Lourdes.  France. October 12 - 15. 2005

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Ann Marie from Lille: I attended Fr. James
retreat a year ago here in Lourdes and I was 
healed of my bone cancer.

Jacqueline from Bordeaux: Last year
I attended the retreat of Fr. James on wheelchair,
I have fibroide, asthma, and I am completely 
healed. Praise the Lord!

Sophie from Ventee: I am healed of my asthma
which I was suffering since a long time. Now I can 
sleep well. I praise God.

Gianine from Poitiers: When I attended the 
retreat here last year with Fr. James, I was very 
weak and I had problems of indigestion. The
doctor said that I could not have a fourth chlid. But 
in the retreat the Lord healed me from all my problems
and made me strong and now I have the fourth child.

Monique from Cognac: My eye was healed in 
the last retreat. Also I got healing from psoriasis. 
All this happened because I was able to forgive 
my sister after a long time

Ma. Louise: Last year I came to pray for the conversion 
of my son who was with alcohol, drugs and without God. 
The Lord heard my prayer in the retreat, now he is 
a new person, daily going to the church. I came 
to this retreat to thank the Lord for his great favour.

Marie Annie from Potmain: When I attended 
the retreat at Potmain with Fr. James I could not
walk without clutches, after the retreat, I threw
away the clutches, now I can walk freely.

Long queue of people standing to give testimonies

Cornel from Nile: I was healed of leukemia 
after the last retreat with Fr. James.
I changed my life.

Anni from Lyon. In the last retreat here at Lourdes
I was healed of my cancer on the cheek. 
I have the certificate of my healing from the doctor.

 Magdalene: I was healed of my double vision
in the last retreat.

 Odetto from Reunion: In the retreat that Fr. James 
preached in Reunion I was healed of my ostheoporosis.
I was able able to forgive all who have wounded me in my life.

Marieline from Reunion: In the retreat at 
Reunion with Fr. James last year I was healed 
of diabetes, eczema and tyrod problems.

Andree: I am healed of my cancer in the stomach

  Joel from Paris: In this retreat I am healed 
of my throat problems in the healing prayer yesterday

John Marc from Tours: I got an inner healing of 
my fear and shiness in the retreat at Poitiers
preached by Fr. James

 Monique: I claimed healing for my cancer
because the Lord has told it through the 
mouth of Fr. James

Marie: I am healed of my poliarthritis and psoriasis. 
In the last retreat I could not even lift up my 
hands, now I can lift my hands and praise
God, now I am strong in spirit and body

 Marie Claire from Reunion: When Fr. James 
preached the retreat last year in Reunion, I came
with a heavy heart at the death of my first child.
And I prayed fervently for a healing of the other 
child. During the Mass the Lord healed my child's 
eye completely, now he can see well and I am 
happy in the Lord

 Roger: I did not have any physical illness when 
I attended the retreat of Fr. James but I have a spiritual 
arhrosis, I was born again and now I live a new
life in Jesus.

Queue of those who rushed for giving testimonies

Marie: After 47 years I was able to forgive my parents. 
Last three night I slept without the problems of asthma.
I claimed healing of the heart.

Marie Juliane from Reunion: The retreat of Fr. James
in the island helped to forgive my husband. Now we
are reconciled and we live a happy life together 

Katherine from Cognac: I stopped smoking cigarrettes
in the last retreat. Only through the retreat of Fr. James
I knew Jesus and how to follow Jesus, now I go to Mass everyday.

Ivette from Belgium: I am healed of my kidney diseases 
last year in the retreat here. Now I live totally a 
new life in Jesus Christ my Saviour


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