughter. When she was at the age of 2 she got Atopic dermatitis (type of eczema). I – as a non believer at that time – decided to „solve it“ by my myself – that was  by natural healers. An unexpected result came 2 years later when she got more dangerous disease - EPILEPSY. I doubled my effort to heal her through different forms of ENERGY healers but it was getting worse. By one very strong attack I felt a desperate need for help and I asked spontaneously Jesus and Mary. The attack stopped and I was told to stop with healers.
After some months I found myself by one priest who asked me the crucial question: “ Where do these people (meant healers) take the ENERGY from?” I didn’t know but after a while understood everything. The priest said: “I suppose it is not epilepsy!”.
I had to decide which way to go. I choose the Christian. So we had the children baptized and the effect was immediate -  the doctor proved a great improvement on EEG.
Then I took my daughter to the father James’ evangelism day (the last day of his retreat in2009 in Koclirov, Czech). After one month she was again on EEG and the doctor said: “She is clear!” She hasn’t had any attack since then and on EEG there are only very very small disturbances – sometimes.
What was my sin? Breaking the first commandment - YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME"
I say to many people the sentence of the priest: “Be very careful to whom you allow to put hands on you.” A very good testing question “Is Jesus the Lord for you?”
Thank you Jesus, thank you Church, thank you James.

Radek, Czech Republic, Brno

Elisa Belchior, 59 years old, Portugal
During the year 2010 the doctor diagnosed two cancers at the same time, one in the intestines and another in the ovaries.
During the treatments, in the retreat in Bragança, Father James prayed for my healing. In June, I went to his retreat in Vila do Conde. I had serious problems in the stomach as I could not tolerate any food. During the healing prayer, Father James said my name. Immediately I felt I was healed. On that night I ate much but it didn’t make me any harm. Now I have put on 14 kilos and the doctors say I am very well.
I believe that my faith and God’s mercy worked on me in the retreat of Father James.
Glory to You, Lord.

Maria de Fátima Lima Oliveira, 7years old – Felgueiras - Portugal
(Testimony given by the mother)

My daughter had myopia since her birth. On the moment of Adoration Father James said that a small child Maria could take out her glasses. I believed it was my daughter and I took out her glasses.
On the following morning, my daughter had her dress unsewn, so I looked for a needle and a thread to sew the dress but neither me nor my husband could thread the needle. Suddenly, mu daughter said: don’t worry, I will thread the needle” and she did it quickly. Now she doesn’t need glasses and she can see well. All could check that in the retreat. Glory to God!

Patrícia Nazaré, 9 years old – Felgueiras - Portugal
I had a problem on my left eye. The eye was swollen, very red and when I woke up, the eye was always gummed. My teacher was the one who noticed the situation. During the routine exams, I went to the doctor who made more exams but without any conclusion.
I came to the retreat of Father James in Porto 2011 and, in the moment of the healing prayer Father said that twenty people were being healed of problems in the eyes and I believed I was one of them. The swelling disappeared immediately. Now I can see well and I don’t have any problem in the eye. Thank you my Jesus.

Maria Mimosa Silva Santos, 63 years old – Vila da Feira - Portugal
I suffered from diabetes for twenty years. In the retreat in Vila do Conde, in June 2011, Father James, during the healing prayer, said my name and I believed. Since that moment my blood tests are normal. The doctors were surprised with my healing and now I am withdrawn from the diabetes appointments.
Praise Lord.

Francisco da Costa Ferreira, 58 years old – Vila Nova de Famalicão- Portugal
In 2009 my doctor diagnosed a cancer in the liver and nothing could help me.  The cancer has been a hereditary disease in my family. It has taken away my own father and other relatives. I was terrified and depressed; I felt I was too young to die. I lost thirty kilos and I didn’t feel like doing anything.
I went to the retreat of Father James in Vila do Conde in June 2011 with the hope that only God could save me. During the healing prayer, Father James said: “Francisco, you are healed” and I thought whether it was really me as so many people were there! In August I went to make a CAT (Computerized Axial tomography). Then in the appointment, the doctor told me something wasn’t right. I was frightened and asked if I was worse. She told me that I had to repeat the exams because she could not find anything abnormal, despite what before have been diagnosed.
I asked the doctor if she believed in miracles and she said yes. On that moment I remembered the words of Father James, “Francisco, you are haled”.
I was healed from the cancer in the liver and now I can live a normal life. It was a great miracle that God made in my life. Praise be the Lord Our God!

Maria do Céu, 42 years old – Aveiro - Portugal
In the retreat of Father James in Viseu, in July 2011 in which I participated, my way of behaving was healed: several times I felt the presence of the enemy and I tried to make suicide for sixteen times.
Now I go everyday to Mass, I make more retreats and more prayer, as a result of what I have learnt in that retreat.

Ana Maria da Silva Martins, 58 years old – Barcelos - Portugal
For two years, I had strong headaches. They were so strong that I could not lift up my head. I did several exams which didn’t show anything. I was taking medicines but I didn’t feel any improvement. I went to the retreat of Father James to Porto in 2010 for the first time and, on the moment of the healing prayer, Father James said my name and I felt it was for me. On the following day, the pains have gone off and never more again I felt any pain. Praise Lord!

Maria Ema Paulo Ramos, 75 years old – Gafanha da Nazaré - Portugal
I had glaucoma and cataracts in the eyes. I went to an appointment on the 30th May 2011 and the doctor told me my retina was so bad that I had to make many exams. After making all the exams, I had to go to another appointment on the 30th August and after that every three months. I was very sad and down. In June I went to the retreat of Father James in Vila do Conde, believing I could be healed from my problems. On the moment of prayer, Father James said my name: “Maria Ema, you are healed”. I believed those words were for me and immediately I started feeling better. In August when I went to the appointment, the doctor told me there had been a change of my problem because the glaucoma and the cataracts had disappeared. I told him it was Jesus who had healed me in a retreat. Now I am going only for routine appointments once a year.
Praise God!

Manuel da Graça Ferreira, 64 years old – Gafanha da Nazaré - Portugal
I have glaucoma and has a consequence my left eye is blind. I had appointments every week. In the retreat in Fatima, after Father James had prayed personally over me, I came back near my wife and started crying. After some time I started feeling better and was able to see. I told my doctor how I had received the healing in the retreat of Father James and he could not explain what happened. He told me to continue having faith. Until today I can do my normal life and I see well.
Praise Lord!

Helena de Sousa Almeida, 78 years old – Gaia - Portugal
I had a heavy fall and I made a big bruise on the head. I went to the hospital but the pains remained always. The doctors could not find the cause of my pains and I had difficulty to make my normal daily life. Since I started participating in the retreats of Father James, the pains left and I feel very well.

Maria Isilda Abreu, 57 years old – Braga - Portugal
During two months appeared on me something swollen coming from my neck until my fingers, on my right side, looking like a swollen vein for which the doctors didn’t have any explanation nor technical name. I went to a retreat of Father James to Braga and, during the healing prayer; Father James said three times my name and to believed I was healed. After leaving the prayer I didn’t remember my problem anymore. I am totally healed. Praying at home, I read the Bible and the passage that came out was to accept my healing. Praise God!

Maria Madalena Neves, 68 years old – Aveiro - Portugal
For three years, I had a problem on my right eye, some small bubbles that covered part of my sight and also a problem in the ear. The doctor had assured me I was losing hearing.
In the retreat in Ana dia, the Lord healed me from the problem in the eye. When I went back home, no more I had the eye covered with the small bubbles and started to see well.
I came also to the retreat in Porto in 2011 and, during the healing prayer, Father James said my name: “Madalena, you are healed”. Since that moment I started hearing normally. I thank and praise the Lord for these wonders.

Maria Joaquina Vilaço Ferreira, 67 years old – Braga - Portugal
I suffered much with pains in the spine that caused much discomfort. After my first retreat with Father James in Braga the pains left and until today I had never more problems. I was healed.
My heart had also an inner healing after being prayed by Father James. I was able to forgive my husband and to overcome all negatives I had against him. Now our life is happy because we have God in our lives.

Maria Madalena Alves Medeiros, 48 years old, Vila Real. Portugal
During six years I had a problem on the scalp and on the body. It was a kind of eczema. When I touched it, it bled and caused much discomfort. I went to several doctors and hospitals that made several useless efforts to help me.
In the retreat of Father James in Viseu, on the 17th-19th July I received the blessing of healing. I still have the scars on my body but they are dried.
I also had problems of urinal infection (constant infections) that are gone and also very high levels of cholesterol. Now the levels are normal.
Praise the Lord!

Laura Pereira, 66 years old – Felgueiras. Portugal
I had a pain in a toe since my childhood. The pains were stronger and the situation got worse. Two months ago, I had to go to a podologist but there was no solution for my case. On the last retreat of Father James the toe pains stopped until today. Glory to the Lord!

Maria Ana Silva, Porto Salvo - Portugal

I am Maria Ana Silva and I live in Porto Salvo. In 2009 I only had 20 per cent of sight. I had cataracts. I had my operation appointed for the 8th August 2009 and the doctor warned me that he could not guarantee the success for my left eye because I had already made 5 laser treatments and so the eye was very fragile. I asked the doctor to postpone the operation.
In December I went to the retreat of Father James in Fátima. When we were praying, in the Adoration, I was in the middle of the all and I could not see the monstrance where Jesus was. Suddenly, Father James said: “open your eyes, you will see Jesus”. I opened my eyes and I saw Him as if I was near the altar. I was very happy and I thanked the Lord. On the 28th December I went to the doctor’s appointment and he was very surprised, he said the cataracts had stopped and I had recovered sight. He said there was no need of operation and he prescribed me only lens of low graduation. Jesus is alive in the Holy Eucharist.
Praised be forever for the wonders He makes among us. Thank you, my Jesus.

Emanuel Batista Fernandes Velosa, 51 years old, Madeira Island, Portugal
I want to share my testimony and personal experience lived in the retreat of Father James in June 2010 in Fatima.
I was not a believing Catholic. I was invited by a friend to go to the retreat. He talked about many beautiful things, so I got curious and decided to go. It was with much curiosity that I went to the first retreat of Father James. For many years, I wasn’t going to the Mass, only to the funerals went a relative died. I didn’t confess for more than 20 years.
On the 7th April 2005 I had a work accident that caused a tendon parcial rupture of the biceps brachii (arm). I made a medical treatment but I got a permanent incapacity of 15 per cent. I am a left-handed. When I held the hammer to fix a nail I used to give 2 or 3 strokes and I had to stop as I didn’t have strength anymore. During the healing prayer of Father James, I was healed. God healed me. Since then I go to Mass and I feel very happy in the heart.
I pay everyday for Father James and to GOD and I thank all he has done for me and for my family.
Elisabete Morgado,39 years old, Viseu-Portugal
In the end of 2006, I was diagnosed a cancer in the breast. On March 2007, I was operated, I made chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After the treatments, the exams results showed I was cleaned. I had overcome the cancer.
After 3 years and a half, In August 2010, in a routine check-up, my doctor told my tumor markers were very high, that something wasn’t well. I did more exams and unfortunately the results were not good. So I had to do chemotherapy again. I was having metastases in the liver and a small injury in the hip bone.  Immediately the doctor asked for a bone scintigraphy to see the metastases evolution. On the following day after listening to that bad news, I had a big friend who went to my work place to encourage me and she told me about the retreat of Father James and invited me to go. I went with much hope and faith. I asked to Jesus and Mary, His Mother, to heal me. When I heard my name being called out by Father James, saying I was healed, not to doubt and to praise the Lord, to thank Jesus. On that moment I felt something extraordinary on me. After two weeks, I went to make the scintigraphy. The result was very good, everything was normal. I asked the doctor to make exams with tumor markers and the result was normal. With much confidence that Jesus had healed me, I did everything the doctor told. I can tell that Jesus is our Best Friend because I did several exams and the results were all the same. Everything is normal.
I am healed!
Praise be Jesus Christ. Aleluia.

Lina Abreu, 36 years old, Guarda-Portugal
I had several health problems not very serious but with the time could get serious.
On my first retreat with Father James, in June 2009, during the healing prayer, Father mentioned my name. I was receiving a blessing. I have a son with 10 years, on that time, he was 8, and he was the cause that made me and my husband to go to the retreats of Father James. His name is Pedro and he is asthmatic since he was a baby with several breathing difficulties and that caused some lung injuries.
On the moment Father James asked to put our hands on the person by our side, me and my husband out our hands over our son and asked the Holy Spirit to heal him. Then he said several people with the name Pedro were being healed. On that moment my heart jumped and I thought: “My God, is it my Pedro one of them?” And precisely on that moment, Father James said again: “Pedro, believe your lings are healed”. We cried much and thanked God the Blessing he has given us and to Father James for helping us asking that blessing for our son. We don’t have medical confirmation because we want our son to make more x-rays but we believe he is healed.
And regarding me, I was hypertensive; I had a small nodule in the breast and another in the kidney. I never asked for my healing because I always thought my small problems were nothing compared with other people we find in the retreats with so serious diseases and much suffering. I go to the retreats of Father James because I feel very well because I need to “load the batteries” as I use to say and Father James is the source of the energy, or to say better he is a high power cable that makes the direct connection with the source of the energy which is the spring of the living water, to God. Coming to the retreats strengthens my faith, gives me peace and helps me to go through the way of holiness.
In June 2010 in Fatima, Father also referred my name in the healing prayer, also in the retreat of October. Since 2009 I was feeling bad as the medicines I was taking for the hypertension was not adjusted, but now I am healed. Regarding the nodule in the breast, I did exams and it disappeared. The doctor even asked if I was sure I had that nodule.  Regarding the nodule in the kidney, I was being supervised every year with scans, resonances, etc. Now it has also disappeared.
Through the intercession of Father James I was healed and I thank him and ask God to give him strength to continue his mission of evangelization.
Praise Jesus. Aleluia.

Albertina Maria Marques Oliveira Santos, 55 years old – Covilhã - Portugal
In August 2007, the doctors diagnosed a cancer on the nasal cavity and I could not be operated. I started a treatment during 8 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In April 2008, I still needed to make the last exam before the retreat in Covilhã. I had pains on my left ear. During the healing prayer, on that retreat, Father James said my name: “Albertina Maria, your ear is healed”. I screamed with joy and believed the Lord was healing me. Since that day the pains left. The doctors confirmed everyting is ok. I was totally healed.
Praise Lord!

Maria da Conceição Spencer Bento - Portugal
I come from a Catholic family for four generations but I didn’t know the meaning of the Holy Mass or the meaning of Communion. I stopped going to Mass for 15 years. After going to the first retreat in Estoril, I never stopped going to the retreats of Father James.
In the retreat in Fatima 2008, I received an inner healing when Father James laid his hands on me and I understood the meaning of all he said in the retreat.  I cried all the retreat because of the deep words of Father James as I have never heard anything like that. I bought all the CD’s and books of Father James. After that, I was going everyday to the Holy Mass and to Confession regularly until today.
The other healing was a physical healing from chronic asthma. Until recently I was ashamed because I was always couching near the people. After the retreat, the doctor asked me an exam that shows that I am not an asthmatic anymore. I am healed in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Father James for your prayer.
I also want to thank Father James because through him I found out that God loves me infinitely.

Maria Barreto, 49 years old – Madeira Island – Portugal
On the first retreat of Father James I participated in Fatima, I had problems in the stomach. It got swollen and I had an ulcer so I was taking medicines for two months. I was away from Church and I didn’t go for Confession for 20 years.
After the talks of Father James, I went for Confession and I felt another person. During the healing prayer, the Lord healed me and the pains in the stomach were over. On that moment, I forgot to take the medicines and. On the 3rd day of the retreat, my sister reminded me about the medicines but I didn’t need them. I received my healing, my conversion and the conversion of my family.  At home, we started to pray together. I am a calmer person and I testify the love of God. Now I cannot live without the sacraments because I am aware of their value and power.

Cecília Teixeira, 63 years old – Peso da Régua - Portugal
On the first day of the retreat in Viseu, July 2011, when Father James was giving a talk, he was saying that it is Jesus who guides us. On that moment I started crying. I received an inner healing.
In the same retreat, during the Adoration prayer, the pains I had on the back and on the head, which I had since my childhood, have gone off. Jesus is alive. I was healed.
Thank you Jesus.

Maria da Conceição Pereira Ausório, 67 years old, Viseu - Portugal
I had a cyst on the head since August 2010. In October, in the retreat of Viseu, during the moment of Adoration prayer, I felt I was healed of the pains I had on the body for more than four years. After that I went to make exams to the head and the cyst is no more there. The doctor and the exams confirmed I am healed.
Thank you Lord Jesus!

Maria Rosa Gomes Marques, 60 years old, Setúbal - Portugal
I was very sick when I participated on the retreat of Father James in Setubal. I had problems on the thyroid that made an inflammation and a swelling of the face. When I passed by the people I could not recognize them. In one moment of the Adoration prayer, I was healed of my health problems.
Praise Jesus!

Alice Costa, 48 years old, Coimbra - Portugal
Through some friends I came to know about the retreats of Father James. In November 2010, I registered my parents and my uncles for the retreat in Fatima. I could not go with them but on the last day, Sunday, I was attending Mass at my parish and, on the moment of Consecration, I felt a relief on my digestive system (I suffered with bad digestions) and until today I am healed. Praise Lord!
I went for the first time to the retreat of Father James in April 2011 in Figueira da Foz, and when there was a moment to listen to the Lord, I had the confirmation of my healing and also an encouragement to become again catechist.
In the retreat of Viseu I was convincing my parents and uncles to go to the retreat again and when the weekend was approaching I started feeling dizzy and for my surprise I was with low blood-pressure. I was for 15 years hypertensive (high blood-pressure) I had an operation in 2010, a closing catheterization. During the retreat when Father James laid his hands on me, while I was on the floor I felt my heart was being touched by the Lord. It seemed I was receiving electric shocks and since then my blood-pressure is well without the need of any medicine.
The Lord started to bless me even before going to the retreat.
Faith moves mountains and the Lord is careful with his faithful and He is merciful.

Fernando Lourenço dos Santos, 59 years old, Figueira da Foz - Portugal
During the Mass, on the second day of the retreat in Viseu, July 2011, I asked the Holy Spirit to heal my brain from the Alzheimer and Epilepsy. When I received Communion, I believed in my healing and, on the moment of the healing prayer, Father James pronounced my name and my healing. I am healed.
Thank you Jesus Christ for my healing. Thank you Father James for the blessing of my conversion!

Olívio Pedro Lopes, 34 years old, Leiria - Portugal
I was a baptized Catholic but not believing. In went to the retreat of Father James out of curiosity. I went to Fatima in November 2010 and I received many blessings: my conversion, I started going to Mass, to read the Bible and I stopped smoking.
Praise Jesus!

Maria Abreu, 45 years old, Madeira Island - Portugal
In November 2010 I went for the first time to a retreat of Father James in Fatima. I went for Confession, something I didn’t do for more than 20 years. It was on the confessionary that I had my conversion during a confession of 45 minutes. I had problems in my knees, I could not bend them and during the night I could not sleep because of the pains. During months I was going to Mass but I could not kneel down. I went to several specialist doctors and I was in the waiting list to be operated. On Sunday, after the retreat I went for Mass and when I realized I was kneeling down without pains, praising the Lord.
In the retreat of February 2011, Fatima, I was taking one pill every day for my high blood-pressure. On the second day, in the morning, I was on the toilet to take the pill when it jumped from my hand and fell down on the wash-basin. I thought I have more pills but suddenly a thought came to my mind: “Is this a sign?” After that, I never took any pill anymore. It was really a sign that the Lord had healed me. Praise the Lord!

Márcia Pinto, 38 years old, Viseu - Portugal
I have decided to follow Jesus! It was not easy and it is not easy as it binds ourselves everyday to change our way of living but believe it is worth! I have born again for a new life!
Despite being born in a Catholic family and being raised up with much love, care and with good moral principles, I thought I could live without Jesus. I stopped to be a believing Catholic and left Church. To go away from God was one of my main sins… I stopped recognizing His presence in my life and thinking that everything was going on well only by my effort because I was strong, determined and a fighter. Being guided by the principles my parents have given me, I lived and fighted against the wickedness and without noticing I allowed the evil to have a place in my heart. When people hurt me and when I saw injustices against me or in the world, I felt a great anger that surely does not come from Jesus. And instead of responding with love to those who had lack of love, I started to collect anger and lack of forgiveness in my heart.
I have a cancer. After becoming a mother, the doctor diagnosed a breast cancer on the 3rd January 2008. It was a shock for me. My only strength was my son but inside me I was asking without faith: “My God, why me?” I followed all the medical process: 8 sessions of chemotherapy, operation of mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time, 26 sessions of radiotherapy and one more year of chemotherapy that would reduce the probability of new cancer reappearance. Despite the suffering, I tried to push my life forward.
After this stage I baptized my son. He had fears at night and after receiving the Holy Spirit he came back to calm nights. My second operation of reconstruction was appointed. It went on well and I recovered quickly but one month after this operation, when I was putting my son in the car, I felt a pull in my breast. I thought it was in the muscle and I went to see my doctors. I was scared, frightened and lost and I was feeling pity of myself. After two months of suffering the exams showed that the breast cancer had spread to the lungs, liver and bones. I was unable to be operated!
This was the death sentence for me. And I felt really dead, my soul was dead. Again I went through chemotherapy, the intravenous type. I started to take anti-depressives and sedatives but my sadness was not going away. I dind’t sleep or eat. One day I received a phone call of a colleague who invited me to go to a retreat of Father James. I asked if it was a Catholic retreat and I said yes for my own surprise.  In May 2010 we went to the retreat in Braga for the Pentecost, which was for me a really Pentecost experience. The talks of Father James were really for me and the Holy Spirit operated miracles on me. I developed a great love for Jesus and I had a great repentance experience. I didn’t confess for more than 20 years. It was a great suffering but how good it was to repent! Farther James told me to go for confession and I went. It was a great experience and one of the wise advices the priest he has given me was: “My child, don’t die before time”. I felt a joy and a peace as I never felt before! I received an inner healing.
I changed many things in my life:  I forgave many people, I reconciled, I became humble. In August I did an exam of control and the doctor was surprised with the results. The cancer in the lungs had disappeared completely, only in the liver and on the back remained. A miracle had happened and I felt healed. In May, I did another exam and now I only had a small nodule in the liver and on the back it seemed to be only scars. Now a more complete exam is going to be done. Despite that, I feel totally healed.
Praise be God and the Holy Trinity.
All honor, praise and glory to you, Jesus!

I'm thinking in all the graces that The Holly Spirit gave to me through you, and they are many. Shorly that GOD had a purpose with this facts. I had the grace of smelling the roses perfume, when i was nearer from you and even when you weren´t; When i first met JESUS i saw lights coming from the Holly Sacrament and felt involved and while this was happened you told that you were seeing some people sitting in The Lap of JESUS, and then i start crying because i was feeling something amazing that i was not able to describe; this happened not only in your first retreat in Portugal, but also in a christian comunity in Fátima when the lights were coming from a picture of Mother Mary with The Child JESUS; Once when i was working with the team in one of our morning prayers, when you put your hands in my head i saw The Feet of The LORD ! And you told: Thank You Lord for this moment. In Medjugorje i saw in the sky The Holly Face!
In all my youth, even after marriage, i had the habit of masturbation every week. JESUS liberated me from this sin. I started to read The Bible everyday and start praying The Rosary regularly. I went no more in martial art practises, yoga, tai chi or any kind of eastern philosophies. Once in a while i started going to Mass during the week and fast at wednesdays and fridays with only bred and water.
I realy wish for you the Allmighty Grace in everyday of your life here, and then in Heaven with The Lord, Our Lady Mary and All The Angels and Saints!
Big HUG. GOD bless you.
Your sp. son,

"My brother had been unable to find a job even one year after completing his studies and was completely disheartened. He also had severe anxiety and fears and this jobless situation slowly made him very very frustrated and depressed. He had gone to many interviews with no positive results and at some places, where he had got an appointment, he was unable to go for some reason or the other. He was also gradually loosing confidence whether he would ever find/ do a job.My parents, who are about to retire, had also become extremely worried with the situation and we were not finding any way of solving this problem. I then remembered of my previous meeting with Fr. James, many many years ago in India wherein his words had given me lot of encouragement. So, I looked up Fr. James' contact on the Internet and asked him to pray for my brother. On the very day that Father responded to my email promising me to pray, my brother had an interview. My brother was scared, anxious and unsure of whether to go for the interview at all, since he was so so disappointed and also scared and did not have much hope that he would get selected after so many interviews. However, after I receiving Fr. James' email, suddenly, he got ready, went for the interview and got a job at a very very good company!!! And more importantly, he was able to conquer his anxiety and fears and go for the job!!..And the best part is that his bosses and peers and very very supportive. Today is his fifth day at work and we continue to pray for him.I am extremely grateful to Fr. James Manjackal for his timely intercessory prayers that helped my brother in getting a job and saved him.Thank You Fr. James. Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus!"

Sushama Michael
I write this letter to give the testimony of my healing in thyroid. In the month of June, I have detected for some thyroid problem and we have been to three to four doctors and they were having different opinions regarding the illness and most of them suggested that I might need to take some medicine which could have some side effects. We were sad and confused. That time I wrote to Fr.James Manjackal regarding my illness and he prayed for me over the phone. After that there was a dramatic change in my thyroid hormone levels and it came to its normal level within two months. According to the doctor’s words,” Thanks to God, We should not have to give her any harmful steroid medicine. She is absolutely normal now.” I thank and praise you Jesus for healing me and led me to the correct way without taking any medicine in that two months and Thanks a lot for you my dear father for praying for me and  always there to guide and pray for us.
With love, Sushama Cherish, Abu Dhabi
Sushama Michael

Ricardo Baia. Portugal
Ricardo Baia (this moment was when Father James prayed for me during the retreat in Sameiro Sanctuary, Braga, after I have renounced smoking, putting the cigarettes and lighter in the basket).

My name is Ricardo Baia, I am 28 years old and I live in Guarda. I was a drug addict for many years and I also smoked a lot. I made treatments but, after leaving the treatments, I was going back to the drugs. I felt I was the reason for the suffering of my family. I knew how much selfish I was, I wanted to change but I couldn’t and while the years were passing by, I thought there was no way out. I felt I was a lost case. I have tried everything to get rid of the drugs but it was impossible!
No, for my Jesus, to Him nothing is impossible! It is a pity I haven’t met Him before. I met Jesus in May 2010 when I went to the retreat of Father James, in Sameiro Sanctuary in Braga, pushed by my mother. There I was healed from my addiction to the cigarettes. Since then I didn’t smoke anymore.
But Jesus made the real healing, months after, when I went again to a retreat of Father James, in Viseu in October 2010. This time, Jesus touched me but in my heart. He healed my heart and for the first time I could see. Jesus removed the veil of my eyes which were blind for so many years. I accepted Jesus. On that day, I felt His love, His peace and my conversion happened. Never more I took drugs, I was healed of an ulcer and gastritis caused by the drugs and so many tablets. I didn’t have pains in the stomach anymore. Jesus healed me from all my bad habits. Since the retreat, I didn’t take alcohol anymore and I didn’t committed masturbation anymore. Thank you, Jesus.

Avelino Pinheiro, 58 - Coimbra.  Portugal
In the retreat of Father James in Fatima, November 2010 I had a cancer in the colon. Although I have made treatments, I was still very bad. I had an operation but it didn’t go on well and not all the polypuses were removed.
During the Adoration prayer, Father James said my name: “Avelino, you are healed” and I believed it was really me. Since that day, I stopped going to the toilet 15 or 18 times per day, as I used to go. I did some exams (blood tests, colonoscopy) which didn’t acknowledge anything. I was cleaned and healed from the cancer in the colon. I don’t need to take medicines. Glory to God!

Maria Irene Viterbo Martins, 75 - Porto. Portugal
In my first retreat with Father James, in October 2010 Viseu, I was healed from a cancer in my left breast. In July the cancer was found through some exams. I was operated and the doctor was surprised because I never had pains and didn’t need to take tablets. In the moment of the Adoration prayer, Father James said:” Maria Irene, why do you doubt?” Believe you are healed”
In November 2010, in the retreat in Fatima, Father James said my name again and I believed I was totally healed. The exams confirmed my total healing from the cancer in the breast. I felt I was the happiest woman in the world. Praise God!

Augusto Manuel Pelaio, 63 - Setúbal. Portugal
Three years ago in a retreat of Father James, I had a problem on my right knee: it produced liquids and I could not bend the knee in any way. On that occasion I had many difficulties to drive and reach Fatima for the retreat.
During the moment of the Adoration prayer, Father James said there were people being healed in the knees and I believed I was one of those persons. When I went back home, on Monday, I had no more pains neither any swelling. I called my wife for her to see. She came and confirmed I was totally healed. Since then, I had no more pains.
I give this testimony for the Glory of God.

Isabel Ferreira, 56 anos, Setúbal. Portugal
In the first retreat of Father James I participated in Setubal, in 2007, Father James, during the prayer, teached us to pray for our husbands and for the sinners. I was praying continuously and I was healed and also received the blessing of forgiving my husband who had left home in the year 2000 and started living with another woman whit whom he had a child. Some days after my inner healing and my forgiveness, he came back home and lives with me. Now I don’t look at his child with any resentment. I accept him as my own and take care of him with much love.

For many years I also had pains in the back and sometimes I could not even move. Only with medicines and treatments I could get some relive from the pains. I participated in the retreat of Father James in Fatima, in the year 2010, and in the moment of Adoration, Father James said to put the hand on the part of our body that was sick. I put my hand and I was healed. Glory to God!

Célia Maria B. Prita, 35 - Alverca. Portugal
I trust in the All-might God, Our Father, in the Merciful Jesus Christ who forgives everything when we open our heart, in the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us, in Mother Mary, Our Mother who prays and interceds for us sinners.
I trust I was healed. Before, I had constipation and my stomach was swollen. I had also allergic rhinitis that obstructed and made my nose dripping. After the Adoration, in the retreat in Fatima 2010, my intestines started functioning well and never more I had any crisis of allergic rhinitis.
Thank you for these blessings received through Father James.
Blessed and praised be the Holy Trinity.

Justino de Sousa Moreira, 60 - Penafiel.  Portugal
I was a smoker for 45 years. On my 4th retreat with Father James, in June 2010 Fatima, on the last day, after the invitation of Father James to renounce bad habits and to put them on a box near the altar, I received those words as if they were only for me and I felt  had to stop smoking. I stood up; I gave all my cigarettes and lighter. Since that day and after the healing prayer for those bad habits, I never more smoked.
Praised be God!

Maria do Céu Costa Leitão, 48 - Alverca.  Portugal
After participating in a retreat of Father James with my husband in June 2010 in Fatima, my husband, who was away from the Church, changed completely his life. He confessed after 31 years. This was the best healing he could have in his life.
My sister, noticing his difference, also confessed after 46 years. We had family problems which were being dealed in the court with all the family against us, but through the grace of God, the problems were solved, the complain was took out from the court.
And to add to all this blessing, also my son turned to God.
Thank you, Lord!

Maria dos Prazeres Gonçalves, 51 - Pombal.  Portugal
I have several health problems and I was also hypertensive, depending on a pill for the rest of my life.
On the 2nd retreat of Father James I participated, in December 2008, in Fatima, after the Adoration, I went back to the hotel and when I hold the tablets I felt something for not to take them. During several days, I didn’t take the tablets. I went to my doctor who confirmed that only a miracle could have healed me. And that miracle happened 3 years ago, the healing of my hypertension.
Praised me God!

Ana Paula, tenho 50 - Moita.  Portugal
On the day I made 45 years old, I was on holidays abroad, and there I was diagnosed multiple sclerosis. So, before meeting Father James, I was a sick person with multiple sclerosis and I was in a wheel chair.
My religion is the Catholic but I was not practicing it. I believed in the Lord but I thought it was enough to ask him and to thank him at home. But, after those holidays everything changed. There I understood how much throughout my life I was so ungrateful to the Lord. I started participating in a prayer group of the Charismatic renewal – Emanuel Group- and my faith became stronger and my heart full of the Holy Spirit.
I am married for 20 years and I have a son with the name Tiago. We are a happy family. When I married, my husband was a divorced and so I am forbidden by the church to receive the sacraments. This made me very sad and I had an emptiness which I could not explain. In November 2010 I went to Fatima to the retreat of Father James Manjackal. I didn’t know him but I decided to participate. When during the lunch break Father said he was going to pray for the sick, I stayed there. After that I had many confusing emotions as I heard my name but I thought there were so many names equal to mine. But since the healing prayer I got much better. In the next retreat, in February 2011, I was there also with other people from my prayer group to whom I’m forever grateful for taking me to the retreat.
On the 11th, a Friday, during the Eucharist, I went a bit away as I cannot have communion, and on that moment I became paralyzed, col. I knew it wasn’t any outbreak of the M.S. No one was looking at me as everyone was with the joy of the retreat. But when Father James said my name many looked at me and were a bit frightened as I didn’t moved and couldn’t stop crying. So they took me in the wheel chair to a member of the team, a man very gentle who tried to calm me down although I wasn’t nervous. When I reached the hotel I started feeling my body again and the cold disappeared. In my room, I stood up from the chair and I felt so well, so well that I didn’t sleep. I didn’t feel like that for five years. On the following day I went again to the retreat but walking with my own feet (without Wheel chair) and very happy. I went to thank the man that helped me and that could not recognize me. I gave my testimony but I waited until the next retreat as my heart believed but my intellect was stubborn to believe I was really healed. And my healing was confirmed. I am healed, Lord, forgive me for my doubts. I am forever grateful to Father James, your worthy intermediary. Jesus touched me and healed me.  BLESSED AND PRAISED BE THE LORD. BLESSED BE FATHER JAMES MANJACKAL. ALELUIA!

Camila Barbosa, 8 - Barcelos.  Portugal
My daughter could not sleep alone during the night. She had nightmares. She woke up frightened and screaming saying she was seeing mice and she could only calm down when I lie down with her. This was happening for 2 months, until the moment when we went to the children retreat of Father James and Christeen in Novembro 2010, in Fátima.
On that retreat, during the Holy Mass, I asked God the blessing of her healing and she fall asleep on my lap. While sister Marykutty, founder of the Christeen, was giving her testimony, my daughter woke up and said: “Mother, I am not scared anymore of sleeping alone.” Since that moment my daughter was delivered and now sleeps alone without any nightmare. Glory to God!

Maria Manuela Teixeira Vaia, 62 - Aveiro. Portugal
When I went to the retreat of Father James in Porto, in September 2010, I had dizziness for 2 months. I had been to several doctors although they could not find out my problem. I did treatments but they didn’t solve anything.
In the moment of the Adoration, Father James said: “A Maria Manuela is being healed”. I believed the Lord was healing me and I said: “It is me, Lord”. After two days, the dizziness disappeared. Never more I had problems. Praised be God!

Mary Sheples, 69 - Fátima (Inglaterra). Portugal
I had a depression and I was a person always depreciating myself. I felt I was good for nothing. I didn’t wish to live anymore, I have lost all the sense and meaning for life.
After several retreats with Father James and through all his talks, God molded me and started entering my life, making me fell more and more happy. I feel I am a renewed person, with more faith and much strength not to leave anymore Our Lord. I also had a problem on my knee that didn’t allow me to climb stairs. I was healed in one of the retreats and that problem disappeared.

Marta, António e Tomé - Estarreja. Portugal
I decided to give my testimony because I know how much it is important for the couples who wish to have children, a very common problem nowadays.
I was trying to get pregnant for more than one year and I couldn’t. I also had that problem in the family. I could only make my reproductive system functioning with hormonal medicines.
I was worried and was being followed in the hospital by the infertility medicine. The doctors decided to make an operation to my ovaries to check what they could do to help me.
My sister in law gave me a CD of Father James which I liked and so I decided to go for a retreat. I went to the retreat of Father James only with the expectation of listening to his talks. I didn’t know anything about him, only that it was good and that it was worthy to go. I have heard already about the Charismatic Renewal and of the healing prayer but I didn’t know anything.
During the retreat, in the healing prayer, I decided to ask for my difficulty in conceiving despite thinking that there were other diseases more important than mine and that I shouldn’t “give trouble to God”, I thought my problem could be solved by the doctors. But as Father James said we could ask what we want, that He would answer our prayer, I decided to ask.
I had my operation appointed for the 23rd January 2010. On the day before, I thought it would be better to make a pregnancy test. It was positive! God blessed us. God gave us a beautiful baby and for the first time in my life my reproductive system is functioning without needing medicines. Thanks be to God!

Celeste Maria B. Frita, 58 - Arruda dos Vinhos. Portugal
I trust in God Father, in Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
I was healed. I had difficulties to climb stairs and many pains in the knees. Now I can climb stairs and run without pains. My daughter was very surprised to see this. Thank you, Father James, for your retreats and talks.

Maria do Carmo, 70 - Aveiro. Portugal

I had a glaucoma in the eyes and thanks be to God I was healed in a retreat of Father James in Fatima. Praised be the Lord.

Rosa da Conceição, 61 - Penafiel. Portugal
In the retreat of Pentecostes, in Braga I had a problem in the spine due to an accident. I was taking medicines for 5 months. In the moment of the Adoration. Father James said my name: “Believe, Rosa, you are healed”.  On that moment I felt my spine very cold and then very hot. I believed I was healed.
Until today I didn’t have problems anymore. Telling my husband what happened, he was very surprised, because he knew how I was before, and he came to me to the following retreat where he received a conversion. He had communion without having confession but father James said there was a person who had communion unworthy and he felt those words were for him.
On the following day, very early, he went for confession, something he hasn’t done for years. Now he participates with me in the retreats and we pray together. It was a very deep conversion. Glory to God!

Valmirene Pães de Sousa, 35 - Leiria. Portugal
Until the retreat of 12 and 13 of December 2008 of Father James, I was very bad, making psychiatric treatments for 2 years. I was involved with occultism, witchcraft and sorcery. After reading Father James book “New life in Christ”, I wanted to meet him and to go to his retreat because my salvation would only be there.
During all the retreat I was very concentrated listening to everything Father James was saying and finding out the drawbacks in my life. After that, a big battle started to get away from the hands of the devil and with the help of a priest, with confession and daily going to Mass, my life improved a lot. I recovered back the happiness.

Later on, some nodules appeared in my head. I went to a doctor and started a treatment. In the retreat in Fatima, in 2010. Father James, during the Adoration prayer, said a person was being healed of a problem in the head. I didn’t doubt it was me. I made some exams and I don’t have anything more. I am totally healed. The doctor couldn’t find any explanation for that.
I was lost and now and can see the love of God in my life. Praise the Lord!

Maria Isabel da Silva – Figueira da Foz. Portugal
I had sinusitis since my teenage and I was healed in my first retreat with Father James in November 2010, in Fatima. Also the pains I had in my legs were gone and I am healed. It was a miracle of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Karla, 38 - Guarda. Portugal
In the retreat of Fatima in 2011, since I didn’t have the registration, I was out of the pavilion, at the door. My husband is a Muslim and he came. As we were out, I prayed with faith and I believed that the same Lord who was making wonders inside the pavilion, was also out at the door. I believed Jesus was going to make wonders right there. I prayed the divine mercy chaplet with a lady who joined us and we asked the grace of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and I was interceding for my husband. He suffered from strong pains in the stomach and since that gathering the pains disappeared. I am still praying for his conversion to the Catholicism and for his baptism.
Praise the Lord!

Luísa Marcelino, 56 - Leiria. Portugal
During several years, I suffered with strong pains in my bones. I was diagnosed osteoporosis. I made treatments but they were not successful and in the end my organism rejected the several medicines I was taking.

I came to know about the retreats of Father James in December 2008 and I participated for the first time in the retreat in Fatima in December 2009. I went for the second retreat also in Fatima and during the moment of the Adoration I heard my name and I believed I was being healed from the osteoporosis. On that day I had many difficulties climbing the stairs of the Auditorium. I went back home and went to sleep. On the following day, I woke up without pains and today I can do everything that before I could not do because of the pains in my bones.
Praised be the Lord, thank you Father James. May the Lord bless you to continue preaching the Gospel and converting the sinners. Thank you.

Elena - Belarus
My name is Elena and I come from Grodno, Belarus. I took part in the recollections in Ross’ at the end of July. And I will try to explain what happened to me before, at that time and after recollections.

I was baptized in orthodox church still never was aware what is God and what is his Love, thought that visiting churches on Easter and praying in need sometimes make me a good Christian. Still we were married in church and I was the one in the couple who wanted that very much as I really believed that marriage is one and forever. Probably my ex-husband had a different point of view.

God blessed us with two wonderful kids and now our son is 9 and daughter is 6. And it may be clear already that we were divorced, I am not proud of that at all, already understand the lessons that God gave me. 2 years ago I moved from Minsk to Grodno with kids and I did that for many reasons. To make the long story short (I am trying to do my best:) I just want to tell about one - my daughter was baptized in Catholic Church. I wanted a very special man to be her Godfather and he is catholic, but Orthodox Church didn’t allow me to do that, moreover, they said a lot of bad things about Catholics and that was something I could never understand.

We had several difficulties, of course, but I felt that my soul was looking for peace and I felt in peace here in Grodno – a city with very powerful catholic society, a royal city as a tourist guide says. I am happy to live in this historical place and proud to be Belorussian.

As I feel the responsibility for baptizing Anastasia, my daughter I went to a Polish Language School to learn polish and understand prayers and help her on her learning for the First Holy Communion later on. I also wanted to learn how to behave during the Holy Mess and my friend Carolina who is catholic promised to take me to the church.  She invited for many times, and then stopped and one day I phoned and said that tomorrow will go with her. So I will always remember that first conscious time in the church as before the Holy Mess there were recollections for women by Father Cheslaw. I never thought priest can make me laugh but he did! Already forgot when I felt such joy, his humor was very delicate; he gave us a lot of lessons of wisdom and love and that was something that opened my heart for a sincere prayer to the Lord. There is a lot of misunderstanding in our family, there was a period when I didn’t talk to my Mom for several months, so I prayed to God for love and peace for us. The next day, April, 11, the bomb exploded in Minsk metro and my Mom had passed the station few minutes before.  Remembering we both were crying on the phone and I said that I love her, told about my visit to the church the day earlier and felt so grateful to God for saving her life.

Since then I wanted to go to Ross and thank Father Cheslaw for opening my heart. So when we got to know about your recollections in Ross, I said that we would definitely go there. I didn’t know anything about you and your missions and now thank God so much for bringing you to our country.

I had my first confession maybe for ten years or something, I cried during prayers, I was a new born in Jesus Christ our Lord. A part of my skin was healed and purified and that was a God’s miracle I could feel and touch. On Sunday evening during the Holy Mess in Farny Cathedral I prayed like I never did before and I heard you talking about me and my diseases and then I heard – Helena, you are healed! And this is my name in Polish, so I was and I am sure that I am totally healed.

Dear Father James, you gave me a new understanding of what is God’s Love and how happy we are to be Christians, so when I am sad now I do remember your joy and belief and always smile then. When there is a chance to go to Ross and talk to Father Cheslaw I will discuss how to become a catholic for me and my son. 5 days after recollections I took part in pilgrimage Grodno-Ross and it took 2 days and 75 km to go there. I knew I will not be alone anymore as God is always with me and our slogan was GREAT IS HIS LOVE! And God was with me as a sister Natalia – she gave a lot for my spiritual growth on the way (you may see us on attached pictures) That was my first pilgrimage and I felt no pains, no difficulties on the way – God was with me. I had three intentions – 1) thanking God for keeping my Mom’s life, 2) thanking God for opening my heart through Father Cheslaw, 3) thanking God for complete physical and spiritual renewal at recollections with you, Father James, also asking God to bless your mission on the East these days. I heard a lot of intentions for you on our way, and with the help of sister Natalia we organized a group of 7 people – Apostolate Daisy – to pray for you till the end of our lives and we ask for your blessing very much. We also need to know who your saint patron is as we will mention his name in our prayers – so, please, let us know.

Dear Father James, we will pray so much to see you again in our country. I would even dare to ask for your and Father Cheslaw permission to be you interpreter for your second visit. The girl from Odessa did great job, really, still journey is too long, maybe. I do understand that I need a special preparation and I am sorry for any mistakes in this letter – I don’t write often in English, still maybe this is the way I could serve to God and people who are waiting for you here.
We, 7 people of your Daisy, looking forward to your reply and starting our weekly prayers.
Thank you and Lord from all my heart for every change in me!

In 1996 I came to see you in Bangalore with 1 lady her name is Christye from Goa she is a good friend of Fatima from Bangalore and Fatima was you friend.
I came with Christye because I had no children I was married for a year. you were sick that time you told me that somebody kidnaped you and beat you and put you in the gutter, you prayed over me and told me that if any body tell you, you will not get children dont believe i will get 1 son and that is your gift for me from GOD and he will be a priest like you and you said give him your name James. after 2 years my son was born in 1998 24 Oct. fr. I am very very sorry I have not name him James but I have named him Jeremiah second name i gave him Innocent because his Godfather is a priest and his name is Fr. Innocent and 3rd name i gave him savio because i was in charismatic reneval and I was under Fr. Savio and when he celebrated my wedding on 28 Oct 1995 and on 29 Oct the next day of my wedding he died while saving the boys who were getting drowned in Goa so I gave him Fr. Savio name Now my son is 12 years 8 month old he want to become a priest he is in the VIII Std we are in Kuwait at present  I and my husband are working in Kuwait and our son is studying in Kuwait. I and my son Jeremiah will come to Goa in August for 1 month holidays Fr. Please I want to meet you and show my son to you I told him about you Please Fr. James can we come in August to see you Please Fr. send me your India Address so i can come with my son to see you.
I always wanted to write to you but I did not had your address today in the office i went to google and just typed Fr. James Manjackal and i found your site  Praise The Lord.
Fr. James I am attaching a Photo of my son Jeremiah he received Confirmation on 13 May, Fr please Keep my son Jeremiah in you prayer to be a holy priest like you As you said i will get 1 son, GOD blessed me with only 1 son, I and my Husband are praying everyday for our son to be a holy priest like you.
God Bless You Fr. James.
In Christ

Dear Father James!
I have been heeled several limes by Jesus and your prayer. Have been heeled from growths of the larynx at the mass in Poland in Gorzów on 26th of July 2009. I also forgave my father for not taking care of me for years. Third heeling was from ocultism  and fourth from skin disease caused by mycosis. My physical and mental condition has been getting better now. Jesus is great! He is the lord of my life.
Natalia Anna

Dear Father,

My name is Urszula. I am 55 years old and live in Poland, a small city called Kra?nik ( South Eastern of the country). I attended recollection/ retreats in Ostroleka and Elblag in 2010.
I have suffered from low blood pressure ( 60/40) ,blood circulation problems and very weak pulse for many years ( more than 10 years). During recollection in Elblag, you Father pronounced my name - URSZULA first time.I doubted then, and thought to myself " Lord if it's me, please let's make the Father pronounce my name again". After that once more I heard Father Manjackal pronouncing my name, that time in a shorter version - ULA.
After all I got back home and I felt strong and very well.After a few months I went to see my doctor that confirmed that all my problems with blood pressure and weak pulse had disappeared.
Thanks and praise Lord Jesus !!!!
God Bless you Father James,
Urszula Rola

Hello Dear Father James,
May the Lord Jesus be with you. We hope you are still feeling healthy and strong. I'd like to Thank Jesus for sending to us a holy priest like you, who takes us to the heart of Jesus to heal us on our souls and body.
My healing start on my first retreat I attend at Anadia-Portugal. Since this retreat I've received many heals and Blesses on my personal and married life.
The most important Bless I received was my convertion to Jesus, because I was far away from Jesus. I was going to the new age, but Jesus with his mercy and love, healed my soul. Thank you Jesus. I Praise you Lord. After this Retreat I've changed my attitude to the Church, to the Sacraments and to the Lord's Commandments, and consequently all my life changed. I could not be the same person after having this specially meeting with Jesus who Loves me so much. And because Jesus Loves me, He healed me. He gave me inner strengh to deal with many things in my life. I was suffering for an Allergic Asma for 9 years, but on the Retreat at Consolata-Fátima-Portugal, on March of 2008, Jesus Healed my allergys. I was 600% allergic and now I'm only 100%. When I told to my doctor he said that I was crazy, and in fact I am. After the allergic tests that he asked me to do, he told that I was right. He asked me how can I be so sure, and I said that God knows what is good for us. That's why I must Praise the Lord Jesus for everything He gives to me and to my family.
I Praise Jesus also because on the Retreat at Anadia He healed me of ovary policyst. I went to the Hospital and it was clear. No more cysts. The ultrasound scan proved it. I Praise the Lord for being so wonderfull. Thank you Jesus for being the Lord of my life and of my marriage and of my family. Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus. Aleluia. Amen.
Thank you Father James for taking us to the Heart of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers, fasting and mass.

God Bless you, your work and your mission, and also all the team that helps so the retreats can happen.
Sofia Malta.


I was born with a patella luxation which was operated a few years ago.
A few months ago I had an accident in which a car hit my bike. Even if I took much less harm then I should have, regarding the force of the crash, I got harmed at my knee, at the knee that was operated years ago. That crash almost undid the operation.
I feared that I might not be able to visit Pater James at Wigratzbad but was able to do so nonetheless with a good friend and his mother.
At the evening of the first day at holy mass my friend was chosen to read the lesson. The minute he began to read a strange warmth crept up my knee. I wore a bandage so I was unable to feel it with my hands. But it became hotter and hotter and focused on the exact point where I was operated and what has been harmed mostly through the accident. I was stunned.
I didn't know the meaning of it and it never occurred to me that this could have been a healing, what I experienced. I were a little afraid, because everything I don't understand frightened me. And this I didn't understand.
When I told my friend he made it clear to me what that experience meant and I was a little childish in expecting my knee to be totally healed and the scar gone by the next day. So I was somewhat disappointed when I woke up next day still with my scar on my knee and still needing the bandage to walk stairs.
At the evening of the second day the healing prayers began. We were to touch the part of our body were we wanted to be healed and I wondered... there were so many people in this room who might be seriously ill and here I was with just a little vice. And then there was my mother who was much more in need of healing - inner healing - then I ever was. Many people have done her wrong in the past and in the time being she chose to close up her heart. So I touched my heart with the meaning of healing her through me since my beating heart only exists because of her and that is what is binding us together.
But then out of nothing it occurred to me that the Lord wanted me to touch my bad knee, to heal what went wrong some months before. So I did. I still wondered if I shouldn't pray for some of those who are seriously ill, but when my friend also touched my knee I knew that this was what the Lord really wanted. And so I obliged and prayed for the healing of my knee next to the inner healing.
Afterwards my friend told me that even before my name was said my hand suddenly became hot for a short while. I didn't recognize it.
But I took the Lord for his word and expected to be healed. So, since then I haven't used the bandage anymore. At first the difference was only vague. But I kept on taking his word and thanked him for the
At the last healing prayer I had nothing more to ask for. So I just soaked up the incredible feeling of peace while these minutes. My name was said with someone else along to be filled with the holy spirit. And I guess that is what one can name that feeling of absolute and deepest peace I've ever experienced. It did heal my inner self. And because of that I am now able to forgive the person who has wronged my
mother most: my grandmother - her mother. And because of that honest forgiveness I am the very first person within that family who actually can pray for her and for the healing of a mother-daughter-binding. And through that and because there is still a long way for me to go, one day I might be able to make my mother see the power of forgiveness and then she too might be able to be healed.
A few days after I was home I began a Thank-You-Novene to the holy spirit for the healing. I began to feel a change in my knee while walking stairs and soon felt nothing out of the ordinary in my walking.
I didn't exactly expect I was healed completely but I do trust that in time the Lord might do his work.
So a week later on Sunday I went home after holy mass. It was raining and the front door was slippery - of course I almost fell down. But my reflexes were good enough to catch myself - with my former bad knee. I had to catch all my weight and stabilize myself with that knee. And I felt nothing. I should have - even before the accident. In that operation years ago the doctors transferred a muscle a few inches to
stabilize my patella. Since then I felt every sudden exertion of that muscle. As I should have felt then, but didn't since the healing.
That was just one of many times since the healing that I could use my knee even better than before the accident.


Dear Father James
It is with great joy that we announce that our dear daughter was born, Constance. She was born on 9th December, realizing the great desire to have a child! We are Sonia and Tó, married for 12 years and some years ago who tried in vain tohave a child ...
In February 2008 we attended a retreat for couples, Fatima, directed by Father James.Since then, attend other retreats at various locations in Portugal. In May 2008, Estoril, during the healing prayer, heard from your mouth the following message: "Sonia're cured, you will have a child and your marriage is blessed!"
This grace has fallen on us for four months ... We have a beautiful girl and serene. We are forever grateful for your intercession before the Father ..
We thank God for the angel who has given us ...
You are always in our prayers...
With love,

Sonia and Tó  - soniaclaudiarosa@gmail.com

Luka Barisic.
I am Luka Barisic. When Fr. James preached retreat in St.Johns Park, Sydney five years before, I attended it and I had a great spiritual conversion. Now I pray daily and to Mass daily. I am no more the old Luka, the Lord took away my old self and gave me new self fter his likeness.When I attended the retreat I had two sicknesses, problem of Thyroid and Blood cot on the legs.Jesus called my name through the mouth of the preacher during the healing prayers and healed.At First I could not believe it, so on the second day again the Lord asked " Luka, why dont you believe and claim your healing", then I wept and responded," Lord I believe that I am healed". It is five years, I have no problem.Jesus healed me fully.Praise the Lord.Daily I pray for the worldwide preaching ministry of Fr.James and Gaby.May God bless them with good health of soul and body.

Luka Barisic
St Johns Park,
Sydney, Australia

Alicia Mendes
The photo is our daughter Alicia Mendes. In 2006 when Fr.James gave the retreat at Johns Park, Sydney, we were able to attend it only on the last day, as we heard about it only on that day through a Croatian lady. Our  Alicia was suffering from 'Global developmental delay' because  of which she was behaving like a very small child although she was five years. She could not be quiet even for five minutes, she was mischievous, her capacity to learn and understand was very low.Also she had epilepsy, often getting fits. The Croatian lady told about the many miracles and healing that happens through the prayers of Fr. James Manjackal, hence with great hope we asked to lay his hands and pray over the child. As we did not attend the retreat fully, at first he was hesitant to pray, saying," I came to preach and not to heal, I am not a healer". Then after praying in silence for a while, he laid both his hands on Alicia and prayed with some strange sounds. At the end of the prayers, he said "Alicia is healed, dont worry, go in peace". Yes she is healed. Praise the Living Jesus ! Her doctors said  with surprise that now she has remarkable mental development and her IQ capacity to learn and to understand increased. Now she is doing the home schooling. This time at St.Johns park and in St.Michaels church, along with us she attended the full retreats, she was very quite,  and  was understanding every word that Fr.James preached. She has no fits now, no medicine for epilepsy.In our family- prayers, every day we pray for the good health and long life of Fr.James, so that through his hands and prayers many people in the world be healed and come to believe in Christ and the Church.

Ivy & Joachim Mendes,
Mount Druitt, 57- 5 Hythe street,

Armando Marques de Sousa, 70 years old, Meirinhas-Fátima. - Portugal

In the retreat of 22nd February 2009 at Fátima, during the Adoration prayer, Father James said for those who had pains to put his/her hands on the part of the body that was sick. I have put my hands on my back where I had many pains. Father James continued the prayer and said that there were four people healed with the name “Armando”. I looked at the room and I saw so many people that I told my wife: “There are so many people here, is it me?” Father James doesn’t speak Portuguese but, on that moment, I heard him in Portuguese saying: “Why do you doubt Armando?” After all this, I felt I was really healed and I have given my testimony in the retreat. I was very happy, on that Sunday, it was my birthday.

After the retreat, my life changed. I stopped smoking, I used to smoke three packages of cigarettes every day and never more I felt the desire to go for the café where I used to stay every night until one o’clock in the morning.
Praise you Jesus.

Ana Paula, 50 years old, Moita  - Portugal

I was sick with Multiple Sclerosis and I was in a Wheel Chair. I went to the last retreat in Fátima, November 2010. I was much better, but on this retreat, 11th February 2011, after Father’s talk, I felt something very strong in my all body and after it a paralysis. It took some time to go away but today, the 12th February, I came to the retreat without wheel chair! I am healed.

I am married for 20 years, I have a son and we are a happy family. But my husband was divorced and because of that I cannot have communion. That caused an inferiority complex in me because I thought Jesus would never heal me but the faith and strength of the Lord were stronger and today here I am now very well. I ask the Lord pardon for all my doubts. Aleluia!

Maria de Fátima dos Santos Gonçalves, 45 anos, Moita Redonda-Leiria. - Portugal

In June 2003, my vesicle was taken in São Francisco Hospital in Leiria in an operation that took 4 hours and went on badly. The surgeon pierced too much my liver, destroying the aorta artery of the liver on the right side. After this, I was in the hospital for 3 weeks almost dying. I did several medical tests, a magnetic resonance in which it was found out a destructive anomaly on the aorta artery of the right side. I did a biopsy to the liver which was analyzed in Coimbra and England.

An attempt to put a prosthesis in the artery was made at the Hospital University of Coimbra, but its application was impossible. There I was in the surgery block during one hour and a half without results.

In the following two years, I did blood tests every month. I stopped with this after consulting a specialized doctor professor at the Hospital of Ordem Terceira in Lisbon where it was told me that there was medical negligence and that probably I would have to make a surgery again to take out the dried part of the liver, where the blood could not reach in order to avoid transplantation.

In December 2008, in the Retreat of Father James at Centro Paulo VI in Fatima, I found my healing. Father James said my name in the retreat and 3 days later I felt very bad, I was in bed in the hospital with many pains and when I woke up, in the next day, I felt another person completely well. I made blood tests and everything was very well.

I am Healed, thanks be to this Great miracle of the Holy Spirit and to the intercession of Father James.
Thank you Jesus

Maria de Fátima Moreira, 59 years old, Penafiel. - Portugal

I have received the grace of the physical healing in the retreat with Father James in Malaposta, Anadia, September 2007.
I was paralysed in my inferior members. After the imposition of his hands, I was healed thanks be to God.
Glory to the Holy Trinity

Esperança Botelho Gomes, 69 years old, Vila Real. - Portugal

My God, I want to give you many thanks for the two big healings that by your infinite mercy, you have given me through the intercession of Reverence and very dear Father James.

I suffered from a very rare and incurable disease for 14 years. There was no healing by the medicine neither in all country nor in Brazil because one brother of mine took my process there to great doctors and called me saying they didn’t know the disease. Through my dear sister, who has already come to the retreat of Father James (April 2010 at Vila Real) , I came with her, her husband and their daughter. I was introduced to Father James who blessed me and told me to have faith and that I would be healed.
After that retreat I attended two others at Porto and Bragança.
In the fouth retreat at Fátima (November 2010) the healing happened. With the great Divine Mercy, that all those who turn to Him with faith, repentance and trust always get, on Sunday, 6th November 2010, I felt much, much better and until today, 10th February never more I was in bed nor I fell down (before I was falling all the time, many times I break several parts of the body), never more I vomited (I used to have a basin near my bed because I vomited day and night). I was only skin and bones. The disease was mortal, in any crisis I could die.

The 2nd blessing happened in June 2010 also in the retreat of Fe. James at Fátima. I was in the hospital to be operated to the intestines by emergency which I suffered for 30 years. But my daughter, who works in the hospital, didn’t allowed my operation because she was going on holidays and so asked the doctor to wait for her so that I could do more exams and see what else was necessary. I went to the retreat and I was completely healed until today. Never more I had pain or colics that made me scream everyday. I thank for everything and I want to make all these blessings known.
 Praise you Lord.

Maria Nunes, 61 years old, Alvaiázere-Leiria. - Portugal

I suffered from a Great anxiety that was making me becoming crazy. I was taken to the hospital emergencies for three times. From there I was sent to a Psychiatrist. In the meanwhile I met the Catholic Renewal and I assisted some retreats of Father James.

In those retreats I was healed, I left all the medicines and now I am a person full of peace and joy. So I will praise and worship Jesus all days of my life for His great mercy.
Praise you Lord.

Albertina Trindade Luís Santos, Figueira da Foz - Portugal

I suffered migraine headaches that lasted for 3 or 4 days and only with bid doses of several medicines they went away. I suffered this for 28 years. I went to 4 retreats of Father James and, on the last retreat in Fatima, in November 2010, through the mouth of Father James, God proclaimed my name. Since then, the migraines disappeared. I am healed. I had also a great conversion and I was healed of unforgiveness. Praise be Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much, Father James.

Luísa Maria, 55 years old, Sobreiro Curvo-Torres Vedras - Portugal

I want to thank God Father All-Mighty and to the Holy Trinity because, through His anointed Father James, I received many blessings of healing in the body and soul.
I received several healings: a healing in the liver, of many pains in the legs and feet and in my lung which had burnt cells due to the radiotherapy. Because of that, several times in the year, I had to go to the hospital. I also had many fears and I stopped taking medicines. Now I feel very well.
Thank you my Lord and my God.
Glory and praises to You, Lord.

Isabel Santos, 65 years old, Carcavelos - Parede - Portugal

Thank you Jesus for having bought me back to your House, to your love and to your Holy Spirit. Many times I was forgotten You existed. I was during many years without understanding why I existed. You, Lord, have given me everything a woman can expect from live: 2 beautiful children, intelligent and full of love for the parents, a good house, a good live, money for everything I wanted to buy and to have. All these were the fruit of your love and will. And what have I given you back? Nothing, even not a simple thank you! I have never thought in you, Lord.

One day, and because my life was full of sins, the disease came. I was diagnosed a breast cancer. On that time everything fall on my feet, everything seemed to be dark and nothing else could make me smile. I knew I was going to die and I was sad to leave my children, my husband, my parents and everything I built up throughout all the years. At the same time, my husband committed adultery on a time when I most needed his help. It was terrible, after all everything I have built worth nothing. My heart was bleeding with pain, there was something I missed but I didn’t know to explain. I went to psychiatrists, pshychologists and nothing happened. I was not well.

One day, a big friend of mine told me: “Why don’t you go to Mass and talk with the sister or with the priest and maybe they can help you”. I did so. The Sister of Bom Pastor advised to go to the retreat of Father James that was, on that time, in Sameiro (May 2010). I went to that wonderfull retreat of Penthecost and since that blessed day my life changed: I learned how to love Jesus and the Holy Trinity, I learned to recognize that everything I have is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and today I thank God my cancer because it was it that brought me back to love Jesus. I learned to forgive (my husband) and other people that made much evil to me (mother in law) and I forgave all. I am spiritually happy because I believe Jesus healed me. Father James pronounced my name and I feel the Holy Spirit in my life. Thank you Jesus for everything, thank you for loving me so much and for everything you have given me throughout all my life and, as I was blind, never saw your goodness and love. Forgive me Jesus for not having recognized your great goodness before. I want ot give you my heart. Give me strength and faith. My heart will be always yours.

Maria da Purificação Silva Vieira, 54 anos, Caranguejeira-Leiria - Portugal

I am Maria da Purificação amd I went for the first time to Father James retreat in 18th September in Porto. I received a great blessing. It was the healing of my cervical and still today I feel the Holy Spirit entering in my heart.
Never more I want to loose the Holy Spirit. Everyday I praise Jesus. Glory to you Lord.

Zélia Jorge, 54 anos, Comenda-Gavião - Portugal

I broke a prosthesis in my knee and I was with the broken prosthesis until I could not walk anymore. I was operated in urgency at the Hospital of Parede on the 6th August 2009. The prosthesis was broken in very small pieces according to what the orthopedist told. It was a complicated operation made with iron and screws, etc.

On the 6th December 2009 I came to a retreat of Father James in Fátima and, during the Eucharist and Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament, I felt an interior power and a strong heat and I knell down. I was without words not knowing exactly what was happening to me but I thanked much the Lord for what was happening. I was able to kneel down before the Blessed Sacrament!

On the following day I could kneel down, jump and run. I had an appointment in 2010 with the orthopedist that has operated me to see how I was and I told him I was very happy I could jump, kneel down and run. He could not believe and I started to run in his room. The doctor without words called a colleague who also knew about my operation and asked me to run. Both of them were surprised without knowing how to explain that. After such an operation, they could never happen and never had they seen such a thing.

I have given my testimony and, despite my doctor could not find an explanation; he didn’t believe it was a divine work. In January 2011 he phoned me, asking if I could go to the Hospital so that he could take some photos. I went there and some photos were taken and my doctor was going to add them to my process together with the RX’s before and after the operation. As far as I was told the process is going to be studied with other American doctors that every year used to come to Hospital da Parede. When I went back to the Hospital many people were saying it could only be a miracle of God, other didn’t know what to say. My case is being studied so that after I can give the testimony. For me, it was without any doubts, a miracle God made in me. Thank you my Lord and my God. Glory to you, Lord!

God bless you dear father James!
My name is Matjaž and I am 31 years old. I was present  on your seminars here in Slovenia several times (Kurešcek,Log pri Vipavi). I smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 16 years. Two years ago I was heald during your seminar on Kurešcek.I do not smoke anymore! And everything in me and round me is getting better ("Behold, I make all things new").
I thank Lord Jesus and I pray for you daily!


Maria and Gerald Roth
We were at your retreats in Linz in September and asked you to pray for a Spanish friend of our daughter.  The friend's name is Patricia, is about 28 years old and has given birth. Before birth, Patricia received an anesthesia epidural. After the birth in the hospital she had a headache. They gave her an injection with her own blood. But a week after the birth she suddenly got blue in her face,  started shaking and bit her face. After some days in hospital she got better and started eating and talking. She had a crisis and  she couldn´t move, speak or see. She had a lot of medication and slept most of the time. The doctors didn´t know what was happening to her. They knew only three cases in the world with similar history, which all improved after some time at the hospital.
The baby couldn´t be with the mother, it was with the father and the grandparents. Now Patricia is all right. She ist still under cortison-treatment, but according to the doctors she will be 100 % healthy.

Maria and Gerald Roth

Dear Father James,
I thank and praise the lord to give the following testimony. In the retreat last week in Wiegratzbad / Germany ,
Father James prayed with us the inner-healing-prayer in front of the Holy Eucharist, Jesus.
Then it happened during the prayer I felt a big warm and with eyes closed , a big warm light starting shining into my hole body, praise the Lord, Halleluja.
Then Father James called." Thomas , you are filled." In this moment Jesus touched me totally and I feel so much Love , Peace and happiness inside . Jesus I thank and praise you ,my only lord and only savior
From this day I cannot be quite , I must repend and turn my life totally to Jesus and to bring Jesus to all souls into this world. So much soul doesn´t know
Jesus. I will start it and give my life to Jesus to evangelisation , first family , neighborhood and working place, the all peope who will crossed my way.
I love y all with my heard . Let there be a holy fire burning in all heads, my Lord and Savior Jesus, Send you Holy Spirit to the hole World,
there will be a change , you kingdom comes...

Ten years ago, my daughter Maria was four years old and she couldn’t properly pronounce ‘r’. We have already decided to send her to a speech therapist to correct this. But at that time, Father James was visiting Croatia and by chance I had acquired a number of tapes with the recordings of his seminars held in Austria. As we were living in a small, one room apartment, my husband, our two daughters and I watched them together. After the first we watched the said tapes, Maria suddenly started pronouncing ‘r’ properly. I hope I will soon write the testimony about the cure of my other daughter, Daniela Patricija
God bless you.
Grateful mother Jolanda Bilic

I am Vanaja, a Hindu Lady in the neighborhood of the SFS Vidyashram, Aluva,Kerala. I had thyroid growth on my throat and the doctor had suggested operation.I was scared of operation.Then the cook of the priests at SFS Vidyashram told me about Fr.James Manjackal with his special gift of healing.When he came  there in February(2010), I dared to go to him  and ask for his prayers for healing. It was my first experience of asking a catholic priest to pray for me.He layed his hands on my head and prayed to Jesus for healing and I believed that  I was healed.In the following week, when I went to the doctor ,he was surprised to see my thyroid fully healed, I told him that a priest prayed over me and that I am healed.Yes ,I am healed by Jesus. I thank Fr.James for praying for me.
Near SFS Vidiyashram, Aluwa, Kerala.

Fr. Soby Maroor

With gratitude to almighty God I testify the healing  that I received through the prayers of Fr.James Manjackal, my confrere. in December 2007 I was admitted in St.Philomina `s Hospital, Bangalore with severe virul fever which was turning to affect my brain.Also I was suffering from Pancreatitis.I was worried and anxious about my illness and the consequence that would follow a brain fever. It is then Fr.James visited me in the hospital during his usual holidays to Bangalore, I was sure that I would be healed by his  prayers because I had seen many signs and wonders worked through him at Charis Bhavan where I was doing my regency when he was the founder-director. He prayed over me in tongues and assured me the healing of the Lord.Immediately I felt healing. Dr.Sekhar, A Hindu,my doctor was shocked to see me healed completely without any complication.Soon I was discharged from the hospital.It is the prayer with faith and love that healed me,and not by medicine.I praise Jesus who healed me and thank Fr.James for his kind visit and prayers.I pray daily that Fr.James continue his mission of preaching and healing all over the world.
Fr.Soby Maroor.MSFS,
Mermier Bahvan,
Electronics City Po. Bangalore.

Nowe Miasto  01/15/2011

My name is Pawel Marciniak. I have 41 years. I live in New Town, near Poznan, Poland. I want to submit a testimony of physical healing in prayer for healing. Healing took place during the retreat with Father J. Manjackalem  in Elblag. In September 2009, he felt pain in the hip. After three months started to feel pain in the other hip. Pain worsened over time. The most dissuasive resembled a wound cut fingers. After about 9 months of X-ray done. Diagnosis showed degenerative changes. The lesions are irreversible. I attended a retreat in the Holy Spirit in September 2010 in Elblag.
I knew that o. J.Manjackal has the gift of healing. But I had other intentions for the retreat. I think that more important than my personal health. On Friday, before the prayer for healing, oJManjackal announced that he would pray for the healing of people here and now in the courtroom. I was a bit surprised. I wanted to offer this prayer for other purposes. Since the information was clear, I could not do otherwise. Then I had a few complaints. Bothered me most, however, hip pain. I chose this part of the body. I laid hands on his hips, sides. During the prayer, the father of J. Manjackal with his right hand felt warm balls. She was about 10-15 cm in diameter. After a while I felt that the whole ball has moved slowly to the second hand. After a while, went back. In this way, the ball has moved several times. The pain suddenly disappeared after that. During the retreat, in a sitting position I had to change the position of sitting on a chair. On average, every 1 - 1.5 hours. That day and the end of the retreat I felt pain. Among those whose names are mentioned f. J Manjackal, there was also mine. Since the retreat to the present day has passed 5 months. Acute pain in which I was previously untouched since the retreat never occurred.  In ponds not everything is perfect, because something sometimes chafes. These defects disappear.  I believe that I was touched by the grace of physical healing. At this point, I bear witness that the Holy Spirit works. Honor and glory of God the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit.

In 1996. I was severely ill and hospitalized at the gynecological ward at the hospital in Split.I was diagnosed three different diseases at once.Each individual disease meant very little opportunity to become a mother,and all three together left me with no hope.I had a tumor in the uterus;fallopian tubes,which were deformed due to step and turned into a ball;and adhesions associated with pelvic and ovary which was,due to endometriosis converted into a chocolate cyst.
I am a doctor and the weight of my health condition was totally clear to me.I could not accept it.Why did it have to happen to me?I did not deserve this.Why does God punishing me?Spiritually I was deteriorating.Until then I went to Holy Mass almost daily,and now I had to push myself to attend at least on Sundays.I did not like to pray any more,it was boring.I thought I was faithful;I grew up in a Christian family.Now I know it`s traditionalism.Until then I did not know anyone who was believer in the true sense of the word.Spiritually I was drowning dipper and dipper.Knowing that the church does not approve extra uterine insemination,now suddenly it seemed to me that this is the method of treatment as well as many others in my profession.I tried three times extra uterine insemination and it failed.My ovaries were not producing eggs,follicles were empty.I was the unhappiest person in the entire world.Today I realize that it was the grace.I was spiritually and physically drained out,but I knew if I do not go back to my prayer I would be totally destroyed.
It was Christmas Eve and I went to midnight mass.Everybody sang and were joyful.I cried so much that people started to turn and look at me.My husband dragged me by the hand to come out of the church because he was embarrassed.I pulled away from him and went in front of manger.From the depths of my heart I cried out to Mary to plead eater for the grace of motherhood,or the grace to accept the fact that I can not bear a child.
By the Feast of the Assumption of our Lady I became a mother.Yet I was not entirely happy as one would expect.There was emptiness in me.My friend gave me Father Manjackal`s book as a gift.The same year,2001.I attended Father Manjackal`s seminar in Split.I watched those happy singing people all around me,but in me was sadness.
The next year Father Manjackal was in Split again,and at that seminar I experienced healing.I testified about what the Lord has done.Father Manjackal laid his hands on me and prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into me.I received the gift of praying in tongues and some other gifts.
Later I attended a few more seminars and did everything that Father Manjackal advised: I set the time each day for my personal prayer,regularly received the sacraments,read Scriptures,prayed for those who have hurt me in life,prayed for the family tree...
With the spiritual healing the physical healling arrived,too.I gave birth to two more children.The Lord has removed the sterility cross and gave me some new ones to carry,but now I understand that the time of suffering is a time of grace.I understand the value and power of suffering presented to the Lord.I now that God`s love is miraculous,and happiness does not depend so much of the circumstances of life as much as to allow God to be our father.
With love,
Irena Primorac_Bošnjak

João Silva Dias – Bursite

My name is João Silva Dias and I am 52 years old. As many know, I am the coordinator of Father James retreats in Portugal.
In the end of April 2010, in the elbow of my left arm, it started to appear a sac with liquid with the size of a chicken egg. It was not hurting me but it was uncomfortable when I was at the computer or in other daily activities. After some routine blood tests, and since the situation was not improving, but, on the contrary, it was becoming worse, I went to the urgencies of Santa Maria Hospital (main Hospital at Lisbon). There they made me more tests and because of what they showed (they could not find uric acid nor infection) I was sent to the Rheumatology services of the mentioned Hospital. So, I was diagnosed with a bursitis (inflammation of the synovial sac) and they booked, for the following week, an intervention to aspirate the synovial sac. After one week, I was submitted to the intervention and they aspirated 50 ml of liquid (which went for analysis) and I was advised to put much ice on my elbow and to put the arm hanged on my neck. That was what I did. The sac with the liquid decreased but was still big. The tests made to the liquid (direct test, cultural, TSA, among others) were normal. But with the increase of the weather temperatures the synovial sac became bigger, the situation was uncomfortable for me, and I was wondering to go back again to Santa Maria Hospital, before my summer holidays.  Besides the doctor had already told me, if the aspiration was repeated, I would have to take cortisone to clean the synovial sac. I thought to go again to the Hospital after the retreat of Father James Manjackal, in the 11th to 13th June 2010, which was already soon.
In the retreat of 11th to 13th June, after the Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament and healing prayer, as all those who participated in the retreat know, Father James told us to pray to God for the person who was beside us and to ask him/her, if it was the case, for any physical problem which we had, putting the hand over that place and asking God for the healing and the fulfillment of that miracle. I was on the stage isolated and the person nearer me was my younger daughter Joana. I thought I was going to stay there alone and so I was prepared to pray interceding for all those who were there so that the Lord could answer their prayers. But my daughter came near me, and as she knew I had the bursitis problem, as I was complaining more and more about it, she asked me if she could pray for my bursitus. At the time, I wasn’t even thinking about it but, seeing her with so much care and love, I accepted her request and prayed for her also. During her prayer I felt a heat in the elbow and I even told her that she didn’t need to pray more and to move her hand of my elbow. But she insisted to pray intensively for my bursitus. On the following morning, when I was shaving for the new day of retreat, my wife noticed and said: “João, you don’t have bursitis anymore.” In fact, the liquid sac of the size of an egg had gone completely and now I only felt a small impression on my elbow (which I had never felt before) and, as time passed by, it went disappearing. Six months have passed and I can testify that never more I had liquid in my elbow and so God healed me completely of the bursistus.
Three years ago, in another retreat of Father James, God also healed me from chronical insomnia that I had for 30 years (see my other testimony of 26th March 2008). It was a big healing of a very serious problem. This was not the present case, as I said, since the bursitis did not cause me any pain, but it was troubling me. In fact, my Good Jesus also worries with minor diseases and, like 2000 years ago, he passed and healed me using as instruments the hands and the loving prayer of my daughter Joana.
This healing reminds me that we should give thanks to God for everything, including for things we consider smaller. To the eyes of the world, a bursitis is an insignificant disease compared with a chronical insomnia, but my Good Jesus decided to have me with my elbow good to serve Him better!
And like in the song I thank Jesus for one more Grace by singing:
Thank you, Thank you Jesus! Thank you, Thank you Jesus! Thank you, Thank you Jesus from my heart!
Glory Aleluia, Glory Aleluia; Glory Aleluia to my Lord. Glory Aleluia, Glory Aleluia; Glory Aleluia to my Lord.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. ...
Blessed and Praised be the Holy Trinity. All Honour and all Glory for You, Dear Jesus. Aleluia!

João Silva Dias

Carcavelos, 10th January 2011

Frater Aloisius
My name’s Frater Aloisius Pernegger.
I was born in the year 1986 in Schlierbach and learned the Instrument mechanic. It was the grace of God to grow up in a quite religious family. Since I received the First Communion I wasaltar boy and wasn’t indisposed to our belief.
In the year 2005 I visited the exerzitien of P. James in Schlierbach, in Oberösterreich. At this time I didn’t know any exceptionally gifted priests, and also exerzitien were new to me. At the beginning I was quite sceptic, because I’ ve never seen people clapping, singing and praying in this way. These days passed and feeled nothing. Two months later Hain Heinz, who has organized the exerzitien in Schlierbach, asked me to come to Vienna (Wien) to the advanced exerzitien of P. James. In these days I recognized, that God touched me and I could feel the Holy Spirit. I felt a power, which flow through me. These was all new to me. P. James split us in groups after the first speeches, with the intention to pray for each other. My request to God was, that he should show me for what he had appointed me – for the marriage or the Priest. The destiny of God sent me a student of Heiligenkreuz, who was also in our group. He explained to me the study of theology and how to become priest. He gave me the number of the rector of Heiligenkreuz P. Karl and after a dialogue with him I started the preparation, which allowed me to study – an alternative to the school leaving examination at the 1. october 2005. After that I began to study und joined the Zisterzienser in Schlierbach in 2008. After one year of the novitiate in the monastry of Schlierbach I continued to study.
God willing I will become priest in the year 2012.
I thank God, that he sent P. James to Austria and for all sacrifices, prayer and suffering, which P. James dared.
Thank you very much P. James! God bless you, your work and your mission

Father James! I thank Jesus Christ that he healed me from homosexual trough your hands and preaching the word of God. I attended for retreats in Elblag this year and I have to say my life have changed completely.I wish to give my testimony for everyone who has the same problem in their life that Jesus Christ our Lord has power to change it.There is my life a great of the proof that it is possible.Carently I can to say that homosexual is one of the big lie which direct unhappys people to the nothingness. I do know there is so many homosexual people who looking for help end hope in there life.I wish to be a tool in hands of God if he let me do this for them.I pray for them and I belive that Lord will give me the time and the power to work for people who are not well. God bless you father. Piotr

We' ve been married for 6 years. 3 years ago my husband was baptized and we tried to have a baby short after that. Unfortunately after 2 weeks I had a miscarriage. After that we didn't really try to have another baby ( money problem - that's what my husband always says). He still does not trust GOD completely I'm afraid. However 1,5 year ago we decided ( I rather convinced my husband) that is our duty to have a baby, we have to try to live GOD's Will no matter what so for the last year we 've been trying and nothing happend. We went for a check up if everything was all right. It turned out that there was some problem with me so I had to take some pills. However the medicines didn't help, it was June 2010. In August 2010 we went to your retreat to Ostroleka in Polen ( I am Polish, my husband is Dutch). You said there that nobody was there by accident. Now I know why GOD guided us there. You praied there for married couples without children and I'm sure GOD blessed our marriage then. When we came back to Holland first month I got pregnant. Now is my second month. Thank you so so much for everything.
Manfred, Renata and the baby

My name is Edyta and I am 36 years old. I come from Legionowo near Warsaw, Poland. In 2009 I took part in three retreats preached by Fr.James Manjackal in Poland.
The first retreat I took part in was held March 5th-8th in Warsaw. I went there with deep faith  that God would hear my prayer. At the time I had been married for four years but we were childless due to my having been diagnosed with some kind of infertility. I prayed ardently to God to hear my prayer but apparently I still had problems with total and unconditional forgiveness for people who had wronged me in the past. That must have been the reason why I did not receive the healing at that time, even though I went to confession.
I later participated in another retreat of Fr.James held in Niepokalanów July 17th-20th 2009. It was there that I forgave everyone everything wholeheartedly and unconditionally during the inner healing prayer. I also made a good confession. On July 18th Fr.James prayed over me at the time of individual prayer. He said that my husband and I would have a baby! On the same day during the adoration and healing prayer I heard Fr.James say: “Edyta, Lord Jesus is healing your sexuality”. I was deeply moved and began to cry and thank God for the gift of my healing.
At the end of the reatreat, during the testimony time, in an act of deep faith I gave a testimony saying  that I would certainly conceive a child, even though I did not know when. In August I went with my husband to visit our family and there I got to know I was pregnant! On August 18th my pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor who performed an ultrasound scan; he added that the conception took place around July 22nd-23rd. That was right after the retreat!
I then participated in another retreat preached by Fr.James which was held in Somianka near Wyszków, September  17th-20th 2009. I decided to participate in that retreat as my way of thanking God for the gift of offspring. On September 18th Fr.James said during the adoration prayer: “Edyta, Lord Jesus is blessing the child in your womb”. I felt such a great joy and happiness that God was with me, blessing the conceived child and I felt certain that He would lead my baby according to His plan for its life. I thanked God from the bottom of my heart and at the end of the retreat I gave my testimony, holding the ultrasound scan made by the doctor which was the proof that I had been healed. Through healing me at the Niepokalanów retreat preached by Fr.James God gave us the gift of so greatly desired baby!
Our son was born on April 20th 2010 and we named him Karol. He is healthy and so lovely!
My Jesus, thank you for everything: for all your blessings and love and thank you, Mother Mary, for your motherly care and protection.
Glory to You, Lord Jesus! And thank You, Father James, for your prayers.


Hi everyone, my name is Silvie and I come from the Czech Republic. I am 19 years old and since I was about 13 I had problems with breathing. There was no doctor, who could help me or even diagnoze my disease. I had expectoration in my throat. Especially after physical activity or eating..I had phlegm in my neck and mouth. My condition was getting worse, so I visited the doctors again and I was told that I have asthma and allergy..unfortunately probably forever. I stopped doing the athletics, I couldn´t breathe during jogging, riding a bike, going..it was very unpleasant.
In September 2009 I took part in the SPIRITUAL EXERCISE in Koclirov. In fact, I had no idea what is it going to be like. I was suprised, that during the first evening we were told, that  we might be healed. Father James began to pray and said: “ Everyone, who believes, can be healed! Touch with your hand the place, where you want to be healed!” In that moment I touched my neck and thought: “ Whom else should I believe, when not You, Jesus?” This answer came very fast, because since I was a smal child, I tried different ways how to be healed. I am sorry to admit, that me, as a catholic, tried many alternative treatments!
PLEASE, never trust any of this ways. Although it is called Christian yoga, special breathing or 5 Tibetans.. chinese and generally the easter philosphy, exercise, energies.. The problem was, that I ever trustedd everyone but not to Jesus!
Immediately I felt very much warm in my hands and heat going into my body. I was a little bit shaking, I wasn´t breathing very good, I was gasping and tears were rolling on my face.
Father James was praying. He asked the Lord to heal people with cancer, with sclerosis multiplex..later on he mentioned also alergy and asthma.
At that point I drew a deep and clear breath! I cried, I still felt the heat in my body, it was even like “elecricity” from my hands..However, today I understand. Eventhough it is difficult to put everything into words, it must have been GRACE FROM OUR LORD! I was healed!
At the end of the praying father told some names of people who were healed. Suddenly he said: “Silvie is healed!” and he added the verse from the Bible..John 20, 27: “No doubt and trust!”
I couldn´t believe it! I felt so so happy!
When I got out of the church, I opened the Bible and guess what was there..John 20,27... “No doubt and trust”
I was strengthened in my doubts and since then I never doubt but I believe, that Jesus healed me, that Jesus is ALIVE!
Praise the Lord and the Holy Mary!
I am really gratefull,, I was really happy in that moment.
Silvia C. Medical student


My name is Dina Rodrigues and live in Bragança. I want to thank Jesus for putting Father James on my way. Father James met at the retreat in June of Lamego 2008.Desde then I have participated in retreats at Fátima, Covilhã, Vila Real and Bragança. In the retreat of Lamego bought the CDs that were burned. Now I can watch whenever you want at this retreat, as I have - the record.
I am Catholic, but was little practitioner. Since I started attending the retreats of Father James, my faith increased. I need to be in constant contact with Jesus. More intensified my prayer, I pray the rosary every day and every day I ask Jesus to bless the Father James in their mission of evangelization throughout the world, that free from all evil and keep it strong in his great mission. Today I can say that faith and prayer are miracles. My house has been blessed by God. Jesus heard my prayer and answered my prayers. He healed my daughter Lia Joana suffering from leukemia. Despite the illness and its fragile state due to chemotherapy sessions, studies at the college have passed very well. Peace, harmony and well-being returned to my house. Could this be possible without the help of Jesus? Jesus is part of my life and I thank you for that Father James. Thanks also to Father James for coming to a retreat Bragança. It was on 5 October 2010. I waited anxiously for this day. This morning my heart was pounding, and full of joy. Finally I could hear here, in our city, the words of faith given by Father James. These words are so wise, so convincing, so full of Divine Power that there is nobody who dares to question.
The teachings of Father James and the joy of the songs involve charismatic - in such a way that makes us lose all fear. We feel - are strengthened by the presence of the Risen Jesus. Jesus is alive. Yes, Jesus is alive and cares for us.
The healing session is an unforgettable moment. Our eyes light up, our heart beats faster, tears of emotion running down his face. There is joy, sorrow, care. We want to hear and absorb every word uttered by Father James. Their joy, their enthusiasm, the intensity of his preaching it - is infectious. So the retreats I've ever participated in were of the happiest moments of my life. In those days I forget the worldly life to devote myself completely to Jesus. In the end I am - take me, loose, able to forgive and in peace. Today I give my life to the Lord my God and ask Him to help me do all that is good for my holiness.
Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father James and Jesus bless you.
I leave here I express my many thanks to the organization: Mr João Carlos da Silva to keep me informed of the retreats which are held in our country, D. Maria Clara, the D. Maria Madalena, the D. Ana Maria, to Pedro and the other elements of the organization without which these retreats would not be possible. Special thanks to Gabi and the lady who does the translation. Thank you all for your attention and availability.

Alenka & Gorazd Kos
We were trying for a second child for more than four years. In all these years I had several miscarriages that the doctors couldn't explain. We prayed for another baby, attended the holy mass and received communion regularly but we couldn't understand let alone accept God's will. We decided to ask our friends and also Fr. James for prayers. Fr. James promised us his prayers and blessing. Three months on the pregnancy test was positive. During the whole pregnancy I felt God's blessing on many occasions which helped us to fight our fears that came out of our previous bad experiences. God has blessed us with a healthy son named Jakob. Praise The Lord! God bless Fr. James and all who helped us with their prayers.

Alenka & Gorazd Kos

My name is Helga and i live in the Obersteiermark near Schladming.
I’ve been attending the retreats of Fr. James for the past 7 years and my whole family has been blessed. In the year 2004, during my first retreats, the pain in my eyes and the pressure on my forehead spontaneously disappeared after the prayer of Fr. James. Before, I’ve had two surgeries at the Hypophyse. My nerves are stable as well, before I suffered from depression.
Because I grew up in a religious family, I’m sure that Jesus carried me through all the years, but for the first time after 49 years I had the experience with the Holy Spirit. I was protestant then and I converted to the catholic church in the same year.
Thank you, Fr. James, that you are working amidst us.
My mother had progressed Osteoporosis. She broke one of her „brustwirbel“ and after the prayer of Fr. James we stopped the pain therapy and until today she has no more pain.
A difficult surgery on the head of my brother in law was successful as well and he’s doing fine.
I cannot imagine a life without Jesus Christ and God Father anymore and i ask the Holy Spirit every day for the grace to be a witness.

Praise the Lord!

All thanks and glorry to our God Father, Sun and the Hoy Spirit. And thank you Father James for your wonder-ful retreats, and also to Gaby and your stuff, we are all very blessed through your great mission. Many miracles happpen, the loving, healing, blessing Holy Spirit is doing changing works of love, transforming, renewing, bearing all, life, power and flavor into all whom want to receive Jesus as the Lord.
The Lord gave me the blessing and I could join your reteat this year in Tenerife and in Valladolid, both a great experience for me, where the Lord is taking care of my big stones in heart, things which most I long for a change, are moving, most of all to become humble give my things to the Lord and ask him helping me in my trials, to reduce myself my weakness and strongness of selfsufficiency, give my loads to the Lord and get through his grace bigger in love.
I always was, am and will be  willing but it is imposible for me, to overcome my fears, weakness, poorness, bad habits, as much as i tried, I could not resolve them, and in my fears also He warned me and told me it is time for, go, do a change, throw your bad habit, ask me and I will make it posible to you.
I stopped smoking.  God knowing my heart, knows all my hardships, worries, problems  and urgencies and saved my life already many times till there,  in 2002 I again was confronted with a  too big urgency, painful situation, wounded, hurted, stressed, hardened in heart, did not know how to resolve it anymore by myself and asked for Jesus to help me, save me with my girls and give me a way out of were I was, and He was here in the moment, and gave me, great things happened, he gave me a new  life, heart, home, work, relations, charismatic prayer group, and a living faith.
And since my love for God is growing and with the love he gives me i want to love Him above all and my next as myself.  Still and everyday I have urgencies going on, and there is always one hope, there is Jesus, he is here, he loves us and is the way for us to be with the Trinity God.
He gave all and forgave all and still today our same Jesus lives and gives us eternity. We love you Lord , you are the autor and the  power of all good, you are the Lord
Thank you Lord, praise you Lord, Amen

Greetings from Adelheid
God bless you and your loved

Jesus did some very strange for us. He died for us. And because He has done that, the dept is paid in all accusers.  Jesus was always also on the side of the perpetrators. He has forgiven them. He stood on the side of the victims, as he was a victim himself. I would remind all those who rise up now. And Jesus himself says. Who of you is without sin cast the first stone.

My name is Iris Konzert. I am married and I live in Tirol, Austria.

Thanks to my Grandma, I was confirmed in May 1973. She was a woman with faith and she prayed the rosary every day. In July 1973, my family (I am the eldest of 5 children) left the Catholic Church and joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In 1981 my mother died of cancer at the early age of 37 years. After my mother’s death we left the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Those 8 years with the Jehovah’s Witnesses left a deep impression on us. We encountered Jehovah as a strict judging God; the Catholic Church as the whore of Babylon; we were told, that Satan and his demons were at work in the Catholic Church and that the cross, holy water and all the statues in the church were demonic.

I didn’t want to hear nor know anymore about such a god, this bad Jehovah-god, that I had encountered through the Witnesses and therefore I turned my back on him. For 17 years I lived as a quasi atheist and I was a great sinner (… separated from God…) , my sister had a handicapped child and I became sadder and sadder. I resorted to esotericism and occult practices. Among others, I tried to ‘contact’ my deceased mother, etc. In spite of all that esotericism had to offer, I became sadder and more depressed and I started to look for “Love”.

In spring 2000, I ‘by chance’ watched a TV show about Mary, the Mother of God. In this show Gabriele Kuby’s book titled “Mein Weg zu Maria “(How I Found Mary) – was introduced. I bought the book and read it right away. I thought, Mary, that’s it! That’s a woman who is merciful and not a strict, powerful God like Jehovah. I’m sure Mary is good for me! Then I won’t need any church or Jesus!
In this book the rosary is mentioned repeatedly and I felt the urge to pray the rosary. (I am convinced that I felt this urge because my Grandma always prayed the rosary). Naturally, I didn’t know how to pray it. One day, I passed by a church where they were praying the rosary. I went inside and listened to them praying. After that I went to that church several times to pray the rosary with the few women who were there. Then I found a leaflet about the rosary and I started to pray the rosary at home. Shortly after that I came into contact with a charismatic prayer group and gradually I started going to church. After about 3 years I joined the Church again.  During this time I was often plagued by doubts about the Church, doubts about the truth of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In 2005, Fr. James came to Innsbruck and I attended my first retreat with him. But the things he said were, in part, ‘unbearable’. Those were hard words to my ears. After some time I slipped into a spiritual crisis. On the one hand, I couldn’t forget Fr. James clear and definite words; on the other hand, many theologians say that not everything written in the Bible should be taken literally. So I was undecided, confused and stopped going to Holy Mass and to the prayer group meetings. At the beginning of 2006 I heard that Fr. James was in Linz. Strange to say, I felt a strong urge to go there. At Linz I felt better about Fr. James’ teachings. It was there, I first offered a Gregorian Mass for my family tree. There are many illnesses, early deaths and problems with addiction in my family. After the retreat I threw out many esoteric books I had at home. My thirst for the truth was increasing daily.

In the fall of the same year I attended my third retreat with Fr. James. In Vienna Fr. James said, it takes ten years till all the attachments we get into through esotericism are gone. In Vienna I didn’t have the courage to see Fr. James for counselling. I was ‘afraid’ of him. First, in my opinion, he was very strict and secondly, I was afraid he would be able to see all the evil in me and my sins and I wanted to put off seeing him till I was half ways ‘holy’, (because God wants my holiness). So instead, I made a very good confession and I remembered a lot of things from the past. Before this retreat I notoriously slept in. Afterwards I had no problem getting up early and since then I have my personal prayer time early in the morning and I go to Mass daily before work. That has brought me closer to Jesus and my love for the Church has also increased. I have also signed up as a Prayer Warrior with Fr. James and requested his prayers for the conversion of my brother Gerald (I was most concerned about this brother). The more my love for Jesus and the Church increased, the more I longed to bring my husband, my father and my brothers and sisters to Jesus in the Church.

In August 2009 I attended the retreat at Graz. Before this retreat I had severe back pain. I was only able to ‘roll’ out of bed and I was hardly able to kneel because of the pain. I wanted to see the doctor after the retreat. During the healing prayer Fr. James said my name and said that I was healed. I claimed the healing immediately and from that time the pain was gone. At Graz I joined “Freunde seiner Mission” (Friends of his ministry). Since that time I feel very strongly the blessings coming from his Masses, works and prayers.

My 5th retreat with Fr. James took place at Linz in October 2009. The theme was family tree healing.

I thank Fr. James for his powerful prayer and his untiring dedication and I wish him and his team God’s richest blessings! At each and every retreat I received inner healing; my faith was strengthened, my love for the Eucharist increased and is still increasing and his clear, TRUE words showed me the way that I must go. I also experience that my prayers are heard more often. God’s fire hurts, burns, cleanses and causes repentance!

Finally, I would like to report that my brother Gerald and I both attended the retreat at Kopfing in 2010 … I hope and pray, that my brother will also write his testimony for Fr. James.

Ângela de Jesus Gomes e Silva -  66 years old - Madeira

In Fr. James’ retreats I was graced with physical and spiritual healing. I had much ear pains when flying and I had hearing problems. This problem lasted for at least two years. I felt a great uneasiness whenever I went to and came from Madeira to the Continent. During Adoration (retreat of December 2007) Fr. James proclaimed my name. I believed in the healing. Never again did my ears hurt. I was absolutely sure I was healed, for when I returned to Madeira I felt no pains when flying. This increased and strengthened my faith and I have been trying to give Jesus to other people, giving my testimony.
I thank God and may the Lord protect Fr. James of all his enemies!
Fatima, 22/02/2009

Conceição Lopes Santana Almeida - 69 years old - Leiria, Portugal

In the retreat of Fr. James in December of 2007 (Paulo VI, Fatima), my voice was healed. I had lost my voice almost completly. The doctors couldn’t find out my problem. I’ve suffered from this problem for a year and a half. I work as a school helper and this problem caused me great difficulties. My healing was immediate! After receiving Communion, I begged the Lord to heal me, even if it was merely to sing praise songs to Him, for the lack of voice gave me much sorrow as it kept me from singing to the Lord. After a few minutes, I tried to sing along with the others singing and I felt as if my voice got loose and I was able to sing. Later, Fr. James proclaimed my name and said I was healed. I even doubted that I eas the “Conceição” he was mentioning. When my son called me he immediately noticed that I was better. I still have voice until this day!
I give many thanks to the Lord and may He protect Fr. James of all his enemies and of all dangers!
Fatima, 22/02/2009

Eduardo Coelho de Moura - 54 years old - Torre de Moncorvo, Portugal

Before going to Fr. James’ retreat I was diagnosed with a tumor in the esophagus, a pre-cancerous stomach ulcer and with a bacteria which was eroding the stomach. In the retreat in Lamego (Portugal, June 2008), I received an immediate healing. During Adoration, Fr. James claimed my name; “Eduardo”. I didn’t believe much, for there was many “Eduardos” I was subject to an endoscopy procedure afterwards; the ulcer, the bacteria and the tumour were gone!
I wish that Fr. James keep his great apostolic successes and be freed of all dangers.
Fatima, 22/02/2009

Ernesto Manuel de Oliveira Santos - 48 years old  - Águeda, Portugal

My first spiritual retreat with Fr. James was in Anadia, Portugal, abou tone and a half year ago. This retreat today is the 5th retreat I'm going to since my life radically changed, for the better. When I started hearing Fr. James and began to follow His spiritual advices from His prechings and ministry, I felt my life would never be the same again.

I was not a bad person, however, I was a great sinner and suffered from several illnesses, both physical and spiritual. Somehow, even believing in Jesus as being the Sono f God, I thought that only the chosen ones – the outstanding persons - were loved by God… Everyone else would have to live a miserable life, only receiving something good after death. As I sinned much and knew I was wrong, I hid my sins from the priests. In my Confessions all I revealed in the confessional were the sins which didn’t expose me… Thus, I lived my “christianism” in the comfortable ignorance of my spiritual cowardness. But my life dind’ go well; on the contrary. I knew that, inside, I was in a deplorable state, quite miserable indeed. I lived anxious, worried, sad, lost in delusions, with frequent problems, and my projects always failed… Although I tried hard, dedicating my full self, all my life goals went down the drain. My affective life was inept and my affections were directed to sexuality with no love, with bad sexual habits, immorality and perversity.
Dissatisfaction was increasing within me, making me seem a normal being, but very unhappy and miserable! By hearing Fr. James, little by little, I changed my behaviour with much prayer and begging to Jesus. Before knowing Fr. James’ retreats I smoked Cannabis with some frequency and with God’s help I managed to stop smoking that… and I also stopped smoking tobacco! With the retreats, I had much more strength to keep a firm position in the decision on abandoning those terrible addictions for good. My relapses stopped and the courage in Confessions increased. My life was getting better from day to day…
I was also cured phisically. I had a problem on my backbone for 21 years that got worse on the last 3 years. With the weather changes, rain and cold, the winters were terribly painful to me, I sometimes had 2 seizures per month which lasted 3 days each. My body got motionless and I had to stay in bed, having no position which eased my pains… I couldn’t walk nor sit down… Even in bed my pains tormented me. I collected x-rays for 21 years… All of them accused problems in the vertebras L1, L2 and L3. The doctors told me there was no healing…The only answer to my problem was to practice swimming and avoid efforts to prevent the situation from getting worse, but I had to work… I knew my health would only get worse because of that.
In Fr. James’ retreats, during the healing prayers, I started asking Jesus Christ to heal me! In the 4th retreat I went to, on the 13th of December of 2008, in Fatima, the Lord Jesus healed me during Adoration and, for the first time, I experienced a physical healing without the help of any medication, doctors or physiotherapy… Only Jesus and Fr. James Manjackal… I Know it was the teachings of Fr. James which gave me the courage to change my life, which led me to encounter Jesus, thus, I received this miracle in my life!
Through Fr. James’ retreats, I’ve changed my behaviour, my conduct; I began to urge to surrender myself to God. At the moment (and for six months) I’m attending to vocational meetings with Franciscan priests from the Church Santo António dos Olivais de Coimbra and, thus, asking for my entry in the Order.
With this testimony I want to honour Fr.James’ Ministr, stating before the whole world that i tis a powerful Ministry and faithful to Jesus; not only does it honour the Catholic church in the whole world, but it will also be living Praise and Glory to Jesus Christ, to the Father and to the Holy Spirit, for the welfare and love of everyone who comes near God and who believe in him… Amen!
Fatima, 23/02/2009

Fátima Morgado
My name is Fátima Morgado, I’m 36 years old and I live in Alverca (Portugal). I’m part of that bunch of ungrateful people whom Our Lord fills with blessings and that even thank Him, but remains in silence instead of crying out to the seven winds so that others may also have the same opportunity God gave me, although I didn’t deserve it.
After almost 4 years, when my God and Lord of infinite mercy healed me (may He forgive my delay), I now send you my personal testimony of conversion and healing.
I begin to say that, at the time, I was already mother of 2 children, a baby and another child that was already in primary school. By then, and like most the "Christians” of our times, I was what we call a non-practicing Christian. I was baptized but I was away from the Church for almost 20 years. My son was attending catechesis due to my mother’s influence (and because it came in handy). And, thus, whenever she couldn’t take him to Sunday Mass, I would go there with him unwillingly.
I must also say that I had a very serious health problem, besides others more common which we go round them. I had multiple sclerosis. Since I was 18, I had strokes which the doctors at the time couldn't diagnose, thus my situation lasted until I had a bigger stroke at the age of 32. I was interned at the hospital and there I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease affected me, restraining my movements and making several parts of my body insensitive; I lacked concentration and memory. Besides the medication I had to take!
Now my testimony:
My mother belonged to a Charismatic prayer group of the parish and was going from retreat to retreat, and my father always had to carry her from one place to another for it was what she liked. She was doing this for some time when one day she came to my home full of joy and almost "hysterical” (so I thought) and said: “Daughter, you don’t even dream where I come from! I come from a retreat whose preacher was an Indian Priest, who if not a saint is on the way to become one”. I thought to myself: “What have they done to her? She's even delirious!” And she told me in detail everything she had seen and heard and I heard and place many questions to all that talk which was distant for me. Even so, when she told me later that she was going again to another retreat of the same Indian Priest I offered myself to go with her. I had to see where she was going and what they were doing to her, for she came again like the last time, no one could put up with her. There I went with the car full with “old ladies” to a retreat of that Indian Priest. I didn’t even know what a retreat was for I never had gone to any.
As soon as I got there I was frightened. It seemed I was in a party; everyone was very happy and in a good-mood, they talked, laughed… Then, they started singing very joyful music; they danced in their places, raising arms in the air, clapping a lot, a lot of happiness. I though to myself: “I thought that these people came to pray; where am I into?”. I remember of laughing to myself, joking in thought: “the only thing left so see is drug dealing”.
After all these and many singing, which I now know were of praise and to the Holy Spirit, the said Indian Priest. Well! The house (the pavilion of the Salesian School of Estoril) nearly collapsed with so many clapping. I was very expectant when the said Indian Priest began to talk. All that he talked about was absorbed by me the same way Jesus said something like “he who eats and drinks of me more hungry and thirsty of me will be”, that was what I felt; the more I listened to that Priest, the more I wanted to hear him. His words and preaching “cut my soul”. The more he talked, the more I wanted to hear and I didn’t get tired at all. Moreover, if I could I would stay there to sleep, like others, to listen to him.
There, a new age began to me; the age of my conversion, acceptance and total surrender to my God. Later, I though, the drug dealing I was expecting to see, was in fact nothing more, nothing less than the love our Lord has towards all His children; His infinite mercy. Thank you, Jesus for Your love.
I lived in my world with almost all the misery it has to offer us (and I thought I was very well like that), and today I search for the light and gifts of the Almighty and live according to the sacraments of our mother, the Church. After my conversion I was Chrismated, I consecrated myself to Jesus and Mary as their love slave by the method of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, I’m a catechist in my parish, I worship the Blessed Sacrament every Thursdays for at least one hour, for the Pope and the entire clergy. Besides, I don’t miss the Sunday Mass nor do my children and whenever I can I also go to the Mass during the week and to Fr. James’ retreats, unless it is completely impossible, for it is there that my spirit is better fed with the Almighty’s blessings.
I still need to mention that there was something which for me was in first plan, but I now simply surrender it to the Lord’s hands; my Health. Through the blessed hands of the much beloved servant of God, Fr. James Manjackal, I was healed of my multiple sclerosis. Who would of thought? As I previously explained, I didn’t go there to seek any healing. I went there to protect my mother of something I though it was bad for her. But I was completely wrong (like many others!). Only the work of Holy Spirit! Even the doctor was confused, but lucky for me he’s Catholic and a believer, so when I explained I had been healed in Fr. James’ retreat he understood and accepted the healing as the work of God through Fr. James’ intercession. Nowadays, when I go to my doctor’s appointment (I need to be followed), in the end he tells me: “Never stop going to Fr. James’ retreats”. All exams confirm my healing. May all be aware that the healings were not something that happened in Jesus’ time. Jesus is Alive and acting. It’s a shame that many Christians don’t know this; otherwise, maybe the Churches would be full with people. Besides the healing of my multiple sclerosis, everyone knows that Fr. James' secretary, Gaby, was also converted and healed of multiple sclerosis in a retreat given by Fr. James. Therefore, it is not an illusion but a reality of God's mercy that wants to save all. Fruit of my healing and conversion; from then on I’ve been taking many people to Fr. James’ retreats. Something which is very gratifying for me is that when I take people who were like me (non-practicing Christians) and others that considered themselves very Christians (but that in the end realize they are practically ignorant) I see how they react and they leave the retreat full with the Holy Spirit, completely renewed.
Blessed be Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Who just like He preached the Gospel, healed and casted out demons during His public life, until today is still sending His chosen children, the Priests, who by their faith and true surrender do the same things He did.
Thank you, my Jesus!
Thank you, Fr. James!
Thank you, organizers!
Thank you to the whole team of volunteers!

Alverca (Portugal), 14th of June 2010
Fátima Morgado


My name is Ines and I am from Ljiubliana, the Capital of Slovenija. Although I prayed for many things in the past,I must admit that I didn't pray a lot for healing from  my bulimia. The years were running and I thought that bulimia was typical illness of teenagers, and of me in particular. I took a lot of pills and I was not allowed to drink any alchohol because of potential epileptical attacks. And this lasted 25 years!
Only Jesus understands me, He knows who I am, so he invited me in July 2007 to Kureš?ek when father James Manjackal was leading his Charismatic seminar. I was sitting in the crowd, I felt frail and was filled with many emotions. One moment I heard father James telling us which illness Jesus should heale today and he said also that some people took too many pills. I felt he told something important especially to me so I whispered in my heart: »Jesus yes, too many pills. And only You can heal me if You want to«. Later I joined the group of people who were waiting to receive blessing from father James' hands. I felt like a smiling little child, looking at Tabernacle, and I believed that I had already got something good for me, I didn't know exactly what.
In the evening I was sitting at home in the kitchen where we keep the picture of  Jesus, the Divine Mercy. I looked at him and said:« Ok, Jesus, I think I am free from bulimia. I am trying now this glass of wine which we bought in Crete last week. I feel I won't have any problems because of it«.
Next day I really hadn't got any problem because of that glass of wine and I realised that my bulemical habits disappeared. I felt free and I enjoyed in peace. Today it is three years after this blessing and I am totaly free from bulimia.
In one of the father James's book it is written that the person who is healed has to thank Jesus and to write testimony of it. I was not able to do the second task immediately. Two months ago I could do this for the first time at the Faculty of Theology in Ljubljana (see http://prenova.rkc.si/mesecnikprenova/2010/pdf/junij.pdf  ,page 19).
Last year I became a member of Charismaic renewal praying group and I prayed Jesus to pour His Love on. I don't know exactly why I prayed for this charisma but Holy Spirit  showed me later in 13 Cor 8-13. Aleluia, Jesus I love You and I expect a lot from You. Show me what I shall do for You.
Ines Sarazin Lovrecic

We have been married for 4.5 years now and we did not have children for 2.5 years.  We had also had many health problems which influenced our life in a very bad way. We attended a retreat by Fr. James in Canada.  After the mass Father told us that we are going to be blessed with a Baby boy. We believed in Jesus blessings and continued our prayers. Father James's blessings and prayers were with us always. Now god has blessed with a healthy baby boy named Alex. Our life has changed totally and we are so thankful to God for his special gift ‘Alex Mathew Joseph’
Thank you father James for bringing people to Jesus!!
Thank you Jesus. Praise the Lord.
Biju & Nisha..

We are  Alicia and Paco and we are writing to you from Gran Canaria. I´ve wrote to you a few weeks ago to witness but I didn´t send to you our photos.
Before, I  have told you that my husband (Paco) and a member of our Charismatic group don´t smoke since they were in Tenerife (they smoked a lot and for a long time in the past). They have tried to left cigarettes in the past but it was impossible for them!!!
I (Alicia) was healed too; My nose was operated four years ago because it was diverted and it causes me problems. That operation was not successful and included when I was in Tenerife I couldn´t breathe properly by the right orifice of my nose. When I return from Tenerife to Gran Canaria I’ve got a flu and I discovered that I was healthy about my nose! I could breathe and I expeled mucus without difficult by both sides of my nose (before it was not possible)

Danuta Wenta
I attended a retreat in Chojnice March this year(2010). It changed my personal life completely! Previously I had had quite a "modern" attitude towards life  and after two and a half years after my wedding I did not have any babies.
I was occupied with my work and studies, so I decided to delay parenthood until September this year or later. I work as a teacher and it previously it seemed to me a very stressful
job. In order to relax I smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol in smaller or bigger quantities. I didn’t want to get pregnant during the school year because I felt that I deserve habitual smoking and weekend drinking working SO HARD! Again I didn’t want to get pregnant during the summer because it’s the time of best parties, discos and barbecues in my area.
I was much stressed with such a lifestyle, felt tired, appeared harassed, especially on Fridays and...I felt lonely. During the retreat with Father James I got most beautiful life lessons one can get. As the results of them: I got rid of a shameful habit, I quit smoking, I became aversion to drinking, my cyst in my ovary disappeared completely, I`m LESS stressed.I feel much inner peace nothing could give me before.
At one point Father James said that a married couple is receiving grace of parenthood and I knew it was about me. Now I’m in my sixth week of my pregnancy.
At the moment, as well as right after that retreat I feel joy and happiness- NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN GIVE, I`M SURE.
Apart from this, I’m leading a more harmonious life together with my dear husband, I don’t feel lonely as I know that there is somebody who loves me dearly and I have new friends, younger and older
in my prayer group.
I love life for everything I received from God through Father James!

Danuta, 27 Poland

My name is Danuta, I`m 26, I come from Poland. I was present at the retreat with Father Manjackal in Chojnice that started on 11th March 2010. During that time apart from feeling extreme happiness and God`s love through words and person of Father James, I realise who is my Lord of life and that all wealth I could get in my life and all the material goods, trips, nights at expensive hotels is nothing in comparison with joy that feels a "daily" Christian. I had some problems with my ovaries for a year.Namely I got a cyst.I was taking homeopathic medicines which I wasn`t fully conscious are opossed to my Catholic religion. During the healing prayer of Father James, after he touched my head and went back to take my seat I felt that all the pain connected with that ilness was gone. The same applies to some other pains that appeared sometimes and that happened to be present at the beginning of the retreat and that vanished thanks to God through Father James. THANK YOU JESUS!
Father James, God bless You!

Aurora de Jesus Rebelo Benigno  - Mêda  (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

At the Lamego retreat I suffered of arthritis on my knee and I couldn’t sleep with many pains. During the healing prayer I got cured.
Since then I’ve never felt pain in my knee again. From this retreat on I’m going to all the retreats of Father James and my life has been changed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Natércia  (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

I had surgery on my gallbladder on the 2nd of September 2006. When I woke up, the doctor was next to me and told me: -“We couldn’t extract your gallbladder because you have a big infection.” – They put me drains and latter on the doctor told me that the surgery was to risky, they even saw a tumor but they couldn’t take it out. I started to get afraid of eating because everything made me feel sick.
I went to a retreat of Father James and I heard him saying: - “Natércia you are get healed!” -  Since I’ve never asked God anything for me, because I’ve always attended the retreats to help others, at that moment I thought it was another person. 15 days latter, I thought seriously, maybe “that” Natércia could be me. Then I tried to eat everything. Oh! Marvelous God, I was cured!
I praised the Lord, and I could not be quiet about these good news. I want to bring more and more people to the retreats. Thank you my Lord, You are a Marvelous God, praise the Lord!

Helena Olívia B. Dragão Santos   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)
I come here to testify blessings, grace and healing that our Lord Jesus has bestowed upon my life, and my husband’s.
I and my husband were drug addicts. I was taking drugs, living on the street, in prostitution, begging and sleeping on the sidewalk. I would cover myself with cardboard boxes and my pillow was a plastic bag full of garbage that I would pick up in the trash can. I was eating leftovers from the garbage and from what people would give me. My life was like this until I joined a rehabilitation program. I went from rehabilitation center to a rehabilitation center and never solved my drug addiction. I got HIV, Hepatitis C. Then I went to the rehabilitation center “Reencontro” in Campo Maior”, where I met my husband. He also had HIV and Hepatitis C. There we fell in loved and decided to leave.
He took me to his parent’s house. He is their only child. My in-laws are Catholics and it was difficult for them to accept me but they took us in. My mother in law goes to church and prays the rosary every day. Me and my husband we also pray the rosary and go to Holy Mass. The Lord healed us from our drug addiction, smoking and from depression, through prayer.
I was born in Angola, an orphan, and had no documents. The Lord through my in-laws gave me the grace of having my papers in order, getting married in the church and be baptized. He also bestowed upon us the grace of having HIV negative.
Thanks to the Lord and our Holy Mother I’m healed and resurrected!! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

Leonilda Giestas – Lisbon   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

It was only after Father James retreat, that I could make a life confession and truly forgive. Since then I received healing and many blessings.
 Praise the Lord!

Marcial dos Santos Sequeira    (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

I was bleeding from my anus. I attended a retreat held by Father James and I got a healing. I never bled again from my anus. Also I didn’t went to confession for a long time,  but during the retreat in Anadia Jesus call me, I went to confession and I was converted, and I true believed in Jesus Christ!

Natália Marques de Sousa – Viseu, Silgueiros   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

My spine and legs were healed by the grace of Jesus and Father James. Because I feel great I want to give my testimony.

Luzia das Dores Fernandes Araújo Nogueira – Vila Real   (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

Thank you Father James and divine Holy Spirit! I’ve been suffering from Lupus Sistémicos for the past 17 years. Thanks to you, since I went to Lamego retreat until today I’m better.
Thank you! I wish that many blessings came upon you!
Natália Marques de Sousa – Viseu, Silgueiros

Maria Delfina Pereira Gonçálves Nogueira – Vila Real    (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

The last 14 years I’ve been suffering from severe headaches and depression. In to 2007 I went  to a retreat of Father James in Lamego, and I got healing on that wonderful and holy retreat.
The year after in December I went to another retreat held by Father James, I asked healing for by breast cancer and during the retreat the Holy Spirit cured me!
This is my testimony. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!

Isilda Rosado – Peniche    (Testimony given in Fatima. Dec 6th 2009)

I was suffering from an allergy which made me look like an animal, totally deformed. My body was swollen and my feet wouldn’t fit in my shoes. I attended one of Father James’s retreats and by the grace of the Lord from that day until now by body never got swollen again!
I can send, by the internet, some photos if you need proof.

Dear Father James.

I want to thank You for the prayer and also bear witness to my healing, which the Lord give me through You. I was sick for clinical depression, I took a lot of different psychotropic drugs, which did not help me to treat, and sometimes even worse  I felt after they. I drank too much alcohol, without which I could hardly be imagined live. During the retreat in September 2008. in Torun (Poland) through Your prayers the Lord came to me in the power of His Spirit, the Lord came and healed me! He took my depression, and took all of my injury, leaned over me and heard me. He gave me a new life pouring in there His incomprehensible love, give me the joy of being His child. After the retreat I weaned share of the drug and  after consultation with my psychiatrist to take them completely stopped. Disappeared or compulsion to drink alcohol, on which I can now control. At the end of the retreat, I was invited to a meeting of community renewal in the Holy Spirit, where I can grow in faith and serve their help. Once again thank You and Praise the Lord!!!

Jaroslaw Kolowrocki, Poland

Dear Rev. Father,

Greetings from Fr.Anthony D’souza. You may remember on 11th of January 2010, I request you to pray for one of our student called Pradeep whose right kidney was about to be removed through operation because of the sever damage. Now he is healed without operation.
On 3rd of January 2010 we had gone to one of Jesuits mission. In that mission Jesuits are working since many years like Hindu sages.  They wear the dress like Hindu sages; eat like them only a vegetarian food and adopted whole life style of Hindu sages. They built a church exactly like a Hindu temple. The tabernacle looks like Shivalinga. As I was talking with the priest some of the students without my knowledge claimed a hill just behind the church (like any youths do). As they were coming down the hill one student called Pradeep who is doing first year PUC and only 16 years of age, slipped and fell on a stone.
Because of the fall his right kidney was severely damaged, there was internal bleeding and his pelvic bone has fracture.  The first CT Scan (3/01/10) and in the second CT Scan (8/01/10) has shown 3rd degree damage to the kidney and lots of blood clot, which means it was a very sever damage. On the basis of this Doctors decided to operate him and remove one kidney.  11th of January was the date fixed for operation. On that day morning he was taken to operation theatre and all the procedures were followed for the operation. We were waiting outside the operation theatre to get the news of the operation. After one hour doctors called me and told me that they want to postpone the operation because he is showing lot of positive signs and improvement.
In the operation theatre at the last moment God inspired the doctors not to operate. He was brought back to the ward and again on 13th of January another CT Scan was done. In that it is found that the damaged kidney is more or less healed and no blood clot is seen. It is indeed a miracle. This miracle happened only because of your prayer and the prayers of the hundreds of people. Yesterday (16/01/10) he was discharged and now he is taking rest in our seminary, Belgaum . I take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for having prayed for Pradeep, please continue to pray for him and for us all. May God Bless you.

With love,

Fr.Anthony D’souza cmf.
Belgaum - 590 014

Landauro Family and Fr. James
This is a Photo of the Landauro family in Germany, comprising Gaby Landauro (the Mother), Richi & Janine with their four children, Anna (4&half), James (3&half),  Maria (2) and  Immanuel (9 months). Dr. Richi, while studying for medicine, was deeply touched by the wonderful & miraculous physical healing of Gaby, his mother, from Multiple Sclerosis – in a retreat preached by Fr. James at Augsburg. Because of this, after having been away from God for many years and having been deeply involved with new age, esoteric and bad immoral behaviours, Richi got converted in an another retreat  with Fr. James in the same place in the year 2000. By the end of 2003 Richie met Janine who was a protestant believer before, but became catholic along with her family after attending a retreat with Fr. James. She was very much touched by the talk of Fr.James on the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. They were happily married on 15th August 2004 - Assumption day. God blessed them with two boys and two girls. The whole family goes daily to the Holy Mass, without fail, and  every week they go at least once together to church for making adoration. Richie and Jenine often say "our children are healthy and well behaved because the priest lays his holy hand and prays for our children daily during the Holy Communion". Anna and Maria have already started asking for their first communion. During the Mass and intercessory prayers Anna never fails to make a prayer for her brother, "Lord, make my brother, James, a holy priest, a preacher and a healer". If any one asks little James what he wants to become in future, his ready answer is, "A priest, a healer and a preacher“!! Daily the parents pray the Prayer of the Church, they pray the Rosary and other prayers together with the Children. In the evenings the parents take the four children for their separate prayers, either of the parents read a Part of the Bible loud while the Children listen, and each of them kiss the Bible and kiss the parents and go to bed. Before going to bed, the parents lay their hands on the children and pray for God's blessings and the children on their turn, laying their little holy hands they pray for their parents! If the children make any mistake, both the parents will punish and admonish them, making them realise their mistakes and asking them to ask forgiveness from God and the parents. Also they instruct them to forgive each other immediately after one offends the other. Both Richi and Janine are involved in the evangelisation ministry of Fr.James all over Europe – besides their work as a doctor and as a housewife. They go with Fr. James to make worship in retreats and to translate his talks into the local language. They also work together with Gaby, their mother who is a full time missionary with Fr. James. She travels along with him all over the world, drives him wherever he would want to go, translates all his talks and books in to Spanish and takes care of him and his Ministry to the Lord. Along with Richi and Janine, she makes DVDs and CDs of all his talks in various retreats in different languages, and publishes all his books in several languages, and with the little income she makes out of it she helps the Mission of Fr. James. Already they educated two seminarists to be priests and they are now helping two others in India.They send their tithing for the poor people in India. They are always looking forward for ways and means to evangelise the world. The LANDAURO FAMILY IS AN EVANGELISING FAMILY!

Carlos García
I took part in the spiritual retreat of Father James Manjackal from the 12th to the 14 of June in Fatima. I had a disc herniation in L5-S1. When, after Friday’s Mass, during the Healing Prayer, Father James said “Carlos, you are healed”, I didn’t believe it was me. In the middle of 750 people it could be any other Carlos. The truth is that I left Fatima with no pains and no difficulty in walking and I’m still feeling well until this day.
I must say I was not a practicing Catholic and I only went to Fatima out of curiosity. To all those who do not believe in the physical healing, you may believe it for it is true, for Jesus is Alive.
Thank you, Jesus. Honour, Praise and Glory to you, Lord.
Senhora da Hora – Matosinhos (Portugal), 3rd of July of 2009

Manuel Pinto

My name is Manuel Pinto and I am an emigrant in France. In 2003 I was operated for five times due to a cancer in the rectum. In 2007 the doctors diagnosed a recurrence in the liver and wanted me to be operated. It was then that a friend of mine lent me a book of Father James.
I went to a first retreat of Fr. James in the 8th and 9th of December of 2007, in the auditorium Paulo VI in Fatima. Until this day, I’ve went to five retreats in Portugal and to one here in France (Lyon). After I met Fr. James my life changed completely in every way.
In 2008, January I completely stopped the chemotherapy treatment and began to pray every day, to sing the songs sang in the retreat, to go to the daily Mass (and twice a day). In the retreat of 20 to 24 of February of 2009, in Fatima, I received an inner healing and from then onwards I stopped thinking about the disease and started thinking more and more about God.
Here, in France, we created a Group of Adoration and Praise to Jesus. WE gather every Saturday and it’s already been much fruitful. In this prayer group, there was a vision of my liver with the injury but someone told me I was going to be healed. When Fr. James laid His hands on me I felt electricity running through my entire body. As I said before I don’t think in the operation nor do I Fear the Disease. All I have is a great faith because Jesus Healed my Body and Soul. I’m now looking forward for the next retreat to Worship and Praise Jesus. Aren’t these the Gifts of the Holy Spirit!
A big friendly and recognition hug to Fr. James and to Mr. João Dias. Without their work I wouldn’t have found the path which led me to Jesus.
Thank you! May God give as much blessings as I’ve received.
8th of July of 2009

Maria das Neves da Guia Torres Silva -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

Ten years ago, I was subject to a surgery on my ear canal due to an acoustic neurinoma (I had a ball of pus on my left ear, just next to my brain). The surgery was very strict and it was necessary for me to stay in the Intensive Care Unit; I knew I was going to lose hearing of the left ear.
I lost 100% of my hearing of the left ear, as expected. I asked the neurosurgeon if I could use a hearing device, but he said: "No, no way, it would be helpless". This surgery was done 10 years ago and there was no chance I would ever get my hearing back. In September of 2008, I attended Fr. James’ retreat in Sameiro. I stopped my right ear and began do hear with the left one whenever someone spoke on the microphone and during the singing. Later on, I went to the same otolaryngologist who had treated me and he confirmed that I had a partial healing of 15 decibels and advised me to put on a hearing device. In the end of November of 2008, I consulted my neurosurgeon and he confirmed that I could now use the hearing device and even stated I’ve received a “little miracle”. I believe that in this retreat the Lord will heal me 100 %. Praise the Lord!

Maria Alice Oliveira Agostinho -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was healed from an unknown disease which had no healing treatment. Two years ago, my tongue began to have many cuts which began to increase. I was initially diagnosed with aphthas. At some point, due to a high fever caused by the “aphthas”, I had to give entry in the Hospital de Abrantes for I couldn’t even eat. There, I did a biopsy which accused cancer. I was then sent to Hospital de Palhadó of Lisbon, where I spent one month doing exams. Later on, the doctors stated I suffered from an unknown disease. I was then sent to the Hospital de Almada, where I remained for another month. I left this hospital medicated on cortisone and felt better, but I was not healed. I and my husband have always been believers, since we were little, and we had much faith. I was always accompanied by a prayer chain. Having been ill for two years, a friend of mine showed me a paper she found on the floor: the disclosure sheet of Fr. James’ retreat, in March of 2008, in Consolata (Fatima). I decided to go to the retreat and I kneeled down before Fr. James for the laying of his hands on me. With much faith, I got healed. Since then I do not take any more medication! I am now giving my testimony to thank the Lord!

José Porfirio -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I had eczema on my right leg and sometimes I had such huge itching crisis that my leg became wounded. I went to several doctors who never managed to prescribe the right medication for my problem and this situation already lasted for 2/3 years. In Fr. James’ retreat in Consolata (in March of 2008), in the end of the Inner Healing prayer, I felt I was healed. Since then, and until now, never again did I have problems on my leg! Praise the Lord!

Maria Zélia Brito  - Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was healed of respiratory distresses. I had two broncho-pneumonia; one 20 years ago and the other, 7 years ago. The first one was not completely healed thus I had respiratory distresses. I couldn't get any draughts, otherwise my breathing canal would immediately get congested and I could barely speak. I couldn’t even go to the balcony at night or in foggy days. Last night during Adoration, Fr. James claimed that several persons with respiratory problems were being healed. I believed that one of those persons was me. I believed and today I have no problems in breathing, although yesterday I left the retreat hall at night and under rain! Praise the Lord and may He continue blessing Fr. James!

Maria da Conceição Barbosa de Sá Roso - Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I had big bleedings. In the day I went to the retreat in Estoril, in Pentecost of 2008, I was suffering from a huge bleeding. During that day I continued bleeding, although, very little. From then onwards, my bleeding decreased gradually until I was completely freed of it. I believe that God healed me through Father James. Praise the Lord!

Josefa Maria Vinha Heliodoro Santos  - Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was healed spiritually and physically. I was blessed with the grace of healing of a depression and of an uterus myoma. I have always lived in the city and when I moved to the country because of my husband, I began to feel very sad and depressed. My clinical state required medical treatment for one and a half year, until I went to a retreat of Fr. James for the first time. On the 3rd of September of 2006, I went to Fr. James’ first retreat in Fatima, being invited by the religious sisters of Oleiros. On the first day, on Sunday, the transformation that occurred in me was so great, that I never felt anything alike before: profound peace and joy! I felt the Holy Spirit came down on me and put off the “old man” and I felt that the 2new man” was born. On that same day I asked the religious sisters for us to gather in Oleiros, for I did not want to lose my union with the Lord. After a few weeks, the Catholic Charismatic Movement began in Oleiros, and it still remains strong today. My life changed completely. Later on, my neurologist certified that I was healed and I stopped taking medication. I was a new creature, a new person. My parish priest invited me to be an Extraordinary Minister of Communion. I am a catechist for children for two years now. I’m guide for two groups of faith guidance. I thank God because my life changed completely and I feel very happy.
Last year, in Setúbal, I was blessed by the Lord again: I had a uterus myoma and it was not necessary to be subject to a surgery. During Adoration, Fr. James said: “Josefa, you are healed!” Since there was another Josefa in the hall, I thanked God for the other Josefa’s healing! After some time, I went to the doctor for a gynecological observation and he said that I no longer needed a surgery for everything was fine. Only later I remebered that the healed Josefa was me, although I did not ask for anything. I thank God for loving me. May Fr. James keep on being led by the Holy Spirit for many years, so that people can live happily.

Amélia da Silva Age: 62 years old -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I suffered a lot from bone problems and it was very hard for me to walk; to walk for a long time was very wearying. In the retreat in Sameiro (Braga, September of 2008), I was deeply touched by the priest’s preaching. On the following week after this priest’s retreat, I was in bed and I woke up feeling a great heat on my legs and I rubbed them with holy water. I didn’t realize that it was the Lord who was healing me. Only in the morning did the Lord and father James came to my mind and I knew the Lord was healing me. I praised the Lord and did my prayers. I also prayed for a daughter of mine who was married for 13 years and couldn’t have children. In November I came to know that she was pregnant! Praise the Lord!

Gracinda Carmo Ferreira -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I was very sick for some time and I felt my tongue very hot and that made me feel so uncomfortable that I couldn't even eat unless it was mashed food. In order to alleviate the tongue I had to “make suckings”. I went to the doctor many times and the medication he prescribed me alliviated a little, but never healed. I am Charismatic and I had already come to two Assemblies of the Charismatic Movement and I didn’t receive any healing. After the second Assembly I went to the doctor, who didn’t know what to do when realizing that no medication had any effect on me. He said that it was necessary to do a biopsy to know more about the problem I had. I was (and am) with financial problems and I came to know that the exam was very expensive. I had already hanged on tight to God and I told the doctor to prescribe me the exam, but I might get healing in the meanwhile. In that month, I had in mind to go to João Paulo VI, for Fr. James' retreat On Sunday, the 9th of December of 2008, during the healing prayer, I incessantly asked for God’s mercy and after the laying of the hands I was completely healed. Since the, I stopped feeling those “pricks” and heat on the tongue. The uncomfortable feeling, the speaking difficulty was gone; the Healing came!

Adália Maria dos Santos Saborano -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

In the retreat in Fatima, in December of 2007, I received an inner healing. I couldn’t do anything else but to cry. I changed my life and my way of being. Never again could I stop speaking about Jesus to others.
Now, in this retreat, during Adoration (having done a good confession), the priest called for many names and I thought it wasn’t my turn yet, for I didn’t feel worthy of receiving blessings, but I thanked for the healings of the other persons. Afterwards, he called for my name and I knew it was me he was talking about and the persons who were nearby also knew that. I was healed of my fear of heights. I suffer from many things, among them, of calcifications on the right breast and I have a cyst on my left breast, which remained after I had it removed due to breast cancer. I believe I was healed in this retreat!

Maria do Rosário Galhano Ferreira -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

After having lain in bed for about 15 days I was finally diagnosed with renal colic (urine in the blood) and finally medicated. Notwithstanding, I had a kidney stone which was lodged in a very difficult spot; thus it was difficult to detect it. I felt huge pains which made my movements hard. After this time, I came to this retreat of Fr. James in Paulo VI, in Fatima, and, although I didn’t ask anything for me (who even considered myself to me a sinner and unworthy of receiving miracles), the Lord called me by my name through Fr. James’ mouth and repeated it. Thus, I was sure about the healing. The mere fact that I had the strength enough to come here was a miracle!

Cecília Santos -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

One and a half year ago I had a permanent pain on my back whenever I was in bed, but it was not too disturbing. In the retreat in Consolata (Fatima) this year, although it was very difficult for me to get the badge, I managed to get it. In this same retreat, during Adoration, I felt a great heat on my back and Fr. James even proclaimed my name and I knew the Grace was being given to me. I gave and give thanks to the Lord for this blessing; I’m healed!

Joana Maria Sousa Dias -Testimony in Auditorium Paulo VI, Fatima 14/12/2008

I have always been a very shy person and at the same time very explosive; having no patience to talk to other nor to understand them. After coming to Fr. James’ retreats for two years, little by little, I have changed. Today I’m a much calmer person, more self-confident and I’m patient when I talk to others. Moreover, me and my family have been much blessed in which regards health. I praise and thank the Lord for the wonders He has been doing in me!

Hi! My name is Tomek (Thomas), I'm 20 and I live in Poznan, Poland.
In year 2000 it was claimed that I have allergy and asthma. I had allergy to many things, but mostly I was allergic to egg white, wheat and cow milk. Therefore I ought not to eat most of available food products. The symptom of this allergy was mainly the cattarh, I have almost never had permeable nose. Later I started to breath with my mouth, and since about one year I had so big plug, that I have lost my sense of smell and my taste was weak. I have been noticing asthma while sprinting for about 50 meters – then I was out of breath for 5-10 minutes. About two years ago I have asked my doctor for possible cure from this asthma and allergy. He said that it will remain so, and I should just take symptomatic medicine.
 On 17th of September 2009 retreat with father James Manjackal in Somianka near Warsaw have started. I felt there, that I want to ask father James for individual prayer, although I was sceptical about physical healings. On Saturday I went to a life confession and after that to father James to ask for prayer. We started to pray, he put his hands on my head and prayed in tongues. I took it wrong, because I didn't focus on praying, I was waiting when I will begin to feel warmth or something special. I heard, that people while being healed feel warmth in sick places of their bodies. After the prayer father said: „you are healed”. I went away doubtful. I was afraid that God didn't heal me because of my attitude to the prayer. In the evening during general healing prayers father James mentioned people that are being healed from asthma and some allergy sufferers. I tried to believe that it is also about me but doubts didn't stop. I felt big sadness; I believed in the Almighty God, and I couldn't believe in my healing, just because I didn't feel anything! In my worries my friend helped me. She reminded how father James told his testimony, that once while he was being healed, he didn't feel any warmth. Later I asserted that father James has bigger faith than I do, and that the Holy Spirit pervades him and works through him, so when he says „you are healed”, there is no need or reason to worry. I believed then, and Baptism with the Holy Spirit made me fully believe and filled me with great joy, peace and remarkable feeling of God's presence and closeness.
 The symptoms didn't go away fully but I believe, that God healed me. I can gradually breath with my nose. Once when I was going by tram I saw my friend and I felt willingness to meet her. I got off the tram and started to run after her. I noticed, that it can be a hard moment. I prayed: „God, I apologize. I don't want to test you, please don't be angry at me. I just want to catch her and have a chat”. So I run, and when I saw oncoming tram I thought, that she will enter it, so I started to sprint through about 30 metres. I had a breathlessness, although it seemed to be bearable, and after about 4 minutes it stopped! However, I felt strong pain in my calfs, because I didn't sprint or run for such distances since few months. As I have checked on the map – I have run through almost 800 metres! Praise the Lord for all his works and for father James' service!

Tomasz Sroczynski
Poznan, Poland


ALELUJA! THANK´S JESUS  I AM HEALED! -Don´t be faithless any longer! Believe!

Hi everyone, my name is Silvie and I come from the Czech republic. I am 19 years old and since I was about 13 I had problems with breathing.  There was no doctor, who could help me or even diagnoze my disease. I had expectoration in my throat especially after physical activity or eating.. It was very unpleasant, because I had phlegm in my neck and mouth very often. My condition was getting worse, so I visited the doctors again and they told me, that I have asthma and allergy..unfortunately they had medicine only to limit the problems, not to heal me completely. That´s why I stopped doing the athletics..I also couldn´t breathe very good during jogging, riding a bike, going..

Since I was a child, I tried different ways how to be healed. I am sorry to admit, that me, as a catholic, tried many alternative treatments! PLEASE, never trust any of this ways. Although it is called Christian yoga, special yoga breathing or 5 Tibetans.. chinese and generally the east philosphy, exercise, energies..and homeopathy as well. Actually, sometimes it seems to be good for You. However,.. it isn´t!
The problem was, that I trusted everyone and everything else, but not to Jesus!

In September 2009 I took part in the SPIRITUAL EXERCISE in Kocli?ov. In fact, I had no idea what is it going to be like. I was suprised, that during the first evening we were told, that  we might be healed. Father James began to pray and said: “ Everyone, who believes, can be healed! Touch with your hand the place, where you want to be healed!” In that moment I touched my neck and I thought: “ Whom else should I believe, Jesus, when not You?”

Immediately I felt very much warm in my hands and heat going into my body. I was a little bit shaking, I wasn´t breathing very good, I was gasping and tears were rolling on my face.  Father James was praying. He asked the Lord to heal people with cancer, with sclerosis multiplex..later on he mentioned also alergy and asthma.

At that point I drew a deep and clear breath! I cried, I still felt the heat in my body, it was even like “elecricity” from my hands.. Eventhough it is difficult to put everything into words.. Today I understand..it must have been GRACE FROM OUR LORD! I was healed!

At the end of the praying father James told some names of people who were healed. Suddenly he said: “Silvie is healed!” and he added the verse from the Bible..John 20, 27: “DON´T BE FAITHLESS ANY LONGER. BELIEVE!”

I felt so so happy! When I got out of the church, I opened the Bible and guess what was there..Jan 20,27.. “DON´T BE FAITHLESS ANY LONGER. BELIEVE!” Since then I never doubt! I believe, that Jesus healed me, that Jesus is ALIVE!

I am really gratefull. Praise the Lord and the Holy Mary!                                     Silvie C
PS: I would like to recommend You 2things for Your “relationship” with Jesus
  1) Be sincere, be frank!
  2)Give credence to Him,don´t doubt,don´t be faithless any longer and believe!He loves You!

My name is Tania. I am 25 years old.  I am from Belarus. I attended the retreats with Fr. James in  Varsav and  in Somianka in Polen. I thank God for all the presents He gave me during those retreats. I was very wounded in my childhood, in the school and during the studies. My father is drinking an alkohol. He hit me, my mother and sister. I  could not forget. So I was nervous, depressiv and sad. There were unforgiveness, feelings of rejections, unlove,fear and disappointment in my heart. During the retreats I've been meeting with the LIVING JESUS!!! He helped me  to forgiven all people. I knew Jesus love. A lot of people cursed me and after the prayer of Father James I felt light in my body, freedom, love and peace in my heart. I felt I am clear as baby!!! I am the |NEW" Tania who is filling with the Holy Spirits power and grace! I am so happy! During the retreats I have decided to follow Jesus and no turning back! Thank you Lord! Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you Father James!!!! Alleluja!

P.s I am sorry for my grammatical mistakes
Tania from Belarus

My name is Swieta. I am 22 years old. I am from Belarus. I attended the retreats with Fr.James for the first time in Somianka in Polen. These retreats are unforgettable for me. These retreats changed my life!!! Jesus did me a new person. During the Adoration I have received a gift of forgiveness and after them I was ready to fill with the Holy Spirit, with His gifts and power. I felt the Gods presence in my heart, His incredible love to me. During the conference of Fr. James Jesus showed me my sins which I am never confessed! After the conference I have confessed all my sins and I was so free and happy!!!! I had problems with the stomach and Jesus healed me!!!I have received one more wonderful gift- Prayer by heart. For  the first time I felt joy from my prayer. I felt the activity of Holy Spirit and the wonderful love of God in my heart. God comes to us with the great LOVE to deliverence and heal us! But we must allow Him  to do miracles in our life!!!!!! Alleluja! Thank you Lord! Thank you Father James!

P.S.  I am sorry for grammatical mistakes!
With love Swieta aus Belarus
Thank you  Father James

My name is Doris Moser. I went to the retreats with Fr. James in Graz and i thank God for all the graces He gave me during those 4 days. The greatest gift is that Jesus finally liberated me from the clutches of Esoteric. Thank you Jesus!
The second great gift is that since the retreats i've been feeling a wonderful warmth in my kidneys and Fr. James said that my kidneys are healed. I am more than happy and i'm looking forward to writing a comprehensive testimony after the healing has taken place. Thank you Jesus for Fr. James and all the graces that YOU give us in Your unending love! Halleluja!!

I had a eating disorder for 15 years. Always, when I was sad, I ate too much and spit. And I was often sad because of many things, which happened in my life and I could not forget. So I had often no nervs and no strength for my husband and my children. I tried to overwelm this for a long time, but even a therapy did not help.
And now I am healthy!!!
I wanted to thank you very much for your prayer. I am convinced that your prayer and the healing love of jesus helped me. I often felt a warming love... Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Pater James!

Family Bišcak

We would like to thank God for all the mercy and blessings He is showing to our family.

All began with heavy injury of our dear father. On friday 1st of May 2009 he felt during climbing from the top of the crag (15m) directly on the rocky ground. He had 16 broken ribs, heavy crushed pelvis and facial bones. He also had broken skull. He lost huge amount of blood too. All together he lost 15 liters of blood - the amount of three grown up people (the blood was literarly licking out of him). Doctors succeeded to stop the bleeding, but fight for his life lasted for more than a week.  For three weeks he was in artificial coma.
Thanks to God brains and spain were not harmed. Concernig on a enormity of a fall, this was miraculously.
When we were most desperate, we reminded on Father James Manjackal. We remember him from the seminary at Kureš?ek (Slovenija) in 2007.  So we decided to write him (to his e-mail adress) a request for his mighty prayers to our dear Lord for father`s healing. He answered us next day. His answer was:"I shall pray for speedy recovery of your father. My love and blessings to him."
And this is exactly what happened. Concernig on a intricacy of injuries, improvent of our father is exeptional. And his physical state is still rapidly improving. Doctors are very surprised. According to all regulations, he should be dead.

Another event, connected with father`s accident also happened. This was a seminar of Father James in church of St. Marko in Koper (also Slovenija). This church is the nearest church from the hospital, where our father was treated.  We were very happy and honoured that we participated in this seminar and also spoke to Father James and express our thankfulness.
Priest (Ciril Bajt) who gave unction to our father arrives also from that church. He arrived immediately to hospital after the phone call. We would also like to say thanks  to him.
Fulfilled prayers of Father James, a priest who gave unction to our father from a church of St. Marko and than a seminar of Father James Manjackal at the same church (from 19th to 21th of June 2009). We are sure that this was not a coincidence.
God was and  is still very merciful with our father and with whole our family. A lot of good conclusions and lifetime decisions were made. One of those is (from the youngest son Luka), that he will become a priest. This accident gave him enough strenght to decide. He couldn`t make this decision more than 10 years. This accident was truly God`s blessing.
Dear Fr. James Manjackal, we all are very thankful for Your powerful prayers and blessings. We belive and we also confess that this was a miracle.

Family Bišcak:
Father Branko, mother Majda and sons Tomaž and Luka.
Postojna, Slovenija

Praise the LORD!

Father, my mother Amalie is very happy and wants to thank JESUS and You with a testimony!
About 5 years ago i started to have problems in lifting up my arms. During the last two years it became bad to worse and finally i could not lift up my arms any higher than my shoulders. I hardly could do my hair by myself nor could i  tie the apron any more. Often i had much pain. The doctor said, that it is an erosion (from carriing and working hard and much) and that there can not be done much.
In the retreat of Father James Manjackal in Wigratzbad during the healingprayer when people were praying for each other he called out my name: Amalie is healed on the shoulder and heart. I immediatly clamed healing and some minutes later, when we all praised the LORD together i could lift up my arms like a young girl! All the way up! I praised my GOD with all my heart and thanked HIM! Also i had a flue bevore coming  tot he retreat and because of weakness i was sweating much during the day and during the nigth! Allready during the first night i did not swead any more and since than no more. As soon as I came home I also realised that all my heartpains, which I had before,  totally dissapeared and  I believe that he also has healed me in my heart!
I CAN NOT THANK THE LORD ENOUGH FOR HEALING ME ! I also want to thank You, Father James from the bottom of my heart for all his prayers and intercession and for all his love for me and my family! Thank you for everything, Father James, we love you and pray for you!!!

My name is Lila M. R. G. de Sousa, and I was born in Goa (India) in a Catholic family, 61 years ago. I’ve been living in Lisbon for 34 years. I was a practicing Catholic up until I was 26, more or less. Despite the distance from Church, I maintained my faith in Jesus, in God.
In 1986, I was seriously ill, in a coma, with Systemic lupus erythematosus, diagnosed a few months before. My only concern was my 5-year old daughter. I recovered and God gave me the blessing to raise her. In August 2006 I had a relapse and was seriously ill once again. Nine months passed before I was able to go back to work.
In March 2007, I remember my cousin Telma dropping in, she told me: “there is an Indian priest, who does miracles; he is conducting a retreat in Estoril, don’t you want to go see him?” I answered that, at that moment, I wasn’t well enough to attend a retreat, but I would go the next time. I was not sure what a retreat was; but I was curious, especially as a doctor, because our role in this world is to heal people. I knew that Jesus had made miracles in His time, but I was unaware that someone, even a Priest was doing the same in these days.
My cousin took me to Father James Manjackal’s 2007 retreat in Setúbal (June 29th to July 1st). I wasn’t sure how to present myself at this retreat. So I opened my heart and let the words of Jesus flow, through the voice of Father James Manjackal. It felt like Father James shook me and said: “Wake up, Jesus is waiting for you”. In fact, I remember to think these last few years that nothing could satisfy me, as my daughter was already raised. I was waiting, just didn’t know for whom or what. Now I know I was waiting for Jesus.
I followed all the recommendations Father James made at the retreat. He told us to confess, but I chose not to, as there was a long queue. I would do it in Lisbon. At that 1st retreat I knew that the most important moment for me was the effusion of the Holy Spirit. Until that moment, I only knew the Holy Spirit through the Conception of Virgin Mary.
I bought all of the books on sale; the week after, I prepared myself for confession reading his books. I became aware of my sins in this world and made the confession of my life the next Saturday before the Mass. Immediately at the beginning of the Mass, I felt the love and care of Jesus. When the priest raised the Holy Cup, I saw the joy in Heaven. I was the lost sheep. My conversion happened in July 7th 2007, when God gave me His grace.
The true meaning of Jesus dying for all of us in the Cross became present and intense in my heart. I wanted to compensate Him for all He had suffered for me, my daily pains and suffering. That’s why I wasn’t worried (and am not worried) to be healed. Everyone tells me that I look well. I didn’t ask for anything, Jesus gave me the blessing to keep on working. Above all He gave me what I was most in need for, “my conversion”. My self-transformation in a new being takes place every day, with peace and inner joy.
Many questions formed in my head, so I began reading the Bible. The more I read, the more I craved for God’s words. Through the Bible, I kept feeling all of Jesus’ strength and love for me. I met the Holy Eucharist wonderful power of healing when I realised that my pain disappeared when I received the Holy Communion at Mass.
Sometimes I make a contribution to Father James’ mission. It’s a priority for me to help him in his task to convert those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet Jesus.
Father James Manjackal, I hope you keep on going with all the strength, all the power and all the love of Jesus, so that you can carry out your ministry of Evangelisation.
God bless you.

Jesus be praised.

João Pedro - Portugal
Hello everyone! My name is João Pedro and I want to share with you my testimony and personal experience lived in Father James’ Retreat in February 2009, in Fatima.
The tears began to fall and to slide softly through my face. I am amazed with the blessings of God our Saviour, I’m very thankful for finally, after 20 years, having come back to the Lord’s house. I was never angry at Jesus neither have I lost the habit of praying; I knew He existed in my heart. But now and after Father James’ Retreat, my soul was filled with light. God is very close to us, He gives light to our souls and blesses all our requests, making us feel renewed.
I was born again on that day, on the 22nd of February 2009. I hadn’t confessed for 20 years. I was so happy and looking forward to receiving Jesus Christ that I looked like the same boy of the 1st Communion, when I was seven years old. My mother who accompanied me in this retreat was very emotional and happy with the coming back of her son. The teachings of Father James, the joy of the charismatic songs lead to the dimension of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Our Lady takes us by our hands and all fears disappear, we feel strengthened with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us. The spiritual healing is the first to be revealed … our eyes shine… the tears of emotion, joy and repentance are genuine and spontaneous… we are more concentrate… we want to hear and to absorb each word of Father James. We feel so well in the presence of his Being, so happy with his contagious enthusiasm, so sensitive to the words claimed by our dear friend, always inspired by the Holy Spirit, Who has outpoured on him the Gift of knowledge and word. All collaborators, musicians, singers, along with all of us, enthusiastic participants full of praises to the Lord helped to make that Retreat in Fatima the most spectacular living experience that I’ve ever participated in my life. The charismatic movement is the joy of the Lord. Being Charismatic, as Fr James says, “Is to be lead by the power of the Holy Spirit, the greatest gift God has given us”.
At this moment I am sure I was born again, I was reborn and was walking in the light of the Lord. I give all my life to Him and may His will be done. God gives me all I am asking for but only if it is good for my holiness. Thank you Lord.
Everyone, with no exception, has the opportunity of receiving the Spiritual Healing. In my case, I am giving the first steps for my physical healing. As Fr. James says: “We need to have inner healing in order to have physical healing”.
When Father James said that there were 3 “Joãos” getting healed in the stomach… I believed; I knew I was one of them. I felt a cold chill in my abdomen and later I understood that the block I had in the abdominal area had disappeared. The tears didn’t stop, the joy was great! Thank you Lord! I praise you Lord!
I also know that God was healing me reducing my legs shivering. When I received the healing I remember saying “We will heal… We will heal… Heal them all, Lord! Heal all these people that are praising and thanking You, Lord! Thank you Lord, you are our Saviour!”
My physical problem is neurological (in the central nervous system) and shows symptoms of a progressive spastic paraparesis. More exactly my symptoms are: Muscular tension in the legs with some loss of control of the movements of the 2 inferior members, less mobility and motor sensibility in the left foot, difficulty to walk and, consequently, lack of balance.
This physical problem might have been caused when I was still a baby, probably due to one of my falls when I still crawled. The doctors haven’t confirmed and the tests are not conclusive, neither do they identify any known neurological disease. Thus, I think it might have been caused by an accidental fall when I was small in which I’ve lost conscience for some moments. Only since I was thirteen years old did I notice I began having less mobility and, as time went by, I began to have more difficulty in walking. When I was eighteen years old I stopped running and at the age of thirty six I put aside all complexes and started walking with a stick in order to be more comfortable and balanced in my walking. I never gave up searching help for my problem. Today I know the Holy Spirit came to me and I am very happy for the divine opportunity God have given me in this Retreat in Fatima.
Today my back posture is more straight and correct. I don’t make any effort in being seated straight on a chair, which didn’t happen before. My tendency was to be bent with an inelegant posture. A good example of this is the fact that when I’m seated on a chair, working, I no longer have the tendency to slip from the chair. I keep a firm posture without any effort and I know God has healed my abdominal area. When I’m standing I also feel more stability. I’m better now and I believe I will improve even more. Now everything is new to me and I’m exploring my new capacities and I believe in the progression of my healing.
Whoever believes in God knows He exists, but it is even better when we feel He is so close to us and touches us with his Love. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”, a word from the Bible strengthened by my girlfriend who I love very much (see her testimony on Guestbook, entry nr. 1572).
I thank my mother for the support she gave me and the good company during all the Retreat. I am very happy for having shared with her this experience so enriching and beautiful. The love of a Mother towards her son stands for the love of Mary for Jesus and having the retreat taken place in Fatima made me feel even more grateful.
Thank you mother, your son loves you very much …
To conclude the same way I did in my personal testimony, in front of a great crowd in Consolata, next to Pax Hotel, in Fatima: It is God who heals spiritually and physically through Father James. Believe! God really touches and heals us.
Thank you Lord!
I praise you Lord!
Blessed be all those who believe in God our Lord, our Faith moves mountains, our Faith and the Love of Christ Our Lord make wonders!!!
I continue praying for all of you and for Fr. James. All together let us continue praying for him and with him so that more people get converted and also feel the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into the spiritual and physical healing.
Thank you,

João Pedro Carvalho Serra.
Cascais, 1st March 2009

Sónia Gaspar - Portugal

It’s been 2 years since I went to Father James’ retreat in Paulo VI Auditorium, in Fatima. I was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the throat which, according to the doctors, was completely helpless for it was going to reach my vocal cords. I was healed on that retreat. Thank God I’m well until this day I am well. Praise the Lord! Alleluia.
Fatima, 24th February 2009

Name: Vítor Fonseca de Sousa
Age: 31 years old

It was with some curiosity that I attended to Fr. James’ first retreat in Covilhã (Portugal). I attended this retreat hoping to be healed from chest pains which lasted for thirteen years and for which Medicine could not find any causes; the exams didn’t accuse any abnormality. In the Adoration and Healing Prayer on Saturday, I felt the Spirit touched me like a cold and soft breeze. What I also felt was that I didn't deserve to be healed for I considered to have little faith and I didn’t think I was worthy of such wonder.
I ended up receiving something much better, INNER HEALING and a new spiritual awakening. Now, more than faith, I have confidence in God, I live the Eucharistic, I pray with my heart, I know that I’m different, I’m more joyful, more optimistic, more pacific. From “sleepy" I began to be awake, "vigilant". I really have a new life, with more Light, Peace, Love, Joy that comes from God; I’m born again to grow in sanctity. I was healed from my chest pains (which previously made me collapse in bed and have motivation for nothing). I’m better from day to day; it’s a progressive healing connected to faith and trust in God. Although I still have some pains which remind me of my limitations and frailty, the main thing is to look for the divine grace, know how to forgive like Jesus, to have a confident faith and not to doubt of the Power and Love of God.
I’m a priest, hospital chaplain, I’m 31 years old.  Thank you, Jesus!
Covilhã, 17/05/2009

Name: Maria Manuela Antunes Vieira Matos
Age: 65 years old
I was subject to a heart surgery 18 years ago. In November of 2008 I went to a routine appointment and the doctor said that I needed to me subject to a new surgery (I needed to be operated to the three valves)! In December of the same year, I came to Fr. James’ retreat (Fatima). During the healing prayer, I felt a heat like fire in my heart and I heard Fr. James saying: “Maria Manuela, whose heart was operated, you are healed!!!" Thank you, Lord! Praise the Lord!!!
After 15 days, more or less, I had my heart examined and the technician told me: “I don’t think that your will get to be operated”. I was happy and although I'm not completely healed, with my continuous prayer and faith in God, I think the Lord, who is Father, will continue my healing!
In this retreat I feel my heart so light that I think the Lord shall not abandon me!
Thank you, Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank you, Fr. James.
Consolata, Fatima, 23/02/2009

Francisco Manuel
Dear Father James.

My wife participated in your last retreat in Valladolid.
Let me express my most deepest thankfulness for all what you have done for her and our family.
We are family with a regular religious education with many good intentions, but with many limitations and poor in pray. We've grown up in catholic movements when we were living in Argentina and since 2002 in Spain. We have been in different retreats with very prepared and caring priests, but let me tell you that the spiritual experience and conversion that my wife got in your retreat, was something absolutely unexpected with a major impact in our lives.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t there because I was taking care of my two lovely daughters (Maria Sol and Maria Lucia), but as a result of what I saw in my wife when she was back at home I can tell you that she is a living temple of Jesus. She was not a bad wife at all before the retreat, she had all our regular sins, the same what I have indeed, I'm talking about mistakes and sometimes lack of tolerance, lack of perseverance, a very nervous woman, very easily irritated by our kid`s daily behavior.
She returned at home with a fabulous treasure inside. She has God living in her mind and heart. She is willing to go to Mass every day, she prefer not to watch TV and dedicate that time to pray, she is giving love all around her and, of course we are the first beneficiaries, her family.
Our older daughter (6 years, Maria Sol) was sad lately, sometimes fighting with her younger sister, and we realize that she had a low concentration at class. As soon as my wife Belen returned and had the chance to talk with her and tell her how much she loved her, it was so special that Maria Sol is a whole new person. She is happy again, smiling again, and sharing more with her sister and writing short letters of gratitude and love to Belen. It is hard to believe! but this happened in less than 2 days!
I cannot find the right words to express all my gratitude what I feel for you, your collaborators and your superiors, they are so generous to share their time and work for our salvation!!
I am so impressed, so happy, because in 4 days you made something that changed in my family what I did never expect to accomplish. Moreover, I feel now that THANKS to your retreat, we may be able to get to Heaven and I am sure that this is only the beginning, now that Christ has made a way into our home, we will work hard to keep him inside, praying as you taught to Belen, reading good books, giving love of the way that you do.
Today I read that Barcelona and Guadarrama retreats have being canceled. What a pity, what a sad feeling, not only for myself, that will not get the chance to live the retreat and meet you, but for all Spanish families that will lose the opportunity to receive the blessings that God send us through your person.  Maybe I will be able to go to Portugal. Believe me, that Spain, really needs you now.
Sorry for this long mail and my poor English, but I had to express loud and clear how grateful I feel now.
With my deepest appreciation.

Francisco Manuel Fernandez Olalla

  Pilar Maçarico - Age 76 - Lisboa

I had several hernias in the lumbar and cervical spine, which jammed my leg movement, especially of my right leg, up to the hips. It was very difficult for me to walk and I had to climb the stairs one step at a time. Every time I had to go out I need to go by car, even if I only needed to go somewhere very close to my house. To roll over in bed used to cause me much pain. I already had taken several injections and pills, but nothing ever improved my clinical state; I needed to submit myself to a back surgery.
I was in the retreat of Estoril, in May of 2008. I lived that retreat with much FAITH and made a confession. After that retreat, little by little, my pains started to leave me until this day; my life is has become easier. I now that the hernias remain, but due to the Lord’s grace, I’m freed of the pains they caused me.
Glory to the Lord! Blessed be God! Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Blessed be the Most Holy Trinity! Abba, I love You!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Maria Filomena M. S. C Dias - Age 55  - Porão

I was healed of a cancer of the pancreas (with a 7 cm big malignant tumour, already inserted in the duodenum).
The spiritual and physical healing was received since I participated in Fr. James’ retreat in Sameiro, Braga. There, I felt god had healed me. I took medical exams after the retreat through a PET/CT (nuclear TAC). The result given by the doctor was that everything was clean: “you are healed, Filomena. Congratulations!”. Thank you, Lord! All Glory to you. Praise the Lord!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Maria Bernardete Galego - Age 55 - Miranda do Douro

I had polycystic kidneys and I got healed in the married couples’ retreat in Fátima, in February of 2008. During Adoration, Father James said that 7 persons were being healed from their kidneys and afterwards he said: “Bernardete, your kidneys are being healed”. Thank God!”. While I was praying for healing with my husband I saw the image of Christ in front of me. In the end of the Adoration, when I was going to my room, I felt a big squeeze on my kidneys and I knew I was healed.
In this retreat (Fátima, December of 2008) I am receiving new blessings. I was suffering from a strong headache and for more than 15 days I felt a strong pain on my arm and during the Adoration, Father James said: ”Bernardete, why you doubt? Many blessing are being showered over you!” I was completely healed! Praise the Lord! Alleluia!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Manuel Ferreira da Horta -  Age 68  - Marinheiros

I was blessed with five healings of the holy Spirit. On the 3rd of September of 2008 I was healed from problems from which I suffered for two years: arthrosis of the knee (I have the doctor’s certificate which confirms the healing), of stomach and liver problems.
In another retreat of Fr. James in 2007, I was also healed in my prostate. I used to have the need of going often to the loo and I also needed to take pills. In 2008 I had my prostate examined; everything was normal and I no longer needed to get up in the middle of the night to go to the loo and I stopped taking the pills without having been subject to any kind of surgical intervention!
I would also like to testify another healing of the holy Spirit here. In the Summer of 2008, I fractured my shoulder. I didn’t want to go anywhere to treat it, I trusted in the retreat I was about to go to, preached by another priest, in Paulo VI (Fatima). The priest who was presiding said: “Raise your shoulder!”, and I trusted in this word. I wanted to get my faith tested. I came because I knew I would be healed.
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Júlia Franco - Age 64 - Cascais
After having gone to the retreats of Fr. James, in the year of 2008, in Estoril (May) and in Lamego (June), I was healed from inconclusive eosinophilic vasculitis (vascular –circulatory - disease). I had already been interned in the hospital in 2004 due to my problem. However, no doctor could ever determine with accuracy what was my disease nor how to treat it. My physical healing was progressive, having begun when Fr. James laid his hands over my head, praying for my healing, in Estoril. After the Retreat in Lamego, I can firmly claim my healing; all my problems concerning this disease disappeared!
I was also blessed spiritually. I was freed from fears and guilty feelings and I began to feel better accepted by others. The complicated relationship with my son became almost normal.
I give thanks to the Lord, because I feel that He is with me in the smallest details. He Healed me and Freed me!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Helena Ezequiel de Carvalho Amaral Pereira - Age 57 - Sassoeiros

I broke a leg in March of 2008, a few days before Fr. James’ retreat in Estoril. I went to the hospital, for I felt many pains and I needed to get the prescription of something that would release me from the pains. At the hospital I was taken an x-ray and the doctors verified that my leg was broken (in the peroneal head and I also had a fissure in the knee); my leg was plastered and I should only remove the plaster after two or three months). After a dew days I went to the retreat of Fr. James with some friends. Two days after the retreat, I went to the hospital again. They took another x-ray there and said that I could take out the plaster after two days only! Praise the Lord!
Fatima, 13/12/2008

Suzana Furtado - Age 37 - Águeda

I suffered from stomach problems (esophagitis) which caused me digestive difficulties. The digestion process of my organism was painful (I lived episodes of acute suffering), because I there was bile in my stomach.
You merciful and kind God had compassion over me, You were understanding and tender and healed me through the merits of the life (certainly) of Your (new millennium) apostle, Fr. James. I was healed on the first wonderful day of the retreat, in December of 2008, in Fatima and with the protection of our beloved Most Holy Mother Mary. The most meaningful and wonderful thing for me was that God called by my name, just like He calls all of us in all our problems and in all our hopes. Three months have now gone by, since this retreat took place and my welfare and the relief of my symptoms have consolidated. Lord, Thou art the God of all light, the light of all splendour, the splendour of all glory!
Fatima, 13/12/2008
Diana & Günther
I would like to thank God for the wonderful way that he has repeatedly intervened in my life and the life of my family! After making a general confession I was able to forgive my father after 38 years. I received inner healing and realized how much God loves me. My depression disappeared. Because I was freed from the clutches of esoteric I also experienced physical healing. I was healed from a chronic disease that I had had for years and I am no longer hard of hearing. A time of trial and suffering (death of my mother-in-law, death of my unborn child, my husband’s “burn out”) strengthened our faith. We could really feel the prayers of many friends. After the retreat for married couples with Fr. James Manjackal in Vienna, we dared to depend on God’s providence. My husband recovered and found a better job. I became pregnant again and was able to deliver our third healthy child at the age of 44 years.

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Mother Mary, Thank you Fr. James for your prayers!

Somewhere in late spring 2008 I began to feel pane in the middle finger of my left hand. Day after day the pain was stronger. I tried to get help from doctor (surgeon), but he was not sure about what is the cause of the pain, so he did not know where to perform an operation. After few visites the situation did not change. In October 2008 I sent an email to Father James asking him to pary for healing of my finger. After some time i could realise that the pain is reliving. Somewhere at the end of 2008 I could say that the pain is off. Today, some 2 month after the situation did not change: I have no more pain in my finger!
Now I can only say: thanks be dear God for healing, and many thanks to You dear Father James for your prayer!
I continue praying Prayer Warrior every day asking dear God to keep you healthy for long time.
It is wonerfull that dear God choose you to help us. Let dear God bless you!
Appreciative Elvira

Dear Fr. James,
 I was suffering from Depression and Fibromyalgia for 16 years - I was 24h per day always feeling very  tired, even if I slept well (that for the last 11 years was very rare ) I awake feeling the same tiredness  and don`t  have any strength on my arms and hands.  In December I went to your retreat in Fátima and during the healing mass Jesus told you to call my name - I felt cured,  all my pains disappeared and I start sleeping much better and awaked well - not tired.     I went to your retreat in Fátima from 20 - 24.02.09 and during the healing mass you said that Jesus has cured 4 people with depression and you called again my name, I felt cured straight away - all my sadness went away - my depression gone... I felt so happy in my heart, like I have not felt for so many years!  My family is so happy because they have noticed that I am different, happier and suffer from no more pain on my body.
I praise God - Abba, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!  I thank you, Fr. James for letting God  use you to come to me and to so many people that are in need to be cured  physically and spiritually.
I want to thank you also for your retreats with so many wonderful  teachings.   May God Bless and protect you always and everywhere!

Dear Father James,

My name is Anna. I live in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in Poland. On last Sunday I gave my testimony in Warsaw (internal Healing).
I had allergy and initial stage of asthma. On Monday I felt I've got a new lungs of increased volume. I've also got  a resonant melodious voice good for singing (I spoked in a soft voice  before). My doctor told me to continue taking the medicines. When I prayed on Monday I felt tender touch on my hands. I have heart palpitations and I've got some other sings I trust The Holy  Spirit will tell You...

Praise be to God! Thanks to God!

Father James,
By writing this letter to you, I offer to your prayers my brother Olivier who suffers since 1999 of recurring epilepsy crisis because of a congenital malformation, and also Colette, who suffers from a serious neurological disease and whose condition is critical.
Here is the testimony on the great cure received from the Lord during the retreat you preached in Lourdes (France) in October 2005:
My name is Odile Lorec. I am 45 years old. I have had suicidal tendencies since I was born and have on several occasions almost committed the act, either consciously or unconsciously.
My mother had a first child, called Hervé, and fell pregnant with me very soon afterwards. Her second pregnancy was not desired (she always told me that she would rather have waited to have a second child. “Too bad, I keep it”, she decided nevertheless.) In the meantime, Hervé fell gravely ill, of a sort of leukemia, and died one month after I was conceived.My mother almost died at the time, and I was born prematurely at 7 1/2 months, placed in an incubator, baptized a few hours after my birth and sent to hospital after catching a staphylocoque. I refused to take any food. I was given back to my mother three months later..
My mother loved me but I always bore in me the wound of feeling abandoned: a visceral feeling of not been expected or awaited by anyone, of nowhere being my place. I felt my mother, whom I loved deeply, as being “far” from me: as he I ware kept on behind by this little dead brother...and, until I reached 25, I was convinced that I had stolen the life of this child, that he had had to die to make my living possible…
I fell into a depression several times, the first time when I was 13. I put myself unconsciously into a situation of bodily danger and injured myself on several occasions.
In 1994, I followed  some psycho-spiritual help : I felt unwound only in front of the Holy Presence !... I started to have crisis of anguish and my suicidal tendencies were still there, more or less controllable (I knew how to judge from what point I was threatened by taking action against me). From that year on, I was prescribed tranquilizers and sleeping drugs.
The psycho-spiritual aid I was given in the hands of Jesus Christ revealed to me the cause of my insatisfaction and of my desire to die: the fact not to have been desired. But it was humanely incurable, as my past was closed up and sealed.
Starting in 2004 (after a difficult moment), I started to be frightened, as my suicidal pulses started to come on me brutally, without premonitory symptoms, at any time of the day or night. Everything was coming out of control: I could have committed suicide in just a few minutes… But my situation was insoluble.
Only the Lord could achieve the impossible (for me). I launched towards Him a sort of desperate “ultimatum”: only He could save my life.
I enrolled –it was my last chance- for your retreat in Lourdes in october 2005 : The Lord had to act, if He wanted to, « with powerful hand and extended arm » because, at the rate things were going, I knew I would not reach the end of 2005 alive.
I have received the Spirit in 1987. By participating in this retreat, I was not expecting such an abundance of graces, of blessings and of healing from the Lord. Some healing, yes, but not such powerful shining manifestations of His Power and Love !!
On the first evening of the retreat, I stopped all medications, and I slept right through without any awakening or anguish (and I have not taken any medication since).
On October 15th, there was that long prayer in front of Jesus Exposed… For the first time I could forgive Hervé, my little brother, for having died, and could also forgive my deceased parents for their alcoholism.
I knew on that evening that the Lord had touched what had been beyond repair inside me: my being conceived without being desired, and that He had cured me of suicide. At a later stage He had this word: “Odile, you have received a great healing”.
 Yes, I was reborn again on October 15th 2005.
I know now that God has created me, wanted me (Jer. 1 (4)). He lifted the veil of death and sadness that covered my life. My life is to Him, for Him.
Glory and praise be given to the Father, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever.
May the Lord bless you, Father James, may He fulfill and bless your ministry. Thank you to you for being such an instrument between His hands.
Odile  (odile.renee@orange.fr)

In Dietikon, Zürich, healing of digestion problem, which had been for generations in the family. Now she needs no more medicine or special nourishment, she can even fast.
Praise the Lord! Thank you Fr. James!
Agnes Wyden

Bernardette Delmon
When I left home to attend your retreat, I was in great pain in my back, neck and stomach; hence, I was taking many different pills (pain killers, and others).
A car accident in 1998 was the cause of all my health troubles, generating symptoms of a genetic illness called scoliosis camptocormisan: I would bend suddendly and be throwned forward. 3 years ago, I had to wear a corset day and night to hold my back. Very frequently, at 2 or 3 am, I was awaken by acute muscular pains which paralysed me; my husband had to massage my legs until the cramps ceased.

During the retreat, on Friday August 1st, as the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, you said”Marie-Bernadette, you have no more pains”. I realized that you had pronounced my real name; then, when you elevated the Blessed Sacrament, I saw Jesus’s Face with his crown of thorns, in the host. That night, as I went to bed, I had no pain and I could sleep comfortably.

On Saturday, before mass, I gave my testimony about the relief I experienced.
Right afterwards, a lady showed me her badge: she had the same name as mine; she said that the healing was addressed only to her.  I started then to doubt and became greatly confused.  However, I resumed my prayers.

When you elevated the Blessed Sacrament, I started to feel intense pain in my stomach, my neck and in my head.  After mass, during Adoration, you said twice:”Bernadette is healed in her spine, neck and stomach”.
Later, when you placed your hands on my head, I sayed on the floor for a long time.

Today, I have no pain, I can bend forward, I can do my house chores easily and I can even lift my grandchildren!

On Tuesday september 2nd, my doctor, Mme Perez, a specialist from Bordeaux, declared that I was healed and asked me to give you this testimony.

I thank the Lord for all the blessings and the healing of my body.


 First, I must confess that I never was attracted to charismatic movement, being suspicious at any religious novelty and fearing to meet dogmatic freaks or “out of range” spectacular or incongruous behaviors.

However, I did not completely discarded this form of prayer, as my life experience proved that God has a way of touching people which varies which each individual.  Also, I had many disillusions during my apostolate and had to accept the unacceptable!

 2 years ago, I saw and listened to a DVD from Father Marie-Michel, founder of the “Workshops of the Carmelites with Mary the Missionary Virgen”.  I was won over to his books and teachings.

Early September 2007, an acute sciatica started, adding to my already poor health; an operation was declared impossible due to my age (85), 3 weeks in a hospital, treatments...
11 months later, I was still not cured and new symptoms manifested, less painful however than those from early May.  I was in pain every time I got up my bed or my armchair and had to struggle terribly to climb the 18 steps leading to my bedroom. I wore a special girdle and walked with a cane.

 Well-informed about retreats, pilgrimages and others through Marian magazines, I first went to Lourdes to carry out my jubilee.  One month later, I attended a charismatic meeting near Bordeaux with my daughter Hélène; I came out marveled as Hélène’s knee was healed.

During that meeting, I was told:” What you do for the elderly is the gtace that the Lord gives you at this moment”.  As I was feeling useless, that sentence filled me with inner joy and then, I thought that perhaps, later, more blessings could come for my poor spine...

 As I could not go to Italy to meet Father Michele Bianco, I jumped at the opportunity to go to Rocamadour  and meet Father Manjackal.  So, I took a train on Friday August 1st, arrived at noon, rested and came to the retreat at 3:30 pm.
During mass at 5 pm, the only person I knew there was healed!  And the following day, on Saturday August 2nd, I heard my name in a long list of healed people, announced by Father Manjackal.

 “Aline, you are healed, Linette, you are healed”; this diminutive/shortname was given to me by my mother at by birth.  For me, this detail has a very special intimate meaning.  I had no doubt and I burst into tears.  At that moment, I did not feel anything particular in my body, spirit or soul.  On the next day, I could get up without pain and climb upstairs.  I do not need a girdle or a cane any longer.

 In spite of my Gregorian background, I did not find anything to criticize in the charismatic liturgy and I let myself immerse in the enthusiasm, the joy one could see on everybody’s face, in the prayful, fervent atmosphere and so “adoring” before the Blessed Sacrament, in the veneration without ostentation; everyone’s attitude was heartfelt, coming from the depth of their soul.

 As for the wonderful priests, they showed and transpired piety, reverence, deep faith: I could feel it by just looking at them. And then, I met with one of them for confession and I realized immediately that, through him, I had an exceptional connection with God.