Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James
in the year 2010 (May - August)

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Svitav - Czech Republic. August 29th. 2010
On Sunday 29th a large evangelisation programme was conducted in the open air garden. It was attended by more than 5000 people. Unexpectedly on Saturday it rained and the ground was wet on the following day and climate was almost freezing, still people attended the programme with joy and enthusiasm. Although during the Mass, it rained, no one moved from their places and there was complete silence and desclipine. Dr. Richy shared his testimony of conversion which happened 10 years before. Many listened it in tears and it helped many for a conversion and new life in Christ. After the Holy Mass Fr. James prayed for healing and blessed all the children individually.

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Koclirov - Czech Republic. August 25 - 28. 2010
For a third time Fr.James preached a retreat and conducted an evangelisation programme at the "Fatima Centre" in Koclirov, In Chech Republic. The retreat was conducted in the Church for over 700 people from 25th Wednesday to 28th Saturday. The registration was closed weeks before as there was not enough space in the church surrounding for more seats. A few people from Slovakia, Poland and elsewhere too attended the retreat. There were many priests also to attend this retreat. Some of them also gave testimonies. One Jesuit priest said that" he came without faith in such retreats but now go back with faith and with the decision to preach such retreats".  All of them became admirors of the preaching by Fr. James! There were many testimonies of physical healing which were shared  on the last day of the retreat. It is Fr. Powel and Hanna who organised the programme like in the past years.

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Graz - Austria. August 18 - 21. 2010
After a long time Fr. James preached an "Inner healing retreat" at Graz from 18th to 21st August at "Minoreten Hall" near the Maria Hilfe church. It was attended by more than 250 people. The admission was closed on the first day because it was to be attended from the beginning. Graz is a place where Fr. James preached many retreats from 1999 and started the "Fest for Jesus" at Pentecost, a big gathering for hundreds and thousands. As he innitiated such programme in Vienna and in Portugal, he is not conducting it. Fr. Florian who is inspired to preach retreats by Fr. James continue conducting it every year at Pentecost. Most of the participants of this retreat for inner healing were known to Fr. James. Dr. Richy translated the talks. It was well attended and all appreciated the retreat. There were many priests, well-wishers& friends of Fr. James to hear confessions.

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March for Jesus - Ostroleka. Poland - August 15th. 2010
On Sunday, for the feast of  the Assumption of Bl. Virgin Mary, a "March for Jesus" was arranged. In the morning Fr. James prayed over for more than 500 children and gave a class to the participants. The March started at 1.15 Pm to the Muncipal Stadium in which over some 5000 people walked with prayers and singing, holding flags and banners. It was about two kilometres of walk to the Stadium where at 2 PM the Auxiliary Bishop Tadeusz Bronakowski celebrated the Mass and preached amidst some 18 priests. After the Holy Communion Fr. James conducted a "healing prayer" for all. The public stadium was over crowded in spite of the very burning Sun with over 38 degree centigrade. Many people were standing on both sides of the Stadium as they had no place in the stadium. An estimated 8000 people were there in the stadium for the Holy Mass and healing prayers. The president of the City (Major) was present for all the functions with all support. August 15th is a red letter day for the Polish and for the whole world  in the political history, for it is on that day some 90 years before the Polish Army halted the Red Army of the Soviet Union which was marching towards the West Europe to conquer the whole Europe for communism. After the evening programme, Fr. James and Gaby left the venue to drive to Munich about 15 hours!

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 Ostroleka - Poland. August 12 - 15. 2010
From 12th Thursday to 15th Sunday Fr.James conducted a retreat in a Sport hall at Ostroleka, Poland for about 2000 people. On the very first day in the evening the local Bishop Rev. Stanislaw Stefanek celebarted the Mass with over 20 priests. In his homily he appreciated the preaching of Fr. James and said that there were no complaints from Somianka where he preached previously last year, but on the contrary all those who attended received many blessings. He wished Gods abundant blessings upon all participants and congratulated the two communities, "the Domestic Church" and " Notre Dame" who organised the programme. On Friday at Lunch time, over 600 people of various deseases were prayed over by Fr. James. It was a day of fasting for many. On Saturday Fr.James layed hands and prayed for each participant for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
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Chojnice - Poland. August 5 - 8. 2010
Fr. James conducted a " Family Tree healing" retreat at Chojnice, Poland from 5th Thursday to 8th Sunday. It was organised by the local Charismatic prayer group in the Sports Hall. Over 500 charismatics attended this unique retreat with much enthusiasm and vigour. People who could not forgive others, especially their own relatives, could forgive and reconcile. Many who had no faith in praying for the souls in Purgatory, recieved faith and started praying and offering Masses for those who died in the family. Many people asked Fr. James to have this kind of retreats in other parts of Poland, as it is a subject about which many are ignorant. In all talks, importance of family-life which is the foundation of any society was stressed. The  many problems of  Europe is from the problems of broken families. The inner healing prayers, breaking of the curses, liberation from the power of Satan +darkness, surrender to the Precious Blood of Christ etc. were appreciated by all and they helped many to begin a new life through the Holy Spirit.
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Kurescek - Slovenia. July 30th - Aug 1th. 2010
For the seventh time Fr. James Manjackal conducted  the biggest Catholic programme in Slovenija in a large tent on  the Mountain of Kureschek at the premise of the famous Marian Shrine from 30th July to 1st August. Although unexpectedly the climate changed with rains and clouds, the tent was packed and many  people stood outside on  Friday, the  very first day itself. It was a working day, still an estimated five thousand people attended the programme on that day. On Saturday and Sunday crowds of people gathered on the mountain to hear the inspiring preaching of the Gospel and to find solutions to their spiritual and physical problems by the anointed prayers of Fr. James. On Saturday Dr. Richy gave his testimony of conversion in a retreat ten years ago at Augusburg, Germany. Mr. Daniel Siter, his favorite traslator, was there to translate even the heart-beat of Fr. James! Many people had come from Croatia by buses and cars. On the last day even people from Austria and Germany had come. Fr. James layed hands on the heads of an estimated 10 000 people on the last day starting at 11 am and ending at 3 PM. There were many priests to hear confessions. For the Catholic Slovenians, the charismatic convention conducted by Fr. James is a national festival! They come as familes with great joy. Many stoped the habit of smoking, alchoholism and other bad habits. A great number of physical healings were reported. The Slovenians love Fr. James as a priest of their own soil although he does not know the language or the culture of the place. The Holy Spirit has no barriers of culture or language. When Fr. James left for the next programme in Poland, the people of Slovenija did not say farewell but said "come back soon".

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Valladolid - Spain. July 23 - 25. 2010

El P. James in Br. St Rafael's tomb

Nazaret was baptized in 2003 by Fr. James
From 23rd to 25th July Fr. James preached a retreat in Seminario Menor Diocesano, at Valladolid, Spain for a group of about 200 lay people. As it is the time of holidays for the seminarists, the Rector of the Seminary and General Vicary of the Archdiocese of Valladolid Fr. Luis Javier Argüello García was kind enough to give the seminary for the renewal retreat. The majority of the participants were charismatics from various parts of Spain. Some of them were the spiritual children and benefactors of his mission. This retreat was planned at Valencia about 1000 people and over 100 children were waiting for retreats but thad to be moved. So with a short announcement only a few could come to Valladolid. Mgr. Ricardo Blázquez Archbishop of Valladolid and Vice president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference was very kind and generous to accept Fr. James in his Diocese knowing well of the good standing of Fr. James and the record of his preaching of true Catholic renewal retreats all over Spain for last 10 years. The retreat ended with the testimonies many good experiences especially with the physical healing of Fr. Luis from the Diocese of Valencia. Some Photos follows...

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Vipava - Slovenia. July 16 - 18. 2010

Fr. James with Bp. Jurija of Koper. 

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From 17th Friday to 18th Sunday a renewal retreat was preached at the "Mother of Sorrows Church", Log, Vipava in the diocese of Koper. About a thousand people attended the retreat. Many Croatians also came to the retreat by buses and cars. Fr. James by talks took the participants to a deeper level of inner healing and talked to them about the need of doing penance for the past sins. On Sunday he prayed over all.The retreat ended with the concelebrated mass with the auxiliary Bishop of Koper Rt Rev. Jurija.

Tunjice - Slovenia. July 15th. 2010
On Thursday 15th July, on his way to Vipava for the retreat, Fr. James had a healing Mass and prayers at St. Anna's Church in Tunjice, Slovenija. Due to trafic block, Gaby and Fr. James could reach the place very late. He prayed over each one gathered by laying hands and made the people gathered.

Pila - Poland. July 7 - 10. 2010

Fr. James with Bp. Rt  Rev.Edward Daijczak 

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From 7th to 10th July Fr. James preached a renewal retreat at the Church "Pilska Kolegiata" in Pila, in the northern part of Poland. Pila and the surroundings were under the Nazis till the Russian invaded and occupied Poland. Till 89 the people here under communism. It is recently that faith is being bulit up and a new church is contructed.The priests here are very much interested in bringing people back to faith. More than 500 people attended the retreat.On the last day Bp. Edward  Dajczak, of the diocese of Koszalnsko-Kotobvzeska, to which Pila belongs, officiated the Holy Mass and spoke very highly about the evangelisation works of Fr. James. During his speech and in his personal behaviours, the Bishop showed a special affection to him and invited him to come many times in his diocese and in all parts of Poland. He was very much please with the evangelisation retreat preached by Fr. James.

Published in "Gosc Niedzielny" on  July 25th. 2010. Nr 29/955
Here you have the original in Polish

Father James Manjackal in Pila

Prayer Healing 

This retreat is something amazing! 

An experience, that cannot be compared with anything! 
I got inflamed with such a huge desire to love 
Lord Jesus, a feeling of immense happiness!
I feel joy! 

Such words were heard at the end of the retreat that took place at the Blessed Virgin Mary the Supporter of Worshippers [NMP] Parish Church in Pila.
Those who shared their experience were speaking about a sense of inner transformation, healing of the soul. Others were silent, but the silence was filled with excitement  and joy. 

It is worth going to the end of the world 

People who participated in the retreat come from Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany. As they said, Father James Manjackal is a special man. Meeting with him transforms the soul, revive piety, rises up a new level of faith. So, they are ready to follow him to the end of the world. And they do! 
The number of almost permanent participants of his retreats is still growing. Many people are already asking about the date and place of next ones. The preacher is accompanied by Gaby, a Peruvian woman who was healed many years ago and now she pays off the debt of gratitude. She helps with the organization tasks documenting the conferences, she is where one might need her. Often she is accompanied by her son, a doctor. There are also some other people who create a friendly team. 

Father James Manjackal, Bishop Edward Dajczak, Fr. Dean Stanislaw 
Oracz, Rector of the NMP Parish Church in Pila.

Rely on Gods Providence 

The initiator of all this is Fr. Jerzy Wyrzykowski, a rector from Duninów, who wanted very much that Fr Manjackal visited our diocese.
He had the opportunity to get to know him and the meeting made a big impression on him - recalls Fr. Prelate Stanislaw Oracz, the Rector of the NMP Parish in Pila. The parish in Duninów was not able to take on such an organizational effort. When we met in Koszalin he asked me whether I would take it on my shoulders. After some thought, I agreed. The idea of organizing the retreat was strongly supported by Bishop Ordinary - says Fr. Prelate Oracz. 
There was much work, but the charismatic community helped, supported by Fr. Marcin. 
- It turned out that with God's help we succeeded. - When I saw in the church all those joyful people, delighted with what was happening I felt it was worth to take that great effort, and take the trouble, admits Fr. Prelate Oracz. 

I was afraid of the place 

In the opinion of  Father Manjackal it was a very good meeting, too. 
- At first I was afraid a little bit of that place - says he laughing. I knew I was going to a city with a quite large number of military and police officers. I sensed that local people react somehow strangely, keeping a distance. But with every hour it was getting smaller. Pila is great! 
Where is that distance from? - wonders Fr. Stanislaw Oracz, the parish priest of  the NMP 
- I guess they were paralyzed by the fact they had to register in advance whereas earlier it was usually an open formula. 
One should have been prepared, registered, pay in advance the fee, you could not just come when your heart felt. 

We must teach people to pray

Father Manjackal quickly broke the ice, after the last session when he laid his hands filling us with the Holy Spirit, the people coming out of the church were saying: I feel healed.
During the retreat Fr Manjackal stressed very strongly: 
"It's not me, it's not you it is Christ who is suffering, it is Christ who is healing .... " 
He supports his words by quotations from the Holy Bible. The Hindu preacher emphasizes that this is not a charismatic retreat, is not about mad admiration, spiritual ecstasy but healthy way of thinking, about deep, living faith, its permanent renewing and deepening. 
- If we keep evangelizing with Power, Catholicism in Poland will remain strong. Poles have good hearts, and my goal is to deepen faith through evangelization, through prayer - Fr Manjackal spoke with conviction.
- I am very pleased with what father does - stressed in his interview Bishop Edward Dajczak - because I think that we make a mistake of insufficient prayer. A prayer is a personal relationship with God. We must teach people to pray, deepen our traditional faith. 

Healing, consolidation 

At the end of the retreat many people spoke openly about healing, strengthening their mental power, new approach to faith and everyday life. 
What is healing? 
Fr. Stanislaw Oracz is trying to explain: - There are people spiritually maimed and wounded. 
It manifests  particularly in the confessional. 
After the meetings with Fr Manjackal those same people come out spiritually upright, morally renewed in every respect. 
These people speak in public: I met Christ, I fell in love with Christ. You dont say such words publicly by accident. 

Beata Stankiewicz 
Father James Manjackal Born on April 18, 1946 in Cheruvally, India. 
Priestly Ordination received on April 23, 1973 in the Congregation of the Missionaries St. Francis de Sales in India. For a year he worked on the missions in Visakhapatanam, after that he became a professor at SFS Seminary Ettumanoor in Kerala (India). He has been preaching charismatic retreats all around the world. During his 26-year Apostolic ministry he went through many tests of his faith and suffering. He was arrested, kidnapped, and beaten. 
In 1989 he created the "Chris Bhavan"- a well known center for charismatic retreats in Kerala. Recently he has preached mainly in German speaking countries because he claims that they are facing the greatest threats of spiritual development in Europe. Furthermore, he preached retreats among others in Fatima, Medjugorje, Lourdes. 

Torun - Poland. Holy Mass and Healing Service. July 4th. 2010

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On  4th evening there was an evangelisation programme in the big Church of  "The Assumption of the Bl. Virgin Mary" where over three thousand people might have gathered to hear the Word of God and to attend the Holy Mass and to be healed of their deseases. On the same evening Fr. James met the bishop of Torun, Rt Rev. Andrzej Suski who thanked him for his third coming to the diocese to preach the Word of God and encouraged his works of evangelisation.

Torun - Poland. July 1 - 4. 2010


Fr. James and the Parish Priest 
Joseph Nowaskowski with Rt. Rev 
Andrzej Suski, the Bishop of Torun

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From July 1st to 4th Fr.James conducted a retreat  for a third time for the people at Torun, the famous place of Copernicus in Poland.It was attended by more than 1000 people in the 'Hala Olimpijcayk', a sports hall in the city.The theme of the retreat was  a call to Holiness of life" ( Eph 1:4). On the last day in the prayer of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, love of God and the joy of the Spirit were overflowing in the hearts of the people. There were beautiful testimonies of conversion, healing and deep experience of God.

Gebetsstätte Marienfried  - Germany. June 23 - 26. 2010
At Marienfried, where Mother Mary seems to have appeared to a woman some seventy years before, Fr. James and team conducted a retreat for some 130 people from 24th June to 27th. Here too many who attended were the spiritual children of Fr.James.Richy translated his talks and Janine together with Richy conducted the music for the four days. There were very good testimonies of healings that happened here in this retreat or in one of his retreats previously. Here are the photos:


Wigratzbad  - Germany. June 16 - 19. 2010

Fr James Baptises Mila (Ludmila) 
on 19th June Saturday

Emil & Ursula engaged by exchange
of rings blessed by Fr.James

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Marian Pilgrimage Centre at Wigratzbad is well know in Germany especially in Bayern where there are more catholic population. Fr.Thomas Rimmer is very happy to have Fr. James there for preaching, hence he calls him often. This his second retreat there this year. About 150 people attended this residential retreat. Most of the participants were his spiritual children who attended his retreats from 1998. His first retreat in Germany was at St.Twelve Apostles Church, Augsburg. The prayer centre of Wigratzbad also belong to the diocese of Augsburg.
On the last day of the retreat a young lawyer by name Emil had his engagement of his marriage with Ursula. Also a child  by name Mila was baptised by Fr.James.

Fatima - Portugal. June 11 - 13. 2010


Fr. James Manjackal after his 
visit to His Eminence Cardinal
Patriarch of Lisboa - Portugal 
Dom Jose Da Cruz Policarpo

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About 3000 people attended the weekend Charismatic retreat preached by Fr. James Manjackal in the Paul VI auditorium at Fatima, Portugal. Every year he preached two retreats here and in all the retreats here people rush in large numbers. It is sign that the Portugese like to come to Fatima always because of their great love and devotion to the Virgin Mother Mary who apeared to their three children. Fr. James prayed over each one by laying hands. Many healings were reported.

Kácov - Czech Republic. June 6th. 2010

More than a 1000 people came from various parts of the country to attend the one day programme conducted by Fr.James.There were all happy to sing and to pray with joy in their hearts.By explaining the story of the Samaritan woman in the Gospel, fr. James led the crowd to an experience of faith in Christ and the Church. It was amazing that at the end of the programme all shouted the slogan "Cesi Pro Jezise" (Czech for Jesus) and "Jezis pro Cechy" (Jesus for Czech) and affirmed their faith in the Living Lord Jesus. At the end many expressed their desire to have such programme in various parts of Czech-Republic.
All these programmes both for priests and the people  were organised my the Major of  Kacov, Mr. Jaroslav. Once he asked Fr.James, "What shall I do for you" and he replied," arrange a seminar in your place and bring many people to the Lord".

Kácov - Czech Republic. June 3 - 5. 2010

Photos day 1
Photos day 2
Photos day 3

From 3rd to 5th June a seminar was conducted at Masarykuv Kemp in Cesky Sternberk, Czech-Republic for about 500 people. People from various places assembled there to hear the word of God and to grow in their catholic christian life. The unexpected rain and flood did not deter the people to come to this programme. As they prayed together to the Lord to end the rain, from second day even there was sunshine and on the last day the evangelisation programme for more than a 1000 people was conducted in the open air. Many people took it as a great sign from God. All those who attended the programme were very happy and wanted to have such seminar again and again in the country.

Priests retreat. Kácov - Czech Republic. June 1 - 2. 2010

With Bishop Karel Herbst (Salesian)

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A group of some 30 priests gathered together for a retreat at St Liberatus Church at Kácov in Chech Republic from 1st of June to 2nd. All the participants were very happy about such a small retreat in which Fr. Fames spoke very much about priesthood from the Bible and from his own personal experience. According to one priest, "Fr.James gave us everything in Capsule size, and it will take days to digest and to assimilate". On the first day the local bishop also attended the retreat and celebrated the Mass.

The relics of St. Liberatus is venerated at this Church. He was the abbot who was martyred in 483 along with his monks Bonniface, Servus, Rusticus, Rogatus, Septimus and Maximus at Bigna, in the province of Carthage in Africa.

Precna - Slovenia. May 28 - 30. 2010
Fr. James conducted a week-end Charismatic programme  from 28th to 30th of May at St.Antony's Church, Precna, Slovenija. The Parish is celebrating the centinery of the parish next month. About 300 people attended the seminar. It was organised by Fr.Antony Marinko, pioneer of the Charismatic movement in Slovenija with the help of the local charismatic team.On the last day Fr.James prayed over about a hundred children. All felt spirit filled at the end of the seminar. There were many to give testimonies of conversions and healings.

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Photos day 1
Photos day 2
Photos day 3
Fr. James in Slovenian TV news
  High resolution video

  Low resolution video

Santuário do Sameiro - Braga (Portugal). May 21 - 23. 2010


Fr. James blessed the wedding
of Iva Carla&Rui Andre during 
the Pentecost Retreat at Braga 
on 21st Saturday May 2010.

Mr. Joao and team organised a "Pentecost 2010 retreat" at Sameiro-Braga in Portugal and hundreds of people from all over Portugal came to have an experience of Pentecost by the preaching and prayers of Fr. James.All the talks were on Holy Spirit in Bible and every one who attended, especially those who attended his retreat several time in various places said "Oh this time his preaching was quite different from all other times he was really teaching us Pneumatogy with lived experiences. Now we come to understand that Fr. James has dived himself in the ocean of the Living Water-the Holy Spirit and is really led by the same Spirit". After the prayer of the outpouring of the Spirit by laying on hands on each participant, there a great gracefilled atmosphere of a real Pentecost in Portugal  by loud praises of God in singing and praying in tongues with prophecies and messages. Praise the Lord!.

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Kopfing im Innkreis  (Austria). May 13 - 16. 2010

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A Charismatic retreat was preached by Fr. James and his team in St. Andrews Parish,at Kopfing, Austria in which about 300 people attended.It was organised by the Parish Priest Fr. Andhreas who had organised such a retreat last year also. Dr. Richy was the translator. His wife and children to attended the retreat. All those who attended the retreat had testimonies of conversion, healing and liberation. About 30 people came to the stage  to give testimonies of their experiences of the retreat. There were people from all over Austria and  a few from Germany. Of course there were Polish, and Croatians as in every retreat in Europe.

Hamburg  - Germany. May 5 - 8. 2010


On 2nd May 2010 Fr.James 
Baptised an adult 
Farina Spichowicz Böhn 
who attended the retreat

Panoramics and Photos

Fr. James and the team preached a retreat at St Erich's church Hamburg from 5th to 8th of May. It was organised by Eva Maria &Antony Cardozo as usual.Some 200 people attended the retreat. Hamburg is in the North of Germany, a diaspora of the German catholic church. Only a few Germans were in the retreat, the majority were immigrants from Vietnam, Korea,India, Poland, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo and many African countries. Rarely these people get chances to have such retreats. There were many testimonies of conversions and healings. Richy translated the talks and gave his won testimony which was very inspiring for the people.

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