bulit2.gifFr. James in Croatia
7 min. Real Video 160x120
bulit2.gifFr. James in Croatia
7 min. Real Video 240x180
bulit2.gifFr. James full video
12 min. Real Video 240x180


Here you have some snapshots from the videos
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NEW! - How to download RealPlayer 10

As it is not clear how to download the viewer (the program to browse "Real Video"-the most popular video format on the net ) from Real Player Website, here you have an alternative to install it from this website. Click on the following link to download it and then execute the file just downloaded in order to install the viewer on your computer properly. You can use perfectly all the default options to install it by clicking always on the "next" pushbutton.

The installation ends after the first running of the program. Click on the RealOne Player Icon just created and finally choose "basic configuration"

Important note: On the last panel you needn't check any check-box at all otherwise the way you play other media (as midi, mpeg, etc) could be changed!

bulit2.gifDownload RealPlayer 10

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