Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James 
in the year 2004 (October - December)

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January 1. 2005 - Family Gathering. India
Jesus said, "Today salvation has come to this house" (Lk 19: 9).

In Kerala, there is a good tradition of annual family gatherings. The family of Fr. James is called "KIZHAKKETHAZHE" and the members of this large family known in different names according to the places they live, gather on the last Saturday of every year. This year as Christmas fell on Saturday, their family gathering was on the 1st. of January in the house of Fr. James and his brothers. The family gathered here especially because of the 50th death anniversary of his father. About 400 people of the family had gathered from morning till evening.
The gathering started in the morning with a Mass for the deceased members of the family and followed with breakfast, lunch and various entertaiments and fellowships. Earlier, Fr. James had baptised the twin children, Thomas and Maria, of his nephew Jimmon. The family gatherings foster and strenthen the relationships and love between the members of the families. The Kerala people are more family oriented, hence they are very careful not to break up the families at any cost. Here are some photos of the Baptism and family gathering.

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December 17 -19. Charis Bhavan. Athirampuzha. Kerala  - India
"How lovely you are dwelling, Oh Lord of Hosts" (Ps 84: 1)

In 1989 Fr. James Manjacklal, inspired by the Holy Spirit, after his long experiences of retreats in parishes, universities and even in streets, founded Charis Bhavan, the well known retreat house in Kerala, India, mainly to encourage and promote lay people in evangelization. Even before having retreats in the centre, he founded the school of evangelization for the lay people to be trained as leaders, preachers and counsellors. In 1995, after many problems that followed his kidnap, Fr. James had to leave Charis Bhavan, which was his blood and sweat. But God was raising him to be a leader and preacher all over the world, therefore his congregation set him appart for world evangelization. Charis Bhavan is his own vision, all what is there is designed and planned by him. So people in the surroundings consider this house as his own. While he was there, he was spending all his time for consoling, healing and strengthening the people of God coming from all over India. After he has left, it is for the first time that he was invited to conduct a three days program in preparation for Christmas. Hearing the good news of this program, thousands of people gathered to have a glance of Fr. James whom they loved as their own. The school of evangelization, Charis Marien maids, and many other charitable works were started by Fr. James and still they are continued by the congregation. Of course, formerly in India, the congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) was known through Fr. James, now all over the world, they are known through him. Here are some photos of the program he conducted from 17th to 19th of December 2004.

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December 14. Kerala - India
On 14th of December 2004, the family of Fr. James celebrated the 50th Anniversary of his father's departure to heaven.

Twenty one priests concelebrated the Holy Mass in his home parish attended by the members of the family. Soon after the Mass, the priests and the people went to his house to have the traditional prayer for the souls departed. After that they had fellowship and eating together. The people felt so happy that the children and grandchildren remembered Mr. Chacko mathew (Kunjappen) and conducted such a good program. Here are some photos

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November 11 -14 Mumbai(Bombay) - India
It was amazing to see that nearly after ten years of not being and preaching in India, Fr. James Manjackal had gathered thousands of people in the diocese of Kalyan in Bombay. The Bishop Thomas Eluvenal celebrated the Holy Mass on the last day. Fr. preached in Malayalam and it was translated into Hindi. Thousands of people claimed and received miraculuos physical and inner healings especially during the healing prayer of Fr. James in the Eucharistic procession. Here are some photos

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October 18 -22 Wenderfels - Germany
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October 11 -16 Lourds. France

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October 6 - 9 Pontmain - France
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October 3. Children's program. Graz -Austria
Jesus said, "Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Mt 19: 14)
On the 3rd. of October over 150 children around Graz gathered for a children's program organized at a short notice by Richi and Janine together with Fr. James and Fr. Florian. The parents were very happy to bring the children. Fr. James gave advices and instructions to them with a small stories and ilustrations and laid hands on each one and prayed together with Fr. Florian. many little children were in the arms on the parents just to be prayed over. Here are some photos

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October 2-Leaders program. Graz - Austria
On 2nd. of October, fr James conducted a program for the leaders of the charismatic renewal in Graz. Over 120 leaders have gathered in Mariengasse to hear the Word of God and to grow in the Holy Spirit. Fr. James spoke on the necesity of growing in discipleship to be good leaders. Here are some photos

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