Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James 
in the year 2006 (January - March)

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Werl - Germany. March 29 - April 1


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Linz - Austria. March 23 -26

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Gibraltar - United Kingdom. March 10 -12

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Stuttgart - Germany. Church St. Johannes M. Vianney. March 5

Stuttgart - Germany. Liebfrauenkirche.  Bad Cannstatt  March 3 -4

Panoramic from Liebfrauenkirche

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Garmisch Partenkirchen - Germany. February 18

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Athlone High School. Cape Town - South Africa. February 3 - 5

With Archibishop of Cape Town: 
Mgr Lawrence Patrick Henry
It is the first visit of Fr. James to South Africa. On the 1st. of February along with Gaby and Christine, Fr. James reached Cape Town where Mr. Alex and Stephanie Waibel organized the retreats and renewal programs. It was the first of its kind in the Catholic Church of Cape Town, although the Catholics often go to the renewal programs preached in the free churches. From 3rd to 5th he preached a retreat to more than 500 people at Athlone High School, and the second retreat in the Holy Trinity Catholic Chruch from 10th to 12th. In between the retreats he met the catholic students of various schools at Parow Civil Centre and prayed over more than 600 students. He did not forget to meet and to speak seminarians of the archdiocese. He gave them a talk on the 13th at Saint Francis Xavier's seminary and prayed over them. The organizers took Fr. James and the team along with the Archbishop Lawrence Henry to a safari Kwandwe. Here are some photos

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Published in the Southern Africa's National Catholic Weekly "The Southern Cross" 
on  February. Week 8th to14th, 2006.

Renowned charismatic priest visits SA

By Michail Rassool 

WORLD-RENOWNED charismatic priest Fr James Manjackal, of Kerala, south India, visited Cape Town, where local Catholics benefited from his preaching and healing ministry. The retreats were organised by the Cape Town chapter of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. "He is a powerful preacher, and has touched the lives of many retreatants with his great healing ministry", said Dawid van Aswegen, an organiser of the retreats. "What a wonderful way to commit ourselves to our mission as Christian bearers of the Good News at the dawning of this new year" . 

In his preaching and healing ministry, Fr Manjackal evangelises among Christians and non-Christians alike. He has been arrested and imprisoned a number of times in countries around the Arabian Gulf, where preaching Christianity is forbidden by Islamic authorities. In 1989, Fr Manjackal founded Charis Bhavan, a Charismatic retreat centre in Kerala, where he served as director and superior for six years. His evangelising often involves printing bibles, booklets and prayer books, and he has written many books, poems and articles, which have been translated. 

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Safari in Kwandwe - South Africa. February 6 - 7

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Parow Civil Centre - South Africa. February 9

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Holy Trinity Church. Matroosfontein. Cape Town - South Africa. February 10 - 12

Panoramic view in Holy Trinity
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Talk in Saint Francis Xavier Seminary. Cape Town South Africa. February 13

Zurich - Switzerland. January 25 - 28

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   Circular JP/33                                                                          18 December 2005

Fr. James Manjackal completes 30 Years of Preaching Ministry

It is a matter of great joy and pride for the congregation and the province in particular that Fr. James Manjackal has completed 30 years of Preaching Ministry.  He has been in the service of Preaching God?s Word all over the world for the last 30 years. To go back in memory,   Fr. James Manjackal has been one of the first priests in India to be fully involved in Charismatic Preaching. He started his preaching ministry in Kerala, soon grew into national level and has been invited for Preaching in many countries outside India.  He has been very much involved at national level in the charismatic movement as a renowned preacher, resource person, member of the service team etc. He is one of the founding members and promoter of Chris-Teen and Jesus Youth Movements which have now become International. He founded Charis Bhavan, the retreat cum renewal centre in 1990 at Athirampuzha, Kerala, the only institution of its kind in the congregation at that time.  He has also founded a Charismatic, Evangelization Community of Consecrated Women called ?Charis Marian Maids? in Kerala. For the past one decade he is fully at the service of the global church, committed to World Renewal Mission. He has so far preached in 56 countries ? in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and the Gulf. As a Preacher he is able to enter into the life of everyone who hears him, people in different walks of life, of different age, in different cultures and thinking, and can touch and effect a renewal in them by his powerful, courageous preaching. I place on record his loyalty to the church, his undying commitment and faithfulness to the Word of God, his courage of convictions to address everyone. Fr. James, as you complete 30 years of service in the Preaching of God?s Word to millions of people, on behalf of the Congregation, on behalf our Province I extend to you Hearty Congratulations, Prayerful wishes, and Abundance of God?s Blessings for the years to come.

I thank God for you and thank you for what you are to the congregation, to our province, to the church and to the World Evangelization mission. We pray that God may continue to give you good health and continue to keep you anointed by His Spirit to be a channel of His Grace for the world at large. You have thus achieved a unique place in the congregation as no one else has so far been fully in the ministry of Preaching for 30 continuous years.

Inauguration and Blessing:  Father James Manjackal Academic Block
of Saint Francis De Sales College, Electronics City, Bangalore

The ground floor of the academic block of SFS Degree College in Hebbagodi was inaugurated and blessed on 12 December 2005. I had the joy of inaugurating this block and Fr. James Manjackal blessed it. This academic block is named ?Father James Manjackal academic Block? as a souvenir of his 30 years of Preaching Ministry all over the world as well as in gratitude to his generous efforts to find the finance for the construction. He is the senior most member of the Mermier Bhavan community, Hebbagodi. I place on record his dedication to the ministry of Preaching for 30 years. Hence the academic block of SFS College is named after him to celebrate this distinctive life of commitment. It is also an expression of our gratitude to him for his personal efforts, his hard work, his concern for the mission of the province, which has moved him to organize the needed money for this construction.  He has assured us to do everything possible to continue the construction to build up this Institution of Excellence. I thank Fr. James for this generosity and concern. In a special way I thank Fr. James for his selflessness and concern for the various missionary needs of the province. He has been assisting various projects in our missions especially for the educational needs of the poor children.

I am very happy to inform you that the Degree College and the PU College are going on very well, holding out a lot of possibilities of growth. In PU College we have two combinations and in Degree College now we have BA. B.Com with Computer, B.B.M. Next year we intend to start B.C.A. Hostel facilities are available for girls and boys. I request you to speak about the College to your friends, acquaintances, and to the people in your ministry, that more and more people may come to know about the College and its vision of Life.

Published in the the MSFS website of the South West India Province:

Fr. James Manjackal, the Founder-Director of the renowned MSFS retreat and renewal centre, Charis Bhavan, in Kerala is currently engaged in preaching retreatts and renewal programmes in Europe, America and Gulf countries.  His retreats have captured the hearts of many, especially the youth.   The province has made available to the global mission the services of Fr. James Manjackal.  He is at the service of the entire world with his God given talent of preaching the word of God.  For more information on his ministry and activities kindly log on to his website:

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