Charis Bhavan. Kerala. India December 17 - 19. 2004

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Trained and experienced lay people
themselves counselled those who
were in need 

The participants were fasting all the day,
at noon they were given two slices 
of bread with water. 

 By lighting the lamp the convention 
was inagurated on 17th of December
at 10 a.m.

People coming out of the bus to take 
part in the convention 

A front view of Charis Bhavan from the road

People came by busses, cars and 
autorikshas to attend the convention.

Charis Bhavan front view

Another front view of Charis Bhavan

A beautiful grotto in front of Charis
Bhavan made by the hands of 
Fr. James

Another front view of Charis Bhavan

Emblem of Charis Bhavan designed and 
placed by Fr. James

The first sign board of Charis Bhavan
placed on the road side by 
Fr. James in 1989

A marvellous Crucifix in front of the 
main prayer hall. The image of Christ
is nailed on a thorny wood

The holy monstrance in the perpetual
Adoration Chapel where hundreds of 
people come daily for interccesory prayers



Charis Marien Maids with Fr. James
the founder, and friends

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