Thaya - Austria. June 30 - July 2. 2005

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Aline: Since a long time I had stomach pain and 
I could not eat food. On the first day of the retreat itself
I was healed and I can eat normal. Praise the Lord!

Renate: In this retreat I was able to forgive all 
and experience love. I am filled with the Holy Spirit

Brigitte: I found my way back to real faith and Church.
I stopped smoking in this retreat. I believe that 
I am healed of my urinal diseases.

Christa: I believed and claimed healing of
my breast cancer. I was healed on the very first
day from my headache and bodily pains

Rose Marie: I am healed of my back pain from
slip disk. I claimed healing for my cancer too

Elfriede: I am charismatic for long time, but only
in this retreat I received the gift of tongues 
and experience the joy and power of it.

Margit: I believed and claimed many healings,
tumor in my stomach and breast, the sickness in the eyes

Veronika: I am fully healed from my back pain 
and knee pain. I am born again, I praise God

Maria: I am completely freed from alcohol 
in this retreat, I received a deep inner healing

Monika: As a result of an inner healing in this 
retreat, I stopped my thrity years of smoking
habit. I feel strong and happy in the Lord.

Astrid: I stopped my habit of alcohol
and smoking in this retreat

Gertraud: I am healed of my migraine 
headache and stomach diseases

Rudolph: I am healed from my heart disease
in the retreat of Fr. James, in this retreat I am healed 
of my neck pain

Ilse: I am fully liberated from depresion and
fear of twenty years. Now I rejoice in the Lord like 
a new born baby

Pfarrer Wolfgang: I am a charismatic and I have 
a prayer group, only in this retreat I received
the gift of togues and prayed in the Spirt. 


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