Subotica - Serbia and Montenegro. October 20 - 23. 2005

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With bishop of Subotica, Mgr: Bishop János Pénzes


Ruzica from Novisad: two years before in the retreat
here of Fr. James, Jesus healed from my tumor in 
the stomach. The retreat changed my life totally

 Anthonia from Subotica: In the retreat of Fr. James
last time here, Jesus called my name and healed
my back pain. I experienced the personal love of Jesus

Katize from Novisad: When I attended the 
retreat last time here I could not walk because 
of back pain. In the retreat I was fully healed.
I was able to forgive all. Now I know how 
to live a good Christian life.

Oliver from Cruchit: I received an inner healing and 
conversion in the last retreat here

Vesna from Subotica: After the last retreat with Fr.
James here, my marriage was rectified and blessed in 
the Church and we baptised the children. I threw away
my cigarrettes of 22 years and bad habits. Now I am
studying theology and living a happy family life.

Elisabeth from Siling: Two years before in the retreat
with Fr. James here I was healed of my angina pectoris.

Theresa from Virontica: By hearing the cassettes of
Fr. james I was healed of my back pain two
years ago. Now I live a new life in Jesus Christ

Maja from Subotica: In this retreat I am completaly 
healed of my migraine headache and back pain,
till two days before I could not sleep, now I 
can sleep very well. I praise Jesus my Lord.

Vera from Subotica: I am fully healed of my 
depression and fears. On the very first day of this 
retreat I stopped my habit of smoking cigarrettes

 Marianne from Subotica: The last retreat two years 
ago, while Fr. James was praying I felt a power flowing
through my heart and I was totally healed of my heart 
disease. The docotors were schocked to see that
I was completely healed in my heart.


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