Photos and reports of the preaching ministry of Fr. James 
in the year 2005 (July - September)

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Neumarkt - Germany. September 20 - 23

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Hamburg - Germany. September 14 - 17

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St. Sulpice.  Paris  - France. September 10

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Notre Dame de Fatima.  Paris  - France. September 7 - 9

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Torrecilla de los Angeles. Cáceres - Spain. September 2 - 4.

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Trois Epis (Alsace), France. August 17-20

Fr. James with Cardinal of Bolivia
Julio Terrazas Sandoval 

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Lyon. France. August 25-28
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Neusimmering. Vienna - Austria. August 11-14

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Neusimmering. Vienna - Austria. August 7

Steinabrückl. Vienna  - Austria. August 6

Donaustadt. Vienna  - Austria. August 5

St. Brigitta. Vienna  - Austria. August 4

Feistritz an der Drau  - Austria. July 27 - 30
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Under the title, “The Fire of the Holy Spirit”, the KIZ reported in it’s June 4, 2005 edition:

The Fire of the Holy Spirit

Mission days with Father James from May 26th to 29th 
By Rüdiger Wala 

Göttingen (Wal). They are hoping for healing, they want to be filled with the Holy Spirit, want to feel Jesus in themselves: 200 people – youth, as well as senior citizens, men as well as women, families gathered for the charismatic retreat at Maria Frieden parish in Göttingen.

Half the people were from Göttingen and the surrounding area, the other half travelled here from all corners of the republic, from Austria and Switzerland. They all came to meet a priest: Father James Manjackal. Motto of the meeting: “Praying for the Holy Spirit”.

Father James Manjackal was born in 1946 in the Indian town of Cheruvally (Province of Kerala). By a scholarship originating in Germany, he who came from a poor family (five siblings, the father died very early) was able to go to a higher school and to university. In 1973 Manjackal was ordained a priest in the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. After teaching at an Indian seminary, more than 25 years ago, Father James felt the urge to go to the Missions – on trips for evangelisation to Asia, to Europe, to Latin America. He preaches, conducts retreats, gives talks and celebrates Healing Masses.

That was also included in the program at Göttingen: talks and prayer, confession and worship make up the retreat. In between there is much singing. But there are prayers which the retreatants are especially longing for: the prayer for inner healing and above all the prayer for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. That is, praying for the Holy Spirit.

Father James comes to the ambo. He speaks English, a young assistant translates. The Salesian priest speaks quietly for a long time. About virtues, about the love of Jesus for the people, about the gifts, the charisms of the Holy Spirit. Father James’ voice becomes louder, more insistent. He speaks of the fact “that we need God’s truth – not the wisdom of the world”. This truth is found in the teachings of the Church, through them one can get to know the Holy Spirit.

“Open your Hearts”

A moment of peace and quiet. Father James goes to the tabernacle, removes the Eucharist, exposes it. “Now”, he says, “we will pray to receive the Holy Spirit”. Those who come to the altar should surrender themselves completely to the Lord: “Ask the Lord! Open your hearts! Trust him”. Father James’ voice becomes almost deafeningly loud: “Grant us a new Pentecost”. The Salesian prays to the Holy Spirit for the gifts: “May he grant the charism to heal! May he grant the charism to preach! May he grant the charism to be powerful witnesses! Through him we become the Church!” And then: ”May the Holy Spirit fill you with his fire.”

The retreatants come to the front, line up. Father James lays his hands on each one’s head, whispers a prayer. Some of them only sway, others fall over – and are caught by helpers standing behind them and laid on the carpet. There they remain for a few minutes, some of them without moving, some of them jerk arms or legs. One retreatant reports afterwards, the he felt an enormous power, which was burning on his head, another person says, she suddenly felt herself very light, finding herself beside her body.

Quiet reigns after this experience. Father James asks the retreatants to go together in groups of two. One should sit down, while the other lays his hands on his or her head, later they exchange places. “Let the power Jesus gave you flow like living water”, says Father James, “Pray and ask”. Whoever receives a message from Jesus, should tell the other person. The Salesian prays for all the families in Europe, that Germany may again be Christian, for the unity of the Church, for those who accept Jesus as the Lord of all: “Keep them free from sin, keep them away from Satan”.

“Felt great power”

Once again it is quiet in the church: Now Father James says: “Tell us what happened to you here”. Several retreatants come to the microphone. A young woman comes forward. She has epilepsy, she reports. On Thursday, when she wanted to leave for the retreat, she had an attack: “It was worse than ever before – I am sure that some evil power wanted to prevent me from coming here”. Her parents prayed the rosary for her, then she had enough strength to get over the crisis. During the days with Father James she felt increasingly better. “I felt so much power when Father James laid his hands on me”, says the young woman. Now she is certain: “I know that Jesus healed me”.

A young man tells about his little son. He is only two years old and has cancer. “My wife and I were non-believers” he says. By attending the retreat the couple has come to have a relationship with God, they prayed for healing. Now Father James has announced that the boy is healed: “We praise the Lord for that”.

"Affirm our faith"
Fr. Dr. Christian Hennecke about the charismatic renewal 

Hildesheim (wal). People fall down after being touched by a priest, others report a healing. Is that something disturbing? The KiZ asked Father Dr. Christian Hennecke. We document parts of his statement. 

Although I personally cannot find access to the spirituality of the charismatic Renewal (CR) in the Catholic Church, the fact is, that obviously, there are people in our church, who have special gifts of healing (1 Cor 12 f) and in the beginning of Christianity and throughout the history of the church, that was something not at all abnormal. I myself do not always find it easy to cope the manner and behaviour of the spirituality, but I do realize that it is possible for people to find access to the mystery of God here, and that there are fruits in the lives of people who follow this spirituality. I also realize that the people who have found a home in the Charismatic Renewal, are credible Christians and they are committed to our church at Hildesheim.

The problem of the person is ambivalent: naturally, a special charisma is always connected to a person and because of that, the person will always play a role in it.—for some, that gives the impression of a personal cult around that person, but I think, that is something not strived for by charismatically gifted persons. For many of us Christians it is “abnormal” to speak about the Spirit and the infilling with the Spirit in the way Father James does that. When you read his biography on the internet, it becomes clear, that this was not always the case for him either. But isn’t it possible, that in the CR, an accent of our faith is being underlined, which is not likely to be brought to the foreground in the “normal” (what is actually normal) parish life?

The Charismatic Renewal is surely an enrichment for our Church, especially since I have the impression that it is well integrated in the Catholic Church – even if at the same time, it may be somewhat disturbing for many co-Christians. Here, we are challenged to keep up the conversation. Even if it is a border-phenomenon: I still believe that spiritual experiences really happen here, which then also lead to healings. That this remains ambivalent, is due to the nature of every religious experience (our own included). Only in this case, it is especially emphasized. 

Legenfeld - Austria. July 20 - 23

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Kurescek - Slovenia. July 14 - 17
On the 12th of July, Fr. James met the archbishop Aloise at Lubljana and proceeded to Sveta Gora (Holy Hill), about two hours car trip from Ljubljana and conducted a two days program for more than two thousand people in the Franciscan Monastery. Sveta Gora is very near to Italy and the people speak both Slovenian and Italian. Bishop Metod and Bishop Jury celebrated Mass and gave homilies on both days. Fr. James laid hands on each one on the last day and left to Kurescek on 13th night.

On 14th Fr. James conducted "one day program" for more than 60 priests and 70 nuns and a few seminarists and brothers. After the concelebration of the Mass, he prayed over each one of them. The priests have asked Fr. James "a priest's retreat next year"

On 15th morning, Fr. James visited the Carmelite cloister convent at Mirna Pec (one hour drive from Ljubljana) and concelebrated Mass with the parish priest. He laid hands on the eight nuns and prayed over them through the "Communion Window". He also prayed for more than hundred people assambled in the Chapel. Soon after the Mass he left to Cenacolo which is one hour drive from Mirna Pec where he met more than 18 young men who are saved from drugs and alcohol and prayed over them. Cenacolo is the first institution in Slovenia, of its kind, founded by Sr. Elvira at Medujgorje. Driving back to Kurescek at one o'clock, he had interwied with the Catholic radio for one and half hours. At 15:45 he started his three days program for the people at Kurescek, a famous Marian centre in Slovenia which is recently become famous through the Marian apparitions to the stigmatist priest Fr. Franz Spelic.

The tent which was prepared for 1.500 people was packed with the double the number and the rest of the people remained outside. About 20 priests were hearing confessions on all three days. On the second day of the seminar, Fr. James called on cigarrettes smokers to surrender their cigarrettes and lighters and to stop smoking. Sitting under a tree, receiving the cigarrette packets and lighters, he prayed over more than 200 hundred smokers who knelt down before him in faith and humility. On the same day during the lunch break, he prayed over the sick people who were in wheel chairs and the very seriously ill. On the last day, he laid his hands over approx. 5000 people and prayed over each one of them; and many of them were resting in the Spirit. It was a very touching and faith evoking event to see a priest laying hands on such a large number of people and praying over for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

The seminar concluded with the concelebration of the Mass with Bishop. Hundreds of healings, both inner healing and physical healings were testified. The mayority of the people made confessions and reafirmed their faith in Jesus and the Church. The event was so great, the people and priests have requested Fr. James to come again in the next year to preach retreat to the priests and to the people in various parts of Slovenia. Here are some photos of all events

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Published on "Druzina" July 24. 2005  - Click here for the original text in Slovenian newspaper

Otac James: Kršćanin treba biti u Kristu i rasti u njemu, jer samo tada prima snagu i energiju za životSLOVENIA, COME BACK TO JESUS!

Otac James: Kršćanin treba biti u Kristu i rasti u njemu, jer samo tada prima snagu i energiju za život
Last week in Slovenia ( July 12.and13. at Sveta Gora and July 14-17. at Kurescek) charismatic priest from India., Fr James Manjackal held a retreat under motto " Jesus in Eucharist- All Mighty Healer ". Thousands of Slovenians were attracted to his powerful and vivid speeches, his charismas and his long experience of conducting retreats all over the world. There were about 2000 people at Sveta Gora and thousands more at Kurescek of whom about 100 were priests, nuns and seminaries. The main message of the retreat was that Jesus is the only healer of sinful and sick mankind, that He heals both physical and spiritual sicknesses. Jesus is always with us in Eucharist. We can reach Him by having good confession, sincere repentance for our sins, forgiveness to all who did something wrong to us, by prayer, faith and confidence that Jesus is really going to help us. 

Fr .James Manjackal fervently called Slovenians to go back to Jesus, to love the Church, to support bishops and priests, to forgive all and start new lives powered by Eucharistic Jesus. 

At the end of the seminar, in the afternoon of July, 17. the Holy Mass was celebrated by bishop of Ljubljana Msgr. Andrej Gavan.

Sveta Gora - Slovenia. July 12 - 13

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Discalced Carmelite convent in Mirna Pec - Slovenia. July 11

Fr. James praying over the nuns
through the Communion Window

Fr. James prayed over eight cloister
carmelites nuns and the people

Bishops and Archbishop  - Slovenia. July 12 -17

Mass with Bishop Metod Pirih

Archibishop Alojz Uran

Bishop Jurij Bizjak

Bishop Andrej Glavan 

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Comunita Cenacolo: "Mother of Young" - Fraternity in Skocjan  - Slovenia. July 11

The inmates welcomed Fr. James with a beautiful songs, "You are the light of the world who came from India to shed light on Europe, bringing joy and peace"

Fr. James prayed over each of the inmates

Fr. James posed for a photo with all inmates present

They gave Fr. James a gift of a framed picture with all their names written behind

Münster - Germany. July 6 - 9

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Thaya - Austria. June 31 - July 2

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