Neumarkt - Germany. September 20 - 23. 2005

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Heidi from Mannheim- In this retreat Jesus healed 
my rheumatic pains which I had all over the body.
The Holy Spirit filled me with great joy and peace

Irene from Lampertheim: I have received a great 
inner healing consequently a great peace. All my
pains and aches on the body disappeared.

 Othmar from Stuttgart: The Lord liberated me
from my 40 years of smoking habit. Praise the Lord.
I am born again

 Alexander from Munich: I came to this retreat with 
my daugther on bed who could not sleep. As a 
result of prayer, she slept comfortably and I claimed
healing for my prostate, tyrod, and I have 
received the gift of understanding the Bible

Gerhard from Donau: I stopped my habit of 
smoking, I feel a kind of hate towards smoking now

Inge from Neumarkt: I am healed of my trinitus. 
In prayer Jesus called out my name. Praise the Lord

Roland from Bruckkunstadt: I am fully healing of
my swelling on my knees. I received the gift of 
tongues to pray

 Henriette from Schweinfurt: I am fully healed of
my back pain. I have received the gift of tongues.

Ivanka from Mainz: I am healed of all my fears 
and depression. Also physically I am healed of
my back pain.

Ursula from Munich: I am filled with the Holy Spirit
and I am a youth for Jesus. I am healed of my headache 
and back pain.

Andrea from Slovenia: For a long time I was suffering
from stomach problems. In this retreat I am healed and 
can eat anything now.

 Walter Paulus: Many are the blessings I have received. 
I claimed healing for my eyes, teeth, knees and skin.
Praise the Lord!


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