Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James
in the year 2010 (February - April)

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Tenerife - Canary Islands (Spain).  April 30th - May 2th. 2010

With Bishop D. Bernardo Alvarez

Panoramics and Photos

Fr. James conducted a charismatic retreat at Tenerife, in Canary Islands of Spain at the big auditorium of the" Hotel Puerto Palace from 30th April to 2nd May with the theme" Behold I make everything new"(Rev 21:5b) About 600 people attended it with much enthusiasm. It was organised by Ms.Socorro and the Charismatic team. It was his first retreat in the Island. On the last day Bishop Bernardo of the diocese of Nivariense gave an inspiring talk on Holy Spirit  and blessed the retreatants. He personally thanked Fr. James for coming to the Island for new evangelisation. It is Gaby who translated his talks.

Canary Islands of Spain is made of many islands-Tenerife, Fuersteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, Alegranza, La Graciosa and Montana Clara. Tenerife is the most populated island among them.The Canary Islands are tourist destinations with great natural attractions, climate and beaches. About 12 million people come to these Islands every year! The Population is 2,098,593 according to census in 2009. It is 7447 sqare Kilometers(2,875.3 Miles).  75% are Roman Catholics. 2% are Muslims. 0.9 %are non Catholic Christians. There is 0.5% of Hindus and 0.1% of Budhists(about 3000).There are 5000(0.22%) Afro Cuban religious. The Canary Islands belong to two dioces: Dioceses of Cannariense and Nivariense.

Vila Real   (Portugal).  April 25th. 2010 - Fr.James Birthday and Priesthood anniversary celebration

The organisers of the retreats of Fr. James in Portugal celebrated his birthday and the ordination day in a very large scale with a sumptous dinner

Vila Real   (Portugal).  April 23 - 25. 2010

With bishop Joaquim Gonçalves

Wedding of Maria Joaquina & José Brigas

Panoramics and Photos

Fr. James conducted a retreat at Vila Real, Portugal from 23rd April to 25th in the auditorium of the "Regimento Infantaria No. 13 "of the Protugese army. He had gone to Visakhapatnam, India to visit his ailing cousin (a religious sister) on 13th and it was difficult for him to return fro India as all flights to German airports were closed due to the Volacanic smoke&ashes from Iceland. But he was determined to conduct the retreat .Taking a flight by  Air El Al he flew from Bombay to Madrid Via Tel Aviv and reached the Venue of the retreat punctually. Only the airports of Spain and Portugal were open during this disaster, may be because they are the only countries that did not criticise the Pope and the Church during these days! The retreat was attended by over 1400 people. And on the last day the Local Bishop, Antonio Joachim presided over the Holy Mass and preached. As usual the retreat was organised by Joao and Teresa and the team.

Published in A Voz de Trás os Montes on  April 29th. 2010. 
Here you have the original in Portuguese

Retreat in Vila Real with Father James Manjackal

A retreat took place in the 13th Regiment of Infantry Pavillion, in Vila Real, which the Bishop of Vila Real named as Spiritual Exercises in its closure. They were indeed spiritual exercises from the beginning of the afternoon of the 23th of April until the end of the 25th, the Good Shepard’s day. Some of the subjects regarding our dependency towards God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit, the only true God, who loves us from all eternity, were taught, clarified and deepened.

The more time there were, the more subjects there would be for Father James to develop, using the Holy Scripture, the Bible, which he advised us to read. Right during his presentation on the first day, before an audience which nearly filled the hall (mostly by people who were coming for the first time to one of his retreats in Portugal), taking from the recent cataclisms he considered them as a sign of God, a punishment against those who insult the Pope, who insult the Church, against the scouring immorality. But God is a God of mercy. In Jesus he identified himself with the sinners. He’s a God of compassion. And he went on quoting several passages of the Holy Scripture. Then, he focused that many do not understand the work of the Holy Spirit. He told us about Pentecost. He asked us to read the Act of the Apostles. He told us about our contribuition to Jesus’ crucifixion. He pointed out that the Pope and the Church are the only lion who cries out against immorality. It’s noteworthy that there was a great percentage of young people in the audience. Last year Father James has even preached a first retreat for young people in Portugal. He told us about charism, which is the power of the Holy Spirit. He asked us to question: “Why have I come to this retreat?”. He summed up by saying that we should long for grace and for the power of the Holy Spirit. “Strive first for the kingdom of God and everything else shall be given to you”. In order to receive grace we must make a good confession. In order to get what we so much ask for from the Father, in the name of Jesus, we must be in the grace of God in the acts of praising, worshipping, healing and delivering. Father James recalled us of all this.

On the following day, he developed the subject of life according to the flesh and of life according the the Spirit, that is, in the grace of God. Is each and every one of us a temple of the Holy Spirit? Are we the temple of God? He pointed out the concern about our spiritual health. He compared salvation and condemnation, always quoting passages from the Holy Scripture. We were created by God and redeemed by the Blood of Christ. But whenever we are in sin we belong to the devil.

During this retreat he told us about Jesus King, the Church, Satan, the children of Mary, the need to evangelize Europe, spiritism, witchcraft, false messengers, false visionaries, abortion, non marriage, divorces, faith, doubt, the struggle we fight not to fall on the same sin. He told us about how he became a charismatic preacher who goes around Europe and even preaches to the Muslims, having already suffered mistreatment, exposing himself to death. All of this is recorded and will be published in DVDs. Whoever wants the DVD set of this Retreat in Vila Real, which includes the Closing Mass presided by D. Joaquim Gonçalves, the Shepard of this Diocese, should make the request to João Carlos da Silva Dias, Rua Carlos Silva Lopes, n.º 16, 2775-560 Carcavelos.

I realized that the Bishop was very pleased by checking that most of the people present were from his beloved Diocese and because there were many young people. I also heard some people saying they would go back to their homes and say to “this and that one” that they missed a great opportunity of feeling as if they were in heaven, having a retreat like this so close to their homes. They got fearful, better said, the deuce pulled them back. Notwithstanding, we hope Father James will come back more often, to the Diocese of Vila Real, because this was more fuel added to the big fire which is Evangelization. In the retreats we reload batteries to walk towards the heavenly Home, as focused by the Bishop in his homily. When one goes to a retreat like this for the first time one feels the need to go more and more, because one feels the need to deepen one’s knowledge about religion, about faith and feels the need to increase one’s faith.

Alfredo Gonçalves Costa

India - Fr.James Birthday in his brothers home at Bombay. April 18th, 2010
Mr. Jose, the elder brother of Fr.James and his two younger sisters Thankamma&Lucy along with their families celebrated  his 64th birthday on 18th April in Bombay with a Holy Mass, cutting of the cake and a grand lunch. It was a rare occasion for them to get Fr.James for such celebration, as he is usually on retreats on such days. It happend becuase he was on his way back from Visakhapatnam, India, after visiting his sick cousin.

Bialystok (Poland). March 18 - 21. 2010

Panoramics and Photos

From 18th to 21st of March Fr.James preached a charismatic rereat at Bialystok,Poland.It was organised by the able leadership of Ewa Gierejko and Ks.Zbigniew Snarski with the "Kairos" community.It was attended by over 1600 people from all over Poland and even from Germany, England etc. The city hall was old and very cold inside (the muncipality plans to demolish it soon!)  but the people were well diciplined and enthusiastic to listen to the preaching of Fr.James.The talks were transalted by Jadwiga. Gaby also gave a good testimony of her conversion and healing, which inspired many people. All the priests who attended the retreat congratulated Fr.James for his daring talks on the Church and the Sacraments. There were many priests to hear confessions. Priests said that some made confessions several times as their consciences were moved after hearing each talk! There was a big Q of the people to give testimonies of healings,life changes,conversions etc.Many people stoped the habit of smoking. When Fr. James layed hands on each and prayed for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, their experince of God came to its climax.On the last day in the morning Arch Bishop Edward Ozorowski of the dioce of Bialystok addresed the retreatants and gave his apostolic blessing.

On the last day in the after noon at 3.PM thousands of people gathered in the big Church of the Shrine of Divine Mercy at Radzyminska for the healing Mass.There were over some 8000 people in the Church, the church was so packed that the people could not even sit! Fr.James spoke to the people about the need of believing in the Church and the sacraments on order to get any type of healing.After the Mass,during the adoration of the Bl.Sacrament, he prayed for the healing of the people. On the same evening Gaby and Fr. James left for Munich by car.

Published in Archidiecezja Bialostocka on  March 22th. 2010. 
Here you have the original in Polish


By Katarzyna Walenciej

The sports hall “Wlókniarz” turned into “an enormous confessional” for a few days in March. About 1500 people participated and witnessed conversions, confessions and healings both spiritual and physical. It all happened on the days 18-21 March of this year during a charismatic retreat preached by Fr.James Manjackal M.S.F.S.

He comes from India and is a member of  the Congregation of St.Francis de Sales. 34 years ago he experienced a miraculous healing – physical and spiritual. Since then he has been preaching the Word of God at charismatic retreats. For the last 10 years he has travelled all over Europe preaching the Word and praying for healing. For the last 3 years he has been also coming to Poland. Even though he has a worldwide preaching ministry, his main mission is working with the Muslims in the Persian Gulf countries. It is a dangerous work as preaching the Gospel is severely punished there. For that reason he experienced a great deal of persecution there. Holy Father John Paul II blessed him in a special way, so that “he could be ready to give his life for preaching Jesus among the Muslims”.

During the retreat in Bialystok, while preaching the Word of God, he convinced the participants of sin, the need of conversion and of God’s Divine Mercy. He paid much attention to the contemporary spiritual dangers such as: magic, astrology, esoterica, Eastern philosophies and many others.

Father Manjackal, based on his own life testimony, pointed to the numerous blessings flowing from the Eucharist and to the need of leading a sacramental and prayerful life. “When a Christian lives his life in grace, he is a charismatic” – Fr.James stated. He encouraged those present to rediscover their Christian identity and to renew their love for the Catholic Church. On the penultimate day of the retreat the participants experienced the prayer of infilling by the Holy Spirit.

Sunday, the last day of the retreat, was the time for giving testimonies. Some people publically shared their joy of having been healed in spirit and in body. On that day the Archbishop of the Bialystok Archdiocese Edward Ozorowski arrived and he said to those present: “You are like sparks on a stubble field; do all you can not to let the individual sparks go out but make them into an ever-growing burning fire”. His Grace the Archbishop encouraged the retreat participants to give testimonies with their own lives and he ended his visit by pronouncing a pastoral benediction. The retreat closed with a Holy Mass in the parish of Divine Mercy in Bialystok. The Mass with prayer for healing was open to all the faithful, not just the retreat participants.

The charismatic retreat preached by Fr.James Manjackal gathered people from all corners of Poland and beyond, among others - from Lithuania, Belarus, Germany. The retreat was organised by the community “Kairos” of Bialystok.

Chojnice  (Poland). March 11 - 14. 2010

Panoramics and Photos

The retreat was organised by the charismatics of the local region under the able leadership of father Jarek.The retreat was in a large hall in the town.Over 1200 people  from all over the country participated in it on four days.There were very good testimonies of conversions and healing.All the priest who came to hear confessions said that "the confessions were real conversions".On the last day people left the halll with great joy and happiness after the experince of a new pentecost in their lives.The retreats days were very graceful,as there was no tensions or panic feeling among the organisers.A group of Charismatic under the leadership of Ala  Cherushka from Gedansk had come to help Fr.James and the team.

On 15th at 3 pm Fr. James concelebrated Mass, preached and conducted healing service in the Church-Kocioli Matki Bozei Krolowej Polski in the town.Thousands of people gathered in the big church to listen to Fr.James and to experience the healing love of Christ.Fr. James emphasised in his talk that it is Jesus in the Sacraments who heals and that he is only an instrument to pray and to use the charisms given to him by the Holy Spirit.Joy and happiness could be seen in all those who participated in the healing Mass.

Fátima Ourém - Portugal. Couple Retreat. March 4 - 7. 2010

Panoramics and Photos

"What God has joined togethr, no man shall separate" (Mt 19:6). At Ourem Fatima, some 170 couples gathered together for a  married couple's retreat in the hall of the former Divine Wird seminary. It was great to see how the couples asked pardon to each other before a deep innerhealing prayer by which they became a"born -again people" and renewed their martal vows with the recital of the official formula which they might have  had done years before;and the consequent blessings and prayers by Fr. James.He springled holy water on the clasped hands of each couple and rings.The main organisers Joao and Teresa had already prepared Rose buds which each"bride"gave to the "bridegroom"! We could see tears of joy in the eyes of almost all the couples.At the Baptism in the Holy Spirit ,the husbands were standing behind their respective wives to hold the wives in thier hands while resting in the Holy Spirit; and vice versa. Some of the husbands were too big for the wives to hold,so the onlookers had to help them to rest on the floor..!! On the last day, Gaby gave each couple a large picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to be framed & kept in their homes and the prayer of consecration, after a general prayer of the Consecration of Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.After the general prayer, each family knelt before a framed picture of the Sacred heart and made the act of consecration and went to Fr. James for special prayers for thier families. Some of them had brought their children, and others who came from far had to be satisfied with a prayer over the photos of thier children. Many said that they had more joy on this day than thier wedding day! There were  even octogenerians to renew their marital comittment after 60 or 50 years!

Wigratzbad  - Germany. February 23 - 26. 2010

Panoramics and Photos

Fr.James preached an innitiation retreat for over 160 German speaking people in the auditorium of"Our Lady of victor" retreat centre Wigratzbad,Germany.There were participants from Austria and Switzerland as well.It is Richy who translated the talks of Fr. James and played music for the retreat.The testimonies revealed that they all made a good retreat with the experience of conversion along with many spirituaöl and physical healings.

Inauguration of residence for poor women John Paul II - South India. February 13th - 2010.

Panoramics and Photos

Pope John Paul Bhavan is built for the Charis Marien Maids, the ecclesisatical institute founded by Fr.James. On 13th Frbraury 2010 it was inaugurated by Fr. Mathew Kozhuppakkalm, the Provincial of the South west province of the Missionaries of St.Francis de sales to which Fr.James belongs. It was Blessed by the local Bishop of the Diocese of Vijayapuram, Rt Rev.Dr.Sebastian. It is one of the first institution named after Pope John Paul in the area.It is his personal contact with Pope John Paul and his special love&admiration for him that inspired Fr.James to name this hostel as" Pope John Paul Bhavan"

South India - Fr. James' mother. Celebration of 10th anniversary of death. February 12th. 2010

Photos and Panoramics

On 13th Feb.2010 Fr.James was at Home at Cheruvally where he was born and bred, with his brothers& sisters and their children to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their "Ammachy's "(Ammachy means-beloved mother in Malayalam) departure to heaven. In the morning more than 15 priests concelebrated the Holy Mass for "Ammachy "at St.Mary's Church,where Fr. James was baptised,confirmed,made first confession & first communion, ordained  priest and said the first Holy mass. During the Holy mass Fr.Mathew Kozhuppakalm,the provincial of the South West Province of the Missionaries of St. Francis de sales gave a very inspiring homily highlighting the many  vocations to Priesthood from the family of Manjackal. After the Mass all went to the Tomb of Ammachy for special prayers. It was followed by a sumptous lunch prepared at the house of the youngest son of Ammachy, where priests,invited guests and more than 200 family members gathered with joy. It was in the year 2004 that they had such a gathering for the 50the death anniversary of their father.

On the following day Fr.James along with Gaby and his Brothers,Sisters and the children went for a boating at Kumarakom, Kottayam. It was indeed a day of great joy with a lot of sharing of funs and jokes.

Bangalore. India - February 10.  Inauguration of the block "James Manjackal Block" of St. Francis de Sales (SFS) College

Photos and Panoramics

While Fr.James was staying at Mermier Bhavan before he was set apart by the congregation for World Evangelisation, he felt the need of a Collge (university )in the S.F.S Campus where there were many schools run by the Missionaries of St.Francis de sales.He learned that the children who are educated in those schools would never have a opportunity to to go for higher studies as it is a rural area.He spoke it with the then Provincial Fr. Jose Parappilly and he agreed to innitate it if Fr.James would contribute money for building at least the first bock of the building.Then on wards Fr.James meticulously collected money for this noble purpose from the remunerations and personal gifts he received after his retreats,apart from the donations he received for his Gulf mission. On 10th February 2010 the Governore of the State of Karnataka, H.R.Bhardwaj inauguated the Main Block of the College which  is named as" James Manjackal Block" as a gratitude for his generosity for the poor children in the rural area of Hebbagodi.It is Fr.James who blessed the building.

Official photos of the inauguration act
Photos courtesy of Karnakata Photo News.

Published in the online edition of India's National Newspaper "The Hindu" 
on  February 11th. 2010.

Governor extols Christians’ role in education 

Karnataka - Bangalore 
Governor extols Christians’ role in education 

Staff Reporter 
Bangalore: Governor H.R. Bhardwaj on Wednesday inaugurated the main block — the James Manjackal Block — of St. Francis de Sales (SFS) College situated near Electronics City.

Mr. Bhardwaj said: “Every faith in India has contributed in some way or the other but Christians in particular has excelled in the field of education.”

He exhorted the students in the words of Swami Viveknanda: “Arise and awake.” The former Chief Secretary J. Alexander and Mathew Kozhuppakalam, MSFS, Provincial and General Manager of SFS College spoke. 

South India - Wedding. February 9th - 2010.


Fr.James had the opportunity to bless the marriage of his niece  Deepthy at Palai,Kerala on 9th Feb.2010. Before he was set apart for evangelisation in Europe,he had many chances of blessing marriages of the relatives , baptising children ,  attending  Ordinations&first masses, funerals etc.Now for last 12 years he is missing all these opportunities.

South India - December 15 - 25. 2009. Christmas Celebration at ST. Francis De Sales Public School(ICSE),Hebbagodi:

Panoramics and Photos

Fr. James never like to miss a chance to be with Children.Fr.Roy,the principal of the School invited Fr.James,Gaby and Richy to paricipate in the Christmas celebration of the children in the school.The children received them with garlands.They were the chief guests of the function.Fr.James gave a small message to the children.The children entertained them with songs,music,dances and skits.

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