Neusimmering - Vienna. Austria. August 11 - 14. 2005

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Perry: I am from USA but I am staying in Vienna since 
3 years. In this retreat I was able to forgive all who offended
me. Now I have found a new way of life in Jesus Christ.
I feel so happy to follow him

Queue: this is the queue of people standing to give 

Gerda: Jesus healed me from the pains of the feet 
and joins. Even He healed me from the ahir fall. Holy 
Spirit hasfilled me with great joy and peace

Erika: It is a great wonder that I am completely
healed of my neck pain and headache which
I was suffering for the last 25 years.

Dietrich: For the last fifteen years I had no faith
in God. In this retreat I met Jesus and accepted 
him as my saviour and Lord and made a confesion
after 15 years. I have decided to follow Jesus

Queue: Again a queue of people came forward to
give testimony, but due to lack of time, many 
could not give their testimony

Percy: In this retreat I experienced the forgiving 
love of Jesus. I was able to forgive all. All my 
problems with my wife are solved. Jesus healed
me from neck, knees and back pain. 
I rejoice in the Lord

Hildegard: I am healed from asthma, back pain and
stomach pain. I really experience the presence
of Jesus. I can pray in tongues

Marjana: I rejoice in my Saviour because
I am full healed of my thrity years depression. 
My life is completely changed.

Monika: I am healed of my back pain
. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. I will follow 
Jesus my Lord in my life

Ricarda: I am healed of my stage, dogs, spiders 
and bees fear. Now I am strong in the Holy Spirit. 
God is with me, why should I fear!

Lincy: Last year in the retreat of Fr. James
my name was called out and I was totally
healed of my epilepsy. In this retreat I am healed
of my allergies and stage fear.

Wilhelm: While Fr. James was calling out names 
in the prayer I said to myself if he calls my name as 
Wilhelm and not willy as it is on the badge, I will 
believe that it is me and I heard him saying Wilhem
you are healed. I am healed of my stomach problem

Kevin: I am from Sri Lanka, I am an altar boy.
I fell down with epilepsy while serving the Mass.
In this retreat on the very first day itself, 
Jesus called my name and healed me.

 Ruzica: I am a Croatian. After my operation
I could not walk without the support of a stick.
On the first day I attended only the Mass 
and healing prayer. Jesus healed me and
I trew away my clutches, so I attended the rest 
of the days.Now I am strong and healthy.
Slavimo Gospodina !

Christina: Hallo I am from Salzburg.I am healed 
of my headache in this reteat.I am born again by
the Holy Spirit, I will follow Jesus, the Lord.


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