Hamburg - Germany. September 14 - 17. 2005

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I am Alexandra from Poland. The Lord called my 
name during the healing prayer and freed me from fear
and inferiority complex. Yesterday during Communion, 
I felt it was my first communion, great love of God and
joy have filled my heart.

I am Ingrid from Germany, I got a great inner healing. 
I am filled with God's love through the Holy Spirit. 
I have decided to live a new life.

 I am Mai from Vietnam but working in Deutschland. 
In my retreat here last year I was totally healed of my
rheumatism. I have no more pains on the
shoulders, knees, etc. I praise God

 I am Luka Boss from Hamburg, I was able to forgive
my father in this retreat, as a consequence I met 
Jesus my Lord, I shed tears during the inner healing 
prayer experiencing the love of God.

Antoniette from Italy, I am healed of my auto inmune
sickness. I am filled with the Holy Spirit

I am Ute from Hamburg. Because I was set freed
from the power of demon and darkness in this 
retreat I was able to make a good confesion after a long time.
I did not hear ma name called out but someone told me 
after the prayer that my name was called out by the Lord!

I am Hong from Vietnam. I believe that I am healed
of my kidney disease. I am born again in the Holy Spirit 
for a new life

 I am Peter from Germany. In this retreat I was able
to receive the charism of praying in tongues. I have
no words to express my joy. Praise the Lord!

I am Anna from Poland. I am healed of my 
migraine headache. I have no more depression.
I rejoice in the Lord

I am Dorothea from Poland, I claimed healing for my 
kidney and skin diseases

I am Hildegard from Germany. In this retreat Jesus
healed my shoulder pain. I am a spiritual child of Fr. James.
I have attended several of his retreats

 I am Josipa from Croatia, my pains on the foot
are healed. I am very happy in the Lord!

I am Christina from Hamburg, I left my habit of 
smoking cigarrettes in this retreat. I have decided
to follow Jesus

 I am George from India, the Lord healed my neck
pain in this retreat and gave the gift to pray for others.
I have decided to pray daily for Fr. James and his mission

 I am Quie from Vietnam, I came with the children
and my wife for healing in this retreat but the Lord 
healed my hand completely from all the pains. My 
family and I rejoice in the Lord for all the blessings

 I am Werner from Germany. In this retreat I 
have received a deep inner healing. I was able
to forgive all. For a long time I could not sleep,
now I can sleep very well


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