Legenfeld - Austria. July 20 - 23. 2005

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Erika: I came to the retreat with an empty heart to search 
for Someone and I met Him. I am freed from all esoteric 
and new age influences. Jesus healed my back pain too.

Magdalene: I testified the healing of my child who
could not hear properly. From the retreat at Thaya, three 
weeks ago, my child can hear well. I praise the Living Lord

Gertraud: I am 77 years old. Because there was no
facilities to attend Mass in the hospital where I was submitted
for a heart operation, I rushed to this retreat to pray 
for my family. My husband made a good confesion after many
years and that is a big "healing for me". I think my heart is 
also healed here, anyhow I am very happy. Praise the Lord!

Astrid: I found what I was searching for a long time. 
I let all esoteric ways. The Lord gave me a new 
heart and new life. I am healed in my stomach.

Karl: I came hear to pray for my family, but the
Lord healed my eyes and hip, also I am healed from
urinal infections. Praise the Lord!


Christian I received a great inner healing and 
I have  become a new being. I am healed of my 
allergie in the nose too.

Catherine: I received an inner healing and I am 
born again. I pray that this faith reaches the young
people all over Europe bringing all the young 
people to Jesus and the Church.

Suzana: I made a very good confesion after 
a long time and again became a child of God. 
Now I can sleep well. I healed of my stomach 
pain and back pain.

Elfriede: I am healed of my shoulder pain 
and knee pains. I received a new life  

Helga: I attended a retreat with Fr. James
previously and I am healed of my 
breast cancer. I praise the Living Lord


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