Lourdes - France. October 11 - 16. 2004

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"Michaelle from Lyon "I am healed from the 
pains all over the body, especially my knees. 
I am born again in the Holy Spirit"

Lionel from Nice "I am healed from my
Leukemia. I have grown in my faith"

Marie Lusiane "I was on my wheelchair for 
years with pain, now I have no pian, I feel joy 
and hapiness. I believe that I will get up and walk"

 Marie from Guadalupe "I am healed of my 
asthma  and dust allergie. I am so happy"

Andree from Dordogne "I am healed from 
polyarthritis. I am filled with the Holy Spirit"

Marie martine from Marmode "I am healed 
from neck and shoulder pain. I will serve
my living Lord"

Janine from Grenoble "I am healed from my 
heart disease. I have no more pain and palpitation"

Jacqueline from Bordeaux "I was on wheelchair 
for many years, now I am able to get up and walk, 
also I claimed healing of fibroide in the stomach"

 Hugiette "I am healed from breast tumor. 
I am happy"

Isabel "I came on wheelchair because of MS, 
now I got up of the chair, I believe 
I am fully healed"

Yolande "I left homeopathy and other 
alternative medicines. Now I am fully 
healed of my pain on the back, knees and joints

 Bernard "I am healed of arthrosis, I have 
no pain in the neck and ribs, my wife too, who
is here, she is healed of depression"

Jacqueline from Toulouse "I left acupunture
and other alternative medicines, I forgave all and 
made a good confesion, now I am healed 
of my ulcer in the stomach"

Françoise "I am healed from ulcer, 
hernia, pancreatic diseases and neck pain. 
I am fully healthy, I praise God"

 Nativity "I am healed from colitis and I 
have no more bleeding, I have no pains 
on my neck, spine and shoulder"

Allan from Alsace "I am healed of my 
pancreatic disease by which I was almost dying. 
I had even the extreme unction. I was healed 
in the last retreat"

Charles "I am healed of my prostate glnds 
cancer, also from urinal infections"

Benoit "I got restored the sight fully,
I was not able to read anything, now I 
can read even the smallest letters" 

France from Laroche "I am healed in 
my prostate glands. I am filled
with the Holy Spirit"

 Paul "I am healed from tumor on my lungs. 
I am born again in the Holy Spirit. 
The rest of my life I will live for Jesus" 

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