Trois Epis (Alsace)  France. August 25 - 28. 2005

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Fr. James with Mgr Ignace Sambar Talkena
Bishop in Kara - Togo 

Fr. James with Cardinal of Bolivia
Julio Terrazas Sandóval 


Father Corin (Capuchin).: I was loosing memory when
I was attending the retreat of Fr. James last year and
I was unable to walk without the help of others. Now I am
strong to walk along and I have my memory back. Praise the Lord!

Colette: In the retreat of Fr. James last year, I am 
fully healed of crumps on legs and pains on the neck

P. Raymond Marie: A side of my face was completely 
paralized when I attended the retreat here last year. 
I am fully healed

Bernard: I could not lift my hands up because of 
shoulder pain. I am fully healed. Praise the Lord

Marie: In the last retreat here, my lung cancer was 
completely healed

Nicolle: I am healed of my prostate cancer

Roger: In the last retreat I stopped my thirteen years of 
alcoholism. Now I have no cough, I can sleep comfortable.

Madeleine: In the retreat of last year I was healed 
of my back pain and shoulder pain. Praise the Lord!

Yolande: Last year in the retreat I said "NO" to
homopaedy and as a result I was compeltely 
healed of my stomach paun which I suffered for 
many years. Homopaedy did not heal me at 
all, but my Jesus healed me fully

Marie Alice: In the retreat last year, I came
with a severe back pain due to an accident
ten years before. I was not able to get up and walk. 
Fr. James told that I will be healed within six months
and it happened. I am fully healthy. Praise the Lord!

Ana: I am healed of my breast cancer. I sing praise
to my God

Marie Jean: I left homeopathy, I am healed of my bail
in the liver.

Beatrix: I am healed of my vein problems and back pain, Aleluja!

Christine: When I attended my last retreat I could
not walk properly because of pains in the leg. The Lord
healed, my life changed, this time my husband also 
came to attend the retreat, now I am very happy

  Ma. Therese: I fully believe I am healed of my blood cancer.

Gerald: I am healed of the stone, also I have no 
more pain in my legs. Praise the Lord!

Jacqueline: I could not stand due to my back pain. 
When I left homeopathy I was healed of my back
pain and also headache

Kurt: I left my thirty years of alcoholism. I am born again.
Praise the Lord!

Christiane: I am from Geneve, I had trombosis which was
operated many times. Six years I was walking with clutches. Now
I can walk and climb the steps without clutches. Praise the Lord.

Mark: I am healed fully from my migraine and throat pain

Nicola: When I forgave my brother, my headache is
completely healed, I claimed healing for my breast cancer also

Ovette: I am born blind. In this retreat the Lord opened
my inner eyes to see my Jesus and to love Him more 
and more. I was able to forgive my mother. I have
no words to express my joy. I sing and dance. 


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