Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James 
in the year 2004 (July - September)

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September 26 -30 Wigratzbad. Germany

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September 20 - 23 Hamburg - Germany
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September 15 - 18 Wien - Austria

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September 9 - 12 Getafe - Madrid.  Spain

With Getafe's Bishop
Joaquín María López

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August 26 - 28 Dübendorf.  Switzerland
The retreat in Dübendorf (Switzerland) was translated in German and in Croatian. Here are some photos.

August 19 - 22 Alsace. France
On the 3rd. of May, 1491, Mother Mary appeared to a local blacksmith, named Thierry Schoeré and gave messages of repentance and conversion. There were about 800 people who attended the retreat. Many people shared their testimonies of finding new life en Christ and various miracles and healings. On the last day from 2p.m. to 5p.m. participants were sharing testimonies and praising God. It is second time that Fr. James is conducting a retreat in Alsace. Here are some photos.

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Adelsdorf - Germany  

On 15th of August, on the feast of the Asumption of our blessed Mother, Fr. James blessed the marriage of his spiritual children Richard Febres Landauro and Janine Febres Landauro at St. Stephanus church in Aldelsdorf. A marriage was blessed with a long charismatic Mass and preaching by him. Fr. Florian from Graz and Fr. Günther concelebrated Mass. 

August 11 - 14 Wien. Austria
From 11th to 14th of August 2004, Fr. James conducted a charismatic retreat in Maria Lanzendorf in the diocese of Wien. In a big and spacious Church of the "Oratorians", hundred of people had gathered together to hear the Word of God and to find an answer to their problems of mind and body. About 9 priests were participating in the retreat along with the superior of the house, Fr. Alphons.

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On 9th August, Monday, Fr. James conducted the funeral of Elisabeth Schmitt at Haßfurt. She was his spiritual daughter ever since she attended his retreat in 98. She had organized his retreats at Haßfurt and she used to defend him and the charismatic renewal before all the oponents.
Fr. James used to call her "mama" as she was really a caring mother to him and to all who were asociated with her. May the good Lord grant her eternal rest.

August 4 - 7 Münster. Germany

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La Réunion Island - France July 18 - 27


 Evening Mass and healing where between 
5000 and 6000 people gathered in the ground


Fr. James met the youth who were in
the retreat separately and formed
them a prayer group

The island  La Reunion  is located in the Indian Ocean between the islands Madagascar to the West and Mauritius to the East off the African continent. It covers 2512 sq. Km. only; Le Piton de la Fournaise, at an altitude of 2600 metres is remaining active volcano which erupts once in a while but causing no harm to the inhabitants. The island La Reunion has a tropical climate with a hot season from November to June, during which there are often cyclones. The island has a very wide variety of landscapes such as high ranges, hills, planes, backwaters and plants and vegetables. Most of the tropical plants are fruit trees found in countries like India, Sri Lanka or elsewhere in Asia, Perú, Brasil in South America are found here too. The retreatants received Fr. James and the team with a lot of good and delicious mangos, papayas, bananas, pineapples, etc. The Island was inhabited in the colonial times by people from India, France, Africa, Portugal, China, Madagascar, etc. and it was evangelized mainly by French missionaries while they were passing through the island from India, China, Japan, etc. The language of the island is French and it is a private property of France. It has a population of 705,053 of which 94% are Catholics, the rest being Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims. The island is so Catholic in spirit that each town and city is named after a saint who has either passed through the island during their lives or to whom the islanders have a special devotion. St. Denis is the capital city. The inhabitants live in much unity and love accepting and respecting one another s culture and religion, although the people are very much composed of different cultures and ethnic groups. It is usual to see Hindus going to the Church to worship Jesus although they have their beautiful temples. The Catholics are very much practising their faith, even on week days the Churches are packed with the people for Masses. Along the roads, paths or even in private gardens, one can see shrines, crosses, statues, especially crosses with the symbol of Jesus  agony in front. La Reunion is one diocese with 78 parishes and Msgr. Gilbert Aubry is the Bishop. St. Francis Xavier is the patron of the dioceses and the island.

Fr. James conducted a retreat for more than 275 people in the retreat house of  Foyer de Charité Notre Dame de Nazareth in the town of Le Tampon from 18 to 24 of July 2004. The community of the  Foyers de Charité  is known for its founder, Martha Robin, who had stigmata all over her body and she lived 51 years of her life only with the daily Holy Eucharist and prayer without sleep, she was encouraging the charismatics until her death. The Charismatic Renewal had reached the island in its very inception, so there are many prayer groups in the island and the Bishop encourages them all.

During the retreat, a Mass and a public healing was conducted every day in an open ground where 5000 to 6000 people gathered. Many people were liberated from the power of Satan, occult, magic, reiki, etc. During the prayer many were screaming and shouting at Fr. James with abusive words! Many people stopped bad habits of alcohol, drugs and cigarrettes. A good number of people received physical healings. After the retreat, Fr. James and Fr. Michael visited a Muslim family. Fr. James talked to them about Jesus and prayed over them, and they received physical healings and inner healings. They came back to Fr. James with their testimonies and thanked him. Fr. James and the team has the opportunity to visit Cilaos, a very beautiful place of the island. On 26th evening, Fr. James was taken to Petite Ile for a talk and healing prayer during the Mass. The community celebrated the day of his patron James with a surprise of a helicopter visit of the island on the last day. Here are the photos of the retreat, outreach program.

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On 26th Monday in the evening, with a short announcement, Fr. James was taken for a Heling Mass to the church St. Jean Évangeliste at "Petite Ile" in La Réunion where more than a 1000 people packed together in the parish church. During the Mass, he preached about the living presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and on faith. After the Holy Communion, he prayed over the people for healing and many claimed healings. Here are some photos

On 25th Sunday, Fr. James visited Cilaos "the paradise of Réunion" with many natural panoramic views.

Kurescek and Fr. James Manjackal

Kurescek is a hill which is 833 mt. high, located near the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Here stands the Shrine of Our Lady "Queen of Peace", a Church which was completely demolished and desecrated during the Second World War, but later reconstructed by the people after the apparitions of Mother Mary to France Spelic in the year 1989. Now it is a centre of pilgrims. One and a half years before, Fr. James made a visit to this holy priest just out of curiosity along with his friends, but he and Fr. Spelic became close friends ever since. Fr. Spelic himself took him to the shrine and they prayed together when Fr. James had a vision about having a large charismatic program on the hill. When he shared it with Fr. Spelic, he responded positively and said, "this is one of the messages of our Lady that people should come to this hill seeking comfort and peace of the Holy Spirit receiving liberations and healings from their bondages and sicknesses. And this was fulfilled when Fr. James gave the first charismatic program on this hill on 9th, 10th and 11th of July 2004. The seminar was conducted in the site of the proposed big Church.

France Spelic was born on September 24th. 1927 in Smaver in Slovenia in a poor family. He grew up amidst miseries and difficulties. At the age of fifteen, he joined the liberation army during the second world war and was trained to be an atheist and comunist. In 1946, he married a widow Sida, becoming a stepfather to the son of his wife, later he had two daugthers of his own with Sida. In the army he was an officer and a leader of Comunism. In 1954, he happened to get a Bible and read, which was the turning point of his life. In spite of harassements and threats of life, he resigned from the comunist party. He started learning theology at the age of 41 with the hope of becoming a priest although he knew he could not become a priest as he was married. In the fifth year of his study, his wife fell ill with multiple sclerosis and died in 1992. The loving husband was taking care of Sida until her death. In spite of many obstacles and oppositions, on November 21st 1993, at the age of 66, the widower Spelic became a priest. He is carrying the wounds of Christ on his body like Francis of Assisi and Padre Pio. This convention made Fr. James and Fr. Spelic to come closer in the Spirit. For more details of Kurescek and Fr. Spelic visit

Here are some photos of Fr. James with Fr. Spelic

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Evangelization Program in Slovenia July 9 - 11



Fr. James with his team with the 
bishop of Ljubiana, Slovenia


Fr. James conducted a three days evangelization program in the center "Kraljice Miru Kurescek" in Slovenia from 9th to 11th of July where thousands of people gathered to hear the Gospel and to find an answer to their problems. The seminar began in the evening of the 9th. When the team reached the tents which could accomodate 2500 people where over crowded and people were standing outside on the green grass. In the following days the crowd increased in double. Every day people were queueing up for giving testimonies of conversion, inner healing and physical healings. Due to lack of space only a few photos of the testimonies are here. On the last day when Fr. James went down among the people and prayed for each one, people were falling on the floor being slained in the Spirit. It is Fr. Franz Spelic, the stigmatist and visionary, who gave inspiration to this seminar and invited Fr. James. Here are some photos of the event.

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From June 30 to July 3 retreat at St. Veit in Vogau - Austria

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