Glimpses of Fr. James works
Charitable Works of Fr. James
A letter from fr. Fr. James' provincial about his life and activities.

Here you have a show of some works of fr. James for the needed people.

Two Children,whom Fr.James helps for studies

Fr. James is helping this family to have a house of their own

A House built for a poor family  By Fr.James at Elangulam, Kerala

Fr.James with the family.

A house built  for the poor with the help of Fr. James at Thodupuzha, Kerala

Fr.James with the family

A Mother and Daughter being helped by Fr. James for food & Medicines.

A House built for the poor at Kottayam, Kerala.

A family that is helped by Fr. James.

 Mr.Thomas, for whom Fr. James built a house at Gogunte, Karnataka

A school at Contruction

Another  School at Construction.

"Mermier Bhavan", a house where 12 priests live, built by Fr. James.

House for poor workers at Athirampuzha - India

"Mermier Bhavan", a house where 12 priests live, built by Fr. James.

" Rehabilitation Centre for street boys" the land and house purchased by Fr. James.

Some poor children helped by Fr. James for life & studies

Champa Jana, 8 years

Dulali Twin brother and sister
Gauri Singh 11 years

Houses built by Fr.James for the poor in Culcutta after the flood & disaster

House of Guruvari Singh

House of Lakshmi Soren

House of Sumi Mahali

A house built by Fr. James for a poor family  at Athirampuzha - India

Orphans of the SFS boys home, Hebbagodi, Bangalore

The Students of the SFS Seminary, Ettumanoor, Kerala -often finacially supported by Fr.James

"The Christeen" - Renewal Centre for children, teenagers & youth very much financially supported by Fr. James. Kotayam

A house built for the poor by Fr.James at Kottayam

Water tank Suvidya University

Fr. James spent over 150000 Euros to bring Fr. Thomaskutty Mattakarathundyil to Europe for treatment & rehabilitation( Spain& Austria) following his motor accident in 2007

A prayer Hall built by Fr.James at SFS School, Hebbagodi, Bangalore

Orphanage in Gokunte supported by Fr. James

A "Prayer Hill" ( shrine) built by the help of Fr. James at Gokunte, Karnataka

Preuniversitary College Mermer Bhavan - Hebbagodi

Hebbagodi. SFS boys home

SFS boys home, Hebbagodi, financially helped by Fr. James. Fr. James and Gaby Landauro standing with the boys"

"SFS College" (University) for the poor & the marginalised in the society under construction, being fully financed by Fr. James.

Block just finished
SFS Degree College in Bangalore Video   -   History

Here you have more families helped by fr. James

I am Celine Palamuryil. I became crippled due to Polio. By God's grace I am able to walk with stick. My family is poor. Fr.James Manjackal helped to build a house for me and my parents with whom I live. Occasionally Fr. James helps me with money for my treatment & life.  I pray to the Lord that I may have a small job ( or work) to help myself for my life in the future.I am happy and content in my life. I will pray for all those who are in this group. Kindly pray for me and my parents with whom I live.

Address: Celine Palamuryil 
Koorali, Elangulam, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Telephone: 00919745920938

Fr. James helps this family for the studies of the children

Mr. Bakkrishnan, a hindu boy paralysed is helped for treatment by Fr.James.

This paralysed man is helped by Fr. James for his life and treatment

Fr. James gives financial help for these four children for their studies

This  home is  built with the money of Fr. James for a poor family at Chintamany, Karnataka, India

Fr. James helps this family for the treatment of the parents and the studies of the children

Fr. James helped these families to build toilets, bath and  kitchen at Malur, Karnataka

Fr. James helps this family especially for the treatment of this man who is paralysed

These children in Kerala, are helped for their studies by Fr. James

Fr. James financed to build this house for the family of five-parents & 3 children

Bangalore. Academic block

This is SFS.Boys home, an orphanage, financed by Fr. James"

Altar, Ambo, and The way of the Cross given by Fr. James to the Chapel of the Philosophate,Suvidhya College

House for "Charis Marian Maids" - Coongregation founded by f. James and recognized by the Catholic Church

With Bishop Peter Thuruthikonam of Vijayapuram

House for Bennny's family

Fr.James helped them to to have this house

Fr.James helped Philo Kareden to build this house.

Fr. James donated  some 45 steel cupboards for the dormitory of the seminarists at SFS Seminary Ettumanoor,Kerala

"Senior Priest's Home" Stella Maris,Visakhaptnam. Andra Pradesh. India


Fr. James helped to construct a noviciate in Philippine

Fr. James helped the poor Villagers of Kannadiparampa, Kannur, Kerala to have open wells

Fr. James helped Haiti after the earthquake

Check of 26.000 Euros was sent by UPS to Archbishop Poulard in Haiti

Check of 26.000 Euros was sent by UPS to Archbishop Poulard in Haiti

Production Unit in Kolar

Fr. James gave financial help for a project of 'empowering women' for tailoring, darning, cleaning, ironing book-binding for the poor villagers at Kolar, Karnataka

Fr. James helped financially to build this house for the MSFS at Hyderabad, India

Fr. James is financing to Build "Maria Bhavan" a house for the poor and the destitute, at Kattampakku, Kerala, India.

Fr. James Manjackal helped to build  this house for the "Marian Single"  at Kothamangalam, Kerala

Fr. James helped to build this house at Bangalore for the poor family of Rayappa

 A house for Gangadharan Paul and family with the help of Isaura& Armindo( Portugal)

A house built for Sosamma, a single woman living for the Lord& for Charismatic renewal. Dr.Helene Hubner helped to realize this house

A house built for Ayyapan, a barbar and his family.He was cutting hair of Fr.James while he was at charis Bhavan.
 Fr. James donated about 29000 Euros( 2000 000 Indian Rupees) for the renovation of the chapel at SFS Seminary, Ettumanur, Kerala at the Golder Jubilee of the seminary.

Athirampuzha -Kerala. India
This is " Charis Maids Seva Sadan"( Charis Maids Service Center) for the poor& the destitute women. 
Recently Bp. Sebastian of Vijayapuram blessed it, over 50 poor& sick women are cared here by Charis Marian sisters, founded by Fr. James. It is FULLY financed by Fr. James.
Adoor - Kerala. India
Fr. James financially supports the construction of Holy Cross church, Adoor, Kerala
Ngaoundere - Cameron

The blessing ceremony of the minor seminary
The photo of Fr. James is installed in the dinning hall of the seminary for the seminarians to remember him& to pray for him in gratitude
This is SFS minor seminary at Cameron, Africa built by the full financial support of Fr. James. 
On 15th February 2018, it was blessed by the local bishop and inaugurated by the provincial of the South West province of India of the MSFS.

Here it is the inauguration chronicle in the Circular of the South West Indian Province #SWIP Circular BK/25. January 24th. 2018

"Hearing of the unfortunate accident of this woman, Lissy, from the newspapers, 
Fr. James sent money to her for her treatment & rehabilitation. Her complicated operation needed much money
Adoor - Kerala. India
Fr. James financially supports the construction of Holy Cross church, Adoor, Kerala
Novitiate in Philippines.
 Fr. James helped to buy the land& to build this house for a Novitiate in Philippines. 
You can see the novices standing before their newly built house

Home for the" Institute Talent Search for Social Change and Transformation"( ITSSCAT)

Fr. James gives financial help to build up a home for the" Institute Talent Search for Social Change and Transformation"( ITSSCAT) It is an unique venture to give higher education to those talented students who are from poor families at Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

Fr. James helps this family for the treatment of the father who has cancer and for the education of children.
Leprosy Centre
Fr. James started a clinic for poor lepers in cooperation with Sr. Lissy Sebastian of the Divine Savior in West Bengal, India

Divine Savior Community Leprosy Centre,
Bolaigaon, Basain, Utter Dinajpur,
West Bengal, India.

Children at Bolaigaon, Utter Dinajpur
 Fr. James gives financial helps for the education of these poor children at Bolaigaon, Utter Dinajpur , West Bengal through Sr. Lissy and her community.
I If any one who view this want to helpdirectly any of these children, or lepers, please write to Fr. James.

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A poor family at Cochin, Kerala that is financially supported by Fr. James regularly.