Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James
in the year 2003 (January - March)

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March 2 - First Baptism performed by Fr. James in Europe (Graz - Austria)
Florian's Baptism Family Kornhuber

Retreat in Pfatter Germany from 26 to29 of March.


Fr. James Manjackal conducted an inner healing charismatic retreat in the parish of the Assumption of Mary at Pfatter in the dioceses of Regensburg. It is Fr. Gustav Krämer, who was a missionary in Australia for a long time and very dynamic in charismatic renewal, who invited Fr. James a year before in advance to conduct a retreat at Pfatter. More than 200 people attended his retreat regularly and sometimes the church crowded with hundreds of people to listen to Fr. James and to receive a blessing from Jesus. On the last day of the retreat, many people testified inner healings and physical healings.

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Retreat in Burgdorf -Switzerland from 19 to 22 of March.
Burgdorf is a village in the dioceses of Bern. The retreat was conducted from Wednesday the 19th until Saturday the 22nd in the evening. About 200 people attended the retreat and benefit the fruits of the retreat. It is Mrs. Picolomini who organized the retreat and she herself was translating his talks, and praying with the people all the while. On the last day of the retreat many testified life changes and healings. 
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Retreat in Olten-Switzerland from 14 to 16 of March.
An evening charismatic program was conducted in St. Martin church, Olten from Friday 14th of March until Sunday the 16th. Hundreds of people gathered in the church to listen to the preaching of the Word of God and to be healed and liberated from their various problems. Many healings and miracles were reported. On the last day, Fr. James laid his hands on more than a thousand of people for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The people went home singing praises of the Lord. 
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Retreat in Möderbrugg-Austria from 5 to 9 of March.

Fr. James preached a charismatic retreat for the parish of Möderbrugg in the diocese of Graz. Möderbrugg is a village about one and a half hours of the city of Graz where there is already a charismatic prayer group. Among the 300 participants, more than 90% were from the parish itself, hence the retreat had the effect of a parish renewal in the Lentern season. A Jesuit priest by name Brian from Rome participated and shared his testimony of meeting the Living Lord in the retreat and finding again a clear meaning of his priesthood. The young people of the St. Thomas prayer group conducted the choir. Many people shared the testimonies of inner healing and life changes along with physical healings and miracles.

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Retreat in Luzern Switzerland from 19th to 22st of February.


On Sunday, 19th of February Fr. James conducted a charismatic retreat in the town of Luzern for the first time for small group of people in Church of Saint Mary. 
The many people who gathered on the last day went home rejoicing having experienced many healings and blessings of the Lord and eagerly waiting for Fr. James return to Switzerland again. Fr. James has four more retreats in the country. Here are some photos 

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Retreat in the island La Reunion from 12th to 16th of February

With Michel. The Foyer's director

With Msgr. Gilbert Aubry


The island  La Reunion  is located in the Indian Ocean between the islands Madagascar to the West and Mauritius to the East off the African continent. It covers 2512 sq. Km. only; Le Piton de la Fournaise, at an altitude of 2600 metres is remaining active volcano which erupts once in a while but causing no harm to the inhabitants. The island La Reunion has a tropical climate with a hot season from November to June, during which there are often cyclones. The island has a very wide variety of landscapes such as high ranges, hills, planes, backwaters and plants and vegetables. Most of the tropical plants are fruit trees found in countries like India, Sri Lanka or elsewhere in Asia, Perú, Brasil in South America are found here too. The retreatants received Fr. James and the team with a lot of good and delicious mangos, papayas, bananas, pineapples, etc. The Island was inhabited in the colonial times by people from India, France, Africa, Portugal, China, Madagascar, etc. and it was evangelized mainly by French missionaries while they were passing through the island from India, China, Japan, etc. The language of the island is French and it is a private property of France. It has a population of 705,053 of which 94% are Catholics, the rest being Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims. The island is so Catholic in spirit that each town and city is named after a saint who has either passed through the island during their lives or to whom the islanders have a special devotion. St. Denis is the capital city. The inhabitants live in much unity and love accepting and respecting one another s culture and religion, although the people are very much composed of different cultures and ethnic groups. It is usual to see Hindus going to the Church to worship Jesus although they have their beautiful temples. The Catholics are very much practising their faith, even on week days the Churches are packed with the people for Masses. Along the roads, paths or even in private gardens, one can see shrines, crosses, statues, especially crosses with the symbol of Jesus  agony in front. La Reunion is one diocese with 78 parishes and Msgr. Gilbert Aubry is the Bishop. St. Francis Xavier is the patron of the dioceses and the island.

Fr. James conducted a retreat for more than 200 people in the retreat house of  Foyer de Charité Notre Dame de Nazareth in the town of Le Tampon from 12 to 16 of February 2003. The community of the  Foyers de Charité  is known for its founder, Martha Robin, who had stigmata all over her body and she lived 51 years of her life only with the daily Holy Eucharist and prayer without sleep, she was encouraging the charismatics until her death. The Charismatic Renewal had reached the island in its very inception, so there are many prayer groups in the island and the Bishop encourages them all. On Sunday, the last day of the retreat, hundreds of people have gathered in the school ground under green trees for a healing Mass celebrated by Fr. James. 

Many people have given testimonies of inner healing and physical healing at the end of the retreat. On the way back Fr. James and team visited the Bishop and prayed with him for the many needs of the dioceses. He has invited Fr. James to come to the island to re-evangelize the people, so he will be in the island in July 2004. 

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A healing Mass in the Holy Cross Church- Zagreb

Church of Holy Cross in SigetOn Sunday, 9th of February, Fr. James conducted a healing Mass in the Holy Cross church Siget at Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. 

From morning onwards people started rushing to church to find a seat to hear Fr. James and to participate in his prayers although it was very cold outside with -3°, The church with the capacity of 5000 was packed perhaps with more than 6 or 7 thousand because Fr. James is the  favourite preacher  of the Croatians. Here are some photos:

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Charismatic Seminar at Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 6th to 8 February.

Church of St. Joseph, LjubljanaFr. James conducted a retreat for three days from 6 to 8 of February in St. Joseph s Church at Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Slovenia is small east-European country with inhabitants of 1.9 million, of which 70% are Catholics. As the country was under communism until before ten years, there are about 16% of atheists and 11% of agnostics in the country. There is a small presence of Orthodox Christians, may be about 2% and 1% of Muslims. The Slovenians suffered much during the communist time and still there are living martyrs like Fr. Spelic, who is having stigmata along with many other physical sufferings and to whom Fr. James paid a visit before he started the retreat. There is a strong presence of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the dioceses of Lubljana, because the archbishop Franz Rode, who himself invited Fr. James for the program encourages and promotes the renewal in the whole country. In his meeting with Fr. James, he openly said  If the holy Father, the Pope, encourages and promotes the Catholic Charismatic renewal, I too as a Bishop, should follow the ideas and views of the Supreme Pastor . There are many charismatic prayer groups in the country.

Although it was snowing and icy cold outside with the temperature of -2° or -3°, the Church was packed on all days with over 2000 people. The organizers said that this is the only charismatic program conducted without any advertisement or publicity because the Slovenians knew very well Fr. James and his preaching from the neighbouring countries like Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, etc.  The talks of Fr. James helped many to grow in the Holy Spirit, many people came forward to give testimonies of inner or physical healings. As the archbishop was opened the dioceses for Fr. James to preach, he is invited for retreats next year too. Here are some photos.

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One day program in Schmerzhaftes Mutter Church in Graz, Austria, on the 1st of February


Schmerzhaftes Mutter Church
Fr. James conducted a  growing in the Spirit  program, where about 400 people gathered, many of them were charismatics already. Explaining the story of Susana from the book of Daniel chapter 13, Fr. James told the participants to follow Jesus with an uncompromising decision with regards to holiness of life.

One day program in Munich on the 26th of January

After his evangelization program in the Gulf countries and in India, Fr. James arrived in Germany on 21st. of January and started his ministry in the European countries.

Kirche der Schmerzhaften Mutter
On the 26th of January, Fr. James celebrated a healing Mass at the Dreifaltigkeit Church (Holy Trinity Church) in Munich where hundreds of people gathered in spite of the very cold icy climate outside. The Church was too small to contain all the people who came to hear Fr. James and to have the healing touch of Jesus. During the Mass he made a homily on the importance of healing in the ministry of Jesus and now in the Church. Many reported healings of the mind and body. 

Here are some photos.

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