Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God
it is your will that the Gospel be preached to all nations
and that all may come to know Your will and be saved
I thank You and praise You
for having called and set apart your servant Fr. James Manjackal
to be an apostle to preach all over the world
and to pray for the richest blessings of God for all the people
I pray that when he opens his mouth
to proclaim Your uncompromising and powerful words
he may be filled with the Spirit of wisdom and power
Give him grace and holiness
that when he prays over the people
through conversions, healings, and miracles
they may turn towards You and Your kingdom
Lord, go with him wherever he goes
and be with him in whatever he does
keep him holy and healthy
both in body and soul
Protect him from all evil
dangers and accidents
in his laborious and risky tasks of evangelization
even among the Muslims
and in all his continuous and long travels
by air and land.

Lord, I thank You for having heard my prayers
and blessed Fr. James and his works
(For some time thank and praise the Lord believing that your prayers are answered)

Lord give me a share of Your richest blessings
which You shower through the preaching
masses, prayers and fasting of Fr. James
and supply whatever I need
Thank You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Amen.

One Our Father. One Hail Mary. One Glory be.

(Mt 28: 18-20; Acts 4: 29-30; Is 43: 2-4; Eph 1: 1-4; Col 4: 3; Phil 4: 6, 19; I Tim 2: 3-4; I Thess 5: 12-13)

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