My dear brothers & sisters in the churches of India,

On one side when the enemy is trying its best make a "Hindustan" eradicating Christianity & Islam totally from it, (already they are at work!), if you fight each other between denominations, rites and within the rites (like that happens today between various lobbies of Syro malabar Church today), the enemy will overcome you very easily and YOU WILL BE NO MORE in India like it happened in many countries in the past. Perhaps there may not be a next Christian generation left to blame you for your mistake, but the history will not forgive you & blame you & hold you responsible! Remember the words of Christ, "Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, no town, or house divided against itself will stand" (Mt 12:25)
The Church is the visible kingdom of God on earth!

My dear Major Arch bishops, Patriarchs, Bishops, priests, pastors, leaders and the people of God, knowing the signs of the times, rise above your petty human ideas based on money & power and act according to the Holy Spirit by paying attention to the advice of Our Master Jesus, who broke His heart and shed His blood for us on Calvary, to LOVE ONE ANOTHER ; and  be united as ONE HOLY CHURCH ABOVE DENOMINATIONS & RITES, so that no enemy can ever  destroy us. The Old saying is quite true "United we stand, divided, we fall"

It is the Devil that separates and divides; always the Holy Spirit unites and joins together! Recently the devil came to the Church in India  from the enemies court by bringing, the enemy's prayers, rituals, customs, symbols and mannerisms in the Churches & following esoteric, new age ways like yoga, reiki, transcendental meditation, acupuncture, acupresure etc for obtaining holistic healing & health; and it is he who makes this CHAOS today in the church. All the believers of Christ should fight against the devil  and its tactics and free themselves from it and find recourse to the Holy Spirit who alone can bring order & discipline through the love poured in to our hearts. (Rom 5:5b, 1 Pt 5:8, Eps 6:10-11)

Pray thus, "Come, Holy Spirit, drive away the evil forces from our church, fill  our church with grace by empowering the hearts of your believers with love and unity" Amen!
Fr. James Manjackal.MSFS

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