Great are the promises of blessings for those who preach the Good News of Jesus in saving souls. Those who are unable to go around preaching can help preachers in their mission by praying for them, organizing retreats or supporting with money. As you know well, Fr. James goes all around the world preaching the Gospel to all (Mk 16: 15). Every week he preaches a retreat, in one place or another, besides writing books, meeting people for prayers, writing letters, helping the poor, etc. Very many blessings are been poured out from heaven in his ministry. He needs your intercessory prayers to continue this beautiful service to the Lord. By supporting his ministry, you will surely have a share of God s choicest blessings, both spiritual and material. Your name, address and prayers will be strictly private. He will take your prayers to the altar of Jesus daily and intercede for you and your needs.

 Prayer warrior program is a covenantal relationship of praying for each other. You pray for Fr. James and he prays for your needs, don t expect a reply for what you write. When you obtain what you have asked for in prayer, you are obliged to give your testimony. Your testimonies, personal letters, your comments or questions may be sent to:
Thank you and God bless you

If you wish to support Fr. James for his mission of preaching, organize a retreat or other information please contact:

Make a promise to Jesus to say the following prayer daily and do it faithfully


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