Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James 
in the year 2005 (October - December)

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Graz - Austria. November 5



Gaby Landauro completed 50 years on the 31st. 
of October. Fr. Florian and the people at Graz 
presented her a cake and a bouquet and 
felicitated her

Published in "Kronenzeitung". Austria
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Church of  St. Jurja i Vida Church at Madjarevo. Croatia October 29 - 30
On 29th and 30th of October with the invitation of Fr. Zdravko Tuba, the parish priest of St. Jurja i Vida Church at Madjarevo in the diocesis of Varazdin, Fr. James preached a retreat to the parishners and to the people gathered from other places. The retreat was originally planned only for the parishners, therefore it was not announced in the website or in the newspapers fearing a big crowd would come. Still people hearing of the retreat came from here and there and more than thousand attended the retreat. The theme of the retreat was the Holy Eucharist. Fr. James emphasized on the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and challenged the people to come often to the Holy Eucharist on weekdays and thus to prove the fruit of the retreat. The parish priest reported that after the retreat the church is filled with the people on the daily Mass and he is very happy to have this retreat conducted in the parish. It was the first parish retreat Fr. James preached in Croatia although he conducted big seminars with thousands of participants in almost all the major cities and towns of the country. Here are some photos.

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Church of Crkva sv. Antuna Padovanskog in Novi Marof. Croatia October 28
On the 28th of October, with the invitation of Djuro Hontic, parish priest and guardian of the monastery of Anthony of Padua at Novi Marof, Fr. James conducted a half day program on Eucharist and prayed for the people. It was the 21st. anniversary of the foundation of the church. The church was crowded with the people, many were seated in a separated hall with TV. screen. Here are some photos

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Fr. James preached in two prisons of Croatia, at Pula and Rijeka -Croatia. October 25 - 27

Fr. James and the team in front of the prison at Pula

Fr. James and Fr. Zdravko

The team members with the superintendent Matko 
and his colleagues at Rijeka
Fr. James Manjackal preached to the prisoners of two prisons of Croatia, at Pula and Rijeka on 25th and 26th of October. Fr. Zdravko Tuba and Fr. Ante along with Ksenija Abramovic and Viska organized this ministry in these prisons which is the first prison ministry in the history of the Croatian Church. A singing team from Viskovo, Rijeka, headed by Vladimir came to sing songs to the prisoners. All the prisoners came to hear the Word of God and to make confesions and to participate in the Holy Mass. When Fr. James prayed for each one by laying his hands we could see tears of joy gushing out of the eyes of the prisoners. Many of them promised that they will be better citizens when they will come out of the prisons. We could really see the conversions and change of the prisoners. Ksenija gave to each one of them rosaries and prayer books and some of the books of Fr. James. On the following days the newspapers gave the news with a great title (news attached). We were not allowed to take camaras inside of the prisons, so we could not take photos inside. We took 3 photos outside the prisons. The superintendents of the prisons gave dinner to Fr. James and the team members after each program. The program gave good impressions to the authorities of the prisons so that they have told all the other prisons in the country to invite Fr. James and to initiate programs in all the prisons. The superintendents, guards and police cooperated well to conduct this program for their prisoners and they themselves attended the same program whole heartedly

Published on October 28 in the Croatian Newspaper "Novi list". 
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The Real Prisoner is a Person in the Chains of Sin
By Mirjana Grce
Last few years Fr.Manjackal visited Croatia many times for bigger seminars in various cities, 
but his last two-days visit was only for pastoral work with prisoners

RIJEKA- Yesterday in the chapel of the prison in Rijeka, catholic priest, charismatic preacher Fr. James Manjackal met twenty prisoners - he prayed, preached, celebrated Holy Mass for them and heard their confessions. Literally, he had a personal encounter with each prisoner, he gave blessing to each of them personally and in the words Fr. James addressed to them, there was something for each of them. 

Last few years Fr. Manjackal visited Croatia many times, conducting spiritual renewal seminars, gathering thousands of believers, but his last two-days visit - yesterday and the day before yesterday- first to prison in Pula and then to prison in Rijeka, was only for pastoral work with prisoners. 

"I come among you with love. I pray for all of you, for your families, for the persons you have hurt, for everyone in this prison, prisoners and personnel working here. In all my seminars I always pray for prisoners, refugees and all people in any kind of trouble- now I come to express my love for you, to pray for you, to tell you about love of Jesus, to tell you about Jesus who will never abandon you. Because you are in prison, don't think that you are the least important person - the real prisoner is person in the chains of sin. Jesus loves you and knows your heart." 

These are the words addressed to the prisoners gathered, who were mostly young persons, by an Indian priest who is famous charismatic preacher for more than three decades. Fr. James encouraged them to give and receive forgiveness, to stop accusing themselves and others, to remove hatred from their hearts by forgiveness and gave them advice to pray in order to get blessings. " I advise you to pray and God will be with you now and after you go out of the prison." he said. 

The meeting in prison in Rijeka was organized by Ms. Vinka Mudrovèic, the coordinator of Militia Immaculata of Rijeka and besides prisoners present were the director of the prison in Rijeka Mr. Matko Ljuban, prison guards and members of MI, who usually pray in the prison of Rijeka. 

Subotica - Serbia and Montenegro. October 20 - 23

With bishop of Subotica, Mgr: Bishop János Pénzes

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Lourdes - France. October 12 - October 15
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Viskovo - Croatia. September 28 - October 1

With Archbishop of Rijeka: Mgr Ivan Devcic.
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Published in the Croatian newspaper Vecernji List on 1.10.2005. Click here for the original in Croatian


Famous charismatic Fr. James Manjackal with permission of the archbishop of Rijeka
Msgr. Ivan Devcic conducted seminar in Viškovo

Croatians need catholic TV
by Marijana Jakovljevic

World famous charismatic Fr. James Manjackal invited by local parish priest Fr.Ivan Androic and with the permission of archbishop of Rijeka Msgr.Ivan Devcic,  in Viškovo near Rijeka conducted 4 days seminar "Meet Living God in Eucharist". 
Fr.James is the author of many books, eight of which are translated into Croatian language, and the last one  "He touched me and healed me" is dedicated to John Paul II.

VL: What is the difference between traditional and charismatic Church?
JAMES: The true tradition of Church is essentially  charismatic, because Church is founded by descending of Holy Spirit. In the early days all Christians were charismatic. Apostles, disciples, all had gifts. We can read about it in Acts . Later on, there was split, disunion  in the  Church which is not a way of  the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is love, while disunion is brought by evil spirits. Catholic church should follow the example of early Christians. Pope John XXIII. prayed for and talked about a new Pentecost, meaning at that time, the Church had lost the Holy spirit. 
As the result we had the Second Vatican Council. Many different movements started after that time in  the Church and one of the greatest is the charismatic renewal. It is the way of the church. John Paul II always encouraged charismatics and claimed that it is one of the greatest gifts to the Church.  Charismatic renewal is the way back to faith, more prayer , reading Holy Scriptures; people become authentic Christians. I am both- traditional catholic and charismatic. We have this faith since first century. I follow Church, follow teachings of the Church and for me there is no compromise. For that reason bishop of Pula  Ivan Milovan told about me that I am complete Catholic. No, I do not think that traditional and charismatic are parallel ways, only people made them that.

Priests feel afraid 

VL: How should  our priests become more open to acceptance of charismatic renewal?
JAMES: If I 'd have seminar for priests I'd tell it directly to them. I like preaching for priests. Many of them have never felt the power of sacrament of priesthood  and they are not willing to give all their time for people. Fear is another problem. Also, they  should be prepared to give up many things such as bad habits, superficial way of life, and on the other hand they are afraid that, if people become charismatics, they could abuse gifts or maybe that the Church  could loose control over the situation. But those are not reasons for fear . There are many charismatics faithful to Church, living sacramental life. This was often mentioned by Pope John Paul II.

VL: On Pentecost next year, all new movements will meet Pope Benedict XVI. Do you think it is a way of new evangelization?
JAMES: Yes. Pope John Paul II used to have meetings with charismatics every year.

VL: What is the attitude of  the new Pope towards charismatic renewal? 
JAMES: I do not know. He did not talk much about it . I know that  he met many charismatics in Vatican. To young people he said that they must experience Pentecost. It is a connection to the spirituality of the late Pope.

VL: Who is capable to be spiritual leader?
JAMES: A person, priest , filled with the Holy Spirit, one who lives according his will, a person with moral integrity, an uncompromising person who has truly surrendered his life to Jesus.

VL: In your opinion, do people come to charismatic programs mostly because of physical healings?
JAMES: On Thursday we had heavy rain and it was very cold but people stood there completely wet. Do you think they were after physical healing? They waited for Jesus and his love. Such prejudices come from anti-charismatics. For example, out of thousand people at seminar, maybe only hundred came for healing. They want to be with Jesus, grow in faith and in the Church.

Against prejudices 

VL: How to get rid of prejudices?
JAMES: By prayer. Jesus in his public ministry performed two activities: healing and preaching. and it  is his legacy to his disciples. It is also the duty of the Church . Charismatics are very much aware of this mission, this is charismatic renewal, living an  authentic Christian life. It is the meaning of love for fellow men.

VL: Perhaps we could say that healing is "a hook" to "fish" people for Jesus? 
JAMES: No, it is not "a hook", it is a healing ministry. Jesus either first healed and then preached to people, or first preached and then healed. People need healing, daily they get wounded and the Church gives them healing. It is a duty of a preacher to pray for people so they could experience faith and Eucharist. It is what charismatics do. People come to church to receive something - joy, healing. If you do not give it to them, the Church is empty. This is the reason why  some of them leave to other religions and sects. There are many sects today in Croatia. We can receive physical healing in hospital, but inner healing is received only by Holy Spirit. This is what the church should give to people. 

Forbidden fruits 

VL: What you were saying  during your previous visits in Croatia and what was published,   is still accurate today. Does it mean that people have not changed, that they have not understood ? 
JAMES: Still, there are changes, little, slow. It is visible on people when they come to seminar from all parts of Croatia. Many of them regularly pray their personal prayer, pray together in their families, they have started to read Bible, many people reconciled with each other, marriages are preserved, many stopped drinking alcohol. Catholic church in Croatia, bishops and priests have much influence on people because the Church is hierarchic. But unfortunately many of them do not want to acknowledge these changes. But for example, Archbishop Pren?a  encourages catholic charismatic prayer groups and in his diocese people do live authentic Christian lives  and priests also have accepted charismatic renewal. It is the visible  difference to other dioceses. Unfortunately, the taste of forbidden fruits still remains, as if charismatic fruits is forbidden. There are many countries in the world where bishops are in charge of charismatic renewal. 

VL: What should be the attitude of layman believers if they want to be obedient to hierarchy and at the same time be open to the charismatic renewal? 
JAMES: It is a problem and we should pray for it.  I know that many people in Croatia have opened their hearts to the Holy Spirit, but they are not recognized by the official Church.

VL: What is the role of the media in all this? 
JAMES: The media can do much good.  In my county, India, there are three catholic television channels. It would be good if you in Croatia could have catholic TV too. There are also many problems because some Catholics are not authentic Christians, and unfortunately many catholic associations are not authentic Christian associations.  Before this seminar I gave interviews for Croatian Catholic Radio and Radio Peace from Me?ugorje, where I went to pray for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and this seminar.

01.10.2005 17:12
No seminar without permission of local bishop

Besides the Indian priest James Manjackal, Croatia was visited by Fr. Rufus Pereira, Fr. Robert DeGrandis, Fr. Kevin Scallon and S. Briege McKenna. Fr. Manjackal is, however, the only foreign priest who keeps coming to Croatia. It is probably due to the fact that  Croatian bishops three years ago made decision that no foreign charismatic is allowed to come to any diocese without permission of a local bishop. 
For this year's visit Fr. Manjackal has the permission of archbishop Devcic. The bishops are not unanimous about how to react to charismatic movements so until today there is still no document they announced three years ago. In some bishop's opinions there are a number of individuals who present themselves as "charismatics", but, in fact, they often use it for self- promotion. Bishops also cannot agree how to call those seminars, they suggest that it is better to call them spiritual seminars or seminars for evangelization than charismatic seminars. 
Nevertheless, bishops agree that it is their duty to take care for good organization, leaders and removing harmful elements such as sensationalism and that those seminars should be compatible with pastoral programs in parishes and dioceses.   (Z. De.)

01.10.2005 17:13
I see a lot of faith among Croatians

VL: You travel a lot all over Europe. What is the relationship of European countries towards Christianity and can you compare it to faith in Croatia?
JAMES: The future of Europe is Eastern Europe, because we know that Western  Europe looses faith. I see faith among people of Eastern Europe and among Croatian I see very much faith. We still may say that Croatia is a catholic country. Bishops and priests should be on the alert and read the signs of the times because western influence slowly comes even here. It is fashion that people are not married in the Church, that children are not baptized , that people do not attend Sunday mass, that people are involved in esotericism. Croatia should remain faithful to Jesus and the Catholic Church and it needs many preachers. There are still many people that are not healed from the war wounds. People need inner healing. If the Church does not provide it, they will find some other way and they will be lost. This is the time when priests and bishops should become aware of the importance of preaching the Gospel in order to let Jesus' love reach people's hearts. 

VL: What is your opinion about Croatia joining the European Union?
JAMES: I am not an economist nor a politician. I pray constantly for Croatia because I see many needs. God does not answer every prayer, because when people become rich, they loose faith. Look at the world: rich countries loose faith, there is more faith in poor countries. My prayer is that you, Croatians have faith.

01.10.2005 17:14
Renounce vices

VL: There are many problems in today's society, we can even say society is sick. What to do?
JAMES: It is necessary to renounce vices that destroy society such as abortions, homosexuality, divorce. To have a healthy society you need healthy families It is necessary to pray together in families. There are many parents who provide for their children  everything material, but  they don't give them the essential- faith and Jesus. Parents, first give your children God, and then everything else. It is the foundation of a healthy society and good future. 

People listened to word of famous charismatic in the rain and in sunny weather.
Not even heavy rain, nor the cold wind, nor the unusually cold weather for September, could  prevent thousands of people from coming to Viskovo to  4 days seminar of spiritual renewal  conducted by Fr. James Manjackal.  Yesterday (Saturday) it was the best weather of all four days and also non- working day, so many believers not only from area of Rijeka  but form other parts of Croatia came to Viskovo.  In the prayer, Fr. James invited them to open their hearts to Jesus and live their lives according to His word. Fr. James addressed specially the parents, inviting them to grow faith in their children's hearts, so they can live as authentic believers. He also expressed his regrets because many parents in Croatia do not baptize their children and because young people avoid being married in the Church. People listened carefully and with exclamations of approval to his words at seminar and during Masses celebrated every day. The archbishop of Rijeka Ivan Dev?i? gives support to this kind of gatherings, but he wants it to be continued every day in families and at Holy Masses and not that people after Fr. James' departure forget his messages and advices. (N. K.) 

A series of articles were published at the end of september in the Croatian Newspaper "Novi list". 
Click here for the text  in Croatian:  29.9.2005  and  2.10.2005


Croatia is in my prayers
By Mirjana Grce

You, Croatains are always in my heart – every day I pray for you and your families. This seminar will be led by Jesus, our Lord, not by me. He wants us to open our hearts - let Jesus enter in our hearts, said Fr. James Manjackal

VIŠKOVO- 29.09.05 "Praise the Lord. Alleluia. I am very happy to be here with you these days. You Croatians are always in my heart- every day I pray for you and your families. This seminar will be led by Jesus, our Lord, and not by me. He wants us to open our hearts- let Jesus enter in our hearts. Jesus is alive.  Today Jesus lives in the Holy Eucharist from there He gives us new life, healing and liberation. He calls us to experience new life «. With these words Fr.James Manjackal, catholic priest and charismatic preacher, last night greeted  many people at the beginning of the seminar of spiritual renewal held under motto " Meet the Living God in Eucharist ".

Together with Fr. Ivan Androic the organizer and the host of the gathering,  Fr. Manjackal was welcomed  by the  archbishop of Rijeka Msgr. Dr. Ivan Devcic who blessed all who were gathered there and wished that the spiritual renewal could bring many fruits in their families, parishes, work places and everywhere they live and work.
    – The Eucharistic Year is legacy of late Pope John Paul II. – Eucharist is the center of life in our parishes, let this seminar be another opportunity to celebrate Eucharist in different manner, let us be Eucharistic people, said archbishop Devcic

Fr. Manjackal last night celebrated first the Holy Mass and then he prayed for new life and blessings for Croatian Church, every family and citizen of Croatia.

He was born in 1946 in India ; ordained priest in 1973,  belongs to congregation of Missionaries of St. Francis of Sales . He became charismatic preacher and active in Charismatic Renewal after his own supernatural healing of serious illnesses which took place in 1976.  "30 years ago I received the gift of the Holy Spirit and experienced His charismas. I left the hospital as a new man, with new decisions and goals. I made the firm decision to live only for Jesus and to spend my entire life proclaiming His Kingdom. I left my job as professor and, after 40 days of praying and fasting, started preaching- Before that  I was a very shy person, unable to preach. Since February 1976. when I conducted my first charismatic retreatl, until today, my life is dedicated only to preaching His word", said Fr. James about himself.  As it is already known in Croatia, this priest suggestively and with much inspiration preaches for hours without the signs of tiredness ; also he has a gift of knowledge.  At his seminars , even those held in Croatia, many participants testified renewal of the faith, healings and conversions. During his healing prayer, as Fr.Manjackal explained himself, he closes the eyes and clearly sees names of the healed persons and sometimes the part of the body that is healed. He has visited 65 countries all over the world preaching the Gospel; in  the last 10 years he also many times conducted seminars in Croatia.


Thousands of people attracted by spiritual renewal

*VIŠKOVO*  2.10.05 –  In presence of Msgr. Dr. Ivan Devic, archbishop of Rijeka, parish priest from Viškovo rev. Ivan Androic and large number of people, yesterday at sports ground Halubjan in Viškovo, after four days, ended seminar of spiritual renewal under motto "Meet Living God in Eucharist" conducted by charismatic priest Fr. James Manjackal. During four days, several thousands of people from wide area of Rijeka hurried   to Viskovo to hear preaching of Fr. James. Some of them were burdened with lot of problems and, as witnesses said, they, after giving testimonies, returned to their homes re-born and some even healed from chronic illnesses.

– It is sad that a lot of Croatians criticize their priests and bishops, who come from this very nation, not directly from heaven. Instead of analyzing their faults, pray for them, because spiritual vocations are decreasing in Croatia, emphasized the Indian priest.


Click here for the original in Croatian

By Mirjana Grce. 

2.10.2005 Novi List.

Every day I pray that Croatians do not get too rich 

"Please, God, give everyone what is necessary for a dignified life, but, please, do not make them too rich" said Fr. James with explanation that this is the same prayer he prays for his homeland India, because, if too rich, people loose faith and love for fellow men

 "Thirty years ago I received the gift of the Holy Spirit and experienced his charismas, and since then all I do is preaching God's word." With these words Fr. James Manjackal, Indian catholic priest and charismatic preacher, introduced himself to the people gathered at the seminar in Viskovo. How he became a famous charismatic preacher who, at his evangelization programs, usually gathers thousands of people of whom many testify physical healings, conversions and renewal of faith? 
With much inspiration and no signs of tiredness Fr. James preaches for hours; and even more he has the gift of knowledge. During the prayer, as he explains, he closes the eyes and clearly sees names of healed people and sometimes even the part of the body that is healed. 
- Thirty years ago I was a professor at seminary, a priest, very proud of my knowledge of philosophy and theology - a traditional catholic. At that time I had heard about the charismatic movement in America, about their activities, but I did not believe in it.  For me the Catholic church was a silent  church. I could not accept praying in tongues, I thought it was a characteristic of Pentecostals- said Fr. James about his past.  The break point of his life is connected with his sickness and healing by, so to speak, supernatural intervention.- or as he says himself  " I received the Holy Spirit". He was severely ill, laying in hospital for months, with months of therapy still to go through and with questionable chances of getting healed. 

Healed by prayer 

- I had been in hospital for four months - but I took medicine only for  six days. I still had four months of treatment ahead of me before my surgery , and then an  unknown young man entered my hospital room  to pray over me. I thought he is Pentecostal , but he was Catholic, just recently converted. He told me that the greatest gift he received is the gift of the Holy Spirit, and that morning the Holy Spirit revealed to him my condition and gave him instructions to pray over me. I did not take this man seriously, but I let him pray over me. He prayed in tongues and I did not like it - at that time I knew nothing about praying in tongues and I did not appreciate it. He prayed a long time and during the prayer I felt power coming to me. He prayed for my physical healing and after that for my inner healing, he knew all about me - that I was unable to preach and that I completely gave up preaching, he knew all about my family, my childhood, my sins and problems. I was shocked and then I started to believe that the Holy Spirit revealed that to him.- says Fr. Manjackal . He says that after this prayer he remained in some kind of exaltation, continued to pray for  three and a half hours "received Holy Spirit" " talked to Jesus" "felt cleansed with great peace and joy and started to pray in tongues".  Following night, after a long time, he was able to sleep without pain and without tranquillizers; the following morning after several months he was able to get up from his bed, doctors repeated the medical  tests and found him completely healthy.
- Before that , while I was in seminary or novitiate, I used to pray a lot, but never had the experience of true prayer. After receiving the Holy Spirit, I was able to pray powerfully. The following morning I got up at 4 a.m. and started to pray and praise God. Holy Spirit told me to leave my job as professor and to start preaching. I did not know how to preach, I just couldn't imagine myself travelling around the world as a vagabond, preaching and singing. But Holy Spirit clearly said: "I shall be on your lips and I shall be in your hands ". That morning I prayed for a long time, took a long walk and after that I went to celebrate Holy Mass. At my first mass after my healing, after I received the Holy Spirit, I preached for 18 minutes. My fear was completely gone- I believe it was a gift from Jesus. For the first time in my life I could look in the eyes and faces of people without fear- I felt everyone as my own brother and sister. 

Fear of charismatics 

There is a fear among people, even among priests , what will happen if everyone becomes charismatic? This fear comes from Satan. Why are they frightened? Many people are afraid to start  good way of  living , they are afraid because they have to give up many things, bad habits, superficial way of living.  Look at the charismatic priests here in Croatia- people  appreciate they work, rush to them , while those who are jealous  name them "gurus". Recently in one Croatian newspapers it was published that I and some other charismatic are gurus. I forgive them because they do not know what we are really doing. We are priests, and the only thing that we, charismatic priests, do and want, is to lead people to Jesus; not to James, but to Jesus. One becomes priest to work for people 24 hours a day - he must pray for them, fast for them, work with them, not only celebrate Holy Mass. I do it for 30 years now, I have never had a vacation, and still I'm the happiest man on earth. I feel  power in my priesthood, but many priests do not know the power in this sacrament, many do not want to surrender their time to people. 
It is sad that charismatic priests are called gurus while, at the other hand, in Zagreb there are many real gurus from India, preaching esotericism and new age. There are also Hindu temples, visited also by Catholics. It is sad that bishops and priests do not emphasize this problem enough. 

Prison in Saudi Arabia

*During these 30 years of evangelising, did you have any problems? *
- Of course, there were problems. I was kidnapped and there was a time when I was in prison in Saudi Arabia, but in all difficulties the Holy Spirit comes and helps. Every day, more and more  I experience his power. I could talk for hours about these experiences..

Croatians searching for God 

Every day I pray for Croatians. I pray: God, please, give them whatever is necessary for a dignified life, but, please, do not make them too rich. I pray the same prayer for my homeland India, because if people there become too rich there will be no more such faith as we have now, nor such love for fellow men. Many people in Croatia search for God, they are good people, simple and open to God., there are many conversions.
*Wherever you go, even here today, you refer to people as to your own brothers and sisters.*
- I feel great love. Even then, when I first met him, the Lord revealed to me their problems and I could pray for them with much sympathy during Holy Eucharist. It is my experience wherever I go until today. It is a gift I received. Holy Spirit is love and when he comes we are also filled with love for God and each other. I was in 65 countries, wherever I go I feel that people there are my own brothers and sisters. When I come to Croatia I see many sicknesses, problems and addictions - in prayer I surrender all those people to God.

*Many people that come to your seminars, surely feel the same way you felt 30 years ago. You have a great responsibility, because many people have concrete expectations- they have heard about healings at your retreats, they want physical healing , peace of the heart and soul..*
- It is not my responsibility, it is responsibility of Jesus. He is the one who heals, Jesus gives the Holy Spirit , he prepares the hearts for God's word, for prayer. I only do the job of John the Baptist - I show the way and people with open hearts find it. Jesus is the way. I try to awake faith in people and beg them to return to Jesus. Those who accept Jesus will experience the power of the Holy Spirit,  the others won't.
*Charismatic renewal  had a long struggle in the institutional Church - 
even today there are skeptics and those who speak about "spiritual elite" . 
What is the significance of the Charismatic renewal today in the Catholic Church about which Pope Benedict XVI said just before his election, that it is " a boat that leaks all over "?*
- As John Paul II. said - Charismatic Renewal is the greatest gift to the Catholic Church. The Church is a boat and we all are passengers on that boat. There are many institutions within the Church, many ways, and there is no institution that is perfect, not even  the Charismatic Renewal.  The Church is a human institution and has its errors, it is up to us to admit them and try to correct them.  .

* by Mirjana GRCE*

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