Münster - Germany. July 6 - 9. 2005

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Elke: I was healed of abscess two years ago in the retreat 
of Fr. James. I have a crippled child. I take all my sufferings
for my sanctification. I am happy. praise the Lord

Ingo: I came to know more about the Holy Eucharist 
through the retreat of Fr. James, therefore my family 
and me became Catholics

Tobias: I am healed from all my joint pains.
I got an inner healing. I am filled with the
Holy Spirit

Mario: One year ago, in the retreat of Fr. James my 
name was called out and I was fully healed of my kidney
diseases. I am completely healthy. I praise my living God

Inge: I had a healing of my bladder. I am filled 
with the Holy Spirit.

Brigit: I was able to forgive everyone in 
this retreat and I am completely healed 
of my back pain

Ulrike: I got complete healing of the eyes. I threw 
away my glasses, I can see well now

Christa: I had much pains all over the body,
I came to the retreat with a walking stick. 
Now I go without stick. The Lord healed me by 
calling my name of my pains of 23 years

Ruth: In this retreat I came to know the true 
Church, I have decided to be in the 
Catholic Church with my husband

Thomas: I got an inner healing from all my 
fears specially to face the audience.
I got a great love for the Word of God in this retreat

Mathias: I am healed of my forty years of milk 
allergy, now I can take milk and any milk 
products without any problem. I praise my God

karin: I am healed of my allergic asthma
from whoich I was suffering for many years.
I am filled with the Holy Spirit.

Sister Antonia Mary: I am a clarist cloister nun from Togo 
but since four years in Germany. My superior and we two 
sisters came to this retreat with special permission because
usually we are not allowed to go out of the convent. We all
received deep inner healing and new life, we received 
physical healings also.


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